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Chapter 90. The introduction to fear and disbelief.

While Kyle and Luke were together this was going on out in the game room...

As they entered the game room, Tommy was bombarded with questions about Kyle until they noticed Hunter. Then all that could be heard was "who's that", "where did you find him", "wow Tommy you found another cutie", "where have you been hiding him", "he's not sleeping in my room" as Hunter was trying more and more to hide behind Tommy while Tommy was trying to pull him out from behind him. Finally getting tired of the little tug of war between him and Hunter, he just turned around and picked the little boy up holding him on his hip. Hunter wrapped his arms legs around Tommy apparently holding on for dear life.

"QUIET DOWN!" shouted Tommy.

Suddenly feeling Hunter start shaking Tommy whispered to him, "Its okay, you are safe, I'm right here."

After the boys had finally settled down some, Tommy said, "As you can see we have a new member of our family. This is Hunter. He will be living with us from now on. I found him on the way back from the pharmacy when I was getting the medicine for Kyle. He's 11 years old and doesn't have any family anymore so we're adopting him. He has been living on his own basically since the comet but now that he found us he won't be alone anymore."

Tommy then went to put Hunter down when he realized that he couldn't break the kids grip on him, so he just started walking around to introduce everyone to him.

He walked up to DJ and said, "Hunter this big guy here is Devin but we all call him DJ."

DJ said, "Hello Hunter," as he put out his hand to shake Hunter's hand.

"Hello sir, I'm honored to meet you," said Hunter as he gripped Tommy a little tighter clearly not willing to shake hands with DJ. DJ let his hand drop as Tommy gave him a look rolling his eyes as if to say `sorry, but what can you do'.

"Hunter this is Ben. He has been nice enough to do most of the cooking in this nuthouse and he fixes minor scraps and bruises the others get," Tommy said.

"Hi Hunter," said Ben giving him a little wave after seeing DJ's abortive attempt at shaking the kid's hand.

"Hello, it is an honor to meet you sir," Hunter said softly.

Tommy then walked to the couch with Hunter holding onto him like a big leech.

"These next two boys are Billy and Joey, they seem to live in the game room more than anyone," introduced Tommy.

"Hi," both boys said giving Hunter a big smile and wave.

"Hello sirs," Hunter replied timidly bowing his head a little to the two of them.

As Tommy turned to Danny, he heard Billy say, "Stop looking at him like he's a hunk of meat Joey."

"Just as soon as you stop drooling Billy," Joey shot back as the room broke up into laughter.

After the laughter died down Tommy said, "And this is Danny, the little guy on his lap is his little brother Chris."

"Hi," said Danny, "come on Chris say `Hi' to him."

"Hello," piped Chris giggling a little as Danny tickled him a bit.

"Hello sir and to you too my fine young sir," Hunter said.

That caught Tommy's ear... more then the other introductions so far for some reason. Hunter appeared to have a bit more curiosity about the smaller Chris then any of the other boys.

"Over here on the floor are the twins Jordy and Zack," Tommy said.

"Hello Hunter," said Zack. He looked at his brother when he didn't respond then elbowed him and said, "Shut your mouth you fool and say hello."

"Umm, Hi," Jordy said finally with a big smile on his face.

Tommy looked at Zach, smiling and then at looked Jordy with a big smirk after Zach's comment.

"Hello sirs" said Hunter bowing his head to each of them.

"Hey what's with all this `sir' stuff?" Zack blurted out suspiciously.

"Relax Zack. He's just trying to be polite. You might give it a try sometime," said DJ from over Tommy's shoulder, quickly shutting Zack down before he had a chance to get himself into trouble.

Tommy then walked a few steps as DJ continued along and said, "This young man is Jeremy."

"Hi there Hunter," said Jeremy giving him a little wave with a big smile on his face.

"Hello sir, I'm honored to make your acquaintance," said Hunter formally.

"Damn Tommy but you sure know how to pick them, talk about your eye candy," laughed Jeremy.

"Ain't that the truth," teased Tommy getting a laugh from the others.

So far up to this point the room as remained eerily quiet as Tommy continued his introductions, a rare but interesting thing.


"This is Caleb who was the last person to join our little family until you showed up," Tommy said to Hunter.

"Hey Hunter," Caleb said.

"Hello it's nice to meet you sir," said Hunter softly.

"And you already know Jon and the resident Lord and Master of the Game Room, my cutie, Shawn," Tommy said getting a giggle from Shawn and a little laugh from the others.

"Tommy where is he going to sleep?" said Billy clearly concerned that Tommy might give the little boy the couch in the game room putting a damper on his late night/early morning game time.

"Maybe he can stay over at Bryan's, I think they have an open room still," said Shawn in an obvious attempt to get rid of potential competition to Tommy's affections.

This then caused the other boys to all start talking at once saying things like "I don't want a roommate", "there are already two of us in our room so one of you guys need to take him", or "yeah they have room over there."

"Don't worry little man, I'll never send you away, so just relax," Tommy whispered to Hunter as he rubbed his back tenderly, Since Hunter had gripped him tighter and started trembling a bit after Shawn's comment.

Tommy cleared his throat loudly to get everyone's attention then said, "Relax everyone, I'll put him in my room until I can figure this out."

This of course garnered him some bad looks from Jon and Shawn but Jon was right with his comments from before Tommy thought. There was something strange about this beautiful little boy and he just didn't feel comfortable putting him in someone else's room right now. He wanted to keep an eye on him until he learned more about him. He also got some other looks from some of the other boys but he decided that he would deal with those only if they became a problem and until then just leave it alone.

Tommy's stomach suddenly growled loudly telling him and everyone else that it was feeling a little neglected making some of the boys laugh.

"Okay I'm gonna go get something to eat, anyone else hungry?" said Tommy knowing he was just asking for it.

"Don't worry about that Tommy. I already fed them when you and the others were in Kyle's room. There is some leftover tuna casserole in the fridge if you want it Tommy," said Ben

"Thanks Ben," said Tommy leading Jon and Shawn while still carrying Hunter.

Tommy tried once again to pry Hunter off of him but he couldn't even budge the little boy.

"Come on Hunter, you can let go now, you're safe, time to get off me now," Tommy said tenderly as they entered the kitchen.

Hunter immediately let go and said, "Yes Sir."

Tommy busied himself around the kitchen getting the food ready as Jon and Shawn sat down at the table. Tommy turned and looked seeing Hunter just standing next to the table and said "Sit down at the table and relax Hunter."

"Yes Sir," said Hunter as he pulled out a chair and sat down looking very uncomfortable.

"Jon why don't you and Shawn make us some hot chocolate," Tommy told them.

"Awww do I have to, why doesn't Hunter have to help too," complained Shawn.

"Shawn it's his first day here, give him a break," Tommy said tiredly.

"Would you like some hot chocolate Hunter," asked Jon.

"What's chocolate sir," replied Hunter.

"You have never had any chocolate!" exclaimed Jon, "that's just wrong!"

"I'm sorry sir. I didn't know I was supposed to have it. If I had known, I would have gotten some. I didn't mean it sir, I'm sorry," said Hunter quickly his beautiful green eyes widening in fear.

"It's alright Hunter... you didn't do anything wrong, take a deep breath and calm down," said Tommy with a hint of annoyance in his voice.

"Wow, I have never met anyone who didn't know what chocolate was," said Shawn.

"I think you will really enjoy it Hunter," Tommy said.

Jon and Shawn were making a pot of hot chocolate as Tommy reheated the casserole.

Just then, Luke came in looking a little red and flustered. (This is about twenty minutes after Kyle and Luke were together and alone before Shawn interrupted them)

"Been having a good time in there with Kyle have you Luke," teased Jon.

Luke gave a look as if to say `none of your business.' Tommy took the first two cups of hot chocolate and two bowls of the tuna casserole and gave them to Luke.

"I don't want to know Luke, just take the food and go be with Ky. Hunter will you help Luke carry this stuff please?" asked Tommy.

"Of course Sir," as he immediately got up, picked up the two bowls and went to stand by Luke.

"Thanks Tommy," Luke said sheepishly as he took the food and left with Hunter.

Luke wasn't sure if Kyle was hungry now but he had the food, he might as well go back to Kyle since nothing was going on out in the house. This also gave them some time to talk without Hunter being in the room.

"Why is he so afraid TJ," whispered Shawn.

"I don't really know Shawnee kid, but if I had to guess, I would say he was abused pretty bad," Tommy whispered.

"Yeah TJ, but a lot of us here have had problems and we aren't anything like that," Jon said quietly.

"I get the feeling that he has been abused A LOT more than anyone here Jon. We will just have to wait until I can get him alone and talk to him about it," replied Tommy sadly.

Hunter came back alone, and stood by the table.

"Did you give the food to Kyle, Hunter?" Tommy asked.

"Yes Sir," Hunter said.

Tommy then turned to the microwave get more food for the table and then he turned back to the table to serve it.

"Sit down Hunter," Tommy said tiredly.

"Yes Sir," Hunter said sitting down again at the table.

"Okay everyone let's sit down and eat," said Tommy putting four bowls with spoons in them on the table, as Jon and Shawn put down the hot chocolate. The boys started to devour the food when Tommy noticed Hunter just sitting not doing anything.

"It's alright Hunter go ahead and eat. The foods good," said Tommy.

"Yes Sir," Hunter replied as he just grabbed the food with his hands and stuffed it into his mouth getting it all over himself. Needless to say, this caused the other three boys to stare at him as he crammed the food in his mouth until he noticed that everyone was staring at him.

"Hunter everything is alright, we were just not used to seeing someone eat like that. Usually we use forks and spoons to eat," Tommy said holding up his spoon just as the poor kid looked like he was going to cry.

"Why don't you try the hot chocolate but be careful...it's hot," said Jon kindly. A little too late as Hunter picked up the cup and drank it down in one swallow.

"Mmm, that was good sir, thank you for letting me have some," Hunter said.

"Hunter wasn't that hot?" asked Shawn.

"Yes sir, it was a little warm," Hunter replied.

"Would you like some more Hunter," Tommy asked carefully.

"Yes Sir if it's allowed and not too much trouble," answered Hunter.

"It's no trouble at all and I wouldn't have asked if it wasn't allowed," Tommy said as he got up to grab another bowlful of casserole and mug of hot chocolate for Hunter.

Tommy then went back to finishing his food when he noticed that Hunter wasn't eating.

"You can eat now Hunter, watch out for the hot chocolate as it was...simmering," Tommy said also too late, as the little boy immediately reached for the cup as he greedily drank it down spilling some down his face onto his shirt. Then he grabbed the spoon and just heaped the food on it and crammed it into his mouth. Finally, he used his finger and tongue to lick the bowl and cup clean getting more of the casserole smeared onto his face and some into his hair. The other boys just sat there stunned at the display before them. Then as they all finished eating, they got up to clean up their dishes.

"Hunter you just stay there, you are just covered in food so I think it would be easier to just put you in the shower to clean you up. Shawn will you take Hunter to my room and show him the shower so he can get cleaned up please. I want to talk to Jon a little more," said Tommy.

"Okay TJ. Follow me Hunter, and don't touch anything since your fingers are all greasy," Shawn said as he headed out of the kitchen off to Tommy's room.

Hunter turned to look at Tommy as Tommy said, "go on Hunter, and go with Shawn. You will be okay."

"Yes Sir," Hunter said as he got up to follow Shawn.

Shawn took Hunter up to Tommy's room and showed him the bathroom.

"Here's the bathroom, there is the shower," Shawn said pointing.

"Excuse me sir but how do I turn the water on?" asked Hunter gently.

"You don't even know how to turn the water on? You turn the handle on the wall now get in there and get clean," said an exasperated Shawn.

Shawn heard the water turn on as he left the room wondering if he should have told Hunter about how to change the temperature of the water and where the soap was. `Oh well,' he thought, `he'll figure it out.'

Down the hall, a bored Jeremy knocked and poked his head into Jordan's room.

"Is it okay to come in?" he said.

"Yeah, I am alone, Zack stayed downstairs to try and learn more about that Hunter kid so I came up here to be alone for a bit."

Jordan was sitting up on his bed, he appeared ready to do something but he didn't get up as Jeremy walked in pushing the door closed some of the way, but it still remained open several inches.

"Oh well, if you want to be alone I can go Jordy," Jeremy said.

"Nah, please stay. We haven't had a lot of time to talk, I mean its not like we have a lot to talk about but we do have one thing in common," Jordan said.

"What's that?" a puzzled Jeremy said.

"That bastard Robert," Jordan said with a look on his face.

"Why the look Jord?" said Jeremy.

"I thought you forgot already, I mean I know we weren't friends and we didn't even know we were in the same house but I still remember clearly when we first met."

"Yeah you weren't dressed," Jeremy said with a smirk on his face.

Jordan suddenly turned a little red.

"I didn't mean that part," he said with a small chuckle, playing along without a problem. "You didn't have much on either!" he barked back at him.

"Yeah well, I remember it clearly," Jeremy said. "You had a killer body from what I saw," Jeremy said to him.

"Thanks, I think Jeremy."

"What?" Jeremy said. "Did I say something wrong?"

"Nah, not at all, just that it wasn't a good time and even though I was happy it was over, I still don't think about it a lot unless something like this brings it up."

"Sorry," Jeremy said. "I didn't mean to do that. If it hurts to talk about we can talk about anything else, that's cool with me."

"Well..." Jordan said. "I did like what you said about my body," He added smiling.

The starry-eyed, cute 12 year old's smile made Jeremy's cock stir in his pants just enough for him to reach down and adjust himself. Jordan noticed that immediately. Jeremy never really thought much about approaching Jordan even though he hadn't missed any opportunity to stare at the boy when he was in view. A thought ran through his head quickly, `maybe this might work in my favor,' he thought.

"So is there anything you want to talk about?" Jeremy asked Jordan, as he got closer to the appealing, athletic looking boy.

"Not sure there is much we can talk about but I do like you being here," Jordan said, never being one to hold back any thoughts.

"Really," Jeremy said. "Did you have something in mind?" he quickly added.

"Well... I do like being with Tommy but lately he has been so busy that I might not mind spending some time with you."

This intrigued Jeremy. He didn't know Jordy was like this but he certainly didn't mind his openness either.

"Did you have anything in mind Jordan?" Jeremy asked bluntly.

"Yeah, since you are being so forward, I saw you make an adjustment before would you like me to make one for you?"

Gem's eyes lit up with Jordan's words. He stepped two steps closer to the boy.

"That sounds like an invite to me," Jeremy said smiling.

Jeremy walked over and stood directly in front of Jordy who was still sitting up on his bed and stopped with his bulging jeans only inches from Jordan's face.

"That sure does this look like an invite," Jordan said.

Not being shy at all, Jordan reached out and ran his hand over the bulge in front of him. Jeremy's eyes immediately closed as his cock jumped in his pants and sent a shiver up his spine that quickly registered like a lightning strike in his head.

"Oh yeah..." he said softly. "It's been a while since anyone did that," Jeremy said almost drooling, his cock now begging for some type of release. Jordan teased the outside of his jeans even more causing Jeremy to let out a soft moan. "Damn it's been way too long!" he added.

Jordan reached out to undo his pants but struggled causing Jeremy to reach down and start the process himself. Seconds later, his pants were undone and zipper pulled down. He was no longer struggling to free himself from his jeans as his boxers tented out several inches. Jordan's eyes fixated on them.

"Nice," he said. "You seem almost as big as Tommy," he added.

"I know, I think I am close to his size," Jeremy added proudly.

That ended the talk for now as both boys got quiet and Jordan began to run his fingers over the outline of Jeremy's cock through his boxers.

"Hey! What the hell is going on in here?" a voice screamed out as the door flew open wide. It was Zack.

Jeremy quickly closed his jeans and stepped back from Jordan looking all flustered as he fumbled with his zipper and button.

"Geeze Zack, you don't have to be a total douche bag over this!" Jordan screamed out as he stood up with a look total of disgust on his face.

"This is my room too Jordy and if you want to screw around I can't stop you but damn, can't you do it some place else?" he demanded.

Jeremy, who was now dressed and trying to get the color in his cheeks back to normal stood there watching them bicker. He had heard them argue before over stupid things and shrugged it off but this time was a bit different.

"I think I'll see you later Jordy, you know how to find me," Jeremy said scurrying out of the room quickly.

"Sorry!" Jordan yelled to his back as he hurried out the door pulling it closed behind him.

"You can be such a fuck sometimes Zack. Damn it I thought you got past this after Tommy grounded you and things got better between you and him, even better between us. Now you can go fuck yourself!" Jordy pushed by his brother, opened the door, and stormed out slamming it behind him. Tommy would normally respond to such noise, but he had entered his room minutes before this happened and he now had his hands full with Hunter at the moment.

Back in Tommy's room...

As Tommy entered his room, he heard the water running in his shower.

"Hunter must still be in there," Tommy said aloud, "Oh well it's time for him to get out now anyway. Hunter you need to get out so I can take a shower," said Tommy through the door.

"Yes Sir," came a muffled sob.

Tommy opened the door and walked inside seeing Hunter sitting holding his legs on the floor of his shower, his clothes in a neat pile on the counter. Tommy reached in the shower then pulled himself back quickly saying, "Damn that's cold."

He then reached over and shut the water off.

"What's wrong little man," asked Tommy kneeling down and putting a comforting hand on his shoulder.

"I'm sorry Sir, but I don't know how to get the soapy water to come out," sobbed Hunter into his knees.

"What do you mean soapy water?" asked Tommy as he picked up the beautiful boy and put him on his lap while he sat on the toilet seat.

"Well Sir, all the showers I have had always had soapy water come out first. Then I would wash myself real quick. After that the rinse water would come out and I would be all done in 2 minutes," said an upset Hunter.

"You aren't going to beat me because I couldn't figure it out, are you Sir?" he added.

"Hunter I told you no one is going to beat you so why do you keep asking that?" asked Tommy.

"I'm sorry Sir, but other people have told me that too but they always beat me shortly afterwards," cried Hunter.

"Hunter I'm not other people. I mean it when I say `no one is going to beat you' do you understand. You might get a little spanking if you are real bad but that's it. No beatings," said Tommy as Hunter nodded.

Tommy then picked the little naked boy up and carried him out of his bathroom and into his room. He then sat down on one of the comfy chairs he had as he held Hunter in his lap.

"Hunter did anyone ever beat you before the comet passed by?" Tommy said softly.

"Yes Sir, at least once almost everyday. Unless they broke a bone or something serious like that, as then I would have around 48 hours when they wouldn't beat me so that I could heal. They would be told to be more careful in the future when that happened."

"They only gave you two days to heal?" exclaimed Tommy.

"Well Sir, I didn't really need that long as my body heals itself real fast but I didn't tell them that," he said conspiratorially.

"Hunter, what happened to you during these beatings?" asked Tommy not sure he really wanted to know.

"We all had to wear these collars that would shock us real bad if they wanted them to Sir. Then there were the shock sticks that they would use to get us to move faster. They used paddles to beat our butts black and blue, which for me took quite a bit of work. Clubs and whips they would use to flog us if they had time to chain us up for it, which it seemed like they always made time. If they were really angry with us then they would heat some irons and use some small knives to carve or burn words or little patterns in us. There was the..." Hunter said dejectedly, his little body trembling as he went through his list.

"Enough," said Tommy feeling sick after hearing only some of what Hunter went through.

Tommy took a few moments to compose himself before he went on with his questions.

"Did they do anything else to you?"

"I'm not sure what you mean Sir."

"Did they do anything BAD with you?" Tommy said.

"I don't understand what you mean by bad Sir," Hunter said.

"I mean... did they sexually abuse you at all?" said a cringing Tommy.

"Yes Sir," mumbled Hunter so softly that Tommy wasn't sure he said it.

"Can you tell me what they did?" Tommy questioned softly knowing he wasn't going to like the answer, while trying to hold Hunter protectively.

"They made me suck, stoke, and lick them often. They put their penises and other things in my butt and it hurt real bad every time Sir. It felt like I was being ripped in two most of the time when they did that. Some of them seemed to enjoy it more the louder I screamed. Some liked to beat me as they shoved things deep into me. Some of them wanted me to say things, dirty things when they were `playing' with me, others just wanted to see how much I could take," said a very unsteady and hesitant Hunter in a tremulous voice.

"Did they do anything to your penis?"

The sudden rush of tears was enough for Tommy to know that they did, though Hunter didn't answer.

"It's okay baby, its okay. You are safe now, none of that matters anymore," Tommy said soothingly holding back his own tears and anger, while holding the little boy close to him and rocking him gently.

After awhile the beautiful little boy calmed down so Tommy continued.

"Who did these things to you?" asked Tommy gently.

"It was mostly the night guards with the sex Sir, but some of the scientists and workers at the facility did too. Some of the workers would get one of us as a bonus to `play' with for a day. Most of them went after the girls but there were a few of them that liked boys better. The ones that picked the girls had to be more careful as they didn't heal as well as I did. So, if they wanted it rough then they would pick me anyway. They liked me the best because no matter how rough they were with me I would heal up by the time the next shift came around usually. They said they liked me because no matter how often they ripped me open and made me bleed that the next day I would be just as tight. There was one scientist who would take me away for a few days at a time to an underground tunnel complex. He would put me in this bad room. He and some of his friends would hurt me real bad. They seemed to really like it when I screamed in pain for them. There was a boy there in the beginning, I never knew his name and he was never bad to me. I think we might have actually been friends and he told me once while we were alone that he was 15 years old. He would hold me when they weren't around and try to make me feel better. One time he just wasn't there when I showed up, and they never spoke of him again," Hunter sniffled as Tommy's blood suddenly went cold. "The beatings came from everyone at the facility. Whenever one of us would screw up our entire group would get a beating. They would always beat me worse than the others since they knew that I healed a lot faster. I hated myself for being able to heal so well," cried Hunter as new tears came to his eyes.

Tommy just held Hunter tightly trying hard not to cry himself. The combination of what Hunter just told him and everything else today was starting to get to him now.

"You're okay Hunter," Tommy said sniffing back tears, "nothing like that will ever happen here. No one will ever force themselves on you or beat you while you are here with me," Tommy told the little crying boy as his own tears started to roll down his cheek and fall onto Hunters head.

Something seemed to come alive within the little boy after Tommy said that, as Hunter just kept crying into Tommy's chest.

"How long has this been happening to you?" Tommy asked trying his best to calm the naked little boy in his damp lap.

"As long as I can remember Sir, at least since I was two," replied Hunter.

To say that Tommy was stunned would have been a gross understatement, as he couldn't even conceive of anyone treating little toddlers how Hunter was treated. Tommy almost started crying again after hearing how long Hunter's abuse had been going on but he took a couple deep breathes and calmed himself thinking `this is just way too much for anyone to take in all at once.'

"Hunter can you tell me where this facility you were at is located?"

Hunter just shook his head no as he sobbed silently.

"Don't you know where it is?"

Again, Hunter shook his head no. Tommy continued to gently rock the boy as he rubbed his back and gave him little kisses on the head.

"Hunter did everyone at this facility treat you like that?"

"There was one person Sir who never hurt us."

"What was he like?"

"He gave us this hard stuff to eat sometimes, he called it candy. He usually gave me the biggest piece. He didn't beat us or let the others with him beat us or hurt us in any way. He stopped some others from beating me once, after that they got rid of him though. I heard some say he was too soft on us. I wished he would have beaten us some so that they didn't get rid of him Sir," Hunter said sadly. "I was told that he is still alive in this area but I haven't found him. I did find his look-a-like though."

"His look-a-like?" asked Tommy.

"Yes Sir, there was another man who looked exactly like him but he was very mean. The last time I saw him I though at first it was the nice man but his scent was wrong so I knew it was the bad man. I had to heal him because he got hurt somehow, I didn't want to but those were my orders. Then I was to tell him to never go to the facility again as I would have to kill him if he did. I wanted to kill him then but my orders were to heal him, give him the message, and leave, so I couldn't."

"Hunter who told you that the nice man is still alive?"

"Al Sir," Hunter said suddenly getting very afraid.

"You are alright Hunter, calm down. I thought you said that you didn't live with anyone since the old man died."

"Actually Sir, I said that I hadn't lived with another person since the old man died."

"Then who is Al," Tommy asked.

"I'm sorry Sir but I'm not supposed to talk about Al," sobbed Hunter.

"Its okay Hunter, but it's also a little late for that so tell me who is Al," Tommy told him.

"Al isn't a who, Al is a what Sir," said Hunter.

"Alright then what is Al?"

"Al is a computer Sir. He runs the facility now that all the other people are gone."

"How would Al know if he is alive?"

"Al has access to a lot of satellites so he can see what's happening all over the world Sir. That's how Al knew something was wrong here."

"So my running into you wasn't an accident?" Tommy asked.

"No Sir," mumbled Hunter.

"I guess that means your healing my brother wasn't because I was nice to you then."

"Oh no Sir, I was only ordered to go out and see if I saw anyone and to let them see me. So, that's exactly what I did. Then I saw you crash and I knew the old man would have been sad if I had just left you so I healed you. I was really scared that I would be in trouble as I was always told that I should only do things that someone tells me to do. So you see Sir, I really did heal your brother because you were nice to me," said Hunter worriedly.

"Well when do you have to go back to Al?" Tommy asked.

"I don't Sir, I was hoping that I could stay with you since you said you would take care of me," Hunter said suddenly worried that he was going to be kicked out.

"Relax Hunter. Don't you want to go back to Al?"

"Not really Sir, Al is okay but he can't hold me like you do or treat me as nice as you have. He's not mean to me but I think that I bother him sometimes and that he would be happy to finally get rid of me. He has been telling me for awhile now that I would be happier if I was with other people but I didn't believe him. Until I met you, I never realized how lonely I was. Al told me that I should find someone nice to live with who would look after me. All the people I knew from before were mean to me so I was afraid to meet anyone new. Then I saw you hurt and something the old man said came back to me about how `kindness begets kindness' I never really believed it though. So I healed you hoping he was right and you were nice to me and didn't hurt me at all. Then you gave me your shirt and said you would take care of me. No one has ever really seemed to want me until I met you and now I ruined that," sobbed Hunter into Tommy's chest.

"No Hunter, you are going to be fine, you didn't ruin anything," Tommy said soothingly holding the crying little boy tightly.

"But you are going to beat me and send me away now because I didn't tell you about Al earlier. I'll be all alone again," whimpered Hunter.

"Hunter with what you have done for me, saving me and then my brother, I could never send you away. That is over with! I promise you now, we don't have to ever discuss it again. I'm not sending you away! If anyone tries to beat you they will have to get through me first, which means no one is going to beat you ever again. I want you to stay with me Hunter, I don't want you to ever go away," Tommy told the frightened little boy with conviction.

For the first time since entering the house, his beauty, cuteness, and looks didn't matter. Right now, nothing mattered but making this fragile boy see that he had nothing to fear any longer. Tommy decided to stop questioning Hunter for awhile so that he didn't push the little beauty too much. He decided he would continue later once both of them had a chance to calm down, plus Tommy didn't think he could take any more answers right now.

"Okay I think it's time for the two of us to get cleaned up now," as he put the boy on the ground.

He headed for the bathroom taking off his shirt that was soaked mainly due to Hunter's crying. Then his pants, which were still slightly damp from picking up a wet little boy and putting him on his lap. Tommy and Hunter went into the bathroom and Tommy turned on his shower. As he adjusted the temperature to his liking, he smiled at Hunter trying to make him more comfortable.

They both got into the shower as Tommy said, "this is the soap, we don't have soapy water shoot out at us here," showing him the soap.

"And this is the shampoo, which we use to wash our hair," Tommy told him.

It was now that Tommy was able to get a good look at the boy and Jon was right, Tommy thought, this boy is definitely a 10. With the well-toned body of an obvious athlete and the face of an angel, this boy was definitely hot. Hunter's little 2.5" uncircumcised penis was just hanging limply on top of one of the cutest sack of balls Tommy had ever seen, as he started shampooing his silky soft black hair. His skin was absolutely marvelous, not a blemish, nor a mark anywhere to take away from its beauty. His skin felt marble smooth as not a hair could be seen or felt other than the hair on his head as Tommy gently used his hands to soap his little body. The symmetry of his body amazed Tommy as most people had slight differences in the right and left side of their bodies. The right side looked like a mirror image of the left. His arms and legs seemed to be molded by a master sculptor who knew how to add just the right amount of muscle to enhance the beauty of the body but not too much that it overpowers the rest. The boy's hands and feet were simply works of art, the world's top models would have killed to have just one tenth of this boy's beauty. In a word, Hunter's body was just perfect. As Tommy started washing Hunter's butt, he noticed that Hunter was getting a little erection.

"Hunter are you okay with me washing you," Tommy said taking a significant look at his approximate 3.5" erection.

"Yes Sir I'm fine. Actually, I think it's kind of nice having you wash me and the water is much better than the frigid water I usually use. Don't worry about that Sir," he said glancing at his little rigid penis that was pointing straight up, "it does that all the time now and I really don't know why."

"You really don't know why it does that?" asked Tommy getting a little nod of acknowledgement from Hunter. "I guess I'll have to be the one to tell you then. It does that because it feels good. Doesn't it feel good right now?" asked Tommy as he carefully stroked Hunter's little erection.

"It feels a little strange Sir, but not a bad strange," Hunter said as he started to breathe quicker.

"You are sure it doesn't hurt?" Tommy asked running a finger along his butt-crack.

"Yes Sir, I'm positive," gasped Hunter, "it feels really strange but it doesn't hurt at all."

"I can stop if this bothers you at all," said Tommy as he gently pulled the skin back from Hunter's penis, exposing the stunningly beautiful mushroom head of his erection. Tommy then used his other hand to rub the head as he stroked the shaft making the little boy whimper in delight.

"Please Sir, don't stop," panted Hunter in-between little yips of pleasure that escaped from him.

"Okay Hunter I'll keep going but you need to know that you are allowed to say `no you don't want this' and I'll stop right away," Tommy said as he stroked even faster and slowly pushed his finger till it could go no more. This caused Hunter to jump slightly and then moan in pleasure as Tommy discovered his prostrate.

"Yes I understand...Sir" as Hunter's little body started trembling with pleasure rather than fear for a change. He arched his back, curled his toes, uncontrollably pumping his little hips into Tommy's hand, and gave little yips of pure pleasure. Tommy's hand was moving faster and faster on the beautiful little erection in front of him making Hunter squirm even more as waves of pleasure hit him, making him feel like he had never felt before.

As Hunter whimpered "please...please...Sir...don't...stop" suddenly going into spasms of unrestrained pleasure as Tommy felt Hunter's little balls tighten up to his body as he brought him over the edge. Hunter's eyes rolled back in his head and he gave a barely audible high-pitched cry as his first ever orgasm hit him. Tommy had never seen anyone have such an intense dry orgasm as Hunter just did. Tommy gently lowered the little Adonis down to the shower floor as Hunter's legs gave out on him. As the little boy gasped for air trying to catch his breath and recover Tommy washed himself up and thought about what he just did.

`Man, that was awesome,' thought Tommy pleased with himself. Then suddenly `with Hunter being so submissive I wonder if he is even capable of saying `no' to what I just did,' Tommy thought as a wave of guilt hit him. `Well at least I didn't make him do anything to me,' thought Tommy trying to lessen his guilt. `But he would have if I wanted him too, I'm sure of that,' feeling even more guilty as his own erection disappeared going away in record time. `Oh man, am I no better than those vicious bastards that used him for their own pleasure?' Tommy thought feeling like a total loser and asshole. `No, I didn't hurt him and I didn't force him,' Tommy told himself trying to fight off any guilt. `But if he can't say `no' on his own then didn't I kinda force him? Oh shit what have I done?' Tommy thought suddenly feeling even worse than before, if that were possible. `Here I am trying to look after him and I do this to him instead! I should have done the right thing for him. Yet what I did do was take advantage of him the first chance I got. I'm no better than them!' thought Tommy feeling like he was about to puke from this sudden realization of guilt.

"Th...th...thank you...Sir. That was a VERY good feeling. I never knew I could feel like that," said a suddenly very tired Hunter increasing Tommy's guilt even more.

"You're welcome Hunter," Tommy said softly stepping out of the shower and grabbing a towel to dry himself off.

"Now I know why those men wanted me to do that stuff with them Sir, I knew they liked it but I never thought that it was that good," Hunter said stepping out of the shower waiting for Tommy to dry him as Tommy wrapped a towel around himself. "Would you like me to do that to you now Sir?" asked Hunter innocently making Tommy feel even worse as he gently dried the boy off.

"No thanks. Hunter do you really understand that you can say `no' if someone is doing something to you that you don't like?" asked the guilt ridden Tommy as he wrapped the towel around the boy and picking him up and carrying him out to his bedroom.

"Yes Sir you asked me that before," replied Hunter.

Tommy placed the little bundle of joy on his bed then sat down next to him.

"I'm not sure if I'm getting through to you. How about this, if I asked you to let me put my penis inside you and I was to hurt you, would you let me?" asked Tommy concerned about Hunter's reply.

"Of course Sir," replied Hunter without even thinking.

"That's what I mean Hunter, you should have told me `no'. It isn't right for someone to hurt you."

"But if you wanted to do that I would want you to since it would make you feel good. It wouldn't matter if it hurt me Sir," obviously not really understanding what Tommy meant.

"When two people do that it is supposed to feel good to BOTH of them. Both of them are supposed to WANT to do it because it feels so good. Not because one wants to please the other or thinks he has to but because they enjoy it."

"You mean both enjoy it Sir?" clearly not sure if he believed it.

"Yes Hunter, when it's done right both people should enjoy it a great deal."

"So Sir if you tell me to do something that is going to hurt me I'm supposed to tell you no?" said a very confused boy.

"That's right Hunter," Tommy said giving Hunter a sad smile.

"But I'm supposed follow my orders, to do whatever someone tells me to no matter what," said Hunter starting to breath faster and tremble a little. "I don't understand, I don't know what I'm supposed to do," whimpered a confused Hunter.

Tommy suddenly noticed he was no longer being called Sir, which startled and scared him even more now as he realized the level of confusion that now besieged the boys mind.

"Relax Hunter, its okay, you are safe with me," Tommy reassured him giving him a little hug. "It's important for you to understand that there is a difference between right and wrong. You can say no to anyone if they are telling you to do something that will hurt you or someone else if it's something that you don't WANT to do. It wasn't right for those people to hurt you like they did. Hunter, we shouldn't hurt other people. The few times I have had to discipline the boys here I have felt terrible afterwards because I kept telling myself that I should have found another way to deal with whatever they did. I should have been able to stop whatever happened before it did since I'm the one in charge and responsible for the others but I'm not perfect, I screw up sometimes like I did with you in the shower. I shouldn't have done that to you, it wasn't right, I'm sorry," Tommy said.

"But it didn't hurt Sir it felt really good, how could that be wrong?" asked Hunter.

Hunter continued to ask the proper questions of Tommy and at the same time push all the right buttons trying to get the proper answers while almost bringing Tommy's mind to the point of exhaustion as the boy kept plying him to learn more and more about this.

"It was wrong because you didn't really understand that you could tell me `no' and from the look on your face you still don't fully understand," Tommy replied to Hunter.

Hunter had a look of concentration on his face as he tried to understand what Tommy was trying to tell him but as it was an idea totally alien to him he was having a real hard time. The thought that his feelings or wants mattered to anyone was so strange that he just couldn't comprehend it as he had never in his life thought that they were important.

"I'm trying to Sir," replied Hunter as he gave a huge yawn showing Tommy his perfect teeth and cute pink tongue.

Tommy sighed, glanced at his clock seeing that it was well past ten then said, "Okay, I want you to think about what we talked about and I won't touch you like I did unless you specifically ask me too. Now I think it's time to get you ready for bed," said Tommy getting up from the bed. "I really should have asked Shawn if you could borrow some clothes but since he is probably busy now we will just have to make do. Here, wear this tonight and tomorrow I'll borrow some clothes for you that will fit," said Tommy handing him one of his shirts from his drawer. Hunter put the shirt on, as it hung to about his knees, with a look of mild distaste. "I'll get the bed ready," Tommy then told Hunter behind him as he grabbed the sheets he had brought in earlier to make-up the couch in his room. After he finished making up the couch for Hunter to sleep on he turned around to tell him when he noticed he wasn't there. He looked around his room only to find him rolled up in a tight little ball in the corner of his room on the floor.

"Hunter what are you doing?" asked Tommy.

"I'm going to sleep like you told me to Sir," replied Hunter uncertainly.

"But why are you on the floor?"

"That's where I have always slept Sir," Hunter said.

"We don't do that here; tonight you are going to sleep on my couch with sheets and blankets."

"Yes Sir," Hunter said tiredly as he got up and followed Tommy to the couch.

After Tommy had tucked the little boy into his temporary bed and given him a kiss on the forehead good night he said, "Good night Hunter."

Hunter looked at him and said, "Yes Sir."

"Hunter when someone says good night you are supposed to say good night back."

"Oh, okay Sir, good night."

As Tommy heads towards his door to leave the room he noticed that Hunter has almost immediately fallen asleep. Tommy then went off to find Jon and try to explain this mess to him without an argument, in hopes that he would understand this. He headed downstairs and found Jon in the game room with everyone else, as usual. Jon was observing as Shawn and Billy were playing one of the games. Jon looked over and saw Tommy. He immediately got up and walked over to him.

"Damn, I thought I was going to be alone all night. You even missed the fireworks before. You were so busy with Hunter," Jon said.

"I'm sorry Jon, I want to tell you everything but not out here. What fireworks!"

"Since you want to tell me stuff in private we might as well go to my room and we can both talk there."

"Good idea, since Hunter is finally asleep in mine."

Jon just rolled his eyes as he headed towards the steps to go up to his room as Tommy followed.

"Have you checked your brother lately TJ?"

"No... damn it! I have been so busy..."

"With Hunter, I know!" Jon said abruptly cutting him off as both boys entered his room. Jon shut the door and walked over to his bed. "TJ I'm worried. This isn't like you. You have been missing almost 90 minutes and you even forgot about Kyle what does this Hunter boy have going on that is more important then your brother or me?" Jon said scolding Tommy.

For the first time in a long time, Tommy took what Jon was saying and didn't fight back. Jon, however, was expecting some argument for his tone and harsh words towards his lover.

"I'm sorry Jon. but before we go on how is Kyle?"

"HE is fine, resting comfortably last time I checked. He and Luke were in bed together both asleep when I went in there about 15 minutes ago."

"Oh great, that's a relief. So... they are sleeping together?" Tommy asked Jon.

"Actually, I was going to ask you about that. I guess Kyle has a boyfriend now, I mean... I guess he has had one in Luke for a while now, ya know I really don't know what I am saying anymore today TJ. Today has been so fucked up. I'm sorry too." Jon said sadly.

Jon walked over into Tommy's awaiting arms and they held each other and kissed each other softly on the lips.

"I know it's been a total bitch of a day Jon, I'm sorry too."

With Kyle securely in bed, Tommy was finally able to put one of today's catastrophes behind him and now focus on Hunter with Jon.

"It's cool now what did you want to tell me about Hunter?"

"I'll tell you everything but first what happened and who were the fireworks over? Tommy asked with a great deal of concern in his voice.

"That was just something that happened between Jordan and Jeremy that Zack apparently walked in on." Jon said.

"Ohhhhh?" questioned Tommy with an evil smile on his face. "What happened there?" Tommy asked raising his eyebrows.

"Jordan came to me looking for you but I told him you were busy and asked if I could help. He told me a little but he said he was sorry the rest was private. I figured that meant it was private for me but not for you," Jon said with some envy in his voice.

"Nevermind that Jonathan, you know that the boys talk to me most of the time."

"Yeah, I know TJ, boy do I know."

"Jonathan... I do hear a bit of jealousy in your tone," Tommy said jokingly.

"Bite me, you ass!" he replied.

Tommy quickly took a bite at the air in front of Jon. Both boys then laughed.

"I'll talk to him later and see what happened but I have to talk to you about Hunter before I burst at the seams over the stress from all this Jon."

Both boys sat together on Jon's bed and for the next 45 minutes, Tommy told Jon almost everything that went on today, minus the sex in the shower of course, involving Hunter's past. To say Jon was shocked would be a total understatement.

"TJ if you were anyone else I would have trouble believing you. So you are telling me there is a computer called Al too and... this is just way too much for me to take in... shit man, this is amazing and what about this guy that befriended Hunter who supposedly has a twin or something... does that mean there are other adults around here maybe spying on us?"

Jon's words hit Tommy strongly. He didn't give that much thought before being in such shock over all that Hunter told him.

"I really don't know Jon but at this point after what I learned today about Hunter, I am not really worried either. From what he said about all the things he has been trained to do, he seems like he could be a one man wrecking crew if I ordered him to be Jon. I swear I have no idea what he is capable of at this point, but the way he described his healing powers and all the other stuff to me, I am just glad he is on our side."

"Yeah TJ, I hear you."

"Plus, I am not even sure if I know all of it yet Jon. There is way too much going on with that boy to possibly even understand. I still don't know what really happened to him, who did it, or even if they will come looking for him sometime, that is if they are still alive."

"TJ you are scaring me."

"Sorry Jon, but you are the only one I care and respect enough to tell all of this to. I need more than anything for you to try and be strong for ME now, at least till all this sinks in and we can understand what's going on with Hunter and all of this shit."

"I'll try but I'm worried about that kid, and now whoever else might be out there."

"I know Jon, I know, but I do feel we as are safe as could be with him here. He is the most fragile thing I have ever seen and at the same time I just have a feeling he could probably kill anyone with one hand and eat dinner with the other if that's what I wanted him to."

"Yeah TJ I know. After what you told me I am glad he is on our side and I won't be crossing him anytime soon," Jon said with a hint of fear in his voice realizing what he did to Hunter earlier tonight could have caused him serious injury.

"Jon, I honestly wouldn't worry about that, as far as I can see he is trained to do as told, not just to react as he wants. I don't think he would hurt anyone unless ordered to."

"That makes me feel a little better but... who is this kids master? If that's even the proper way to ask that," Jon said.

"You might not like that answer Jon."

"I think I already know TJ, after the time you spent with him today and all that he told you, I think I already know," Jon said with a very odd tone, almost like he felt threatened.

"Please Jon, don't be worried, scared, or anything like that, we will work this out and you will be sleeping with me tonight too I hope."

"Where will Hunter be?"

"On my couch, it's the best I can do Jon."

"Yeah, I know TJ, I know..." Jon said with obvious dissatisfaction in his voice.

Jon though to himself... `For all I know, now I don't have to fight for TJ anymore, I have to worry about him ordering that thing to wipe us all out...' his imagination obviously running on but with good reason.

"Jon... JON!" Tommy had to yell to get his attention. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, sorry I was just thinking."

"I understand Jon, really I do but I am sorry, this happened for a reason and he saved Kyle's life and probably mine too. I don't know how seriously I was hurt in the truck Jon, I couldn't move before he healed me, for all I know my neck might have been broken but thanks to him I will probably never know that truth about how bad I was hurt. Hunter just said it was very bad but he didn't say how bad."

Jon had a look of fear in his eyes now after Tommy said that to him. He reached out and hugged Tommy and both boys grew very quiet for the next few minutes. They just held on to one another and took in the moment for what it was worth.

"Come on Jon, it's been a tough day, let's get the guys to bed downstairs and turn in ourselves. I am totally fucking whooped, mentally and physically."

"I can imagine TJ, I can only imagine."

They went back downstairs and requested that everyone turn in a bit early tonight and without much bitching they agreed.

"Look guys its been a tough enough day, tomorrow you can all play again but for now I need the boy's from up the hill to head home now and the rest of you please go to bed or at least to your rooms, I am way too tired to argue."

Noting the boys from up the hill arrived later then usual today because of the extreme cold weather and they only found out a little bit about Hunter without meeting him. He turned to Ryan and said, "Tell Bryan I will be over to introduce Hunter tomorrow as soon as he is settled in."

"Okay Tommy, no problem. We are gonna go now," Ryan said. Ryan and the other boys then gathered up their stuff, based on Tommy's request, and they headed for the front door.

Seeing Tommy as he was, they agreed and everyone packed it up for the night. Shortly after that, Tommy turned out the lights, alarmed the house, and headed up for bed with Jon at his side, hopefully putting an end to this day from hell in so many ways. He and Jon went up to his bed, he quickly checked Hunter. Hunter was wrapped up into the fetal position and was whimpering and twitching a little in his sleep. For some reason this brought to Tommy's mind the image of a dog trying to catch a rabbit in its sleep. As Tommy gently touched Hunter, the little boy immediately quieted down and was still. They then both got into bed and settled down. Tommy was fast asleep holding Jon to his side as they hoped to sleep through the night.

Tommy and Jon awoke shortly after settling in for the night to the sound of crying. Tommy immediately got up and went over to Hunter who appeared to be upset and crying in his sleep.

"No... Please... Don't hurt me anymore...I'll be good...I'll be a good boy, I promise..." whimpered Hunter in his sleep as his face contorted oddly appearing to be in pain. As Tommy reached out and touched the boy, he immediately quieted down. Tommy removed his hand and the boy started up again just as Tommy took his hand away.

Tommy gave a little sigh and shook the boy a little as he said, "Hunter, wake up you are having a nightmare."

Hunter immediately shot out of his bed, stood at attention, and said, "Awaiting orders sir," obviously not fully awake yet but reacting to how he has been trained shocking both Jon and Tommy with his reaction.

"Relax Hunter," Tommy said tiredly, "let's try to get you back to sleep now."

Tommy then stroked the boy's head briefly as the tired angel quickly dosed back off. He turned and looked at Jon who had since turned a light back on to see what the fuss was and Tommy shrugged his shoulders.

"TJ, I hope this isn't going to happen all night long," Jon said.


"Yeah Jon, I hear you," he replied.


With that, Tommy got back into bed with Jon.


"What are you going to do if this happens again TJ?"


"Very simple Jon, I have sleeping pills in the bathroom and if this happens again I will give him two."


"Okay, I guess we can try that if we have to," Jon added.

"TJ, I hope this isn't going to happen all night long,"

"Yeah Jon, I hear you," he replied. With that, Tommy got back into bed with Jon.

As Jon turned off the light and Tommy's head hit the pillow once more he thought between Shawn and Hunter's nightmares it would be awhile before he got a good night sleep as he too finally fell asleep, or so he thought for now.

After Hunter's nightmares woke up the boys a couple more times, Hunter decided to just stay awake for the rest of the night. So he feigned sleep as he waited for the sound of Jon's & Tommy's heartbeats and breathing to finally calm to a steady rate indicative of deep sleep. Hunter then got up off the couch, unlocked the bedroom door, and went out into the rest of the house. He went silently downstairs, looked at the alarm system and giggled to himself at how simple it was. He easily bypassed the system and headed outside. Hunter went outside about 30 feet and just stood there all alone apparently unaffected by the cold nights air. He found the night outside comforting in its quiet. He sat down in the snow and tuned out the sounds of the boys sleeping in the house, even at that distance away, so that he could just admire his surroundings that were all but covered in a beautiful white snow. As he lay down to gaze at the sky for a while, he did something rather strange, he waved to the sky. It was then that Hunter realized just how tired he was. After healing one boy who would have died without serious medical attention, and then the other who was literally on death's door within such a short span of time really took a lot out of the little boy. He knew he had many painful and exhausting days ahead of himself as he recovered from healing the boys, but with how Tommy had treated him so far he would happily endure it and much more if Tommy needed him too. After staring at the sky for about 30 minutes, he finally got up, waved once more to the sky, and went back inside. He knew that as tired as he was his nightmares were going to be bad. He couldn't stay awake much longer without seriously decreasing his ability to be ready at a moments notice for whatever emergency might happen, even more than it already was from healing the boys. Once inside he reset the alarm then headed back to Tommy's room. He took off his wet clothes with a sigh of relief, folded then nicely putting them on the couch. Then he silently went inside Tommy's closet. He curled up into a little ball, put the pillow over his head to muffle any noise he might make, and went to sleep. He hoped that he wouldn't make so much noise in the closet that it disturbed his master.

To be continued...

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