Chapter 10

The week before the pool party dragged by for the boys, barely feeling the time pass at all. During their Tuesday swim practice, AJ asked everyone to his house for a weekend party, telling them to bring sleeping bags and pillows, and by Wednesday they all came back saying they were a go, and that they'd be there for sure.

AJ and JJ had gone to the hospital on Monday after school to see Brad, but they were told by his mom that he was in surgery today, and would be in and out of surgery for the next week to do what they could for his face. She vowed to tell Brad that they had come by though, and told them to try next week, because this entire week he would probably not even be lucid enough to remember anything. She did seem very appreciative of them stopping by though.

Thursday evening after their swim practice the boys had made arrangements with Sarah to drive them to the grocery store to pick up everything that they would need. She was more than happy to take the boys, and while they were there, she made all sorts of good suggestions to the boys, and of course they listened to her. They got everything that they would need, and JJ insisted on paying for it all, and then Sarah took them back to AJ's place and helped them take it all in and put it all away.

“JJ, I took the liberty of bringing you your clothes for tomorrow so that you can stay here tonight and try and get as much as possible ready for the party this weekend.” Sarah said, passing him a bag.

“Wow, thanks mom, you're the greatest.” JJ smiled.

“I know, now come here and give me a hug and kiss goodbye, and I will see you on Sunday.”

JJ went over and gave her a big hug, AJ coming in and joining as well. As soon as she was gone they got to work and started baking a double batch of cookies, a large cake, and AJ even cooked up a large pot of pudding. They even started cutting a large tray each of vegetables and fruits for snacks. With everything being done for the evening, the boys cleaned up and headed to bed, both hoping the following school day would go quickly.

Sadly the day went rather the opposite of quickly, and AJ and JJ could see that it was doing much the same thing for all the boys of the swim team, and they too were wishing that it would end faster. They all sat around at lunch excitedly talking about what all they should do this weekend, neither AJ or JJ letting on what would really be happening. Finally the day did end, and everyone said that they would meet at AJ's house, they had to go pick up their sleeping bags and whatnot, so they all went their separate ways home.

AJ and JJ made it home and quickly went and got out of their school clothes and into just a brief pair of shorts and started getting things out in the pool house. They barely got everything out when the doorbell rang for the first time that afternoon. They went to the door and found three already at the door and another three coming up the walk. In under ten minutes everyone was there and ready to have a good time, all their belongings ending up in a rather large pile in the middle of the living room floor.

“Okay, last one stripped doesn't get to see the surprise.” AJ called out, and he and JJ, who had planned this of course, ripped off their shorts.

The others were all almost as fast, having all changed at home into shorts and tee shirts themselves. If any of them were curious as to what the surprise was, they didn't show it. In under fifteen seconds there were fifteen very naked and gorgeous boys standing in the living room of AJ's house. He briefly thought about what his mom would think of that, but figured he'd let her deal with it.

“Well I think it was a tie, so I guess you can all see the surprise, follow us please?” AJ said, giving his best servants impersonation, including the bow.

The others all laughed and followed AJ and JJ out through the kitchen door. The curtains had all been purposely drawn so you could not see anything outside, so when they left the kitchen door and ended up in a small smoked glass room with two more doors, they were all a little more curious. Had the pool used any actual chlorine, they may have smelled it and guessed, but it didn't, so they were still clueless. That is until AJ opened the other door.

“Wow, I thought you said you didn't have a pool.” Matt said in awe.

“When I told you that, I hadn't had one, but I decided to change that. It has been ready for just over a week now and I wanted you guys to come and help me really christen it. JJ's family and my mom and I have gotten a little use out of it, but it cried out for a pool party, don't you think!” AJ said happily.

“This is even nicer than my pool, and I always thought it was awesome. You even have a high dive, that's just too cool. How deep is it?” Matt asked.

“Fifteen feet.” AJ answered.

“Nice, perfect for doing high dives from. Why don't I smell the chlorine though?”

“Because this pool does not really use it. I went with an ozone water treatment system, better for the skin and works better than chlorine, and all I need to do is put a bit of chlorine in to shock the system. Even my heating system for everything in here is an ultra efficient heat exchanger, even the vent draws all the heat out of the air as it exits and gets recycled into heating the pool and hot tub.”

“Wow, you really went all out. I almost want to ask what it all cost to do, but I'm sure I don't want to know.” Matt said, still looking around.

“Oh it cost a lot all right, but not as bad as I had thought it was going to be. Well what's everyone waiting for, go get clean and jump in, and let's have some fun. There is lots of food on the tables as well, so help yourself.” AJ called out.

Almost instantly the showers were crowded with more people in them than they were designed to hold. Once everyone was cleaned up, they hopped in the pool and enjoyed the perfectly warmed water, playing on the diving boards, and the divers even sampled the high dive, doing quite fantastic flips and maneuvers. AJ had yet to try it, because he had not been trained, the only time he had been up on a diving board that high was that first day when the coach had him jump off to see how he would handle it. Over the course of the next few hours the boys played in the pool, enjoyed the hot tub and sauna, worked out on the equipment, and of course they continuously munched on the snack foods. AJ and JJ excused themselves around dinner time to go get dinner started, and they went in while drying off and got dinner ready. They had bought everything that they would need for a large hamburger and salad dinner, so they got it prepared and cooked and took it all out.

“Come and get it.” JJ called out as soon as the last of the food was set on the table.

Everyone hopped out of the pool, grabbed a towel and dried themselves off slightly, and sat down to eat. Each one of them started with just one burger, but boy were they big burgers, they were piled high with everything from onions and mushrooms to bacon and cheese, and then lots of lettuce and tomatoes. Nearly every one of them had to put a good amount of weight behind it to squish the messy burgers down enough to eat them. Probably not so surprising to parents of teen boys, but each one of them managed another one of those massive burgers and a pile of salad as well. With satisfied belches all around, they all got up and started to clean up the mess.

“Well should we go and swim for a while longer or should we get our beds ready and lay down and watch movies for the rest of the night? Remember though that we have to go to bed when my mom does after she gets home.” AJ asked.

“I think I'll sink if I try and swim after all that food, so I say movies.” Orin said and the others all agreed.

“Movies it is then. Let's move the couch, chair, and tables out of the way then and we can get ready for bed.” JJ said.

With all the boys there, and all of them being quite strong, it was a chore that was done very quickly and easily. All their sleeping bags and pillows were then set out and everyone got diapered, the non diaper wearers of course diapering the wearers again. JJ pulled out his case of movies and everyone looked through them and there were three movies that were picked out that everyone said they would like to see, so the first one was picked at random and put in the player. Everyone got comfortable and the movie started and they watched it all the way through, loving it. After that movie a few large batches of popcorn were made and a couple large pitchers of juice were brought out, and everyone enjoyed fresh buttered popcorn and juice during the second movie. The third and final movie of the night was put in and they watched that until Alice came home about half way through it, and then it was paused.

“Hi mom, how was your night at work?” AJ asked, getting up to hug and kiss his mom.

“Good thanks, busy, but that makes the night go by a lot faster, and the tips are better. So how is the party going?”

“Great.” Everyone answered.

“Good to hear. I am going to go get changed and then I will come and watch the rest of the movie with you boys, if that's okay with you of course?” Alice said.

“Sure it is.” They all said and Alice went and got changed quickly and then sat in the chair that was still in a place that she could watch the movie from.

The movie was started again and they all enjoyed the last half of it, even Alice, who missed the first half, thought it was good and said that she would have to see the beginning now. If she was surprised when everyone climbed out of their sleeping bags to go get ready for bed, she did not show it. None of the boys showed any sort of embarrassment at all with getting up, either naked or diapered, and going to go get ready for bed. Those who were wearing diapers all needed changing, so while the bathrooms were full, they all changed each other, Alice just sitting and watching the odd scene play out in front of her with a silly smirk on her face. She was of course more than a little surprised that all the boys were so comfortable around her, but they were all used to it as well. Once all the boys were ready for bed, she excused herself saying that she too was heading to bed and told the boys to all have a good sleep. They of course all called out yes and goodnight to you too, and then they all curled up in their sleeping bags and went to sleep almost right away.

Alice was the first to wake up the next morning and she went and started a pot of coffee and sat down and watched the fifteen very cute young boys sleeping. She had to smack herself from thinking that she almost ruined this for AJ, that had he not have kicked her out of her depression, that she never would have allowed something like this to happen, that she would have disallowed her son from having one of the best experiences in his life, to have a weekend long sleepover party. What kid does not dream of doing it, and she would not have allowed it to happen. She had to force herself to stop thinking like that, because it made her want to cry, but she remembered that she was different now, AJ was different now, and they would never go back to the way she once had it. She sat sipping her coffee and watching the boys for a while longer until a couple of them started to stir. One by one they woke up and whispered a good morning to Alice, who whispered it back to them and offered them coffee or tea if they wanted it. A few said yes, but most said no unless it was decaffeinated. Alice chuckled at that, thinking health nut kids, great, and said she had some decaffeinated green tea, and all the ones who wanted it thought it sounded perfect. AJ was the only reason they had it in the house, he liked it, Alice couldn't even stand the smell of it, and just thinking decaffeinated gave her a headache.

AJ was the last to wake up, something that surprised Alice, he was normally a very early riser, but then again he didn't normally stay up quite so late either, usually being in bed by nine. He sat up and stretched while giving a big yawn and said good morning to everyone.

“My god, you boys are all soaked.” Alice said, just realizing it as she noticed it on AJ and then looked around closer at the others.

“Usually am.” Most of them said.

AJ and JJ went to the kitchen to get a large breakfast for everyone going. Five bags of frozen hash browns, two large red onions, one large red pepper, one large yellow pepper, and two kilograms of medium spicy Italian sausage were all chopped up and thrown into four of the largest skillets that they had available, and it was all fried up. Once that was done six eggs were scrambled into each one and then tossed and then covered with shredded blended cheese and then everyone dug in. At first Alice was watching and thinking the boys were insane for cooking that much, but as they were eating, and the boys all packed it all away, she thought they should have made more.

“That was very good boys, thanks.” Alice said once it was all done.

“No kidding, that was awesome guys.” Everyone else said.

“Thanks, for a crew this size it was the easiest thing to do, and it is good, I love cooking that.” AJ said.

“Just how exactly did you get to be such a good cook anyways, I can't ever remember teaching you?” Alice asked, just realizing it all of a sudden.

“Don't really know, just started playing around with different things and figuring out what went well together and what really didn't. I enjoy cooking. Plus I have found thousands of great recipes on the internet, you should see my recipe file on my computer.” AJ grinned.

“Just like your dad, every day you surprise me more and more with how much like him you really are.” Alice smiled warmly at him.

“Thanks, but I'll have to take your word for it.” AJ said, not sounding sad or depressed or anything, just making the statement. He had long ago decided that he did not have a dad and that there was nothing he could do to change that, so there was little point in worrying about it. So things that might be hard for some when it came to their missing dads was not for AJ. Alice suddenly realized that this was actually a bad thing. She wondered what if anything that she could do about it, but could think of nothing at all. But AJ's dad had no problems foreseeing this little issue, and had made provisions for it.

“Well guys, let's go work off some of this hugely fattening breakfast, you wanna join us mom?” AJ asked.

“Sure, why not.” She answered and went to her room to throw on a bathing suit.

The diapered boys of course all stripped off their diapers and threw them in the trash. They all went out naked and showered off, and then went and started a long workout. Alice came in only a few seconds after the boys started their morning workout, and she was more than a little surprised to see that all the boys were naked. She shrugged it off, thinking that if they were all comfortable enough to do it, then it was not her place to mention it. She did go and join them though in the morning workout on the equipment, but she had to stop halfway through the boys' workout, she just was not used to it, not like the boys obviously were. She sat in the hot tub though and watched the boys. She was very surprised when she saw that Matt was benching a little over a hundred and fifty pounds, she figured that he was not nearly as strong as he obviously was, because he didn't look it. And then she was really surprised when AJ was next up behind him, and took less than half the weight off, then started benching that. All the boys appeared to be far stronger than they looked, the swimming obviously being very good for them all. She nearly passed out when Matt put the leg press machine onto its highest weight and did that for his rep, and then was more than surprised when AJ again took off only about half the weight and did his reps. She was still in shock at what she had been watching when they all finished up and came and climbed in the hot tub with her.

“Shit AJ, I had no idea you were that strong.” Alice said, actually surprising poor AJ, he had never heard his mom swear, ever.

“No I'm not, the others are all a lot stronger than I am.” AJ blushed.

“Yeah, but most of them are a lot older than you are, and twice your size. You are also only twelve remember, and your body isn't quite as strong yet. You were doing half the weight as Matt was, and even that surprised me. You really don't look that strong Matt, sorry, but he is way older and bigger than you are AJ.”

“No worries ma'am, no one thinks I am very strong, it doesn't show on my frame unless I actually show off.”

“Enough with the ma'am, I will kick you out if I hear it again, even if you are naked. My name is Alice, I get enough of that ma'am crap when I'm at work.” Alice smiled.

“Yes Alice.” Matt grinned.

“I guess you're right mom, but I wish I could do more.”

“Don't push yourself too hard, you could do damage to your body if you're not careful. I heard that you're not even supposed to do weight training before puberty.”

“Well then I'm fine, I wasn't weight training before I entered puberty, so I'm good.”

“Oh yeah, I guess I should have noticed that you were in puberty, just not used to seeing you naked, so I kinda didn't look.” Alice blushed.

“Well I didn't figure you would be looking, that's why I said it.” AJ grinned.

“How is it you can all sit here with a woman while you're naked anyways?” Alice asked.

“Well my family are naturists so it is natural for me.” JJ said.

“Mine too.” Three others said.

“And we just got used to it at their houses.” The rest said.

“Oh, I see.” Alice said.

“Anyone up for a massage marathon, you can join us mom, but don't worry, you don't have to massage any butts?” AJ asked.

“Okay.” Everyone said, except Alice who didn't say anything.

Everyone hopped out and Alice stayed, they let her, wanting her to only come if she wanted to do so of her own free will. JJ was pushed onto the table first and then fourteen pairs of hands made his body feel incredible. One by one they all had their turn, each getting an incredible massage. Alice watched from the hot tub and finally after eight of the boys had been completed she walked over and joined in. She had of course seen that after each massage every boy was almost fully erect, and none of them seemed to even pay attention to them. She helped to massage the boy on the table, it happened to be Jase, and she took one of his arms. When he was done and hopped off the table, she was urged up next. The only part of her that they did not massage were her breasts, she even got the bum massage. Alice had never been so relaxed in her entire life before, the massage felt so wonderful. She thanked the boys hugely for the incredible massage, and then stuck around to help massage the rest, AJ being last. Alice nearly gasped when AJ rolled over and showed off his erection to everyone, she had no idea he was that large, nearly as large as the boys three and four years oder than he was, just still nearly hairless. Now that she was this close to him she could see that he had a few wispy hairs showing up, but they were very fine. Another way he was like his father she thought to herself, he had been quite well endowed for a small man, and looked like AJ was going to be even more so. They all went and rinsed off the excess oil from their skin and then dove into the pool. A few of them actually diving from the high dive and doing fantastic dives.

“That's what Coach Phil is going to teach me how to do real soon. So far he has only had me diving off the low board though, and nothing fancy yet, he says that'll come.” AJ said to his mom when she had a surprised look on her face.

“I should have realized that that was what the high dive was for. I want you to promise though that you will not use that when there is no one here though please?”

“Of course not mom, I'm not entirely dense after all.” AJ grinned.

“I know, but that looks downright scary.”

“Try standing up there, it's worse from up there, and I have only jumped in feet first so far.” AJ grinned.

“No thanks, I will leave that up to you fearless kids. So why are we showering off anyways, we showered when we came in?”

“Don't want all the excess oil in the pool, that's why. Keep the pool clean, and it will keep you healthy, is what the coach says.”

“Ah, good practice I guess.”

“Yes it is. Come on, it's our turn now.”

“Yeah, but as soon as I get cleaned up I better go get ready for work, it's getting late, if I'm not already late that is, we need a clock out here.”

“Good idea, never thought of that before.”

“And where did you get that table that your stereo is sitting on?”

“From the garage, it is that old beaten up table you did not want me to throw away for some reason. It is only temporary, I want to find something nicer for in here.”

“I never told you the reason I would not allow you to throw it out, but it was your dads, he made it in high school, and I just couldn't let it get thrown away. I just don't know how to fix it.”

“Oh, well then, I wondered why, but now I don't want to either. Maybe I will see if the wood teacher will let that be my project to fix it up and refinish it next year.”

“Your dad would like that. I have been meaning to ask you lately, but what do you want to do for your birthday, it is coming up real soon?”

“Just this, have a pool party for all my friends, and I'd like for you to get at least one of the days off as well, preferably the Saturday as that is my birthday. I don't even need gifts, this would be tonnes.” AJ said.

“You got it. My boy will be a teenager in a month I guess, man am I getting that old!” Alice muttered the last part to herself.

“Afraid so, sorry, but you can't dodge time.” AJ shrugged.

“Tell me about it. Well I really should get going.”

“Okay mom, bye and I love you.”

“Bye, see you in the morning.” Alice said, giving AJ a hug and a smack to his bare bum as they climbed out of the shower, having rinsed off while they were talking.

“Ouch.” AJ yelped and ran for the pool before she could smack him again. The boys all played in the pool for a few more hours, with breaks in between for sitting in the hot tub or the sauna. AJ told everyone about his plans for his birthday party, telling them that they all had to be there, but to not bring gifts or anything like that. They said nothing, but knew they would anyways. They all started to get hungry, so they all went and showered off and shut everything down and went in the house to get some dinner. Tonight was to be make your own pizza night, so they all helped to chop and grate everything that they would need, and then in groups of four they made and baked their pizzas. Once they all had their food, they went and picked out a few more movies for the night, got diapered, and laid down and ate and watched movies all night long. Juice and popcorn were brought out for the third movie of the night, and this time it ended and all the boys were sound asleep before Alice came home. But it was not surprising either, had it not been for the great massage she had had after her workout, she would not be functional at the moment, and she figured the boys had stayed going all day long. She was also very tired and went straight to her room to go to bed as well.

Sunday morning AJ was the first to wake up this time, and he woke up JJ as well, and they went to the kitchen to get some coffee and tea on, and then get breakfast started. They did the same breakfast again, since it was so well loved yesterday, and it really was the easiest. Everyone must have smelled all the inviting smells, because not ten minutes after everything started cooking, everyone showed up in the kitchen. Much too late for everyones hunger, breakfast was finally served, and they once again enjoyed completely.

They all went out again this morning for another workout session, this time Alice making it just a little longer before bowing out, but this time joining in on the massage marathon the entire time. They all swam for a little while longer afterwards, but before too long they all had to head home, the only person staying was JJ, and Alice would be leaving for work in a little more than an hour herself.

“Thanks everyone for coming, I'm glad you all enjoyed.” AJ said happily as everyone was gathered at the door to leave for their homes.

“No, thank you and your mom for having us. My parents are not so brave as to stay during one of my parties, so it was nice.” Matt said.

Everyone else thanked them as well and then headed home.

“You know, you couldn't ask for a better group of friends could you?” Alice said once they left.

“No, they really are all the best.” AJ said wistfully.

“Well let's get the last of this cleaned up.” Alice said. Not that there was much to clean, all the boys had been very good about cleaning up after themselves and they all helped clean up before they left, but it was not entirely up to their standards. It took less than an hour to go through the entire house to make everything perfect.

“So how is the back yard coming along anyways, I haven't taken a look?” JJ asked once they were finished.

“Not too sure, I haven't really looked either.” AJ said.

They went and threw some shorts on over their diapers and the three of them went out back to look at how it was coming along. They knew that they should not really walk on it yet with all the new grass coming in, even though much of it needed a good mowing by now. The front looked not too bad, but it too could not yet be mowed or really walked on. The flowers in the back looked real nice though. They had already taken to their new home, and appeared to be flourishing in the rich soil.

“Looks good boys.” Alice said, hugging them both to her, one on either side.

“Thanks.” They both said.

“I think we will have to get more bark mulch brought in though, I have none left.” AJ said.

“Yeah, and you are going to need more than you normally get, it's looking like all the beds could use some.” Alice said.

“Yeah, that's what I was thinking too. It will have to wait another week or two for when the grass is better though.”

Alice went to work a little after they went in the house, and just after Alice left, so did JJ, but they gave each other a nice long goodbye kiss and hand job before he did. Much relieved now, JJ headed home for the night.

AJ now had the house to himself, and he really didn't like it so much any more, he wished that there was someone there with him, but there wasn't, so he made the best of it. He went and played on his computer for a while, just doing some research and learning all sorts of new things. Finally it was bed time, and AJ changed his soggy diaper and crawled into bed, and slept the rest of the night through.


“So how was the party?” Sarah asked when JJ finally decided to come home.

“It was great, how was your weekend?”

“Nice and quiet. We're glad you had a good time. So your dad and I talked about it, and we would like you and AJ to do up the front and back yards for us this summer, that way you will have more time to do it.” Sarah said.

“Okay, AJ will be happy to plan it all out for you, and then we can do it all.” JJ said.

They purposely did not say anything about paying them, they were both smart enough to realize that it would be refused flat out. JJ stayed and talked to his parents about it for a while longer, and then joined the rest of the family to watch TV, after taping himself into a nice cozy diaper. And that was where he stayed until he decided that it was bed time, so he said his good nights and headed up to bed.