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Chapter 96 part 2


Day of Love





 Tommy was resting peacefully when he was awakened by the sound of someone softly crying. He knew immediately what it was, as it had happened many times before. He mentally sighed, thought of his brother for a moment, opened his eyes, and turned to his left. He expected to see Hunter tossing in his sleep next to him but strangely, he wasn't there. Tommy was a bit surprised to see Hunter sitting on the edge of the bed rocking as he clutched Lion. Tommy glanced at the clock and saw it was 2:17 AM.

 "Angel, come lie with me. Everything will be okay, just calm down. I'm right here for you," said Tommy as he opened his arms to Hunter.

 "I'm sorry Sir, I didn't mean to wake you," sniffled Hunter sadly as he crawled over to Tommy and cuddled next to him.

 "It's alright Hunter," said Tommy kindly giving Hunter a little kiss.

 "No Sir, it's not alright," whispered Hunter, as if he was talking to himself. He suddenly gasped, realizing he had just contradicted his Master aloud.

 "What do you mean, Angel?" Tommy said gently.

 "I don't know why I'm crying," sobbed Hunter. "I never used to cry except when I thought that was what they wanted. I cried or screamed only when I was supposed to. I was always able to keep control of myself when they were hurting me. It was only recently that I lost that control. I don't understand why. No one is hurting me here, so I don't understand why I keep crying. Master, why am I crying? Is something wrong with me? Am I broken? Why do I feel this way? I'm not in physical pain anymore, so why does this keep happening to me? My body isn't damaged, so why do I feel so bad? I don't understand what's happening!"

 "No Hunter, nothing is wrong with you."

 "Then why do my dreams scare me so much now, and why do I keep crying?" sobbed the little boy.

 "Al and I were wondering when you would finally ask this," Tommy said as he sat up in bed, pulling Hunter onto his lap. "We think you are having these problems because your brain is finally able to deal with all the terrible things that have happened to you. Your life in the facility was so structured that you never had time to deal with what they did to you. You just accepted what they did and moved on. Now you have time to think about everything that's happened to you. Al says, and I agree, that your asking this is a big step to your eventual recovery. Hopefully, now you can learn how to deal with your past in a more positive way."

 What Tommy didn't say was that while it was a good sign, things were probably going to get a lot worse for him before they got better. If Tommy could get Hunter to talk about his feelings and bad memories, it would get better eventually. Tommy knew he could order Hunter to tell him and Hunter definitely would tell him, but he didn't think that would be the best way to go. Tommy wanted Hunter to talk about them on his own without too much prompting from Tommy. >From the lessons he had learned from Al, he thought that would be the best way for Hunter to heal and deal with his terrible past.


 "Why what Angel?" asked Tommy.

 "Why did they do those things to me?" cried Hunter.

 "I don't know for sure why they did those things to you."

 "Did I do something wrong?"

 "No Angel, you didn't do anything wrong."

 "Was I that bad?"

 "You weren't bad Hunter. Don't ever think you were bad."

 "I tried to be good and obey them."

 "You were a good boy, just like you are a good boy now."

 "Then what did I do to deserve what they did to me? I don't understand why they hurt me so," sobbed Hunter a little.

 "You didn't deserve it. No one did," said Tommy gently trying to calm Hunter down.

 "I understand the training and why I deserved to be punished for failing in my training. I just can't understand why they would do the other things to me. I tried to do the best I could with everything they trained me to do. Why did they hurt me so bad," sobbed Hunter.

 "Angel," said Tommy as he hugged the little boy to him, "what they did to you was wrong. I'm not just talking about the sex and torture stuff. The training and punishments for failing were also wrong."

 "Then why Master? Why did they do it?" begged Hunter.

 "Angel, no one deserved to live through what you had to. I'm sorry but I really don't know why they did it. Al says that some of it they did to try to keep you and the others under control. Most of what they did I don't understand why they did it either. All I can say is that they were sick and wicked people. What they did to you was wrong and never should have been allowed to happen. I want you to know what happened to you before will absolutely never happen to you as long as I can stop it."

 "Thank you Master," sniffled Hunter.

 "Don't feel bad cause you are crying a lot. If anyone has earned the right to cry, it's you. You have lived through shit that would have killed the rest of us many times over. So if you feel like crying, go ahead and cry. Let the pain you feel out, don't hold it in."

 "But a lot of the others are calling me a crybaby. It makes me feel bad when they say that. I don't mean to cry every night or during my naps."

 "I know you don't Angel and they are just being morons for calling you that. Try not to pay attention to them. Do they call you anything else?"

 "Yes Sir," mumbled Hunter.

 "What else do they call you?" asked Tommy.

 "Some of the older boys call me a baby because I carry around Lion," mumbled Hunter.

 "Does carrying around Lion make you feel better?"

 "Yes Sir, not as much as being with you or Shawn. But Lion does help me feel better. I don't understand why, but he does," Hunter said.

 "Then I want you to carry around Lion. If he makes you feel better, that's all that really matters. Don't pay any attention to what those boys say. As long as Lion helps you, I want you to carry him around with you, understand?"

 "Yes Sir," came Hunter's reply.

 "I'll talk to the boys but you have to tell me who was saying it, okay?"

 "I'd rather not say Sir. They don't say it to my face but still I hear them when they are alone. I try not to listen in on them but it's very hard as I hear all of them, all the time. I used to be able to control that better too, but lately I haven't had much success with it."

 "Well, if you don't want to tell me that's okay. I won't make you tell me. I understand your problem with hearing them all the time, even when you would rather not hear them. You probably aren't able to control it as well because of your having to deal with everything else that's going on in your head. Maybe Al can think of some exercise to help you with that. If the name calling gets to be too much, I need you to tell me though so I can try to stop it, understand?"

 "Yes, I understand. I'll tell you if it gets worse and I won't hurt them. I'll let you deal with the problem."

 "Good boy," Tommy said smiling down at Hunter as he wiped away a tear from Hunter's face. Just then, Hunter gave a big yawn. "It looks like you are still a little tired."

 "Maybe just a little, as you know I can go weeks without sleeping, but I have found that I enjoy sleeping with you or Shawn. Even though I have the nightmares, I really enjoy sleeping with one of you. I enjoy it more with you though, I just feel safer whenever I'm with you. I even like the naps you make me take. Though I don't think Shawn really likes them."

 "No, he doesn't like the naps. He takes them with you because he seems to care more and more about you every day."

 "I care about him a lot too," said Hunter as he gazed into Tommy's eyes.

 "I know you do," said Tommy as he felt a little stab of jealousy.

 Seeing the look that flashed over Tommy's face, Hunter said, "I'll stop doing stuff with him if that's what you want Sir."

 "You are very smart Hunter but no. I don't want you to do that. As long as you want to do stuff with him and he wants to do stuff with you, it will be okay."

 "Yes Sir, but if it bothers you I will stop," said Hunter earnestly.

 "No Hunter, I don't want you to stop because of me. If you did that, Shawn would blame me and that would make me feel even worse."

 "But I just want you to be happy. You have been so good to me Sir."

 "That's what I want for you too, which is why I can't let you break your relationship with Shawn because of me," said Tommy as he hugged his Angel. "Now let's try to get some more sleep, okay?"

 "Okay," said Hunter smiling up at Tommy.

 "If you have another problem, its okay to wake me so we can talk about it, understand?"

 "Yes, I understand."

 "Sweet dreams Hunter," said Tommy as he bent a little to give Hunter a good night kiss.

 "Good night," replied Hunter as he kissed Tommy back before snuggling as close to Tommy as he could.

 Tommy fell back to sleep with Hunter wrapped in his arms as Hunter clutched Lion to his chest.

 A few hours later, Tommy's alarm went off. He opened his eyes to see it was 6 AM. Tommy sighed as he usually didn't get up this early and reached over to turn off the alarm. Tommy turned to face Hunter and saw Hunter smiling up at him.

 "Morning Angel," said Tommy.

 "Good morning," replied Hunter.

 "I guess we better get up. We have a busy morning coming up."

 "If you say so," Hunter said as he climbed onto Tommy and hugged him tightly.

 "Umm Hunter, whatcha doing?"

 "I just wanted to hold onto you for awhile longer."

 "That's nice but it makes getting up a little difficult."

 "You can still get up, I'll just keep holding on. You don't need to hold onto me, I'll hold onto you."

 "Okay, if that's what you want to play," laughed Tommy as he got up from the bed with Hunter crawling around to his back. Tommy got up and walked into his bathroom with Hunter hanging on his back. Tommy did his morning routine then turned to the shower and started it up. "Time to get down now, we have to get cleaned up for the day. We need to be over at Bryan's around eight."

 "Okay," said Hunter, as he slid down Tommy to the floor.

 The two of them got into the shower and began to wash up. Tommy washed himself first and then began washing Hunter. Since Hunter wouldn't do a good job on his own, Tommy was happy to do it for him. Tommy always marveled at the sleek perfection that was Hunter's body. He really enjoyed washing it when he could, as it was just so beautiful to him. As always, Hunter was sporting an erection after Tommy finished washing him. After a little begging by Hunter, Tommy gave in and jerked off his little angel. Hunter had another marvelous dry orgasm and just held onto Tommy afterwards until his legs got back under his control.

 "Thank you Sir, that felt so good," smiled Hunter.

 "I'm glad you enjoyed it. Now let's finish up in here and get dressed," Tommy said.

 "S...Sir, can I please do something for you this time?"

 "Hunter, you know you don't have to."

 "I understand that I don't have to do that to you or anyone else now that I'm with you, but I would really like to do it for you," Hunter said earnestly.

 "Why would you want to do that for me Hunter?" Tommy asked.

 "Because you have made me feel so good Sir," said Hunter pleadingly.

 "Even so, you don't need to do that for me," Tommy told him.

 "Sir, being with you has made me feel better than I can ever remember and I really want to try to make you feel good too. Please Sir, let me do this. I understand that I don't have too, but I want to, so would you please let me give you some good feelings? You let Jon and Shawn make you feel good, so won't you let me? When we take showers with Shawn you only let me hug and kiss you, so please let me do more this time. Please?" Hunter pleaded.

 "Okay Hunter, you can do it since it means so much to you, but it can't be anything that actually hurts you," Tommy said softly as his resistance was finally worn down by the little angel in front of him. Tommy still had some misgivings but he had been putting off letting Hunter do anything to him since that first day. He finally caved to Hunter's desire to do something to him. He just hoped he wouldn't regret it.

 Hunter reverently took Tommy's semi-erect penis in his hands and slowly started to stroke up and down until Tommy was at his full six plus inches. He then started to suck on Tommy's balls, rolling them around in his mouth one at a time. He slowly reached up and started to play with Tommy's nipples making Tommy grunt with pleasure, as he started to suck on the head of Tommy's cock. One of Hunter's hands slowly drifted away from one of Tommy's nipples, down around behind him until it found what he was looking for. With one of Hunter's hands teasing his nipples, the other sensuously caressing his ass and puckered hole, along with Hunter's tongue doing things to the head of his cock that he never felt before, Tommy approached his orgasm faster than ever. All of Tommy's senses seemed to be suddenly sharper than ever before. Tommy's nostrils were flaring as he inhaled deep breaths of air filled with the smell of sex. Never before had Tommy smelled sex so strongly and it was driving him crazy. The smell was so strong he could practically taste it as Hunter was giving him pleasure he never thought achievable. As Tommy watched Hunter, it seemed as if everything Tommy looked at was in perfect focus and he could see every detail. Every time Hunter touched him, it brought Tommy new bursts of pleasure. Tommy's hearing was so acute that he had the impression that he could hear every single drop of water as it hit the floor of the shower. Time itself felt like it slowed down as Hunter was bringing Tommy to heights of pleasure he had never know were even possible. As Tommy was leaking precum like a fire hose and just on the verge of feeling the bliss of a major orgasm, Hunter stopped sucking on Tommy's cock and moved down a little to pay attention to his balls. Hunter's hands started gently caressing Tommy's legs and chest, getting a groan of disappointment from Tommy. Hunter then found his hole again and gently penetrated Tommy until he found his prostate. The things Hunter's little finger was doing inside Tommy was quickly driving him back to the brink, as Hunter licked up and down Tommy's shaft lapping up all the precum Tommy could put out. Until once again, just moments away from possibly one of the greatest delights of his young life, Hunter slowed down and pulled Tommy back from the brink.

 After doing this two more times and driving Tommy ever closer to the edge of insanity from a pleasure overdose, Tommy finally couldn't take it anymore as he begged unashamedly, "Please...Please Hunter, I'm begging you..., let me cum!"

 Hunter's hands once again began to tease Tommy's nipples as he began to suck on Tommy's cock with such force that it actually brought real tears of pure pleasure to Tommy's eyes. Hunter's hands continued to roam over Tommy's body until he slowly entered Tommy again to find his prostate. Every touch of Hunter's little hands brought shockwaves of pleasure to Tommy, who had never experienced anything close to what Hunter was doing to him. It was as if Hunter was using more than the two hands he had. Then Hunter did something that totally surprised Tommy, as he almost lost it right then. He deep throated him. No one had ever deep throated Tommy before, and it gave him sensations he wouldn't have believed possible. At the same time, Hunter's tongue felt like it was somehow wrapped around his cock and stroking him while his throat did magical things to the head of his cock that before this Tommy would have sworn were absolutely impossible. Hunter's little finger wasn't idle either, as it probed and prodded his prostate in new and extremely pleasurable ways. Hunter's other hand was sensuously caressing and gently pulling on his balls. As Tommy approached the edge, he prayed that Hunter wouldn't pull him back again. He desperately needed to cum, and thought if he didn't soon it really would drive him insane. Finally, moments later as Tommy thought, `please, please, PLEASE, oh, OH, oh my God, oh my God, ohmyGod!, OHMYGOD!!, yes, YES, YES!!!' Tommy reached his paradise, as his eyes rolled to the back of his head. He shot off in Hunter's throat more powerfully than he ever had before, feeling Hunter greedily suck every last drop that he could possibly put out. Tommy felt as if his entire body was exploding as wave after wave of pure ecstasy washed over him. Tommy's mind was consumed with so much pleasure that he couldn't feel anything else. No one, not even Jon, had ever come even close to making Tommy feel so good. Tommy's last vision was of a smiling Hunter licking his lips after milking the last few drops Tommy was capable of producing before he passed out due to the absolute bliss he just felt. Until that moment, Tommy would have sworn on his brother's life, that what he just felt was absolutely, totally, no if's and's or but's about it, impossible.

 As Tommy came to, he felt a sense of peace and serenity slowly go away the more he woke up. Tommy looked over and saw a very concerned Hunter sitting next to him in the shower.

 "Damn Hunter, that was truly AWESOME," said an awestruck Tommy in a weak voice.

 "Oh Sir, I was so worried, after you passed out and I lowered you to the floor. I...I thought I might have hurt you," said Hunter as he desperately hugged Tommy, crying a little.

 "Angel, you did great. Thank you so much, I can't ever remember having such an intense feeling," Tommy said smiling at the little angel in his arms. `OH...MY...GOD!!! That was the best sex I have ever had! Talk about mind-blowing! WOW, that was un-fucking-believable!' thought Tommy happily.

 "Thank you Sir, thank you for finally letting me do that to you. Now you know just a little bit about how happy I feel, now that I'm with you."

 "Well we better get up and dry off now," said Tommy tiredly as he tried to stand up.

 Tommy was so drained from his orgasm that he couldn't get up. Matter of fact, Tommy found that he could barely move at all. His entire body was just spent from experiencing what Hunter did to him. Therefore, Hunter bent over and very carefully picked up Tommy effortlessly and carried him out of the shower. Hunter then sat Tommy down on the toilet as he helped to dry him off before Tommy's strength finally started to come back. Hunter helped Tommy walk back into his room so they could get dressed.

 "I want to thank you again for allowing me to do that. I feel as if I have repaid you in some small way for all that you have done for me," Hunter said happily.

 "Repaid?" asked Tommy confusedly.

 "Yes Sir. Repaid you for looking after me, giving me a place to sleep, really good tasty food to eat, and putting up with all my problems," Hunter said smiling at his Master.

 "So you did this, because you wanted to repay me for everything I did for you?"

 "Of course Sir," said a very happy Hunter.

 Tommy closed his eyes and thought `wait for it..., and there it is. The other fucking shoe just dropped and it dropped on my stupid fucking head. Damn, Damn, DAMN, DAMN! I knew this was going to bite me in the ass. I should never have let him do that. Making him feel good as long as he is okay with it is alright, but if he only did this to `repay' me, that isn't right. God, I hope the others don't think that they need to repay me by having sex with me. Shit! What if they do?' Tommy's mind was reeling from the thought that the others might only have been having sex with him all this time, because he was looking after them and they thought they owed it to him. `Man, I feel like shit,' thought Tommy feeling even more exhausted from going from the greatest pleasure he had ever known to worried, upset, and depressed.

 "Is everything all right Sir," asked Hunter worriedly as he walked over to Tommy.

 "Everything is fine Hunter," Tommy replied tiredly leaning back in his chair.

 "Did I do something wrong?"

 "No Hunter, you didn't do anything wrong," said Tommy as he gathered his Angel into his arms and gave him a hug.

 Tommy then placed Hunter on the floor in front of him and just looked at him for a minute while he thought what he should say next.

  "Hunter, bend over. I want to fuck your ass now," said Tommy praying Hunter would say `NO'.

 Unfortunately, he didn't. Hunter immediately took his jeans and underwear off and bent over for Tommy. He even went so far as to lick his finger and put some saliva around his little perfect pink hole before he pulled his cheeks apart to make it easier for his Master to fuck him. Tommy just sighed in disappointment after watching Hunter follow his command. Tommy just sat there closing his eyes shaking his head a little. Sensing Tommy wasn't getting up from his chair. Hunter glanced behind him at Tommy and saw that Tommy looked very depressed.

 "I was supposed to say `no' to that, wasn't I?" asked Hunter a little afraid from failing the test.

 "Yes Hunter, you were," Tommy said dejectedly.

 "I'm sorry Sir," whimpered Hunter turning around and facing Tommy with only his shirt still on.

 "Hunter, what I'm going to say is very important so pay attention."

 "Yes Sir," replied Hunter giving his full attention to Tommy.

 "You don't owe me anything. You don't have to repay me for anything either. I look out for you and take care of you, not because Al is helping us out, but because..." Tommy paused and after taking a deep breath, he said with as much feeling as he could, "because I love you Hunter. You are very important to me and I care a great deal for you. I love you Hunter, so you don't ever need to feel like you need to repay me for the things I have done for you. Do you understand?"

 "Yes...No Sir, I'm sorry but I just don't understand what you are trying to tell me. I know you say you love me but I don't really understand what that means. I've never had anyone say they love me before. At least, not how you said it. Some have said they loved how tight I was or how beautiful my screams were to them, but I don't think you mean it like they did. A few even said they loved how I tasted but I know that's not what you mean. I also don't understand how anyone can love me as I'm not worthy of being loved. You know I'm not a real person," said Hunter worriedly looking down at his feet.

 "You are a real person Hunter," Tommy said as he gently took Hunter's chin and tilted it back up so he could look into those beautiful green eyes. "Eventually, you will believe me on that just like no one is going to beat you here. It's okay if you don't understand though. We will just keep talking about it and sooner or later, I'm sure you will understand one day. Hopefully, it will be sooner. You're right about one thing though. I don't mean it how those others meant it. They didn't really love you. They loved what they were doing to you, which is a sick perversion of real love. Love is not an easy concept to understand if you have never experienced it yourself. I want you to know that I really do love you, and not in the sick way those others did. I know you don't think you are worthy of being loved but to me, you are." Tommy glanced over at the clock and said, "We will talk about this later. I have to make sure everyone is up so they can all get cleaned up before we go over to Bryan's."

 Tommy then finished getting dressed and helped Hunter finish dressing. Tommy was feeling rather energetic now and was slightly concerned why he felt so good, when just a little while ago he was exhausted. Unfortunately, Tommy was running late, so he didn't give it much thought. Tommy then told Hunter to go downstairs to the kitchen and have a cup of his special food. After watching Hunter go downstairs, Tommy went from door to door and woke up everyone. A couple of the boys, Tommy had some fun with and pounced on them as they were still sleeping to wake them up. For those who didn't wake up the first time around, Tommy decided to tickle them until they were screeching and begging him to stop. He decided at that point, they were probably going to get up and he wouldn't have to come back to check on them. He reminded them all to take a quick shower if they didn't take one before they went to bed last night, and to dress nicely as they were heading over to Bryan and Kate's for breakfast.

 It was a bit of a madhouse, as everyone was trying to get into one of the bathrooms. Jon and Shawn took turns in Tommy's bathroom while Kyle and Luke cleaned up in Kyle's room. Luckily, Billy, Joey, Chris, and Danny showered before they went to bed. They didn't really need a shower, just a little touch up and could use the bathrooms downstairs for that. Ben was already over at Bryan and Kate's, as he spent the night over with them. That left DJ, Jeremy, Jordy, Zach, and Caleb to use the two bathrooms upstairs. DJ and Jeremy used them first as they were the oldest, and Tommy woke them first for that very reason. When they were done, the twins ran in to shower, pushing Caleb out of their way. In the end, Caleb only had a few minutes to shower before they all had to leave. Unfortunately for Caleb, it was a cold shower as the others had used up all the hot water.

 After waking up all the boys and a few of them twice, Tommy headed downstairs to check up on Hunter.

 "Oh... my... God, what happened?" said Tommy in a stunned tone of voice.

 "I'm sorry Sir. I was trying to do as you told me. There wasn't any more of my food in the bag, so I had to open a new one," said Hunter worriedly as he zoomed around the table, which the food bag was sitting on, and quickly grabbed every piece that was falling off. Nothing had reached the floor yet, as Hunter was able to catch it first but there was so much on the table that when he put the food back in the pile on the table, more would fall off.

 The scene before Tommy just struck him as funny. Seeing Hunter dash around the table in a blur as he grabbed each piece before they could fall to the floor reminded Tommy of an old cartoon, and he laughed as he got out a big bowl.

 "Hunter, put the food that falls in here and then we can take care of the rest once everything stops falling," laughed Tommy.

 "Yes Sir," said Hunter as he put the food that fell off the table into the bowl Tommy had given him.

 While Hunter was busy preventing the food from falling all over the kitchen, Tommy went and got some five-gallon buckets from the basement. After washing them out and drying them completely, he helped Hunter scoop the huge pile of food pellets on their table into the buckets. Once it was all in the buckets, Tommy got a cloth out and wiped off the table.

 "Now that's all cleaned up, did you eat your cup of food?" asked Tommy.

 "No Sir, I'm sorry I didn't have a chance after the bag fell apart," said Hunter looking as if he was about to cry.

 "It's okay Hunter, you didn't do anything wrong," Tommy said as he gathered Hunter into his arms and gave him a hug. "Next time, try not to tear the bag apart, just open it."

 "Yes Sir. I didn't mean to rip it apart. It just did when I tried to open it."

 "That's alright Hunter. You didn't do this on purpose but try to remember not to use your full strength on it again."

 "Yes Sir, but I didn't use my full strength on it," said Hunter.

 "Well, use less next time."

 "Yes Sir."

 "Everything is going to be okay Hunter and I think you have used up your daily quota of `Sirs' now, so try not to say it as much please," Tommy said gently.

 "I will, but when I am afraid, it's hard not to say it."

 "I know Hunter, but we just have to keep working on it and eventually you won't feel that way. Now here's some of your food, so eat it up cause we have to head out soon," Tommy said handing Hunter a small bowl.

 Tommy sat with Hunter as he ate his special food. Tommy heard a number of the boys come downstairs and said `Hi' to those who stopped by in the kitchen. Once Hunter was done eating and cleaned up, he took Hunter and went to relax in their living room while they waited for all the other boys to get ready. Tommy had to send Billy and Joey back upstairs to their attic to change as they were wearing some holey t-shirts and cut-off shorts. They got into a little argument over it, but Billy and Joey quickly decided to follow Tommy's `suggestion' when Hunter got up to stand by Tommy. Hunter's growling at them might have helped too. Once they were all ready, Tommy assembled everyone in the living room. He looked them over before giving a little speech.

 "Okay everyone, listen up," began Tommy. "Kate has put a lot of effort into trying to make this a very special breakfast, so I want all of you to be on your best behavior over there."

 "Yeah she has, and don't forget Kate hasn't been feeling very well lately so lets all try to be good for her," DJ added.

 "That's right. Now I know there will be a lot of people over there, but I want everyone to try to be good today. If anyone isn't good, it had better not be anyone from this house. Because if it is, they will not be happy with what will happen to them once we get back here. I don't mean to be mean, but we are going to be in somebody else's house. So let's all be good and have a fun morning over there," Tommy said looking at the assembled boys.

 "What are you gonna do if we are bad?" asked Zach.

 "I'm gonna hold you and let Kate hug and kiss you into submission. Then I'll let her use you as her demonstration dummy for the judo classes she is planning on teaching to anyone who is interested," said Tommy getting a few laughs.

 After hearing everyone agree to be good, they all got their jackets on and headed outside. It was looking like it would be an unseasonably warm day. The sun was up and hardly a cloud in the sky. As they walked over to Bryan's house, they saw Cody and his boys exit their house and walk over there. Tommy saw that Cameron's truck was already parked in front of Bryan's house. Bryan was waiting at the door to welcome them all in for their Valentine's Day breakfast.

 Tommy and the rest were just taken aback with what they saw as they entered the house. There was pink and red everywhere. There were hearts and cupids hanging all around, pink and red streamers all over. There were a number of signs saying `Happy Valentine's Day' around the house. Kate had outdone herself, along with the help of Ben, with breakfast. There were pink colored pancakes and eggs, and both were in the shape of hearts. Kate had found some special bread tins so that the loaves of bread would also be in the shape of a heart. Kate and Ben had plates heaping with food just waiting for some hungry boys. They had a number of extra tables set up, as their dining room wasn't quite as big as Tommy's. Kate had made a special trip to a number of stores to find some Valentine's Day china for everyone to eat off. Many of the other boys were a bit taken aback by all the decorations but they congratulated Bryan and Kate's boys for doing such a good job with them. Kate had put a Valentine's Day card on each plate to let everyone know where they were supposed to sit, as each card was individually named. It was obvious Kate had spent a lot of time and effort with the cards as they were handmade and inside each card was a little note from her individualized for each boy. Kate didn't expect to receive a card from any of the boys and was pleasantly surprised to get a few. They were mainly from the younger boys, who had begun to see her more and more as the `Mom' of the neighborhood.

 After exchanging pleasantries, everyone sat down at one of the tables to eat before the food got cold. Kate did another prayer before everyone dug in. Thankfully, this prayer wasn't that long as many of the boys were very hungry from smelling all the good food. Tommy sat with the other adults and chatted about what had been happening and what they thought needed to be done now that winter `seemed' to be on its way out. He still kept a close eye on Hunter but let him sit with Shawn at one of the other tables along with a bunch of the younger kids. Hunter did fairly well with his meal, as Shawn was there to help him when he needed it, which he seemed to need help quite a few times. Between Shawn's help and one of Hunter's large bibs, the boy wasn't too much of a mess afterwards. At least when compared to the other boys at his table.

 Once everyone had eaten their fill, the boys broke up into small groups and spread out in the house to keep them busy for a while. Tommy went with Bryan, Kate, DJ, Cameron, Ben, Cody, Davie, and Duane to the living room and sat to continue their chat. Something was bothering Tommy, but he just couldn't put his finger on what it was. He excused himself for a bit and went to check on the others. Everyone seemed to be fine, until he saw Shawn's group. Shawn was sitting with Hunter, Austin, Caleb, Chase, Chance, Danny, and Chris playing some game. Tommy saw that both Patches and Champ were lying next to Hunter. Tommy immediately knew something was wrong when he looked at Hunter. Hunter might have seemed to be okay to the others, but Tommy knew him too well. Tommy noticed that he looked a little twitchy to him. Tommy decided that he would have Hunter sit with him for a while, just in case.

 "Hunter, come with me please," said Tommy.

 "Yes Sir," replied Hunter immediately, as he stood up to head over to Tommy as both dogs followed along behind him.

 "What do you need Hunter for?" asked Danny.

 "I just want to talk to him for a little bit Danny," replied Tommy.

 "TJ, we're playing a game here can't it wait?" whined Shawn.

 "No Shawn, it can't. You just keep playing your game without him, cause he's probably not coming back for a while."

 "Okay TJ," said Shawn after taking a closer look at Hunter, who was standing next to Tommy by now.

 Tommy took Hunter in hand and walked him back to the room with Bryan and the others. As Tommy sat down, he pulled Hunter into his lap and felt the little boy relax as Patches and Champ sat on the floor next to his chair.

 "You okay Angel?" whispered Tommy.

 "I am now," whispered Hunter back.

 "What was wrong?"

 "Too many people, it gave me too many memories of bad things happening. Shawn helped, but it was getting to me," said Hunter quietly as he snuggled into Tommy's lap to rest.

 "When it gets like that I want you to come get me, okay?"

 "Okay," said Hunter smiling at Tommy.

 Tommy relaxed in the chair listening to the conversation going on around him. It wasn't until Bryan said something that Tommy perked up.

 "What did you just say Bryan?" asked Tommy.

 "I said we are getting pretty low on frozen meats. We still have plenty of canned meat but are down to our last freezer of frozen meat," replied Bryan.

 "Cam, do you have any animals on your farm that we might be able to use?" said Cody.

 "There are a few cows that we could slaughter if we really needed, but I would rather hold off if we can. It won't be much for all of us, so if we kill them we will have to still cut back on our meat intake a lot," Cameron said.

 "We could look around for more animals that might have survived somehow," said DJ.

 "We did that right after the comet and took all that we could find," Cameron replied.

 "Well you probably didn't get them all," said Duane in that annoying tone of voice that put Tommy's teeth on edge.

 "Like I said, we got all that we could find," said Cameron defensively.

 "How far out did you look?" Duane said.

 "I wasn't about to go more than a half day's drive. I wanted to make sure we could get home to take care of the animals we did have," Cameron answered.

 "Well then all you have to do is get a group together and go search farther out to see if you can find any that somehow survived," Duane told them in a superior tone of voice.

 "What do you mean `all you have to do'? You can help too with that," Cody said.

 "I came up with the idea. The rest of you can go find the animals. Besides I hate the smell of stinky animals," Duane replied smugly.

 This didn't go over very well with the others, so Davie said, "If you guys go look for new animals, we will take care of the animals you have on your farm."

 "If you want to take care of some stinky animals go ahead but don't expect me to. I will keep you company though sweetheart. I can give you a good hard massage after a long days work," Duane said suggestively to Davie making him blush.

 "Why don't you just ask Al for some of his?" said Hunter suddenly.

 "His what?" asked Ben.

 "His extra animals, of course," Hunter replied.

 "Al has animals?" asked Tommy.

 "Well of course he does. What did you think he kept in the Hydroponics and Animal Husbandry area, rocks?"

 "Actually, I forgot about that but even if I didn't what is a Hydroponics and Animal Husbandry area?" asked Tommy.

 "It's like a really big farm with lots of animals and plants. Al would probably be happy to give some to you, as he has been trying to decide what to do with all of them. He has a lot now," replied Hunter. "Most of Al's animals are a little bigger than normal."

 "What do you mean `bigger than normal'," said Kate.

 "Well he has pigs that are bigger than his cows," said Hunter pointing at Cameron. "His chickens are about the size of a large turkey."

 "Okay then Cam and I will go over to see Al soon so we can ask if we can have any of his extra animals," said Tommy.

 "Good idea Tom," said Davie.

 "Umm, not to be a downer but who is going to kill these animals if we get them?" asked Kate.

 "Yeah, that is a good point. I can cook them up but I haven't ever actually killed one and got it ready," said Ben.

 "I can slaughter them if I can get some help. My Dad showed me how with the animals we had, so I know how but I haven't done it much. My Dad usually did it all, while I watched," said Cameron.

 "I'm sure we can figure something out once we know if Al will let us have them," Tommy said.

 "As long as I don't have anything to do with it, is all that matters to me," said Duane haughtily.

 "Well I think its time for dessert now that everyone has had a chance to digest some of breakfast," Kate said changing the subject quickly, before Duane said something that would anger the rest of them even more.

 "Good idea Kate, I'll get the cake if the rest of you can round up the others," Bryan said.

 With that, Tommy and the rest got up to gather everyone else. Once everyone was gathered in the dining room again, Bryan brought out a large cake with twelve lit candles on it. Kate had worked very hard decorating the cake so that it had a racecar motif on it, as Caleb liked his Hotwheels a lot. Everyone sang `Happy Birthday' to Caleb as Kate and Bryan placed it in front of him. Once Caleb had made his wish, he blew out all of the candles. Then Kate started cutting up the cake making sure Caleb got the first and biggest piece. Since there were so many of them, Kate and Ben had made an extra sheet cake. Once the original cake was passed out to the younger boys, Bryan handed over the sheet cake for Kate to cut up and pass out to the older boys. After everyone had a piece of cake, Kate pulled out a chair and had Caleb sit in it. Then everyone who made a present for him went over and gave it to him to open. Caleb was having a great time being the center of attention for once and was very touched after seeing how much effort everyone went to make his birthday a special day for him. After Caleb had opened his last present, Tommy called him over. Tommy picked Caleb up, laid him over his lap, and then gave him twelve very light spanks. Then everyone got in line to give Caleb his birthday spanks. Even with Tommy making sure no one spanked him very hard; with over thirty people giving Caleb a birthday spank, it began to hurt a little in the end. Afterwards, they all sang `Happy Birthday' to Caleb again, and then they congratulated him before they broke up the party.

 Tommy went off with Bryan, Kate, Ben, and Cody to talk some more. Since Hunter was still acting a little strange Tommy made sure he stayed close by. Kyle, Luke, and a number of the other boys said good-bye to Bryan and Kate. They then left and headed for home.

 On the way back home, Kyle pulled Luke aside and said, "I got something to show you when we get home."

 "What is it?" whispered Luke.

 "You will just have to wait," teased Kyle.

 "Oh come on, at least give me a hint."

 "Okay... it's in the basement," said Kyle conspiratorially.  

 "Well that's helpful," Luke said sarcastically.

 "Just wait, it's pretty cool," said Kyle.

 Once the boys reached the house, Kyle and Luke snuck off alone to the basement.

 "Okay you have to promise me you won't tell anyone what you are about to see," Kyle whispered.

 "Okay, I promise," whispered Luke back.

 "Good then follow me," Kyle said quietly as he headed for the office in the basement.

 "Hey, why are we whispering?" whispered Luke.

 "I don't know, just seemed like the right thing at the time," giggled Kyle.

 After that, Kyle ushered Luke into the office and then closed and locked the door. Kyle then went and opened the trap door in the floor that led into the underground tunnel.

 "What the hell is that!" exclaimed Luke.

 "It's a tunnel of course, what does it look like," replied Kyle.

 "Well, where does it go?" asked Luke.

 "A couple places, but one is a special room that I think we can play some real fun games in," Kyle said suggestively.

 "Really?" said Luke.

 "Yep, now let's get down there and have some fun," Kyle said.

 With that, Kyle handed a flashlight to Luke and he then climbed down into the tunnel. Luke followed Kyle as he carefully closed the trapdoor after him. Kyle led Luke through the tunnel to the sex room. Luke was a little frightened in the tunnel and stayed very close to Kyle as they walked through the tunnel.

 Once they arrived at the sex room, Luke was astounded by what he saw. There were chains hanging from the ceiling and bolts in the floor for other chains to be attached to. There were manacles hanging on the walls. There was a rack in the corner along with what looked like an automatic fucking machine that had a number of extremely large dildos next to it. There were also a number of tables with leather or metal restraints attached to them.

 "Hey look over here, it looks like there is a closet over here," said Kyle.

 "Yeah but look how it melds into the wall, unless you are standing right in front of it you can't see it."

 "You're right, I wonder if my brother found this before."

 "Well open it, let's see what's inside," said Luke excitedly.

 "Okay," said Kyle as he opened the hidden door. Luke jumped back as what looked like a tall man fell out of the closet and landed on top of Kyle. Both boys screamed in fear as Kyle fell to the ground with the man on top of him. Kyle was thrashing around hitting the man as he tried to get out from underneath him. Luke's immediate reaction was to run for the exit until he realized the man had Kyle. Luke then turned around and ran back to help Kyle with the mysterious man. Luke was the first to laugh but Kyle wasn't too far behind him as they realized what the man actually was. It wasn't really a man at all, but a manikin that had fallen out of the closet. Kyle pushed the manikin off him and scrambled to his feet. "Man, I almost shit my pants," laughed Kyle.

 "That was intense! Are you sure it's safe in here?" Luke said a little worried after recovering from his fit of laughter.

 "Yeah it's perfectly safe. Look what he's packing, man that's big," chuckled Kyle, as he pointed to the eighteen-inch strap-on dildo that was attached to the leaning manikin.

 "I wonder if that thing is detachable," said Luke.

 "If it is, don't get any ideas. That thing has got to be at least three inches wide."

 "Awww, come on. It could be a lot of fun," giggled Luke.

 "I don't care. You aren't putting that thing in me, at least not for a few more years."

 "Well, we will just have to keep it safe then and keep working on stretching you a little more," smiled Luke.

 "You know me. I'm always up for that," said Kyle with a sly smile.

 "Hmmm, let's see what's in this closet that we can use to play with," said Luke as he walked over to the closet. Luke looked inside and saw a number of whips, canes, straps, chains, dildos, and a number of items the boys had never seen before. "Oh yes, I think we can use some of these."

 "See, I told you we can have a lot of fun in this room," grinned Kyle.

 "Yes we can," said Luke with an evil grin, as he picked up a whip and gave it a try. "Now, have you been a good boy?"

 "No master, I have been a very bad boy," said Kyle excitedly.

 "I guess I'll just have to punish you then," said Luke happily cracking his whip.

 "Whatever you say master," Kyle replied submissively.

 "Now get over here so I can chain you up and properly punish you."

 "Yes master," Kyle said.

 First, Luke stripped Kyle of his clothes, tweaked his nipples, and slapped his ass. He then chained Kyle's arms to the ceiling and his feet to the bolts in the floor. Luke then put a spreader bar between Kyle's legs. He went over to the closet and pulled out a ball gag. Luke popped it into Kyle's mouth and tightly tied it around his head.

 "Don't forget the safe word is butterfly," Luke whispered into Kyle's ear.

 "Ah ay," mumbled Kyle around the ball.

 After Luke had Kyle trussed up how he wanted, he slowly walked around Kyle lightly trailing his whip over Kyle's nude body.

 "Shame on you, look at you all excited already, and all I did was tie you up a little. I'm gonna have to punish you extra for this," said Luke as he tapped Kyle's hard seven inches that was sticking out. A loud CRACK could be heard as Luke gave Kyle's ass a taste of what his new whip can do. "Hmm, maybe that was a bit too hard," said Luke as Kyle whined from the pain of the new welt Luke just gave him. Luke then spent the next few minutes whipping Kyle's butt and back bringing it to a nice light rosy color. He even occasionally gave Kyle a light hit with the whip between his spread legs. Luke was very careful for those as they hit Kyle's balls and while they seemed to like a bit of pain in their fun, they didn't want to hurt each other too bad. Luke then put the whip down and started to spank Kyle's butt with his hand. After Luke had warmed up Kyle's butt some more and had Kyle beginning to squirm from the pain, he moved around to Kyle's front. "It's still up. I guess I'll have to try something else." Luke went back to the closet and pulled out two dildos. He put the smaller one on the table behind Kyle and then walked around to show Kyle what he had found. Kyle's eyes went wide in alarm at seeing how big the dildo was and he tried to say something but Luke couldn't understand it with the ball gag in Kyle's mouth. He then walked behind Kyle, put the large dildo down, and grabbed the smaller one. Luke put a coating of Wet lubricant, Kyle's personal favorite, on the dildo. Luke then lubed up Kyle some before he started to push the dildo into Kyle. After Luke got it started in Kyle, he shoved the rest into Kyle getting a groan of pleasure from him. Luke reached around Kyle and started stroking Kyle's seven-inch python as he worked the dildo in conjunction with his strokes. Kyle was getting close as Luke stopped and picked up the whip again. He started gently whipping Kyle's front, occasionally cracking it sharply around Kyle without actually touching him. Kyle groaned in disappointment but he had found out when they started playing these games that some pain greatly enhanced his pleasure. Luke then went behind Kyle as he took off his pants. He put some Wet on himself and stoked it a few times before he yanked out the dildo and slammed his own five inches into Kyle. Luke slammed in and out of Kyle. As Luke finally shot his small load up into Kyle, he reached around and twisted Kyle's nipples as he bit him gently on the shoulder. The combination of Luke shooting off in him and the pain of being bitten along with the twisted nipples pushed Kyle over the edge and he shot blast after blast as his own orgasm hit. Kyle slumped in the chains as Luke just hugged him from behind. Luke was ecstatic as he had only just begun to shoot, but it was still a hit or miss thing with him and he was so happy he was able to shoot this time even if it was only a little bit. After they recovered, Luke untied Kyle and they both got dressed.

 "Happy Valentine's Day Kyle, I hope you enjoyed your gift," said Luke smiling contently at Kyle.

 "Happy Valentine's Day Luke, it was great thanks love," replied Kyle. "See, I told you we would have fun in here," smiled Kyle.

 "Yes you did, but we better head back and take a shower. We need to clean up some, we stink," laughed Luke.

 "Okay, let's head to my room and we can have another fun shower," said Kyle with a leer. "Hey, how was I supposed to say the safe word if you gag me?" asked Kyle.

 "I never thought about that. Okay important safety tip, no using gags unless I can hear you with it on. Next time, I'll pick one of the gags with a hole in it so I can hear you," said Luke.

 "That would probably be better," Kyle said. "Man, I thought you were gonna bust me apart with that huge dildo, but it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it was gonna be."

 "That was because I didn't actually use that one on you, I used a much smaller one that I didn't show you. The idea was to scare you a little with the big one but use the small one. You know I wouldn't really hurt you, right?" asked Luke.

 "Yeah I know, but it did scare me a little. I trust you Luke, you know that," said Kyle.

 The two of them then left the sex room and headed back to the house.



Meanwhile back over at Bryan's a little earlier...



Tommy, Shawn, and Hunter were just leaving to head back to their house. Hunter was a little clingy, but Tommy just attributed that to Hunter's bad night and being around so many people. Tommy knew Hunter still had some problems when he was in a large group of people. Tommy had Shawn sitting on his shoulders and he was holding Hunter in his arms. It was a bit difficult to walk back to their house that, way but since Shawn and Hunter were pretty light, Tommy managed it.

 "Okay you two, down you go," said Tommy after he carried them into the house. "You boys go have fun. I want to have a chat with my bro."

 "Can I stay with you for a little while longer Sir," asked Hunter softly before Shawn had a chance to drag him off.

 "I guess," said Tommy.

 "I'll help you look for him too," said Shawn.

 "Alright Shawnee," replied Tommy.

 They first looked in Kyle's suite but he wasn't there. Then they looked in the game room but only Joey and Billy were in there playing some video game. As they were looking throughout the house, Hunter had surreptitiously taken hold of Tommy's hand. After searching the house, Tommy decided to head over to the greenhouse to see if they were there. So with Hunter in hand and Shawn skipping around him, Tommy went to the greenhouse. Still not finding them, Tommy sat down in a chair to think.

 "Shit, I've been an idiot. Hunter you know where Kyle is, don't you?" asked Tommy.

 Hunter nodded his head a little, as his entire body gave a slight shiver.

 "It's alright Angel just tell me where he is."

 "He's...he's in the bad room," whispered Hunter as he started to breathe quickly.

 "What? I didn't hear you," said Tommy looking very concerned over Hunter's behavior.

 "He's in the bad room," cried Hunter. "I'm sorry Sir. Whatever I did, I'm really sorry and won't ever do it again. Please don't send me to the bad room. You said I was a good boy. Please Master. Don't make me go back there. Please," Hunter begged, once again making Tommy's heart bleed as he saw the pain and anguish in his Angel's eyes.

 Tommy quickly swept Hunter into his arms and said, "Hush Angel, no one is going to hurt you. You don't have to go to the bad room."

 "It's okay Hunter, nothing bad is going to happen to you," said Shawn as he ran over to hug his friend.

 "How do you know they are in the bad room?" asked Tommy gently as he rubbed the scared little boy's back.

 "I heard the crack of the whip from there and then I heard their voices Sir."

 "Their voices?" asked Shawn.

 "Yes sir. I heard the Sir's younger brother and his friend's voices coming from the bad room. I tried not to listen, really I did, but the sound of the whip brought up some bad memories and I couldn't help it."

 "Take a deep breath and relax Hunter," Tommy said. "Now, no one is going to hurt you. You understand that now, right?" Seeing a nod from Hunter, Tommy continued, "You have been a good boy, so you have nothing to worry about, okay?" After getting another little nod he said, "Is that why you have been so clingy to me lately?" Again, another nod so Tommy continued, "Have they done this type of stuff before?" Hunter nodded his head once more so Tommy asked, "Were they in the bad room those times?" This time Hunter shook his head `no' so Tommy said, "We are going to head back to the house and I want the two of you to play something in Shawn's room while I go talk to them, okay?"

 "Yes Sir," Hunter said.

 Tommy then picked up Hunter and carried him back to the house as Shawn walked beside him. Once in the house they quickly went upstairs to Shawn's room.

 "Okay, you two stay here. I'll be back in awhile," said Tommy as he turned to leave.

 "Hold on a sec TJ," said Shawn as he ran past Tommy and into Tommy's room. Shawn came back holding Lion and gave it to Hunter who clutched it tightly to his chest. "I thought Lion might help a little."

 "Thank you sir," mumbled Hunter.

 "Oh I made this for you," said Shawn as he ran to his dresser and pulled out a handmade card. The card said in big letters `Happy Valentine's Day Hunter'. On it was a drawing by Shawn of Tommy and the house along with Shawn and Hunter playing in the yard holding hands. There was plenty of glitter all over the card making it sparkle. It was obvious Shawn had put a lot of work into this card and it made Tommy more than a bit jealous, after all he got was one of the simple store cards but he managed to keep a smile on his face. "I hope you like it."

 "It's very nice, thank you Shawn-sir," said Hunter as he tried to put a smile on his face. "What is it?"

 "It's a card silly," said Shawn.

 "Okay, thank you for the card Shawn," replied Hunter.

 "It's not just any card, it's a Valentine's Day card," said Tommy.

 "What's Valentine's Day Sir?" asked Hunter.

 "Didn't you notice all the hearts and stuff over at Bryan and Kate's?" asked Shawn.

 "Yes Shawn-sir, but I thought those were just decorations for Caleb's birthday," replied Hunter.

 "The red hearts and stuff were for Valentine's Day, but the car stuff was for his birthday," Tommy told Hunter.

 "Then what is Valentine's Day? I`ve never heard of that."

 "Valentine's Day happens once a year and it is today. It is a special day where people who care a lot about one another usually give each other something special to show their feelings. Usually it's very big between two people who love each other," Tommy told Hunter.

 "Oh, then thank you Shawn, thank you very much," Hunter said finally able to give a real smile.

 "You are welcome Hunter, I'm glad you like it," Shawn said as he gave Hunter a hug.

 "I like it a lot, it's the first card I have ever received," whispered Hunter as he hugged Shawn back. "But I didn't get anything for you," said Hunter worriedly.

 "That's okay, you didn't have to. Maybe we can think of something you could do for me later," Shawn said with a little twinkle in his eye.

 "Okay Hunter, are you going to be alright if I leave you with Shawn?" asked Tommy.

 "Yes Sir, I'll be alright now," Hunter said happily. Hunter then zoomed over to Tommy and gave him a hug before he said, "Thank you Sir for helping me."

 "I'm just glad I was able to help you Hunter," Tommy said.

 "Look Sir, my first Valentine's Day card!" Hunter said excitedly as he showed off his new card.

 "It's very nice Hunter," said Tommy relieved to see how fast Hunter was rebounding from his scare.

 "Hunter, Kate gave you a card earlier, I saw it," Shawn said.

 "Oh that, I thought that was to just say where we were supposed to sit. I didn't know it was a Valentine's Day card," replied Hunter.

 "Well it was one, but this one is extra special. Somebody must really like you to put that much work into your card," Tommy said making Shawn blush a little.

 "I really like him too," Hunter said.

 "That's good. Now I have to go talk to my brother and Luke, so you two be good," said Tommy, which made Hunter start to shiver again until Shawn walked over to him and put his arm around him.

 "Okay TJ," Shawn replied.

 "I mean it Shawn, be good with him."

 "I will, don't worry. We won't do anything bad," replied Shawn.

 "Alright Shawn, if anything happens come get me immediately. I'll be in the basement, just shout for me."

 "We'll be here playing something, so don't worry everything will be fine."

 "Okay Shawn. Hunter, please try not to listen in."

 "Yes Sir," replied Hunter.

 With that, Tommy left the two boys to go have a talk with his brother and Luke. Tommy was extremely pissed off that Kyle would show the tunnel to Luke without even talking to him first. It wasn't that Tommy would have said no, but to do it without even asking for permission irked him to no end. Tommy stopped at the steps leading down to the basement as his anger was getting a little out of control. After taking a few deep breaths, he headed down into the basement. Tommy was not looking forward to this conversation at all.

 Tommy would have loved to be able to run to his Mom or Dad and get them to fix the problem but they weren't around anymore. He had to be the responsible one and try to deal with everything that was happening, the best he could. He just hoped he wasn't fucking up too much with all the mistakes he was sure he was doing, but unlike most of the others, he didn't have someone he could dump his problems off on. He didn't have someone older he could run to. He had to deal with whatever was happening on his own. He had to deal with his own problems on top of everyone else's, since they seemed to drop them in his lap all the time. Tommy didn't think it was fair, but it was what it was. After the comet, Tommy had to grow up from being a very immature teenager to being an adult within the span of a few days. None of the others had to do that, which Tommy thought was pretty unfair. Nevertheless, he also knew when he felt like that, he was being immature again. Therefore, he tried to stop it whenever it happened. He knew the others had matured some, but not like he did. Not even DJ had to grow up as Tommy did, and he was older. He knew the power went to his head in the beginning, but he only hoped that how he was taking care of things now was the right way to do things.

 When Tommy made it to the door of the office, he found that it was locked. Tommy pulled out his keys and unlocked the door. For a moment, Tommy prayed that Hunter was wrong and that Kyle and Luke were just messing around in the office, but he knew deep down that Hunter wasn't wrong. Tommy walked into the office and had to sit down for a minute to get a better grip on his anger. The problem was the more he thought about what they did the angrier he became. Tommy was massaging his temples when the trap door opened and Luke climbed out. Tommy was sitting in the chair behind Luke, as he helped Kyle out of the tunnel so both of them hadn't noticed him yet.

 "Have fun boys?" asked Tommy quietly.

 "Fuck TJ, you almost scared the shit out of me," laughed Kyle.

 "Well that wouldn't be the first time today for that," giggled Luke making Kyle laugh harder.

 "What's wrong bro, you look upset," said Kyle after he stopped laughing.

 "That's probably because I am," Tommy replied quietly.

 "What's wrong? Did you and Jon have a fight?" asked Luke.

 "Kyle, what did I tell you about telling anyone about the tunnel?" Tommy said ignoring Luke's question.

 "Oh, I'm sorry TJ. I didn't think you would mind me telling Luke about it," Kyle replied easily.

 "I don't mind you showing him the tunnel, but I do mind you not asking me first," Tommy said.

 "Well like I said, I'm sorry for not telling you I was going to show it to Luke," said Kyle uncertainly as he noticed Tommy's hands. Tommy's knuckles were white from holding onto the arms of the chair so hard.

 "What were the two of you doing down there?" asked Tommy softly.

 "I was just showing Luke what was down there," replied Kyle evasively.

 "Yeah we found a closet that was filled with some very interesting toys, plus it had this manikin that fell...out...and...," Luke said trailing off after seeing the look on Tommy's face.

 "Do you have any idea what you have done?" asked Tommy.

 "We were just playing some games TJ. We weren't doing anything wrong," replied Kyle.

 "Kyle, you and Luke are grounded. I want the two of you to go to your room, take all your electronics, and put them in my room. Since there isn't anymore TV, you can leave that, but the DVD and game systems are to go. All your handheld games too. The only electronics you two are allowed to use will be Al's teaching computers and I'll talk to him to make sure you don't play any games on them. The both of you are to be grounded to Kyle's room until further notice," Tommy told the two boys very calmly.

 "You can't ground me! I didn't do anything wrong! You aren't my father! I don't have to put up with this crap," said Luke angrily.

 "Yeah, you try to do this Tommy and we will leave," Kyle said seriously.

 "That's where you are wrong Kyle. Luke is free to leave if he wants to after he has had a chance to really think about it, but you Kyle aren't going anywhere. When Mom and Dad died, I became responsible for you. You will stay here with me and I'll do my best to look after you, but don't ever think you can leave. At least not for a few more years and you have a chance to grow up some more," said Tommy in a rather quiet but serious voice.

 "How are you going to stop me if I want to leave!" yelled Kyle.

 "I'm still bigger and stronger than you little brother," Tommy said quietly.

 "Then I'll just sneak out one night!"

 "And I'll just send Hunter to track you down and bring you back, so don't even think about it. Now both of you go upstairs to Kyle's room, I need to calm down a little," replied Tommy calmly.

 "But..." began Luke.

 "Just go..., please go. I'll talk to you in a little bit after I calm down," said Tommy as the two boys angrily walked out of the office. Tommy sat there thinking `that could have gone a little better' as he sat in the darkened office alone. After a few minutes of sitting in the dark, Tommy heard a light knock on the door. "Who is it?"

 "It's me Tommy, is everything okay? I saw Kyle and Luke head to Kyle's room and they looked real upset about something," Jon said walking into the room.

 "They are just upset because I grounded them," Tommy said closing his eyes again.

 "Why did you ground them?" asked Jon.

 "Because Kyle showed Luke the tunnel without permission and for what they were doing in it," Tommy said.

 "What were they doing?"

 "Things they shouldn't have been doing, at least not in that room."

 "What room were they in?"

 "The room where the boy died," Tommy said sadly.

 "Oh, that room. I guess they weren't being very respectful then."

 "You could say that."

 "Don't forget Tommy, they don't know about that. You really shouldn't hold that against them."

 "Kyle does know about it. We talked a little about it when we were moving all those movies."

 "Maybe he forgot. I forgot that we talked about it when he was there. So it's possible he did too."

 "Learning that someone died in a room isn't exactly something that is easy to forget," Tommy said.

 "I guess you are right, but Luke didn't know. All Kyle really knew was that some kid died there, not how he died there. I don't think we talked about the details of his death," said Jon.

 "I know but what really pisses me off is that Kyle did that without asking first."

 "Come on TJ, there has to be more to it than that for you to ground both of them. I mean a little lecture yeah but grounding them seems a bit much for what they did, so what's the rest of it?"

 "Hunter heard them and he fell apart on me again."

 "He heard them when they were in the tunnel? Damn, that's real good hearing," Jon said amazed.

 "I know, but for someone who can hear heartbeats and all the other shit he can do it doesn't really surprise me."

 "Well Hunter falling apart seems like a weekly if not daily event, so nothing strange in that," Jon said.

 "Jon, I love you but don't ever say that again. I owe him not only my life, but also my brother's life. Dealing with his problems is a very small price to pay for what he has done for us."

 "I'm sorry TJ, you are right I shouldn't have said that. Still, it's not like they knew he was going to hear them and fall apart on you like that."

 "I know but still, Kyle knew someone died in that room and he should have recognized the room from the video that had Hunter in it. He should have known better than to play in there."

 "TJ, I know you recognized the room from watching all those videos, but Kyle only saw a small part of one and truthfully, I saw what he did and I didn't recognize it. What was happening in the video had all of my attention, not the background."

 "I guess you are right Jon, but it still makes me angry about what they did. At least I didn't yell at them. I was able to remain calm but in the end I had to send them away so I didn't yell."

 "You have been getting a lot better at that but remember, punish them for what they did that they actually knew was wrong, not for what they didn't know about."

 "I know, but to get them to understand why I'm so angry, I'll have to tell them what happened there. Having them knowing the truth is what is probably going to hurt them the most. I'm not sure I want to do that to them. Grounding them is just a little inconvenience for a few days."

 "You're probably right, but I think you should tell them the truth. My Granny used to tell me `the truth shall set you free but no one ever said it was going to be easy'. If you really want them to understand why you are so upset you really need to tell them."

 "Yeah, you are right," Tommy said as he went over to a small safe and pulled out the dead boy's account of his torture and eventual death. Tommy pulled a single page from it, turned back to Jon, and said, "Well I guess I better go talk to them."

 "You want me to go with?" asked Jon.

 "No, not this time," said Tommy. Tommy walked over to Jon and gave him a big hug saying, "Thanks a lot for being here Jon, I love you."

 "I love you too Tommy," Jon said smiling as he hugged his lover back.

 As Tommy and Jon left the basement, they saw Kyle and Luke carrying an armload of electronics each up the stairs to Tommy's room.

 "Good luck TJ," Jon said.

 "Thanks Jon, as long as I can keep my temper under control I think everything will be okay," Tommy said as he headed up after the other two.

 As Tommy entered his room, he saw Kyle and Luke adding to a rather large pile of electronics. Tommy noticed that both of them had wet hair, as they must have taken a quick shower while he was cooling off in the basement.

 "Boys, sit down please. I want to talk to both of you," Tommy began. From the looks on the two boys' faces, it was obvious to Tommy that they were still very upset. "Boys, I'm sorry but I have thought about it and you are still going to be grounded. For you to understand why this upset me so much I have to..." Tommy began.

 "How did you know where we were Tommy or was it just a coincidence that you were sitting in the office when we came back up?" asked Luke suddenly interrupting Tommy.

 "Hunter heard you."

 "How the hell could he even hear us? We were in the tunnel and you were over at Bryan and Kate's house," Kyle said.

 "There are certain sounds he is rather sensitive to. He's far too familiar with the sound of a whip cracking as he has been on the other end of it too often. Luke, Kyle do you have any idea what your games have done to Hunter?" demanded Tommy. "Your thoughtlessness has him ba..."

 "It's always about Hunter, Jesus what's the deal with you and that little freak?" said Kyle belligerently cutting his brother off.

 "Kyle Nicholas BARRINGER, SHUT UP. I'm talking now, so you listen," Tommy said angrily. The use of Kyle's full name gave him a quick indication of how upset his brother was with him, so Kyle decided to do the smart thing and to do as he was told. In a much more calm voice Tommy said, "I'm sorry Kyle. I didn't mean to yell at you. I told you not to mention the tunnel to anyone and you did. With Hunter here living with us, everyone has to make some adjustments. Because of Hunter's history, you can't play those games around here. If I think about it, I could probably tell you every time you played those types of games, because all I have to do is think of when Hunter has been extra clingy to me. What the two of you were doing in there was wrong."

 "Kyle is right, you are always taking that little crybaby's side, even over your own brother's," Luke said suddenly.

 "You would do well to remember that without `that little crybaby' as you call him, Kyle would be dead! So you better not be calling him names anymore," said Tommy in a dangerous tone. Taking a deep breath Tommy said, "I'm sorry Luke, but I know how much I owe Hunter and I for one don't ever forget it. Now where was I? Oh yeah, what you were doing was wrong, not because of what you were doing but because of where you were doing it. If you guys are into that kind of thing fine, but you aren't to do it there ever again, understand. I know I didn't tell you but I guess I have to now. Kyle, do you remember that older boy in the videos we saw?"

 "Yeah," Kyle said uncertainly.

 "I'm pretty sure he is the boy who died in that room. He didn't just die there he was murdered there. He was tortured to death in that room."

 "How do you know that?" asked Kyle.

 "I brought this," Tommy said handing a page to Kyle. "There is more but that page tells the details of his death. Do you understand now why it was the wrong place to do what you did?"

 "Yeah I think so," said Kyle trying to hold back his tears from his brother bitching him out and learning exactly how the boy died in that room.

 "I don't think you do," Tommy said forcefully. "That video we watched with Hunter in it, you remember it don't you?"

 "Well yeah, that's not something I'll probably ever be able to forget," said Kyle as his eyes began to leak from reading some of what was on the page.

 "It was filmed in that room. He was tortured in that room, God only knows how many times or for how long. I have a couple dozen videos of him being tortured in there and I'm sure they didn't film everything. The video we saw was just a warm-up for what was on the other tapes of him in there," said Tommy as his brother broke down after reading what was on the page.

 "It's okay Kyle, don't cry," said Luke trying to comfort his friend.

 All Kyle did was hand the page to Luke and said, "Read."

 After reading it, Luke began to cry a little too. Tommy went over to the two boys and gave them a hug.

 "I'm sorry, but I couldn't think of a way to explain why it upset me so much without telling you that," Tommy said apologetically.  After the boys had gotten a hold of themselves again, Tommy said, "You need to understand, what the two of you did almost put Hunter back to how he was in the beginning. I mean, he was starting to call Shawn `sir' again. We have to be careful of him, he is very fragile and we all owe him a lot."

 "You are right TJ, we do owe him a lot and I forget it sometimes. We will go and apologize to him for doing that. We will also try to make him understand it was only make believe and not real, but you know he doesn't always understand everything we say," Kyle said.

 "Tell me about it," Tommy said sarcastically, "but he is getting better. It's just going to take time and a lot of work, but I'm sure he will understand eventually."

 "Umm, not to be a dick but where can we play our games then if not there? I mean if we start putting hooks in the walls or ceiling the others will all call us perverts," said Luke a little embarrassed that Tommy knew of their games.

 "Luke, everyone is a pervert. They are just perverts in their own way. I see your point though and I think I might have overreacted a little by banning you from there. That room is ideal for your games, but if you want to play them there, I want you to talk to Hunter first. That way, he knows it's just a game. Every time you want to `play' in that room talk to him first. If he is okay with it then you can play there, but don't forget a boy died there."

 "I know TJ, but there probably aren't many places in the world where someone didn't die. We'll be more respectful if Hunter says he is okay with us playing there," Kyle replied.

 "Kyle, I love you more than anyone else but when you do a bonehead move like this I have to do what I think Mom or Dad would do. You know they would ground you if you did something they specifically told you not to do, if not spank you a little also. You know they didn't think thirteen was too old to spank either, so try to think a little more with the head on your shoulders rather than the one between your legs."

 "TJ!" exclaimed Kyle turning red with embarrassment.

 "Kyle!" laughed Tommy as he grabbed his brother and gave him a hug. "I love you very much Kyle. If it seems like I take Hunter's side it's because he needs me a lot more than you do, but don't ever think I love him more than I love you. You are the most important person to me in the whole world," whispered Tommy as he gave his little brother a kiss on the head. "Now Luke, are you going to stay and accept my punishment and be grounded with Kyle to Kyle's room?"

 "Hmm let me think. I can head out on my own, or I could be stuck in a room with him for a few days with no electronics to play with. I guess I can stay and be stuck with bonehead boy here. I'm sure we will think of something to do to occupy our time," said Luke with a little smile.

 "I thought you would see it that way. Well, let's head over to Hunter and you can tell him it was all fake. You guys might want to wash your faces first though," Tommy said.

 After Luke and Kyle were presentable again, they went with Tommy to Shawn's room. After knocking and hearing Shawn say `come in', they all went in to see Hunter lying on the floor with his head in Shawn's lap as Shawn played a video game. What shocked them the most was that Hunter was wearing Shawn's football helmet and it looked like some fabric was sticking out around his ears. Before Tommy had a chance to say anything Hunter was up and jumping into his arms.

 "I'm sorry Sir. I didn't mean to cause these problems. Please don't send me to the bad room!" said Hunter.

 "Hush Angel, you're alright. No one is going to send you to the bad room," Tommy told the frightened boy in his arms.

 Seeing Hunter's reaction really hit Kyle and Luke hard as they began to realize just how much their playing had hurt Hunter. What hurt them even more was that Hunter now seemed to be afraid of them, or more afraid of them in his case.

 "What's with the helmet?" asked Tommy.

 "Well you guys were getting a little loud and it was bothering him, so I thought if he had the helmet on with some socks around his ears it might help," Shawn replied.

 "Did it?" asked Luke.

 "Not really, but I was able to distract him enough in other ways," Shawn said smiling.

 "Shawn you didn't. Did you?" demanded Tommy.

 "No, I didn't do that. Gees Tommy, get your mind out of the gutter. I can do other things with him besides that you know," Shawn replied exasperatedly.

 "Sorry Shawn, so how did you distract him?" asked Tommy.

 "We played some video games and it was enough to keep him calm, at least until you came in," Shawn replied.

 "I didn't think anyone played video games with him after he slaughtered you, Billy, and Joey," said Luke.

 "Well we found a way to play so that I can honestly win every once in awhile," Shawn said.

 "Oh, how did you do that?" asked Kyle.

 "He has to play with his feet," said Shawn proudly.

 "His feet?" asked Luke noticing that Hunter didn't have his shoes or socks on.

 "Yeah, we have to adjust the controls because he can't really hit the trigger but this way I can actually beat him about one game in three," Shawn said happily.

 "I'm glad you found a way to play your video games with him," said Tommy as he set down Hunter and took off the helmet and socks that were stuffed around his ears.

 "If you were playing video games with him, then why was he lying on the floor with his head in your lap?" asked Kyle.

 "I thought he might try to take his nap to relax him a little, but that wasn't going very well and then you guys came in."

 "Shawn I need Hunter for a few minutes," Tommy said.

 "Aww, but I want to hear too. It's not like I don't know what they were doing. I'm not stupid you know," said Shawn making Kyle and Luke blush in embarrassment.

 "I think it might be easier on them if you weren't there and if you think you know what they were doing then keep it to yourself. They don't need everyone else knowing, understand?" said Tommy.

 "Yeah, I understand but where's the fun in that," Shawn replied making a little pout.

 "It might not be fun but do it anyway," laughed Tommy as he walked back to his room holding onto Hunter's hand.

 Once back in Tommy's room, Luke and Kyle sat down on his couch while Tommy sat in one of his chairs and pulled Hunter into his lap.

 "Umm, TJ, this is gonna be kinda embarrassing so can we talk to Hunter alone please?" asked Kyle uncertainly.

 Tommy took a deep breath before saying, "Okay, for you Kyle. I'll go wait in Shawn's room but yell for me immediately if something happens."

 "Thanks TJ, and don't worry. We will call you if anything happens," said Kyle in relief.

 "Alright Hunter, I'll be in Shawn's room if you need me. Try to be a good boy and listen to what they are going to tell you," Tommy said gently to Hunter.

 "Yes Sir," replied Hunter as he watched longingly as Tommy headed to the door to leave him alone with the other boys.

 Once Tommy had left, Kyle said, "I guess we need to talk about what happened in the tunnel."

 "Yes sir," replied Hunter spinning around to face the boys as he snapped to attention.

 "I'm sorry Hunter, we didn't mean to scare you," began Kyle.

 "Yeah, I'm real sorry too," said Luke as he reached out to touch Hunter but he stopped as Hunter tensed up.

 "Thank you sirs," replied Hunter mechanically.

 Seeing Hunter's reaction Kyle said, "Hunter, we aren't going to hurt you. We just need to talk to you about what happened."

 "Yes sir," replied Hunter staring straight ahead.

 "You think we should call Tommy?" asked Luke after seeing how Hunter was behaving without Tommy around.

 "No, let's just get this over with fast," said Kyle.

 "If you say so," replied Luke.

 "Hunter, what you heard us doing wasn't what you think it was. Not really at least, we were playing around, it wasn't real. We were kinda playing make believe to sorta make things more exciting. We tried to make it sound real but it really wasn't. Do you understand?" asked Kyle.

 "Ye...No sir," replied Hunter as he began to breath faster.

 "Relax Hunter, nothing bad is going to happen to you here," said Luke seeing the boy relax a little as he shifted from being `at attention' to `parade rest' in front of them. Luke shared a concerned look with Kyle before Kyle began talking again.

 "Nothing you heard was real, I mean it was real but we weren't really hurting each other," said Kyle hoping Hunter would understand but it wasn't looking promising. "Hunter, Tommy said you heard us in there while we were playing around, is that right?"

 "Yes sir," replied Hunter snapping back to attention.

 "Did you hear what we said in there?" asked Kyle.

 "Not completely sir," came Hunter's reply.

 "Then what did you hear?" asked Luke.

 "I heard the whip and your voices but not exactly what you were saying, sir," replied Hunter trembling a little.

 "What we said was that it was only playing, it wasn't real," Kyle said.

 "Yes sir," replied Hunter crisply.

 "You heard us play these games before haven't you?" asked Luke.

 "Yes sir."

 "Did they frighten you then also?" asked Luke.

 "Yes sir."

 "But today was worse?" asked Luke again.

 "Yes sir."

 "Was it because of where we were doing it?"

 "Yes sir."

 Luke looked closely at Hunter and asked, "Hunter, how do you feel right now?"

 "Terrified sir," replied Hunter.

 "Why? We would never hurt you," said Kyle.

 "Memories, too many bad memories sir," said Hunter breathing a little faster, "and I am afraid you will make me go with you back to the bad room. The Sir says I don't have to go there, but I'm still afraid you will make me go. I don't want to go there. I'm a good boy now sir."

 "Hunter would you feel better if Tommy was here with you?" asked Luke.

 "Yes sir, very much sir," Hunter said immediately.

 "Kyle, we need to get your brother," Luke told Kyle.

 "But it's so embarrassing to even be talking about this to him," Kyle said pointing at Hunter, "it would be tons worse if TJ were here too."

 "I know Kyle but we need him. We won't be able to get anywhere with Hunter like this. He is too afraid because of what we did so you need to go get him."

 "But...," Kyle began.

 "No Kyle. He has to understand and with him like this he can't, so get up and get your brother. It's either him or Shawn because they seem the best at calming him down. Personally, I would prefer your brother to Shawn so go get him," Luke said.

"But...," Kyle began again.

"I said NO Kyle. I know it's embarrassing to have him here but Hunter is back to how he used to be when he first got here. He hasn't called either one of us by our names once. Now get up and go get him," Luke said authoritatively.

"Fine... but you are going to have to do all the talking, it's just to embarrassing to me to say it in front of him," Kyle said as he headed towards the door.

"Whatever Kyle, but just get him before Hunter has a meltdown," said Luke looking concernedly at Hunter. As Kyle went to get his brother Luke said, "I am really sorry about this Hunter. I had no idea that this bothered you so much, if I did I wouldn't have been doing it."

Luke stopped as Tommy walked into the room and Hunter immediately ran over to him and jumped into his arms.

"It's okay Angel, I'm here, everything is going to be fine now," murmured Tommy.

"Yes Sir," said Hunter holding tightly onto his Master.

"A little too tight there Hunter," grunted Tommy.

"Sorry Sir," said Hunter as he loosened his grip.

"I guess things didn't work out too well huh?" asked Tommy as he walked over to his chair to sit down with Hunter comfortably in his lap.

"You can say that, he was a bit too afraid to really understand what we were saying to him I think," said Luke.

"Here TJ put your ear protection stuff on," said Kyle as he handed his brother his ear protection that they used when they went practice shooting. "That way you can be here to keep him calm and we can talk to him while you can't really hear what we are saying."

Therefore, Tommy put the stuff on and leaned back in his chair closing his eyes holding gently onto Hunter to help him remain calm.

"Feel better now Hunter?" asked Luke.

"Yes sir," replied Hunter with a small smile.

"Can you call us by our names please?" asked Luke.

"Yes Luke," said Hunter.

The fact that Hunter didn't add sir to the end showed both boys how much Tommy was able to calm the boy down just by holding him.

"Now, I wanted to start again by saying how sorry we are for scaring you because of what we were doing," began Luke. "If we had known it was going to affect you like this, we never would have done it."

"Thank you Luke, thank you Kyle," said Hunter.

"What you have to understand, is that when we play those kinds of games it might sound like we are hurting each other really bad but we aren't. We do hit each other and it hurts a little but we like it. It makes things more exciting," said Luke.

"You like getting hurt?" asked Hunter confusedly.

"Well, just a little. It sorta heightens our fun and pleasure," Luke replied.

"So you didn't really hurt Kyle when you whipped him?" asked Hunter making both Luke and Kyle blush with embarrassment.

"That's right, I didn't really hurt him. It was just a game we played," Luke explained to Hunter.

"Really Kyle, you weren't hurt?" asked Hunter.

"Well it hurt a little but not much. It was kinda like when we gave Caleb his birthday spanks. We did spank him but it was very lightly so as not to really hurt him," said a red-faced Kyle. "I know TJ had a long talk to you about that, so you know we really didn't hurt him."

"So is that why Caleb had an erection after his spanks were done, because it made him feel good?" asked Hunter.

"I don't really know, you would have to ask him about it," said Luke as both he and Kyle were thinking that maybe they might have someone else they could play their games with. "If you do ask him, make sure you do it in private because it might embarrass him and please don't ever mention anything about Kyle and me and the games we play together."

"Yeah please don't tell anyone what Luke and I have been doing. It would really embarrass us a lot and make us feel bad. Don't even tell my brother please," asked Kyle.

"I can't lie to my Master. That would be wrong and I would be in very big trouble then," said Hunter as he tightened up in fear at just the thought of what might happen to him if he outright lied to Tommy. Tommy felt him tighten up, so he hugged him closely and gently rubbed his belly.

"It's okay Hunter, he didn't mean for you to lie to Tommy. He meant that you didn't have to tell him if he didn't actually ask about it and I don't think he will ask," said Luke.

"Oh, well I can do that for you, but only if Sir doesn't ask," said Hunter.

 "Hunter, I want you to understand we do these kinds of games because we like them. We have a lot of fun with them and while it does hurt a little at times, that little bit of pain makes it feel a lot better for us. So, when you hear the two of us and those types of sounds, it's because we are playing together. We aren't really hurting each other like you were hurt, we are just making us feel more pleasure by playing these games compared to just having regular sex with each other."

 "I'm not going to have to play these games with you, am I?" asked Hunter a little afraid of the answer.

 "No Hunter, you won't ever have to play these games with us or anyone else if you don't want to. No one is allowed to make you do these kinds of things unless you want to do them," said Luke. "Do you understand?"

 "Yes Luke, I don't have to play those kinds of games if I don't want to even if someone else wants me to," said Hunter.

 "That's right," said Luke smiling at Hunter. "Do you also understand that when Kyle and I play them we aren't really hurting each other no matter what it sounds like?"

 "Yes Luke, I understand that you and Kyle are only hurting each other a little to make you feel better. I don't really understand how hurting you can make you feel better but if you say it does then I believe you," Hunter replied.

 "From now on we are going to try to tell you when we are going to play those types of games," said Luke.

 "Why?" asked Hunter.

 "Because they scare you when you hear them and if you know we are going to be doing them, we hope it won't scare you," said Luke.

 "I don't really understand why it would matter if it scared me or not, if you two wanted to play those games then you should," Hunter replied.

 "It matters to us," said Kyle.

 "If you say so sir," replied Hunter.

 "It does matter Hunter, it really does. We are probably going to be asking you for permission at times to play our games in the tunnel at some time, will that be okay?" asked Luke.

 "You want to go back to the bad room?" asked Hunter suddenly terrified. Tommy immediately hugged Hunter tightly and lovingly caressed him as he whispered calming words to his Angel.

 "Only if it's okay with you, we don't want to scare you like we did today," said Luke gently.

 "Yes sir," said Hunter but for the life of him, he couldn't understand why anyone would ever need his permission to do anything. After all, he wasn't even a real person so why would his opinion matter to anyone. Hunter thought they might as well ask Patches if he cared if they played those games, because Patches opinion mattered about as much as Hunter thought his did. He knew Tommy and Shawn kept telling him he was a real person but no matter how hard he tried to believe it, he just couldn't.

 "I can see you don't really understand that, but that's okay. We will ask you anyway if we can play there and try to tell you when we are going to play our games so you aren't frightened by them," Luke said. "I guess that's about everything we needed to talk to you about but I just wanted to say one more time how sorry I am for scaring you like we did."

 "Yeah me too, I'm sorry Hunter," said Kyle.

 "Thank you Luke, thank you Kyle," replied Hunter.

 Kyle then gently kicked his brother's leg and pantomimed taking off the ear protection stuff. Tommy got the idea, took it off, and said, "All done?"

 "Yep," said Luke getting up along with Kyle. "Thanks Tommy for calming him down and not saying anything to anyone about what we were doing. We better head back to Kyle's room and get the rest of his electronic toys and bring them up here with the rest of them."

 With that, the two of them left Tommy's room.

 "You feel better now?" asked Tommy.

 "I always feel better when you hold me," said Hunter smiling up at Tommy.

 "That's good. You understand what they were doing now right?"

 "Yes Sir, they weren't really hurting each other even if it sounded like they were."

 "That's right, are you okay with them doing that in the future?"

 "Sir, I don't understand why it would matter to anyone if I was okay with it or not. If that's what they want to do, then it shouldn't matter what I thought. Only real people's thoughts should matter, not mine."

 "Hunter, you are a real person so your thoughts matter. I know you don't believe me and that's okay. Eventually though, I hope you will understand that you are a real person."

 "I know I should believe you but it's so hard," said Hunter sadly.

 "I know Angel, but one day you will believe me. As far as I'm concerned and everyone else around here, you are a real person, but I know with eleven years of being told you weren't one it's going to take some work and time to undo. So don't feel bad if you don't get it right away, we will just keep working on it," said Tommy as he got up, tossed Hunter into the air, and caught him making Hunter laugh. Tommy carried Hunter back over to Shawn's room and went in, as the door was open. "Shawn can you look after Hunter for me, I have a few things I need to do."

 "Sure TJ," replied Shawn happily.

 "Thanks Cutie," said Tommy smiling at Shawn. Tommy stayed watching his two boys for a bit, as Shawn handed Hunter a video controller. Tommy was amazed to watch Hunter begin to play using his feet instead of his hands. "Shawn, don't forget Hunter is sleeping with you tonight."

 "I haven't," said Shawn. "I know you and Jon want to have a nice romantic evening and then some fun together so I'll think of something to keep Hunter occupied."

 "I'm sure you will," laughed Tommy. "Hunter, you be good for Shawn. I'll be back to check on you in awhile."

 "Yes Sir," Hunter said smiling at Tommy while still playing the racing game with his feet. With that, Tommy left the two boys to their games.




To be continued...


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