To Do Robbie

This is my fiction, don't read this if you shouldn't legally be doing so but otherwise enjoy. Everything is consensual in this story.

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-Royal Red






Despite his young age and un-alarming looks, Compton was a grade-A pervert. His depravity started on his seventh birthday, when his parents moved into a home with a window into the neighbor's bathroom. From there, Compton first saw their naked 16-year-old daughter in the shower, and he ogled the flawless figure as well as he could. From that point on, Compton was hard more often than he was soft. Sex became the boy's youthful obsession, and he was hungry to learn more.


Chat rooms and shady websites were quick to fill his mind with lurid knowledge. It was as if he discovered fire and endlessly mused over how to use it. Compton had so many fantasies, in fact, that he eventually wrote down the best ones for future reference. He offered these thoughts to all sorts of online men (and women) who shared their own hidden secrets in return, adding to his raunchy arsenal.


Over a few years, Compton's mind was expanded and his selective list of sexual kinks grew longer and longer. By the time he could ejaculate, he was already starting his third notebook.


But it was also around that time that new ideas stopped coming. Compton had grown jaded with the uninteractive nature of online smut – it did nothing but depict the same old bodies and faces he would never touch. Compton knew he still had more and more kinky things that he wanted to do to, but he had no canvas. With no outlet, Compton's fantasies were at a standstill.


Worse still, he had always been a nerd without interesting friends and a reputation as a pervy weirdo. There wasn't much source of optimism.


It was sheer luck, then, that his parents moved again to a new state. And it was sheer cosmic fate that their new home landed him right next door to the family of a cute and fuckable boy wonder named Robbie Meeks. An adorable face, big bright eyes, and a smooth slender body to match. Compton had a new town with a fresh school year, a fresh reputation, and fresh meat a stone's throw from his door.


The boys bonded quickly after hanging out a few times, though something was clear to Compton after their first sleepover:  Robbie was his polar opposite.


He was straight as an arrow, humble, and sweet as a button – Robbie was the type of boy who would play "Charlie" in a chocolate factory movie. To top it off, the naοf had never masturbated, didn't know how, and lived happily with his dormant sexuality. Compton was going to change that and he knew he would not fail. He knew from the start that was going to fuck that boy before long.


This was the beginning of a new home and a new life. Compton shelved his old idea log and opened up a new marble notebook. The title on the cover read:



The "To-Do Robbie" List



Number 1 - Seduce.


Compton was a very touchy-feely boy around Robbie. The more innocent boy would have protested at first, but Compton was so confident and natural about his advances that it all seemed like a harmless joke, even. During class, Compton would lean in as if to whisper something secret, and then slowly lick Robbie's ear instead. Or maybe he would brush his fingers up Robbie's shirt to graze the boy's lower belly, making him shiver. Things like that. Things which made Robbie tingle and yelp without knowing why.


Aside from this, Robbie Meeks was reciprocally fond of his new best friend Compton. His parents would give Robbie ice cream every visit, he had a super cool room, and they always had something to talk about. But most importantly, it was refreshing to feel that Compton might actually be a genuine best pal – not the type who would drift apart the next year. It made Robbie feel happy, wanted, and at ease.


Maybe even a little... too at ease. Compton liked to sit close to him, and when they were alone he would sit even closer. Robbie had gotten used to their arms or legs intertwined as they sat and had stopped even noticing. There were some touches that Robbie did notice though. His new best friend liked to feel him in places that would stir him up and make him blush a bit from the contact. At first, Compton would limit himself to only a few of these innocuous touches per class. But they were still the type of innocuous, electrifying touches that left Robbie hot and bothered all day.


Not after long, Compton would fondle him more boldly when nobody was looking. Robbie's penis would get awfully hard, even leaving a wet spot of precum through his shorts after just a few minutes. This embarrassed the boy greatly, and he didn't want to draw attention to himself when this happened. He just remained nervously silent while Compton pinched his nipples or caressed his inner thigh, making him uncomfortable but still wanting more.


Robbie would often let out a husky sigh as his classmate massaged his crotch. One time when the class stood for the pledge of allegiance, Compton ran a fingernail along Robbie's hard-on, and it felt so good that he moaned aloud in front of everyone. How embarrassing!


Compton would cop a feel on the lunch line and squeeze and prod Robbie's pert bottom just to embarrass him. To Robbie's dismay, his friend wouldn't just prod anywhere either - Compton liked lingering at the socially understood "no-pat" zone around his hole. It made Robbie feel vulnerable... exposed. Robbie just wished it didn't make his (heretofore obedient) penis leak extra precum whenever Compton touched him.


It didn't stop there. Compton especially liked to tease Robbie's body whenever a girl was flirting with him. Robbie would feel a hand massaging his crotch under the table, blushing deeply. The grinding fabric against his penis made his voice softer and more nervous. Every single time, the girl would walk away thinking Robbie liked her.


After another week or two, Compton began to rub him inside the shorts and not just over them. A week after that, he would even boldly part Robbie's cheeks to ever-so-lightly tease the virgin rosebud in between. Robbie never failed to squeak at the tender prodding against his defenseless hole. Compton played him like an instrument.


Robbie was also dismayed that Compton liked to whisper naughty little things into his ear – words that made him blush and shudder the more he listened. To make the words stick, Compton would even call him at home. Posing as the loyal childhood friend, Compton relished in sweet talking the parents before he dirty talked their darling boy to a horny restless sleep.


That is, of course, when they weren't having a sleepover at one or another of their houses. Compton would let Robbie drift asleep, and then go to town on the slim, smooth body prostrated before him. Robbie would never know or imagine what happened in those sleepovers to make him toss and turn every night. He would never know what secret touches exploited his sleeping body. Or hear what salacious thoughts were whispered against his ear, debasing his unguarded subconscious. All Robbie Meeks knew is that he would wake up covered in sweat, ambiguously hornier each new morning than he was the one before.


Compton played his cards perfectly. Robbie was more susceptible to Compton's sexual advances with every passing day. The heavy, subtle, constant petting clouded his mind with uncomprehended sexual energy. Before the poor little angel even realized it, Compton had attained free reign over his yummy little body. Robbie was at first too shy and self-conscious to protest, but now he never even considered speaking out against the de facto foreplay. It became an expected part of his daily life to be furtively touched, violated, and kept in a constant heat.



Number 5 - Do Robbie



A naked Robbie swooned as he felt his friend Compton's thumbs press firmly against his nipples, grinding and rubbing them against his chest to send jolts of pleasure down his spine. With each rub, Compton watched the tender boy in front of him gasp and convulse in sheer bliss.

"Unnhh... is this... why girls have nipples too?"

"For the most part, yeah," replied the chuckling Compton. "And not all of them seem to like it as much as you do, babe."

Robbie's cheeks flushed, but his embarrassment was cut short when Compton planted a kiss over the boy's soft lips, his tongue investigating the inside of Robbie's mouth. And as the soft-skinned angel before him let out a muffled moan of pleasure, Compton would only accelerate the rate at which he targeted Robbie's sensitive nubs with his powerful fingers.

"Wanna learn what something else is for?" asked the older boy, pulling away from the mewling youth.

Robbie flashed a toothy smile and responded, "Yeah!"

"Then turn over," Compton replied with satisfaction. Robbie was a shy boy, but Compton decided to let him stay in his comfort zone – for now.


"I'll show you what your tight little body's been waiting for, Robbie."

Giggling nervously, the naked boy complied. Robbie laid his chest down on the large beanbag, sandwiching his stiff member between the nylon surface and his warm, radiant body. Robbie parted his knees to accommodate his new position on the plushy surface. Moaning, the boy sensed his rear cheeks being separated to the sensation of a warm wet mouth on his vulnerable rosebud.


Compton smiled to himself, probing his tongue into Robbie's tight hole. Having just thoroughly cleaned the boy in the shower (very thoroughly), Compton was greeted only by the sweet taste of Robbie's pale, young, virgin flesh as he darted his tongue in and out of the young student's clean and refreshingly sweaty hole.


With each penetrating jab of his tongue, Compton pushed in as much of his saliva as he could, slowly filling the young Robbie with oral secretions. Compton's goal was to lube his pretty prey from inside and out so that popping Robbie's cherry would be nothing but bliss.


The dominant boy darted his rather long tongue as far as he could inside his little friend and swirled, the older boy's lively "tentacle" dancing in frenzied circles, eliciting sporadic yelps of lust from the boy it violated oh so pleasurably.

Meanwhile, Robbie wrapped his arms around the front of his beanbag and hugged it as tightly as he could, reveling in the sensation of the tongue working furiously inside him and carrying him to new sexual heights.

"Uhh! ... mmmmhh... nnnngh... OH ... ohh... Nnh!"

Swirling his tongue inside of his partner one last erotically charged time, Compton pulled away, much to the boy's protest. He then nibbled around Robbie's cute mounds some more, until the entirety of the boy's well-cleaned rear was teased and primed for sex. True to form, Robbie's virgin bum twitched helplessly in a reflection of the innocent virgin's perverse longing for more.

"Please... don't stop," cried the poor Robbie as he vainly bucked his hips backwards in search of the missing tongue.

"Don't worry, this is gonna be even better," answered Compton as he pulled out his rock hard penis, gently moistening it with nothing but the layer of saliva on Robbie's rotund buttocks.

When his member was adequately lubed, Compton began to part the smaller boy's glistening cheeks. He revealed the pink entrance in between, smiling at the saliva trickling from the pretty hole. Compton didn't hesitate for a second to fuck his prize, slowly but firmly sliding his hefty member into Robbie's most secret place.


"Aaaooohh... mmmnnnnnhhh... C-compt... nnnhh..."


Robbie cried out incoherently, feeling only pleasure. Compton's hips pressed the breathless bottomboy against the soft beanbag, while a shocked and awed Robbie reeled from the sudden deflowering of his small body.


Robbie tried his best to maintain his composure, but he only broke out in waves of twitches and gasping cries of pleasure. It was such an alien feeling for the most private appendage of another boy to be inside of his own most private orifice. Robbie felt like his lower regions would explode in gooey pieces from the pressure inside of his bum, and that feeling of pleasure slowly infected his entire body – a deliberate result of his seducer's persistence and patience. It was maddening.


Compton whispered soothingly into the youth's ear. It may feel overwhelming at first, he assured, but soon it would feel like second nature. He calmed his boy down as his thick member throbbed entrenched inside of Robbie's tight, trembling hole. When the mewling boy began to relax underneath him, Compton licked the boy's neck. Robbie giggled and cringed in reflex, and then gasped in surprise and pleasure as he felt the older boy's soft long tongue then slide into his ear.

Compton continued to french the boy's sensitive ears, sending shivers down the Robbie's spine. Seeing that his aural oraling was effective, he wriggled his tongue, throwing the innocent boy into fits of gleeful shuddering laughter. Compton slid his hands underneath Robbie and renewed his ministrations on the boy's tender nipples to send the youth into a new euphoric high. But even that new threshold was again broken when Compton began to move his hips and quickly piston in and out of Robbie's pink hole in small, delicate thrusts.

"I've always dreamed of fucking you, Robbie," explained Compton as he began to move even faster in and out of Robbie. His boy only moaned in rhythm.


"I knew from the moment I saw your sweet little ass that I was going to fuck it. And I knew you were a sweet little slut who would love it. You like it don't you? And it's just your first time... I'm just breaking you in for the real rides."

Compton's whispers yielded little feedback, as younger boy could only whimper in response. Robbie's soft, tight hole was ravished by the delicate and meticulous ministrations of the phallus moving inside his body. And as the older boy administered his expert pumping with unrestrained lust, Robbie's last semblance of chaste innocence was gently pumped away as his small frame began to melt on top of the beanbag.


"The first time I saw your little baby cock I was sure you were made to be fucked and not the other way around," Compton teased. "Your cock's a fit for my hand, and my cock's a fit for you. You're loving it in your tight, sexy baby boy-cunt, just like I knew you would."

"Ffff... ohhhhhhh!" Robbie was aroused and humiliated by the truth of Compton's dirty talk. Without thinking, Robbie arched his butt towards his lover's groin and subconsciously yielded to the cock that electrified his bum.

Compton gradually fucked Robbie faster and faster, and he never eased his ear-tonguing or nipple-rubbing despite the frenzied speed at which his penis would fuck his beautiful partner's tight hole. This led Robbie to writhe in sheer sexual pleasure, twisting his arms and arching his back and splaying his legs to bring himself as much of these sweet sensations as he could.


But Compton kept the boy's maneuvers in check while he continued his three-fold attack on the boy flesh before him. And much to Robbie's delight, his body's angle on the plushy sack would cause each of Compton's light but incredibly fast thrusts to target his devastated prostate. Robbie purred uncontrollably as Compton turned his once-pure, trembling little body into a tub of well-satisfied goo until he finally gave in to the ever-mounting pleasure.


Robbie's ravaged body erupted in an enormous sexual climax. His slender frame collapsed under the combined assault of the tongue in his ear, the fingers on his pink nipples, and the virile cock that rabbit-fucked his virgin bottom. But as the smaller boy's penis only shot blanks onto the beanbag, Compton's gigantic erection filled Robbie's tight rear with six enormous wads of thick cum; one spurt of white-hot spunk for each inch of throbbing meat that impaled the boy's ass.

While Compton felt his member fill Robbie's virgin hole with his seed, he took note of the panting youngster's glazed eyes and utterly fulfilled expression. Compton could only imagine how much more the boy had to experience, and how much more the small body before him would climax under his expert guidance. So he flipped over Robbie's limp body to face up towards him, and slowly began to long-dick the trembling youth – fucking him yet again.

Robbie's renewed expression of reluctant lust was a priceless image, and Compton savored it. He slowly built up a powerful pace, driving the entire length of his boner in and out of Robbie's cum-lined hole, mashing his thumbs against the boy's nipples, electrifying the spoilt virgin boy in ways Robbie could never imagine.


But Compton could imagine, and he smiled at all of the possibilities and all of the lessons he would be able to drive into the cock-filled child beneath him.





Sometime after Number 49


"Robbie, give up on finding your undies," Compton remarked to the side. "We lost `em six feet deep at least half an hour ago."


"I can't believe this! Mom's going to notice soon, this is like my tenth pair by now," complained a blushing and disheveled Robbie. The boy searched in futility through the plastic balls of the Toys-R-Us playpen.


Compton kissed his friend's soft and protesting lips, with a smug smile. He noted the lingering scent of his own sperm on Robbie's breath. The dominant boy pressed his body against Robbie's, making the smaller boy swoon from the warmth and attention.


"Mmh... nnh."


Robbie came to his senses and moaned petulantly. His penis was getting stiff again, and the cum from their last fuck session wasn't even finished dribbling from the tips of their cocks. Writhing his hips in frustration, Robbie broke off the kiss and hugged his friend tightly.


"Please, Compton you can't make me cum again," he begged. A shiver went down Robbie's spine when he recounted the animalistic fucking they had just gone through. "I can't cum so many times in an hour, I just can't."


"You wanna bet?" Compton replied.


"N-no!" Robbie yelled, half-smiling but unsure if his friend was serious. He ran away, giggling slightly, and tugged his shirt down to cover his crotch. "Please!"


Compton laughed with his lover, picking up a plastic ball and throwing it at him. "I bet I can make you beg me for an orgasm instead."


Robbie yelped when Compton pushed his slim body back into the ball-filled Toys-R-Us play pen.


"I'll break you in one minute, tops."


"Please, really! Somebody might see again!" implored Robbie. "I was so... humiliated! That second grader was trying really hard to dig us up from under there too."


"But that's when you came hardest, you skank."


Compton jumped back into the playpen as well. He pinned down Robbie's half-dressed sprawling body, nibbling on his lover's sensitive earlobe. Compton trailed a finger into the cleft of the boy's bum and teasingly dipped into the hole. It was still slick and it leaked a bit of cum. Compton rubbed the excess along the winking muscle, massaging it with his fingerpad.


That was all it took.


"Mmmmmh... nnnh..." Robbie's moans were a white flag of surrender.


"I can fuck you anytime I want, Robbie baby. I own you."


Compton tugged down on the back of Robbie's hair, flipping the slim boy face-down. Robbie's bum was perked lewdly into the air. It twitched in helpless anticipation. His steaming-hot body and smooth white skin contrasted sharply with the multicolored toy balls in the playpen, drawing the eye and begging to be violated.


"You may be the town's precious golden boy, but I know what a slut you really are. I can make you scream or moan or whimper however I want. I've fucked you every morning since your first, and my cum is your favorite snack. Robbie, you're a cock-loving twink and you're all mine."


"Nnnnnhh!!" Robbie moaned, horny and submissive and shocked by the strength of Compton's character.


"Just look at your ass... it's shaking. I'll give you a finger when you lick my cock."


Robbie whimpered some more. The plastic balls shifted and clacked from his movement. Facing Compton's body 69-style, the smaller boy unzipped Compton's fly and kissed the rigid cock that sprang out. Robbie kissed the flared head and licked the along the frenulum to lap up the leaking precum. His own mouth was drooling as well.


"Beg me to fuck you, Robbie. Take back what you said and beg me to make you cum."


Robbie licked his tongue along the length of Compton's shaft, pressing his soft lips along the tip when he was done. Compton may not be GQ good looking, but his young cock was a specimen of budding perfection. Robbie worshipped it.


Compton rewarded Robbie with a finger slowly snaking into his rear. He rubbed his cock along Robbie's face, leaving trails of precum. The younger boy was ungodly cute, there's no denying it. In his natural element, Robbie's big brown eyes would have brimmed with innocence, but Compton's ministrations left a sultry glaze that left them yearning for raw, hard sex.


"Please... I'm begging you."


Compton smiled at his progress with Robbie. So far, Compton has managed to have sex with Robbie in church, on the bus, in pools, in classrooms, you name it. The sky's the limit, and even that would just be #47 on the list – to fuck Robbie's way into the mile high club.


"Look at your face on my cock... you're such a little cum slut. I can tell how wild I'm making you with just one finger in your bum. No wonder you go insane whenever I let you ride me.


For a pervert like Compton, it wasn't enough for him just to degrade Robbie with the actions themselves. No, of course not. Compton wasn't satisfied with just a check in the box and a stain in the sheets. His goal was an unrepentant and unabridged ravage package, as he was something of an amateur shrink as well. Robbie was getting hornier and hornier the more he licked and kissed the cock before him, and that's the exact kind of effect that Compton wanted.


Anyone can make a horny boy cum hard, but Compton was a true pervert and made sure to hit the right spots. He loved nothing more than planting just the right stakes in Robbie's noble mind to make all of the degradations truly unforgettable.


"Please, you said if I begged you, please please..."


Compton loved the broken sex-crazed animal he had created, and he especially loved the contrast against what Robbie would have otherwise been. A sweet, wholesome, squeaky clean boy whom the girls flirted with and the boys admired. And in a way, Robbie still was that boy. The only difference is that this new Robbie is also addicted to 24/7 cock.'


"Compton please, I'll suck you and suck you but I just need you to fuck me, please," begged the once-virgin child. "Please... nnh."


"I fuck you like I want, Robbie Meeks. And right now I like watching you beg for something I won't give."


"Nnh... please, I..." Robbie groveled. His mouth jealously slurped at the cock he needed inside him. There was a genuine look of defeat in his eyes. He really did need to be fucked. How pitiful.


"You win, Compton, y-you've already won... please."


"Remember the first time I said I would fuck you in school?" mused Compton. He sighed in pleasure at Robbie's pink lips and sweet, boyish face suckling away at his cock. "You wanted to wait. You said `not like this'. Do you remember that? Mmmh... once I got you horny enough you were the one asking me."


Robbie blushed at the truth of those words. He blushed again when Compton slipped in an extra finger.


"Th-thank you-ohh... Mmnh... nnh..." Robbie grinded his ass against Compton's probing digits. He wriggled his ass, wishing it hadn't just grown hungry for more. Robbie needed cock inside him.


"I feel nuts... I can't stand it, please!" yelled Robbie, frenzied and desperate but still working his mouth on Compton's cock between sentences. "I can't keep feeling anymore like my ass is going to go crazy."


Compton was pleased to leave his lover hanging, because boy oh boy, did his forays into Robbie's delicate psyche leave their marks. It's no coincidence that for years to come, the mere thought of a Victoria's Secret dressing room would leave Robbie squirming with an erection for hours and wet dreaming of cock for days – as if it wouldn't have happened anyways with Compton always around. And after the frenzied ravaging that Robbie got today in the playpen, the Toys-R-Us franchise might join those ranks. But without a doubt, Compton's most lasting and creative exploits into Robbie still laid ahead.


Compton slid his fingers slowly out of the groveling boy's hole. He stroked Robbie's hair and bent down to kiss him on the lips, eliciting a highly sexed moan from the tortured youth.


"For now, all I want to fuck is your mind, Robbie," mocked Compton.

"I'm not going to fuck your ass until we get to our next spot."


"Wh-where are we going?" Robbie asked in a husky voice. He was trembling, shattered. "I don't know if... if I can get there without freaking out."


"I'm taking you home," Compton replied. "And once you're there, you're going to pick which pair of your sister's panties I fuck you in."


Robbie swooned, unsure if his body could handle any more push and pull. He looked relieved for a straightforward, kinky fuck without anxiety. "P-promise?"


"It's number 87 on the list, so yes, that and 88" promised Compton. Robbie looked confused.


Leaning over to whisper softly against Robbie's sensitive ear, Compton elaborated,


"That's the one where I fuck you right under her bed while she sleeps... and we'll be checking that one off all night long."






Number 35: Do Robbie at Katie's party.



"Nnnnhhhhhh...! Mmmmh... n-not like this..."


Jerking with gentle spasms, Robbies cocklet pooted out small jets of sperm as Compton's virile meat impaled him on the mattress. Doggy style of course, for maximum degradation.


"Robbie-baby, you keep telling me to stop but you already came from just feeling my cock fill you up... I could feel it when I pushed inside you... it's this danger turning you on, I bet."


Compton gave a tiny thrust, and Robbie's exceptionally pathetic whimper was evidence enough of the boy's arousal.


"The foreplay wasn't even that bad, Robbie. If being in this room makes you horned enough to cum before I start... how are you even going to survive the real fuck?"


Compton withdrew and pushed in hard, mashing Robbie's face into the mattress and eliciting a reluctant squeal.


"You meant it when you told me you like Katie Silverman, didn't you," Compton taunted. "How does it feel to know I'm fucking you in her bed? Do you think she fingers herself here, thinking of you?"


Robbie moaned pathetically. He knew Compton loved to desecrate and sexualize everything sacred to him, and his puppy love for Katie must even be on the list as well.


"She... she doesn't do that stuff like we do," Robbie retorted. "She's nnnghh... not... mnnnh... not like that... nnh!"


"Are you sure about that, Robbie?" teased Compton. "My big sis has the same lunch hour with her... she's just as pervy as I am and I might introduce her to your little crush..."




A knock on the door interrupted Compton's dirty whispers. What... a complication. A cog in the plans to break the vestiges of Robbie's innocence.


With a visitor at the door, Compton pulled the sheets over their rutting bodies. Only Robbie's head was still clearly visible from the neck up, and the thick cock in his rump was hidden from view in the dimly lit room. Robbie's blanketed body was a deceptively discreet sight, and it was none other than Katie herself who walked in to see it.


"Robbie!" she yelped in surprise. "Um, you're in my bed, the flustered girl added with a blush."


"Yeahnnh... I was getting... mh... sleepy," Robbie replied inarticulately. He squirmed like a stuck pig. Hoping not to ruin his chances with the girl, he dumbly complemented her. "I, uh, l-like your room."


Compton rolled his eyes and gave a quick pump in Robbie's ass to teach him a lesson. Robbie gasped in shock and pleasure. His tight hole clamped down on the cock inside it, powerless to stop its subtle rhythm in and out.


"That's so nice Robbie! Thank you!" gushed the hapless girl. Robbie prayed for a reason to escape his current predicament. Maybe she would need him at the gift opening, or at the cake cutting? Surely she would give an opportunity for him to get away from Compton, and his cock in side him rocking in and out... in and out... surely she would-


"You can nap here if you want. Let me just tuck you in, heehee!"


This time it was Robbie who rolled his eyes. He was getting fucked! In her bed, by a boy! How could she not notice? Compton withdrew and pushed in his entire cock, slowly, and Robbie's eyes rolled again from the sensation.


No escape.


Kate walked towards the bed and adjusted the sheets more securely around Robbie's cute frame. Unfortunately, the poor boy hardly registered his crush's flirtatious signal. Compton's light feathery fingers were dancing across his belly and rubbing at his puffy nipples, making Robbie delirious with arousal. So when added to the buildup of horniness throughout the party, the illicit excitement of being discovered, and the slow but strong reaming his over-sexed bum hole was receiving, the horny little hero was desperately in need of release.


"I'm really glad you came to my party, Robbie."


And with that, time slowed to a crawl for the brown-eyed boy hero as Kate bent over and kissed him tenderly over the lips. Whoa!


Robbie's prolonged state of sexual frustration put a temporary shut-down on his inhibitions, and he kissed her back to channel the lusts fomenting in his body. Kate responded to Robbie's enthusiasm by holding his head and running her fingers through his hair with fierce adoration, while her new liaison reacted with romantic energy.


Compton, meanwhile, was also quite energetic. He used his strong arms to hold Robbie's slender hips in place and slide his shaft repeatedly into his boytoy's hole. Compton loved this whole predicament, especially the way Robbie would try to squirm his hips to instinctively strive for more. How ironic that even during his first kiss with a girl, Robbie's hole was filled with cock. That boy was such a hot little cum slut!


Reveling in this precious moment, Compton reached over to Robbie's uncut pecker and slowly peeled back the sensitive foreskin. The dominant boy smirked when he felt Robbie squirm his ass against his cock even harder. Robbie's foreskin was deliciously sensitive, and Compton's clever fondling made full use of this weakness.


Robbie's foreskin was flexible but tight, and Compton milked this unsheathing with exquisite patience. He let Robbie's precum ooze slowly over the sensitive skin of the boys glans. A soft finger traced the revealed flesh and rubbed in the salve of precum. By the time Compton had fully unsheathed Robbie's cocklet, the pink throbbing helmet was completely covered in filmy boy slime.


Compton played his finger across Robbie's well-lubed cockhead. He focused on the special areas that he knew were especially responsive, and then teased circles around the tip.


Robbie groaned. His kiss with Katie - his first kiss - was growing increasingly passionate, due in no small part to the clandestine sexing of his body.


Compton's other hand teased his victim's more sensitive right nipple (the tyke's left nipple was very sensitive as well, but the right one was especially so). Robbie's squirming and wriggling soon increased ten-fold, his body buckling from the sustained nipple play. The tortured Robbie suffered terribly on the edge of orgasm to enjoy what he could from his first kiss with a girl, until finally he felt Compton's hot creamy load injected into his rump.


"Mmmnnnhh!" Robbie moaned in unexpected pleasure.


The pulsing meat inside of Robbie's ass spewed thick, hot ropes of steamy cum. The perverse thrill of Compton's virile deposit, combined with the last powerful full-length thrusts of the cock in his hungry hole, sent Robbie's ass, penis, nipples, and mouth into simultaneous orgasmic overload. Compton's roaming hands took care of the remainder of Robbie's erogenous zones, ensuring a full body-and-mind sexual cataclysm.


Robbie strained for air, flaring his button nose with each breath while his soft lips were still locked in their desecrated first kiss.


When his explosive secret cum was finally over, Robbie broke off his kiss to gasp and pant for air while the last gobs of his own boyish juice splashed onto Katie's pink unicorn sheets. Compton also withdrew his spent cock, adding a few more stains to Katie's sheets when Robbie's boyish hole leaked a trickle of the spunk inside it.


Meanwhile, the oblivious Kate was ecstatic. Stepping back and feeling tingly all over her body, the young girl pushed her hair back into place and smiled uncontrollably at the dreamy object of her affections.


"Okay sleep tight!" chimed a beaming, bubbly Kate. She practically skipped her way through the door. Closing it behind her, she giggled at her romantic birthday success.


Robbie let out a slow, sexually charged sigh of relief.


"Congratulations... you'll remember your first kiss forever," taunted Compton. He casually pinched Robbie's nipples and they stiffened again from the touch. Robbie's reluctant penis stiffened soon after. "But we both know the real kiss tonight was the one your tight cummy hole was giving to each... and every... inch of my cock."


Robbie had no response, so Compton guided Robbie's slender fingers along the length of his larger, triumphant cock. He smiled at his partner's silent appreciation of his boyhood. Compton had always admired Robbie, the darling golden boy of the town whom everybody cooed and praised. And now, it was like a dream that he was able to turn that innocent Boy Wonder into such a cock-filled personal nympho.


Compton had just experienced the most sexually gratifying moment of his life. He had secretly fucked, molested and manipulated a most beautiful specimen of a boy during its first kiss. He had defiled something pure in the most raw, sexually dominating way possible. Compton had claimed Robbie's ass, mind and body in a snapshot moment that the slim Adonis would never forget. And in the glow of success, Compton sealed it with a kiss of his own.


It was short and sweet, and as pure as Robbie's own first should have been.


Compton had always been worried that one day Robbie wouldn't feel like being his slut anymore and forget him. That he would start fucking and dating girls like everybody expected him to, forgetting about the submissive insatiable cum whore he really was - that it was BEING fucked that Robbie desired most and not the other way around.


This selfish worry bothered Compton to the core because as clichι as it was, he would never make Robbie do anything that he didn't truly desire. He delighted in extracting as much as he could of Robbie's dormant sexual hunger, but it was still a phenomenon not of his own.


But Compton smelled blood in the water, and realized it was possible to go for the kill - to permanently release the carnal hunger inside of Robbie. Compton's new goal in life was to unleash Robbie into becoming the sexual animal he really was, and then make that insatiable sex animal his own personal pet.


It was in such a way that Robbie's cum on Katie's bed was a milestone, and such that Compton knew from that moment on that he could make Robbie become his cock-hungry boy slut forever.




It was a delicious thought, and Compton could even picture the days now. Robbie swallowing his cum on the first day of school year after year, and then day after day. Fucking Robbie on his first date, first class trip, and in each of his friends' homes. Fucking Robbie before his first driving lesson, and then fucking him again in the backseat when it was done. Fucking Robbie senseless and cum-stained and begging for more every time something remotely interesting would happen.


Compton was drooling as the montage of images swarmed his head.


Robbie presenting his slim body over a table as Compton fucked him a happy sweet sixteen. And as Compton fucked him a happy 17th birthday, and a happy 18th birthday. And a happy homecoming, and a happy prom - Compton could fuck his idol Robbie as much as he wanted. He could measure the cum they'd make in gallons. All he had to do was play the cards right. Maybe, in time, he would eventually do the same to Robbie's baby brother. That would be hot, too – to fuck the two of them side by side then face to face until they quivered and moaned and swallowed so much Compton cum that they'd share family stories of his godly cock. Or something.


It was a comforting thought, and there was no way Compton would let that future slip away from him now.


"You love cock, don't you Robbie-baby? You want me to fuck your legs off and cum all over your shy, blushing face. I'm gonna make you cum harder than Katie ever could, because I know your slutty boy body inside and out."


Feeling Compton's lips at his ear, Robbie gently bit his lower lip and arched his bum towards his lover's crotch. He turned his head back to Compton for another precious kiss.


"Compton... I... f-fuck me!" Robbie professed in delirium.  He kissed Compton again, moaning and breaking it off to gasp and beg for more.


"I want you to fuck me forever!"


It was a victory for the ages, but it was only meant for a private celebration. Savoring the future ahead of them, Compton licked his grinning lips. He slipped his cock into Robbie's cum-drenched hole, and prepared to fuck his pretty slut until they both were sound asleep.







Robbie awoke to the welcome sensation of Compton's perfect cock inside him.


"Wakey wakey. Would you like some fodder to get you hard, Robbie?" he teased. "Because I'm going fuck your ass again on Katie's bed.'




"Shh, listen," Compton interrupted. He sank his cock into Robbie's ass for good measure. "Katie and her family are gone for the weekend to celebrate in Cancun. They forgot about you, lover."


"Mmmhh..." Robbie's mind was clouded with pleasure. "Anything, just fuck me..."


"I'm going to call over Danny Singer."


"N-what!" Robbie's face turned beet red. "He used to date my sister! And... Katie too..."


"Yeah, he sure did," Compton smiled. "You're going to suck him off wearing one of Katie's panties. And then he's going to fuck you in another pair. And we're going to take turns, and ravage you. Again, and again, until you've cum in every pair she has. And then we're dressing you up in every outfit she has. And we're going to fuck you so much, and so, so hard. And when we're done you're going to suck so much cock that you'll never believe you're made for anything but hard, horny boys. I'm going to make this a night you won't forget."


By the time Compton finished his customary fuck-along talking, Robbie was already a quivering mess. He just wanted to come, and had no objections to the pistoning cock in his needy hole. But even still, Compton could still feel Robbie bristle in humiliation between his arms at every mention of Katie. He savored it.


"We're going to fuck you in every humiliating way possible, and every time you beg for more you're going to know what kind of boy you really are. We're going to defile you and break you in front of everything you've ever liked about little Katie Silverman. And that's not even counting her vibrator."


Compton looked over Robbie's shoulder and he saw the boy's throbbing cocklet twitching in perverse anticipation.


"Yeahhh, little Robbie... I saw your baby boner move just then. We're gonna let you know just how it feels to be a pussy-stuffed slut. You were born to be fucked, and fucked again... I'll make sure you remember."



Author's Note


Oh the tales I could tell.


As most would realize, Compton wasn't always a very popular boy. But his sudden camaraderie with Robbie was a great source of social proof. People started to notice him more and they would invite him along to parties with Robbie. Not being one to waste opportunities, Compton would accept all of these invitations and assure that Robbie came with him.


This, of course, would always work out at Robbie's expense.


If Compton wasn't secretly rubbing or even finger-fucking Robbie in front of the unwitting party crowd, then Compton would whisk Robbie away to some other part of the house and fuck him until the poor boy was moaning so loud that even Compton had to gag him.


Other parties were even more eventful than that.


At Ashley Kinner's neighborhood cowgirl party, Compton strapped a leash and collar onto Robbie's neck and led him naked to the family's discreet ranch-side doghouse. To prime the boy up, Compton fucked the naked Robbie doggy style for a good while to break him in. When Robbie begrudgingly succumbed to his customary whimpering and defeated state, Compton knew his pet was ready. Putting the dog's squeaky toy in Robbie's mouth, he fucked the boy and made him whine and growl and bark like a dog with each thrust.


Slowly withdrawing his penis, he savored Robbie's reluctant cooing when both of the boys noticed the younger Kinner boy watching the pair intently, only to walk over and reveal a surprising toy: a doggy-tail shaped butt plug that he promptly slid into Robbie's tight and clamping bum. With a turn of a remote knob, the plug sprang to life and began vibrating to compound its host boy's state of weakness. Compton and the Kinner boy discussed and plotted over Robbie's smooth thin body for a period, and were a pair of masters over their new dog.


Robbie's humiliation caused him to flush a deep red, but he couldn't suppress a loud squeal from even the slightest touch to his doggy plug appendage. Compton trained his "dog" to perform tricks- roll over, sit, play dead. Each of which would be an opportunity to further tease the boy's body and bring undue attention to Robbie's cute butt and its foreign invader.


The Kinner boy would throw his doggie toy across the ranch field so that Robbie would have to run out naked and fetch it. Robbie would run back, holding the toy in his mouth, only to be rewarded with a new toy between the Kinner boy's legs. It was Robbie's doggy treat, and he was no longer the innocent boy he used to be – he sucked Kinner's knob with relish. Before he would cum, Kinner would throw the original toy back out into the yard, forcing Robbie to run again to fetch it and start over, pleasuring the younger boy's cock from scratch.


After Kinner finally came and lined the boy's mouth with sperm, Compton gingerly removed Robbie's doggie plug and laid down in the rear of the doghouse. Sitting beside Kinner, the two triumphant boys sat back and let Robbie suck both of them off slowly – with his vulnerable and perky butt peeking out of the doghouse door.


Several people who walked by the garden that night saw Robbie's spectacle. One was a young boy who sprayed Robbie's ass with his water gun, and then with a garden hose. Following that was an unrecognized neighborhood boy who, surprisingly, bent his face to Robbie's hole and went to town on the younger boy's vulnerable anus. In between sucking his lovers' cocks and the beautiful sensations, Robbie was primed for sex. The next boys who went by were gangster-wannabe Mexican kids who went to their school – but they were hung, and took turns on Robbie's eager hole. The poor boy creamed the doghouse floor after the first insertion. So erotic was the situation for Robbie that he found himself cumming at a ratio of two to one, and Compton made sure the boy stayed for each of the other boys who came when word of mouth spread.


Robbie would never get to identify any of the boys who fucked, fingered, licked and teased his hole that night, and neither of course would Compton and the Kinner boy ever tell him. But most never knew whose tight little ass they fucked either, for most of whom it was their first sexual encounter. Robbie's ass was an icon for a generation of his town, and only two smug boys would ever truly know the details.



But of course, that wasn't the only party a popular boy like Robbie would be invited to.


When the five Emory brothers invited them to their "family and friend" restaurant party, Compton sat with the guests and fed Robbie his cock under the table. Robbie Meeks swallowed four of Compton's typically large loads without a single peep, and when he was finished, Compton sent his boy to suck off all five of the Emory brothers to boot. It was Robbie's job to make sure that all five cocks went soft and spent for the entire dinner night. But with Robbie's luck, that surely didn't happen.


It turns out that due to busy travel, not a single one of the brothers had jacked off within a week of the party. Robbie would find out that it was also in their genes to cum fast, hard, thick, and often. The Emory clan was a true-blue Mormon breeding family, and the darling Meeks boy was their bitch for the night. Robbie made his way with each of the brothers around the table one by one.


Robbie had started on the youngest brother, who didn't ejaculate. But each of the other four boys delivered exceptionally big first-round batches of cum that filled Robbie's pretty mouth to the brim. It was more than enough to compensate for their prepubescent. And while Robbie thought his skilled oral would bring his chores to a quick end, it only backfired. By the time he was done with every fifth brother, at least two of the other brothers' cocks would be back up for more. For Robbie it was whack-a-mole, suck-the-cocks.


Compton sat across from the five brothers and he was proud of his companion's generosity and dedication. He had been horning up Robbie the whole day in preparation for the dinner, edging him mercilessly and constantly without a moment's neglect. To further motivate Robbie (not that the awakened cocksucker needed it) he slipped a slender anal plug into Robbie's hole to encourage him with his blowjobs. Compton's  helpless nympho-boy was never too far from his lanky arms, and he teased the boy's hole and prostate for the whole night, edging him even more. Judging by the Emory boys' faces, Robbie's enthusiasm was paying off too.


By the third round, even the youngest brother was cumming in Robbie's mouth – the cocksucking boy swallowed the youngest Emory child's first load of cum ever, and it was surprisingly the largest load of the night.


And while it was a great occasion, Robbie had no reprieve. But in sympathy and food fetishism, the brothers eventually took to feeding him table scraps as a treat for swallowing their cum. By the fifth round, Robbie tried to speed things up by jacking off two other brothers until they were close, while he sucked one boy off to finish. It didn't work – the Mormon boys kept perfect pace and just ended up getting to cum an extra five times each that night from the expediency. While for Robbie, the never-ending supply of cum just filled his mouth that much faster.


Robbie even grew to recognize each of the boys by their sperm and cocks.


Mark Emory had a long, slender cock that was easy to deep throat, and his cum was warm and globular. Robbie tended to slurp a lot sucking Mark off, and it made him feel exceptionally slutty at the gooey payoff.


Jeff had a very large shaft, and he spurted like a fire hose. Robbie even caught a few of those spurts in his hair and along his eye – how embarrassing! Still, it was a pleasure to feel it shoot inside his mouth.


Sam was the smallest brother, and his cock was as well. He didn't cum the first two rounds, but he made up for it with a vengeance – he shot endless volleys of thick, hot and stringy bursts of cum that splattered Robbie's tongue with fresh sperm. The boy tended to spend as much time cumming as he did getting there.


Jack and Evert were twins, and they were exactly alike – their cocks oozed nonstop precum and were thick and plump in shape. Every blowjob was a mouthful, and it was hard to swallow it all without drooling cum out of his mouth – both of them liked to grab Robbie's head and use him like a toy. If there were any difference between them, it would be that Evert's cum tended to shoot in a few large jets while Jack's fired small bursts like a machine gun.


The brothers sat at the dinner table for a hearty six hours, and didn't miss a beat. They laughed and smiled knowingly to each other for the whole night. Somehow throughout the dinner their bodies had the nourishment to keep slushing more and more of their cream into Robbie's mouth. Between the Emory family seed and the table scraps following each load he swallowed, Robbie had eaten more than anyone else at that dinner.


None of the boys ever found out who gave them the blowjobs, but they were sure to notice the no-shows and re-invite them all to come again for their next affair.


And Robbie's other affairs? Perhaps you've heard of them yourself. Feel free to email me about them at