Timmy and the Travellers – Chapter 19

OK, it's still Tuesday morning, so the school, holiday has barely started. Later on we'll find out if Sim can play football (that's soccer, to you transatlantic types!) or not, but before that we'll get back to Christy and Timmy, picking up where we left them back in Chapter 17...


Timmy and Christy arrived in Shortham in late morning. Christy expected them to go straight to the camp, but Timmy said he wanted to go to the garage first, so they walked down the lane to the garage, which they found unoccupied: Carlington and Truscott had left about half an hour earlier.

Timmy put his overnight bag down by the door and pushed the carrier bag he had also brought with him onto the shelf. Christy wanted to know what was in it, so Timmy explained that Stephen had asked for a favour, and went on to tell Christy exactly what it was.

"I'll look forward to hearing how that works out," said Christy, grinning. "So... now can we go to the camp?"

"Well, we could. Or we could stay here for a bit, and eat our packed lunch, and maybe find one or two other things to do..."

"God, and you call me a sex maniac?"

"Who's talking about sex?" asked Timmy, virtuously. "I thought maybe you'd want to play tiddlywinks, or go bird-spotting, or something..."

"Of course. Silly me. Or maybe we could play one of Danny's games - 'Strip the Stroppy Townie and Tickle Him to Death', or something..."

Timmy made a rude noise at him, so Christy grabbed him, pulled him over to the mattress, stripped him bare and tickled him into submission.

"Now, are you going to behave," asked Christy, "or am I going to have to spank you again? There don't seem to be any cows round here telling me not to..."

"Yes, but you wouldn't take any notice of them even if there were," Timmy pointed out. "You didn't take any notice of Angus this morning, did you?"

"No, and I'm not going to now, either," said Christy, swatting Timmy's bum. "So, are you going to behave, or what?"

"What, probably," said Timmy, wriggling over onto his back and pulling Christy down on top of him. Then he hugged him and kissed him on the nose.

"Is this behaving?" he asked.

"Not unless you can aim your kisses better than that."

So Timmy corrected his aim, and for the next ten minutes or so they lay like that, holding each other and practising their kissing. Eventually Christy stood up and pulled Timmy to his feet.

"Get dressed, and then we'll eat our lunch and you can come and meet my mum," he said. "Don't tell her we've already eaten, though - that way we'll get a second lunch."

So Timmy put his clothes back on and they ate their sandwiches, and then Christy led him back up the lane to the camp site. The same two dogs came to meet them, but Timmy liked dogs and wasn't worried about them at all, stroking the first one to start sniffing round his ankles, and they seemed to accept that he was friendly fairly quickly, giving him a couple more sniffs and then running back towards the caravans.

Christy led Timmy on to his caravan. The site was quiet this morning: there were a few smaller kids running about and one or two women sitting outside their caravans, but all the men and the older boys were off at work, trying to get their various projects finished before the long Easter weekend started.

Christy's caravan was not all that different from Tom's, though because he was now virtually an only child (he had a much older sister, but she had married and gone to live with her husband on another site the previous summer) he had a little more room to expand than Tom had. Christy introduced Timmy to his mum, who greeted him rather more warmly than Timmy had expected, and then asked Christy if they wanted something to eat.

"Yes, please, Mum," replied Christy without hesitation.

So they ate another lunch and then, as neither of them could think of anything else to do, they went and caught the bus into Poundford Spa and spent the afternoon window-shopping and checking out what was on at the cinema, though they didn't have enough money with them to be able to actually go in.

They went back to the site in time for supper and then spent the early part of the evening kicking a ball about with some of the other traveller kids, and once it got too dark to see what they were doing they went back to the caravan, where they listened to the radio and played cards, much as Stephen was doing at Tom's caravan.

In fact the bed wasn't quite as narrow as Christy had led Timmy to believe: as he was the only child still at home he was able to set up the two bench seats to form a double bed: normally he only used the one bench. The resulting double was actually wider than Timmy's own bed, so getting to sleep was no trouble for either of them. OK, the bed was a little harder than Timmy's, but he was quite tired and fell asleep without too much trouble, once he and Christy had stopped molesting each other, of course...

He went home after breakfast the following morning - Christy really had to go and help his dad at work, so he couldn't stay longer than that. But everything seemed to have gone well with the visit, and Timmy was confident that his parents would have no objection to him spending an odd night with Christy in the future...

On that same Tuesday morning Simeon got a phone call from Usman.

"I know we were not supposed to be seeing each other until the end of next week, but... are you doing anything this afternoon?"

"I don't think tho - why?"

"Well, would you like to come over again? Kam phoned and asked if I could go over to his place, and then he asked if you could come, too. So I said I'd ask. Only, we worked out that otherwise it'll be Sunday week before we're both free again - your festival lasts until Thursday, I'll have mosque on Friday and I suppose you'll be at your synagogue on Saturday..."

"I'd definitely like to come - hang on, I'll athk if I can."

He went and asked his mother, adding that this would be the last opportunity for him to go and see his friend for over a week. Mrs Lewis, who was aware that her son's speech impediment made things difficult for him socially, was happy that he'd found someone to play with, and so she agreed without hesitation.

Simeon ran back to the phone and gave Usman the good news, and Usman told him to come round to his house as soon after two o'clock as he could.

So Simeon rang Usman's doorbell at about one second past two, having stood at the end of the garden path waiting for the previous seven or eight minutes.

Usman answered the door and grinned at him.

"Well, I can't punish you for being late," he said. "Wait there and I'll get my bike." He went back inside and shut the door, appearing round the side of the house a couple of minutes later pushing his bike.

"How far ith it?" Simeon asked him.

"Not far. We could walk it in ten minutes, but it's faster on the bike. Follow me."

He led Simeon round several back streets, keeping away from the main road, until Simeon wasn't sure he'd be able to find the way back. But a minute later Usman stopped in front of a semi-detached that looked much the same as his own, propped his bike up against the hedge, went down the path and rang the bell.

Kamran answered the door and a big smile appeared on his face when he saw Simeon.

"Great!" he exclaimed. "I hoped you'd be able to come... OK, bring your bikes round the back and I'll go and get the ball."

"What ball?" asked Simeon, but Kamran had already gone. He reappeared a couple of minutes later with a football in his hand, closed the back door behind him and led them back round to the front of the house and a short distance up the road. Now Simeon could see that this road came out on the main road - well, a main road, anyway: he wasn't sure which one - about a hundred yards away, but before they got there Kamran turned down a rather overgrown alley that led off to the left. This led to what seemed to be a large car park, though this bit of it was in poor shape, with weeds appearing through the tarmac here and there. To their left the car park ended twenty yards away in a high fence with thick evergreens growing behind it; ahead of them was another high fence; and to the right the car park continued for about thirty yards and then made a ninety degree turn and ran off to the left.

"That's a pub," Kamran told him, pointing at the large building just visible above the fence, in front of them and off to the right. "The main car park is that bit over there; this is a sort of overflow bit, but it never seems to be used, except that occasionally someone dumps an old car here. So we use it to play football in. Can you keep goal?"

"Well... I'm not very good," said Simeon, doubtfully.

"Then you'll need to improve, because otherwise you might get spanked again. See, what we do is we practice our headers and volleys here. You go in goal, and Uzzy and I try to score, but it only counts if we head it or volley it. Every time we score like that we count one point, but if you catch the ball from one of our shots or headers without it hitting the ground first our score goes back to zero and we have to start again. Let's have a practice, then I can see how good you are."

Simeon saw that there were two broken fence palings set against the left hand end of the car park about ten feet apart - obviously they had played this game here before - so he went and stood between them. Kamran chipped the ball into the air and Uzzy tried to volley it, but it sliced off to one side. He chased it and flicked it up, and Kamran caught it nicely and smacked a perfect volley inside the left hand post.

"Wow, you're good," said Simeon. "Do you practithe a lot?"

"He's out here almost every day," Usman told him. "Sometimes I come, quite often Awais comes - that's Kam's kid brother, he's eight, but really good at this - and there are three or four others who turn up sometimes."

"Tony said he might come round in a bit," Kamran put in.

"Tony lives a couple of doors up the road from Kam;" Usman explained.

"OK, let's play," said Kamran. "Hey, Uzzy - does Sim still need punishing?"

"He always needs punishing," answered Usman, grinning.

"Brilliant! But... I think we should give him a chance to get out of it, Uzzy - after all, he's turned up when you told him to again. So - let's say that if we don't score ten points before he catches the ball he gets let off. On the other hand, if we do get to ten, he gets one extra punishment for every point we score after that - so if we score sixteen goals before he catches one, he gets six punishments. Does that sound fair, Sim?"

"I thpothe tho." Simeon got the impression that Kamran would be good at his, but he didn't think Usman was all that good at football, so he thought he'd get a catch from him sooner or later.

"Great! Oh, we keep playing the same game even if Tony comes, but we won't tell him about the punishments, okay?"

That suited Simeon, so he nodded.

"Brilliant! OK, get back in goal, then."

It didn't take Simeon long to discover that this wasn't quite as easy as he had thought - Kam and Uzzy didn't get all their attempts on target, but on the other hand not too many of them went into the air at catchable height, either. They had scored eight before he managed to catch one, but at least that meant no punishments this time.

They started again, and had scored three before they were interrupted by the arrival of Tony, who was a white boy of about eleven or twelve with very long blond hair and a metal brace on his teeth.

"Wotcha, Kam," he said. "Got a new goalie?"

"Yeah, he's Uzzy's mate from school. His name's Sim."

"Is he any good?"

"Not really."

"Good. Let's show him up, then. What's the score?"

"Three. We're giving him the first ten."

"OK - let's see if we can beat our record, then. Pity Awais isn't here or we'd slaughter him - sorry, Uzzy, but you're not quite in Awais's league. Sill, let's see what we can do..." He pulled a headband from his pocket and slipped it over his hair, and then flicked the ball up and juggled it for thirty seconds or so.

Simeon soon realised that Tony was almost as good as Kamran: they notched up fourteen before he managed another catch, and eighteen before his next success. He was quite relieved when Tony suggested they play a match instead, Tony and Sim against Kam and Uzzy.

"We'll murder you," Kam told him. "Pakis rule!"

"You wish," said Tony. "Come on, Sim, let's show them up."

It was quite an even game: Kam and Tony were good; Sim and Uzzy weren't, and eventually Tony and Sim won 10-8. Tony suggested another game, but Kam looked at his watch and said they ought to go, so they said goodbye to Tony and headed back for Kam's house.

"Mum's taken Safa - that's my little sister, Sim - shopping, and Awais has gone round to his friend's house, so for the next hour and a bit we've got the house to ourselves," Kam pointed out. "So... four plus eight - gosh, Sim, twelve punishments! Boy, you're going to be sore.."

He led them back to his house, let them in and took them up to a bedroom at the back of the house. There was a bed on either side of the room, and Sim assumed, correctly, that the room was shared between Kam and his brother.

"OK, Uzzy," said Kam, closing the door, "so what are we going to do to him, then?"

"What do you think we should do? You can choose today, as it's your house."


"Anything - whatever you want," agreed Sim.

"Right," said Kam, shifting in his chair and hunching forward again - and again Sim could tell what was happening to him. "In that case I think we should strip him first - after all, slaves shouldn't be allowed clothes, should they? Grab him, Uzzy!"

Of course, they could simply have ordered him to undress, but Kam obviously thought it would be more fun to do it by force, so Sim went along with it and resisted as best he could. They pulled him onto the bed and held him down, slowly stripping him, until finally Kam pulled his pants off and threw them across the room - and this time Sim was sufficiently relaxed about Kam's participation that he already had an erection when his pants came off.

"Now we'd better check that he hasn't got any nasty diseases, or anything," said Kam, reaching into the little locker that stood beside the bed and retrieving a magnifying glass. He peered through this at Sim's genitals, establishing that the naked boy was indeed apparently free from nasty diseases, and also that there was absolutely no sign of hair yet, and then handed the glass to Uzzy and started poking and prodding at the stiff penis. For the next five minutes they played with it, squeezing and flicking and pulling, until it was as hard as it could possibly get.

"Okay, Uzzy - what do you normally do next?" asked Kam.

Uzzy glanced at Sim, who immediately gave him a quick nod, so he replied, "Well... sometimes I put my thingy in his mouth and make him suck on it."

"Do you?" asked Kam. "Anything else?"

"Yes - sometimes I put it in his bum instead. That feels really brilliant."

"Bloody hell!" exclaimed Kam. "I mean, I thought it was just about possible that you might make him suck it, but I really didn't think you'd have actually fucked him... doesn't that hurt, Sim?"

"Not really. He putth thome cream or thomething on it firtht, and then it thlipth in fairly eathily."

"Wow! But... I don't think I'd better do that to you."

"Why not?" asked Uzzy.

"Well, because... I think mine is probably bigger than yours, Uzzy - I am two years older than you. And I don't want to risk hurting him. But... I'd like to find out what it's like to have it sucked, if you don't mind?"

"I don't mind at all - you're in charge here, Kam."

"Okay - then why don't you go first, and then I can see how he does it?"

"Great!" agreed Uzzy, getting off the bed and starting to get undressed. Sim stood up and waited beside the bed, and Uzzy chucked his vest and pants on the floor and came and sat in front of him on the edge of the bed, flourishing an already stiff penis at him. Sim knelt in front of him and leaned forward.

"Hang on a sec," said Kam. "If he's going to do it to me, he ought to know... Uzzy, have you got any spunk yet?"

"What's spunk?"

"Well, when you get the good feeling, does anything come out of your cock?"

"I don't think so," said Uzzy, looking puzzled. "I mean, I don't know for sure, because every time it's happened it's been in his mouth, or in his bum. I don't think I've peed, or anything, though - I'm sure if I had he'd have said something, wouldn't you, Sim?"

Sim nodded. "I haven't tathted anything," he said.

"You would if I did it," said Kam. "I'm a bit surprised you don't notice anything with Uzzy, though - I mean, look..."

He picked up the magnifying glass and held it in front of Uzzy's genitals, and through it the fine smudge of dark peach-down around the base of the penis was even more obvious. The small black hairs on the front of the scrotum were easily visible without the magnifying glass.

"Okay, he'th got hair on hith ballth," said Sim. "Tho what?"

"It means he's growing up," Kam explained. "We often seem to mature faster than white boys, for some reason. And if you've got hairs, you usually have spunk, too - that's the stuff that goes to make babies, and it starts getting made in your balls when you get to about our age. Look, Sim, it wouldn't be fair for me to make you suck me without knowing what's going to happen, so can we do this a bit differently? Uzzy, lie on your back, and then Sim can suck you like he usually does, but when you're really close to getting the feeling, tell us. And as soon as he does that, Sim, you have to take it out of your mouth and... well, I'll show you when the time comes."

So Uzzy lay on his back and Sim wriggled forward between his legs and started to suck on it, while Kam perched on the bed next to them and watched with interest. This was the first time Sim had done this with an audience, but after a bit he forgot that Kam was there and just got on with trying his hardest to make his friend feel good. Uzzy wriggled about, thoroughly enjoying himself: he too felt a bit strange being watched, but he really liked Kam and he soon decided that he didn't mind at all.

"I think I'm getting close," he reported, after a bit.

"OK, Sim, take it out of your mouth, and then you... hang on, I'll show you."

Sim moved back and watched as Kam took hold of Uzzy's erection and started to rub it steadily up and down.

"Now you do it," Kam instructed, so Sim took over and tried to do the same thing.

"Squeeze a bit... yes, that's nice, keep doing it like that..."said Uzzy. "Okay, keep going... keep going... yes...yes... aaaah!!"

He gave a gasp and bucked, and a couple of small drops of something colourless appeared on his groin. Sim looked at the tip of Uzzy's penis and saw that it was wet, though of course that could simply have been saliva.

"Thought so," said Kam. "Okay, there's not enough to taste, so you wouldn't have noticed, Sim, but it's there, and there'll probably be a little bit more every time you do it. I expect you'll be able to taste it before much longer."

"It'th not poithonouth, ith it?" asked Sim, worried about what he might have already swallowed on previous occasions.

"No, it's perfectly okay," Kam assured him. "I'll show you when it's my turn. Well, Uzzy, did he do it properly, or should we spank him?"

"No, it was brilliant, same as always. Course, we'll have to spank him anyway, because he's got twelve punishments to come and we won't have time to make him do that six times each..."

"I suppose not. Pity... Anyway, it's my turn now... we'll do it the same way, Sim: stop when I tell you to and use your hand instead... look, are you really sure it's OK to make you do this?"

Sim nodded. "I promithed, didn't I?" he replied. "That meanth I have to do it."

"OK - it's just... well, wait a sec..."

Kam threw his clothes off and turned round to face them, and they both gasped: Kam's thingy was very big, very dark, and very, very hairy - there was an impenetrable forest of thick black hair around the base.

"See what I mean?" he said. "I'm a bit more grown up than Uzzy. Do you still want to try?"

"Of courthe. I gave you my word, didn't I?"

"Brilliant!" Kam took Uzzy's place on the bed and Sim reassumed the position between his legs , staring at the big hairy balls and wondering if he'd actually be able to get the large knob in his mouth. Only one way to find out, he thought, and he opened wide and slipped it in.

It was far bigger than Uzzy's, and when he tried to slide his lips all the way down to the base he discovered what a gag reflex is and had to back off. He slid it in once more a little more carefully, decided he could cope like that, squeezed his lips tightly and set to work.

This was an entirely new sensation to Kam, and he quickly decided that he liked it, and when Sim started using his hands as well, stroking the thick hair and gently squeezing his balls, he changed his mind and concluded that he didn't just like it - he absolutely loved it. Sim took it a little slower than he had done with Uzzy - he was trying to make sure it didn't hit the back of his throat again - and so it lasted a little longer than it might have done, but even so it wasn't long before Kam felt himself getting close.

"OK, Sim, you'd better start using your hand," he said, so Sim slipped it out of his mouth, wrapped his hand around the big shaft, squeezed and started to rub it the way Kam had shown him.

"Point it more towards my head, or you'll get it in your eye," said Kam, feeling the moment rushing towards him, so Sim changed the angle a little and kept going - and five seconds later Kam gave a gasp and a thick jet of spunk erupted from his penis and landed on his chest. Four or five more followed, ending up in a string that dripped down onto his stomach.

Sim stared at the white puddles on Kam's chest and stomach.

"You're right," he said, "I'd thertainly have notithed if that had come out in my mouth. Are you thure it won't do me any harm?"

"Try some," invited Kam, scooping up a little on his forefinger. "It's quite safe - look," and he slipped his finger into his mouth

So Sim scooped up some and tried it for himself. It was an interesting taste, he thought: he wasn't quite sure what it tasted like, but it didn't seem bad.

"You want a taste, Uzzy?" asked Kam.

"Okay, then." Uzzy cautiously collected a small sample and transferred it to his mouth.

"Looks like the rest is yours, then, Sim," said Kam. "Lick it all up, slave boy."

So Sim did that, licking away at Kam's body until it had all gone.

"Next time," said Kam, getting up and wiping himself down with a couple of tissues, "you can drink it straight out of my cock - now you know about it you won't have to take it out of your mouth, will you? So... that leaves us with ten punishments for you... actually, I think we should count that as more than one punishment, to be honest - it's quite a bad thing to make you do. Let's say that sucking counts as three punishments, and if Uzzy fucks you it counts as five, OK? So that just leaves you with four... I think a good spanking from both of us would count for two more, so bend over the bed - we'll just get dressed first, and then we'll see how sore we can make your little white bum."

So they got dressed and then sat on either side of him, pinning him down, and began to spank him firmly, one on each buttock. They didn't bother counting, just keeping going steadily until Sim was uttering little yelps and his buttocks were starting to redden a little, at which point they stopped.

"Get dressed," Kam told him. "We'll carry the last two forward to next time - I should think you've had enough for one day. I'll get my chess set out and you can see if you can beat me."

"Then I'm going for a pee," said Uzzy. "I reckon Sim will win so quickly it'll be my turn to play by the time I get back. Face it, Kam, you're rubbish at chess." And he headed off to the bathroom.

"Kam," said Sim, hesitantly, while Kam was setting up the board, "what you were thaying about Uthy... you know, doing it to me... well, I wouldn't mind if you want to put yourth in me, too."

"Are you sure? I wouldn't want to hurt you, Sim, and I think it would."

"We could try - you could put loadth of Vatheline on it, and then it would probably go in. And if it hurt I could tell you, and you could thtop. I mean, it wouldn't be fair otherwithe - if I have to do what both of you tell me, you ought both be able to do the thame thingth to me."

"Well... okay, if you're sure. I'd really like to know what it feels like - but only if you promise to tell me if it hurts. Now - which hand is the pawn in?"

Sim picked the wrong hand and so Kam took the white pieces and made the first move, and they had only made three moves each when Uzzy came back in - and even Kam wasn't bad enough to lose in three moves: it actually took more like thirty moves for Sim to win.

They played chess until it was time for Sim and Uzzy to go home, but before they left Uzzy said that he had something he wanted to tell them.

"I've been thinking about your lisp, Sim," he said, "and I think I've found a way to help you get rid of it. You probably won't like it, but tough, you're our slave, remember? And if you can get rid of it the other kids at school won't make fun of you all the time. I know you can manage to speak properly if you try hard, so we're going to encourage you. What we're going to do is to tie you up somewhere without any clothes on - obviously - and then make you read aloud a page from a book. And every time you mess up an S you'll get a penalty, only it'll be a bad one that you really won't want. Maybe we'll stick a pin in your bum, or beat you really hard, or something like that. Or maybe we'll just do stuff to embarrass you, like I might make you wet yourself at school, like we talked about. Or we might make you wear a blindfold every time either of us is undressed, so you'd never be allowed to see either of us naked again.

"Anyway, we can decide exactly how to penalise you later. But I reckon if we force you to try really hard every time we play together, in the end it won't be so much of an effort to get it right. What do you think?"

"Well... okay, I don't do my ectherthithes ath often ath I'm thuppothed to," admitted Sim. "But I'm not thure I'd want you to really hurt me if I can't do it."

"It's the best way," insisted Uzzy. "I mean, if you knew that making a mistake would mean us sticking a pin into your thingy, I bet you wouldn't make many mistakes. Anyway, I want to try it next time we're together, which I suppose will probably be on Sunday week. I really want to do this, Sim - I hate it when the other boys make fun of you."

"Well... okay, then." He wasn't sure about the concept, but he was really happy to hear the reasoning behind it: it made him feel really good to know that Uzzy cared about him that much. And he knew he wasn't really trying properly to get rid of the lisp as things were.

They went downstairs to collect their bikes.

"Thanks for letting me join in, Sim," said Kam. "It's really good fun. I hope you don't wish you hadn't when we start sticking pins in you next time... and you'd better practise your goalkeeping, too, because we're bound to play some more football next time you're here. Bye!"

He let them out of the front gate and watched them ride away.

"So, are you sorry you let him join in?" asked Uzzy.

Sim shook his head. "No," he said, "he'th fun. I really like him. And.. did you know he had thuch an enormouth thingy?"

"No, I'd never seen him undressed before. It is big, isn't it? I wonder if mine will be that big by the time I'm thirteen?"

"Bet mine will be bigger than yourth."

"Yes, but I'll have lots of hair before you get any, so I'll look more grown up. And I'll have loads of that white stuff, and every time you suck it for me I'll shoot out so much it'll make your stomach explode."

"Oh, tho I'm thtill going to be your thlave when we're thirteen, am I?"

"Obviously. You're going to be my slave for ever, Sim."

"What if we go to different thchoolth?"

"We won't - will we?" asked Uzzy, looking worried "I want us to stay friends for ever, and it'll be really hard if we don't go to the same school. We'll have to work really hard and pass the Common Entrance really well, and then they'll have to let us stay together. I've got the best slave in the world, and I'm keeping him."


Hmmm... I'd guess Sim's a bit nervous about the proposed lisp treatment: after all, he may have the makings of a good submissive, but there are limits, and I'm fairly sure outright torture isn't what he's into. Still, he's probably pretty confident he can trust Uzzy not to go too far.

In the next chapter we'll catch up on Stephen's life as a traveller – he and Tom have both got surprises coming...

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