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Too Good to Be True

Oh, Mikey, I'm going to...” Charles’s last words were swallowed by a loud moan. His fifth orgasm of the day almost hurt. His cock twitched as he had a dry orgasm for the first time in nearly a year. The 14-year-old could hardly believe it as he looked down between his legs and into the brown eyes of the 9-year-old who brought him so much pleasure. Mikey let go of his quickly softening member and stood naked. The boy’s own small tool was small and soft. Charles had brought him to climax twice today, but as he turned around and started to get dressed it was evident he wasn't interested in going for a third.

Well you were right. You could make me hard again,” Charles said as he started to look around for his own clothing.

It was because of my butt.”

Those words coming from Mikey’s childish voice seemed odd to Charles’s ears. According to Mikey he had discovered sex on the Internet and had become obsessed with it. Charles didn't know why Mikey had chosen him, but he was been grateful he had. In the last five weeks since he had moved in Charles had probably had more orgasms between the boy’s mouth and hands that he had had in his entire life.

At first Charles felt guilty and even tried to stop the boy and his wandering hands, but what 14-year-old could turn down a free orgasm? Sometimes he did wonder what his father would think if he ever found out. His father worked hard and was absent a lot, but he tended to make up for it. Charles knew he was a bit closer to his father then most teenagers. He had a friend on the opposite side of town whose father worked from home. When he had slept over there a few weeks ago something had gradually dawned on him: the father and son never spoke. Even when they had just been watching TV together they had said nothing. It had been a slow gradual realization that made Charles look at his father again. Frequently absent, yes, but never absent when he was here.

When Charles started to think about his father and Mikey he always felt uncomfortable. He never made Mikey do anything, the boy just seem to love sucking cock. Charles returned the favor sometimes, but strangely Mikey didn't seem to be all that interested. Sometimes he did like to be stroked or sucked on. It was kind of hard to judge when, though.

Let's get you a drink.” Charles said, scooping Mikey up into his arms. The teenager touched his forehead to the boy’s which caused him to giggle. “Some soda should get that taste out of your mouth.”

The boy wrapped his arms around Charles’s neck. “You didn't spit. So no taste.”

Well I still think you deserve a soda."

Charles smiled as he carried the boy out of the room. Why Mikey called cumming spitting he didn't know. It was kind of cute though. Charles wondered if it might have something do with his older brother, but Mikey never really talked about his older brother. Charles would not even know Mikey had one, if he hadn't seen him once.

Placing the boy on the counter he retrieved two soda cans from the refrigerator. Charles opened one for Mikey before handing it to him. Jokingly they clicked the cans together before both taking a sip.

Mikey smacked his lips together. “Can I stay here tomorrow? All day?” Mikey asked suddenly.

Charles took a sip from his can. “Why are you asking?” Mikey tended to drift over in the morning and stay till around evening. His mother had been a bit concerned at first especially when she found out for the most part Charles was alone all day. Charles's dad worked six days a week and his mom had died when he was about seven. She had relented only after talking to Charles's father and realizing Charles didn't mind.

He used to have a friend who lived nearby but he had moved away last year. For some strange reason the development he lived in seemed to either attract older couples with grown kids or younger couples just starting out. Charles wouldn't have admitted it, but he was sort of lonely. The company even of someone younger was nice on occasion.

The blow jobs certainly helped to make the boy’s presence tolerable, but he really wasn't much trouble. When Charles wanted to read or play a game again he just had to bring out some of his old toys and Mikey would play quietly. Even without the cock sucking it was kind of nice to have a little brother of a sort.

Mikey looked down and spoke in a very quiet voice. “My mom's taking me to my aunt's birthday party. I don't want to go.”

Charles smiled. After his mother died he had often been dropped off at an elderly aunt’s house after school. It was no fun and he couldn't blame Mikey for wanting to get out of such a visit. “I don't know. Sometimes you have to visit family. It is sort of like an obligation. Even when you don't enjoy it, they might like seeing you.”

Mikey’s hand tightened around his can and Charles could hear it crinkle. “I will suck your cock 10 times.”

I'm not sure I could do it that many times. Even if you did run your butt against it until I was raw. I will ask but I don't think your mom will allow it.”

Mikey nodded solemnly.

Charles ruffled his hair. He liked the silky feeling under his fingers. Actually now that he thought about it Mikey was pretty cute. He still had a little baby fat on him and his cheeks puffed out a little. His lips were thin and red. His little cock was cute too. Charles had always been pretty easy-going with who he was attracted to, consider himself bi with a 50-50 split. A kid, however? Well, not until Mikey. He had found himself thinking of him more like a boyfriend than just a friend.

On the odd occasion Charles still found himself masturbating it was to thoughts of Mikey. He would imagine Mikey lying next to him naked: they would kiss as he caressed the little boy's body. His fingers would fondle the boy's balls bringing him to an erection, although at his age the difference between soft and hard was minor. He imagined sucking on the boy's nipples and cock as the boy returned the favor. He had even imagined poking the boy’s butt. That he had always kept in his fantasies. It wasn't that he was large, but Mikey was small. The boy clearly knew a little about sex too, but aside from rubbing Charles’s shaft against his butt, he never seemed interested in anything further.

There was a knock at the door and Charles went to answer it. Not to his surprise it was Mikey's mother, a middle-aged woman carrying a few extra pounds. She seemed nice enough and her voice was gentle as she spoke. “I'm here for my little one.”

Charles smiled back because that's what you were supposed to do. “He is in the kitchen, but Mikey asked me to ask. I guess you're taking him to his aunt’s birthday party. Well, he really doesn't want to go and asked if he could stay with me instead. I really don't mind, but well, family...” The woman smiled and tilted her head to look behind Charles. Charles turned around to see Mikey in the kitchen doorway staring at them.

Mikey,” his mother said in a pleasant voice. “You're your aunt’s favorite nephew. She would be heartbroken if you didn't go to her party. You'll enjoy it once you're there. There'll be other kids.”

What happened next Charles would always remember. The look that crossed over Mikey's face defied classification. It was a twist of anger and hatred and so many other things that only lasted for a second. Mikey then threw his mostly full can of soda at them before turning and running. Charles guessed he was aiming for his mother, but hit him instead. So shocked was Charles that when his mother started after him she tripped over him and they both fell in the narrow entryway. Mikey's mother claimed to her feet and shouted. “Michael Isaias Tomlinson, you get back here now!”

There was no answer. As they both started after Mikey they saw the back door opened. Mikey's mother stepped outside and looked around. “Where could he have gone?” She demanded of Charles.

Charles stepped outside and looked around. His house was in a development, but it was at the very back and it went right into the woods. Charles was still a bit stunned that the normally passive Mikey had done something like that. It took a moment for him to speak. “I showed him where I used to play when I was a kid in the woods. Let me go check those spots. I'll bring my cell phone and call when I found him. It shouldn't take too long.”

Mikey’s mother nodded and looked over at him. “He gets like this sometimes, him and his brother both. They're not bad boys, they just get frustrated sometimes. Be sure to tell him he is not in trouble. I'll see if I can clean up that soda he spilled.”

Charles nodded and darted back inside to retrieve his cell phone. He had Mikey's mother's cell phone number in his address book already. It had been one of the things she had insisted on when Mikey had first started hanging out at his place. Going back outside Charles looked at the backyard. The wood was about 10 feet away (3 m) and there was a small hill that became a bigger hill. He was pretty sure that was the only way Mikey could've disappeared so fast. He must be heading towards Charles’s old fort.

At a jog it only took him about 2 min. to reach there. The sun was already setting casting crazy shadows in the woods. When he had been a kid this had been his favorite time to play in the woods because it looked so different. He had imagined being on an alien world fighting monsters and things like that. Later air soft guns took the place of pretend guns and now he didn't come back much here.

When the fort came into view so did Mikey and Charles would've stopped and called to tell his mother he had been found. However, Mikey was hitting a tree with all of the fury a nine-year-old could muster with wild punches and kicks. He didn't look over his shoulder as Charles stepped up behind him and grabbed his arm and pulled him away from the tree. He glanced at Mikey's hands and saw that they were bleeding. “What the hell!”

Mikey sniffed when Charles looked down at his face and saw the boy was crying. When he spoke his voice was soft and sounded like a mantra. “I don't want to go. I don't want to go. Don't make me go. Please. Please don't make me go. I'll do anything you want.”

For a second Charles didn't know what to do. This was so not what he had been expecting. His mind just sort of froze and mechanically asked. “What's wrong?”

Mikey was silent for a second. He seemed just as lost as Charles at the moment. After a very long pause he spoke. “I hate her. I want her to die.”

Charles was still in shock himself, but he knew that the her he referred to was his mother and that touched a spot in Charles his own heart. Unconsciously his hand tightened around Mikey's arm. “You don't want that. You don't want your mother to die.”

Then I want to!” Mikey shouted. He started crying then. Not just shedding tears, but sobbing. His breaths were heaving and when Charles let go of his arm he fell to the ground and curled up into a ball. Charles wasn't sure how long it took him to recover. To realize something wasn't right. His mind was working in slow-motion, but at some point he recognized the destination. He just didn't want to reach it.

Inevitably though he knelt down and stroked the boy's hair. That calmed Mikey down a little. Charles asked. “What's going to happen at your aunt's birthday party?”

Not supposed to tell. I'll get punished if I tell.”

No, you won't. I just want to know. If you tell me why I will make sure you don't go.”

Mikey was silent for a moment, will as silent as he could be while he was still crying. “I have to do things.”

What type of things?” Charles asked.

They tell me to get naked. I have to stay naked. All the boys do. Not the girls. The girls are in charge. You have to do what the girls tell you to do.”

What do they tell you to do?” Charles asked automatically feeling disconnected.

Things. Sometimes they tell me to stroke someone or suck someone off or they pinch me all over. Sometimes they tell me to do that to someone else. We have to bring them food and drinks and we’re not allowed to put our clothes back on. Not until they say we can. My aunt puts her fingers in my butt. Some other people do to. It hurts. Some of the other boys get dicks put up there. I'm too small for that, but my brother isn't. He says when I turn ten they're gonna do it to me to. They will throw a special party. ”

Your brother’s there? How many people are there?” Charles asked.

A couple,” Mikey said in a quiet tone. “A couple of boys. Dads, too. They're usually the same. I don't want to go.”

Charles wet his lips. “How often do you have these things?”

Mikey was quiet. “Don't know. Once a month, sometimes more. At Christmas they rent this big cabin out and we all go there.”

Charlie stroked Mikey's and thought back to their first meeting. He’d been playing basketball outside and the boy had quietly snuck up behind him and asked if he could play. Charles hadn't seen any harm in it. He told the boy to ask his mom if was okay and when he had come back he said it was. Charles had seen the boy's family move into the neighborhood a few days ago. There would be a few boys around his brother’s age, but not around Mikey's or his own. It was a hot day like most summer days. After a while Charles was thirsty and he asked if Mikey was too.

Going inside he had retrieved two sodas and taken the boy out back on the porch. There was a swinging chair built for two there and they had sat and talked for a little. Charles remembered telling Mikey that he didn't have a mother and talking about their families. Charles remembered Mikey coming closer to him and then resting his head down on his lap. At first it was just innocent but the boy had started rubbing his head slowly back and forth which had definitely caused him an erection. Charles had been too scared to do anything not wanting to startle the boy or draw attention to it in case he had noticed.

The boy sat up and with one hand unzipped Charles’s fly and fished out his erection. He watched astonished as the boy’s tongue reached out and started licking his erection. Charles could still remember how the boy’s tongue licked around his head up and down his shaft making it nice and wet. Mikey got to his knees and lowered his head over the erection, taking it into his mouth. The boy had gone up and down a little and part of Charles had wanted to stop him, but he was 14 and someone was giving him a blow job. When he climaxed the boy had not cared. He swallowed it and looked up at him and asked if he could play a little more basketball. That had been the beginning of it. He should've known the first day something was wrong. No kid did that naturally. Not to a stranger they just met only a few minutes ago.

As Charles sat there stroking Mikey's hair he pulled out his cell phone. He should call the police, he knew that. However, he also knew if Mikey told him what they had done together that he would be in trouble. He could call Mikey's mother and say he knew what was going on and say Mikey wasn't going to go anymore. That might work. He could also just tell her that he found her son and not mention any of it. Maybe they could go on and pretend like everything was normal. Maybe Mikey would just stop coming around.

Charles remembered something his father had told him once. When in doubt choose the hard option, it's probably the right one.

Letting out a sigh he dialed.

911, what is your emergency?”


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