Chapter 16

“Hi there baby, how are you today?” JJ asked as he stepped in the house a little after noon the next day.

“I'm great, now that you're here. I sure missed being cuddled up to you all night long.” AJ answered, closing the door and leaning in for a nice tender kiss.

“Yeah, me too. The problem is I miss being with you so much when we're apart, but we can't possibly live together.” JJ surmised.

“No, and I think that our parents would freak for suggesting it, and we really should live with them for a while longer. I was just about to make lunch, have you eaten yet?”

“I don't think my mom and dad would freak out quite as much as your mom would, but I am not ready to move out yet either. As for lunch, no, I was hoping we could eat together.” JJ smiled.

“Good.” AJ smiled back and they headed to the kitchen.

On the way to the kitchen JJ stripped down until he was naked, AJ was of course still in his night diaper, but JJ did not bother to get diapered, because they would be going and working out soon anyways. They quickly made a good healthy lunch and sat down and ate it.

“So what do you think we should do about school?” JJ asked.

“I haven't really thought about it too much yet. There is only one reason I would do it, and that's if, and only if, you went with me. If they can guarantee that we will have all our classes together, and you're sure you're ready to jump ahead that far, then I would be willing to do it. I know I can do the work, it's you I worry about.”

“That's my only concern as well. I have done very well up to now, but that is a hell of a jump for me. I know I can do it though with you by my side, I can do anything as long as you're with me. I say we do it then, you and me baby.”

“Then it's settled then. I do want to take the advanced math though, are you ready for that?”

“We can ask to put me in that class as long as it is agreed that if I find it too difficult, that I will go back to the regular math.” JJ said.

“I don't think that we'd need to worry about that, I think you are good enough to do well. Physics though could be a bitch, your science skills are still not quite as good, so you might want to skip that one.”

“True, but I am starting to understand it more, and with your tutelage, I'm sure I can manage just fine.”

“Then that's what we'll do. I know you're smart enough to do it all, that much is for certain, but you still have so much to catch up on. I think what we should do is ask for the grade nine books and get you up to par on that this summer, so that it will be a little easier on you. We can get dressed and go to the school as soon as we finish lunch, and do that and talk to them about all this. And then we will have to hit the grocery store for something for dinner tonight.”

“Okay, as much as I really didn't want to worry about school this summer, it's probably for the best. Two hours a day should probably do just fine though, don't you think?”

“No more than that, we are on our summer vacation after all, and we still want to enjoy ourselves.” AJ grinned.


“Ah hell, who could that be?” AJ asked in frustration as the doorbell rang. AJ ran to his room and grabbed his robe and threw it on, and threw one to JJ as well, and then went and answered the door.

“Hello, are you AJ, I was told to come by this week sometime to speak to you?”

“Yes, I am AJ, and you are?”

“Sorry, Stan Summers, I am a swim and dive coach specializing in Olympic training. Your last meets tapes were sent to me and I can honestly say that I was very impressed with what I saw, and I would love to offer you a position to train with me.”

“I'm sorry to tell you this Stan, but I already have a trainer, and so does JJ, who is also here, this is him, so I'm sorry that you wasted your time coming out today.”

“Oh, that's too bad. Who did you get if you don't mind my asking?”

“Jim Pompodoro, and he is willing to come here and teach me, so that I do not have to worry about school or traveling.”

“I see. My pool is a few hours south of here, so it would mean that you would have had to relocate, but by the sounds of it, that was not an option. Well AJ and JJ, it was nice meeting you, and sorry for taking up your time. If I am able to, I will spread the word, I know there were a few others wanting to talk to you.” Stan smiled warmly.

“Thanks, and that would be much appreciated, because if the one guy talks to me like he talked to my mom, I might get angry.” AJ smiled.

“Well I hope to see you again some day very soon, and be proud to have Jim, he only takes the very best, and I dare say you two just might be that.” He said and waved as he went.

“Bye.” Both boys called out.

“Well he was nice enough, I would have trained with him if I hadn't already had a trainer and he was closer.” AJ said.

“Yeah, me too.”

“Well I was done lunch anyways, so let's clean up and get dressed and head out.”

Twenty minutes later they hopped on their bikes and headed to the school. AJ locked their bikes up in the front bike parking area and they had to ring to have someone let them in. It was the principal himself that came to answer the door.

“Ah, AJ and JJ, a pleasure to see you. I trust your trip was nice. Sarah told me all about it, and I'm jealous.”

“Good to see you too sir. We came to talk about school next year, may we sit and talk with you for a while?” JJ asked.

“We're not in school here gentlemen, so please call me Jeff.”

“Technically sir, we are in school.” AJ grinned.

“You sir are too smart for your own good sometimes, but you know exactly what I meant.” Jeff grinned.

“I know Jeff, I just love catching people like that, it's my way of having fun.” AJ grinned.

“I was wrong, you're evil. Follow me and we can talk in my office.” Jeff smiled warmly. He had always had a soft spot for AJ, much like himself, just smaller, and the kid was not only brilliant, but witty and funny.

Jeff led the way to his office and they all went in. The boys grabbed two chairs and sat down across from Jeff as he took his seat.

“Okay, here's the deal. We want to go ahead and move to the tenth grade, however we have a couple stipulations if we could.” AJ said confidently.

“Excellent, it was my idea, and I'm glad you guys are thinking about your future. I am open to any ideas and stipulations you may come up with, and we can see if we can come to some sort of agreement.” Jeff smiled warmly.

“It's pretty simple really. JJ is doing very well, but it may be too much for him right away like that, so the first thing we'd like, is to take the full set of grade nine books home so that we can do some intense tutoring over the summer to catch up more. Second is that we would like to be put in all the same classes, all the advanced ones including physics. Third is that JJ needs to have the right to step back to the regular classes if at any time he feels that it is too much for him. We both have no doubt that he is smart enough to do the work, but it's an awful lot to pile on him all at once like that when he's not quite as used to it as I am. Did I miss anything baby?” AJ asked.

“No, I think you covered it perfectly, and much better than I would have.” JJ answered with a warm smile.

“Well now here I thought that you might ask me for something difficult, consider it all done. I will get your class schedules done up in the next week or so and mail them to you with your required equipment lists. And as a general rule in my school, a student is always welcome to back away from the advanced classes if they feel they are not able to do the work. If you give me a few minutes I will go get you all the books.” Jeff smiled brightly at the boys.

“Well that was easier than I expected.” JJ said.

“Yeah, mostly because I did all the talking.” AJ grinned.

“Yeah. And you know, for someone who, until not all that long ago, hardly ever talked, you sure do talk well.”

“Thanks, and it's all your fault by the way.”

“I know, just the same way it's all your fault that I am about to skip a grade and go right into the advanced classes.”

“Technically you're not actually skipping a grade, you're just making up for lost time.” AJ said with a straight face.

“Except the part about going into the advanced classes, never would I have been able to do that on my own.”

“Maybe that would have been true before, but not now, well now you are going on your own merit, I just got you on the right track, and you took off running.” AJ smiled warmly.

“Same could be said for you.” JJ smiled just as warmly back.

“Here you are boys. I hope that this will help you out a lot. I do have a question for you though, are you staying on the swim team?”

“Of course we are!” JJ stated.

“Oh good, because there have been rumors going around about you two being scouted for the Olympics, and I want you on my team so that my school kicks all the others asses.” Jeff grinned.

“And we were, and we have a coach as well, but that won't interfere with school, or the swim team here. We still need to be on the team, we wouldn't leave them for the world.” JJ admitted.

“Well I'm glad to hear that you will be staying on the school team, but how will you be able to work all that out, what about practices and meets elsewhere?”

“Well our trainer knows that school comes first, and he will be made aware that our school swim team comes a very close second, they are our friends, and we will not give them up that easily. He's coming over tonight to go over all the details. Don't worry, we will still try and bring your school glory and fame.” AJ grinned.

“Whew, thank goodness. Well I'm sure you boys have other things you'd rather be doing other than sitting here talking to me all day long, and truth be told, I have a lot of work to do as well, so we should probably say goodbye.”

“You're right, we need to get to the grocery store.” JJ said.

They all shook hands and the boys showed themselves out, Jeff getting back to work. With all their books packed in JJ's backpack, they took off.

“I think we should go get our hair cut, we're both getting a bit shaggy again, and yours needs to be restyled now that your hair is growing back.” JJ said as they rode from the school.

“Yeah, let's go see Marcos and get our hair done again, it's been a while.” AJ smiled and they turned around and headed in the opposite direction, and headed to Marcos' shop. They talked and laughed the whole way there, and when they got there and walked in, Marcos was busy working on a man, but he saw them and grinned widely, and told them to take a seat and that he'd be right with them.

The boys sat down and waited, and in only fifteen minutes, Marcos was finished with the man whose hair he had been cutting, the man paid, and then Marcos turned to them.

“AJ, JJ, so good to see you again. Come on back and let's get you boys looking just as gorgeous as can be.”

“Hi Marcos, good to see you again as well.” AJ said happily.

“Same as last time I trust, cut and a color?”

“You bet Marcos, work your magic on us.” JJ answered.

“I'd be happy to. I'm glad to see your beautiful hair is growing back so nicely AJ, you can't even see the scar at all any more.” Marcos said effusively.

“Yeah, and it is longer than before the shooting, thankfully my hair grows fast huh.” AJ grinned.

“Yeah, but that's about normal, it's been what, four months right?”

“About that yeah, probably closer to five though, never stopped to think about it.” AJ admitted.

“Yeah, your hair will grow about an inch a month, especially at your age.” Marcos said.

He got to work on the boys again, same fashion as he had the last time, and then took them back, washed and rinsed their hair, and then got to work on streaking it. He went with a little bolder color this time; in AJ's strawberry blond hair, he went with dark red to accent it, and in JJ's light brown hair he went with bright blond and put lots of tiny streaks in to make it blend beautifully. They were then left to sit for the required amount of time, while he went and cut someone else's hair, and then came back and washed their hair again. They were then back to the same chairs they had vacated a while ago and Marcos once again busied himself with perfecting the cut, and then styled their hair to perfection.

“Damn, sometimes I even surprise myself, it's absolutely perfect, you boys are gorgeous, every gay boy in town will be knocking.” Marcos said happily, not yet having shown them how it looked and although they could see each other a bit, he kept standing in between them so that they couldn't really. With a flourish Marcos spun them both at the same time so that they could see themselves, and each other, in the mirrors.

“I love it.” Both boys said together.

“I love what you did with AJ's hair, that color looks really good.” JJ said.

“And I love how you did JJ's hair as well, it's perfect.”

“Thanks boys, it's easy to do good work when the boys the hair is on are so gorgeous already.”

“Thanks.” They both said.

They hopped up out of their chairs and Marcos brushed them off and then led them up to the front where he charged them the normal fee this time, remembering his promise to charge them properly from then on.

“Thanks again Marcos, as usual you're a god with scissors and dye, and we'll see you again soon.” JJ said.

“Hopefully not as soon as the last time, but thanks, you boys have a good day.” Marcos said, and they headed out.

“I want to get my ears pierced.” AJ said as they hopped back on their bikes.

“Okay, let's go to the place that did my eyebrow and we can both get them done, I want one in each ear up high. How about you?”

“I was thinking the same thing.”

“Cool.” JJ said and they took off.

They reached the place where JJ had his eyebrow done, and while they waited for someone to come and help them, they perused the display cases showcasing all the different jewelry that they could pierce a person with, and the selection was quite large and varied. In the end they both chose an eighteen carat gold and quarter carat diamond stud ear rings. When the lady who was working finally finished her last client, she came and asked them if she could help them. They told her what they wanted and then she had them pay first, and then took them back to get the piercings done. It was done in less than half an hour, and was relatively painless, more like a quick sharp jab that died away quickly. The lady then told the boys how to care for and clean their new ear rings, and then they were off.

“That looks real hot on you, I don't know why we didn't go get it done sooner.” JJ said as they hopped back on their bikes to head to the grocery store.

“Thanks, it looks hot on you as well. I had been thinking of doing it for quite some time, just never quite got around to it I guess. Another thing I haven't gotten around to was going and buying a new stereo and stand for the pool, maybe we can do that tomorrow, ask your mom to take us out.”

“Thanks. I had been thinking of getting my ears done for a while too, so now it's done. I think my mom would be happy to take us shopping, we can ask her tonight at dinner. However if we don't hurry up and get a move on, we will be late for dinner ourselves.” JJ grinned.

“It's not that late, but I am getting hungry again, want to get a quick lunch somewhere, or just wait until we get home?”

“We can just wait until we get home I think, we won't be that long, and we don't really need to eat out.”

“True.” AJ said and they headed straight to the store that was closest to home.

“Hey, how come you haven't gone to get your learning permit for driving yet?” AJ asked suddenly as they were about half way to the store.

“Just don't feel like it. I'm not in any real rush to start driving, I can do anything on my bike that I want, and the few times that I need to drive, my mom is always happy to drive me. To tell you the truth, it kinda scares me, and I prefer riding my bike.”

“Makes sense. I prefer riding as well, but eventually we will both more than likely need to learn how to drive. I guess neither of us can really say that we prefer riding when we've never drove, but I do know what you mean.”

“I have driven before, my dad has let me a few times, I just didn't like it. At first I just thought I was nervous, and then I realized it wasn't that, I just don't like it, it's kind of scary.” JJ admitted.

“Maybe a motor bike later on would be okay then, but there's no rush, like you said.” AJ smiled warmly.

“Maybe, that's not a bad idea. Still a bike, but faster and larger for when you need to carry anything or go anywhere.” JJ smiled, kind of liking that idea, but not thinking for any time soon.

They made it to the store a few minutes later and looked around, trying to decide what to make for dinner. There was a special on some pretty good steaks, so they grabbed enough for everyone, grabbed a large bag of fresh mushrooms to fry up to go with the steak, a large loaf of French bread that would be baked with garlic butter and Parmesan cheese, and then they got everything they needed for a great salad. Once it was all paid for and packed into their packs, which barely fit, they headed home. When they got home, the steaks were set out to sit for a while in the open air, and then were tenderized and seasoned and left to sit, but now covered. The boys also got the salad, potatoes, and the garlic bread all prepared, so that all they had to do was cook them, or set them out later.

“We have a few hours before we have to put the potatoes on, want to go for a quick workout and swim?” AJ asked.

“Sure.” JJ said, but thinking that somewhere along the line they might be able to fit in a little playtime as well, but AJ had already thought of that too.

They went out to the pool house, stripped each other, washed each other off, and then started a one hour workout, neither figuring that with all the bike riding they had done, that they needed any more than that. Once their workout was complete, they headed to the hot tub to sit back and relax. They relaxed for quite a while until AJ snuck his hand into JJ's lap and started playing with his soft cock. With a sigh from JJ, his cock started to lengthen and harden, and as AJ stroked him slowly, JJ started moaning softly.

“Here, sit up on the edge of the hot tub with your feet still in the water.” AJ suggested.

With a glazed over look on his face, JJ did as he was told and hopped out. AJ then spread JJ's legs and moved into position, and while kneeling on the seat, he dove in and inhaled JJ's hard member in one gulp, deftly taking the nice large piece of boy meat into his mouth and throat.

“Oh shit.” JJ gasped and bucked his hips and instinctively grabbed onto AJ's bobbing head.

The moaning and groaning only got louder as AJ worked JJ's boner, but teasing him mercilessly and not letting him cum. Finally JJ had enough of the teasing, and took things into his own control and started thrusting himself. AJ grinned around JJ's bone, because he got his lover as hot and horny as he was hoping to. It only took a few seconds of JJ's thrusting for him to explode with a squeal that reverberated all over the pool house.

“Oh shit.” JJ squealed out.

“That good was it?” AJ asked a few moments later when he emerged from JJ's crotch, still licking his lips, savoring the unique flavor of his lover.

“Oh god, it was better than good, as it always is.” JJ panted out.

“Glad to hear it, but I need help before I spontaneously explode myself, I am so close already.” AJ pleaded.

“Trade places with me then baby, and I will take care of you.” JJ said in sympathy.

They quickly traded places. JJ started by licking AJ's entire groin; balls, dick, all the sensitive areas around them, and then finally he sucked in AJ's rapidly pulsing erection. AJ was obviously very close, because no matter how slow JJ went, no matter how little friction he used, no matter how much he tried to torture AJ back, he was as close to exploding as he had ever been, and JJ knew he was going to explode any second now. Not even a full minute after he started sucking on him, AJ screeched in his amazing orgasm, and fired a good sized load into JJ's willing mouth.

“You weren't kidding, man that was your fastest cum to date.” JJ said, coming up and licking his lips as well.

“Yeah, I was so close. But at least now we can play later on and really have some fun and actually last a while. That is if you're staying the night that is!” AJ grinned weakly.

“With an offer like that, who could refuse.” JJ grinned.

“Good, I like making offers you can't refuse. You want to go for a swim now?”

“Sure baby, lead the way.” JJ smiled warmly.

They both climbed up and out and headed to the pool, hand in hand, and jumped into the cool water, still holding hands. As awkward as it would seem to be, they actually swam for a little while still holding hands, and they managed to make it look easy. They swam around lazily for a while, mostly just relaxing and letting the water cool their muscles down. They decided to get out and get cleaned up a while later, and then headed into the house to diaper each other lovingly. They still had a while to kill before they needed to worry about getting the food cooked, and even then, all they had to do was to throw the potatoes in the oven and let them cook, and then when they were almost done, the rest could be started. They decided to go and play a few games on the Nintendo to kill the time.

When it was time to do so, AJ excused himself and went to put the potatoes on, and then came back and continued playing games. Neither boy realized that Alice was not home yet, but she had gone to Max's shop to wait and come home with him. Everyone arrived at about the same time, just as AJ and JJ were getting the grill started to get the steaks cooking. They had of course decided to not put them on until everyone was there. All the family commented on the boys' hair and ear rings, saying they looked very nice, and both boys of course thanked them for the compliments. AJ had been a little fearful that his mom would not like it, but she genuinely seemed to. Jim and Riley were the last to make it, and when the doorbell rang, AJ went to answer it, of course hiding behind the door a bit.

“Hi guys, come on in, our parents all just made it as well, and I'm just about to put the steaks on.” AJ greeted them and they came in. They both took one look at what AJ was wearing and smiled.

“Hi AJ, good to see you again. So do you need diapers, or are you a diaper lover as well?” Jim asked.

“Diaper lover during the day, bed wetter at night.” AJ admitted with no shame at all, he knew they would find out eventually anyways, may as well find out before they started training whether it would for some reason bother them. “So one or both of you are a diaper lover then I take it?” He grinned.

“Both. They're so damned comfortable, and Riley got me hooked.” Jim grinned.

“Like it took much.” Riley said.

“That's hardly the point, the point was I had never thought about it, or tried them, until you told me about it and asked if I would like to wear them.” Jim smiled.


“Well come on in guys and meet the others.” AJ offered.

They kicked off their shoes and followed AJ into the dining room where all the others were busy talking about their days.

“Mom, Max, Sarah, Frank, brats, this is Jim and Riley. Riley and Jim, this is my mom Alice, her boyfriend Max, Sarah and Frank, JJ's parents, and their daughters, the brats.”

“Hi.” Everyone said.

“I really wish you wouldn't call them that.” Alice said in an exasperated tone.

“Why, they are, and half the time that's all they will answer to.” Frank grinned.

Everyone smiled. AJ quickly took the orders as to how everyone liked their steaks, and then he and JJ headed to the kitchen to get the rest of the dinner started and delivered. The table had of course already been set, and everyone sat around it and started talking, getting to know each other a bit. No one seemed uncomfortable in the least, they all seemed to like each other right away, which was a good thing. Ten minutes later the dinner was set in the center of the table, and because everyone liked their steaks the same way, which was a lot easier on AJ, they were all on a platter in the center as well. When everyone was told to dig in, they did, and with gusto.

“Oh god, that was an amazing meal.” Riley pushed himself back from the table and patted his distended belly.

“Now you know why AJ does most of the cooking in this house.” Alice grinned.

“Really, you cooked all of this, I figured you just did the steaks?” Jim asked in surprise.

“No, I didn't, JJ helped as well, but I love to cook.” AJ said unashamedly.

“Wow, that's good. Those were some of the best steaks I have had in a long time.” Riley said again.

“Thanks, they were just what the store had on special, I didn't even look at the cut.” AJ admitted.

“Well, I think we were here to talk about some swimming things weren't we, so should we head to the living room and sit down and talk?” Alice asked.

“No, let's get this mess cleaned up first, and then we can talk.” Jim said.

“You don't have to worry about that.” Max said.

“Sure we do. We can't just sit and let you guys do all the work, come on, if we all go and do it, it will take only a few minutes.” Riley said this time.

They all got up and cleaned the mess, and like Riley said, it took only a few minutes before everything was put away and the dishwasher was started. They then all headed towards the living room and sat down.

“So, as I'm sure the boys have told you already, I am an Olympic class swim and dive trainer, and the boys have agreed to allow me to train them. Now all we have to do is figure out all the hows and whens.” Jim started.

“We have a couple things that we need to stipulate first, and they are important to us, and will not budge on them.” AJ said seriously.

“Okay, I can work around most anything, so what have you got?”

“First and foremost, like we told you on the ship, our school work comes first, no questions asked. If there is an important swim that we need to attend, we will not sacrifice more than a couple days of school, and that cannot happen too often. Second is that we belong to our schools swim team and they come second. They are all our friends there, and there is no way we will let them down, and we will go to all the school meets above all else. Third is that we are doing school work all throughout the summer to get ready for grade ten instead of nine, so we cannot do only training during the summer either, although we will have a lot more time for that, but we are still young and do still want to have fun.” AJ said.

“Okay, that shouldn't be too big a problem. You will find that most of our competitions are on weekends as well, many of the people in the nationals and even the Olympics are still school aged kids or young adults that are in university or college, so they are fully aware that students cannot sacrifice too much of their schooling. And it is good too, the average swimmer retires by twenty five, so you need to have something else to fall back on. I commend you for being bold enough though to lay it on the line. As for your friends coming first, I would hope that they would be your highest priority, because your friends are your life. There may be scheduling issues at times, but we will swim those laps when they come. I would ask though that if it is a very important competition, and only a minor school meet, that you would go for the competition, however I will not force you, it has to be your decision alone. As for the training, we will work hard during the summer of course, but not so hard that you won't have a life.”

“Will they even be allowed to go to the school swim meets if they are training at a professional level?” Max asked curiously.

“A good point, and one you boys should have probably asked. The answer is simple though, yes. There are no rules in the school meets that say you cannot be training for larger events, and in fact many of the competitors in the nationals, for instance, are straight from the swim team events. Which is a main reason the larger school events and the national events are rarely scheduled at the same time.” Jim announced.

“Never even thought it would be a problem, I figured that was how it worked anyways.” AJ admitted with a shrug.

“Good. Now for times. During the summer and the holidays I would like five days a week, and during the school year I would like the weekends. Amount of time will vary, but we'd be looking at a few hours of hard training every day. I would also encourage you to do weight training and swimming every day if possible. I know that you both are very adept at doing this anyways, since I saw you do it.” Jim said.

“I don't see that as being too much of a problem, do you AJ?” JJ said.

“No, just as long as we still have some time to ourselves and get to go and have fun, then it sounds fine to me.”

“I would like to add that during the school year we may have the occasional weekend pool party where our entire team is invited to come, we would either want those weekends off, or have you allow them to be there while you train us.”

“That doesn't pose a problem to me.” Jim smiled.

“Good, because our friends are very important to us.” JJ said.

“Excellent. Now you have told me all about your pool, how's about you show us?” Jim asked.

“Sure, follow us.” AJ said and stood and led everyone out to the pool.

“Very impressive. You have good workout equipment, and an excellent pool. Like you said, it's not as large as an Olympic standard pool is, but it's perfect for training. The boards though are perfect, they are standard by the looks of them.” Jim commented after taking a few minutes to look around.

“They are, that was a stipulation that AJ had, so I made absolutely certain before I installed them.” Max said.

“Very good. So I guess the last question I have to ask is; when do we start?” Jim smiled.

“Well by five days a week during the summer I assume that you mean the week days, so I think we would be good with starting tomorrow.” JJ offered.

“That works just fine for me. And now all we have to do is fill out all the paper work to make this all legal so that I get paid, if of course the parents will agree to sign them.”

“Are you kidding, if we didn't, the boys would never let us hear the end of it, and this is entirely up to them.” Alice said, Sarah and Frank just nodded their agreement.

“Very well then. Let me just go grab my brief case, and then we can just sit at the table here and get them all signed.” Jim smiled.

By the time he made it back, all the others were already seated at the table. All except the girls of course who had been told to go ahead and strip and go get cleaned up. The older one would have to do all the work, so it would take some time anyways. They happily ran off to do that while the others got down to reading and signing papers.

“It doesn't say anything about travel expenses in here, how does that work?” Frank asked.

“The athlete will only have to cover their meals, I told AJ and JJ that before, sorry, I should have mentioned it to you guys as well.” Jim apologized.

“Actually it should be me apologizing, they had not asked the question, so I should have realized that they already knew, they're both too smart to forget a little thing like that. I would have paid all of the expenses had I needed to, but that does make it easier.” Frank smiled shyly.

“Yeah, the government takes care of their athletes quite well, a lot better than it used to be, that's for sure. Back when I started, we had to do almost all the fund raising in order to pay for our trips, but now the government just pays for it all and charges the spectators for entrance to the competitions, and then they make money on selling the TV rights, so they do well in it.” Jim said.

“That's good. That must be why our Olympic teams are a lot stronger now, the athletes can actually afford to do it now.” Sarah said.

“Very true. The athletes still don't make money unless they win, but it helps a lot, this way they don't have to worry so much about paying for everything. Most of course still have to work to support themselves if they can't live at home, but it makes things a lot easier on them.”

“Well, now that all that is out of the way, let's go swimming.” AJ called out.

Everyone said okay of course, and hopped up and started getting undressed, even Alice did, although she was blushing by the time she had her top off. Everyone noticed, but didn't say anything. The girls had just finished, so the rest of them went and had their showers and cleaned up. They all dove in the pool and swam and played and dove for a while, just having fun. AJ was of course asked to make a couple dives, and as normal, Alice gasped as he flipped through the air and dove into the water cleanly.

Alice had stayed blushing for quite some time, but eventually she got more accustomed to being naked amongst all the others, and her blush faded. By the time that they all climbed from the pool and headed to the hot tub, Alice was feeling just fine. AJ sat next to her as they sat down.

“I'm proud of you mom, you did good. Just hold your head high and ignore the fact that you're naked is the easiest way to get over it.” AJ whispered to her.

“It's still really hard, but a lot easier than I imagined.” Alice whispered back.

“Did you and Max ever make it to the nude beach?”

“No, we couldn't get a chance to go, but he had me in here swimming naked every day. With him it was easier, but with all of you was a little difficult, but I just did it.”

“Good. You're learning to let go of all those old bad habits and teachings, it's never easy, but you'll be fine.” AJ said and smiled warmly to his mom.


It was getting late and the girls were nearly falling asleep, so everyone decided that it was time to head home. They all hit the showers to rinse off, and everyone, except the boys and Alice and Max, got dressed. Everyone was shown to the door, and just as they were about to say their goodbyes, Jim stopped and turned around.

“I almost forgot, when do you boys usually wake up in the morning, and what time should I be here?”

“We can get up at pretty much any time, but normally by seven we're awake.” AJ said.

“Good, I prefer early morning training, you're far more focused and able to train hard then, so if I came for eight it would be okay with you guys?”

“Perfect.” They both said.

“I guess this means that during the week you will be living here then JJ, but you have to come home on the weekends okay.” Sarah said.

“Okay, but AJ will probably come spend the weekends at our place.” JJ smiled.

“I have no problems with that.” Sarah said.

“Me neither, I work the weekends anyways, so I won't see him, he may as well be there instead of being alone.” Alice said. Alice was of course still in school, she was doing the summer course as well to get caught up further, but she was almost ready for the start of the first actual term.

“Awesome.” Both boys said together.

Everyone said their goodbyes and then everyone headed out to go home.

“I think that we're just going to head to bed, so goodnight, love you.” AJ said.

“Okay, I think that that's where we're heading as well. You boys have a good sleep, it sounds like you're going to need it. And we love you both as well.” Alice said, then went and gave them both a hug and a kiss goodnight. The boys even gave Max a hug goodnight, and then they separated to their bedrooms for the night.

“I want you to make love to me please, I want to lay on our sides all cuddled up like we always do, and I want you to enter me just like that?” AJ asked so very lovingly as soon as they entered the room.

“That sounds very nice baby, and I would like that very much.” JJ said.

They headed over to the bed and laid down and started kissing and caressing each other softly, just making love to each other with their lips and hands first, but neither one touching each other in a sexual manner, and neither one was even hard yet. Slowly their love changed more to passion, and their members rose to greet it. AJ grabbed the lube off the bedside table and started lubing his hole while they continued to kiss passionately. When AJ was ready, he rolled over and cuddled back into JJ, pulled his right leg up, it was on top, and JJ wrapped his arms lovingly around his small lover and slowly entered AJ. With nothing more than contented sighs from both, JJ was fully inside. This entrance had been the easiest yet, and there had not been any pain at all for AJ, it felt amazingly good the entire time. JJ started a slow gentle thrusting, pulling as far out as he could, and then slowly inserting himself back in, all the while his hands were softly caressing AJ's awesome chest. They were both moaning their undying love for each other as they made sweet gentle love, both feeling incredible. They didn't much like the fact that they couldn't see or kiss each other like this, but it sure felt very nice and loving, having never being able to hold each other in this way before. JJ finally decided about half way through that since his hands were so nice and free, while making love like this, that he may as well gently stroke AJ at the same time, so that's what he did. Normally they both lost most of their erections while the other was inside them, but as soon as JJ grasped a hold of AJ, and started stroking him, he became fully hard again.

“Oh, that feels so amazing.” AJ sighed out.

“I'm glad you like it, I just hope we'll be able to do it in reverse, it might not work as well the other way around.” JJ whispered softly into AJ's ear, sounding very husky.

“I know, but I'm willing to try if you are?” AJ sighed again.

“Oh yeah baby, I'd try anything for and with you.”

They made love like this for quite a while longer, both lasting a surprising amount of time. They didn't normally last too terribly long, but this time they were, and they both liked it. Finally though they came at the same time with soft gasps. It was no where near their most powerful orgasms, in fact they were quite tame by their standards, but it was a long and very satisfying orgasm. As soon as the orgasm faded away, they both collapsed down, still holding onto each other, and then slowly came back to their senses.

“That was a lot nicer than I imagined it would be, so soft and gentle, and that cum was very nice, not nearly as powerful though.” AJ sighed out nearly five minutes later.

“Yeah, it was very nice, the only thing I missed was being able to look into your beautiful eyes and kiss you while we made love, but I kind of liked it this way a lot more.” JJ said softly.

“Yeah, me too.” AJ said and then turned around, barely breaking the hug that JJ was still giving him, and started tenderly kissing his baby.

They continued their kissing and caressing as if they had never stopped, and for ten minutes they made love to each other without being at all sexual. Neither had yet to regain their erections, but they didn't care, they could keep this up all night if they wanted to. They did of course eventually want to make love one more time, this time AJ buried in JJ, but they were content with this for a while longer. As soon as JJ was ready for the next act in their play of love to begin, he grabbed the lube, and while reaching behind himself, lubed up his very willing hole.

AJ, knowing what was happening, anticipating what was about to come, started getting very hard again. When JJ rolled over onto his side and pulled his left leg up, AJ wrapped his arms around his lover, and then started slowly burying his love tool inside JJ's love tunnel. While his dick was slowly sinking in, AJ's hands were softly caressing JJ's much larger chest. Given that AJ was so much smaller than JJ was, it should have made this position a little more awkward for them, but they didn't seem to notice. As soon as AJ was buried to the hilt, he started a nice slow motion, still caressing JJ's chest. He too waited a while before reaching down to play with JJ's soft dick, and as soon as he had his hand wrapped around it, and started stroking, JJ became quite hard. They were both moaning softly, mostly whispering sweet nothings to each other. Nearly fifteen minutes after inserting himself into JJ, AJ started his orgasm, which in turn set off JJ, and they both came long, and again gently. With another deep sigh they collapsed down for a long time, longer than the first time.

“Wow, that was incredible, no wonder you liked that so much.” JJ sighed out.

“Yeah.” Was all AJ could think to whisper back.

“We better get diapered real soon before we both fall asleep, because I am going to very soon.” JJ whispered.

“I already am.” AJ yawned.

“I'll get us both ready.” JJ whispered lovingly and slowly rolled out of bed and headed to the closet. He came back seconds later with two diapers and then diapered AJ. AJ managed to roll over and get up and do the same for his baby, and then they laid down, pulled the covers over themselves, kissed each other gently for a few minutes, whispered I love you to each other, and then passed out for the night.


The alarm clock woke the boys at seven the next morning, and they kissed and cuddled for a few minutes, luxuriating in the feelings of just waking up. They finally decided to climb out of bed and go get some breakfast, after brushing their teeth of course. Alice and Max were up and sitting at the table when they walked in, drinking their morning coffee, and the boys gave a groggy good morning to them.

“Well you boys seem awful awake this morning, late night?” Alice grinned.

“No, we went to sleep not that long after we went to our room, we could still hear you two going strong, but we went to sleep. It just feels early this morning for some reason.” AJ said.

“Oh.” Alice blushed.

“For god sake woman, why are you blushing, neither of the boys are embarrassed, and why should they be, we all know they were having sex last night a well.” Max said.

“No we weren't Max, we were making love to each other, very tenderly in fact.” AJ smiled.

“Oh, well good for you, sex is great, but making tender love is even better. I'm glad you know the difference, many adults don't even know there's a difference.” Max said warmly.

“I know, thanks.” AJ smiled back.

Alice still had a bit of a blush from that, but she was getting better.

“Have you two had breakfast yet?” JJ asked.

“No, we were waiting for you guys.” Alice said.

“Okay, we'll get breakfast started then.” AJ said.

“That's not what I meant, we can get breakfast.” Alice said.

“That's okay, we have it under control.” JJ assured her.

AJ went and grabbed the container with the oatmeal in it, JJ grabbed a large can of peaches and the loaf of bread, and AJ started a pot of water for the oatmeal while JJ got four pieces of bread in the toaster to get the toast started and then both boys started dicing the peaches up. Alice and Max watched with no small amount of awe on their faces, the boys had not said one single word to each other since they started, yet they were working seamlessly together as if they were talking. In only ten minutes they had a nice big pot of peaches and cream oatmeal, and a large stack of toast for them to eat, and they all dug in. They sat around and ate and talked for the rest of the time that they had left to them. Both Alice and Max would have to leave at about the same time that Jim would be showing up, and of course Alice and Max still had to go have their showers and get dressed, so as soon as breakfast was finished and cleaned up, they went to do so, and the boys just headed out to the pool to get started on a good morning workout. They got a nice quick shower, quickly scrubbing each other down, and then went and started their workout. Alice and Max must have shown Jim in, because a little ways into their workout, the three adults came out.

“Boys, Jim is here, and Max and I have to get going.” Alice called out.

“Okay, you guys have a good day, and love you.” AJ said, and Alice and Max headed out. Jim went up to the boys who had not stopped working out at all.

“Good morning guys, I see you started without me. I will join you in your morning workout, and then we can get started in the pool, and this is where we will start every day anyways.” Jim said. He stripped off all his clothes, went and grabbed a quick shower as well, and came back, still drying off, and got started his workout as well. It was only a one hour workout today, and that was all they would do each morning.

“Okay, good workout. Lets get in the pool and get you boys really going. Show me what all you have, and then we can build from there.”

They all jumped into the pool, AJ and JJ putting on their swimming weights first.

“What are those for?” Jim asked curiously.

“They're weights, and they add extra resistance in our training, so that when we get in the pool for a meet, then it is easier on us and we can go even faster.” AJ said simply.

“Good idea, who told you about that, I've never seen that done before?”

“I thought of it, it was a suggestion to our friend Matt, who is also training and needed to trim some time.” AJ answered.

“It's brilliant really.”

“Thanks.” AJ said and he and JJ took off swimming.

For a little over an hour Jim worked with them, correcting a few minor little things here and there, yelling at them to push it harder, to kick harder, to straighten their backs, legs, arms, whatever was not perfectly aligned. If anything, Jim was even more a perfectionist than Coach Phil was, and he pushed the boys all very hard.

“Okay you two, excellent swimming, now let's get up on the board and really get you two working.”

“I don't dive though.” JJ said.

“Oh yes you do, starting now. I want to see how well you do, and then maybe we can get both of you up on the boards.” Jim said firmly.

“Okay, I will try, but I can't even do a cartwheel properly, let alone jumping and flipping like AJ does.” JJ said shakily.

“No worries, we will work on that, and by the end of the summer I bet you're just as good as AJ is.” Jim smiled warmly, and JJ just nodded.

“Okay AJ, I want you to go ahead and get started, just start diving, try new things, and I will watch and give you pointers, but for now I will be mostly working with JJ to get him up to speed on the deck.” AJ just nodded and did as he was told.

For almost an hour Jim drilled into JJ's head all the basic and not so basic principles of diving, showing him how to bend and move, run, jump, and spring, teaching it almost the exact same way that Coach Phil had taught AJ.

“Okay, now I want you to get up on the board and put into practice what you just learned, just simple forward dives for now.” Jim said.

JJ just climbed up onto the diving board and walked to the edge, gave a little spring and dove in. He put into practice all that Jim had just told him, and he did pretty good for his first actual dive. He had of course played on the diving boards before, and he had even done a few actual dives, but that was all mostly playing. Up until now, he pretty much had no clue as to what he was doing, so this was his first true dive.

“Okay, now that was a very good first try, just remember to keep your body straight and tight, and don't pull out of the dive until you are all the way in the water. I want you to keep practicing on that while I take AJ up to the high dive and get him started up there now.”

“Okay.” JJ said and headed back up to the diving board.

“Now for you AJ, it's time we get you up on the high dive and get you used to that. Today I want to see you doing a nice swan dive, I trust you know how to do that?”

“Sure, I'll give it my best.” AJ said and started up the ladder.

“I'm sure you will.” Jim called out as AJ was ascending the ladder.

AJ got to the top, positioned his body the way he was supposed to, and then jumped and did a very respectable swan dive, entering the water with only a slight splash.

“Not too bad. Now the largest difference between the high dive and the low dive, is that you have an extra second to flip around, but the tricky part is keeping your focus. I would like for you to just dive a few more times to get used to the extra height, and then I want you to try and add in a flip, and make sure to keep your focus, because from that height, if you land on your back or stomach, you will really feel it.”

AJ nodded his understanding and climbed back up and dove in again. He did a total of six dives, each one getting progressively better, before he decided he was ready to try a single flip. He climbed back up again, took a nice deep breath, focused his mind, gaining a point that he could watch, and then jumped. He did a nice simple forward flip, arching his body perfectly as he was used to doing, and then straightened out and landed in the water. He was a little clumsy on the first try, and splashed a bit, but over all, it was a great first attempt, and Jim told him so. AJ went back up and did the same thing about eight more times before he was doing it like he had done it for years.

Jim was watching both boys of course and calling out minor corrections in their form, things to try to do better, so on and so forth, and he was suitably impressed, by both boys. JJ had now progressed to doing a running jump, getting some real power and height, and then arching and straightening his body like he was told to do, and entering the water cleanly.

“Okay boys, I think that's enough for today, that was an excellent practice. If you both continue to do as well as you have been, we might just have you ready for the summer Olympics in two years.” Jim said happily.

“Really, you think so?” AJ asked, sounding a little surprised.

“Sure, it might be a long shot, but it's a goal to work towards, isn't it! You both could do very well there, but at this time you would not even take a medal. Although, AJ with how well you do on the low dive, you would be so damn close, now all we have to do is get you doing that well on the high dive.” Jim smiled.

“Cool. We're going to sit in the hot tub for a bit then and relax, you want to join us?” JJ asked.

“No, I better get going, but thanks. I will see you boys at the same time tomorrow morning okay.” Jim said and started getting dressed.

“Okay, see you tomorrow then, and you can come a little early if you want to as well.” AJ said.

“No, I think that was just fine, we've had a good three hours, and I think that will do just fine.” Jim smiled.

And with that, their routine was set. They would do a one hour workout, then a one hour swim, and finally one hour of diving. The boys went and sat in the hot tub for a while, just soothing their sore muscles, and then they went and gave each other a quick ten minute massage.

“You never asked your mom last night whether she could take us shopping today. Do you want to do that now or just leave it for another day?”

“Yeah, I totally forgot about that, let me just call and see what she's up to, if she's busy, then we can go another day, if she can, then we can hop on our bikes and meet her at the mall.”

“Sounds good to me.” AJ smiled and JJ grabbed the phone as they walked in the house.

“Hi mom, are you busy doing anything at the moment?”

“No, nothing important, what's up?”

“AJ and I were just wondering if you could maybe come and help us buy a stereo and a stand for the pool, we will meet you at the mall in an hour or so and then we can sit and have lunch, we'll buy, and then you can bring it back for us.”

“I can do that, the girls would probably like going to the mall for a bit. I will head out pretty quick as well then, and we can just meet in the food fair at twelve thirty hows about?”

“Yeah, that would be perfect, thanks mom.”

“No problem, meet you there in a bit.”

“Bye.” They both said at the same time and hung up.

“She's gonna meet us in the food fair at the mall at twelve thirty, but we'll probably see her there before that, she's gonna take the girls shopping while we shop. So let's go get dressed and head out.” JJ smiled.


They headed off to their bedroom and quickly got dressed in a pair of satin shorts and a nice tight tank top each, threw on their sandals, headed out. AJ locked up house and they hopped on their bikes, and started on the fifteen minute bike ride to the mall. They talked and laughed the whole way there, enjoying the ride and the feel of their muscles burning a little. They made it to the mall and AJ locked their bikes together and to the rack, and then they headed inside.

“One of these days you really should get a lock for your bike, you know that right?” AJ said.

“I know, but I always forget about it, why don't we grab one right now, this way I won't forget again?”

“Okay, we can go to the sports store first and see if there's anything else we want at the same time.”

They headed to the large sports store in the mall, they had a little of everything, but none of it was really high end, more like your standard big box store, but they usually had good prices. JJ found a good cable lock on special and grabbed that, he also found a new helmet, his was getting a little old and small, so he figured he may as well grab it, plus it was really neat looking. AJ didn't see anything he wanted, so they went to the front and JJ paid and they headed out. This mall had only three places that carried electronics, so they headed to the largest one first. They looked around for quite a while, and in fact it was JJ who happened to notice the time.

“Oh crap, we have to meet my mom in two minutes, we better go.”

“Oh wow, it didn't feel like that much time, yeah, we better go.”

“Hi boys, find what you were looking for yet?” Sarah greeted them.

“I bought a new lock and helmet for my bike.” JJ said, showing the bag he was carrying.

“About time too, I told you a few months ago you needed to replace the lock you lost, and your helmet was getting a bit small.”

“I know.”

“And we found a few systems that I liked the look of at one place, but I want to check the other two as well and see what they have, so if you don't mind, we might be a while longer yet.” AJ said.

“No problem, the girls all need new clothes anyways, and we haven't even bought anything yet, so we'll be a while yet anyways.”

AJ and JJ took the orders for what everyone wanted and then headed up to the place they all wanted and got their meals. They all went with a chicken stir fry with all the vegetables, the girls would all share one between them, AJ going with the half portion, and JJ and Sarah each got a standard, three extra plates, and six bottles of water. Their food was up in a few minutes and they took it to the table and they all dug in.

“That was good, I'm glad this place moved in, because none of the other places in here serve anything at all decent.” Sarah commented.

“Yeah, and at least it's healthy, not like all the other places.” AJ said.

“Yeah. So do you guys have your cell phones?”

“Yep.” They both said.

“Okay, we can go our own ways then and you guys can just call when you get what you want, and then we can meet somewhere.” Sarah offered.

“Great, thanks, you're the best mom.” JJ said and they took off again. This time heading to the second largest store. They looked at all the options in there for a while, and then headed to the last, and the smallest store to look around. They had the smallest selection of all, but they had the best options they had seen so far, and for better prices too. They had of course waved off the help when they came in, but AJ called the lady over as soon as he made up his mind.

“Yes, how may I help you gentlemen today?”

“I would like to buy that amp, that Ipod dock and a 2 gig Ipod, and four of those speakers. I will also need about a hundred and fifty meters of fourteen gauge speaker wire, and that stand right there please.”

“Certainly. We can go over to the till and get it all rung in, and then I can pull it all out for you while you look around further.” She said.


AJ and JJ followed the lady to the till, and she took the stock numbers she had written down, and started entering them into the system.

“Oh no, I'm sorry, but I only have two of those speakers in stock. Here's what we can do though, we can either have the other two in in two to three days for you, or I will upgrade to the next model up for only ten dollars a speaker instead of the regular thirty, and those I have in stock. Or you can go and choose different models altogether.”

“I really liked those ones, so I will go with the same series and the next model higher then. What's the difference in them?”

“Yeah, sorry I don't have them out, they just came in, but they have a two inch larger woofer, and are a three way instead of a two way, and they are about fifty watts higher power rating.”

“That sounds perfect, let's go with those instead then, thanks. Oh and I almost forgot, I want to hang these speakers, so I need wall mount brackets with them please?”

“No problem, I always have those in stock, and I will get you some good ones.”

She rang everything up for AJ and gave him the total, and it didn't even faze him when it came to a little over a thousand dollars, something that surprised the sales lady, she had been certain that the boys were messing with her, but she had learned long ago not to under estimate her customers. AJ handed over his card and she put the sale through, AJ entering his PIN to authorize the sale, and it went through nice and quick.

“There we go, all done, I will go get everything for you and bring it out and put it in the buggy you have, I think it will all fit.”

“Thanks.” They said and went to look around for a while.

Fifteen minutes later the lady came back with everything on her cart and then transferred it to theirs. The boys thanked the lady and she thanked them and they headed off, JJ calling his mom on their way out. Sarah had said they they were just paying, and that she'd meet them out at the truck, but told them where she was parked. She was not far from where their bikes were parked, which was lucky, so they headed out. By the time Sarah and the girls made it out, AJ and JJ had almost everything loaded into the truck.

“Good grief boys, what the hell did you buy?” Sarah asked when she looked into the truck and saw everything.

“A little over a thousand dollars of stereo equipment, nothing much.” AJ grinned.

“Wow, that's more than our system cost.”

“The speakers were each a hundred and twenty dollars, but they are some of the best you can get, and they will sound very nice in there, and the amp is one of the best models out there, and for music I went with an Ipod and dock so that I can just load it with music from my computer and play it from there. I also got a really nice stand to put it on, and speaker brackets to hang the speakers.”

“That's an awful lot, but it's your money, and it will hopefully last for a while.” Sarah said.

“The speakers come with a lifetime warranty, and the amp comes with a standard five year, the Ipod is the lowest at one year, and it wasn't that expensive. Probably the highest single cost was for all the speaker cable, that was about three hundred dollars for it alone.”


“No kidding, but if you go cheap you can tell. I would rather pay a higher price for good quality that lasts for years, than pay lower for crap that I have to replace every year. It's cheaper in the long run, and my dad told me to enjoy the money he gave me, and I am almost out, and I have bought a lot of good stuff to enjoy.” AJ smiled.

“That is true, and you are right, and I'm glad you bought some good stuff to enjoy for years.” Sarah said with a warm smile.

By that time the truck was loaded, AJ handed Sarah his house key, telling her to go on in as soon as she got there, and that they would be right behind her. Sarah had already gotten the girls loaded in as they were all talking, so she hopped in and the boys ran to grab their bikes, and they all headed off. JJ had just thrown his new things in the truck as well, it would take a while to fit his helmet properly, so he didn't bother.

Sarah made it in under five minutes, and the boys took fifteen, but by the time Sarah got all four girls out of the truck, and settled in front of the TV for a bit, the boys were just pulling in. They each grabbed a box and brought it in and out to the pool, and Sarah went out and also grabbed a box and helped. Between the three of them they made quick work of it, and had everything in the pool house ready to be assembled in only a few minutes. AJ went and grabbed the tool box from the garage and brought it out, and the three of them sat and put together the new stand. It was not large or fancy, but it was very nice, all stainless steel, and looked good in the space. The amp was unpacked next and set up on the top of the stand.

“You know, I wonder if you can buy waterproof remote controls, and can you even get remote controls for Ipods?” AJ said.

“Probably, we can look for that some other time though, not like it's that huge a deal.” JJ shrugged.

“Yeah, but I will look into it for sure.”

Next the speakers were all unpacked and the brackets were done as well. There were pre drilled holes in the back of the speakers aluminum case, and the brackets fit to them perfectly, so that would make life a whole lot easier. JJ went and grabbed the step stool and then they all put their heads together to figure out how best to install the brackets to the aluminum glass frames without damaging anything. They found that where the vertical and horizontal beams met would be the best places, so using some small sheet metal screws that were for some reason, but luckily so, in the bottom of the tool box, still in their pack, they attached the first bracket, and then got the first speaker attached to it. The other three all went quickly once they knew how best to do it. The next chore was the wiring of the speakers. This they had already seen would be very simple. All the beams had holes in them for running wires, and the tops of all the horizontal beams were were designed to hold wires in them, and they also had holes in them as well.

“I'm going to take the Ipod in and get some music loaded to it while you two get the wires run, this way we can test out the system.” JJ said.

“Okay, awesome.” AJ said.

JJ ran and grabbed the Ipod, still in its packing, and headed to AJ's bedroom and booted up his computer. Once up and running, JJ plugged the Ipod in and it detected and installed right away, and JJ just moved AJ's entire favorites list over to the Ipod. It took nearly ten minutes to transfer all the files, being a few hundred of them, and when it was done he went back outside. AJ and Sarah were busy stringing the wire to the last speaker, so JJ hooked the Ipod dock to the stereo and plugged its power in. He then started stripping the speaker wire ends dangling behind the stereo and hooking them up to their correct ports. AJ and Sarah had hooked the speakers up at the other end as they were working, so as soon as they finished installing the last speaker, they were ready for the first test drive.

“Oh my god, this sounds incredible, and you're only at ten, and the bloody thing goes to a hundred.” JJ said, and although the music was not yet truly loud, it was probably higher than they would ever have it. AJ slowly cranked it up to fifty and he was actually starting to worry that the neighbors would complain, or the glass in the pool house would blow out, or possibly both. He turned it right down to five and smiled.

“Wow, that sounds real nice, not even a tiny bit of distortion anywhere, and that was only half volume.” AJ grinned.

“Sounds very nice, makes ours at home sound pitiful though.” Sarah admitted.

“Yeah, and it's a good one too.” JJ said.

“Well I should probably be heading home. A couple little girls are needing naps, if they haven't already fallen asleep, and I should probably think of starting dinner.”

“Okay mom, thanks a tonne for all the help.” JJ said and hugged his mom.

“No problem baby, any time.” Sarah smiled and patted JJ's bum, which miraculously was not at this time padded. They both smiled.

Sarah gathered up the girls and headed home a few minutes later.

“Well I think it's a little late to do any school work, but should we call the guys and see what they're all up to tonight and invite them over for the evening?” AJ asked.

“Sounds awesome, and we can tell them the news.”

“Okay, we can both call at the same time and get everyone.” AJ said and grabbed the house phone and JJ grabbed his cell phone. In under ten minutes they called everyone and they all said they would be over after dinner. Everyone was also told to bring over a recorded CD with all their favorite music on it, so that AJ could increase his library, and have something for everyone, they all of course asked why, but they were all told it was a surprise.

With that now set, AJ and JJ went about making themselves some dinner. They were now starting to get very hungry. They made themselves a quick light dinner and then sat down to eat, just taking their last bite as the doorbell rang for the first time. AJ got up to answer the door while JJ started cleaning up the mess. In under ten minutes everyone was there, and they had all gathered in the living room to talk while JJ took their Cd's into the bedroom to load them on the computer. There were a lot of songs duplicated, but AJ had another few hundred songs added to his favorites, and then the Ipod was once again hooked up and reloaded with all the information. JJ had grabbed the Ipod earlier when they had decided to do this, and that was why he had it with him.

“Okay, I have it all ready, so we can go now.” JJ came back fifteen minutes later and waving the music device.

AJ and JJ led everyone out to the pool and JJ hooked up the Ipod while everyone started to strip, and then he turned the system on and turned the volume to number eight. Everyone complimented AJ on the new system and how nice it sounded. They were all soon showered, and were splashing in the pool, playing around. They played for a while and then went and climbed in the hot tub.

“So what was the other things you wanted to tell us, and you still haven't told us about your trip?” Matt asked.

“Well the trip was great, but we were glad to get back. But on the trip we met an Olympic swim and dive trainer, and he has taken us both on, and he is willing to work around our schedules, which is pretty simple. He was made well aware that the swim team comes second and school comes first though, and he was happy with that.” AJ said. Everyone had shocked looks on their faces.

“That's pretty cool. My mom and dad wouldn't let me train until I was finished with high school, and our trainer would not allow anything like that.” Matt said.

“Well nothing that can be done about the past, but maybe Jim will take you on as well, and you can train with us.” AJ grinned.

“Nah, my trainer may be a hard ass, but he's pretty good.”

“How do you know he's a hard ass, have you already tapped him?” JJ grinned evilly.

“Yeah right, he wishes. I don't think he's even gay anyways, but I'm not entirely certain he's straight either. The way he talks, swimming is his one and only true love, and doesn't have time for petty relationships.”

“Eek, I hope he doesn't interfere with yours just because he doesn't have one, if he does, I suggest dropping him right away.” AJ said seriously.

“I already told him that I do have a life beyond swimming, which does include a boyfriend, and I expect to be able to live as well.” Matt said.

“And another thing that we found out, we are both being skipped ahead to the tenth grade. AJ and I went and picked up the grade nine books so that we can go through them all over the summer to make sure we're ready, well me mainly.” JJ said happily.

“No way man, that's awesome.” Jase shouted and jumped up and hugged both boys.

“Man, you must be a freaky genius or something to be skipped three grades now!” Matt grinned at AJ.

“Thanks, I think.” AJ smiled back.

“You're welcome. I wish I was as smart as you are, it would make life so much easier at times.” Matt admitted and most of the others nodded in agreement.

“Yeah, but look how bad I used to be. I was ostracized because I was so much smarter than everyone, had no friends, and no self confidence what so ever, it really was horrible. JJ helped a tonne, and you guys helped lots too, and I'm glad.”

“Yeah, I guess everything comes at some kind of price, doesn't it?” Orin said.

“Yeah.” Everyone admitted.

The boys all continued talking and joking, swimming and playing, until nine o'clock, when everyone said that they had to be heading home. Everyone got out and showered off, and then the guests all got dressed and ready to head home for the night.

“You two still coming to my place this weekend? We are starting the party at about five on Friday and will go to Sunday afternoon as normal.” Matt asked hopefully.

“You bet, we wouldn't miss it for the world.” AJ grinned and JJ nodded his agreement.

“Awesome, see you guys Friday then.” Matt said and everyone said the same. They all said their goodbyes in the front yard and headed home in their various directions.

“Well baby, let's say we pamper ourselves, and cuddle up on the couch and watch TV for an hour before bed?” JJ asked.

“I wish we could still fit into pampers, I love the smell of them, and they're so damned cute.” AJ grinned.

“You're pretty small still, you just might fit into them.” JJ chuckled.

“No I won't, tried before, about a year ago. I'm just a little too big for them to stay up anymore.” AJ shrugged.

“Oh well, these are a damn good second place then huh, and all we need is baby powder to make them smell nice.” JJ smiled.

“I love the smell of baby powder.” AJ smiled and grabbed JJ's hand and led the way to their room.

They quickly diapered each other and then went back out to the living room, laid on the couch, and cuddled up to watch TV. They both fell asleep on the couch less than an hour later, and that was how Alice and Max found them when they got home, so they just covered the boys up, turned the TV off, and let them sleep there for the night. It had been a very busy and tiring day for the boys, and it showed, they even looked exhausted in their sleep, but so damned cute, both Alice and Max thought.