Chapter 17

With the new routine being set that first day, the rest of the week went by very quickly. They would wake up in the morning, have breakfast with Alice and Max, who was now there nearly every morning, go and start their workout, Jim would arrive a short while later and join them for their workout, and then they would start their training. One hour of incredibly intense swimming, and then another of just as intense diving. Both boys were doing well in their diving training, progressing slowly but surely. Once Jim left, AJ and JJ would then sit back in the hot tub for a bit to relax, and they even gave each other massages to help even more.

The new thing though that was to start after their daily training, was their school work. They went to their bedroom, diapered each other, and for the next two hours they both poured through the books, going straight to the tests and doing them, and when they found areas where they did not get full marks, they went over the section. Both boys found that at least the first few sections were easy, and neither had to go and do the sections. This might change later on as they got into the harder Math though.

Friday afternoon, just after they finished with their school work, the day the weekend sleepover party was to start, found AJ and JJ in the kitchen making themselves some lunch. They were standing side by side at the stove, diapered as they normally were, and working silently.

“You know, we haven't even gone out and done the yard work since we got back. We should probably go do that after lunch before we go to Matt's.” AJ said suddenly, breaking the silence.

“Probably not such a bad idea. And we haven't started my place yet, if mom even still wants us to, which I'm sure she will. We could probably start that next weekend though.”

“Yeah, we will just have to call your mom and ask her if she wants us to, and then we can tell her what to go and buy and have it all waiting there for us next weekend. What kind of yard tools do you guys have though?”

“Yeah, that would work. We have lots of stuff, just not nearly what you have. I'll tell my mom to get some more of that, as well as a few of those cool composters for the yard and food waste.”

“Cool, that will work.” AJ smiled and they sat down to eat.

Once they finished eating their lunch, AJ and JJ got up and headed to their bedroom and got into a pair of shorts. After putting on a pair of sandals each, they headed out and collected the yard tools they needed and got started in the front yard. The grass and weeds were quite thick from having grown for three weeks, so even the front yard took a while longer than normal. When they were finished the front yard, they moved their way to the back yard, dumping all the cut grass and pulled weeds from the wheelbarrow into the composter. They then started the much larger task of mowing and weeding the back yard. As they weeded the vegetable garden, they couldn't help but notice how well it was coming along, and it looked as if they could actually start eating some of the food from it in a few more weeks, maybe four. It took a little over three hours for them to complete the gardening tasks, and when they finished, they cleaned up their mess and then headed inside.

“Well what should we do for the next hour before we leave for Matt's?” JJ asked.

“I don't know, but why don't we go to our room and think about it.” AJ grinned.

“Okay.” JJ grinned, knowing what AJ had on his mind.

They held hands as they walked to the bedroom, and then AJ started stripping JJ's shorts off him, and when he was down to just his soggy diaper, AJ motioned him towards the bed. AJ quickly stripped off his shorts as well and then climbed on the bed after JJ, and crawled in between JJ's legs. AJ buried his face in the sodden mass with the bulge in it that was JJ's diapered crotch, and moved his face around, rubbing JJ's erection and causing him to moan. AJ grinned and then crawled upwards until both their diapered fronts were rubbing together, and then he started a humping motion, grinding their diapered erections together further, and they both moaned from that.

“Oh god baby, that feels so good, but we'll never cum like this, swing around and let's suck each other.” JJ moaned.

“Not yet.” AJ grunted out, liking what he was doing too much.

For a few minutes longer AJ ground their diapered cocks together, giving them lots of pleasure, but not enough to cause either to really explode, although they knew they would if they kept it up long enough. Something neither one wanted to do.

AJ swung himself around and positioned them so that they could each remove the others diaper and then go for the prize. Both diapers were removed with gusto, and they dove in and sucked each other in at the same time. They were laying on their sides, each holding the others cute bum with one hand, and really getting into their sucking. They were grunting and groaning around each others dicks as they sucked each other, and with the loudest groans yet, they each came at the same time, spraying nice tasty loads of sweet cum into each others mouths. They stayed attached for a few minutes as they came down from their orgasms.

“God I love doing that.” AJ sighed out a few minutes later when they finally detached from each other.

“Me too.”

“Well that was a great and fun way to kill twenty minutes. I suppose that we can go ahead and get packed up now, then head over there, and just arrive a bit early.”

“That it was, but I have a better idea.”

“What's that?”

“We go for another round, I'm sure I have another treat for you stored in me.” JJ said, thrusting his hip at AJ , who grinned.

“Okay.” AJ said brightly, thinking it a great idea.

They were both still about half hard, but not for long. As soon as they sucked each others dicks into their mouths again, they both shot to full erection almost immediately. This time not so much needing release, they took the time to play. They both slowed right down, used every technique they knew to give the utmost pleasure, without bringing them off too quickly. It worked too. There was not quite as much moaning and groaning this time, as there was soft cooing and purring, as they sucked each other so lovingly. They lasted nearly twenty minutes doing each other like this, just taking their time to make it feel good, but all too soon they both exploded once again, each enjoying the second tasty treat.

“Ah, much better, thanks.” AJ sighed as they separated.

“Yeah, and thanks too.”

“Well now I suppose we really should get up and get ready to go.”

“Suppose so.” JJ smiled and they got up.

They didn't start getting ready right away, AJ had other ideas first. As they hopped out of bed AJ grabbed JJ and spun him and pulled him down and kissed him deeply, something JJ was only too willing to join in on. They stood in the middle of the room for about five minutes just holding and kissing each other before they decided that they really did have to get ready to go. They dressed each other, neither one opting to bother putting underwear on, no point, and then AJ got his bag all together, making sure to pack a few extra diapers for just in case At last minute on prompting from JJ, AJ went and grabbed his toothbrush because he had nearly forgotten it again. Once they were both certain they had everything, JJ once again checking his pack to be certain he still had everything in there he would need, they headed out to Matt's house.

“Hi guys, you're the last ones to show up, and by the flushed look on your faces, I can see why. Needed a little relief before coming over did you?” Matt grinned as they entered the house.

“Yeah well, what can we say, a whole weekend is a long time to go, so we drained each other first.” AJ smirked.

“Good idea. Everyone's out in the pool already, and now that you're here, we can all go and join them.” Matt smiled and they all stripped in the living room and headed out back.

“Hi guys.” Everyone yelled when the three of them walked out.

“Hello.” AJ and JJ yelled back.

The three of them quickly headed to the shower to clean up, and as soon as they were, they all jumped in the pool with the others. They all played and had fun in the pool for a long time before they all got out and headed to the hot tub to sit back and relax and talk.

“Guess what guys, Orin and I have some pretty good news.” Matt said excitedly once everyone had calmed down.

“What?” Everyone asked.

“Couple things really. First is that my mom and dad are moving, they want a smaller house closer to work, but they're giving me the house. They told me I can start paying them rent when I finish school and get a job.”

“Wow, wicked!” Everyone called out.

“And Orin is moving in with me.” He said giddily.

“Awesome!” Everyone yelled.

“And that's not all. My mom and dad are still going to pay all the bills until I finish school, that way Orin and I can concentrate on school and swimming. My coach has also agreed to take on Orin, so we will practice together and see where it takes us.”

Everyone jumped up and herded around Matt and Orin and gave them a huge group hug.

“Wow, that's so cool, I can't believe that they're giving the house to you like that. Why would they want to leave such a nice big house like this?” JJ asked.

“They've lived here for so long that they just want something new, something small. They know that we eventually want to adopt a mess of kids, so the house would be better for us, and mom's sick of cleaning it, it's too big now, especially since she is at work all the time. Orin plans to get his degree in child psychology, and then run an office right out of the house, and raise the kids, I am going to be an architect, and I might work from home as well, we'll have to see.”

“That's pretty damn cool.” JJ said.

“Yeah, and I can't wait until JJ gets to move in with me. I think that when mom and Max get married she will move in with him, so that will leave the house to me.” AJ said.

“What, are they getting married?” Everyone asked at the same time, in much the same way.

“Well they haven't said anything as of yet, but I can tell they're both thinking of it, and I know when one of them does break down and ask, the other will say yes right away.” AJ grinned.

“Cool.” They all said happily.

Not long after that, they all hopped out, cleaned up, dried off, and headed into the house for the night. They all deliberated whether they should watch movies or play games, and they all decided on the movies, so a huge batch of popcorn was made, and they all got diapered for the night, ate popcorn and watched a couple movies.


The next day after they all got up, they all helped in one way or another to make breakfast, and then sat down to eat it. They then headed out to the pool house and started a good strenuous workout, topped off by the hot tub and then a nice mass massage. For the rest of the day the boys all played together and had a tonne of fun, having lunch and dinner at their proper times. After dinner tonight it was decided that games were called for, so they played games all night long, the diaper wearers of course nice and thickly diapered.

Sunday morning breakfast was once again made and ate by all, and then the house was cleaned up, not that it was a mess really, but they all helped none the less Once everything was cleaned up, everyone headed off to their homes, all with huge congratulations once again to Orin and Matt for getting the house together, and thanks for having them all over.

“That was a good party.” AJ sighed as he bumped against JJ as they walked home.

“For sure. But I have another party to go to now, and I can't wait to get there.” JJ said simply.

“Oh yeah, and where exactly is this party?” AJ asked curiously.

“In your pants, of course! Where else?” JJ grinned.

“I hope I'm invited then, 'cause it sounds like a real good party!” AJ grinned widely.

“Hell yeah your invited, you're the guest of honor.” JJ said and threw his arm over AJ's shoulder lovingly, but only for a few seconds.

“Awesome, let's run then.”

They ran the rest of the way home, having a lot of fun playing and laughing. They made it home quickly and came crashing in the house, and straight to their room to play. Once they made it to their bedroom though, they slowed right down. They had had their fun, now it was time for loving. They embraced softly, kissing even softer than that, and slowly caressing each others bodies. Even slower yet they stripped each other, hardly breaking from their tender embrace as they did so. Once they were both fully naked and hard, they rolled onto the bed, not breaking once at all, until they were in the center of the bed. For ten minutes or more they kissed, slowly and softly, their souls opened to each other fully, all their love pouring out of them and into the other.

When the kissing started to turn more and more passionate, and they were both ready to continue, AJ rolled them so that JJ was laying on his back, and AJ on top of him. AJ reached over and grabbed the lube that now stayed right on the table, no longer bothering to hide it at all, and then slid down JJ's body. When AJ took JJ's firm boyhood into his mouth and started sucking gently, JJ arched his body and closed his eyes, trying to control himself, so that he did not explode instantaneously. As AJ was working on JJ's prick, his own hand was behind himself, working a couple well lubed fingers into his nice tight hole, preparing it for what he wanted and needed next. AJ wanted to taste the first load from JJ though, so he worked to bring JJ off, but not too quickly, wanting to enjoy this just as much. With squeaks and squeals of intense pleasure from JJ, AJ soon was enjoying the nectar that he so adored.

JJ slumped down, panting and gasping for breath, reeling from the powerful orgasm that had just ripped through his entire body. AJ just kept laying there, gently licking and sucking on JJ's balls, but leaving his dick alone for the time being, knowing it would be far too sensitive yet to do anything with. AJ was still working his own hole, had been through the entire blowjob, and he now had three fingers working his nice juicy hole for their next act of love.

“Oh god that was nice.” JJ sighed out finally, just the sign AJ was waiting for.

“Then you will certainly love this.” AJ said.

He snaked out his tongue, grabbed JJ's half hard dick and pulled it back into his mouth. JJ gasped out again and his body went totally rigid, including the nice tasty boy meat in AJ's mouth. AJ grinned, lifted up, letting JJ fall out of his mouth, and then crawled up and positioned himself before lowering onto JJ's pulsing erection. They both sighed immensely from this, both enjoying the penetration very much, no longer the least bit painful, especially with the prep work AJ had done to himself. AJ leaned forward, placing his hands in the void under JJ's bulky arms, and started kissing JJ as he was thrusting his hips slowly, a pair of thrusts forward and back, and then another pair of thrusts side to side, and then repeating all over again. AJ kept the rhythm as slow as he could manage, truly loving the feel of their coupling, but long before he was ready for it, he felt his imminent eruption pending. Pushing himself up, and breaking the kiss, AJ started thrusting faster and harder. The intensity of what they had been doing, and with what AJ was now doing, caused JJ to explode so hard he saw stars as he screamed out his pleasure, and AJ joined in those loud sex calls. AJ's dick was pointing nearly straight out when his orgasm hit, so when he shot his load it fired right at JJ's face, hitting three shots all over JJ's contorted face, not that AJ noticed, his was as well. The orgasms lasted quite a few seconds, until they finally ended, and then they both crashed down, JJ slumping back down to the bed, and AJ down on top of him.

“Oh man that was so incredibly hot.” JJ moaned out a few minutes later.

“Oh yeah, and I even sprayed some of my load right on your face, here let me help you get it.” AJ said and then licked the mess up, and then shared it in a nice cum kiss.

“Wow, good sized load, and powerful shots. Were you by chance just a tad horny baby?”

“More than a little I'm afraid, and I hope you're up for another round, because it's my turn next.” AJ grinned.

“I think I'm still 'up', buried inside your hot baby bum.”

“Yes you are, and it feels so good.” AJ said, wiggling his hips a little for effect.

“Please don't do that, you'll kill me!” JJ pleaded.

“Wouldn't want that, now would we.” AJ said then pulled up to let JJ fall from him.

Once disengaged, AJ crawled into position, laying on his back beside his lover. JJ was still laying there, still trying to come down a bit more before he started on AJ. AJ just laid there waiting for JJ, petting his chest lovingly. When JJ was able to, he rolled over and started kissing AJ tenderly, starting their foreplay all over again. For many minutes longer they kissed and caressed each other tenderly. JJ eventually broke their kissing and started moving down AJ's quivering body. Kissing his way down until he had his face buried in AJ's groin, JJ took a deep whiff, savoring the scent of his baby, and then started gently licking AJ's once again pulsing erection.

With low moans from AJ, JJ slowly progressed until he was sucking AJ's entire cock, enjoying the taste, the texture, the everything about the erotic event he was creating. Up and down JJ bobbed slowly, giving AJ every bit of pleasure that he was able to. Just as AJ had done, JJ was now doing as well. While sucking AJ's dick, one of his own hands was behind himself, lubing his own incredible backside, to prepare himself for a nice painless entry. Once JJ had three fingers working easily inside his own juicy bum, and feeling ultra awesome, he began working AJ in a way that he knew would cause him to explode immediately. And immediately he did as well, with a loud gasp, and then a series of groans, AJ sprayed another good load into JJ's greedily waiting mouth. Savoring the load, and sucking every last bit out that he was able to, before AJ pushed him off. JJ pulled his fingers from his own ass, and then laid his head down on AJ's still vibrating inner thigh to wait for AJ to come down.

Still gasping and panting for breath, AJ slowly came down from his high, as JJ lightly licked and kissed his balls. With a deep contented sigh from AJ, JJ knew that he was ready, and even his dick was still at full mast. But payback is sometimes very fun, so JJ engulfed AJ's still sensitive dick into his mouth and gave it a couple sucks and licks. AJ clawed at JJ's bobbing head and let out a hiss. With a wide smile at getting the result he was looking for, JJ let go and crawled up AJ's heaving body, and then positioned his body, and lowered himself onto the waiting bone he wanted buried in his hole.

They both sighed deeply as JJ lowered himself down, until he had AJ buried all the way inside. JJ sat there for a few seconds to savor the wonderful feelings their coupling created in his ass, once again enjoying a completely pain free insertion. JJ leaned forward, bent a bit in a little bit of an awkward position, and kissed AJ deeply, and then started rocking his hips in the same manner as AJ had done to him. Once forward, once backward, once to the right, and finally, once to the left before starting all over again. They continued kissing as JJ's gyrations took them higher and higher, closer to the peak they climbed. JJ had to push himself up, and they were both holding their breath to prolong the inevitable. When it became too much, and they knew they would explode no matter what they did, they both let go at the same time, and let their incredible orgasms flow through their bodies. With loud grunts and gasps, they each sprayed their loads, AJ deep inside JJ's hot body, and JJ's spraying over AJ's quivering body, more than a few squirts landing on AJ's face as well.

When their orgasms subsided, AJ's body sunk down into the mattress, and JJ collapsed on top of him. There they lay panting and gasping to catch their breath for a few minutes.

“Man that was good.” AJ sighed.

“Definitely. I love you so much baby.” JJ smiled warmly and kissed AJ tenderly.

“And I love you so much as well.”


For the boys the week went by very quickly. They started each day with their three hours of swim and dive practice, then had lunch, then did another one to two hours of school work, and then rested and did something, usually not much, and then they would have dinner and watch movies or TV for the rest of the evening, sometimes with Max and Alice. Both boys had been doing very well in their diving. AJ was becoming very accustomed to diving and flipping from the high dive, and although JJ was not doing quite so well on the low dive, it was still at a faster pace than most people learned at. Monday night JJ also called home and talked to his mom and told her what all they had determined what she would need to buy to do their yard, and she said that she would have it all there and ready for them when they came home for the weekend. By the end of the week, both boys were very tired and ready for the rest, except with having to do all the yard work, they would not be getting any. They told themselves that they would get as much done on Saturday as they could, and then rest Sunday, and then do more the following week if they needed to. Finally it was Friday afternoon, and AJ and JJ found themselves walking home to JJ's.

“Hi boys, you look exhausted.” Sarah said when they came in.

“We're a bit tired, Jim is working us hard, and then we're working ourselves even harder yet. But we're fine. We're going to start the yard tomorrow and then rest all day on Sunday.” JJ said.

“Well make sure and not push yourselves too hard, and we'll all help out in the yard as much as we can.” Sarah said.

“No need Sarah, we'll be able to get everything.” AJ said.

“I know you would be able to, but we'll help so that it makes it easier on you guys, and maybe get it done faster. Did you boys have lunch already?”

“No, we came here instead right after getting some school work done.” JJ answered.

“Good, because I have a good lunch ready for you guys. Come on.” Sarah motioned them into the kitchen. “So how is the school work coming along anyways?” She asked as they walked to the kitchen.

“Very good. We're almost half way through the math book already. We decided to concentrate on one subject at a time, and get it perfect before we move on to something else.” JJ answered happily.

“Really, but you've only just barely started!”

“Yeah, but we're just doing the tests to start with, and then if we don't do good on them, then we go back and figure out where we went wrong. Well it's mostly me, but we have both been doing very well and not having to go back, except a couple times to look at things.”

“Well, that sounds good.”

Sarah got the boys each a plate of food and they all sat down at the table and the boys ate the good hearty meal. As they were eating all four girls came into the kitchen, saw the boys, gave off screams of delight, calling their names, and came and hugged them both.

“Hi there brats, I missed you.” JJ said as he was hugging them all.

“We missed you too.” They all said in one way or another.

“So are you girls going to help AJ and I do the gardening tomorrow then?” JJ asked.

They all nodded and said 'yes' excitedly. The girls each chose a lap, two to a boy, and they sat down on them as the boys finished their lunch, all talking excitedly. When the boys finished their lunch, the two oldest girls grabbed their plates and glasses for them, and took them to the dishwasher, and put them away for them, wanting to be helpful to their brother and his friend, because they missed them so much.

“Should we go check out what all mom bought so that we know what we're working with, and see if we think we need any more?” AJ asked.

“Sure, sounds good to me.” JJ answered.

“Let's go get more comfortable first and then we can go.” AJ offered.

“Okay.” JJ said and they took off to their room where they stripped and diapered each other heavily.

Once the boys were much more comfortable, they headed out to the back yard where the bulk of everything was currently piled. Sarah came with them.

“This is everything, except the loads of top soil, bark mulch, and landscaping stone you told me to get, those are piled next to the house. All the new tools are in the shed, and the four composters are next to it. We even started putting food waste into it, and when your dad cut the grass the other night, he put the grass in there as well.” Sarah said happily.

“Okay, that's perfect. Lets see, all sorts of good flowers, lots of roses, I like roses, I see you went with my suggestion for leaving the watering lines in the gardens and buying the timer, makes life a lot easier. And unless I am mistaken from what I am seeing, I think you plan on us putting a pond somewhere as well?” AJ smiled, taking in everything.

“Yeah, I was thinking that a nice water garden in the front yard would look very nice, I hope you don't mind.” Sarah smiled.

“Not at all, but I've never done one of them before.” AJ warned.

“Then I think you'll find the book I bought helpful. You can take the time to read it, because it doesn't have to be done right away.”

“I'll read it tonight and we can get started on it first, because we will want to work around it.”

“Whichever you prefer, this is all you boys, I'm just buying the stuff.” Sarah admitted.

“Cool. I have always wanted to do a pond, so now I guess I get to.” AJ smiled.

They then headed to the shed to find quite a few tools that they could use; a new edger, a few more good rakes, shovels, hoes, another wheelbarrow, two broadcast spreaders, hedge trimmer, and even a new rototiller. All they had had before was just a weed eater and a lawn mower and a couple small assorted hand tools, so this was a nice new addition.

“This all looks good, if we think of anything else, we can always go and get it, not like it has to be finished immediately anyways.” AJ said.

“That's right, and I'm glad I got all the right things.”

They all went inside and spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing, AJ and JJ both reading the pond making book that Sarah had bought. After dinner they all laid back in the living room and watched a movie together, and surprising both Frank and Alice, AJ and JJ excused themselves to go to bed before the girls even went, it was only eight. They gave everyone hugs and kisses goodnight and then headed up to their room. They stripped each other of their soggy diaper, cleaned each other up, gave each other a nice blowjob, diapered each other back up, cuddled and kissed for a bit, whispered their good nights and I love yous, and then fell asleep.


It was almost nine the next morning when the boys finally woke up, feeling well rested and relaxed, thankful for the good long sleep. They kissed and cuddled and had a whispered conversation, and then got up, stripped each others soggy diapers off, and headed to the bathroom. They each sat on the toilet, brushed their teeth while the other was on the toilet, and then climbed into a nice hot shower together. They lovingly washed and dried each other, and then headed downstairs to meet the rest of the family.

“Well good morning boys, nice of you to finally show your heads.” Frank said sarcastically.

“Yeah, well what can I say dad, we have been doing more work each day first thing in the morning, than you do all week, and it kind of wears a guy out a bit.” JJ smiled sleepily still.

“Yeah, I know, and it's really showing, especially on you AJ , you look like you are one mass of muscles all over, but still very trim. The nice thing though is that neither of you look like a weightlifter, so disgustingly bulgy all over the place, you're both very toned instead.” Frank said admiringly.

“Thanks.” Both boys said.

“Strike a pose and show off your muscles boys.” Sarah grinned.

“Mom, not right now.” JJ said in an exasperated tone.

“Oh come on, it'll be fun, and we want to see how well your developing.”

“Fine.” JJ said, and they both posed and flexed their muscles a bit. They were both very tight with good hard knots of good muscles all over, not one area looked any more strong than another, and they both looked the same. The most amazing things were their asses though, they looked as if they were sculpted from the finest of granite, but the rest of their bodies were not all that much different.

“You boys look incredible.” Sarah said in awe.

“Thanks.” They both said.

“Can we get some breakfast now please?” JJ asked.

“Oh, yes of course, sorry boys.” Sarah said, uncharacteristically blushing, she had completely forgotten that they would probably be very hungry.

Hungry was not quite the word for what Sarah and Frank saw next. AJ made a pot of oatmeal that Sarah was certain would have fed their entire family, and JJ made about as much toast as well, and then they sat down and ate the entire meal. Not one word was said between the two boys, they just got busy eating their good breakfast and drinking an entire two liters of orange juice slowly.

“My god boys, that was a huge breakfast.” Sarah said, once again in awe.

“We haven't really been eating enough during the week, especially in the mornings, even though we do eat well, but we needed a good filling breakfast and lots of it to help raise our energy.” AJ said.

“That would explain why you had apples, peaches, and raisins in the oatmeal as well. You boys need all the nutrients and protein you can get. You should have had some eggs as well.” Sarah said.

“We do have a couple eggs every couple days, so we're fine.” JJ said.

“Have you guys been following some sort of diet to make sure that you are getting a good amount of everything?” Sarah asked.

“No, why?”

“With the amount you boys are working lately, you will need lots of everything to help keep your bodies going. There are lots of foods that can help you out, and keep you healthier. I have a book in my office that will have all that in there, it is a book all about eating right during physical training. I will grab it for you guys and you can read it. Try and eat something different every day, so that you get lots of everything.”

“Thanks mom, it will probably help. We do eat something different every day anyways, except breakfast, we usually have oatmeal, fruit, and toast, and we drink lots of milk.”

“And that's an excellent breakfast to have.”

“We know, that's why we do that. Well we should all go get dressed and get started out in the yard.” AJ said.

“Okay.” Frank and Sarah said.

They all got up, Sarah collected the girls and took them up to their room to get dressed, and AJ and JJ went and changed into a very brief pair of shorts each, and nothing else. They were the first outside and the stood out at the end of the driveway and looking in, just looking at the yard. Well AJ was looking, JJ was just standing there, wondering what the hell they were doing.

“I think that we should put the pond right over there, the tall shrubs will give the pond some shade throughout the day, so as not to make the water too warm, there is a natural grade, so that we will not have to pile too much dirt for the waterfall, and it will have the nicest view from almost anywhere in the house or yard.” AJ said after nearly ten minutes of deliberation.

“Okay.” JJ said simply.

“Do you like it?”

“Yeah, I was just surprised at first, I couldn't figure out what the hell we were even doing standing here, but I think you're right, and my mom and dad will agree as well.”


They then headed to the back to get everything they would need, taking the side of the house where everything was supposedly piled. AJ took a look at all the stones and was happy to see that there would be lots of good stones to use for the pond as well. They each grabbed a wheelbarrow and piled them both up with everything that they would all need. By the time they made it back out front, the rest of the family were standing out there waiting for them. AJ quickly told them of his idea as to where it would go.

“That sounds perfect. So what's on the agenda first, just point us and we will go?” Sarah asked.

“Good, glad you like it. The first thing we have to do is edge it and then remove all the sod from the area. I'm afraid that that is a lot of tough work, it doesn't like to come up easily.” AJ grinned.

The others just shrugged at this. AJ grabbed the edger and got it running and then very quickly cut the outline to the pond area. As soon as he was half way done, the rest of them all started removing the grass from inside the large random shape AJ had cut out. When AJ finished his chore, he joined all the others in theirs, even the girls were busy pulling up the grass as best they could. The two youngest though just having fun ripping the grass and throwing it, but not actually getting any sod up. It took about an hour to tear up all the sod and pile it in the wheelbarrows, having to take two full loads back to dump in the composters.

“Now the fun part, we get to dig. We need to have it about one meter deep, and all the dirt needs to be piled up top.” AJ said, grabbing the spade to start.

JJ and Frank grabbed a shovel, and Sarah grabbed the other spade. The girls were told to just sit off to the side for this part and play in the dirt, something they gladly did. Thankfully the soil was not all that rocky, nor did it have a lot of clay in it, so it was not that hard to dig. AJ had told everyone where to start digging and he watched as they dug, having everyone make changes here and there. He wanted the main pool a bit under a meter deep, but there was to be a shelf here and there. It took nearly two hours to complete the hole, and they all stood over their digging implements looking at the large hole. A little over two meters at its widest, and about three long. They made sure to make it an irregular shape, attempting to make it as natural looking as possible.

“Okay, now we have to form the water way leading into the pond.” AJ said.

“While you boys do that, I'm going to go in and make a big lunch for everyone.” Sarah said.

“Sounds good to me.” Frank said.

They were all hungry, and poor frank and Sarah's muscles were burning from all the work, all of them were sweating, but the boys barely looked as if they were working, something Frank admired. They got to work on the raised waterway that would create a bit of a river and then a waterfall. They were working away when they heard a crash right near them on the sidewalk. They all looked up to find a boy had crashed his bike in their front yard. AJ was first to see and started running over.

“You okay, hey I know you, you're from our school, um Ricky right, going into grade ten I think?”

“Yeah, I'm all right, and yeah, it's Ricky, and yes, grade ten this year.” He said sheepishly.

“What happened?” JJ asked concernedly.

“Um, um, nothing, just fell is all.” Ricky stuttered.

“Here, let me help you up, and I will check to make sure you're not bleeding or anything.” AJ offered his hand.

“Thanks, but I'm fine.”

“I'll be the judge of that, you have a pretty bad scrape on the side of your leg. But how the hell did you fall, there's nothing around for you to have hit?”

“Well um, well, I was riding along and saw you guys working, and I kind of lost balance.” Ricky answered sheepishly.

“Oh, I see, you saw us working hard, all sweaty and hard bodied, all the blood left the big head and entered the little head, which is still hard by the way, and you lost focus. Don't worry about it. So I take it you're gay then?” AJ asked in an upbeat manner.

“Oh god, I'm ruined.” Ricky cried and then collapsed back down to the ground.

“Why would you be ruined. Every student at the school knows that JJ and I are gay, and we're not ruined, now are we? Now get up and let's go get you cleaned up and get you a drink, I think you could use one.” AJ bent down and said softly.

“But I don't want to be gay, I can't be gay, my parents will kill me.” Ricky stumbled.

“Well if you are, and I think you are, then there is nothing you can do about it except accept it. As for your parents, I bet they would be fine, most are you know. They may be a bit upset at first, but they will still love you. Really though, is there any reason to tell them yet?” AJ said soothingly as he and JJ helped Ricky over to the steps to sit down and have a drink.

Frank had run into the house and grabbed the first aid kit and came out just as the boys made it to the front porch. Ricky was passed the hose so that he could get a nice big drink, and then Frank took the hose and cleaned Ricky's leg up with the flowing water.

“This looks not too bad at all, just barely scraped, it'll be just fine, but I will disinfect it and bandage it up for you. So tell me, which one of the boys caused you to fall off your bike?” Frank chuckled.

“Both sir, they're gorgeous. You have no idea how many times I wanted to go watch them and the others during their swim practices to see them.” Ricky said with the biggest blush any of them had ever seen.

“I know, they are, aren't they, and who could blame you really?” Frank smiled.

“Not me.” AJ said happily.

“I can't believe we caused an accident, that's hilarious.” JJ laughed.

“Oh cut it out. There you go Ricky, all done.” Frank said with a grin towards JJ.

“Thanks sir.”

“My name's Frank, please stop calling me sir, I hate that word.”

“Thanks Frank. I'm Ricky by the way, just in case you didn't hear AJ.”

“Nice to meet you Ricky. So do you live around here then?”

“Yeah, next block over.”

“If you'd like to stay for lunch, my wife and daughters should be out any minute with lunch, and I'm sure there will be lots for you if you'd like?” Frank offered.

“I'd like that sir, sorry, Frank.” Ricky blushed.

“And here's my beautiful wife now.” Frank said as Sarah and the girls all came out, the two oldest helping to carry things.

“Oh hello, and who is this handsome young man?” Sarah said, sounding a little surprised to see a strange boy on their front porch, looking as if he had just had first aid done to him.

“Ricky ma'am.”

“Sarah, please, nice to meet you Ricky, and how did you come to being patched up on our front porch?” Sarah asked curiously.

They all started telling the story, JJ having to tell the reason why Ricky had fallen, because Ricky became too shy once again to say it. They had all started eating as soon as the story telling began, sitting in a circle on the front porch.

“Well if you don't mind my saying Ricky, if you want to look at a good looking boy, just go look in your own mirror, you're very good looking, and any boy will be lucky to have you.” Sarah said truthfully. Ricky was very good looking, kind of small, no where near as small as AJ was for his age, but still a little small, he had a little tiny bit of his puppy fat left, he had nice bright green eyes and a nice smile when they saw it, a nice even nose that fit his face perfectly. He had jet black hair that was a bit scraggly looking and a little long. He was wearing a white tank top, blue soccer shorts, and a pair of sandals.

“Um, thanks I guess.” Ricky said with another blush.

“Man, was I really that bad before?” AJ asked, seeing how shy Ricky was.

“Worse, at least Ricky speaks loud enough for us to hear, and you blushed way more than he does.” JJ said happily.

“Wow, no wonder why I felt like a lost cause.”

“I remember, you used to be very shy, never talked to anyone at all, and when you did, it was very quietly. What changed?” Ricky asked.

“I found JJ, or rather we were pushed together by fate.” AJ said happily, giving JJ a quick kiss.

“Cool, I'd like to hear all about that. There are rumors at school of course, but who knows what's true in that place. You guys are also real brave, there's no way I'd do an interview and say that I actually wet the bed and wear diapers.”

“It wasn't bravery, it was damage control, and do you wear diapers to bed for wetting problems as well?” AJ admitted.

“Yeah, but no one else knows. I guess it's pretty safe to tell you guys that, I doubt you'd make fun of me for something that you do as well.” Ricky admitted with another blush.

“Cool. Well I have a secret to tell you, I'm not really a bed wetter, and those pictures that that hag took, they probably were taken at five in the evening like she said they had been.” JJ grinned.

“Really, you guys like diapers too, no way?” Ricky said, a little too loud and then looked around to make sure no one heard him, clasping his hands over his mouth.

Everyone laughed, and even Ricky had to start laughing.

“Yes, we do as well. AJ still genuinely needs them at night, and if I were to stop wearing them, I would probably need them as well now, I don't wake up any more at all during the night, and I always wake up wet now.” JJ admitted.

“Cool.” Ricky said.

They talked a while longer until they finished their lunch, and then the girls all went back in to clean up the mess.

“If you're not doing anything, we could use another body to help with the pond?” JJ asked.

“Sure. You will have to tell me what to do though.”

“We're all being told what to do by AJ, this is his project, I'm just paying for it.” Frank said.

Ricky smiled widely, and the four of them went back to work doing what they were doing right before they were interrupted. Sarah and the girls joined them a short while later, and they continued helping.

“Ricky, why don't you just take your shirt off, get some sun on your body, and it will be more comfortable.” AJ said.

“Because I don't look as good as you guys do, I'd be too embarrassed to.” Ricky admitted.

“If you want to be embarrassed, wait until we start working in the back yard, because back there we will be wearing even less clothes, and just a little secret, none of us are wearing underwear.” JJ whispered loudly enough that everyone heard.

“What, you're saying you'll be naked back there?” Ricky asked incredulously.

“Sure, we go naked around here all the time.” Sarah said.

“No way. I could never go naked around my parents, and I'd die if I saw my mom naked.”

“It's all what you're used to, but you get used to it very quickly.” Frank offered this time.

“Come on, take off your shirt, there is nothing to be ashamed of, you do have a nice body, even if you don't want to admit it to yourself.” JJ urged.

“Um, okay, but I'm kinda fat..”

“No you're not, and don't talk like that, it's not at all healthy for you.” Sarah said sternly.

“You'd better listen to her, she's a doctor, so she knows what she's talking about.” JJ bent over and whispered into Ricky's ear.

Ricky just pulled his shirt over his head, revealing to all his bare underarms, they had caught glimpses of them before, but they were there for everyone to see.

“Ricky, how old are you?” Sarah asked curiously.

“I turn sixteen in October, why?”

“I just realized that your under arms are completely bare, do you shave or have they just not started growing yet?”

“Oh, um, my dad says he was a late bloomer too, and to not worry about that.” Ricky admitted, with more blush yet.

“Okay, that's a good sign that your dad was the same, but I am going to ask you a couple very embarrassing questions now, and don't worry about answering them, we are all used to asking and answering questions like this around here. First is, do you have any hair above your penis yet, or on your testicles, and have you started ejaculating yet?”

Well if they had thought they saw Ricky blush before, it was nothing to how he blushed when Sarah asked those questions.

“It's actually quite important to know Ricky, because if you're not developing properly, then there could be problems, and these types of problems you want to get looked after as soon as possible.”

“Okay, I have some hair, and I can cum, have for a few months.” Ricky admitted shyly.

“And is it clear or milky, your discharge?”


“Good, that means that you're just a little slow in developing. Sorry to have to embarrass you like that, but it really is important. Normally once you start ejaculating though, the rest follows pretty quickly after, so you will start to grow and thin down a lot more, not that you're fat, but that last little bit of baby fat will burn off now. I suggest you start exercising regularly, because trust me, being so late, it's probably going to hit you all at once, now that it's started, and you will need all the exercise you can get to help regulate your system.” Sarah said.

“Oh, thanks, I think.”

“You're welcome.” Sarah said.

Not long after their embarrassing conversation, they finished doing the waterway that AJ envisioned. They took the wheelbarrows back and filled them with all the pond liner and glue that they would need and brought it back up, and then they started fitting it in slowly. They got the first fitting done in an hour, then started gluing all the edges. The boys were doing the gluing and Sarah was cutting strips of the pond liner to glue over the seams to increase their strength and to guarantee a water tight fit. Once all the seams were glued down, the reinforcement strips were then glued on top of them. By that time it was already very close to dinner time.

“Well it's almost dinner time, I think we have done enough for today, and we can just finish the rest of the pond tomorrow.” AJ said.

“I thought you guys were going to rest tomorrow?” Sarah asked.

“Nah, we'll be fine, and we don't want to leave the front yard in such a mess for the rest of the week.” AJ said and JJ nodded.

“I'll come over and help more tomorrow if you'd like?” Ricky asked, sounding a lot more hopeful than he probably intended.

“Sure, but why don't you call your parents and ask if you could spend the night, we have diapers that will fit you no problem, and you can just wear some of my shorts tomorrow.” JJ offered.

“Um, I don't know.”

“It's all right with us, and you can stay for dinner and call your parents.” Sarah said gently, knowing the reason for Ricky's reluctance. He had never spent the night anywhere before and he was scared.

“Okay, I'll call, but I doubt they'll say yes.” Ricky said.

“I bet they do.” Sarah smiled warmly and guided Ricky into the house to call, while the others all started taking supplies to the back yard.

“Hi mom, it's Ricky. Hey listen, I'm at a friends house and they invited me to spend the night, and his mom said it's all right with her, do you think I could stay?”

“Hi Ricky, are you sure about that, what about your little night time issue?”

“They have the same problem, and offered to lend me some of their protection.”

“Oh, well then, have a good night and see you tomorrow.” Ricky's mom said and hung up before Ricky could comprehend what she had said.

“I see she said yes. You see all parents want their kids to go on sleepovers, it's good for you guys, plus it gets you out of their hair for the night, what parent wouldn't want that. I know that you're scared, but don't worry, just let go of your fears and relax, and you'll be just fine.” Sarah said gently.

“But I've never stayed anywhere before, and well, I'm still embarrassed about wearing diapers in front of others.” Ricky said shyly.

“Yeah, but they will be wearing them as well, and like I said, you'll be just fine.” Sarah said.

They did not get to continue their conversation, because the guys all came in at that time. Sarah started a nice filling dinner, telling the others to all go get comfortable and that she had everything under control. The girls had already all headed to the living room to sit down and watch TV, they were all tired, and they had already stripped.

“Come on Ricky, you can come up and get cleaned up and changed with us.” AJ said, grabbing Ricky's arm and pulling him along.

Ricky had little choice but to follow the surprisingly stronger, and much smaller boy, but then he had seen that earlier, AJ and JJ both had been able to out do all of them put together in all their lifting. Ricky was led first to the bathroom and AJ and JJ both just stripped off their shorts and grabbed a cloth each and proceeded to wash themselves quickly.

“What are you waiting for, a written invitation?” AJ asked, snapping poor Ricky from the trance he appeared to be in. Not only was he very surprised that both boys just stripped in front of him, but he was also painfully hard because of it. They were gorgeous, and AJ's dick was huge compared with the rest of his body, not to mention incredibly hot looking.

“Oh, um, sorry.” Ricky said, blushing huge time once again.

“About looking at us, don't be sorry about that, everyone looks, it's normal. Most however don't get an instant hardon, so I suggest you don't have that happen in a change room, you'll get razzed something fierce, trust me, we both know. We all get razzed in the pool change room at school at least once a week, we're all used to it, and we do it for fun. However in the regular gym change room, it might not be in fun. However, what I meant is, are you waiting for an invitation to undress and get washed up, you're all sweaty and dirty like we are, so get undressed, grab a cloth and give yourself a quick wipe. Normally we would just hop in the shower, but we don't have time for that.” AJ said, still washing himself.

“I-I-I-I, can't g-g-g-get undressed i-i-in front of you g-g-guys.” Ricky stuttered.

“Sure you can, there's nothing to it, just pull your shorts down and off, it's really quite easy. If you don't do it yourself, we'll just come over there and take them off for you.” AJ threatened with a huge grin.

“B-b-but you'll l-l-laugh at m-m-me.”

“Of course we won't laugh at you, and why would we?” JJ asked softly.

“B-b-because you guys are way b-b-bigger an me.”

“Oh who cares about that, we're used to seeing all sorts, and you heard my mom, you'll grow soon enough.” JJ said calmly.

“I'll do it if you promise not to laugh.” Ricky said bravely.

“We promise.” Both AJ and JJ said truthfully.

Ricky bent down, pulling his shorts as he went, and slipped them off his feet, then threw his shorts and underwear in the hamper where the others had thrown their clothes, and then with a blush that traversed his entire body, Ricky stood up. Ricky was about the same size as the average thirteen year old, he had a small patch of hair over his dick, none on his balls, but at least they had descended nicely, and looked to be getting bigger. His dick was maybe six centimeters long, while soft and scared, but it was at least pretty thick looking.

“What's wrong with your dick, I see nothing wrong with it, and as long as you enjoy playing with it, then who cares. At least it's not as small as some of the football players dicks were.” JJ giggled.

“Really, some of the football players are smaller?” Ricky asked with a blush.

“Oh yeah, one of them was older than me, but he still had a kids dick, but he was bigger than I am, so no one harassed him, well at least to his face. And I take it from the way you carefully skirted around it, you do enjoy playing with it a great deal. Hell we all do.” JJ grinned evilly, and as he had hoped, he made Ricky blush even further.

“Yeah.” Ricky admitted bashfully.

“Nothing to be ashamed about, hell, we'd have been more worried if you didn't like to. Hell I have been masturbating since I was like five or so.” JJ said unashamedly.


“Oh yeah, I walked in on my parents having sex, so naturally when they came out I asked all sorts of questions, and they sat down and told me everything that I would ever need to know. I went straight to my bedroom, and my mom said I stayed there for over three hours playing with myself. I vaguely remember it, I was so tired and raw and sore afterwards, that I slept until noon the following day, and my mom had to put cream on my dick. I thought I had worn it out, but my dad taught me the proper techniques, and that was history.” JJ smiled broadly.

“Holy shit, that's amazing.” Ricky said in awe.

“I only really started to jack off not all that long ago, but I sure enjoyed playing with it before that, I just didn't know what I was doing, and I had never had an orgasm. The first time I did, and I even had a little cum, I almost died it felt so good.” AJ admitted.

“You can cum already?”

“Oh yeah, it's even milky and thick now, not quite as thick as JJ's is, but mine still tastes a lot sweeter than his does.”

“You've tasted each others cum before?” Ricky asked in shock.

“Of course, you know that we're boyfriends, well we do everything together that a couple does, everything. You should get yourself a nice boyfriend and try some of it, I tell you that it is so much more enjoyable than doing it on your own.”

“Oh, well I just thought that was another rumor. And by everything you mean you even fuck each other?”

“Oh no, we never fuck, we have no interest in that, but we do we make love to each other anally though.” JJ said seriously.

“What's the difference, and doesn't it hurt?”

“The difference is huge, but you can't explain it, you have to experience it. The main difference is of course that you have to be in love with your partner. As for is it painful, oh yeah, the first time was almost unbearable at first, we both cried quite a bit, but then the pain went away and it started to feel real good. The next few times were painful, but not nearly so much as the first time, but now we are almost totally pain free, especially if we prepare each other first, and really loosen each other up.” AJ answered totally truthfully.

Ricky's mouth was hanging open now, his dick was once again at full mast, it was now a pretty respectable size, almost the same size as AJ was.

“Wow. You guys really aren't embarrassed by telling me all that, I would die saying stuff like that to anyone.”

“Yeah, but we trust you, and you need to know, because you will soon have all that as well. And besides, I doubt telling all that would be half as embarrassing as standing there with a full blown erection, of which by the way is not so bad at all. You have nothing to be ashamed of.” JJ said. Ricky had obviously not known that he had become erect, because his hands and eyes flew down immediately, and he covered himself up.

“Please, like we've never seen one of those before. Don't be shy. Well if you're finished washing off, let's go get changed.” AJ smiled warmly.

JJ and AJ each grabbed one of Ricky's wrists and pulled him from the bathroom before he could think to respond or fight, and they went across the hall and to JJ's room. Ricky hardly realized what had happened, he was still so embarrassed about being hard in front of the other two. He did try and stutter a couple times, but nothing coherent came out. JJ led Ricky over to the bed and AJ went to the closet and grabbed three diapers. By the time AJ made it back to the bed, Ricky was already laying down. Working very quickly, so that Ricky's still shocked mind was unable to fully comprehend what was happening, the boys had him diapered. They then diapered each other quickly and stood up.

“What did you do, why did you diaper me, it's not bed time?” Ricky asked quietly a minute later.

“Because you love diapers right, so do we, and we like to hang out in just our diapers when we're home.” JJ said gently.


“No buts, we know what we're doing. Now come on.” AJ said. Once again they each grabbed a wrist and pulled Ricky up, and started pulling him from the room. This time he struggled.

“I-I-I-I can't go out there like this.” Ricky shrieked.

“Sure you can. Look at us, are we not all dressed the exact same way, are we not all in” AJ said slowly, softly, almost as if he were trying to hypnotize Ricky.

“Yeah, but-”

“No buts, just trust us okay, you'll be fine. We'll let go of you now, but you have to follow us okay, we promise you that you will be fine.” JJ said softly, almost right into Ricky's ear.

They let go of Ricky's hands and started walking slowly in front of him. At first Ricky did not move, but suddenly he must have realized they were right, because he started following them, either that, or he did not want to be left alone. They made it to the kitchen where Sarah and Frank were, Frank was naked, and Sarah was just in her briefest pair of bra and panties. They both looked up as soon as the boys walked in the room.

“Ah good, dinner's almost ready. Would you boys go ahead and set the table please?” Sarah asked. She very carefully made it so that nothing was said about what the boys were wearing, she wanted to make it like it was not a big deal or anything, which it really wasn't.

“Okay mom, will do.” JJ said and he and AJ led the way, and Ricky followed. They grabbed everything they would need, and Ricky followed them to the dining room.

“See, we told you that you'd be fine. They hardly even noticed, and they would never say anything at all.” JJ said.

“Your dad was naked, and your mom was in her underwear.” Ricky said in shock.

“Yeah, we're usually in underwear or less around here, you'll get used to it. So how does it feel walking around the house in just diapers?” JJ asked.

“Weird, but kinda nice too. I really like these diapers too, they are so thick and soft, very comfortable. Where do you get them?”

“Yeah, we agree with you. It was hard for me too when I first started coming here, but now it's like I have been doing it all my life, it's just so natural around here. We get them at a medical supply place downtown, we'll give you the name of the place and the brand and style of the diapers so that you can take it home to your parents.” AJ said.

The boys all finished setting the table just in time for Sarah and Frank to start bringing dinner in, the girls were called, and then they all sat down to eat. As always the meal was very good, and they enjoyed it and the talk. After dinner they all went and watched a movie in the living room and then the boys all headed up to JJ's room for the rest of the evening.

“Now, we're pretty tired already, so we'll be going to bed pretty soon. We of course share the bed, but you can either have one of the spare rooms, or I can grab you a sleeping bag so you can sleep in here with us. We won't be playing tonight anyways, so don't worry about interrupting us any.” JJ said.

“Or I could share the bed with you guys, it's certainly large enough.” Ricky said, shyly and hopefully all at the same time.

“I don't see a problem with that, but no playing around. For that you will have to find yourself a boyfriend.” AJ grinned wickedly.

“Oh, um, I wouldn't ever.” Ricky said, blushing even more yet.

“I was just teasing you anyways, I doubted you would.” AJ smiled warmly.

“So how come you guys are so tired anyways?” Ricky asked when they sat on the bed, backs to the headboard. “I mean you both are in excellent shape, and you barely even broke a sweat out there today.” He added.

“Well today was only a minor workout for us yes, but the rest of the week we have been training very hard, so we are a bit tired this weekend, that's why we weren't working very hard.” JJ answered.

“You call that not working very hard?” Ricky asked incredulously. “I was almost dying out there doing what I was doing, and you were both doing two and three times more than I was.”

“Yeah, but we're more used to physical work than you are, and we do an intense workout at least three hours every day for our training.” AJ said this time.

“What are you two training for?”

“Swimming and diving. We have an Olympic trainer who is getting us as ready as he can for the Olympics in a couple years, and he seems to think that we could both do very well, and he's absolutely certain AJ will take gold in all the diving events, if he keeps working as hard as he has been.”

“Wow, really. Where around here can you train for that, I thought the school pool was closed for the summer?”

“Actually it probably is, but we don't have to go anywhere, we train right at my house, I have full training facilities at home.”

“Wicked. Can I see it some day, and maybe swim with you guys for a bit one day?”

“Sure. Are you any good at swimming or diving?” AJ asked.

“I can swim, and I can jump off the diving board, but the high dive at school scares the piss outta me, so I haven't tried it before, I hate heights. I'm not really all that good at swimming though.” Ricky admitted.

“Then you'd hate to see what we do up on the high dive at home, that WILL make you pee.” AJ giggled.

“You have a high dive too? What do you do on it?”

“Oh yeah, like I said, I have full training facilities. The only difference between my pool and an Olympic pool is that mine is not quite as long or as wide, but it is as deep, and just as good for training. As for what we do, I think we'll leave that as a surprise for you. Tell you what, get permission to stay the night at my place tomorrow night, and you can see what we do during our training session first thing in the morning.” AJ offered.

“Okay, I'd like that.”

“And you can even join us doing our workout, it will help you out a lot.” JJ said.

“What do you mean help me out?” Ricky asked a tad defensively.

“Well, it's like my mom said, it will help to burn off the last bit of puppy fat that you have left, it will help to regulate your system a little better while you rush through puberty, and it will just make you feel better about yourself. Get a good routine going, get some good muscle on you, and you will look and feel better, I guarantee it.” JJ said, ignoring the fact that Ricky apparently took affront to the comment.

“Oh, okay, sorry I snapped at you.”

“No worries, I know you didn't mean it. Well I think we should get ready for bed. Are you needing a change Ricky, AJ and I certainly do”

“Yeah, I could use a change I guess, I'm getting pretty soggy, but these things hold way better than the goodnites do.”

“That they certainly do.” AJ and JJ said at the same time, and the three of them giggled.

JJ hopped up and grabbed three dry diapers and came back to the bed. Ricky was laid down first, and AJ and JJ worked quickly to change his wet diaper. And boy was he wet, probably more so than they were, both AJ and JJ thought. Once Ricky was in a dry diaper, AJ was laid down next, and Ricky helped JJ to diaper him, and then JJ was done last. The three of them crawled into bed, JJ against the wall, AJ in the middle, and Ricky on the outside. After the light was turned out, Ricky could distinctly hear the other two kissing gently, and then their whispered goodnight and I love you, and he even blushed in the dark. They said goodnight to Ricky, who said it back, and then they all went to sleep, AJ and JJ curled up together as they normally were.


“Mmm, good morning baby, how are you this morning?” AJ asked as JJ came to a few minutes after he had.

“Nice and comfortable. I feel good too, but I always do when I get to wake up next to the most beautiful boy around.” JJ sighed.

“Good morning Ricky, how are you this morning?”

“Good thanks, I slept real well.”

“Good, glad to hear it. Let's go get some breakfast before the others eat it all, it smells like it's already done.” JJ said.

They all crawled out of bed, stretched and yawned for a minute, and then headed downstairs. This time Sarah was also naked, and when Ricky saw her, he blushed from top to toe, it was cute. Sarah saw this and said good morning to him, but all Ricky could do was stutter. JJ smacked him on the back.

“Ouch, what was that for?” Ricky grunted.

“To dislodge whatever it was that was stuck in your throat, sounds like it worked too.” JJ grinned.

“Thanks, I think.” Ricky said, but was carefully averting his gaze anywhere except to where Sarah was standing.

“You're welcome, but you know, she's not totally hideous looking, once you get used to looking at her that is. Ouch.” JJ said, trying to joke, but Sarah snuck up behind him and swatted his diapered rear so hard it probably left a mark.

“Not totally hideous looking!” Sarah said dangerously.

“I was trying to loosen Ricky up, he's embarrassed about seeing you naked, and did you have to hit that hard, you probably left a bloody mark.” JJ smiled, rubbing his sore bum.

“Let me see.” AJ said, grabbed the back of JJ's diaper, pulled it open and looked inside, and sure enough, there was a mark. “Oh yeah, you left a mark all right, nearly as big as the hickey I left on the same cheek a few weeks ago.” AJ laughed.

“You gave JJ a hickey on his butt cheek?” Ricky asked incredulously.

“Sure, why not, it was fun too.” AJ grinned.

“Yeah, but I got him back.” JJ grinned.

“You guys are weird, and even admitting it in front of your parents.”

“They saw them and knew what they were, and besides, you should see some of the places they've left them on each other, and you think the butt cheek is bad.” JJ grinned, this only caused poor Ricky to blush even further.

“They're not that bad, and Ricky, they can be a lot of fun to give, maybe soon you will get to find out. As for you my dear boy, sorry for hitting so hard, but one more comment like that, no matter if it is for a good reason, and I will take you out. Remember, I am your mother, I gave you life, and dammit I can take it back any time I want to.” Sarah grinned evilly.

Ricky looked shocked at this, and wasn't certain what, or if, Sarah meant by it. Everyone else saw the look of shock and started laughing.

“Ricky, by that I do not mean I'll kill him, but he'd wish he were dead, no I can take his life away from him far more effectively and painfully for him. Hell grounding him from leaving the house, or having visitors for three days would probably do it.” Sarah grinned again.

“I'd be busting the doors down.” AJ said.

“That I don't doubt, and as tough a bugger as you are, I doubt we could hold you back either.” Frank chuckled.

“Yikes.” Ricky giggled.

They all sat down to eat breakfast a little after that and had a good breakfast. Once everything was cleaned up, they all headed upstairs to get changed. The three boys went and removed their soggy diapers in JJ's room, and threw on some brief shorts, once again with no underwear, something that distinctly made Ricky uncomfortable, but he never said anything. They all headed out front to get started the work of bringing up all the stone that they would need. Frank came out and joined them a minute later and together the four guys started bringing wheelbarrow loads up, switching off on who was driving, so as not to tire them all out too quickly. Once they felt they had enough to get a good start, they started running the pump and filter lines. Sarah came out at that time to help, but the girls were not with her this time.

“Where are the brats mom?”

“I told them to play in the back yard today. With all the heavy stone we will be working with, I didn't want them to accidentally get under someones feet and cause an injury.”

“Probably a good idea, they mean well, and love to help, but in this case they probably would be more in the way than anything.” AJ admitted.

The large filtration system, that would be cleverly hidden inside a stone bench, was placed first, then the pump was positioned in the pond, and all the lines were hooked up. One large hose was routed right up the waterway and another much smaller one was fed to where the peeing boy statue, that Sarah had bought, would stand. Next came the tricky job of laying the stones so that it looked nice and natural, but in such a way that any sharp edges would be incapable of cutting the thick membrane. Laying the stones out was a very long and tiring job, and they often had to go get more loads of stone to continue on. It took well over four hours of long hard work to get all the stone put into place, but it was finally all done. As the bottom of the pond was covered, and they thought they were able to do so , the hose was ran out, and they started filling the pond. By the time that the waterway was completed there was enough water in the pond, so the pump was turned on. They stood around watching, and it took well over ten minutes for the pump to fill all the lines and the filter. The small hose started spraying water first of course, because it was the closest, but not long after that, the water started flowing down the waterway, and spilling over the waterfall. AJ went and made some adjustments to how the stones were so that the water sprayed properly, or spilled nicer, but they were all satisfied with the work that had been completed.

“Wow, this looks so nice already, I can't wait until it's all done, it will look incredible.” Sarah said happily.

“Even I have to admit it looks very nice, and now I want to put one in my front yard.” AJ said.

“Yeah.” JJ said.

“Speaking of my yard, that's probably where we should be heading, I could really use the hot tub right about now. Not to mention I think we have done more than enough work for today.” AJ said.

“I agree. I'm beat, and I can't even imagine how you boys are even still standing.” Frank said.

“We're tired, but we're in a better shape than you are, so we're not as bad.” JJ said.

“Hey, I am in excellent shape, especially considering I am nearly forty, I'll have you know.” Frank said in mock defensiveness.

“I know, but that's not the shape I meant, I didn't mean it as we are in better physical shape than you, just that we're in better condition, you guys all look way more tired than we feel.” JJ explained.

“Yes, I feel way more tired than you two look, and you did way more work than we did.” Frank admitted.

“Are you going to call home and see if you can spend the night at my place Ricky, you can come and join us in the hot tub, and we can even all have a nice massage?” AJ asked.

“Wow, that sounds cool, sure. I can call from here or there.” Ricky said happily, but tiredly as well.

“We'll go get a bag ready then while you call.” JJ said.

Ricky just said okay and ran inside the house and to the phone, while the rest of them more sauntered inside. AJ and JJ went up to their room to get JJ packed, not that he really needed much for clothing, since they hardly ever wore any, but he still needed a few things. He no longer had to bring a toothbrush, both boys had them at each others houses now.

“You do realize that with Ricky there tonight that we won't be able to play around right?” JJ asked once they were finished.

“Yeah, I know, but I think he needs some friends, and we all have so much in common, so he needs us. I remember seeing him in school last year, and he never had any friends around him either, but I was too shy to approach him, and then when we got together, I just sorta forgot. And I'm sure we can last until tomorrow night, or we can sneak off and play a little somehow.” AJ smiled.

“I know, I was teasing you.”

They headed downstairs to find that Ricky was happily waiting for them, nearly vibrating.

“I take it your mom said no, you look absolutely pitiful, so sad and heart broken.” AJ said so seriously that Ricky actually turned around to see who he was talking to. Then he realized that AJ was teasing him, and it worked.

“Oh ha ha, very funny, actually it was pretty good. She said I could go, but that she wants me home for dinner tomorrow.”

“That's cool, let's get going then.”

They all said goodbye to Sarah, Frank, and the girls, AJ warned them to watch the water in the pond, and then they were off. They all rode their bikes over to AJ's house, which was only a couple minutes away.

“Hey, we live on the same street, just at opposite ends, that's cool. So we're only a couple minutes away from each other.” Ricky said happily.

“Cool. Well come on in then.”