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Janet and Joe both just stared at the screen for a few moments.  >From the looks on their faces, I would say they're just as shocked as I was.  Here I thought Marcus was nothing but an ass who deserved to die.  Now I'm finding out that he helped set up my escape.  Janet finally looked over at me, and said “so what's gonna happen now?”  I just looked at her with a 'duh' in my eyes and said casually.  “Now, I go find my brothers.  You always said you wished you could have more kids... well looks like you got 4 more coming.”  I said, laughing and she got a stricken look on her face for a second, then broke out laughing.  “It's not quite what I signed up for, but “it's not mine to wonder why...”  all three of us laughed at that, then Joe said,  “we'll deal with that in the morning, for now, I think we all need to get some sleep.”  I didn't bother to tell him that I go for days without sleep, and just waved when the two of them split up to go to their rooms.  I spent the rest of that evening, going over everything that Marcus had given me.  If I thought I was shocked by the video, I was mistaken.  Marcus had managed to surprise me a few more times before morning came around. 

About seven in the morning, I figured I needed to take a break, so I went and got the case that the M107 was in.  I set it down on the table, and lovingly started to disassemble and clean its various parts.  I still could not get over how Joe just gave this to me.  No one had ever just given me something like this... just for the hell of it.  I had just finished putting it together, when I heard the door to the bedroom that I was sharing with Logan, open and he walked out.  I looked over, and once again, I was struck speechless by his beauty.  He was only wearing his boxers, and I got a good look at the rest of his body.  He had milky white skin on his chest from obviously not seeing the light of day much, but it was starting to develop nicely.  His arms had a fine sheen of hair on them, and was starting to develop real muscle tone.  I knew from his mother that he didn't work out at all, so this was all natural.  I knew then that Logan was probably the most beautiful creature I had ever seen.  I finally pulled my eyes from his body, and looked at his face, the look on it was so funny I couldn't help but bust out laughing.  He mumbled something that sounded like “shuut upp.... I..I hate mornin's.”  That just made me laugh even more, as he went over and poured himself a cup of coffee from the pot that I had been working on all night.  I figured I'd better hit the shower, while it was open, so I said to Logan.   “I'm gonna go hit the shower, be back in a bit.”  He just nodded and mumbled.  “Don't hurt it.”  I laughed as I went into the bathroom.  Twenty minutes later, I walked back into the living room dressed and ready to go for the day.  I saw that everyone was there, and dressed.  Janet was at the stove; making breakfast. Logan was on the computer, and Joe was going over the information on the facility near LA.  I walked over to Joe, and said.  “The one in LA seems like it would be the easiest for me to get into, and break Juan out.  Plus with him being a trained sniper, he would be a very big help for the rest of them.  Joe was nodding, and he answered back to me.  “You got it mostly right.”  I looked at him with a question and he just sighed and said.  “WE'LL both be going.  I have no doubt that you could do it yourself, but it would be easiest with the two of us.”  I grinned as I nodded, and remarked, “I wasn't sure if you would want to get into this.  I have to, because they're my brothers, but you don't.”  I cut him off before he could reply.  “What I'm saying is... thanks.”  He just nodded, and turned back to the papers.

“I figured what we could do is this.”  He started as he indicated something on the map.  “If we do this at night, I can sit back with the M107, and cover you.  You'd have no problem getting over the fence and up to the building, especially if I take out the transformer that's on this pole;” he said, indicating the map.  “That way they would be trying to see you in the dark, which gives you the advantage.  The problem's going to be this.  Once I cut the power at the transformer, the only things that will still have power will be the internal emergency lights, and the security system that operates the keypads on the doors. They're all on emergency back up power.  We need to figure out how to get in.”  I grinned and went over to where I kept the rest of the papers. 

“No problem,” I said, barely suppressing a laugh.  “Marcus gave me the master code for the facility,” I said, as I handed Joe a piece of paper.  He studied it for a moment, and said “Damn!  That'll make things a lot easier.  Okay, once you get to the door, I'll need you to cover me, as I make my way to you.  Then we'll head inside and...”

For the next two hours, we discussed all the possible scenarios, while we ate our breakfast.  About the time we finally decided that we had everything covered, Logan exclaimed, from in front of the computer.  “YES!!!!!   I finally got it.”  We all looked over at him as he ejected a disk and ran over to us.  He stopped right in front of me and looked as if he were about to jump out of his skin with excitement.  “Adam, you're gonna be going into one of the facilities, right?”  I just nodded and he thrust the disk into my hand.  “When you get inside, copy the program on this," He tapped the disk, "into the main computer in there.  I just wrote a program that should give us an untraceable back door, into their system.  With any luck, we can see what info they have on us, and what they're planning on doing next.”  He was so excited that I couldn't help myself.  I jumped up out of my seat and pulled him into a big hug.  I quickly broke it, blushing, wondering what the hell I was doing.  I've never had much physical contact with other people, and in the last day, I have had more then I can handle.  He just grinned, oblivious to my situation, and went to fix his own breakfast.  I sat back down and passed the disk over to Joe.

I sat there in a daze, for a few moments, but I was pulled back when Joe asked me.  “When do you want to do this, son?”  I looked over at him, considering the question.  Finally I said, “How quick can we get there?”  He nodded as if expecting that question, and replied.  “Let me make a few calls.  I have a friend that has a private jet.  I'll also try to see if we can have some extra equipment waiting for us when we land.”  He went off to use the phone and I sat there for a moment, then I looked over at Janet.  “I'm gonna go take a walk.”  She just nodded, as I got up and walked out the front door.

I wandered around in the woods for a few hours, till I came to a cliff that overlooked the forest below.  It was such a peaceful sight, that I just sat down with my legs hanging over the side and got lost; looking out over the scene before me.  I was brought back to reality, a few minutes later, upon hearing someone slowly walking up the trail behind me.  I waited till he got close enough to here me, and without me turning around, I said “hey Logan.”  As he sat down beside me and looked out over the valley.  “It's beautiful, isn't it?” he said.  I simply nodded in response, and we sat in silence for a little while.  Finally he looked over at me and asked in a soft voice.  “So... what was it like there?”  I sighed, and leaned back, resting my weight on my elbows.  “I don't remember much, before I was there, but I know I was homeless; living on the streets. There was a guy who took care of me and we did alright until they took me into the program. When I first got there, it wasn't all that bad.  I spent most of my day just doing stupid things.  I found out later that it was because they wanted to see how much of a change they had made in my physical make up.  They found out I was stronger and faster than I should be.  I mean, what six year old should be able to pick up an adult and carry them around?” I said, chuckling, which caused him to laugh and lean back next to me.  Normally, having someone this close to me would be disturbing.  He was leaning back with his shoulder touching mine, but for some reason, it didn't feel bad at all... in fact, it felt kinda good, and I couldn't quite explain the feelings that I was having. I had never had them before and didn't know what to make of them, but they were nice, and scary, at the same time. I just didn't know what to do, but for the moment, I decided to just sit back and enjoy them. "About the time I was eight, they started my actual training.  That wasn't too bad.  I guess it would be like going to school would be for you.  It was then that I started learning what I know about the military.  I also found out then, that I had an amazing aptitude for learning.  That put me on the genius scale... whatever that means.”  Logan laid his head back on the ground and groaned.  “I know what that's like, but mine's natural.  I spent my whole damn life being smarter then everyone else around me, except of course, Mom.  Hell, I just graduated high school at age thirteen.  I am about to go to college, to get my degree in computer programming.  I could probably pass most of the classes for that, right now.  The kids at school used to call me a freak, because I was that smart.”  I looked over at him, shocked at what he had just told me, and said.  “You're not a freak, if anyone here is, it's me.”  I said, as I hung my head.  “Hey, Adam, you're not a freak, you were just made to be different.  That's all.”  He said, "I never got to be a kid" I said softly "They trained me to kill, and if it hadn't been for your mom..." I finished lamely,

 "I kinda know what that's like, Adam, I never got to be a kid either." he replied gently, as he took my hand.  I looked over at him, and was suddenly lost in his beautiful eyes.  I felt myself drifting closer to him, as the feelings I had been having seemed to increase. I had never felt things like this before and didn't even know what they were. All I knew was that his hand in mine felt so good and more; so right to me. I am not sure what would have happened if what did, hadn't, and I was kind of afraid to find out, as, suddenly the silence was broken by Janet yelling from the cabin.  “Boys, you need to come in.  It's time to get going!”  I quickly got to my feet and started walking towards the cabin.  Logan got up and walked along next to me on the way back and it felt so good to have him there.  Both of us were obviously lost in thought, me about what had just happened and hopefully, him not thinking I was weird or something, because of it.

When we got back to the cabin, Joe and Janet were sitting at the table, and they motioned for us to join them.  We both sat down, and Joe began.  "Okay guys, here's what we've got.  My friend's gonna meet us at the Kansas City Airport, tonight at 3:00 AM.  We'll fly into LAX, and land there at about 7:30 in the morning.  From there, someone will pick us up and take us to his house.  There, he'll have some equipment ready for us, including light body armor for both of us, as well as some weapons.  Since we're taking a private jet," he looked at me, “you'll be able to take your rifle.  We'll need it, as I can't swing getting another one for this operation.  Logan and Janet will wait at the house, while he drives us out.  Once there, he'll wait for us, unless it gets too hot for him.  Once we're back at his house, we'll figure out what to do from there.  Any questions?”  he asked, looking around at us.  I shook my head, and so did Logan.  "Okay, good, go get packed, we have to leave soon if we wanna make it."

Two hours later, we were packed and heading down the road.  After quite a while, we found ourselves just outside Des Moines.  Joe was driving, Janet was sitting next to him, and Logan and I were in the back seat.  Joe had turned the radio on, a little while earlier, and I was enjoying listening to Logan sing along with the songs.  He really had a great voice.  A break came in the music, and we were talking quietly in the back when Joe suddenly sat up in the seat, reached down and turned the radio up.  “.... is wanted for both Arson and murder.  She is considered dangerous, and if you spot her, please call your local law enforcement agency.  Again, this is a special report.  Dr. Janet Hayes, seen here, is wanted in connection with an explosion that destroyed her home, and killed a law enforcement agent, that was coming to question her about the disappearance of her son.  It is feared that she may have killed her son, then fled.  Again, if you see her, please call your local law enforcement agency.”  Joe reached down and shut it off.   The rest of us just sat there in shock.  I was the first one to find my voice and said.  “I knew they would do something like this.  They couldn't just say you were wanted in connection with my escaping from an illegal lab run by the military.”  She nodded, and then looked at me.  “But... what did they mean about an explosion?”  I looked down sheepishly and said.  “That's my fault.  When we left your house, I didn't have time to make sure nothing was left that might indicate where we were going, so I did the next best thing.  I pulled the gas line out of the stove and let the gas fill the room.  I didn't think anyone would be there when the gas finally hit the furnace.  Guess I was wrong.”  I said with a shrug, knowing that the “law enforcement agent” was really a military officer, looking for her.  She nodded at my explanation, and turned back to stare out the window.  Soon I was likewise lost in thought, and all too soon, I must have fallen asleep.

I awoke sometime later to find that it had become dark outside as Joe pulled into a dark area of a truck stop away from anyone else. As he put the pickup in park, he asked Janet through a yawn, "Do you think you could take over, for a while? I'm beat." She just nodded and got out of the truck to exchange positions, as Joe exited his side, telling her, "I'm going to run inside and grab some stuff, I'll bring a coffee back for you," causing Janet to smile and say, "Thanks" I looked over to Logan, and asked, “I gotta go to the bathroom, you wanna come?”  He just nodded, so we got out and went inside.  Once we were done in the bathroom, we came out and began walking around the store, looking at everything they had available there. Soon we spotted Joe, getting some coffee and at about the same time he noticed us, saying “hey boys, think you can take this out to your mom while I grab a few other things?”  He handed the coffee to Logan, as we nodded.  “Sure, see ya out there.”  We were going out to the truck pushing each other back and forth and giggling, when suddenly; Logan dropped the coffee, and took off like a bat out of hell for the truck.  I looked over to see what was going on, just in time to see some strange guy push Janet into the truck and try to get in it himself.  I took off running as well, and saw Logan get there a few seconds ahead of me.  He tried to grab the guy, but the guy had a gun.  He hit Logan across the head with the butt of the gun and Logan fell like a sack of potatoes. 

I can't explain the sudden fury which encompassed my entire being, at seeing what this man just did to Logan.  I came up to the truck, just as the man shut the door behind him, after crawling into the cab.  But the fury was unlike anything I had ever experienced before, and it went counter to all my training. Without thinking, I pulled back my fist and smashed it through the driver's side window grabbing the man by his shirt, and bodily pulling him back through the now open window. As he came flying out, I threw him to the ground and just started striking him with all the fury that was coursing through me. All I could see, over and over again in my mind, was this piece of shit hitting Logan across his beautiful face. All reason was gone from me at that moment.

The next thing that I was aware of, was someone grabbing onto my shoulder, and without thinking I swung around, sweeping my arm out and knocking the attacker to the ground as I pounced upon the offender my hand coming back to strike a killing blow to the throat. That was when sense came back to me, as if a bucket of ice cold water had been thrown over my head, and I realized that the killing blow I was about to deliver was to Joe, causing me to sink back down onto my butt on the ground, shaking with the realization of how close I had come to killing my friend.

"Adam." I heard, softly, from Joe, as I looked up and saw him sitting up slightly, with a wary look on his face, as I broke down in tears, and said, "I'm sorry, I...I'm sorry"

He reached over and put his hand on my shoulder, then pulled me into his lap hugging me to him as he asked, "What happened?"

"I saw this man pushing Janet into the truck, and Logan ran after him and then he hit Log..."

"LOGAN!!!" I said, suddenly pushing myself out of his lap and running to the truck where Logan was just pulling himself up into the cab. I grabbed onto him and helped him up into the vehicle, asking, "Logan, are you alright? Are you okay?"

Joe came over, and got back in on the driver's side, asking, "Janet, are you alright?" as she shakily nodded and said, "Yeah, I think so, he didn't hurt me. He just scared the hell out of me."

"Good." Joe said, as he looked at me with a strange look, before saying, "We'd better get out of here, before someone sees this mess," and he started the truck, backed up, and pulled out of the truck stop.

I looked over at Logan and he was looking at me with shock in his eyes.  I looked down at the floor, and back to him. God what must he think of what I had done, I certainly couldn't even explain it to myself. “Come on; let me look at your head.”  I said quietly, as I grabbed the first aid kit, and started to patch the cut on his head.  After I was done, he took my hand and looked at it.  That was the first time I even noticed that I had cut up my hand, when I smashed it through the window.  “Your gonna need stitches for that.”  he said, as he started to clean the blood off it.  “No I won't... watch.”  He watched closely, as I pulled the chunks of glass out, and then watched as the wounds started to visibly close.  He looked on in amazement as less the five minutes later; the only indication that I was hurt was a slight reddening of the back of my hand.  He giggled and said, “Damn, that's useful.”  I laughed, “Yeah it is.”

I turned and looked out the window as we both fell deep into our thoughts.    I knew for sure that I scared him with what happened.  I wouldn't be at all surprised if I killed that guy.  But when I saw him hit Logan, I just went nuts.  I need to figure out what's going on with me soon, or I might do something to hurt everyone.  I was still in a bit of a daze later on when we got to the airport and loaded into the plane.  I didn't say much the entire ride there, and everyone gave me my space.

"You want to tell me what happened back there?" Joe asked, as he walked up to where I was sitting in the back of the plane.

"I don't know." I answered quietly.

"Adam, you were out of control back there, you didn't even hear me approach, and it could have been a knife in my hand instead of nothing." he said to me, with worry clearly present in his voice.

 "I know that." I said, anger lacing mine. I didn't understand why it had happened. With all my training, it never should have. I should have been in complete control, deciding what did or didn't happen and I wasn't and I didn't know why.

"Look Adam, I'm not trying to give you a hard time, but something happened back there." he said.

"I know that Joe, I can't explain it, but I know that." I said, in a resigned tone.

He didn't say anything, but I knew by the way he sat there looking at me, that he expected some sort of explanation but I didn't have one for him though.

"Joe, I'm not trying to be evasive about it, but I really don't understand what happened." I said, looking at him forlornly.

"Why don't you just tell me about it, and maybe we can sort through it together." he said to me.

"I...I just snapped. When I saw that thing strike Logan with his gun, and Logan began to fall to the ground, all I felt was rage, blind rage, and it filled me in an instant. All I wanted to do was make him pay, pay for what he had done to my...to Logan." I said, scared by what I had almost said, as I looked up at Joe.

I could see his expression soften as he said "You like Logan, a lot, don't you Adam?" and I thought the question contained more than it seemed to, but I simply answered "Yes."

He surprised me when he pulled me into his arms, and at first, I was stiff in his embrace, but I soon found myself melting into them as I realized that it felt so good to be held like this.

"Sometimes, Adam, when we care for someone, we can let our emotions cloud our judgment. It's a normal response, and nothing to be ashamed of, but you are going to have to learn to control that response, or you might hurt someone you don't mean to." he said, and I knew he was talking about how close I had come to actually killing him.

"I'm sorry, I almost...I..." but I couldn't continue, as I felt something unusual falling down my face.

"You didn't though, and now you can learn from what happened and next time be prepared for it." he said.

"What happens if I'm not?" I asked, fearfully, but he didn't answer me, he didn't have to. Next time, the results might be worse, much worse.  I can NOT allow myself to not have control.  Maybe I need to put some distance between Logan me.  I'll have to think of this more, after we get Juan.

We landed at LAX, and met Joe's friend.  He helped us load our gear into his van, and we were off.  When we got to his house, he showed us the gear he got for us.  Joe and I spent the next few hours going through everything.  By the time we had everything ready, it was time to go off to the lab and rescue my brother.   The three of us piled into his van and soon we were off.  I started going over my gear in my head, as we drove to the lab.  I had decent body armor, a H&K (Heckler and Koch)*** MP5SD sound suppressed sub-machine gun.  It fires 9 mm rounds with a nineteen bullet clip.  I also had ten extra clips for it that I used a roll of duck tape, and duck taped the clips together top to bottom.  It's something called “Banana clipping.”  What that does is make it easier to change clips, cause a full one is right there when you need to change them out.  I also had two H&K*** Mark 23 Silenced pistols.  It was good to see this guy had some taste.  The Mark 23 is one of the best pistols you can get.  Not only is it one of the few .45 cal pistols in use by the military, it also has a twelve round clip, and can even have a round in the chamber and still be safe.  This pistol can even fire after coming up out of the water.  All in all, it's my favorite pistol to carry on an operation.  After checking my guns, I made sure my throwing knives and sword were in place and secure.  Once that was done, I tested our communications.  We both had Special Forces issue throat mics that are used by pressing a button on the mic, that's attached around your neck.  Coupled with a small ear bud that goes right into your ear, it's meant to be used so you can whisper into it, and the other people can hear you fine.  When that was all set, I sat back to go over our plan once more. 

We arrived a little ways away from the lab, and Joe and I got out.  After making sure Joe's friend was still going to be here when we got done, Joe and I moved off into the woods.  By now, it was fully dark and I noticed Joe having a bit of a hard time keeping up with me, so I slowed down a bit.  “Just a bit further” I whispered over my shoulder to Joe, and a short time later we were staring at a ten foot high fence that had razor wire on top.  We took a few minutes to figure out what the guards' schedules were.  Over my ear piece, I heard Joe ask me.  “You think the fence will be a problem?”  I looked up at the fence, the over to him pressing the button on my mic.  “Not a problem, I can clear that easy.”  The look he gave me was one of surprise, and I just grinned at him.  “Okay,” he said,” let me get into position and get ready to take out their power.  I'll let you know when I'm ready.”  With that, he moved off, and I went to triple check my gear.  You can never check your gear too much, especially since my life depends on it.  A few minutes later, I heard, over my radio; “Eagle Eye in position, Ready when you are.”  I grinned at his name for himself, and radioed back.  “Eagle eye, Kangaroo is Go for operation liberation.”  I thought for sure I heard a chuckle come from a little ways away, and then two short silenced gun shots.  Suddenly, all the lights on the outside of the facility went out.  I took a few steps back, and got ready to run.  I took a deep breath, and then launched myself at the fence.  About ten feet from it, I sprung into the air, and sailed over the fence with about two foot clearance.  I hit the ground, rolled, and came up with my MP5 at the ready. 

I heard dogs barking in the distance, but a quick scan of the area showed nothing.  I was about half way to the building, when I heard a dog bark close to me.  Then the dog yelped and went quiet as Joe took a shot at it from the trees.  “SNIPER in the trees,” I heard one guy shout, as he hit the ground and started firing blindly into the woods.  This was probably the worst thing they could do cause they didn't have suppressed weapons.  Soon the muzzle flashes from their guns not only told Joe exactly where they were, but it also blinded them to me, as I slipped past them.  I heard five more shots from Joe's rifle, and three more dogs, and two handlers went down.  I finally made it to the door, turned around, and with my back to the wall, I waited for the reinforcements I knew would be coming.

I was not to be disappointed, as about thirty seconds after I pressed up to the wall, the door opened, and five more guys came running out, carrying M16 rifles.  I waited till they were all past me, then I emptied my clip into them.  They all fell and not a single one of them made a sound.  Suddenly, it was very quiet, and I heard, over the radio.  “Kangaroo, Eagle Eye reports all clear.  What's your status, over?”  “Eagle Eye, Kangaroo reports same.  Ready for the Calvary. Over.”  All I heard over the radio was a click of the transmit button telling me he heard and understood.  I waited for two more minutes before I saw him running in, half stooped across the open field.  He hit the wall next to me, and nodded.  I moved to the other side of the door, and started to punch in the code to open it.

The door opened, and we moved in, carefully.  Two things hit me at the same time; first was the fact the entire hallway was bathed in a red light.  Second was that there was some sort of music coming from everywhere, it seemed.  It sounded like a haunting cello, with the piano, the music drew soo much emotion out of me, I had to stop for a second.  Joe looked over at me with a question.   “The music, it's...” that's all I got out, when suddenly there was gunfire from down the hall.  Joe returned fire, and it was enough to bring me out of my haze, the music was still there, but I pushed it aside for now.

          Playground school bell rings - again
Rain clouds come to play again
Has no one told you she's not breathing?
Hello, I'm your mind giving you someone to talk to

Joe and I ran down the hall, weaving our way in and out of doors, as we fought to get to where they were keeping Juan.  All throughout, I was hearing this hauntingly beautiful female voice, singing.  It was so powerful, that I found I really had difficulty concentrating on what was going on.

If I smile and don't - believe
Soon I know I'll wake from this dream
Don't try to fix me I'm not broken
Hello, I'm the lie living for you so you can hide
Don't cry

Finally, after about two minutes of fighting our way through the lab, we got to the area where Juan was being held.  So far we hadn't run across any of the researchers, so I was guessing they were holed up somewhere.  I was rather glad for that fact, as it meant we didn't have to kill them if they got into our way.  I really didn't want to kill anyone that we didn't have to. 

Suddenly I know I'm not sleeping
Hello, I'm still here
All that's left of yesterday**

The song's final piano notes faded as we found Juan's room.  I looked over at Joe.  “Go get your brother, I keep a watch out.”  I nodded, and took a deep breath.  I stepped back, and with all the force I could muster, a kicked at the door.  It almost exploded inwards, and I followed it through, sweeping the room to see if there was anyone in here besides Juan.  What I saw, almost sent me into a blind rage.  There was a small kid, I knew was Juan, huddled up on his bed in the corner.  He had his knees drawn up to his chest, and was silently crying.

“Juan?” I quietly called to him.  He looked up at me with tears running down his face.  “A... Adam?”  He asked, in a small voice.  “Is that you?”  I just nodded, and motioned for him to come to me.  This was not what I had expected of the boy that was supposed to be our heavy gunner/sniper.  He slowly unfolded himself from the corner, and almost tentatively started towards me.  “I don't believe it, he said you would come, but I didn't believe him.”  I was about to ask who he was talking about, when I heard gunfire out in the hall, then Joe yelled.  “Come on Adam, we gotta get outta here.”  I turned back to Juan, and took his hand.  “Come on, we gotta go.”

As I was turning to go out of the room, something caught my eye.  When I walked into the room, Juan looked like a normal young kid with Hispanic heritage.  Dark hair and eyes.  What I saw now, startled me, I turned back to him, and saw that his eyes had changed to Yellow, and he was grinning like a madman.  Before I could react, he pushed me aside.  As I fell, I felt him unsheathe my sword, and I turned just in time to see him run out past Joe with it in his hand.  It was about this time that I noticed the music start back up again.  Only this time it wasn't a hauntingly beautiful song.  This time, it was a very loud guitar that almost left me deaf.  I pushed it out of my head, as I quickly got back to my feet, and ran after him.  When I passed Joe, I called out “Come on, Joe, we gotta catch him.”  Joe just fell into step behind me. 


I was worried that we would have to search this entire place for him, but when I got to the next intersection, I saw that there was a guard down the hall trying to hold his guts in.  As I passed him, I saw him fall.  Juan had nearly cut him in half at the waist.  I heard a scream come from further down the hall and I took off running.  After that, it wasn't hard to follow him; all we had to do was follow the blood trail. 


The music got so bad in my head, that one time I actually doubled over clutching my head.  “Adam?  What's wrong?””  Joe asked, with obvious concern.  What ever response I was going to give was drown out by a woman's scream from down the hall.  I just shook my head, gathered myself, and ran towards the scream.


We got to the place where we heard the scream and a woman was slumped against the wall.  When I got close to her, I could see that about a third of her head had been cut off, and brain was exposed.  I fought down the bile, and saw that there was only one place Juan could have gone, and the screams we heard from behind that door confirmed where he was.  Slowly, I walked up to the door, and opened it.  What I saw, when I opened the door sickened me to the Point that I almost threw up right then and there.

Juan had a guy, who I recognized from Marcus's files, as Dr. Drake, the head researcher here.  Drake was strapped to a table and Juan was standing over him.  Juan had a razor sharp knife out, and was slowly peeling the skin away from Drake's testicles.  Once I got myself under control, I ran over to Juan, and physically tossed him aside, and turned to face him.  When he got back up, he looked right at me.  What I saw shocked me to my very core.  Juan was standing there covered in blood, but had a serene look on his face.  He looked at me with those amazing yellow eagle eyes, questioningly and asked "What? Did I do something wrong?"

To be continued...

*Godsmack “I stand Alone” from the Faceless Album 2003
**Evenecence “Hello” from the Fallen Album 2003
*** http://www.hecklerkoch-usa.com/

Editor's note:
Well, Juan is certainly an interesting person. I am sure we will find out more about him in the next chapter. Adam is learning some things about himself. He seems to be pretty protective of Logan. I think we have ourselves the beginning of a really good team, here. I can hardly wait to see what happens next.

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