Chapter 13

“So how was your mom's hot date last night?” JJ asked as they walked to school the next morning.

“She had a real nice time, and they have so much in common, so I think they will do well together.” AJ said happily, almost skipping he was so happy for his mom.

“What do they have in common?”

“Well mainly a certain desire, or fetish if you wish, and if you promise never to tell another soul, then I will tell you. I know you wouldn't anyways, but you can't even tell my mom, she might kill me.” AJ said seriously.

“You know I'd never tell anyone, especially your mom, she'd kill me too just for saying it.” JJ grinned and AJ nodded.

“They're both into S&M, you know leathers and whips and chains and that sort of thing. Mom isn't into it huge time pain like, but she likes to be spanked and tied up a bit I guess, she didn't really go into details too much, and I have no idea about Max. I teased them last night and told them no spankings on the first date, mom nearly died, and Max was a little shocked as well.”

“You didn't?”

“I did, but I figured it was only fair seeing as how I knew mom would tell him about us, and besides, look how she teased us, she had it coming.” AJ grinned evilly.

“True, never thought of it that way, besides you probably broke the ice for them a bit.”

“Yeah, I did, I could tell.”

They continued talking as they walked the rest of the way to school, which was not long, but about nothing of any real importance. They often talked to each other just for the sake of talking, loving to hear each others voices.

They arrived to school and got to work as they normally did and then sat with the others for their lunch. AJ told them all about his moms date the night before with Max, obviously leaving out the S&M details. He trusted them all of course, but he had already broken his promise by telling JJ, but she had to know he would tell JJ, they told each other everything. After classes that day they of course had swim practice, so they all rushed to get to the pool, none of them wanting to be any later than Matt usually was, not wanting to get razzed by the coach. The playful bicker and banter that usually accompanied the boys during their changing and showering was as loud as ever, and the coach had to come in and blast his whistle to get them to get a move on.

“Come on you bunch of fat asses, get out here and let's get this practice going, or would you rather stay in the shower all day.” Coach Phil yelled out.

They all rushed to finish off and ran to the change room to throw on their speedos, and then out to the pool deck where the coach was standing today. He motioned them to all stand around him, and to not jump in the pool as they were normally told to do.

“Okay boys, we have a few last minute preparations to make before the swim meet next week. You are of course lucky that it is being held at our humble little pool this time, and that we do not have to travel, but this means I expect nothing but the best from you boys. We are on our own turf, swimming in our own waters, and each and every one of you are to push yourself to the very limits of your abilities. Of course you make me proud at every meet, but this is our first home meet for a couple years. The other teams are always so bitchy about having to drive all the way out here, poor little sissy babies. Well let's use this to our advantage, let the babies whine. This is of course a swim and a dive meet, so it is going on on both Saturday and Sunday of next week, so we have this week and next to perfect what we have been working on.”

“We have an advantage for our divers, we are used to Olympic standard diving equipment. The other schools are not used to that though, our high dive is nearly a meter and a half higher, and our deep end is a meter deeper than all theirs are, so we can pull stunts that they cannot, and that we would not dare at their pools. Because our swimming is already very strong, I am going to concentrate mostly on our diving the next few practices, but that does not mean you swimmers get to get off without any exercise. Swimmers into the pool and I want two laps and then ten minutes of water aerobics, then two laps and another ten minutes, I want you to keep that up for the entire two hours. Divers, you're with me.” Coach Phil called out.

“AJ, I want you in this meet on the low dive. Your straight dives are a thing of beauty, your flips are getting even better, now we need to try and make up a routine for you. The rest of you I want you to work with each other, take your best points and each make a dive routine. By the end of practice today, I want to see all three of you doing your dive with the precision I have come to expect from you, now go, what are you waiting for?” Coach Phil barked out.

They scrambled up the high dive and sat down on the platform and started talking amongst themselves about what they should all do. They hashed it out for nearly ten minutes before they all told each other their best points and what they should do. One wanted to do a double back flip with a twist, one wanted to do the same with a front flip, and Orin wanted to try for the triple front flip he had been working on. Once it was decided, they all got to work diving one after the other, diving non stop.

“Now, for you, I want to see you take your hardest run and power spring dive off the board, I want to try and get you doing a double front flip. You have never done a double before, but I think you're ready for it, just remember, plant your eyes and rotate the rest of your body like you have been practicing.”

“Okay.” AJ said a little skeptically. He had never tried a double flip before, but like the coach said, he was getting pretty good with the flips already, he seemed very natural at it, and was flipping with ease by the end of practice on their first try at doing it.

AJ gave it a shot, took a few good deep calming breaths, planted his feet properly, and then ran and with all his might, and when he reached the end he jumped, lowered, and then using the spring action of the board, rose with it and then sprang up an impressive height, and then did the requested double front flip. It would have been an incredible first try had he not have made such an entry splash. During the second flip AJ lost his eye hold and misjudged slightly, and ended up pulling straight just a little too soon, and ended up entering at too much of an angle. He climbed out of the pool to ask what he should try to improve.

“That was an incredible first try. It looked like you lost your focus and straightened up just a little too soon, but I have never had a diver ever get it so close on their first try. By the end of the practice we might even be able to work in a twist and really wow the judges.”

“And here I thought I did horribly.” AJ said, sounding surprised.

“Hell no, it usually takes a year or more to just get to where you are now, and that is with heavy training, you are a natural in the pool. I want you to give it another few tries, and as soon as you feel like you are ready for it, I want you to try and add the twist.”

AJ just nodded and ran to the board and tried again. He did four more dives in a row, all getting better and better, and he was not losing his focus now. Finally on the sixth dive of the day, he tried to add the twist, but again lost his focus, the extra turns making him lose his lock. AJ just walked right passed Coach Phil, even though he could see he was about to say something, very determined to do it again and do it right this time. Everyone saw the first attempt at the double front with the twist, and all thought he did very well, so they stopped to watch his second attempt. What they all saw was possibly the most perfect dive they had ever seen. Sure there was a bit of a splash still, but any judge would still give that a ten in a heartbeat. As AJ broke the water the entire team broke out into applause, including the coach.

“That, my boy, was possibly the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life, and on only your second try. Not even those guys up there have ever done it so well, and still can't, and they have been diving, in some cases, years longer than you. I want you to keep practicing that until it is absolutely perfect, but even if you were to dive just like that at the meet, you would take the gold.”

“You think so, I thought I had way too much splash on that.” AJ said shyly.

“Oh shut up boy, you give me a headache sometimes. There was splash yes, but a few more times, and I bet you have that worked out, just keep your legs together. Keep it up boy and you will earn me coach of the year, and I hardly have to teach you.”

AJ just blinked and nodded and then just went and continued his diving.

“What are you guys waiting for, a written invitation to start back up?”

They all continued to work, but Matt hopped out of the pool and ran to the coach to talk to him.


“What you want Matt?”

“I just saw that as well, I think we all saw it very well. I say to hell with swimming, keep him on the boards, teach him everything, he's a natural up there.”

“Yeah, I was thinking the same, but he is a damn good swimmer too, so I don't think I will. You'll take gold again next weekend in swimming, but I fully expect AJ to be silver right behind you in the breast stroke, but he will take gold in diving or I'll eat my whistle at the meet.”

“Yeah, and I'd rip my speedo off and eat it too if he didn't take gold with a dive like that.”

“Shit, he just did it again, and with less splash this time.” Coach Phil gasped.

“Coach, I have to take a few minutes to swim, I'm getting dizzy.” AJ called up as soon as he surfaced.

“Go for it, you have five minutes and then I want you back up there.” he yelled back.

“I don't know how he did so many flips without getting dizzy earlier.” Matt grinned.

“Don't you have somewhere else to be at the moment?” Coach Phil said, looking at Matt funnily.

“Yes sir.” Matt saluted and ran off.

AJ started back up again a few minutes later, not even taking the full five minutes given to him, and did the dive five times back to back, getting just a bit better each time. He then took another break, and then did another five. The boys up on the high dive were also working their hearts out, really working as hard as they could to perfect their dives, working on the adrenaline that AJ was causing in them, spurring them on to greater heights. Coach Phil watched them as well, and they were all doing very well. He had a sneaking suspicion that his team was going to take all the medals that they went for, and there would be some very tough competition between them. There would be no competition though from the other schools. He couldn't wait to see the looks on the other coaches faces.

“I want to try another dive coach? I think I have that one as perfect as I can, and I saw a different dive a few years back I think I might like to try.”

“I agree with you. I want you to keep practicing that though, but your welcome to try anything, and if you want any pointers just ask.”

AJ hopped back out of the pool and mounted the diving board, getting his breath and footing again, and then running just as fast and as hard as he had been, jumped and sprang just as he had been, but this time instead of curling forward to do a front flip, he kept his entire body straight and performed a back flip, and then entered the water as gracefully as if he had been practicing it all day.

“What the hell was that?” Coach Phil asked in awe as AJ pulled himself from the water.

“Fun.” AJ grinned.

“You have any idea how difficult a dive that was you just pulled?”

“Not nearly as hard as the double front with a twist.” AJ said.

“Yeah, and why do you see all sorts of divers doing that one instead of the one you just did so perfectly it won a guy a gold medal in the Olympics?”

“That's where I saw it, a couple years ago in the last summer Olympics, I thought it looked easy, a lot easier than the front flips anyways.”

“Yeah, it looks easy, but it is very difficult to hold your body so perfectly straight and enter the water gracefully. Well I think we have your second dive, I was just going to have you do the one, but not any more.”

“Why do I need two dives?”

“You don't, but you're allowed up to two, and you get two tries at each one, or four total dives, and then your scores for your dives are averaged from the totals.”

“Oh, that makes sense then. I suppose you want me to keep practicing that then?”

“Yeah, for the rest of the time, and we only have twenty minutes left. I am going to go talk to the others and see how they are all doing.” Coach Phil said, still sounding awed.

For the next twenty minutes AJ practiced that same dive, doing it just as nicely each time, and by the time the whistle was blown, even he felt really good about himself.

“What the fuck were you doing out there AJ, you were incredible, I have never seen diving like that?” Matt asked, grabbing him and lifting him up into a huge hug as they all entered the change room.

“I just did what the coach told me to do is all, well except the back flip, that was just for fun, but the coach said it was incredible, and now he is going to enter me for two dives.” AJ grinned.

“I swear if you do not get gold medals at this meet I'll rip off my own speedo and eat it in front of the crowd, don't make me embarrass myself.” Matt said seriously.

“You wouldn't be embarrassed, you can't lie to me, you just don't want to eat your speedo, and I will try my best.” AJ grinned.

“Yeah, you're probably right.” Matt said.

They all stripped down and headed into the showers to wash up, all very excited and noisy. As they were all leaving everyone clapped AJ on the shoulder and told him he did superb.

“That really was a good practice baby, no one has ever seen the coach so excited. During one of our pauses Matt told us, and we all think that you will do very good next weekend.” JJ said.

“Thanks. I saw you guys out there as well and you were all swimming real fast as well and working real hard.”

“Yeah, because we all thought there was no way a puny little runt like you was going to show us big boys up.” JJ grinned and grabbed AJ in a tight sideways hug.

“Yeah, but I'm your puny little runt right.” AJ grinned happily.

“You bet, and nothing can change that.”

JJ had to head right home after school, so they had to part far sooner than they really wanted to, and they couldn't kiss like they really wanted to do, but they said they loved each other and then parted. AJ headed home and excitedly told Alice how happy the coach was with his dives, but he would not tell her what the dives were.

“Why won't you tell me what dives you're doing?”

“Because I want it to be a surprise, I would really like for you to be there please, it is both Saturday and Sunday next week and should be finished no later than three.”

“I will have to arrange to go in a little later on those days, but I wouldn't miss it.”

And she did make the arrangements, and even Max said he wanted to come with her when she told him. The next two weeks was exhausting for both boys. They did all their homework at school and then every day after school they had swim practice, two afternoons with the rest of the team, and the rest of the time in AJ's pool. Both Saturday and Sunday on the in between weekend they did long hard workouts, tiring Alice out from just watching them, but AJ was careful not to do his dives while his mom was home, he didn't want to give her a heart attack, the meet would be soon enough for that. JJ had stayed the weekend at AJ's of course, and they only sucked each other a couple times, they were too tired to do anything else, they were concentrating on preparing for the up and coming meet. It was the last and most important one of the year, so it was very important that they did as well as they could.

Alice and Max had gone out on a couple more dates, and Alice even went and visited Max while he was at work, and he did likewise when she was at work. They really seemed to be hitting it off together, moving closer by the day towards love, and AJ even caught them kissing tenderly one evening when he woke up in the night to get a drink of water. Max had obviously came home with her after work, and they were sitting on the couch in a gentle embrace. AJ tried not to disturb them, but they heard the water running.

Finally it was the morning of the meet, and AJ was up early having a good breakfast and doing all sorts of stretches in the living room to loosen up all his muscles, waiting for when they were to leave in less than an hour. Alice and Max walked out about halfway through AJ's stretching routine, and at first he didn't notice Max entering in only a pair of underwear.

“Good morning baby, getting ready for the meet are you?” Alice asked when they entered.

“Yeah mom, I have to be good and loose.” AJ said, still with his head nearly touching his own toes and not looking up.

“Oh, hi Max, I didn't expect you to be here this morning. The love birds finally had their first sleepover. Either your bedroom was suddenly soundproofed, or you didn't play around any, or at least I never heard any screams.” AJ teased.

“You want to hear screams boy, I will pull down that soggy diaper of yours and spank your bared bottom, then you'll hear screams.” Alice said in mock sternness.

“Keep that for your boyfriend, that's not what I'm into remember, like duh.” AJ teased while rolling his eyes, Max just burst out laughing.

“You're not helping any.” Alice quipped and grinned at Max.

“Well you have to admit it was funny, and he does have a point, and he got you pretty good too I might add.” Max grinned.

“Be that as it may. What time are we supposed to be there AJ?”

“Nine, so we should leave in twenty minutes.”

“Okay, we should all go get changed then and head out, we will grab some toast on our way out.”

“He sure is cute working out in just a diaper, isn't he?” Max giggled a little louder than he intended as they left the living room, AJ hearing it.

“Yeah, he is. I thought you said you weren't gay?” Alice chuckled.

“I'm not, but that doesn't mean I can't find the scene cute, and he is a very good looking young man as well, even I can admit that.”

“True.” Alice smiled and they quickly got dressed.

AJ headed to his room a minute later, once he was finished his stretching, and got changed as well. He only threw on a pair of sweat pants and a tank top, not even bothering with underwear. He grabbed his swim cap and then headed out to wait for his mom and Max. They came out a few minutes later and they headed out. When they got there, AJ headed to the change room, while Alice and Max headed to the grand stands, getting prime front row seats just off the low dive board right where AJ told them to sit. There were a few others there already, but not many, they would start filtering in soon though.

When AJ walked in the change room, he found nearly all his swim team already there, as well as what looked to be at least three other teams as well. While his team was very unashamed of being naked around each other and others, the others did not seem to be so keen on it.

“Wow Matt, you shaved every freaking hair off your body except your head. But why did you bother with your dick and balls, they will be covered up anyways?” AJ asked as he saw Matt, he looked kind of silly. The other boys in the change room all took furtive glances, but tried not to actually look.

“Figured I may as well, why stop. I almost shaved my head, but I figured the cap would be fine and I didn't want to give my mom a heart attack. And would you guys lighten up over there and either look, or don't look, I'm not shy, we're not shy, we're all guys in here for Christ's sake.” Matt said, finally getting sick of them looking, but pretending not to. Their entire team was naked as can be and just standing around talking as if there was nothing wrong.

None of the boys looked, they all just turned and shyly got dressed as quickly as possible and tried to exit.

“I would suggest that you go shower first guys, if our coach sees that you have not showered, he will kick you back in here so hard you won't be able to see straight. He refuses to let dirty bodies in his pool. You can all go first, you're the guests here.” Matt called out the suggestion, shaking his head in disgust that they were all about to head out to the pool. Another two teams walked in when he said that, so they knew now as well.

They stood in line at the shower entrance and waited their turns, and slowly they all got showered, and finally they headed back into the now very crowded change room and put on their speedos. There were now another two or three teams in the room, and at least some of them did not appear to be ashamed of their bodies, as they too were parading around naked like they owned the place as well. Matt then led his team out to the pool deck and found Coach Phil standing and talking to a judge at the judges table.

“Hi boys, perfect day to kick some ass, don't you think? How is everyone feeling today?”

“Awesome Coach.” They all called out excitedly.

“Todays events are swimming, and then tomorrow is diving, and we will be starting in about ten to fifteen minutes now. It's a full house too, look at all these people. The girls teams seem to be quite a bit larger than the boys teams, not surprising, since our schools girls team has twice the people on it, but I was watching them yesterday, and they are not nearly as good.” Coach Phil grinned.

They stood around in their group for ten minutes when the judges announced that they would be starting soon and called out the event and the classification. Throughout the day it went like this, there was tonnes going on, and AJ had a hard time keeping up to it all. All he knew was that when it was his turn to swim, he got up and swam like he had never swam before. And just like Coach Phil predicted, in the four breast stroke races that AJ competed in with Matt, he came in second in all of them, garnering him a nice silver medal, which would be awarded tomorrow. The swim day was of course a lot longer, a lot more people, that's why it was done first, so that the second day they could award all the prizes. The first day of the meet was a huge success for Coach Phil and his incredible team, taking more wins than all the other schools combined.

Alice and Max congratulated AJ a whole bunch on their way home, and AJ was happy, but very tired. Alice and Max both had to go right away, so they took off and AJ went and just sat in the hot tub and sauna for a while and then did some good stretches. He then had a light dinner, called JJ and talked to him for half an hour, and then went to bed.

The next morning pretty much the exact same things happened again, including Max emerging with Alice, the only difference was that the conversations were different. They headed to the school pool at the same time, Alice and max went and got the same seats again, and AJ headed into the change room to get showered and changed. Once again the rooms were packed, and still some of the boys were shy, while the rest were not. Now realistically the entire teams did not need to change, because only a few were diving, but they usually did anyways. Once again everyone met out on the deck around the coach.

“Now AJ, I carefully made it so that you are the last to do your dives. You decide which one to do first. The high dive competition is first, and then the low dive. How are you guys this morning, how do you feel?”

“Great.” They all said excitedly again. Yesterday had been a huge confidence boost, each and every one of them getting at least one medal in something. Today they fully expected to take them all.

The first divers were called shortly thereafter, and they stood around and watched. Because there were far fewer divers than swimmers, this went a lot faster than the day before. Finally AJ was called, the very last diver of the day. He had seen some very good dives on the low board, but nothing like what he was about to do. He climbed up and got his breathing and footing, paused as the crowd silenced, and then he did his running start and executed the first of his two double front with a twist perfectly. At first the crowd was stunned at the incredible dive, and was still totally silent. The only sound was Alice gasping out the words 'holy fucking shit.' And then you could hear the groans from all the previous divers. The judges took a moment to look at the replays on their monitors, and then came back with their scores, the lowest being a 9.9.

AJ climbed out and waited for the scores and then stood shocked at the scores he saw. The coach actually had to nudge him to take his second dive. AJ climbed up again and then executed the same dive once again, doing, if possible, even better yet. The judges deliberated even longer this time, and the lowest was still a 9.9, but the only difference was that there was only one instead of three as before. The crowd went wild and the other divers all groaned, knowing they were toast. Alice once again gasped out her surprise.

AJ then climbed up for his third dive, got his breathing and footing, and then did a running jump and did the back flip with so much grace and style it actually took the judges a full five minutes to deliberate, and even they were stunned, and this time he got tens straight across the board. Alice was nearly peeing herself she was so shocked, and the other divers were now hanging their heads.

The fourth, and final dive of the day, was done with as much perfection as the last one was. The entire crowd stood and applauded him when he surfaced, and everyone watched the judges with baited breath, and they all came back with all tens again. The swim team erupted into cheers so loud they actually drowned out the crowd, and AJ was picked up and hoisted to all their shoulders. AJ smiling wider than anyone had ever seen him do before.

The crowd finally settled down about ten minutes later, and then the awards started getting handed out. Coach Phil and his team had to walk up to collect their medals and certificates so many times it was getting silly, they may as well have stayed at the table. A few of the other schools got medals as well, but not many. Matt had four golds from his swimming, JJ even had a gold and a silver, AJ got one gold and one silver, and the rest of his team mates walked away with at least one medal a piece as well, and there was only one bronze in the lot. Finally the coach of the year trophy was passed to Coach Phil, being congratulated on having the largest medal winning on a team in the history of the club.

“Team, I want to thank you all so much, you got me this, and you got all those medals, I only helped you along the way, but you did all the work. In thanks I want you to all go home, get dressed up, and you are to meet me at the steak house on main at six, dinner is on me.” Coach Phil said, his voice now sounding a little hoarse from all the screaming he had done.

Alice and Max, and Sarah and frank came down with the flood of other proud parents, and they grabbed AJ and JJ into one huge group hug, although Max had no idea who the people he was sharing a hug with were.

“AJ, you did incredible out there, I can't believe you did those dives.” Alice said, tears rolling down her cheeks and fondling the medals around his neck.

“No kidding, I have never seen a performance like that before.” Max said.

“Me neither.” Frank and Sarah said together.

“Oh how rude of me, Frank and Sarah Johnson, meet Max Major my boyfriend, Max, meet JJ's parents Frank and Sarah.” Alice said.

“Nice to meet you.” They said and shook hands.

“JJ, you did really well out there as well, how do you feel, how do you both feel.”

“Like I could walk on water.” JJ smiled happily.

“Me too.” AJ grinned.

“AJ, is it true what your mom told me, you've only been on the team a few months, and have never swam with a team before?” Max asked curiously.

“Yeah, it is. I have a very good coach though, and I can practice at home, told you it would get used mom.” AJ smiled warmly.

“And very well I might add.” Alice admitted.

“That's incredible AJ. If there were talent scouts out there in the crowd, don't be surprised to be wooed to train with them.”

“Unless they want to train me right at my own home, they would be told where to go, I am not moving for anything.” AJ said firmly.

“Good.” Everyone said together, but JJ was the loudest.

“Well guys, I think your team is all heading into the change room, so you should go as well, there is celebrating to be done.” Alice said happily.

They smiled and turned and walked into the change room, and the room erupted into another huge cheer.

“Man, I have never seen anything so beautiful in my life. You scored a full ten points above the next highest, and he had a pretty damn good score.” Matt screamed out the loudest.

“Thanks. But you did awesome as well, you got more medals than everyone, hell more than some teams combined.” AJ said happily.

“I know, we did awesome today, our best ever.” Matt said so happy he was crying.

A few of the other boys from other teams came over and congratulated the whole team, telling them they did very well, most didn't though. The change room was very loud, but all of it was from their own team, the other teams all seemed down, but they didn't really care.

It was not long before everyone was cleaned and dressed and headed out to meet their families, and both sets were still there talking to each other, waiting for AJ and JJ to come out. When they did finally emerge, it was with another huge round of smiles.

“AJ sweety, I hate to say it, but I have to head to work. Would you mind walking home? I told the boss I would be in as soon as I could, and I have my clothes in the car.” Alice said, still smiling far more than he had ever seen her smile before.

“No mom, you go ahead, I'll be fine.” AJ said happily and went and gave his mom a hug goodbye.

“Thanks baby, I'll see you tomorrow. You have the day off don't you, at least I think that's what your school calendar on the fridge says?”

“I actually forgot that tomorrow was a day off, I would have felt silly going to school.” AJ grinned.

“A bit much on your mind perhaps!” Max smiled warmly.

“Musta bin.” AJ said.

“Good, you need a rest. Well I will see you when I get out of school then, I still have to go, even if you don't.”

“Love you.” They both said at the same time and Alice left.

“AJ, we'll swing by your house, you can pick up the clothes that you want to wear this evening, and then you can come to our place and we will take you to the restaurant.” Frank offered.

“Sure, that sounds great, thanks.” AJ said.

“Let's go then boys.”

They all headed out to the car and drove to AJ's place and AJ hopped out and ran into the house, and quickly grabbed the clothes that he wanted to wear for dinner, and then rushed back out, barely remembering to grab a nice pair of shoes to go with the outfit. He hopped in the car and they were off to JJ's house. They rushed up to JJ's room almost as soon as they walked in the door, both Sarah and Frank smiling as they went, knowing full well they wanted to congratulate each other in privacy.

As soon as the bedroom door closed, they were locked in a tight passionate embrace, kissing each other deeply. For nearly five minutes the embrace ensued before they broke off to breathe.

“I can't believe how well we all did today, and did you see the faces of the other teams coaches, they were furious. This was an awesome couple days.” AJ said so happily.

“Oh yeah, they were mad all right, but they have nothing to be mad at. All their kids did real well as well, we just did better is all, and they took medals home as well, just not as many as we did. You though, you shocked the judges something fierce, they had never seen anything like it from a high school swim meet before. I have a sneaking suspicion that the recordings of your dives end up in someones hands very quickly. I was standing close enough to hear them, you should have heard them, they were stunned. One of them dug through the papers and found yours and nearly yelled out, 'he's only thirteen,' I thought she was going to have a heart attack. Then again I thought your mom was too, you should have heard her, everyone did.”

“Why, what did she say?”

“Your first dive she gasped out 'holy fucking shit,' so that the entire crowd heard it I'm sure. Then again the entire place was deathly silent, all wondering if they had actually saw what they thought they had seen. She didn't gasp out quite so loud the next three dives though, so I didn't hear it.” JJ grinned.

“Good thing she didn't see me practicing then huh?” AJ grinned.

“For sure.”

“So you wanna stay the night tonight, we can just walk home from the restaurant and go straight to my place, it's not far, or maybe Matt would swing us home, that way your mom or dad doesn't have to come pick us up? We can also go out tomorrow and see if we can spend my birthday money on anything.”

“Sure, that sounds good to me. What would sound even better to me now though is your nice hard dick in my nice wet mouth, I'm so horny now that the meet is over with.”

“Me too, we can suck each other, but we better make it quick.” AJ grinned.

In record time they stripped themselves down and landed on the bed, top to tail, and they latched on to each others painfully hard erections and started sucking feverishly. They were holding each others soft pliant asses in their hands as they enjoyed the dual assault, sucking and being sucked at the same time. They had only actually done this one other time when they didn't really have the time to enjoy themselves, they preferred a much slower pace than doing it together at the same time. They were both of course very horny, they had not had much time over the past few days to relieve each other, so it was with no surprise to either when a tasty treat started spraying in their mouths at almost the same time. Their grunts and groans of pleasure buried in the groin of their boyfriend. Finally they rolled away from each other and both lay on their backs, staring at the ceiling and getting their bearings back.

“You know, I love you so much I can't even begin to say it.” AJ said after he turned himself around and laid his head on JJ's still heaving chest, looking lovingly into his beautiful eyes.

“No more than I love you my baby.” JJ said, wrapping his arms around AJ, and they held each other tight for a long time, just cuddling and basking in the glow of their orgasms together.

“I suppose we should probably go have a proper shower, we only just rinsed off really, and then get ready for dinner.” JJ sighed, not really wanting to part their loving embrace.

“Yeah, we only have an hour until we have to be there.” AJ sighed as well.

They got up together and trudged into the bathroom, but holding hands, and then climbed into the shower. A short while later they were waiting to get a lift to the restaurant from Frank, who offered to take them. They were both very dressed up and looking gorgeous. AJ wearing a pair of dress pants and a striking blue silk shirt, the top few buttons open to reveal his strong chest, and wearing a pair of very shiny black dress shoes and belt. JJ was wearing almost the exact same thing, except he was in a dark green silk shirt, also with buttons open a bit. They had both perfectly dried and styled their hair, and Sarah actually gasped when they came down.

“You boys will make an impact there looking like that, you better hope there are no girls around.” Sarah teased.

“Or other gay boys.” Frank added.

“They wouldn't stand a chance, we only have eyes for each other.” AJ said.

“Yeah, we know. Well you boys have a good night, love you, but if Matt can't drive you, call, I would rather you did not walk home if it's too late please?” Sarah asked.

“Okay mom, we will, love you.” JJ said and they went out with Frank to the car and headed off.

The drive was pretty quiet, no one saying anything. When they arrived to the restaurant, Frank told them to have a nice night and to not behave themselves with a big grin. They just waved and he headed off. They walked inside and there was a waitress there, as soon as she saw them, she asked if they were with the swimming party, and when they nodded affirmation, she told them to follow her, and then led them out to the back to a very nice banquet hall. Coach Phil had obviously ordered this all in advance, it was set up just for them, and no one else, sixteen people for the entire room. They were the first to arrive, except the coach, so they sat and waited for everyone else with the coach, talking happily.

“About time you showed up, always gotta be the last don't you boy?” Coach Phil said with a wide smile as Matt walked in, and indeed he was the last.

“Yeah, but I'm first when it counts, and I wouldn't want to give you a heart attack by showing up early now would I?”

“Ain't that the truth. Well sit your late ass down boy, we have a celebration to start.” The coach said, and Matt sat down.

“Now first, a toast. To the best swim team there is, to the best group of students I have ever had the pleasure to teach.” Coach Phil stood up to say.

“And to the finest coach that there is.” AJ stood and added.

“Here here.” Everyone said and raised their glasses to drink to that. They all had a non alcoholic champagne, even the coach.

“You boys made me so proud out there these past two days, so much more than I could ever say. I know I helped you guys, but it was all your own drive and determination that got you all those medals today. Hell Matt took more medals than one of the schools did total, and our team took more combined medals than all the rest of the schools combined, and they had some strong swimmers and divers out there. And AJ, well what can I say, when I told one of my friends, a coach from another school, that you had only been diving for a few months, well he called me a fucking liar, well I admit that would have hurt a bit if I weren't so happy. All the judges were shocked, the entire crowd was, no one has seen such a performance from a thirteen year old before. And then you guys got me that incredible trophy. I knew we would do well, I could feel it, but that well, it never even crossed my mind that it was possible. I mean you guys have always done well at the meets, but this was unheard of. So the waiters and waitresses are here to take your orders, order whatever you'd like.” Coach Phil said, almost crying he was so happy.

The boys all ordered what they wanted, and then they all talked animatedly all together, a dull roar could be heard throughout the restaurant from them, they were all excited. Not one person even thought to ask them to be quiet, they were clearly all very happy, and all the waiters and waitresses knew why by the speech that Coach Phil had given. Their meals were delivered to them slowly over the next hour, and they all enjoyed it a great deal. The last course was of course dessert, and a massive cake saying congratulations on it was brought out, and it was possibly the tastiest cake any of them had ever had the pleasure of devouring, and it nearly was devoured. The last little bit being offered to the wait staff, who all enjoyed a piece as well.

“Well gentlemen, I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday, enjoy your day off tomorrow, but we should all head out, we have taken enough time from the restaurant.” Coach Phil said a while after the cake was all finished and everyone had continued talking.

“Bye coach.” Was called out all around and then they started dispersing.

“Hey Matt, you think you could give us a lift to my place?” AJ asked.

“Sure, we are going to Orin's place, so it is right on the way anyways.” Matt said happily and the four of them headed home.

“You two look very handsome tonight by the way, never got a chance to say it earlier.” Matt said as they were driving away.

“Thanks, you two look good as well.” JJ said.

“Maybe, but you guys look hot.” Orin turned and grinned.

“I'm too much of a man for you baby, you best turn around and stop drooling.” AJ said in his best drama queen voice.

“Oho, he thinks he has something on you Matt, and here you are, being kind enough to drive him home.” Orin grinned.

“Well he will sure be surprised when we drop him off at the dump instead then huh?” Matt said sinisterly.

“Oh I was just teasing you guys, you need to lighten up, you sound like a couple bored straight guys.” AJ pouted, but with a huge grin on his face.

Everyone burst out laughing and their playful bickering lasted the entire drive, all of them having a great time.

“Thanks for the ride guys, don't go doing anything we wouldn't do.” AJ said.

“Cool, then it should be a good night all around then huh?” Matt grinned.

“For sure.” JJ grinned back.

“Bye guys.” Orin said, smiling as well.

They all waved and Matt and Orin drove off, heading to Orin's place, who probably had the house to himself for the night. The boys walked into the house holding hands, not caring if any of the neighbors saw them. They went straight to the bedroom and very slowly stripped each other of their clothes, kissing and caressing the entire time.

“Make love to me please baby?” AJ whispered into JJ's ear.

“I'd be delighted to, as long as you promise to make love to me as well.” JJ whispered back.

They climbed onto the bed, AJ grabbing the lube, he now had in his bedside table, on the way. They embraced in a gentle and loving kiss, and kissed for a few minutes, just barely touching each other with their hands. JJ grabbed the lube and opened it up with one hand, and managed to squeeze a little into the same hand he was holding the tube with, and dropped it. JJ then snaked his hand behind AJ and searched and found his moist crack and started fingering him.

Slowly and gently he worked first one finger in, and followed it by a second a few minutes later. They were in no rush to finish their love making, so JJ was taking his time, really enjoying making AJ feel so good. When JJ had had three fingers buried inside AJ for long enough, AJ rolled and pushed JJ over onto his back and then climbed over him, getting into a sitting position. AJ grabbed the discarded lube and got a generous helping of it in the palm of his hand, and then reached behind himself, searching for JJ's pulsing cock, and when he found it, he grasped it with his lube coated hand and started stroking it gently, being careful not to apply too much pressure, but making sure to coat the entire thing in the slick gel. When AJ figured that JJ was as well lubed as he could be, and he knew his ass was as good as it was going to be, he started changing positions.

Raising up and moving back slightly, still holding onto JJ's dick with his lube coated hand, he aimed and then sat. As the head of JJ's big dick head popped in, AJ grunted and a few tears escaped his eyes, and then he moaned out, “Oh god this still hurts so bad, but feels so good.” He rested for a few moments, and as soon as he was able to do so, he started sitting down further, very slowly though. It took nearly five minutes for him to take JJ completely inside himself, and they were both moaning the entire time.

“Oh this feels so good already baby.” AJ moaned out, the pain already almost totally gone.

AJ leaned forward a bit and put his hands on the bed just under JJ's armpits and then started pulling off slowly. When he reached the end, he reversed direction and sunk back down, a soft hiss escaping from them both. AJ then did something else, this time when he pulled up, he also pulled himself to the right a bit, to change the way it felt, and they both moaned lowly. When he got to the top, he again started moving down, this time pulling himself to the left a little. The effect was instantaneous, they were now moaning a constant string of unintelligible sounds. AJ kept doing this for as long as he could manage, changing directions and speeds, and they were both extremely close to exploding in probably the most intense orgasm to date, AJ without once being touched. They were holding on for as long as they could, both holding their breath, willing the orgasm to stay off for just a second longer, just one more exquisite second. But it didn't work, JJ started firing, and it set AJ off instantly, spraying his load the furthest he had ever sprayed before, hitting JJ on the forehead with his first shot. It was no less intense for JJ though, the shots were so powerful that AJ was able to count them, they felt so strong inside him. AJ collapsed down on top of JJ as soon as his orgasm was done, all his strength being zapped from his already tired and sore body. For five minutes they lay like that, both nearly passed out from the incredible feelings.

“Oh my god, that was the most incredible thing I have ever felt.” JJ finally gasped out.

“Oh yeah, did you feel how far I shot, I've never shot like that before?” AJ giggled.

“Yeah, it was incredible. I can't wait until you're shooting inside me.”

“I think you're going to have to wait a few more minutes, my muscles are still locked up and won't move.”

“Mine too.” JJ admitted.

When they were both finally able to move, AJ grabbed the lube and crawled down and lovingly started lubing up JJ's hot hole. He kept his motions purposely slow, first he did not want JJ to hurt any more than necessary, and second, he wanted to play a bit again.

“Roll over onto your tummy baby?” AJ asked when he pulled his two fingers out.

“Okay.” JJ said and then did as he was asked, and spread his legs a bit instinctively.

AJ crawled in between the stretched out legs and laid down, his face resting on JJ's firm left bum cheek, and now his three fingers moving back in, this time coated with even more lube. As AJ buried his fingers in the moist hole, he started kissing JJ's bum, and then he started sucking on the cheek. After a few minutes of this, when he raised his head, he was satisfied to see a huge love bite mark there. He switched sides and as he continued to slowly finger JJ, he left an identical mark on the other cheek. AJ then grabbed the lube and lubed up his own dick quickly, and then pulled his hand all the way out, with a disapproving moan from JJ, who was thoroughly enjoying the playing. AJ crawled up, gave JJ a kiss, and then laid down on his back with his hands above his head.

JJ of course took the invitation and moved into place himself, and aimed AJ at his hungry hole, and then sank down. He let out a hiss of pain, but no tears leaked out this time, and paused for a moment to get used to it again. As soon as JJ was ready for it, he started lowering himself down, a little faster than AJ had done, but still slowly. When he was down all the way, he too rested his hands on the bed, but above AJ's shoulders, and then started pulling up. JJ adopted the same slow random motions that AJ had used, having really liked it himself, and slowly made love to his baby. Both a little more drained now, and wanting it to last as long as possible, they worked slowly together to another huge cum, taking nearly ten minutes of playing. With a huge grunt, and a few other words, they once again came, this time together, and JJ without touching himself. JJ also collapsed down and laid on top of AJ for about five minutes before they were able to move again.

“I love you baby.” JJ sighed out.

“I love you too. I'm exhausted now, I think we better get up and get diapered before we fall asleep like this.” AJ sighed out.

“Yeah, as soon as I can move that is.”

A few minutes later they finally managed to climb out of bed, AJ went and grabbed their diapers, while JJ fixed the sheets that had become nearly torn off during their lovemaking.

“That's real cute.” AJ laughed as he was coming back to the bed.

“What's that?” JJ asked, sounding confused.

“Well when you bent over to fix the sheets, it just makes the hickeys I gave to each of your bum cheeks really show up.” AJ said, laughing again.

“You didn't. How am I going to hide those you brat.” JJ asked with a smile.

“Didn't you feel me doing it?”

“Well I guess, but there was a lot going on, and my mind wasn't exactly receiving all the blood now was it?” JJ grinned.

“The guys will probably think it's cute.” AJ grinned.

“Yeah, and my parents?”

“What about them, I bet they've had them in a few interesting places before.” AJ grinned even more.

“Probably right.” JJ said and then laid down on the now fixed sheets and AJ moved in and diapered him. JJ then diapered AJ and they laid down, kissed for another couple minutes, and then passed out.