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Tucker and Friends Part 1

I always consider my self bi. As a kid growing up, i never had any boyfriends. I had only girlfriends, but i kind of like boys more. I did however do stuff with boys when i was young boy from the ages 10 years of age till i was 18. I will tell you some of the stories that i had with boys around my age. Now this story takes place when i was 10 years old. I already hit puberty, i hit it this summer before i enter 5th grade. My name is Tucker by the way.

This kid who look about one or two years younger than me, moved into the house behind mine. He had an older sister who was about three or four years older than me. To me she wasn’t bad looking till this day i remember her birthday i don’t know why, maybe i remember it because it was close to mine

I never hung out with him or didn’t even know his name. It wasn't until mid September that we finally talk and starting hanging out. We both was riding bikes around our neighborhood. It was a quiet neighborhood. No other kids on the block, mostly old people. While i was riding my bike my chain fell off my bike, and i flew off and scraped up my knee and i was bleeding. I was fine and could have gone home to clean up right then in there, but i wanted to see this kid again because he was good looking. He had blonde hair, athletic body, around 4'11 to 5 foot tall. So i stop my bike and tried to stop the blood with my hand, just delaying the process till he came back around.

"You ok" said the kid

"Yeah Im fine"

"Im Blake by the way"

"Im Tucker"

We talk about other random stuff, I cant really remember what though. I think it was about what school we both went to, what sports we like, and what gaming system we had . So we decide to talk more so he hop up on the back of my bike on the pegs that i had. I just started ride around a few blocks. I wanted to do stuff with him, but i was afraid, and didn’t think he was gay. While we was riding, he hump my back like two times. I got to thinking maybe he was gay. Then few minuets later we herd his mom calling for him and he had to go home.

"Hey you want hang out tomorrow Tucker"

"Sure what time?"

" How bout noon"

It was getting late it was around 1am Saturday morning. So i deiced to go up stairs and go to bed. I started to jerk-off thinking about Blake what i would do to him what he look like naked. My penis was close to four inches i believe at this time. I just started jerking it, than i grab a tissue that i had my my nose that i had by my bed. I let three cum shots off in that tissue. I fell asleep after that.

It was Saturday and i went to Blake's house to hang out. We went up to his room and played on the playstation 2. We got to know each real well that day, we both like the same thing on everything, he was like my equal. He ask me if i wanted to sleep over and i said that we could.

Now the bed that Blake had was a single bed, i had my head on one end he had his head on the other end of the bed.


It was late in the night. I was pretending to be asleep. I herd Blake call my name, then again. He said my name while he lightly pushed me. I didn’t respond. It was 20 minuets later. he moved his hand and went up my shorts and he started to rub it. I got hard, and i told him don’t stop.

"Shit i thought you were asleep, im sorry i did that don’t hate me"

"Blake i don’t care, that feels real good, i don’t want you to stop."

( Blake already knows before this that i hit puberty already)

"Ok i wont, but can you do this back."

"Blake hold on real fast can you give me blow job, ill do it back."

" I don’t know Tucker, man I really don’t know.... ok but don’t cum in my mouth."

So he went under the covers pulled my shorts and underwear. He started to suck me. I placed my hand on the back of his head. He started to suck me slower.

"Man Blake, oh god this feels so good. oh my god get something im going to cum...I cant find nothing Blake, your gonna have to swallow. Here it comes Blake."

I shot three loads into his mouth. He did swallow it i could not believe it.

"Man Blake that was great, that was my first blow job ever. sorry that you had to swallow my cum.

"Its ok didn’t taste too bad"

"Lay down Blake its my turn turn to blow you."

I got between his legs and put my mouth on his dick and started to suck. I started to go fast than went slow.

"Damn this feels great, hell yes, suck it boy."

He started to arch his back. Started to moan little . "Tucker my dick is feeling great"

This is the story of my first sexual experience. My first time getting a blow job and the first time giving one. Time of this story i was 10 years old and Blake was 9 Years old. Any Comments, questions, feedback. My Email is