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Chapter 89.

As Tommy wept over his dead brother in the dimly lit room, a voice startled him from the corner of the room.

"If you want I can help you Sir," came a small voice.

"Who is there, who said that?" Tommy exclaimed.

The once naked boy, now wearing just Tommy's bloody t-shirt stood up from the floor where he had been quietly sitting since entering the room with Tommy. Tommy totally forgot about him in all the confusion.

"I did Sir, would you like my help?"

Tommy sniffed back tears and looked at him.

"What can you do? My brother is dead!" cried Tommy.

"Actually Sir, his body isn't quite dead yet. Just his heart & other autonomic systems have shutdown. His brain is still alive, at least for a little bit more but I can help if you want me to," said the little boy.

"I don't know what you think you can do but right now I'll try anything. Please do whatever you can," Tommy said to the boy. In the state Tommy was in it wouldn't have mattered what crazy thing anyone said if it could possibly help bring back Kyle then Tommy would have done it.

The muscular, cute boy walked from the darkness of the corner he was in over to the edge of the bed and then around to Tommy.

"I will fix him Sir, since you were kind to me earlier and you seem to need him a great deal. I must warn you this will cause me a great deal of pain, so please be ready for what happens to me and remember I will be okay in a little while but I will need time to recover after I do this," the little half naked boy said sadly.

"Okay," was all Tommy said as total confusion set in after the boy told him all that.

The boy reached out and touched a tear that ran down Tommy's face.

"You cry for him, you must love him, maybe you can teach me about crying and love sometime Sir. I've heard of love but I think this is the first time that I have actually seen love," said the strange little boy.

With that, the boy reached out past Tommy and with a trembling hand touched Kyle on the cheek, moments later the boy let out a loud scream and then fainted. Tommy caught him as he went down and moved him carefully to the foot of the bed. The boy appeared to still be alive and breathing but for some reason just passed out. Tommy looked back at Kyle and within seconds Kyle began to stir and Tommy ran to sit next to him. Shortly thereafter Kyle opened his eyes.

"Tommy!" he smiled. "I heard you TJ. I heard everything you said to me. You told me to say hi to mom, dad, and sis, you told me it was okay to go if I wanted to so I did. I saw the light Tommy, I saw mom and dad's face and then suddenly they waved, blew me a kiss and were gone. Next thing I saw was you," said Kyle excitedly.

Kyle sat up and wrapped his arms around his brother and they hugged tightly. A thought quickly passed through Tommy's mind... was this true; did he see mom and dad? He didn't see sis, can she somehow be alive some place? He quickly focused back on his brother forgetting about his sister for now.

"I have to be dreaming... this can't be true, Kyle you were dead!" sobbed Tommy.

"I know, I thought I was too, but something happened and now I am awake and back, actually I feel pretty good. I guess I was never dead just close TJ," Kyle smiled.

Neither brother wanted to break their hug as more tears ran down Tommy's face. Suddenly and slowly after at least five minutes, maybe more passed, the boy began to stir and he slowly sat up startling both Tommy and poor Kyle who didn't have a clue he was there.

"Tom...Tommy who is that?" Kyle said with a scared look on his face.

"I really don't know yet Kyle but he is why you are back. He touched you and somehow brought you back to me. I don't understand, I don't know why, and I really don't care but that is why you are talking to me, he is why you are talking to me."

The boy slowly moved towards Tommy and Kyle from the end of the bed. There was definitely something wrong with him now after he helped Kyle but neither boy knew or really understood this yet.

"See Sir, I told you I would fix him," said the boy in an exhausted pain filled voice.

"Yes I see," Tommy smiled widely, "but who are you, what are you?"

"I don't really have a name Sir, but my designation is 30," said 30 with a grimace.

Tommy looked at Kyle then back at 30.

"30?" Tommy said hesitantly.

"Yes Sir, I am called 30."

"Well 30, thank you for saving my brother and bringing him back to me," Tommy said with tears of happiness in his eyes.

Tommy reached over, grabbed 30, and gave him a big hug and kiss on the forehead.

"Thank you so much, I don't think I'll ever be able to tell you how much what you did means to me," sobbed Tommy as he was still hugging 30.

 Tommy looked at Kyle.

"You know I don't understand any of this. We can't just tell the others that this boy touched you and basically brought you back to life. I don't understand it and I saw it happen, and I still don't get it. I can't imagine any of them understanding it at all. I don't want to scare them Kyle so for now we need to just tell them it was a miracle and... well it was one really!"

Tommy was rambling on and on as his mind tried to accept everything that happened and at the same time try to rationalize it with his brother. He looked at 30 and then at Kyle again.

"Are you okay with us not telling them that you are the reason Kyle is alive?" Tommy asked 30.

"Yes Sir, whatever you decide is fine. I am here with you now Sir, for you now," replied 30 with a strange look on his face.

Tommy seeing this look was curious as to why the boy was making this face.

"30, why are you looking at me strangely, is something wrong?"

"No Sir, I am just not used to being thanked by anyone," 30 said.

Tommy looked at Kyle and then back at 30.

"So 30 you haven't had much attention paid to you in your life," Tommy said.

"No Sir, I have received a great deal of attention in my life. It's just that it was mainly all bad," 30 said sadly.

Tommy looked at him and then at Kyle once again.

"I think I need to know more about what you are telling me but this isn't the right time to get into it," Tommy said to 30. He wiped his face dry and got off the bed.

Right now Tommy was so pleased to have Kyle back that trying to understand what happened to 30 was important, but could wait for a more appropriate time.

"Excuse me Sir, but if you don't want all of them to know that I healed the young sir then why don't you just tell them that you finally just put the medicine in his mouth. He swallowed it and recovered, should they ask," said 30.

"TJ that's more then enough for all of them to know right now," Kyle said before Tommy could comment.

"Yeah, I'm not sure I believe what really happened and I saw it, but I agree with you right now Kyle. The less they know the easier things will be for now, so that's the story we will use, except for Jon and Shawn. I don't want to lie to them," Tommy said.

"Don't forget Luke," said Kyle, "I wouldn't feel right lying to him."

"Okay, I guess we can add Luke too," replied Tommy.

"Good then its time for them to know I am alive," Kyle said.

"Okay but before you go out there Kyle, you know they are going to bombard you with questions. I mean can you even walk?" asked Tommy with some concern.

Kyle swung his legs over the edge of the bed and his feet touched the floor.

"I feel fine so far TJ," he said as he stood up. "I can stand fine," he then took a few steps, "and I can walk fine too, everything seems to be normal."

"He is right Sir, soon there will be absolutely nothing wrong with him, and there is no reason he shouldn't be fine now.  He will just be tired in an hour or so and should sleep deeply tonight then he will be as good as new."

"Why would I be tired in an hour?" asked Kyle.

"It's like you ate or drank a bunch of energy bars or drinks sir, you have a lot of energy now but in a little while that energy level will crash which will make you very tired," replied 30.

"Oh I get it, thank you 30 for saving my life," Kyle said as he reached out and hugged the boy.

"You are welcome sir," mumbled a suddenly red-faced embarrassed little boy.

 "Sir if I could offer another suggestion?" asked 30 timidly.

"Of course 30, what is it," said Tommy.

"If you are concerned on how the others will react to the young sir being in such good health so suddenly then why not just let them see he is okay, then have him feign tiredness right away so as not to shock them too much, Sir," said 30.

"Feign tiredness?" asked Kyle.

"He means to fake it, act like you are tired even though you aren't, geeze Ky, did you lose your smarts while you were at deaths door?" said Tommy.

"Ohhhhh, I see what you mean, excuse me for being a little slow bro, I guess dying took more out of me then I thought!"

"Okay, okay, I'm sorry that was out of line, you are right," said Tommy.

"You better be sorry, it wasn't too long ago you were crying over me, want me to go back to how I was?" Kyle said sternly to him.

"Boy Ky, I am glad you are back but you don't have to bite my head off!" Tommy said.

"Then give me a little space and don't tease so fast please?"  Kyle snapped back at him.

"You are right little brother. I shouldn't have been so disrespectful, I am sorry," Tommy added.

As they walked from his bedroom to the front room, Tommy reached out and hugged his brother.

"I really am happy you are back, so much that my words could never tell you exactly how I feel Ky, now let's go see the others and do what we planned," TJ said.

"Okay I can do that," Kyle said.

Tommy turned and saw his reflection in the mirror and realized that everyone would be seeing him and he was still a mess from crying, not to mention he had dried blood all over his face and neck.

"Kyle we have to get you out to the other guys but I am a mess, I still have blood on me from the accident and, I just realized you don't know about any of that as you were passed out at that time."

"No TJ, I don't know anything about what happened. You were hurt in an accident?" said Kyle clearly concerned for his brother.

"Yes, I saw 30 naked on the side of the road and I was so busy looking at him that I lost control of the truck and it crashed, I got knocked out and hurt pretty bad or so I thought. I am going to wash up Kyle. We can talk about this all you want later but right now we need to get you back with the others so they don't worry anymore than they already have."

"That sounds like you TJ, an accident over a naked boy... Sheesh..."

Tommy stood up and gave Kyle a look but let him have his moment as payback before he headed to the bathroom to clean up his face. He paused briefly...

"Kyle, 30 is wearing my shirt and nothing under it can you find him a pair of shorts or sweats please and can you toss me one of your night shirts since 30 is using mine?"

"Sure TJ."

 "Come `ere 30," Kyle called.

"Yes sir," replied 30 dutifully going over by Kyle.

"Here try these on," said Kyle after looking through his drawer and finding a small pair of sweat pants that just might be small enough for 30.

"Yes sir," said 30 sadly.

"What's wrong 30," asked Kyle.

"Wearing clothes brings up bad memories sir," said 30.

"I'm sorry but we can't have you running around naked. Tommy probably wouldn't mind if you did that but some of the others probably would. Which is why Tommy wants you to put some pants on," Kyle told 30.

"If the Sir wants me to wear clothes then that's what I'll do sir," said 30.

After 30 had them on it was obvious they were too big as the only way those pants were going to stay on were if 30 held them up. So Kyle had him take them off and put some safety pins in them so that they would stay on without having to be held up. Kyle and 30 then waited while Tommy went to wash up. Tommy looked in the mirror in Kyle's bathroom expecting to see the bruise from his accident and there was nothing there. All he saw was just a bunch of dried blood on his face and neck. He touched the area and it didn't even hurt anymore. This totally blew his mind. He washed and went back out as 30 was pulling up the fixed sweat pants that Kyle gave him, catching the shirt Kyle threw him.

"30 did you touch me like you did to Kyle at the accident?" asked Tommy as he put the shirt on.

"Yes Sir, you were hurt very bad and I couldn't just let you be like that so I did the same thing to you in your truck as I did to the young sir on the bed before."


"I certainly hope that I didn't do anything wrong Sir, I'm very sorry if I did," said a suddenly frightened little boy.

"It's okay 30, you did a great thing and definitely the right thing," assured Tommy giving his brother a concerned look over the fear the boy was suddenly showing.

Tommy looked at Kyle. Both boys were concerned.

"Kyle, I just looked in the mirror, I had a bunch of blood on me from the accident but the bruise is gone and I can't even find a scratch on me. I feel better than I can ever remember, this is amazing. We need to keep it quiet for now or we will have a bunch of scared, or even worse panicked, boys in this house."

"I agree TJ, but I think maybe its time to shock them now and let them see I am back from the dead. You might want to go out first and prepare them," Kyle told Tommy.

"Yeah, I agree," he looked at 30, "for now will you please just wait here?"

"Certainly Sir, I'll do whatever you say," 30 said to Tommy.

Tommy went over and opened Kyle's door. He was immediately confronted by Ben, Jon, Luke, and every other boy in the house. They stood behind them waiting to hear the horrible news of Kyle's death. Tommy looked at them and just said nothing for a second.

"Tommy we heard a scream awhile ago and thought... is Kyle...?" Ben fumbled.

"Dead Ben...? Well let's just say that I can't explain it anymore then this. The medicine worked."

Tommy turned and pushed the door open wide and Kyle walked out with a smile on his face that wouldn't quit. Luke fainted, Ben's mouth opened wide and Jon stood there pale as could be, since they were thinking the worst when they left Kyle's side before. The other boys expecting bad news, cheered like nothing ever heard before. Kyle immediately ran to his boy who was now on the floor and gently slapped his face trying to wake him up.

"I got it Kyle," Ben said, "he'll be okay he just saw a ghost or you I guess."

Jon looked at Kyle and gave him a hug and then at Tommy.

"What the fuck happened TJ?" Jon said suddenly in front of everyone.

"It's a long story Jon and it's not for telling now okay?" Tommy said as he hugged Jon.

"Yeah, I guess it is," Jon said back.

Shawn came over and hugged his best friend with all his strength as the tears ran down his face.

"Kyle, I am so glad you are okay, I thought you were dead," cried Shawn.

"I am all right Shawn. We can talk about what happened later okay?" said Kyle trying to console his best friend.

Shawn nodded his head yes and everyone cheered as Luke got up off the floor and then the room grew dead silent as he looked at Kyle.

"Kyle... you... you are alive!" gasped Luke.

They hugged tightly as Luke cried. Tommy stood there with a few tears running down his face once more, as did almost every one of the boys in the house.

"Hey everyone..." Kyle yelled out trying to get their attention. "Hey!"

They quieted down at Kyle's request.

"I don't know what really happened and I really can't explain it right now. I am okay, just very tired so thank you everyone. I am going to lie down in my room and I will talk to all of you later."

They applauded, hooted, and cheered as Kyle waved and turned to go back into his room. He brought Luke in with him and Tommy, Jon, and Shawn followed. The other boys were happy but very confused why the five of them just went into Kyle's room. There weren't answers for the others just yet as to what really happened and why Shawn and Jon would go back into Kyle's room when he needed rest. They were puzzled right now, but they were sure answers would eventually surface as to why. Tommy shut and locked the door and looked at the other boys. He then ushered the boys through Kyle's main room into his bedroom then closed the inner door also.

"Okay guys for now what you are about to find out has to stay in this room, and I mean that! Absolutely no one is allowed to say a word about what we are going to discuss. Do you all understand?" asked Tommy.

After getting yeses from all the boys, he continued.

"Eventually we will have some explanation but for now Jon, Luke, Shawn I would like you to meet 30."

With that, 30 immediately stood up and walked from the darkened corner to over where Tommy was and stopped, standing at attention, totally shocking the other three.

"30 I would like you to meet Jon, Luke, and Shawn," Tommy said pointing to each boy in turn.

"It is an honor to meet you sirs," replied 30.

 Tommy put on an overhead light to help brighten the room and help them see him a little easier, and then he continued to speak.

"There is a lot to tell you, when I have more answers I will tell you guys everything I promise, but HE," pointing at 30, "is why Kyle is alive."

They all looked at 30 and then after Tommy said what he did they looked at Tommy.

"What do you mean `HE IS WHY Kyle is alive,'" demanded Jon.

"Like I said, for now please just hang in there and when I can, I will explain more. I saw him on the side of the road while I was out getting something to try to help Kyle. There is more but for now 30 is going to be staying here with us."

Jon, Luke, and Shawn each gave 30 a little wave of hello and questionably thanked him for what he did.

"Tommy we can't just call him 30, I mean that's just a number not a name. He needs to have a real name we can call him because I feel kinda silly calling him 30," said Shawn.

"Yeah, so do I," said Luke.

"Okay," Tommy said, "well 30, what would you like your name to be?"

"I don't know how to answer that Sir," replied 30 suddenly scared.

"What do you mean you `don't know how to answer that,' all you have to do is pick a name you like and that will be your name," Jon snapped.

"But sir, no one has ever asked me what I like, so I don't know how to respond," said 30 with tears forming in his eyes.

"Its okay 30," said Tommy sitting on the bed and pulling 30 onto his lap, rubbing his back in an attempt to calm the little boy. As the others sat on the bed or pulled chairs over.

"Surely you must have known other people 30, would you like one of their names?" asked Tommy kindly.

"I'd rather not have any of their names, Sir," whimpered 30 with a shudder causing the other boys to share a concerned look.

So the boys started throwing out names hoping that one of them 30 would like. After about 20 minutes of this and still no response from 30 Jon said exasperatedly "Look Tommy, you found him so you name him. He doesn't seem capable of picking any of the names we have come up with so you just pick one for him."

Tommy gave Jon a bit of a dirty look then said, "Okay Jon, I'll pick it for him. Is that okay with you 30?"

"Yes Sir, whatever name you think is best will do Sir," 30 said softly.

This, of course, caused the other boys to try to get Tommy to pick the name they liked best. Shawn was pushing Sebastian, as it was the name of one of the characters in one of his favorite books. Luke wanted Tommy to pick Obadiah as he kinda liked the name but mainly because he had never met anyone with that name. Kyle was shooting for Opie as he thought it was a real funny name. Jon seemed like he couldn't care, as he was in a bit of a snit for some reason but his choice was Spock. Out of the names given, only Shawn's choice was even reasonable, as Tommy would feel bad if he had the names Kyle and Luke wanted so they were out. Spock was just a ridiculous choice, as Tommy wasn't about to name the kid after a half-alien on TV. The problem was that Tommy didn't like Sebastian, as he used to know a boy named that and he really didn't like him.

"Okay 30, I need to ask you a few questions so that I can pick you a good name," Tommy said.

"Yes Sir," replied 30.

"What are you good at?" said Tommy.

"Well Sir, I'm very good at healing others," 30 answered.

"Yes 30, I know that but what else can you do," Tommy said.

"I'm a decent shot. I am proficient in practically every firearm ever designed. I have mastered over 20 forms of hand-to-hand combat and proficient in about 2 dozen more. I know how to use most hand held weapons. I am a fair shot with bows. I have been trained in making, disarming, and planting explosives. I have been trained in the use of small unit tactics and large-scale strategy. I am quite proficient in infiltration. I can speak over 30 languages. I can run reasonably fast and have good stamina for long distance running or swimming. I am an excellent swimmer and proficient in the use of most underwater gear. I am proficient in high altitude airdrops. I am very good at tracking, hunting, and other woodland skills. I have been trained in survival techniques for most environs. I am...," replied 30 stoically.

"That's enough 30," Tommy interrupted, "out of those which did you like the most?"

"I'm sorry Sir but I don't know," said 30 sadly.

"Alright then let's try this, 30 if you had to do all of those things which one would you do first and why?" tried Tommy.

Jon interrupted with an angry tone... "Tommy this is just stupid and we aren't getting anywhere."

Tommy looked at Jon and without a word Jon got his point and backed down quickly. Then he looked at Kyle who appeared to be sleepy or on the border of falling asleep as he continued his recovery.

30 screwed up his face thinking hard then said, "I guess Sir that I would do the tracking or hunting first as that would get me outside and the trees in the forest or jungle were relaxing," replied 30 in a tone obviously hoping it was the right answer.

"Did you hunt deer," asked Luke suddenly, "my Uncle took me hunting deer once. We didn't see any but it was fun to go tramping in the woods with him."


"Luke, you aren't helping with stuff like that right now!" said Tommy sternly.


"Oh right, sorry,' Luke mumbled.


Tommy then looked back at 30.


"Please continue," he said.

"No sir, we hunted people most of the time," 30 replied matter-of-factly to Luke. "Sir, I think I enjoyed the hunt a little, at least until we found who we were tracking then I didn't really like all the blood," he added softly.

Then it hit him and Tommy said, "Okay 30 here's your new name, Hunter. I picked that name because it's something you enjoyed and because Kyle's and my favorite cousin was named Hunter. He died in the war about a year before the comet. Since he saved Kyle and me from trouble a bunch of times as we were growing up and you just saved us, so I would be honored if you would take his name as your own."

30 looked at Tommy, smiled a little and replied, "Hunter, it sounds like a good name. I think I like it Sir. Thank you very much for giving me a real name Sir, I really appreciate it."

"Okay, now we just need to introduce Hunter to the rest of the house," said Tommy.

"Excuse me Sir but do I have to meet them? I'm a little scared of people Sir," Hunter whispered into Tommy's ear.

"Yes Hunter, you do. Don't worry I'll be with you to take care of you," whispered Tommy back.

"Okay Sir, if that's what you say I need to do then that's what I will do," replied Hunter stoically.

"Hey, what's with all the whispering," demanded Jon.

"Hunter is just a little afraid of meeting new people so just relax," said Tommy giving Hunter a little hug, as he started shaking after Jon's comment.

"Relax Hunter, everything will be alright. No one here will hurt you," Tommy reassured the little boy.

When Tommy said the last part Hunter's head whipped around to look at him and said, "you mean that Sir, no one's going to hurt me here?" with hope clearly shining in his beautiful emerald green eyes.

"Well, as long as you are good," added Tommy.

"Then I'll be very good Sir, I'll do everything you tell me to," Hunter gushed smiling.

"Even if you are bad Tommy will only give you a little spanking," said Shawn giggling clearly remembering his last punishment getting a little laugh from Jon and Tommy.

"Okay, Kyle you stay here and rest since you are tired," said Tommy stressing the last word. "Luke why don't you stay here with my brother to look after him, remember he is still recovering, so both of you behave," giving them both a look that caused them to blush.

The last bit caused Kyle to look at Tommy and stick his tongue out at him then he patted the side of his bed and said, "come on Luke, you can lie next to me while I recover."

Tommy laughed at Kyle's antics but he was just elated that Kyle was alive. However, Luke was in seventh heaven especially since he would now be alone with Kyle.

"Jon, Shawn, lets go introduce Hunter to the rest of the house," said Tommy as he picked Hunter off his lap and put him on the ground.

"Actually I have a better idea, Shawn why don't you go tell everyone that I would like to talk to them in the game room in about thirty minutes. Hunter you stay here for a little bit while Jon and I have a little talk in the other room."

"Okay TJ, I'll go tell them and wait in the game room for you," Shawn said.

"Yes Sir, I'll wait right here until you call me," Hunter replied.

As Shawn left and Hunter stayed, Tommy grabbed Jon by the arm, dragged him into the next room, and pointed to the couch before he sat down with him.

"Okay you, what's wrong?" asked Tommy.

"Nothing," Jon said sullenly.

"Don't give me that, I know something is bothering you by the way you have been treating Hunter, so lets have it!"

"Nothing," Jon said again.

"Come on Jon, don't be like that. Let's talk this out"

"I guess I'm just jealous."

"Jealous... of what?" said Tommy.

"Oh come on TJ, that kid is drop dead gorgeous. If he isn't a 10 then no one is. He is at least as cute as Shawn is, and you know Shawn almost puts the rest of us to shame. When he smiled at the end, I doesn't matter. I saw the way you looked at him and how you held him in your lap. Shawn might not have said anything but he is definitely your type and you know it," snapped Jon.

"And you know my type?" said Tommy.

"TJ, I know you. I already have to share you with Shawn I don't want to lose you altogether," Jon said sadly looking down.

Tommy took a hold of Jon's face and tilted it up tenderly, "Jon you are never going to lose me," he said lovingly.

"Besides, it's not like I'm going to jump in the sack with him tonight," teased Tommy.

"I know TJ, but if that kid isn't your type then I'm a girl."

"Well from my experiences with you, you are definitely not a girl," Tommy teased with a smirk, trying to make them both laugh a little.

"I know what I do hurts you but that's who I am and you know it. You don't want me to change who I am, do you?"

"No TJ, I don't. I would never expect you to be anything but who you are now because that's the person I fell in love with."

"I know that I wander a bit but you are my one true love. Jon you always have been and I will always love you," Tommy said giving Jon a very tender kiss. As the kiss continued hands started roaming and Jon pulled away.

"What is it?" asked Tommy

"We can't do this now you have to go introduce Hunter to the rest of the family."

"Oh yeah, well afterwards we can continue," smiled Tommy.

"Jon, remember that I love you. You have always been my first love ever since I saw you that first time back when we were young and innocent. When I saw you and looked into those deep brown puppy dog eyes, you melted my heart instantly. Nothing has ever changed how I feel about you. I love you with all my heart and soul. I love you so much I honestly don't know if I could survive without you now. You are without a doubt what makes me want to keep going every day," Tommy said as he tenderly caressed Jon's face looking deep into his eyes.

"Thank you TJ for saying that," as a tear rolled down his cheek, "It makes me feel so good to hear you say it because in this house things get so crazy I sometimes forget what you mean to me too. I'm sorry I was jealous I'll try to be better."

"You can be jealous whenever you feel like it Jon. I'll love you the same anyway but I think you might want to apologize to Hunter after scaring the shit out of him before, because I think he is extremely afraid of you right now."

"You really think so?"

"Yeah, you might not have noticed as I did but he shook in fear a little when you talked to him. I think something really bad happened to him."

"Well then I guess I'll have to do that then but you have to admit he is a little weird," Jon said.

"Jon we are all a little weird but you are right there is something about that boy and I'm not just talking about his looks," teased Tommy.

"Oh come on Tommy, if it weren't for you being so worried and focused on Kyle before, I would swear you could have floated out of the car, all the way up to the front door, and flooded out the place with all the drool," Jon teased back.

"You are probably right," laughed Tommy, "but we don't really know anything about him so I think it's best to not assume a lot until we learn more. Though I think, it would be best if I kept an eye on him for now, at least until we are sure. So let's learn a little bit about him before we jump to any conclusions."

"Hunter, can you please come out here," called Tommy.

Hunter immediately got up, left Kyle and Luke, and went into the adjacent room. Then he walked over to Tommy and Jon, stopped in front of them, and stood at attention.

"Yes Sir, what can I do for you," Hunter said.

"Hunter you don't have to call me sir, my name is Tommy."

"But Sir, I'm not allowed to call people by their given names or surnames," said a suddenly trembling and alarmed boy.


Tommy immediately grabbed Hunter and reassured him that nothing was wrong.  Then pulled him into a quick hug saying, "It's okay, nothing is wrong, I'm here, you're alright, no one is going to hurt you anymore," as he shared a very concerned look with Jon.

"You can call me sir or anyone else sir if it makes you feel better," Tommy said which seemed to calm Hunter a little more.

"How do you feel now, better?" asked Tommy as he let go of him.

"Just the pain from before Sir," grunted Hunter.

"What pain are you talking about Hunter," asked a confused Tommy.

"I can show you if you want me too Sir, but I don't think you really would."

"No Hunter, if you can show me then I want you to show me," said a bold and unassuming Tommy.

"Are you sure Sir?" said Hunter with more than a little uncertainty.

"Yes, now show me," Tommy told him.


Hunter reached out and barely tapped Tommy on the hand. Tommy suddenly slid off the couch as every nerve ending in his body tingled and then screamed out as if they were on fire. Also appearing almost instantaneously was a huge flash of light in front of Tommy even though it was just his imagination. He felt pain as he had never felt before. It was 100 times worse than when he was 12 and got kicked in the nads. Then as suddenly as it occurred, it was over and Tommy felt no more pain.

A shocked and worried Jon watched as this happened.


"What the hell did you do? Don't you ever do that again do you understand me!" Jon was harshly chastising Hunter as he shook him. Hunter was trembling all over now trying to look straight ahead and ignore Jon, who was now bitching him out just inches away from his face.

"Jon back the fuck off!" said Tommy angrily pulling Hunter away. "I told him to do it and he did warn me against it so it's my fault not his so leave him alone," snapped Tommy. Jon was immediately taken aback.


"Are you okay Tommy, I was so scared when you fell off the couch. You looked like you were in so much pain I just lost it, I'm sorry TJ."

"It's alright Jon, I'm fine now after that lesson in pain, that I did ask for," Tommy said as he steadied himself and sat back down gingerly.

"Hunter, come here please," Tommy said softly.

Hunter rushed over to Tommy and suddenly started sobbing uncontrollably.

"I'm so sorry Sir I knew I shouldn't have done it but you ordered me to do it and I have to obey my orders. Please forgive me, don't beat me... I promise I'll be good from now on."

Tommy and Jon stared hard at each other both had shocked looks on their faces after hearing those words come from the boy.

Then Tommy said, "Its okay Hunter, you're not in trouble, I told you no one is going to hurt you anymore."

"But you said only if I'm good! I shouldn't have done that to you, I'm so sorry Sir. I'll never be bad again, I promise! Please don't send me away," the little boy sobbed.

Tommy gathered the frightened little boy into his arms once again.


"It's gonna be okay Hunter," Tommy said soothingly. "You weren't bad, you just did as I told you to and you did warn me but I didn't listen. You are a good boy, just try to calm down now I need you to relax."


Tommy looked at Jon quickly and then back at Hunter.


"Hunter I want you to listen carefully to what I am about to tell you."

"Yes Sir, I'm listening," he said as his voice quivered in fear.

"I don't want you to ever share that pain again! Not with anyone, no matter what! Unless I specifically tell you, it's okay to do so. Do you understand me?"

"Yes Sir, I understand...I'm never to share that pain again without your permission," said Hunter.

"TJ, what did it feel like?" asked Jon with concern in his voice.

"Jon it was the worst pain I have ever felt, a whole lot worse than the other night when you accidentally did `that' to me. I pray that I will never be in that much pain again. It felt like it went on forever."

"But TJ, it didn't even last for more than a few seconds."

"It certainly didn't feel like that to me Jon."

Tommy then turned to Hunter, who he had sat on the couch between Jon and himself, so that he could see his face.

"What caused you to be in that much pain?"

"Fixing your brother Sir, it always hurts like that when I heal someone. The worse they are hurt or the more often I do it, the more pain there is and the longer it lasts," replied Hunter.

Tommy was just flabbergasted, he couldn't conceive of inflicting that kind of pain to himself for a stranger but this little boy did it for him and then Kyle knowing fully well what would happen to him.

"So helping Kyle hurt you that much?"

"Actually Sir, the pain has subsided some since I fixed your brother."

"You mean to tell me that it was worse than what I felt?"

"Yes Sir, the more life threatening the injury the worse the pain is but the pain goes away as time goes by."

"If it hurts that much, why did you do it Hunter, you didn't know us at all. So why go through that kind of agony for a perfect stranger?" asked Tommy.

"I didn't do it for him Sir. I did it because you were nice to me and the old man said I should be nice to people who are nice to me," replied Hunter.

"Wait a minute, what old man?" said Jon.

"He was just an old man that I met shortly after the comet passed by. He is dead now sir. He died only a few days after I met him," Hunter said sadly.

"How could he die, you can fix people, you fixed Kyle, why couldn't you fix him?" exclaimed Jon.

"I tried sir but it seems I can't fix old," Hunter said dejectedly, "I did it once for him but he ordered me not to do it again since he had lived a good long life and was ready to die. I followed his orders and he died the next day, I have been all alone since then."

It was obvious that Hunter didn't want to talk about the old man right now so Tommy changed the subject.

"What did I do that was so nice, if I remember correctly I wasn't actually nice to you," Tommy said.

"Well Sir, you gave me your shirt to wear. No one has ever given me something to wear just because I might be more comfortable in it."

Jon and Tommy were a bit stunned by this, Tommy far more than Jon as he had some inkling what the boy went through all for the sake of a bloody shirt.

"Okay we need to ask you some more questions, to learn enough about you so that we can introduce you to the rest of the family," Tommy said.

"Yes Sir, I'll try to answer any question you give me," replied Hunter.

"Wait Tommy," Jon said, "I'm sorry Hunter for before when I wasn't as nice to you as I should have been. I was just being foolish and hope you can accept my apology."

Hunter looked from Jon to Tommy back to Jon then said, "Yes sir."

"Okay Hunter, Jon was being nice when he said sorry so you should say `thank you' when someone apologizes to you," Tommy said.

"Yes Sir," Hunter said to Tommy then, "thank you sir" he stuttered to Jon obviously uncomfortable saying that.

"Let me guess, no one has apologized to you before either?" Jon said.

"Yes sir," Hunter replied quietly.

"Well then let's just see this as a day of firsts for you Hunter," Tommy said smiling getting the little boy to smile a bit, which seemed to brightening up the whole room while it lasted.

"Okay, Hunter how old are you?" asked Tommy.

"I'm approximately 11 and 2/3, I will be 12 on May 3 Sir," Hunter said crisply.

"Really," Jon said, "you are barely as tall as Shawn and he just turned 10 two months ago."

"Do you have any family? You know mom, dad, brother, sister," Tommy asked.

"Sir I have never known a `mom' or `dad' and all the people I thought of as my brothers and sisters are dead now," Hunter said sorrowfully.

"I'm sorry to hear that Hunter," said Tommy giving him a little hug.

"Did they die when the comet came?" asked Jon.

"Most of them did sir," Hunter said as a tear ran down his cheek.

Tommy realized that Hunter was having a difficult time with that subject so he let it go for now.

"It's okay Hunter, you are safe here," Tommy said as he wiped the tear from the cute boy's face.

"Hunter where have you been living and have you been living with anyone?" asked Tommy.

"Just around Sir," Hunter answered evasively, "but I haven't lived with another person since the old man died."

Tommy realized that he didn't really answer the first part but he would accept that for now. Just then, there was a knock on the door startling Jon and Tommy so Jon got up and opened it.

"Jon..." said Shawn, "Hurry up you guys the others are going nuts in there waiting for you."

Tommy put Hunter down, got up and said, "Okay Shawn, we are coming now."

He could see that Shawn was bursting at the seams from trying not to tell the others that Tommy had found another boytoi. Tommy walked to the door when he realized Hunter didn't follow so he turned and put his hand out. Hunter then hesitantly walked over to Tommy taking his right hand as Tommy gave him a little pat on the head. Shawn immediately went and took Tommy's other hand. Tommy sighed and looked at Jon who was trying unsuccessfully to stifle a giggle over Shawn's behavior. Together the three of them walked with hands held together as Jon lead the way to the game room.

Shawn suddenly shouted "they're coming!" startling Hunter and causing him to tighten his grip on Tommy's hand as the sound of the video game that was going on suddenly went quiet.

While all this was going on outside in the game room, back in Kyle's room a very happy and excited Luke was sitting inches from Kyle and looking at him, thinking how he almost lost him just a little bit ago.

"Kyle are you tired, I mean really tired?"

"Not yet, why?"

"Because after almost losing you like that I really haven't had a chance to tell you this,"

"Tell me what Luker?" Kyle asked.

"That I know we have done some things together but I guess..." Luke paused. Kyle looked at him and could see the boy was frustrated or maybe even embarrassed as he began to turn a little red in the face. "I'm sorry Kyle this isn't easy for me to say but I am going to tell you now I swear I am!" Luke said angrily.

"Its okay Luke, take your time and just say it. I am not going to laugh and no one else is here, it's just us two."

"I know Kyle, its just that I am not used to being and feeling like this."

"Like what Luke?" Kyle said curiously.

"In love I think..."

There was a long silent pause as Luke was shocked he said it and Kyle was stunned at what he heard. Finally, Kyle smiled and that seemed to break the tension on Luke's face some.

"Its just that when I thought I lost you Kyle I swore that if I got a second chance I would tell you how I felt about you and even though I made that promise it still wasn't easy to say," the red-faced boy said rambling on.

Kyle patted the bed next to him and Luke scooted up inches from Kyle.

"Luke that's really strong, I mean I am floored by it and I don't even know what to say. I went from almost being dead to having a real boyfriend in thirty minutes. That sure beats anything Domino's Pizza could ever do!"

Both boys started to laugh aloud at the stupid comment Kyle just made. The also drew closer together and were now inches apart. They stared into each other's eyes and even though they had kissed before, this time as their lips met there was a new feeling, a sudden charge flew through both boys from their lips down to their toes as the pressed their lips together. Now only inches apart both boys wrapped each other up in one another's arms and held their kiss for quite a while. Finally, both in need of air, they broke apart and gazed at each other and you could swear there were heartstrings being strummed in the background by the closeness of the moment.

"Wow!" Luke said. "That was awesome!"

"Yeah," Kyle added, "I felt it too!"

Again the boys kissed and this time arms began to wander and roam each others body. Suddenly shirts began to come off and then Luke stood and without thinking dropped his pants. Kyle stood and followed and now both boys were down to their underwear as they flopped back into bed and continued kissing.

"You want to or do you want me to go first?" Kyle asked, knowing this time, he didn't have to explain what he meant.

"I don't care," Luke said.

For the next few moments' heavy petting ensued and the temperature in the room was definitely rising fast.

"Damn Luke I feel so horny all of a sudden," Kyle said.

Luke smiled.

"Yeah I know, I do too," Luke said.

Kyle stood up and went to lower his boxers. Luke not to be outdone followed. Both boys stood hands on boxers and then with a nod from Kyle down they fell to the floor.

"Wow," said Luke. "This is hot!"

They came together in a hug, penises pushing on one another and a little grinding began to happen. Both boys were now kissing again and the moment was getting closer then ever for something sexual to happen. Beads of sweat now started to appear on both of the boy's foreheads as Kyle pulled away and grabbed Luke's hand.

"Come on lover boy lets see what we can do!" he said with great excitement in his voice.

Kyle's hand found Luke's now stiff cock and he was about to go further when he heard a bang on his bedroom door.

"Kyle! Let me in, it's Shawn!" he continued to bang on the locked door.

"Awww fuck!" Kyle said in a low tone causing Luke to laugh.

"He isn't going away Kyle you might as well let him in," Luke said with some level of frustration in his voice.

"Yeah, I know! Shit!" Kyle exclaimed. "This was just getting good too!"

Kyle stood up, pulled his boxers back on, and went to the door. As he did, Luke did the same but stayed in bed. Kyle opened the door and looked at Shawn. Shawn immediately knew what was going on from all his experience with Tommy.

"Um, err... sorry Kyle... I thought you were resting not..."

He couldn't finish his words as he began to blush.

"Do you need something Shawn?" Kyle said totally flustered.

"No, I'm sorry I just wanted to check on you. I'll go now," Shawn said with total embarrassment in his voice.

He turned to leave, leaving Kyle standing in his doorway with just his boxers on and a look of total dismay on his face. Kyle shut and locked the door and headed back to Luke rather quickly. When he got back to Luke, he was dressed and Kyle was now shocked along with angered.

"Why did you get dressed?" Kyle barked.

"I'm sorry Kyle I thought he was going to come in and I didn't want him seeing me that way, besides I hate to say it but he did ruin the moment. I got soft right away," Luke said very dejectedly.

"Yeah I did too, damn it! Now I know what TJ means when he mutters "Shawnus Interuptus' Shit now I do feel tired Luke, maybe I should rest for a while."

"That's fine Kyle we can always do this later, why don't you rest, please?"

"Okay I guess I will for now." Kyle said to him.

Luke got up, gave Kyle a kiss, and then the hugged him quickly before Kyle got back into bed, this time alone. Luke tucked him in and smiled.

"I will be back in a bit to check on you, I love you Kyle. Wow I said it!" Luke smiled widely. So did Kyle.

"I love you too sweet boy. I'll be here when you get back."

Luke turned to go but stopped once and looked back at Kyle. His head swimming in emotions now he almost stumbled to the exit. He headed out of Kyle's room looking for the others and found them quickly in the kitchen.  

To be continued...

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