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Tucker and Friends Part 3

Come on Blake, we need to get clean up, lets go hop in the shower.”


Yeah if you want to”

Alright lets go.”

We decided to go downstairs naked to go take the showers instead of getting dressed, because there was no need nobody else was home. We turn on the water, it was slightly hot which is how I like the shower.

What are you laughing at Tucker?”

I can still see my cum on you.”

Hardy har ha, since you did that, you have to clean my body.

Fine, it will be my pleasure.” I said with a smile.

I grab the soap and started to wash his body. I started with the arms, then moved to chest I went over his nipples a few times. I wash the dried cum off of him. I skip the most important part for last. After I did his legs. I started to wash his back. I slowly washed his ass and I got enough soap on his butt and I place a finger up his butt. When I did that he jump.

What Blake.”

Nothing, did not think you would do that, it felt kinda of good.”

Turn around Blake.”

He turned around and I began to suck him.

Oh man! Tucker twice in one day, this feels good, remember watch the teeth... oh Tucker oh Tucker please go faster.”

I could feel he was almost there, so I pick it up faster. He placed his hands on the back of my head and started to fuck my mouth. So after I felt his dick go limp.

Dude you suck really good that time, man right there was the best one I had so far.”

I'm glad” I said with a smile. “Now can you wash my body.”

Sure anything for what you just did.”

He washed my body, and he skip my dick for last. He started to wash my ass and he place a finger up my ass and started to finger me.

You like that don't you”

Just a little.”

Ok, you can turn around now.

I was super hard after I suck him, and I knew I wouldn't last long of him sucking me.

Blake you think you could swallow my cum please?”

He shook his yes. I did what he did to me I started to fuck his mouth. Holding his head in placed. Before I knew it I cum three times he just pulled his back and swallowed it. I was happy that he did it too.

Did it taste good”

Not to bad, but I can get used to it.”

Come one lets get cleanup for real and get out of here.”

We did finish our shower and we dried off. Since there was nobody else home, we decide to stay naked. We went up stairs and played the ps2. Some how his friend Matt got brought up. Blake said he talk to him during the week and it turns out that he knows me somehow. It turns out that he was on my baseball team last year.

We played ps2 for awhile then watch some TV.

Hey Tucker”


You want to try something new”

Sure what is it.”

Well, I heard my sister talking the other day she said something about 69.”

What is 69 Blake”

I look it up its where we both suck each others dick at the same time.”

How are we suppose to do that Blake”

Well, since your bigger the I am you lay down on your back, then ill lay down on top of you, with my head at your dick and your head at my dick then we both suck each other.”

I guess we can try it.”

So I laid down and he got on top. We both started to suck each other. It felt great being suck and sucking at the same time. I have no idea how it happen but we had the same rhythm of sucking each other. We both could feel each other getting close so we pick up the pace and went faster. We both had an orgasm at the same time. He didn't swallow all my cum as a seen it dripping down my dick.

Blake your not finished now lick up the rest of my cum.

So did you enjoyed that as much as I did Tucker.”

You better believe it, I loved it.”

After that we went back to playing the ps2 still naked. We got tired after awhile and watch TV. While I was watching TV, Blake rolled over on top of me and kissed me on the lips and said thanks.

Thanks for what?”

For everything.”

All of this went on for months, when we had time, we would just suck each. During the winter months it go tougher, because I was on my school basketball team.

***The next few chapters will take time to write for a few reasons. Finding time to write them, I have to take care of my two boys, my job, and trying to remember most of the things that took place. I do remember most of them. It also depends on how well of a response this gets and if people want to keep hearing it.