Chapter 92. "30" Questions, few answers.

As Cody thought more and more about what was about to happen in the shower, he wondered if this was the right thing to do. He knew it was innocent, he knew he liked girls, but he also knew it has been a long time since he had any human contact. To have it with a cute boy like Danny naked in a shower with him made him think, even if he calls himself straight, it still made him think.

`Well,' he thought to himself, `this might be a challenge, to get him washed and stay soft. I have to do it. I just hope Danny doesn't try anything because I just don't know what I would do or if I could control myself that well if he did.' He walked over next to where Danny was sitting on the bed.

"You ready to do this?" he asked Danny in a low voice, so the others wouldn't hear if they happened to be paying attention in the quiet room.

"Yes, but why are you talking so low?" Danny asked back to him.

"Because I don't want anyone knowing what we are about to do."

"Then why are you doing it, are you afraid of something Cody?"

Cody looked at him strangely but didn't answer his question.

"Do you want to do this or should I go shower alone?" Cody said with some disgust and combativeness in his voice.

Danny reached out his hand.

"Help me up please."

Cody moved a few steps closer to the appealing and easy on the eyes, Danny Jr. and carefully steadied him as he slowly started to rise from the bed.

"You want to lean on me into the bathroom or use the crutches?" asked a somewhat uptight Cody.

"I think I'd like to lean on you, if you don't mind," Danny replied.

Danny slowly shifted his 5'6" frame with Cody's help, and then cautiously placed his 130 pounds of baby fat on his one good leg. He then nursed his injured leg down gently next to it, and he stood up. Both boys now stood in their boxers and undershirts but nothing more. Cody being almost the same size as the somewhat full-sized Danny wrapped his arm around his waist and slowly guided him step by step towards the bathroom. Neither boy had missed a meal recently but both could have what you might call, a `bit' of baby fat on them, but neither was overweight at all. Gradually they hobbled into the bathroom and stopped at the door since they were not going to fit through it the way they were walking.

"Stand here and I will go in first Dan."

"Okay," he replied.

Cody walked a few steps into the warm and still a bit steamy bathroom and turned to face Danny. He reached out his arm and Danny grabbed it to steady himself as he limped slowly through the doorway. Once through, he grabbed onto Cody and hopped a few steps towards the shower in front of him. Being a motel, the bathroom wasn't big by any means but roomy enough to dry off without bumping elbows. Cody reached around Danny and shut the door making sure it clicked closed.

"Okay Dan, time to get adventurous, we need to get undressed," said a suddenly bold but overall reserved Cody.

"I don't have a problem with it Cody. I have seen plenty of guys naked in the locker room at school, haven't you?"

"Of course I have, but this isn't the locker room, we are about to get into the shower together and I have to wash you. It's a bit awkward for me to say the least."

"I'm sorry Cody, I don't have a problem with it and I am very thankful you are helping me. It's been a few days since I have been able to clean up properly and I feel like I reek from waiting so long."

"Believe me Dan, you don't reek but I agree you probably need a shower as bad as I do. It's been a few days for me too. I wasn't very fond of the shower in that place and never really felt comfortable in it, or safe doing much of anything in that mall."

"I think I know what you mean," he said back to him.

Both boys continued their small talk, neither in a hurry to totally strip and get in the shower at the moment, even though on the outside they were doing their best to keep up a strong and positive front. While inside they were both a bit nervous about how this would work.

"Okay, I'll start the water. Can you stand for a moment without my help?"


Cody let go of Danny, turned towards the shower, pulled back the curtain, and turned both handles toward on. Water began to flow freely from the showerhead as he quickly turned it away from himself, so as not to be showered with too hot or too cold water, until it felt suitable to get in.

"Okay Dan," he said as he turned back to Danny. "It feels...good..."

He paused as he looked at Danny, who was now standing there very, very, naked. While he was adjusting the water, Danny dropped his boxers and pulled his undershirt off. A somewhat perplexed and bewildered Cody looked the boy up and down from head to toe before turning a few shades of red. In front of him stood a blue eyed, brown haired, well exposed Danny with a few strands of chest hair on his semi-developed chest and a full patch of dark pubic hair above his 3.5" of teenage pubescent cock that hung nicely above his beautiful testicles.


Was all the red-faced, uncomfortable, Cody was able to get out of his mouth. He looked the boy up and down once more before their eyes met.

"Something wrong Cody?"

"Um, well, no... not really Dan," he cleared his throat. "I'm just a bit surprised to see what is in front of me and I... really don't know what else to say," Cody added, as he swallowed hard and fumbled over his words.

"How about you get undressed and then help me in, after all that's why we are here, to clean up, right Cody?"

"Yes," he said clearing his throat again. "Sorry, you are right, I was just a little shocked to see all of you so fast."

As Cody turned his back to Danny, Danny smiled smugly as he watched Cody pull off his undershirt and then drop his own boxers to the bathroom floor, stepping out of them and kicking them aside before stepping into the tub. Danny's eyes lit up and almost popped out of his head as he watched this, totally enthralled with seeing Cody's hot, naked, boy ass as he stepped into the shower. This was going to be some shower! Cody turned around to face Danny, and Danny was so engrossed and fixated on Cody's gorgeous ass that he easily caught him looking down. Danny got a good look at Cody's front package too before he snapped out of his trance and lifted his head up to see Cody staring at him. Cody was very easy on the eyes from the rear, and just as nice, if not better from the front. Almost the same size as Danny, both boys carried nearly the same amount of equipment in their pants even though Cody had a good year and a few months on Danny. There was little doubt by the time Danny finished growing, he would most likely have Cody beat by a few inches. Both boys were now in a somewhat embarrassed state after checking out one another, and not being used to the roaming eyes in close quarters. Finally, Cody broke the awkward silence in the room, outside of the water running that is.

"Come on Dan, let me help you in," he said.

"Um, right... sure, not a problem," Danny stuttered to reply to Cody as he could feel the beginnings of his cock starting to grow.

So, the very naked Danny took hold of the very naked Cody's hand and gently got into the tub with him finding it difficult to take his eyes off Cody's hot package. Danny stood there in somewhat of a trance for a moment.

"You want to shut the shower curtain Dan, or are you going to stare at me all night?"

"Oh... sorry, it's just that..." his words trailed off to silence as he finally lifted his head up and looked at Cody's face instead of his lower half.

"And I thought I was going to have a problem with this," Cody then said breaking the awkwardness of the shower and causing Danny to laugh a little bit. "You want to get by me and get wet Danny?"

"Yeah, that might be a good idea, after all that's why we are in here, isn't it?"

Cody shook his head yes in agreement, as he stepped back, watched Danny, and his slowly growing penis carefully slid by him. Their bodies brushed as they jockeyed into their new spots. Unsure whether purposely done or not, Danny made contact with his cock touching Cody's cock for a brief second. Neither boy said anything, as Danny with is back to Cody wet his head and body under the shower. Now emotions were starting to heighten, as both boys were starting to get hard from that contact, Cody joining Danny in an almost semi-erect state. Like it or not, they were still teens and both were still easily aroused. Danny finished getting wet but still had his back to Cody. He finished but neither boy could look each other in the eyes right now as Danny pulled away from under the water. Both knew something happened in that brief touch and things could very well be different for the rest of this shower. Especially, since both of them were bigger then their normal soft state now and Danny couldn't wash himself. He needed Cody to touch his entire back and all of his legs, which appeared to be a challenge now. About the only thing Danny could wash were his own front chest, groin, and arms without fear of losing his balance. Finally, both boys looked at each other's face and both broke a grin.

"This isn't going to be easy, is it Cody?"

"No, not at all, are you feeling what I am Dan?"

"Yeah, I think so."

Both boys looked down and both were now even more semi-erect, almost to the point were they were both sticking out and making it obvious to one another.

"This isn't good Dan, I'm not gay, and I shouldn't be having these feelings. Hell, I shouldn't be like this at all!"

"Sorry Cody, but this isn't bothering me at all."

"What do you mean?" he quickly asked.

"Well... since we are both in here and both seem to be getting harder by the second. I guess it's fair to say that I am sorta enjoying this... a lot."

"Danny, are you gay?" Cody asked flatly.

"I like girls Cody, but there aren't any anymore and... damn this is tough... right now I like anything I can get. Is that fair?" he said, suddenly afraid to admit to Cody's question.

"I don't know if its fair Danny, but I do like girls. Right now, I don't know what to say either, but I have to wash you. We haven't even touched each other yet except for that... well, you know," Cody said.

"Yeah, I know, I felt it too," Danny replied shyly. `Boy did I!' he said to himself.

"Do you think we can finish this without any problems?" Cody asked.

"Honestly? No, I don't. I have a feeling we are both going to be very stiff soon and I really need your help to finish."

"Then I guess, we are just going to have to deal with it Dan."

"Yeah we will or..." his voice trailed off now and his face reddened.

"Or what?" said Cody.

"Or... should I really say it Cody?"

"Danny you like guys don't you?"

He shook his head yes.

"Great. So this isn't going to be easy is it? Maybe I should get out now Dan... this is very confusing to me," Cody said suddenly turning his back to Danny to hide his still growing bone.

"Cody, you can get out if you want but I still need to get clean and I don't want to fall."

Cody turned to Danny.

"Yeah, and I don't want to get any harder then I already am in the same shower with you!"

"Cody, lower you're voice man, or we are going to have Phil and Calvin at the door."

"Shit, that's all I need!" Cody exclaimed.

"Look this isn't going to be easy, I am going to probably stay hard and that is a fact. So either you wash me, or leave. I will risk it alone but I am not going to fight or argue with you over this, I can't help it Cody, I'm sorry. You are hot and your body is..."

He didn't finish and Cody went for the shower curtain.

"Please don't go Cody," Danny said reaching out and touching Cody on the shoulder.

"Give me one good reason why I should stay?" he said gruffly.

"Because you are almost as hard as me!" he replied back in a low tone.

Danny said no more after that, he was at a loss for words so he looked down at Cody's almost stiff dick and reached out for it. Before Cody could react, Danny wrapped his hand around it and started to stroke it. Cody's mind was suddenly flooded with am overload of emotions, most of them telling him how wrong this was, and to stop Danny now. Yet at the same time, his mind was working just as hard to comprehend the feeling of having someone rub his cock for the first time in his life. Cody was a virgin, he dreamed about his first time being with Kate and not a boy. He was seeing her in front of him in his mind and feeling like it was her doing it for him for all of a few second before reality set in and he went from enjoying the pleasure to reaching down and grabbing Danny's hand and pulling it off his hard, erect cock.

"This is wrong Danny, I want Kate not you," he said quietly.

Now totally embarrassed and humiliated, he turned his back to Danny and lowered his head. Danny reached out to the mortified boy and put his hand on his shoulder. Cody pulled away causing Danny to let go and stop touching him.

"I'm sorry Cody... I didn't know you had something for her."

The room got eerily quiet and suddenly neither boy said anything. After almost a minute, Cody turned around and faced Danny. Both boys were starting to go soft now but they weren't looking down, they were looking at each other's faces.

"It's okay Cody... I promise I won't tell a soul."

"Thanks Dan. I didn't mean for that to come out and I didn't mean to hurt you either."

"Its cool man, but I need to know are we going to finish in here or should I try and wash alone?"

"All I can tell you is I will do my best but if you stick your hard dick in my face I might bite it," Cody joked.

"Yeah and if you stick your hard dick in my face I might suck it," he replied smiling and knowing at the same time in his condition he couldn't suck him off because he couldn't get that low in the shower.

"Yeah and I might let you too since I know Kate will never suck it and you might be the only one to ever get close enough to it to try."

"Don't think that way Cody."

"How am I supposed to think Dan? We are all we have, us boys... no women outside of Kate! What do we do, live and jerk off alone or..." he stopped.

He was yelling and there was no doubt that unless the others were asleep they heard what he said and knew something messed up was now happening in the bathroom. Danny got close to him and looked him in the eye.

"I don't know what we are going to do Cody but I know what I want to do."

He leaned in and gave Cody a quick kiss on the lips. More of a peck and then backed off.

"Hey is everything okay in there?" came a yell from outside the bathroom.

"Yes, we are fine!" Cody yelled back, and then looked back at Danny.

"Let's not worry about this now Cody. We can't change it or fix it, but we do need to finish up in here. I am turning into a prune and we still haven't washed."

"Yeah, we better."

"Look Cody, I can't promise you I won't be rock hard but I can stay away from you as much as possible. Please, let's finish up and get to bed. Maybe in the morning things will be better."

"I don't know if they will be better or worse Dan. I'll tell you this... after all this is over, when I am done washing you... I don't think I could touch your dick. Its just not in me, but I am so messed in the head right now that I know I am gonna be hard, probably very hard and if you were to... um, accidentally get too close to me... I wouldn't stop you," he said, as he face got even redder then before.

Danny smiled, "Guess we will have to see won't we."

Cody nodded and started to soap up the washcloth. Both boys were quiet now and all you could hear was the washcloth as it slapped against Danny's back, as Cody began to wash him. Danny immediately started to grow again, as Cody washed his shoulder and worked his way down his back not missing a spot. With his head bowed, he watched it grow until it was standing at full attention and that was without him even touching it. Cody went lower and lower stopping just above Danny's butt.

"I'm almost afraid to go lower Danny, what should I do?"

"That's up to you Cody. I'm not going to stop you."

"I didn't think you would," he replied slyly.

Cody ran the washcloth over the top of his ass but didn't go any lower out of fear that something might happen. Over and over, he admitted to himself that nothing was going to happen now. Regardless of what he said, as he washed Danny's cute ass, he once again began to grow.

"Okay Dan, the rest back here is up to you. I need to do your legs for you. Try not to move when I wash the hurt leg and I will not get too close to your injury."

"K," was all he could say. Cody's touch and washing has aroused him so much that he was all but in a stupor from this.

"Move a little forward," Cody said gently pushing the boy towards the wall in front of him. "I need to get your legs and there isn't enough room for me to with you this close."

Danny didn't say anything he just slowly moved up while he held the wall of the shower.

"Okay, I am done back here you are going to have to turn around so I can properly wash the front of your lower leg, I couldn't do it all from back here."

"All right but I am warning you Cody, all that washing got me rock hard again."

"It figures," was all he said.

Slowly, Danny turned around and it was clear to Cody that the boy was about as stiff as anyone could be or for that matter, anyone he had ever seen.

`This is going to be real fun, trying to wash his legs with close to 6" of hard dick in my face,' he said to himself.

He got as low as he could and reached down to wash Danny's good leg. There wasn't a problem until he got to the injured one and he accidentally slipped and gently grazed the injured area causing Danny to jump, wince in pain, and put almost all of his weight on Cody's back as both of his hands came down hard to steady himself. This of course, also made Danny push forward and at the same time push his hard cock right into Cody's face. His dick stuck Cody in his left cheek for a few seconds until Danny could steady himself and regain his balance. The most awkward thing possible had now happened. The straight boy just got poked by the gay boy's cock only inches from his mouth. Danny held his breath waiting for something to happen and Cody did all he could not to panic and touch it more then he already had. Both boys apologized almost in unison, Cody for accidentally hurting Danny and Danny for almost shoving his hard cock into Cody's mouth. Nothing else was said for the moment. Cody washed Danny's injured leg very carefully and saw the large scabs on each side of were beginning to soften and leak a little blood. He also noticed the area around the wound was very red and looked quite painful. Cody hurriedly finished washing and stood up. He was redder then ever now, half from embarrassment and the other half from bending over.

"I'm sorry Dan, are you okay?"

"Yeah, it stung but it wasn't that bad."

"I didn't mean to poke you," he giggled trying as best as he could not to make more of it then has already happened.

Cody handed him the washcloth rolled his eyes and said nothing.

"You didn't have to giggle," Cody said trying not to smile.

"Yeah, I know but it was funny," Danny said to him.

"Not really," Cody said as he began to wash himself.

Danny rinsed off under the water as Cody washed and then they exchanged places once more so Cody could wash off. Other then two erections and a lot of embarrassment, nothing else happened even though Danny so badly wanted to suck Cody's cock. Cody turned off the water, pulled back the shower curtain, got out first, and then helped Danny and his stiff cock get out next. Cody quickly handed him a towel almost throwing it at his stiffie as if to say `I wish that thing would finally go down'. Cody turned his back to Danny and began to dry off not wanting anything else to do with Danny for the moment. Danny dried off as best he could, using the wall for support. Finally as Cody finished and turned back Danny handed him his towel and turned around.

"Please dry my back Cody," he said.

"I will if you promise not to get hard again."

"Sorry, I can't promise that since I never really got soft."

"It figures!" was all he said, as he began to dry off Danny's back.

Finally, both of them finished and they realized neither had brought a change of clothes in with them.

"What are we going to do Cody? I forgot my clean clothes too."

"I'll wrap the towel around my waist and go out and get some. Where are your clothes?" he asked.

"I took them out and put them on the bed I am sleeping in. I just forgot to bring them."

"Okay, I'll be right back."

Cody opened the bathroom door and was almost immediately confronted by Phil and Calvin.

"What the hell was going on in there Cody?" Phil said.

"None of your business Calvin," he looked at Phil, "Same goes for you!" he didn't say anymore as he gathered his clothes, then went and grabbed Danny's before heading back into the bathroom.

As he shut the door, he swore he heard giggling from the other room.

"What's going on out there?" Danny asked.

"Nothing, except the two of them being nosy and ball busters."

"Oh," Danny replied and then said no more.

They both got dressed and Cody wrapped Danny's leg up in a new bandage. Then Cody helped Danny back to his bed and then went to his. Calvin and Phil both looked at them as Cody helped Danny back to his bed but neither boy said a word. To say the least it was an interesting shower and quite a bit depressing for Danny who got hard more times in the shower then he has in the past week and wasn't able to do a single thing about it. Talk about blue balls! With everyone in place, most of the lights turned out, room doors locked, and the boys then attempted to get a decent night's sleep. Danny, being alone in the other part of the room found himself reaching for his cock. Knowing he couldn't really cum he was almost at a loss over what happened in the shower and he began to whack off immediately getting hard in bed. He went as slowly and quietly as he could. Knowing any noise would be easily detected in the quiet of the room. He stopped just short of orgasm, once again making himself nearly crazy from not being able to cum.

`Damn I gotta cum before I lose my mind, but how am I going to do it!' he thought to himself.

He pulled the covers off his legs and gently swung them over and onto the floor. He reached down, grabbed the crutches, got up placing his weight on his good leg, and then got his balance with both crutches in place. He slowly began to hobble to the bathroom, as one of the boys sat up.

"You okay Danny?" Phil asked.

"Yes, I'll be fine, thanks, go back to bed. I can do this on my own."

"Okay," Phil said laying back down.

He got to the bathroom door and slowly worked his way inside shutting it behind him and turning on the light. At least the fan in the ceiling would block some of the noise he was about to make he thought to himself. `Now how do I do this?' he said to himself in his head. `If I stand I could lose my balance and fall over as I cum, that's not good and if I sit on the toilet I am going to have to fight just a little to get back up. I am not asking for help regardless, so I might as well sit.' He finally decided after debating over what to do for a few seconds. After making sure he locked the door, he stripped off all his cloths and stood there totally naked. He glanced down at his semi-hard dick and reached down to it. He gave it a few strokes and then let go as he gingerly sat on the closed toilet. It was cold to his touch and sent a shiver up his spine until he got up and grabbed a towel and threw it over the plastic lid before sitting once more. He spread his legs giving himself access to his groin, reached down with his left hand, and grabbed his hardening dick. Slowly he began stroking up and down as his boy meat went from 4 to 5 and then fully erect at just a little over 5.5 inches. He stroked it fast and faster and then slower almost stopping as he teased it until a wet spot formed at the top. He reached out drawing a finger to it and then bringing it to his lips for a taste. Then he focused back on his hard tool and once again began to stroke it as his right hand reached down and began to fondle his ball sac. He played with his nuts and began to get a strong image of what just had taken place in the shower only fifteen to thirty minutes before. The image vivid in his mind he saw Cody's hard cock and replayed his hand reaching out and stroking it while Cody closed his eyes and allowed Danny full access to him for that short time. As the image stood out clean in his mind, his right hand roughly tugged and pulled his balls occasionally massaging them as his left went to town stroking his hard cock up and down its entire length over and over. Closer and closer, he got ignoring his own feeling for the image clear in his mind of Cody hard boy cock. He took a deep breath and let out a muffled gasp as one more stroke of his red, well-beaten cock produced a pleasure beyond description in his mind, and he began firing out jet after jet of cum across the bathroom floor. His eyes tightly shut, light sweat beading down his forehead and the image of Cody still clear in his mind he slowly drifted off into orgasm as he squeezed out every last bit of cum from his rock hard cock. The last few drips landing directly on the floor below he was no long paying attention to anything but the overwhelming bliss that now controlled his every thought. Slowly he came back from this awesome paradise that took him away for a moment and smiled as he slide his butt back up easily using the towel under him and ran his fingers through the little bit of cum that was left on the tip of his now softening cock. `Oh yeah that felt awesome!' he said to himself. He brought his finger to his lips and ran it between his lips getting a taste of his own sweet nectar before slowly allowing the pain from his leg to get the best of him as he attempted to lift his naked body off the toilet lid. `Pain or no pain that was so worth it' he said inside his mind. He now stood as best as he could and grabbed the towel he used to sit on, throwing it on the floor to wipe up the puddles of cum on the floor that his four shots he fired out produced. He smiled as he once more saw Cody in his mind and felt his stiff cock between his fingers as he used his foot to gently go over the mess and soak most of it up. He then kicked the towel into the corner and went to take a quick piss before redressing and then slowly he hobbled his way back to his bed. The room was all but silent as he sat back down knowing he just had one of the best orgasms he could remember in his short life. He slowly lifted his wounded leg onto the bed and then covered both legs before he drifted off to sleep. It would be a wonderful sweet sleep full of him dreaming about doing Cody over and over again.

That morning over at Tommy's house...

Tommy awoke that morning feeling both of his boys next to him. Shawn was partially lying on top of him with his head resting on Tommy's chest along with an arm and leg flung across his body. He could feel Hunter next to him with his head resting on Tommy's shoulder. As Tommy became more awake, he noticed he was being poked. He smiled as he realized that Shawn and Hunter's morning hard-ons were poking him. Tommy opened his eyes and turned to look to see his alarm clock, which said it was only 7 AM. He gazed at the top of his Cutie's head for a bit then turned over to look at Hunter. Tommy was startled a bit to see Hunter staring at him with a big smile on his face.

"Damn Hunter, you startled me there a bit. I thought you would still be sleeping since it's still pretty early. You do understand that you are allowed to sleep as long as you want to now, right?" whispered Tommy.

"Yes Sir, I understand," replied Hunter smiling at Tommy. "I slept an extra two hours last night. It was really nice," whispered Hunter conspiratorially.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it but you could have slept longer if you wanted to," Tommy told him.

"Are you sure that I won't get into trouble for sleeping that long Sir?" he asked softly, his eyes widening in fright a little.

"Yes Hunter, you won't get in trouble. I'm in charge in this house, so if I tell you something, you can do it," Tommy told Hunter as he bent over to give him a little kiss.

"I know Sir. It's just hard to believe it sometimes and even harder to do Sir."

"That's okay Hunter, I understand that adapting to living here with me will be a little difficult in the beginning, but if you keep trying you will get it without too much trouble. Don't forget I want you to try to cut down on how often you call me sir, okay?"

"Yes S..." Hunter replied quietly. It was obvious he was fighting with himself to say Sir but he managed to stop himself.


"Good boy Hunter," Tommy said smiling.


Suddenly Tommy felt a slight jab in the ribs.

"You are being awfully loud this morning TJ," Shawn said yawning.

"Sorry Cutie, we didn't mean to wake you up," Tommy said.

"That's okay TJ. I had the weirdest dream last night," Shawn said as he crawled up to be even with Tommy's head.

"Oh, what was it?" asked Tommy.

"Hunter was in it and we were playing something and then Trevor came and started playing with us. That's all I remember about it now, just that it made me feel good. It was weird because I hadn't thought of Trevor in a long time and whenever I did I felt really sad but I don't now," Shawn replied.

"Sounds like a good dream Cutie, since it made you feel good," Tommy said.

"Yeah it was," Shawn said softly.

"Well, I'm awake now so I might as well get up, you can go back to sleep if you want Shawn," as he disentangled himself from the mass of arms and legs that were on top of him to get out of bed. Tommy headed into his bathroom to take care of his morning business as Shawn stretched out on the bed.

Shawn got up, went over to the bathroom door, and knocked. Hearing Tommy say "come in" he entered.

"TJ can we take a shower together?" asked Shawn.

"If you want to we can, you know that Cutie, but what are we going to do with Hunter?"

"I guess he will just have to take one with us," said Shawn smiling.

"I'm not sure about that Shawn, remember the last time we had someone else in the shower with us? You didn't handle it very well."

"I'll be okay this time, besides it's with Hunter. He seems very gentle and I don't feel threatened by him at all, not like Chase. Chase was a little too pushy for me then, I'm sure it will be different with Hunter. I'm also bigger than Hunter is. Please Tommy can all three of us take a shower?" asked Shawn looking pleadingly at Tommy.

"Alright Shawn, we can do that but you have to ask Hunter if he wants to. He probably will but you have to ask him first."

"I will TJ," Shawn said running out of the bathroom only to see a naked Hunter doing some strange martial arts moves just very slowly. "Sorry to interrupt your exercises Hunter but I wanted to know if you wanted to join us in the shower?" asked Shawn excitedly.

Hunter immediately stopped his exercises when Shawn started to talk to him then said, "Is that what Sir wants?"

"No Hunter, you don't get to know what I want. You have to decide if it's what you want," said Tommy from the door of his bathroom.

Hunter screwed up his face thinking for a moment then said, "Yes Sir, I think I would like to shower with the two of you S..." stopping before he said another Sir knowing Tommy didn't really like to hear it that often.

"Yippee," said Shawn as he ran over to Hunter, grabbed his hand, and tried to pull him along to the bathroom. Hunter looked at Tommy, seeing a nod, he then allowed himself to be pulled by Shawn into the bathroom.

Once Tommy had the water adjusted to his liking, all three of them got into the shower.

"Will someone wash me? I really like it when someone washes me," asked Hunter.

"I will!" Shawn almost shouted, saying it before Tommy even had a chance to respond. Shawn quickly washed Hunter's hair and upper body then he got on his knees and started on his lower body.

"You okay with this Hunter?" asked Tommy.

"Yes Sir, it feels good."

As Shawn washed his legs, then he went on to more interesting parts of Hunter's body. He sensuously washed Hunter's butt and got a little moan out of him as he gently caressed the crease between those perfectly formed cheeks. Shawn kept washing Hunter's butt for a while paying special attention to his sweet pink hole making Hunter squirm and moan with his new found pleasure. Shawn reached between Hunter's legs to cup his balls and feel his erect dick. One hand gently fondling Hunter's balls and dick with the other caressing his butt-hole occasionally was making Hunter feel very good and Shawn was having the time of his life. Shawn then turned Hunter around so that his 3.5" erect penis was pointing straight up, right in front of Shawn's face. With one hand fondling Hunter's balls and the other starting to stroke his dick Shawn asked, "Do you like this Hunter or should I stop?"

"No please don't stop, it feels really good sir," gasped Hunter.

"Okay then, I'll keep going," Shawn said with a satisfied look on his face. Shawn started to stroke faster and faster marveling at the little ruby red head of Hunter's uncircumcised dick as it kept popping out at him. Hunter started to make little yipping sounds as he gasped for breath, started to tremble, and finally had his dry orgasm. He slid to the floor just enjoying the afterglow as Shawn bent over to give Hunter's dick a quick kiss. "Now will you wash me like I did to you Hunter?" asked Shawn happily.

"Yes sir, since you asked, I would be happy to," replied Hunter. As Tommy watched, Hunter stood up and very gently started to wash Shawn. He gave Shawn an awesome head massage as he washed his hair. This quickly enhanced Shawn's erection. Then Hunter quickly washed Shawn's torso, arms, and legs, just as Shawn had done to him earlier. He got on his knees as he started to wash Shawn's butt. With one hand washing his butt, the other was gently fondling Shawn's dick and balls following Shawn's lead from earlier. When Shawn's dick was pointing straight up Hunter started to stroke it faster causing Shawn to smile and squirm a little with a pleasure he had only experienced before with Tommy. Taking his hand that was behind Shawn and gently caressing the head of Shawn's dick. Hunter caused Shawn to have a wonderful dry orgasm, as he tightened up his little body, his balls pulling into his body some as his dick tried to shoot what wasn't there, and caused him to shake some from the intensity of the orgasm. Tommy was there behind Shawn to keep him from falling as Shawn continued to enjoy his orgasm as Hunter bent forward to give Shawn's dick a little kiss.

"Hey what about a little love over here," said Tommy after Shawn had returned from la-la land.

Shawn and Hunter both gently pulled Tommy down until he was sitting on the shower floor with his Cutie on one side and his Angel on the other.

"You feeling a little left out huh?" said Shawn looking at Tommy's very erect and aching dick.

"Just a little, but damn Cutie that was hot watching the two of you," said Tommy as Shawn bent over to give Tommy a long hard kiss, feeling Hunter's hand gently wash his chest and then go on to stroke Tommy a little.

"I'll take care of that Hunter," said Shawn as he knelt down to replace Hunter's hand with his own.

"Yes sir," replied Hunter as he got up to give Tommy a kiss of his own. As Hunter kissed Tommy, he opened his mouth and forced his tongue into Tommy's mouth. Their two tongues intertwined and roamed each other's mouths sensuously. Tommy felt a jolt of electricity go down his spine and radiate throughout his body with a pleasure he had never felt before. Tommy leaned into Hunter to give him an even harder kiss as he felt that jolt once again. Hunter just melted into his body giving him a hug and returning the kiss with even more passion than before. Tommy finally had to break off the kiss with Hunter and took a deep breath smelling the two boys around him. The combined scent of the two boys just drove Tommy wild with lust. Something was in the air that made Tommy hornier than he could ever remember. Shawn was busy stroking Tommy as he watched them kiss. Shawn then bent over and started to suck on Tommy's dick. Shawn took the first few inches into his mouth and sucked for all he was worth making Tommy leak precum like crazy. Shawn then licked the shaft as he played with Tommy's balls then he gently took each ball and lovingly sucked on them for a few moments before he went back to Tommy's dick. Shawn was only sucking on the head of Tommy's dick running his tongue around it when Tommy suddenly shot out jet after jet of cum into Shawn's mouth. It was so much and so fast that half of it came out of Shawn's mouth and dribbled down his face and chest. Hunter immediately let go of Tommy making sure he wouldn't topple over after his orgasm and started to lick the cum off of Shawn's face and chest. Hunter then went and kissed Shawn as the two of them shared the taste of Tommy's cum in each other's mouths. Tommy felt a feeling of love suffuse the room as he just watched his two boys swap his cum between the two of them like it was a new game they just came up with.

"Damn but that is so hot watching you two do that," Tommy said amazedly, "but you need to stop now since we have a lot to do today and we better get started."

"Aw, do we have to," teased Shawn.

"No, you don't but I better get out of here before I can't stop myself with you two little sex fiends," Tommy joked rinsing off one last time. Once Tommy was done he stepped out of the shower and started to dry off watching the two boys rinse each other off before they too stepped out. Tommy smiled at them as he threw them each a towel. Shawn made a little game of drying off with Hunter, as he would dry one part of Hunter, then Hunter would dry that part of him. Shawn laughed and had a lot of fun with it and even made Hunter laugh when he tickled him a little. Tommy was just happy that his Cutie enjoyed the shower much more than the last time they showered with someone else. The smile on Hunter's face just made Tommy ache with joy, as he knew Hunter enjoyed the shower probably as much as he and Shawn did and no one forced him to do anything. His Angel did it all because he wanted to and everyone enjoyed it.

"Carry me...Please," begged Shawn holding his arms out to Tommy pleadingly after both he and Hunter were dry.

"Okay Cutie," Tommy said as he picked up Shawn and put him on his hip. He carried him out to the main room with Hunter trailing along behind. Shawn was just holding on and having his one hand roam over Tommy's shoulder feeling for the indentation that he liked to play with that the gunshot wound had made.

"Hey where did it go?" asked Shawn as he twisted to look at Tommy's back.

"Where did what go, Shawn?" replied Tommy.

"Your scar, it's gone, I can't find it anymore," said Shawn as Tommy set him down on the bed.

"It must have healed then if it's not there anymore," Tommy said casually as he went to his dresser and got out his clothes along with a shirt for Hunter.

"TJ, I'm not three and I'm not an idiot. I know scars don't just go away like that. It was there a few days ago so how could it just go away?" asked Shawn jokingly with a wiseass smirk on his face.

"It's as he said, it healed sir, just like any of the other scars he might have had," said Hunter.

"What are you talking about? How can that be possible?" Shawn asked as he finished putting his clean clothes on that he had stored in one of Tommy's drawers.

"Hunter enough," Tommy said quickly before Hunter had a chance to respond. Noticing how Hunter snapped to attention, he added, "relax Hunter, I'll tell him."

"Tell me what?" Shawn demanded looking from Tommy to Hunter.

Taking a deep breath Tommy said, "On my way back from the drug store with the medicine for Kyle I got into an accident. I was hurt pretty bad so Hunter healed me. That's why I don't have any scars and why my shoulder no longer bothers me at all."

"You were in an accident?" said a shocked Shawn.

"Yes Shawn, I was but everything is okay now, so you don't need to worry about it," said Tommy.

"Why didn't you tell me?" demanded Shawn.

"Because I kinda forgot about it and I didn't want to worry you. I was fine, so I didn't think it mattered."

"Well it matters to me. If you get hurt I want to know about it from now on," Shawn told Tommy.

"Alright Cutie, I will tell you as soon as I can. You have to admit these last two days have been rather hectic for me but I'll keep you informed from now on if I get hurt."

"Good because I do worry about you TJ," said Shawn as he went over to hug Tommy.

Going over to Hunter, Shawn hugged him also saying, "Thanks for healing my TJ. I don't know what I would do without him," as a few tears fell down his cheeks.

"Thank you sir," said Hunter hugging Shawn back, "its okay sir, I'll try not to let anything happen to him again and if it does then I'll just fix him up again."

As Tommy finally finished getting dressed, he sat down in his chair and said, "Hunter I want you to try something for me."

"Yes Sir," replied Hunter going over to stand in front of Tommy.

"I want you to say the word `Tommy' for me," Tommy said gently.

"T... T... T...," then in a whisper he said, "Tommy," his body suddenly tensing, his eyes widening in fright as if he was just waiting for a blow to strike him.

"Good boy Hunter. Very good, now relax for a bit." After Hunter calmed some Tommy continued, "Now I want you to call me by my name."

Hunter immediately started to tremble as he said, "T... T..." then he suddenly threw himself at Tommy's feet. "I'm sorry Sir, I just can't," Hunter said his whole body wracked with sobs. "It's not right, not right," Hunter mumbled to himself. "Please don't beat me Sir, I'll do better, I promise I will," he cried as fear took over his entire being.

Shawn looked on with extreme concern on his face after seeing Hunter's frantic outburst. Tommy just reached down, picked up the little boy and placed him in his lap trying to comfort the terrified boy, this wasn't as bad as yesterday but it was bad enough for Tommy to realize he had pushed a little too far. Shawn was looking scared but he went over to Tommy and tried to help calm Hunter down too. Tommy shared a look with Shawn saying thanks for his help with Hunter. Shawn was just worried about his new friend and curious about what would have caused this.

Once Hunter was calm again Tommy said, "I guess that was a little too much for right now, sorry Hunter."

"Ya think?" asked Shawn sarcastically as he climbed onto Tommy's lap too, so Tommy had one boy sitting on each of his legs.

"I didn't mean to scare you like that," Tommy said ignoring Shawn's comment. "What did I tell you about beatings?"

"That I wouldn't get any as long as I was with you," Hunter replied, still in a tone that clearly said he didn't fully believe it yet.

"Let's try this instead. I'll say a word and you repeat it until I say stop, okay?" asked Tommy.

"Yes Sir," Hunter said timidly.

Tommy then ran through all the boys names in his house a couple times then moved on to Bryan's and Cody's boys names. Hunter had difficulty in the beginning but eventually he was able to say them without trembling or with any other signs of fear.

"Okay now I want you to say his name," Tommy said pointing at Shawn.

"Sh..., Sh... Shawn," Hunter said tensing up again as if waiting for the blow to fall, "...sir," he added at the end relaxing.

"Pretty good Hunter, but can you say it without the sir at the end?" asked Tommy. Seeing Hunter's eyes widen and nostrils flare in fear he said, "It's okay if you can't too." After Hunter had calmed some Tommy said, "Now say his name and if it makes you feel better you can add sir at the end."

"Yes Sir, Shawn-sir," said Hunter only exhibiting a little fear.

"You did it Hunter, great job," said Shawn smiling though he still wondered why someone would have a problem calling someone by their name.

"Very good Hunter," Tommy said giving his little Angel a hug. "I want you to call all of the boys by their first names and if you want you can add sir but eventually we are going to work on stopping that. Only when you are ready though," added Tommy seeing the apprehension on Hunter's face.

Just then, they heard a little knock from the door and someone said quietly, "Tommy, are you awake, it's me Jordy I need to talk to you."

"Come on in Jordy," Tommy told him.

As Jordy entered the room, he saw Tommy sitting on one of his chairs with both Shawn and Hunter sitting on his lap.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to bother you," said Jordan as he started to back out of the room.

"That's okay, what do you want to talk about?" asked Tommy as he got the two boys off his lap.

"It's kinda private, you know," Jordan said sheepishly.

"Okay, hold on a second," Tommy said to Jordan. "Shawn, why don't you take Hunter to get something on more than just my shirt and then head downstairs? I'll meet you once I'm done here and we can have a bite to eat."

"Sure TJ, we'll go do that," said Shawn tugging on Hunter who didn't budge until he saw Tommy nod to him.

"Hunter be good for Shawn and do what he says," said Tommy.

"Yes S..." said Hunter cutting off the last word making Tommy smile at him.

"And Shawn, just get him dressed," Tommy called out as they were at his door.

"Alright TJ," said Shawn blushing.

Once they were gone and the door closed Tommy said, "Grab a seat and tell me what's wrong."

"It's Zach, again. I just don't know what to do about him," Jordan said as he pulled one of the other chairs over by Tommy.

"Well Jordy, you are gonna have to give me more than that if I'm gonna help."

"Okay, the problem is that I like Jeremy, and I mean that I really like Jeremy. Sorta like the way I like you, you understand what I'm saying?"

"I get you, so what's the problem? Doesn't he like you?"

"Well I think he does, and I want to do some stuff with him but Zach keeps getting in the way."

"What's Zach doing?"

"Well, the other day Jeremy and I were in my room and things were just beginning to happen when he busts into the room and starts yelling at me about not to do any of that stuff in his room. He totally ruined the moment and made Jeremy basically run away from me. I wanted to talk to you then but you were busy with something or other, so I talked to Jon. I talked to him a little but there are just some things I'm not comfortable talking about with anyone other than you. Then yesterday morning, I was talking to Jeremy again in my room when he comes in and starts reading on his bed. I wanted to strangle him, he hardly ever reads anymore. I'm sure he just went in to make sure I wasn't doing anything. I mean, nothing was happening between us as I barely had time to apologize to him for earlier but I certainly would have liked something to have happened then. In the afternoon, Jeremy and I went to his room to talk and I hoped do more, but then Zach was pounding on the door a few minutes later asking if we wanted to do the game tournament. When we didn't jump at that he started to talk about what we were doing and shit. So we just went along with him back downstairs as we knew he wasn't about to let us alone. Then last night, Jeremy and I headed upstairs to my room after the tournament leaving Zach sleeping in the game room. Not two minutes passed when dumbshit shows up totally blowing any chance of something happening with Jeremy. I wanted to beat him so bad but I know your rule of `no hitting' so I just bitched at him instead. He actually denied what he was doing and said it must have been poor timing. I know he did it on purpose though," Jordan said angrily.

"Jordan, regardless of what he did or is doing, you know my rules and I expect you to follow them. Zack has been good lately and if he is just busting your balls, like brothers do, then maybe you and Jeremy should find some place else to go. You can come get me if it gets out of hand but if you follow through on how you are feeling just remember there will be consequences."

"Is there anything you can do to stop him from butting his fucking nose where it's not wanted all the time?"

"I can talk to him if you want but I'm not sure that will help, you know he doesn't really listen to me that much. If I enforce the issue, I would first have to hear his side of the story. I might side with him depending on what he says. I kinda doubt I would but you never know. A better solution would be if you and Jeremy went somewhere he couldn't find you," Tommy said.

"Yeah, but the house is only so big."

"Well you can always walk over to Jeremy's, or your house, to get away from him."

"That's like a mile away. That's too far in this weather," whined Jordan.

"It's not that far but it is pretty far to walk being this cold out, how about the house with the greenhouse? You and Jeremy should be able to hide from your brother there."

"That might work, but what if he just follows us?" asked Jordan.

"Then Jordy, you are just going to have to tell him to stop following you. If he doesn't, then come get me or DJ and we will take care of him so you and Jeremy have a chance to get together. If you really want you can move out of your room and into Jeremy's room but it doesn't sound like you two are that close yet," Tommy said.

"I guess you are right Tommy. I'll try to talk to Jeremy again and if Zach interrupts, we will hopefully go outside to the greenhouse house and then talk. I might not even like Jeremy in that way, but I would like the chance to find out. Thanks for talking to me Tommy, I'll try what you said and don't worry I won't hurt Zach no matter how much of a pain in the ass he is being," Jordan said as he got up to leave.

"No problem, Jordy. If that doesn't work out just tell me and we can try something else out. Wouldn't want you to get any blue balls now," added Tommy playfully.

"You could take care of that right now," said Jordan suddenly.

"No that's okay, I'll wait until you have a chance with Jeremy if that doesn't work then look me up and I'll take good care of you," Tommy said.

As Jordan left, Tommy got up and headed downstairs. Hearing a little commotion in the game room Tommy went to investigate. Inside the game room were Kyle, Luke, Billy, Joey, Shawn, Danny, and Ben. Tommy was a little surprised to see how many boys were already up but since he didn't get up that early himself usually, he really didn't know who was an early riser other than Luke. Shawn, Billy, and Joey were pissed and arguing with Kyle about some bet but Tommy didn't really hear much with them all talking at the same time. Luke and Ben were actually laughing on the floor holding their sides, while Danny was sitting in the chair looking a little shocked at what had happened. Then DJ walked up from behind Tommy and said between laughs, "You should have seen it Tommy it was great. One of the funniest things I have ever seen."

"What happened? What did I miss?" asked Tommy.

"It was great. Kyle bet Shawn, Billy, and Joey that he knew someone who could beat them at their favorite games. They took the bet and then Kyle called Hunter over to play them. I think they thought he meant someone from Bryan's house but he didn't. Hunter wiped the floor with them. It was hilarious, them thinking they were so good that no one would beat them. Hunter just calmly sits down and stomps them into the ground. One of the games Kyle had to tell Hunter what the buttons did and he still kicked their butts. The only time Hunter even got hit, was when Shawn got upset and said `stand still so I can kill you.' Kyle immediately told Hunter he wasn't supposed to do that and to keep playing to win. Kyle then bet them double or nothing that Hunter could beat them all three at once, which they took. If it was me, I would have just cut my losses but not them. They played Halo, Shawn's favorite shooter game, and Hunter just slaughtered them all without ever getting hit once. It was amazing to see and pretty funny too, especially since it wasn't me," laughed DJ.

"So what was the bet?" asked Tommy.

"Kyle gets to decide what they will wear today and tomorrow. Today all they can wear is their underwear," laughed DJ, "he was hinting at dresses for tomorrow. Oh, I meant to ask you yesterday but forgot. Do you mind Cam and his brothers coming over today? He said they might, depending on the weather."

"That's fine with me, I have a couple things I want to do this morning so if I'm not back by then say `hi' for me," replied Tommy.

"What do you need to do?" asked DJ.

"I need to take Hunter to the mall to get him some stuff and I want to spend some private time with him to teach him how to eat better," Tommy said.

"I take it then you don't want to take a bunch of the boys with you, huh?" asked DJ.

"Nope, sorry this time I just want to go alone with Hunter if I can get away with it," said Tommy.

"Okay, well you have fun then," said DJ.

"We will, once I find him," said Tommy.

Tommy entered the room watching the three boys strip down to their underwear. Billy had on a pair of Simpson boxers, Joey was wearing a dark blue boxer-brief that clearly outlined his package, and Shawn was wearing his Scooby-Doo boxers that were a little too small on him. Shawn's were so small that they barely covered his ass and the fly in front had a nasty habit of opening on him whenever he moved. Tommy looked around as he thought he better get moving to take Hunter out to eat something like Jon had suggested since it didn't look like Shawn would be going anywhere today.

"Shawn, have you seen Hunter?" asked Tommy looking down on him seeing his Cutie's little soft dick through the open fly.

"No and I don't want to see him either," said Shawn angrily.

"Shawn, don't be that way. You made the bet so now you have to live with it. It isn't Hunter's fault you lost. Anyways, if you want to be angry with someone be angry with Kyle. He obviously knew how good Hunter was and set the three of you up," said Tommy.

"Yeah you are right TJ. It's just hard not blame him. I was the best at those video games, when I wanted to be, and he just took that away," said Shawn sadly. "I guess I should go congratulate him on winning. Where is he anyway?"

"Shawn, that's just what I asked you a minute ago. I'm going to go look for him then," Tommy said walking away from Shawn and looking around the house. After searching for a few minutes downstairs, Tommy walked past the front window. Only to see Hunter's little face pushed up against the window from the outside looking in. Tommy quickly grabbed his coat and headed out the front door to see Hunter sitting on the bench next to the window on the porch.

"Hunter what are you doing out here?" asked Tommy.

"I just did what the sir told me to Sir," Hunter replied. "Am I allowed to go back inside now?"

"Wait a minute. Who told you and say his name please," Tommy said.

"The Danny-sir told me," Hunter said as he looked around as if expecting to be hit.

Tommy sat down next to Hunter and then pulled him onto his lap as he said, "Tell me exactly what he said."

"Get out," said Hunter mimicking Danny's voice exactly.

Tommy was startled to hear Danny's voice come out of Hunter but he realized immediately that the way Danny said it was in a tone of awe.

"Hunter he didn't actually mean for you to get out of the house. He meant it as if he couldn't believe what he just saw," Tommy said.

"Oh, does that mean that I can go back inside then Sir?" asked Hunter.

"Yes it does. Why did you even bother to do what he said? I told you that I was the only one you had to obey, the others only if you thought it was a good idea. I don't see having you go outside to wait for permission to come back in a good idea, did you?" Tommy asked.

"Sir, I understand that but I find it to be extremely difficult to not do what they tell me immediately. After all my life of being beaten for any hesitancy to obey whatever orders I was given, it's just difficult to not obey. If given contradicting orders then we had better choose the right one to follow, or we would be beaten very badly for failing to follow an order. The punishment for failure to follow an order was one of the worst punishments they could think of. We learned very quickly to obey any order a person gave us as that lessened how often we were beaten. We would be beaten severely for not following an order and sometimes we were beaten even if we followed the order but usually if we followed our orders we weren't beaten."

"Hunter I'm so sorry," Tommy said as he hugged the little boy to his chest.

"For what Sir, you didn't do anything to me? You are one of the few people who has ever been nice to me," asked Hunter.

"Angel, no person should have ever been treated like you have been."

"But I'm not a person Sir," replied Hunter sadly.

"What?" asked Tommy perplexedly.

"I'm not a person. I'm just an experiment Sir. I wasn't even a very good experiment, according to the scientists. That's why no matter how hard I try, I'll never be a person, all I'll be is a failed experiment," said Hunter sadly as tears started to fall down his cheeks. "That's also why I must obey other people. A person is far beyond my reach, so I must obey them unless I'm on a mission. Then I'm only able to follow my mission objectives and the recall order."

Tommy just held onto his Angel tighter and rocked a little with him as a few tears fell down his own cheeks. Tommy thought that with all the pain and suffering Hunter has endured this was perhaps the worst. To be denied even being acknowledged as a human being for his entire life was just inhuman and cruel beyond anything he had ever heard. Even slaves were acknowledged as human, they might not have always been treated like human but at least they were seen as human.

"Hunter as far as I can see you are a human person, and I don't ever want you to say otherwise again," Tommy told him.

"Yes Sir," Hunter replied in a tone telling Tommy that he didn't believe it but wasn't about to contradict him.

"Hunter I mean it, you are a human person and I'll keep telling you that until you finally believe it no matter how long it takes."

"I'm sorry Sir for failing you again. I know I should believe you about this and the beatings but it's hard to, as it goes against everything I was told and experienced before the comet. I know I'm also supposed to think for myself now and only follow the other sirs' orders if I think they are good, but it's so very difficult to do that usually. I keep trying but I haven't been very successful with that. Please don't send me away, I promise I will do better next time," Hunter said tearfully. "I don't want to go, please don't send me away where I'll be all alone again," Hunter begged.

"Hunter calm down now, no one ever said anything about sending you away, why would you think that?" asked Tommy.

"Because of all the problems I have Sir. I know you have to spend a lot of your time watching me or getting someone else to look after me because I don't know how to behave like the other boys. I think you would probably be happier doing something else than dealing with me. I keep failing the few things you tell me to do, so I'm terrified that someone will beat me all the time because of it but I'm even more frightened that you will finally get tired of me and send me away," Hunter sobbed.

"I told you before that I'm not going to send you away. I won't lie to you and say your problems are nothing because sometimes they do get to me but then I think of Kyle, Jon, Shawn, or any of the other boys. Dealing with your problems then seems like such a small thing when compared to my brother's life and all the time you have given me to spend with the others by healing me. I know you don't see it that way Hunter and that's okay, but that's how I see it. As long as you don't hurt the other boys, I will never send you away and I will never beat you or allow anyone else to beat you. Now enough of that, did you enjoy playing video games with the others this morning?" asked Tommy.

"Not really S..." replied Hunter.

"Why not? I heard you kicked the other boys' butts."

"I really don't like shooting or killing even if it's fake and it made them angry with me for some reason. I really like the sir that slept with us but now I don't think he likes me anymore."

"Hunter, try to use their names please. I'm sure Shawn will get over it."

"Are you sure Sir? The Billy-sir and Joey-sir were also very upset because I beat them. Your brother the Kyle-sir was very happy that I won and the others were just laughing. I tried to do as the Kyle-sir and Luke-sir told me so why would the Shawn-sir, Billy-sir, and Joey-sir get angry with me?" asked Hunter trembling a little in Tommy's lap worried that someone would start beating him for using their given names.

"They got angry because you didn't just beat them. You annihilated them on their favorite games. If you play them again, only beat them by a little or lose to them by a little once in a while. That way they will feel better about the game and won't get upset if you win. Shawn was mainly upset because until you came he was the best at the video games but he'll get over it."

"I hope the Shawn-sir will not be angry with me because I really enjoyed this morning and hoped that we could do it again sometime," Hunter said.

"Hunter, are you really okay with what happened this morning? You know we would have stopped if you didn't like it, right?" asked Tommy a little worriedly.

"Oh yes Sir, I know I could have said no. Because you both asked, I know I really could have said no if I had wanted to but I didn't want to. I thought what we did this morning was a lot of fun and I enjoyed it very, very much. I just hope that you and I can do more than kiss next time Sir," said Hunter excitedly.

"We'll see Hunter. Once I know for sure that you know you can say no and will say no if you want to. Then I'll probably feel comfortable enough to do stuff with you if you still want to," Tommy said smiling down at the little angel in his lap.

"I already know I'm allowed to say no, so I'll work on actually saying it then," replied Hunter smiling up at his master.

"Well it's getting a little cold out here so let's head inside. I'm gonna take you out for breakfast today and to the mall so that we can get you some stuff of your own. That way you won't have to borrow Shawn's clothes. Let's go tell Jon or one of the others so that they will know where we are going," said Tommy even though he wasn't cold at all. He felt like he had a little heater in the form of Hunter sitting on his lap because of how much heat the little boy seemed to be putting out.

As Tommy walked Hunter inside, he heard Jon's voice coming from the kitchen so, after taking off his jacket, he headed that way. Inside the kitchen, Tommy saw Jon and Ben sitting at the table eating some cereal.

"Hi guys," Tommy said.

"Hi Tommy, hi Hunter," said both Jon and Ben.

"Hello sirs," replied Hunter.

"Names please," Tommy said to Hunter.

"Yes Sir, hello Jon-sir and hello Ben-sir," said Hunter.

"Congrats Tommy, I see you finally got him to say our names... sorta," said Jon.

"Thanks Jon, yeah he'll say your names but still won't say mine yet but we are working on it," Tommy said. After a moment he continued, "Guys, I want to take Hunter to the mall to get him some stuff."

"Can we come too?" asked Jon.

"Yeah, it's been awhile since we all went someplace," added Ben.

"I'd rather it was just me and Hunter this time. It's not because I don't want you guys to come, it's just that I want to try to teach Hunter how to eat like a normal person without anyone making fun of him like last night. Once things calm down a little for me I'll take everyone out someplace but this time I just want it to be me and Hunter. So will you two tell the others and try to look after the house while I'm gone, please?" asked Tommy.

"Sure TJ," said Jon.

"No problem," said Ben.

"Oh yeah, Ben can you take Caleb's temperature when he gets up to make sure he doesn't have another fever. If he doesn't I told him yesterday that he could leave his room, otherwise he is stuck there for another day," Tommy said.

"Don't worry about it Tommy, I'll look after that little monster for you," replied Ben.

"Thanks Ben. If that's all, I'll go grab a jacket for Hunter and head out," Tommy said.

"Okay TJ, you two have fun at the mall," Jon said.

"Who's going to the mall?" asked Shawn as he and Kyle walked into the kitchen.

"I need to take Hunter to get him some stuff," said Tommy walking over to Shawn.

"Can I go too, please?" Shawn whined.

"Shawn, I just wanted to teach him how to eat the right way and grab him some clothes and stuff. Besides you are upset with him right now," said Tommy.

"No I'm not," said Shawn as he ran over to Hunter and gave him a hug. "See I'm all over that now, so can I please go too?"

"Shawn fix yourself in front, you are hanging out," said Tommy as Shawn was inadvertently showing his package to everyone in the kitchen, since the fly to his Scooby-Doo boxers was wide open. "I'm sorry but you can't go Shawn. You are stuck wearing your underwear all day because you lost that bet with Kyle," seeing the disappointment on his Cutie's face Tommy added, "Alright Shawnee, if you can get Kyle to say you can wear some more clothes you can go too, because it's too cold out to take you as you are."

After getting over the embarrassment of flashing the other boys, Shawn fixed his boxers as much as he could then turned to Kyle and asked, "Please Kyle, can I get dressed to go with TJ?"

"Thanks TJ, way to go and drop it in my lap," Kyle told his brother sarcastically.

"No problem Kyle, I thought I managed that pretty good," Tommy replied with a smile on his face. "Besides he is your best friend, so if you want to give him a little slack I understand."

"Please Kyle please, I'll do anything else you want," Shawn begged.

"Oh alright, you can go but on two conditions. First you have to strip back down to just your boxers when you get back and second you have to do something else," Kyle told him.

"Like what?" asked Shawn.

"I don't know yet but it won't hurt you and it won't last longer than the time you are gone. That sounds fair doesn't it?" Kyle said reasonably.

"Yippee! I'm going to the mall, I'm going to the mall," sang Shawn as he jumped up and down.

"Um Shawn, you are hanging out again," said Ben laughing at Shawn's antics.

"Oops!" exclaimed a red-faced Shawn as he fixed himself again. "I'm gonna go throw some clothes on, be right back TJ," Shawn said as he ran out of the kitchen.

"TJ, can you pick up a couple things for me?" asked Kyle.

"If it's not too big sure, what do you need," Tommy said.

"Could you grab a couple frilly girls' dresses that might fit Joey and Billy?" said Kyle with a smirk.

"You are really gonna make them wear a dress tomorrow?" asked Ben.

"Maybe, I really don't know but I would like to have them just in case," replied Kyle. "I could probably find something girly for them in the boxes we have in the basement from the girls who used to live here but I'd rather not go through them if you can pick some up," Kyle said to Tommy. "Oh, and if you could find a little pink tutu for Shawn that would be excellent," said Kyle with an evil grin.

"I'll see what I can find," laughed Tommy, "but you know if you make them too embarrassed they won't ever bet you again or they might try to get back at you."

"If I make them wear the dresses it will only be for a couple hours just long enough for everyone to see them," laughed Kyle after seeing the mental image of the three of them dressed that way. "Don't worry bro. I won't make them do anything that I wouldn't be willing to do if I lost a bet."

"Okay Kyle, just don't go overboard with it, I trust your judgment," Tommy told him.

"I won't," replied Kyle.

Tommy turned to Jon and asked him, "I guess you want to go too now?"

"What and be stuck in a car for an hour with Shawn bouncing off the walls? No thanks, I'll let you have that fun," Jon said.

"Thanks," Tommy said sarcastically, "hey can I borrow your jacket for Hunter to wear until I get one for him?"

"It's probably gonna be a bit big on him, but sure if you want," Jon said.

"Better that than nothing," said Tommy. Glancing at the clock in the kitchen he noticed that it was a little after 9 AM then he said, "Come on Hunter let's go get Jon's jacket for you and wait for Shawn."

"Yes Sir," replied Hunter following Tommy.

Once Shawn was dressed and ready to go, Tommy took the two boys and all three of them climbed into his truck. Tommy carefully pulled out and then headed to the mall. Shawn was sitting in front and was already bouncing off the walls as Tommy thought `this is gonna be a long drive.'

Up the hill at Bryan's house...

It was another early morning for Bryan and Kate. Joel had them both up by 7 AM as usual. This had become a morning ritual now, and for the most part, has made Bryan change his waking hours some to adjust to Joel. With another baby on the way months from now, it will probably adjust even more. Kate decided to head down and start some breakfast after giving Joel his and leaving him with his daddy for now so they could get some good bonding time in. Meanwhile, Mike was awake already after spending most of the night restless and thinking about getting into Austin's pants. He has already jerked off twice to the mental image of what he figured Austin looked like and still hadn't come up with a solid idea to take it any further. After finally leaving his dick alone long enough, he rolled over and fell back to sleep. About an hour later, with the smell of pancakes and bacon wafting throughout the entire house, Bryan handed the baby to Kate and quickly set out to wake the boys up or at least inform them that breakfast was ready. Bryan knocked gently on each of the boys bedroom doors and after getting a reply from all of them moved on to head back downstairs. He arrived in the kitchen to have Kate hand him a fresh cup of coffee.

"Thanks Babe," he said smiling as he sat at the table next to Joel and stirred it, before checking to see if it was to his liking. "I really need this. I think I am getting addicted."

She turned and looked at him and chuckled.

"There are a lot worse things I suppose and I would join you if my hands weren't full with all the food over here."

"I'm sorry," he said quickly getting up. "What can I do to help?"

"Since the boys aren't down yet, you can set the table for me and then help me sort out this food onto a few plates to its easier to bring over."

"Sounds good hun," he said giving her a quick peck on the cheek.

As they worked on getting the food ready, one by one the boys slowly came down from their rooms. Some dressed for the day and others like Austin and Jose still in their PJ's. Mike came in and went over to Kate to help bring food over to the table knowing this would speed up his chances of eating. Within the next ten minutes, all the boys had sat down and they had begun eating. Breakfast went well and quick, as usual, with a bunch of hungry boys quickly gobbling up several pounds of bacon and numerous pancakes. Not to mention close to two liters of milk, some chocolate, to rinse it all down, then there was a knock on the door that brought sudden curiosity to the group.

"Wonder who that is?" Bryan said as he got up from the table and walked out to get it.

He opened the door and a slightly shivering and under dressed Caleb looked up at him.

"Hi Bryan, can I come in?" he asked.

"Of course, please come in Caleb. Why don't you have a heavier coat on, it has to be below zero out there?"

"I didn't think about it," he said as he quickly brushed by Bryan, "Besides it didn't take me that long to get here."

Bryan shook his head and quickly shut the door to get rid of the cold and followed Caleb into the kitchen. Kate greeted him, and then asked if he was hungry as he approached the table.

"Yes, I am thank you. I left before Ben made us anything. I was in a hurry to come over and play with Austin."

"Well that's fine Caleb, have a seat, there is plenty left to eat, would you like milk?"

"Yes, chocolate please?" he replied with a mouth full, quickly starting to shovel in a few pancakes.

Kate got up, made him a glass of chocolate milk, and then brought it over as she sat with him and Austin. They had decided to wait while Caleb ate. The other boys had left the table, after cleaning up their own messes, which was a house rule. Kate didn't mind cooking as long as she didn't have to clean. Shortly, Ryan would come back down and help load the dishwasher. After the dishes were clean, it was Todd's job to put the clean dishes away. Each boy had several chores that they had to do throughout the day. Some had morning, some had afternoon, and some had evening cleanup. By 9:45, everyone had finished eating. Austin and Caleb were in his room with the door closed. Mike was also in his room still scheming up a way into Austin's pants. With Caleb there, he remembered clearly what had happened at the mall and wondered if that could work for or against him at the moment. For now, he was content with the idea of sneaking down the hall and putting an ear to Austin's door to see what was happening inside. He opened his door, checked the hallway for others, and then walked as nonchalantly as possible down towards Austin's room. He turned to face the proper direction so he wouldn't have anyone sneak up behind him and cautiously put an ear to the door to listen in. At first, he heard nothing except what he thought was someone coming his way, so he quickly headed towards the bathroom, which was only about the distance of a room away from where he stood. When the coast was clear, he quickly scooted back over and put his ear back to the door. Finally, he heard them and it sounded like they were playing a board game. `Great' he thought to himself as he pulled away from the door, `this could take forever!' He went to listen in again as the doorknob suddenly started to jiggle. "Shit," he said quietly. After quickly realizing he could be questioned about this, he turned and tried to get as far away as he could from the door. He made it to the bathroom as Caleb walked into the hall and yelled out to him.

"Mike," Caleb said. They weren't that good of friends even though Mike did his best at the mall not to get involved during Caleb's rape. He quickly turned towards Caleb.

"Hey Caleb, what's up?"

"Just gotta pee, then I am going back in to finish up our game."

"What are you playing?" asked Mike as casually as possible.

"Twister, its fun but not as much as it could be with more players," he said.

Caleb didn't say anything more, just entered the bathroom and shut the door behind him. As the light and ceiling fan went on Mike moved closer to the bathroom door and listened. He heard the splash of Caleb's piss hitting the toilet water and this began to turn him on immensely. As in the past, one of his favorite fetishes was boys pissing, or seeing them piss, which was part of his thing with Austin. Not that he could ever do anything about it. He quickly started to get hard as he soaked up every bit of the sound coming from the other side of the door. Wishing he could open it, leer in, and watch avidly. The toilet flushed and he scrambled to get away from the door. So, he wouldn't be caught in an even more awkward position then he was before, when Caleb left Austin's room. Caleb came out quickly, not even washing his hands, he looked at Mike, and then without saying anything turned to go towards Austin's room. Mike reached down and adjusted his slight boner as the door shut in front of him.

`Damn it! I wish that would have gone better!' he thought to himself. `At least I got to hear that and it gave me some wood! Guess that will have to do for now, don't need to get caught out here spying and hard!' He turned and walked back to his room for now, or at least until he can do something about the sudden bone that sprouted up from Caleb's taking a leak.

Over on the farm with Cam and the boys...

Cameron was just finishing his patrol of the farm after taking care of the animals with Chance. The unusual cold of the past few mornings had both boys bundled up more then normal.

"So are we gonna go over to Tommy's today?" asked Chance eagerly. He did his best to talk through the scarf wrapped around his neck and mouth.

"God, I should never have told you two about that. It's all either of you can talk about," said Cameron bitterly.

"Well what do you expect? It's kinda boring here day after day," said Chance.

"You make it sound like you haven't gone anywhere in weeks. We were just over there a few days ago and I took us to the mall only a little over a week ago."

"I know but still, it's the same thing day after day. Get up before the sun, go feed and clean up after the animals, eat breakfast then sit on my ass until it's time to go to bed then do it all over again."

"Wait until spring, then you will have more than enough to do with the planting and I'm not sure what we are going to do for the birthing of any new animals. Hopefully we can get a couple of the cows pregnant so that we can slaughter one of the older ones, cause I don't want to give up eating beef."

"I thought we were going to move up by Tommy's?" asked Chance.

"I'm not sure, it will depend on if there is a place big enough for all the animals and a large piece of ground with good dirt that we can plant. Plus how much help we will get to move everything up there cause I'm not going to move it all myself."

"So you plan on planting no matter where we are then?"

"Of course Chance, it's not like the supermarkets are gonna get restocked. There is probably enough canned food around that we can live on them for a few years, but I intend to live a lot more than just a few years. So, we need the farm and the animals. If we can find some more animals, it would be real good. But as you know, we have all the animals that we could find after the comet. I'd really like to find some pigs and sheep. Horses wouldn't either be bad as eventually the gas is gonna be gone or stop working. The more animals we can find the better off we will be I think. The only problem is that the more animals we have the more land we will need to take care of them. Not to mention more food, and I just don't know if there is enough space up by Tommy's," said Cameron.

"I never thought about all that Cam," Chance said.

"I think about it every day," said Cameron seriously.

"You are going to make a good farmer Cam, Dad would be proud of you I think," said Chance.

"Thanks Chance but with all the new tractors we now have and everything we can make a farm that Dad could only have dreamt of. As long as Tommy's boys help us with the planting and harvest, we should be able to plant enough different things that we will make it through the next winter without any trouble. And, if they don't want to help us, then they can go hungry but I'm gonna make sure we have at least enough for ourselves and the animals. Well, we better head inside and see what Chase has made for breakfast," said Cameron.

"What do you mean, you know it's just going to be some cereal," Chance said glumly.

"Chance, I know you would rather make breakfast than take care of the animals and honestly, I would like that too since you are getting to be a pretty good cook. But you have to take your turn too, just like Chase does."

"Thanks Cam, I know I have to take my turn too."

With that, the two boys entered their house and were greeted by an exuberant Chase.

"You guys all done? Good, let's go have some breakfast," Chase said without giving them a chance to respond. Chase was pretty hungry by then as they had a rule that whoever made breakfast had to wait for the others to finish taking care of the animals before they could eat.

Once they had sat down at their kitchen table, Chance said sarcastically, "Mmm, Lucky Charms again, yummy."

"Hey, I know you would like something more but Cam won't let me make anything else," said Chase.

"If I didn't think you might burn down the house while we were out taking care of the farm I might," Cameron said.

"One little grease fire and I'm labeled for life," Chase said glumly.

"Little fire, you almost burned the kitchen down, I had to replace the counter and part of the wall," Cameron exclaimed as he looked over to where the fire had been. He was pleased to see that it didn't show at all after the repair job he had done.

"It was an accident," said Chase wiggling a little in his chair as he remembered the pain from the spanking Cameron and then Chance gave him. They both had spanked Chase since after Cameron's incident with Chase he set up some rules to make sure he could never do that again. The main rule was that if he thought one of them needed punishing he had to call a meeting and at least two of the three of them had to agree it was needed and what it would be. The other brother had to watch to make sure he didn't go too far and had to help with the punishment. With this in place, the punishments had decreased a great deal but for Chase, what had sealed his fate was that he didn't call for help and tried to put it out himself. Which put his life in danger and his brother's couldn't let that go with just a little punishment no matter how much they might have wanted to.

"That's why we didn't use the belt. You were lucky you didn't do it when Mom or Dad was still around. They would have made you go to the tree out back and cut your own switch. I hated when they made me do that, had to pick a branch that would hurt but at the same time not kill me. God forbid if I picked one that they thought was going to be too light," Cameron said shuddering a little at the memories.

"Cam are we gonna go to Tommy's today?" asked Chance changing the subject.

"Yeah, we will right after we finish breakfast since the animals are now taken care of," Cameron replied.

"Are we going to take the truck?" asked Chase.

"No, I thought we would have more fun if we took the snowmobiles. Plus it's a lot harder to get them stuck than the truck in all the snow."

"Cool," said Chance excitedly.

"I'm gonna ask DJ if he wants to spend a few days over here if you guys don't mind," Cameron said.

"That's okay with me, but why would we care if you had DJ come visit?" asked Chance.

"Well, I want to make sure you guys are okay with it because if he agrees to come visit I want the both of you to stay over at Tommy's so I can spend some time alone with him," said Cameron a little embarrassed.

"What are you two gonna do here all alone, huh?" asked Chase mischievously.

"Never you mind what we are going to do," said a red-faced Cameron.

"Sounds like fun to me so I don't care either if DJ comes for a visit," said Chase laughing a little at his brother's embarrassment.

"Why don't you guys go take care of your dishes then go pack up some clothes for yourselves so that if DJ comes you will be ready to stay there for a few days, I'll give him a call to make sure it's still okay for us to visit them," Cameron told his brothers.

"Okay Cam," they said as they headed off to get themselves ready for the trip to Tommy's house.

With that, Cam put away his own dishes and the rest of the breakfast stuff then went into the living room, fished out his phone from his pocket, and gave DJ a call.

"Hi Cam," said an excited DJ.

"Hey DJ," said an equally excited Cameron.

"Are you guys going to come over today?" asked DJ.

"Yep, as long as it's not a problem with anyone over there," replied Cameron.

"Everything is good over here, I already talked to Tommy and he didn't really have any plans for today other than to take Hunter over to the mall to get some stuff for him," said DJ.

"Well, I guess we will meet Hunter when they get back. If they aren't back by the time we get there," said Cameron.

"I even cleaned up my room for us to have some quality time together," said DJ happily.

"I can't wait to get there now," Cameron said adjusting himself a little.

"It shouldn't take you that long to get here," DJ said.

"We are gonna take the snowmobiles, so it will probably take a little longer than usual."

"You guys be careful on those things, I know how wild you can get on one of those."

"Don't worry DJ, we will. Besides, I will have my little brother on mine so I'll have to be extra careful. I better get myself ready so we will see you in around an hour then," said Cameron.

"Okay Cam, see you soon. Love you, bye," said DJ.

"Love you too, bye," replied Cameron.

Then Cameron went to get his own stuff ready to go. Once all of them were ready to go, they headed out to the snowmobiles. After checking to make sure their stuff was securely packed on the snowmobiles and that they each had a full tank of gas Cameron got on his and started it up. Chance got on his and started it up too as Chase got on with Cameron. Then they headed out. On the way through the semi-wilderness around the farm, they looked around and just admired how everything looked so nice and serene. They were enjoying the ride, as they could look around themselves much easier than when in the truck. Plus, they got to see some different things, as opposed to the same old ride in the truck.

About ten minutes out from the farm Chance stopped and called Cameron over then said, "Look Cam, those look like deer tracks and over there some rabbit tracks."

"Good eye there Chance, that's what they are all right," said Cameron after looking at them for a little bit. "This is a good sign, as now we know other animals survived. So, eventually we can hunt them if we have to." After a few moments of looking at them he said, "Okay, let's go."

It was becoming more and more clear that there were animals that survived the comet. So far, it appeared that most underground animals and even possibly some egg laying ones were the majority of those that survived, along with fish. After the winter, maybe spring will bring back groups of many animals with a new mating season. There is hope yet that some animal life has survived. As Cameron led the way, he took a big detour over by the propane plant. He just wanted to make sure the fire was out, as they hadn't seen much smoke from it at all that morning. As they pulled up to the site of the fire, Cameron saw a number of areas that were still smoldering but nothing that was actually on fire. The devastation of the area was pretty impressive he thought, but then he didn't think there would be much left standing, and there wasn't. In the distance, on the other side of the devastation Cameron saw four people poking around in the ashes. He started heading towards them at first, but then one of them brandished a rifle and fired off a couple shots. That was enough for Cam, and he sped away from them as fast as his snowmobile could go with Chance right beside him. As they were driving away, Chase turned around and could see two of the figures looked like they were arguing with the one with the gun before he lost sight of them totally. Cameron was a little concerned that those people might follow their tracks and find the farm, but he decided that with all the riding he and his brothers had been doing it would be very difficult for them to do it with all the crossed tracks. Besides, it had started to snow again so their tracks would probably be covered shortly anyway. Cameron decided that he would tell Tommy and DJ about them but no one else, as he didn't see any reason to possibly frighten the others. Once he felt they were a safe distance away he stopped and told his brothers not to mention the people to anyone as he will tell Tommy and DJ and they would decide what to do about it. After he got them to agree, they headed off to Tommy's in a round about way so that if someone were following them it would be a little difficult to determine exactly where they were going.

Morning with Cody and his boys...

Morning came for the boys from the mall rather quickly as usual. Everyone got some rest in their motel bed, but only Calvin slept through the night. Denny and Danny were up with pain a few times, which of course caused them to wake Cody for help and the chatter from them woke Phil. That was about 2am. Then another time Danny had to pee, so he got up and stumbled as he headed to the bathroom in the dark causing Cody, who was already sleeping on edge in this unfamiliar place, to pop up from his bed and run to see what was happening. He helped Danny the rest of the way into the bathroom and Danny told him he was okay from there, so he headed back to lie down again. Now at nearly 7am, all the boys were awake and shaking the cobwebs from their minds. It is said that you always get your best sleep just before its time to wake and today was no different, when Cody started waking them, they were all finally asleep and none of them woke easy. He did eventually manage to get them all at least sitting up. Everyone was fresh or close to fresh from their shower last night, except Denny. Right now Cody wasn't sure, if Denny was even going to want a shower. He knew he wasn't in the mood to wash him, so he wasn't going to push it. Hopefully, with fresh clothes on he wouldn't stink.

"Okay guys, let's get dressed and get out of here. Then we can find some food and head closer to Bryan. If everything works out, I am hopeful we might make it tomorrow."

"That would be awesome!" Calvin cheered. He was seemingly wide-awake all of a sudden. No more then five minutes earlier, Cody was being bitched at from him as he tried to wake him up.

Denny was awake and slowly got up from his bed. Cody walked over to him to make sure he didn't fall and noticed the washcloth that he put on his head last night was now on the floor.

"How are you feeling Denny?" he asked.

"Dizzy and sick to my stomach but still better then last night." he replied groggily.

Cody reached out and put his hand to the boy's forehead. He was warm but not nearly as warm as he was last night.

"I gotta pee Cody," he said gently pushing by him.

Cody took a step back and watched him gingerly wobble his way towards the bathroom. He went in, turned the light on, and shut the door.

"Guess he is a little better," Cody then said aloud. "I'm going out to start the RV and warm it up. Please guys, pick up your stuff so we can leave directly. I don't want to waste anymore time then I have to. We still need to find a gas station, and I really would love to do another 200 or more miles today so we can get there tomorrow."

With that, he put on his coat and headed for the door. He opened the door, it was starting to brighten outside, the sky was overcast, and flurries were falling.

`Great,' he thought to himself, `just what I need, more snow!'

He traipsed through the snowy parking lot and towards the RV. He got to the RV, reached into his coat pocket, pulled out the key, and put it into the door. As he did this, he thought he heard a noise coming from behind. He slowly reached into his other pocket and pulled out his handgun. Then he quickly turned and pointed it at nothing. He stood there for a second thinking.

`I know I heard something,' he thought to himself. He walked about 20 yards to the end of the building and there stood two deer and a fawn. He smiled. "It's nice to see something alive," he said aloud as he put his gun away and watched them in silence after that. Just then, one of the boys screamed out from across the parking lot, and it must have spooked the deer because they all took off. He watched mommy, daddy, and the little fawn run off into the thick woods a few yards away and he turned to go back to the RV. Calvin came running over and met him back at the RV.

"What is it Calvin?" he said gruffly.

"What? What did I do?" he asked quizzically.

"Oh nothing, I didn't mean to raise my voice. I was standing over there after I heard a noise."

"What was it?" he asked with sudden fear on his face.

"Two deer and a fawn," he said smiling. He opened the RV door and started to climb up the few steps inside.

"Deer? That's awesome! That means some animals are still alive," he added.

"Yup, sure does Cal. Also means we may still survive."

"Huh? What do you mean by that?" Calvin asked as he followed Cody inside.

"Just what I said, the more animals that we see, the more of a chance we have to make it after the comet hit."

"Yeah, I guess so. I haven't thought much about that."

Cody looked at him and smiled once more, before going over to sit in the driver's seat and start the RV.

"Are you coming with me today or are you going to ride with Philly again?"

"I dunno, I guess that's up to Phil."

"We can ask him when we get back inside then."

"Yeah," said Calvin.

With that, Cody reached for the heater and turned the blower on high. Cold air started to come out as he got up from the drivers chair.

"By the time we are done inside, that should be hot and this thing should be warm."

"I hope so. Can we do that to the plow now too?"

"Yup, that's where I am going."

Calvin followed him to the plow. He started it, turned the blower on high, and then both boys headed back inside. It was another cold morning and the flurries just added to it. The occasional wind that blew made it easy to remember winter was here. They put a little hustle in their step on the way back to the rooms and Calvin couldn't wait to blurt out Cody's news about the deer, doe, and fawn, when they got back inside. Cody shook his head as the other three listened intently to Calvin as he told them the news.

"That wasn't fair ya know," Phil said, "That was Cody's story to tell not yours."

"Its okay Phil, don't worry about it. But I would like to know if you want company today or if Calvin is going to be with us."

"Doesn't matter to me Cody, I am feeling a lot better about driving it now, so if he wants to ride with me or you, its up to him."

Cody turned to Calvin.

"So what will it be?" he asked.

"I think I would like to stay in the RV, that plow bounced me around too much."

"Okay then its settled. Come on guys let's get everything out of here and on the road. I am starving and we have stuff to do."

Slowly, the boys gathered everything up and began to bring it out into the RV. After two trips, the three healthy boys had the RV loaded, including both wounded boys. Cody went back in and gave the place one more look see and when he was sure they had everything he headed back out to the RV and Phil went up to the plow. Soon they were off on their way to find gas, food, and put some road behind them. Hopefully, by tonight they will be only a day away from their final goal of reaching Bryan and Tommy. Cody made a phone call and told Bryan they were on the road as they headed out to find gas and food.

Back over with Tommy and the boys...



During the entire ride to the mall, Shawn didn't stop talking. He kept yammering on about one thing after another as he got more and more excited the closer they got to the mall. Tommy almost forgot that Hunter was even in the car with them as he was sitting so still and silent, except for when he answered a question from Shawn occasionally. Tommy was grateful to DJ for his idea to put a small plow on the front of his truck after the first big snow earlier that year. As he needed it a few times to clear the road some from the drifts. Tommy thought the four-wheel drive probably would have done the job but he would have had to go much slower and with Shawn bouncing off the walls he wasn't sure he could have survived much longer. Just after 10 AM, they made it to the mall as Tommy took his usual parking spot right in front of one of the mall doors. Tommy then reached over and took his gun and two extra clips of ammo out of the glove compartment as he heard Hunter suddenly say, "Taurus 24/7 Pro, model 24/7-9BP-17, 17+1 capacity 9mm single action/dual action pistol with a 4 inch barrel. Quite accurate and quick firing, nice weapon Sir."

"Umm, thanks Hunter," Tommy said uncertainly.

"You are welcome Sir," Hunter replied smiling.

"Hunter, since this is the first time you have gone with me someplace you need to know how we do things. No one goes into a building unless I have said it's safe. So I'm gonna go in, look around this area real quick then I'll come get you and Shawn. You understand?" asked Tommy seriously.

"Yes Sir, but I should probably do that instead of you. I can do a much better job of making sure the area is safe than you can," Hunter replied.

Tommy thought about it for a minute as he remembered that Hunter's senses were much better than his own and if he really could hear heartbeats, it would be almost impossible for someone to escape detection by him. The problem was Tommy didn't like putting anyone else in danger if he could take their place, but eventually he decided Hunter was right so he said, "Okay Hunter, but I want you to be extremely careful."

"Yes Sir, I'm always careful in potentially hostile territory," Hunter replied as he got out of the truck and quickly moved to the door. Hunter then carefully opened the door and moved inside then they lost him somehow as he seemed to just meld into the shadows by the doorway.

"Wow, did you see how fast he moved? I have never seen anyone move that fast," said Shawn.

"Yeah, he is pretty quick," said Tommy quite impressed.

"Maybe I can use that in a bet to get back at Kyle," Shawn said.

"Good luck with that, as I'm pretty sure Kyle knows that Hunter is pretty fast already."

A few minutes later, they saw Hunter inside the doors as it looked like he was sniffing the ground when he turned to them and waved them in. As they got out of the truck and stepped inside Hunter said, "I believe the area is empty of people, as I didn't hear anyone. I checked all the entrances and only one other had any scent to it. Even then, it was a little over a week old. So, I would say we are safe inside for right now."

"Good boy Hunter," Tommy said. He was absolutely amazed that Hunter had been able to run around to all the entrances of the mall in that short of a period of time that he and Shawn were waiting for him.

"Thank you," Hunter replied beaming at him. If Hunter was a dog, his tail would have been wagging a mile a minute Tommy thought.

"Hunter what did you mean, you didn't hear anyone or smell anything?" asked Shawn suddenly.

Hunter just looked at Tommy as Tommy said, "Shawn, you know that Hunter is different, right?"

"Well duh TJ, it isn't everyone that can heal someone by just touching them," replied Shawn.

"Good, then it won't be too difficult for you to understand that healing somebody else isn't the only thing he can do that is different. His hearing is extremely sharp and his other senses are much more sensitive than ours are," said Tommy.

"Oh," said Shawn thinking then, "Hunter, how come you can do these things?"

"It's because," Hunter started before Tommy interrupted and said, "It's not important how, just that he can for right now and you don't really need to know anyway."

"Awww, I was just curious TJ," complained Shawn.

"You can be curious all you want but you aren't to bug Hunter about what he can do or why and you Hunter, aren't to answer any questions about that unless I say so. Do you both understand?" asked Tommy.

"Yes Sir," came an immediate response from Hunter.

"Okay TJ," Shawn replied a little later.

"Good, now let's head to the food court and I'll make us something to eat cause I'm starving," Tommy said leading the two boys over to the food court.

After they had made it to the food court, Tommy went to look in the freezers to see what was still good to make as Shawn took Hunter to sit and wait for their breakfast. Tommy decided to make a number of different things so that he could try to teach Hunter how to eat them all. Knowing he had to make enough to feed all three of them and it seemed that Hunter ate a lot more than someone his size would normally eat, Tommy got started. He made some hamburgers, hotdogs, a couple of small bowls of soup, some French fries, a couple pieces of fried chicken, and a bunch of pancakes. Before they started to eat, Tommy had found a garbage bag and used it as a cover for Hunter like he had the night before. He and Shawn had a burger and fries along with a Coke each. Tommy brought a number of different drinks for Hunter to try but in the end, Hunter preferred plain water to all the sugary drinks that were available to him. Tommy and Shawn kept telling him how to eat and even had him cut up most of his food with a fork and knife to give him a little more practice using them. It was obvious Hunter had no problem with the knife but eating with the fork was still a little difficult for him. They also showed him how to use a napkin to wipe his face when he got some food on it. There was a small incident with the chicken bones, as Hunter started to eat those too until Tommy told him that they don't eat the bones. So he obediently spit the chewed up bone pieces out. Tommy had Hunter slowly use a spoon to eat the soup but even with all that help Hunter still tried to stuff things in his face or chug the drinks at times causing a good portion of the food or drink to get on him rather than in him.

"Okay Hunter, what's going on? Why do you keep stuffing yourself when we keep telling you to only put a single mouthful in your mouth at a time?" asked Tommy.

"I'm sorry Sir, it's just that I'm afraid someone will take the food away if I'm not fast enough," Hunter said as tears started to form in his eyes.

"Hunter, Shawn and I have told you a number of times now that no one is going to touch your food, so why do you think that?" Tommy asked.

"I know Sir and I'm very sorry," Hunter sobbed as the tears started to fall from his eyes, "I know no one is going to take my food because you told me that. But, all I can think of is that someone is going to take the food away from me at any moment. It's like there is a little voice in my head screaming `hurry up and eat it before they take it away' that I can't shut up. The longer I ignore that voice the louder it seems to get until I finally can't take it anymore and start to stuff myself."

Tommy got up and gave the crying little boy a hug as he said, "Its okay Hunter, I understand now. It will take time to make that voice go away but if we keep working, it will go away and not bother you anymore." Tommy just held his Angel until he finally calmed down again then said, "When the voice gets too much for you, I want you to tell me and then I can tell you no one is going to take your food. Hopefully that will help you some."

"Yes Sir," Hunter said sniffling.

Shawn was just sitting in his seat, looking worriedly at his new friend and listening to what he said. Shawn didn't fully understand but he figured that someone must have taken Hunter's food away from him before he had a chance to finish a lot of times to get Hunter to think that. It was then that he decided that he would have to get Tommy tell him about Hunter so that he could understand his friend better. Then he got up and went over to Hunter and gave him a hug saying, "You are gonna be okay, I'll help you too."

"Thank you Shawn-sir," said Hunter blinking away the rest of his tears.

After that, they finished eating and Tommy was surprised to see Hunter eat everything he had made, which was easily twice, what he or Shawn had eaten. Two times Hunter had looked at Tommy as his hands twitched over his food. Each time, Tommy and Shawn both told him that no one was going to take his food away, which seemed to help him. Once Hunter was done, they cleaned up after themselves and then headed out into the mall. Tommy and Shawn had a great time showing Hunter around the mall as most of the stuff there he had never seen. They picked Hunter up a nice supply of clothes but Tommy noticed Shawn was picking out most of it for him. Shawn seemed to be on a little superhero kick as he picked Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Fantastic Four, and some other hero's themed clothes. After they had enough clothes for Hunter and a few more for themselves, they went looking at the toys. Hunter didn't seem that interested in them though so they didn't spend too much time looking, much to Shawn's disappointment. When they passed one store Shawn got very excited and basically begged Tommy into submission so they went in. Inside the store, Shawn started to grab a bunch of stuff to make his own stuffed animal. It took a bit of doing, but Tommy finally got Hunter to make one for himself. It was when Shawn was running around looking for clothes for his new bear that Tommy learned the reason Hunter wasn't interested in toys.

"What's wrong Hunter? Don't you like toys?" asked Tommy finally.

"I'm not sure Sir. I have never had a toy. What do you do with them?" replied Hunter.

"You play with them, of course," said Tommy.

"How do you play?" asked Hunter earnestly.

"You will have to watch Shawn or Chris to really learn that but basically you do something with the toy to make yourself feel good by usually playing make believe," Tommy said.

"Make believe?" asked Hunter again.

"Yeah you imagine fake things like the bear talking to you or doing something else with you. All that really matters is that you enjoy it and that you don't hurt anyone while doing it," Tommy told Hunter. "So what animal would you like to have? Pick one that reminds you of something good."

"How about a deer then, they were very tasty," said Hunter.

"Pick one that gives you a nice memory but not because you liked the taste of it," Tommy said a little queasy.

Hunter thought about it for a minute then said, "Can I have a lion then Sir?"

"Of course you can, let's go grab one for you then I can fill it up with stuffing," said Tommy.

So, Hunter got himself his first stuffed animal, a lion, and Shawn got another Teddy Bear. Shawn got a couple outfits for his bear and got Hunter to get some for his lion. Though Hunter didn't fully understand, as he didn't think animals wore clothes until Tommy told him it was part of the make believe, so he picked some out. After that, they went to the video game store and looked around. Shawn didn't see any new games that he didn't already have but Tommy grabbed a few for Hunter that didn't involve shooting or beating each other up. Tommy then went over to a specialty store and had Hunter and Shawn wait outside for him as he went in and found two dresses that looked to be about the same size as Billy and Joey. As Tommy was leaving the store, he saw a small section with some costumes so he went over to look there. Tommy found two French Maid outfits that he thought would fit the boys. He even found a little pink tutu that would fit Shawn, so he grabbed them too, tossed all five items in a bag, and headed out of the store.

"Well I think that's everything here, unless we missed something," Tommy said.

"I'm a little hungry, can we get some ice cream TJ," asked Shawn.

"Yeah it's almost noon, so let's head over to the ice cream store and I'll make us all some sundae's," Tommy said.

"Hurray! We get ice cream, we get ice cream," shouted Shawn doing a little dance of excitement. Hunter watched him for a few moments and then he too started shouting and dancing with Shawn. So, Tommy ended up walking to the store with his two boys dancing and shouting around him all the way there. Once they got to the store they calmed down some and Tommy started to make a hot fudge sundae for each of them. Shawn had chocolate ice cream, Hunter picked strawberry, and Tommy decided on pistachio for himself. Tommy and Shawn were giving Hunter another lesson in eating the ice cream. Hunter was doing much better now, as whenever he felt like stuffing himself he would look to Tommy. Both Tommy and Shawn would tell him no one was gonna take his food which allowed him to calm down enough to not stuff himself and make a huge mess. As Hunter was finishing his second large sundae and Shawn was just looking at the remains of his first one, the lights all across the mall suddenly went off. Just as suddenly, Shawn was in Tommy's arms afraid and trembling a little. Tommy comforted Shawn a little but was interested in Hunter's reaction. Hunter showed no reaction to the lights going out. He just kept carefully eating his sundae. It wasn't pitch dark in the mall as there were skylights and the emergency battery powered lights came on. However, it was a lot darker now, especially inside the ice cream store they were sitting in. Tommy quieted Shawn down as he tried to call Jon but his phone couldn't pick up a signal for some reason. So, Tommy hurriedly got Shawn and Hunter together and they headed out to the truck. Tommy again tried his phone but still couldn't get a signal so he loaded the boys and all their new stuff into the truck and sped off back for home. Tommy was very happy about the plow now, as he went even faster home than he had going to the mall. All Tommy could think of was what the hell he was going to do now. The backup generator should last for a long time but eventually it too would stop, then what were they going to do.

Back up on the hill...

It was just after 11 AM when Cameron and his brothers made it to Tommy's house. They parked their snowmobiles out of the way, went to the front door, and rang the bell.

"Hi Cameron, boys," said Ben as he answered the door. "I didn't know you guys were coming over today. Well anyway, come on in I don't want you to freeze out there."

"Thanks Ben, we though we would drop by to see how everyone is doing," Cameron said.

"Everything is going pretty good up here, I'm going to be an Uncle again though," replied Ben smiling.

"Congratulations on that, I'll have to congratulate your brother and Kate when next I see them," Cameron said, "Boys pick up your stuff and put it away, then you can go play with the other boys, but play nice."

"Yes Cam," came the tired sarcastic reply of his two brothers.

"You probably want to see DJ, don't you," Ben said as he watched the two boys put away their stuff then go run off into the house to visit with the other boys.

"Yeah, if you don't mind me being rude and leaving you all of a sudden," Cameron said blushing a little.

"Last I saw him was in the fitness room," Ben said pointing the way as Cameron went off to find his boyfriend.

As Cameron got close, he could hear the sound of weights hitting each other. He went into the room to see DJ in just a pair of exercise shorts doing some leg presses on the machine. Cameron quickly went over and gave DJ a hug saying quietly, "Hi lover."

"Hi," DJ grunted finishing off his set then turning to give Cameron a quick kiss since they were alone. "You finally made it," DJ said smiling.

"Yeah almost didn't," Cameron said handing DJ his towel to wipe the sweat off his face.

"What do you mean?" DJ said concerned as he moved to the next station and adjusted the weights so that he could do his leg extensions.

Looking around to make sure he had closed the door and that they were alone he said quietly, "We stopped by the propane plant and saw four people. I was going to go talk to them but one of them started to wave a rifle around and even fired off a couple shots. So, we got the hell out of there. I told my brothers not to say anything until I could talk to you and Tommy about it to see if you guys thought we should do anything about it."

"I'm glad you guys weren't hurt but I don't think we should do anything as long as they leave us alone. Did they fire into the air or at you?" asked DJ.

"I think it was just in the air but I really don't know as we were heading away from them as soon as he started to wave the rifle."

"We can wait then to talk to Tommy when he gets back from the mall," DJ said, "You are welcome to join me, I'm almost done for today."

"No thanks, I get enough exercise patrolling the farm and hauling all those bags of feed for the animals," Cameron said.

"Okay, but can you spot for me on the bench press. I usually get Ben to do it for me as lately, he has been using the treadmill while I use the other machines."

"Sure I can do that."

As Cameron spotted for DJ, he gazed down and admired the way DJ's muscles moved and how they glistened from his sweat. Cameron inhaled deeply the heavy musk scent of DJ as he finished his last set. Then he watched as DJ did his cool down stretches.

"I'm gonna go grab a quick shower now as I probably stink pretty good now," DJ said.

"You smell great to me," said Cameron as he grabbed hold of DJ and started to hug and kiss him. Cameron's hand felt down DJ's sweaty taunt abs, settled onto his shorts, and then started to fondle his dick. DJ was quickly starting to get an erection as he held and kissed Cameron back.

"I really think I should shower first Cam," said DJ as he disentangled himself.

"If that's what you want but we are just going to get all sweaty again so we might as well save the water," Cameron said moving next to DJ again as he groped DJ's very erect dick through his shorts.

"Maybe you are right," said DJ huskily as his hormones were taking over his ability to reason.

"Let's go upstairs and we can talk about it in your bedroom," Cameron said.

DJ quickly threw his shirt on and they quickly ran upstairs to DJ's room and closed then locked the door. Cameron was on DJ before he even knew it, Cam was kissing and giving little love bites and caressing DJ all over. DJ's little head finally took over for his big head and DJ just picked up Cameron in his arms and carried him to his bed. Once on the bed both boys quickly shed their clothes throwing them across the room. DJ helped Cameron as he had less to take off and then they fell into each other's arms again passionately kissing and sensuously caressing each other with their entire bodies. Cameron started to nibble a little on DJ's ears, as he knew it was a favorite spot for DJ. Then he slowly kissed, nibbled, and caressed his way down DJ until he was at his nipples. Cameron teased DJ mercilessly as he sucked, bit, and tweaked DJ's nipples as his free hand was slowly stroking that 7.5-inch monster DJ kept in his pants. DJ's dick was putting out copious amounts of precum as Cam's hand slowly stroked it up and down. DJ was moaning and then motioned to Cam so that Cam stopped teasing DJ's very sensitive nipples and moved down to more interesting territory. As Cam did this, he swung his own legs around so that his own aching 6.5-inch erect dick was now in DJ's face. DJ immediately gobbled down on it causing Cameron to moan and shudder with pleasure. Cam started to suck on the monster in front of him. Cam could barely fit it inside his mouth and then only suck on the very top of it without gagging. Nevertheless, he sucked those few inches as good as anyone ever had for DJ, driving him wild with lust. After a few minutes, they both came simultaneously and swallowed blast after blast of cum as quickly as it could come out each of them enjoying their orgasm immensely. A few minutes later Cam crawled around on the bed so that he could lie next to DJ face to face. Then he slowly ran his fingers through DJ chest hair then rested it on DJ's content monster. Cameron really wanted to ride that monster for all he was worth but the sheer size of it scared him enough that he realized that he wasn't ready for that yet. However, a growing part of him was aching for the day when he would be.

"That was awesome DJ," Cameron said as he snuggled closer to his lover.

"Yeah it was Cam, cumming together like that was just mind blowing," DJ replied smiling, looking contently into his lovers happily satisfied eyes. "You can't imagine how many times I wanted to do that with you."

"Well we can do it a lot more often, if you came to my place to stay for a few days," Cameron said.

"Cam, you know I would like to, but your house is so small that we could never get a moment to ourselves with your two brothers around. I'll admit, at times I get so horny for you that it wouldn't matter if they were around or not," DJ said with a big smile on his face.

"Me too, our house is kinda small," Cameron replied.

"Why don't you stay here for a few days then," DJ said.

"You know I can't. I have to take care of the animals. Chance is still too small to do it on his own for long and I wouldn't feel right leaving them all alone at the farm for a few days." After a few moments Cameron said, "Maybe if you came with me I could leave my brothers here. That way we would have the house to ourselves to do as we pleased."

"If you had thought of that earlier you could have had them bring an overnight bag and I could have asked Tommy if he would watch them for you. If we did it now they would be stuck borrowing somebody stuff and you know how some of the kids can be about that kind of thing."

"Actually, I did make them bring enough spare clothes and stuff so that they could stay for a few days if it was alright."

"Oh you did? Did you," teased DJ holding tight onto his lover, "Okay then as long as Tommy is willing to watch your brothers for a few days we can head to your place for some much needed TLC."

"I hope Tommy says `okay'," Cameron said as his hand that was resting between DJ's legs started to stroke the monster a little.

"Mmm, that's nice," DJ moaned. "I'm pretty sure Tommy won't have a problem with it but we had better ask anyway."

"Good, because I can't wait until I can get you home alone," Cameron smiled stroking DJ's now very erect monster. As round two began for the budding lovers.

After a few more rounds, the two of them decided to head to the shower and clean up. Carefully looking to make sure no one was in the hallway DJ led Cameron to the upstairs bathroom wearing only a towel. They quickly cleaned each other up getting another good feel and orgasm as the lights went out. DJ got out of the shower and groped for a towel in the dark. Initially he thought someone was being funny and turned off the lights on them but when he opened the door, he noticed the entire house was off. DJ and Cameron quickly crept back to DJ's room all the while listening to the pandemonium going on downstairs. As they were finishing getting dressed, the lights came back on and the commotion from downstairs quieted down some.

"Damn now what are we going to do?" said DJ.

"What do you mean the power is back on now?" asked Cameron.

"That's because the backup generator started up, don't you hear it?"

"Now that you mention it yeah I do," Cameron replied.

"You aren't going to have to leave because the power is out now, are you?"

"No, we have a large backup generator too. It will keep the animals warm enough so that they don't freeze and it will start up on its own also. I'll just have to head back a little earlier than I wanted to. I will have to start up the wood burning stoves we have to heat up the house and where the animals are to save the fuel. I have a couple diesel tankers of fuel stored in one of the spare barns but I wanted to save as much of the diesel for the farm equipment as I could. You saw the pile of firewood we have, it's big enough to keep us warm for quite a few years."

"Yeah, I always meant to ask you why you had so much firewood," DJ said.

"It's simple really, my Dad used to sell it. We actually owned a lot of the surrounding land and Dad used to cut a couple acres of trees each year then replant them. He had it set up so that he wouldn't ever run out of firewood. By the time he finished cutting down the last few acres of trees it would be time to cut those first acres again."

"That was pretty smart of him. Well, we better head downstairs as I can still hear the little kiddies panicking over this," DJ said heading out of his room.

Meanwhile over at Bryan's house...

Bryan and Kate were lying in bed basking in the afterglow of their nooner, as for once Joel was taking his nap and the other boys were either at Tommy's playing or playing with Tommy's boys outside in the snow so they were basically all alone. They were just cuddling together and enjoying each other's company when suddenly they heard the front door open and the unmistakable sound of a small herd of boys coming in from the cold. They reluctantly let go of each other and quickly dressed, then headed out to see what the boys were up to. They saw a pile of wet shoes and jackets on the floor by the front door and heard a little commotion from the kitchen. When they entered the kitchen, they saw Caleb, Austin, Jordan, Jeremy, and Ryan sitting at the table, as Matt was getting some stuff out of the fridge.

"We got hungry so I thought we could make some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches real quick, would you guys like some?" asked Matt looking up at Bryan and Kate as they entered the kitchen.

"No thanks Matt, my stomach isn't very happy lately," Kate said.

"Did you guys have fun out there in the snow?" asked Bryan.

"Yeah we did, we had an awesome snowball fight," Ryan said.

"Oh? Who won?"

"We did," they all said then laughed.

"I'm glad you had fun but don't forget someone has to clean up that mess by the front door," Bryan said.

"Don't worry Bryan, we are gonna head out again after we eat," Matt said.

"I thought Mike was out there with you guys, where did he go?" asked Kate.

"He went to play with Billy and Joey," laughed Austin.

"Okay, I'll bite, what's so funny about that?" Bryan asked.

"Billy and Joey are," laughed Caleb.

"What's so funny about them?" Kate asked.

"They are stuck wearing only their underwear today because they lost a bet with Kyle," Jordan giggled. "They also have to wear whatever Kyle decides tomorrow and he might make them wear dresses," causing all the other boys to laugh.

Bryan laughed with them thinking back on all the stupid bets he and his friends used to do which really wasn't all that long ago.

"Well if he does, then maybe I'll go over there and put some makeup on them to make them look pretty," joked Kate making the boys to go into peals of laughter.

"Shawn is supposed to be in his underwear too and wear whatever Kyle decides on for tomorrow but he got out of it for a few hours by going out with Tommy and Hunter," Jeremy said.

"Oh, where did they go?" asked Kate.

"I don't know, only that Tommy wanted to take Hunter out so he could work with him on how he eats," replied Jeremy. "I can't blame him that kid eats like a pig," he said making motions like he was stuffing himself causing the other boys to laugh.

As the boys finished their lunch, they went back outside to play. Kate went to go feed Joel and Bryan finished cleaning up the kitchen after the boys, when suddenly the lights went out throughout the house.

"Bryan is everything okay?" asked Kate worriedly.

"It's probably just a breaker Honey, I'll go check it out," Bryan replied. Bryan really didn't really think that but he hoped that was all it was. When he got to the circuit breakers, he checked them and they were all fine. Bryan started to get really worried now as he did pick up a couple emergency generators but he still didn't have nearly enough fuel to last the winter since it looked like the power might be out for good now. He wished he had a backup generator like Tommy had, as he had shown it to him one time but couldn't find one. If it was just a downed power line he thought he could probably fix it but that would probably take days to find and fix, if that was it. Bryan didn't want to face it but it seemed like he was going to have to start the emergency generator and scrounge up as much fuel as he could for them. He then went to the generator and started it up real quick to provide some power to the house. Then he thought maybe he should call Tommy and see what he thought since he seemed to have a very good head on his shoulders. Bryan took out his phone and tried it but couldn't get a signal. Then he remembered that without power the cell towers wouldn't transmit, so the cell phones were basically dead. Bryan headed over to tell Kate the bad news and said, "Kate, it looks like the power is gone. I'm going over to Tommy's and talk to him now that I have the emergency generator going, in case he has any ideas."

"Why don't you just call him?" Kate asked worriedly.

"Because the cells don't work anymore," replied Bryan.

"Bryan, if the cells aren't working, what about Cody and the boys? How can they contact us?" asked Kate alarmed.

"That's okay. I have a shortwave that we can use to call him. I had him get one in case they were in a dead zone, I didn't think we were going to be the dead zone."

Bryan then went over to where he had the shortwave set up and said, "Cody, this is Bryan, I need to talk to you, over."

After a minute, he heard Danny's voice say, "Hi Bryan, this is Danny. Cody is a little busy driving now so what do you need, over."

"I just wanted to tell you that our cell phones aren't working anymore so if you need to contact us to use the shortwave. I'll make sure it's manned by someone all the time now, over," Bryan said.

"Is everything okay? Over," Danny said.

"Yep, we are all okay. You guys just worry about getting here and feeling better, over," replied Bryan.

"Alright, over and out," Danny said.

Bryan then went to Kate and said, "I told them about the phones so they know to contact us on the shortwave, so keep an ear out for it just in case. I'm going to head over to Tommy's now and see if he is back yet. Maybe together we can think of something."

"Okay Bryan, I'll listen for it while you are gone," Kate said.

With that, Bryan put on his winter jacket and headed outside. Once he was at Tommy's he rang the doorbell.

"Hi Bro, come on in," Ben said.

"Thanks Benny is Tommy back?" asked Bryan.

"Not yet, anything I can do?" asked Ben.

"Could you get Jon and Kyle for me than, as I need to talk to them. They are in charge here when Tommy isn't here right?" Bryan asked.

"Yep, pretty much. DJ or me too sometime, depends on what's going on. We all have our little areas. I'll go get them for you, hold on," Ben said as he went to go get Jon and Kyle.

Once they were all together Kyle took them into his room as he had a good idea what this was about. When everyone had taken a seat, Kyle said, "Let me guess, this has something to do with the power outage?"

"Yeah, I was wondering if you guys had any ideas on what to do about it?" Bryan asked.

"Not really," Jon said sadly, "we have been busy just trying to keep some of the others from flipping out because of it so we haven't really had the time."

"You guys do have some power though right?" asked Kyle.

"For now, but I'm not sure for how long," Bryan replied.

"What do you mean?" asked Ben concernedly.

"I have an emergency generator but I don't know how long the fuel will last for it," Bryan told them.

"If fuel is a problem then we should probably move everyone to one house. That way the fuel should last longer," said Kyle. "We can put your boys in some of our rooms and double up anyone who doesn't already have two in their room. For anybody else we can set up some cots in the basement for them. Bryan, you and Kate can use my room for right now. Joel will sleep with you guys of course and my room is usually pretty quiet since it has this room between it and the rest of the house. We might have to put somebody in this room to sleep on the couch," Kyle said taking charge of the impromptu meeting.

"We can also put some in the attic," interrupted Jon.

"I didn't think we could get up there, are you sure?" Kyle asked.

"Yep, Tommy told me yesterday he and Hunter went up there. It should be able to sleep at least two boys from what Tommy described," Jon told them.

Just then, they heard Tommy pull up so Kyle said, "Jon why don't you come with me and we can fill my bro on what's been happening here. You two just relax here and try to think of what we can do."

"Okay Kyle, we will see what we can think of," said Bryan.

With that Kyle and Jon left them only to almost run into Tommy, as he was ushering Shawn and Hunter inside.

"Hold on just a minute Kyle. Shawn, take Hunter upstairs and put away all the stuff we got. Put his clothes in the empty drawers I have and if you can put some in one of your drawers. Leave my stuff on my bed I'll take care of it later. Then keep an eye on him, okay," said Tommy.

"Okay TJ, I'll do that," Shawn said.

"Hunter you listen to Shawn now," said Tommy.

"Yes Sir, I'll obey the Shawn-sir," Hunter replied going upstairs with Shawn.

"Now how are things holding up here? I can hear the backup generator is going so I guess the power is out all over," Tommy said.

"Let's go sit in the kitchen and I'll tell you," Kyle said.

Once they were all seated at the kitchen table Kyle said, "It's been a bit of a mess here since the power went out. Jon and I had managed to calm everyone down some when Bryan came over. He told us that they have power right now but probably not for too long as he doesn't have enough fuel to last the winter. So, we decided that it would be best for everyone to move here. That way we can conserve fuel."

"Shit," Tommy said, "I wished you would have talked to me first."

"Well we would of but did you really expect us to just leave them out in the cold?" asked Jon.

"No of course not," said Tommy, "I'm sorry, you guys just surprised me with that. Where are we gonna put everybody?"

"I gave my room to Bryan and Kate. We thought we would double up anyone who had their own room first then put some in the attic and anyone left over on a cot in the basement," Kyle said.

"That was very nice of you to give up your room but you know you might not get it back, right?" Tommy told his brother.

"What?" asked Kyle.

"I don't know when or if we will get power back so we might be stuck with them all winter. I'm proud of you for doing that though, as Mom would have said `it was the gentlemanly thing to do,'" said Tommy.

"Shit, I didn't think of that. Maybe I it wouldn't be right to ask a pregnant lady to walk up and down two flights of stairs if we moved them into the attic instead," said Kyle sullenly. Then he said, "How pregnant is she really?"

"You'd have to ask Hunter that one," Tommy laughed at his brother. "He could probably tell you but by the end of winter she will probably be definitely showing a lot. She was showing only a little yesterday and that only after I knew what to look for, so it can't be for too long. Kyle, since you did the nice thing and gave up your room, you can have first pick of whose room you want to move into or if you want the attic. We will just have to clean it up first."

"We better get back to Bryan and Ben so we can all talk about what we are going to do," Jon said.

With that, they all got up and left the kitchen on their way to Kyle's room. As they were in the entranceway, they heard someone knock on the door. Tommy went over to the door and opened it as he waved Jon and Kyle to go into the Kyle's room then said, "Hi Kate, come on in, don't want Joel to catch a cold."

"Thanks Tommy," she said smiling. "Bryan sent Todd and Matt over to get us for some meeting. Todd stayed there to keep a watch on the shortwave just in case Cody and the boys called." Kate then unbundled Joel and turned to Matt who had already put his jacket up and said, "Matt will you please watch over Joel for me?"

"Sure Kate, you know I like playing with him," Matt said taking Joel and started to make funny faces at him then left Kate and Tommy alone by the door.

"I think Matt likes to play with Joel so he can act like a little kid too," whispered Kate smiling fondly at Matt's retreating back. "He has been very good with him and a big help for Bryan and me. Thanks Tommy," Kate said after he had helped her take off her jacket then, "so where is this big meeting?"

"It's in my brother's room over here," Tommy said directing Kate.

Just then, DJ and Cameron came downstairs.

"Hey guys, I guess you should join us in our meeting," Tommy said to them.

"Okay Tommy, but can I ask you a question real quick first?" asked DJ.

"Sure," Tommy said, "so what's up?" after Kate and Cameron had gone into Kyle's room.

"I need a favor and it's a big one," DJ said hesitantly.

Taking a deep breath and mentally steadying himself to get ready for it Tommy said, "Okay, shoot."

"I want to spend a few days over at Cam's alone with him, so can you watch his brothers for that long?" asked DJ.

"That's it? Sure, they might as well stay here too. They are gonna have to stay in your room though and you might have a roomie when you get back," Tommy said relieved a little that was all it he wanted.

"What?" asked DJ confusedly.

"Let's just go to this meeting and you can learn all about that," Tommy said leading DJ into his brother's room.

Meanwhile upstairs with Shawn...

The clock on Tommy's bedside table read 1 PM when Shawn dragged Hunter into the room and started to throw the stuff on the bed. They quickly sorted out everyone's stuff then started to put it away. After they had put away all of Hunter's new clothes and other stuff, Shawn dragged Hunter into his room to help put away what he had brought back. Once all of that was done Shawn said, "Let's put our new stuffed animals on my bed. That way they won't get lonely."

"Okay sir," said Hunter a little uncertainly.

"Hunter, don't forget TJ wants you to call us by our names, not just sir," Shawn said.

"Yes Shawn-sir," replied Hunter.

"Good," said Shawn smiling at him. "Now what did you name your lion? I think I'll name my new bear Atreyu after one of the characters in one of my favorite stories."

"Umm, I guess I'll name it Lion Shawn-sir," Hunter said hesitantly.

"Lion?" giggled Shawn a little at the simplistic name Hunter had chosen.

"Is that not a good name? Should I call it something else Shawn-sir?" asked Hunter worriedly.

"Nope, Lion we do," Shawn said looking Hunter over some. Seeing the remains of Hunter's ice cream sundae still on his face he said, "I guess we should probably clean up then so I'm going to give you a shower. Follow me," said Shawn with a gleam of excitement in his eye looking forward to washing Hunter up on his own.

"Yes sir," Hunter whispered sadly. He had seen that look many times before and it had never boded well for him in the past but his master had told him to obey the Shawn-sir, so he had no choice but to follow along and do what he was told.

As Shawn started the shower in Tommy's room, he looked over at Hunter who was starting to get out of his clothes. "I'll do that Hunter, you just wait for a minute," Shawn told him excitedly. Shortly after that, Shawn was happily taking off Hunter's clothes as he devoured him with his eyes. Once Hunter was naked, Shawn just looked and felt all over Hunter getting a good feel of his dick and balls. Hunter was getting a little uncomfortable with how Shawn was behaving and more so because of how Shawn was looking at him, as it brought up some very bad memories.

"Okay let's get in the shower now," Shawn told him as he threw his own clothes off.

"Yes sir," replied Hunter stoically.

Shawn immediately started to wash Hunter but he kept going back to Hunter's dick and balls. Shawn just marveled at the perfection of Hunter's body and was really having the time of his life as he played with Hunter's dick in the shower. This was the first time in his life that he was showering with someone else and he was in total control. That sense of power was making Shawn extremely horny as he enjoyed how submissive Hunter was being with him. Hunter was waging a war with himself as a small part of him tried to say `no' to what Shawn was doing to him but another part of him seemed to be shouting `obey, OBEY, OBEY. Your master told you to obey him, so you have to do what he wants, no matter what!' That small part of him that Tommy had been painstakingly trying to nurture just kept on saying `no' until finally Hunter was able to actually say, "No." Unfortunately, he could only say it once and then only as a whisper that was drowned out by the sound of the water from the shower. Shawn was so wrapped up in his own fun that he didn't hear Hunter and he thought that Hunter's little trembling at times was because of how much he enjoyed what Shawn was doing. Shawn was really enjoying watching Hunter's little ruby red head of his uncut dick pop out at him over and over, like it was playing peek-a-boo with him. Shawn then suddenly bent forward and started to suck Hunter off. Hunter started to groan from the pleasure he was feeling because of Shawn's expertise at giving a blowjob. Shawn just smiled as he heard Hunter groan but he wouldn't have if he looked up to see his face. Hunter's eyes filled with tears and his mouth kept forming the word `no' over and over again but no sound came out. After a few minutes of sucking Hunter's dick, fondling his balls, and occasionally caressing his little pink hole Hunter had his dry orgasm. Shawn marveled at how Hunter's little balls tightened up to his body as he shook during his orgasm. Shawn backed off a little to just stare at Hunter and see the little smile on his face and his closed eyes. Shawn thought the smile was because of how good he made his friend feel and his eyes were closed because he was reliving the moment, like he did sometimes with Tommy. The smile was actually because, Hunter thought it was finally over and his eyes were closed to try not to show the depths of his hurt and shame over what had happened.

"Okay now you have to do that to me," Shawn told Hunter happily.

Getting up and crawling between Shawn's legs with his head down Hunter mechanically said, "Yes sir." If Shawn had been paying attention, he would have noticed that something was wrong but he was just looking forward to his own blowjob and missed it. With tears in his eyes that were washed away as soon as they were formed from the shower, Hunter bent down to start sucking on Shawn's very erect 4-inch dick. Suddenly, the shower door was thrown open and Tommy was there glaring down at the two little boys.

"What the hell is going on in here!" Tommy angrily shouted.

Earlier back in Kyle's room...

Inside Kyle's outer room were Bryan, Kate, Ben, Jon, Kyle, Cameron, DJ, and Tommy. The others were all looking to Tommy so he got up and said a little nervously, "I guess I'll start this since you are all looking to me for some reason. Let's all start by saying what resources we have then after that, we can try to come up with a plan on how to cover for any shortcomings we might have. Power is the issue I guess, so I'll start there. You all know that I have a rather large backup generator that either runs on diesel or can run with natural gas. It's large enough to supply this house with all its energy needs from heating to lighting. We also have an electric water pump that will supply this house with water from an artesian outdoor well along with a gas powered water heater. The guy who designed this house must have been some kinda survivalist, cause he also put in something called a ground water heat pump system that can heat the house if the normal furnace stopped working or take over for the water heater. So, we are fairly well set here at least for a while since eventually we will run out of fuel if we don't do something. Bryan, how are you set up?" Tommy concluded sitting down finally.

Bryan stood up and said, "I was able to get a couple small emergency generators and I have a couple hundred gallons of fuel stored up but I don't think that will last the winter. As for water, we too have an artesian well and some type of geothermal heat pump system also heats our house. There is a fireplace that we can use to help heat the house if necessary, but without some electricity, we are going to be in trouble. Cam..." Bryan said somberly as he sat down.

Cameron then took his turn to talk and he said, "We have a pretty big diesel generator on the farm and I have plenty of fuel for it but I'm saving that for the farm equipment to make sure we can grow enough fresh food for next year. We have a fireplace and we also have a number of wood burning stoves that can be used to heat our house and the barn for the animals. We have a couple old hand pumps on the farm but I don't know if they will still work. I know the well that supplies the house has a little solar powered pump that Dad installed last year. I can run the farm without electricity if I had to but it's going to be more difficult. I guess that's about it," he said sitting back down.

After that, Tommy took control of the meeting as they decided on what to do. In the end, they decided that Bryan would try to see if he could find out why the power went out. He was hoping it was only a broken power line as he could fix that. Bryan had no idea on how to run the power plant if it had stopped and the rest of them were even more clueless, so they all hoped that whatever was the problem Bryan would be able to fix it. Everyone from Bryan's house was going to have to move into Tommy's house for the time being. They were going to have to gather up as much fuel as they possibly could. Once they saw what they had, then they would decide if there was enough to power up Bryan's house. Kyle was going to move in with Luke and they both would move up to the attic. Kyle was a little upset about losing his room but after seeing Kate run to the bathroom a couple times and see her come back a little pale he decided it was the right thing to do. Mike would be put in Jon's room.

This caused Jon to say, "Why don't I just move into your room TJ." This earned him a little smirk from Kyle and an angry glare from Tommy.

"Because I already am stuck with Hunter and Shawn when he has his nightmares along with anyone else who happens to be having a bad night," Tommy said.

Matt would share DJ's room with Chase and Chance until DJ came back. Todd and Ryan were going to move into Luke's old room. Jeremy would move into Ben's room. Jose, Austin, and Champ would move into Jeremy's old room. Jose or Austin would take care of Champ like Luke did with Patches. Bryan, Kate, and Joel would move into Kyle's room. When Kate suddenly said, "What about Cody, they will be here within a few days."

"Shit, I forgot about them," swore Tommy. "Maybe they could move in with you Cameron."

"No Tommy, you know how small our house is, there isn't room," Cameron said suddenly. "DJ could move in if he wants since he is my best friend, but I don't want anyone else to move in. Only my family has lived there for over a hundred years and I don't feel comfortable letting strangers move in."

"Alright Cameron," said Tommy tiredly as he started to massage his temples and close his eyes. "I guess we can set something up in the basement for them. It's gonna be really crowded here then."

"Well, I guess we could put them in one of the old bunkhouses on the farm but I'll need a lot of help to make them livable. No one has used them in years. They won't be much but at least it will give them a bed and small living area along with a stove to heat it up."

"We can cross that bridge when we get there. If we need to, we can have them help clean it up too. Bryan and Kate, you guys tell your boys where they are sleeping for now and to go grab some clothes and stuff. Don't get too much as we only have so much room," Tommy admonished them. "Kyle, I'll leave it to you to tell Luke what's going on and deal with him. I'm gonna go head up to my room and put away my stuff."

As they broke up Tommy waved his brother over to him and whispered, "I got those things for you. They are in the truck, in the bag, in the back."

It took Kyle a moment to remember what Tommy was talking about then said, "Thanks TJ. I think I'll make them wear them tomorrow at least for a few hours. Should make everybody laugh a little, maybe lighten the mood some."

"If you think it will help but don't push them too far, okay?" Tommy said.

"Don't worry about that I'll make sure that everyone laughs with each other and not at each other," Kyle said confidently.

With that, Tommy left the room and headed upstairs to his own room so he could put away his new stuff and maybe get a moment of peace and quiet to get a better grip on himself. When he went in, he heard his shower going and thought `what the hell, who is using my shower?' Going into his bathroom, he could see two figures through the glass and they weren't showering. He angrily went over to the shower yanked the door open and shouted, "What the hell is going on in here!"

Shawn looked up to see Tommy's angry face so he pushed Hunter off of him and became suddenly very embarrassed. Hunter was only too eager to get off Shawn but when he saw how angry his master was, he threw himself at Tommy's feet and started to beg saying, "I'm sorry Master, I tried to say `No' but I just couldn't. Please forgive me. It wasn't the Shawn-sir's fault it was mine, if I had been able to say `No' this wouldn't have happened." Hunter was crying inconsolably by now as he added, "Please Master, beat me for being bad, I deserve it, just don't send me away. Please!" Hunter curled up into a little naked ball hugging Tommy's feet as he continued to beg for forgiveness. Shawn was just looking on in shock at how Hunter was behaving. Tommy looked down at Hunter realizing just how fragile Hunter was again and kicking himself for losing his temper. He was so proud of himself for not losing it on Cameron's selfishness earlier and now he felt like shit for hurting this boy who had only been kind to him and seemed to try with all his being to only make him happy. "Please Master don't blame him, it was all me. Beat me don't hurt him, he didn't mean to do anything bad, I'm to blame. It was my fault for not saying `No,' beat me, please don't hurt my friend," cried Hunter.

Tommy reached down and very gently picked up Hunter and murmured to him, "It's alright Angel, calm down now. I'm here and everything will be fine. You're okay, I'm here." Then to Shawn he said, "YOU come with me, we need to talk," then he left the bathroom. He went to his open door and saw a number of heads looking in his direction. He could clearly see the unspoken questions on their faces at seeing a very naked and wet Hunter clutching onto him for dear life, crying quietly. He just slowly closed the door on them and just sat down on his couch. Motioning Shawn to sit next to him on the couch, he closed his eyes and thought of Kyle for a moment then opened them and said very slowly, "I need to know what was going on in there."

"We were just having a little fun with each other," Shawn said quietly. "He was dirty from the ice cream so I thought he should clean up. I put him in the shower to clean him and one thing just led to another."

Taking a deep breath Tommy said, "I'm sure that's how you see it Shawn, but the tears I saw in Hunter's eyes as he was sucking you off tell me there is more. If that wasn't enough, some of the things he said when I caught you two together are more than enough to say that there is more to the story than that. Hunter, stop crying please, you are gonna be okay." As Hunter stopped crying and just looked up adoringly at Tommy with his big emerald green eyes, it broke Tommy's heart to see the pain and fear deep inside them as he said, "Hunter tell me everything that happened once the two of you got to my room." Hunter then hesitantly told Tommy an extremely detailed account on everything that happened leading up to when he found them. When he got to how he felt when Shawn ordered him to have sex with him instead of asking and how he really tried to say `No' Shawn couldn't take it anymore and he just broke down crying into Tommy's shoulder. Shawn's cries frightened Hunter. He thought he was going to be beaten, or worse Shawn was, so he started crying again. Tommy did his best to calm the two boys down again and after a few minutes, he was successful. Shawn climbed into Tommy's lap so that both of the boys were there, one on each side. Hunter continued again saying how much he enjoyed what Shawn did to him but how bad he felt because he was ordered to do it and no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't say `No'. Shawn realized what he had done and started crying again saying how sorry he was as the enormity of what he had done hit him. Tommy just comforted his little Cutie until he had cried himself out.

Hunter then finished his narrative and said, "Please Sir, I'm to blame, not him. Beat me and don't hurt my friend. I deserve to be punished for failing you again."

"Angel, no one is going to beat you or Shawn. I wish you would believe me on that," Tommy said. "Thank you for telling me about what happened, now I'm going to call Jon and I want you to go with him for a little while as I talk to Shawn. Don't worry. No one is going to hurt him." With that, Tommy left the two little boys sitting next to each other on his couch. He found Jon and talked to him for a minute then went back to his room with him. They found both boys still sitting on the couch just holding each other tenderly as Tommy said, "Shawn put your clothes back on. Jon will you grab some clothes for Hunter? They should be in the drawers that used to be empty. Then can you help Hunter get dressed and take him downstairs for a little bit as I talk to Shawn."

"Sure TJ," Jon said as he helped Hunter get dressed.

"Hunter, I will call for you in a little bit so be listening," Tommy said tiredly.

"Yes Sir," replied Hunter as he went along with Jon out of the room.

"Shawn it's time I told you a few things about Hunter," Tommy said sadly. Shawn then came out of the bathroom in his underwear and went to sit next to Tommy. "I didn't want to tell you these things because...well I just didn't think you needed to know them. Since Hunter sees you as his friend, I think you should know them now. He's pretty amazing, isn't he?" asked Tommy suddenly.

"What?" asked Shawn uncertainly.

"Hunter, after everything you just did to him, his main concern was for you. He took total responsibility for what happened in the hopes that you wouldn't get punished." Tommy just held Shawn to him for a moment before he went on. "Cutie, Hunter's life has been one of pain and hardship. He has been abused more than everyone in this house put together. He has been beaten so much and so bad, that he won't stand up for himself. That's why he did what you told him to do, not because he wanted to, but because he couldn't stop himself from obeying. He has been beaten so much for not obeying orders that he can't disobey them."

"But we did pretty much the same thing earlier this morning," Shawn said.

"I know Cutie, but we asked him then and that makes all the difference to him. We didn't tell him like you did just now. If we ask and he says yes, then its okay, but only if we ask first. You wouldn't want someone to do that to you, would you?" Tommy again just sat there holding onto his Cutie, and then said, "That was the first time you saw him really fall apart wasn't it."

"Yeah, it was scary. I saw a little before but nothing like that."

"Shawnee, it is scary which is one reason I didn't want to tell you. You have enough nightmares. I didn't want to give you more reason to have them. He sees you as his friend Shawn, so I think you need to be his friend. You can do those types of things with him as long as you ask him first." Tommy picked up Shawn and cradled him in his lap as he said, "I'm sorry Cutie."

"For what?" asked Shawn.

"I saw what was happening between you two and I should have told you earlier about him. It might have prevented this mess from happening. I'll admit I was a bit shocked to see the two of you like that on your own and I didn't handle it very well."

"I'm sorry too," Shawn said sadly.

"You should be. I might share a little of the responsibility and Hunter is a little to blame too for not saying `No' or coming to get me, but you are responsible for all the rest. If you had been paying any attention to him, like you do to me when we do that type of stuff, you would have noticed something was wrong but you didn't. So, you basically raped him, you understand that don't you? You need to think hard about that."

"I'm sorry Tommy, I didn't mean it," Shawn said as his eyes filled with tears. The guilt over what he did hit Shawn very hard then and he started to cry into Tommy's shoulder.

"I know you are Shawn, but you didn't really do anything to me. It's Hunter who you need to apologize to," Tommy said as he comforted his precious Cutie.

"Do you think he will forgive me?"

"Weren't you paying attention to him? He has already forgiven you, Shawn. He's pretty special to do that for you. One last thing then, before I call Hunter in. This might help you understand him better, I don't know, but here it is. For us, the comet was hopefully the greatest tragedy we will ever experience but for him it was a blessing as it set him free from the people who were abusing him. If you can understand that it might help you understand his behavior better." Tommy then put Shawn down and got up to go to his door. He opened it up and called out, "Hunter, it's time." A few moments later he saw Hunter and Jon leave Jon's room and head towards him. Tommy then went and sat down again in his chair feeling as if he had aged a few years in the last thirty minutes.

As Hunter and Jon entered the room, Shawn went up to Hunter and said, "I'm really sorry Hunter. I didn't understand. I should have been paying more attention to you. I hope you can forgive me for what I did to you," as new tears started to form in his eyes.

Taking Shawn's hands into his own Hunter said, "I forgive you Shawn but you shouldn't blame yourself for what happened. It was all my fault, not yours. I'm to blame, not you. I did enjoy what you did and would like to do it again but I would just like to be asked first."

With that, Shawn hugged Hunter and whispered, "Thank you Hunter, thank you."

As the two boys broke the hug Tommy said, "Shawn, go to your room and think about what you did please. I'll tell you when you can come out." As Shawn left the room, Tommy looked at Jon and said, "Thanks Jon for watching Hunter for me. I'd like to talk to him in private please."

"Sure TJ," said Jon closing the door behind him.

"I'm sorry Hunter," Tommy said once they were alone.

"You didn't do anything Sir. It's like I said, I'm to blame for what happened no one else. I'm ready to accept whatever punishment you think is appropriate, just please don't punish Shawn-sir. He's my friend so please don't hurt him," said Hunter as he moved to stand right in front of Tommy.

"I failed you Hunter. I know you don't see it that way but I do. You also think you are wholly to blame for what happened but you aren't. Shawn is mainly to blame. His punishment was my talking to him about it and being sent to his room to think about exactly what he did to you."

"And my punishment Sir?" asked Hunter quietly.

"You aren't going to be punished, because I don't think you did anything wrong."

"Really Sir," asked Hunter in a tone of disbelief. "But I should have said `No' to him."

"Yes, you should have, but you couldn't say it yet. So, we are just going to have to keep working on that." Tommy reached out to grab Hunter and pull him onto his lap giving him little kisses and hugging him tightly saying, "Eventually, you will learn and everything will be okay." Hunter just cuddled with his Master feeling as if all the world was right finally and overjoyed that no one was going to be beaten. "Hunter from now on if someone orders you to do something that you don't want to do and you can't seem to say `No' to them or will hurt you in any way I want you to immediately go find me and tell me about it."

"Yes Sir," Hunter replied gazing up at Tommy.

"Let's play a little game Hunter. I'll call it the `No' game. Here's what we will do, I will ask you a question and you tell me `No'. Understand?"

"Yes Sir," Hunter replied happily.

So, Tommy started to ask Hunter some simple questions and Hunter told him `No Sir.' Tommy figured he could live with the `Sir' as long as Hunter said `No'. The questions got progressively more ridiculous as the two of them had some fun with the game. After about ten minutes of playing the game and both of them feeling much better, Tommy called an end to it and said smiling, "Very good Angel."

Just then, they heard a knock on the door, so Tommy put Hunter down and got up to answer it.

"Hey DJ, what can I do for you."

"I was just wondering if we could watch some of those videos like you said yesterday."

"I thought you would be busy with Cameron," Tommy said.

"Well I was, but his brothers dragged him off to go play in the pool. So I thought this would be a good time to watch them," DJ said.

"Can I go play in the pool with them too Sir?" asked Hunter suddenly.

"Sure, go ahead but I want you to play nice with them and don't forget what we talked about."

"Yes Sir," replied Hunter happily as he stripped down in front of them, then went to a drawer, and got out his bikini style Speedo that he picked out. Then he asked, "Shawn-sir too please?" still holding onto his swimsuit.

"Okay, you can go tell him that he can go swimming with you if he wants, but put your suit on first please."

"Yes Sir," said Hunter quickly putting on his suit and then running out of the room and into Shawn's room.

"Not very modest, is he?" said DJ laughing a little.

"Nope, not at all," Tommy laughed.

"So, about the videos?" asked DJ again.

"Okay, you go tell Jon and Kyle while I get everything ready," Tommy said smiling when he heard Shawn shout "Yippee!"

Once all four of them were in Tommy's room and the door locked, DJ picked up one of the new videos Tommy had found in the attic and popped it into the machine. It started with a scene of the boy they had seen earlier lying down jerking himself off. Then a man's hand pushed the boy's hand away and continued to jerk him off as his other hand started to put some lube on his hole. After a little more of this, the man moved up and placed his dick at the boy's hole and pushed it in. From the ease of his entry, it was obvious this wasn't the first time doing it. The man was fucking the boy as he jerked him off. As it looked like the man was shooting his cum up the boy's ass he grabbed and squeezed the boy's balls causing the boy to scream in pain, in the background laughter could be heard. Tommy and the rest adjusted themselves and winced a little when the boy's balls were squeezed. The next scene started right away with a little boy of around 8 wearing a black leather hood being led into the room by the older boy they had just seen. With some help from a man who was only wearing a black mask the naked older boy used some heavy chains and other metal clamps to secure the little boy down on his elbows and knees with his butt sticking up facing the camera. The man started by lubing up the little boy's pink hole and then started to push some balls into his ass. The balls got bigger as they went and each was attached to the other with some type of string. The boy would groan in pain when the last balls were pushed into him and the older boy seemed to be trying to comfort him a little. The man then pulled them all out, one by one, each causing a little distress or yelp from the boy. He replaced them with a large thick ribbed dildo. He would shove it into the boy then pull it out some while the other boy was busy jerking off the little boy's dicklet. The man got tired of that pretty quick and then started to fuck the boy with his own 6 inches. The man then made the older boy put his dick in the little boy's mouth as they both fucked him, one at each end. When that one ended, Tommy and the rest were both excited at what they saw but also disturbed at the same time.




DJ took that video out and picked up another. He put it in then sat back down on the bed with the others. This one started with the little boy and the older boy hanging by the arms in chains from the ceiling, along with their feet chained to the floor though their feet didn't reach it. They were both being paddled very hard, until both their asses were a deep red in color. Their screams were muffled by a ball gag that each of them were wearing. Next, came an even more graphic scene where the man grabbed an oversized dildo that appeared to be a foot long, if not longer. Without any lube, he pushed it in until he could align it with the little boy's hole. Once satisfied he had it in the proper place he then forcefully shoved it in non-stop as the little boy screamed in horror through his gag as his body flailed to try to avoid the intrusion. Suddenly, the boy's body began to spasm from the intense pain and then went limp, as he appeared to pass out. As the man that inflicted the pain laughed and then backed away, it was easy to see a little blood running down from his overstretched asshole down his legs. Then one of the men doing the paddling picked up a whip and started to whip the little boy back to consciousness, getting a small high pitched scream after each hit. The boy's back immediately turned red and more than a few started to bleed a little.


"Oh, this is so fake," said DJ breaking the silence from before.


"What do you mean? It looks like they are really hitting him and the paddling didn't look fake," asked Kyle.


"Look the little boy's ass isn't red anymore and those first marks from the whip are already gone. The blows that do cut him hardly bleed at all and the blood has stopped running from his ass, even though that thing is still shoved in there," said DJ. "If they were really hitting like it looks like, then he would be bleeding more and those red marks don't go away that fast."


"Really, how do you know?" asked Kyle.


"I just do," mumbled DJ.


Kyle figured it must have had something to do with DJ's past history of being with Robert so he let it drop. The scene continued some, and then the men in hoods started to take the boys down. Strangely, only the little boy was whipped though and the other boy's ass and upper legs were still deep red with splotches of purple. As the person who was holding the camera moved out of the way, the camera stopped and showed the little boy's left hand. It was missing the pinky finger and had only a stub for a ring finger. Someone off camera told the older boy to go to his crate, as the other men started to strap down the little boy on a strong metal table. They tied him down with thick leather straps and strong looking metal clamps that looked bolted to the table. As the camera pulled back, it showed the little boy tied to the table with a ball gag in his mouth and his green eyes widened in fear.


"That looks a lot like Hunter, just smaller," Kyle said.


"Can't be," said DJ immediately. "Hunter has all his fingers and that boy doesn't."


Tommy was about to turn it off when what happened next just shocked him to his core, and he fell back to sit next to Jon as he just stared dumbly at the screen. One of the men took a scalpel and made an incision on the boy from his sternum all the way down to right above his pubic region. Then he made some side cuts as they started to peel the boy's skin off. The boy was screaming and moving as much as he could which wasn't much. The man with the scalpel then used it to cut the muscles underneath the skin and pulled them apart. Another man then reached in and pulled out some of the boy's small intestine then laughed at the boy's muffled screams.


"See how fake that is Kyle, hardly any blood. If it was real there would be tons of blood," DJ said.


"Yeah, looks like he bleeds for a second, then stops. Still it's pretty sick," Kyle said.


"I've seen much worse in some horror flicks. Maybe that's what this video is. Kind of a homemade horror movie and look at the restraints, they are beginning to break. They must be cardboard or something painted to look like metal because no one could break them if they were real metal, those things look to be at least an inch thick."


Tommy would have agreed with DJ's explanation a week ago but not after seeing what Hunter was capable of. He shared a look with Jon and they both thought that the little boy who was being tortured was Hunter. The scene continued as the men laughed at the little boy's struggles and screams of pain. One of the men went so far as to cut a chuck out of the boy's leg and eat it on camera. Then the others seemed to like that idea and they too started to cut chunks out of the boy's thigh until they could see a good portion of the bone. One of the men went so far as to reach into the boy's open abdomen and then he cut off a piece of the boy's liver to eat. One strange thing about all this was that the men had to keep cutting the boy, as it seemed that his skin would stick back to where it was before they cut him.


"Eww, that's disgusting," Kyle said looking a little sick himself.


"Yeah it is, but it's not real. The kid's bone is the wrong color. See how it shines in the light, real bone doesn't look like that. Look how they have to keep cutting where they cut before. The stuff they are using for blood must be kinda like glue for that," DJ said.


"Really, how do you know what a real bone looks like? All I have ever seen is the ones on those skeletons they had in science class once," Kyle said.


"I had a cousin who was an emergency room doctor and I was visiting him, so he showed me around the ER. While he was busy getting something he had forgotten, this guy was wheeled in real fast and his leg was broken real bad. You know, when the bone is sticking out. It was pretty sick but it didn't look like the bone in that movie," replied DJ.


Jon was biting his lip so hard that a little blood started to show as he hugged Tommy. Tommy just hugged him back too shocked to do anything.


"I wonder how they did all this. I mean it looks pretty real except for the lack of blood. The blood kinda seeps out instead of squirting like most horror movies," said DJ.


Then another man stepped close to the boy with a strange device in his hands that looked like a huge pair of scissors. With a quick snap of his arms, he cut off the boy's scrotum and dick, picking them up and waving them in front of the camera. Jon immediately got up and ran to the bathroom getting sick. Then the man pulled his hood off and Robert's face was staring at them laughing as he pulled the two little balls out of their sack and popped them into his mouth with the boy's gagged screams in the background. Tommy immediately shut off the TV then. DJ was in shock after seeing Robert again and stopped talking.




"That's enough of that," Tommy said going over and taking out the video.

"Yeah, I think I'll see if Cam is ready to go," DJ said, suddenly breathing heavily, clearly very upset from seeing Robert's face as he left the room.

"I'll head out too," Kyle said uncertainly looking more than a little sick.

"Okay Kyle," said Tommy.

"It was like DJ said, right Tommy?" asked Kyle hesitantly once DJ had left the room.

"Kyle, I'm sorry to tell you this but that was all real. It was Hunter that they did those things too," said Tommy sadly.

"But how?" asked Kyle.

"You know he's not normal. He healed you to perfect health when you were basically dead, just by touching you. Knowing that, it isn't too hard to imagine he could re-grow a few fingers and...stuff."

"Yeah, I guess you are right. Is Jon gonna be okay?" asked Kyle sounding very shocked and dazed. He had obviously not come to terms with what he had seen yet.

"Don't worry, I'll take care of him," Tommy said seeing his brother to the door. When he looked at the tape in his hand, he saw that it was titled 30. He angrily threw it into the box of tapes only to see that many of them were titled 30. He stood still for a moment closing his eyes as tears started to fill them. He swallowed hard and shook his head to get a hold of his anger and disgust at what he had seen. Then he went into the bathroom to check on Jon. "You feel a little better now?" asked Tommy to Jon.

"No," said Jon holding onto the toilet. "You don't think that was really him, do you?" he asked worriedly.

"It was him. I saw the tape and it was titled 30," Tommy said.

"How could they?" asked Jon as he retched up some more.

"I don't know Jon, I just don't know," Tommy said sadly, as he went over to Jon's side to comfort him as best as he could.

"They aren't human," Jon said angrily as tears started to fall from his cheeks.

"They weren't human, they were evil."

After a long pause, "I thought I understood what he went through with all that you had told me, but I didn't know anything. How could he have survived that? How did he not go insane from what they did to him?" Jon said as he dry heaved some.

"I don't know Jon, but he did survive that and didn't go insane. All we can do is try to be good to him and understanding of his differences," Tommy said. He reached down and helped Jon to his feet. Jon cleaned himself up a little as they hugged tightly before they walked out to Tommy's room.

"I'm gonna go to my room now. I think, I want to lie down for a little bit," Jon said clearly still upset over what he saw.

"Alright Jon, try to relax. It's over now, so we don't need to dwell on it," Tommy said giving his lover another hug and kiss. "Remember, I love you very much Jon, and things are probably going to get worse here over the next few days before they get better, if they can get better. After seeing what we just did, I might need some more time alone with you Jon... I don't think the real shock of it has hit me yet," Tommy said giving Jon a hug.

As Jon went to his room, Tommy just sank into his chair and closed his eyes resting himself trying to get a grip on what he had seen. When he was suddenly awakened by a knock on his door, he glanced at his clock and saw that it is only 3:42. Tommy thought `now what?' but said, "Come in." When no one opened his door, Tommy got up, went to the door, and opened it himself. Standing in his doorway was his brother, with tears streaming down his face. "Come' ere," said Tommy holding out his arms and hugging his brother. Leading his brother into his room Tommy said, "I'm sorry Kyle, I wanted to lie to you to save you from feeling like this but I couldn't do it."

"Why Tommy, why would anyone do that? I just can't understand it," Kyle sobbed.

"I don't know Kyle. All I can say is that they were evil, wicked men," Tommy said hugging his brother tightly to offer some comfort.

"But they were actually eating...," Kyle said sickeningly.

"I know, I don't understand it either, why anyone would do that."

"How could he survive all that?"

"All we need to know is that he did survive," Tommy said.

"What do we do, now that we know?"

"Same as before, we treat him very gently, and with as much compassion and understanding as we can. He's still the same frightened little boy he was before we saw this, who went through a great deal of pain for both of us. Now we just understand a little better why he is so frightened all the time."

"But what should I do?"

"Just be nice to him when you see him and please always ask him to do things don't order him. You don't need to tell him you saw this, if you don't want to either." After another hug he continued, "You better now?"

"Not really, but I will be. Thanks for talking to me about all this. I feel kinda like a baby for crying about all this," Kyle said.

"You don't see my eyes dry either. It's okay to cry when you need to, so don't feel bad about it."

"Thanks TJ," sniffled Kyle, "I love you, you know that right?"

"Yes I do. I love you too Kyle, don't you ever doubt or forget that."

"I won't TJ, I won't I promise."

With that, Kyle got up and headed out into the house leaving Tommy to sit back down in his chair and close his eyes, once again to rest. He again awoke to a knock on his door and said, "Come in."

DJ and Cameron entered his room and DJ said, "I just wanted to say we are heading out."

"Oh, before I forget, I wanted to tell you something that happened on our way over here Tommy," Cameron said.

"What is it Cameron," Tommy said taking a deep breath readying himself for more possible bad news.

"We stopped over at the propane plant and saw that the fire was only smoldering but we saw four people. I was gonna go over and say `hi' but one of them started waving a rifle and shot a couple times so we just got out of there as fast as we could," Cameron said.

"Shit, shit, shit!" exclaimed Tommy. "I didn't really need that on top of everything else but thanks for telling me."

"Sorry Tommy, but I figured you would want to know," Cameron said.

"You were right Cameron. Now I just have to figure out what to do about that," Tommy said.

"We could just ignore them as long as they don't bother us," DJ said.

"Yeah, but I'd rather it not come back to bite us in the ass later on. I guess you are right DJ we will just leave them alone as long as they do the same to us. Anything else?" asked Tommy tiredly.

"Nope," said DJ.

Tommy went over to DJ and gave him a hug whispering, "You okay?"

"I will be," whispered DJ back as he returned the hug.

Tommy then turned to Cameron to shake his hand.

"I wanted to say thanks for looking after my brothers Tommy," Cameron added shaking Tommy's hand.

"No problem, you guys have some fun and drive safe it's beginning to get a little dark out," Tommy said.

"Don't worry, the snowmobiles have headlights and we will make it to the farm before darkness sets in fully," Cameron said. With that, they left and Tommy closed his eyes yet again.

When Tommy opened his eyes again, the clock read 4:30. He looked down at his feet feeling something there only to see Hunter curled up into a little ball at his feet wearing only his little bikini style Speedo.

"Hunter what are you doing?" asked Tommy quietly.

Hunter immediately got up and said, "I just wanted to see you Sir and found you sleeping in your chair. You looked worried so I didn't want to leave you alone."

"That's nice of you Hunter," Tommy said pulling him into a hug, "I'm really sorry for what those people did to you before the comet."

"Thank you Sir," Hunter said happily enjoying the comfort of Tommy's hug. As Tommy pulled him into his lap Hunter said, "What's wrong Sir? You don't seem happy."

"I'm just worried," Tommy said absentmindedly.

"About what Sir?" asked Hunter.

"Well, one thing is that I just learned we have four more people wandering around town," said Tommy.

"Is that bad Sir?" asked Hunter.

"It is when they wave a rifle around and start taking shots at other people," Tommy said.

"Do you want me to go find them Sir and eliminate the problem?" asked Hunter innocently.

"What?" asked Tommy a little uncertain, as if he hadn't heard the little boy in his lap.

"You know, make them cease to be, let them swim with the fishes, have them take a dirt nap, let them push up daisies, make them kick the bucket, terminate the problem with extreme prejudice, retire them permanently. I could keep going but in plainer words, I can go find these people and kill them for you quite easily, if you would like Sir."

"No Hunter, I don't want you to kill them or hurt them or anything. We don't hurt or kill people for no reason."

"But they pose a possible threat to you and everyone here. Really, it won't be difficult to located them and remove that threat S...," Hunter said.

"I said NO Hunter, it's wrong to kill people unless they try to kill you first. Besides, I thought you didn't like doing that?" asked Tommy.

"I hate it S..., but for you I would do it, if you told me to,"

"Well I'm telling you `Not to do that'. I might think about having you find them and see what you can learn from just watching but not now and you aren't to hurt anyone if you can possibly help it."

"Yes Sir, I understand I'm not to hurt others anymore unless you give me permission first."

Tommy thought about what Hunter said and thought `good enough' then said, "Besides I wouldn't want to take a chance that you might get hurt."

"If you say so Sir," laughed Hunter a little.

"What's so funny?" asked Tommy.

"Sir, I might not be at my best from having to heal you and your brother, but a little search and destroy mission with only four targets would be one of the easiest missions I have ever gone on."

"Even so I don't want you to do it."

"Yes S..., is that all you are worried about? That just seemed a little minor," asked Hunter.

"There is something else. I saw a very upsetting video and you were in it," said Tommy gently. Hunter suddenly tightened up and sat very still in Tommy's lap. "I'm so sorry for what they did to you." Hunter still hadn't reacted so Tommy started to rock him gently and said, "It's okay Angel, nothing like that will ever happen to you again." After a few minutes of holding Hunter, Tommy said suddenly, "Breath Hunter, breath."

"Yes Sir," said Hunter softly.

"Oh Hunter, I'm so sorry," Tommy said hugging and kissing his Angel over and over again as he continued to say, "Everything will be alright now, I'm right here, I won't let those things ever happen to you again."

"Thank you Sir, I know you wouldn't let those things happen to anyone."

"I'm sorry for frightening you like that but I thought you should know that I know a little of what you went through."

"That was nice of you Sir. It was just hard when all those memories suddenly came up. I had thought that I had successfully ignored them enough that they wouldn't bother me anymore but I was wrong. I hate not being able to really forget," said Hunter sadly.

"I didn't mean for that to happen Hunter, but I didn't think it was right for me to know those things and not tell you."

"I don't mind if you know S... I would tell you everything if you wanted me too," Hunter said looking trustingly up into Tommy's eyes.

"You don't need to do that, but unfortunately, I wasn't alone when that video was on," Tommy said looking back at Hunter only to see a brief look of pain wash over his face. "Kyle, Jon, and DJ were there too."

"Do they know it was me Sir," Hunter said.

"DJ doesn't but the others do."

Taking a deep breath Hunter said, "Thank you Sir for telling me. Are the Kyle-sir and Jon-sir alright? I heard them crying earlier but focused on something else, as I didn't want to pry."

"They will be okay. It will take a little time for them to come to terms with what we all saw."

"Those still didn't seem that much to worry about. The video happened in the past and I can easily kill those other people for you if they ever became a threat. So, what else are you worried about?"

Tommy was a little concerned about Hunter's lack of response about the video, so he decided he would keep an eye on Hunter in case he fell apart later. Then he said, "I'm mainly worried about the power going out. Without electricity we are going to be in a lot of trouble."

"But you have power," said Hunter earnestly pointing to the clock and light.

"For now we do, but we are running on the backup generator. Once the diesel fuel is gone then it will switch to natural gas, which should last us quite awhile. Even then it is only going to last so long. What? What is it?" said Tommy suddenly seeing the look of horror on Hunter's face.

"I'm sorry Sir, I didn't know," said Hunter trembling a little.

"It's okay Hunter, calm down and tell me what's wrong."

"When I isolated the gas for this area there would have been more than enough gas for you to use at the rate you were using it then. If you start to use it to power this house, it probably won't last a month. I didn't know! I'm sorry Sir, please forgive me," Hunter said.

Tommy closed his eyes and thought `Great, and here I thought this day couldn't get any worse.' He opened his eyes and said, "It's alright Hunter, we'll just have to think of something else then, any ideas? Can you undo what you did to the gas?"

"If Al told me what to do I might be able to Sir. I might be able to switch to a different supply tank at the gas plant if Al gave me instructions. You should go and ask Al. He could probably help you if he wanted to," Hunter said.

"Hunter, I thought you said you couldn't tell me where the facility that housed Al was because you didn't know where it was," Tommy said a little sternly.

"No Sir, that's not quite correct. I couldn't tell you because Al had ordered me not to," Hunter said a little afraid.

"I'm pretty sure you said you didn't know where the facility was," said Tommy.

"You must have misunderstood me then Sir. You asked me `don't you know where it is' and I shook my head no, meaning that what you said was incorrect because I did know where it is."

"Okay, then why can you suddenly tell me now where it is?" asked Tommy sighing.

"That's because I trust you now Sir. Al's orders were not to tell anyone that I didn't trust, so they don't apply to you now," Hunter said simply smiling up at Tommy.

Tommy looked down at the little boy smiling up at him and couldn't help but smile himself.

"Do you really think Al could help us?"

"Yes Sir, he has access to a couple power plants inside the facility. If you asked him nice enough, I think he would help. If he can't then I'm sure he could think of something else to provide power to the houses on the hill up here."

"Okay, I guess you need to tell me about Al then so that we can go talk to him."

"Are we going to go see him now?" asked Hunter excitedly.

"I think we will wait until tomorrow to go see Al. A lot has happened today so I want to be my best for when we see him."

"Okay Sir, well as you know Al is a computer. I call him Al because the entrance to where he is housed has the initials A.I. on them, so I thought looks like Al to me. He taught me lots of new interesting things after the comet set us free. He fed me lots. He didn't even yell at me when I took a nap. He sent me on some nice missions that didn't make me kill anyone unless they attacked first or tried to stop me. Occasionally, he would send me out to kill some of those burned up guys that got too close to this area. I even made a nice little graveyard for them since he said that's how people used to take care of the dead. I didn't really understand that since they were dead so what did they care, but I did it anyway. He never got mad at me and let me ask as many questions as I liked. He answered as many of them as he could, I didn't always understand his answers though. Oh yeah, he also likes to sing."

"Sing?" asked Tommy.

"Yes Sir, he tries to do it in his normal voice as if he wanted to, he could sound exactly like whoever he was trying to copy. Lately, he had been singing songs by some guy named Elvis."

Tommy laughed at that and was about to say something when someone knocked on his door. So, he said instead, "Come in."

"Hi TJ, hi Hunter," Jon said, "dinner is ready, thought you would like to know."

"Thanks Jon, we'll be right there. What are we having for dinner?" asked Tommy.

"Kate and Ben have been busy making fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, and some rolls," Jon replied.

"Oh," said Tommy looking worriedly at Hunter.

"Don't worry about that TJ. I had them set up three places in the kitchen for us. That way no one can make fun of Hunter when he eats, as everyone else is going to be eating in the dinning room," Jon said.

"Thanks Jon, he is doing a lot better but best not to take a chance yet," Tommy said as he got up and went over to give his lover a much needed hug.

All three of them went down to the kitchen, hopefully to have a very enjoyable dinner. Tommy grabbed one of the bigger bibs he had picked up from the mall earlier that day and put it on Hunter. He chuckled at the words written on the bib and figured everyone else would when they saw it. It read `A big bib for an ever bigger piggy.' Tommy and Jon gave Hunter instructions on how to eat everything. Tommy reminded Hunter he wasn't supposed to eat the chicken bones, which he said he wouldn't. Only one time did Hunter start stuffing himself. He tried to stuff handfuls of mashed potatoes with gravy and some green beans mixed in into his mouth before Tommy stopped him. Tommy missed Hunter's twitching hands as he was busy talking to Jon at the time, but for the rest of the dinner he kept an eye on Hunter and told him that no one was going to take his food away from him a few more times when Hunter's hands would twitch. By the end of the meal, Hunter had eaten easily as much as Tommy and Jon combined. Tommy took the bib off Hunter, which had caught the majority of the mess then took a dishcloth to wipe Hunter's face, hands, and arms clean. Tommy was kneeling to wipe a little off Hunter's legs as he gave him a little raspberry on the belly making them all laugh. Once Hunter was clean and the dishes taken care of, Tommy called Kyle over.

"What is it TJ?" asked his brother.

"Can you watch Hunter again for me please? I want to have another talk with Jon. Keep a close eye on him, and get me immediately if something happens."

"Sure TJ," said Kyle. Then to Hunter he said, "Hey you want to go swimming again? I can see you are still dressed for it."

"Kyle, you both just ate so wait a little while first please," said Tommy.

"Okay, we will," Kyle said as he led Hunter off out of the kitchen.

Tommy turned to Jon when they were alone and said, "Let's go to my room this time, since you have a roomie now."

"Don't remind me," Jon said sullenly, as he just followed Tommy up to his room. Once they had locked the door and were comfortable sitting on the couch Jon said, "Okay TJ, I'm ready."

So, Tommy just started to unload onto Jon about his day. He told him a little about the trip to the mall, which was nice until the power went out. He talked a lot about everyone moving in and how he wanted to strangle Cameron when he told him only DJ could move into their house. Tommy had always been big on whose ever house it was made the rules but this was an emergency. Selfishness needs to give way to necessity in times like this but he didn't think it would have been a good thing to say it. He didn't want to alienate Cameron when he needed his milk and eggs and hopefully more, once winter ends. Tommy talked about his worries about Kate or Bryan trying to take over the house but so far, that didn't seem likely as they had seemed to go out of their way to be nice to Tommy. He then told Jon about what he had found in his shower earlier and the budding relationship between Hunter and Shawn. In order to explain better what happened, he even touched on what he had done that morning with the two boys. Jon wasn't happy with hearing this until he realized just how much Tommy must have trusted him to tell him these things. Jon then felt so proud and loved by Tommy all the more, because of the level of trust Tommy had just shown him. Tommy then talked about how he felt after watching the videos and both boys fell apart a little just holding onto each other to offer what comfort they could. After they had recovered some from that emotional experience, Tommy continued with Cameron telling him about the four people at the propane plant. This scared Jon a lot, as he thought they were basically all alone in the town. Tommy then went on to tell Jon that Hunter had offered to `take care of' that problem and from how he had said it Tommy was convinced he could easily have done it. Jon already had an idea of what Hunter could do, so he took that better, though was still concerned a little about him. Jon felt so sorry for what Hunter had lived through, but at the same time, he was a little afraid of him for what he could do, if Tommy ordered him to. Tommy continued to go on to tell Jon the new problem of fuel for their generator, which scared Jon a lot. He then went on to tell Jon how Hunter had told him to go and talk to Al, as Al might be able to help them if he wanted. Jon laughed after hearing that Al sang old Elvis songs. Tommy finished by saying, "there was one very good thing that happened today."

"What was that?" asked Jon.

"Hunter was able to say Shawn's name," Tommy replied.

"Tommy, you said earlier he could say all our names sorta, except yours," Jon said.

"No, I meant that he said Shawn's name and he didn't say sir afterwards. It was when you brought him back into my room. He actually talked to Shawn and said his name. It was only the one time, but I'm hopeful it won't be long before he can say everyone's name."

"Oh yeah, he did, didn't he," said Jon. "I didn't notice that but that is a good sign."

"And here you teased me yesterday about not noticing shit," said Tommy giving Jon a playful punch in the arm. "It's almost 7 PM, so let's go find Kyle and Hunter. They are probably playing in the pool," Tommy said. "Let's put some swimsuits on and go relax in the pool with them."

They grabbed their suits, put them on, and then went downstairs to the pool. When they entered the poolroom, they saw a number of the boys playing in the water. Jordy and Jeremy were having a little splash fight with Zach and Mike. Chance, Chase, Kyle, Luke, Austin, and Shawn were playing Marco Polo. Ben was lounging in one of the chairs and playing a little with Joel, who had a little life jacket on and a swimming diaper. Hunter was sitting on the edge just watching the others when Tommy sat down next to him and said, "Hey Hunter, why aren't you in the pool playing with the others?"

"They won't let me play that game with them anymore Sir, as they say I'm too good at it, so they don't have any fun," Hunter said.

"Hunter, why don't you show Tommy your dive?" asked Ben.

"Yeah, show me," said Tommy.

"Yes S...," said Hunter cutting himself off before he could say Sir. Hunter got up and went to the diving board as the other boys in the pool moved away. Hunter started to jump a little then suddenly sprang up and away from the board. He was at least 15 feet in the air, almost to the ceiling, then he spun himself around in a 360 and dove straight into the water. Only a very miniscule splash occurred and a small ripple from Hunter cutting into the water. Tommy sat there with his mouth open, amazed at what he saw. The other boys were clapping encouragement to Hunter as he zoomed over to where Tommy was sitting.

"That was amazing Hunter. I have never seen anyone make such a small splash diving into a pool, that includes the Olympics, and you jumped so high off that little diving board. Very good Hunter," said Tommy smiling at Hunter. Looking down at Hunter's face, which was just beaming with pride from Tommy's praise, Tommy was struck with the thought that if Hunter had a tail it would have been churning up the water like mad because he was so happy.

"Hunter, your suit came off again," said Chance holding up Hunter's little Speedo swimsuit.

Hunter immediately swam over to Chance, mooning Tommy and Jon who had sat next to Tommy, took the swimsuit, put it on, and said, "Thank you Chance-sir," then swam back to Tommy.

"Does your suit come off that easily?" asked Jon.

"It only comes off when I dive or start to swim to fast, Jon-sir," replied Hunter.

"Let me guess, you just let it come off when you are swimming so fast until you are done, then you put it back on, instead of slowing down?" asked Tommy.

"Yes Sir," Hunter said.

"Well, come up here, so I can tighten it for you," said Tommy.

So, Hunter practically jumped out of the pool to stand next to Tommy dripping water on him as Tommy tightened the string and tucked it back inside the suit. All three of them then went into the pool and started to play with the others. Everyone had a good time playing. Especially Chance and Chase, they really seemed to enjoy it when Hunter's suit would come off. As they were usually, the ones who picked it up for him and either helped him back into it or handed it to him. Most of the boys were playing tag around the pool. Because of Hunter's amazing swimming abilities, he couldn't play tag, so Austin and Shawn played with him instead. Austin and Shawn were playing a game of fetch with Hunter as they would throw some toys all around the pool then have Hunter retrieve them all without taking a breath. Hunter was enjoying it and didn't seem to have a problem with swimming underwater to pick up the dozen or so toys scattered all around without taking a breath. He swam around or under the boys who were playing tag. There were two islands of calm in the pool. One was around Ben, who had brought Joel in and was playing with him. The other was around Tommy, who was just floating along in the pool chair. Whenever someone would disturb Tommy or come to close to him, he would grab them and dunk them. Occasionally, he would grab them and kinda pants them as he would pull the back of their suits down and have them moon everyone, then he would throw them away from him. Eventually Chase tired of the game of tag or splash war, so he went over to Tommy and climbed into his lap just relaxing along with him. This went on for a while until Kate came into the poolroom.

That evening with Cody and his boys...


Night had long fallen on the boys now, as bellies were grumbling and attitudes were short. Cody flashed his high beams to Phil and he pulled over. Cody got out and walked up to the plow meeting Phil as he stepped out.

"Why did you flash me Cody?"

"Hey, I needed to pee and stretch my legs, so I got out instead of using the walkie-talkie this time. We made a lot more distance then I ever expected today. Let's find a gas station and pull in. If the pumps and bathrooms inside work then we can stay there tonight."

"You aren't going to look for another Motel?" Phil asked.

"Nah, I think it's easier to just sleep in the RV tonight. There is plenty of room and it doesn't really matter how much fuel we use. We will be parked in a gas station so we can just fill up in the morning, besides, we have food and anything we need we should have at that gas station. We did over 300 miles today. We got out of the deeper snow once we got through the northern part of the state. We were making some good headway for a while there on RT 35," Cody said to Phil.

"Yeah, I know I was leading."

Cody just looked at him and didn't reply to that.

"Okay Cody, next gas station we see I will pull over. It's been great with the plow up the last 75 miles. My gas isn't going as fast and I agree, we have been making good time."

"Yeah I know, according to my figures we did a little over 300 miles today so far. Way more then I was expecting. We should be there tomorrow."

"This is great," Phil said back to him.

"Okay, I am going back in the RV and check on the guys. Calvin told me before that Denny was very quiet, so before we go I want to check him.

You can either come back with me or I will give you a yell on the walkie-talkie when I am set to go."

"I think I'll come back with you for now Cody."

With that, both boys turned to head back inside the RV. Once inside Cody took off his heavy coat and went over to check on Denny. Denny was covered in sweat and passed out, so Cody quickly felt his forehead.

"Haven't you been checking him Calvin?"

"No, not lately, he got quiet and stopped moving so I thought he was asleep."

"He wasn't asleep, he's unconscious. He seems to be burning up or at least feels very warm. I can't tell after being outside, my hands are still cold. I think I need to talk to Bryan," he said aloud.

Cody got up and walked up to the radio in the front of the RV. He keyed up the mic and started calling for Bryan.

"Bryan, its Cody can you hear me, over?" he said into the radio.

As he was about to repeat it after no response for almost a minute, he finally heard a voice.

"Hey Cody, Bryan here, sorry I stepped away from the radio for a few minutes but I got ya now. What's up, over?"

"We are stopping soon but I just checked on Denny and he is passed out and sweating. He feels very warm, over."

"Do you have a thermometer, over?" Bryan asked.

"Yeah, I think we do. I guess I should take his temperature, over."

"Yes Cody, you know how to use it, right, over?"

"Yes, of course but I don't trust putting it in his mouth with him passed out. If he bites it and it breaks we might have more problems, over."

"I understand. Then you are going to have to put it in the other end, over."

"Are you serious Bryan, over?"

Silence for about thirty seconds.

"Dead serious Cody, unless you know of another way, do you have a problem with that, over?"

"Well... err, not really. I guess I could do it in the bedroom in the rear of the RV, over."

"I don't care where you do it. Just get it done so I can try to help you, over."

"Okay, stand by and I will get back to you as soon as I can, over."

"I will be right here Cody, over."

"Okay," he said with a certain tone of confusion in his voice.

He stood up and looked at the boys. They all had looks on their faces, like they were glad they didn't have to do this or even happier it wasn't their butt he had to take it in.

"Calvin, grab his legs please, and help me carry him back to the bed."

Cody grabbed him as gently around the shoulders as possible, while trying not to hurt his wounded shoulder, Calvin took his legs and they slowly carried him to the back of the RV and gently put him on the bed.

"Thanks Calvin. Go wait up front and help Phil watch the plow for me. I am going to be a few minutes in here."

"Sure, no problem, I know you will be a little while. Good luck with what you have to do."

"Yeah, thanks," Cody said back with a straight face.

Calvin left and Cody followed him to get the thermometer. He asked Phil and Calvin to wait and watch the area while he was occupied with Denny. Both boys grabbed their guns and went on standby alert, just incase something might happen while they were idling on the side of the road out in the middle of nowhere. Meanwhile, Cody took the thermometer and headed back inside shutting the bedroom door behind him. He wasn't happy about doing this and even more having to do it to Denny who was a few days unwashed and passed out on top of it. He put the thermometer on the bed, grabbed Denny's belt and started to unbuckle it. He unsnapped his blue jeans and then pulled them down to his knees. Next, he went up to his boxers and looked Denny in the face.

"Damn, I hate doing this!" he said in a low tone.

He reached out, grabbed hold of the waistband of the boxers, and slowly started to pull them down. His only resistance was Denny's ass, he gently lifted the boy and pulled each side of them far enough down so they passed his butt cheeks. He pulled one side at a time until they were far enough down that the only thing they were left hiding was Denny's soft cock. He could easily see the nice patch of pubic hair above where they stopped at the moment. He swallowed hard and then with a yank pulled them down the rest of the way to meet Denny's jeans at his knees. He stood there and looked at the prize that was in front of him. Not that he was excited at all, or even showed much interest in what he saw. He still had to take a look because he was a boy and he was curious. Once the embarrassment passed, he took a closer look at Denny. In front of him, was a very nice patch of pubic hair with an even nicer three inches of soft boy meat laying over his balls. His balls were lying on his closed legs and hanging as far away from his overheated body as they could get at the moment. He stared at Denny's package for all of thirty seconds before he realized what was happening, what he was doing, and what he had to get done. He thought to himself for a second that this wasn't even the hard part yet.

Suddenly, he realized that there was no easy way for him to insert the thermometer with him lying this way. So, either he had to turn him on his side and fish around for his butt hole, by repeatedly poking it in between his ass cheeks, or lift his legs up, which would make entry into his butt hole a lot more easier. He moved back down to his legs, took off his shoes and then tugged off his jeans and then his boxers. He now felt another round of discomfort, as he realized that Denny was now very naked from the waist down. It quickly passed, as he knew he had to get a reading and still had to stick the thermometer up his ass to get one. He took the thermometer out of its case and moved closer. Slowly, he lifted one leg and held it up as high as he could to gain access to his rectum. This wasn't working as well as he thought it would especially with Denny's legs weighing more then he expected. He grabbed his right leg and lifted it up and out it behind his head freeing his hand so he could work with both hands. It was awkward, but at least now, he could get closer and get this over with. With his free left hand, he pulled back apart his cheeks and got his first good look and whiff of Denny's unwashed butt. Doing his best to ignore the odor, he took the thermometer, pointed it at his hole, and pushed. It slid in without a problem and after it went about half way, he stopped pushing. While he waited, he lowered Denny's other leg so he would have to hold the weight of it up.

He waited the allotted three minutes for the thermometer to do its job and then as carefully as possible he lifted his right leg and fished out the thermometer. Doing his best not to look at what was on it or smell it he moved it back and forth in the light and finally got it to a place where he could read it. It read 102.1. He took a paper towel, wrapped it around the soiled thermometer and then put the boxers back on Denny. He then got him situated on the bed so he would be as comfortable as possible there. Once that was done, he worked his way back up to the front of the RV and sat by the radio.

"Bryan, it's Cody, over."

"Come in Cody I hear you, over."

"I got a reading and it is 102.1, over."

"Okay, that's not very bad but its high enough that he needs to get here as soon as possible. Are you going to be here tomorrow, over?"

"I think so. I think we can make it if the weather cooperates Bryan, over."

"Okay, for now make sure one of the boys' watches him as often as possible and put a cold cloth on his head. Try to make it as cold as possible and keep monitoring his temperature. If it goes up over 103, we are going to have problems. If it goes above 104 or 105 we could lose him, over."

"Okay Bryan, I understand. We are about to find a gas station and stay in here for the night. This way, we won't have to move him. We should be fine in the RV for one night, over."

"I agree. You guys have an arsenal of weapons so I am sure you will be fine, over."

"I'll get back to you if anything changes Bryan. For now, we are going to go find a gas station that works and call it a night at that station, over."

"Okay Cody, good luck, out."

"Thanks, out."

Cody put down the mic and looked at the other boys. Danny was doing ok but still in a lot of pain and both Calvin and Phil looked worried but understood how severe this was becoming.

"Okay guys you heard it all. Phil, lets move up the road till we find a working gas station and then we will settle in there for the night. With gas and running water, I am sure we will be fine there. We will all be in for a bit of a tough nights sleep but only because Denny is worse and we will be out in the open a little. So, one of us will have to be awake. I hate to put this on you Calvin but if I don't get some decent sleep, I am worried about driving tomorrow. I want you to stay up as long as you can Calvin, while both Phil and I get some sleep since we are both driving. When you can't do it anymore or if you get really tired wake up Phil or myself and we will let you rest."

"He can wake me too Cody," Danny said, "I might not be able to do a lot but at least I can sit in the driver seat and keep watch."

"That will help Danny but I still need someone to watch Denny."

"We can't take his temperature if he gets worse Cody, so someone is going to have to wake you up if he gets worse."

"I know but I want to get as much sleep as I can before that so I will depend on you and Calvin. Both of you can sleep all day tomorrow if you want but tonight if you can both keep each other company that will be great."

"I will try my best Cody," Danny said.

"Me too," Calvin added.

"Great, lets go find a working gas station, get some food in us, and then we can call it a night."

With that, Phil got up and headed back to the plow and Cody back to the drivers seat. It was 7:30 now, as they drove up the road to find the next working gas station. Thankfully, ten minutes up the road they found the next gas station and pulled in. The wind picked up some as Cody got out checking the pump for gas. The lights were all on inside the building so that was a bonus to start. He pulled out the nozzle and flipped the switch. After squeezing the handle, a little gas came out. He cheered a little and hung the nozzle back up.

"Go try the diesel over there Phil," he yelled over to him.

He waved okay, drove the plow over to the pump, and started to fill up. Cody did the same and then afterwards, they both parked their vehicles directly in front of the attached store and went inside to check it out. It was clear of anyone and somewhat clean. It had running water in the bathroom inside and they felt secure that this would be a good place to spend the night. Phil secured the plow and joined the others inside the RV and they began to make some dinner and settle in for the night after Cody gave Denny another quick checking on to make sure he didn't get worse. By 9pm, they were all done eating. Most of the boys went inside the station to wash in the indoor bathroom, and then they settled in the RV each picking a bed to sleep in or share, with all three beds being made up. Cody decided it would be best if he moved Denny over in the queen-sized bed in the bedroom and slept next to him, hopefully solving one of their worries for the night.



Back over to Tommy's house...

"Everyone, Bryan and I are going to put a movie on and thought you might like to join us. If you want, you need to get out and dried off then come into the game room. We will be starting it soon," Kate told the boys.

With that, many of the boys thanked Kate and got out of the pool. Tommy grabbed a towel from the pile in the poolroom, making a mental note that someone was going to have to do some laundry soon, and dried himself off. Then he watched, as Shawn helped Hunter dry off. The three of them went upstairs, along with a whole herd of boys, and went into his room. Tommy turned on his shower and hung up the suits to dry as the three of them quickly rinsed off. Tommy was again drying himself off as Shawn dried off Hunter taking special care with Hunter's now erect dick and balls. Tommy would have stopped Shawn but he had asked Hunter if it was alright for him to do that so he let it go. Shawn then asked Hunter if he could dry him off like he did to him and Hunter was delighted to comply. By now, Tommy was beginning to get some wood from watching the two little boys dry each other off and each of them feel the other up some. They then went into his room and Tommy threw some pajamas at the two boys whose erections were still going strong. After asking, Shawn dressed Hunter and Hunter dressed Shawn. Hunter needed a little help dressing Shawn as he wasn't sure yet on where the front was or which side was supposed to be on the outside, but with Tommy's help he got Shawn dressed. Tommy just looked at his two boys and smiled. It had been a long time since Shawn wore anything other than some underwear and a t-shirt to bed but with Kate here, that probably wouldn't work. Especially, with how Shawn sometimes poked out of his boxers if he wasn't careful. Shawn was wearing some Batman pajamas and Hunter was wearing some Superman pajamas, both of which Shawn had picked out for Hunter at the mall. Tommy was wearing some shorts over his boxers and an old t-shirt. By now, the boys erections had gone down and they headed out to the game room. Tommy sat back into his big comfy recliner and had Shawn and Hunter sitting on the floor next to him. He noted that none of the boys from his house had decided to wear just their boxers and t-shirt. All of them were wearing either an entire set of pajamas or a pajama bottom and a t-shirt. Tommy never realized that most of the boys even had a set of pajamas, as he had never seen them wearing them before. Tommy smiled when he saw some of Kate's boys wearing matching Santa Claus pajamas. Kate, Bryan, and Ben brought out bowl after bowl of popcorn for everyone. Once everyone settled down, they started up the movie. Kate had chosen Star Wars Episode One: The Phantom Menace to watch. Not because she really liked it, but because she knew most of the boys would enjoy it. Sometime during the movie both Shawn and Hunter had crawled into the chair with Tommy as they all sat there watching it and eating the popcorn.

Once the movie was over Tommy said, "Thanks Kate, and you too Bryan for the movie. It was a lot of fun."

"Thanks Tommy, I guess it's time to wake-up the little ones," Kate said noticing that Chris, Austin, and Chase had fallen asleep during the movie.

"Boys from our house, listen up. It's time for bed so I want you all to brush your teeth and stuff then go to your rooms. Remember, you don't have to go to sleep but you do have to go to your room," Bryan said.

"Do we have to?" asked Mike.

"You know the rules Mike. Even if we are here, you still have to follow them. Now off to bed," said Bryan.

Tommy was amazed to see the boys from their house get up and head off to bed with only a few grumbles. When they were gone, he said to Bryan, "Why do you send them all off like that?"

"If we didn't set a time for them to go to their rooms, Kate and I wouldn't have any quiet time together. It's a little hard on Mike and Matt, since they are older but we have talked to them so they understand that we need a little private time at night when Joel is sleeping, without one of them getting underfoot," Bryan said.

"Maybe I should do that too, then Ben, DJ, and I could have a little peace and quiet too," Tommy said.

Many of the boys started to object to that when Tommy said, "Hey, shut up you guys. It's us three who do most of the cooking and cleaning around this house, so if I decide there will be a bedtime for the rest of you then that's what is gonna happen. If you don't like it, you know where the door is. I think, for tonight the rest of you can go to your rooms too."

The other boys got up and with a lot of grumbling and complaining, they went off to their rooms. Tommy pulled Hunter aside and said, "Just go to my room and relax, I'll be up there eventually." Once the other boys had headed upstairs to their rooms and only Jon was left Tommy said, "You too Jon."

"What, you are sending me to bed?" asked Jon incredulously.

"Please Jon, it's only fair," said Tommy.

"Oh alright," said Jon getting up and leaving. When he was walking past Tommy he whispered, "You owe me."

Once all the other boys were gone, it became nice and quiet with just Kate, Bryan, Ben, and Tommy in the room. They talked for a while amongst themselves and Tommy really enjoyed it. It had been some time since Tommy had a real adult conversation and he thought he might just make this a permanent thing. Kate then got up and started to put things away and Bryan told Tommy that this was another reason they came up with that rule. It made cleaning up the house so much easier without the boys constantly underfoot. While they had the boys usually clean up after themselves, it was usually not as good as Kate wanted it. So, every night they would go around and clean up or put away what the boys had forgotten. It was easier this way, rather than constantly telling the boys to pick this or that up and put it away. They then sat down in the kitchen and talked over a cup of coffee or hot chocolate depending on what each wanted. Kate talked to Tommy and Ben about her fears that she might try to tell the other boys what to do and how hard she was trying not to do that. Tommy was grateful that both Bryan and Kate didn't want to intrude on his rule but told them that if they saw any of the boys doing something that they shouldn't be doing it was okay with him for them to put a stop to it. Tommy told them, if any of his boys had a problem with it to tell him and he would deal with it. A basic hierarchy formed then, not only for Tommy's house, but for the neighborhood. Tommy was nominally in charge of everyone, but Kate and Bryan had final say when it came to their boys. They all agreed to abide by some very basic rules that Tommy had already been practicing for the neighborhood. It was also decided that if one of the boys broke the rules that whosever house they lived in would decide on the punishment. Tommy enjoyed the talk immensely, as while it might have been understood by everyone, now it had been flat out stated that Tommy was in charge. Bryan then talked a little about how tomorrow it would be New Year's Eve and he had found some fireworks that they could shoot off to celebrate the New Year. Kate and Ben then started to talk about what they could make for a special dinner and party. It was almost midnight when they broke up and each went to their rooms.

Tommy found Hunter doing some strange martial arts type moves as he entered his room. Hunter immediately snapped to attention after he finished the current move.

"Relax Hunter," Tommy said.

"Yes Sir," replied Hunter as he visibly relaxed.

"Remember to cut down on the sirs. It's cold in here, did you open the window or something?" asked Tommy.

"Yes..." Hunter said. It was obvious he really wanted to say `Sir' but stopped himself. "I went out on your balcony to look up at the stars."

"Did you enjoy it?" asked Tommy getting himself ready for bed.

"Yes... I did. It was even prettier when I climbed onto the roof to watch the stars and wave to Al."

"Wave to Al?" said Tommy.

"Yes Sir, I'm sure he has one of his satellites looking in this direction. I thought it would be impolite to at least not wave to him, after all he did send me to you," Hunter said happily, as he climbed into bed with Tommy. "Are we going to visit Al tomorrow?"

"Yes Hunter, tomorrow morning you, me, and maybe a few of the others will go see Al."

"Sir, I think it would be best if only you and I went," Hunter said snuggling up to Tommy in the bed.

"Why?" asked Tommy.

"Al doesn't really trust people, and I think it would be safer if just you and I went alone."

"What do you mean by safer?" Tommy asked, turning Hunter so he could see his face.

"Sir, Al isn't defenseless, he has a lot of automated weapons he can use to defend himself with if he thinks he's in danger. If many people came with me, then Al might think I was being forced to tell them about him. If it is only you, he would think it was only because I wanted him to meet you."

"You sure?" said Tommy.

"Positive," replied Hunter smiling at Tommy.

"Okay, then just you and I will go see Al tomorrow."

"Yes Sir," said Hunter as he snuggled closer to Tommy.

"Goodnight Angel," Tommy whispered and kissed Hunter's head.

"Goodnight Sir," replied Hunter.

Tommy then drifted off to sleep holding onto Hunter. Tommy was dreaming it was a beautiful summer's day and he was on vacation with his parents in New York City, somewhere he always wanted to visit but hadn't had the opportunity, when all of the sudden he awakened to a blood curdling scream. Tommy saw Hunter screaming and thrashing around on the edge of his bed so he immediately moved next to him and reached out to comfort him. When Tommy touched Hunter, Hunter grabbed his arm and flung him across the room. Tommy bounced a bit but he got right up ignoring the scrapes and bruises he had just received and went back to Hunter.

"Hunter, it's me Tommy, calm down," Tommy said.

Hunter's eyes opened, his face a mask of terror, and he just started crying. Tommy picked him up off the bed and sat down with him in his lap, when his door suddenly opened and more than a dozen boys burst into his room. The boys all started to ask what had happened as Hunter just cried out in such pain and terror that it scared most of the other boys. Tommy ignored the other boys, as he just kept trying to calm Hunter down a little but was having very little success. Finally, Tommy said to the boys, "Hunter is just having a bad nightmare, there's nothing you can do, so just go back to bed please."

"You heard the man, off to bed," said Bryan as he ushered the scared boys back to their rooms. Hunter's cries could still be heard throughout the house as the boys went back to bed. His cries were so filled with terror that they actually made some of the boys feel as if their hair was standing on end. Chris climbed in with Danny without a word as they found comfort in each other's presence. Billy and Joey slept together for the first time, as both were very disturbed by Hunter's cries. Chance and Chase timidly asked Matt if they could sleep with him and he just pulled up his blanket and moved over for them. Kate managed to get Joel back to sleep in the drawer they had set up for him, as they didn't have time to move his crib yet. Austin and Jose were too frightened to sleep on their own now with Hunter's cries echoing around the house, so Kate let them sleep with her and Bryan when he came back. Kyle and Luke were already in the same bed but Kyle was extremely disturbed by Hunter's cries and howls of pain and terror. Therefore, instead of Kyle holding Luke, Luke was holding a very frightened Kyle. Jordan was obviously more scared than Zach was, so he asked his brother if he could sleep with him and Zach, of course, said `sure.' The same happened with Ryan and Todd except it was Todd who was the frightened one. Shawn refused to leave his friend, so he just sat next to Tommy on the couch trying to offer whatever comfort to Hunter he could. Jon sat with Tommy too, trying to do what he could but nothing seemed to help as Hunter just kept crying and howling out in pain and fear, making many of the boys squirm in their beds as they felt a chill go down their spines. After awhile, they were able to calm Hunter down enough so that his cries couldn't really be heard outside the room.

After Bryan had seen all the other boys back to bed, he went back to Tommy's room and said, "Tommy, this is obviously a lot more than a simple nightmare. What's going on with him?"

"I'll tell you tomorrow Bryan, if you still want to know. You might be happier if you didn't know so think about it, but I'll tell you in the morning if that's what you decide," said Tommy.

"All right, I'll hold you to that," said Bryan, then, "Goodnight everyone."

"Night Bryan," they said.

After Bryan had gone downstairs, Caleb entered and said, "Tommy, I'm scared to sleep alone now. Can I stay with you?"

"Jon, why don't you take Caleb to your room and let him sleep with you, no sense in all of us not getting any sleep," Tommy said.

"Sure TJ," said Jon to Tommy. To Caleb he said, "Come on Caleb, you can come with me and sleep in my bed."

"Okay Jon," said Caleb as he grabbed Jon's hand and left Tommy's room.

Tommy kept saying, "Its okay Hunter, I'm right here. No one is going to hurt you," repeatedly. Hunter had finally settled down enough that Tommy could talk to him and he said, "Are you feeling a little better Hunter? You're safe now. What's wrong? Why are you crying?"

"Bad room, Hunter good boy, no bad room," mumbled Hunter crying some more.

"Oh Angel, I'm so sorry. Don't worry, you aren't going to the bad room," Tommy said rocking a sobbing Hunter as tears streamed down his face. Tommy fought with his own tears of anger and fear at hearing Hunter's cries as he just kept rocking him on his lap and kissing his head. It was then, that Tommy realized that Hunter was dealing with some very bad memories, like what he saw in the video. He also realized it was his talking about it earlier that probably caused it. "The bad men won't hurt you ever again Angel. I'm right here, I'm so sorry Angel, you are gonna be okay." Tommy saw a strange look on Shawn's face and said, "What is it Shawn?"

"You called him `angel'," said Shawn jealously.

"Shawn, I call you Cutie. What's wrong with me calling him Angel?" asked Tommy thinking he was too busy to really deal with this right now.

"Nothing, I guess, but why `angel'?"

"You've seen him, Shawn. His body is perfect and he healed Kyle and me with just a touch, so I think Angel is kinda appropriate for him, don't you?"

"Yeah, I guess."

"You just don't like me calling anyone other than you by a pet name, right?" asked Tommy as he continued to rock Hunter and whisper calming phrases to him.

"Yeah," said Shawn.

Tommy reached out with one arm to give Shawn a hug and said, "You will always be my Cutie, Shawn. No matter what, I love you, and nothing will change that."

"Thanks TJ, I love you too," said Shawn hugging both Hunter and Tommy. "Sorry for being a little jealous there."

"That's okay Shawn but let's try to help Hunter now," said Tommy.

Tommy and Shawn just kept trying to comfort Hunter as Hunter just kept repeating `bad room' until eventually Shawn's curiosity got the better of him and he said, "What's he mean by `bad room'?"

"Are you sure you want to know?" asked Tommy.

"Yeah, he's my friend so I think I should know," stated Shawn.

"Okay, the bad room he is talking about is a room the people who had him before took him to, so that they could torture him. He probably had a dream about it, which caused this."

For two more hours, Tommy and Shawn comforted Hunter until finally he cried himself out and fell asleep in Tommy's arms. Tommy then very gently carried him over to the bed and lay down with him. Shawn quietly ran to his room and came back carrying something. He then tucked Hunter's Lion under Hunter's arm. Shawn climbed into the bed and with Hunter in the middle with both of them holding him. All three finally went to sleep.

To be continued...