By this time, you already know what this story deals with. If you're too young to be reading it, you already know that, too. But it's dedicated to you, anyway, and to all boys your age whether gay or straight. I don't encourage the behavior depicted in this story at your age, but in the right circumstances I could accept it. I hope you will like it.

This is a period piece; i.e. written at a time when HIV and AIDS weren't issues. The characters don't use condoms except to prevent pregnancy. Unfortunately, in today's times, condoms are an absolute necessity unless you have the will power to be monogamous, which I encourage.

This is a love story. Sure, sexual acts are depicted, because sex is a basic part of being in love and sharing your love with one another. There will be at least 11 chapters. Please send comments to me at Writers thrive on feedback. I hope this story helps someone (actually, a lot of someones).

True Love

By Dan

Chapter One

Part I - The beginning

Dan and Sam grew up together in the 50's and 60's when families were close, life was simpler, drug usage meant heroin in New York, and gays and bisexuals were called other names. Japanese were still called "Japs" and Made in Japan meant cheap and to be ridiculed - but Americans bought it anyway, didn't we. Words like Migs and commies were all part of the war games they played over in the holler where there was plenty of loose dirt to fall down in and mounds of rock and dirt to hide behind.

Cowboys and Indians was a favorite game, and when Sam's sister, Nancy, was available, she would play the nurse who wrapped their imaginary wounds and soothed their pain, real and imaginary. She had such a nice soothing way of stroking their heads gently, running her fingers through their hair, that even at age seven and eight, it was fun.

The boys were what was considered cute. Both were a bit on the skinny side in their grade school years. Dan was short for his age, until he hit the twelfth grade, and lightweight with light brown hair and hazel eyes. People probably thought him an emotional child because all of his emotions were so close to the surface. He laughed a lot, but he cried easily, too. And just about anything could bring him to tears, whether it was an injury, or a lost kitten returned home, or his brother getting a spanking, or his best friend Sam laying in the hospital with his tonsils just removed. Dan was also very affectionate, a cuddler from start to finish. He cuddled his cats, his mom and dad, his best friend Sam, and sometimes even his older brother.

Sam was a lot like Dan, a little taller and a little heavier built with sandy blond hair and blue eyes. But Sam was more aggressive, better able to face down his foes and his fears than Dan. Maybe that's why Dan looked up to Sam so much. Probably the biggest difference between the two boys, at least in their grade school years, was the level of their emotions. Sam seemed content to leave other people alone. He was never all that close to his two brothers and one sister, and at times it seemed that Dan was closer to Sam's dad than Sam was. This apparent lack of emotional attachment was true with everyone except Dan, and when it came to Dan, nobody was closer than Sam. Sam was Dan's protector, his guardian, his confidante, his best friend. They did everything together. Living across the alley from one another helped, for they were seldom separated throughout grades 1 thru' 6. They went to the same school, were in the same Cub Scout den, sang in the church youth choir, were always on the same teams in neighborhood games, and were constantly spending the weekends together at one house or the other.

Their dads both worked for the same company which sponsored two week camp sessions throughout the summer, and the boys always went to the same session and always asked to be in the same cabin. Sam always got the bottom bunk, and Dan always got the one just above it. They loved camp and would have attended every session if their parents could have afforded it. There was riflery, archery, crafts, nature, swimming lessons and free swim time every day. In the afternoon, there was always some kind of sporting event pitting one cabin against another - softball, volleyball, basketball. This was one area where the two boys weren't together. Sam loved all sports, Dan didn't like any of them. Sam was always one of the first chosen to play, Dan always did his best not to get chosen. Swimming was the only sport they enjoyed together.

Dan and Sam were such fun-loving kids, they could always make those around them laugh, especially Dan. His childish antics had everyone around him chuckling, whether they were kids his own age or older people. Because of this, his cabin mates at camp would probably have been surprised had they known of his bed time difficulties. You see, there was something else that could bring Dan to tears quickly, and that was music - not all music, of course, but special music. And the routine every night at camp was to signify lights out by playing The Lord's Prayer on the camp loudspeaker. On Fridays, they played Ave Maria for the Catholic kids. It didn't matter which one was played, Dan almost always cried when he heard it. The soothing, melodious tones reminded him of home and the love he knew there, and quite honestly, it was love that was at the root of Dan's emotions. His love for animals, family, Sam - these were the things that could make Dan cry. And on those nights when he felt Dan's crying gently shaking the bunk bed, Sam would quietly crawl out from under his covers and climb up into Dan's bed. And they would hug each other and snuggle down under the covers until Dan dropped off to sleep. Usually Sam was able to wait and get back into his own bunk to sleep, but occasionally the cabin counselor would find the two together when he came in to get ready for bed and would lift Sam out of one bunk and put him into the other.

This action of friendship was always a topic of discussion at the counselors' break room, but never in a derogatory way. The boys' friendship was so overwhelmingly obvious during the day, no one found this bed sharing unusual. In the 50's people didn't immediately begin to question kids' sexual orientation simply because two boys or two girls were seen holding hands or hugging or sleeping in the same bed. In fact, year after year at camp, the counselors from the other cabins would often stop by the one Sam and Dan were assigned to to see if the boys were sleeping together. Even in the shielded light from a flashlight, the boys were as cute as they could be, their faces of innocence resting next to each other on the pillow, their arms resting over the other's ribcage.

As a matter of fact, the boys began playing "doctor" with each other and several of their friends when they were about six. Of course, they never gave any thought to the sexual side of what they were doing. They didn't even know what "sex" was. They just knew it felt good to have their hard little peckers stroked, squeezed, tickled, twisted and otherwise played with. And they each enjoyed playing with the other as much as being played with. They liked looking at themselves and at each other, too. Their circumcised penises with little rounded heads were a never ending source of visual pleasure, and they took every opportunity they could get to be naked, or at least pull their pants down, and look and play with each other.

Some times, when Dan stayed overnight with Sam, Sam's sister would play too. There were two beds in the basement, and the boys would have somersault races from one end of the bed to the other. Sam's sister would play with the winner's penis and balls. Of course, the boys would play around with Nancy's little hairless slit, too, but they didn't even know you could put a finger inside. Probably wouldn't have been interested in doing so at that age anyway.

Usually when they finally settled down to sleep, they would do so facing each other, their little cocks sticking out of their pj's, wrapped in the other's hand.

But, sooner or later, everybody begins to "grow up," and Dan and Sam weren't any different than anybody else. It was January, 1956 in the middle of their sixth grade year that their "playing around" began to take on a new mantel of awareness. Their first experience of pre-pubescent sexuality happened one night when Dan was staying at Sam's house. Sam's bedroom provided a lot more privacy than Dan's did, so they could do more things - like leave the light on without attracting attention.

Sam lay on his back in his bed, naked as a jaybird, his little two inch erection standing straight and proud from his hairless groin. Dan lay on his tummy at Sam's side, his shoulder and head resting on his best friend's right thigh. As Dan stared at the penis before him and once again marveled at its beauty, its awesomeness, and slowly stroked it and the ballsac below it, he tried to think of how he could bring up a subject that had been on his mind for several days. Even as close as the boys were, they had never discussed sex stuff before.


"Yeah?" Sam answered, his eyes closed, his voice relaxed and his breathing even.

"What're you thinking about?"

"My dick, silly, whad'ya think I'm thinking about?"

"So what are you thinking?"

"I'm just thinkin' about how good it feels when you do what you're doin'. There's nothin' that feels better than playin' with my dick, 'cept when you play with it."

"Have you ever thought there might be more to this than just twisting and squeezing it and rubbing your balls like I'm doing now?"

Sam finally opened his eyes and watched as Dan continued to run his little fingers all over Sam's pubic area.

"No. Why, is there?"

"I don't know," Dan answered as he stared at Sam's penis and tiny ball sac. He was starting to think, though, that maybe there was more. He knew that Sam's penis had started taking on new meaning recently, and he was starting to feel differently than he used to when he played with it and looked at it.

After several more minutes of this quiet, peaceful sharing, Dan spoke softly once again.



"Have you ever talked with Jimmy or John (Sam's much older brothers) about sex stuff?"

"No," Sam answered sleepily. He was tired, and Dan's fingers rubbing his penis and balls was having its usual intoxicating affect on him.

"Have you ever talked to Bob about it?" Bob was Dan's brother who was two years older.

"No, but when he's in bed and thinks I'm asleep, I sometimes hear his hand rubbing against the sheet. He was doing it the other morning, and when I opened my eyes it was light enough that I could see his hand moving. It looked like he was rubbing it across the head of his penis."

"Oooh! I like it when you use that word," Sam said.

The boys had recently found that they usually used slang words like dick, peter, prick or willy when they referred to their peckers (there's another word they used) when they were just funning around, but penis seemed to have an erotic affect, not that they thought in terms of words like erotic yet.

"Yeah, me too. Anyway, I tried it once when he wasn't around and all it did was make me have to pee. I almost wet the bed, for cryin' out loud."

Sam snickered at the image that popped into his head of Dan running from his bed to the bathroom squeezing his dick to hold back the pee.

"Sure hope you didn't run into anything. You might of bent it," he said, giggling.

"Bent it, hell, I might of broke it!" Dan responded using the punch line of an old joke they had heard.

The boys were quiet for a while before Dan spoke again.



"I think your penis is really pretty."

"Pretty!? Yuck. How about handsome, or cute or good looking? Pretty's for girls!"

"Well, good looking, then. But I really like looking at it and playing with it like this."

"Thanks, Danny, I like that."

Sam only called his friend Danny when he was feeling especially close to him, like now. Although he wasn't really aware of it, Danny was truly a term of endearment.

Again, the boys fell silent as Dan continued to stare at Sam's penis. Sometimes he would raise up on his elbow and get really close to it, looking at the tight slit on the head where his friend's pee came out. Sometimes, when he was close enough, he would sniff it, enjoying a smell he couldn't identify. This, too, was something new that he had just started to notice recently. It wasn't stinky like dried pee or anything, but it wasn't just a fresh soapy smell either. It was sort of like soap mixed with sweat, but not unpleasant like underarm sweat.



"Have you ever seen your brothers naked?"

"Naw. They've always avoided me whenever it was time to change clothes or get dressed or take a bath, and everyone's real careful to keep the bathroom door locked. How 'bout you? You ever seen Bob naked?"

"Yeah, the other day I walked in on him in the bathroom. You know ours doesn't have a lock on it."

"Yeah, so did you see anything interesting?"

"He has hair already."

"Shoot, I've got hair. So do you!" Sam said, laughing, as he ran his fingers through the hair on Dan's head.

"Not up there, silly!" Dan said, giggling. "Down here!" And he gave Sam's penis an extra strong squeeze.

Sam jerked as Dan squeezed his dick. "No shit?"

"Yeah. You know he's only 13. I guess that's when we'll get hair, too, huh?"

"I suppose."

All this time, probably a half hour or more, Dan had continued to play with Sam's penis and nuts, as Sam just lay there, sometimes with his eyes closed, sometimes looking at Dan's hand moving around on his crotch.

The boys were silent for a few more minutes as Dan continued to stare at Sam's crotch, marveling at the way Sam's body made a little mound that surrounded the base of his prick. The more he looked at Sam's little two inch hardon and smooth, hairless ballsac, the stronger those new unfamiliar feelings seemed to get... the ones that so often made him cry for no apparent reason. He suddenly realized that he wanted to lean forward and kiss his best friend on that mound at the base of his penis. This startled and scared him. He couldn't figure out where those feelings had suddenly come from. Then, without apparent reason, he started to whimper. His tears were so frustrating. He wasn't hurt, and he wasn't sad, so why was he crying? And the more he cried, the worse it got.

Soon Sam could feel Dan's tears dripping onto his thigh and he could hear Dan's sniffles. He knew Dan was like this, that his best friend could cry at the drop of a hat and without any apparent reason. Opening his eyes and looking at his best friend who now had his eyes closed as tears streamed across his cheeks, Sam sat up and laid his arm across Dan's shoulder.

"Come up here, Danny," he whispered, as he drew his little friend up across his chest.

Sam gently rubbed his hands over his friend's naked back and shoulders as Dan rested on his chest. "That's OK," he whispered, "I'm here, you're here, and all's right with the world."

Strange words for an eleven year old? Where do such thoughts and expressions come from at that age?

Dan soon fell asleep, lying with his left arm draped over Sam's right shoulder, his head and upper body lying on Sam's chest and midriff. Sam just lay there, stroking his friend's hair with one hand and his back with the other, allowing his own erection to subside, even as he felt Dan's start to take form against his leg.

After about fifteen minutes, Sam reached down and wrapped his fingers around Dan's skinny little two inch hardon and began to gently twist it back and forth between his fingers and thumb. This attention to his most sensitive part soon woke Dan up.

"Mmmm, that feels good," Dan said, as he sighed and rolled over onto his back. "Don't stop."

Sam scooted down on the bed so that he was in the same position Dan had been in earlier. "Not for awhile, anyway," he said. "We have all night, and I'm just getting started."

Part II - six months later

School was finally out, and the boys were looking forward to their two weeks at summer camp. Dan was once again spending he night at Sam's house. They had spent the evening playing Monopoly with Sam's parents and sister, Nancy. Dan liked Sam's mom and dad, especially his dad. For some reason that he could not explain, he often felt closer to Mr. Russell than he did to his own dad. He took advantage of every opportunity to sit close to him on the couch when they watched television.

Mr. Russell had stopped by Sam's bedroom as he made his rounds before going to bed and almost caught the boys in one of their almost nightly rituals of self examination. The youngsters had been lying on Sam's bed with their jockey shorts around their knees examining themselves and each other for any signs of pubic hair, of which there was none, when Sam's dad knocked on the door and immediately opened it to say good night. He saw just enough as the boys grabbed the covers and pulled them up to their chests to know what they had been doing. But it wasn't any surprise. Although Sam and Dan had thought they were being careful all these years, their parents had always been fully aware of what they did when they were alone together.

"Night boys," Mr. Russell said as he pulled the door closed. "Don't stay up too late."

"Boy that was close," Dan said, his heart beating rapidly in his chest.

"I'll say! My pecker just lost all it's stiffness!" Sam responded with a giggle.

Pushing the covers down, Dan said, "Yeah, me too. Look."

And sure enough, lying in their laps were two little flacid peckers, still bald, still skinny, still accompanied by two miniature nuts in their hairless, wrinkled sacs.

Sam pushed his underpants off his legs and knelt between Dan's feet. He bent forward and grabbed the waistband of Dan's briefs and tugged them off.

"Well, I like your pecker soft," he said, looking at Dan with a smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye. "But it won't be that way for long. Get ready for the attack of the peter petter!"

"Ooh! I'm scared," Dan said with a giggle, squirming down further on the bed so he lay flat on his back. He spread his legs a little further apart as Sam lay down on his tummy between them, his head just above his friend's prick.

As Dan laid his head back on the pillow and closed his eyes waiting for the joys he knew his best friend could provide, Sam just stared at his pecker. He had been experiencing the same feelings Dan was. They hadn't really talked seriously about their feelings since that night in January, although they had continued playing with each other whenever they had the chance.

Tonight Sam started with a game of peek-a-boo that he only used on rare occasions. The boys were both circumcised, but Dan had quite a bit of loose skin resting just behind the glans when he was soft. There was enough, in fact, that taking his friend's dick in both hands, Sam was able to push the head down into the loose skin on Dan's dick so that it was completely hidden. This made his friend look uncircumcised, and both boys enjoyed watching the head slowly work its way out of the hood when Sam let go of it. As the head pooped fully into view, Sam would whisper, "Peek-a-boo!"

Of course it didn't take much of this treatment to get Dan's hardon fully established, and Sam settled down to examining it as he always did, with great attention and much fingering. Using both hands, he played with his friend's balls and dick at the same time, rolling the nuts softly between thumb and fingertips as he twisted Dan's shaft in a rotating back-and-forth motion. As he played with it and stared at it, Sam found himself feeling many of those strange new feelings that he couldn't quite describe or understand.

The boys had played with each other since first grade, and yet for each of them recently, each episode was almost like it was the first time. The penis before him held Sam's rapt attention. He studied it in minute detail, sniffing it as Dan had done to his so many times now. The smell was definitely different this year than it had ever been. Or was it that they were just beginning to react to the smell? Were their hormones starting to kick in and produce different reactions?

Sam didn't think of these things. He just knew he was fascinated by the penis he held so softly between his fingers. Suddenly he noticed something new. He moved his face even closer to Dan's penis, so close in fact that Dan could feel his hot breath.

"What's this little circle on your penis, Danny?"

Dan felt his heart flutter when Sam used this familiar form of his name. Opening his eyes and lifting his head off the pillow, Dan paused a moment to enjoy the proximity of his friend's face to his prick. Seeing Sam's hands on his penis caused one of those warm feelings he had been having in the last few months. Then he looked at where Sam was pointing to his penis.

"Oh, that's a chicken pox scar. Mom said I had it really bad when I was little, but that's the only scar I know of. Strange, huh?"

"I think it's neat. How many guys can say they have a beauty mark on their penis?"

Dan loved it when Sam used that word, and he said so as he looked at his best friend with a soft and gentle expression on his face.

"Samuel?" Dan said, using his pet name for his friend, the name he used the same way Sam used Danny.


"I really like it when you say penis. It's makes me feel different than when you use those other words for it."

"Really, Danny? Me too. I mean it makes me feel different too... like it's more personal or something."

Gosh I wish I knew what's going on each of them was thinking to himself. I don't understand my own feelings and I don't know how bring it up.

Dan lay back and closed his eyes as Sam continued playing with his sensitive, erect penis, stroking it with light feathery strokes. Sam liked to form his fingertips into a circle and starting below Dan's ballsac, draw his fingertips lightly up across the scrotum and along the length of the stiff shaft to the head. As soon as his fingertips slid off the head, he would start over, repeating this same motion over and over again. Both boys had enjoyed playing with their friend this way for a long time now. Up til now they just did it until one or the other got tired or too sensitive to continue.

Tonight, though, was different. As Sam played, he noticed Dan's breathing change. It lost that smooth, calm, relaxed rhythm and became ragged, harsh, heavy, noisy. At the same time, he noticed Dan's hips start to move just a little bit, up and down in time with but counter to his hand gestures.

"What's wrong, Danny? You want me to stop?"

"God no, don't stop! I don't know what's going on, but that feels sooo good!"

As his friend was answering, Sam's hand had stopped. Unconsciously, he had wrapped his hand completely around his friend's penis and squeezed it, almost like he was afraid it would get away from him.

"Oh wow!" Dan exclaimed. "Do that some more, use more pressure! That felt ... aahhh! That feels sooo good!"

Staring at the hard penis in his hand, Sam thought the same thought that had been going through his mind over and over for the last few months. Gosh his penis is beautiful. Is that a good word to use for a guy? Can I tell him his penis is beautiful, or would he think that's a sissy word?

Sam began moving his hand again. But this time he didn't go back to the fingertip method. Instead, and for some reason he didn't understand, he left his hand wrapped around Dan's penis and moved his whole hand up and down the slender shaft. This was entirely new to him, but he could tell that Danny liked it. His balls seemed to pull up tighter in their sack until they almost disappeared, and his hips began to move even more forcefully up and down on the bed.

"O God, Samuel. Keep doing that! What's happening to me? I feel like my nuts have been sucked up into my stomach!"

"I don't know what's going on, Danny. Have I ever told you I think your penis is beautiful?"

All of a sudden, as though Sam's use of the diminutive form of his name and his statement that the penis in his hand was beautiful had some special power, Dan's body began to do things he had never experienced. He began to feel things he had never felt. It was almost frightening. These feelings were so powerful, so wonderful, and yet so strange. As his hips bucked up and down, thrusting his penis through the circle of his best friend's fingers and palm, Dan couldn't keep quiet.

"Ooooh Samuel. I'm scared! What's happening to me? No, don't stop! That feels soooo good!"

And he came for the first time in his life. His dry orgasm took over his body and left him unable to say anything. All he could do was grunt and gasp as this new pleasure overwhelmed him.

"Uuuuuunnngghh! Oooooohhhh! Uuuuunnnggghhh!"

Sam stared wide eyed at his best friend humping up and down on the bed, listening to his grunts, feeling the slender cock in his hand swell and pulse more powerfully than ever before. He, too, was almost scared by what his friend was doing. This was all so new. What the hell is going on? He thought to himself. But he kept stroking Danny's penis, up and down, up and down, furiously, until Dan finally collapsed back on the bed in a dead faint. If his chest hadn't been rising and falling so rapidly, Sam would have thought him dead.

Even Sam, who didn't cry nearly as easily as Dan did, found that tears were leaking from his eyes and dripping across his cheeks. Golly, what was that? What have I done? Is he OK? God, let him be OK!

A moment later, Dan opened his eyes and looked at his best friend with a sudden, deeper affection than ever before. He smiled down at Sam who still lay between his legs, holding onto his rapidly deflating penis.

"Are you OK, Danny?"

"Oh Samuel. Yeah! You have to try that. That was awesome!"

The boys lay there quietly for a moment. Sam let go of Dan's dick and just laid his head on his crotch, Dan's penis resting against his cheek. He'd never done this before, but it just seemed the right thing to do at the time.

After a few minutes, Dan reached down and drew Sam up to lay beside him. As he reached out and wrapped his hand around Sam's penis, which had softened by this time, he was finally able to speak what was on his mind.

"You know I asked you a few months back if there was something more to it than just playing with each other like we always have?"

"Yeah," Samuel said sleepily.

"Well, I think we just got our answer. There is definitely more to it!" Dan said with a giggle. And as the feelings of joy and euphoria continued to ebb and flow within him, his giggles turned to laughter. Soon, Sam was laughing with him, even though he didn't know why.

Part III - Summer Camp

The boys' last season at Camp Crawdad, so named for all the crawdad holes throughout the campgrounds, started in the middle of July. The next year they would go do a different camp for 7th thru' 9th graders. As usual, they were in the same cabin and had bunks, one over the other. Camp was a blast. Both of the guys were good swimmers, so they were able to compete on fairly equal footing. Dan signed up for riflery while Sam took archery. They spent all of their craft time making lanyards with brightly colored plastic. Most of the kids stuck with four-strand lanyards which let Dan and Sam impress most everybody with their fatter eight-strand ones.

Sam's body had started to beef up a bit and was starting to outpace Dan in height as well. Dan was still stuck with the label of "skinny," but he was lithe and quick on his feet. Like all the prior years, Dan avoided any active role in the sporting events during the two weeks of camp, but he was always on the sidelines watching. Had he been aware of it, he would have noticed that his "watching" was almost strictly confined to his best friend. When Sam played tennis, Dan's eyes didn't follow the ball like the other spectators. Instead, they followed Sam's movements on the court. Although he wasn't really aware of what he was doing, he seemed always to be looking either at his friend's bare chest or studying his crotch, trying to imagine what it would be like to watch Sam play naked.

Sam's attention always seemed to be split between the game he was playing and the sidelines. Again, without realizing quite what he was doing, his gaze would wonder over to where his friend was sitting whenever there was a lull in the game. Any time he didn't have to have his eye on the game, he was looking in Dan's direction. And although the boys didn't realize what they were doing, some of the counselors certainly were. Many of the counselors came back year after year and knew the boys well. They had seen them sharing the same bed several times over the past six years and really didn't see anything unusual about the level of friendship between the two boys. Remember, in the fifties people weren't looking for hidden messages or secrets in the way other people behaved.

One thing the boys were aware of, however, was their desire to share the same bed. No longer did Sam wait to see if Dan was going to cry at night. He simply waited until the Lord's Prayer or Ave Maria started and immediately climbed up into Dan's bunk. Sometimes they would lay back to front, spooned together as close as possible. At other times, they would lie facing each other, their foreheads touching, enjoying each other's fresh toothpaste breath. Is it really possible that they could stare at each other in this position for long periods at a time without realizing what was happening? It would seem so, since neither of them ever spoke about their feelings for the other. If Sam was still in Dan's bunk when the counselor came in, he was usually told quietly to get into his own bunk. He was getting too big for most counselors to lift him out of the top bunk.

One of the camp's long-standing traditions came towards the end of camp, usually on the day before the boys left. Since this was an all boys camp, the last free swim usually ended up as a skinny dipping melee. Even though all the boys who had been to camp at least once before knew what was going to happen, they still waited for the counselors to pounce on them and strip them of their swim trunks. After all, this was part of the tradition. The strange thing was that as much as he liked to be naked with Sam, and as curious as he was about other boy's private parts, Dan was always, every year, so bashful that he stayed outside the pool fence during the last free swim. Every year except this year, that is.

For this year, Sam wouldn't let him. With Dan dragging his heels, pleading with Sam to let him go, tears streaming down his cheeks, he was finally forced into the pool area. Sam had been one of the first ones naked. He loved it, always had, and was convinced Dan would too if he'd just try it. So he had scampered butt-naked through the gate to where Dan was sitting and grabbed him.

"Come on, Danny. It's great! I'm not going to let you leave our last year at camp without trying it at least once!" Sam said as he drug his best friend into the pool area.

Dan stood with his back to the pool so the other kids couldn't see his tears of embarrassment and frustration. But try as he might, he could not prevent Sam from stripping his trunks down his legs and off his feet. At least Sam had the decency to push Dan into the pool backwards so his face would be all wet when he surfaced, hiding his tears from the other kids.

And sure enough, once the initial shock wore off, Dan found that he was having fun. It really was fun to be naked outdoors, in front of other kids. Even the adult counselors, most of whom had also stripped off their own trunks and joined the boys in the rough housing, didn't seem to bother him. His anger at Sam quickly faded, and the two friends had the time of their lives. In fact, when it came time to get out and put their suits on to go back to their cabins, Dan didn't want to put his on. He just grabbed his trunks and his towel, and shouting at Sam, he began to run for the cabin.

"Race ya, Sam!" he yelled, and off he went.

Sam wasn't about to let Dan beat him in a foot race, even if it meant having to run all the way naked. So the entire camp, both counselors and kids, watched, laughing and pointing, as these two friends ran naked across the open campground. Of course the fact that their cabin was the furthest from the swimming pool gave everyone plenty of time to "enjoy the sights."

Dan may have been slender and shorter than Sam, but he was a fast runner. He beat his friend to the cabin by about fifteen feet. When they got inside, Dan collapsed, laughing and naked, on Sam's bunk.

"Beat ya, slow poke! What took ya so long?" he said, giggling and trying to catch his breath all at the same time.

"Call me slow poke, ya little runt!" Sam said, laughing. And he pounced on Dan and began tickling him.

Lying on his back, Dan clasped his arms to his sides to protect his most ticklish areas and drew his knees up to his chest. Of course, this left his butt exposed with his little ballsac sticking out from between his legs. So Sam went straight for the goodies. He thrust his hand between Dan's legs and cupped his cock and balls in his hand, tickling the sensitive pubic area with his fingertips.

Naturally, this led to the expected reaction - in both boys, and they barely had time to cover their erections with their towels when the rest of their cabin mates stormed into the cabin, all yelling and kidding Dan and Sam about running bare-assed across the camp.

"Hey guys, did you see the glare out there today?" one boy yelled.

"Yeah! There sure was something awful shiny out there reflecting the sun into my eyes," said another.

"You said it!" chimed in yet another. "But whatever it was, it must have been broken, cause I saw this big crack in it."

"I saw it, too," yelled another kid. "But there were two of them, and they were both cracked!"

By the time the kids were through making their jokes, Sam and Dan were crimson red from blushing and laughing. But at least their hardons had gone away, which was good 'cause all the boys were standing around them, and they were the only two without any clothes on. When it became apparent that the other boys were not going to leave the circle they had formed around the two friends, Dan and Sam looked at each other and came to an unspoken agreement. Knowing they had to get dressed sooner or later, they stood together and let their towels drop to the floor. They just stood there, drawing strength from each other, as the other boys stared at their nakedness.

Just as Scotty, the cabin counselor, walked through the door, Dan hollered jokingly, "take a picture, guys! It'll last longer!"

With that, everybody laughed and the circle broke up. All the boys seemed to pair off and go to their own bunks to get out of their trunks and into shorts and shirts for dinner. Many of them found themselves looking at their bunk mates with renewed interest as their trunks slid to the floor and their hands moved towels over their private parts.

Their counselor noticed something new, too, as the boys lined up for the trek up the hill to the dining hall. They always walked side-by-side in two columns, and this time Dan and Sam were in front and their arms over each other's shoulder. Scotty noticed that all the other boys had paired up with their bunk mates (not standard procedure before tonight). The older ones were mimicking Sam and Dan. Some of the younger ones, first and second year campers, were even holding hands. Now this is something I never thought I'd see. Seems Dan and Sam's friendship is rubbing off on the other guys, he thought to himself as he led his group up the hill.

After dinner, the campers were released for some free time before the closing bonfire. Most of the kids take this opportunity to chase each other around the camp grounds in various games of tag or whatever. But Scotty's kids all returned to their cabin where they quickly stripped down to their undershorts and began talking about tonight's closing events. Obviously the skinny dipping and close encounter with Sam and Dan afterwards had had an unusual affect on this group of boys, and they quickly agreed that since the camp's theme was American Indian, they decided to ask Scotty if they could dress up as Indians and paint their faces. Everybody did this on the middle Saturday, but these guys wanted to do it again. This time, though, they planned to be naked under the towels they would wear in lieu of loin cloths. No one seemed to know how to make a loin cloth, so they decided towels would have to do.

As soon as Scotty walked in and saw the boys all sitting around in just their briefs (hardly anybody wore boxers in the fifties) he knew something was up.

"OK, guys. What are you up to?"

Andy spoke for the group. "We want to paint our faces and go to the bonfire like Indians," he said quickly.

"OK. There might be just enough time to get ready as long as you help each other with the paint. It's a little unusual, but I guess since it's the last night here I can get the director's OK. I'll run up to the craft shop and get the paint."

As soon as Scotty returned with the paints, the guys got started. First they did their faces. Then someone suggested doing their chests, too. Then someone else suggested that since they weren't going to wear anything under their towels, they might as well strip off their undershorts now so they wouldn't risk getting paint on them.

Scotty just sat on his bunk and watched in amazement as his brood of 8 to 11 year olds stripped to the buff. He could hardly believe how all of them seemed so unconcerned about the nudity - even shy Dan who had fought so hard to keep his swimming trunks on earlier. As his gaze traveled around the room, he saw several of the boys sprout boners as their bunkmates got paint brushes south of the belly button area. Then it was time to figure out how to use the towels to look like loin cloths.

They lined up in front of Scotty, their little naked bodies painted and towels in their hands, waiting for him to help. Most of the boys were so short that he just folded the towel lengthwise so it wouldn't hang all the way to their knees or below and then wrapped it around the kid and tucked one end over the other at the waist. A couple of the kids were so skinny he had to dig into his emergency supplies and get some safety pins to help hold the towel together. By the time he was through looking at all those little cocks and balls, he was sporting a pretty sizable boner. So when the boys suggested he dress like them, his answer was a quick and emphatic NO.

The rest of the camp hooted and howled as Scotty's cabin marched into their section of the campfire circle dressed and painted as they were. Everyone had a lot of fun that night, sometimes at the expense of a youngster whose towel had managed to loosen and fall off at the wrong moment. Of course, painted as they were, all Scotty's kids had to hit the showers before they could go to bed. The shower building was separate from all the others and was just two large rooms, one for dressing and one with shower heads around all four walls.

Scotty noticed that here, too, the boys had paired up by bunk assignments to share shower heads and help each other wash the paint of their faces and chests. Usually one would wash his face as his bunkmate washed his chest, Then they'd switch places. Scotty watched from a corner outside the shower room and saw several instances where hands went lower than supposedly necessary. But none of the kids seemed disturbed or frightened by this extra care, so he didn't feel it necessary to interfere.

When they were finished with their showers and had dried themselves, and each other, the boys lined up naked as jaybirds and walked back to their cabin, arm in arm or holding hands. They had yet another surprise for Scotty when they got back to the cabin.

"We all talked about it right after supper and decided we want to share beds tonight - since it's our last might together," Mark announced to Scotty.

"You mean you all want to sleep with your bunkmates?" Scotty asked, somewhat amazed at this apparent unanimous decision.

"Yeah!" the boys all answered together.

"Are you sure? Is there any one of you that doesn't want to share a bed with your bunkmate?" And he let his gaze move slowly around the room, looking each boy in the eye.

Andy spoke for the group again.

"Dan and Sam have been doing it almost every night. We want to, too."

Dan blushed as he heard comments of agreement travel around the room. His hand slipped softly into Sam's, their grasp hidden behind their legs which were touching from knee to hip.

"Well, I guess it's Ok then. But PJ's or undershorts for everyone. And no funny stuff," he added with a grin.

"Yeeeaaa!" the boys yelled in unison, as they scrambled for their choice of PJ's or shorts and climbed into bed. Most of them chose the top bunks, just as Dan and Sam had every other night of camp.

This time when Ave Maria was played, Dan didn't cry. He just lay there with his forehead touching Sam's, the two of them looking into each other's eyes and smiling. When the song was over, Dan spoke softly.

"Isn't it neat how the other guys all wanted to do this, too?"

"Yeah. 'Spose we've started something?"

"Nah. Most of these guys won't even see each other after they leave tomorrow. We're the lucky ones."


A moment later Sam spoke again in a whisper.



"Uh... you're... uh... really special, ya know?"

"Yeah, Samuel. I know. You're special to me, too."

"Thanks, Danny. I... uh... lo......"

"What, Samuel?"

"Oh, nothin'. Let's just go to sleep, huh?"

"Oh... OK. 'Night."

"G'night, Danny."

The boys silently reached into each other's briefs and wrapped their hand around their friend's limp and shriveled penis. They woke the next morning in the same position, holding onto their friend's morning woody.