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Trouble by Larkin

I remember, they both came to the door looking for me.

When Dennis smiled, you could see he had crooked teeth. His pimples had started acting up again and his shirt was open His pants hung well below his waist exposing dingy flannel drawers. Dennis's attempt at politeness was such a fraud that it wasn't fooling anyone.

The kid next to him had his back turned to my Mom. A long chain was connected to his pants led to an empty wallet in his back pocket. He was looking down the street as if he was worried about being followed. Eddie nervously flicked and flicked his lighter.

It was obvious to anyone that these two fifteen year olds were up to no good.

Dennis cleared his throat. "Um, is Kenny here?"

My mom knew that Dennis was the type of boy that gets into trouble and she didn't much like the looks of Eddie either. Eddie picked his nose then wiped his finger on his pants.

When I came to the door, Dennis looked passed my Mom at me and barked, "Are you coming, or what?"

Eddie turned towards me and my Mom, but never looked directly at her. He hadn't started shaving yet, but it wouldn't be long. He had the thinnest crop of peach fuzz on his upper lip and his chin.

In a similar style to Dennis, Eddie's pants also hung low displaying his underwear.
They were tighter and out grown so that they showed off the shape of a plump cock and balls. His ornery expression looked like he had once been a cute and sweet boy that had suddenly turned rotten.

I had to do something fast.

My mom interrupted, "Kenny, these boys are a too old for you to be playing with."

When they turned to walk away, I pushed past my mother and headed off with them. She called after me but I ignored her. She just stood there looking worried. I tried to hide my urgency as I ran alongside of Dennis and Eddie. Once free of my Mother, I dedicated myself to the two older boys.

Dennis and Eddie were too old for me and they were the kind of boys that get into trouble. They came to get me because they wanted to use me to get off. They had done it to me more than once and now, having been intoxicated by the experience, I wanted it bad.

Dennis spit on the sidewalk. I saw it land. It was white and bubbly.

In what could only be described a smirk on his face, he looked at me and said, "I was gonna tell your mother that I wanted you to come with us so I could fuck you in the mouth and shoot my creamy cream all over your stupid face."

I must have had an astonished look because after he said it, they both laughed out loud.

When they found out that I would go along with just anything they dished out, it made them bold, inventive, and rude. They had fun doing dirty things to do to me.

Eddie kept flicking his lighter. He said, "Yeah I want to stick my bone up your ass."

I was still running alongside of them. Their dirty talk had cast a wicked magic spell on me and hidden in my pants, my penis had become stiff as a stick. Dennis looked down at me and said,

"You like suckin dick, don't you?"

Eddie answered, "That's because he's a stupid little cocksucker."

Then looking at me he said, "Aren't you bitch?"

I didn't answer. They both laughed again but now they had become as urgent as me. All three of us were hurrying along. We had done this a bunch of times. I loved how filthy, dirty and exciting it was. It just made me want to pee my pants.

Dennis's parents weren't home, but had they been, it wouldn't have made any difference. His parents didn't seem to care what he did. Dennis opened the front door and all three of us charged upstairs to his room. He locked his bedroom door from inside.

Excitement hung in the air like electricity. Dennis's whole room smelled like dirty underwear and socks. I demonstrated my willing complicity by pulling my pants down and displayed my boner to Dennis and Eddie, but they never showed much interest in my tiny penis. They were more interested in their own big cocks and how they were going to use me to get off.

Eddie's hair was black, greasy and parted in the middle. Dennis's was brown and hung in front of his face in jagged bangs. Both of them were cocky and irreverent. The fact that both boys were smelly and needed a bath made being in close company with them all the more intense.

The two pushy boys surrounded me with their scent. I willingly place myself in their hands. The way they manhandled me was completely thrilling. Eddie and Dennis had complete license over me and took full advantage and I acted pliable and stupid.

Eddie was tugging at his cock through his pants and Dennis had already taken his out and was flipping it up and down. Once one of them took their cock out, I couldn't take my eyes off of it. I would sit on the edge of the bed and they would push their way up to me and make me give each one of them blow jobs. They would take turns. I had no say in the matter.

They were both uncircumcised and Dennis's cock was big even before he got a boner. He liked to pull down his foreskin up and down to show me the pretty part and teased me with it. Then he'd hold my head in place and push it in and out of my mouth. I was absolutely under their influence.

Once Dennis got a boner, he let his pants drop to his ankles. He stepped out of them and kicked them away. Other than their dirty socks and sweaty tee shirts, they were naked.

Dennis looked down at me and pushed his cock so that it hit the back of my throat. Venting hostility from who knows where , he said, "Eat it, bitch!"

Eddie could look goofy and demonic at the same time. He stretched his out his cock and holding it by the end of his foreskin swung it up and down until it began to stiffened up.

He jerked off and had a big stiff boner even before his turn. Eddie was impatient. "Hey, give me a hand job while you're suckin on him."

Both their cocks were so stiff that they stood almost straight up and the room smelled like uncircumcised cock. I looked up at them and saw the bad boy smirks and sneers on both their faces. I couldn't believe anything in the whole world could be this much fun.

When Eddie was pushing his big stiff cock in and out of my mouth he would coo and moan about how fucking good it felt. Dennis stood next to him waiting his turn. He would laugh and make fun of me.

Eddie held my head in place and began to hump my mouth like a back yard dog. He did it so fast and hard that it made my mouth numb. I had to grab onto his legs to keep my balance. He started thrusting and grunting uncontrollably. The air around me was filled with his smelly sweat. When I tasted his gooey cum squirting into my mouth it made me feel so happy inside. I swallowed it. His grunts and gasps began turning back into laughter. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and it sprung up, still stiff and shiny with spit and cum.

He fell slowly backwards until he spread out on his bed with his cock still sticking up.

Dennis, with his cock swinging, moved up to take his place. After blowing him until he was completely stiff, he pulled his cock out of my mouth and beat it on my face.

He spread his legs a little and held his stiff cock up out of the way. "Lick my fuckin balls."

I wanted to do it.

Dennis said, "Naw, not like that. Lick both sides and fuckin lick under my nuts and fuckin use your fuckin tongue, bitch!" He jerked off while I did it. When I did, I could smell his dirty butt hole.

Still jerking off his cock with one hand, he turned me around and forced me to lay across the bed. I lay face down on the bed with my legs dangling.

Dennis pulled down my pants from behind and began fingering my butt hole. With his cock stiff between his legs he crouched down and spreading my ass wide, he spit several times into it. He stuck two fore fingers in his mouth then started pushing them in and out of my butt hole. It made me feel helpless, strange and quivery.

Eddie sat up and became observant. "Fuck him! Fuck him up the butt hole Dennis. I want to see you do it!"

Eddie's voice had suddenly become desperate and hollow. "I gotta do it, I wanna cum up his ass so bad."

He spit in his hand and then carefully stroked his cock with it. I felt him over me like a wicked shadow and then felt his boner being pushed slowly up my butt hole. I was thinking we have all gone too far and now something evil was happening. In spite of my thoughts I gave myself to him let him push his stiff cock further up my butt. Slowly up my butt and out and up and out and up my butt. He pressed down on my back and elevated himself so that he could fuck me harder, faster and deeper. My eyes were tightly shut and I grabbed on the blanket with both fists. I don't have any idea how long it went on, but he was dripping with sweat and grunting.

It wasn't until I felt myself being flooded with Dennis's cum that the pain finally subsided. His cock had suddenly become smooth and slick and when he withdrew it from my hole, it left me with a strange feeling vacuum up my butt hole. Dennis pulled his dingy drawers over his still large but now soft and moist cock.

I didn't know what to do and I realized that they had lost interest in using me. I felt lonely and isolated in their presents. I pulled up my pants and sat around while they ignored me and talked about stuff. All three of us spontaneously got up and headed down stairs and out the front door.

Eddie looked back at me and said, "Don't go sayin shit to anyone, ok?"

They were going off without me. I knew what he meant and he didn't need to tell me that. I turned to walk home when all of Dennis's cum suddenly poured out of my butt, soaking my underpants.

That night, I lay naked in my bed and thought about what happened over and over again.

I didn't see either one of them for a few days.