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Three Tears


By David Heulfryn






Martin looked at Phil's naked body as he lay on Martin's bed; he smiled and breathed in deeply as he appreciated his boyfriend's nude form. Hooking his thumbs in his underwear, Martin slipped is briefs down and stepped out of them. The two naked bodies touched as Martin climbed onto the bed. Both young men lay on their backs and twisted the heads to kiss each other. As they their lips broke apart Martin let his head rest on Phil's shoulder and he closed his eyes as Phil let his chin rest on Martin hair. It felt silky and smooth and as Phil had recently shaved, his stubble didn't scratch Martin's scalp.

     "Good. Now Martin, put your arm around Phil's shoulders and Phil, put you left hand on your belly, just above your pubes. But keep your heads as they are." James spoke his instructions softy from behind his easel.

     Martin had kept good his promise to allow James to paint him in the nude, only he asked that Phil could also be in the painting. They were coming up to their first anniversary and this was to be a special present from James for them both.

     They lay motionless and quiet while James busied himself sketching, their loose forms emerging on the cream paper only to be adjusted and discarded for another sketch. Once he was happy with the forms he would trace it onto canvas ready to be primed and painted.

     "I wish you could stay over tonight." Martin whispered.

     "I wish you could stay over at mine."

     Despite their relationship remaining strong for the past year, even surviving Phil being away at university, Martin was still not allowed to have his boyfriend stay overnight. They did allow him to bunk in with Tony, who was very unhappy with the idea and so never took up the compromise. Conversely, they never allowed Martin to stay at Phil's. Both knew it was a bit old fashioned and never understood the reasoning behind it as both parent's knew their sons were lovers and were physical lovers.

     "I'm still coming over tomorrow morning though, aren't I?" Martin asked.

     "You bet. I want to see you nine o'clock on the dot as I can't wait to make love to you again."

     They broke the pose for a moment to kiss only to hear James tutting very loudly.

     The kiss and the promise of what was to happen tomorrow began to effect Phil. His cock began to thicken and lengthen.

     "Shit! You're making me hard!" He whispered as he felt his cock now lift from his thigh and sway in the air.

     "Bloody hell you two." James said as he lifted his eyes from his paper. "Can't you keep that under control? This painting is supposed to be classical not pornographic."

     "Sorry James. But your brother is just too damn sexy." Phil said.

     "I'll take your word for it because to me he's just a plain nerd. I'm the sexy one."

     Phil broke the pose and covered Martin's ears. "Don't listen to your mean brother, he's only jealous because I fancy you and not him, besides you're way cuter any day and he," Phil nodded over at James, "looks like a chav."

     "Who the fuck are you calling a chav?" James sounded annoyed.

     "You even swear like a chav."

     "He's right you know." Martin butted in and they let out a brief chuckle.

     Thankfully, the brief exchange had given time for Phil's cock to deflate and was now resting again on his thigh.

     A scream was heard from downstairs. Tony was yelling to them that Tom was here but Tom didn't wait for James to come down, he bounded up the stairs and barged into his bedroom.

     "Fucking hell!" Tom gasped as he saw Martin and Phil lying naked together. Neither of them moved or attempted to cover themselves up. Being with Phil, Martin had come to terms with his body and was no longer embarrassed or shy to reveal himself.

     "Hi, Tom." They said in unison.

     "Stop staring and come here." James told him.

     Without taking his eyes off the two naked bodies, Tom sidled over to James. Once they were together James grabbed hold of Tom's face and tore it away from the naked bodies and firmly pressed their lips together. James slacked his jaw and pushed his tongue out to tickle Tom.

     Tom let out a slight giggle and James pushed his tongue further into his mouth until he found his tongue. Their moist muscles played with each and their mouths now hung open. They wrapped their arms around each other feeling, squeezing and massaging anything they found. Tom's hands went straight for James' backside. His hands pulled the cheeks apart and, through his light cotton shorts, James could feel air on his hole. James liked the feeling and groaned into Tom's mouth and James' hands followed suit to fondle Tom's cheeks through his thick denims.

     James had very little to play with as the jeans were heavy and cushioned his touch, the waist was tight so James gave up any attempt to get his fingers down passed his belt. Tom's task was easier, the thin cotton sport shorts James wore offered no resistance and Tom breached the loose elastic with ease.

     With their lips still locked, Tom smiled as he felt skin and realised that James was not wearing underwear. This time when he pulled James' cheeks apart he managed to pull the shorts down a little to show the top of James' crack. As he kneaded James' buttocks, his fingers glided closer to his hole and felt the short curly hairs become thicker and denser the closer he got.

     "For fucks sake get a room you two." Phil caused them to peel their bodies apart.

     They grinned inanely at Phil as martin noticed James' shorts were tenting.

     "Fuck off, this is my room." James smiled at Phil.

     Slapping Martin on the belly, Phil said that they had better get dressed as he doubted any more sketching was going to happen.

     Tom and James sat on his bed; Tom snuggled into James and rested his head on James' shoulder.

     "Do you think much about what happened?" He quietly asked.

     "Occasionally. I do have the odd dream about it too."

     "Do you wish you never went?"

     "Never!" James was emphatic. "If I hadn't have gone I would never have met you. And I would never wish that."

     "Arh." Martin and Phil said in unison, now fully dressed and listening to them. 

     James blushed. "We've been together a year. You're my first boyfriend and I can't imagine ever letting you go."

     "Come on," Martin beckoned to Phil, "let's leave them alone. They're going to get all mushy."

      Just as they were about the leave the room, James called them back. "Martin, I love you. Just so you know."

     "I love you too, James." Martin blinked back a tear and closed the bedroom door behind him as they left.

     Martin hugged Phil tightly on the landing and whispered into his hear. "I love you too, you know."

     The other side of the door, James whispered to Tom. "I love you too."

     In the hallway downstairs, Tony had come out of the living room and heard his brothers upstairs; he smiled and hoped he would find love like them.

     Each brother now let a single tear of joy roll down their faces. Phil and Tom caught the tears from Martin and James but there was no-one to catch the tear from Tony. Not yet anyway.


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