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Tom and Tom

Exploring Each Other

In Michigan's Upper Peninsula

Chapter 3



After we ate we decided to go to the local university as they had a great swimming pool. They had a lap pool that was a bit cold and a diving pool that was nice and warm. Anyway we go in to get changed and I ask if I can undress him and then put his swim trunks on. He agrees so I pull his sweatshirt off then his undershirt, unbutton his jeans and pull them down he steps out of them and I put them in the locker. He is now standing there in his white underwear tenting in the front. I give him a few rubs through his underwear and then rub his bare chest and stuff. Now I want to keep this view for a few so I tell him to start on me now. He gets my shirt and jeans off and I'm there in my white underwear also pushing to a tent.

I kneel down wanting to get a good look at his package as I pull down his underwear. I naturally rubbed it a bit before I start to pull them down. Slowly his hard boy tool appears, I so want to just slip it in my mouth and suck it, but I restrain myself and just give it a few strokes. He just kind of pulls mine down a gives it a little stroke or two. Who's to complain its better than nothing and I feel someday I can get him to do more. So we put each other underwear on and sit and wait its still a few minutes before they open the doors and we are just talking about random things. We both had to pee so we go into one of the urinals just a normal one this time but I have an idea.

Tom is standing at the urinal getting he cock out as I come up behind him and hold it for him as he pees, kind of a neat feeling. Hold his soft cock and feeling the pee going though it. I can also feel it starting to stiffen up as his stream subsides. I give it a few shakes after he stops peeing and then tuck in back in his swim trunks. No it was mine turn to piss not easy getting my to go down enough to piss after that. But it finally goes down enough for me to pee. He give me a few shakes and puts it back and we head out to swim.

No we never did anything kinky like peeing on each other we just helped hold while we each peed a few times. We start out in the lap pool even though its cold. Cause its shallow so we can stand. So we are kind of swimming and ever now and then I will swimmy him and grab his ass or crotch. Swim between each other legs stuff like that. Now over in the deep warm diving pool we have to either hold on to the side, swim, or tread water to stay afloat. Not to man people in the pool toady and its big enough that they are all spread out. So a few time when we are hanging out at the sides of the pool I reach in hi trunks and get a good feel and get him nice and hard. Once I even pull them down around his ankles.

We decide to head into the locked room early so we can get the sauna to or selves. So we go to our lockers and take off our trunks and grab our towels and head to the sauna. We are sitting in the sauna next to each other and I keep flipping his towel open so I can see everything. Mine is already open. Anyway were are just sitting there for a bit and we hear someone outside the door so we cover up and move apart a bit. And in walks in a very old man. Well to us being teenagers he looked very old but probably only 30's or so. Anyway he walks in naked with no towel scratching his balls with a huge hard on. We both bolt out of there laughing our asses off! If I only knew then what I knew now. I bet anything he knew two teenage boys where in there, and he wanted to play with us.

We got changed with out doing anything more, and headed back to his house stopping to pick up some movies on the way. We where watching the movie in his parents room as that is where the VCR was. His dad was off taking his mom somewhere. He was laying on his stomach wile watching the movie. We were both in our white Fruit Of the Loom briefs and a t shirt as his dad would not be home till very late. I could not help it I reached over and started rubbing his ass through his briefs. That gave me an instant boner. We where soon pulling each others underwear off, and laying next to each other feeling each others cocks, balls and ass. That night we fell to sleep naked in two sleeping bags zipped together playing with each other.

So we are out and about one day and I tell him we should try fucking. He is like ah yeah ok. I can tell he is not to thrilled but figure what the heck. So we walk to a local store and by some Vaseline. We head back cutting thru a wooded fitness trail. We stopped at one of the challenge stations, I pulled my pants down and he pulled his down. I sat down he sat between my legs a reached around and started to jerk him off! It was a blast playing out in the open like that. Then we switched places and he did the same for me. N. either of us shot or loads yet. We started walking the trail again.

We got further down the trail and I wanted to play some more so we both took our shorts off. Standing there in just our underwear and t-shirt and shoes. Both tenting our white briefs. I fell him thru his and he feels me thru mine. I pull his underwear down and feel his cock and balls. I tell him lets walk with out or underwear or shorts on for a bit so we do. Both hard the whole time and our cocks swaying as we walk. We are getting close to getting back to the head of the trail so we get dressed and head to my place. We head into my basement thru the back.

Never having done this before neither of us knew what to do so sadly it did not go well. We both got undressed and I put some Vaseline on my hard cock. We were both standing up me behind him, he was bent over I placed my cock at his hole and tried to push it in. it hurt him right away and he would not let me try again. He was scared to try it to me even though I was willing to. So I got a wash cloth and wiped my cock off so we could just play around. So he was straddling me with his hard cock near my face. I blew him a kiss. He shook his cock at my lips, I finely decided to go for it and asked him if he would think I was gay if I sucked his cock. He said no so I said ok stand up. He stood up I got down in front of him and just put his hard cock in my mouth. Right then I knew I was going to love sucking cock. I sucked it for a few minutes instinct took over and he push my head further down my cock. Damn that was hot. I was surprised when he was willing to suck mine. He did not do it for very long but it was a start.

We where now up stairs in the living room watching TV. I was no determined to make him cum. So I got him to take his pants and underwear off and I did the same. I sat in the recliner and had him sit between my legs. I started jerking him off. What a great feel it was to be sitting there with his boy cock in my hand! I was just doing a nice steady stroking. Just as soon as I said tell me if it feel like you got to pee, (not know if he ever shot a load before like I have) I felt his hot load all over my hand and he was giggling. It was a nice boy load that I wiped off on my shirt. I was going to clean his cock off by sucking it but he wiped his cock in hi own shirt before I had a chance to. I laid on the floor so he could jerk me off. He was doing pretty good and it felt great but he could not hit the right rhythm to get me off. So I took over and finished myself off. Hi was still between my legs when I was ready to shoot so I aimed my cock at his again hard cock and balls and coated them with my load.


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