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Chapter 88 - Good times turn to panic.

Unbeknownst to the boys, a cold front had moved in overnight and anyone stepping outside was going to get a chill colder then they had felt in a long time. Granted, Tommy and Jon were still fast asleep from their night of wild sex and fun but Luke and his dog awoke this morning to take their usual morning walk. As Luke stepped one foot out the front door he was hit with the extremely frosty cold air and was quickly driven back inside.

"Wow!" he said aloud to himself. "This is the coldest air I have felt in a long time. I need gloves and a heavier coat today," he said looking at Patches.

He set off to dress warmer. He would only be outside for a little bit to walk the dog today, instead of their usual stroll up and down the road. The morning temperature outside was -20 degrees not that it would matter to him after he finished walking the dog but to anyone else it was brutal to touch any object outside today. The feel of the occasional wind that blew cut right through you this morning. Since it was suddenly a lot colder outside today then it was yesterday there would be little or no activities outdoors today.

Off in the other room, the 80-degree pool was steaming from the cold air that occasionally blew in from under the double doors and clashed with it. It made for an awesome scene not that any of the boys was there to see it at this time. The cold air was going to cause problems all day today and for the near future until it warmed up. Especially for anyone who went out in it. This cold would cause some problems all over town with busted water pipes and so on (again not that any of them would know this now) as the rush of frigid air that blanketed the area overnight would now affect anyone who was out there still alive and hiding. Even the boys who were setting the fires and the boys at the mall hundreds of miles away who are in a still colder climate and were out in it today looking for a reliable vehicle so they could leave there. The boys up the hill would be affected as they headed outside like usual and came down from their house to meet, play games, and hang out at Tommy's house.

Thankfully, Tommy had his truck in the somewhat heated garage so there wouldn't be any starting issues, but up the hill Bryan had parked outside last night as he usually did and at the moment he and Kate were trying to get his semi-new vehicle to start with little success. It was just after 8am as both of them headed out to try and get their four wheel drive vehicle going so they could get some supplies from the store and get back to do other things that they already planned. They were now outside freezing their butts off and trying to figure out if they could get the SUV going.

"It's no use Kate," he said turning to her, "we are just going to have to wait for Tommy to wake up."

"Have you already called down there Bryan?"

"Yes. Tommy didn't answer his cell so I called my brother and he said Tommy was still asleep and he would let Tommy know we were having trouble as soon as he saw him."

"Okay Bry, we are just going to have to wait till we hear back from one of them," Kate replied.

"Yeah, I guess so," Bryan said glumly.

The bundled up couple headed back inside after Bryan shut the hood to the SUV and immediately shuddered as the warm air from the house surrounded them after walking back inside.

"Damn it's cold," Bryan said. "I don't remember cold like this here in a long time."

"I know what you mean Bryan, let's get something warm to drink and make sure the boys know to dress warm if they go out today."

Back down the hill...

It was almost noon as Tommy awoke with Jon stirring at his side as both naked boys slowly rose from their night of hot sex and pleasure. Both in desperate need of a shower now, Tommy got up and sat with his feet on the floor as Jon crawled over behind him and started kissing him on his neck and cheek.

"That was to totally awesome last night TJ... I swear after I came the third time I thought my head was gonna blow off. I can't believe you were able to suck and jerk me off to a third orgasm last night!"

"You aren't the only one Jon... I was totally spent from getting you there and ready to pass out too as you came that last time."

"Yeah so was I, I don't even remember what came out... all I do remember is the feeling I had as I lay there not wanting to move a muscle and you coming up next to me and placing kisses all over my chest and tits, it was awesome!" Jon exclaimed.

"Yeah Jon I know. I hated for it to end last night and I hate for this to end now too but I have to get to the farm and pick up the milk and eggs. Then I don't care what we do after that but right now I gotta pee and then if you want we can shower and get ready to go."

"Yeah I agree and I wanna come with you TJ... after last night I don't want to leave your side anytime soon if that's okay," Jon asked.

"Sure is Jon... it sure is," Tommy said happily. "We might have other company though," he carefully added.

"Oh I don't care who goes with us, I just want to get out of here and I can't think of any other place I want to be but at your side right now."

Both boys smiled as Tommy got up and headed into the bathroom. He did his business and then went over to look outside as Jon took his place at the toilet.

"Wow! There is sure a cool breeze here at this window," Tommy said. "It must have gotten really cold last night or something because I don't ever remember feeling this way when I stood here in the past."

Jon finished up and came over to his naked lover as they both looked outside the semi-frosted window.

"Yeah TJ it must be very cold out today. I guess while we heated up inside it got really cold outside."

Tommy looked at him and smirked.

"Very funny lover, lets get showered, I know I stink from last night."

He leaned in and took a whiff of Jon as Jon quickly backed away when he realized what Tommy was doing.

"What are you doing TJ? I don't need to be sampled."

"Hey..." he said jokingly... "If I wanna sample my hot stud boy I am gonna do that!"

He grabbed Jon by the arm, pulled them together, and gave him a kiss.

"Besides whom would you rather have check, me or someone else?"

"You of course," Jon said.

"Okay then..." he kissed him once more on the lips.

He lifted Jon's arm and took a smell.

"Wow you need a shower man!" Tommy teased.

Jon gently shoved Tommy back as both boys laughed.

"TJ, go fuck yourself!" Jon shot back at him.

"Ha ha... I would if I could but that's your job... when you can figure out how to do it right!"

"What does that mean?" Jon scoffed.

Tommy looked at Jon.

"Do I really have to explain it?" Tommy said.

"No... I was just busting you some," as Jon moved closer to Tommy. "I'm so sorry I hurt you last night TJ," giving him a hug and both boys held each other tightly.

They broke apart a few seconds later.

"I know you didn't do it on purpose Jon but damn I swear when your dick hit that spot I thought I was gonna lose it."

"You did lose it TJ," Jon added.

"I know Jon, I mean I thought I was gonna pass out from that sharp pain. I got nailed in the nuts one time and it that felt almost as bad."

"Please stop TJ you are making me feel worse then I already do!"

Tommy reached out to Jon.

"Its over now sweet boy, we can try again later and this time I am willing to bet you will be a lot more careful once you get me all hot and ready to go."

Jon's frown went to an immediate smile as Tommy said that to him.

"Kewl!" said Jon.

"Okay Jon, lets shower and get downstairs I am freakin starving!"

"Yeah me too!" added Jon.

As Tommy and Jon washed up, downstairs Luke and Kyle were dressing warmly to go next door and get some work done in the greenhouse. By now, a few of the boys from Bryan's house had arrived and were playing games. Just about, everyone knew about the cold snap outside.

"You almost ready Kyle?" Luke asked.

"Yes. I got the sandwiches Ben made for us and a few cans of drink too so we do not have to come back here too soon. It's too cold to be out for very long today."

"You don't have to tell me Ky, when I took Patches out this morning I almost froze my balls off."

Kyle walked up to Luke.

"Now we can't have that, if everything keeps getting better I may need them more and more really soon."

Luke cocked his head and looked at him.

"You say that like something is wrong Kyle."

"Nothing is wrong, I just want to get closer to you and you seem not to want it sometimes."

"Kyle I promise I want to, it's just that you have to remember how I grew up and the values that were taught to me about straight and gay are still fresh in my head from my parents and even if I don't totally agree with what they said I still need time to get past it. I promise I will Kyle. I just need to let this relationship between us sink in a little more. I really like you a lot and I will show you soon."

"Thanks for saying that Luke, it makes me feel a lot better."

Luke smiled at Kyle and Kyle decided it was time to change the subject while he was still ahead before he stuck his foot in his mouth ruining things with Luke when they appeared to be going so well.

"I guess winter finally got here and in a big way Luke."

"Yeah, I am already thinking about summer and all the warm air and sweating and..."

"Yeah Luke I got ya... now cut it out before you give me more wood."

Both boys laughed as they got their things together for next door.

Out at the mall...

It was 8am. The three boys gathered their guns and then each took a shopping cart. They were going out to scour the mall for enough supplies to get them going on their planned trip to find Bryan's house tomorrow. They were going to call first thing in the morning but right now, they were walking the mall picking up winter clothes of all sorts for each of them, Denny, and Danny. They grabbed a cart full of water bottles, jugs of water, bottles of juice, and any other kinds of soda and drinks and loaded up a cart full of it. Then they went and looked for winter gear, boots, thick gloves, goggles, hats, hooded coats, and anything that they could use incase their new travel vehicle got stranded. Then after about an hour in those stores, they went to both camping stores in the mall. They grabbed a grill, all the filled propane tanks they could find (the small ones that attach to the grill) about ten plastic gas cans, which was all the store they were in had in stock, two and five gallon capacity. Plenty of lighters to start fires with, fire logs, incase they actually needed heat or to build a fire, dehydrated foods, a few tents, a compass, spare first aid kits and other miscellaneous items. They brought it all to the front door where the RV was parked. Next stop was the medical store where they grabbed some gauze, bandages and as many other items that could or might be needed if they were stranded. Cody made a special point of grapping a cane and some crutches for Danny and a sling for Denny.

As they walked through the stores in the mall they took every flashlight they could find in every store, then every battery, probably a hundred or more pounds of batteries to fill those flashlights and a few lanterns with refill packs for light at night and heat if needed. If you could think of it or see it, they grabbed it. Then they took another walk to the doorway and dropped off a few more shopping carts of stuff (one of just gas cans) that they will later load into their new RV. The next trip was for toys and games. They grabbed a couple game systems, the largest screen TV they could find that they could move, a ton of games, a bunch of stuffed animals, some board games, toy cars, action figures, and other miscellaneous stuff. After they each had a shopping cart overflowing with toys they took them to the door with the rest of their stuff. There are a few storage door areas on the outside of the RV for things that wouldn't freeze and they would stock the rest like perishable stuff in the back bedroom and wherever they could fit it in the RV. There are four seats and a table that folds out into a bed up in the front of the RV so sleeping wouldn't be too hard if they overstocked the bedroom and they had to sleep up front. They are hoping for hotels and stuff so they can shower or bathe. As they headed back to shop more and load up more stuff Cody had an idea about going to the local moving company and getting a small trailer and attaching it to the rear of the RV and loading that with the gas, propane and any other flammable stuff just to keep it off the RV. He ran it by Phil, Calvin, and both thought it would be worth the time to go look for one. They decided to go as soon as they were done shopping and before they overloaded the RV to try and not weight it down too much in the snow.

Cody's mind was still going a million miles per second trying to think of things they would need and easy ways to get them.

"Ya know guys, I am thinking now we should get a hook up for that car and attach that to the back of the RV. Then load the SUV with all that stuff, this way if the RV gets stuck then we can always use the SUV as our back up vehicle and load the trunk with whatever we can fit. My dad used to use a hitch so I know how they work. I have seen him do it hundreds of times. Having the SUV for a back up would be a tight fit with all five of us in there with all our gear but at least a back up vehicle makes me feel a lot safer then a small trailer that you can't drive," Cody said.

"I think that's way better Cody but how hard is it to attach it and make it secure?" Phil asked.

"It's not that hard and the only way is to go there and try it to see if any of us can do it. We already have a hitch on the back of the RV and all we need is something to attach to the front bumper of the SUV and we are set."

"Awesome lets do that. I feel a lot better knowing we will be towing a car rather then storage space." Said Phil.

It was decided they would do that. The boys were walking back to get more carts as they discussed this and now each of them once again had a cart and they were out hunting down more supplies. They got pillows, candles, canned goods, you name it. The more they walked the mall the more stores they saw, the more they took. Cody took out his cell and called Denny back upstairs to see how he was doing. He woke him up. They had been drifting in and out of sleep all morning. It was now close to 10am.

"Sorry to bother you Denny but I needed to know if you and Danny were okay since we have been out shopping for awhile now."

"Yeah we are okay, I have some pain but I was going to take a pill and get more rest. My shoulder is very sore today and it feels like its swollen or something. Cody do you think you can find me something like an antibiotic or anything that might help with infection. I am scared the bullet that's still in there is making it get infected or it's causing the pain to get worse for some reason. It is all I have thought about. I remember one of those TV shows I saw where someone died from a bullet that wasn't removed right away. I am really scared now. At least Danny's leg is healing some. We looked at it before when I was changing his bandages it seems to hurt him less and he was lucky that bullet went through his leg."

"Look Denny, I hate to tell you this but I am no doctor and I think that bullet needs to come out. Do you want me to start looking for some medical stuff and then I can cut you open and dig it out? I mean I really don't want to but it's either a shit load of pain as I dig into your hurt shoulder or you might die from infection if you are right."

"I gotta think about that Cody. I really have to think about that. It scares me to have it in there but the pain you might cause scares me even more," Denny said.

"All I can tell you is if I do it I would get the heavy meds from the pharmacy and knock you out or try and numb you with them, if that is possible before I'd do it but I am no surgeon and I have no idea if I can even do something like that."

"I'll let you know Cody. I really have to think on it."

"Okay you take a pill and we will see you in about an hour. We are almost done shopping, then we have to load up the RV and I'll come back and check on you after that. Then I am going to take Phil and go look for a hitch for the car so when we leave we can tow the car too and hope we just don't get stuck in deep snow."

Cody hung up the phone and they started walking again.

"Hey Cody I was just thinking, with all this talk about us getting stuck my dad used to work for the state and plow the roads every winter. I went with him a few times, he used to show me how to lift and drop the plow and everything else that he did I would watch him do," Calvin added softly as a tear formed in his eye from talking about his dad. "If we could drive to the place where they store the plows we could make sure one of them was filled up with gas, I know they hold a lot because I watched dad do that too. I think they take something like 100 gallons in two tanks. That should help us a lot and I could probably show you or Phil how to operate it. Then the plow could lead us there and we wouldn't get stuck in deep snow."

"Damn Calvin that's an awesome idea." He turned to Phil. "Philly do you think you could learn how to use one and lead us? You can drive it around the parking lot and learn close by if you wanted," Cody asked.

"I am sure I could try driving one but I don't know the way to where we are going so how would we do that?" Phil asked.

"Bryan is going to get us directions and we will be in contact with cell phones or one of the pair of walkie-talkies we have. He said there weren't too many dead spots and with three vehicles, we just increase our chances of making it there. We can also get a two way hand held radio and you can have one in the plow and talk to us behind you as you drove or even take Calvin with you for a bit," Cody said.

"Yeah and we also increase the amount of gas we will need to use," Phil added.

"Look worst case, we will have a bunch of gas cans so we can fill them all up and store them in the trunk of the SUV. It is farthest away and if anything happens, it will be in the SUV not the RV. Maybe there will even be room in the plow for some. But seriously, I have seen gas sit in my dad's garage all winter and it was safe why would something blow up now just because we are going to use it? We are going to be very safe and none of us smoke and stuff," Cody added.

"I guess that makes sense," Phil said. "We aren't going to be playing with it. It is just going to be in the trunk. How many gas cans did you get so far?"

"Ten I think," Cody said. "I can go look at what each one holds and then we will know how much extra we will have to store gas in. We can always find a few more too. Plus don't forget the SUV gas tank will be full, not that I want to suck that but in an emergency we have funnels and hose. Damn I think we nearly took one of everything in the freaking mall so far. I don't even know where we are going to store all of these carts full of stuff."

Back over at Tommy's house...

Tommy and Jon headed downstairs to eat. Ben who told Tommy that Bryan needed help starting his car because of the cold and would he mind going up there for a quick jump-start met them. Tommy told Ben that he could call Bryan back and tell him yes after they eat and Ben agreed. Then they went to eat. Ben had made frozen pancakes for them and Tommy kidded him by asking where the fresh were.

"Funny Tom, we are all but out of milk, I can't make pancakes without milk so you get frozen today," Ben said.

"Oh right, I forgot. Well at least we will have plenty of milk in a few hours," Tommy told him.

They sat to eat and Shawn and DJ came over to ask if they could go to the farm as they usually did. Tommy told them both yes and Shawn gave him a hug as usual then let him eat.

"TJ, I am going to play a game just yell when you are ready to leave okay?"

"Sure cutie," he said, "You already know you can go DJ, I know you need to see Cameron and have a few minutes together."

"Yeah I really do, I miss him even if it's just been a day or two since we last saw each other."

They ate and had some orange juice to wash it down. Then Tommy talked to a few of the boys and made sure things were going to be done and cleaned up around the house while he was gone. He saw Kyle and they talked briefly, Kyle told him that he was going next door with Luke to do some work in the greenhouse and check it because of the extreme cold and they were packing a lunch so they didn't have to be outside anymore then necessary.

"Good idea bro, its really cold out today, you don't need to be doing extra walking in it if you don't have to," Tommy told him.

"I know TJ, I'll see you later then since Luke and I will probably be there all afternoon."

"Okay bro, I love ya be careful over there, not that there is much bad that can happen in a greenhouse but just be careful and I'll see you later."

"Right TJ, see you later," Kyle said.

"Okay Jon, we ate and now its time to go out and help Bryan start his car and then get to the farm and get our milk. I was already outside to see how cold it is and it's bitter. I also went into the garage and its cold in there but nowhere near like it is outside. The truck should warm up pretty quick and we hopefully won't have any problems once we get there."

"Good I hate the cold TJ."

"Yes I know Jon... you wimp," Tommy teased.

"Hey!" Jon scoffed at him.

TJ laughed.

"Jon, please will you go and get Shawn and yell for DJ so we don't have to come back here after we help Bryan."

"Right, we'll meet you back here and then all head down to the garage together TJ."

"Exactly," TJ said.

Back up the hill in Bryan's house...

The cell phone rings in Ryan and Todd's room, it's around 10am and he and his twin brother are still asleep after a night of staying up late and playing video games.

Todd hears it and jumps out of bed to answer it hoping it's his brother Davie who they haven't heard from in over a week.

"Hello?" Todd says.

"Ry, Todd?" the voice says.

"Davie? It's Todd how are you man? I have been worried sick is everything okay?" Todd burst out.

"Yeah, chill. I'm sorry we didn't call on Christmas but the cell phone died and we just found a new charger for it when we got into a populated area. We also went through the Rocky Mountains and damn the snow was deep, it's a good thing we have a four wheel drive and luckily there were gas stations that still worked."

"Have you seen anyone?"

"Yeah here and there we have seen people but we don't stop and chat. We have even had cars pass us and beep but it doesn't happen a lot. How about out by you?"

"Nothing but cold and snow Dave, where we are there are no extra people just us and we pretty much hang out together up on the mountain. We are safe but there are a lot of half baked around and they are bad news."

"Yeah I know, we had to kill a few of them the other day when we stopped to eat and they came at us. It's sad but it's a matter of survival and I am not letting one of them take a chunk out of me or Duane."

"Yeah, how is Duane doing?"

"Great, we take turns driving but the bad weather has slowed us a lot. Right now we are in Colorado and actually taking in some scenes along the way. Ya know we might never get back here again so we are taking pictures and all for memories too."

"I am just glad to hear from you we have both been worried sick," Todd said.

"Sorry little brother but we are fine and between the weather and taking our time we are slowly getting there. Probably a few more weeks or so with the roads so bad but I promise we are coming. Look tell Ryan I said hi and I love him, I love you too ya know."

"Yeah I know," he got all embarrassed hearing his brother say that. "And I promise we will try and keep in touch as long as we have cell service. It's pretty dead out here in a lot of spots since the electricity is down in most areas."

"Please do Dave, hey hang on a sec Ryan is waking up. Ryan... Davie is on the phone get your ass up and say hi."

"Shit he is? It's about time!" Ryan said.

He took the phone from Todd.

"Bro... man where the heck are you?"

They talked for a bit and finally got all filled in and then they said their good-byes and hung up.

"That is awesome Ry, I am so glad he is okay and having fun. It sounds like something I would like to do sometime. Travel the country and see all the half baked dudes," he laughed.

"Ryan you are crazy bro!" Todd said. "I am going to take a shower!"

"Don't forget to wash your balls so I can suck them later!" Ryan yelled to him. Todd gave him the finger as he left the room. "You can suck me later all right!" Todd said not waiting for a reply.

Outside Tommy had just pulled up and beeped. He had called ahead and Bryan came outside into the bitter cold to try to start his car once again.

"Thanks for coming up Tommy," he yelled to him through his ski mask that he smartly put on this time.

"No problem, damn it's freezing out here!" TJ said.

"You didn't know?" Bryan asked. "The thermometer outside the window of the house said -19 degrees when I looked before."

"No I know the truck has one but since it was in the garage and the ride up here is so quick it was 56 degrees when we got into the truck and by the time I got out it was only down to 10degrees so I knew it was really cold just not how bad... you said -19 degrees shit that is really cold, no wonder my bathroom was cold this morning!" Tommy joked.

"Well let's hurry Tommy then you can get back in the truck with the others. They sure look comfy in there," Bryan said looking and waving at DJ, Shawn, and Jon.

"Yeah, those chicken shits wouldn't get out with me. They wanted to stay warm, big babies!"

They both laughed. The hood of the car was up, Tommy connected the jumper cables, and then Bryan went and turned the key. The car fired up after a few seconds of charge and he got out after and went back over to thank Tommy.

"Glad I could help Bryan, now don't turn it off when you go shop because I won't be back right away and I don't want you getting stranded while I am at the farm," Tommy gladly said.

"Good point, thanks again Tom. Be safe out there while you drive today with the guys."

"I am damn well going to try. See you later Bryan."

"Bye Tom."

Bryan went to do his thing and Tommy got back into the warm truck.

"Damn its cold out!" Tommy exclaimed.

He looked at the truck thermometer now and it registered -16 degrees. Shit! He thought to himself, we better not get stuck today or we will be in trouble for sure. The thought crossed his mind about that as he took off. After all, there really is not much help around to get them if they are stuck. As quickly as the thought came, it passed and soon TJ was driving down the hill slowly and heading to the farm while the four boys made small talk in the truck. At least it was toasty warm in there. They hit the parkway and were tooling along at a blistering 35 miles per hour.

"I hate this weather it takes forever to get where we are going!" Tommy said.

"Yeah I know what you mean TJ but there is something about winter that is nice," Jon replied.

"It's not the cold!" DJ said.

"No, I am not a big fan of the cold DJ," Jon said, "but I guess it's the way the snow looks on everything, when it blankets it and it all looks so clean and new."

"I just like throwing snowballs," Shawn said doing his best to get into the conversation.

"Yeah Shawn you love throwing them but if anyone hits you then you get all pissy and mad," Tommy said to him.

"That's not true!" he barked back.

"Jon, what happened last time he got into it with Caleb and Zack outside, didn't he come in crying about them attacking him?" Tommy asked.

"I wasn't crying! I was just mad that it was two on one!" Shawn said with some resentment in his voice.

Their teasing was easily getting to Shawn who now was dead serious about defending himself.

"Call it what you want cutie, to me you were just upset that you were hit with the snow."

He didn't comment any further now and it appeared this conversation was over.

Tommy drove down the road and the truck was silent for a while. He turned on the radio and started a CD to get some sound in the truck. The four boys drove the rest of the way there without saying much more. The radio kept the truck from being very quiet. About forty minutes later, Tommy was pulling off the parkway and turning onto Strobe Way as he had done so many times before and as soon as he got onto it the road cleared as he expected. The boys had done their usual job of clearing the street all the way out to the parkway with their backhoe. Tommy drove down the road to their house and beeped the horn a few times but this time none of them came out to greet them as they usually did. Tommy parked right in front of the house this time too. The cold weather had kept Cameron and his brothers inside and at the same time kept Tommy from parking closer to the barn then the house. He shut off the truck and they got out. The chill immediately hit them as they opened the truck doors and hurried to the house in front of them. Cameron was at the door and he opened it and let all four of them in. Then he quickly shuts it behind them to keep their precious heat inside.

"Hey guys, welcome to our chilly house," Cameron said. He went over and immediately hugged DJ as soon as he took his coat off.

Chase and Chance came up and greeted Tommy as usual both with a hug and a smile.

"You guys want some hot chocolate?" Cameron asked.

"Sounds good to me," Jon and DJ almost said in unison.

Cameron laughed and went over to make some hot water for everyone, DJ followed him and they had a quiet, private chat at the stove for a moment.

"You wanna do something before I have to go or do you think there are too many people here?" Cameron asked quietly.

"I always want to `do' something Cam, only I wish things were easier and you weren't so far away," DJ whispered back.

"I know and the weather isn't helping either. I was thinking about coming there for a few hours and at least I knew we would be alone in your room at your place," Cam added.

"That would be great. As long as Chance and Chase are okay you are welcome anytime."

"I figured but I really need to do something. I hate not being around you and I need a blow job really bad!" he whispered and giggled.

DJ looked at him.

"You had to say that, now you got me getting bone!"

"We can always take care of that, they can make their own hot chocolate!" Cam said.

"Yeah!" DJ turned and looked at Tommy. "We are going to have some private time so if it's okay you make the hot chocolate and Chance and Chase will help you with the milk if we aren't back in time" DJ told Tommy.

"You two go have fun and don't worry if you two aren't done in time I will come in and help you finish," Tommy said.

This brought a round of laughter from the others. They both looked at him as if to say `yeah right!' and they left the kitchen.

"You know TJ you should find a way for them to be together," Jon said.

"Sure Jon..." He pointed at them and then waved his arms and looked at Jon. "Okay, they are together."

Everyone laughed and Jon shook his head...

"I will say it again... for the 50th time! I really gotta learn to keep my mouth shut sometimes! It will keep me from being a total ass!"

"Its okay Jon, I still love you." Tommy went over and gave him a hug, which he gladly took as the boys, sighed. "Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww" they said.

"TJ where is my hug?" A jealous Shawn said sadly tugging at him.

He looked at Jon.

"Should I give him a hug too or should we all get together and have a mass hug? Chance and Chase you two come over and we can all hug!"

Shawn hit him.

"That isn't funny!" Shawn complained then he stomped out of the room.

"Great," he said looking at Jon. "Now I have to go fix that."

"Want a hug first?" Jon quipped.

"Funny!" Tommy said to him as he punched him in the arm and went after Shawn.

"Owwwww, Bitch!" Jon yelled out as Tommy left the room.

Chase and Chance laughed, both were highly amused at this act of stupidity going on in front of them.

"You guys need to come over a lot more. We laugh when you are here Jon," Chance said.

"Yeah well I guess it is pretty silly but we are kidding around!"

Tommy ran after Shawn who was now in the bathroom with the door shut. Tommy turned the doorknob... and locked too apparently.

"Shawn, open the door," Tommy said quietly.

He wiggled the handle again but so far, Shawn was ignoring him.

"Shawn Michael Murry!" yelled out Tommy.

Shawn turned and looked at the door and figured if he did not want a good ass beating then he better reply to his full name usage by Tommy. He went over, unlocked the door, and then quickly went across the bathroom to stand as far off as he could. Tommy opened the door with a push and it flew until it hit the tub with a thud. Shawn was standing at the other end of the bathroom and pouting. Tommy walked in and shut the door behind him.

"You have a problem mister?" Tommy said.

"Maybe a little bit," Shawn said in a low voice.

"Do I need to correct it?" Tommy asked.

"Maybe," Shawn said coyly.

"How about you come over here and I maybe you?"

He shook his head no. Tommy could tell he was trying not to smile. Tommy was trying not to smile also.

"If I have to go get you I am gonna spank you!" Tommy said jokingly knowing Shawn wanted this attention right now.

Shawn stuck out his bottom lip and folded his arms in a huff.

"Okay, then if that is what you want!" Tommy said.

He started across the bathroom for Shawn, who shrieked as Tommy grabbed him by the arm, then went over, and put the toilet seat down.

"You want it, I am gonna spank your butt!" he said.

"Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!" said Shawn easily trying for a laugh.

Chase, Chance, and Jon all stood outside the bathroom door listening to this.

"What's going on in there, it sounds like Tommy is gonna kill him!" Chase said.

"I've seen this before. I am willing to bet they are playing. Tommy loves Shawn WAY too much to hurt him. Come on lets go make hot chocolate and leave them be," Jon said.

They made their way back to the kitchen as Tommy lowered Shawn's pants to his ankles and propped him up over his knees.

"You will listen to me boy!" he said in the best threatening voice he could manage at the time.

He then raised and lowered his hand barely striking Shawn. Shawn jumped and bit his lip softly trying not to laugh from Tommy's play. Tommy went on doing this four more times. Each time Tommy spanked Shawn a little harder but barely making a red mark. Then finally, Tommy reached under the boy and felt his rock hard boner that had formed from the play.

"That better not be what I think it is boy!" Tommy said, trying to act livid and failing miserably now.

He picked Shawn up, stood him on his feet, and looked him in the eyes.

"You little pervert, you got hard from that!" he whispered.

Shawn smiled widely.

"Pweeze do something to make it go away TJ," Shawn begged giving his best puppy dog eyes.

Tommy smiled at him and pulled him closer. They met and he kissed Shawn on the lips as his hand reached out and began to stroke Shawn's hardness.

"There was really no reason to act that way Shawn," Tommy whispered into his ear. "I love you and even if you are upset you can always talk to me. We can do this anytime you know."

Shawn nodded and Tommy kissed him once more and then bent over and put his lips on that hard little tool and began to lick, wet, and then suck it. Tommy worked feverishly on sucking the boy off, playing with his balls, and running a finger up and down his butt crack making Shawn squirm at times and go weak in the knees a few other times. Then he stopped and put Shawn on the floor and got over him and began sucking even faster and harder. The boy began to float off as he closed his eyes, made a fist with both hands, and then his belly started to rise and fall quicker and quicker. Finally, Shawn gasped and moaned a few times and then gently nudged Tommy's head away from his penis as the orgasm took over taking Shawn far, far away for a few moments. Tommy put his hand out to steady himself on the toilet top and watched as Shawn turned red in the cheeks and seemed to be off somewhere enjoying his bliss. As Shawn started to go a little soft Tommy reached out and tweaked it before stroking it a few more times and then he got up and sat back on the toilet seat. Shortly, Shawn opened his eyes and then smiled at Tommy.

"That always feels so good!" he said.

"I enjoyed it too," Tommy said reaching out and helping the half-naked boy up off the floor.

"Gimmie a hug!" said Tommy.

Shawn pulled his pants back up and then moved towards Tommy. They held each other tightly, Tommy whispered into Shawn's ear.

"You need to realize that I need to be with Jon now and spend time with him too. You are allowed to feel upset or just jealous about that but do not ever forget how much I love you and that you can come to me anytime about how you feel. I am not going away Shawnee kid and I will never love you any less, only more and more okay?" he whispered that into Shawn's ear as he held him.

"Okay TJ," Shawn said as he broke away, "I am sorry I acted that way."

"Don't be sorry, sometimes I need to be reminded too that I should behave when you are around Jon and me."

"I love you TJ."

"I love you too Shawn."

Tommy held his arms open and Shawn came to him and gave Tommy a hug. Then they walked out together and back into the kitchen. DJ and Cameron were still missing and probably having sex of some kind but Jon, Chase, and Chance were there and they gave us a look like what happened?

"What?" Tommy asked.

"The way it sounded in that bathroom the three of us thought you were gonna kill Shawn," Jon said.

"You know better than that!" Tommy said to him.

"I do, but they didn't," he added.

"It sounded bad when you went after him," Chase added.

"Believe me it wasn't," Shawn said. "Tommy would never hurt me! If I did something bad I am sure he would punish me but I trust TJ with my life," Shawn said as he put his arm around him and Tommy did the same back.

"That's good!" Chance said. "We were worried and I know what Tommy can do Shawn... I found out when Chase got hurt, that Tommy can have a temper."

"We don't need to get into that, he knows what you mean Chance," Tommy said.

Just as they sat for some hot chocolate with the others Cameron and DJ came out. Both were a little flushed and both looked like they just had a good time.

"Well you two look all hot and bothered," Tommy said.

"You could say that," DJ said as they both smiled.

"All I know is I am finally getting some hot chocolate. We have been here for about a half hour and finally I am getting to enjoy a cup!" Tommy said.

DJ and Cameron each grabbed a cup and sat joining Shawn and Tommy at the table. Chase and Chance got up to give them a chair and Jon stayed where he was at the table. They sat and talked for close to another thirty minutes. Finally, Tommy knowing there were things to do, stood up and the others joined him. They dressed and went out to get the milk and eggs. They loaded up the back of the truck and went back into the warm house to quickly say their good-byes. DJ and Cameron kissed on the lips as far away from the others as they could, then they tried to agree to meet soon even if it meant Cameron driving to Tommy's house. Everyone said good-bye and the boys got into the truck and waved as Tommy took off for home.

Back over at Bryan's house...

It was late afternoon, Bryan's cell rang. It was Cody calling.

"Hey Code-man how are you, better I hope."

"Considering how it's been here lately we are okay. Denny and Danny are hanging in there and we are getting ready to leave. The RV is packed and loaded with everything we could possibly need to travel. We were able to get a hitch and hook up a car to the back of the RV so incase it gets stuck we still have another vehicle but the really good news is Calvin's dad worked for the road department and Calvin came up with an awesome idea."

"What's that Cody?" Bryan asked.

"Calvin suggested we get a plow and have the plow lead us to you."

"Wow that does sound great but what about gas and all?"

"The plow has two fifty gallon gas tanks, according to what Calvin showed me. We already have it here and Calvin showed Phil a little about how to drive it, or what he knew from what his father showed him a few times."

"How did his test driving go? He did test drive the plow, right?"

"Yeah he drove around the parking lot a bit and he seemed to think he could handle it so we are going for it Bryan. Tonight we are all going to sleep as good as possible and first thing in the morning, we are going to load up what is left here and say goodbye to the Mall of American. I certainly won't miss it!" Cody said.

"I understand. Call in the morning, not too early but call when you are on the way. You have the directions I gave you already and I hope you have some kind of GPS navigation with you too," Bryan said.

"We were going to take one but I have my cell and you gave me Tommy's phone number so I can call both of you if I get stuck."

"Yes you can. Be safe and we will talk in the morning. Good luck Cody, tell the boys I said so too."

"I will Bryan, thanks for your help."

"You are welcome but I didn't really do much," Bryan added.

"You did a lot. You helped me keep it together when I thought I was going to lose my mind. Thanks."

"Anytime Cody, again see you soon I hope!"

"Yup, talk to you tomorrow. Bye."

"Bye Cody."

They hug up and Cody went to rest so he could try to get some decent sleep after spending the entire day packing and shopping. Tomorrow they will get gas at one of the gas stations around the mall and then get ready to leave this place for good. One of the stations has to be pumping, the boys know this area well and there are ten stations around the mall area if there are any!

At the greenhouse...

Luke has been tooling around and working most of the day getting things together, planting some stuff and just doing whatever it is he does to keep up with the growing of all his food and flowers. Right now Kyle and Luke were sitting at the edge of one of the tables and each was eating a sandwich. Both boys were talking and fooling around a little bit. Since they are all but alone with no one to see them Kyle kept grabbing for Luke's groin and Luke was sporting a bit of a hard on now not that anything was planned to help him take care of it. The boys were going to finish eating and then Luke was going to plant some vegetables. It was time to get them ready in hopes that there would be something for spring and it was looking good so far. Both boys were eating and drinking at the moment and all was good.

Back to Tommy and the boys in the truck...

Traveling now for close to 45 minutes, they were all but close to home. It was about 3pm and the day was quickly ending with about 90 minutes of sun left before dark. They had a good ride back and Tommy was now pulling off the parkway and slowly going up the hill. He would be home in five minutes. His cell rang. Jon answered it for him, it was Bryan.

"Hey Bryan its Jon, we are coming up the hill and should be there shortly. We are probably going to your house and drop off some of the milk and eggs first as usual, so if you can come to the front door you can tell Tommy where you want them."

"Okay sounds good, tell Tommy I have news about Cody and the others and I will see him shortly, thanks, and bye."

"Bye," Jon said.

"That was fast," Tommy said. "Any idea what he wanted?"

"Yes he has news about Cody he said."

"Oh, okay, I guess we will find out in a minute."

As Tommy said that, he was driving past his house and now pulling into the driveway of Bryan's house. The days worth of sun had warmed it up and the temperature on Tommy's truck thermometer was reading zero degrees now, a real heat wave from a few hours ago. There was a breeze and it made it feel just as bad as the morning but the cold was not as bad right now. Ryan, Mike and Austin came out with coats on to help carry the milk inside. Bryan came out too but to talk with Tommy. Mike and Ryan each took two jugs of milk. Austin took some of the six dozen eggs while Bryan took the rest. They are a bit heavy with three gallons or so of milk in each jug. About a week's worth of milk if they did not go crazy with it. As for Tommy's house, he has six more jugs in the back of the truck and a few gallon containers for his house. With fourteen other boys, they drank a bit more milk in a week than Bryan's house.

With fifteen boys to feed, just in Tommy's house, Cameron's cows pump out plenty of milk for the boys and for Ben to use to cook for them. Bryan filled Tommy in with the latest information from Cody and the boys and he seemed content with it. They chatted for a few minutes and then the cold got to both of them so they decided to either talk later or tomorrow. Bryan went inside and Tommy went in the truck then and back home. After he pulled into the driveway, the boys got all the milk stored. Tommy was then heading up to his room with Jon. Suddenly, a loud commotion was heard downstairs. Even with his door closed, he knew something was wrong. Tommy flew to his door and opened it. As he went out into the hall Luke was coming up the steps out of breath and he appeared to be crying.

"Tommy! Tommy! You have to come quick, something happened to Kyle, he threw up and passed out at the greenhouse!" Luke sobbed, almost hysterical in fear.

"What happened Luke? Do you have any idea?" Tommy screamed.

Tommy flew into his room, grabbed his coat, and flew out of his room not waiting for a reply. Jon did the same and followed, as did Luke. All three boys ran outside and up to the greenhouse. It all happened so fast that not many of the boys in the house knew that something happened, where it happened or much else. Tommy really did not know much either at this time. He ran into the greenhouse and saw Kyle lying on the floor unconscious. He brought his face to Kyle's mouth and nose to check for breathing and he was hardly breathing but hanging in so far. He looked at Luke.

"Do you know what happened?" Tommy asked in a panic-stricken voice.

"No, only that we were eating and kidding around and about twenty minutes after we finished he started talking about his belly hurting, the pain got really bad and he threw up over there."

He pointed to the spot. There was a puddle of mess about ten feet away from Kyle's body.

"Okay, I don't know what happened but it sounds like he ate something bad. Did you look around?"

"No, I just came for you right away," Luke said, continuing his sobbing. "Fix him Tommy, fix him," pleaded Luke frantically.

"Okay Luke, don't worry I'll fix him up right away, as best as I can," Tommy said worriedly as he thought to himself how, feeling extremely unselfconfident at the moment about all of this.

Tommy got up and went to look and see if anything looked out of sorts. He went to the can of soda that Luke pointed at and said that Kyle was drinking. His unfinished sandwich was next to it. He lifted the sandwich and smelled it. It had an odd smell to it so he turned it over and it had some substance on it.

"Luke do you know what this is?" he asked.

"Yeah, it smells like Triathlon," Luke said despondently.

"What the hell is Triathlon?" Tommy asked.

Luke handed Tommy a bottle that said Triathlon on it. He read the side and felt a chill go down his spine with each potent ingredient that he tried to pronounce in his head. What he read did not sound good.

"We need to get something in him to dilute it. It also says not to induce vomiting but he already did that. I don't know what to do! How can I dilute it when he won't wake up! I am gonna get him home and into his bed and run to the pharmacy and check the health book and come back with something," Tommy said anxiously.

Tommy scooped Kyle up as if he was a paper doll and headed straight out of the greenhouse, the cold weather wasn't a factor right now the way Tommy felt. Luke and Jon walked along side Tommy as they headed back quickly and they followed him to the house. Jon opened the front door and then opened the door to Kyle's room. Tommy put Kyle on his bed and turned to Jon.

"I need you to watch him, check his breathing Jon. You know what to do if he stops breathing. Luke you get Ben to come here too, he knows first aid and if Kyle stops breathing, he can help the most. I am going to go to the pharmacy and get something to help. Please guys call me if it gets worse, I am going to go as fast as the snow lets me and I will be back as soon as possible."

"Okay Tommy, you go, we will be here with Kyle!" Luke shouted.

Tommy ran out to his truck as Luke ran to get Ben, Jon stayed at Kyle's side just incase anything happened while Luke was gone. Tommy started the truck and took off like his ass was on fire. He almost spun out several times just heading down the hill. He took a deep breath and thought to himself that he would be no good to Kyle hurt or dead and he needed to calm down and think rationally. He drove as quickly as possible to the market and threw the truck in park and left it running as he ran inside. Not even thinking about a gun, he was lucky no one was around right now. Even if there were someone inside with Tommy's current state of mind, he probably would just kill them if they tried to stop him right now. He ran to the pharmacy area and quickly looked up what he thought Kyle took. He read it and ran to look for the antidote. He checked shelf after shelf and finally found what he needed. He ran back to the truck and floored it fishtailing several times as he exited the parking lot of the market. As he drove down the snowy road, he suddenly saw something on the side of the road ahead. He couldn't make it out but as he got closer, it appeared to be a boy, a naked boy at that. He looked again straining his neck as he flew by the boy not believing what he saw. It was at or below zero degrees, outside and he just drove past a very naked or what looked like a very naked boy. He was so focused on the boy that he lost control of his truck in the snow and it began to slide. It went sideways as he turned the wheel rapidly trying to regain control of the truck. It slide hard into a huge amount of snow and stopped suddenly slamming Tommy's head into the side window and knocking him out. As he came to, he was bleeding from his head quite profusely, the door on his side of the truck was opened and he felt very dizzy. He suddenly realized someone was there, he yelled out in fear and jumped further hurting his already pained body and neck.

"It's okay sir, I won't hurt you," a voice said to him.

He tried to turn and look but realized he couldn't move his neck towards the voice at all.

"Who are you?" Tommy asked, startled and not being able to see who was there. "Can you help me?"

"I can try sir," the voice said sadly.

Tommy felt a touch to the side of his neck and then suddenly he heard a loud scream and then he passed out for some reason. He awoke what seemed like a little while later with his cell phone ringing. He reached for it and answered it.

"Hello?" he said in a very groggy voice.

"TJ it's me Jon. Where the hell are you? Kyle is hardly breathing and you have been gone for a very long time TJ!" screamed a very scared and keyed up Jon.

Tommy was in shock and confused about where he was for a second then he thought.

"OH MY GOD! Jon I got into an accident and I passed out. I have to see if the truck still runs, I will call you as soon as I can!" said a frenzied Tommy quickly.

At the house, a panicked Jon was just hung up on. He looked at Ben and Luke who were the only ones in the room with Kyle now. They heard his side of the phone conversation but not Tommy's so they did not have a clue what was going on, only that he was very late in getting back home.

"What happened, what is wrong with Tommy?" Ben asked Jon.

"He said he got into an accident and passed out. I guess I woke him when I called."

"Is he okay?" a scared and worried Luke asked Jon.

"I don't know when he realized or I think he realized what happened he yelled he would call me later and hung up before I could say anything else."

"I hope he is okay and he gets home fast!" Ben said.

"Me too!" added Jon, "Me too!"

Not waiting for a reply from Jon, Tommy hung up the phone and threw it on the seat. He moved and winced in pain but it wasn't nearly as bad as he remembered before. He turned to exit the truck with the door still ajar, and right next to him was a naked little boy and it scared the shit out of him.

"Who the fuck are you and where did you come from?" he said in a very startled voice.

Then he thought for a second.

"Are you that naked boy I saw on the side of the road before?" said Tommy before the little boy could answer.

"Yes sir that was me. I watched you crash. Are you okay now sir?" he said timidly.

"I am not sure but I thought my truck went off the road, how the hell did it get back in the middle of the road and where did you come from? My God its zero degrees outside how can you not freeze to death?" Tommy said in a baffled tone.

The boy started to answer and Tommy cut him off as he got out of the truck to survey the damage.

"Never mind you can tell me later," Tommy said.

He took off his coat and then his shirt and handed it to the boy.

"Here put this on and get in the truck it will cover more then my coat would and besides you don't seem to be cold. Now get into the truck, don't worry I'll take care of you," Tommy said.

For some reason this put a beautiful smile on the little boys face for the first time since Tommy had seen him.

"Thank you sir," the boy said.

The boy did as he was told getting in on the passengers side as Tommy checked the truck for damage. The truck seemed fine but he couldn't figure out the drag marks and anything else about this.

"I don't have time for this!" he said aloud. "Kyle is dying I need to get to him."

He got back in the truck and fired it up. It started right away and he quickly took off. The truck seemed to be fine and ran just like before. He was dazed, confused, and not thinking straight not to mention he had the sweetest, cutest little boy in the seat next to him that was hardly dressed at all. He looked at the boy and then back at the road. The boy will have to wait for now, he needed to watch the road and get home safely! As Tommy drove on, the boy next to him sat quietly and very patiently, almost too well behaved as if this were all a dream right now but it was not. Tommy was still in some pain but it was going away quickly. He remembered blood and he checked and saw some on his shirt but when he glanced in the mirror, he didn't see any cuts or scratches. He didn't think too hard about that as he began to climb the hill towards his house. Right now, he needed to get to Kyle and nothing or no one else mattered. He slid to a stop in front of the house almost sliding into the front door but thankfully, he stopped in time. He looked at the boy next to him.

"You can come in just stay out of the way okay?"

"Yes sir I understand," the boy said.

Tommy got out as did the boy and in all the confusion, running, and yelling the boy went into the house and followed Tommy into Kyle's room unnoticed. Ben, Luke, and Jon were so focused on Tommy that none of them even took notice of the boy in nothing but a tee shirt that walked over and quietly sat in the corner.

"How is he?" Tommy asked immediately.

"Not good," Jon replied sadly, "his breathing is worse and it's almost as if he were hanging on waiting for you to come back. I can't explain it TJ but the way Kyle occasionally gasps for air and just how he is acting I swear its like he stopped breathing a few times but kept coming back each time. It is scary! Can you do something?" Jon begged.

Tommy sat on the edge of the bed inches from his brother. He reached out to Kyle and brushed the hair back off his forehead. Then he leaned in and kissed him there.

"Bro, you gotta hear me, you have to wake up, come on man it's me TJ... wake up Kyle!" he looked at Jon.

"I read the book in the pharmacy and it told me what I can use but it's a liquid and we can't get it in him if he is passed out. Jon, I don't know what to do!" Tommy whimpered.

Tommy looked at Luke and Ben and both looked blankly back at him. He pleaded with his eyes for an answer or anything, any suggestion, anything to help Kyle, anything at all but none of them could think of anything to say to Tommy. He took Kyle's hand in both of his.

"I love you Kyle, I don't know what I can do to help you now brother, its okay if you want to let go. I understand. You don't have to hold on anymore, I am here," he said to his brother.

Kyle coughed a little but remained unconscious. Ben could clearly hear the frustration in Tommy's voice, the beseeching cries from Tommy to his brother to just snap out of this somehow. Tommy was going on and on begging Kyle to come back to him. Ben then looked at Luke and Jon and motioned for them to step out of the room. Ben knowing plenty of first aid realized this was not good and he had a strong feeling Kyle was not going to make it or hang on much longer. He felt it was best if Tommy was alone with his brother now incase this was truly the end. He left with Jon and Luke quietly shutting the door behind him as Tommy continued to beg Kyle to wake up. Outside he saw the worried look on Jon and Luke's faces. All of the other boys had now gathered around the outside of Kyle's room and tears were flowing as the word quickly spread throughout the house of what happened to Kyle and the likely outcome. A few asked Ben what was happening and his reply only brought more tears to the others. Right now, all they could do was pray and hope Tommy would come out soon with hopefully good news. Back inside Tommy continued his vigil at his brother's bedside hoping anything would work right now.

"Kyle, I want you in my life, I want you to be here with me, but I understand little brother, I really do, its okay if you want to leave. Go be with mom and dad and sis give them a hug from me. Tell them I love and miss them." Tears were now running down Tommy's face.

Kyle gasped for another breath then let out a long slow breath and then he appeared to stop breathing. Tommy let go of his hand and put his head close to his brother and tried to listen for anything, a heartbeat, a breath, anything to tell him his brother was still alive but there was nothing there. It appeared there were no more breaths of air left for Kyle to take now. Tears flowed freely down Tommy's face now as he knew the end was here.

"Please Kyle..." he cried out... "Please don't leave me! Nooooooo!"

Tommy was silent for a second hoping for a breath, anything that would tell him his brother still had a chance.

"Please Kyle don't die on me, don't be dead" cried Tommy in near hysterics.

Tommy was clearly bewildered, one second he was telling the boy it was okay to go and now once more he was begging for him to come back. Only there was no movement from Kyle, no breath anymore, it appeared the end was here for the adored, sweet, loveable, and likeable boy that they all cared about and that Tommy called his brother.


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