First I would like to thank a friend and educator for his valuable assistance with the editing this story.

This is a story of a boy who came out of confusion and found his way. There are many other characters in this story and there is a child born to someone far too young. I write the stories but I don't agree with children having children. Just remember this is a story and the writer created the outcome. This is not the way things normally happen I real life. This is a story of fiction. I hope you enjoy it. If you do please let me know as I have no other way to judge what I write. Eric at

Toby's Life

Hi my name is Tobias Landis McDuffie or Toby as everyone knows me by. I just turned 13 years old and I'm in the 9th grade at Lander Valley High School. That's in Lander Wyoming a town of about 7000. I live five miles outside of town on a small piece of acreage my dad has owned for many years. I have an 8 year old brother who looks up to me so I try and set a good example. His name is Ryan or Ry as I call him. He's a very smart fun loving kid. My mother is a stay at home mom which we are all thankful for. She is easy on us boys and never looses her temper. She gets unhappy with us at times but we know when she has had enough from us. Her name is Libby. We wouldn't trade her for fifty Julia Roberts. My dad works for the local power company as a grid control supervisor. His name is Jerry and is an easy laid back guy. He spends a lot of time with my brother and me. My best friend is Scott Landis we have been buddies for several years. He is just turned 11 but he is in my grade. The kid is a brain and skipped grades. Most of the guys in our grade just ignore him.

It can get very cold in the winter here. This year my dad bought a snow mobile for me to ride to school when the roads were bad. That is after many lessons on how to drive it correctly. I cut through the back way making it only three miles. There are about 20 of us at the high school who use this method of transportation during bad weather. I play on the freshman basket ball team so two days a week I have to use the lights going home as it is almost dark. On some Fridays Scott comes home with me and I let him drive the flat part of the trail. He is sort of a serious kid so I am his only friend. I guess I just understand him and we just became very close. He's small for his age but he's a good looking kid. He has blond hair and blue eyes and is about 4'6"and 78 pounds. Ryan will be 9 soon and he is 4'3' and 67 pounds so you see Scott is a little behind in size but he makes up for it with brains. Fortunately he and Ry get along very well. Of course Ry is no dummy either. He skipped a grade last year and is expected to skip at least one more.

One Friday after practice on one of those bitter cold and snowing days it was darker than usual as I started the snow mobile I could see the snow was coming down pretty heavy. I took off through the back gate of the school to the trail I used to get home. I was running slower than usual because of the heavy show and poor visibility. As I made the turn that took me through a large concrete culvert that runs under highway 287 my lights caught what looked like a person wedged between two concrete pillars. I brought the snow mobile to a stop and turned around to investigate. I got off and walked to the pillars and much to my surprise found a boy crouched down between them. He had only a light coat on and no gloves. I pulled him out of the crevice between the pillars, the kid couldn't stand up as he was only half conscious so I sat him on the snow mobile slid in behind him and put one arm around his waist and used the other to steer. I turned around slowly and headed for home. The snow was getting worse and the wind was blowing something awful. As I came up over the rise I saw the barn spot light turned on so I know my parents were worried about me if the spot light was on. As I neared dad heard my engine and came out as I drove up. Without saying a word he took the boy from me and carried him into the house as I put the snow mobile in the barn. I ran to the house.

Son help me get him to the bathroom.

We carried him to the master bath and sat him on the side of the Jacuzzi tub.

Toby get his clothes off while I fill the tub.

Okay dad. Ryan come over here and help me hold him while I get his clothes off.

Okay Toby.

Ryan came from the door way and propped him up as I took off is shoes and socks. Dad picked him up under the arms as I pulled down his pants but his shorts came with them. It was obvious he was still a preteen.

Toby don't worry about his modesty now just pull them off.

I got his pant off and Ryan had pulled his jacket off and was working on his shirt.

Thanks Ry you're a great help.

Dad and I looked at each other. The boy had bruises all over his back and legs. We lifted him into the Jacuzzi and turned on the jets.

Toby hold on to him while I get a thermometer!

Dad returned with a thermometer you read from the ear and it read 93.6 degrees.

Okay boys we need to gradually warm the water so he doesn't go into shock.

We worked with him until his temperature was at 97.8 and he was coming fully awake. He tried to jump up but he was too weak. I called dad and he helped me get him out of the tub. We dried him off.

I'm real sorry but we were in such a hurry to get you in some warm water I pulled your shorts and pants off at the same time.

That's okay don't worry about it.

I wrapped him in a blanket and told dad I would put him in my bed so I told him to hold on to my arm and steady himself on Ryan. We got him to my bed where dad had already pulled back the covers so we just slid him in and covered his body. I turned up the electric blanket until dad said I had it high enough. In minutes he was sleeping.

Boys I think he is going to be okay. He will probably sleep all night.

Dad said mom had been grocery shopping when the storm started and said she would be late because she was going to follow the snow plow. At about 7 she came rolling in.

As she came in the house Ryan ran up to her!

Mommy, mommy there is a boy in Toby's bed.

Dad kissed mom and said we would explain everything after we got the groceries. When we got the van emptied we sat down at the kitchen table.

Okay Toby fill us in.

Well I was moving slow because of the snow and as I came to the underpass I saw this kid wedged between two pillars of the supports. He was only half conscious so I pulled him out and propped him up with one arm and drove with the other. That's about it, you know the rest.

Dad filled her in on how we had warmed him up and the rest of the story.

Yeah mommy Toby yanked his pants off and his penis flipped out.

Well Ryan if it flipped out did you find it?

Aw mom you know what I mean.

Everyone laughed at Ry's use of words. Mom went to my room and took his temperature. It was 98 degrees, almost normal. When she came back we fixed some sandwiches and sat down to eat.

Jerry we need to notify the police.

Libby it will wait until morning. No one is coming out in this weather anyway.

Mom I'll get the cot from the barn and sleep next to him tonight


Under the circumstances I suppose that would be best.

Come on son I will help you get it in.

Okay dad let me get my coat and gloves.

We went to the barn and got the cot and dad helped me pull the thin mattress from the plastic protector. We got the bed set up without waking the boy. By this time it was getting late so I told my parents good night and crawled in bed. In a few minutes in came Ryan with nothing on as usual and gave me his nightly hug and kiss. A couple years ago he just decided to sleep bare butt necked. Mom and dad said there would be more important things to make a point of so the just let him be. He's a real sweet kid and never gives mom or dad a problem. It's not uncommon for me to wake in the morning and find him curled up next to me. He likes for me to wake him with wet kisses. Quite often I let him take a shower with me because he say's I make him feel good. I think he just likes me to wash his butt and privates just so his little rod sticks out. Like I said I love him.

I was sound asleep when I heard the boy making noises. He was having a bad dream. I got up and pulled back the cover a little and took hold of his arm. He jumped then grabbed my arm with both hands.

Its okay buddy I'm here and you're safe with us.

I could see tears running down his cheeks from the light I had left on in the closet. He held on to me and wouldn't let go so I slipped in beside him and he hugged me.

I'm sorry to wake you!

It's not a problem. I'll stay if you want.

Yes I would like that.

Here we are in bed together and I don't even know your name.

Craig, Craig Morgan.

Well Craig Morgan I'm Toby McDuffie.

I like your name Toby.

How old are you Craig?

I'm 12.

Boy you're as tall as me and I bet you weigh about the same and for sure you're as big as me in the package department.

I'm told I'm big for my age. You have me at a disadvantage in the package department, I haven't seen yours.

Believe me you just may be bigger.

I can feel you relaxing you muscles so I hope you are feeling more comfortable.

Yeah I am.

I have real cool parents so in the morning we can get what ever needs to be sorted out taken care of. They will make sure nothing bad happens. My dad and I both saw the awful bruises so we know there must be a problem. You just try and sleep some more and don't worry.

Will you stay with me?

You couldn't get rid of me if you wanted.

I think I'm going to like you. I'll bet you are the one who found me!

Yeah that's me.

I don't know how I could ever repay you for saving my life.

It was providence that saved your live not me. I just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

We both need to get some rest so try and sleep.

It was late morning before I woke and as I stretched Craig rolled over on his side and his stiff penis hit my leg.

Gee's I sorry Toby.

Hey man if a guy can't wake up with in the morning with a stiff one it wouldn't be worth growing up now would it?

You have a point.

So do you. (Craig giggled)

That's what I like, happy sounds.

You really have a way of making a guy feel at ease.

Well if you need to ease that problem don't worry about me.

It can wait.

Craig it's important that you feel you can do anything around me. There is nothing worse than not feel at ease.

Just about then Ryan came bursting through the door and jumped right in the middle of us.

He grabbed me around the neck and kissed me on the lips as he so often did.

Craig meet Ryan our resident pest.

Hi Craig and I'm not a pest my brother just likes to make fun of me. He really loves me.

Nice to meet you Ryan and I'll bet he does love you.

Hey buddy what about the deal on knocking before you come in.

Well I didn't think you would be jerking with company here.

You little devil who told you about jerking?

I read about it and some of the boys at school talk about it and I'm a fast learner.

My eight years old and already playing!

I'm almost nine.

Yeah you are right you are growing up.

Mom yelled from the kitchen.

Good morning boys I hope everyone slept well. You want to get dressed and come to the kitchen for some breakfast.

Yes mom we'll be there in a few minutes.

Craig I believe my clothes will fit you without a problem.

I gave him some underwear and levies and a nice sweat shirt along with socks and an almost new pair of tennis shoes.

Thanks Toby everything fits just fine.

Great then clothes is one thing we don't have to worry about.

Good morning mom and dad, this is Craig Morgan.

Oh so you do have a name. I must say you sure look better than when my son brought you here.

Yes sir I'm sure it's thanks to him I am still alive.

We sat down to one of mom's great waffle and eggs breakfast.

Craig ate like he had missed a couple meals. We finished and dad said for us to come to the family room with him. When everyone was seated.

Well Craig I guess the best place to start is to hear what happened to you.

Yes sir.

Why don't you call me Jerry? I like your courtesy but I like first names.

Okay, well I ran away from a foster home in Cheyenne. I've done it before and they just keep taking me back even though my foster father beats me every time he gets drunk which is most days. If I complain to my case worker I'm told he denies it and keeps saying I get beatings at school from bigger kids and blames him because I don't like him. He always has some excuse and they always believe him. Every time I tell on him it only gets worse. My case worker could care less about me she told me to just keep my mouth shut and to be glad I have a roof over my head.

Where are your parents?

I was taken away from them permanently by the court because of continued abuse when I was 4. I am told they are drug addicts and refuse to get treatment so the court severed their parental rights.

How long have you been gone this time?

I rode with a trucker for a week. He let me ride with him to California and back but I decided just to get out here rather that face my case worker again and get the same old story. They would just put me back in the same place.

He was meaner than usual the last time he beat me, his son Troy thought it was so funny he took some video pictures because he thought I would be fun.

Do you get along with Troy?

No he is like his dad in that he feels I am trash and a way to make some easy money from the state.

Okay Craig I would like for you to write down the name and address of you foster parent along with the phone number and while you're at give me the name of your case worker. When you're finished I'm sure my boys would like to show you a good time for a change. I want you to feel like this is home for as long as you are here. One last thing would you mind stripping to your shorts in Toby's room so I can get a few pictures of your back and legs.

No I don't mind.

Good I may need pictures.

Thank you Jerry, I can't tell you how much I appreciate what you're doing for me.

There's no thanks needed. Just try and be a kid for now.

Ryan drug Craig off to his room to show him his collection of miniature cars.

Dad is it okay if we put the cot away. Craig had a bad dream last night so I got in bed with him and it seemed to calm him quite a bit so I thought I would just stay with him until he feels more settled.

If you're sure that's fine with me.

Honey his clothes are in pretty bad shape so I didn't wash them.

Well mom as you saw my clothes fit him fine. I don't mind sharing with him.

I know you don't that why you are you. (she hugs me)

I went to rescue Craig from Ry.

We went out to the barn to service the ski mobile. He helped me change the oil and I changed the spark plug. When we were finished as dirty as we were we just sat down to rest.

Toby what do you think is going to happen to me?

What would you like to happen?

Well if I were wishing I would like to stay here. I have never been around a family that only wants to look after each other and I know love when I see it I just haven't experienced it. I shouldn't complain I have always had clothes and meals but that's not living its just existing.

Craig half of living is family. You were born cheated of a family. That really sucks. Look our family doesn't have a lot of money but we do okay because we all understand our financial limitations. Ry and I don't ask for what we know our family can't afford but some how my parents always see we get what we need and a lot of what we would like to have. My dad bought this snow mobile at auction. He went out on a bad weather day last winter when he knew few people wouldn't show up and bought it at a steal. He froze his butt off in real bad weather just to get me what he knew I wanted but wouldn't ask for because I knew they were to expensive. That's what love of family is about.

I've already seen in action and that's why I said if I had a wish it would be here.

Craig let's just leave things in my dad's hands, who knows what will happen. Come on lets get cleaned up.

We went to my room.

I'm going to take a shower. You can join me if you want. I'm use to it because Ry is always coming in to get me to wash him. I think he only does it so he'll get a boner when I wash his privates. I get a kick out of it.

Okay maybe I can get the same service.

Your wish is my pleasure.

Gee man you must be an inch longer than me!

Yeah but you have hair.

Oh sure the size of a quarter and so curly you can hardly notice it.

Craig If that thing gets larger when it's hard I'm going to be jealous.

We got in the shower and did a good job of washing each other down. It was nice to be on the receiving end for a change but Craig was ecstatic with the wash job I gave him.

I have never had anyone bathe me before, at least that I can remember. Your brother is one lucky kid.

Thank you sir I'll take that as a complement.

As I dried off I got on the scale. I weighed 114 pounds. Craig got on and he weighed 115 pounds. We checked our height and we were both 5'5". He has sandy brown hair and green eyes and I have auburn hair and blue eyes. My hair is curly so I guess that is why my crotch hair is going to be curly. My brother looks like me only a smaller version.

I see your burses are getting lighter and will probably be gone in soon.

Yeah they don't hurt anymore.

I don't normally pay much attention to guy's body. I see them everyday at school in the showers and I just never pay any attention but you are different Craig you have a beautiful body. Your have a beautiful face if you had long hair and a dress you could be mistaken for a girl and I mean that as a complement. You don't look like a girl you are just awfully good looking. I think I should have kept my mouth shut, that didn't come out very well.

No, no it came out fine. I'm very flattered and a bit embarrassed. I never thought of myself as good looking.

Craig you either never looked in a mirror or your half blind.

You're great guy Toby. I sure hope I can get to now you better.

I think I'm going to like you also.

Boy's dinner is ready.


Okay mom we'll be right there.

We got dressed and went to the kitchen.

Toby, Scott called while you boys were showering and said he would be here about eight.

Oh good grief I forgot I ask him to come over tonight.

Well Toby you better figure out sleeping arrangements.

Yeah mom I will work something out.

He can sleep with me you guys.

Are you sure Ryan?

Sure mom we get along great I won't mind.

We had no more than finished dinner when Scott turned up.

Hello Scott, come on in out of the cold.

Thanks Mrs. McDuffie.

Hey Scott buddy we've had a bid of excitement around here so I forgot you were coming.

Hi Toby, what kind of excitement?

I filled him in on what had happened and introduced him to Craig.

Craig I'm glad to meet you. I'm sure sorry you have had such a rotten time trying to grow up. But I will tell you couldn't be in better hands. This is one great family.

Thanks buddy I'm glad you feel that way!

Yeah Toby I do. This has been a refuge more than once to me and Craig I don't have a problem with my family. The refuge is from me. Toby has helped me over a lot of rough spots. You couldn't ask for a better friend. It's not all that much fun being just 11 and in high school.

Yeah I have already found out what kind of a family this is. Scott I'm sure I would be very tough being in high school at your age but I'll bet with Toby on your side you will get through it.

Scott I'm sure you had planed on eating dinner with us.

Yes mam that's what Toby said to do.

Well with all the excitement around here he forgot. I haven't put anything away yet so let me fix you a plate.

Thanks Mrs. McDuffie.

Scott ate while Craig and I sat with him so Scott could get to know Craig better. They seemed to do pretty well. The conversation indicated to me Craig was a pretty bright kid.

Scott I'm sorry I screwed up about staying tonight.

It's not a problem.

I already have Craig in my room would you mind sleeping with Ry.

No Ryan and I get along fine. Don't let it bother you I know you have a lot on your mind.

Thanks Scott as always you're my bud.

Okay Scott you're going to sleep with me. At least I get you for one night but you have to sleep like me.

Like you. Oh yeah you sleep bare don't you.

Yeah I sure do.

Well Ryan we'll work something out.

Dad had called Sheriff Daniels and filled him in on Craig's situation. They had gone to school together and were on the same bowling league. They both were going to Cheyenne on Monday morning. Dad had a lot of personal days he never uses but he was going to take one Monday.

All us kids went to the family room and found "Spider Man" on HBO. It was a long move but we all enjoyed it. By the time it had finished we were all ready for bed. Scott went with Ry and Craig came with me. There is a bath between Ry and my rooms so if both doors are open you can walk from one room to the other.

Scott you don't have to come to bed naked if you don't want to. The only boy I get to see naked is my brother and I just thought it would be nice to have someone close to my size to cuddle up to.

Well I have never done this but your right it might be nice to see and be next to a boy about my size. Why not.

They both undressed.

Gee Scott you look great. You're even better looking without clothes.

You're not so bad yourself. Just look, you're two years younger and the same size equipment. Your balls have even lowered some.

Yeah dad said I was running a little ahead for my age.

You let your dad see you nude!

Oh yeah I'm the resident nudist. When I get up in the morning I just do my thing and no one pays any attention.

Come on let's get in bed.

Okay Ryan, I guess there is a first time for everything.

They got in bed and Ryan immediately snuggled up to Scott.

This feels great Ryan but I'm getting hard just lying next to you.

So what, so am I, there is nothing wrong with that, it's natural.

If you will let me I can take care of your hard on.

Oh I can masturbate myself if I want to.


No not masturbate. Will you let me show you?

Okay I may as well learn something new.

As Ryan took hold of Scott's penis he drew in a deep breath. This was the first time anyone since he was a baby had touched it.

Its okay Scott I'll just warm it up with both hands first.


When he had his 4" rod nice and warm he moved quickly down and to it into his mouth. Scott let out a loud noise.

Shush Scott the whole house will hear us.

I'm sorry I just wasn't expecting that.

How doe's it feel?

So far great!

Ryan sucked his penis and played with his balls and poor Scott was twisting in pure pleasure then Ryan sucked his balls in with his penis and rolled them around in his mouth. Scott let out a loud Ahhhh but this time Ryan just dept on sucking until Scotts butt came up off the bed and he let out another loud Ahhhhhh as he came.

Oh my god Ry where did you learn to do that.

Did it feel good?

That is probably the biggest understatement I have ever heard.

Yeah I thought you would like it.

They snuggled up with their arms around each other and drifted off to sleep.

The next morning I walked into the bathroom at the same time Scott was coming in.

Scott I just have to piss if you want to go at the same time that's okay.

Yea I really need to go.

We both stood bare ass naked and pissed.

Scott what was the noise all about last night.

Oh Toby I need to talk to you about last night I'm a bit confused.

I closed both doors to the bath.

Okay shoot.

Well Ryan got me to get n bed with him naked which I didn't mind and I didn't even mind when I got hard laying next to him.

It's what he did with me that has me confused.

He filled me in on the entire event.

Did what happened hurt you?

No on the contrary it felt assume.

Then Scott if you both enjoyed it I don't see anything wrong with it. It's just boys being boys. There is nothing wrong with playing with each other as long as you both agree and no one gets hurt.

Toby I know I'm not gay so I thought maybe it would be unfair of me to play sex games with Ryan, after all he is a bit younger than me.

First Scott you are both way above average in inelegance. Ry knows exactly what he is doing. He wants to play at sex just like you do and I also doubt he has any inclination toward being gay. It's sex play and if you both enjoy it then no problem.

What if he wants to go farther like butt play and things like that?

Once again if you both agree then it's okay. You don't need my lecture what is okay and what is not. You both know when to say no.

Will us playing hurt our friendship?

Oh Scott there is now way you and I aren't going to be friends. You never realized it but you are as much support to me as I am for you. We understand and trust each other that's what makes us such good friends.

Well I know it's going to be a while before I can do anything with girls so I guess if both of us enjoy it there should be no harm in us playing with each other.


Hey you guys quit playing with each other and open this door so a guy have a piss.

Oh yeah Ry you're just afraid I am getting something you aren't. (I don't often tease my brother I'm just not into it)

Yeah I am now open this door.


I opened the door, patted Scott on the back and went back to my bed. I heard the door close again so I guessed the newly formed sex play relationship was getting a further workout. I think this just may help Scotts self esteem.

As I lay in bed thinking Craig rolled over as he was waking with his face next to mine. Like I was on automatic reflex I gently kissed him on the forehead.

Good morning Craig.

Man Craig I did that without even thinking. I don't know why.

You have a tender side about you I don't believe you've discovered yet so don't get upset I'm sure not.

I'm glad you're not upset at me.

Here I am in your bed, in your house and you just saved my life a couple days ago and you're afraid I might be mad! I like you man I like you very much.

I don't know what to say Craig.

There is nothing you need to say.

We hugged. My mind was in turmoil. I didn't know what was going on.

Boys, all of you need to get a shower and get some brunch, its 11:00.

I heard Ryan and Scott get in the shower so Craig and I just laid there holding each other.

Did you mind me hugging you?

No Craig I didn't but I'm more than just a little confused.

Don't feel like you're the only one.

Ryan and Scott finished showering and left the bathroom.

Craig we need to get a shower and get something to eat.

We showered and went to the kitchen where mom had fixed us a large breakfast. Ry and Scott came in right behind us.

When we finished all four of us went to the barn to clean the horse's stalls and feed them. Craig and I did all the clean up and the smaller boys feed them. As usual it took us several hours, when we finished we went to the house. Mom caught us as we came in.

Boys get cleaned up for dinner and Scott you father is coming after you in an hour.

We all four cleaned up and returned to the kitchen as dad came in and we all sat down to dinner.

Craig it looks like you will be left here with Libby tomorrow. Ryan gets home around 2:30 and Toby when ever he get here.

I don't mind Jerry maybe I can be of some help to Mrs. McDuffie!

You may be here for a while Craig so why don't you just call me Libby.

I need for all of you to know I will be leaving around 6:00 in the morning for Cheyenne with the sheriff. I have no idea how long late we will be getting back.

We watched TV for a while but I had some home work so I left and went to my room. When I finished I decided it would be best for now if I slept with Ry as I was feeling very uneasy sleeping with Craig. I must have fallen asleep quickly because before I know it I felt Ryan snuggle up against me. The next morning I dressed, ate and was off to school without waking Craig.

We had a game after school. It was close but we won by 2 points. I was the lucky one to make to final basket just before the final buzzer. As I was leaving the court slapping all my team mates hands Alexandra (Alex) Nelson stopped me. We had known one another on a casual basis for several years. She was a very pretty girl with sandy brown hair and blue eyes.

Toby, great game.

Thanks Alex.

I was wondering if you would like to come to my house Friday night for dinner. My mom and dad will be going out later but they said it would be okay to ask you.

Yeah I think I would like that.

Good dinner is at 7:00.

Okay Alex I'll be there.

By the time I got home it was 7:00 and as I walked in the back door the phone was ringing. Mom answered it.

Hi honey are you still in Cheyenne?

Yes I'm still here and there is something we need to talk about. First the Sheriff got the police to listen to our story, they contacted child protective services and we all met at Craig's foster home. The police got the video and arrested the SOB. They told me Craig would have to be sent to an facility in Montana because our system just can't handle anymore cases like this. I was told we could take him in if the sheriff signs the papers and grants us foster parent status. The problem is we need another bedroom. Under state law you must have a bedroom for a foster child or if he shares it must be of a certain size. Toby's bedroom won't meet those standards so I would have to finish the attic room and that's going to cost us several thousand dollars. This will put us in a crunch so I need your input.

Well when we get into something we sure don't do it in a small way. Jerry we already know what is right so I guess we'll just have to cut some corners to make it work. I could go back to teaching if necessary.

I already knew what you would say but I felt we had to talk about it.

Yes and we always make it work don't we?

Yeah hon we do. I will be late getting in so don't wait up for me.

Be careful the road are getting slick again.

So mom what gives?

Well Toby it looks like we are going to take in Craig as foster parents. How do you feel about that?

Gee's mom the poor kid has to have a home.

Yes that's what your father and I decided.

Where is he?

I think he is in your room. He's probably tired. He helped me turn all the mattresses and make the beds and wash the clothes. He sure doesn't mid working.

Do you mind if I tell him he has a home?

I don't see why not. I think he would like to hear it from you.

I went to my room.

Hi Toby how was school.

Not to bad, we won our game today.

That's great.

Listen you and I need to talk.


I don't know what happened with you and me the other night and I am a little frightened about it. I need to figure out what that was all about. I think I'll sleep with my brother for now. I'm not mad, quite the contrary I just have feelings I need to deal with. Can you understand?

Of course I can. Don't worry about it.

Thanks Craig. Oh I do have some good news. I don't have the details but you are now part of this family.

This is just too good to be true.

Well believe it my dad called as I came in and it's done.

In walks Ryan.

Hey Toby how come I found you in my bed last night?

Well I thought I would keep you warm for a few nights if it's okay with you.

You bet I love sleeping with you, you're warm.

Am I as warm as Scott?

Yeah but he comes with extra benefits, I still want him when he comes over but I wouldn't ask you to leave. Paul and I would find some time.

You are a very unselfish brother but I think you and Paul should have your private time. Paul is a good kid so treat him well he needs someone like you know. I can always find someplace for the night.

I know Paul needs affection and a little more self confidence. I'll take care of him don't worry.

The next day was a teacher's conference day so there was no school. Ry and I both slept in but I woke before he did and there he was laying half on top of me with his head on my stomach. He is a beautiful child just to dam smart for me but I wouldn't trade him for anything. The day seemed to pass quickly and in the late afternoon dad came home and called us all together.

Okay guys I'm sure your mother told you we would need to finish the upstairs area so we can keep Craig. I've given it a lot of thought and it seem to me the most logical way to pay for the expansion is to sell Our Arabian stud. He should bring a very good price.

Oh no Jerry the guys have told me what that horse means to you and I just can't let you. I've lived a long time in the system and I'm sure I would survive 6 more years in it. I would never forgive myself.

Listen to me Craig a 100 of those horses aren't worth the safety and well being of one child. You came to us by providence and by all that's holy we are going to take care of you like one of our own. I will not see you shipped of to some holding facility like a criminal until you are 18 when they turn you loose with $100 in your pocket. You are now part of us and that is how you will be treated. You will be like our son and all the pitfalls and wonderful times that come with it. Do I make my self clear?

As dad finished his speech and I do mean speech because this was way out of character for my dad. He got up and hugged Craig while we all sat with tears in our eyes.


Yes son.

Can I call you guy's mom and dad?

We wouldn't have it another way.

It was decided the upstairs area would become Craig and my area. It would be large enough for a bathroom, two large and one small room. Dad said it would take about a month to complete.

Mom, Dad I almost forgot I have a date Friday with Alex Nelson. I'm going to dinner at her house.

Oh my that sweet little thing has been in class with you since the 6th grade. She is a real beauty. Her father is a doctor.

Okay mom embarrass me that's okay.

You just tell me when you have to be there son and I drive.

Thanks dad.

Event though this had to have been one of the happiest days Craig ever had I saw sadness in his eyes when he heard I had a date.

The week passed quickly and Craig seemed to be settling in fine. He and I just didn't get into long conversations. I guess that was my fault because I was afraid what might come up. Friday night came and mom fussed over the way I dressed until she was happy. I didn't tell her but I thought the outfit she chose looked very good on me. Dad drove me to the Nelson's and dropped me off.

Hello Toby you're right on time.

Hi Alex you look great.

Thanks I bought it special for tonight. You know I have never seen you all dressed up but you look better than ice cream.

You're going to make me blush and I promised myself I wasn't going to do that.

She introduced me to her parents and her dad asks about basket ball. Alex told him I was one of the best players and had won our last game for our team. Her mom was very pleasant but she seemed to have other things on her mind so we didn't talk very much. The dinner was very good and I enjoyed my conversation with Dr. Nelson. When we finished eating they excused themselves to leave for a party.

Alex took me by the hand and led me up the stairs to here room. It was very big and had all the entertainment gadgets anyone could ask for. We talked and slowly we came together for a kiss. This continued for a while until she was unbuttoning my shirt and soon we were both naked on her bed. Things just moved so fast I didn't even try to process it all. I was as hard as a rock when she slipped me inside her and with robotic response I started to pump into her until I came.

Oh god Alex I didn't use a condom.

Do you think I would have planned this if I thought you were able to produce baby sperm yet?

Oh so you planned to seduce me?

Yes and I believe I did a pretty good job don't you?

I guess so because once you had me going I just couldn't stop.

We cleaned up and dressed then went back down stairs. We talked a while about what we had done, I told her I didn't feel very good about my first time because of the way she had planned it. I called my dad to pick me up.

I didn't sleep very well thinking about what happened. I felt like I had been used and wasn't very happy with myself for letting it happen. It had been so mechanical, I had no feelings about the event. If it hadn't been as much my doing as hers I would have been mad, but I had no one to blame but myself.

The weeks passed and the upstairs was finished so Craig and I move in. There had been enough money left to buy some extra furniture. We both moved and as the weeks passed Craig and I became more at ease with one another. We both loved our new quarters and a since of more independence.

One afternoon as I was leaving school.

Toby wait up I need to talk to you.

Well what do you know after all this time since our party at your house you want to talk to me?

Well the only reason I talking to you now is to tell you I am pregnant.

You're what!

Your heard me.

Do your parents know?

Yes I told them yesterday.

What did they say?

They figure I won't show before school is out so I will take a long summer vacation and have the baby. You don't have to worry I'm giving it up for adoption.

You're what?

Are you hard of hearing or something, you heard me.

But it's it my child also.

Well you can just forget that because you will never see it.

I pulled my bike out of the rack and slowly started home. When I got there dad had just come in.

Toby come here. You've been crying what ever is the matter.

I just broke down crying in my mother's arms while my dad stood very near. I finally regained enough composure to talk.

Mom, dad I have something I have to tell you and I am so ashamed.

Toby son what ever it is we'll get through it.

Thanks dad, all I ask is please don't be mad at me for being so stupid. I got Alex pregnant.

Well son I must say when you do make a mistake you do it in a big way. I had no idea you had gone that far in puberty.

Believe me dad neither did I. It's terrible, I will still be13 and a father, the worst is I will never know my own kid.

We sat down and I told them the entire story. How Alex admitted she set me up for our sex party and that she said I would never get to see the kid. I also told them I was just as much to blame for letting it happen.

Well according to my calculations she is 4 months pregnant.

Yeah mom I guess that's about right.

Mom, dad I want to have a face to face talk with Dr. Nelson. Maybe I can work something out.

If that's what you want to do son I will go with you.

No dad I have to do this on my own. I made the mess so I have to be the one to try and make it as right as possible.

I called Dr. Nelson's office and told the receptionist who I was and to please ask the doctor if he would see me. She placed me on hold and in a few minutes she came back telling me he said his office hours were about to end and if I wanted to meet with him he would wait for me.

Dad he will see me now, will you take me?

Let's go son.

Dad drove me to Dr. Nelson's office and waited in the car.

Thank you for seeing me sir.

It's not a problem Toby.

I think you know why I came.

I am reasonably sure, yes.

I know Alex is going to give up the baby and I nor my family have the money to fight for my child. I beg you is there any way I can at least get to see my child. I have talked with my family and they support me in my wish not let a stranger have my child. Will you help me?

Toby I am very sorry. I have to admit my daughter can be a bit of a bitch like her mother. I am sure she pulled you into one of her nasty tricks that finally backfired on her. Yes Toby I will be taking care of all the details so my daughter will never know where the child will be. Her mother and I have been working on a divorce for over six months and it will soon be settled at which time she and my daughter will be leaving for New York to live with her to rich for me family. I will see that all the paper work on the birth certificate is made out properly and that the boy is turned over to you.

Boy, did you say boy!

Yes Toby it is a boy.

How can I ever repay you Dr. Nelson?

By being a better father than I have been. For some reason I believe you will do just that. It took a great deal of intestinal fortitude for you to come to me and I'm so very glad you did. I only have two requests.

What ever you want sir.

That I get to see him as his doctor not as grandfather and that in spite of my problems with my daughter you name him Alex. The least I can do is be his doctor and of course there will be no charge as long as I am in practice which I hope is a long time.

That is more than a reasonable request sir consider it done. Thank you sir.

I called my dad in and introduced him to Dr. Nelson and he explained to dad how my boy would be delivered to me.

I ran in the house the moment the car stopped. As I walked through the door there they all stood, mom, Ryan, Craig and even Scott was there.

Toby everyone knows. Your brother heard our conversation and took it upon himself to let everyone else know.

I'm sorry Toby I didn't mean to cause any trouble.

Come here buddy.

He ran to me and I swooped him up in my arms.

You didn't cause any trouble and I will always love you as much as I hope you love you nephew.

My what?

The baby comes to me and it's a boy. You are going to be an uncle.

We ate dinner and everyone was filled in on the situation. My dad told everyone one about my visit with Dr. Nelson and how proud he was of my tenacity with the good doctor. This was all much to my embarrassment. After dinner I found I was completely exhausted so I went up to my room.

Hi Toby can I come in?

Sure Scott.

I'm real glad you're getting the baby. I hope it all works out for you.

Yeah me to Scott. You look a little sad buddy what's up.

Well you have been so busy the last couple weeks I just didn't want to bother you. My mom left my dad and he has turned into a wreck. I ran out of clean clothes and some night s dad didn't come home and there is nothing in the house to eat so your mom told me to bring all my clothes over here and she washed them and said that I should stay here. Your dad finally caught my dad and said ask why he wasn't taking care of me but all he said was if I wanted to live here it would be fine with him because he was leaving town and has no idea when or if he will return. I moved all my clothes, games and computer into your old room next to Ryan.

Oh god Scott I had no idea. I have been in my own world for so long I didn't know what was going on in my own family. My poor parents have had a lot on their hands lately and I sure made the strain a lot worse. You know we are glad to have you, you're like a brother to me. If you need anyone to talk to or anything I am always here.

I know that Toby but you know it hasn't been so bad. Your family was like a second family to me anyway and Ryan and I have reached beyond just sucking each other off and going to sleep. We have found what pleasures each of us and we have slowed down to take the time to find those pleasure spots that make each of us go nuts. The best of all Ryan has taught me how to really kiss. Cuddling and kissing is what we do most. So even with the demise of my family I have a place that is home. I can't say I'm not happy I just wish my family hadn't fallen apart.

I'm real glad for you guys. I know I love you both.

So now there were 4 boys for my parents to take care of and I had a son on the way. I had to make some plans to help out with the burden my parents had taken on. School was ending this week so I decided to talk with Craig and see if we could come up with some way to help as the baby would arrive before the end of summer. Tomorrow would be Saturday so I decided to talk to Craig the next morning.

Craig are you awake?

Yeah fella come on in.

Can we talk?

Sure we can but you better get under the covers before you freeze your ass off.

Now that's better so talk.

Before I could say a work I just broke down and cried. Craig took me in his arms and cradled me kissing me. I just lay there whimpering and letting Craig caress and rub my body like a child. Nothing had felt so good for so long. All the pent up emotions I had been holding in for so long just came out.

Craig I have been so stubborn and blind and have tried every way I know to deny it but I love you.

You don't know how long I have waited to hear that. I was kept hoping that things would change. When I heard you had a baby on the way I thought my world would never be the same.

I made a real mess and I can't expect my parents to bare all the burden of my mistakes. I'm going to try and get a job after school is out. I know I will be hard at my age.

Well as a mater of fact I have become friends with Billy Hollis the kid that his dad owns the largest horse breading stables in the area.

Yeah I know him.

Well we can have jobs this summer for 5 hours each day walking the horses. They will pay us $6 an hour. Between us that would give us $300 a week and he will pay us in cash. That would pay for all our expenses and the baby along with some to help your parents.

With that I leaned over Craig's face and kissed him passionately. I had never felt so good. I was in love.

The next morning after breakfast I ask mom and dad if the would sit down with Craig and me. We explained about the jobs and I ask mom if she would take on tutoring Craig and I so we could go for our GED as soon as possible. I told mom that our jobs would be from 5 am to noon and if she would tutor us from 1:00 to 4:00 I felt we could graduate by the end of our next school year. I could then go on to a computer sciences school. Mom and dad said we were taking on a lot but they felt we had a good chance of making it work. At the end of the conversation we told them how we felt about each other. They weren't surprised and said they had been watching the drama unfold and figured in the end I would choose Craig. Dad said he was still glad he was going to have a grandson.

Craig and Ryan's birthdays were only a couple days apart so mom had a party or both of them. We had quite a crowd but they both enjoyed the attention. Craig was now 13 and Ryan was 9 going on 15. He is just to smart for a 9 year old.

That night after the party as Craig and I entered our bedroom I stepped in front of him and slowly started to undress him and as I did so I kissed every part that became bare. By the time I had him undressed he was breathing heavy and had a raging hard on. I quickly undressed.

It's your birthday so I have a present for you.



I pushed him back on the bed and put a coating of lubricant on his throbbing member and then laid on my back and spread my legs and pulled up my knees. He moved in behind me and as he was entering me he leaned down and passionately kissed me. We made love to each other far into the night. I will remember it forever.

Craig and I moved into his room leaving my larger room for a living and work area for us. Dad and mom furnished the smaller room for the baby. With this set up Craig and I had our own apartment. It really turned out well. Craig had a good eye for color so he helped mom turn it into a very nice area for us.

Time moved on and my son was born on the last day of school. The whole family went to the hospital to pick him up. He was a beautiful 8-1/2 pound blue eyed perfect healthy child. I had never been so excited in my entire life. Here I was still 13 years old hold my new born son, Alex. It was just too unreal. I cried so much I had to give him to mom to hold. Of course she was very upset ha ha. As luck would have it he was a very good baby. We usually only had to get up twice a night.

There wasn't much time that he didn't have someone to play with him. If it wasn't me or Craig it was Ryan, Scott, dad or mom. The attention seemed to make him a very content child.

We worked hard all that summer and had little time for anything other than work and studies. In the end we received our high school diploma. I at 16 and Craig at 15-1/2. I went on to collage and received a two year degree in computer sciences. At 18 I started to work for the Wyoming Power Company as a district grid programmer. The pay was far beyond what I expected. Craig on the other hand had become a real asset to the Hollis Farms. They made him manager of studding operations a year after he graduated from high School. He loved horses and decided that was what made him happy.

Mom and dad said they would like us to stay at home and continue to live in our apartment. We agreed that having family near by would be good for Alex.

At 16 years old Scott had finished collage. Between my dad and me we got him on at the power company in the accounting department. I knew by the time he was 21 he would be running the place. He had a beautiful girl friend but being the extremely loyal kid he was he still spend time with my brother in their quiet and loving night time adventures. He felt he had to see Ryan through what they had started until he was old enough to have a girl take over and that is just what he did. At 14 Ryan brought home and introduced us to the girl he eventually married when he was 21. Scott never did hear from either his dad or mom and told me it was probably for the best. He said he would have never had the life he now has living with them. He said true family doesn't just wall away from their children.

I am now 28 years old and sitting with Craig at Alex first freshman basketball game. He is only 13 but the coach said he was going to be one of the best athletes the school had had in many years. When the game ended he was besieged by girls. Oh and does he ever love the girls. He was already a horny little devil.

At 28 I was living what most 35+ fathers were living. Just think how many years I would be active in my beautiful son's life and how many good years Craig and I still had. Life can be wonderful if we really want to work for it.

The End Of The Beginning