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Tucker and Friends Part 6

The next morning everything went back to being normal. We just played video games and went outside until Matt was pickup by his parents. I hung out with Blake for a little bit and I went home for a while. I ate and took a shower and just stayed at my house for the day. We didn't do anything else until the next weekend. As what happen last time Matt has really taken a liken to me.

When Matt showed up at Blake's house, we just played PS2 and played outside. We didn't do anything until, his mom left for a date and his sister went out partying. I remember we tried to figure out how we all could do stuff at the same time. We came up with that one person would be on his hands and knees getting fuck up the ass and sucking someone off at the same time That is the only one that we came up with. We decided that I will be fucking Matt, while he is sucking off Blake.

I got down by Matt's ass and slowly guided my dick toward his hole. I push my dick in his ass until my head was in there, then I push my dick fully into him. While Blake put his dick in Matt's mouth. I grab him by the hips and started to fuck him, while Blake was fucking his mouth. I started to fuck him faster with deep powerful thrust, I look up at Blake and he was fucking Matt mouth and seem to really enjoyed it. I blew my load deep inside Matt. I stayed in until my dick went soft and Blake got off and he stop fucking Matt's mouth.

We stop after that for a while, we went back to playing video games, we played them for a couple of hours. We had an empty 2 liter of pop. Whenever we had to pee,we peed in the empty bottle, we just didn’t feel like pissing ourselves like last time. I remember Blake keeping that in his room for like a month after that, because we didn’t fill the whole thing up yet. It was disgusting, the smell of it and how much month old piss looks like. We fell asleep soon after that.

Matt left in the morning, and Blake and I just hanged out for the rest of the day. We talk for a while, I cant remember what about. We went to a empty baseball field and hit some baseballs around.

Hey Tucker, lets get risky”

What do you mean Blake”

Lets find a place outside, or in an empty house and blow each other there”

Hello no!”

Come on man”


We did find a place outside hidden and we did blow each other. I was afraid the whole we was doing it. We went back to his house and played videos games for a while. I think Blake wanted to get caught because after we did blow each other outside, when he mom left to get some food. He wanted me to fuck him. I fucked him fast as I could so we wouldn’t get caught. I filled him up pretty good. His boxers was filled with my cum.

We all continued to do this stuff, until eight grade, we stop an eight grade, don't know why but neither Blake or Matt hit puberty then. Blake hit it his Freshman year of high school. Matt however didn't hit puberty until his Junior year how sad. We still remained friends throughout high school and never did speak of what we did, when we was kids.

In eight grade I had another fuck buddy named Brandon, my new basketball coach son, who was in fifth grade, whom Brand really like me. I might write one story about him and might end my stories there and not write about when I was in high school as a senior with a another fuck buddy a freshman named johnny.