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Tucker and Friends Part 4

With me being on the basketball team, I spent less time hanging out with Blake. I did hang out with him some times, but not as much because of basketball and hanging out with other friends. I mention that I went to a private school. At this time we had two possible three teams. The fifth, sixth, seventh and eight grades were put on one team, we had an A-team and a B-team. I was selected to be team captain as a fifth grade, I was happy about this.

During this week, it snowed a lot. I was hoping for snow days everyday it snowed. Well finally we did have a snow day on Thursday, I was happy. It was around noon when I deiced to go over to Blake's house. His mom's car wasn’t there, so I figure she was at work. I knock on the door and Blake answered the door.

Hello Blake”

Hey Tucker, come on in.”

So whats up Blake”

Not much, wanna go up and play some PS2”


I don't remember what game we played, but I do remember we played one player game. Blake was playing the game for a while and he stop so I could play it for a while. He left a few minuet later. He came back in he went up be hide me and put me in a head lock.

You want to wrestle Tucker”


I broke free of the head lock, and pick Blake up and lightly slammed him on the ground and got on top of him. I put my knees on each shoulder holding him down. I started poking him in the chest real fast with one finger. He is struggling to get free. He was begging for me to let him go and I did finally let him go. He look down and he saw that I was pitching a tent. He just smiled.

You want me to suck you don't you”


We both quickly undress, and I lied down on the bed. He puts his mouth on my dick and takes it all in.

He slowly starts suck me, his head going up and down. He starts to lick the head of my penis and fondles my balls at the same time. He starts to move fast. I was getting close so I put my hands on the back of his hands and blew my load into his mouth. He pulls up wipes his hand across his mouth.

That was good Blake thanks.”

Thanks you gonna suck me now”

Yeah Blake I will.”

After I got sucking him, we started to wrestler again both still naked. I get on top holding his hands down. Both of our penis are hard and touching each other. I let him up and he said we should take a shower.

I grab the bottle of body wash and put a lot on my hand and start to wash his body. Rubbing my hands all of his chest. My hands still full of soap I began to wash his balls and penis with my right hand and I began to rub them. He had his head back and he arch his back too and let out of a sign of relive. I grab the bottle of body wash again and put big lob of soap and rub my hands together and put both my hands on his but and started to was his butts. My index finger was really soapy and placed my finger in his butt.

Hey Blake can we try something”

Like What”

Can I stick my dick in your butt”

Yeah but lets wait, lets do it on my bed.”

We got out of the shower, and headed toward his bedroom. I told him to get on all fours. I pressed forward. I push forward and didn’t stop until my penis was press tightly inside Blake's bum. I began to fuck him with deep, powerful thrusts. His butt clamping tight around my penis. I soon shot a load of sticky cum into Blake's rectum. I collapsed on top of him, I just laid on top of him for a while and rolled off of him.

Oh Wow! Blake That was the best thing ever, of my god that felt so good.”

It felt kind of good too Tucker, felt strange, but it felt kind of good”

Dude Blake that was my first time”

Mine too...Um Tucker can I do that to you?

Sure man its only fair.”

After he got done fucking me, we just hung out the rest of the day. We played some baseball outside and PS2. This went on for a while. The next summer he introduced me to his friend Matt.

Matt, this is Tucker”

So this is the person you been messing around with Blake”

Hey Matt”

Hey Tucker”

Matt was the same age as Blake in fact had the same birthday. He was around 4'9” around this time brown hair, kind of a tan body.

We all went up to Blake's room to watch T.V. Later on I left the room to use the bathroom and came back to them whispering to each other, and they both look at me when I came into the room. Then Blake said something.

Hey Tucker, I told Matt about us and he wants to see you naked, mostly to see your hair and your size” he said with a smile and laughter.

Ok, only if you get undress too” I started to laugh.

We all undress even Blake even though he didn’t have too.

Wow you do have hair down there and its huge.”

Thanks Matt.”