This is a story about a 12 year old boy (13 by now) which I'm fully in love with. The persons (descriptions of them), buildings, places and situations are totally real. Only the events are pure fiction.

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He was the guy that took my interests away from everything. Leaving me focusing on him. The most perfect boy I had ever seen. Just 12 years old, about 1.50 meter tall, and so damn beautiful. His half long brown hair was perfectly matching with his oversized skater-looking clothes. From a distance he was that dirty little boy you would think of, but when you would come closer you would change your mind immediately, if you even could have the chance before you would melt and sink through the floor. His smooth body and soft skin formed that special contrast with his clothes and hair. Being so careful when I passed him, afraid to damage his vulnerable young body. Then when I had a lucky day and he would look at me, I dreamed my way into his shining brown eyes. His name was Tjebbe. Every time he looked at me, there was a slightly visible smile on his face, which I thought had no meaning at all. That moment always attracted my attention to his soft wet lips, being on there best when he smiled like that.

But after all, every time I saw him I knew I was dreaming about something that would never become reality. He was to far away, to untouchable, simply to perfect. I probably wouldn't even have a little chat with him in my whole life. Just enjoying this little nice moments between lessons, seemed to be as far as I could come. He wasn't even popular at school or something. He was just a normal boy to everyone, but for me he was everything. Everything I needed. There where days on which the only reason I went to school, was for him. Just to see him a few seconds. Sometimes asking myself where I did all that for, for a mission impossible.

But all those bad feelings started to twist on one day. A day that eventually turned out to be almost as perfect as Tjebbe himself. When I woke up everything was just as normal. A normal midsummer Friday. I took my breakfast real fast to get at school on time. I jumped on my bicycle and raced to school. It was a calm morning, but no sun and not real warm. I arrived just on time, and had no time to meet any friends before the bell made that awful noise which made you wide awake if you weren't already. 1st hour: economics. The teacher started his normal boring talk and after 10-15 minutes he would leave us free to go anyway. But even for those few minutes I didn't pay any attention to what he said. My mind was fully focused on Tjebbe, which was not an unusual thing. But today was special, cause there would be a first-class party the same evening, so not a place for me to show up would you think. Well, obviously I was smart enough in the beginning of the year to sign me in for being a students-mentor for the first class. And THAT allowed me, no, obligated me to go to all first-class activities. For me it would be a perfect opportunity to take a good look at all those adorable boys and especially Tjebbe. The rest of the day passed and I could take a glimp at his face in one of the breaks but that was it. At 2 pm I went home to prepare myself for the party. Although my function there was only to supervise and support the kids if they needed some help. After a few hours relaxing and thinking about the party I consumed a nice microwave-meal and headed for the party. At 8 pm most kids where inside and everybody was starting to dance a bit and having fun. Of course non of my friends where there so I had to do something else to keep myself busy, which wasn't a problem with so much little boys in one hall. I grabbed my photo camera and started to take pictures. Everyone thought it would be for the school's website, but I was more thinking about my own nice collection. Eventually I could also get a few nice shots of Tjebbe. He was wearing a white thin T-shirt and some black skater-jeans. His hair just messy as always and he was clearly having fun. Then I walked outside to get some air and give my ears some rest from the loud music. There where a few others outside and I made a nice chat with some of them. I heard some rumors about a little water-fight going on inside. I went back inside but it seemed to be over already although there was a puddle of water in the main hall. I didn't pay attention to it and headed for the toilets. Then when I opened the door my heartbeat stopped for a while and I soon realized one thing. I was on the right time at the right place. My eyes where wide open, but I tried to hide that a bit. What I saw was the most awesome sight I could imagine. Right in front of me was Tjebbe standing, wet allover, really soaked. His clothes formed a tight fit around his body. He was standing with his legs slightly spread and his head bend a little forward to the ground, but his eyes where meeting mine. Drips where falling from his face, hands and a few locks of hair hanging against his forehead. It was the most horny picture I could think of, printed right on my retina. Best of all, the look on his face was just as horny. That light smile appeared again but now more like a naughty grin. Then something happened which really surprised me. For the first time he said something to me and that was also the first time I really heard his voice. He was not moving at all, not changing the horny look on his face, he just said: "Haay". His voice was quite high and so cute. My reaction was certainly not one of my fastest ones, but I replied to him with a short: "Hey", and gave him an nice smile in return. At that time I already had a pretty good hard-on. Surprisingly, when I looked at his pants I saw some more than just a little bump. (I mean it was still small, but for his age I could determine what I saw) The wet clothes just made it clearly visible that he had a boner too. It was impossible that it was because of me, but I think he just felt horny because of the whole situation. Anyway it seemed he would like to do more than just standing there, and that was just what I was going to give him. I closed the door behind me, but stayed tuned on his eyes. Then I slowly stepped forward, to come a bit closer. The problem was that I really didn't knew where I had to start. But that problem seemed to be solved very soon and the unthinkable happened. Little Tjebbe moved for the first time in minutes, he now took a better look at my face. He smiled even wider as before and suddenly grabbed my arms, pushed me against the wall really rough and kissed me right on my lips. Soon our tongues started to fill in too. It was so damn nice! I could really feel all his energy, all his love through that kiss. He did his arms around me and pressed me against himself. I was getting a little wet because he was soaked, he still was. I put one hand on his head and one on his back. I went through his wet hair with me hand and with the other a lowered towards his lovely soft butt. The kiss was so passionated and long too. He seemed to enjoy it just as much as I did. After a while he stopped kissing and pulled his head a bit back, leaving his arms still around me. He look me right into my eyes and said: "WOW, that was awesome!" Then we just starred at each other like that for a few minutes, but than I realized that we where very lucky, that we weren't discovered by someone yet. I decided to go back tot the hall, but first a ask Tjebbe: "would you like to go home with me after the party?". His reaction was convincing. He didn't even say anything, but his mouth fell wide open and so his eye where. That combined with a very happy smile was enough for me to know the answer. Just before we left the bathroom, he jumped up and gave me one more little kiss on my cheek. Then I grabbed his ass and pushed him into the main hall. Back at the party he danced the whole evening and made fun with his friend like nothing had happened. I was just getting to understand what happened and I even thought for a moment I was dreaming. I just couldn't believe I just kissed the boy of my dreams. Later that evening another water-fight started and Tjebbe was involved again. He didn't get the time to air-dry from the first one cause he was soaked again. But I actually loved that. The party was almost over and my house was a 2 minute walk away from the school. There I could take off all of his wet clothes I thought by myself. At midnight I gave him a little sign that we should go and I waited for him outside. Soon he was there, still soaked of course and he ran into my direction an gave me a nice boy-hug. His eyes squeezed together and a nice smile on his face. "come on boy, lets go to my place, you should be cold here outside huh?" I said. He nodded and walked with me to my home. When we where nearly at my house, I realized my brother was on a camp-weekend and my father was working at night, so we would be home alone. (sadly I don't have a mum anymore).

Anyway, I knew we could have a lot of fun now.

Arrived in my room, Tjebbe was standing a bit like he did in the bathroom at school. You could hear the water drips fall on the floor. I could see a little naughty grin, but also a little shyness and insecurity, cause he didn't know what to do, or what was going to happen. I did know what to do and I planned to help him out of his ignorance. But first I took another good look at this perfect boy. He was so wet that the water drips where irritating his eyes and he was shaking a bit, probably cause he was getting cold. I walked to him and gave him a nice hug and warmed him a bit op with my hands. I kissed him fast on his forehead and took off his shirt. His chest and belly where so adorable to see. I was just looking at him like that for at least 30 seconds. Then he interrupted the silence, smiled to me and said with a cute high shaking voice: "You like it"?. He ended with a short giggle and he was blushing a bit. That's what I liked so much about him that since that day. The one time he was so perky and self ensured like he was in the bathroom when he started to kiss me. The other time he was so shy and cute like he was just now. I answered whispering in his ear: "Yeah I do, I love it". Then I started to kiss him all over his upper body. Beginning with his neck, his shoulder then down to his chest and ending at his bellybutton. I think he likes it very much, cause he hugged me tight and kissed me pretty wild. I pushed him on the bed and made him lay down on his back. His eyes where a little bit closed, just like he was stoned or something. He lie there smiling and I said to him: "Now you're going to have fun". I placed myself on the bed next to him and continued kissing him. His eyes where fully closed now when I was licking his little tummy. I pulled out his socks and kissed his beautiful bare boy-feet. They where cold and I tried to get them a bit warmer. Then my hands moved up and in took off his wet skater jeans, leaving him laying down in just his boxer, which was also wet and I saw he was having a fully nice hard little dick. Although he liked what I was doing and realized he was almost fully naked, he didn't know what possibly could happen next. I played a bit with his nipples and then I moved my hand down to the edge of his boxer, slowly I let it slip in. I took his hard cock in my hand and started rubbing it. He made clear that he definitely liked it with moaning slightly. He looked so damn cute laying there, eyes shut, still a bit wet and fully surrendered to me. So cute that I couldn't hold myself from kissing him again. Now really passionated. Our tongues played for a few minutes, then I decided to pull out his boxer complete. His little 4" dick pointing straight up in the air. I was sure he was ready for more pleasure so I moved my head down to his little pecker and took it in my mouth. He was shocked by the intense feeling of it which made him breath heavier. When I really started to suck it, he moaned harder and said: "Ooow man that feels great!". I looked at him with a wide smile. He was as horny as hell now, and placed a hand on my head to push it further. Bumping on the bed to fuck my mouth. I knew he was close and I started to touch him everywhere. That made me feel that he was sweating all over his body. "Ooohw yeah!, Ooohw yeah!" he kept saying. I could feel the tension building up and when I touched his ball it made him go over the edge, with a loud high scream. He shot his nice warm boy-cum in my mouth with three short shots. With every shot he pushed his hips high up in the air. Still breathing heavy, with his eyes closed he lay there for at least 5 minutes. He was shaking too, so I lay down next to him pressed against his body, with one arm around him cuddling him. My head resting on his chest with him slowly recovering from his first orgasm.

And that was how we fell asleep, with not a word said. No words where needed for this. It all came clear that my wildest dreams where not even close to reality. Because there was one big difference, for the first time I felt how love felt. Although I had loved him for so long, there was nothing better then the feeling of laying there, realizing the most wonderful boy in the world was as close he could be.