Chapter 15

“Wake up baby boys, it's time to get up and get ready for your trip.” Alice shook the boys awake a little before six am.

“Good morning mom. Did we pass out last night or something?” AJ asked once he noticed his surroundings.

“Good morning to you too, and yes you did. Come on and get up, Max has made breakfast for us.” Alice said and left the room.

“Good morning baby, how did you sleep last night?” AJ whispered and then kissed JJ.

“I always sleep good when I can cuddle up to my baby.” JJ sighed and kissed AJ back.

“So you boys excited about your trip?” Max asked as they were sitting down to eat.

“Yes, very, and more than a little scared too, I've never ever been anywhere in my life.” AJ said.

“Yes, very, and a little scared, I've never been anywhere without my parents before.” JJ said.

“It's natural to feel a little fear when you are about to do something new for the first time, but you'll be just fine. Because you are underage travelers, the crew has to watch out for you, especially when you are in port, and you have to stay with your tour groups at all times, so you'll be just fine.”

“Yeah, we figured as much.” AJ said.

“Have either of you ever been on a cruise before?” JJ asked.

“I've never been on a cruise before myself, but I have traveled a little.” Alice said.

“I've traveled a little as well, and I have taken a couple cruises before. They are a lot of fun, almost anything that you could possibly imagine, you can do on a cruise ship.” Max smiled, fondly remembering his times at sea.

“That's cool. So what types of things are there to do?” AJ asked.

“Well, the ships have all the amenities of the average city, from night clubs, to bars, to restaurants, to arcades, to exercise rooms, and the ship I was on even had a rock climbing wall. Oh and of course how could I forget the pool, most ships have an awesome pool with diving boards, so you can play a little AJ, and show off. There is lots more than that of course, and you boys won't be interested in the night clubs and bars of course. Then there are the times you get to get off the ship. Some of the cities are incredible, and you can see some truly amazing things, just be careful of what you buy and eat or drink.”

“Neat. I can hardly wait.” AJ said happily.

“Well you hardly have to wait at all. You have only an hour and a half before you have to be ready to go, and I think the ship leaves at noon. Kind of nice living so close to a port city that you can just hop on a boat and go practically.” Max said.

“True.” Both boys said.

“So what are you guys going to do while we are gone?” AJ grinned.

“Oh I'm going to finally get your mom naked in the pool, and shatter that last little bit of personal shame she has for no reason.” Max said totally nonchalantly.

“Max.” Alice gasped.

“What, like it's a bad thing.” Max grinned.

“And besides, you need it, you're too ashamed of your own body, and no one else is going to care at all, almost everyone of our friends is used to it.” AJ said.

“I'm not ashamed of my body, I just don't like being naked in front of others, especially my son.” Alice said defensively.

“Amounts to the same thing I'm afraid. Don't worry, get used to it while I'm not here, and then when I get home you'll be fine. I see Sarah naked all the time and it doesn't bother me. Then again, I am gay, so that probably makes it easier.” AJ grinned. Max nearly shot milk out his nose he started laughing so hard, and JJ spat his cereal out laughing as well, Alice just shook her head.

“Ow, that hurt.” Max gasped.

“Sorry.” AJ grinned.

“It still feels wrong though being naked in front of my son.”

“But it isn't. Why don't you guys go to the nude beach for the day, get more used to the idea in front of strangers, after you get used to it here first of course.” JJ offered.

“That's not a bad idea, and the beach is perfect this time of the year.” Max said, his eyes lighting up.

“And how is that supposed to be any easier on me?” Alice asked.

“You probably won't know anyone there, and there will be tonnes of other nude people there, and trust me when I say, most don't look as good as you do, so it will be easier for you.” JJ answered.

“Pretty much what I was going to say.” Max said.

“I make no promises, but I'll think about it. Now you two should be going and getting showered and changed, and you need to pack AJ.” Alice said, trying to cut the conversation off, she was getting frustrated.

“Okay.” AJ and JJ both said together, finished their last bites of cereal and toast and then hopped up and did as they were told.

“Should we get diapered up for the trip?” AJ asked when they made it back to their room after their nice hot shower.

“Sure, why not. Not like anyone will notice or care really, and not like we care even if they do right.”

They diapered each other and then got dressed. JJ then helped AJ to pack his clothes for the trip, making sure to get at least two very nice sets of clothes for special dinners, or other occasions. They packed every speedo AJ owned, a few pairs of shorts and pants, lots of tops, underwear, socks, sandals, and shoes, the works. And last but not least was an entire case of diapers, which they just barely managed to squeeze into the large suitcase. By the time they finished packing, they had barely ten minutes to spare before Sarah said that she'd be there to pick them up. The suitcase was set by the door, and the boys went and sat with Alice and Max who were still sitting at the table talking and drinking coffee.

“Got everything you need?” Alice asked.

“Yeah, I hope so. Even if I forgot something, I don't think I could fit it anyways.”

“Socks, underwear, shorts, pants, shirts, diapers, hair brush, toothbrush, deodorant, cologne, lube, you sure you have it all?” Alice asked.

“Oh god, I can't believe we forgot my deodorant, brush and toothbrush.” AJ said and took off.

“Didn't figure he would forget the lube now did you?” Max grinned.

“No, I didn't, but the others I was not surprised at, kids.” Alice grinned.

JJ was just standing there smiling, noting how funny it was that they remembered the lube, but not the others, AJ even threw his cologne in, but not the rest. A few minutes of grunting, trying to re close the suitcase, and AJ was back.

“Your diaper is showing.” Alice said and pulled AJ's shirt down in the back to hide it.


“Why are you guys even wearing them anyways?” Alice asked.

“We're excited and don't want to have to try and find bathrooms every twenty minutes.” AJ said simply.

The doorbell rang then and JJ ran to get it, and it was Sarah coming to get the boys. She came in with JJ.

“Leave the girls in the car?” Alice asked.

“Nah, just had a friend babysit them instead, they would have gotten bored and irritable if I had to drive all that way, drag them through the customs, because I have to make sure the boys get to where they need to go, and then drive them back, it's easier on them and me.”

“Good point.” Alice said.

“So you have everything packed that you need AJ?”

“Yeah, all the clothes, diapers, and personal items that we'll need.”

“Good. We should be heading out right away then, we want to get there with plenty of time to spare.”

“Okay.” AJ said. He turned to his mom and gave her a big hug. “Now, you behave yourself and don't be afraid to get naked. If you don't I'll tell Max to spank you, and I think he looks like the type to do it too.” AJ grinned and winked, only his mom saw that though.

“You're awful. And it should be me telling you to behave yourself, but I know I don't have to. You boys have a lot of fun and stay safe. Call when you can as well please.”

“Thanks for the compliment.” AJ grinned. “And don't worry, we'll have fun, and I'll try and call.”

AJ gave his mom one final hug and kiss and then turned to Max and gave him a hug as well, while JJ was giving Alice a hug and saying goodbye. Sarah grabbed AJ's suitcase and hauled it out to the car and piled it in the trunk with JJ's and then they were on their way, waving to Alice and Max who were standing on the doorstep, waving them off and yelling to have fun.

The drive to the port was for the most part uneventful, if not a bit slow going, but the three of them talked almost non stop the entire way, Sarah telling the boys all about the fun that she and Frank had had on a few of their cruises that they had been on. Sarah found a spot in the temporary parking, four hours or less, and while it was pretty close, it was still a hell of a walk to where they needed to go, and both boys were thankful that they had wheels on their suitcases. Sarah led the way through to the ticket counter that she was told to go to, and they waited in line there. Finally Sarah got the boys' tickets, and they were directed to the correct parting gate. The boys were searched of course, as were their bags, AJ being first and explaining that they had personal items in them that they would rather other passengers did not see. The guard opened the bag discreetly and searched and smiled knowingly when he came across the diapers, and passed the bags through. He told them both that those were not as unusual a thing to find in peoples bags as they would assume. AJ told him that he was aware of that, but that it was still not something he necessarily wanted everyone to see, not that he cared much really. Once the searches were over, they went to the boarding gate.

“Okay boys, this is where I part with you. I want you to have fun and be safe, and don't forget to call. Remember to listen to the staff, I believe they will have bracelets for you to wear to identify you as being underage travelers alone.”

“Bye mom, love you.” JJ said and gave his mom a hug and a kiss. AJ also gave Sarah a hug and a kiss, and then she headed off.

“Tickets please?” The nasal sounding lady at the counter asked them as they finally made it to the gate.

“I see here that you are unaccompanied minors, you will need to wear these bracelets, and make sure to see any staff if you need anything at all. Enjoy your trip.” She said and attached the bracelets.

“Wow, we're on the ship and this thing is huge.” AJ said.

“No kidding, this is way larger than I imagined it was going to be.”

They had of course both seen ships on TV many times before, but the sheer size could only be appreciated in person. As they were passing the person directing the traffic, they were stopped, their tickets searched for the information, and then they were directed to go in the furthest door, down the hall to the bank of elevators, and take it to the first floor, or the uppermost passenger deck, and that their room was 112, and they were handed their key cards. If he thought it weird that two boys were going to one of the nicest rooms on the ship with only one bed, he never said a thing. They followed the directions they were given, and soon AJ and JJ were riding the elevator up to their floor. They found their room easily enough, because it was nearly next to the elevator. JJ took the honors of opening the door, and they wheeled their suitcases in, and as soon as they actually walked in and saw the room, their jaws dropped.

“Holy fucking shit.” AJ gasped. This coming from a boy who nearly never swore, and had never said the 'F' word in his life.

“My thoughts exactly. This room is huge, it had to have cost a bloody fortune.” JJ said, clearly stunned.

“This room is nearly as large as my living room is, and it's pretty big.”

“I wonder what the bathroom looks like?” JJ said.

They opened the door to find out, and they found that it was just as large and gorgeous as the room was. It had a huge two person jacuzzi tub, a large glass enclosed shower with steam attachments, two sinks, a toilet and bidet, and was all done in very nice marble.

“Wow, what a bathroom.” JJ gasped.

“You took the words right out of my mouth.” AJ said.

“Let's get changed and go tour the ship.” JJ said.

They went back into the main room and stripped each other of their clothes and soggy diapers, and then threw on a pair of shorts over their speedos, just in case they wanted to go swimming, threw on a tank top and a pair of sandals, attached their key cards to their bracelets, and headed out. They went back down the elevator to the main deck and toured around outside for a while, looking at everything there was to see. They then went in to the main level of shops, restaurants, and other assorted things. They found the arcade, and it was huge, and went in to join a few other kids playing. All the games were free, which was nice, and they each played a few games before taking off to do other things.

It was almost an hour later that the ship blew its massive horns, stating that it was about to leave, so AJ and JJ headed out to the main deck to see them off. They knew that Sarah would not be there waving at them, because she had to go right away, but it was exciting none the less.

“You wanna go swimming and then get lunch, or do you want lunch first?” JJ asked.

“I'm getting pretty hungry, lets go get lunch first.”

JJ just nodded and they ran off to the restaurant area and found the buffet restaurant. This one was open twenty four hours a day and smelled very good. They were seated and told to go ahead and help themselves, and boy did they. They each had a couple plates full of food, and then managed to have a good sized dessert each as well.

“Well, now I need to go swimming to work off some of that lunch.” AJ groaned.

“Me too.”

They headed to the swimming pool, stripped off their clothes until they were just in their very skimpy red suits, placing their clothes on two loungers that were side by side, and then dove in the water. They swam a few good laps in the nearly empty pool, really working themselves hard, enjoying the feel of their muscles burning. After ten good fast laps, AJ climbed out of the pool and headed to the diving board. With a good run and spring he did his incredible double front with a twist and broke the water with barely a splash. He climbed out and headed back up again, and did his back flip and again broke the water with barely a splash. When he climbed out again there was a man standing there with his mouth hanging open and watching him.

“Yes, can I help you?” AJ asked politely, since the man was in his way.

“No, not really, I was just going to compliment you on your spectacular diving. How long have you been training for?”

“Few months.”

“Really, then you're a natural and a fast learner. Let me introduce myself. I am Jim Pompodoro and I am a swimming and diving coach, I train people for the nationals and the Olympics. I can honestly say I have never seen such skill from a young man such as yourself. If you don't mind my asking, how old are you?”

“Hi Jim, I'm AJ, and I am thirteen.” AJ said, not caring really who he was.

“It's a real pleasure to meet you AJ. Are you training for the Olympics then, because you should be?”

“My coach says I should be, and he's training me as hard as they would, he was an Olympic swimmer and diver himself. I am not really interested though in going that far, I only do this to keep in shape and because it's fun. I think it's more important to keep doing well in school, and I am certain that trying to train for even the nationals would take up too much valuable time.” AJ said honestly.

“And who is your coach then?”

“Coach Phil, couldn't tell you his last name, never once heard it, he says it's too hard to pronounce anyways.”

“Ah, Phil is still teaching, glad to hear it. He taught me everything I know. Is he still at Mainland High then?”

“Well now that's a coincidence. Yes he is, and that's where I go as well.”

“How is that possible, you should be just going into eighth grade?”

“Actually I should be going into the seventh because my birthday was just after the cutoff. I was skipped ahead two grades, and that is how I'm in high school, and I'm going into the ninth grade.”

“Is this man bothering you AJ?” JJ came up and asked. He had seen AJ talking to him for a couple minutes, and he wanted to make sure that AJ was fine.

“No, not at all, he's a diving coach and had Coach Phil as a coach as well. He was just saying I should be in the Olympics as well. I of course told him that wasn't in the cards though.

“Ah, okay, call if you need me then.”

“Your brother I take it?” Jim asked curiously.

“No, boyfriend.”

“Honesty, how very refreshing, most boys your age would have just said friend. I of course don't mind.”

“Well that's because your gay as well, and if you had not been, I would have told you friend.” AJ smirked.

“Good observation.”

“I'm getting better at finding out who's gay and who's not, but you kept stealing glances at my speedo, which kind of tipped me off big time.” AJ grinned.

“Sorry. Just never saw a thirteen year old look quite as good as you do in a speedo is all, then again your entire body is incredible.”

“Let me guess what you're about to say. The perfect swimmers body, right?”

“Been told that a few times huh?” Jim grinned.

“Just a few. Well if you don't mind, I am going to get back to playing.”

“Not at all. What all dives can you do though?”

“So far, just those two perfectly, but I am going to learn more as soon as I can.”

“Can you do a triple front flip off the low dive yet?”

“Not yet. I lose my focus still on them, but I'm working on it. Adding the twist to the double front was hard, but that's even worse.”

“I know what you mean. Take your time and it will come eventually, it's one of the hardest things to do.”

“Yeah, that's what Coach Phil says too.”

“Well continue having fun, and if you don't mind, I am going to sit and watch you for a bit.”

AJ just nodded and trotted back to the diving board. By that time there were a number of people waiting to see AJ dive again, and when he did he got applause for it. He played on the diving board for a while longer, sharing it with others who wanted to play. No one else could actually dive with any of the greatness that AJ showed, but they had fun as well.

“Well baby, I'm ready to get out and relax a bit now, how about you?” AJ asked, swimming up to JJ.

“I could go for a rest as well.” JJ answered and they climbed out together, grabbed two fresh towels and dried off, and then laid on their lounge chairs and talked. AJ told JJ all of what was said between he and Jim.

“I bet he asks to coach you before the cruise is over.” JJ grinned.

“I'm surprised that he didn't already, even though I told him I did not want to go that far.”

“He probably knew you were lying. He probably knows that you want to go that far, but that you wouldn't sacrifice your schooling for it. The only way I see anything like that working is if the coach comes to you like Matt's coach did. Most wouldn't though.”

“Probably. And you're right, I'm not leaving home for any reason, it is my home and I like it, and I never plan to move.”

They talked for a while longer, basking in the sun and enjoying the gentle swaying of the large ship. After laying around for nearly an hour, they got up, put their clothes back on, and headed away from the pool.

“You wanna try the rock wall, I've never done anything like that before?” AJ asked.

“Sure, I've done it once in real life before and it's fun, but real hard. Hell it was hard when the rocks weren't moving, I can't imagine it being any easier when they sway.” JJ grinned.

They headed that way and joined the queue of people waiting to go next. It was mostly kids there, and most of them boys, but there was a mixture of everyone. With ten climbing stations the line moved quickly though, and in under thirty minutes they were strapped into the climbing harnesses and given the instructions.

“You ready for this?” JJ asked. They miraculously ended up side by side.

“Sure, meet you at the top.” AJ grinned and took off.

They may have been inexperienced, and AJ may have been small, but they were both very strong and well coordinated, and they made it to the top with relative ease. Instead of jumping down and letting the rope bring them down, they decided to climb back down, something the guy at the bottom said was way harder to do because you could barely see your hand and foot holds that way. They found this to be true, but they made it all the way down.

“That was cool.” AJ glowed.

“You boys did real well, was this your first time?” The guy holding AJ's rope asked.

“Mine yes, but JJ has climbed a real mountain before.”

“Impressive.” He said as he unhooked AJ from his harness, getting ready for the next climber.

“What should we do now?” JJ asked as they were walking away.

“Well the Captain's dinner is in about an hour, and we're supposed to dress up for that, so why don't we go and get showered and dressed.”

“Sounds good to me.”

They headed back to their room and hopped in the shower, lovingly washing and then drying each other. They went and unpacked their suitcases into the available dresser and then got dressed into their nicest clothes, almost identical to what they wore the night of the swim meet, just different color silk shirts. They styled each others hair and then headed to the dining room. They were a little early, so were seated right away, and then slowly the dining room filled up.

“Would you gentlemen mind if we joined you?” Jim came up and asked.

“Certainly.” JJ said and gestured to the two available chairs.

“Thank you, as I am sure AJ told you earlier, I am Jim, and you were JJ right? This is my boyfriend Riley.” Jim said in way of introductions.

“Yes, I am JJ, and good to meet you Jim and Riley.” They sat down and they started talking.

“So where are your parents?” Jim asked, looking, but not seeing anyone around them.

“We are alone, this was a graduation and birthday gift.” JJ said.

“Wow, nice gift. You guys must have done very well.” Riley said.

“You have no idea.” AJ said.

And as they waited for their dinner AJ and JJ told them the story of them, and the men were suitably impressed.

“That's quite some story you boys have.” Jim said.

“Thanks. What about you guys, how long have you been together and what do you do?” AJ asked, their dinner having just been delivered now.

“Well I am an Olympic coach like I told you earlier, and Riley is an architectural engineer. We have been together since mid high school I guess. We were friends to start with and it wasn't until senior year that we discovered our love for each other, and that we were both gay. We actually live only twenty minutes away from your school, our school actually too, we didn't want to stray too far from home, it's too nice an area.” Jim answered.

“Are you coaching anyone right now then?” JJ asked.

“No, not any more. I am just coaching at the local Y right now, waiting for my next prospect to come along.” Jim answered, giving AJ a longing look.

“What do you charge for training?” JJ asked.

“I don't, I get paid through the government, it's not lots, but it's enough. Ryley makes more than enough. If of course I train someone and they go medal on me, then I get some pretty good bonuses as well. That's why we're on this trip actually. My last kid just got gold in the nationals and then he retired. He was getting a little old anyways, and he was ready to quit and go back to school.”

“That's cool, because AJ can't really pay you anyways.”

“Huh, what?” Both AJ and Jim asked at the same time.

“Oh come on, Jim you have been itching to ask all night, I'm not that dense, and AJ, you know that you want to train, but you're afraid.”

“Guilty. I wasn't going to ask because AJ said no earlier though, I respect that.” Jim grinned.

“You're right JJ, of course. But Jim, you have to know that I can't and won't come to you, and that you'd have to come to me. We can train in my pool at home, it's not Olympic size, but it would do just fine, the boards though are Olympic standard. And you also have to know that my school comes first, always will.” AJ said strictly.

“And I would expect nothing less of you, school is more important. You don't exactly make a huge amount of money unless you can get medals, and you have to have something to fall back on. As for coming to you, well that works fine for me as well. We can work that all out later though, we're on vacation after all. Then again I never thought I'd stumble upon a gold medal diver on a cruise ship.”

“Another thing though, can you train JJ for swimming as well at the same time?”

“Sure, I have no problem with that. Two is better than one, and the way I saw you swimming out there JJ, you too could do very well, maybe not gold, but still good.”

“That's what Coach Phil says to me as well. I don't mind though, I know I am not as good as others out there, I do this mostly for myself, and if I do good, and maybe even win some, then I am happy.” JJ said sincerely.

“Spoken like a true winner. Keep up the gold medal attitude, and you just might go further than you think.”

“Thanks.” JJ said.

For the rest of their meal, they chatted in a friendly manner, getting to know each other quite well and having a good time. The Captain got up and made his little speech once everyone was finished eating, and then they all headed out. The boys saying their goodbyes to the men. AJ and JJ decided to go catch a movie in one of the ships theaters, and headed to see what was playing, and they were just in time to catch a good one, so they went in and got their seats.

“Let's go back to our room and stay in for the rest of the night. I would like to try out that nice tub, and then I want you to make love to me all night long.” AJ whispered to JJ as soon as the movie ended.

“That sounds very nice baby, and I want you to make love to me as well.” JJ whispered back and they got up and headed to their room.

As soon as they entered their room, and the door was closed, the do not disturb sign being put out of course, they locked into a passionate embrace. For the next few minutes they kissed and caressed each other lovingly. Slowly they worked to kissing and undressing each other, and when they were both naked, they headed into the bathroom, and the bath was started. While the water was running they continued their kissing, and when the water was high enough, they climbed in and hit the jets, and kissed some more.

“I love you so much AJ, it hurts to be apart from you, even just for over night. When I can't see your lovely smile I die a little inside, but as soon as I see your smile, I flourish again. What would I do without you?”

“I love you the same, and you'd probably be just where I would be. I would be an empty shell, not really caring. But now I have you and I love you so much.” AJ whispered back, and they kissed a little more.

They laid back in the hot bubbly water just cuddling and kissing gently for long enough that the water was starting to cool down, and then they washed each other gently. AJ knelt in front of JJ first and submitted to being washed from head to toe, and then they traded places. They got out and dried each other off, and then headed to the bedroom hand in hand.

“I'm not going to be able to last too long baby, and I doubt you will either, let's suck each other first to relieve some of the pressure?” AJ asked as they crawled into bed.

“You're right, I wouldn't even last all the way through entering you.” JJ admitted and swung around so that they were able to suck each other.

They latched on to their favorite toys and sucked slowly and softly, both enjoying the feelings way too much to try and rush it. They however were a lot closer than they wanted to be, and they both shot their loads within only a few moments of starting. They each drank down the load sprayed into their mouths greedily, not wasting one precious drop of their lover. And although it was hard to tell, as it was muffled so much, they were both groaning and moaning the entire time.

“Oh, that's much better, but now I need you in me please?” AJ asked huskily.

“Okay baby, lay back and enjoy.” JJ said.

JJ reached into the bedside drawer where they had put the two tubes of lube, Sarah having packed JJ's for him as well, and got to work lightly preparing AJ for penetration. They were getting more and more used to entrance now, but it still hurt a little at first, but that very quickly faded. JJ spent only a few minutes preparing AJ because he knew that he did not need any more than that now. JJ slowly kissed his way up AJ's fine body, and aligned himself for entrance, and he pushed, and with a pop and a grunt, JJ was inside.

“How do you feel?” JJ asked, AJ had grunted a little louder than normal.

“It's just been a while, and it hurt a little at first, but I'm used to it, and the pain is already fading, so go ahead please.” AJ panted out.

JJ started slowly thrusting himself in a little and then out a little, and then in a little further, and back out again. Slowly he worked his way all the way inside AJ, both of them moaning in pure pleasure now. Both were glad of the quick orgasm they had had, because they were both now able to enjoy the lovemaking entirely as they kissed passionately. Using a long slow motion, JJ thrust inside AJ, and they both collapsed in a shared orgasm far sooner than they had hoped for.

“Oh, that felt so good. I wish we could do that all the time.” AJ sighed a few minutes later.

“Oh yeah, but then we'd never get anything done.” JJ sighed as well, but with a grin.

“Roll over baby and I will make love to you now.”

JJ did not answer, just did as he was told, and AJ grabbed the lube and quickly lubed his back passage up. Once AJ felt that JJ was ready for him, he kissed his way up JJ's body and aligned himself for entrance. AJ popped in much easier, and JJ didn't grunt quite so sharply, but AJ still stopped and waited a few moments for the go ahead nod. Slowly AJ started working his way in his lovers ass, just the same way as JJ had worked his way into AJ's, and before too long, he too was buried as deep inside his lover as he could get. Starting a slow sensual grinding motion, hardly pulling himself out at all, AJ made love to his baby. Unfortunately AJ was still not quite tall enough to make love to JJ and kiss him at the same time, so he kissed and sucked JJ's nipples instead. JJ's head was thrown back and was panting a cadence of love and passion. This time they lasted a lot longer, being their third rapid succession orgasm, but still all too soon they were blasting off again in a shared orgasm, their final of the night.

“I can't believe how good that feels.” JJ sighed out a few minutes later.

“Tell me about it. If only straight guys knew what they were missing, the world would be a much more gay place.” AJ grinned.

“You're weird.” JJ grinned. “Now come up here and kiss me baby, and then we should get diapered and get to sleep, I am very tired all of a sudden.”

“Thanks. I wonder why we're tired, not like we did anything today right!”

“Yeah, no kidding.” JJ said and they kissed and cuddled for a few minutes before AJ hopped up and grabbed the diapers and came back. AJ diapered JJ first, and then lay down and waited for his turn. When they were both nice and thickly diapered, they curled up under the disheveled covers and fell asleep quickly.


“Good morning baby, how did you sleep last night?” JJ asked as AJ's eyes fluttered open the next morning.

“Wonderful. What with being next to you, being sexually satisfied right before bed, this wonderfully soft and comfortable bed, and the gentle swaying of the boat, I don't think I've ever slept so well before.” AJ sighed as he stretched.

“Yeah, that's how I feel as well, I love this bed, but I love you way more than that.”

“And I love you too. Well we may as well get up and go for a good workout and swim.” AJ said.


They hopped out of bed, tore off their diapers and went and took care of their morning business, both staying in the bathroom while the other used the toilet, and both of them trying the bidet for their first times. They then went and threw on a pair of shorts and a shirt to workout in, put on their running shoes, and headed to the large gym the ship offered. For obvious reasons there were no free weights on the ship, only the machines, similar to what AJ had at home, but most were a bit bigger. They started their normal routine, and for two hours they worked out hard. More than a few of the men, women, and children in the gym were surprised at what the boys were able to do. Jim and Riley came in just shortly before the boys finished, and Jim watched them work out as well. When they were finished Jim and Riley went up to them.

“Oh hi guys, when did you get here?” JJ asked.

“A few minutes ago, and we were watching your workout, that's some workout routine you have, and some impressive weights.” Jim said.

“Thanks, we work out nearly every day in one of our gyms, so we are getting pretty good.” AJ said.

“That's good. Well we're going to start our daily workout now then, and we'll see you boys later.” Jim said.

“Have fun.” JJ said and they headed out to the pool and hot tub. They slipped into the hot water to soothe their tense muscles, and then they hopped into the cool water of the pool and swam a few light laps to cool their muscles down.

“Let's go to the day spa and get a nice massage, facial, manicure, and pedicure.” JJ said.

“Sure, I've always wanted to try that.” AJ grinned.

They may have been boys, but they were gay, and they both loved the idea of all that. It was their vanity coming out a little, but they were gorgeous anyways, may as well go and enjoy. They headed to the spa, found the prices, and asked for the works each. It was not nearly as expensive as a spa at home would be, but it still cost them quite a bit. Neither of course minded any. Sarah and Frank had transferred a bunch of spending money to JJ's account, and AJ still had lots of money from his dad left. They of course chose the couples package so that for everything they were always side by side, and being worked on by two people. Their massages were first, and they got a full body massage that felt even better than the ones they routinely got at home. After the massage came the facial, the manicure, and the pedicure at the same time. One person was working on their faces, while another person did their hands first and then the same person did their feet. All told the spa treatment was nearly four hours long, and they both felt great.

“Wow, I can't believe how relaxing and enjoyable that was, and my nails have never looked better.” AJ said.

“Me too. You want to go for an early dinner and then go play in the arcade for a while?”

“Sure, we should have had lunch first before going, so I'm starving.”

They headed off to dinner and ate well, and then headed to the arcade to play with the other kids that were in there. They talked to some of the other kids in there while they played and had fun. After a few hours of playing, the boys headed back to their room for the evening. They laid down on their bed and watched TV, and then just before bed, they relieved each other orally.

The rest of their two week cruise went much the same, they played all day, and made love to each other at night. When they stopped at the ports, both boys went on the tours, and they even went snorkeling and swam with the dolphins. Their favorite stop had to be when they got to go on the day long tour of the Mayan ruins. They worked out and swam every morning, and had lunch or dinner with Jim and Riley almost every day, and they visited the spa three more times. They also climbed the rock wall nearly every day, and watched many movies. They called home a couple nights a week and talked to their parents and told them how much fun they were having, and they were all happy for the boys. Even one night they went to the night club, it had been a teen night, so they went and had a lot of fun, and even said to hell with it and danced together a couple times. They did get a couple strange looks from a few of the other kids there, but no one said anything at all. Finally it was their final day of the cruise and they were only an hour or two from home, they could now see the city in the distance.

“I'm kind of glad that we're heading home, it's been a long two weeks, and it'll feel good to be home.” AJ admitted.

“Yeah, me too.” JJ said.

They had went back to their room after their morning workout to get all packed up. They got all their clothes and toiletries back into their suitcases first, then their diapers went in next, and at the last minute they remember their tubes of lube, both of which were nearly depleted from all the love making they had done during their trip. One final sweep was done and they left their room for the last time, taking their suitcases with them up to the deck to wait. They were now only minutes away from the port and would be docking very soon, so they had not long to wait at all. Jim and Riley saw them and came over right away.

“Hi guys, all ready to go home?” Riley asked.

“Sure are. It's been a lot of fun, but we're both very ready to go home. How about you guys?” AJ asked.

“Same here. We'd like to come out and meet your parents tomorrow night and get all the papers signed, if that's all right?” Jim asked.

“That should be just fine. If you come around dinner time you can stay for dinner and we can go swimming, but a word of warning, we all go naked.” AJ said.

“Our favorite way of swimming as well. We will come at around five then if that's okay with you guys. Here's my card in case you have to change times for any reason.” Jim said and handed the card to AJ.

“Thanks, well see you later, that's us being called now.” AJ said.

The PA went off stating that any elderly or unaccompanied minors were to head to the boarding ramps, so they headed off with waves and headed off the ship, seconds after it had docked. They went down the ramps and through customs and on the other side waiting for them was Sarah. As soon as she saw the boys, and they cleared customs, she ran for them and gave them both hugs and kisses.

“I missed you guys so much. So how was the cruise?”

“We missed you too mom, and the cruise was great, but we're glad to be coming home as well.”

“Yeah, trips never seem to last as long as you want them too, but it still feels good to be home again. Come on, let's get you boys home. We have some interesting news as soon as we get to AJ's.” Sarah said happily, and they headed out of the large building and out to the parking lot.

All the way home Sarah insisted that the boys tell her everything they did, and they talked lots, telling her nearly everything that they had done, except the private things in the bedroom, for that she had her ideas as to what they had been up to.

“Wow, you boys had a very busy time, sounds like you never stopped.”

“We pretty much didn't.” AJ admitted.

“You were pretty brave going out and dancing though in front of all the others like that. In a way though I'm glad you did. If more youth like you got out and shed those barriers, and others learned to accept it better, the world would be a lot easier on the gay youth of today.”

“Yeah, I suppose you're right, but we just wanted to dance.” JJ admitted.

“I know.” Sarah grinned.

They pulled up to AJ's house a few minutes later and they all got out and went inside. Alice, Max, Frank, and the girls were all there waiting for them. They were greeted and hugged and kissed all around, especially by the little girls that missed their big brother and his friend a whole bunch as they said. They again had to tell all about their trip, but they gave an abridged version this time.

“So, Sarah said you had some interesting information for us when we got home, so spill it.” AJ said, sick of talking and wanting someone else to talk now.

“I got a call from the school last week and they want to push you to grade ten AJ, they feel that with the work that you did in grade eight that you will be too bored in grade nine. I told them that we would talk it over and that it would be your decision.” Alice said. Before AJ could say anything though Sarah piped up.

“And I too got a call from the school JJ, and they feel that you are ready to also go into grade ten, closer to where you belong. I also told them that it would be your choice as to whether you wanted to go or not. I think however that it would be a wise decision, and if you both moved up together, I have been assured that you will both be in all the same classes.” Sarah said.

“Oh, well that's a lot to take in, and I would like to take some time to think about it.” AJ said.

“No one is rushing you guys, you can talk it over, but they would like to know at least four weeks before the start of the next term. That gives you plenty of time to talk it all over, and make an informed decision. The guidance counselor has also offered her services should you wish to talk it over with someone before you decide.” Alice said.

“Okay, and it sounded like there was something else!” JJ asked.

“Yes, there was. AJ, I had a few visitors over the past couple weeks. It seems that the tapes from your swim meet have been viewed by some people, and I had a few people here wanting to talk to you about your future in diving. I told them all that this was your decision, and that they would have to come and talk to you themselves. They were all upset about that, one of them having come clear across the country he said. Well when he sounded snotty about it, I told him that he should have called first then. I wouldn't suggest him for sure.” Alice said.

“They also came and asked about you JJ, all saying that they liked what they saw in your swimming.” Frank said.

“Well they're all too late, and the jokes on them. We already have a coach who is going to train us, and we have invited him and his partner to dinner tomorrow night to introduce you all, and to work out details.” AJ grinned.

“Excuse me?” Alice and Sarah asked at the same time, the men just kept their mouths shut.

AJ and JJ then went through the entire story of Jim and Riley, how they had gone to the same school as they go to, how Coach Phil taught them, how Jim was an Olympic swimmer, and is now an Olympic trainer, how they live only twenty minutes away and would be willing to come here instead of them having to travel, everything.

“Well I have to admit that that's a relief. The thought of either of you having to move made me sick.” Sarah admitted.

“Well if the others had have even suggested that we move, they would have had a rude awakening. They also would have demanded we practice more than we will allow, because we are still going to school and that is more important. Jim understands and respects that, and he is willing to work around that no problem. And because he is so close, no one has to relocate.” JJ said.

“Not to mention that we really like both Jim and Riley.” AJ added.

“That's always a good thing.” Max said.

“Well I don't know about JJ, but I am tired, I want to go unpack my things and then go relax in the hot tub and take a nice dip.” AJ said.

“I'm definitely with you on that.” JJ said.

“Are you coming home tonight?” Frank asked.

“Yeah, I had better.” JJ grinned.

“Well then we should head out and get some dinner.” Sarah said.

The boys got up and kissed each other gently and then whispered I love you to each other, and then JJ and his family were gone. Max said that he was going to go get dinner started, and AJ said he was going to go unpack and then sit in the hot tub for a bit.

“Do you want me to call when dinner is ready, or will you just come and eat when you feel like it?” Max asked.

“I'll eat a little later, I think I'm just going to go and relax a bit first. It's good to be home.” AJ said.

It took AJ all of maybe ten minutes to get his things put away, mostly because ninety percent of the things in his suitcase had to go in the laundry, but he wasn't about to go put a load of laundry in at that time. So he stripped down, threw those clothes in his hamper as well, removed his wet diaper and threw it in the trash, and then headed out to the pool. He did not turn on the house lights, it was still very light outside, he just turned on the pool and hot tub lights, and then went and slipped into the nice hot soothing water of the hot tub, and that's where he stayed for nearly half an hour, just relaxing. Eventually AJ figured he had better get out of the hot tub or risk falling asleep, so he reluctantly climbed out and dove into the pool. AJ swam lazily to the other end of the pool on his stomach, and then all the way back on his back. Swimming still lazily out towards the center of the pool, AJ stopped swimming and just laid in the water and floated there for along while, just thinking.

After resting for well over an hour, AJ climbed from the pool and hit the shower to rinse off. He stood under the hot water for quite some time, slowly soaping and rinsing himself off.

“Your dinner's in the oven keeping warm, Max said to enjoy and that he had to go, so he'll see you later.” Alice offered as AJ came inside.

“Thanks mom.” AJ said and went to his room to get diapered for the night.

AJ grabbed his plate of food, sat down to eat and then went to the living room to sit and watch TV with his mom for a while before going to bed. He cuddled right up into her, and they both relaxed until bedtime.