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Tucker and Friends Denouement

I entered eight grade and everything was doing great, last year before high school. I was top dog at my school, I’ve been top dog since 6th grade because of basketball skills. This year we had a new basketball coach, as our last one just quit. I was beginning to worry that this new coach won't recognize my skills, because the past 2 years I played every minute of every game that I played in. He did recognize my skills and I almost played every minute except games I got in foul trouble. I met his son during summer camp session he look pretty handsome. He was like 5 foot, little above skinny, like avg. weight. He had brown hair. I was always the first one there beside coach and Brandon his son. We shot hoops before everybody else showed up and we also talk.

We became friends during this time. Our last summer practice, I went to a bathroom far off because I seen Brandon was watching me. So I figure this is his chance to make a move. After I took a piss, and waited a few minutes and so enough Brandon walk in. I could tell by his face he was nervous. I didn't blame him for what he said next.

Hey Tucker, can can I see your penis”

I thought to myself this is it, this is the moment I’ve been waiting for.

Only if you show your first”

He was completely caught off guard. He drop his pants and underwear and showed his penis which was like around 3.5inches and not a single hair on it, so smooth. I took my hand rub his stomach and down toward his penis and balls and just rub my hands over them. Then I drop my pants and show him mine. His mouth drop an amazement.

Dude, you got hair down there and your huge”

I know”i said laughing. “You got a nice size one to. He listen if you want to do stuff we can, but you can NOT tell anyone ok”

Ok I want to do stuff and you can trust me, I wont tell”

I left first then about four minuets after that Brandon left. Everything went fine after that, we ended the summer camp pretty good. I was once again voted team captain. I knew this year was going to be good, last year than high school, I was still top dog at my school the most popular person in school. I was coming off a good basketball season last year avg. 19 points per game, not my best season, but none to lest it was a good season. I only need 12 points to break the career points at my school, and I met Brandon, this was going to be a great year.

When school we still remained friends, after lunch, me and some friends usually went into the gym and got a game going. Most of the time Brandon was on the other team. When we played each other he guarded me most of the time and a lot of times he would sling his arms so he hand could touch my penis. This went on for a while. When basketball season got under way, he pick the locker right next to mine. So he change by each other. He away watch me undress, I could see him looking at me in the corner of eyes. He was a good basketball played he made the varsity team, but more of a bench warmer.

After we played our first game, which we won, I had around 20 some points. Brandon ask me if I wanted to stay the night at his house. My parents said I could and I spent the night over there. I wait for my parent to get me some clean clothes and I took a shower in Brandon private bathroom that he had. When I got out of the shower Brandon must have pick the lock because he was in the bathroom naked too and he was smiling. As I got dressed, I walk by him and slap him on his ass.

It was late at night, when he ask me to fuck him. We started to undress, both of our hearts were pounding very fast. You could hear our hearts pounding, no lie. I told him we need something like lube, he left and came back with petroleum jelly. I took the lid of the jar and told him to hold his legs up. I put my middle finger in the jelly and slowly push my finger in and move my finger around inside him. I put for on his ass hole. Then I place some on my penis. He lifted his legs up and I grab my penis and guided it toward his hole. I started to push till I was fully in. I waited till he got adjusted and started to thrust. I puled him in close by the hips and started to thrust harder. He start jerking his penis as I was fucking him. Brandon was loving this. I unloaded my cum deep into his ass, I pulled out and rolled on my back next to Brandon.

How was that Brandon”

It felt great”

We can do this again if you want to Brandon”

Sure, ah your cum is leaking out of me”

Well go get clean up and I show you something else”

After he got back, I told him to lie down and I started to suck him off. As I was sucking him off I was playing with his balls. I kept on sucking till he had a dry orgasm. I told him we needed to go to bed.

I can't believe what I just did, I fuck and suck off the coach's son under his roof while he was home. It felt strange and felt good that I did that to his son, I pop his cherry.

We woke up early in the morning because we had intramural games at the school. We took a quick shower, separately, just in case if someone walk into his room, but we did watch each other undress. Sadly we was on different teams, that was too bad. After the games where over, I went home and that was it for a while we didn’t hang out for a couple of weeks after that.

One of the best times that we had, was after the game in which I hit the game winning basket. The score was tied with only few seconds to go in the game. The other team pulled up for a jump shot, it bank of the rim and I got the rebound. I flew down the court with only a few seconds to go with one men between me and the basket. I just pass the three point arc and I did a crossover, I jab step right and move that ball over to my right hand. The kid fell for it, and I broke his ankles. I moved my foot back and did a jump shot and nothing but net. I hit the game winning shot as time expired. The crowed and my team went nuts.

After I went home got some clean clothes and took a shower, I went over to Brandon's house. His dad was praising my shot. We waited to late at night to start anything. When his parents went to bed that’s when we had our fun. We threw all clothes by the bed and lock the door. After we did that, I pick Brandon and placed him on his bed. I started to kiss his chest and working my way down toward his penis. I started to kiss his penis then slowly started to suck him slowly. I lift his butt up and place a finger in there and continued to suck him. Then a flip him over and lube him up with petroleum jelly and started to fuck his fast. Deep powerful thrust, going deep inside his ass until my whole penis was in side of him. Then finally I blew my load into 5 fully shots of cum deep in side of him.

Thank you Brandon”

Your welcome it felt good for me too.”

You might want to stay face down for a little bit so cum does leak out of your ass”

Ok” says laughing

We had a lot more fun that year, he just love me fucking him and I enjoyed giving him the pleasure.

He move couple years after that during my second year of high school and the ended our playtime together.

Conclusion-on everybody that was in these chapters

Blake: He ended marrying his college girlfriend and are still together and has two sons who are around the age of my two boys. He still hangs out with me and we don't mention what happen in our past.

Matt: He runs his own business and still single, was almost married once, but broke up with the girl.

Brandon: Just recently came in contact with him though facebook, imagine that. He is in fact gay, and is seeing someone which he has told me. He's a manager of a store.

Johnny: I didn't write about him, but we had sex a few times, when I was a senior and he was a freshman. He lives in a city about 20 miles away and has two kids one daughter and a son. He is a dentist.

Me: I'm doing great, I got a scholarship to play basketball at a division II school and I married my high school sweet heart. She is one of a kinda. I have two sons and few years, we are planning to add another kid to our family. I have a job as an engineer and coach of the basketball, an assistat coach to tract team to the school I was at.