Disclaimer: this story deals with 11 and 12 year olds in a sexual situation. If this is illegal where you are do not read.

Treasure Hunting


Twelve-year-old Ethan pushed his way through the dry summer heat. It was about ninety degrees outside with the humidity not far behind the temperature. He was starting to regret leaving his air-conditioned house to visit a friend who lived two miles away. Actually, he really didn't consider Michael a friend. They only talked to each other in school because their names were fairly close alphabetically and they always ended up sitting close to each other. Why he had called him, Ethan wasn't sure, but Michael said he had found a way for them to make a few bucks and he figured he might as well hear him out. Of course, why he couldn't just tell him over the phone he didn't know, and Michael wouldn't explain.

He had never been to Michael's house before, but he had been given an address and a description. It was with some relief that the next house he came to fitted the description and a quick look at the mailbox confirmed the address. The driveway was covered in gravel which provided a bumpy ride, but he didn't want to ride on the grass even if it looked half dead in the heat. There was already a bike out front leaning against the porch and he put his next to it.

Stepping onto the porch he knocked on the front door, enjoying the slight relief the shade provided. The door was opened a moment later by a woman who had the same dark hair and brown eyes that Michael had. She smiled gently at him and said, “You must be Ethan, come in. Michael is in the basement.”

Um… thanks,” he said, stepping inside and feeling a bit out of place. Ethan didn't like meeting people unexpectedly. He always had the impression they were judging him.

Before he could really look around the place, though, he heard a door open and Michael's head popped out from around a corner. “Ethan, you're here,” Michael said before adding, “come on downstairs, it's cooler there.” Without waiting for him to follow Michael headed back downstairs.

Well, he's excited. I don't know what you boys are up to, but I don't want to hear about it on the news,” Michael's mother said, closing the front door.

He turned to look at her, not sure if she was joking or not, but the slight smile suggested joking. Smiling back he said, “I'm sure it's nothing newsworthy.”

She laughed at that and said, “Go. Have fun.”

Ethan smiled and walked across the room to the door that led to the basement. Closing the door behind him he went downstairs. The basement was finished, but it was also like a guy's hangout. There was a big leather couch and chair facing a large screen TV with surround sound. The walls were covered in dark paneling with beer signs and Kansas City Chiefs memorabilia. Finally there was a little bar and a table that looked like it was designed for playing poker.

Ethan took all that in with a glance, but the first thing he said was, “Who are you?”

Ethan, this is Taylor. He's my neighbor. Taylor, this is Ethan,” Michael said, introducing them to each other.

I'm eleven,” Taylor said unprompted from where he sat on the couch.

Okay,” Ethan said, acknowledging the comment. If Ethan had been asked to guess Taylor’s age, he would've put him at nine. The kid was small and pretty scrawny-looking. His head looked too large for his body and it was surprising that the kid didn't tip over from the weight.

He turned to Michael and said, “You didn't say anyone else would be here.”

Michael shrugged, “I didn't think it was a big deal.” He smiled with all the energy he had earlier and said, “Just let me explain my idea.”

Ethan sat on the far end of the couch, as far as he could from Taylor. Michael clapped his hands together and started his presentation.

All right, yesterday I was watching a show about Jesse James.”

A show?” Taylor spoke up. “You told me you had an idea for making a little money.”

Well, it was a documentary. Now please don't interrupt, shrimp.”

Ethan noticed that Michael didn't seem too annoyed at being interrupted and Taylor didn't mind being called shrimp. So they were friends and not just neighbors, he thought, as Michael started again.

I was watching this documentary,” Michael said emphasizing the word documentary, “on Jesse James the other day. There is this theory that Jesse James wasn't just robbing to make himself rich, but was actually funding a secret organization. Apparently, during the Civil War he was a member of a group called Knights of the Golden Circle, which was like a civilian arm of the Confederacy. They kind of continued even after the Confederacy fell, hoping they could rebuild it. Apparently they were pretty big and had something like forty thousand members in this state alone.”

Fascinating,” Taylor interrupted.

This time Michael did seem a little annoyed at the interruption. He glared at Taylor before continuing, “Well, I'm just saying there were a lot of members. Some of the members had the job of guarding the land where they would hide stuff. Those guys got paid, but not directly. You see, someone would bury a mason jar with silver dollars in it and the guy guarding the land would come along later and dig it up.”

Michael paused for a minute and grinned, “Now, the interesting thing is, they would communicate by carving symbols into rocks so people would know where to dig. The really interesting thing is that some of the symbols they showed in this documentary are the same as ones that are on Taylor's land.”

There was a moment of stunned silence that Taylor broke hesitantly, “I thought those carvings were old Indian stuff?”

Nope, they're not,” Michael said.

Wait a minute,” Ethan spoke up. “So, you're basically saying there is buried treasure on Taylor's property? Like how much?”

Well, the mason jar they dug up had something like twenty silver dollars in it. I looked around online and those things sell for like $50 each: that’s $1000. We could find more or we could find less,” Michael finished with a shrug.

A thousand dollars split three ways is something like three hundred and thirty-three dollars each, Ethan calculated in his head. He could buy a PlayStation 3 with that.

Okay, I get why you needed to bring me in on this, but why is he here?” Taylor said.

Not for the first time, Ethan felt uncomfortable being put on the spot, especially since he didn't know the answer to that question either.

That is simple,” Michael said rocking back and forth on his heels. “We know the general area where something might be buried, but if we just started digging randomly it would take us forever. Ethan's father has a metal detector and I'm hoping he'll be able to borrow it.”

So they wanted to borrow his father's metal detector, he thought. His father was a plumber and, as a side business, he emptied septic tanks. Some people forgot where exactly their septic tank was as they only had to be emptied every few years. As a result his father had purchased a metal detector several years ago. He would find the pipes leading to the septic tank and then follow them. His father had taught him how to use it last year when his family had gone to a lake for a short vacation. The only thing he had found there, though, was part of an old faucet. He must've told Michael that story at some point.

He realized that all eyes were on him waiting for an answer. Shifting uncomfortably he said, “I'll ask, but I'm not sure if he'll allow me to. Even if he does, it probably won't be till Sunday.”

That's three days away,” Taylor objected. “How do I know you won't sneak onto my land and look for it and cut us out?”

Ethan glared over at Taylor, angry that someone would think he would do something like that. “Yeah, well how do I know you won't say since it's on your land you own everything?”

Guys, come on,” Michael interrupted. “We need each other. Taylor, he's not going to sneak onto your land because he doesn't know where exactly the rocks are and Ethan, he's not going to say everything is his because he's not that type of guy. If anyone should be worried about being cut out it's me. After all, you two don't need me any more.”

Michael, I trust you because we've known each other since like forever, but I just met him today.”

Yeah,” Ethan agreed.

For a moment the room was quiet the mood quickly souring, but then Michael spoke up. “Okay, I have an idea how we can all trust each other. How about if we all tell each other something you don't want anyone knowing? That way if one or two of us try to screw over the other one, there'll be something we can tell at school.”

Ethan thought for a minute and while it sounded like it would work there was a problem. “I don't have any secrets.”

I don't either,” Taylor said.

Fine, then let's do something right now we wouldn't want anyone to know about,” Michael said frustrated.

Like what?” asked Taylor.

I don't know. We could give each other blow jobs or something.”The second after Michael had made that suggestion the room grew so quiet that you could hear a pin drop on the carpet. Then he seemed to brighten and said, “It's perfect. If one of us ever told that he saw the other two giving each other a blow job we wouldn't be able to live it down. It's the perfect blackmail.”

I guess it will work,” Taylor said after a second. Then he looked over at Ethan and added, “If he's up for it?”

Again all attention landed on Ethan and he hated it. This time, though, his head was spinning. Had Michael and Taylor just agreed to give blow jobs? That was like gay and they wanted him to do it to. Why had they agreed so fast anyway? There was a part of his mind that was wondering if this was some sort of joke. He looked at Michael and then looked over at Taylor looking for some sort of clue that this might be a trick.

Taylor smiled, “What, are you scared?”

No,” Ethan's response was automatic. “I just,” he trailed off not really sure what to say.

Well,” Michael spoke up again. “It's not like anyone's ever going to find out if we stick together. I mean it will be just the three of us who will know and it's not like we would tell anyone unless we had to.”

Yeah, but who would do who and in what order?” Ethan said, agreeing to the act.

Again there was a silence, but Michael, who had somehow taken the leadership role, spoke up again. “Well, since you two are the ones who really don't trust each other I think I should do Taylor and then you should do me. Then Taylor can do you. So we will all have a little dirt on each other.”

Why don't we just say we saw each other doing it and don't actually do it?” he suggested.

Because,” Taylor said prolonging the word, “it's easy to deny a lie.”

Yeah,” Michael seconded, “this will be more real for all of us.”

Ethan almost got up and left, but then he thought of the money, or at least the potential money, and the PlayStation 3. He would never be able to afford one of those even if he saved his allowance for a year. Heck, he had only been able to buy an Xbox 360 because he had been able to buy one of the older ones used. Now it looked like all the good games were coming out for the PlayStation and he wanted one. “Fine, let's get this over with.”

Michael took the lead again and suggested that they should all take off their clothes, so no one could chicken out at the last second and run away. None of them argued this point and Ethan was a little curious as to what the others looked like. Michael was only about a half-inch taller than he was and his penis didn't look any larger than his own. He thought Taylor's would be small like his body, but that wasn't exactly the case.

Taylor’s testicles were big. Almost twice the size Ethan had thought they would be, and they were already descended like theirs had, only he was a year younger than they were. The penis itself was long enough to hang below his testicles, which was another thing that set Taylor apart from both his and Michael's privates. Taylor didn't say anything, but slowly swung his hips from side to side as if showing off.

All right, go sit in one of the chairs and I'll get started.”

Yeah, sure,” Taylor said turning and walking over to one of the chairs surrounding the table.

Ethan found himself watching Taylor as he walked over to the poker table. Maybe it was because he looked so strange. Without any clothes on, his head wasn't the only thing that looked awkward. His arms and legs were thin, but as Ethan's eyes drifted down to his feet they looked too big for his body. His torso looked so round and soft like he still had a little baby fat on him.

Taylor pulled the chair out and sat on the edge: his feet didn't touch the floor. Michael knelt in front of him and grabbed a hold of the other's penis, which only seemed half erect. Michael stroked it and it lengthened becoming fully erect and sticking straight out from Taylor's body.

Ethan felt a tingling between his legs and he realized he was developing an erection himself. Embarrassed, he tried to cover it with his one hand and took a few steps towards the table. He crouched like he was trying to get a better look at what was going on. In truth, he just wanted to hide his own growing erection.

Without any sign of hesitation Michael took Taylor's member into his mouth. It was kind of strange to see since there wasn't much to see. He had seen blow jobs before, but only in the porn magazines his brother had hidden between his mattresses. Actually, the big breasted women who had dicks so big in their mouths that they made their cheeks puff out hadn't really done much for him. In fact once he had satisfied his curiosity, he had kind of found those magazines disgusting. Here, though, it was different.

Taylor’s erection may have looked big, but it wasn't thick and Michael didn't seem to have any trouble putting it in his mouth. After it was in Michael's mouth, he just sort of bobbed up and down on it. Still, the simple action had Ethan transfixed and he didn't notice the passing of time. At some point Taylor seemed to stiffen and then his back arched as he let out a little gasp.

Michael released Taylor’s member and rocked back onto his back, his own penis now as hard as Taylor's had been. For a moment nobody said anything, but then Michael said to Taylor, “Out of the chair - it's my turn.”

Yeah, yeah,” Taylor said with his face flushed before standing up and looking over at him. “Well, you're up.”

Ethan felt like there was a million butterflies in his stomach as Michael took Taylor's spot on the chair. He crawled on all fours the few feet to the chair trying to hide his own arousal. It was almost becoming painful as he tried to surreptitiously tuck it in between his thighs as he knelt in front of Michael.

He looked at the penis in front of him with a little curiosity. This was the closest he ever been to another boy’s penis. It was sticking up at an angle and he could see the two testicles in the sac clearly.

Just watch your teeth,” Taylor said helpfully.

Ethan glanced over at the smaller boy who was sitting on the carpeted floor with his legs spread. “What?”

The kid shrugged. “Michael showed me an article online once when I was over here.”

Shut up,” Michael hissed.

Ethan glanced back at Taylor and asked, “Did you read anything else?”

That's all I remember,” Taylor answered.

He thought about it for a second deciding how he was going to do this and said almost to himself, “Okay.”

Hesitantly he reached up and touched the hard member. His finger slowly wrapped around Michael's penis and it felt strange. In a way, it felt like when he touched his own, being both hard and at the same time a little spongy. If he closed his eyes he probably could've thought of it as his own, but he couldn't feel his fingers on it.

After a second or a moment - he really wasn't sure - he pulled his lips over his teeth and started to lean forward. The first thing he noticed was there was a slight smell. It was of sweat, he guessed. Then the tip touched his lips and he almost pulled back, but instead only paused before slipping it into his mouth.

It was weird to say the least. In a way it felt like a Popsicle, but warm instead of cool. As he slid more of the shaft into his mouth, though, his tongue was getting in the way. He thought for a second, but decided to stick with his Popsicle analogy and slid his tongue along the underside of Michael's hard penis. As he pulled back he allowed his tongue to simply slide along the member until just the head was in his mouth before pushing it back in.

Ethan could hear Michael's breathing change and he guessed he was doing something right. After bobbing up and down a few times he had to close his eyes and he tried to remember if Michael had closed his eyes, but he couldn't remember. He continued going up and down, not really sure if there was more to this or not.

He felt a hand land on the back of his head as Michael tried to take over control of the pace. When he applied more pressure Ethan sped up even as he had a horrifying thought. Was Michael making sperm yet? Was it going to end up in his mouth? A moment later both of those questions were answered in the negative. Michael exhaled sharply as he reached his orgasm and tried to push Ethan's head into his crotch. He was able to push back enough to prevent his nose from being smooshed into Michael stomach and when the other boy let go he ended up rocking backwards landing on his back his erection popping out from where he had been trying to hide it.

Fortunately, no one seemed to notice or care as Michael slipped out of the chair. Ethan stared at the vacant chair for a second, knowing he was supposed to sit there next. In a way, he felt more nervous about sitting there than when he had been sucking Michael.

You going to get in the chair or not?” Taylor questioned.

Um… yeah,” Ethan said as he got up and sat in the chair. He sat like the other two had with his butt just on the edge of the chair.

Taylor didn't hesitate in kneeling in front of him and his hand almost immediately went to his penis. Ethan had thought touching another boy's penis was weird, but it was even weirder when someone touched your own. It wasn't an unpleasant sensation at all and in fact he kind of like it as the smaller hand stroked his erection.

Taylor leaned in and put his mouth around his erection without any hesitation. Ethan thought he had an idea of how it would feel and he couldn't have been more wrong. At first it felt warm, like he had suspected it would, but then Taylor started to use his tongue. He flicked on the shaft before pulling back so only the head was in his mouth and swirled his tongue around it. After that he kind of lost track of what Taylor was doing. All he knew was it felt incredible and Ethan found himself gripping the chair, pressing his butt down against the hard wood in a vain attempt to prolong the feeling.

When his orgasm finally washed over him it was toe-curling. For a second, it felt like as if every single muscle in his body tensed up and then released, flooding his body with a sense of euphoria. Ethan leaned back in the chair and absentmindedly noticed that his penis was still in Taylor's mouth. He looked down at the smaller boy, who seemed to be smiling around his flaccid member. At least, that's how it looked to him. Then Taylor let go and stood, showing he had an erection again. Without trying to hide it, though, he walked back to where they had left their clothes.

The three of them started to get dressed in silence. Once they were fully clothed Michael said, “Call me when your dad says you can use the metal detector.”

Yeah, sure,” Ethan said glancing over at Taylor. He felt like he should say something to him, but the other boy had sat on the couch, clearly intending to stay. “All right, I'll see you guys later, then.”

Yeah,” Michael said

See you,” Taylor said, waving from the couch.

It wasn't until Ethan was riding his bike back home that he started to realize how strange that had all been. He had never imagined anyone would suck on his penis, or that he would do it. Somehow he had imagined it would be a lot worse than it had turned out to be. Ethan didn't think you would want to do it again, but being sucked had been amazing. Well, it didn't matter. There was no way it was going to happen again.

Later that night Ethan asked to borrow the metal detector and after explaining why, to his surprise his father relented. In fact his father seemed to be amused by the whole idea of a treasure hunt. He called Michael almost as soon as he had received permission. They agreed to meet up early Sunday morning at Taylor's house, which was actually closer to him than Michael's was.

Over the next three days he didn't think too much about the silver dollars. It was summer, after all, and it wasn't as if he couldn't entertain himself. On occasion, though, he did think of it and when he did he always thought of the blackmail they had all agreed to. It seemed silly now, but when he thought of the blow job he had received from Taylor it was almost enough to make him hard.

Sunday rolled around and Ethan woke up early, or at least early for a summer day. He was supposed to meet up with the others at nine o'clock and after eating a quick breakfast of cereal he was out the door. Worried about damaging the metal detector, he decided to walk to Taylor's house with it swung over his shoulder.

The heat wasn't too bad yet and he thought he was making good time, but when he finally met up with the other two Michael greeted him with a shouted, “You're late!”

Michael and Taylor were waiting under a tree in front of Taylor's house. Michael had a shovel and Taylor had a large sports thermos. He felt an odd sense of unease around the smaller boy. The blow job the kid had given him had crossed his mind more than once during his masturbation session yesterday. Simply put he found stroking himself didn't compare to having it in that boy's mouth.

He tried to put it out of his mind as he said, “Sorry. I guess it takes longer to walk here than I thought.”

Well, it doesn't matter. Just follow me,” Michael said, turning and walking off.

Ethan followed behind him and Taylor came up to his side as they walked around his house. The backyard was pretty big and it was surrounded by a flimsy fence. They were able to hop over it easily enough, but there was tall grass on the other side and he muttered a curse at himself for wearing shorts. He looked over at Taylor, who was similarly dressed, and said, “Shouldn't you be leading?”

Shrugging Taylor responded, “He knows where to go. We used to play out there all the time when we were little. So have you used that thing before?”

You mean the metal detector? Yeah, once I found an old faucet head. You know, like the ones they used to have for wells. My dad went over it again with me last night anyways.”

It's cool that he let you borrow it.”

I guess. However, if I break it, I'll lose my allowance for a year.”

So I guess you won't let me try it out, then?”

No, sorry.”

After that the conversation died and they continued on in silence for a few more minutes. Eventually Ethan asked, “How much further is it?”

Not much,” Michael called back, pointing, “It's on that hill with the trees.”

It took them another few minutes to reach the indicated area and Michael ran ahead as soon as the rock was in sight. He pointed and said, “Here, look.”

When Ethan had been told about the carvings he had thought they would be faint, but they were carved deep and clear. Not that they made any sense to him. There were two initials KM, but all the others were just random as far as he could tell. “Where do they say to start looking?”

Michael shrugged. “In the documentary they said they didn't really know what any of the symbols meant. Still, you see these lines here?” He pointed to a series of twenty horizontal lines, one of which was crossed diagonally. “They think these might represent steps from the rock, but they really don't know.”

So basically you just want me to start looking in this area?”

That's pretty much what they did in the documentary,” Michael said with a smile.

Ethan called Michael an idiot under his breath as he turned on the metal detector. His father’s metal detector was basic and not really designed for looking for particular items. Still, for the first hour everyone's enthusiasm was pretty high. After a few false positives, though, their enthusiasm waned. By the second hour the most interesting thing they had dug up was a short length of old chain. By the third hour everyone was pretty bored. Taylor had brought a DS with him and they took turns with it, but Ethan had to stick with the metal detector.

It was getting hot and even in the shade it had to be close to ninety degrees and they were burning through the water quickly. When they ran out Michael was elected to go back to the house and get more. After he left Taylor came up to him and asked, “You sure you don't want me to do that for a while?”

No, I'm okay,” he answered tiredly.

Really, you look tired.”

He smiled and wiped some sweat off of his forehead, “I am more bored.”

Taylor paused for a second and said a bit mischievously, “You want another blow job? They can be a real pick me up, you know?”

Ethan glanced over at him wondering if he was kidding or not. The kid almost seemed serious, but he couldn't imagine someone really offering to do such a thing. “I'm fine.”

Taylor shrugged as if it wasn't a big deal. He was silent for a moment before he asked, “Do you want to know something?”


You weren't the first guy I gave a blow job to.”

Ethan looked at the other boy in disbelief. It wasn't that it wasn't believable. Hell, as good as it felt he wasn't surprised to learn that at all, but why would Taylor share such information with him, someone he barely knew? “Really?”

The other boy nodded his large head almost making him look like one of those bobble heads. “Yeah, Michael and I started doing it to each other around Christmas. It was kind of a joke at first, but then I said I'll do it, if he would do it for me.”

Oh,” was all Ethan could say. After a second he added, “Are you two like gay or something?”

No,” Taylor said. “We just did it because it felt good.”

Did?” Ethan questioned.

Taylor hesitated and said quietly, “We don't really do it anymore. We used to do it like once or twice a week, but about a month ago Michael just sort of stopped. I thought when he suggested doing it with you he might be interested in doing it again, but I went over to his place yesterday and he told me he wasn't.”

Ethan felt uncomfortable and tried to go back to work even as he felt sorry for Taylor. “Sorry,” he said glancing back at the other kid.

The boy smiled and looked up at him. “Well, do you want to do it? Michael said I was really good at it.”

Ethan didn't know how to respond to that. He had definitely enjoyed receiving one from Taylor and giving one to Michael wasn't as disgusting as he thought it would be. Still, it was weird. “I don't know - I mean, you are friends with Michael so it kind of made sense, but we don't really know each other.”

We could try to be friends,” Taylor suggested.

He was saved from answering that question when the metal detector beeped. They both looked down as he moved it back over the spot again. He moved it a little forward and it still indicated that there was some metal down below. “Get the shovel. Whatever it is, it's big.”

Taylor ran back to where Michael had left the shovel and started to dig. So far all the false positives had been found in the first few inches of dirt and once he passed that point Ethan took over. The whole became so deep they had to widen it so they could keep digging and when Michael came back he took over from Ethan.

In the end the hole was nearly a foot deep when Michael shoved the shovel back into the dirt and they heard a sound like breaking glass. It sent a wave of excitement through them and they all dropped to their knees looking through the dirt. Ethan found the first silver dollar and he held it up in the air like it was a trophy. It was the first of eleven silver dollars, but they also found one 1880’s ten dollar gold coin which would turn out to be worth more than all the others combined.

Despite what Michael's mom had wished, they made the news. A local newspaper ran an article on them and even the local news channel interviewed them briefly. Michael did most of the talking for the three of them, but they all sort of enjoyed their brief celebrity status. The coins were eventually sold together for two thousand dollars, which they split three ways.

Unfortunately, none of the three of them ever saw a penny of that money as it disappeared into college funds for themselves. This was particularly surprising to Ethan as this was the first he heard about his parent’s ambition to send him to college. So in the end he didn't get his PlayStation, which sucked, but he did become friends with Taylor, which was probably better than a PlayStation.

Their friendship started off slow. They found that they liked the same type of video games and progressed to other things. They eventually exchanged blow jobs again, and after a while it was a routine thing for them to do. After a year, though, Taylor kissed him, and they were no longer friends. Neither of them said it, but from that point on they were boyfriends.


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