The Spy Next Door

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Six year old Billy is in his kindergarten class, the grade six kids had just arrived to spend an hour with them, to teach them, to play with them. Their school has a mentoring program whereby the older students come and help the younger students an hour a day to teach them things. It works really well. They are usually partnered up with a particular student, but today Billy's mentor is not here, so he was reassigned to a boy this time. Billy always felt more comfortable around boys, he hates girls, mostly because his mom is a girl, and he really does not like her much.

Billy is older than all the other kids, by a full year, he should have started school the year before, but his mom never sent him. He had just moved to this school as well, just a month ago, almost half way through the school year in fact, they had had to move again, so he had to start again, which had scared him to no end. Already an incredibly small and timid child, with absolutely no skills in dealing with other kids, even in kindergarten he was not fitting in.

When the older boy was introduced to him, he was both scared and happy. On one hand, he was a boy, but on the other hand, he was huge, at least to the little six year old. The incredibly fat girl he had been assigned to he hated a great deal, so having a boy, even though large, and more than a bit scary, was still far more preferable than the girl. He introduced himself as Jeff.

“Here, come on over here little man, let's talk in private a bit. You don't have to be afraid of me.” He said softly.

“I'm not 'fraid of you.” He said, but the only problem was, he squeaked and his voice wavered as he said it.

“I understand. I was a lot like you when I started here too.”

“I hope not.” Billy said sadly.

“What do you mean by that?” Jeff asked curiously.

They sat down where it was more quiet and private, and Billy answered. “Everyone teases me 'cause I wet my pants, I hate my mom, she hates me too, she's really mean to me, the other kids don't let me play with them, I'm older than everyone 'cause my mom never sent me. I hope you didn't have to go through that.”

“Some, but not all. I used to wet too, but it only happened a couple times, and I was really scared all the time. I'd never met another kid 'til I came here. My mom hated me too, but my dad kicked her out before I even started school, but only just.”

“Oh. Do you, you know, still wet?”

“Not during the day. Please tell no one, but I do still at night, I might never stop.”

“I won't, don't worry. I won't either, and I won't stop wetting my pants either. I can't hold my pee. My doctor said I had a bad bladder, not sure what that means, but my mom won't let me wear diapers, they're too expensive. She'd rather drink.” He spat out, clearly hating his mom.

“I'm sorry Billy. The reason I asked to be partnered up with you today though, is to talk to you about Carter.”

“What about him, he's about the only friend I've got. He doesn't make fun of me, he talks to me, and he plays with me, he lives next door to me.”

“I know, but there's something weird about him. He only hangs out with younger boys, just like you, and a boy last year said some interesting things, things about what Carter and he did. Has he asked you to do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, things that you might not want to do?”

“No, never, what?”

“I can't say. You're too young, I'd get in trouble if I told you, but I wanted to warn you about him, something's not right.”

“What if I don't care about that?”

“I can't stop you, and I know how it feels to have only one friend, even if he's two years older than you are, I can't really be your friend, I'm too old for you, but just think about it, okay, and don't do anything with him if it makes you feel uncomfortable, you have the right to say no.”

“You only had one friend, and he was two years older than you too?”

“Yeah, for the longest time in fact. Would you like for me to be your buddy from now on this year, because Samantha isn't coming back, so I said I'd be your buddy.”

“Yes please, I really don't like girls.”

“Yeah, know how you feel, only now for different reasons than when I was your age.”


“It'll make sense as you get older, but I can't tell you right now.”

“Oh, okay.” He said dejectedly.

They went and joined the rest of the others after that and worked together as they were supposed to, and before too long, the end of the day was upon them.

Little Billy had a lot to think about on his way home, and for the first time in a while, Carter was not there with him as he did so. He wondered about that, Carter was always walking home with him. Strictly speaking, Billy was not even supposed to leave class without a parent, guardian, or sibling to walk him home, but he snuck out. Usually Carter walked him home.

When he got home, Billy changed his pants, because he had peed again, only just a bit, because he had just gone, but there was still a wet mark. He sighed in frustration, but he was used to it too. He had even fought with his mom just last week again, telling her he needed diapers, but she yelled back saying he was not a baby and she did not need to waste her hard earned money on his stupid baby problem. If he was not so afraid of her hitting him, again, he would have laughed. He had no idea what she did for money, but he was reasonably certain that she did not work for it, because she had no job. Of course, Billy is only six and not very wise in the workings of the underworld.

Billy did not even see Carter all afternoon. He did not come outside, he did not come and ask to play, but, he knew that Carter was home, because he could see his bedroom from his bedroom, and he saw movement beyond the blinds. He had no idea why Carter was being so secretive, but he was curious.

Both of their houses are small simple ranch style houses, the windows low enough to the ground that even a small boy could peer into them on his tip toes. That was just what he did too. The blinds were closed, almost all the way, but there was a gap just large enough to peek under at the bottom, maybe half an inch, but it was more than enough for Billy to see.

Standing transfixed by the sights he was seeing, his hand, of its own accord, worked its way down and into his pants and underwear, where his little six year old erection was getting uncomfortable. He had never rubbed himself before, at least the way he was now, and though he still had not realized he was doing it, he was only copying what he was seeing.

At first Billy's vision of what Carter was doing was impeded by the fact that the slightly older boy was wearing a very wet diaper, but only a couple minutes later, Carter pushed the front of it down and grasped onto his hot hard eight year old erection and started stroking it softly, gently, rubbing every little bit of it that he could. It was too bad that the window was closed though, otherwise Billy would have heard what it was that Carter was dreaming about as he jacked himself off.

Billy was shocked when he saw Carter slip into his orgasm, scared when he saw how much he was shaking, how stiff and still his whole body was for several seconds, but then Carter slumped down. Instead of tucking himself back in though, Carter treated Billy to another show, and jacked himself off three more times. Just as Carter came for the fourth time, Billy himself had worked himself up enough that he too had his very first orgasm, and he collapsed to the ground. Luckily both their moans were drowned out by the others, otherwise Carter would have heard Billy spying on him.

When Billy came too, because he actually passed out a bit for a few seconds, he stood up, still shaking a bit, and peered back inside Carter's bedroom, only to see that he was getting dressed. It now appeared that he was in a fresh dry diaper though. Billy admitted he had wondered why Carter had a covered garbage can in his room before, now he knew, because once Carter was finished getting dressed, he gathered up what appeared to be a well used, balled and taped up diaper, and opened the trash can and threw the diaper into it. He left the room then and Billy went back to his house.

When Billy left for school the next morning, he saw Carter ahead of him. He was upset that Carter had not stopped to get him like he always did. He ran to catch up to him though, he wanted to know why.

“Why didn't you pick me up from school yesterday, or come to get me this morning. I thought you were my friend?” He asked, already starting to cry.

“I wanna be, but someone told me I wasn't to be around you any more.” He said and then ran off, though Billy could see that he too was crying.

Billy let him run off, stunned, wondering who would tell Carter that he was not to hang around him any more. Then he remembered Jeff, from the day before. He now wanted to talk to Jeff a great deal. As soon as he made it to the school, he did something that, not only was he not supposed to do, he had never done before. He went to the bigger kids playground and went to look for someone. He had seen Jeff around before, so knew he arrived about the same time as he did. He found the older boy and walked right up to him.

“Can I talk to you?” He asked.

“Sure, what would you like to know?” He asked.

“No, not here.” He said and then turned and walked away.

Billy led Jeff to a quiet spot, then turned on the bigger boy.

“What'd you tell Carter. He said he was told he wasn't to be around me any more. He wouldn't say who told him or why, but I know it was you. Why aren't I allowed to have a friend?” He asked angrily.

“Whoa whoa whoa there little man. Don't be mad at me. I did it for your own protection, you don't see how he looks at you. I just didn't wanna see you get hurt by him.”

“Why, why do you care?”

“Because, it's not right what he does with little boys who don't know what he's doing. If you were older, then okay, if you understood what he wanted, then okay, but you don't, not yet.” He said.

“Is it something to do with peepee's?”

“What makes you ask that?”

“Because. Is it?”


“What's wrong with that? Does he like to play with other boys' peepee's or something?”

“I can't tell you that.” He said, looking scared, or shocked.

“That's it, isn't it?”

“Yes.” He whispered.

“Why would you care?”

“Just because, alright. Just, try and stay away from him.” He said, and then walked away.

A few seconds later the bell rang, so they had to get going. At recess and lunch Billy could not go and see Jeff, because it was not allowed, and was monitored, so he had to wait until the older kids came to his class again. When Jeff arrived, Billy went over to the same place they had talked before and Jeff followed him there.

“I can't talk about it any more Billy, I'm sorry, what he wants from you you're too young for yet. He's too young for it really, if you two got caught doing what he wants from you, he'd get in really big trouble.”

“What if I don't care what you say?”

“Then don't, but I'm trying to protect you.”

“Fine.” He said and then stood and walked away. The rest of the last hour of the day was in near silence between the two boys.

Carter did not initiate conversation again, nor did he attempt to play with Billy. Billy decided to go see if he could watch Carter again though, so snuck over and peered through his bedroom window and watched as Carter entered his room. It was perfect timing, because he was not even undressed yet, so Billy got to watch him undress down to just his soggy diaper. Before he even knew it was happening, Billy had his hand down the front of his pants, grasping hold of his already hardening young penis.

This afternoon was different though, Carter grabbed a jar of Vaseline off the top of his dresser and went and laid on the bed. What Carter did next shocked Billy so much, that he damn near had his orgasm then and there. Carter rolled himself so that his own diapered crotch was right in his face, then he pushed down the front of his diaper and sucked in his own little erection. He did this for several seconds before doing anything else. Without breaking stride, Carter poked a hole in the seat of his diaper, then stuck two fingers into the jar and extracted them once fully coated. He inserted them into the hole in his diaper, and then, Billy could only presume, right into his bum hole.

Billy was astounded. Why would anyone do that. Carter was pushing and pulling them, in and out, Billy watched with rapt attention, seeing everything that he could see. He could not physically see Carter's fingers in his bum hole, but he was smart enough to know that that was exactly where they were. Not even thirty seconds after starting, Billy saw Carter slip into his first orgasm. His body convulsed, and only his elbows locked behind his knees kept him still sucking himself as he came. Carter did not stop though, he kept on sucking, though he did pull his fingers out, but only to add more lube, and this time he came back with three fingers full, and stuck them all in.

A few seconds later and Carter came again, only this time, so did Billy, though he stayed awake this time, and Carter pulled his fingers out and added more lube, to four now, and reinserted them inside. Billy wondered how anyone could put that much inside themselves, but Carter sure looked to be enjoying himself, immensely in fact.

A minute later and Carter came again. He pulled his hand out and added even more lube, and then stuck his entire hand inside his diaper now, and with as deep as Billy could see Carter going, he just knew, without a doubt, that Carter had just put his entire hand inside his bum, and he was pushing it in and out quite a ways. This time when Carter came, it was with a scream, which caused Billy to cum again as well, and they both slumped down.

When Billy came to, and he looked through the window again, he saw Carter just leaving his bedroom, already dressed. Billy stumbled back to his house, he just had to try that for himself. He had no idea why, but he knew he needed to feel that too.

Knowing that there was some Vaseline in the bathroom, somewhere, that was where Billy headed first. When he found it, he victoriously ran to his bedroom. As soon as he made it there, the putrid smell of wet bed greeted him as usual, only this time he was not disgusted by it. He stripped off his clothes quickly, and, naked, jumped on his bed, his little erection already bouncing once again. He uncapped the Vaseline and positioned himself how he had seen Carter, locking his elbows behind his knees and presenting himself, for the very first time, with his own little erection. A tentative lick was all it took, and then he dove in with gusto and sucked himself in fully. He could taste pee, both stale and fresh, sweat, because he was a boy, and something that made him groan, the taste of sex.

He dipped his middle and index fingers in the lube and pulled them out, and then started toying with his little hole. He groaned, it felt so good, how could he have not thought of this before. He slipped just one finger in to start, because he had no idea if he could take two or not, and he gasped. The wave of pleasure that washed over him was intense, to say the least, and now he knew why Carter had been doing this. He slipped his second finger in, and while tight, and did hurt a bit, it also felt incredibly good, and he started jacking them in and out, just as he had sort of seen Carter doing, because he was now one hundred and ten percent certain that this was exactly what Carter had been doing, not just ninety nine as before.

His first orgasm, or third of the day, came only a few seconds after inserting his second finger, and he damn near passed out again. As soon as he was down a bit though, he pulled his fingers out and lubed up three, wondering if he could do it. Oh, he did it all right. He grunted, the pain was intense, but the pleasure was more so. He did know though that this was to be as much as he could do this day, though he vowed to definitely try this every day. He lasted only a couple minutes before cumming one final time, only this time, as he did, he peed as well. It shocked him that not only did he pee, but, he liked it too. He forced himself to empty, knowing that he would have to anyway, and he greedily sucked it all in.

Finally Billy let himself go, and panting, he lay there for several minutes, staring at the ceiling, finally understanding where he fit in the world, and at a much younger age than most.

For almost two weeks Billy did this, whether rain or shine, he watched Carter have sex with himself every chance he could. He was also having wild sex with himself as often as he could, and by the end of two weeks, he too was able to take his own fist in his bum. Carter was still insisting on not spending time with Billy, and Jeff was saying nothing now of it at all, and changed the subject quickly any time Billy said anything about it. Then one night, Billy happened to be watching Carter's house, when who should he see sneak up to Carter's back door and knock softly, looking around to make sure no one was watching. Billy was in his room, he could see the back door of Carter's house, just barely, but, more importantly, he was watching Carter's bedroom. He was sitting there in the dark, so as not to be seen. It intrigued him to see Jeff there, so he snuck out and went to Carter's bedroom window again, because he had just seen the light come on.

When he peered through the window, he was shocked to see both boys there, not that they were there, what they were doing. He had seen men and women kiss on TV, but this was the first time he had ever seen two boys kiss, and they were kissing deeply, passionately. They did this for a good couple minutes before parting, and then they started to undress each other. Billy was stunned to see that Jeff was wearing a very soggy diaper as well, by now he was used to seeing Carter in his diaper though. Jeff though was older, and hotter, and Billy had already started to develop a huge crush on him too.

Jeff was the first, once they were both down to just their soggy diapers, to drop to his knees, and once he was down there, he wasted no time at all in pulling down the front of Carter's diaper and sucking in his entire dick and balls, and Billy happily watched as Carter received a first rate blowjob. Billy's hand once more found its way into his pants, and was busily stroking himself as he watched the show.

Carter grabbed Jeff by the ears, gave a couple more spasmodic thrusts, then stood still, though very tensed up, showing Billy that he was cumming good and hard. A few seconds later, he relaxed, and Jeff stood up. They kissed for a few seconds longer, and then Carter dropped to his knees and repaid the favour. It only took a minute for Jeff to cum as well, and his was even more intense than Carter's had been.

Once Jeff came down, the boys moved to the bed and laid down. They kissed for a couple more minutes, and then Billy saw Jeff get up on his hands and knees. Carter crawled in behind him on his knees and pulled down the back of Jeff's diaper, exposing Jeff's gaping hole to Billy, and even Billy knew that he had had to have really played hard before coming over to make it look like that. Carter then pushed down the front of his diaper and exposed his hardness to Billy once more.

Then Carter did something that made Billy slip into his orgasm, he slipped his erection into Jeff and started thrusting. All through his hot dry baby boygasm, Billy was trying his hardest not to squeal, or make any noise for that matter, but he was also trying to pay close attention to the two boys. A few seconds later he came down and continued watching them, but he did not stop stroking himself once.

He watched Carter go through three orgasms inside Jeff, and at one time, after the first one, Billy saw Carter stop and get a far off look on his face, just like the one he himself got when he was trying to make himself go pee. He wondered if that was what was happening, because he even saw him sigh and shudder, just like he did after he peed, but then Carter started thrusting again.

There was an awful lot of liquid oozing around Carter's dick as he fucked Jeff, and Billy was mesmerized by it, though it looked like Jeff's diaper was still catching it all. When Carter pulled out, he very quickly pulled up Jeff's diaper, but not before Billy saw a lot more liquid. He now felt that Carter had in fact peed in him.

The two boys on the bed traded places though and it was Jeff's turn to fuck Carter, and he did as well. Billy saw him pause, concentrate, then sigh and shudder after his first orgasm, then he continued to fuck Carter through two more orgasms. Billy could see the same liquid oozing the entire time, and Jeff pulled out and quickly pulled up Carter's diaper. They laid down once more and kissed for several minutes this time, before Carter got up and grabbed a couple more diapers. Instead of changing each other out of their wet diapers though, they double diapered each other, and Billy was amazed once more.

Billy had cum two more times while watching the boys have hot sex, and he was getting so tired. He decided that he had better get back to his house before the other two noticed him, so snuck off and went home.

Billy watched Carter's house much more closely after that, and any night that Carter's dad was not at home, Jeff came over and gave him a real good show. Several nights after the first show, Billy saw that Carter and his dad left the house, and he decided to do something that he knew was both incredibly wrong and dangerous. He snuck back over to Carter's house and tried the back door to see if it was open, and by luck, it was. He crept to Carter's bedroom and went right to his closet, which was where he knew the older boy kept his diapers. He found four packs in there, only one of which was opened. With shaking hands, he grabbed one of the brand new packs, and rushed back out before he could be caught. His mom was not home, as per usual, she usually left him all alone, and even when she was home, she rarely paid attention to him anyway.

Billy rushed all the way to his house and to his bedroom, his heart was racing so fast it felt like he had just run a marathon, he was sweating more than he had ever done before, and he was scared shitless that someone may have seen him. He did not care though, he now had his diapers, and he was not going to waste the time. He looked and found that there were forty eight diapers in the brand new pack, and he ripped it open and pulled one out. He felt it, he smelled it, he rubbed it on his face even, and then he stripped so fast he accidentally ripped his underwear, not that it mattered, if he had his way, this day would be the last day he ever wore any anyway.

Having watched Carter diaper himself now several times, Billy had a pretty good idea of how to do so, so he placed the diaper how he was supposed to, laid on it, positioned it correctly, then pulled it up and taped it on snugly. He was quite a bit smaller than Carter though, and the diapers, that were technically a bit big on Carter still, were huge on Billy. Billy cared none at all, all he cared about was that he had his diapers, and he was not going to give them up any time soon, and it certainly would not be willingly.

As soon as the diaper was on and properly fitted, Billy did the one thing that he had wanted to do since the first time he had seen Carter in his diaper, he peed his own. He had lately been holding his pee more and more, and instead of going to the bathroom, he purposely let himself get to the point where he knew he would wet, and then the first time he moved, he wet. He was also not going to the bathroom before bed any more, so he was now wetting his bed two or three times a night. He sighed deeply as soon as he finished peeing, then promptly reached down and felt the nice soggy squishy material. He really liked the feeling.

He went to the mirror that was hanging on the back of his closet door and looked at himself in it and smiled brightly, this was, officially, the happiest he could ever remember being. He did tell himself that the diaper was way too big and that there was no chance at all that it would get hidden by his clothes. He decided to try on some of his clothes to see, and as he suspected, nothing hid the diaper from view. A couple things were not too bad though. He knew that he would fit into Pampers diapers though, so he went to his moms room and rummaged through there to see if he could find any money. He found a twenty dollar bill tucked away in her dresser, so decided to hell with it and walked down to the store. He had on the clothes that fit him best without showing his diaper, so no one was likely to notice, but he was certain that they would notice when a six year old boy came to the till with a pack of Pampers, but he was not embarrassed in the least. He asked himself why he had not just done this ages ago, but then he felt that he just had not thought about it.

When he got to the store, the people there pretty much ignored him, as they usually did. He had come to the store himself numerous times to buy things, so that was nothing new. In this neighborhood, it was pretty common for even young kids to be by themselves, though most everyone thought that Billy was a bit on the young side, yet no one said anything still.

He went right to the diaper aisle and picked out the size seven, he knew that they would fit him, and walked happily to the till and set them on the belt. Luckily there was no one else in the store at that time, not that Billy would really care, and the lady at the till did not even say anything at all about it. In fact, Billy was not the only boy to have to come and buy his own diapers, though the other few were older, and they usually bought the Goodnites or Underjams. He paid her, telling himself that he was certainly not putting the change back, and then took the offered bag and skipped happily all the way home.

As soon as he got home, he wanted to try on one of the Pampers, but the diaper that he was wearing, though quite large, was neither full nor falling off him, but then he remembered Carter and Jeff double diapering each other, and he giggled. He opened up the pack of diapers, the wondrous smell of Pampers assailing his nose, making him sigh, his little dick going even harder in his soggy diaper. He grabbed his file and poked a whole bunch of holes in the diaper, then hopped onto the bed and proceeded to undo the diaper that he was wearing, then put the smaller diaper on himself, it was a perfect fit, and then he taped the larger diaper back on, and now it fit perfectly, and he felt amazing.

Then, with a naughty grin, he stuck his hand down the front of his double thick diaper and started rubbing himself the way he liked, giving himself the utmost of pleasure. He was able to last only thirty seconds or so before having his amazing baby boygasm, but he did not stop at one and made himself cum three more times in only eight or nine more minutes. With a final relived sigh, he pulled out his hand and sniffed it.

For the rest of the night, Billy happily sat around in just his double diaper, filling it up nice and full. By the time bedtime rolled around, his diaper was getting full, but was nowhere near full enough to change he felt, so decided to leave it. He slept peacefully through the night, and for the first time that he could remember, he woke up dry and warm. His diaper though was very wet, and he smiled.

Billy got out of his diaper and went and had a quick shower. On his way out he saw that his mom was passed out on her bed again, naked and smelling heavily of alcohol, a more than normal occurrence. He shook his head in disgust, he hated her so much, he had not even seen her awake in more than a week now, which actually did not bother him as much as it should. He skipped to his bedroom, because he was excited to put on one of his new Pampers diapers and wear it to school. He got into his fresh diaper and got dressed, then checked himself in the mirror and smiled. He could just barely tell that he was diapered, and he felt that no one else was likely to notice, unless his pants came down some and his shirt pulled up. He had a belt, somewhere, so he found it, and put it on as well, thus ensuring that his pants would not, at least easily, fall down.

He went to the kitchen and got himself some breakfast, just a couple pieces of toast, since there was nothing else. He hoped that when, or if, his mom woke up, that she would think to go shopping, she did not always, and half the time just left money on the table for him with a note, telling him to go do so. At least she did that, he thought, but he felt that six year olds should not have to go grocery shopping on their own. As soon as he was ready to do so, he headed out to school.

He did not see Carter at all during the day and wondered if he was sick or something, and when Jeff came and helped him in class, he said nothing of what he witnessed or of what he had done. He went home and changed his very wet diaper, because he had thoroughly enjoyed it all day, then decided to go check on Carter. He knocked on the door, and it was a few seconds later that Carter's dad answered the door.

“Hey there Buddy, what's up?”

“Oh, hi, wasn't expecting you to be home. How's Carter, he wasn't at school today?”

“Yeah, he's sick today, so I stayed home with him. He's asleep right now, but I'll tell him you stopped by.”

“Oh, okay. Is everything okay with him though, he won't come and say hi to me any more.”

“I'm sorry Billy, I'll tell him that's not nice. He's got older friends now, so sometimes kids think that if they have older friends that they can't hang out with younger kids, or it won't make them look cool.”

“Oh, Jeff, right?”

“Yeah, how'd you know?”

“Saw him come over one day.”

“I see. He's only been over a few times, not even sure when they became friends, because 'til recently, I had no idea Jeff even paid attention to Carter. I know his dad you see, but Jeff's pretty much always stuck with kids his age, Carter's too young for him. Has Jeff been having troubles with his friends at school, do you know? Maybe that's why.”

“Never see him with friends, actually.”

“Hmm, weird.”

“Well, I hope Carter's feeling better soon. Have a good night.”

Billy went back home, and his mom was gone, he had not checked earlier, but he did now, and he went and checked the kitchen to see if she thought to get groceries, but she had not. There was no note or money on the table either, and there was next to nothing to eat. Thankfully he was in the school lunch program, so he had at least had a decent lunch, but he was hungry, so he dug around to see if there was anything at all to eat. Just as he was digging though, he saw, through the living room window, that Carter's dad pulled out of the driveway, off to wherever it was that he went most nights, leaving Carter alone. He would have thought nothing of it, except he saw Jeff peeking around a corner, and as soon as Carter's dad was out of sight, he ran down the alley way and Billy knew exactly where he was heading.

He went to his bedroom, all thoughts of food disappearing, and looked, and sure enough, Jeff had just snuck into Carter's house. Billy went outside and to Carter's bedroom window again, and, as luck would have it, it was open a crack, probably to air it out some, yet the blinds were still mostly closed. He saw and heard the boys enter the bedroom.

“So, why weren't you at school today?” Jeff asked.

“My dad thought I was sick today. After we got home and I went to bed, then snuck out to meet you, you fucked me so much and filled me with so much piss it wasn't even funny. Well, I thought I'd emptied out everything, but apparently, when my dad changed my diaper this morning, it'd looked like I'd had diarrhea throughout the night. I decided I may as well milk it a bit and take the day off, so I did. I even had a light nap in the afternoon. Billy came by yesterday then though, and he talked to my dad. My dad said he was concerned about me and was sad that I haven't been hanging around with him since you and I started hanging out. He said it's not fair to Billy.”

“Yeah, well, Billy's too innocent for you, that's why I decided to come to you. Not that we haven't both been enjoying it, mind you, but you shouldn't have sex with him.”

“Who says I was gonna, just because I'm gay and like fucking and sucking, doesn't mean I'd rape a younger boy. Not like I was. Granted, I never complained either really. It hurt, but I loved every second of it too.”

“Yeah, I know how you feel, he got me too. I see how you look at him though, and I'm telling you, it isn't right to do what you wanna do to him, no more so than it was for Michael to have done that to us. I loved it too, I knew I was gay, but he still hurt me, and I don't want you to hurt Billy. He's such a little cutie, and even though I'd love to diaper him and fuck him and fill him up, every bit as much as you wanna, we can't. As it is, you're way too young to be having sex, and I'm still considered too young.”

“Do you still let Michael fuck you?”

“Not as much any more. He's got older friends who satisfy him more now, he says my cock's not big enough, and I can't cum, and he likes to be fucked. He's still fucked me a few times in the last year though. How about you?”

“Yeah, he's fucked me a couple times too, and I love sucking his cock.”

“Mmm, me too. His cum tastes amazing. He's only a year and a half older than me, but man is he huge compared to me.”

“Yeah, well, you're huge compared to me too, imagine how I feel when he rams his cock up my baby boy pussy and fucks me hard. Man, it still hurts and feels so good.”

“Know how you feel. Doesn't help that he doesn't prepare properly, he loves to just be fucked raw, so thinks everyone else likes it like that. I prefer to be lubed, thank you very much.”

“Yeah. So, did you come over to fuck my gay baby boy pussy or what?”

“Fuck yeah. When's your dad supposed to be home?”

“He said he'd be gone a couple hours again. He's gone to get his pussy pumped full of cum and piss too. Man, I can't understand how he thinks I don't know what he's doing. Don't understand how he could think that it was me being sick and not well fucked.”

“Maybe he does know and is letting you tell him in your own time.” Jeff said, as they were both stripping off all their clothes, and not until they were down to just their soggy diapers did they stop.

Once more Billy watched as they started having hot and kinky sex. They sucked each other, fucked each other, pissed in each other, and kissed each other. It was what they normally did. It lasted a little better than an hour before Jeff got dressed to head home. Billy made sure that he was well out of sight though before that happened.

The next few days went well and Billy was enjoying his diapers a considerable amount more than even he thought he might, but he was now wearing all day, every day, and was often double diapering himself with one of his Pampers and one of Carter's diapers. He loved that. Then, one night, Billy was watching, as he normally was, and Carter's dad left the house. He did not see Jeff coming though, so he got a wicked idea. So, instead, he went to Carter's house, snuck in the back door, and went and met Carter instead.

“Billy, what are you doing here?”

“You were expecting Jeff I bet.”

“Um, no.” He stuttered and blushed.

“Really. I've been spying on you for a long time, I know what you two are doing. I know you're both gay baby boy diaper lovers, you have sex, you fuck each other, suck each other and piss in each other. Jeff thinks I'm too young and innocent, but I'm not. Take me to your bedroom and fuck me.”

“You know all that, why say something now?”

“Because, I love to watch you and Jeff, but he's not here yet, and I wanted to feel what I've been seeing instead.”

“Okay, let's go to my bedroom then, but if I fuck you, then you have to wear a diaper.”

“Will a nice soggy Pampers diaper be okay, because I'm already wearing and wet?” He grinned brightly.

“Fuck yeah.” He smiled brightly and led Billy to his bedroom.

“I have a confession to make Carter. One night, a while ago now, I came into your house when you and your dad went out, and I stole a pack of your diapers. I tried them on, but they were too big, so that's the night I went and bought myself some Pampers.”

“I thought I was missing one, even my dad asked me about it, and I said I guessed I must've used them without realizing it, but I could've sworn I hadn't used that many. That's okay. Have you been using them to double diaper yourself at least then?”



Carter stepped forth and started stripping Billy of all his clothes, and then Billy stripped Carter. Once they were both undressed down to just their diapers, they both stood and looked at each other.

“Wow, you're really cute in your soggy Pampers diaper.” Carter sighed.

“Thanks. Ever since I first saw you in just your diaper, I thought you were real cute too, and that made me wanna wear diapers so much. I already needed to, and sorta wanted to already anyway, but that made it worse.”

“Yeah. Come on.”

Billy was led to the bed and then laid down on his back. Carter got on as well and planted his face in the front of Billy's diaper; sniffing, nuzzling, driving Billy mad with lust. He poked a hole in the seat of Billy's diaper, and using the Vaseline on his end table, lubed his fingers, then inserted them into Billy's wanting little hole. Billy had already been in his bedroom that afternoon, sucking and fisting himself, so he was still amazingly open and loose. Carter groaned, because he pulled off and asked Billy, who happily told him that he had been copying Carter. Carter latched back onto Billy's hot little erection though, and continued to finger him, though he did not need to now, and suck him. He wanted to make Billy cum, and Billy did so not even two minutes later.

“Get up onto your hands and knees please?” Carter asked.

Billy did as he was asked to, and Carter got up onto his knees behind Billy, pulled down the back of Billy's diaper, then the front of his, and then proceeded to insert all that he could as deeply inside Billy as he could. He was only fifteen or so seconds into fucking Billy, when the bedroom door opened, and in walked Jeff.

“I knew it. I thought I saw you a couple times, watching through the window, jacking your little baby cock. That's why I came later today, to see if I could catch you doing what I've known you wanted to do for a while.” Jeff grinned.

“Oh yeah, and it feels so good too. I want you to fuck me after Carter does, and I want you to both piss in my little gay baby boy pussy please?”

“Okay, but can I fuck your mouth now?”

“Okay.” Billy said brightly.

Jeff stripped quickly down to his wet diaper and then got on his knees in front of billy, who happily pulled down the front of Jeff's diaper and sucked in his larger tasty erection. Other than his own dick, this was Billy's first time sucking another boy, and he loved it. Jeff tasted great, and he felt amazing in his mouth. Jeff was close though, and maybe thirty or so seconds after starting, he started cumming. This set off both the bother boys though, and they both came as well.

Once Carter came down, he paused his motions and concentrated enough to be able to pee inside Billy, and when he did, they both sighed deeply. Once Carter finished, he shuddered, and Billy sighed deeper still.

“Trade places now, I wanna feel you fuck me and fill me up Jeff, and I wanna taste you so bad Carter.” Billy asked.

They did so without a word and slipped inside Billy again and continued to fuck him. This time, when they both came a couple minutes later, they did not stop. Jeff paused for only a few seconds to get the flow started, and then he started fucking Billy as he pissed inside him, well and truly piss fucking him, and Billy was loving it. They came once more, all together, and then flopped down, all of them well worn.

“Wow, that was so amazing. I want you guys to fuck me every day from now on.”

“Okay.” Both boys said as one.

“Will I be able to fuck you as well?”

“Sure.” They both said again.


“I still want Jeff to fuck me too though, so you can't be the only one to get fucked.” Carter warned.

“Okay, as long as I get to fuck your mouth while he does, and maybe you could stick your hand in me, I love putting my whole hand inside myself.”

“Sure, if you think you can take me fist fucking you, then I'll definitely do that.” Carter grinned.

“That I'd love to see as well.” Jeff said.

“Would you like us to double diaper you Billy?” Carter asked.

“For sure.” He smiled brightly and laid himself in diaper change position.

Carter grabbed another of his diapers and something good and sharp and he and Jeff proceeded to double diaper Billy nicely. Carter took his place and Billy helped Jeff to double diaper him, and then Jeff was the last to get double diapered.

“So, Jeff, how long did you know that I was gay too?”

“Pretty much the second you came to our school I knew. Carter did as well, which was why, once I knew how horny you were making him, I told him that he wasn't to go near you.”

“Oh. I know you were both fucked by an older boy named Michael.”

“Oh, you heard that did you?”


“Yeah, well, he shouldn't have done so to either of us, neither of us were really ready for it. At least I was almost eleven, and I knew I was gay already, but he hurt me and pushed me faster than I think I was really ready for. I liked it, don't get me wrong, when he came in my mouth, I knew what I was born to do, and then when he came and pissed in my ass, I was in heaven.” Jeff said.

“How about you Carter?”

“He actually fucked me before he even fucked Jeff. He used to babysit me, and one night as he was changing my diaper, I was really hard, and he asked me if I wanted to play a game that older boys like to play, but that it was a huge secret. I said sure, and that was the night I found out what gay was, that I was gay, even though I sorta already knew it, and even though he hurt me a bit, it really felt good too.”

“How'd you two find out that he fucked the other?”

“Well, a couple nights after I came here to confront Carter about what I suspected, and to offer my ass and mouth, as long as he let me fuck him as well, we got onto the subject of where we learned what we knew. We didn't say his name at first, but I think we both knew right away.”

“Oh, and does he wear diapers as well?”

“No, but he loves that I do.” Carter said.

“And he thinks it's kinky that I love to wear them when I get fucked as well.” Jeff said.

“Why don't you diaper him then, I'd do so for sure?”

“He doesn't wanna.”

“Well, I want him to fuck me as well, but tell him I won't let him unless he's wearing and wet.”

“He's pretty big though.” Jeff warned.

“So, I can take my whole hand, I bet he's not bigger than that.”

“No, he's not, but he's also not gentle.”

“Then you two fuck me first, fill me up nice and full and open me up well, and then when he fucks me, he can do it rough if that's the way he likes it.”

“Okay, I'll see. He might not, just because he'd have to be diapered.”

“Oh well, his loss then.” Billy giggled.

The boys knew that their time would soon be coming to an end, so they all got dressed and the two guests headed home. Billy stripped down to just his diaper as soon as he got home, and spent the rest of the evening lazing about, until bedtime. His double diaper was still good enough, so he left it as it was, and went to bed.

The next day at school, the boys talked as much as they were able to, and they had a good time. After school, they headed to Carter's place and had wild gay baby sex again, and then Billy and Jeff headed home. They did this for the next several days, and finally Jeff got a hold of Michael. Michael refused though, saying that he was never going to wear a diaper, and that was that. Jeff told him that he would never be allowed to fuck either he or Carter again, and the new boy who wanted to meet him was the same. Michael was intrigued about a new boy, and so young, but still, he refused.

Carter and Billy were both sad to hear this of course, but they were still having amazing sex together, so they did not care that much.

Every day was much the same though. Billy rarely, if ever, saw his mom, she barely remembered to go grocery shopping, and he was stealing money from her at least once a month to keep himself in Pampers. If she noticed, she never said anything. Carter was left alone a fair bit as well, which afforded them a great place to have sex. Jeff too had a lot of free time, because he also only had his dad at home, who also worked long hard hours.

None of them had any friends at school still, but that did not matter to them. They all got teased all the time about being gay, because they had found out about Billy as well, and they even found that all three boys wore diapers to school every day. Still, not one of them cared in the least. They had each other, and that, in the end, is all that matters. All throughout school, the three of them continued playing together, wearing diapers together, and being together, so much so, that they were a three way boyfriend set, and that was how they liked it.

If Billy's mom knew, she never said anything, though it was a rare thing for her to even talk to Billy, who could care less anyway. Jeff's dad knew he was gay, and laughed at Jeff the day he told him that he was a gay diaper lover at the age of fourteen, saying that he already knew. Carter's dad told Carter that he had known for a long time, and had even known about him and his two baby boyfriends since it pretty much started, so Carter was happy.

****The end. Sorry that it is so short, but it was only ever meant to be just a very short story, and it actually ended up longer than I had thought it might. I wrote this today after having a hot waking dream, or is that wanking dream, probably both. I hope that you enjoyed it, and if you feel like doing so, please let me know your thoughts on this, or my may other stories, at erich5748 at Thanks.****