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Tucker And Friends Part 5

After we got naked, we talk some more and Matt agreed to suck me off. I agreed to suck him back. Blake protested and ask what about him. I told him that Matt would suck him off. I laid down on the bed and Matt got on the bed and put his mouth around my dick. After he put mouth around my dick he came back up, and pulled hair out of his mouth.

Sorry Matt, I'll try and pulled back the hair.”

Thanks Tucker”

Matt went back down and started to suck me again. His head moving up and down on my dick. He put tongue in my penis slit and started to lick it. I start thrusting my hips up and placed my hands on top of his head. I did one last thrust and I held his head down and shot my load deep in this throat. Matt pulls off wiping his mouth off.

So that was cum, it didn't taste bad at all. So Tucker you going to suck me off?”

How about you and Blake do a 69 so both of you can get suck off.”

Blake quickly jump in “Ok”

Eh.. um ok Tucker, I will do that”

I never seen two people doing sexual stuff before, beside some porn, They knew what they were during, they were going at it like crazy. It turned me on greatly, I got hard again real fast. After I got done watching them, we all put our boxers back on, we went out to a local baseball field and just hit the baseball around. After awhile we headed back to Blake's house and his mom ordered pizza for us. After we ate, his mom went out for the night on a date, and his sister was off partying like always. We all got to talking, and I don't remember how it got brought up. Blake was talking about me fucking him, when he was talking about that I got hard again. They both noticed this. Matt wanted to try it, and I was more than willing to fill his desire.

I told Matt to lie down tummy first and I placed a pillow under him as well. I position myself and guided my dick toward his butt and slid it in till I was fully in. I grab him by the hips and started to thrust my dick in his ass. After few thrust, Matt must fully enjoyed it because he started to moan like crazy. I gave on last thrust and spread his rectum with my cum. After I pulled out I rolled over on my back and started to breath heavily. I never told him or Blake this but, I enjoyed fucking Matt more then Blake.

Oh my god Tucker, that felt so good”

I know, it felt good for me too.”

Blake charmed in “you going to fuck me now Tucker”

Not know Blake kinda tired”

After while I did fuck him and after I did, I mean after I pulled out Matt jump in and started to fuck Blake too. I could see my cum leaking out of Blake ass still.

Soon after that like maybe 30 mins or so. We went back to playing PS2. What we did next I don't know why we did it or how we ever thought about it, but when ever we had to pee, we laid down a blanket and put on some of Blake's whitey tighties and just watching each other pee in them, we each used the same one we only used one. I have no clue why we did that, I guess so we didn't have to go downstairs’s to use the bathroom. We stop eventually and we each hop in the shower to clean off. We didn't do anything for the rest night, well not till like 3 o'clock in the fucking god damn morning when Matt woke me up.

Tucker you awake” whispering and shoving me.

What the fuck do you want Matt”

I want you to fuck me again.”

When he said that I was wide wake and fully hard. I was ready. I told what to do like last time and I placed socks in his mouth so he wouldn't moan and wake up people. After a good while I unload three shots in his ass. He put his boxers back on and with cum coming out of his ass. I went in laid back down and getting ready to go back to sleep and Matt came over did a quick kiss on my lips. I was surprised by this and he said thanks.