Chapter 12

There was now only a month left in the school year as AJ and JJ woke up the Monday morning after the birthday party. They woke up, smiled warmly to each other, kissed tenderly for a few minutes, and then climbed out of bed. They lovingly stripped each other of their diapers and then clasped hands and headed to the bathroom to get in the shower together, and so far this morning the only thing said, was a whispered good morning. They gently washed each other and then rinsed off before hopping out and drying each other off, still with no actual words.

“How do you feel this morning baby?” JJ asked finally as they were getting dressed.

“If your talking about my bum, it is a little tender still, but not too bad. However I feel more loved than ever before. What we did last night was very special, and I loved it and I love you. How do you feel this morning?”

“Yeah, my bum is still tender too, and I feel the same way. It may have hurt at first, but it felt incredible in the end. My love for you though is immeasurable, and that made all the pain so much more bearable.”

“Incredible in the end, yeah, that it was.” AJ giggled.

“You're silly.” JJ giggled back.

They finished getting ready for school and had a quick breakfast, and then headed on their way to school. Neither boy really noticed that much, but they were walking a little differently, not that anyone would really notice unless they knew them well, and the ones that knew them best, noticed the new walk right away. It was at lunch that it was brought up. The entire swim team had went outside to eat their lunches, sitting under an old oak tree with no one anywhere near them.

“You guys sure are glowing today, coupled with the new walk you have developed, I think we have a couple love birds here that made love for their first time last night. So let me guess AJ, JJ had a special birthday present for you that he did not want to give to you while the rest of us were watching, didn't he?” Matt said with a happy smile on his face.

“It really shows that much?” AJ asked.

“Only because we know you guys so well. To tell you the truth we all figured you two would have been up to that months ago. So how was your first time?” Matt asked.

“No, we both wanted to wait. It was incredible, it felt so good, except it hurt both of us pretty bad to start out with.”

“The first time always hurts, but it gets better, until it never hurts at all, but it's certainly worth it, because it feels so good.” Matt said happily.

“Oh yeah, for sure.” JJ sighed and a bunch of the others agreed as well with the same sigh.

“So when was your first times guys, assuming of course you have had a first time yet?” AJ asked curiously.

“Well Orin and I were fourteen, weren't we. We didn't know anything though and it was so painful at first that we nearly stopped. I was the first to get done, and Orin just used some spit and just shoved it in. It was a good thing my parents were not home though, because the scream I let out was quite loud. We didn't know to prepare each other slowly, nor to use lube. Eventually it started to feel good, but I cried almost the entire time, and I bled quite a bit. Orin wanted me to do him next, and it went much the same way, except I fingered him a little bit first, but he still cried. It was quite a while before we did it again, and only after we learned of the virtues of a good lube.” Matt said.

“Wow, I'm glad we have both read a lot on the subject and knew all that you guys didn't.” JJ said.

“Yeah, me and my first boyfriend both cried as well when we first made love to each other, even though we used lots of lube and fingered each other for a long time to prepare each other. We never got to try again, because his parents found out and moved right away to get us away from each other. But Jase and I love to make love to each other now, and I was his first, and even with my limited experience he still cried out a bit.” Rory said.

The stories went on like that, everyone saying how beautiful it was once the pain ended, and everyone saying how much they loved doing it now. They all had to get up and go to class when the bell rang and the rest of the day flew by for them all. Finally the last bell of the day rang, and everyone was off for home, except AJ and JJ who headed to the garden center instead. They got there and looked around at all the different seeds and everything and finally decided on a few different things, and then headed home.

“I was starting to wonder where you boys were, and what exactly is the large bare piece of ground in the backyard?” Alice asked when they finally walked in about an hour late.

“Oh, hi mom, sorry, forgot you were home tonight, or I would have called you. The reasons are both the same. I decided that I wanted a vegetable garden, and we went to the garden center and picked out the seeds and everything. How was your day at school?”

“Oh, okay, I sort of figured that might be it the way you boys have it furrowed like that. My day was fine, how about your's, how do you feel today after last night?” Alice asked.

“Our day was fine and what do you mean?” AJ asked, genuinely not understanding what she was asking.

“Well if you stopped and thought about what you did last night, I'm sure it wouldn't take you long to figure out. I checked in on you last night, as I normally do, and I saw all the candles around the room, and I smelled the smell of sex in the air, and I can see you're both walking a little differently today. I hope you were both very careful and gentle with each other, are you in pain or anything?”

“Oh, that.” AJ blushed a little. “We both are a little tender, but we feel great, and we were very careful, we are always gentle.” AJ admitted.

“Good to hear. Anal penetration can feel very good if done correctly, but if not, then you can do a lot of damage, but I figured you were both smart enough to research it first.”

“Yeah, we did research it, and yes it did feel good, but it did hurt at first and we both cried.”

“Not surprising really. Even girls cry the first time normally, the first time is painful, but then it feels better, and then you can't get enough of it.” Alice said, only blushing a little while talking to the boys about all this, surprising even herself.

“Yeah, but in the rear it hurts for more than just the first time though. It will take a while before it all feels good for us, but we love each other and are willing to endure the pain to share our love for each other.” AJ admitted while holding JJ's hand.

“I know, I can tell, and I am happy for the both of you. Well you should go get your homework done quickly so that you can go plant your garden.”

“We both got our work done at school today. We both have a free period where PE would normally be. JJ quit as well, he didn't see a point in taking it when we have swim practice.” AJ said. He had point blank refused to take PE in high school, because he was far too small to be playing sports with all the bigger kids, and he really didn't like it. JJ figured that he may as well quit too, not like he needed it with swimming and this way he would have a free period to do all his homework in with AJ.

“Okay then, don't let me stop you then.” Alice smiled warmly.

They both smiled and ran off to their bedroom and got changed, forgoing the diapering this time since they would not be long and JJ needed to go home soon. They only threw on a pair of light and skimpy shorts and then grabbed the bag of seeds from AJ's pack and headed out to the garden. They worked quickly together to get the entire garden planted, and with both of them working, AJ having to call out instructions every so often, it took an hour to do. Once the seeds were all planted AJ ran out a hose to the garden and then hooked up four sprinklers around it, all aiming into the garden to water it, and just left it so that the next watering cycle early the next morning would water it.

“There we go, all done, and now we just have to weed it every week and wait for the food to grow.” AJ said proudly.

“Yeah, and there is going to be a lot here. You have any idea how many cucumbers and tomatoes we planted, and the potatoes we will be eating for a year?”

“Yeah, I know, but I also plan to have us try our hand at canning. I would like to make some salsa and pickles and canned tomatoes, and we will maybe even can some of the other vegetables, especially the beets. The rest will probably be frozen.”

“Oh, that makes sense, but we will need to get jars and stuff for that then.”

“No we won't, there's all that stuff in the cold room in the garage.” AJ said.

“Cool, that makes it easier then.”

“Yeah. Well I guess this means that you have to be heading home now doesn't it?”

“Afraid so, I haven't seen my family since Wednesday.”

They headed inside and JJ grabbed his things and they kissed and then JJ headed home.

“AJ, are you going to be okay for dinner by yourself tonight?” Alice asked as they met in the hall, each coming out of their rooms.

“Wow mom, you look nice, yeah I'll be fine, but where are you going all dressed up?”

“Well I kinda have a date, and I'm so nervous I kind of thought about wearing one of your diapers.” She grinned.

“You're welcome to them, I doubt they'd fit you though. So who is the date with then?”

“I was teasing, I wouldn't actually wear one, I will leave that to you boys. I think you know with who, we have been talking since I met him after he installed the pool, and Max is a very nice man, just my type, if you know what I mean.”

“Awesome, I'm happy for you, you go and have fun, but you be home by eleven young lady, or you're grounded.” AJ said, wagging his finger and giving his best strict father routine, Alice just laughed and smacked AJ's cute little bum.

“I'll give you grounded boy, but we won't be late, I have school in the morning anyways.”

“Yeah, but go and have fun. So where are you going then?”

“Dinner and a movie.”

“That'll be nice, is he picking you up or are you meeting him somewhere?”

“He's picking me up.”

“Then that must be him that I can hear now.” AJ said, cocking his head to listen, and sure enough he heard a car door shut very close by. A few seconds later the doorbell rang, and AJ ran to get it.

“Hi Max, good to see you again. So what time you gonna have her home tonight, and where do you plan to take her, you haven't got one of those shaggin wagons or anything like that do you, boy I don't think I trust you.” AJ teased.

“No sir, I'll have her home nice and early, and no shaggin, and just dinner and a movie sir.” Max said, playing along, Alice standing behind AJ and smiling.

“Good, but make sure there is an extra seat in between you, and remember, no spanking on the first date.” AJ grinned evilly.

“AJ.” Alice gasped and blushed. Max just didn't know what to think about that.

“What, like you guys wouldn't like to get into a little light spanking, just don't leave marks.” AJ said innocently.

“You're horrid, go, get out of here you brat.” Alice said, grabbing AJ by the shoulders, turning him and smacking him on the ass.

“Hey, I said spank each other playfully, not spank me hard.” AJ called out. Both adults just laughed.

“We better get out of here before he embarrasses us further. I guess I shouldn't have tried to embarrass him in front of his boyfriend huh?” Alice grinned.

“No, doesn't sound like it was the smartest of ideas, let's go, our reservation is in fifteen minutes. And by the way, you look beautiful tonight.” Max said and passed her a nice flower.

“Thanks, and you look very handsome tonight as well.”

They walked out and headed to the truck. They had sat and had coffee a number of times, and Max even went to Alice's restaurant to see her a few times, and they were really getting to know each other. It was with no small amount of shock to each of them when Alice admitted what she liked, saying she wanted a man who was into that as well. And then when he said he was into it as well, and that he was looking for the same things in a woman, they pretty much fell in love at that moment, and the date had been set, that was only last week.

AJ was very happy for his mom, she needed to get out and have a life, and Max was the perfect man for her apparently, into the same things and very nice, even to kids. He went and made himself some dinner and then sat down and watched TV for the night, calling JJ just before he went to bed to tell him the good news and to say goodnight and I love you. JJ was also very happy for her and wished AJ a goodnight, and said that he loved him too.


“This is a very nice restaurant.” Alice said as they were seated.

“Yeah, I like it, but I haven't been able to bring someone here, except clients, for a long time. What about you, when was the last time you went on a date?” Max asked, curious, he knew that Alice was divorced, but little else.

“Well since I was dating AJ's dad really, he was my first real boyfriend, and we were together for a while, got married, had AJ, got divorced, and then he died a while later. How about you?”

“Well I was married once as well, many years ago too, we just fell apart, we didn't have too much in common, and when she found out what I was into and all, well she kind of just freaked and left. I haven't seen her since, she just sent the papers and I signed them. She was kind of frigid though, so it wasn't a big surprise. I've had a few dates since, but because of my other desires, most don't want to stick around. So AJ seems like a great kid, how old is he now?”

“He's thirteen and he is the greatest, maybe some day I will tell you about our life and why he's so great, but much of it is way too depressing for a first date. How about you, do you have any kids?”

“He looks so much smaller than thirteen, but acts so much older as well. As far as I know I have no children, and considering the fact that I have only been with two women in that manner, and one of them was frigid, the other lady, as it turned out, was infertile, I would seriously doubt I have kids out there. Not for lack of wanting though, I have always loved kids, and once wanted four or five of them.”

“Yikes, that's a lot of kids. I only ever wanted two, but I had to settle for one, but I did end up with a pretty perfect one though, even if he is a gay diaper lover.”

“He's a diaper lover, that's an odd desire isn't it, no more so than ours though I guess huh?” Max smiled.

“Actually it is more common than you'd think. When AJ told me, and both he and JJ are, I did some research. Our lot is larger of course, but DL's, as they are known, are quite a large group too. I'm glad that it doesn't bother you, because if you spend any time at our house, then you will probably see both boys in diapers, or nude, they both swim nude.”

“The only real way to swim, I don't think I have ever worn a suit in my pool once. No, it wouldn't bother me at all, I am a very open minded individual.”

“That's good. It was a bit of a shock to me at first when I found out, but really it's not so big a deal, everyone has their little quirks, and it hurts no one. Hell half of his swim team seem to at the very least like diapers, although most of them are bed wetters, but I think they like them as well. Not to mention that if all of them are not at the least bi, I'd be surprised.”

“Hell of a group of friends your son has.”

“You have no idea. They stick together and protect each other very fiercely.” Alice said and then relayed the story of AJ's first encounter with Brad.

“Wow, I wish I had have had friends like that when I was in school. Had I have wet my pants while at school, no matter the circumstances, all my friends probably would have abandoned me, well at least most of them, I doubt my best friend would have.”

“Yeah, same here. They are a great group of boys though, I have had them at the house a couple weekends now, the entire fourteen of them, plus AJ, and you know, they are all so kind and caring, and very helpful as well. Most people would never let that many kids into their house, because it would take them a week to clean up afterwards, but my house was actually cleaner when they left than when they came.” Alice chuckled.

“That's funny, I had a gay friend in college and he was a clean freak, maybe it's just in their nature, and maybe all the boys are gay.” Max laughed.

“No, a few of them are certainly straight as well, considering how they looked at me while we massaged each other.” Alice said and then had to explain the massage marathons they had all had.

“That sounds great, I think that that would be an awesome experience, and I would love to try it one day.”

“It is, trust me. I still blush almost the entire time though, seeing all the boys hard like that, because they all are after their massages.” Alice said, blushing a little at mentioning it.

“Would you blush like that for me though?” Max grinned.

“Maybe.” Alice grinned back.

Their dinner was served at that time and they ate their meal quietly while watching each other and playing footsie under the table gently. After their meal, they left and headed to the theater, where they picked out a good movie and went and sat and watched it, the seat divider between them lifted and they cuddled up together.

“Thank you, I had a very nice night tonight.” Alice said, giving Max a gentle kiss as he walked her up to the door of her house.

“Me too, I will call you tomorrow okay.” Max said, giving her another gentle kiss back.

“I'd like that, goodnight.” Alice said and then crept in the house.

“Hi mom, how was your date?” AJ asked as Alice peeked her head in to check on AJ. He was laying in bed with his blanket covering only his lower half, his lamp illuminating him as he laid on his stomach reading.

“I didn't expect you to be awake still. It was really nice, we talked a lot, mostly about you, and a few other things. We had a great time, and it was only the first date, and there will be others.

“That's great mom. What all did you tell him about me?”

“All the horrible things of course, how you're a mouthy little brat who gets into fights all the time and gets horrible grades in school.”

“Oh good, wouldn't want him thinking I'm a perfect angel or something, now would we?” AJ grinned tiredly.

“No, we wouldn't, but we both think you are anyways. I told him about your being a gay DL, and that nearly all your swim team are gay and some of them seem to be DL's as well, and we talked about how you all stick up for each other. He was very impressed with all that. We just talked a lot, it was real nice, and then we cuddled up at the theater and watched the movie, it was very nice.” Alice said dreamily.

“And how did he take that?”

“Oh he was perfectly fine with it all, and he wants to be invited the next time the team is over so that he can experience one of the massage marathons.”

“I bet, who wouldn't. Well I'm glad that he was okay with my liking diapers, and I'm glad that you had such a good time, but I'm afraid that I was about to go to bed, I was trying to wait up for you, but I almost couldn't make it, so I better go to sleep. Goodnight mom, love you.”

“Yeah, you better go to sleep, you look tired. I love you too, and have a good sleep.” Alice said, very happily. She nearly floated to her own room and got ready for bed and then turned in herself.