Chapter 2


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"I would like a night time scenario, with heavy fog.  I think getting out the paint ball guns would be best.  No laser sights.  Too easy.  And see how they feel about doing it with no night vision.  Let's see what kinda balls they got."  I said with an evil grin trying to make it look like I was being a smart ass.  Hopefully I will piss off the SEALS enough to where they'll take me up on the challenge.  Marcus just looked at me for a moment while I grinned evilly, huffed and got up.  Moving towards the door he said.  "Well if you think your up to it, I'll tell the SEALS EXACTLY what you said, and we'll see what they think"  Still playing the dumb kid, I just nodded and grinned.  And with that he left the room.



          I sat there thinking about my good luck and still couldn't believe what was going on.  He I am, only fourteen years old, and about to be put into the fight for my life against Eight Navy SEALS.  Talk about unfair... they should've brought more.  Everything is pretty much in place right now.  With Dr. Hayes's help, and hopefully Capt. Casey's, I might actually make it out of here alive.  Being honest with myself, I'd have to say I am more worried about Janet and Logan then about myself.  I hope they'll be ok with what has to happen. 

          I didn't see many people during the day, I wasn't at all surprised when my normal "rec" time came and went with out me going.  I hate to say it, but I really did enjoy the two hours a day they let me out of this room.  It's not much, but when that's the only time you're allowed out, except when they want to do some test, then you really get to enjoy it. 

          It was about two hours before the time of the "test" that they brought in my equipment.  I thanked the guy who brought it, and went through what he brought.  Just to see if anything was missing.  Standard body armor, 1 standard H&K (Heckler and Koch) Mark 29, pistol, with the specially modified rounds that shoot paint balls, a standard H&K MP5 sub machine gun with the same rounds.  I was somewhat surprised when they included my sword, being that I was supposed to die in this test.  I guess they didn't want me thinking anything was wrong.  I was very happy they allowed me to have my sword, it's rather special to me.  Not very many people can get a traditionally crafted Katana to call their own.  I also had my full compliment of thrown weapons.  three throwing daggers, a set of ten throwing spikes, which I set aside for the moment, and 5 throwing stars.

          I sat down with my Armor, and my throwing spikes, and started to modify my armor a bit.  I found out a couple months ago, that with the right equipment, I am strong enough to hold myself upside down attached to the ceiling by nothing more then daggers.  So I sat down to modify my armor with the spikes.  Trying to see if I could attach them to the ends of my hands in such a way as it would allow me to hang with out the knives needed. 

          It took me about forty five minutes, but I think I got it to work.  Only one way to find out, so I put the armor on, alone with all my other equipment, went over to the wall, and started to climb it.  Thankfully the spikes held, now I'll just need to see how they work in actual use.  After I got all that done, I just sat down, and started to meditate.  If there was ever I time I need to be fully centered, and fully in control of myself, no was it.

          There came a knock at the door which bought me out of my meditation.  I looked up to the door, and said "come."  The huge security guard stuck his head in and said in his normal gruff voice.  "You have fifteen minutes to get ready.  The test is about to start."  I nodded my understanding, and got to my feet.  He looked me up and down, then said something I never heard him say before.  "Good luck."  With that he turned and shut the door.

          I just let his comment go, and started to get myself ready.  I put on my standard issue combat boots, but this time I didn't double knot the laces.  Most of the time I would, because nothing ruins your day more then being in the middle of a test, and having your boots come untied.  One time it cost me the match.  That was last time I went in with out them double knotted.  This time I didn't do it, because I planned on taking the boots off as soon as I could.  It's real hard to sneak around when you're wearing seven pounds each of combat boots.  I slammed the clips home in both the sub-machine gun, and the pistol.  Not that they would see much use, but I had to keep appearances up.  I put my throwing weapons where they go, and slung the sword over my back.  After slinging the sword, I went so far as to tie the bottom of the sheath to my back that way it wouldn't move.  I then sat and waited for what had to be the longest ten minutes of my life so far.

          Finally the guard came back and said "let's go."  He never was one much for words, so I just put on my game face, which was a goofy grin, hoping not to betray the anxiety I was feeling.  I followed him to the control room that over looks the gym.  There was something strange going on as we got to the door to the control room.  It was guarded by two men in military uniforms.  My guard just saluted then, and they opened the door saluting back when they were done.  I walked into the guard room and took stock of who was there.  It was fairly crowded.

          There was, who I figured to be the "Team of SEALS."  After being around Special Forces for a while, you can kinda just tell who's an operator and who isn't.  Also in the room were most of the researchers I've known over the past years.  There was also some older guy dressed in a military uniform.  I could tell by the way he wore his dress uniform, with all his ribbons that he was someone important.  That was given away by the two stars on his shoulders.  I could also tell that while he wore all the medals and makings of a Navy SEAL, he was not an operator.  I could just tell that he was one of those guys that likes to see his own medals shine, and didn't do shit to earn them.

          I came to attention in front of the General and snapped a salute.  "Lieutenant Adam reporting as ordered.  Sir" I slapped out the sir as crisply as I could.  I could see the confusion in his eyes as he returned the salute.  "At ease soldier."  I instantly took a dislike to the man, because while I plainly wore my officer insignia, he chose not to recognize me by my rank. 

          Dr. Marcus stepped up and said, "Adam, I would like you to meet General Pinkerton, he is the Military officer in charge of our little project here."  I had to fight to suppress a predatory grin, as I thought to myself.  "Good I'm glad you're here.  You get to die too."  To cover my grin, I just said "good to meet you sir."  He just nodded, and didn't respond.  "Next we have Capt Roberts" Marcus went on indicating the Captain that was with the rest of the SEALS.  "He is the commanding officer of the SEAL team that will be your opposition in tonight excessive."  I went over and extended my hand to the captain.  "Captain, nice to meet you."  I said with another one of my grins.  "I hope you won't be too mad what a little kid takes out your entire team."  I couldn't help but taunt them a bit as I laughed.  He took it rather well, and said.  "Don't worry kid, we'll try not to bruise your ego too much" grinning.

          Again Dr. Marcus had to but in.  "Adam, the SEALS heard about your request, however, they have insisted on the night vision gear, safety reasons of course."  I just nodded, knowing that my luck had to run out sooner or later.  It wasn't a terrible blow, but it still would have helped.  "Ok guys, let's get going then, shall we?"  I turned around, and went through the door going into the gym.

            Once we got out into the gym, I took the time to go around and shake the hand of every member of the team.  This served two purposes, one, it let me get a feeling on how the handled me.  It's amazing what can be seen in a handshake.  If the shook it limply, it would mean that they do not consider me worthy of using any energy on.  It they were very rigid about it, it usually means that they are nervous.  But if, like they all did, they shake it with a firm grip, and a nod of acknowledgment, it means that they respect you enough to bring you up to their level.  That was not really what I was expecting since these were the guys that were supposed to kill me.  The second thing getting that close did was let me smell them.  Now I don't mean get their scent, what I was doing was seeing if I could smell gunpowder.  If they were using the practice rounds like they should be, I would smell paint, if they were using real rounds, I would smell gunpowder.  This time I smelled gunpowder.  These guys were carrying live ammo into this test.

          I asked for a moment to "prepare myself" as I though about this new twist.  I didn't like what I came up with.  These guys obviously don't know that they are here to kill me.  They must think this is a test, just like I was told it was.  I don't like that because it means I either have to kill people who don't know why they are dying, or, I need to take them all out with out killing them.  Much harder to do, but since they are not involved more then just hired guns, then I can't kill them.  It wouldn't be right.

          "I finally turned around towards the SEALS and asked.  "Ok, do you guys know the rules?"  They indicated they did, but I wanted to go over them again.  "Well since you already know, I'll just hit the high points.  If you look to your left, you'll see a red button on the wall.  There are many of them scattered through the gym.  When the exercise is over, that's what you hit to bring the lights back up.  Before I leave, I will hit the button to start the test.  In 3 minutes, a buzzer will sound, that's your signal to begin.  If you get hit with a paint ball, it means your dead.  Stop where you are, move to a wall, and wait for the test to be over.  I also have some small paint capsules, if I bring you down up close and personal, I will smear that on you.  That again means your dead.  If by any chance, you guys hit me, I will let you know, and the test will be over.  Any questions?"  I waited around to see if there were any, and since there weren't, I said. "Ok, let's do it."  I went over, hit the button on the wall, and headed off into the practice area.

            I ran in at a trot, and quickly got to the place I wanted to.  A wall that when I got on top, I would have a good view of the entrance to the practice yard.  From there, I could see who goes where, and how they split up.  I extended the "claws" on my armor, and quickly pulled myself up to the top of the wall.  Crouching down, I silently work my boots off, and then put them off to the side.  I then take off the guns, because with the paint ball bullets, they would be next to worthless.  While I may be able to with the test with them, it would not solve the problem that they mean to kill me.  I need to escape.

I silently took the sword from its scabbard, just as the buzzer went off signaling the beginning of the "test."  I watched, perched from my wall, as they entered the area, and the commander break the group up into 2 man teams, then using hand signals, pointed them off into the areas he wanted them to cover.  I was hoping this would happen, as he and the man with him came towards me.  I waited and watched, knowing that even though they had night vision, they wouldn't be able to see me.  I watched as they got closer, and then took a look to see if any of the other groups would be close enough to see what was going to happen.  Confident that no one would know, I got ready to go into action.  The commander was on point for his two man team, and I knew he would also be with the least experienced member of the team. 

          I watched the newer guy and noticed he was right handed.  That means if you surprise him from behind, he would spin to his left, bringing the gun to bear as he did.  They passed, and I waited just long enough for the back guy to get about 3 feet ahead of where I would land.  When he was there, I dropped down off the wall.  I knew he would hear me when I landed so as soon as I did, I immediately went off to his right.  He did exactly as I thought he would, and spun to his left trying to find me.  But by this point, I was right behind him.  The commander also spun hearing his back man so the same.  The newer guy turned back towards the officer, and indicated there was nothing there.  The commander nodded, and turned around to continue, muttering about "fucking rookies."  When he turned around, I struck.  I used the pummel of my sword to hit the newer guy in the back just below the neck.  It knocked him out cold, and I caught him as he fell.  The commander obviously heard that, but before he could turn around, I was on him, and had my sword to his throat.  In nothing more then a whisper, I said to him.

          "You know you were set up?"  He looked up at me, and noting that I did not lower the sword, he looked at it, then back at me with a question in his eyes.  "You guns have live ammo in them, you were sent in here to kill me."  A look of utter shook came across his face as he looked down at his MP5.  "Drop your guns, and we can talk if you want.  But don't take long; I don't want the rest of your team finding me."  He looked at me, then at my sword still pressing into his neck.  Finally he silently let the gun fall to the floor.  He looked back to me as I withdrew the sword.

          "How do you know about the guns?"  He asked looking over to his fallen companion.  "I was informed that they were going to terminate the project, which means kill me.  And this is how they were going to do it.  But I was told about it, plus I can smell the gunpowder in your bullets." I said with a grin.  He still looked like he didn't believe me, so with lightning fast speed, I bent down, took his gun from the ground, pointed at the wall, and fired a silenced shot into it.  I then turned back towards him, and saw a look of shock on his face as he looked at the wall with the bullet hole in it.  Over the radio he was wearing, I heard his team mates call to see "what the fuck is going on."  After a second or two, he shook his hand, moved his hand to his neck, and depressed the transmit button.  I heard him whisper over the radio, "no problem, the damned rookie got a little over excited, anyone find anything yet?"  They all replied negatively except one guy who said.  "I don't know where this fucking kid is, but it's like he's disappeared.  He's gotta be good to stay hidden this long."

          The commander ignored the comment and looked to me.  "Ok, so what are you going to do about this?"  "Well" I said as I sling his sub machine gun over my shoulder.  "I don't plan on letting your buys kill me.  After that, there are a few people here who are going to die.  Then I plan on escaping."  The look in his eyes said it all.  "I can't allow you to do that.  If you want to, I can stop this, and talk to the General.  He'll straighten this all out.  And if he can't, I'll go above him."  I shook my head and said.  "Sorry, it was the General that ordered this, and I don't want to take my chances with your higher ups."  Just as I finished, I spun and delivered a round house kick right to the side of his head.  He went down like a ton of bricks.  "Sorry about that, I hope there are no hard feelings."  I muttered as I spun away and ran to find the next ones. 

          I slowly made my way through the rest of the team, and about ten minutes later, they were all out like a light.  I think there is only one of them that may have some off time coming.  I think I hit him a bit hard and broke his shoulder.  Oh well. When I was finally done, I made my way back to the control room.  I saw that the two guns guarding the room were still there, so I just walked up to them with the sword out.  "Hey guys, test is all over."  I said as I walked up to them.  "Where's the rest of the team?"  Asked the one on the right.  I could smell the fear coming off of them.  They knew what was going on.  I had no problems with what I did next.  Jumping forward, I plunged the sword into the neck of the one, and then spun around and like lightning, I took the head off the second one, and before the first one even fell.  Neither one of them uttered a sound. 

I cleaned my sword off on the one's shirt, and then sheathed it again.  I took both their pistols, and put them in my holsters after making sure they were load, and a round was in the chamber.  I then walked calmly into the control room.  When I walked in I heard gasps from all around, and the General curse as he tried to draw his weapon.  I was faster, and with a quick shot from he, he was falling to the floor with a hole dead center between his eyes.  I held the gun out looking around at everyone else and said in the most menacing voice I could.  "Anyone else want to try something foolish."  No one else said anything, so I looked over to Hayes and nodded.  "Tie them up."  And with that she took the plastic straps that I had in my pocket and went around tying everyone in the room up.  When she got to Dr. Marcus, I saw him getting a bit excited, I looked aver at him, and with the biggest grin I could manage I said.  "Please Dr. Marcus... Please give me a reason to kill you."  He just looked shocked at my words, and then got a guilty and almost hurt look on his face.  "Adam, I am truly sorry for what has happened to you here.  If I don't miss my guess, you and Dr. Hayes are going to be leaving here.  Before you do, there are a few things you need to know."  I looked at him strangely; this was not the reaction I had expected.  Janet also seemed to be puzzled by his reaction.  "There is a lot of information you need to have, before you leave...."  He was cut short by the sound of a gun shot, and the look on his face was that of utter surprise, as he looked down to see red start to stain his white lab coat.  I reacted immediately, and spun around to see who had shot him.  I turned just in time to see General Pinkerton slump back to the floor and the pistol in his hand clatter to the floor.  One look at his now lifeless eyes, told me there was nothing else to worry about from him.  I turned back to Dr. Marcus and ran to his side.  He had slumped down to the floor, and was slowly fading.  He motioned me close to him, and whispered a few words into my ear before he slumped fully to the floor, dead.  It only took a moment for me to process what he had said, and I turned around and ran from the room, shouting for Janet to come on.

          She had a hard time keeping up with me, as I wound my way around the complex, finally coming to a stop in front of Dr. Marcus's Office.  Janet caught up to me just as I kicked in the door.  I started to frantically look around the room, until I saw what I was looking for.  A large wall mounted picture of two young boys in cowboy outfits.  I ran over to it, and pulled it down.  Behind it I found what I was really looking for; a safe that had been concealed behind it, in the wall.  Janet walked over to me as I started to spin the combination into it.  "What's in there?" she asked, as I turned the handle that opened it.  When it was opened, I saw a large stack of papers, and what looked to be a writing note book, as well as a CD Rom Disk, in a case, with my name on it.  "Dr. Marcus said I needed to get this stuff, out of the safe and take it with me." I told Janet.  "He started to tell me why, but he lost too much strength, and just told me the combination."  We had turned and started to leave the room, when the alarm started to sound, so I grabbed Janet's hand and we ran out of the building, as quickly as we could.

Once we were in her car, and safely out on the road, I looked at the papers I had in my hands.  I only got about half way through the first one when I was just too pissed to keep reading.



Internal progress Report.

All subjects progressing as expected save for subject named Adam; he seems to be lagging behind his peers in all the physical fields of development.  Immediate termination is recommended.  Joris, Chang, William and Juan seem to be coming along nicely.  They are all excelling in their separate fields of study.  They should be ready for activation in under a year....

To be continued...

Editor's notes:
Well, that encounter in the control room was a surprise, wasn't it?
It looks like Dr. Marcus may ...... wait for it...... Well be, see I told you to wait for it. He may well have been somewhat of a better man than we thought. At least he gave Adam some important information, which I have no doubt, will be useful to their future endeavors. We will have to wait and see, I suspect. I am really intrigued with this very interesting story. I am sure there will be plenty of adventures ahead for Adam and his new family. 'Family' that sounds nice doesn't it?  Let's see now, he has a mom, who has been his only real friend for years, and he now has a brother, whom he hasn't met yet, but who will, I'm sure, play a significant role in his new life. I am just as sure, however, that the powers that be will not take his disappearance lightly. Things will not be easy for them, I am sure.
I know I am waiting, not very patiently, for the next chapter, and I will be making my wishes known to Roland, that I am quite ready for the next chapter, and he has promised me that he will be writing chapters as quickly as he possibly can. I am sure he will do that, if he knows what is good for him. Adam told me that he is going to nag Roland mercilessly, till he writes the next chapter or two.
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