Chapter 11

On Monday after school, instead of going home to do their homework, they were both done anyways, AJ and JJ headed to the hospital to see how Brad was doing. He was still in the secure ward of course. They were buzzed in by the nurse on call and went and knocked on Brad's door and was told to enter.

“Hi Brad, how are you feeling, you look a little better than the last time we saw you?” AJ asked as they walked in and Brad smiled to see them.

“I'm doing not too bad. The doctors say that after all the swelling and bruising goes away, I should be almost back to normal. How are you guys?”

“We're good thanks.” JJ said.

“My lawyer told me about what you went and told them during their meeting, you really shouldn't have guys, I don't deserve that. Remember, I tried to kill you, they shouldn't even have fixed my face, I don't deserve all that.” Brad said stoically.

“Yes we should have, and that's why we did it. You need to stop being so hard on yourself. Yes you did a bad thing, you snapped under pressure, and you did an almost horrific thing, but that doesn't mean that you should forgo the rest of your life. Do you know when you have your first court hearing?” AJ asked softly.

“Next Monday. My lawyer figures it will be a quick in and out, and I will then know my fate. If I get away with less than ten years, I will be surprised, I deserve it though.”

“Would you quit saying things like that. While I would have had to agree with you before you talked to us and told us everything, I do not think that now, and you do not deserve that. Have you been talking to a therapist about all this? We both talked to one after the shooting and it helped us a lot. JJ no longer blames himself for what he did to you, and well I never really needed one, but talked to one anyways.” AJ said.

“Nor should you have blamed yourself JJ, I certainly don't. But yeah, I have been talking to one and he has me on suicide watch, he seems to think I might off myself, can't see why they wouldn't want me to do it, it would be cheaper in the long run really, what if I snap again and this time and manage to kill someone?” Brad said, no trace of emotion on his face except the one small tear flowing down his face.

“Brad, that's horrible, I want you to stop thinking like that. We have all forgiven you, you need to let go of the pain and forgive yourself too. Now that you know why you snapped, and that it is now out in the open, as long as you keep talking to someone about it, you have nothing to fear. Have you even cried about what happened?”

“No, of course not.” Brad said, sounding shocked that anyone would think that he would cry.

“So you are just going to hold it all in and let it build up and up until you explode in a large ball of emotion. You keep acting so big and strong, and not worried about what will happen to you, even inviting it, but the problem is, I can see that you are hurting inside a great deal. You need to let go and cry it out, maybe after we leave, and remember, it's okay for boys to cry too.” AJ said soothingly.

Brad just nodded, more to himself than to the others, but when he yawned quite largely, the boys said that they should be heading out, and headed for home.

The following week, on Monday, they once again headed to the hospital to visit and to see how the hearing went, but when they arrived Brad and his parents were not back yet. The boys sat in the waiting room for almost half an hour before they were escorted back into the ward by a police officer, but Brad was not in cuffs, so that had to be good. He was shown into his room, and he was not secured to his bed either, something that both AJ and JJ noticed when they were asked to come in, Brad and his parents having seen them as well when they came in, and they all smiled.

“I wondered if you guys would come today.” Brad said, sounding a lot happier than he did last week.

“We came to find out how it went and to lend our support.” JJ offered.

“I'm still kind of in shock. They let me go. I will be on probation for two years, and I have to keep seeing a therapist for at least that long, I have a very strict curfew, I am forbidden from owning a gun for life, and I am not even allowed to have a pocket knife for a few years, and I have a thousand hours of community service. The judge told me that I should be very thankful to you guys, because it was at your urging that he did not give me jail time. He gave me the most he could though for everything else and told me that if he ever saw me again, he would not be so nice next time. I told him that he shouldn't have been, that I deserved to be in jail, but he said that he didn't believe that I deserved to be there any more than you guys believed I did.”

“And how do you feel about that?” AJ asked softly.

“I still think I got too little, but I am happy that I didn't get jail time. As soon as the doctor releases me, I am free to go home. The therapist that I have been seeing said that what you guys told me last week was very smart, and I did talk to him and my mom and dad, and I did cry some, and you know what, I felt a lot better afterwards. I want to thank you guys. You really shouldn't even be here for me, what I did to you should make you hate me, but you don't, we can't ever really be friends, but your just being here for me and forgiving me when I didn't deserve it, that means more to me than you can imagine. I have vowed to myself that I would not kill myself, it would be a disgrace to what you guys have done for me.” Brad said, tears coming down his face.

“We're both very glad to hear that, and yes, we could not ever be friends, I admit that, but we don't hate you either, and we are happy for you, you deserve a lot more than what you yourself believes. Well we need to be heading home to do our homework, we will check in on you every now and then okay.” AJ said.

“Thanks guys, for everything, we really appreciate it.” Brad said, and his parents both agreed.

Brad was released that night and went home far more free than he ever had been before. He saw everything with a new light, everything was far more colorful and beautiful than it ever was before, and for the first time in many years, he was truly happy. AJ and JJ never did see Brad again, because to escape some of the ridicule that Brad got every time he left the house, they moved almost an hour away. Brad continued his therapy for four years, and he did all his community service, most of it in the new city they lived in. He was working with community services, working with kids mostly, and he did so well that that was what he did for schooling, and that was where he stayed for many years, very happy. He did find himself a nice caring boyfriend, with many the same qualities that AJ had.

They headed out of the hospital, not saying anything until they got outside.

“Well I'm happy for him, I hope he does well.” JJ said.

“Yeah, me too.”

They walked home talking about Brad and other things and then when they got there they did their homework.

It was almost two weeks until AJ's birthday party, and everything was going very quickly. The boys were kept very busy with school, swimming practice, homework, and working out nearly every day, so they did not really notice the time slipping away so much. Alice had been making all the arrangements for the party, Sarah helping her where she could, and AJ was told to invite everyone that he wanted, and they were told the same things as last time. The only difference was that Alice went and collected all the boys' things from their homes while they were at school and they were told to come straight to AJ's house after school. So Friday afternoon, the weekend of AJ's birthday, fifteen excited boys talked and laughed all the way to AJ's.

“Good afternoon boys, feel free to get comfortable, there are snacks out in the pool house, and I will have dinner ready in a while.” Alice greeted all the boys.

“Hi mom, thanks, but don't you work tonight?”

“You're welcome, and yes I do, but I start at six today. I asked to go in a little later today so to do all the work for you guys, so that you didn't have to worry about it. And I have tomorrow off as well and go to work at noon on Sunday.”

“That's cool mom, thanks.” AJ said happily, joining the rest of the boys in stripping as they talked.

“So how does it feel to almost be a teenager?” Alice grinned.

“I don't know, no different really.”

“No, it never feels any different.” Alice confirmed.

“Just my baby growing up.” JJ teased.

“Maybe in age, but I'll always be your baby.” AJ said, sounding very sappy.

“Awe, isn't that cute. “ Alice giggled.

“Come on guys, let's go swimming.” AJ said.

They all rushed out to the pool, and while the first set showered, the rest grabbed a handful of snacks, and they rotated, until everyone had their snacks and were cleaned, and then they all dove into the pool. AJ climbed up the high dive and did the front dive he had been practicing and did very well, and then went back up and did the back dive. They all played in the water and on the boards, just having a lot of fun. They also rested in the hot tub and the sauna every now and then.

When Alice started bringing out all the food, the plates, cups, and utensils were already out there, the boys all hopped out of the pool as if they were shocked, grabbed towels, and started drying off, and they were all sitting there waiting patiently while Alice finished bringing out the rest of their dinner, and then they ate. As soon as they finished, Alice excused herself, saying that she had to go to work now and to not bother with the dishes, saying she would get them in the morning. The boys would of course clean up later anyways, but she told them. They all said goodbye to her and she was off.

“Come on guys, let's go clean up from dinner and then we can all lay down and watch movies.” AJ said.

No one complained, no one said just leave it, none of them could do that, they all hopped up, took everything in, and started cleaning everything up. It only took a few minutes with all the help of course, so it was done quickly. As soon as it was done, they all got the living room prepared for their night of movie watching, all the diaper wearers were diapered, the first movie of the night was put in, and then they all laid down to watch. They only managed two movies tonight, the first one being quite long, but they still had their popcorn and juice for the beginning of the second movie. As soon as the second movie ended it was decided that they should all go to bed, since they were all pretty tired, so everyone got ready for bed, slipped into their sleeping bags, said goodnight to each other, and before too long the house was silent. That was how Alice found the house almost half an hour later when she walked in, silent and clean.

JJ was the first to wake up the next morning, and he prodded AJ gently to wake him up, he wanted to wake AJ and give him a nice good morning, happy birthday kiss, and when AJ's eyes fluttered open to see JJ laying there smiling so warmly at him, he too broke into a smile.

“Good morning baby, happy birthday.” JJ whispered.

“Good morning to you too, and thanks.” AJ said and JJ leaned in for a nice tender kiss.

“So you're a teenager now, feel any different today?” JJ whispered and grinned.

“Nope.” AJ whispered back.

“Wanna get up and get breakfast started for everyone?”

“Okay, sounds good to me.” AJ said and they both hopped out of their sleeping bags and headed to the kitchen in only their soggy diapers and smiles.

“Boys, I was going to cook breakfast this morning for you all.” Alice said as she came into the kitchen almost half an hour later, and almost all the boys were sitting around and talking while AJ and JJ cooked, the same thing as the last time.

“Yeah, I knew you probably would, but we were up, and we like doing it, so we figured we may as well.” AJ said simply.

“We tried to tell them that we'd do it, but they, in not so kind a way, told us that they had it under control.” Matt said.

“Whatever, you never said a thing about us cooking.” AJ huffed.

“Well we all thought it.” Matt grinned.

“Well breakfast is almost ready, so you guys may as well get the table ready.” JJ said.

Only a few minutes later they were all seated and eating the nice big breakfast that the boys had prepared. Once it was all done, AJ and JJ were told to sit down and the rest of them would do the cleaning, they listened, barely.

“Well anyone want to go swimming and get a good workout happening?” AJ asked once they were done.

“Okay.” Everyone said.

They all went out to the pool, and those who were wearing diapers, stripped them off, and then they all got their showers. Alice of course went to her room and put on a bathing suit and then came out and joined the boys. They all spent nearly two hours doing their workout, this time Alice lasted almost an hour and a half before quitting, and then they all sat in the hot tub to relax for a few minutes. Next came the customary massage marathon, and AJ was of course told that he could go first. He got fifteen minutes of awesome massage per side today, instead of the more normal five, and he was in heaven from it. Then one by one they all got their massages, Alice getting hers in the ninth position. It was just as they were starting JJ, who was to be the last, that Alice heard something.

“I think that was the doorbell, you boys stay here and I will go and check.” Alice said, sounding puzzled, no one was supposed to be here other than who already was.

“Yes, how can I help you?” Alice asked as she opened the door to find a well dressed business man standing there.

“Yes hello, is AJ Jacobson here please?”

“Yes he is, I am his mother, Alice, what do you need to speak to AJ for please?” She asked, a cross between curious and fearful.

“Well, first of all Ms. Jacobson, I am Brent Tully, from the Tully Stevenson law offices. I represented your late husband, and it was his request that on AJ's thirteenth birthday, that I bring him something, and I have that for him, however it was on the strictest of instructions that it only be given to AJ himself. The information is not classified, and he may share it with anyone he so desires, but his father wanted to make certain that he got it.”

“Oh, okay then, it will take a few moments, please come in and take a seat, and I will be right back with him then, he is just in the back and swimming with his friends.”

“Certainly, take your time, I have all day.” Brent said and sat down on the couch, looking at the mess of sleeping bags, pillows, and bags all over the floor, and smiling, remembering all to well how he loved his sleepovers as a kid.

“AJ, can you come here please, you will need to put this on, there is someone here to see you, the rest of you can just stay here for now.” Alice called out.

“Okay mom, be right there.” AJ said, giving the others puzzled looks and hopping out of the pool. He quickly dried off and then grabbed the robe and threw it on and then followed his mom into the house.

“Ah, and you sir just have to be AJ, you look so much like your father I would recognize you anywhere, he and I were good friends, although I never had a chance to meet your mom. My name is Brent Tully, and I was your fathers lawyer. He asked me to do something special for you on your thirteenth birthday, and that is why I am here today. First of all read this.” Brent said and handed over a sealed envelope.

AJ took the offered envelope, opened it, and began to read it.

Dearest AJ:

I'm sorry that the only time I really get to talk to you will be in a way that neither one of us would have really wanted. I have asked my good friend Brent to deliver a couple gifts to you upon your thirteenth birthday, I just hope the bone head doesn't forget. The first thing I have for you is a video that I made for you, I want you to watch it first please, I will tell you much about me that would take too much time to write down, and then there is another envelope that he has to give to you. I'm truly sorry that I could not be around for you, but sadly life does not always give us what we want out of it.

Yours always, your loving daddy.

“He knew he was dying then? He said that you had a video and another envelope for me!” AJ asked, a silent tear trickling down his cheek.

“Yes, here is the video for you to watch, I transferred it to a DVD, because I wasn't sure if you'd still have a VCR, many do not. I was the one that was holding the camera, so I know all that is on it already. He did ask that I stay to watch it with you so that I knew that you did, not that he would have denied the last thing if you hadn't.” Brent said and handed over the disk.

AJ took the disk and put it in the player and started it, and then sat on the couch with his mom and watched.

“Hello AJ, I wish that this was not the way that you would have to see me when you were older, but it is the only way. Know this though, that even dead, I will love you more than anything at all. I decided to do this video to tell you a little about me and who you came from. I am gay, I need to let you know that right away, and it might come as a bit of a shock to you, and that was why I had to leave your mom. I don't know how much, or if anything, your mom has told you, but I left her for another guy. I had to, it was killing me inside denying my feelings, and I did not want to make her suffer any more. We decided that you would be better with her, but I visited you as often as I could, until it got to be too hard for me.”

“You see, about one year after I left your mom I started getting serious headaches, and at first the doctors said it was just stress and to take it easy, take a vacation, something, and I seriously thought it was too, I was working so hard and making so much money that it seemed plausible. But the headaches didn't go away, some days they were so bad I was sick because of it, and the medicine the doctor gave to me had no effect on the headaches, but made me sick. Finally six months later they decided that there was something wrong, and sent me in for tests, and what they found scared me so bad. They found a tumor roughly the size of a mandarin orange in my head, totally inoperable, and they gave me scant months to live. I had no choice but to quit work, I was too sick all the time from the pain medications I was taking, and I could not drive, that was a month ago, and the doctors say if I have two months left in me they would be surprised. Some days are not too bad, but some days are so horrible, but the worst part is knowing that I am leaving you. I really wish that I could be with you to see everything that you become, but in a way I will be, I will always be by your side, no matter what, you just will never know it.”

“Now enough with the sappy stuff, I swore I would not cry here, even though Brent already is behind the camera, and probably is crying sitting there with you now, unless of course he did not make it that long either, that man will work himself into a thirty year old heart attack if he doesn't slow down, but that's besides the point. Anyways, the house that I hope you still live in, well it's yours. Everything that I had, I left to you, including the house. It was all put into trust for when you are older, and your mom will take care of it all for you. She's a good woman, very honest and caring, but man can she be a bitch sometimes if you push her buttons the wrong way, sorry Alice, you know it's true, so I suggest you be careful with her AJ. Your teen years ahead could be cut short if you're not careful, she has a temper on her like you wouldn't believe, well maybe you would. Along with the house I had a little over a hundred thousand dollars in my personal accounts, plus I had a large RESP set up for you that should age quite nicely, I had all my RRSP's as well that will be transferred to your name, so when you retire you will have nothing to worry about, and I have a one million dollar life insurance policy on me plus another fifty thousand from work, and it all goes to you. Now of course I know you would have rather had me instead of the money, or at least I'd like to think you would, but like I said in the letter, life does not always give us what we want out of it, so I at least left you with as good a footing as I could possibly manage. Now, if my calculations are correct, by the time you reach the age of eighteen, you should have roughly three to three and a half million dollars to your name in the various forms I have it in for you, I just hope it's enough.”

“Now to tell you a little about me, I love to cook and garden, I am a great swimmer and in the house you got from me I had planned to put in a nice pool, maybe one day you can do it for me. I also loved to paint and sing, but I really wasn't any good at them. When I was a kid I was very shy and almost never talked to anyone, but I eventually found myself. I am still very small, and maybe you will be too, hard to say, but don't let it get you down if you are, it's not so bad really. I also love the outdoors and loved to hike and bike whenever I could. As you can probably see I am quite weak, and this is tiring me out quite a bit, so I am afraid that this will have to be the end, of this video and my life with you, I love you with all my heart and soul.”

The video ended and all three of them had tears in their eyes, but Brent more so, all three of them laughed at what he had said about Alice, AJ gasped when he heard the total amount of his money.

“He's so right about me though, don't you think, and I'm glad you did put in his pool, he would be so happy.” Brent said, sniffling.

“I bet he'd be really happy to see the pool. Were you his boyfriend?” AJ asked gently.

“Yes I was, still am really, no one has ever been so good to me, and for me as he was, sorry Alice, we never met, but I was the one he actually left with. I of course have a new partner now, and we love each other, but it's not the same.” Brent said and Alice just waved it off.

“I'm sorry for you. I never really knew him, so this doesn't hurt so much for me as it must have for you and my mom. It was very nice of him to do this for me, and I can't imagine how hard it must have been to do so.”

“Actually he handled dying very well, far better than any of us around him did I'm afraid. He just kept telling us that he was dying, but that didn't mean that we all had to be sad about it, but we were. He was such a kind and caring man, so generous and loving, almost to a fault, but the one thing he regretted above all else, was that he would miss seeing you grow up. He said the video was probably one of the easiest things he had ever done, or would ever do, he had to let you know about him. He slipped into a coma about three weeks after we made that video, and then he died a short while later, I was holding his hand at the time.”

“I can't imagine how you felt then, and I can't imagine how my mom and boyfriend felt when I was shot, but I hope that if faced with the same situation myself, that I could be as brave as that, even though he was probably crying inside.”

“You're probably right, he more than likely was, and we would all hope that we could be. I heard about your shooting of course, and I hoped that I would still be able to give all this to you, and I'm happy to be able to. There was one final thing to give to you, and then I will let you get back to your birthday celebrations.” Brent said and reached into his briefcase and pulled out a final envelope and passed it to AJ.

AJ opened the envelope and found in it a stack of hundred dollar bills, a couple pieces of paper, and a card. AJ opened the card first, and in it was written;

'Sorry that I had to miss all your birthdays and all that are to come, but happy birthday my big man, I hope that your mom is as proud of you as I know I would have been. Here is ten thousand dollars that is free and clear of your trust fund to go and buy whatever you want, and don't worry about putting it away for your future, go and have fun with it. Love daddy.'

He next opened up one of the pieces of paper and found written on it in beautifully done calligraphy;

'To my dearest son, use this whenever you need a hug, keep it close to you and I will always be with you.'

And folded in the paper had been a folded angel. He folded the paper back up with the angel back inside it. Tears were now running down AJ's cheeks and he hugged his mom tightly.

“Thank you Brent for bringing all of this to me, it has been the best birthday present I ever got, and not even the money.”

“You're welcome, I can see the money isn't a big deal, but do as your dad said and go out and enjoy it. Well I should be going now, and happy birthday.”

They showed Brent out then and AJ took everything to his room and then went back to the pool house to be with the other boys. Alice stayed in to get lunch ready. After lunch was to be the gift opening and the cake.

“Who came to see you?” JJ asked as AJ came back in.

“Come sit in the shallow end with me everyone, and I will tell you all about it.” AJ said, and everyone went to the shallow end.

“I just got the best present from my dad.”

“But I thought your dad was dead!” Orin said, clearly confused.

“He is, but he left some things with his boyfriend, and his lawyer, and made him promise to bring them to me on my thirteenth birthday. The first was a letter that I was to read, and then was a video that I had to watch, and finally was another envelope and in it was some cash for me to have some fun with for all my missed birthdays, and a beautiful note with a folded angel in it that he wants me to keep with me at all times, he says so that he can be near me.” AJ said, and then told them verbatim what the letters, card, and video all said, and this time he cried all the way through, and he was not the only one.

“That was beautiful, I wish your dad was still alive so that I could have met him, he sounded like a real nice guy.” Jase said solemnly.

“Me too. Things would be so different now, but then again they would be different, and I like how things are now too much to want to change them, I just wish I knew him.” AJ said,

“Yeah, that's the sucky thing, sometimes bad things have to happen so that all the good things feel real good.” JJ said.

“Yeah, and nothing we can do about it, and this is not a sad thing, this is the best thing he could have done for me.” AJ said, and then jumped up and dove into the water and swam clear to the other side.

The others all followed him and they continued to play and splash until they were all called and told that lunch would be ready soon, and that they should all get cleaned and dried. They all did as they were told and headed into the house to find that Alice had a huge stack of hamburgers already cooked and all the fixins for them, and a huge cake already open on the counter with thirteen candles in it. They all dug in and made themselves each a huge burger and took a handful of chips and sat down to eat. As soon as everyone was finished eating, the cake was set afire and set in front of AJ, while everyone sang to him, it sounded horrible but happy, and then he blew out all the candles.

“Phew, no girlfriends, that would have been a disaster.” AJ said, referring to the old saying that a boy had one girlfriend for every candle still burning on the cake.

“No kidding.” JJ said and everyone else laughed.

Alice passed AJ a knife and he cut and served everyone a large piece of the chocolate cake. Everyone ate their cake, and a couple even took seconds.

“Now it's time for gifts, everyone go sit in the living room and you can pass out your gifts in there.” Alice called out.

The boys all went to the living room while Alice went to her room. Matt went to his bag and pulled out a pretty large package, and JJ went to his and pulled out a much smaller one.

“I told you guys that you didn't have to get me anything at all.” AJ said with a frown.

“We know, but we wanted to.” Matt said.

“Okay, you boys go first.” Alice said when she came in.

“Okay.” Matt said. “Now AJ, this is from all of us, except JJ, who we knew would get you something else, we hope you like it.” He added and passed over the box.

AJ ripped off the paper and found just a plain box hidden under it, so he opened the box and found a Nintendo game system, six games, a couple memory cards, and two extra cordless controllers for it. He pulled it all out of the box to make sure it really was what he thought it was, and it really was.

“You guys really shouldn't have done this, this was too expensive.” AJ said in way of thanks.

“Hey, we're good to our friends, and you are our friend after all, so just say thanks and shut up.” Matt grinned.

“Thanks.” AJ smiled at them all.

“You're welcome.” They all said back.

“Here you go baby.” JJ said, passing over his gift.

AJ opened the paper and found a watch package buried in it, and he opened it and found a very nice looking gold watch with what appeared to be diamonds as the number points. It had a very intricate and interesting looking linked band, and was just real nice AJ thought.

“Thank you JJ, you spent too much on me.”

“You're welcome, but I didn't spend half as much as I wanted to, go ahead and try it on and see how it fits. I was assured that this thing was water proof up to a twenty meters, so you can even swim with it if you want to, but I doubt you would. Check out the inscription on the back.” JJ said and helped AJ to put it on.

“'To AJ, the love of my life. JJ'. I love you too JJ. It's very nice, and no, I won't swim with it, I won't even take it to school.”

“Probably a good idea.” Alice said.

“Yeah.” Everyone agreed.

“Here you go.” Alice said, passing the third and final gift.

AJ opened it up and found a very nicely bound book with his name on the front of it. He opened it up to find pictures of his dad as a baby, and then his mom as a baby, and then himself as a baby, and all of them growing up. It was a beautifully done photo album with every picture his mom could find.

“Where did you get all the pictures, I have never seen any of these?”

“It was tough tracking down a bunch of them, but most of them I had buried in my closet for too many years. It has taken me the better part of three months to collect all those, and then I gave it to Marie at work, and she did this up for you, I thought she did a wonderful job on it, I never could have done anything like this.”

“It is beautiful, thank you so much mom. But are you sure that you didn't accidentally give her two of my baby pictures, because both those pictures look the same, just different outfits?” AJ asked.

“No, that really is your dad, look at all the other photos of you two, you are identical in almost every way except your eye color.”

AJ got up and hugged his mom tight and whispered thanks into her ear. He had gotten a couple very special gifts today, he got his dad, as much as he could ever hope to, and got a beautiful family album. To some it would seem not important, but to AJ this was one of the best days of his life.

“Thank you so much everyone, for everything, and thank you for being here and being my friends, it means so much to me.” AJ said emotionally, almost crying, but not quite.

“You're very welcome.” Everyone said. They all knew that he did not care about the gifts, of course he liked them, but he had so much more now, and they could feel that and they were happy for him too.

“Let's get this game system hooked up and we can try a few of these games out.” AJ said.

In record time the mess was cleaned up, the game system hooked up to the TV, and a few sleeping bags moved out of the way so that they could play. AJ was told to pick the first game, and he chose the Mario brothers one, and they played that for a while, all trading off and having fun, even Alice took a turn, and she did just as poorly as AJ had done, but she thought it was fun anyways. They played the game for close to three hours before Alice got up and started getting a snack food type dinner ready for the boys, and put out the rest of the cake, and she told them that they could come and pick as they wished.

After they ate a bit they all decided to go back out to the pool and swim and relax for a while longer and then watch one movie before bed. AJ turned the lights on, but kept the house lights down quite dim and turned the pool lights on, they all had blue filters on them, so the water looked real neat. AJ had done this a few times and it was very relaxing, he even liked to keep the main lights off and have just the pool lights and the star and moon light shining through the clear glass roof, the only clear glass in the pool house. Alice came out in her bathing suit a few minutes later, and joined the boys, and for the most part they just laid back in the hot tub or swam lazily in the pool. All in all very relaxing.

Finally they all climbed out, had a quick rinse and dry, and then went in and got ready for bed, Alice diapering AJ tonight, and the rest getting diapered by the non diaper wearers. They all curled up and watched a movie, but AJ fell asleep not even half way through, it had been a long and exciting day for him. Alice covered him up and gave him a kiss on the forehead when she went to bed, and the others all curled up and went to sleep as soon as the movie was over as well.

The next morning Alice was up first and she started on a good filling breakfast for everyone. The boys all woke to the smell for delicious smelling cooking food, and almost as one they crawled out of their sleeping bags and headed towards the kitchen as if being drawn by some invisible force. Alice noticed this and had to stifle a giggle.

“Go ahead and set the table boys, breakfast will be ready in a few minutes.” Alice called out, and they all rushed to set the table and then sat down to wait. Only a few minutes later they were eating a good breakfast.

Once breakfast was all eaten and cleaned up, the boys all started to get their stuff together to start heading home soon. Once everything was packed up, the couches were moved back into position. Finally those who were wearing diapers took them off and got cleaned up, and then everyone got dressed, ready to go home.

“Well guys, thank you for coming, and thank you so much for everything.” AJ said to them at the door.

“You're very welcome AJ. Thanks for having us Alice.” Matt said.

“It was my pleasure, you boys are the easiest to get along with group of teens I have ever had the fortune to meet. We'll see you next time.” Alice said, and she meant it too, she had met many groups of teens while working in the restaurant.

They all headed out and Alice went to start getting ready for work.

“Well I have some much needed gardening to get done, are you going to stay and help, or should you be going as well?”

“No, I'll stay and help, I told my mom and dad that I was going to stay tonight as well. So let's go get changed and get dressed.” JJ smiled.

“Okay.” They went back to AJ's room and changed each others diapers and then got dressed in some bulky grubby sweat pants with no shirts. Both checking the other to make sure there was no diaper showing, and seeing there was nothing to worry about.

They started in the front yard of course and worked together quickly to get it all done, and then moved to the back yard. They quickly worked to get that done as well, with the two of them working together it did not take that long at all.

“I told you that the guys delivered a load of bark mulch this week right? We should get some mulch into all the flower beds now. And I was also thinking of getting a vegetable garden prepared, want to help get that done today?”

“Yeah, you told me, and sure, that all sounds good.”

They each grabbed a wheelbarrow and went back to the pile of mulch that was piled behind the shop and covered with a large tarp, loaded up, and then started taking it to the various gardens around the yard, piling it in, and spreading it out. It was not exactly hard work, but it was time consuming, AJ had a lot of little gardens all over the place. It took only an hour to do, and as soon as they were done, AJ grabbed the edger and started edging the outside area of the new vegetable garden he wanted. While AJ was doing the edging, JJ started pulling up the sod, revealing the nice dark soil beneath. AJ of course finished first and then started to help JJ. It probably took them longer to get all the old sod up and disposed of, than it had to do the rest of the yard work. Grass is stubborn and does not like to come up.

“We need to get to the garden center before it closes, I'd like to try planting tonight, or should we just get it ready and plant it tomorrow, go to the garden center after school?”

“I say we just go tomorrow. We can get this all tilled today and it will be ready to plant tomorrow. We can switch off on the tiller while the other rakes out the rows though.” JJ said.

“Okay, sounds good to me.” They took the tools they had been using back to the shop and picked out the new ones, AJ having to put gas in the tiller first, he never left gas in anything except the mower, because the rest of it hardly got used.

They spent another hour tilling the large garden and forming the raised rows for planting, but finally very dirty, sweaty, and tired, they were finished.

“Well I think we got a lot done today. Let's go have a bath.” JJ said. Suggesting something they had never actually done before, have a bath.


They put the tools away and headed into the house. Once in AJ's room they stripped down and headed to the bathroom, JJ stopping at his bag first to grab something, but hid it from AJ. When they reached the bathroom, JJ went to the tub and started the water flowing, and then took whatever was hidden in his hand and appeared to pour something into the water. All of a sudden AJ realized what it was when the smell hit his nose, it was peppermint oil.

“Go ahead and hop in, I'll be right back.” JJ said.

AJ just did as he was told and slipped into the hot sweet smelling water, as JJ ran from the room. He came back a moment later with a bag of things. From the bag he pulled out a bunch of candles, arranged them around the bathroom, and lit them all with a lighter that he also retrieved from the bag. Once the candles were all lit, he turned off the light and then slipped into the bath behind AJ, wrapping him in his arms.

It was without a doubt the most loving situation either had been in before, not to mention relaxing. They just laid there for quite some time just relaxing, not even speaking. Finally though the magical silence had to be broken.

“Get up on your knees and turn around and face me baby, I will wash you up.” JJ whispered.

AJ just nodded and did as he was asked. Instead of using a cloth, JJ poured some of AJ's musk body wash into his hand, lathered it up, and then starting at the top, lovingly washed AJ's body downwards, often applying more soap as he needed to. Amazingly enough neither boy even got hard during the washing, it was too loving for that, not remotely sexual, even though JJ gave AJ's groin and bum a thorough cleaning. JJ then rinsed the soap off lightly and then wet AJ's hair and washed it. Two washes and rinses, and then a conditioner cycle. While the conditioner was sitting in AJ's hair, JJ very quickly washed his body, paying close attention to his own groin and bum to make sure they were nice and clean. Once he rinsed himself off, he rinsed out AJ's hair and then did his own, having to tell AJ to sit down, saying that he had it all under control. Once he was clean, JJ pulled the shower curtain closed, pulled the plug, and turned on the shower to a cool setting and they properly rinsed off.

JJ then stepped out of the tub, grabbed one of the towels and beckoned AJ out and then he dried his baby off lovingly. Once AJ was all dry, JJ instructed him to go to his bedroom and lay down on the bed and close his eyes. AJ just smiled warmly at this and did as he was asked. JJ then dried himself off quickly, went to the washroom to make sure he was clean, and then carried all the candles into the bedroom. He grabbed one last thing from his bag and set it on the bedside table and then turned the light off.

JJ crawled into the bed and began lightly stroking AJ's lithe form, almost tickling him. Then he started kissing in much the same way, just barely touching. Next his tongue came out and he began licking AJ's now quivering form. AJ was moaning lowly the entire time, very much enjoying the feelings that JJ was causing his body to go through. Finally JJ started licking and sucking the first load of cum from AJ's pulsing erection, his body arching up and a long sigh erupting from him. Slowly JJ sucked AJ, wanting to make the pleasure last as long as he could. Finally though AJ erupted. They had of course not had a chance since Thursday to relieve each other any, so AJ was packing a good load in him tonight, and JJ enjoyed sucking it down.

Because AJ's eyes had been closed the entire time still, he had not been told to open them, and saw no reason to do so, he completely missed the bottle of lube that JJ had set down there, and he also missed the fact that JJ had grabbed it while he was sucking his dick, and never even fathomed that JJ was lubing his own ass for the next phase in their sexual awakenings. JJ crawled up AJ's body, giving him more light kisses all the way up, until they were sharing the load that AJ had just erupted into JJ's mouth.

“Baby, I have something special planned tonight, a sort of late birthday present for you. I sorta didn't want to give it to you with all the others here, although I'm sure they wouldn't have complained. I want you to make love to me please, I am all lubed and ready?” JJ whispered so tenderly right into AJ's ear.

“Oh baby, are you sure, it's going to hurt the first time, are you really sure?”

“Yes, I have been wanting this for a long time now.”

“Okay, I will make love to you, on one condition, you make love to me right afterwards.”

“If you are sure that you want to do it too, then I will make love to you as well.” JJ smiled warmly.

“How do you want to lay for this?”

“I want to see your beautiful face as you enter me, so on my back please?”

“Okay, I would have preferred it that way anyways, and it will be how I want you to make love to me as well.” AJ said, still whispering.

“Can you get some more lube on your fingers though and prepare me a little more, it's supposed to help. I have never had anything in there before until tonight, and I want this to feel as good as possible, even though I know it will hurt a little.”

AJ just nodded. He grabbed the lube and poured some of the silky smooth liquid onto his fingers and then aimed for the hole that was now visible, as JJ had pulled his legs back to give AJ some room to work. He had of course seen JJ's asshole a number of times, even saw it practically winking at him once, but he had never done what he was about to do. Of course he had dreamed about it since they met, but this was different, he was about to do it, and then it was going to be done to him. AJ was a little scared and a little bit excited, he knew that initially it was going to hurt, and then once they were used to it, it would feel very good. Slowly AJ inserted a finger inside of JJ's already half way prepared hole, and started to stroke it in and out. JJ was moaning lowly from this, and it sounded like a pleasurable moan, so it must feel nice.

After a couple minutes of one finger action, AJ added even more lube and then slowly inserted a second finger inside of JJ. JJ let out a slight hiss of pain, and AJ stopped immediately to let his boyfriend get used to the feelings. As soon as JJ relaxed some, AJ started his motions again. Very quickly the pleasurable moans started up again, and AJ started stroking his fingers in and out just a little faster now.

After another couple minutes AJ removed his two fingers, added more lube, and inserted three. Again JJ hissed and groaned a little bit, but AJ just stopped and let him get used to it, and then very slowly now, as soon as JJ relaxed, started moving in more and more. AJ knew that three fingers would be all he needed in order to get JJ prepared for his dick, so in a few minutes, when JJ seemed to be enjoying the feelings, he slipped his fingers out and added some lube to his own pulsing erection.

“Are you ready for this baby, tell me now if you're not, and we stop right here? If it hurts at all, you make sure and tell me to stop as well.” AJ whispered.

“Oh god yes, just take it slow okay.”

AJ just smiled warmly, looked right into JJ's eyes and moved into position. He grabbed his cock and moved it to the right place, and then very slowly started to push when he was on target. JJ's eyes closed suddenly as the head of AJ's dick popped inside, and he groaned deeply, even a tear came down his cheek.

“Oh baby, I'm hurting you, I'm pulling out.” AJ said.

“No no, the pain is going away, it is just a bit of a shock is all. I think the worst is over now, just go slowly and stop if I need you to, but don't pull out, whatever you do. It's starting to feel not too bad now, go ahead.” JJ said.

AJ started slipping his meat inside very slowly, putting a centimeter or so inside, and then pulling back about half that, and then pushing just a bit more in, and pulling half of that out. A couple times JJ got a grimace of pain, and AJ stopped and patiently waited for the sign to continue. Finally though, AJ was buried as deep into his lover as he could be, so he bent down and gave JJ a deep kiss.

“I'm all the way in baby, how does it feel?”

“Full, very full. Kinda hurts a bit, but that's going away. I think you can start moving in a moment, it's starting to feel good now.” JJ said, a few tears still rolling down his cheeks, but a smile starting to appear on his face.

AJ waited until he was certain that JJ was ready to go, and then slowly pulled out almost half way, and then slipped back in just as slowly. There were a couple minor groans of discomfort from JJ during this, but it was not too bad, so AJ did it again. As AJ kept going, the groans of pain started to disappear, making way for moans of pleasure.

“Oh god, this feels amazing now, it feels so good it makes the pain seem like nothing at all, way worth it.” JJ moaned out a few minutes later.

“It feels really good on this end as well, I can't wait until we switch positions.” AJ grunted out, now going a good speed, not fast, but nowhere near as slow as he had had to go to start.

They continued to kiss while AJ pumped in and out of JJ, and for the next few minutes they moaned into each others mouths, even though it was awkward with AJ being so much smaller, they still enjoyed kissing while making love to each other. A couple minutes after the kissing started, AJ pushed himself up and groaned out very deeply, and JJ both felt and saw AJ going through his powerful orgasm, he actually felt the load spraying deep inside him. AJ collapsed a few moments later and laid there for about three minutes before he came down enough to comprehend what had just happened.

“Wow, that was incredible, hundred times better than being sucked, and I love that.” AJ sighed.

“And it feels real good as well being made love to, once the pain goes away, it was pretty bad there for a few minutes. Are you sure that you still want me to do that to you?”

“For sure, let me suck you off first, so that you don't explode as soon as you enter me.” AJ grinned, he also wanted to taste his lovers treat.

AJ moved down and just started sucking JJ, the foreplay was now thrown out the window. JJ was already pretty close from everything before, and he managed to last at most two minutes before he exploded, and AJ sucked the entire load out. AJ rolled over onto his back, pulled his legs up, and while JJ was coming down, he started fingering his own hole with a generous helping of the lube, trying to get himself ready. He knew it was going to hurt, probably a lot, but then it would get very good, and he would love it. Some of the fear was still there, but he was far more excited now. He knew that JJ had not been faking it, he could see it all in his eyes, well until AJ had nearly passed out from his awesome orgasm.

JJ eventually came down from his orgasm and took over for AJ. AJ was already up to two fingers by the time JJ had come down, so he lubed two of his own fingers and slowly slid them in. JJ knew that AJ had come in to go to the washroom a little before they had finished working in the garden, so he hoped he was clean, but figured he probably would be. Very slowly JJ worked his two fingers in and out, and AJ grunted a couple times in discomfort. JJ just stopped at these times and let the pain ease off before he started again. It took a few minutes, but finally JJ slipped his two fingers out, lubed up three, and then started working them in.

AJ gasped at first, but told JJ not to pull out, so he didn't, he just stopped for a few moments to let him get used to it, and then started again. It took fully five minutes for AJ to be able to take all three fingers with ease, so finally JJ pulled out and lubed his dick up.

“Are you sure you're ready for this baby?” JJ whispered, one final time to be sure, but knowing the answer.

“Yes please, just be careful with me and don't pull out, whatever you do.” AJ said, love pouring out of him.

“Okay.” JJ whispered and then lined up and popped in.

“Ohhhhhh, ouch, oh that hurts, just stop there.” AJ said, tears rolling down his cheeks.

JJ felt so bad, but he knew that the pain would fade away, but still his baby was hurting. He bent down and kissed away the tears, and then kissed AJ deeply for a few minutes to let the pain fade away. Finally AJ loosened up, and JJ started thrusting in and out very slowly in the very same manner as AJ had done to him. JJ had to stop a few times throughout, letting AJ get used to it, but finally he was all the way in and AJ's tears had stopped.

“I'm all the way in baby.”

“Oh god you feel so big buried in me, I feel so full, but I'm already starting to feel how it could feel good.” AJ groaned out.

Very slowly JJ started a thrusting motion in and out, not pulling more than half way out at first, just letting AJ get used to it. When AJ was ready for it, JJ started pulling almost all the way out and then slipping all the way back in, and the same as before, his groans of pain faded into moans of pleasure. JJ got into a nice smooth pace and made love to his baby, bending down now to kiss deeply while they made sweet passionate love to each other. JJ was unable to last much longer, and with a deep grunt, he pushed himself up and away from the kiss and came deep inside AJ. AJ could see that JJ was cumming, but he too could feel the load being pumped deeply into his innards, and then when the orgasm finished, JJ collapsed, pinning AJ down to the bed. AJ didn't mind though, JJ was nowhere near too heavy for him, and he did not mind being laid on with his lovers dick still buried in his ass. AJ figured out how to squeeze his ass muscles to massage JJ's cock while he was still in there, and he heard JJ groan from the exquisite torture, and AJ grinned and did it more.

“Oh god, whatever you're doing, stop it, you're killing me.” JJ groaned and pulled out, he was still half hard.

“I see what you meant, for having so much pain to start, it sure feels good later on. That was incredible, how did you like it?”

“It was fantastic, I can't believe how good both ways felt, once the pain eased off of course.”

“Yeah. Well we better clean up and get ready for bed, it's already late.” AJ said sleepily.

“Yeah, we better.” JJ said.

They got up, turned on the lights, blew out all the candles, and then went to the bathroom and cleaned each others bums and swollen and bruised holes.

“Wow, this looks pretty bad back here, how does it feel now?” JJ asked.

“A little sore, but more tender I think. Yours looked pretty bad as well, how does it feel?”

“The same.”

“I have some ointment in the medicine cabinet that might help, it's supposed to help with swollen and bruised skin. We can give it a try.”

Once they were finished cleaning each other up, AJ grabbed the tub of ointment and they went back to the bedroom to diaper each other, first adding a generous coating of the soothing cream.

“That already feels better.” AJ said a few moments later when they were both finished.

“Yeah, it does. Well baby, we better get to bed.”

AJ just nodded and turned off the light and then they crawled into bed together, cuddled up and kissed for a few minutes, then passed out. Alice came in after she got home to check on AJ, she had no idea that JJ was staying again. She took one look around and one sniff, and knew that AJ had gotten another secret birthday present. She was happy for the boys, she knew that it was probably very loving, but more than a little painful for their first time, and she knew it was their first time.