This story is pure fiction from the authors screwed up mind. If its sex you’re looking for you will probably be disappointed because there isn’t much. This is a story about three boys who were orphaned and how their lives came together and how each was affected by their experiences. I hope you enjoy it. Your e-mail is the only way I can judge what I write.
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The Orphans

I was born in Point Roberts in 1975, a small piece of costal land that is part of a peninsula off Canada which even though they are not connected is part of the state of Washington. I live at the Burnaby Home for Boys. When I was 9 I asked Mrs. Norman one of our caretakers to help me search the records on me to see if I could find out what happened to my mother and try and locate my dad. There were few records except my mother’s Canadian birth certificate and the hospital records of my birth. She was 15 when I was born so it was assumed I was born out of wedlock. No one was sure just what happened to her she just disappeared when I Three years old leaving me at a day care center and never returning. There was no record of my dad so I have no idea who he was. For some unknown reason the lady taking care of me at the day care center delivered me to the small orphanage for boys in Canada.

I am now 11½ years old, there are 16 boys at the home ages 5 through 15. We live four to a room by age groups. We have some freedom to come and go as we attend Canadian public schools. The ladies who run the orphanage have always treated us like family so most of us are pretty well adjusted. After school I would walk by the docks and hang around watching the boats and workers. There was one fellow who was there once a week picking up goods. He would always wave at me as I passed. I judged him to be somewhere In his thirties. One afternoon he motioned for me to come over to where he was loading.

Hello young fellow I’m James Jordan.

Hi I’m Kyle Adams.

I see you come by every time I’m in town.

I walk from school this way so I can see the boats.

Where do you live?

At the Burnaby home for boys!

How do you like it there?

Well I’ve been there 7 years and I guess I can’t complain. They are good to us.

I was just going over to Gullies to get something to drink would you like to join me.

Sure thanks.

We walked across the busy boulevard to Gullies.

What would you like to drink?

Coke please.

Coke it is.

How old are you Kyle?

I’m 12 ½.

You’re a fine looking boy and big for you age too.

Thank you sir.

None of that sir stuff I’m just plain old James.

Okay James.

Every week after our first meeting James would take me for a soda and we would talk. He would ask about me questions and I would answer all I could from what little I knew. I told him I was born in Point Roberts and how I had become an orphan. I also told him Mrs. Norman was my group caretaker. He ask me what I like to do. I said reading and soccer and swimming. He told me he lives at Point Roberts and was retired from the U.S. Army. He had joined very young and retired as a Captain at 42. He lived on the beach and owned a Quadruplex he leased out to tourist. He had been married but it didn’t work out so he decided just to stay a bachelor. He was in very good shape for 42. I would have guessed him to be in his mid thirties. He was good looking and had a trim muscular build and a wonderful smile.

Our weekly meetings went on for several months until one afternoon I was telling James as we sat down at Gullies about school ending that day.

Kyle would you mind if I took you home I would like to talk to Mrs. Norman.

Why do you want to talk with her?

Can I hold off on answering that until after I talk with her?

I guess so.

Okay then let get going.

When we arrived I introduced him to Mrs. Norman and they went to her office. I hung around the front area for what seemed like a very long time when the door opened and Mrs. Norman called me in.

Kyle how would you like to live with Mr. Jordan. (a very long pause)

I like him very much and he is nice to me. So when you say live with him do you mean I would move to his home?

Yes Kyle you would move in with him and if everything works out he can adopt you if you wish.

If I wish! That’s what I hoped for months. When can I go?

Well Mr. Jordon brought all the paper work required by Canadian social services and he is cleared for being a foster parent. If you want you can go today.

Today! I ran and James stooped down as we met and he infolded me in his arms.

I love you James.

That goes both ways buddy.

I’ll get the guys to help me pack.

I went to get packed and tell the guys I was leaving. I had never imagined it would be so hard to say goodbye and leave my home of 7 years. Several of us cried but they were all glad I had found a home. Some of us were almost like brothers. I would miss Paul the most he had always been my best buddy even though he was a little younger.

While I was gone James told Mrs. Norman that he wanted my case transferred to the Point Roberts Child Welfare Department. He told her he had checked the records there and found my birth certificate. He said that gives me dual citizenship under Canadian law if my mother was Canadian I would be also. She said she would be happy to comply.

I retuned to the office with two plastic bags containing all my worldly belongings.

James picked me up with my bags and carried me to his Jeep.

As we came to a stop I woke up.

Buddy your home.

It was a beautiful cottage not far from the bay. He helped me out of the jeep and carried my two plastic bags in for me and took them to a bedroom.

Well Kyle this room with the adjoining study and bath are yours.

This is all mine?

Yes I have been working on it for weeks.

I pulled him down and hugged and kissed him all the while tears were running down my cheeks.

This is like a dream come true. I just can’t believe it.

Kyle I always wanted a boy and as I got to know you in Burnaby I learned to love you. You have qualities about you that told me you were a caring boy. You don’t know how happy you have made me.

We hugged each other, we both had tears in our eyes. He said he had asked Mrs. Norman about my reading habits and purchased books from the list she gave him.

It’s late buddy so you get your shower and I will get us something to eat.

Thanks James.

He left for the kitchen and I continued to look over every detail of my very large Bedroom. It was obvious that the many questions he had asked me earlier had gone into the remodel of all three of my rooms. I felt like the luckiest kid alive.

I undressed and stood in front of the full length mirror in my bathroom. At 4’11 and 94 pounds. I didn’t think I looked to bad. My brownish blond hair came down over my ears and my blue/grey eyes were unusual and drew nice comments at times. I got in the shower and the warm water felt so good I lost track of time. As I got out and dried off I started into my bedroom only to find James coming in the door.

Sorry kiddo didn’t mean to catch you in the buff I was just wondering what was keeping you.

That’s okay I’m use to it. We took showers together at the orphanage. I don’t mind you seeing me.

Well that’s good I was afraid I would give you the wrong impression about me.

I think I know you well enough by now to know you won’t do anything I didn’t want you to do.

Good that makes me feel much better. Oh and by the way you do look good with or with clothes. Come on the food is getting cold. Just put on shorts.

With just the two of us being male I don’t mind you seeing me either so it will make things easier for both of us if we don’t have to worry about covering up very time we run across one another with out our clothes.

He was a good cook and I told him so. The food was excellent. When we finished eating I help him clean up.

Kyle I’m not going to set a bunch of rules for you. You are a level headed kid and you know when you need to go to bed, take a shower, change clothes and such. When you go anywhere all I ask is you tell me so I will know where you are and approximately when you will return. If you have any questions about anything please come to me. If I don’t have an answer I will get one. If you have questions about your body and the changes you will soon be going through please don’t be bashful. Puberty is tough so don’t go it alone. Just ask. Okay

Okay, I appreciate the confidence you have in my judgment and yes I’m sure I will have some questions about changes in my body. I was afraid I wouldn’t have anyone to help me through puberty except the guys at the orphanage. I also want you to know that I expect to help with what ever chores you need me to do. I’m a bit tired so I think I’m going to bed.

Okay, don’t forget in the morning we go clothes shopping.

I took off my shorts and decided to sleep in the nude. I had always wanted to but in the orphanage I couldn’t. I crawled in my new bed and watched the moon reflect off the water through my window and across my body. It was a wonderful feeling to hear the ocean and before long I was sleeping

Before I knew it morning had arrived and so had James pulling the cover off me.

I’ll bet you didn’t sleep that way at the orphanage!

No but it sure felt good last night.

I’m not going to ask you if sleeping with nothing on or something else was good.

Well it was a bit of both.

He reached down and put his mouth on my belly button and blew so hard it sounded like a fart, it tickled so much I giggled until I had tears in my eyes. We laughed ourselves silly as he picked me up from the bed in a full body hug and kissed me.



I have never been so happy.

Me either kiddo.

I got dressed and we went out to eat breakfast and then to buy me some clothes. If I even looked at he bought it. I had anything a kid could ask for in the way of clothes. We went next to Barnes and Noble book store where he handed be a card.

If you find a book you like buy it. This is your credit card for this store.

I don’t know what to say. You’re spending way too much money on me.

Give me a break, I’m getting more out of this than you are. Don’t you realize you have just put the life back into living for me?

Yeah I think I can understand that, you have no idea how happy I am to know I can do that for you.

He took my hand and we looked at books. At 12½ a boy normally would find that a bit embarrassing but it didn’t bother me. In one day I had moved to another world. A world I loved more each minute. I bought three books and we left for home.

James said he had some work to do at the rentals so I said I would read. I went to my study and sat down looking around at how well he had chosen what pieces of art and furniture he had bought. It was like he knew my preferences by just asking a few simple questions about me long before he chose to have me live with him.

I heard him drive up and he called for me to come out, as I reached the door and looked out there he stood holding a beautiful red 10 speed bicycle. I ran to him.

James you just too much, I love you.

He reached down and picked me up and I hugged him and kissed his neck.

Every boy needs a bike. I thought this one fit you personality just right, besides you will need it for school next session.

I decided to ride down to the beach in the cove. This is the only beach in the Canadian, Washington state area that had shallow water which was heated by the sun making a warm water area to play and swim. I put on my trunks under my shorts and rode to the beach. I parked my bike. As I walked to the waters edge I notice a boy setting in the sand.

Hi I’m Kyle Adams and I’m new here.

Mark. Mark Hill and I’m old here.

Old, oh I get it you have been here for a long time.

Well yes and no. I only get to come when my mother comes from Edmonton and brings me but I’ve been coming for several years.

What about your dad?

He left us a long time ago. I think I was about 8 months old.

You have had a few tough breaks.

There are many that are much worse off than me.

How old are you?

I’m 12.

Yeah me to, actually I’m 12 and 9 months.

I just turned 12 last month.

Do you want to swim with me?

I can go in the water but I can’t swim.

You never learned to swim.

Its just I’m not allowed to swim because of a medical problem.

Oh I’m sorry, is it serious?

Oh the doctors don’t know just what it is. My white and red blood cell counts keep going back and fourth and I have to get blood transfusions ever 5 or 6 months so I am not allowed to do strenuous things. I have some days that I am fine but others I don’t feel so good. It’s been that way most of my life.

Gee man that sucks.

I get down sometimes but I do okay most of the time.

Do you go to school here?

No I’m schooled by a teacher that comes in twice a week at the home where I stay.

What kind of home?

It’s sort of long term care home where people with problem of one kind or another come when they can’t handle the cold in Canada. There are only fifteen of us there.

How do you get to know other kids?

That’s the problem I don’t.

Well we have to do something about that. How about me being your friend.

I would really like that but I only get to come here a few times in the summer.

How far away do you live?

About five miles.

I can ride that easy on my bike and would like to come and see you.

Would you really?

Sure I like you. You have a friendly smile and act older than you are.

I can draw you a map so you can find us, it’s rather secluded.

He got a tablet from his beach bag and drew the directions along with his telephone number. As he was giving me the details his mother came up.

Oh mom! Meet Kyle Adams. He just moved here and is going to come and seem me.

I’m very please to meet you Kyle.

Thank you mam and I am pleased to meet you also.

We need to be going sweetheart.

I’ll give you a call this week

Oh I would like that.

Okay later.

Yeah later.

I got on my bike and went home.

The next day James said he had to finish the remodel of one apartment so I asked to go with him. He let me paint one bedroom and told me how to do it. By the end of the day I was pooped.

Well Kyle have you had enough for one day.

Yeah I think I have but I want to finish the trim around the doors before we quit so this room will be finished.

Okay kiddo, but I’ll help you as this is the last room.

We finished and cleaned up our mess and headed for home. By the time we got there it was around 7 in the evening and I was sound asleep as the jeep came to a stop.

I’m sorry James I hadn’t realized I was so tired.

You did as much as a man today so you have every right to be tired.

James fixed us a quick dinner and we both went to take showers. It was just what I needed to bring me back to life. I decided to call Mark.

This is the Charleston House how may I help you.

Yes mam can I please speak with Mark Adams.

Just a moment young man I will put you through.

Mark here.

Well I’m glad to know you’re there and not out dancing.

Kyle, it’s so good to hear from you. I wasn’t sure you would call.

Mark buddy there is one thing you need to know about me if I say I going to do something unless a tragedy comes along I come through. Besides I for some reason miss your voice.

Yeah me to.

Can I come over tomorrow?

You bet. My teacher was here today so we can have the entire day to ourselves.

Sounds good to me, I’ll be there about 10.

Good night.

Good night Kyle.

After talking to Mark I suddenly felt the need to call and check on Paul. I was past curfew but I talked Mrs. Norman into letting him come to the phone.

Hi Kyle I is sure didn’t expect to hear from you.

After all the years you and I spent together you think I would forget you?

No I guess not. You always were someone I could depend on.

Well how are things going?

Well there have been some changes and there are more kids staying here now. It gets a little rough sometimes.

I tell you what, the next time I am in Burnaby I’ll come by to see you.

Oh that would be great. I have to go now Kyle. Hope to see you soon.

Yeah me to buddy!

At breakfast the next morning.

James I met this boy at the beach a couple days ago and he has so kind of blood disorder and is staying in a home where the can look after him. He only has is mother and she lives in Edmonton. He only sees her rarely so I thought I would try and be a friend as he has none and is very lonely. He only lives 5 miles away so I thought I would ride my bike over and see him today.

You have a good hart and care about people that is one of many reasons I love you. Why don’t you let me drive you thee and when you wan to come home just call.

I don’t want to be a bother.

He reached down and hugged me.

You’re not a bother, you’re the pleasure in my life.

He kissed me all over my face until I giggled.

He drove me to the Charleston House. I was glad he drove me because it was hard to find. Mark was waiting on a big and long porch for me. I looked like a very nice place.

I jumped out of the Jeep.

Thanks James, I love you.

Yeah I bet you tell everyone that,

As I walked away I stuck my tongue out at him and he smiled.

Mark you look good today.

Yeah you’re why.

If I’m why then where is the hug?

He took hold of me and gave me a nice big hug.

Thanks Kyle I needed that I don’t get many of them.

I guess we’ll have to change that.

That would be nice.

He had a big room and two large windows. There were also a couple comfortable looking chairs near a book shelf.

So Mark I see you read.

Yeah I like reading. I wish I had more books.

Well now that can be remedied. I also like to read and James has bought me many of them. I’ll get you a list and you can tell me which ones to bring you.

I can’t believe you. Someone ask and you just give it to them. You saw I needed a friend and you go out of you way to be one. I have never met anyone like you.

Mark I’m just plan me. I am what I am. If I tell you about my life maybe you will understand a little better.

I went on to tell him all I knew about my life, my mother an unknown dad and the orphanage. As I finished my story Mark sat in the chair with me and but his arms around me laying his head on my shoulder and cried.

I am so sorry Kyle I would have never dreamed you came from such a background. You are such a kind and giving person. How did you keep from being angry at the world?

It’s not as bad as it sounds. I never new my mother or dad so there was nothing to miss. All I ever knew was the orphanage and I was treated very well there. I did see families at the park and sometimes envied them but I also knew kids at school who lived miserable lives because of abuse from their parents. Then one day my world changed forever, I found James or he found me I’m not sure which. All I know he loves me very much and I love him. I now live in a different world so you see I’m the lucky one.

You are a beautiful person Kyle inside and out. I hope you stay in my life for a long time.

Yeah I feel the same, I don’t know what it is about you but I liked you the first time we met.

He was still sitting squeezed in the same chair as me and his head was still resting on my shoulder but I didn’t mind. I think at that time I realized we had a long road ahead of us and I was looking forward to it.

I’m sorry Kyle I shouldn’t be crying like a baby on your shoulder.

You’re not a baby and you can cry on my shoulder anytime you want. We all need comfort at times.

We just sat that way talking about our live and what we like and disliked. I liked him on my lap it made me feel warm and comfortable inside.

It’s lunch time Kyle. I have already told them I was going to have a guest. We can eat here or go to the dining room.

If it’s okay to eat here I would like that.

I hoped you would say that.

Our lunch was brought to his room and we ate and continued to get to know one another.

Mark can you leave here like for the night with me?

You’re kidding you want me to spend the night at your house? I have never asked but I can if my mother okay’s it.

No I want you to spend two nights. You don’t have a lesson during that time so why not.

Oh god I would love that.

Then let’s get the ball rolling.

He called his mother and explained what we wanted to do. She was hesitant at first but I guess she could hear the excitement in her son’s voice and finally gave in. He got one of the staff and his mother gave them the okay.

Okay big boy get some clothes and while you are doing that I’ll call James to pick us up.

When James arrived he came in an introduced himself. As it turned out he knew Beth Martin who ran the place.

James this is Mark.

Well mark if you are a friend of Kyle’s then you mine also.

Oh thank you sir.

None of that sir stuff. It’s plane James.

Okay James.

We drove home with Mark chattering excitedly.

I have never stayed away over night with anyone before.

When we got there James said he would have dinner ready soon so I took Mark to my room.

Man this is all yours.

Yeah that’s what I said when I first move in. Isn’t it great?

Boy I’d say.

Go in the study and pick any books you want to take back with you.

He looked over the many books I had.

This is just too much you like the same authors I do.

Boy’s dinner is ready. Come and get it.

We ate dinner and Mark complemented James on his cooking. We went to the den and James found a movie in his collection that we all agreed on and sat down to watch it.

Mark sat next to me and before long his head was laying on my shoulder. He seemed like an affectionate kid or maybe he just hadn’t had much shown to him. Either way I like it. The movie finished and I told James we were going to my room. I gave him a kiss before we left the room.

Good night boys.

Good night sir uh James.

We got to my room and I started to undress.

Mark I don’t suppose you’re use to undressing in front of others but I coming from an orphanage where privacy didn’t exist so I don’t have a problem. James and I came to and agreement that we had nothing to hide so we are comfortable undressing in front of each other. If you would rather you can undress in the bathroom or I will.

And pass up the only chance I have ever had to see another boy naked!

I finished undressing.

Kyle you have a beautiful body and the accessories look good also.

Oh you like my accessories!

I like you choice of words. You are definite gentlemen.

Look I’m going to take a shower and would like you to join me if you want but don’t do what makes you uncomfortable.

Well uncomfortable or not I’m going to pass up the chance to shower with you.

He slowly undressed while I turned on the shower hoping by me not looking he would feel more comfortable. As I turned to him.

Ditto man. You and your accessories look great. (he blushed something awful)

I took his hand and led him to the shower. We both got in and I told him to turn around.

I would like to do what one of the boys at the orphanage did for me, I’m going to give you a bath like you have never had. I always loved it. I hope you do.

I’ve gone this far so go ahead.

I washed his hair and the started on his shoulders and then under his arms then down his back to his butt and then down to his legs and feet. I told him to turn around and as he did he had the most beautiful smile on his face. I knew he like what I was doing. I washed his chest and stomach.

Mark is it okay if I have I wash your “accessories”. (he giggled)

I guess so.

I carefully washed them and the finished with his legs. I quickly finish myself and turned off the shower. We both stepped out and I dried us off.

Kyle you have the most gentle touch and I loved every minute of it. It makes me want to be a baby again so someone will bathe me.

Mark I will be more than happy to bathe you any time you want.

Thanks I may take you up on that.

Yeah it feels good doesn’t it? I always loved it when Paul washed me.

I pulled back the duvet and the top sheet and lay down.

You sleep in the nude, why am I not surprised.

If you rather I don’t (I was interrupted).

No, no I am at your house so we go by your rules!

Listen Mark I don’t expect you to do something just because I do it if were at my home or not.

Kyle, it was just a kidding comment, I want to sleep like you.

He slipped in next me and his body felt so nice. I kissed him.

Good night Mark.

Good night Kyle and thank you for the kiss.

We slept late the next morning. James had breakfast ready so he came in and pulled off the sheet.

Oh sorry Mark I didn’t think Kyle would corrupt you so fast.(we both giggling)

Oh he didn’t I volunteered.

Good grief now I have two naked butts I have to look at in the morning.

Well James when in Rome.

You got me there Mark.

Okay you two your breakfast is getting cold so let’s get to it.

We got up and put on shorts and tee’s and headed to the kitchen.

James you cooking is delicious. I wish they had food like this at the Charleston House.

I see he has also taught you how to butter me up.

Oh no I really mean it.

Mark you must learn not to take either one of us to seriously. We are a bit on the odd side.

Speak for yourself oddball.

We helped clean up and went to the beach and sat under an umbrella and read books and talked.

The summer went on and we got to be very close friends. Mark was spending more and more time at our house and it was becoming the best summer either of us had ever experienced.

One evening after Mark went home I decided to call Paul.

Hello is that you Mrs. Norman?

Yes it is.

This is Kyle can I speak with Paul.

Oh I’m sorry he is in the hospital.

What is wrong?

Well one of the big boys beat him up pretty bad, he was hurt.

I just hung up the phone and went running to find James. He heard me yelling and as I approached he knelt down to catch me in his arms. I was crying and he was trying to quiet me so he could understand what I was saying. As I quieted.

James Paul was beaten up by one of the bigger boys and is in the hospital. He told me the last time I talked to him things had changed and I could tell by his voice it wasn’t for the better. Can we do something?

Yes we can and we will. The first thing in the morning we will go to Burnaby and find out what this is all about and how bad Paul is hurt.

Oh thank you James.

Anything for you kiddo!

The next morning before the sun was up James got me up and dressed and we were in the Burnaby Hospital by 9 am. We went to the front desk and ask what room he was in and were given directions. As we entered the room.

Kyle what are you doing here.

That’s what I wanted to as you. Man someone did a job no you face and I want some answers.

It’s not my face that hurts it’s my ribs. We have 25 kids now and several new caretakers and things aren’t good. I had a video game I worked for and one of the big guys wanted it but I wouldn’t give it up so he just beat hell out of me.

About then Mrs. Norman came in.

Oh my this is a surprise.

Mrs. Norman what in the world is going on over at the orphanage?

Well Mr. Jordan as of yesterday I can’t tell you. I retired. I just couldn’t take what was going on any more.

Do you know if a police report was made out after this incident?

No there wasn’t. The new director wouldn’t allow it.

If you will excuse me I have some phone calls to make.

One of James old army buddies worked for the Burnaby police department. He contacted him and Child welfare services, within an hour we had police and social services at the hospital along with the new administrator. James demanded charges be brought against the administrator and the 17 year old kid that had beat up little Paul. Under Canadian law this is no small matter. As the police and social services were working things out James and I sat out in the hall.


Yes Kyle.

I have no right to ask but (I was stopped in mid sentence)

Yes we can and we will just as soon as I can get the papers filed. He was your best friend and we are not going to desert him.

I got in James lap and laid my head on his chest and cried. There must be a 1000 kids out there that would love to have him for a dad but he was going to be mine. Just how lucky can one kid get?

We spent the night at a hotel and in the morning we met with child services. I had never heard James Controlling side but that is what he did. He controlled the entire conversation and let it be known in on uncertain terms heads were going to roll. He also obtained papers to make Paul his foster child as he had me. It was one heck of a morning.

Doctor can Paul leave now.

Yes Mr. Jordon he can and I would like to add my thanks to you for bringing this to the attention of the authorities. It burns me to the core every time I get one of these kids in here.

Hi Paul how are you doing today.

Oh I feel much better Kyle. My ribs are still hurting a little but I can manage.

Well then manage your butt out of that bed so we can go.

I’m going back already?

No never again. You are going home with me.

Oh sure and there is ice water in hell.

I walked over and took his hand. Have I ever told you a lie?


Then get your butt up and I’ll help you dress.

But how?

All your questions will get answered but for now lets get out of here.

He got up and slowly fell into my arms crying.

You got me out of there I just don’t know what to say.

There is nothing to say you would have done the same for me.

I sat him down and took off his gown and dressed him. He was taken to the Jeep in a wheel chair where I helped him in.

On the way home James was doing his question and answer like he had done me at Gullies.

How old are you Paul?

I just turned 11 sir!

Okay none of that sir stuff.

It’s just plain James.

He ask a million other questions until we drove in the drive way. I helped Paul to my room and laid him down.

Do you want to undress Paul?

Yeah I would.

I helped him take off his shoes and sox and pulled off his pants and underwear at the sane time and then carefully removed his tee shirt so as not to hut his ribs. He still looked like the same little Paul except for the terrible burses on his ribs. I lay him down and covered him up.

I could get you something to sleep in if you want!

Nah no clothes feels good right now with my ribs as sore as they are.

Remember our showers Paul?

Yeah I sure do.

When you are better I’ll give you my deluxe wash.

You’re on.

I have a friend by the name of Mark, I think you will like him. I showed him how you gave me bathes in the shower and he loves it. He has a medical problem but it doesn’t keep him down.

If you like him I’m sure I will.

I had grown a lot over the past months and was now 5’1” and weighed 105 pounds. Paul was still little Paul he was about 4’6” and about 75 pounds. He was small but he always had a good humor and was a good looking boy. His perfect little body had always fascinated me.

As the days passed Paul became much better and was up and getting around pretty well.

We could have moved him to the spare bedroom but he seemed to like sleeping with me and I didn’t mind him being there.

Paul are you up to going with Kyle and me?

Sure where are you going. Well we are going to get Kyle’s final adoption papers signed.

Were What!

Sorry Kyle it was going to be a surprise. I didn’t hear you come in.

Man how many supper happy days can one kid have!

We went to Child Services and finished the paper work. My name was now officially Kyle Adam Jordon. When it was finished I cried on poor little Paul’s shoulder as we sat next to each other. He didn’t seem to mind at all.

I’m real happy for you Kyle.

Your turn is coming then we can be brothers.

Thanks Kyle, and it will be all because of you.

James came out to meet us.

I can’t believe you’re now my dad!

I hugged and kissed him as he held me in his strong arms.

We went to dinner that night to celebrate. I had asked Mark to join us so he could get to know Paul. They hit it off like they had known each other all their lives. We all ate and talked and generally had a very good time.

That night in my bed with Paul.



There is no proper way for me to say thanks for getting me out of Burnaby. I wouldn’t have survived much longer. The biggest reason I was getting beat up is because I fought of the big boys to keep them from sexually doing me.

Oh god Paul why didn’t you call me. We have been like brothers of years. You helped me many times and showed me things I didn’t know. You don’t know how many times our private baths calmed my bad days. I love you didn’t know that.

Yeah I guess so. You always told me but I never told you how much you meant to me. After you left things just kept going down hill for me.

I scooted close to his little body and held him as he cried softly. I spoke to him softly and kissed his neck and shoulders.

No one will ever separate us again.

In a few minutes he was asleep.

I know I shouldn’t have but I pulled back the sheet and marveled at his small beautiful body. The moon was bright so it crossed his body giving off a soft glow. I looked but was not ashamed, I loved him as much as he loved me.

Morning came and so did James pulling off the sheet.

Kyle you corrupt them both.

What’s he mean Kyle?

When Mark stayed with me he came in and pulled off the sheets as he always does to wake me and found us both naked.

He thinks I make everyone that stays with me sleep nude.

Kyle hasn’t made me do anything I didn’t want to do.

Hold on Paul I am joking. This is how I get my kicks every morning and I apologize for catching you with no clothes on.

You don’t have to apologize to me, don’t forget I was raised in an orphanage and being naked in front of others was part of every day living.

Seems Like I have heard that one before.

We all laughed and suddenly James picked up Paul by his feet holding him upside down.

Okay Kyle it’s you turn.

I knew what he meant so I put my mouth on Paul’s belly button and blew hard. My blowing didn’t sound as good as James had but it sent poor Paul into hysterics.

You guys just pick on some poor little kid that can’t defend himself! (Pause) Ya want to do it again, that was fun.

James slapped Paul on the butt and told us both to get dressed we need to go shopping for Paul’s clothes.

School will start soon and I don’t want you going to school like you sleep.

Yeah but I would get a lot more attention than any other kids!

We got dressed and went to the mall. Paul got everything he needed and the some. James had treated him just like me when I first arrived. We at lunch at the mall and loaded up the jeep and went home.

There was a message light on the phone so I checked and found it was from The Charleston House. I returned the call.

Charleston House how may I help you.

This is Kyle James and (interrupted in mid sentence).

Oh Kyle Mrs. Martin needs to talk to you just hold.


Yes mam.

I need you here as so as you can make it, It’s Mark.

I hung up the phone yell at James something was wrong with Mark and I needed to get to him now. All there of us were in the jeep and gone in seconds. As we reached the front door:

Oh Kyle am I ever glad to see you. Mark is in his room and has locked his door and won’t let anyone in. You see we got word his mother died a few hours ago.

I’ll get in if I have to knock the door down.

I raced to his door.

Mark its Kyle please let me in.

There was no answer. I ask three more times but still no answer.

Beth do you have a key?

No James our policy is privacy so no one other than the occupant has a key.

With that James backed up and through all his weight against the door breaking the lock and the door swung open. We rushed in only to find Mark passed out.

Beth call EMS and do you had any smelling salts?

James the salts is coming.

One of the attendants came running with the salts. James opened it and ran it under Marks nose. He came around very slowly. I was sitting by him on the bed and as he was becoming conscious he saw me and jumped into my arms crying like a baby.

I think it would be best if everyone left us for now.

Sure Kyle I’ll clear everyone out.

Thanks James.

I held him in my arms as he cried and shook like a leaf in a high wind. I cradled and rocked him as you would a small child. His shaking slowed and I wiped his face with my handkerchief. About then the EMS turned up and checked him over and said what he needed was rest so they gave him a shot to make him sleep. They said he would need someone nearby for a while because he will be out for the rest of the day and probability all night.

He’s going home with me.

Without me saying another word James picked him up and carried him to the jeep. Paul and I held him all the way home. When we arrived James carried him to my room and laid him down. Paul and I undressed him and covered his bare body.

He will be out hour’s boys. If you want to stay with him I understand but I need to start finding out what happens next now that his mother is gone. James left us:

So if he only had his mother then that makes him an orphan!

Yeah Paul, He told me he had no other living relatives and his dad left him and his mother a long time ago. They haven’t heard from him since.

Man this world can be a mean place. Why do bad things happen to innocent kids? This really sucks.

Paul put his arms around me and we hugged each other with tears in our eyes knowing what Mark was facing. We sat by the bed for hours watching Mark and holding each other talking about our lives and what we had to look forward to now that we lived with James. I only hoped Mark was going to make it through what laid ahead. As we talked James came in:

Well boys it’s not good. It seems his mother spent everything she earned keeping Mark at Beth’s place. She rented an apartment and there may be enough money in her account to bury her. If there isn’t I will take care of it. There could be so many legal ramifications about custody do to the fact he has a missing dad and is a Canadian citizen my lawyer said it may be best if we just keep him and should anything ever come up we can fight it then. He reminded me that was a personal opinion not a professional recommendation. So what do you think boys?

Yeah dad I think Paul and I both know how screwed up the Social Services and Child Welfare system is in both the states and Canada. I say lets keep him and to hell with them.

Is that how you feel Paul?

I agree, to hell with them all.

Then he stays!

James this is going to cause a financial burden on you and I don’t want to see you in a position that will cause problems.

Listen Kyle my finances are fine. I own water front property around that I bought cheep years ago and it has escalated in value to over three million dollars. You have a right to know your future is secure but you both are not to repeat what I just told you.

He grabbed us both, one in each arm and kissed us. I now have three boys. He took us to the kitchen and fixed us sandwiches. We went to the den to watch some TV. I sat down on the couch and Paul laid down with his head on my lap. I rubbed his back and he was soon sleeping. When the movie ended I carried him to my room and lay him on the bed.

As I undressed him he woke up.

Kyle I can sleep in the other bedroom.

Yes you can but your not. This bed is plenty big enough for all three of us. I want you here with me and I need to be near both you and Mark when we wakes.

Yeah I think I would like to be near you to. You started so you may as well finish undressing me.

Oh yeah, do you want a diaper too!

No but if I had one I would want you to change it.

You little devil you know I love you.

Yeah I do. That’s why I’m yours any time you want. Just remember that.

I finished undressing him.

I appreciate the offer and who knows what the future will bring.

I got in bed between them so I could be near Mark incase he needed me.

In the middle of the night I woke to Marks quiet sobs. I pulled him to me.

I’m here Mark you’ll be okay. Dad is taking care of everything. We all love you and you’ll be living with us. It’s all settled. Just hold on buddy we’ll get through this.

Morning came and we all woke. James came in and asked Mark if he felt well enough to discuss his mothers death. He said he thought he could as he knew some things needed to be taken care of. He told James his mother had told him long ago she would want to be cremated when her time came. James said he would see that her wishes where carried out.

He went on to as Mark if he wanted to see her body. He said no that he wanted to remember her as she was in life. He told James he would like to have her ashes. James assured him that he would take care of it all.

He told Mark what his lawyer said and how Paul and I felt and Mark was very happy about that decision. He to was concerned about the financial burden but James told him everything would be fine not to worry.

I don’t know what to say to you Kyle, if you hadn’t spoke to me on the beach months ago I would be homeless. He hugged me and asked that I stay near by until he got through his mothers death.

Mark you will never know how happy I was to have found you. Sometimes providence can be a wonderful thing. You were there when we both needed a friend.

Months passed and it was time for school to start, James took us to his doctor of our physicals, He decided it wouldn’t hurt for Mark to see him also. The doctor gave us our physicals and said all three of us were at the right weight and height for our ages. Paul had grown he was now 4’10” and 89 pounds. I was 5’3” 115 pounds and Mark was 5’1” 108 pounds.

Paul and I settled in to our school routine and Marks teacher came three times a week for his lessons. Things at home were also settling into a regular routine. Mark loved my library so he spent hours in the study reading the many books we shared. We all three just stayed in my king bed and enjoyed our showers together. James spent time with Mark during the day. Mark had been starved of intelligent conversation for a long time and was becoming close to him.

My 13th birthday came and we all celebrated at a fancy restaurant. They even had a cake made for me. I received a book I had wanted from Mark and Paul gave me a couple cassettes of my favorite music. It was the best birthday I had ever had.

The next day James came to the school and had Paul and I called from our rooms. He said he had to take Mark to the hospital and he was asking for me. We dove to the hospital and I ran just as fast as I could to his room being warned by hospital staff several times not to run.

Mark what happened?

My blood cells are going nuts and they don’t seem to be able to stabilize them.

James and Paul came in:

James can we have a conference with the doctor? I need some questions answered.

Sure Mark I’ll have him call.

When the doctor arrived:

Gentlemen I am told there are some questions.

Yes, Mark needs to ask some questions.

Okay Mr. Jordan. What can I do for you Mark?

I have seen the staff come and go and they have quit taking blood samples. I’ve had this condition so long I know the routine so I am assuming there is nothing further you will be able to do for me.

Well now.

No sir I don’t want any of your medical maybe this or maybe that. I want a straight answer, am I getting worse?

Yes Mark you are. We have done all we can.

How long do I have?

I can’t tell you anything certain but I would say weeks to months.

Thank you sir for being honest with me.

Your one brave boy and I wasn’t going to lie to you.

Will you please check me out so I can go home?

Yes I will.

We checked Mark out of the hospital and I held him as we went home. James carried him to our bed and we covered him. Paul and James left us.

I sat down on the side of the bed and took Marks hand.

Kyle I love you, would you do one last thing for me?


Would you make love to me?

(a very long pause)

I’m not sure I know all the process but if that is what you want yes I will. You need rest now but tomorrow I’ll leave school after lunch and that will give us time without interruption.

Thanks Mark, you have no idea what this means to me.

Yes I think I do. That’s why I’m doing it.

The next afternoon I left school and went to the city library. I had to do a lot of looking but I found a book called man to man. It gave me many details I new nothing about so I read carefully then went home to find Mark in good spirits and looking much better. He asked if I would bathe him first so I undressed and led him to the shower and washed him including his accessories. I gave the particular attention and he became hard. When we finished I dried him off and led him to our bed. We both lay down and I looked into his eyes and kissed him on the lips. I sucked and licked his nipples and run my tongue down his stomach to his smooth crotch. I took each nut one at a time and rolled it in my mouth while sucking as I finished I took his penis into my mouth and ran my tongue across his slit causing him to moan loudly. I continued until he shot two small shots into my mouth. He was only 12 but he shot twice.

As I looked up at his face he had the most beautiful smile, he then handed me a tube of lubricant. I knew what it was for but I had never dreamed he would want me to do this. I slowly took the lube and opened it placing ample lube on his little hole and on my penis. He pulled his knees up and spread them still smiling at me. I got up behind him and place my self in position and entered his body with ease. He pulled me down and kissed me as I started my rhythm into his body. It only took a few minutes before I shot into him several times and then collapsing on his stomach.

Thank you Kyle, I know you love me but my love for you is beyond what you now understand. Once you figured that out we would have been lovers.

Yeah I wish I had it figured out. All I know is I love you. Sex and sexuality is so new to me and I haven’t had time to figure it all out but even though you are younger than me you have yours all figured out and know who you are. I realized some time ago that you were considerably ahead of your age in most areas.

He got up unsteadily, took me by the hand and we went to the sitting room. I sat down in the big overstuffed chair and he sat on my lap with his legs hanging over the arm of the chair. He laid his head on my chest and I kissed him.

I will leave this world happier than I ever imagined I’ll take that part you left in my body with me.

We talked quietly about our meeting and everything that had transpired since then. While we talked he drifted of to sleep. As I sat there listening to his breathing it became shallower and shallower until I could hear it no more. I just sat there until James came in.

He’s gone James. My beautiful Mark is gone.

James picked up Marks lifeless body and placed it on the bed and then returned and picked me up holding me in a tight squeeze while we both cried.

I was a wreck for several days but James let Paul stay home from school with me which comforted me and helped me to realize I had to go on for my own good.

The funeral drew a large crowd many of whom were from our school. When the minister finished I got up to give my final goodbye.

I wrote this short poem to my friend, sole mate and love. Yes love because to know him was to love him, I above all knew him.


Rest in peace my love.

I collapsed into James arms as I reached the last step from the podium. He carried me to the jeep and went back and stood beside Paul to greet those who had come. There were to be no grave side services except family so when everyone had been greeted James and Paul returned to the jeep and we followed the hearse to the grave site. After all had been said and the casket was lowered into the ground I just stood there. James picked me up and once again carried me to the jeep.

When we got home Paul took me to my room, undressed me and lay me down. He sat down beside me until I was sleeping.

When I woke the next morning Paul was not there. James came in and sat on the side of the bed.

Dad where is Paul?

Son he has moved into the largest of the spare rooms. He told me he felt it would be better for both of you that way and I am inclined to agree with him. You are a very sensitive boy and your feelings for people run deep. You have always been so busy concerning yourself about others you forgot to figure out who you are. You now need to take that time for yourself. You will be given all the space you need. Paul and I will always be nearby. Just slow down and things will fall into place. Like I told you when you first came to live with me, if I don’t have answers I’ll get them.

Thanks dad. You're right I do need to figure me out.

Five months passed...

The final adoption papers for Paul came through and we threw a party for him. We had both put a lot of effort into gaining new friends and we were on the soccer team. Everyone had a good time and I was thrilled to finally have Paul as a legal brother. Paul found a boy that was becoming more than just a friend. His name was Michael. I like him immediately.

In the final analysis I did figure me out with a lot of help. I found I was one of those people that could love both male and female, I was what my psychologist called a selective bi sexual meaning that in my mind I could only be with one or the other. The only male I would ever love had been Mark so that option was closed for ever. I realized Paul and I were close brothers and friends and that I loved him as such. In time I did find a special friend, her name was Marcy. We had a lot in common like reading, soccer and swimming most of all. This time I realized I was in love. Not like Mark where I was unable to figure it out.

Mark is gone but memories of him cross my mind frequently when I have a quiet moment. If everyone had such a friend pass through their lives it would be a wonderful world.

The End