Chapter 14

“Good morning baby, how do you feel this morning?” JJ asked with a warm smile as AJ finally came awake. JJ had been laying there and watching AJ slowly come awake for nearly ten minutes, and watched him sleeping for probably ten minutes before that.

“Wonderful, I woke up next to you. My bum doesn't even hurt today, and I woke up next to you of course.” AJ smiled warmly and went in for a kiss. “How do you feel this morning?”

“The same, I don't hurt either, it just feels empty, like I need you in me. Did you know you look so beautiful and peaceful in your sleep!”

“Yeah, I feel the same way too. You look so beautiful and peaceful when you sleep too, but then you're beautiful when you're awake too, so no surprise there.”

“Come on, let's get up, get showered, and then get some breakfast.” JJ said, hopping out of bed, taking the covers with him.

“Let's get breakfast first, I'm starving.”

“Okay.” JJ said, just as happy with that plan, and pulled AJ up, taking the hand AJ put out to get help. They walked to the kitchen holding hands and found Alice sitting there sipping her morning coffee, already ready to go to school.

“Good morning boys, I was starting to think you were going to sleep in.” Alice said as they walked in.

“Morning mom.” AJ said with a yawn.

“Morning Alice.” JJ said at the same time, without the yawn.

“How do you boys feel this morning?”

“Awesome.” They both said.

“I bet. Well I really have to head out, you two have a good day, I love you.” She said and got up, put her mug in the sink, and then came and hugged both boys before heading out.

The boys made a quick breakfast and sat down to eat, nearly sitting on each others laps they were so close together, touching at nearly every point. Once breakfast was done and cleaned up, they went in for their shower, cleaning each other gently.

“So what were you thinking of buying then?” JJ asked as they hopped on their bikes and headed out.

“No idea really, I just want to look around and see what there is. I don't really need anything though.”

They headed into town and stopped at a variety of different stores, just looking around, but they had not bought anything. They were out for a few hours before they decided to stop and have some lunch. They went to a local restaurant in the area that had good food and they sat down and ordered their lunch.

“So, did you see anything that you liked?” JJ asked, knowing they had both seen a few really neat things.

“Well I was kind of thinking that we have a spare room in the house that is not being used for anything at all, and I was also thinking that it would be nice to have some games and things for friends to play when they come over. Well the games store had a lot of really neat things, and I could get another TV for in there and hook up the Nintendo in there, so that it does not clutter up the living room. There won't be enough room for a pool table, but an air hockey table would fit, as well as maybe a dart board and a pinball machine or two.”

“That would be cool. I could call my mom and she could bring the truck, so we could buy the stuff today if you wanted.”

“Yeah, sure, why don't you call her now and she can meet us there in a little while.”

JJ just nodded and grabbed his phone and called home. Sarah was not doing anything at the moment, so said she would pack up the girls and be right there, but that there would not be enough room in the truck, so they would have to ride their bikes back, and JJ told her that would not be a problem at all. The boys then ate their lunch quickly, since it was delivered as JJ was talking, and then they headed back to the games store. Sarah was just pulling in as they came skidding to a halt next to the truck.

“Thanks for coming Sarah, this will make things a lot easier, I doubt we could carry an air hockey table and assorted other things on our bikes.” AJ grinned.

“No, I don't suppose you could, but it's no problem.”

They went back into the store, Sarah and the girls following, and then picked out a few things. The first thing was the best air hockey table they had, then a really nice plasma TV to hang on the wall to take up less space, a folding poker table top that could be put on top of the air hockey table, a dozen folding chairs to go around it, then only one neat pinball machine, (these were all refurbished from games houses and places like that, but still quite expensive) a really nice dart board and accessories, and then a bunch of packs of cards and a few assorted board games. AJ also grabbed another dozen games for his Nintendo, so that he had lots to choose from, but nothing violent, none of them cared for those games. AJ went and paid for everything, using only just a little over half of his money to do so, and then the store helper helped the boys to take everything out and load it on the truck, just barely fitting it all.

“Here's my key to the house, you will get there first, so go on in and we will meet you there as soon as we can make it, I want to make one more stop on our way.” AJ said, handing his house key over to Sarah.

“Okay, meet you there.” Sarah said and headed out.

“Where else did you want to stop?” JJ asked.

“Paint store. Can't have a games room and have it look all boring white, now can we?” AJ grinned.

“Good point.”

They hopped on their bikes and rode hard to the same paint store that AJ had bought his bedroom paint from, so went in and found the same person as the last time. They ordered a four liter pail of their best semi gloss paint in a bright red. Once that was all mixed and paid for, they headed for home, peddling as hard as they could to get there quickly. They made really good time and skidded to a stop and jumped off their bikes without totally stopping. JJ, who had the paint hanging on the handlebar of his bike, grabbed the paint as he was getting off, and they ran in the house excitedly.

“Ah, paint, of course, I should have figured.” Sarah said, looking at the paint can.

“Yep, a really nice bright red.” AJ said happily.

“Well maybe I will stay and help you guys then, I have nothing better to do today.” Sarah offered.

“That would be great. We'll go get changed and grab everything that we need, and then we can get started.” AJ said.

“Don't you think we should get the stuff in out of the truck first?”

“Oh yeah, we can just store it in the garage for now and then bring it in from there.” AJ said with a smile.

The three of them headed out, leaving the girls to watch cartoons as they were already. It did not take them long, the truck was already backed right up to the house, and very quickly they had it all hauled through the house and into the garage, waiting to be brought back in the house. AJ of course had to explain that the door would not open, hence the reason they had to bring everything in through the house. The boys went and got out of their clothes, into diapers, and then grabbed the painting supplies from the last time they painted. Sarah took one look at them and started laughing.

“What?” Both boys asked defensively.

“You plan to paint in just your diapers?”

“Well yeah, why would we want to get our clothes all messy, you should strip down as well, at least to your underwear.” JJ said as if he were explaining it to someone that was real dense.

“Okay, I can see your point, and I may as well. I am wearing clothes I would not want paint on anyways.” Sarah said and then started stripping. She left her bra and panties on, and then they all headed into the room to get started.

“Wow, this is a pretty large bedroom, are all the bedrooms this big?” Sarah asked.

“Yeah, mine is the same size, and the master bedroom is quite a bit larger, and you should see the en suite, it's huge. Both the bedroom and bathroom are the same size as both these bedrooms and the bathroom.” AJ said.

“Nice.” Sarah said.

They got started by putting down the plastic and then taping off everything that they did not want covered in paint. In under twenty minutes they were ready to go, so got started. Sarah took the high things and the boys did the rest, she was quite tall and with just the step stool could easily reach the ceiling. They got the first coat of paint finished just a little over an hour later, just as they heard Alice coming in the door, getting home from school.

“Hi guys, what are you doing?” Alice asked curiously as she found the three of them in the spare room painting.

“Hi mom, painting.” AJ answered happily.

“Well I can kind of see that, what I should have asked is, why are you painting the spare room?” She asked again, looking around at them, the boys in diapers and Sarah in only her underwear.

“Well why didn't you ask that in the first place?” AJ grinned “We're painting it because I am making this into a bit of a games room for us. I used some of the money that dad gave me, it wasn't ever used for anything, so I figured why not. The Nintendo will be moved in here as well on a new TV, I know you hated seeing the wires, so this will take care of that for you.”

“Oh, okay then. What all did you buy for in here then?”

“Just you wait and see, it's a bit of a surprise, but I think you'll like it.” AJ grinned.

“Well I may as well get changed and help you guys out then.”

“Okay, we will need to wait a few more minutes for the paint to set a bit more before we start the second coat, but this is the same paint we used in my room and it dries very quickly, and it covers beautifully.” AJ said.

Alice went in to get changed, and the others went and grabbed themselves something to drink. They all met back in the room a few minutes later and started all over again on the same wall they started on to begin with. With Alice now helping, it took them just a little under an hour this time, and when they stepped back to look, they were all pleased with how it looked.

“I like this color, it's fun.” Alice said.

“It's why I chose it, I wanted a fun color for the games room.” AJ smiled.

“We should be safe to get all the stuff in here now, we will just have to be careful not to really touch the walls yet.” JJ said.

“Okay.” Everyone said.

“Sarah, why don't you call Frank and tell him to come here after work and we can all have dinner here.” Alice offered.

“Yeah, and then we can play in here and go swimming after dinner.” AJ said.

“Sure, that would be nice.” Sarah said.

“Call Max and tell him to come over as well mom.”

“Sure, we can have a bit of a party.” Alice said happily.

The ladies went and did just that, while the boys went and started bringing things in, Alice also made one extra call and put in a large order of pizza for around six. AJ and JJ started with the two biggest and heaviest pieces, the pinball and the air hockey. They brought them in the room and started unpacking them and setting them up, helping each other when they needed, but each setting up one piece to themselves. Alice and Sarah started bringing things in and setting them down, it was the boys' job to put things where they wanted, they would just help to do so. They were asked to hang the dart board in a particular place, and all the games, the table top, and the chairs were requested to be stored in the closet, and they were all put away. Sarah went out to unhook the Nintendo and she brought it back with her, and then started putting the wall mount for the TV up where AJ said he wanted it, while Alice started unpacking the TV. AJ and JJ finished up their work, plugged them in and turned them on to be certain they were working, and with smiles, they went and helped their moms get the TV attached to the now attached to the wall, wall bracket, and then hooked up the Nintendo.

“Wow, this is a pretty cool games room you have here.” Sarah said once it was all put together, they all stood back to look at it.

“Thanks, I just wish we had had the room for a pool table, but you can't have everything. It is pretty cool though.” AJ smiled.

“No, you can't have everything, and this is tonnes. It is really neat though.” Alice said.

They sat around talking for a few minutes longer when they heard the doorbell.

“That'll be Frank probably, I'll go get it.” Sarah said.

She came back a moment later with both Frank and Max, who had shown up at almost the same time, and had stood outside talking for a few minutes.

“Look at what I found.” Sarah said, coming in a minute later with the men following her.

“Wow, look at this place, I didn't know you had a games room.” Frank said.

“Neither did I.” Alice said.

“Huh.” Were both mens response.

“We just finished it minutes ago, mom had no clue until she got home from school.” AJ offered in way of explanation.

“Cool.” They both said.

“Dinner should be here in a few minutes as well, I just ordered pizza.” Alice said.

And just as she finished saying that, the doorbell rang again. Alice excused herself and went to collect the food and took it into the kitchen. When she had everything prepared for everyone, she called them all in, and they came in. Both Frank and Max had gotten comfortable too and had stripped down to their underwear, the girls had done so nearly the second they entered the house, so now only Alice was in any actual clothes, but even they were a skimpy pair of shorts and a halter top, so they were almost all naked and sitting around the table eating dinner.

“Should we go swimming first, or go play in the games room?” AJ asked as soon as they all had their fill.

“Lets go play for a bit first to let our food settle.” Max offered.

“Okay.” Everyone said.

The girls were not interested in the games room too much, so they went and watched TV for a while longer until they got to go swimming, that they loved. JJ put in the Mario Cart Race game AJ had, and then two of them played that. Two went over to the air hockey table and played that, and one went to the pinball machine and played that, and the last person played darts. They routinely switched places so that they could all have fun. Eventually a quick game of darts was started, and they played that. They played for about an hour in there, all having fun. It was then decided to go for a swim, so the girls were collected and they all headed out to the pool, Alice to her room to get changed, but Max who was not shy either, went out and stripped down with the rest and showered off before jumping in the pool.

No one said anything to Alice because she was the only one in a bathing suit, and although she seemed a little embarrassed, she never said anything at all. AJ was requested to do his dives for everyone again, so he obliged them, and then they all had fun swimming and playing. It was nearly nine that night when everyone said that they should be headed home, so they all got out, showered off, and then the guests all headed home for the night.

Tuesday when they got to school it seemed that the entire student body knew about the swim teams incredible achievements, especially AJ's awesome prowess on the diving board, and they were all cheered in the lunch room, something that none of them were used to. The rest of the school thought they were all just a little too different, liking to parade around in tight swim suits that left absolutely nothing to the imagination. They were after all the second least favorable club in the school, the first of course being the chess/debate club, they had all the same members anyways so just combined into one group a few years back, so the swim team was not used to being recognized by the rest of the school. But having won so much at their meet was too much, and the others had all found out. It probably had a lot to do with many of the teachers animatedly talking about it, again especially AJ's diving skills. The girls' efforts at getting AJ to change his mind about being gay renewed, and they propositioned him all day, hell a couple probably would have thrown their panties at him had they worn any.

“You know, I'm getting sick of all the girls drooling all over me, it's sickening.” AJ said while they were sitting and eating their lunch. The others just laughed.

“Yeah, just be thankful none of them have seen you in your speedo, or they would be jumping your bone in the halls. If you think they are bad now, just let them see that monster, they will all go crazy.” JJ laughed, and the rest of the swim team burst into uproarious laughter, mostly from the look of shock and disgust on AJ's poor face.

“Eww gross, how can you even say something like that.” AJ said while making a puking impersonation. Everyone laughed even harder.

“What are you guys laughing at?” Stephanie, the prettiest and most popular girl in grade nine, not to mention probably the biggest bitch in the entire city, came up and asked. She also happened to be one of the ones who had been drooling all over AJ.

“Just how I am so sick to death of all you girls trying to get me to straighten out and go out with you all, it's getting a bit tiresome to tell you the truth.” AJ said in a friendly manner.

“Oh, well you really should try, and then maybe you'd see the light, come over to my place tonight, and I can help you out.” She winked.

“Sorry, but no, not going to happen, and you can spread the word around. I'm gay, homosexual, flaming, however you wish to put it, and I am happy to stay that way, thanks.” AJ said, still in a friendly manner.

“Shame that, you're real cute. Well in case you ever change your mind, here's my number.” She said and passed him a paper with a number written on it and a red pair of lips on it as well. AJ just held it like it was going to burst into flames and disintegrate the lot of them. The renewed laughter at the table was even more so now with the pure look of disgust on AJ's face.

“That was possibly the funniest thing I have ever witnessed.” JJ roared so loudly that the girl heard him, and turned and gave him a dirty look.

AJ was torn between being mad and laughing his ass off at the situation as well, so started laughing as well and just let the paper fall, and she saw that too.

The rest of the day was much the same as the morning was, but at least AJ was not being nearly raped in the halls, the girl had spread the word all right, boy was she pissed, she was used to having any boy she wanted, and she wanted revenge. Finally the boys all made it to their swim practice that afternoon and went to get showered, the days talking and joking being about poor AJ's encounters.

“Boys, today you can do much of what you want, it's really just a free swim today, but be aware, we seem to have a crowd today.” Coach Phil said with a sour look on his face and pointing up into the stands. None of the boys had noticed them to start with, because they had not looked when they came in, and they had no reason to look, there was never anyone there.

“I thought about kicking them out, but I had no grounds to do it, they are perfectly welcome to watch our practices.” Coach Phil said angrily.

“We'll be fine, they're just trying to catch a good look at our star stud.” Matt grinned and patted AJ on the shoulder.

“Yes, I heard from a reliable source what happened in the lunch room today, and what has been happening in the halls all day. AJ, be careful of that girl Stephanie, she's a spoiled little rich bitch who thinks the world revolves around her solely for her own pleasure, and she is used to getting who and what she wants. Do not leave the comfort of your group of friends, I have no idea what she's capable of. From some of the stories I've heard, she could be a witch, and she might give you a love potion or something like that.” Coach Phil said with a serious expression, except the last part, at which time he grinned.

“Great, another enemy.” AJ groaned.

“Yeah, and hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, just remember that.” Coach Phil said, knowing this to be very true, having been married for many years.

“Just great, what do I do about her though, I don't even like her, she's pretty for a girl sure, but she has a personality like a male pit bull with his balls tied up.” AJ said.

“Yeah, and that's when she's being nice.” Jase said.

“I feared someone would point that out.” AJ said sardonically.

“Well boys, get in the pool and have some fun. AJ, I bet these girls, and the few boys that are here, are here to see your diving abilities, go show off a bit, and the rest of you get out there and show off as well, maybe we can get a few more people on the swim team.” Coach Phil grinned, and they all took off.

In the stands a few of the girls were talking animatedly amongst themselves, but the main topic of conversation was AJ, and how absolutely hot he looked in his speedo, and very big for a boy his age and size. Everyone gasped when he did his dives, practicing and showing off, and the others even got ooh's and aah's from the spectators. At one point, when AJ heard a particularly loud catcall and comment from one of the girls, he dove in the water, swam up to JJ, whispered in his ear for a second, and then they stood up in the shallow end where they were, and kissed passionately. The gasp that came from the viewing area was total, and more than a few groans could be heard. They knew that if they were kissing, they had no chance, boys who were not gay did not kiss other boys, especially not so passionately. Amazingly enough, most of the spectators left shortly thereafter, and the rest of the practice went well and quietly. When the coach blew his whistle to tell the boys their time was up, they all hopped out of the pool and gathered around him.

“Well AJ, I must admit that was a unique way to clear the gawkers out of here, not one I would normally suggest, but it worked. You do realize though that that kiss will spread around the school like wildfire though?”

“That's kind of what I was hoping for, maybe now most of the girls will leave me alone.” AJ grinned at his cunning.

“Well you guys go ahead and get cleaned up and get out of here, I have to go right away today, so be quick about it please.”

They all rushed off to the showers and got cleaned up very quickly. They all exited the pool hall a few minutes later, the coach following them out. They all headed on their way home, saying goodbye to everyone as they went.

The rest of the week and the ensuing weekend went by far too quickly for anyones taste, before they knew it the next school week was starting again, but for the life of everyone asked, they could not say where the hell the time went. AJ and JJ spent a nice relaxing weekend at AJ's house, mostly just cuddling up all in love, as they normally did. They of course played around a little, but the two times that they played, they only used their hands once and their mouths once. As much as they were starting to enjoy anal intercourse, they wanted to save that for times when they especially wanted to feel close to their lover. A good portion of the evenings though were spent diapered, as they often are, and that was how the new week started.

First thing in the morning as AJ and JJ were walking down the hall to meet up with the others, a very smug looking Stephanie marched right up to AJ, pretty much shoving JJ out of her way, and she was holding something in her hand.

“Why good morning Stephanie, I trust you're here to apologize for the treatment that you have given to me this past week?” AJ said as sweetly as he could, while burning up inside, he had never wanted to hit a girl more than at the moment. How dare she barge up to him and knock his boyfriend out of the way.

“Absolutely not. You will come to my house tonight, or I show all your little friends on the swim team these, you can have these ones, I have the master copies.”

She handed over a sheaf of printed photos to AJ, and JJ was right there and saw them too. They looked through them for a few seconds, seeing all of them, but instead of getting disgusted looks on their faces, as Stephanie had obviously hoped they would, they started smiling.

“Wow, we look pretty cute in diapers in these pics.” AJ grinned to JJ, who grinned back. And then he looked to Stephanie with a look of pure disgust on his face. “Stephanie, what were you playing at, blackmailing us because we are bed wetters and have to wear diapers, and telling our friends. Man you really are a dense bitch aren't you. We are friends. I don't know if you know what true friends actually are, but our friends, unlike those things you hang with, already know our secrets and would never tell anyone else. Hell, they knew we were gay long before everyone accidentally found out, you think bed wetting and having to wear diapers is anywhere near as hard to tell someone as that. Get out of my face before I actually do slap you like I want to.”

“Yeah right, they don't know, and these pictures were taken at five pm, so it was not even bedtime.” Stephanie challenged.

“Be that as it may, it does not bother us, by all means, tell the entire swim team if you wish. I really don't care.” AJ said politely.

“Fine then, you think they won't care, well what about the rest of the school huh, how do you feel about that?”

“You know, it doesn't really bother me that much, and I know it doesn't bother JJ either. But you seem to fail to realize one small flaw in your plan here.” AJ said, positively smiling now.

“Oh yeah, and what's that?”

“Couple things really. First is, we don't care, go ahead and distribute those all around the school for all we care, I think they're good pictures, you must have a pretty good camera and printer to do that. Second is, well guess how much trouble you will be in when the police find out that you were trespassing on my property, and guess what, it is mine, I own it, not my mom, I do, and I am going to be pressing charges, and that you took candid photos of me and JJ without our consent and were planning to blackmail us with them.”

“Oh really, and how do you plan to prove that I was the one to do it, or that I was the one who made hundreds of copies of those photos and spread them all over the school already.” She got right up into AJ's face, hissing it out and nearly spitting in his face.

“Well for that I have a couple ways to prove it as well, and you had better hope that you didn't. First is the fact that you have been promising revenge for not going out and fucking your slutty self and everyone knows it, but that's not really good enough is it?” AJ said and she shook her head no with another smug look on her face. “Okay, how about this then, second is that the principal came out of the room right behind you shortly after we started our conversation and heard probably every word that you said. Do you think that would be good enough?” AJ grinned now.

“Yeah right, you're just trying to psych me out.” She spat out, until a hand dropped on her shoulder and she spun around.

“Well hello Ms. Stephanie. It's so wonderful to finally catch you in the rumors that have flown about this school about you for some time. We will of course be needing to stop by your locker to collect all of your things, and I will take those from you AJ.” He said and AJ handed over the photos. “Now AJ, sadly I know that she has printed these photos and has spread them all over the school already, I have found a few myself, and I thought I saw her putting them out, but I did not see Stephanie clear enough to prove without a doubt it was her, but now I do. I'm sorry, but I'm afraid this little secret of yours is about to be spilled as well. If you two would like to come to the office as well, I am sure the police will want a full statement from you as well when they get here.”

“We'd be happy to sir.” JJ said brightly.

“You can't do this, you ain't got nothing on me.” Stephanie bellowed, not looking in the least bit pretty at the moment, in fact she looked positively frightening.

“Oh really, I think AJ has a much clearer understanding of what awaits you when the police get here. Taking photos of people while hidden on their property and then blackmailing said persons with those photos, that is a crime, and it is punishable with jail time, and guess what princess, you are old enough to go to jail.” The principle said sweetly.

“Fine, I will go on stage and admit to the school that I took the pictures and then morphed them into the diapers, is that good enough.” Stephanie said, sounding more than a little defeated.

“No, I'd rather be labeled a diaper wearer than let you go for this just to undoubtedly do it to someone else in the future.” AJ said, sounding almost giddy.

“Me too, we will not be tormented at all for this, but you sure will be.” JJ grinned.

“What, no, you can't do this to me, you have no idea who I am, who my father is.” She screamed out, and as they were walking to the office, they were getting a heck of a following, many of the people already having seen the photos.

For the next nearly two hours they were in the office, explaining everything to a pair of police officers, one interviewing each person while the other watched over Stephanie. Finally they had all their statements, and were very happy to have three almost perfectly matching statements, knowing it would make life a lot easier. Stephanie was then stood up, cuffed, and read her rights, and taken swiftly to jail. And spoiled little rich bitch found out that her precious daddy was nothing when it came to getting her out of a mess like this, she was in far too deep for that, not that he really tried that is, he was furious. AJ and JJ had been told by the police that they may have to be called to go to court for this, but they never were, Stephanie's lawyer told her to plead guilty and avoid a trial that she would have no hope of winning, and this way with the deal he worked out, she would be out in only a few years and could spend it in a juvenile detention center, instead of prison where she would surely go if this went to court.

It was very nearly lunch by the time that AJ and JJ were released from the office, and they saw little point in going to class this late into it, so they went to the cafeteria and sat down at their usual table and talked and waited until the rest of their friends showed up.

“What happened guys, there are rumors flying all over the place, and there are pictures of you guys in only diapers floating around?” Matt asked very quickly as they all rushed to the table as soon as they saw them.

“It's true, we're bed wetters guys.” AJ grinned.

“What, oh yeah, funny. So you're not upset by this?” Matt asked, clearly puzzled.

“Of course we're upset, we certainly never planned to have the entire school know about it, but we're not going to let anyone know that it upsets us. There are no date stamps on the photos, so we were just getting ready for bed and she snuck those photos of us.” JJ answered.

“Good point. So what exactly happened then?”

Between AJ and JJ they told the entire story from start to finish, telling them all, and quite a few people around them were listening as well. AJ even said loudly enough for nearly everyone to hear, that they had just gotten ready for bed, and because they are bed wetters and have to wear diapers to bed, Stephanie thought she could blackmail them, but when that backfired and told her we did not care, she tried saying that she would just say that we were wearing them in the early evening, clearly well before bedtime.

“There, that should help satisfy some of the rumor mongers around here.” AJ said.

“You should probably tell all this to the school newspaper, they will print it and then everyone will get the true story instead of what is sure to go around instead.” Jase suggested.

“That's not a bad idea.” JJ shrugged.

“I'd be fine with it, what could it hurt right.” AJ said.

Later that week the school newspaper came out, telling the entire story. Both boys had obviously told their parents all that had happened and everything that had transpired from it, what they planned to do, and they thought it was for the best as well.


In a shocking event that took place in our school early this week, two of our swim team were photographed wearing only the diapers that they wear to bed for their night time incontinence issues. On the day of the attack another student, that we all know and loathe, spread papers all around the school with photos of two of our award winning swim team, and attempted to blackmail them. Consequently she has now been arrested and we have been led to believe that she will be charged with trespassing, spying with intent to blackmail, blackmail, and anything else that they can pin her for. The students in question, AJ and JJ, have come forward and given an interview to help squash the many varied rumors that are flying around the school. In their words, we are bed wetters, plain and simple, same problem that many other students in this school surely suffer from, and that they do in fact wear diapers to bed for this reason. There had been a rumor that was started by the offending ex student, that said that the pictures were taken in the early evening, however this was crushed, saying they were getting ready for bed, and often walk around in just their diapers while doing so, just like many would walk around in their underwear or pajamas. This paper has also been told that the reason for the blackmail attempt was because the accused had a crush on AJ and wanted him for herself, and him being gay was nothing more than a little challenge, something that both AJ and JJ, as well as myself, believe was for pure fun. I am told that many girls would enjoy trying to turn a gay guy, but AJ and JJ assure me that a gay guy would love to turn a straight guy as well. I am not entirely certain if they were joking or not though. Indeed the accused track record for picking out targets, and winning them, is long and varied, and her ways of doing so have often raised a few eyebrows, she has never tried anything like this that anyone is aware of, and gotten caught, so the question remains, was this her first time or not. And as one last favor for agreeing to give this interview, AJ has requested I include this note to all the girls out there who still want to sway him, don't bother, he is tired of it and is not going to change his mind, and that he will report anyone doing so to the principal.

Written by Gavin Spence, Chief Editor, Mainland High newspaper.

“Well that's a pretty good article, but I'm surprised you let him print the photos.” Matt said during lunch the day that the paper came out.

“Why not, everyone has already seen them anyways, and JJ and I agreed, we don't care.” AJ said happily.

“They are pretty good pictures after all, we have nothing to be ashamed of, and I like them.” JJ grinned.

“No, we like them as well, they're cute, just surprised is all. So how does everyone feel about school being over in less than two weeks?” Matt asked.

“It'll be sad to lose you and Orin off the swim team, that's for sure, but I think for once I will have a real good summer.” AJ said.

“Yeah, but we aren't going anywhere though, we are staying here, going to school here, and I am going to train for the Olympics here. Coach Phil has graciously allowed me the use of his pool whenever I need it, and I have a coach already willing to come here and teach me, not like it's far, but I can only do weekend training, I told him my top priority has to be school, and the rest of the week I will swim and exercise at home.” Matt said happily.

“Why doesn't Coach Phil do it?” JJ asked.

“Because he says I need a fresh mind, someone who can find that last thing that I need to give me that little extra training. I think he's mad myself, he's a far better coach than anyone out there, but I'll give this guy a shot.” Matt said with a shrug.

“Oh well. I have been meaning to ask you guys, I want an end of the year party at my house, starts Thursday right after class, and right through till Sunday morning. You think you can all get permission for that?”

“Hell yeah.” They all said all around.

“Damn, I was going to ask the same thing.” Matt grinned.

“Hell, we can do your place the following week, it's summer, and dammit I am going to have the best summer I can for my first real one.” AJ said, sounding and looking so happy.

“Sounds like a plan to me.” Matt grinned.

“Guys, it's my birthday on the Monday after school lets out don't forget.” JJ said.

“I know, that's why I want to do the party, it will be your birthday party as well. I was going to try and keep it as a bit of a surprise, I already told your mom, and she said it's fine, and they can come over on Saturday for your actual birthday party.”

“Cool. I wondered why you spoke to my mom on the phone for so long the other day.” JJ grinned.

“I figured that you would have guessed what I was up to, especially when I called the pool party, knowing it was your birthday the following Monday.” AJ smiled warmly.

“Never even dawned on me. Well we should head back to class, the bell will be ringing any second.” JJ said, and then as if by magic, the bell rang. The boys all got up and rushed to their first class after lunch.

Both AJ and JJ were both told how brave they were by their teachers that afternoon, and that they should not be ashamed of something so inconsequential as that, like so many of the other students in the school surely did. A lot of the students tried to tease them both, but they just looked them straight in the face and told them to grow up. And a lot more of the students commented on how brave they were as well. For the most part the rest of the day went by quickly, and then there was the weekend.

AJ spent the weekend at JJ's place that weekend, and they hardly even got a chance to be alone. Sarah and Frank had a minor emergency pop up at the last possible minute Friday evening, so they had to go out of town, and the boys offered to watch the girls for them, because it was last minute and they had to go. So watching four young girls all day and night left them with no alone time except at night, but they were tired and only stroked each other gently each night before going to sleep.

Monday, Tuesday, and the first part of Wednesday of their last week at school for the year was exam time, and they all did their exams, all thinking they did pretty well. Thursday was going to be a long day. Everyone was to receive their report cards for the year, and then there was to be an end of the year ceremony right after lunch, and then they were to clean out their lockers and go home, whenever everything was done. JJ and AJ had Mrs. Berry's English class last before lunch, and she was the teacher that got to hand out the report cards for this class, they wanted the students to get them last before the ceremony, easier that way. So one by one she called the students and they came up and she called AJ and JJ last, whispering to them that she would like for them to stay after class. The rest of the time of their last class of the day was spent going over their report cards, some happy, some not so happy, but AJ and JJ were ecstatic.

“My lowest grade is a B, I can't believe it.” JJ said so loudly and excitedly that everyone turned and looked at him, most of them smiling, since most of them knew his previous highest was a C, except in gym class.

“You deserve it, you worked very hard to get those marks, and I am happy to say that I helped you along the way.”

“Without you I would have not had any of this. Thank you so much. I can't wait to show my mom and dad this.” JJ said, tears nearly flowing he was so happy.

“Amazing what a few months can do huh. I got all A's, and I know you would have as well had you not have had such a rough start, but there's always next year right?” AJ grinned, very happy for his boyfriend.

The rest of that last class was for the most part a blur to the boys, but they talked excitedly, even talking to a few others in the class who were not afraid to be seen talking to them. Finally the bell rang and the class leaped from their seats and ran from the room, only AJ and JJ staying behind.

“Well JJ, I heard how happy you were with your final results. I'm happy for you, for you both. You two have overcome a whole lot in the past nearly five months since you got together, and it has made you both far stronger. I had hoped that you could help each other out, but I never expected you both to do so well.”

“Thanks Mrs. Berry, and we owe it all to you for forcing us together. We never thought that such a horrible experience would turn out to be the very best thing that had ever happened to both of us.” JJ said happily.

“Yeah, and we wanted to thank you, but we didn't know how, so we got you this.” AJ said.

“You didn't need to get me anything boys, just seeing you both so happy was more than I could ever want or need.”

“We know, it's not much, just something to say how much we appreciate you for your kindness and caring towards us, and all the other students.” JJ said.

JJ passed over the envelope that he had, and Mrs. Berry took it and opened it up. When she saw what was in there, she smiled.

“Thank you very much boys, how did you know that I loved to go to this spa?”

“Marcos of course.” AJ grinned.

“I should have known. You got me the whole day pampered treatment, you really shouldn't have, that is very expensive.”

“No, it wasn't, especially when your mom knows the owners very well.” JJ said.

“Well thank you boys very much. Go on and get your lunch, and then I will see you for the ceremony after lunch.”

“Bye.” They said and headed out.

They met the others in the lunch room at the table they normally sat at and then told them all about their report cards and what went on with Mrs. Berry afterwards. They were all happy for the boys and told them all about their report cards as well. Once the food lines dwindled down a little, AJ and JJ headed up to get their lunch, and then went and sat with the others and ate. Once lunch was over, and the bell had rang, everyone filed into the auditorium for the end of the year ceremony. The principal was standing there on the stage, and all the teachers standing behind him, as the students all filed in and sat down.

“As another year comes to a close we must ask ourselves as teachers if we really did actually teach you anything. Why must we ask this you ask? Well because sure enough, every September when you kids come back, it's like we never taught you anything at all. But, we all know, we all know that you did learn, that we did teach you, and we hope that what we taught you helps you in your lives to come. Some of you will be leaving us for good, graduating onto bigger and better things, some of you will be coming back to us next year. To all, no matter if you are leaving our classrooms or coming back, may you all do well in your lives. Now, we have a number of achievement awards to hand out to a few of you out there. We are proud to say that we have six A honors students, fifteen B honors students, and one very special best improvement achievement award. When I call your names, you are to come up and receive your awards please?” The principal called out.

It was no surprise to both AJ and JJ when their names were called out and they proceeded to the front with the other students that were called up. JJ was called up last, right behind AJ to receive his A honors award, and the principal shook his hand and then started speaking again.

“Now many people here may already know JJ's story, but I will tell it now. Not all that long ago he was a badly failing student, his highest grade being a C, but most were far lower than that. But then with the help of one of our finest teachers, she paired JJ and AJ up so that they could help better each other. I am proud to say that this little experiment worked out far better than she, or anyone, had ever dreamed it would. To JJ I award first his B honors award, to show that he achieved a great honor in achieving such incredible marks. And also to JJ I award the best improvement award from jumping from bottom of the year to nearly the top, and I fully expect to see you back up here next year to give you an A honors certificate instead. I know I will, because all your teachers have been grading you with A's ever since that wonderful day.” The principal finished off his speech to a thunderous standing ovation, led by the teachers. JJ actually had tears of happiness running down his cheeks, and he was not ashamed of that in the least.

All the students left the stage, shaking hands with first the principal and then all the teachers as they went past, filing down into their seats. There was a number of other things the principal went over, but the awards having taken the longest, and this being short and sweet, the student body was released from their bonds of school, and the running and happy screaming of all the students was met with smiles from all the teachers on the stage.

“You're coming with me home to get my things right?” JJ asked.

“I can if you want me to, I was going to go home and start getting things ready though.” AJ said.

“No, I think that mom will want to give you a bone crushing hug when she sees all this, it's all your fault after all.” JJ grinned happily.

“All my fault, I hardly think so, if you weren't so smart I wouldn't have been able to teach you so easily once we figured out the problem, and I will not take full blame for any of this, you can't pin it on me I tell you.” AJ grinned.

“Come on baby, let's go.” JJ said, sounding so happy again. They had just finished cleaning the last stuff out of their lockers and were just heading out.

They headed first to JJ's house, and when they walked in Sarah was standing there waiting for them, waiting to hear how it went. On the way there the boys had been talking the entire way, and JJ intimated that he wanted to play with his mom a little. So when they walked in the door they both had somber looks on their faces.

“What's wrong boys?” Sarah asked, sounding concerned, she thought for sure they would come storming into the house and proclaim their incredible achievements, and here they were walking in like they just buried their best friend.

“Well we got our report cards today, and well I think I was trying to hard for the swimming team and not doing as well on my schoolwork as maybe I should have been. I didn't get a very good report card.” JJ said with his head down and sounding sullen. His head was down though so that his mom couldn't see his face.

“Well I'm sure that it's better than we're used to, let me see, it can't be that bad.” Sarah said, sounding a little deflated, she had hoped beyond hope that JJ had done well, but anything had to be better than failing everything. JJ wordlessly handed over the envelope, and his mom took it and opened it up. She looked at it closely, and then looked at it again, and then looked again, her mouth now hanging open in a silent scream.

“I know, it's horrible, isn't it.” JJ said, now looking up with a huge smile plastered on his face. He then handed over the two scrolls of paper and Sarah took those and opened them up, and then she did scream, tears of joy rolling down her cheeks.

“Oh JJ, you brat, this is wonderful, you couldn't have made me more proud, you did wonderful, and the teachers glowing remarks.” She screamed out and grabbed both boys in a huge hug, that, like JJ had warned, would be bone crushing.

“We had you going there though huh? Sorry, I couldn't help it, and AJ loved playing along as well.” JJ grinned.

“And here I was fearing that somehow you had failed the year, but I couldn't figure out how you could have. Oh JJ, wait 'til I tell your dad about this, we always knew you were smart enough, we just couldn't understand why you couldn't do this before.” Sarah said, unashamedly crying full out now.

“And now we know why. Well mom, we have a celebration to go to, so we are going to go pack up and head out, and we will see you Saturday afternoon.” JJ said happily.

Sarah did not let them leave without another hug first, but they did manage to escape a few minutes later, ribs still intact. They went upstairs and JJ started packing the few things he wanted, and needed, in the pack he had just unceremoniously dumped onto his bed. Once it was all packed up, they headed back downstairs, and Sarah attacked them with one more hug and told them to have a good time.

“That was a lot of fun you know.” JJ grinned as they were walking to AJ's.

“Yeah, it was. It was a good thing we both had our heads down though, and your mom couldn't see our faces, because I was trying so hard not to laugh it was killing me.” AJ said.

“Yeah, me too, and I'm still surprised she didn't hear it in my voice.”

“Your voice was wavering a lot, but maybe she just thought you were trying to fight back tears.”

“You're probably right.” JJ grinned again.

They talked the rest of the way there and when they got to AJ's, they were still alone, so they went in to start the preparations for the party. They had gone shopping the night before with Sarah, and bought everything that they would need for the party, but Sarah told them she had the party food and the cake, so she bought that, but took it to AJ's place as well, well except the cake which would be made the same day, and Sarah would pick it up on Saturday. They started by getting fruit, vegetable, meat, cheese, and cracker trays prepared for everyone. And they just finished on time, because as they were putting the crackers on to the last platter, the doorbell rang.

“You go get it, I will get the chips and salsa out as well.” JJ said.

AJ went and answered the door, and was forced to stay there for ten minutes as everyone filed in. By the time AJ made it out to the pool, nearly everyone who had already gone back was stripped naked and, already having showered, were playing in the pool. The newcomers and AJ all stripped down in a rush and hopped in the showers to wash off and jump in the pool as well. They swam and played for a while, and then sat in the hot tub for a while, and even the sauna as well. They were all having a blast, celebrating the end of the school year, JJ's birthday, and all their great grades, two of the swim team also having been called up on stage to receive awards, one for A honors and the other for B, Matt being the A and Orin being the B. The music was blaring about as loud as AJ's poor little stereo could manage it, and everyone was enjoying the party.

Finally AJ and JJ headed into the house to make dinner at around six, and they cooked up steaks, herb and garlic roasted potatoes, with a huge salad, and garlic toast. It took nearly an hour to cook, but when they called everyone in, they came in, smelled the great food and groaned, and then they saw it. Well let's just say that there was not a crumb of food left, they all ate it all, and enjoyed it very much.

“Oh man, I don't know when I have ever had a better meal.” Orin said, patting his full tummy.

“Me neither.” Was the general consensus around the table.

“Glad you guys enjoyed it. Now follow us, we have a bit of a surprise for you guys.” AJ said.

“Let's get this cleaned up first.” Everyone said.

AJ just nodded and they all helped to clean everything up and it was done very quickly with everyone helping. Once they were done, AJ and JJ led them to the new games room, they had still not told any of them about it, but AJ and JJ had used it many times, and had a lot of fun in there. Even Alice and Max had been enjoying it, especially the Mario Cart race, which they both were now addicted to, but they also loved the new Mario Brothers game a well. When the guys were all standing in the room and looking around, with mouths hanging open, AJ grinned.

“Well what do you guys think?”

“This is awesome. When did you do it?” Jase asked.

“Couple weeks ago now, but we wanted to save it as a surprise for everyone.” AJ said.

“Yeah, we did it with the help of our moms, and we actually managed to finish it in one day, we just had to be careful of the walls.” AJ said.

“This is wicked. What is that, a 42 inch plasma or something, and just for playing games on?” Matt asked.

“Well mostly yeah, but it does have cable to it as well. And under the poker table is actually an air hockey table, we were playing poker the other night with my mom and Max, we just never put it away. I figure we should be able to fit at least ten of us around the table, so we can have a poker tournament tonight. I hope you all brought lots of money.” AJ grinned.

“He's teasing, we don't play for money, but we have lots of chips for everyone.” JJ said.

“Cool.” Everyone said.

“I'm going to go grab the stereo and bring it in here so that we have some music, and you guys decide who wants to play poker first. I am going to play the Nintendo though to start.” AJ said and ran off.

AJ was back a minute later with the stereo and he set it on the floor next to the stand that the Nintendo and the games were sitting on, it was not quite large enough for the stereo as well. AJ quickly thought that he really should have thought of that before, but shrugged and pushed it aside. He got it hooked back up and powered on, and started the music again. This time a lot quieter, so that they could still hear each other. AJ realized that the stereo was perfect for in here, but no where near good enough for the pool, so he figured it could stay in here, and he would buy a shelf or something to put it on, and buy a new stereo for the pool. Ten of the guys were already sitting around the table dealing out their first hand of poker, and Matt and Orin were playing darts, and Jase was playing the pinball, and JJ was waiting for AJ to join him to play the Nintendo. For the next several hours everyone played in there and had fun. The funny thing at the poker table was that none of them were really any good at playing at all, but they all sucked the same, so they kept going around in circles, no one having any clear advantage over the others. Finally they decided that they had had enough and they cleaned up the mess of chips and cards and the others all decided that it was time to go watch a movie and then turn in. Amazingly enough, no one had gotten diapered, no one really thinking to do so, but they did when they went and got their sleeping bags ready and the movie in. A vat of popcorn and another of juice was brought out, and they watched a good movie and were just going to sleep when Alice walked in.

“Good evening boys, it looks like I caught you just about to go to sleep, so I will leave you alone, have a good sleep.” Alice said to them.

“Goodnight.” They all said to each other.

The next morning Alice was up and gone to school before the boys even woke up, but she left them a note telling them to have a good day. All very groggy and some soggy, they got up and started getting breakfast ready. This morning it was just a huge pot of oatmeal with fruit diced into it, and three loaves of bread toasted. They all sat back and enjoyed the breakfast. Once breakfast was done and cleaned up, they all headed to the pool house and showered off, preparing for a good workout. They worked out for two hours, sat in the hot tub for half an hour, and then spent two more hours massaging everyone in their favorite way. By this time it was time for lunch and they all went in and had lunch. The rest of the day was spent in the pool having fun, playing in the games room, and then watching movies. They were all sound asleep long before Alice made it home from work that night, with Max in tow.

“Well it's about time you boys all woke up.” Max greeted them as they walked into the kitchen the following morning.

“Good morning Max, where's my mom?”

“She's still asleep. She's had a long couple days, so I'm letting her sleep in a bit, but she will probably be up pretty soon I imagine.” Max said, taking more sips of his coffee.

“Yeah, I can tell she's getting pretty tired, that's why I'm glad she took the whole weekend off. We're going to get breakfast going, and then you can take it into her, I think she'd like that, and you can take yours in with you as well.” AJ said kindly.

“I'm certain she would love that. There's lots of coffee boys, as well as a fresh pot of green tea, help yourselves.” Max offered, having made it all for the boys.

“Thanks.” Everyone who drank it said.

AJ, JJ, Matt, and Orin started making a large breakfast, they decided on their favorite again, because it was quick, easy, filling, and very good. When it was ready, AJ made up two plates full of the food, put them on a tray with two large glasses of orange juice, and then handed the tray over to Max.

“Here you go Max, enjoy breakfast.”

“Thanks, you're a great kid.” Max said with a warm smile.

“Hey, not in front of my friends, you'll ruin my reputation of being a bad ass.” AJ said in mock seriousness. The entire room seemed to snort in laughter at the same time.

“Yeah, bad ass my ass, and I'm surprised you could say that with a straight face.” Max said with a grin and a shake of his head and took off.

“Straight is not a problem I have.” AJ said amongst peels of laughter, Max just snorted and left.

The boys all dug into their breakfast, eating every last scrap of food that was left. Max took the tray into the bedroom and set it on the bedside table, and then proceeded to kiss Alice awake.

“Good morning beautiful, your wonderful son made you breakfast in bed. Wake up so that you can eat it while it's still hot.” Max whispered to her.

“Mmm, good morning, is that what smells so good.” Alice said, sniffing the air.

“Yep. Come on and sit up, and I will pass you yours.”

Alice did as she was told, Max passed her her plate, took his, and they sat and enjoyed the meal.

“Man are those kids ever good cooks, and yet so simple.” Max said, polishing off every last bite.

“AJ has been cooking since he was five, and he's very good at it, better than I am to tell you the truth. You should see what he can do with a mediocre cut of steak, he does such a job it's hard to tell it isn't a prime cut, whereas no matter what I cook, it turns out like shoe leather. It's kind of comical really, he got sick of my cooking so took it upon himself to learn, I never taught him anything.” Alice chuckled.

“Yikes, that's funny though.” Max chuckled as well.

“Well the boys have probably already started their morning workout, should we go join them, and then you might get to witness and enjoy their massage marathon?” Alice asked.

“Sure.” Max said happily and hopped out of bed.

Alice quickly threw on a pair of loose shorts and a halter top, while Max just stayed naked.

“I don't know why you bother wearing the clothes, the boys won't care, and you shouldn't either. You know they have all seen Sarah, and you have just as nice a body as she has, if not maybe a bit nicer, however I could be an impartial judge of that.” Max grinned.

“I don't know, it's my old teachings shining through I suppose. I was taught that your body should always stay covered, and that no one should ever see you bare. I have gotten better though, it was not all that long ago that no one would have seen me in anything like this.” Alice admitted.

“Well as long as you are moving in the right direction, then I can't say anything, but eventually you really should try it. Maybe during the time when the boys are away we can go and use the pool naked together, that way you will get more comfortable with the idea, and I know you'll love it.”

“Thanks, I'll think about it.” Alice said and they headed out to the pool to join the boys, who were indeed just themselves starting up.

Max was quite amazed at the workout the boys had going on. He had never witnessed this before, just seen the boys doing a light workout in the evening, but this was a heavy workout, very heavy from some of the weights he saw the boys pushing. He was watching AJ doing a hundred pound bench press, and he was fully aware that he himself could only do one twenty, and that was his maximum. He saw Matt doing a leg press with the weights maxed out, and most of the other boys were also doing far more weights than he thought they would be capable of doing, and more than he himself could do. On the count of two minutes, they always changed and moved onto the next machine, circling around the equipment one by one. Max watched this in awe for a few minutes as they entered, and Alice finally had to nudge him towards the showers.

“They're an amazing sight to behold huh? All those boys, and most of them look as if they could blown over by a strong fart, and here they are pushing those kinds of weights huh!” Alice said.

“No shit. I just saw AJ benching a hundred pounds, and I can only do one twenty, and I have no idea what that leg press machine is capable of, but I am certain there is no way I could push the entire stack.” Max said.

“Just don't go pushing yourself just to try and keep up to them, I tried once, and there was no way, I nearly died. And the first time I watched them workout in here, I thought I was seeing things.”

“Don't worry, I won't do that.”

They finished scrubbing down and rinsing off, and headed over to the workout equipment as they were drying off, and joined in on the workout. The boys did their full two hour routine, but both Alice and max quit after an hour, and went and swam lightly until the boys were finished, and then joined them in the hot tub.

“Matt, just how much can you do on a leg press and a bench press?” Max asked curiously as they were all sitting there.

“No idea actually. AJ's equipment is a bit better than mine is and goes to higher weights, and I can push the full loads on all the equipment. I am actually going to be upgrading all the equipment at home, because I need higher than I have if I want to go anywhere in swimming.” Matt admitted.

“Well this stuff I sold AJ was our mid line stuff, pretty high end for a home gym, but I can get you the same stuff the professionals use, and I will trade in your old equipment if it is in good condition. Come and see me some day about it if you want to.”

“I just might do that. I might just keep the old equipment so that my parents have it after I move out, no idea yet though.”

“Okay, whichever you prefer. And AJ, just how much can you bench anyways?”

“I have gone as high as one twenty, but I didn't want to push myself too hard. I stay with the one hundred because it is easy enough to do a good rep with. I am starting to find it's too easy though now, and am going to bump it to one ten soon I think.” AJ answered honestly.

“That's pretty impressive. But then again the fact that the one hundred pounds I saw you doing was the smallest amount I saw being done is more impressive, since I can do no more than one twenty myself. When I sold you the equipment, what weight did you start with?”

“I think I started at sixty, because it was easy enough to do, and I have put it up ten pounds every two weeks or so since. Why do you ask?”

“Oh no reason really. It just doesn't show on any of you that you can lift and push so much weight. I know it has a lot to do with swimming a lot, it makes the muscles far leaner.”

“That's what the coach says as well, but if we want to show off we can.” JJ said.

“I bet your muscles show real nice when you flex.”

“They do, it's kind of scary actually seeing AJ flex.” Alice said.

“It doesn't look bad.” AJ said defensively.

“No, not that, it's not bad, it looks very good actually, but what I meant was that you look like solid stone, very hard all over.”

“Oh, thanks.” AJ said.

“Well I think it's time for the massage. You two coming as well?” Matt asked.

“Wouldn't miss it for the world, I have been wanting to see what this massage marathon Alice keeps bragging about is like.” Max smiled.

“Well then you get to be first.” Matt said, waving him in the direction of the table.

For two and a little hours the massages took place, and Max loved it. Everyone got their full massage, front and back. By now Alice was unfazed by all the boys getting hard from it. Max got hard as well, and he saw the others all get hard too, but he did not seem at all bothered with it, obviously thinking it was perfectly normal. He was quite surprised with some of the sizes on the boys as well. He had seen both AJ and JJ naked and hard a few times now, but the others he had not seen hard, and most were good respectable sizes for teens. None of them were so stupidly endowed that they should be porn stars, they just looked well stocked for their bodies.

“Wow, that really was just as incredible as you said it was Alice.” Max said once they all finished.

“Yeah it is. Let's go wash off the excess oil and then take a cooling dip now, it makes your muscles feel a hundred times better.” Alice said and they queued up in the line waiting for the shower so that they could all do just that.

They all went in the house to get started lunch going, knowing that Frank, Sarah, and the girls would be over very soon for lunch. They were finished making all the hamburgers and getting them ready to cook when they showed up. The first thing the girls did was to shuck their clothing, and Frank and Sarah did the same as well, since everyone else was already nude.

“Hi everyone, how's the party so far?” Frank asked when they came in.

“Great.” Everyone answered.

“Good. I see we're just in time for lunch.”

“Yeah, it will be cooked in just a few minutes.” JJ said.

“And why are you helping to make your own birthday lunch?” Sarah asked with a chuckle.

“Because I wanted to help, and I like to.” JJ answered.

They all sat around chatting for a while longer, while all the food was being prepared and cooked, everyone helping wherever they could. Once lunch was ready, they all sat down and ate, eating their fill, and even the boys said they had no room for cake yet, and to save it for later.

“I think it's time for the gift opening.” Frank called out.

They all rushed to the living room, all the sleeping bags, pillows, and bags were pushed to the side, and everyone sat on the floor with JJ in view of everyone. Everyone grabbed their gifts to give to JJ, and the friends all gave their gifts first and he got an assortment of games for his computer and game systems, movies and Cd's. His sisters were next and they each made him a little card and gave him a movie each. Next was Alice and Max, and they gave JJ a new printer for his computer, they had obviously talked to Sarah and Frank, trying to figure out what to get him.

“Thanks guys, this is a cool printer.” JJ said. He had of course thanked everyone for their gifts as he got them, but this was a nice gift.

“AJ, you go first please?” Sarah asked.

“Okay. Here you go JJ.” AJ said and handed over a small box.

“Hey, I recognize this watch, it's the exact same one as I got you for your birthday. I love it.” JJ grinned.

“And it has almost the exact same inscription on it as you put on mine.” AJ smiled, and JJ leaned in for a quick kiss.

“Awe, isn't that cute.” Sarah mocked.

“Oh get off it mom, the amount you and dad kiss around us is sickening.” JJ said while rolling his eyes.

“Yeah, well why do you think we have five kids.” Frank grinned.

“Yeah and it's a good thing you got fixed last year or number six would have been on the way by the sounds of it the other night.” JJ said, grinning mischievously at his parents.

“Hell, it would have been a lot higher than that by now if I hadn't have gotten snipped.” Frank deadpanned.

“Right, that I have no doubt of.” JJ said, shaking his head.

“Well here you go brat, this is a gift for both you and AJ, and it is a combination birthday and passing gift as well as a huge thanks to AJ for helping you do so.” Sarah said, handing over an envelope.

JJ opened it up and peered inside. In there were two tickets and a brochure. The brochure said The Caribbean on the front of it. AJ looked as well, and they were both a little shocked.

“Is this what I think it is?” JJ asked.

“Well if you think it's an all exclusive two week Caribbean cruise, then yes it is.” Sarah said simply.

“You got us a cruise?” JJ asked incredulously.

“Well yes. At first it had been a one week cruise with a nice room. But I called as soon as you left for here the other day, and checked if we could upgrade it. You had such good marks that I wanted to give you more, so I checked and was able to upgrade you guys to a two week and a state room, and it actually didn't even cost that much more, because they had one available. Problem is that it was supposed to leave next Monday, but now it leaves this Monday at noon, so I will drive you there.” Sarah said.

“So this Monday morning we are going on a two week trip?” JJ asked to be sure he was understanding everything correctly.

AJ, as of yet, was still silent, he was just looking at the tickets in the envelope with his mouth open. He had never once been on a vacation, of any sort, no where at all, he had never even really left town to the best of his knowledge, well except a couple short swim meets now.

“That's right. Unless of course you two would rather not, in which case your dad and I will take the trip, and you two can babysit the girls for two weeks.”

“No way. This is incredible, thank you so much.” JJ said, tears pouring down his cheeks.

“Am I allowed to go mom?” AJ asked.

“Of course you are. You really think Sarah and Frank would do something like this without asking me first? Of course you can go, it will be good for you really, you've never been anywhere before.” Alice smiled warmly.

“I'll have to teach you how to care for the pool then.”

“I think I can manage that one just fine, I was the one that taught you after all. You think I am capable of watching over it for you?” Max asked seriously.

“Of course, thanks so much.”

“Wow, I can't believe we get to go on a cruise all by ourselves.” JJ said.

“No kidding. But I guess this means we won't be able to make the party at your house next weekend Matt.” AJ said.

“No worries, for something like that I wouldn't even worry about it, you guys are so lucky. We'll wait and have it when you get back instead. We can't have a party without all of us there.” Matt smiled happily.

“Thanks.” Both AJ and JJ said together.

“Let's get all this cleaned up, and then I think everyone will be good for cake.” Sarah called out.

“Oh and JJ, those tickets aren't real, your real ones are at the cruise line, they did not have enough time to send us the updated ones, so you don't have to worry about keeping them.” Frank said.

“Okay dad, thanks again.” JJ said.

Both boys went and hugged Sarah and Frank to say thanks for the wonderful gift they had gotten. They all helped to clean up the mess, and within only a few minutes they were back in the dining room, ready to eat cake. Sarah went and grabbed the cake and put the candles on it and lit them, and then everyone sang happy birthday as she brought it out and sat it in front of JJ. As soon as the singing ended, he took a big breath and tried to blow out all the candles, and they all went out, but then all started again. JJ gave a puzzled look at the candles, and then tried again, and once again the same thing happened again. By this time Frank and Sarah were nearly rolling on the ground, they were laughing so hard, and the rest were nearing that as well.

“Where did you find candles that did not blow out?” JJ asked, trying not to laugh as well, but giving them one more shot.

“At the joke store, and it serves you right for how you delivered your report card to me you brat.” Sarah grinned evilly.

“I think they're great.” JJ said.

“How did he deliver his report card to you?” Alice asked curiously, having not yet heard the tale, in fact the boys forgot to tell the others about it, so when Sarah repeated the tale, they were once again laughing at the sight it gave them.

“Oh he is a brat, and mine was in on it too, I would have spanked them both for that, evil that is.” Alice grinned.

“Yeah, I should have, but they probably would have enjoyed it.” Sarah said innocently enough, but Alice blushed.

“Nah, we're not into that stuff, although some may like it.” AJ said innocently enough. Alice though blushed even more, and both Frank and Sarah noticed it and knew the reason why. Some of the boys noticed as well, but they hid it well.

“Who wants to eat cake?” Max called out, trying to change the subject before Alice gave away their secrets totally.

Everyone shouted 'me', and JJ started cutting and serving the cake. It was a very good cake, and everyone had a good sized piece. Once the cake was done, Alice told everyone to go ahead and head to the pool, that she had the mess. Sarah said she would stay to help, since it was her son's birthday party. Everyone else did as they were told, and headed to the pool, showering off before jumping in of course, but minutes later everyone was swimming and playing.

“So Alice, you like it a little rough huh?” Sarah grinned.

“You noticed that huh?” Alice asked, blushing a little more.

“You're not the only one, I don't mind a little spanking here and there myself, but neither of us is into pain.” Sarah admitted.

“Neither are we, but we like a little playing around.” Alice admitted again.

“Don't be embarrassed, it is natural and fun, and everyone has some sort of thing they like. Mine for instance is I love different positions, I think I have tried every one imaginable, plus I like to try it in different rooms of the house. Frank loves to wear womens underwear, and occasionally dresses. Sad thing is sometimes he looks better in my dresses than I do, that really sucks.” Sarah said and Alice burst out laughing.

“Now doesn't that make you feel better.” Sarah smiled.

“Yeah, lots. I never felt bad before mind you, just embarrassed. So do the kids know about Frank?”

“Most likely yeah. He doesn't walk around the house in just that though, but sometimes you can tell, and let's just say every Halloween is always in the same outfit. JJ asked about it once, and we just said it's what he likes, and he has never said anything again, so he knows. The kids have all caught us having sex in the living room, kitchen, and various other places in the house, they just excuse themselves and let us finish, well except the youngest two whom can't get out of bed at night yet.”

“You guys really have no inhibitions do you?”

“No, not really. We both vowed many years ago, before we were married in fact, that we were going to shed the bullshit about all that of which our religious parents taught us about our bodies, we vowed to be free and to love. We have never laid any of that guilt upon our children, and they are far more free and happy than we ever were as kids, not so restricted. We vacation at nude beaches and resorts as often as possible, and the kids have seen it all. They know what sex is because they have seen us at it, and we talked to them about it when they were young, taught them all about their bodies and what feels good. Hell I think JJ had his first actual orgasm at the age of five, right after we gave him the talk after he caught us having sex for the first time. He's been masturbating ever since. Of course he played with it before, but after that he knew. I never got the sex talk, I was a late teen before I knew anything at all, and even then I was very confused about what I supposedly knew, and Frank was not in much better shape.”

“Wow. I was raised the same way, always taught that I should stay covered up, and that no one should ever see my body. Even now in a change room I am shy, but I'm getting better. I'm glad that AJ is so much more free, he's a lot more like his father that way. He taught me a lot, but AJ is teaching me far more. As for having a child catch me while in the act, I'd die.” Alice said.

“Nah, if you just treat it as a perfectly normal thing, and explain everything to kids, treat it like there is nothing wrong, then kids can't be scarred by it. Sex is perfectly natural after all, and you have to admit it feels real good. Children feel all the exact same things as adults do, you had to have noticed how often AJ had his hand inside his diaper even as a baby.”

“Yeah, I guess you're right about all that, and yes, I did find him with his hands in his diaper from an early age. A girlfriends little girl was no better though, so I guess they all learn what feels good at an early age.”

“JJ and all four of my girls are all the exact same. From the time that JJ was out of diapers and walking around the house naked, more often than not he was hard nearly all the time. And all five of them play with themselves unconsciously as they're watching TV or something like that, usually we tell them to go to their room when they're doing that, because even as open as we are, we teach them that that is a private act.”

“I can't tell you how many times I yelled at AJ to stop playing with himself, I guess I should have told him what he was feeling, and that he should do it in private.”

“Sadly too many parents do that to their children and make them feel that it is wrong, but it's not their fault really, it's what we were taught as well. And that's why we wanted to change that, we knew it wasn't wrong, and that it was very good and natural, why else would it feel so damn good.”

“That's true. So should we go join the others then?”

“Sure, let's go.”

The clean up had been quick and they talked the whole time, learning a lot about each other, and then they walked to the pool and joined the others after having a quick shower.

Everyone had been having a good time playing in the pool, and when the ladies joined them, AJ was asked to show them his dives again and he and the other divers got up and showed off for a bit, having a lot of fun strutting their stuff, literally and figuratively. They played for a few hours, until it was almost time for dinner, and they were all getting tired, so with one final rinse in the showers, everyone dried off and headed into the house. Dinner was made for all, and the rest of the cake was eaten up, and everyone helped to clean up this time.

“Well guys, we should head home, the girls are probably going to pass out very quickly if we don't.” Sarah said.

There were half hearted grumbles from the girls, saying that they were not tired, but not one of them was without yawns all through dinner.

“Okay mom and dad, thanks again so much for the birthday present, and thanks girls, I loved yours too.” JJ said and then gave them all hugs and kisses goodbye.

“I will pack your bag for you, and then I will come and pick you boys up at eight on Monday morning okay.” Sarah said.

“Okay, thanks mom.”

“And we too are leaving you boys for the night, and I will be home tomorrow. Max is taking me out and then we're going to his place to give you some privacy.” Alice said.

“It's not us that need the privacy me thinks.” AJ said with an evil grin.

“Maybe, but that's besides the point, you boys don't want a couple old people cramping your style.” Max said blandly.

“Again I think it's us cramping your style.” AJ grinned.

“Yeah, you're probably right.” Max grinned and Alice just shook her head in amusement.

They took off a few minutes later, saying goodbye to all the boys, and they wished them all a good night as well. The boys all got comfortable, well the boys who thought diapers were comfortable anyways, and got diapered, all the sleeping bags and pillows were put back into place, then they all laid down to watch movies for the rest of the evening. Most of the boys passed out somewhere during the second movie of the night, and at only nine o'clock, but the last remaining few made sure all the lights were off and the house was locked up before they too passed out for the night.

It had been a very long and tiring day for all the boys, and even as good a physical shape as they were in, they still required a lot of sleep when they worked and played hard, and that they had done for sure. The next morning it was after nine am before the first of them even started stirring, and shortly after they were all awake.

“Good morning everyone.” AJ sighed as he came awake, one of the very last to actually do so, amazing since he had been the first to pass out the night before.

“Good morning.” Everyone said back, stretching, yawning, and generally luxuriating in the warmth of having just had a great sleep.

“I guess we should get some breakfast and then I'm sure that you all want to be heading home.” AJ said, deciding to get out of his sleeping bag a while later.

AJ was very soaked. They had gotten diapered early in the evening and had all soaked their diapers before going to bed, and none of them changed before going to sleep, so all the diaper wearers were as near to fully saturated as they had ever been. AJ actually checked the inside of his and JJ's shared sleeping bag to see if either of them had leaked, thankfully neither had, and he told JJ so. A few of the other boys had had to check for this as well, but two of them had not been so lucky, and had leaked a little, but they didn't care at all. They all hopped up and went and started to make some breakfast, most everyone just staying in their diapers, but the two who had leaked figured they better strip.

“Once again guys, awesome party, thanks so much for having us.” Matt said a while later. Breakfast had been eaten and cleaned up from, the living room all cleaned spotlessly, and even the rest of the house was checked over and whatever needed doing was done.

“And thank you all for coming and for all the gifts, you're too good to me.” JJ said.

“Yeah, thanks for coming.” AJ said.

Minutes later AJ and JJ were left alone in the house, and the first thing they did was lock lips in a sweet passionate kiss. They were holding each other gently, very nearly dancing as they caressed each others soft smooth skin. Without a word being spoken, they broke apart, clasped hands and walked to their bedroom. AJ pushed JJ down onto the bed and he rolled to the middle and laid on his back, and AJ crawled in after him and over him and continued the tender kiss.

For the next several minutes they kissed long and deep, both needing each other at the moment. AJ finally pulled off though, and started kissing his way down JJ's firm toned body, until he was kissing the front of JJ's soaked diaper. With deft fingers, AJ released the tapes holding JJ's only protection from what AJ had planned, and rolled the diaper down and out of the way, then dove in and inhaled JJ's entire hunk of hot hung boy meat straight down to the root. AJ used every trick that he knew of and had learned on JJ's body to bring him off as slow as possible, but making sure to bring him as high as he was able to before the unstoppable orgasm was to come. Three times he backed off to let JJ cool down, three times JJ groaned out in agony, begging to be finished off. In the fourth act of AJ's love play, he decided to quit torturing his most beloved baby, and let him release. With a mighty grunt, and a long continuous string of grunts and groans, JJ came hard and long, AJ enjoying the treat as much as he possibly could. AJ even sucked and stroked more once JJ was done, trying to milk just one last sweet drop of the juice he so loved.

“Oh god, you have to stop, you're killing me.” JJ gasped out, trying to push AJ away.

“Oh but what a way to go right?” AJ grinned, finally releasing his hold when he knew he was not going to get any more sweet cum from his boyfriend.

“Oh man that was awesome. The party was great, but it was too long, I was starting to get very sore, my balls were hurting so much, I felt like I was going to spontaneously cum at times, especially during the massages.”

“Oh yeah, me too, and now you have to help me out, because I am not going to last long at all.” AJ pleaded.

JJ just rolled over and pinned AJ to the bed and started kissing him again. JJ did not spend quite so much time kissing AJ this time, really wanting to get his tasty treat. So JJ detached and started kissing his way down AJ's tight little body, until he too was kissing the front of AJ's obscenely bulging diaper, and he too released the tapes and rolled the diaper down. JJ took one lick from base to tip, licking off the small serving of precum that AJ had, and then inhaled AJ to the root as well.

JJ too used every trick he knew to make it feel incredible, but to make it last, but it was of no use, AJ was just too close, and even though JJ backed off, AJ was already in the throes of an intense orgasm. JJ just barely got back into position to catch the copious cum that AJ was spraying out, but he lost not one single drop. JJ figured though that he should pay AJ back and tried to get just one last drop of cum, and AJ squealed something that JJ was unable to comprehend, but the insistently pushing hands gave him the general gist of what AJ was trying to tell him.

“My god you were on a hair trigger, and I thought I was horny.” JJ said with a big grin.

“Yeah well I damn near came when you did, so I was very close, and you're lucky I lasted that long. Now even as tired as I am, we have a lot of yard work that needs doing before we leave for two weeks, so we better get up and get started.” AJ sighed and shuddered, still coming down from the awesome orgasm.

“Yeah, I guess you're right. How cool is that going to be though, going on a two week cruise all by ourselves?”

“I'm a little scared to tell you the truth, I've never been anywhere in my life, the first time I left town was for that first swim meet we went to, and I'm not even joking. I'm really excited though, I can't wait to see all the cool sights, and I really hope we get to see some of the Mayan ruins, they have always fascinated me.”

“I'm a little scared as well, I have never been anywhere without my parents before, but we both have each other, and we'll have a great time.”

“I sure hope so. Come on, lets get diapered and dressed and get started.”

They hopped out of bed on shaky legs, diapered each other and threw on only their shorts to do the yard work, and then went out to get started. As normal, they did the front yard first and finished very quickly. They then went and got started on the much larger and more complex back yard.

“The vegetable garden sure is looking good, I can't believe how tall the corn is already, and the new flower gardens along the pool house are starting to do real well as well.” JJ said.

“Yeah, they're doing great.” AJ said. They started the tedious task of doing all the weeding first, and then mowed the lawn, raked all the mess, and dumped it into the composters.

“Yard looks good boys.” Alice called out from the rear door. Both boys spun around in surprise, they had not heard her or anything, and she kind of startled them both as they were still working hard.

“Jesus mom you scared us. Thanks though.”

“Sorry, didn't mean to. I take it you boys wanted to make sure it was good before your vacation?”

“Exactly, you don't have time to worry about it, and I'm not even sure I've ever even seen you use a lawn mower, so I had no idea if you even knew how.” AJ shrugged.

“Thanks. It's been a very long time, but I have used them before. To tell you the truth though, I hate the damn things, they scare the crap out of me, so I'm glad you do it for me.” Alice admitted.

“No problem. JJ and I were just finishing up out here, and then we're going to go sit in the hot tub and sauna for a while I think, would you like to join us?”

“Not right now thanks. Max and I are going to curl up on the couch and watch a movie.”

“Okay then, you guys enjoy and we'll stay out of your hair.” AJ smiled.

“You can join us if you want to, not too sure if you guys would like the movie or not, but we don't mind.”

“That's okay thanks, but we'll go and relax for a while and then get dinner started. We will be going to bed early as well I think.”

“I can get dinner, don't worry about that, and that's probably a good idea.”

“No offense mom, but I'd rather do the cooking.” AJ said gently.

“Can't says I blame you, you can if you want, I was just offering.”

“I don't mind anyways, I like cooking.”

“Good thing one of us does.” Alice grinned.

“You go ahead and enjoy your cuddles and movie and we'll call you for dinner in a while.” AJ said.

“Thanks.” Alice said and turned and headed into the house.

“Is your mom really not that good a cook?” JJ asked.

“She can cook quite well when she tries, but her heart just isn't in it. She doesn't like to cook, so she just rushes it, and it usually doesn't turn out exactly that good.” AJ shrugged.

“Sounds like my dad. How is it you and your mom are total opposites in nearly everything, do you two not like anything the other likes?”

“She says I am a lot like my dad, a lot of his likes and that sort. We don't clash in our likes and dislikes too bad, like she appreciates cooking and gardening, just when someone else does it, and she likes to swim as well, just not as much as I do, and we like a lot of the same movies, most of the time.”

“She's really trying very hard to make up to you for the past though, sometimes it still seems as if she's forcing herself to be nice. I think it's good of course, but she's still having a hard time changing.”

“I know, I've seen the same things. Like when we did the games room, I almost saw a glimmer of anger in her, but she clamped down on it, and now she loves it. She didn't even flinch though when I, for all intents and purposes, told her that her cooking sucks, so that is a bonus, but then again she has admitted it herself that she hates cooking.”

“I think Max is really very good for her, they are so much alike, and they seem to be falling in love, what do you think?”

“Oh they are definitely falling in love with each other, and you're right, they are a lot alike. All Max has to do is help her to shed her insecurities about nudity, and she will be fine. I hope he tries to while we are gone, it would be the perfect time. I think once mom loses those last few walls that she has standing, she will be perfectly cured of her depression and hate that she had buried in her, and Max is the perfect person for that, I really like him. Kinda makes me wonder when they will get married.”

“I'm with you on that one as well, and I think they will take their time, they don't seem to be in any real rush. Then again they could surprise us both and just up and elope one day.”

“No, I know my mom would not do that, and I'm willing to bet that as soon as he asks her, that she asks me if it's all right with me. And I know for a fact that she would want us both there.”

“Yeah, you're probably right.”

“Come on, let's go sit back and relax for a bit baby.” AJ said, just putting the last thing back in the shed and locking it up.

They held hands as they walked into the pool house, went straight to the showers and then let go. They slowly stripped each other, then hopped into the shower and scrubbed each other down thoroughly to get all the dirt and grime off of them, before they got in the hot tub. They climbed in the hot tub, AJ hitting the jets, and then they laid and cuddled up, AJ sitting in front of JJ and leaning back on him. JJ was hugging AJ from behind and lightly stroking his firm chest, and they both found this simple action, so very relaxing, that they both almost fell asleep. The entire time in the tub they did not even so much as whisper a word to each other, but they almost seemed to know or feel what the other was thinking.

As one they stood up and headed to the sauna and sat in there, this time JJ leaning back against AJ, just having to scoot down a little further, and AJ hugged JJ and stroked his chest as well. They sat in there for quite a while, having a soft whispered conversation, and when they were finally too hot, they climbed out and shut it off, and then went and dove into the pool. They swam lazily around for a few minutes, just cooling their muscles off, so as to reduce the pain in them even further, and when they hopped out, they both felt a lot better.

The boys dried each other off gently, and then headed into the house to get dinner started. They worked quickly and quietly together to make dinner, and as soon as it was done, Alice and Max were called in to eat. The four of them enjoyed the simple meal together, talking happily, most of it concerning the up and coming cruise the boys were taking. After dinner the boys told the adults to go ahead and finish their movie, that they'd clean up, and then they were going to go curl up in the game room and watch some TV in there. It was agreed upon, and as soon as AJ and JJ were finished cleaning, AJ grabbed the blankets and pillows from his bed, while JJ grabbed their diapers, and they headed into the games room. The blankets were spread first, and then they diapered each other, then curled up and watched TV for the rest of the evening. When Alice came in to say goodnight to them at ten, she found the boys sound asleep with the TV and light still on. She tucked them in better, gave them both a kiss on the forehead, and then her and Max headed to bed themselves.

“They're so cute together aren't they?” Max smiled warmly.

“Yeah, and they are so much in love. I can't even remember if I knew what love was at that age, but I'm certain that I never felt like they do about each other until I was a lot older. I guess when you find the right one, nothing else matters.” Alice whispered back. They were both still standing in the doorway watching the two boys sleeping.

“I knew what love was, and I was even in love at the same age, but her parents found out, and broke us apart right quick, saying that we were too young for that nonsense.”

“That's so sad. I'm glad I didn't do that to AJ, he never would have forgiven me, and if I had, our relationship, which was already rocky at best, would have shattered, and I never would have gotten him back.” Alice admitted, knowing that she was correct.

“But you didn't, and that's all that's important. It took me a long time to forget about her, never really did I guess, but eventually I got over it.”

“Let's go to bed my bad little boy.” Alice said and smacked Max smartly on the backside.

“Ooh, hey, are you getting frisky with me?” Max smiled.

“Maybe I am, what do you think we should do about it?” Alice asked and they headed off to her room where they played for a while, before they too passed out for the night.