Tutoring JJ

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Chapter 1

“Joshua Johnson, sit up, stop talking, and pay attention this instant. I am sick to death of your constant interruptions to my class.” Mrs. Berry yelled out, probably for the hundredth time this school year alone.

“Sorry Mrs. Berry.” JJ said, getting only a hint of a blush on his fifteen year old, eighth grade face.

JJ had been talking to his friend in the next aisle again and making all too much noise, something Mrs. Berry did not like. And it wasn't like JJ could stand to do anything other than his work, he was the lowest scoring student in her class, and possibly the school. It was no surprise to her that he had failed twice, and had had to be held back, once in fourth grade and once in sixth grade, so by all rights he should be in grade ten already, but he was looking to fail eighth grade as well, and the school year was only half way done.

Mrs. Berry sat behind her desk watching her students work through the poetry assignment she had given to them, wondering what the hell she could do to help JJ out, she hated failing kids, she always felt that it was her failing when it happened, but she had been warned by every other teacher that he was a lost cause. They all felt that he just stopped caring after his second time of being held back, something she found very sad. She sat watching and thinking for almost half an hour looking from student to student, wondering what she could do for JJ, seeing as how nothing else seemed to work. Threatening the boy just made things worse, suspending him did nothing, it was a vacation to him, extra homework given just resulted in nothing at all being done, and his parents were just as frustrated and could do nothing to help, for they too got pushed back twice as hard as they tried. The only thing so far that had had any hopes of getting the boy through school was to threaten expulsion, seeing as how his parents told him that he would have to move out and get a job if that happened. He was scared of that, because he was good for nothing, at least he thought so. Well not entirely, he was really good at sports, the other thing that kept him going, and offered at least a little leverage for his parents and teachers, threatening to pull him from those activities as well.

Problem was that JJ was getting worse, he at least used to try a little, but even that was slipping away, and most often JJ was to be found sitting in the back of any class he was in with a dazed look upon his handsome face. And he was handsome, very good looking in fact, and had his attitude not totally sucked, he could have had his pick of girls, but they would not even talk to him anymore, so all he had was the few friends he had from his sports. JJ had short light brown hair, always cut in the latest fashion, an eyebrow ring that looked very good on him, a muscular body from playing all those sports, mostly football though, and he loved to wear nice tight fitting clothes to show that off. He also has bright blue eyes and a friendly smile. But for all that was good about him, JJ thought he was as dumb as a post.

As Mrs. Berry's eyes scanned the room while thinking, her eyes set on her other end of the spectrum student. AJ, an exceptionally bright young boy, twelve years old, skipped ahead two grades because he was just too smart, but at a cost. An already small boy, looking barely ten instead of the twelve he was, he was lost in the high school where everyone towered above him. He fought his mom tooth and nail to prevent this, he hated the thought of being the absolute smallest single person in the entire school, as well being so smart, and not all that good with dealing with people just did not help. He was a very shy young man, but was as cute as can be. He has shaggy strawberry blond hair worn just a little long, nice deep green eyes, covered by a fashionable pair of glasses, a spattering of freckles across the bridge of his nose that he hated, because they made him look younger than he already felt. He has a very nice smile, which next to no one ever saw. AJ's real name was Alfred James Jacobson, hence the reason he went by AJ, he hated his name, and about the only time he ever gave a dirty look to anyone, was when they used his first name, and even all school papers were written up as AJ, so no teacher would say it, and no one at school even knew his first name.

AJ hated high school almost as much as JJ did, but for different reasons, yet neither one wanted to leave it, because they needed it. AJ being so smart, but so young, kept him held back so much, and he was picked on ceaselessly, but at least no one had ever hit him, yet. JJ on the other hand thought he was very dumb, he did not understand most of what the teachers told him, he could read, but at only about a sixth grade level, math was a joke because he could barely do multiplication and division, let alone fractions and algebra. The only reasons he wanted to stay in school was for the sports and to stay living at home, because he honestly figured that he would die very quickly once he left home, he was totally useless otherwise.

A plan started to hatch in Mrs. Berry's mind, what if she could put her best and her worst student together, they could both stand to learn so much from each other, but would they do it. She was certain AJ would acquiesce once she talked him into it, but JJ was another story. He was known to be a fighter, and a damn good one, and more than once he was suspended for fighting on school grounds, but one thing she was certain of, was that he was not a bully, he always took on boys of the same size or larger, and rarely lost. Would that hold as true though if she were to push them together. They needed each other though, JJ to learn how to do schoolwork from a peer, and AJ to learn how to deal with others, they could learn so much from each other. As soon as the bell rang, everyone sprang from their seats almost immediately, cramming their books back in their bags, glad to finally be let free from school for the weekend.

“AJ and JJ, please stay behind, I want to speak to you?” Mrs. Berry called out before they could get very far.

Everyone else sniggered, wondering what they had done wrong to be called to stay behind, but all thinking it would be very strange for AJ to be called back, as he was every teachers absolute favorite, he never talked back, his work was always perfect, always handed in before time, all that, and most of them were a little jealous of him, but they teased him for it to cover it up.

“What now?” JJ sighed.

“What did I do wrong?” AJ asked with a fearful look on his face, if he got in trouble for something, his mom would be furious.

“AJ, you did nothing wrong, but I have a favor to ask of you, and JJ, you know why you're here, yet again.” Mrs. Berry said.

The look of panic on poor AJ's face disappeared, he truly feared his mom, she was ultra strict, and stood for nothing, and although he knew she loved him, she never showed it. She always said she wanted the best for her boy, and that was why she pushed him so far and hard, she was a waitress that worked nights, and she wanted better for her son.

“What can I do for you?” AJ asked in a small voice.

“Ah that, yes, let's go have a seat and we can talk, all three of us, and JJ, no outbursts, I have warned your football coach that I will not hesitate from pulling you from the team if you don't shape up, and I am getting seriously close to doing so, please do not make me do that. Well as I am sure you both have realized by now, I have our top scoring student and our lowest scoring student sitting with me, any ideas why that might be?”

“You want me to tutor JJ, don't you?” JJ asked fearfully.

“Yes I do, but I am hoping that you can both learn and teach much more to each other. AJ, let's face it, you are way too shy for your own good, JJ is not, and JJ, let's face it, you are looking at failing grade eight, and another blow like that to your ego might kill you. The way I see it, you can both learn each others good points and help each other out, AJ, you have a choice in this, but I feel you should do it, JJ, you do not have a choice in this matter at all, if AJ is not willing to do it, then I will find someone else.”

Both boys just looked at her in shock, wondering if she was trying to pull their legs somehow, but the look on her face was serious. AJ knew he could back out, but he also knew she was right. JJ was burning up inside, because he knew she was right, he was already so depressed that when he was at home and no one could hear him, he cried and cried, many nights crying himself to sleep. He never let this show though to anyone else, for no matter how frustrated his parents and teachers were, it was nothing to how he felt.

“But what if he tries to beat me up, he is one of the biggest kids in the school and always teases me the most, there is no way I can protect myself?”

“I never beat up little kids!” JJ said hotly.

“JJ, that's enough, and you know it's true, I have given you trouble for teasing AJ and many of the other kids. But AJ, JJ has never beaten up a younger smaller kid before, I don't think he would start now, and the consequences should he do so, either at school or anywhere else, would be far greater than even he is willing to risk. I don't think that you have anything to fear there.”

“Sorry Mrs. Berry, but AJ, she's right. I would never beat you up, no fun in that, there would be no fight.” JJ smiled genuinely.

“How long would it be for, and how often?” AJ asked.

“I was hoping for the rest of the school year, and I was thinking three times a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, that should not interfere with your sports too much JJ, and gives you both plenty of time to work together. And given that it is Friday, there is no reason you could not start today, you can either use my classroom or go to one of your homes.”

“I have no problem with that, not like I have a life anyways, and all my homework is usually done before I leave school.” AJ said with a lot more bite than he had ever had in his speech, almost shocking Mrs. Berry.

“I guess that works for me as well, but I sometimes have games on Monday's, but they are usually later, seeing as how I have no choice in the matter, you having my balls in your hand and squeezing and all.” JJ said point blank, AJ blushing fiercely.

“JJ, it's no wonder your mouth finds you in trouble so often, remember, not everyone likes to hear people talk like that, but in a way you're right.” Mrs. Berry grinned, she had heard it all before, so it was not a shock to her, but she thought the blush AJ had going was cute.

“Sorry, it just slips out at times.” JJ shrugged.

“Try thinking before talking then, it does wonders.”

“Yeah, like thinking is my strong suit, I don't think you're demanding I get tutored by a kid half my size, and way younger than me, because I am Einstein remember.” JJ said quietly without any emotion.

“I'm sorry JJ, I honestly did not mean that to hurt, but I am here to help you, this is not some punishment for you. I really am trying to help you, and I hope you take as much as you can from this, and even if all it does is help a little, then great.”

“Well AJ, what do you say, my place or yours, because staying in school is not my idea of fun. My mom and sisters will all be home, so if your place is quieter, then maybe we should go there?”

“I don't mind staying here or going to either place. My mom will be at work, so my place will be quiet, but your place is good too. How many sisters do you have?” AJ asked quietly.

“You really have to learn to speak up, I can barely hear you. I have four sisters, all younger than me, all of them under eight, and two of them still in diapers.”

“I have never been around babies before, but I know they are noisy, we can go to my place then.” AJ said just a little louder, not much, but an improvement.

“That's better, and okay. Let me just call my mom and tell her what's happening, and then we can go. You walk here right, so you must be pretty close?”

“Yeah, I live half a kilometer from here, so only a five minute walk.”

Mrs. Berry smiled warmly at the boys as they made the arrangements and walked from her classroom without a glance back, she hoped and prayed she could help two needy boys out in one fell swoop.


“Hi mom, I got in trouble again from Mrs. Berry, and she made me stay after class for a bit to talk.”

“What for this time?”

“The usual, I was losing focus and talking, but she is making me go to another boys house three days a week to get some tutoring, or she will pull me from football.” JJ said simply.

“Oh really, is Mrs. Berry there, can I speak to her?”

“Um, no, she's still in her class, I can go get her though.”

“No need, I'm standing right behind you.” Mrs. Berry said, knowing that Mrs. Johnson would probably want to be assured that it was tutoring and not another stunt to just get away from coming home.

“Never mind, she followed us down, probably knew you wouldn't believe me.”

“And why would I not believe you?” His mom asked gently.

“Because I have tried everything to prevent coming home to get in more trouble for not paying attention in the past.” JJ sighed out. He was beyond caring, he just ignored it when his parents started yelling at him, and telling him to shape up or ship out.

“Put Mrs. Berry on the line then.”

“Hello Mrs. Johnson, it is true, I have another student who is going to try and help JJ out, and in turn JJ might be able to help out AJ.” Mrs. Berry greeted upon taking the phone.

“Hello again Mrs. Berry, we really should just become friends the amount we talk on the phone. Now what do you mean that JJ could help out someone else as well?”

“Well AJ is another boy in my class, small and shy, but very smart, they are total opposites, and maybe, just maybe, they can help each other out. They have decided to go to AJ's house, as it will be quiet there, I will let them decide on how much time, but I want three days a week, I suggest two hours.”

“Oh, well I hope that this works out, we are at our wits end as to what to do with him, it's like talking to a tree sometimes, but you already know that. Well I will let you go, one of the babies is crying, so I should go. Tell JJ that he can stay as long as he wants, but to call when he is heading home.”

“Okay, have a good night.”

“Nuts, she said it's okay to go, didn't she?” JJ asked, with a hint of a smile on his face, he was almost hopeful that this worked.

“Yes, and she said you can stay as late as you want and to call when you leave. Well I have to go boys, I will see you on Monday.”

“Bye.” They both said.

They headed to their lockers and grabbed their bags and what books they would need for the weekend, and headed out. They walked in total silence the entire five minutes it took to walk to AJ's house. When they got there AJ let them in to the modest house, it was nothing much, just a nice rancher style house with three bedrooms, a good sized living room, kitchen, and dining room. It was a nice enough house, kept very clean, but was almost barren. Not really much character, plain white walls, not much for decorations at all. JJ looked around and was surprised at the lack of color, his mom loved to decorate and their house was full of color. He thought the house was nice, but needed more color for sure. His house was large in comparison, three levels, six bedrooms, five bathrooms, and everything was so much larger, but then there were seven in their family, whereas AJ sounded as if he were an only child of a single woman.

“Let's go to the dining room table, more room to spread out.” AJ said.

“Why not go to your bedroom, more comfortable?” JJ asked.

“We can do that, but I have to go put some stuff away first, wait here and then come when I call you, last door on the left down the hall.” AJ said.

He went to his room and put his pack of goodnites away in the closet, covered it with a spare blanket, and then he emptied the garbage of the last few nights worth of wet goodnites, and threw them in the garage, which was the last door in the hall. AJ then checked to make sure that everything was also clean, and it was, so he called down to JJ and he came in a minute later.

“Man. No wonder you are so quiet and shy, there's no color anywhere to liven you up, you really should paint your room, you should see mine.” JJ said effusively.

“Mom doesn't like lots of color, finds it distracting.” AJ said in defense.

“You mean boring, man our house has more color in the foyer than your whole house does, but oh well, it's your house I guess.”

AJ just shrugged, he was sort of insulted, but in a way he knew JJ was right. They sat down on the floor, backs to the bed, pulled out their math books, and started in on the work they had to do. AJ was just triple checking his work to make sure he got it all right, while JJ was struggling to figure it all out. Half an hour later, JJ threw down his pencil in frustration.

“What's the matter?” AJ asked softly.

“I can't do this, how the hell is it math if you have fucking letters in it?”

“The letters are numbers, the numbers are just hidden and you have to find out what they are, it is really easy once you get the hang of it.”

“Yeah easy for you to say mister smartest kid in the entire school and in the advanced math class.” JJ yelled in frustration.

“Please don't yell at me, I can help you to understand it. Now read the question out to me and we can work it out together.” AJ said softly.

“Sorry, I just get so frustrated I want to scream sometimes.”

“I know how you feel.”

“How would you know how I feel, you have no idea what it's like, you're so smart?” JJ asked with a lot of anger to it.

“Just because I am smart does not mean I don't get frustrated. Do you honestly think I want to be in high school, where I am the youngest and the smallest kid there? Man, I was even the smallest in my old school for my grade and the one below it. Do you think I did not scream out my frustration at having to be forced to go to this school, I hate it there, I get picked on and teased every day, people steal my lunch all the time, knock my books out of my hands, and you think you have it bad, at least I can teach you, there's nothing I can do.” AJ said, almost crying.

“I'm sorry, I didn't know.” JJ said sadly.

“Whatever, just read me the question and let's work it out.” AJ said, sniffing lightly.

JJ read out the question, and he did so so painfully slow it amazed AJ. He was looking at the paper upside down and he could easily see that it was wrong, JJ read it totally wrong.

“Um, I don't mean to be mean or anything, but you read that almost totally wrong.” AJ said lightly, so as not to upset JJ.

“What do you mean, I read it the exact same way it says on the paper?”

“Do me a favor and cover one of your eyes and read it again please?”

JJ was confused, but did as he was asked, and AJ shook his head and told him to try the other eye, this time he read it correctly.

“Did you hear a difference in how you read it?”

“Yeah, it was totally different, why?”

“Have you ever been to an optometrist before?”

“Yeah, a few times, but he always says my eyes are perfect.” JJ said, sounding more confused.

“Okay, so the problem is not with your eyes then, it is your brain. Your eyes are seeing one thing, but your brain is saying something different, at least for your left eye, I think that might be your problem. It is a rare form of dyslexia that can be hard to diagnose. Let me grab something, I'll be right back.” AJ said and jumped up and ran from the room. JJ just sat there in total confusion.

AJ came back in a few minutes later holding a few sheets of different colored translucent plastic sheets.

“I knew we had these somewhere, this might just help you, I read an article on this once for someone else, but it was not their problem, but it might help you. Grab a book with just letters and let's read.” AJ said, poor JJ was now even more confused than before.

He did as he was asked though and grabbed his English book, opened it up and started reading from it.

“Read out loud please, I need to hear you.” AJ instructed.

Again JJ read very slowly and every second word was totally wrong. He slipped a red sheet over the page that JJ was reading and it made no difference. He tried a green sheet, and it helped, but not lots. The next was blue, and the difference was astonishing. Almost instantly JJ sped up his reading and got almost every word correct. AJ smiled.

“There you go, that is your problem, all you need is to use a blue sheet over anything you read, and it will help your brain to focus properly. I think blue tinted glasses can also help, at least the article said it does most of the time.”

“Really, that was the reason I can't read properly. I have been tested so many times, and everyone said I was not learning disabled, how come no one else knows about this?”

“Because it is very rare and most teachers and doctors have not even heard about it. Now that we know how to fix the problem though, we can work on getting you up to speed.” AJ smiled in a friendly manner.

“Wow, I don't know how to thank you.”

“No need.”

But JJ ignored that and grabbed the smaller boy and gave him a tight hug of thanks. It even shocked him to be doing it, he was not a hugger, but he was so damned happy. For the first time in his life he read something without having to struggle. AJ though was almost as shocked, he was not at all used to being hugged, but he liked it, a little too much if his hard penis had anything to say about it.

“Sorry, was just so happy.” JJ grinned.

“Yeah, um, let's get back to work on the math and I can help you figure it all out.”

JJ just nodded and for the next hour they worked together. AJ thought it was funny how JJ could not read anything properly, but was writing it perfectly fine, but he also noticed that JJ did not look at what he was writing. He must have long ago realized that no matter what he wrote never looked like what he had thought it was supposed to be, so did not bother looking at it. By the time all the math homework was done, and AJ had been watching and teaching how to do it, JJ had everything all done and it was all done correctly.

“See, told you once you get the hang of it, it is real easy.” AJ grinned.

“Yeah, it was.” JJ smiled warmly.

“Let's move on to your English homework then.”

And they did, and for an hour they worked on it, the improvement showing instantly. Slowly JJ's confidence built up and he was able to read quite quickly, even though AJ insisted he read it out loud, and for the first time ever, he fully understood what it was he was reading.

“Very good, now all you have to do is catch up, and I think we might be able to get you a high C or maybe even a B if you work real hard. We can go make and eat some dinner, and then we can come back and do your Socials work next.”

“Okay.” JJ said happily.

They went and made a quick chicken salad dinner and sat down to eat quietly, both doing a great deal of thinking. AJ thinking about why he was feeling so funny in the pit of his stomach for JJ, and JJ was thinking how much he was enjoying being with AJ. Not only because he helped him so much with his schoolwork, and figured out what the problem was, but truly enjoying spending time with the younger boy. Once dinner was finished, they went back to work, this time sitting on the bed, AJ not even thinking about the plastic sheet on his bed. JJ did notice the faint crinkle, but said nothing, he too was a bed wetter until the age of ten, so would never say anything to anybody about that, he remembered all too well the humiliation he felt from it. They got to work on the next set of homework, and AJ was thankful that JJ either did not hear anything, or was ignoring it. They spent only half an hour on the Socials work, since there was so little to do, but spent a little over an hour on the Science homework.

“I guess I should be going home, but I'd like for you to come over to my house tomorrow, you have taught me so much today, more than anyone ever has, and I want to teach you some stuff tomorrow.” JJ offered.

“Really, you don't have to, you heard Mrs. Berry, we only need to tutor Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.” AJ said, sounding more than a little shocked.

“Nah, we're friends now, you helped me tonnes more than I can ever repay you, so the least I can do is be your friend and help you out as well, that is if you'll have me.” JJ offered, sounding far more shy than he normally does.

“I'd like that. I've never really had a friend before. My mom starts work at noon tomorrow, so I will come over after lunch. What's your address?”

“48893 Spruce drive, just a few blocks from here. Can I keep the blue sheet, I want to show my mom and dad this?”

“Of course, and buy a few more for just in case.”

“I will ask my mom to go buy a bunch of them, and maybe even blue tinted glasses.” JJ said, sounding positively giddy, he had never felt good about schoolwork before, and now he did.

A few minutes later they said their goodbyes and JJ was off and running home, forgetting to call his mom first, but not caring, and she wouldn't either once she saw how happy he was, and what he had to show her.

For the rest of the evening AJ sat in his bedroom at the computer and did some research, and then went to bed. As he was falling asleep, the image of JJ was there in front of his eyes, and it all started with the hug, and then moved from there. And the very first erotic dream AJ had ever had was taking form, and it was with a boy. When he woke in the morning the memory of the dream would torture him for a while, while he decided what it meant. But what it meant and what he thought it meant were very different. AJ just figured they were growing close and becoming friends, but that was not all of it.


“Hi mom and dad, I'm home.” JJ yelled as he walked in the door, sounding very happy, something his parents rarely heard unless he was talking about sports.

“You sound happy, the tutoring go well, and how come you didn't call?”

“Sorry, was so happy I forgot to call, and it went great. AJ is super smart and he found out the reason I can't read right. He says I have a rare form of dyslexia that he read about once, look at this.” JJ said, whipped out one of his books and the blue sheet and started reading from the book. His parents were amazed, they used to have him read to them every night to get him better practiced, and he could never do it, now he was reading fluently.

“So what's with the blue sheet?” JJ's dad asked.

“AJ says it has something to do with my brain not reading the signals from my eyes right, and sometimes different color sheets can help focus it better, this was the best one. Can you go buy me a bunch of these mom?”

“Wow, of course I will.” Mrs. Johnson said, and left almost right away to go buy more.

“I asked AJ to come over tomorrow so that I can teach him how to be more sure of himself, plus he just needs to get out and have some fun.” JJ told his dad.

“That's very nice of you. Well why don't you head up to bed and relax for a bit, it's been a long day for you.” His dad suggested.

“Okay dad, and you know what, I might even try reading the Harry Potter book Grandma bought me.” She had bought the book in hopes of getting him more into reading, since he loved the movies so much, but it just frustrated JJ even more.

He nearly skipped up the stairs, and then sprinted back down, grabbed the blue sheet, and skipped back up to his room. It was midnight before JJ put the book down, he was enjoying it so much, and was having fun picking out all the differences between the book and the movie. As JJ went to sleep, he too dreamed of AJ, the only difference was, that JJ had long ago decided he was gay and decided to just deal with it.