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Chapter 96 part 1

Day of Love.

Monthly Update

A lot of moving around happened in the previous month. Bryan and his `family' completely moved back into their house. Cody and his boys worked on making their new house their own. There was even a little bit of moving going on at Tommy's house. With the attic now being open for someone in Tommy's house to move into, it created a few problems. In the end, Billy and Joey got to move up into the larger room in the attic. This caused a little shuffling of rooms among the other boys. It took a few days for everyone to move all of their stuff into either their new room or back into their old room.

Another change that happened to everyone was that Tommy, Bryan, Cameron, and Cody began a learning program for everyone. Tommy went with Hunter to go see Al and picked up enough laptop computers for everyone. They all would spend a few hours every weekday learning something. Al did a number of tests with them to begin with, to find out what they already knew. After that, he designed an individual learning plan for each of them. Al was actually a very good teacher and all of them were learning a lot. The younger kids didn't have much choice in what they were learning, as they still needed a good foundation from which they could later build upon. The older ones were able to choose from a number of different subjects to study. The older they were, the more choices they were shown so that they could decide to learn something they might enjoy while at the same time, was useful to their little community.

In addition, each house seemed to have its own special fun thing going on. At least once a week, almost everyone would get together at one of the houses to have a good time. Tommy's house had the large pool, so when they met there they would have a pool party. Bryan and Kate began a movie night for everyone in the home theater they had. They would all play pool, pinball, or other games at Cody's house when it was their turn to entertain everyone.

Danny and Chris

Danny still kept Chris on a leash occasionally. He did it mainly so he could keep a close eye on Chris. As before, Danny was getting tired of constantly watching over his brother, so lately he had been giving Chris more and more freedom. Danny had many talks with Chris about what he did, and why he thought it was wrong. Each talk included him apologizing for bruising Chris's butt from spanking his little brother so hard.

Since Chris had experienced the joys of fooling around, Danny knew just telling him not to do it anymore wasn't going to work. Danny thought that would have been as helpful as the abstinence program his church youth group talked about, which was to say not at all. Instead, Danny told him he had to keep it with people more his own age. Billy, Joey, and anyone older then Danny were off limits for that type of play. Of course, this didn't leave that many people who Chris could play sex games with, but that was part of the reason Danny decided no one older than he was for Chris to play around with.

Danny spent a lot of time playing with his brother and re-bonding with him. Whenever Danny was fed up with his brother and his silly games, he tried to remember how he hurt his brother and how he owed it to him to make it up. Danny saw it as a way to pay penance for hurting his brother. Chris was hurt so bad it took over a week for all the bruises to go away and Danny felt terrible the entire time because of it.

Because Chris was being limited to the boys his own age, he began to play a lot with Austin, Shawn, Hunter, and Chase when he visited. Since Danny was never far from his brother usually, he began to play with them a lot too.

Danny couldn't spend all his time with his brother or he would go nuts. So when Danny wasn't watching his brother, he could usually be found in the company of Caleb or Chance.

Zach, Jordan, and Jeremy

Jordan and Jeremy were moving closer together as they found little hideaways to `play' with each other. They hadn't done much together yet as they were going very slowly and didn't want to rush things. They were spending more and more time with each other to get to know each other better. Zach didn't bother them usually as long as they didn't do anything in his room.

Jordan was getting very concerned about his brother since Zach was having more nightmares about Robert lately. Some of the nightmares got to the point of him covered in sweat and having wet his bed as he woke up crying softly and whimpering `no more, no more'. Jordan did what he could to comfort his brother and tried to talk to him about what Robert did, but he wouldn't say. Jordan did talk to Tommy about it and Tommy quietly got him some Goodnights for his brother so that the others wouldn't find out about his problem. Tommy tried to talk to Zach a couple times also but Zach refused to tell anyone what Robert did to him other than basic abuse. Jordan and Tommy were certain Robert did something terrible and far worse than he did to Jordan but Zach wouldn't talk about it.

Billy and Joey

After everyone had moved out, the attic became available. Tommy originally was going to move Caleb into it but Billy and Joey complained. They thought that since they had been among the first in the group, that they should have first choice in getting the attic. Basically, they bitched and moaned Tommy into submission.

Billy and Joey's relationship continued to deepen as they kept betting each other over little things and the loser had to do some sexual favor for the winner. They found this to be a very fun game and even occasionally invited others to join in their new favorite game. Ryan, Mike, and Jr. were seen playing with them a lot lately.

Joey's hair did begin to grow back finally but he lost a couple bets to Billy, and Billy decided to shave him smooth again as he liked him better that way. So now, Billy was shaving Joey every few days much to both of their pleasure, since Billy would always suck Joey off wonderfully afterwards.

Chris did come to them occasionally when Danny was busy somewhere else. Each time he came, they sent him away as they were trying to mend their friendship with Danny. They did sit with Chris and talk about what they did and that he should do it with someone closer his age or on his own if he wanted to.

It was only recently that they were able to get Danny to say more then a few words at a time to them. They realized they really screwed up by playing with Danny's little brother and were trying very hard to make up for it. Unfortunately, they didn't realize this until after they got into another argument with Danny and hit him for what he was saying to them. This of course got them in more trouble and this time Tommy gave in to Danny's demands and spanked them for giving Danny a black eye. Each of them decided to receive their spanking bent over a chair instead of an over-the-knee spanking like a little child. Both of their butts were quite red and they were both crying after Tommy finished. They spent an additional week at `hard' labor but after that, they both were very careful not to get in trouble again. What surprised them was that Tommy had a number of talks with them afterwards apologizing for spanking them, but he couldn't think of any other punishment, since his grounding them to their room and giving them a week of extra chores obviously didn't work.


Caleb had moved into a room of his own after Bryan's family left. He was enjoying his own space and soon after moving in, it was a total mess. Tommy usually had to talk to Caleb once a week to make him clean it up some, if for no other reason than to keep Caleb's mess from creeping into the hall.

Caleb was busy trying to make friends and seemed to find a good friend in Danny and Chance. He of course spent more time with Danny since they lived together in the same house but whenever Chance would visit all three of them would find something to do to keep them busy. He did have to put up with Chris when he and Danny got together, but he put up with it since it was important to his friend.

Caleb did finally have a long talk to Shawn about what Travis did to him in the mall. He felt better after finally talking to someone about it, but it wasn't easy. After Caleb's experience with Travis, he was totally turned off to anything sexual. He didn't even give himself pleasure anymore as every time he did, he had a nightmare later. He wasn't like Shawn who went to Tommy when he had a bad nightmare. He, like most of the others, just dealt with it himself, but lately he had begun to think that maybe he should talk to Tommy about it. He saw how much Tommy had been helping Hunter, and Shawn had told him that Hunter had experienced far worse than either of them had.


Ben was Ben. He basically didn't involve himself much with the others. He had been keeping up with his exercises, so he was losing his extra weight and was beginning to trim down some.

He had been having fun making some new meals but he was beginning to run out of some supplies. They still had enough food to last them quite awhile but he was beginning to run out of things that weren't canned or boxed.

He did try to do a little ice fishing once on the river through town. He didn't think it was necessary, but Tommy sent Hunter to go with him for added protection. Ben was going to cut a hole through the ice but Hunter just punched one for him. Ben was rather surprised that the ice didn't break and have them fall in. He managed to catch two fish that way. However, he had to admit Hunter's way was a lot more productive. Hunter went a ways downstream and knocked a larger hole in the ice. He then took off his clothes and dove in. He swam around some and just popped out of the ice every so often with a fish in his teeth.  Initially, Ben was extremely concerned to see Hunter dive into the river. He immediately ran over to where Hunter had punched his hole in the river, but by the time he got there, Hunter had jumped out while holding a fish in his mouth. Seeing Hunter was fine, Ben went back to his spot to fish. Ben thought it was pretty funny to see Hunter burst through the ice downstream. It reminded him of the dolphin shows he had seen with his family on vacation. Not to mention, Hunter was rather easy on the eyes even if his dick and balls were trying to crawl up into his body. Ben had a number of opportunities to see Hunter close up, as after bursting out of the water he would run over by Ben to drop off his fish in the bucket Ben brought. Ben was amazed that Hunter could fish that way. After Hunter was done playing in the river, Ben helped him dry off and back into his clothes. He was a little sickened when he had to stop Hunter from eating the fish when it was still alive and squirming. He let Hunter eat the one fish he had already taken a bite out of, but explained that he wanted to cook the rest of them. Ben then used half of the fish to make a special dinner for everyone. The other half he prepared and froze for later.

Ben was becoming like a regular fixture over at Bryan's house. He would visit at least every other day to spend time with Bryan, Kate, or Joel. He still got together with Luke occasionally to do something fun. Otherwise, Ben kept himself busy by making the meals and helping to clean up the house.


DJ spent about a week at the farm before finally heading back to Tommy's house. He and Cam had a lot of fun together but Cam's brother's had to come home sometime. Their arrival meant the end of their games. They did have a lot of fun with each other, but neither one would let the other do more then finger the others backdoor. Cam because he was too afraid of the monster DJ had swinging between his legs and DJ because it reminded him too much of Robert.

When DJ returned, he had a long talk with Tommy about Hunter and everything else that he missed. DJ was devastated to learn that the video he saw was actually real. He completely fell apart on Tommy when he was told. Tommy did his best to comfort him, but it wasn't until DJ began sobbing about how he should have known it was real after seeing Robert in it, that Tommy learned more of what happened to DJ. This led to him to start talking about some of the sick and perverted things Robert did to him. Tommy was disgusted to hear about them, but DJ needed to talk about it to someone and Tommy was the one there. Tommy thought the worse was when Robert tried to turn DJ into a pet. Once DJ recovered, he was pretty amazed to hear what Hunter could do and everything that Al offered them.

When Tommy had dropped by to drop off Chance and Chase, he had told Cam and DJ a little about Al. DJ helped Cam set up one of Al's portable generators. Cam was very happy for the generator, as he didn't have to keep putting wood into the heating stoves anymore.

When DJ got back, he sorta became Tommy's enforcer. He was the one that ensured Billy and Joey were kept busy for their punishment time. He also had to deal with Zach a few times. It was just Zach being a jerk and all he had to do was talk to him about it. DJ did visit Cam a few times for a day or so and Cam took his brothers to visit Tommy a number of times.

What happened to the 3 C's...

Cameron, Chance, Chase

The farm boys were busy taking care of the farm and going back and forth to the hill. Chance and Chase were having a lot of fun spending their mornings taking care of the farm, and then spending the rest of the day over at Tommy's playing with the other boys most days. Snowmobile trips almost became an every other day thing it seemed. Chance was having a lot of fun playing with Caleb and Danny whenever he visited. Chase played a lot with Austin, Shawn, and Hunter when he had the chance. Chance also spent some time with Ben or Kate learning how to cook new things for back on the farm. He was getting to be a pretty good little cook.

Chase had two birthday celebrations, one at the farm with only his brothers, and the other up on the hill. He had a lot of fun at both of his parties.

Cameron was busy with the majority of the farm work and doing his daily patrols. He made a couple of trips for food too, making sure their freezers and shelves were always well stocked.

He was also having a lot of fun with DJ when the occasion allowed. Cam was trying to get over his fear of playing around back `there' as he knew how important it seemed to be for DJ but he hadn't been able to do it yet. It was frustrating to Cam that DJ wanted him to give up his ass, but wouldn't do the same. He understood why, since DJ had told him about Robert and a few of the things he did to him.

Cameron was also busy with planning what to plant and trying to decide where to plant it come springtime. He was still considering moving but wanted to get a good look of the area without any snow so he could clearly see how the land looked. Cameron had a number of misgivings, as there were some serious problems with moving the farm. First, there was the humongous task of taking apart the milking machines, moving them, and then reassembling them. They weren't the only machines that would need to be moved to help set up a new farm either. New farm buildings would have to be constructed, irrigation systems set-up, moving all the animals, and a host of other things. The main stumbling block for Cameron was that his family had lived in their home and farmed their land for over a hundred years. He didn't want to move away from that heritage. The problem with all that was he knew there was security in numbers so by moving closer to Tommy and the others it would make himself and his brothers safer.

They finally make it...

Davie and Duane

One of the biggest changes was that Davie and Duane finally arrived. There was a big party for their arrival. Afterwards, the two of them promptly moved into one of the smaller houses a little ways away from the others. The house was actually a guesthouse on one of the bigger plots but it was more than big enough for the two of them.

Ryan and Todd moved in with them for a little bit, but after a few days they moved back to Bryan and Kate's house. The reason for their return was very simple. They didn't like Duane. Duane seemed to be able to take offense at the smallest things and had a tendency to be rather melodramatic. To say Duane's personality was a little abrasive was like saying Hunter had a slightly troubled childhood or that Tommy had a small problem with fidelity.

There was absolutely no question about Duane's sexuality as it could be nicely said that Duane was a flamer. From Duane's behavior it was clear what Davie's sexuality was, there was no way Davie could have stayed in the closet with Duane around him. It seemed like the only one who could stand Duane was Davie and he seemed head over heals in love with him, even if it didn't seem like Duane shared those feelings completely.

Ryan and Todd did spend time over at their brother's house and occasionally spent the night but Duane got on their nerves, as he seemed to treat them like his personal servants. It wouldn't have been so bad, but Davie insisted they be nice to Duane.

Davie got along fairly well with everyone especially Bryan and Kate for their looking out for his brothers and Tommy for letting him move into the neighborhood. Neither one of them really believed what the others said about Hunter and just figured they were pulling their legs.

One strange thing with Duane was that Hunter refused to be alone with him. Hunter would hide behind Tommy whenever he was around Duane. If Tommy weren't there, he would hide behind whoever was watching him at the time. The others tolerated Duane because they liked Davie, but without Davie, they probably would have sent him packing.

Cody and his boys...


Cody and his boys had settled into their new house. None of them were neat freaks so Cody had to gather his boys every couple of days and clean up the house. Otherwise, he would have been too embarrassed to let anyone else come over to visit. Since Cody's house had a very nice game room, they usually had a couple of the others over every day playing pool or pinball with someone.

Cody went out a lot with the other adults to gather supplies for his house. Tommy had collected most of the foodstuffs before anyone else. Then Bryan came and collected a bunch more. Therefore, by the time Cody got there most of the stores were empty. He had to travel a bit to find anything. Cody had to go from five to ten miles away to find a place that wasn't already ransacked by Tommy, Bryan, or somebody else. Cody had the most luck with the smaller grocery stores or convenience stores as it seemed that the bigger stores had already been raided pretty well. Even then, it was all canned or boxed stuff.

Cody celebrated his sixteenth birthday quietly, for the most part. He didn't think anyone realized it was his birthday until late at night he was called over to Kate and Bryan's. They told him that Calvin hurt himself and he needed to get over there right away. When he ran in everyone jumped out at him and shouted surprise, practically scaring the shit out of him. He had a wonderful birthday dinner and presents. The best present was that Bryan and Kate had found a picture of him and his family that had somehow gotten placed in their stuff. They put it in a beautiful frame for him. It was very special to him and he had thought he had lost it. Kate told him she found it a few days ago in an old box she hadn't unpacked. He was so choked up, that he couldn't speak for a few minutes. Their present was probably the best present he had ever received.


Phil had sort of become Cody's second in command after the long drive from the mall, even if he wasn't the second oldest. This happened mainly because of his driving the snowplow alone ensuring they all got to Tommy's before Denny died. The snowplow he used was outside parked with the fire truck now and still made Phil feel proud when he saw it. He showed his capability to be responsible then and Cody rewarded him for it. He was also always backing Cody up and helping to get the others to clean or do whatever needed to be done. Cody had begun putting him in charge whenever he went out. Phil was very careful not to abuse his power, which was probably why he was able to get them to do what he wanted.

Phil was really enjoying their new house and the game room especially. Phil really enjoyed playing pool with the others and began to get fairly good at it. His skills got even better when Al used pool as a tool to help him learn geometry. He was becoming quite the little pool shark around the house.


Calvin had been spending a lot of time over at Bryan and Kate's house. He was busy playing with Jose a lot. Actually, he went there mainly because he found comfort in Kate's presence. She never seemed to mind him over there helping her out with whatever she was doing or playing with Jose. He would have preferred to spend more time with Cody but he seemed to be very busy most of the time. Calvin saw how Kate was giving the others baths all the time. He was beginning to think that maybe he should ask her to give him one. When he asked Austin or Jose about the baths, they both told him how much they liked them because of how loved she made them feel. Calvin thought it would be nice to feel that way again since it had been a long time since he thought anyone loved him. For awhile at the mall, he thought Cody might but Cody seemed distant to him lately. Calvin desperately wanted to feel that way again and if he had to live with a little embarrassment to get it then he decided that's what he would do. All he had to do now was get up enough courage to either ask her or say yes when she asked him. She had asked him before whenever she was going to give one of the other boys a bath and he was there but he always said `no' so far.

Danny Jr.

After Jr.'s abortive attempt to get with Cody, he had been spending a lot of time with Matt. When Matt was busy, he would get together with Billy and Joey to play games or some fun bets. The bets usually were late at night or earlier when hardly anyone else was around.

Shortly after everyone had finished moving and things settled down a bit, he and Denny went to see Hunter and properly thanked him for saving their lives. Jr. knew Hunter probably didn't really save his life but he did take away the pain and the terrible scar that he would have had to live with. Jr. also thought without Hunter's help, he might have walked with a limp. Like he had seen the people in movies do after getting shot. So, while Hunter didn't actually save his life, he did make it better and Jr. was very grateful to him for doing that for him.


Denny was busy making friends with Tommy's boys, in particular Zach. Because Zach stayed close to his brother a lot, Denny was becoming friends with Jordan and Jeremy too. All four of them would get together to go snowmobile riding or playing video games.

Denny had been one of the few kids who actually liked going to school and was spending a lot of time on the laptop learning new things from Al. He truly seemed to enjoy learning something new, even if the others teased him about how long he was on the teaching computers but he was soaking up knowledge like a dry sponge.

Bryan and Kate's family...


Bryan had a long talk with Tommy about the other things Hunter could do and what Al really was. Tommy and Hunter even took Bryan to meet Al one time. After meeting Al, Bryan felt much better as he was a little worried about what Tommy had told him. Other than that, Bryan had been mainly busy taking care of his new family and trying to keep Kate from killing Duane.

Bryan had been following Kate's advice about getting to know the boys better and it seemed to be working. He was getting closer to each of them once he found some activity they liked to do that he could do with them.

When he found out that Duane had an electrical background, it gave them a lot more to talk about. As Bryan learned more and more about Duane and his antics, he backed off and that basically ended any friendship that began between them.

With a lot of help from his boys, he turned their spare room into a nursery for Joel and the unborn baby yet to come. Bryan was learning a great deal from Al with his lessons. He was learning a lot more about electricity and some basic construction techniques.


Kate was fine with Duane until Ryan and Todd showed up at their door in their boxers, blue lips, and shivering terribly. Each of them had a very mild case of frostbite on their fingers and toes. Apparently, Duane was pissed off at them for something or other. He shoved them out of the house into the freezing weather before they could get dressed. Kate was ready to march over there and show Duane what growing up in her father's Dojo had taught her. It took everything Bryan could think of to keep her from beating the shit out of him.

Because of this, both of the twins got rather sick. Both of them had fevers that peaked a little over 104 degrees. Kate was so worried about them that she had Bryan help her give them cooling baths. Neither one of them really liked that initially, but they were too weak to protest. However, it did help lower Ryan's temperature. They did like it more when Kate bathed them instead of Bryan though. They felt more loved when Kate washed them but Bryan was very nice too. When Bryan gave them the cooling baths it was less embarrassing for them but they didn't feel as loved as when Kate did it. These baths made them realize why Austin and the others wanted Kate to bathe them. Todd was worse off then Ryan, so Kate had Tommy and Hunter go see Al to get some help. Tommy brought back a number of different pieces of medical equipment and a lot of medicine. Hunter hooked Todd up to them and shortly afterwards Todd got better without Hunter having to heal him.

Kate was very relieved when they got better but she was still ready to smack Duane for his stupidity and daring to hurt one of her boys. She might not actually be there Mother, but she now thought of all the boys as her sons or at the very least, little brothers.

Kate continued to give her boys' baths whenever they wanted it. She and Bryan were giving Austin and Jose baths when needed or asked for. Shawn and Chase had joined the ranks of boys enjoying some maternal attention from Kate. Kate even bathed Hunter a time or two with the others, but only after talking to Tommy first. Kate figured Tommy gave in and allowed this because he was tired of cleaning Hunter so frequently after one of his big messes.


At twenty months old now, Joel was up and running all over the house keeping his parents busy trying to keep track of him.  Like most children, Joel's favorite word seemed to be `No' and he used every opportunity to say it. Luckily for Kate and Bryan, Matt and Ben were more than willing to look after him to give them a break once in a while.

Joel's preferred choice of dress was just his diaper to run around the house with or when he was fast enough, he liked to wear nothing at all. This made the other boys laugh whenever it happened. They often saw a little naked bullet fly by with someone quickly following, yelling for him to stop, slow down, or get back here!


Other than helping out with watching Joel, Matt began to spend time with Jr. The two of them were beginning to get rather close. Bryan had tried Kate's reading idea with Matt but it didn't work. Therefore, Matt was spending time with Bryan whenever he had to fix something around any of the three houses. Matt was learning a great deal about home repairs because of this. Especially over at Cody's house, as it seemed that Bryan was always going over there to fix something one of them `accidentally' broke.


Mike had thought his obsession with Austin was over but it seemed he was wrong. He was good for a few weeks but then he began to feel the need to see Austin again. He tried to get closer to Austin, but Austin always seemed to be with one of his new friends. Hunter's presence around Austin has been a very good deterrent to Mike pushing too hard with Austin. Mike knew that Austin enjoyed getting a bath so he offered to bathe Austin a few times but Austin always put him off.

He had been spending time with Billy and Joey and learned about their little betting game. He joined them along with Ryan and Jr. a number of times. After each time he `played' with them, his obsession went away for a few days. By playing with Billy and Joey, he got to know Ryan a lot better and they began to spend more time with each other. Being a few doors away in the same house also helped.

Mike had a nice small birthday. Kate had talked to him earlier and he told her he really didn't want a big affair. Kate kept his birthday celebration to their house and the kids in it. Mike was very touched by everything they did and really enjoyed his birthday party, especially since it was the first one he ever had.

Ryan and Todd

Ryan and Todd were overjoyed when their brother Davie arrived and spent most of their time with him initially. They didn't like Duane at all but since their brother obviously loved the idiot, they put up with him. It wasn't until Duane threw them outside in the cold that they decided to only deal with him when absolutely necessary. Davie did spend a lot of time with them when they were sick and apologized to them for Duane's behavior. They accepted the apology, but thought Duane should have given it himself. They really enjoyed it when Davie came to visit, as usually Duane didn't come with him. After they got better, they would go visit their brother but usually didn't stay for more than a few hours.

Ryan did learn about the betting game going on at Tommy's and joined it. He had a lot of fun with the game along with Mike and was spending more time with Mike due to the game. After Todd got better, other than spending his time with his brothers, he spent the rest getting reacquainted with Phil, Denny, and Jr. After all the twins grumbling, they had to admit they enjoyed Bryan reading to them. They had picked out a book series called Artemis Fowl and looked forward to their reading sessions with Bryan now.

The twins' birthday was a little subdued affair, since they were still recovering from being sick, especially Todd. It didn't help that Duane came with Davie to celebrate it with them. Kate made them both a very nice cake and worked very hard decorating each one. They each got a number of very nice presents, since Bryan, Cody, and Tommy had taken their boys to the mall to find something special for each of them. Everyone seemed to put some extra effort into the twins' birthday celebration due to their sickness.


Jose was glad he was back in his own room. He was very embarrassed about his problem at night and didn't like having to share a room because of it. Even if he was sharing it with someone who had the same problem, he didn't like it. Jose's problem seemed to be getting worse unfortunately. He was beginning to have small wetting accidents during the day. He was very worried about it but too embarrassed to tell anyone yet. Because of this, he had been getting more and more shy. He did begin to play some with Calvin once in awhile. Due to his worrying about his wetting accidents, he usually played by himself now.

He did enjoy his baths with Kate as she made him feel rather loved and just like the others, he missed that feeling. He even liked it when Bryan sat with him for his bath as Bryan would play or talk to him nicely.

He really did enjoy when Bryan began to read to Austin and him. It reminded him of his uncle who used to read a story to him before he went to bed each night. He found that he liked the Narnia books that Bryan had picked up for them and looked forward to their night's together reading.


Austin was having a ball. He was playing a lot with Shawn and Hunter. He also was getting a lot closer to Chase when he came to visit. He was even thinking of talking to Chase about maybe fooling around a little. He knew the others were fooling around with one another, but he hadn't really done anything other than letting Mike see and feel him a little. From his spending so much time with Shawn, he saw how Shawn behaved around Hunter and thought they were probably doing stuff together. He also thought there might be something between Shawn and Tommy but he wasn't positive about that yet.

Austin knew Mike wanted to `do' stuff with him but he was worried after Hunter's warning. Mike had offered a few times to bathe or `play' with him but each time he had been able to turn him away. Mike was beginning to give Austin the creeps again at times. Austin realized that whenever he was playing with Shawn and Hunter, Mike didn't bother him. He figured it was mainly because of the looks Hunter gave Mike, which were anything but friendly.

Austin was working hard to find ways to get dirty, as he absolutely loved his baths. He was beginning to think of Kate as his Mom. Austin even called her that a few times. His baths made him feel much loved, even when Bryan washed him, he felt good. He enjoyed them the most when he had one with his friends.  

Austin did have a very good birthday. Bryan and Kate blew up a ton of balloons and made a special breakfast, lunch, and dinner for him. Everyone made him feel very special for his tenth birthday. He received a number of presents but the best was the hug and kiss Kate gave him when she called him her big boy.

Back over with Tommy's boys...

Kyle and Luke

Kyle and Luke had been having a lot of fun lately. Kyle had pestered his brother into bringing him to an adult store. Kyle picked up a number of toys and books from the store. He and Luke had a lot of fun testing out every toy. A number of the books intrigued both of them so they had begun to get into a little S&M fun. Luke and Patches were spending more and more of their nights in Kyle's room, so much so, that he now had a drawer full of his clothes for the morning. They found the greenhouse to be a good place for their fun. Taking care of the plants growing there was a good excuse for them to be alone for a number of hours. They had a lot of fun using the entire house for their games and playing out some of the stories they liked. Neither one brought any food or drink over there though. They had learned their lesson from before.

Kyle was still watching Hunter for his brother at times. Usually Tommy would ask Kyle to watch him as he went to have his nightly talk with Jon, he and Luke would take Hunter and Patches outside for a walk. Between his sexcapades with Luke, Kyle would spend time playing with Shawn and Hunter. Kyle was really getting to know Hunter and liked him more and more as a friend. Kyle was beginning to think of Hunter as his own little brother. He also tried his best to spend some alone time with Shawn to keep their close friendship alive.


The greatest change happened to Hunter. As his pain went away, so did his violent nightmares. It wasn't that he stopped having nightmares, as he had one every time he went to sleep. It was that he was able to deal with them far better on his own. As long as he slept with someone close to him, he could sleep through the night without waking the whole house. Of course, his sleeping through the night was only four to five hours as he was still too afraid to sleep more than that at one time. The rest of the night, he spent cuddling up to whomever he was sleeping with.

Tommy had been having Hunter take a nap most days and asked Shawn to lie with him so that he felt safe. Once his pain went away from healing the boys, Tommy began to see if Hunter could sleep with Shawn at night. Without the pain, he was able to sleep throughout the night. It just wasn't as restful as when he slept with Tommy, because he felt a lot safer when he was with his Master.

Hunter almost always called Shawn by just his name now and was even calling a few of the others by name occasionally. He still refused to call Tommy by name though. When Tommy tried to get him to say his name, Hunter would just basically fall apart if pressed too hard.

Hunter was beginning to get more time without someone constantly watching him so that he could do whatever he wanted to do. The problem was that he had no idea of what he wanted to do. He was so used to others telling him what to do that he didn't know how to keep himself busy on his own, other than doing exercises or studying his lessons. His watchers expanded to include DJ and Ben occasionally, but only after Tommy had a long talk with each of them.

Hunter had been going out on some missions for Al about once a week. They usually took only a day to complete but he was always extremely quiet for a day or so afterwards. He did tell Tommy when he asked about them but no one else.


Like most of the others, Shawn wasn't sitting on his butt the whole month. He had been spending a great deal of time with his new friend, Hunter. Shawn wasn't that thrilled to begin school again but whenever he ran into a problem Hunter was always able to help him with it. With Hunter's help, he was able to finish all his schoolwork within a few hours, leaving much of the day to play. Shawn did get a look occasionally at Hunter's lessons and couldn't even read it. It wasn't that it was in a different language, though at times it was, but that he had never seen anything like it.

After seeing Hunter doing his exercises, Shawn decided to begin to exercise with him. Hunter was also beginning to teach him some self-defense techniques. Shawn was nowhere close to being proficient but just the fact that he was beginning to learn how to defend himself, was giving him a lot of confidence. This confidence was helping him a lot with his own nightmares, sleeping with Hunter didn't hurt either.

Hunter was spending almost every other night sleeping with Shawn, much to both of their delight. Every night they spent together they both had some fun before falling asleep.

Shawn did occasionally get a little jealous of Hunter at times. He was jealous because Hunter slept with Tommy a lot more than he did now. It strained their relationship occasionally but Shawn found if he woke up early enough he could go to Tommy's room once he heard Tommy up and take a shower with him and Hunter. This made Shawn a lot less jealous. Shawn of course didn't do this when Tommy had Jon sleeping with him also. He didn't want to intrude on Jon's time with Tommy as he could see the two of them getting closer to each other. That of course caused a few jealous pangs over Jon but Shawn was used to them and didn't really let them bother him much. Whenever Shawn took a shower with Tommy and Hunter, he was happy to see that Tommy wouldn't let Hunter do much to him other than hold and kiss him while Shawn got to play with the fun parts of Tommy. That made Shawn rather proud but he did wonder when Tommy would give in to Hunter, as Hunter always asked him if he could do more for Tommy.

Shawn was a bit confused over his feelings sometimes, as he did still love Tommy. He just wasn't in love with Tommy as much anymore. He was also falling more in love with Hunter day by day. His changing feelings for Tommy and his growing feelings for Hunter confused Shawn so he tried not to think about them much and just take each day as it came.


Jon was happier than he had ever been. He was finally spending more time with Tommy than almost anyone, with the exception of Hunter and that only because Tommy felt he needed to keep on eye on the boy. He slept most nights with his lover and lately, about every other night Hunter hadn't been there to interrupt their fun.

Practically every night, he would get together with Tommy to talk about what happened that day. He knew his ideas on what to do with whatever problem might not be the best, but that wasn't what he was there for. He was really there so that Tommy could unload all his problems to try to get a better grip on things.

He knew Tommy still did things with Shawn, but they were now infrequent happenings. Jon also had the opportunity to have a few showers with Tommy and Hunter together. It was a bit crowded but they all had fun. Jon even got to wash Hunter a few times, much to Hunter's pleasure. Jon was beginning to suspect that Hunter's ineptitude with washing himself was a sham. He really thought Hunter purposely did such a bad job just because he enjoyed it when someone else would wash him. He thought about talking to Tommy about it but decided against it. He really couldn't blame the boy, as he figured if he was in Hunter's place he would want someone to wash him too.

He was surprised when Hunter offered to do things for Tommy in the shower but Tommy always said `No' to the boy. He asked Tommy about why he always put Hunter off when before it seemed that he would jump at the opportunity to do something like that with the other boys. Tommy really couldn't explain himself very well to Jon about it, other than saying he just didn't feel right about doing that with Hunter. Jon was hopeful that this was a sign that Tommy was beginning to be less of a whore and would be a little more faithful to him.

He did have a rather embarrassing conversation with Hunter after the first night Hunter slept with Shawn. He had forgotten about Hunter's acute hearing and Hunter asked why Jon begged Tommy to shove his dick up his ass. Jon had to tell a very confused Hunter how good it felt and that it really didn't hurt him. By the end of the conversation Jon's face was beet red and he could see Hunter still didn't truly understand why anyone would want someone to do that to them. Jon was relieved when Hunter told him that was pretty much what Tommy had told him but it was difficult to believe since his many experiences with that told him how painful it was.

Jon also spent some time with Tommy coming up with a new schedule for everyone doing their chores around the house to try to be a little fairer to everyone. Their last list of chores was dropped, as it seemed that DJ, Ben, Jon, and Tommy were doing the lion's share of them.


Tommy had a very busy month. He was constantly busy watching out for Hunter but had just begun to loosen up a little. While Tommy might not have been physically watching Hunter, he had been keeping tabs on the boy. Originally, Tommy thought to use the secret room in the basement to watch him. He found out very fast that none of the monitors worked anymore. After thinking about it for a minute, he remembered telling Hunter to disable all monitoring devices. Therefore, Tommy then had to tell Hunter to undo that. It took Hunter a day, since he already knew where they were it didn't take nearly as long to fix them as it took to disable them. Tommy then learned what Al meant when he said that Hunter could interact with surveillance equipment when he was using one of the secret cameras. He was looking in Shawn's room when Shawn, Austin, and Hunter walked in. Hunter immediately looked at the camera and gave a little wave, and then he disappeared from the screen. Tommy then had to talk to him about not doing that in the house. Hunter didn't ask why Tommy wanted him to do that, he just did it.

Tommy did find out why the dogs were so affectionate to Hunter finally. After talking to him, he learned that Hunter could sense what the dogs were feeling. It wasn't that he could talk to them or hear them speak. He could understand their feelings, and share his own with them. After he initially assured them that he wouldn't hurt or more importantly eat them, they adopted him into their pack. They could sense that Hunter was the strongest and therefore he was the alpha male. The dogs could sense his pain and wanted to comfort him, which was why they lied down with him whenever they had the chance. Tommy also learned that Hunter could do this with other animals, which was why it was so easy for him to hunt them. He could sense them long before even he could hear them and by sending out a sense of calm and safety, he could kill them quickly so that he could eat them. Tommy made sure Hunter didn't tell the others about this, as he was already different enough. From his talk, it was obvious that Hunter had no idea this was strange. Hunter thought everyone could do that and was quite surprised to learn that they couldn't. This was why he never bothered to tell anyone about it since no one other than Tommy had ever asked him about it. Tommy did of course tell Jon but no one else. It did become a bit of a problem occasionally when the dogs would run straight to Hunter and ignore the others. It was also a problem when Hunter would whisper to Tommy that the dogs were hungry as someone forgot to feed them. Then Tommy would have to act as if he was just checking with Luke to make sure he fed Patches. It was even more awkward when Tommy had to do that for Champ.

During Tommy's time learning new things from Al, he also talked to Al about what to do with Hunter and his other problems with the boys. Al wasn't too much help with the punishment part but he did give Tommy a lot of help with Hunter. Some of the things Al recommended for Hunter were a little strange Tommy thought at first, but after he began to learn the lessons Al was teaching him, he began to understand. Al's suggestions for punishments could be put into two categories, pain and confinement. Tommy didn't like the pain as he thought if he physically punished the boys then he failed somehow. Confining them wasn't really practical as then either he or someone else would also have to be punished by enforcing that confinement. He certainly didn't want to do it as he had better things to do, just as most everyone else who could enforce the confinement.

Lately, he had been busy smoothing ruffled feathers from people dealing with Duane. Tommy was really getting very tired of him but was trying not to lose his temper as much, which led to a lot of teeth grinding on Tommy's part. He had a number of talks with Jon about what to do about Duane but so far, other than kicking his ass out of the neighborhood they were drawing a blank. Tommy mistakenly said something about it to Hunter once and he offered to make Duane disappear. He assured Tommy that no one would know about it. All it would take would be one time when Duane was alone for him to disappear suddenly. Hunter almost seemed eager to do it, which was more than a little strange for him. While it was tempting at the time, Tommy ordered him, in no uncertain terms, not to hurt any of the people in their little community. Tommy talked to the other house leaders about the `Duane problem' a number of times. They all liked Davie and didn't really know what to do. Kate was worried that if they kicked Duane out, Davie would go with and take Ryan and Todd with him. No one wanted to see the twins leave so they were all basically being as polite to Duane as they could whenever they were around him. Tommy was still surprised about the vehemence of Kate towards Duane. When he talked to her, she still wanted to beat him to a bloody pulp but other than that, there were no other ideas on what to do. No one wanted to kick him out, as it would cause problems with Davie, Ryan, and Todd. While Duane was a nuisance, he didn't really deserve to be kicked out... yet.

Tommy had been having weekly meetings with Cody, Bryan, and Kate to go over any other problems anyone had had. Tommy also used these meetings to find out what happened in each house. He also used them to talk about what to do about Billy and Joey. He left out what they did before, so only Bryan and possibly Kate knew about that. They all agreed that for actually hurting Danny some punishment was deserved. They came up with a couple options for Tommy and he offered them to Billy and Joey to choose their punishment. Tommy didn't like their choice but it was the one that was over fastest.

He spent some time with Cody talking about his problems of leading his boys. He also talked to Cody about Bryan. Tommy knew Cody blamed Bryan for the loss of the other two boys since he didn't take everyone with when they left. Tommy thought Cody was beginning to use Bryan to get him to do stuff for him since he knew that Bryan felt guilty about leaving them too. Tommy knew Bryan didn't mind helping Cody out whenever he could but it was getting to be a bit much in Tommy's opinion. Tommy also talked to Cody when Cody's boys were with him about the rules of the neighborhood. The rules were basically, no hurting each other, no stealing from each other, and to help each other out whenever possible. It was at that time that Tommy had a rather embarrassing talk to all of them about how his house was gay, bi, or the boys realized there weren't any girls around and it was a lot more fun with someone else than just themselves. Cody's boys took the startling news fairly calmly because they had realized the same thing or at least most of them had. Jr. was more excited to hear that then the others were though. Tommy then went into how it was okay for them to mess around with any of the other boys if they wanted to but it had to be consensual so nobody was allowed to force themselves on anyone else.

While Tommy was spending a lot of his time with Jon, he still made sure he had time to have some fun with Shawn and Hunter. He had a couple more showers with both boys and washed Hunter a number of times alone. Tommy had never met anyone who seemed to attract dirt as much as Hunter did. Even Austin who was trying to get dirty didn't get as dirty as Hunter. For awhile there it got to the point of him having to wash Hunter at least once a day if not more. While Hunter could wash himself, he always did such a bad job of it. Tommy thought it was probably because he didn't care if he was dirty and there probably wasn't a germ out there that would actually make him sick, so cleanliness wasn't a priority with Hunter. Tommy did finally relent and let Kate wash him after Hunter and Austin had `fallen' into the creek and were covered with mud. He didn't really understand how it happened but since Shawn was there to keep an eye on Hunter he gave in and let Kate wash them all up. Tommy would normally have had her send him home and he would have washed him up after stripping off his clothes right inside the door. The problem was Tommy was very busy then so he let Kate wash him. This opened the door and Kate washed Hunter a few times whenever Tommy was busy with something and didn't have time to wash Hunter himself. When Tommy did wash Hunter, he would usually make Hunter feel good if asked and Hunter always asked, if not outright begged for Tommy to give him that good feeling. Tommy would make Hunter feel good but he wouldn't let Hunter do more than hug and kiss him in return, much to Hunter's disappointment.

Now that he had DJ and Ben to also help look after Hunter, it gave Tommy the opportunity to have a little alone time with Shawn. While Shawn offered anal to Tommy again, he refused. Tommy had a long talk with Shawn about how that would hurt him so he wasn't going to do it. Tommy did tell Shawn that once he was sixteen he would consider it, but not until then. Most nights that he sent Hunter to sleep with Shawn, he and Jon were able to have a great deal of fun together. Strangely, other than the three of them, Tommy hadn't had any other type of sexual encounter with anyone else.

To be continued...