Timmy and the Travellers – Chapter 8

So now Timmy and Wood are going to learn all about sex. But it's safe to say that sex education classes in school were never conducted quite like this...


Timmy and Wood watched Truscott stumbling off and then headed in the opposite direction. They arrived at the garage to find only the two younger travellers waiting for them.

"Take all your clothes off and then sit down," Danny instructed them. "Tonight we're going to start teaching you about sex, and you'd better pay attention, because we're going to test you later on, and if you don't get all the answers right you'll get loads of whips. Once you're naked, sit up straight with your legs apart, so you can all see what you've got, even if it isn't worth looking at. Naked, Small Cock - take that watch off!"

Wood removed his watch, put it in his blazer pocket and sat down next to Timmy.

"Okay, Question One," said Danny. "What's the difference between girls and boys? Tiny, tell us."

"Err.. I'm not really sure," admitted Timmy. "I suppose girls have got longer hair, usually, and...obviously they wear different clothes..."

"Yes, but what's the difference under their clothes, stupid?"

"Well... is it... that girls don't have... you know, one of these?" mumbled Timmy, pointing at his little penis.

"Correct. What do they have instead?"

Timmy really didn't know: he was an only child, and he had never seen a girl undressed, and of course he had never had any formal sex education.

"Well..." he said.

"They have a sort of slit, and their pee comes out of it," said Wood, rescuing him. Wood had a younger sister, and he could remember watching his mother changing the little girl's nappy when she was a baby.

"That's right," said Danny. "Okay, Question Two: where do babies come from?"

"They sort of grow inside their mum's tummy," said Wood.

"Good. Do you know how long it grows for?"

Wood shook his head.

"And what happens when it's ready to be born? How does it get out?"

"I don't know," said Wood. "I suppose the doctor cuts the mother's tummy and takes the baby out that way."

"No... well, sometimes, but not usually," said Danny. "And what makes the baby start growing in the first place?"

Wood shrugged and Timmy shook his head.

"Okay, next question: how do you have sex with a girl?"

Neither of them knew that, either.

"God, what a pair of babies!" exclaimed Tom, scornfully. "Looks like we'll have to teach them absolutely everything."

"Okay," said Danny. "Let's try something else. You both know that when you have to suck us our cocks go really big and hard. Does that ever happen to you?"

"Sometimes," said Timmy.

"What about you, Smallboy?"

"Now and again," mumbled Wood, who wasn't at all comfortable talking about his own body.

"Do you know why?"

They both shook their heads once more.

"God, don't they teach you anything at that posh school of yours? Okay, listen. You're right about babies growing inside the mother: it takes about nine months before they're ready to be born. The important bit is what starts them growing in the first place.

"It needs a bit of the woman and a bit of the man. The woman's bit comes from inside her, and the man's bit comes from his balls..."

"Oh," said Timmy, light dawning. "Is that what spunk is?"

"Right. It's the bit from a man that goes to make a baby. So obviously if it's going to mix with the bit inside the woman it's got to get there somehow, and that's what sex is all about. So, how does it get there?"

"Err... I suppose..." said Wood.

"I think I've got it," said Timmy. "The man puts his thing in the woman and the spunk comes out inside her."

"Well done, Tiny. Where exactly does he put it?"

"In her bottom?"

The travellers laughed.

"That's how you fuck boys, stupid!" said Danny. "With girls it goes in her cunt - that's the slit in the front, in case you didn't know."

"Oh. Why is it different for girls, then?"

"Because... well, you're not supposed to fuck boys at all, and you only do it up their bum because boys don't have a cunt. Most boys would never let themselves be fucked - it's a really shameful thing to let another boy fuck you. Boys who have had a cock in their arse aren't really proper boys after that - they're sort of half a girl, 'cos only girls get fucked. Once a boy's been fucked, the boy who fucked him can treat him like shit forever, and make him fuck again whenever he wants. It's a really bad thing to do to someone - that's why we haven't done it to you, even though you are a slave and we enjoy laughing at you. Making you a girl would be too much. Mind you, if you piss us off we just might..."

Timmy said nothing, thinking about Christy. Was that why Christy had wanted to do it to him, to make him a girl and to make sure he could do it again whenever he wanted? Timmy couldn't believe that, somehow.

"Course, we might do it to Truscott," Danny went on. "If half of what they've told me is true, he deserves to be made into a girl. And once a boy's been fucked there's nothing he can ever do to get out of it: he's a half-girl for life. And if you fuck a boy often enough he starts to turn into a girl properly: after a bit his cock won't go hard any more, then in the end it sort of shrivels and drops off. You have to fuck him hundreds of times to make that happen, of course.

"Anyway, with a girl you put it in the cunt, and after a bit your spunk shoots out and then she can have a baby. She doesn't get pregnant every time, but it can happen, so you have to be careful."

"What do you mean? Why would you do it unless you wanted to start a baby?" asked Wood.

"Because it feels really, really good. That's the other thing sex is all about - making yourself feel good. You don't have to fuck a girl to get the sex feeling - anything that rubs against your cock will make it happen. That's why we make you suck, because it gives us brilliant sex feelings. And fucking boys makes you feel good, too - so you can get a brilliant feeling and totally mess up an enemy at the same time by making him into a girl - good, huh?"

"What about girls?" asked Timmy, not really thinking about girls at all. "Does getting... fucked make them feel nice?"

"I don't know," admitted Danny. "Don't really care, either - except I suppose it does make them feel good, 'cos a lot of girls like sex even when they're not trying to have a baby. I suppose it feels nice to them having a cock inside them - but you'd have to ask a girl to be sure.

"Anyway, that's why your cock goes hard when you're thinking about sex, 'cos if it was all floppy you couldn't get it into your girl's cunt."

"But yours seem to be hard an awful lot, even when there aren't any girls about," Timmy pointed out.

"That's 'cos we're thinking about making you do stuff to give us the feeling," said Danny. "Of course, it's different with you: a lot of the reason we get hard in front of you is because we like making you do bad stuff like sucking. It's filthy, sucking another boy's cock, and it's something no normal boy would want to do. Only a slave would ever do that - or a queer, I suppose."

"What's a queer?" asked Timmy.

"It's a boy who likes sucking other boys, or even likes being fucked," said Danny. "Queers aren't proper boys, they're like girls, and they're disgusting: normal boys hate queers and duff them up if they get the chance. That's one of the things we like about you being slaves: we can make you act like queers, even though we know you're not really like that. It's a brilliant punishment, because it makes you feel really, really ashamed, and it gives us sex feelings at the same time."

"But... if you like us doing it, doesn't that mean you're queers?" asked Timmy.

"Of course not! Look, there's two sorts of sex. One is normal sex with a girl, whether you want to have a baby or just enjoy the feeling; and the other is not so much sex as power, where you force your enemies to do really disgusting things, like sucking or being fucked, and get sex feelings yourself at the same time. You can tell we're not queers because we'd never, ever let another boy fuck us, and we'd never ever suck, either. We'd sooner die. But making other boys suck us is okay.

"Think of it this way: a boy who uses his cock for sex is normal; a boy who does things with another boy's cock but not with his own is queer. When you suck us, it's only our cocks that get used, so we're being normal and you're being queer. Get it?"

"What about if I suck yours and then you suck mine?" asked Timmy.

"That would make us both queer, and it would never happen," Danny assured him. "Normal boys never, ever, suck."

Wood raised his hand.

"Go on, Smallboy," said Danny.

"Why is it my thing sometimes gets hard for no reason at all?" he asked. "Sometimes it happens in the middle of a lesson, or something, when I'm certainly not thinking about girls, or making boys do things, come to that."

"We wondered that, too," admitted Danny. "Mikey says that when you get to about our age, your body is starting to change, and having it go hard is just your body sort of checking to make sure it's working properly. Mine's hard now, but that's because I'm thinking how nice it's going to feel when we make you suck us in a bit.

"Okay, now you know a bit about sex. We'll probably test you in a week or so to see if you've remembered. Any questions?"

The two older boys looked at each other and shook their heads.

"Good. Now you can give us a nice suck, then. We don't want to race tonight, 'cos we've got ages. Instead you've got to make it feel as nice as you can for us."

The travellers removed their clothes and sat down, and the older boys came and knelt in front of them, Wood in front of Danny and Timmy in front of Tom. Then they started to suck.

After two or three minutes they swapped partners, but Timmy used the same technique on both, stopping often, using his hands a lot and licking all the time. Both travellers seemed to enjoy it.

After ten minutes or so Danny ordered him to keep going, and Timmy obeyed, steadily working the younger boy up to a good orgasm. Tom made Wood work on him for a good three or four minutes longer before ordering him to speed up and finish him off, and Timmy was able to watch as Tom arched his back, clenched his toes and finally thrust hard against Wood's head, holding him in place until his climax was over.

"Not bad, queerboy," he said, finally releasing his slave. "How was Tiny?"

"Brilliant," said Danny. "He's getting really good at this. Maybe we should fuck him after all, so we could keep on doing stuff to him after the holidays."

"Oh, no, don't," said Timmy, anxiously: now that he had found the two replacements, Michael had promised him that his own period of slavery would end at the start of the Easter holidays.

"It's okay, we won't - at least, not yet," said Danny. "Like I said before, you don't deserve that.

"Okay, you can go, but we're giving you some sex homework. Tomorrow at break you have to find somewhere where you won't be disturbed, and then you both have to strip. You've got to feel each other all over, but especially you've got to feel each other's cock and balls. Try to make each other stiff, and then feel each other up properly. You have to keep going for at least ten minutes. And tomorrow evening you have to come and tell us what it was like."

"Why? What's the point?" asked Wood.

"It's to see if you're getting anywhere near puberty yet. If it feels nice you're probably developing normally. It would just be interesting for us to know, that's all."

"Okay," said Wood. "We'll give it a try."

On Thursday Lewis and Shabbir were on duty. They hadn't said more than a word or two to each other since Carlington's diatribe. Both were very shy: Lewis was sensitive about his lisp, and Shabbir was sensitive about being the only non-white boy in the school, and in general they both tended to keep quiet and let other people do the talking. But that obviously wasn't going to work now that it was just the two of them, so as they walked towards the senior classroom Lewis decided to try to explain what he was thinking.

"I'm looking forward to today," he began. "I really hated the way he puthed me about and made me cry..."

"What did he do to you?" asked Shabbir.

"He liked to catch me at break. He'd drag me into the butheth and then he'd make me take all my clotheth off, and when I wath bare he'd jutht look at me, like I was an animal in the thoo, or thomething. And then he'd make me pee. That wath the wortht thing - I'd have to pee, and he'd jutht thtare at me... it wath really, really horrible. Tho today I'm going to get him back for that. Will you help me?"

"Of course I will. I hate bullies."

"Thankth, Thabbir."

"Usman," said Shabbir. "My name's Usman - my friends usually call me Uzzy."

"Okay, thankth, Uthy."

"What's your first name again?"



"Don't laugh at me!" shouted Lewis.

"I'm not, honest. I just wasn't sure..."

"My name'th Thimeon..." He forced his mouth into a wide smile and said, with enormous effort, "Thssimeon. Sth... Ssim for thort."

"Sim. Sorry, Lewis... I didn't mean..."

"I know. Thorry I thouted at you. Look, here he cometh..."

Truscott came towards them, escorted by Timmy. He looked subdued today: he had spent much of the morning suffering the witty comments and questions of his classmates, mostly to do with nappies. He followed Lewis and Shabbir to the pavilion without saying anything, and once he was in the back room he got undressed without being told to do so.

"You know what you have to do," Lewis told him once he was naked. He pointed to the shower, and Truscott walked over to it, turned to face them and urinated. Lewis let him finish, and then said, "Now thit down."

Truscott moved to one side to avoid the puddle, but of course the puddle was the whole idea.

"No, thit there," demanded Lewis, pointing.

"Oh, come on, Lewis," remonstrated Truscott. "Be reasonable."

"Do you want to wet yourthelf again thith afternoon?" asked Lewis. "If not, thit down."

Truscott didn't hesitate: he sat down in the puddle of urine, wincing.

"Good. Now lie on your back."

He did that, too. Lewis walked into the shower, stood beside the older boy and undid his shorts.

"You liked watthing me pee, didn't you?" he said. "Let'th thee if you like it now."

He pulled out his penis and began to urinate on Truscott's chest. Truscott made noises of disgust and tried to roll away, but Shabbir, watching this with interest, yelled "Keep still!" at him, and he stopped moving and let the stream splash on his chest and stomach.

"Want a go?" asked Lewis, as he began to run dry.

"Yes, okay," said Shabbir, and he came and stood on Truscott's other side, pulled out his penis and pissed on him, taking over from where Lewis had ended up, just above Truscott's groin, and soaking his genitals and thighs.

"Hey, yourth lookth like mine," said Lewis, looking at Shabbir's penis.


"Your thingy - it'th the thame ath mine. You've been thircumthithed."

"What? Oh, yes, I have. All Moslems have it done."

"All Jewth do, too," Lewis told him. "I didn't realithe we weren't the only oneth..."

Shabbir tucked himself away and they stepped out of the shower.

"You can thtay there and thoak for a bit," Lewis said to Truscott, and he and Shabbir went and sat on the bench for five minutes or so. Then he told Truscott to get up and dry himself off, but Truscott had forgotten to bring his towel. He told them about the tea-towels in the kitchen, but they didn't want those to get soaked in pee, so they stood him under the cold shower for a couple of minutes and then threw him the tea-towels and told him to dry himself and then get dressed. They put the tea-towels back in the kitchen and followed Truscott back into the yard.

While Truscott's two minders were having fun with him in the back room. Timmy and Wood had followed them into the pavilion and made their way quietly up the second flight of stairs to the small changing rooms at the very top of the pavilion, rooms that were presumably for the use of teachers or umpires. They went into the one on the left and closed the door behind them.

"Okay," said Wood. "How are we going to do this?"

"Call," said Timmy, pulling a coin from his pocket. "Loser has to undress first."


It was tails.

"Go on, then," said Timmy, "get undressed."

Wood removed his uniform, hanging up his clothes on a peg. This time he remembered to take off his watch, though he put it on the table so that they would not lose track of time. Then he slid his pants off and hung them on the peg on top of everything else.

"Now what?" he asked.

"Now I'm supposed to do this," said Timmy, and he started to run his hands slowly over Wood's shoulders and chest.

"Wow," he said, "you've got loads of muscle, Woo... I mean, Stephen."

He kept stroking the taller boy, caressing his chest, and then his stomach, and then stroking gently down each leg.

"Aren't you supposed to do... you know, that bit?" asked Wood.

"In a minute. I want to find out what the rest of you feels like first."

He moved back up the legs and caressed Wood's buttocks, and then, very nervously - he had never touched another boy like this before, not even Christy (with whom he had always used his mouth) - he carefully took hold of Wood's small, limp penis and let it slip slowly through his hand. Wood gave a gasp of shock.

"That feels really strange," he commented.

Timmy did it again, and this time he cupped Wood's small balls in his other hand at the same time. Wood gave a little groan, and without even realising that he was doing so he put his hands on Timmy's shoulders.

"Do you think I should undress as well?" asked Timmy. "Then we can sort of touch each other at the same time."

"Yes, okay," said Wood.

Timmy stepped back and more or less threw his clothes off, just chucking everything onto the table rather than taking the time to hang them up neatly. Then he got straight back to what he had been doing.

"Hang on," said Wood. "I'm supposed to find out what you feel like first."

He started to stroke Timmy's shoulders, chest and back, and it felt nice, so Timmy moved a little closer. Wood moved on to his stomach and buttocks, and then caressed around the base of Timmy's little penis without actually touching it, and that felt really strange, but nice, too. And then he caressed the tip of Timmy's penis, and he gave a gasp: now he knew what Wood had felt when it had been done to him.

"Do it to me again," said Wood, in a strange voice, so Timmy closed his fist around Wood's thin penis and squeezed gently, and then let it slip very slowly out of his fist. And Wood started to get an erection. Encouraged, Timmy did it again, and again, and now Wood was hard and getting harder. And as Timmy stared at the growing erection he felt his own starting to harden as well.

Soon there was enough for Wood to get hold of, so he did, squeezing it the way Timmy had squeezed his. Another minute passed, and now both boys were as stiff as they could get. They stopped to look at each other.

Timmy's was still quite small and stuck out horizontally, but at least now it looked like a normal penis, with a shaft to go with the little uncovered tip. Wood's, however, had grown quite a lot. It was still quite thin, but it was a fair bit longer, sticking up at about sixty degrees above the horizontal.

"Yours is pretty long now," said Timmy. "I think you'll be able to show Tom up next time he makes comments about him being bigger than you."

"I don't want them to see it like this," said Wood. "It's... well, personal."

"I'm seeing you like this."

"Yes, but I don't have to do what you tell me - and you don't make fun of me, either. I still feel a bit weird about it, mind: nobody's ever seen it like this before."

"I think it looks nice - and it feels nice, too."

Timmy stroked it some more, and Wood gave a groan and pulled Timmy closer to him.

"Does that feel nice?" Timmy asked him.

"Yes... but a bit odd, too. How about when I do it to you?"

"I like it - it feels sort of warm, somehow."

"Same here. Could you try squeezing it a bit? Yes, like that - that's really nice."

They kept feeling each other for another five minutes or so, and then Wood glanced at his watch and pulled back.

"Blimey, Coll... Timmy - the bell goes in three minutes! We've got to get out of here!"

"Race you," challenged Timmy. "Last one dressed gets spanked!"

"You're on!"

Both grabbed clothing and started to dress as fast as they could, but Wood's clothes were neatly hung up in the right order, while Timmy's were chucked on the table in a heap, except for his shirt, which had fallen off on the far side. The result was that Wood was dressed while Timmy was still trying to do his shoes up, and with his blazer still on the table.

"Timmy's getting spanked!" crowed Wood. "We haven't got time now - maybe I should do it in the garage this evening in front of the gi... travellers?"

"No, thanks. You can do it at lunchtime."

"Okay. As long as I don't forget, that is."

They ran down the stairs and had just reached the main block when the bell went.

As it happened Wood wasn't able to spank Timmy during the lunch break because he was on lunch duty, looking after the youngest boys (a chore that all the senior boys had to do three or four times each term), so Timmy escorted Truscott out, handed him over to Lewis, and went off to the library to do that evening's homework, as he generally tried to do now that his early evenings were largely occupied.

Lewis marched Truscott to the pavilion, where Shabbir was waiting for him. They took him up to the usual room and ordered him to strip but to keep his pants on, and when he had done so they tied his wrists to two of the pegs using his shoelaces, and then tied his ankles together and to one of the bench supports using his tie. Finally they wrapped his trousers round his ankles.

"Now you can jutht thtay there," Lewis told him. "We're not going to do anything to you thith time - we only want you to have a really boring and uncomfortable time. You better not pee, though, otherwithe you're going to make your pantth and troutherth all wet. If you keep quiet and behave we'll let you out before the end of break, okay?"

"Yes, but... please don't make me wet myself again!" begged Truscott. "That was horrible!"

"Dependth how you behave," said Lewis. Then he turned and left the room, with Shabbir trailing along behind him.

"What are we going to do, Sim?" Shabbir asked him.

"We're going to leave him there on hith own all break. He'll be uncomfortable, and he'll be thcared that thomeone will come in and find him, and if we're really lucky he'll wet himthelf again."

"And what are we going to do?"

"We're going ecthploring."

He led Shabbir up the stairs to the two small changing rooms at the top of the building. They were both the same size, though the one on the right had a small shower cubicle where the one on the left had what turned out to be a broom cupboard. There was a small window in the left-hand one that looked out over the cricket field.

"Thith ith a good plathe," said Lewis. "We could make thith our private headquarterth."

"If there was a key for the door we could lock Truscott in here if we didn't want to be bothered with him," suggested Shabbir. "He couldn't get out, and he couldn't pee without doing it all over the floor, so he couldn't avoid having to do it in front of us... and the window's no good unless he wants to risk wriggling his way out onto the roof in full view of the school..."

"Brilliant! I wonder where the keyth are kept..."

But there was no key in the door, or in the door to the other changing room, either.

"I suppose the caretaker keeps them with him," said Shabbir. "Pity."

"Yeth, but... we don't need a key!" Lewis had noticed that the broom cupboard had a bolt, not a lock. The cupboard was completely empty: it was just a storage space about seven feet high with a floor that was about two feet six square.

"We could lock him in here!" said Lewis. "There'th no way out - no window, only one door, and we can bolt that from outthide...he'd be completely thtuck!"

"Great! So we can make him undress and lock him in here without his clothes and then just leave him for the whole lunch break."

"Or the whole afternoon," said Lewis, happily. "Think how much trouble he'd be in if he mithed all the afternoon lethonth!"

They grinned at each other.

"Uthy..." said Lewis more quietly, "pleathe could I thee your thingy again?"


"'Coth... coth I want to compare it with mine."

"Okay. But you've got to undress first."


Lewis removed his clothes, hanging them up as he went, until he was naked. This time his penis was already starting to stiffen up as he removed his pants.

"Take your watch off," demanded Shabbir, looking at the growing organ.

Lewis took his watch off. "Now you," he said.

"In a minute. Yours is getting all big, Sim."

"I know. I can't help it."

They both stared as it continued to stiffen, until it was at full size. It had a pronounced curve upwards, and when it finally stopped growing it was a good four and a half inches long. His balls were large and soft.

"That's really pretty big, Sim," said Shabbir. "You're not that much smaller than Truscott."

"Do you think tho?" said Lewis, looking pleased. "Mine ithn't all dark and ugly, though, and my ballth look nither, don't they?"

"Yes, and yours looks like it's supposed to curve like that, while his just looks stupid, going off to one side."

"Can I see yourth now?"

"Say please."


"No, please, Sim, not 'pleathe'. You can if you try, you know that."

For a moment Lewis looked annoyed, but then he forced the huge artificial smile onto his face and said, "pleasthsse."

"Close enough," said Shabbir, undoing his belt. He stopped. "Look, Sim, if we're going to be friends... proper friends, I mean... you can try to practice not lisping with me. I won't laugh at you, I promise, and if you practise, maybe it'll get better and the other kids won't make fun of you so much."

"I do practithe," said Lewis. "I have exerthitheth for it. But it hurtth, trying to thpeak normally."

"Okay. But if you want to practise with me, I don't mind trying to help."

"Thankth, Uthy."

"And maybe if you work on it you'll get my name right. Though somehow I rather like us being Thim 'n' Uthy. It sounds good, somehow."

He finished undoing his belt, pulled his shorts and pants down to his knees and then lifted his shirt out of the way. His little organ hung limp.

"Can... can I touch it, pleathe? Jutht where the thcar ith..."

"Well... I suppose so."


Lewis reached out and just barely touched the shaft of Shabbir's penis just below the knob, where his circumcision scar was, and then he stroked the scar gently. Shabbir wriggled: this felt really strange. Lewis took hold of the shaft and tugged carefully, bringing Shabbir a little closer, and then he rubbed it between his finger and thumb around where the scar was. That felt strange to Shabbir, too, but not unpleasant, and his body began to react.

"Yourth ith going hard, too," said Lewis, caressing the upper side of the shaft from the base to the tip..

Shabbir did nothing to stop him. He didn't think he should be doing this, but he had to admit that it felt quite nice...

Soon it was fully erect. Unlike Lewis's it simply stuck straight out from his body with no curve, and while it was the same thickness as Lewis's it was about three-quarters of an inch shorter. Lewis caressed it all over, and then held his close.

"Thee?" he said. "Our thcarth look the thame. And our ballth are about the thame thize, too. I... you can touch mine if you want."

Shabbir wasn't sure about that, but then he mentally shrugged his shoulders and reached out one finger, which he just barely brushed against the very tip of Lewis's erection - and the penis twitched away from him, moving almost an inch, even though the rest of Lewis's body didn't move. Shabbir laughed and did it again, with the same result.

"That tickleth!" said Lewis. "Touch it properly!"

"No, this is sort of fun," said Shabbir, just barely brushing the tip once more, and again it jerked away from his finger. "You look really funny when it does that."

Next he tried just lightly touching the underside of Lewis's scrotum, and this provoked a similar reaction: the balls lifted away from his finger. Shabbir laughed once more.

"Maybe I should tie you up and do this all break," he said. "You look so funny... and maybe I should go and get the others so they can see, too."

"No, pleathe don't!" said Lewis, looking quite distressed. "I don't want anyone elthe to thee me, Uthy - it'th jutht 'coth your one lookth the thame... and... I only undrethed for you becauthe I thought we were friendth..."

"Of course we are. I'm just teasing you, silly. I wouldn't really let the others see you... but it is fun making it twitch about like that. Now let's try doing it properly."

Shabbir was growing more confident. He had been a bit shy with Lewis when they had first been paired together, because Lewis was taller than he was, and a little older, and because Lewis had taken the lead in dealing with Truscott. But now he felt stronger, somehow: Lewis had almost seemed scared of him when he had suggested fetching the others. And, of course, Lewis was stark naked, while he only had his shorts pulled down. Shabbir decided he liked feeling like this, so he decided to see how far he could go with it. He dropped his shirt, which fell back over his own genitals, and took hold of Lewis's penis properly, squeezing it quite hard. Lewis let out a little gasp.

"Not tho hard, Uthy!" he begged.

"Shut up," said Shabbir, squeezing harder. "I want to see how hard this really is."

He tried to force the penis down, pressing against the angle of erection, and Lewis let out a sharp cry. Shabbir released it and watched it spring instantly back to its previous position. Lewis just stood there, staring at himself, so Shabbir quickly pulled up his own shorts and pants, did up his belt and seized Lewis's penis again - but this time he didn't try to hurt it: instead he stroked it gently the way Lewis had done with his.

"That'th really nithe," said Lewis, so Shabbir did it again, and again. Next he took hold of Lewis's balls and squeezed them gently, and then squeezed them sharply. Lewis gave a cry of pain.

"Is that sore?" enquired Shabbir.

"Yeth! Let go, pleathe, Uthy!"

"Okay." He relaxed his grip and instead stroked the scrotum softly, while with his other hand he felt the big erection some more.

"Open your legs more," he demanded, and Lewis, who by now had completely surrendered control, obeyed. Shabbir squatted down and examined the balls more closely, and flicked a finger at each one, provoking more little squeals from the naked boy. He flicked the tip of the penis, too, making the whole thing quiver.

He stood up once more and looked at his watch.

"I suppose we ought to go and untie Truscott," he said.

"Oh," said Lewis, sounding disappointed.

"Do you want to come down like that?" asked Shabbir, tugging Lewis by the penis towards the door.


"I didn't think you would," said Shabbir, letting him go. "Well, you'd better get dressed then - or if you like, I'll go and get rid of him while you stay here, and when he's gone I'll come back and play with your thingy some more."

"Well... I'll get drethed, and we can both watch him pee, and then when he'th gone perhapth we can play thome more."

"Okay. Hurry up, then."

Lewis got dressed, forcing his pants and shorts over his extremely stiff penis, and then they went downstairs.

"We haven't heard a peep," Shabbir told the prisoner as he untied him. "As a reward, we won't make you wet yourself today. Go and do it in the shower as usual."

Truscott trotted obediently to the shower and relieved himself while the two juniors watched him, giggling.

"Do I have to sit in it?" he asked, once he had finished.

"Not this time. Go and get dressed."

Truscott did so, relieved in every sense, and once he was dressed Shabbir told him to get lost.

"We've got ten minutes," he said, once Truscott had left. "Get undressed, then."

Lewis removed his clothes: his erection didn't seem to have gone down at all.

"What about you?" he asked.

"Not yet. Come here."

Shabbir stood behind Lewis, took hold of the big erection and played with it gently for about five minutes, enjoying the way Lewis wriggled and gasped and made little groans of pleasure.

"You really like me doing this, don't you?" he asked.

"Yeth, it feelth really good."

"Okay, bend over and let me see your bum."

Shabbir didn't know why he asked that, other than to see how far his control extended. He found that it easily extended that far: Lewis was so aroused he was prepared for anything, and without argument he bent over and touched his toes.

"Open your legs," demanded Shabbir, and Lewis obeyed.

Shabbir squatted down and looked between Lewis's legs. He could see the tiny pink ring that was Lewis's anus, and he could also see the back of Lewis's balls. He stood up again, liking the way that Lewis had surrendered all dignity for him.

"Okay, stand up," he said, and resumed his stroking of the big stiff penis. "Would you like to see mine again?"

"Yeth, pleathe."

"Okay." Shabbir lowered his shorts and pants once more, revealing that he too was fully erect. "You can stroke it if you like."

Lewis did so eagerly. Shabbir checked his watch once more and realised that they had to go.

"Do you like mine?" he asked.

"Yeth, I think it lookth really nithe."

"Really? You're not just saying that?"

"No, I really mean it."

"Okay, prove it: if you really like it, kneel down and kiss it."

Lewis stared at him, and for a moment Shabbir thought he would refuse, but then he dropped to his knees and planted a quick kiss on the tip of Shabbir's erection.

Shabbir couldn't believe it, but it delighted him nevertheless.

"We'd better go," he said. "Come on, let's get dressed."

They put their clothes on, rinsed out the shower and walked back to the yard.

"I wasn't sure if you really did like mine," Shabbir said. "It's quite a bit smaller than yours."

"No, I think you look really nithe," Lewis assured him. "Exthept... nextht time pleathe can you take all your clotheth off? I'd really like to thee what you look like when you're completely bare..."

"Maybe," said Shabbir. "I'll think about it."


So now Timmy and Wood know a bit more about what goes where and how, and Truscott's still wishing he went to a different school, and as for Simeon and Usman.... well, we're definitely going to have to keep an eye on those two.

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