Chapter 18

“Wonder why Max's car is here?” AJ said as they were walking up the steps.

“Maybe he's here for some reason, maybe he wants to ask you if he can marry your mom, who knows.” JJ smiled.

When they walked in they found max and a young boy in the living room cuddled up, the boy looked as if he had been crying.

“Hi Max, what are you up to?” AJ asked curiously, looking from him to the younger boy who was about the same size as AJ was. He had medium brown hair, quite long and unkempt at the moment, and from what they saw of his swollen eyes, they were brown as well. He had a cute little pug nose and nice face. He was small and trim, and it didn't look like he was in bad shape at all.

“Hi guys, and friend. We had something pop up on Friday, and that's why TJ is here. Come and sit down, I would like to talk to you, JJ and I'm sorry, but I don't know your name, you can come and sit with us, it's not private.”

“Sorry Max, this is our friend Ricky, and he's going to stay the night tonight. TJ was it, well I'm AJ , and this is JJ, man, that could really get confusing if you come here often.” AJ said, but with that TJ just started crying again and buried his head into Max further.

“Sorry about that, he's a little emotional right now still, I'll tell you all why, go ahead and sit down.” Max said, sounding a lot more sullen than normal.

“Okay. What's happening Max?” AJ asked softly as they all sat down opposite them.

“Well TJ here is my nephew, he and his parents live back east, but he is coming here to live with me now. It seems they are not nearly so open minded as I thought they should be, but my brother always was a righteous prick, he's the reason why I moved back here. Well TJ is eleven, or will be very soon, in two weeks, and his mom caught him and his friend together, doing what you and JJ do together all the time, you know, the really fun thing, and she freaked out. When his dad got home, she told him everything, and then the bastard beat him, saying he was going to beat the queer out of him if it killed him.”

“When TJ lost conscienceness, he came to his senses and stopped beating him. He was not seriously injured, he was just in pain, and amazingly enough no bones were broken, and he only has some cuts, and a whole lot of bruises. Then the bastard calls me and tells me to take his useless fagot of a son. That he was already on the plane, this being the next day of course. He didn't even tell me anything as to what happened, just told me I had to care for him now. Now of course I was happy to take him, but this has hurt poor TJ so badly, and I am hardly talking about the beating. I of course told him all about you and JJ, and he and I and Alice have talked it over a lot, and we have decided to move in here, so that TJ has an older brother who understands him, and a mom and dad that love and care for him. This way you can also watch him a bit during the days when we're at work, not that he needs watching, he's old enough to watch himself for the most part. The thing is, is what do we do about a bedroom, and will you allow it, your mom said it has to be up to you.”

“Oh TJ, you poor boy, I'm so sorry this had to happen to you. You're not bad if you're gay, you're parents are bad for not loving you enough.” AJ went over and pulled TJ into him and hugged him, JJ joining them a second later.

“Here's what we're gonna do. The games room can be easily converted back to a bedroom, and we can rebuild the garage into an even nicer one. It's never used for cars anyways, because the door has never opened. We will have to get all that later, but in the meantime you can sleep with me and JJ in our room, or on the couch.” AJ said without hesitation.

“I'll pay to rebuild the garage and we'll get new furniture for the bedroom.” Max said.

“Okay Max, that would be helpful, I don't want to have to go back to the bank already for more money, not that they would complain any.” AJ smiled warmly.

“You really are as nice as Uncle Max and Alice said you were, giving up your really nice games room for me, and allowing me to live in your house.” TJ said, a few tears still trickling down his cheeks.

“Hey, it's no problem, and this way we all get a nicer and much bigger games room. Maybe we can finally get that pool table I wanted to get.” AJ smiled warmly.

“Of which I would gladly buy, I love to play pool.” Max smiled.

“So are you excited about moving in with my mommy?” AJ asked Max.

“I've pretty much been living here for the past few weeks anyways, but yeah, I really love her.” Max smiled warmly.

“I know, and I'm glad, for both of you. I think that if we all worked quickly, we could get the room emptied tonight, and then you two could probably go pick out and buy some furniture from somewhere. Actually, if you go now, the three of us could get started, that way you can get it all here, and we can get started right away putting it together. Do you like the color of the room though TJ?” AJ asked.

“I love the color, it'll be awesome, can we Uncle Max?”

“Sure, sounds good to me, if you boys are sure.” Max said.

“Not a problem.” All three of them said.

Max and TJ got up and threw on their shoes and then headed out, and the other three boys got up to go get the room emptied out.

“Wow, look at this room, this is awesome.” Ricky said, standing in the door and looking in with a look of awe on his face.

“Thanks, but the garage is roughly four to five times larger, so we can put more things in there, and it will look even better. Now all we will need to do is clean it out, fix up the walls, paint, put some carpet in, and then get everything set back up.” AJ said.


They all got started and worked quickly to get everything moved and stacked neatly in the garage, working up yet another sweat that day. It didn't really take all that long, and they were finished long before Max and TJ got back.

“Since you haven't seen the pool house yet, and I want to go sit in the hot tub for a while, let's go out there.” AJ said.

“Okay.” Both JJ and Ricky said.

They headed to AJ's room first, where both AJ and JJ started removing their clothing, Ricky just stood there for a few seconds before starting, figuring they were getting changed, but when they were finished they started leaving the room. Now he was clearly confused.

“Where are you going?”

“Out to the pool of course, come on, we swim naked by the way, you'll like it.”

AJ and JJ just kept on walking, and soon Ricky caught up to them. They walked through the kitchen and out the back door. When they walked through the door and out into the pool, all they heard from Ricky was a gasp.

“Holy shit, this is incredible.” Ricky finally managed to get out.

“Thanks, we like it. Come on, let's go get showered and then we can go sit in the hot tub.” AJ said.

They all went to the showers and washed themselves off, and then climbed in the hot tub. They all sat back in the nice hot water, sighed, and just relaxed, not saying anything for quite a long time.

“I see what you mean, this is very relaxing, and man does this feel good.” Ricky sighed.

“See, told you, wait till you hop in the pool, it feels so free.” AJ smiled warmly.

And that was what they did a few minutes later. They hopped out of the hot tub and into the pool, Ricky yelping at the sudden change in temperature, and then swimming with the others. They swam lazily around for a while, until TJ walked onto the pool deck to call them, saying they were home.

“Hi TJ, we'll be out in a minute to help you guys get everything in the house.” AJ said and pulled himself out of the pool.

“Okay.” TJ said happily, but stood there and watched as AJ emerged from the water, mouth agape and drooling a little.

“Oh, you are a little gay boy aren't you. Well this is taken, but we can see about finding you a boyfriend for your very own.” AJ teased.

“Oh, sorry, you're just really big, way bigger an I am.”

“Time will take care of that nicely for you, don't worry about it.” JJ said, standing next to AJ now, and TJ's eyes locked in on JJ's bigger and harrier appendage, and then over to Ricky's smaller and nearly hairless one. He didn't blush though.

“Come on, let's go get you a nice new bedroom.” AJ said, breaking the younger boys trance. The older boys all headed over to the shower and rinsed off real quick, dried off, and then went into the house. Surprisingly enough, and surprising even himself, but Ricky did it with almost no hint of a blush, or embarrassment. Walking around in only a diaper was worse than this he thought. Max looked up when they walked by, and saw all three of the nude boys traipse on by as he was carrying in what appeared to be an end table. The boys all went and got dressed back into their shorts, but not bothering with a shirt. They then headed out to Max's truck and started helping carry things in. JJ and Max grabbed the rather heavy looking dresser, and the others grabbed the rest of the furniture that was in the back. Once it was all in the house, they all worked quickly together to assemble the bedroom, TJ being told to tell everyone where he wanted things. It took about an hour to get everything put together and set up, but when it was, it looked very good.

“Wow, this looks great, thanks so much guys.” TJ said, a few tears of happiness leaking out his eyes.

“You're very welcome. Now that you're living with us, life will be a lot nicer. I know your mom and dad were real strict on you, and I'm sorry I couldn't help more, but now I can. In the next couple days we'll all go out and see if we can find you some nice things to fill your room and dresser with, and we'll all have to go shopping for things for the new games room. When will you want to start on that guys?” Max asked.

“Well we're doing up JJ's parents yard on the weekends right now, but we could probably all do a couple hours of work in the evenings. But I think that will have to wait a few days, we didn't get any rest this weekend like we had planned. We could probably all go out shopping tomorrow after mom gets home from school, and you get off work though to find everything we want.” AJ said.

“That sounds just fine to me. The weekends are JJ's parents anyways, so weeknights works just fine for me. As for tomorrow, that works too, but I am the boss, and I can just take off early tomorrow so that we can go right after your mom gets home.”

“I think that works for all of us.” AJ said, looking at the others.

“Good. Now I am going to run back to my place and grab all of TJ's things and a few other things, pick up some dinner, and then come back, assuming of course you don't mind watching the brat for a bit.” Max said with a big grin.

“Oh I don't know, is he house broken, does he scratch at the door, or bark a lot.” AJ asked, scratching behind TJ's ear jokingly.

“He's house broken, barely, but if he barks too much, just swat his backside.” Max joked back.

“You guys are mean.” TJ pouted.

“We know, but you know you loved it, and you are loving my scratching behind your ear.” AJ said.

“Yeah, it feels nice, almost like being cuddled.” TJ said.

“Oh and AJ , TJ has your same problem and likes your same solution.” Max said cryptically as he was heading from the room and emphasizing the work likes.

“Cool, we all do then.” AJ said happily, and everyone knew instantly what Max was referring to.

“Well since everyone likes diapers, let's go get comfortable and go watch a movie.” JJ said.

They all headed out to AJ's room next door and they all stripped, Ricky being the last, and then TJ was told to climb up first, while AJ grabbed the diapers for everyone. TJ was hard as stone laying there, and he was not at all ashamed of it, nor did he have a reason to be. He was still prepubescent, and was quite a bit smaller than the older boys, but what he had was still of a pretty good size, and was very hard. He was uncut, just like all the others were, and his balls were still up tight to his body, not having dropped yet. TJ was told to lift up and the diaper was slid under his bum, and then when it was just about to be closed, he protested.

“Hey, what about the lotion and the powder?”

“Oh, we don't have any, sorry. You like that do you?” AJ asked.

“Yeah, my mom used it as punishment on me to try and make me feel like a baby, but what she didn't know was that I liked it. Of course I never let that show, but with Uncle Max I can, and he said that he was happy to baby me a bit if I wanted it. But I don't want to be a baby, I just like the lotion and powder.” TJ grinned.

“That's cool. We'll have to buy some if Max hasn't already then.”

“He has, and it's one of the things he will probably be grabbing.”

“Cool.” All three of the boys said, all showing their desire to try it as well.

Soon, after all four boys were diapered, they wanted to go watch movies, so they headed out to the living room and a movie was decided upon, TJ and Ricky being the ones to choose. Once the movie was put on, AJ and JJ took one couch, and TJ and Ricky took the other, and then they laid down. AJ and JJ laid up against each other, all cuddled up, but TJ and Ricky laid at opposite ends of the couch with their knees pulled up, their feet however were touching. Half way through the movie found the two boys almost playing footsie with each other. They looked at each other a few times and smiled shyly as well, and another relationship was born. Not ten minutes before the end of the movie, Max came back, carrying a large bag in one hand and a large box in the other. He set those down, and then headed back out to his truck and brought in three large pizzas and four bottles of pop.

“Cool, pizza.” Ricky and TJ said together and hopped up to relieve Max of his burden.

“Good thing we got so much exercise today huh?” AJ grinned at JJ.

“No kidding.” JJ said, and they headed into the kitchen to get the plates and glasses. By the time they made it back, the pizzas were all open and waiting on the coffee table.

When the plates and glasses were set down everyone dug in, and they each grabbed three pieces of pizza, poured themselves a tall glass of their desired pop, and then the movie was started again, and they finished watching the last few minutes. A second movie was then put in, and they watched that until the end.

“That was a good movie, I liked it. I know you two don't normally eat pizza, and certainly never drink pop, but I figured you'd make an exception this one time as a bit of a celebration.” Max said.

“Why wouldn't you eat pizza or drink pop, I'd live on it if I could?” TJ asked incredulously.

“Well I don't think you could live on it for long. Pizza does have a lot of good stuff on it, but it is usually really greasy, so therefore not good for you. Pop on the other hand is all bad for you, no matter how you look at it, and we don't normally touch either, because we are on a pretty strict diet of all good foods.” AJ said.

“I guess that's true, but still, I couldn't live without it. Why would you guys be on a diet though, you have bodies to die for?”

“Thanks, yours is not so bad either you know. We're in training for the Olympics, so we eat very well.” JJ said.

“What, no way, you're kidding right?” TJ asked incredulously.

“No they're not TJ, remember I told you they were heavy into swimming, and were training quite hard, well that's what the training is for. They're not too sure if they can make it to the next one yet or not, and they have to go through the nationals first next year, but that's their goal, and I think they'll make it.” Max said.

“Wow, that's wicked cool.” TJ said, looking at the boys in a whole new light, even Ricky looked at them differently, they had not told him that.

“Well I don't know about the rest of you guys, but JJ and I will probably be passing out pretty soon if we don't get to bed. Ricky, you can come and sleep with us again if you want, or you can sleep in here on the couch.”

“Or you can come and sleep in my room if you want to.” TJ said.

“I can sleep with with TJ so that I don't have to intrude on you guys' privacy again tonight.” Ricky said to AJ and JJ.

“That's fine with us. Well we will head to bed now then, and I will toss a couple diapers on your bed, so that you don't have to unpack your things tonight. Goodnight everyone.” AJ said.

“Goodnight.” Everyone else said, and AJ and JJ headed to their room.

“You know, it's ironic how we meet a friend who is gay and in desperate need of a boyfriend, and then we come home to find that I pretty much now have a gay brother who also needs a boyfriend, then we lay down and watch movies, then they start playing footsies with each other, and smile shyly at each other all night long.” AJ said.

“I thought it was funny really. Poor TJ though, kid had it rough. I'm kinda glad though that Ricky won't be in with us tonight, because I need a little relief.” JJ said.

“Yeah, and me too.”

They stripped each other of their wet diapers and crawled into bed and settled into a nice 69 to relieve each other of their pent up loads in a quicker manner, both very tired, so not really wanting to take too long. They were both relieved of their loads pretty quickly, and then they diapered each other and went to bed. They both passed out quickly and slept through the night.


“I think I'm ready to go to bed as well, I'm pretty tired, I did a lot of work today” Ricky said shortly after AJ and JJ left the room.

“I'll go now as well, I'm pretty tired, I haven't gotten used to the time difference yet.” TJ said.

“You boys have a good sleep.” Max said as they got up to head to the bedroom.

“You too.” They said.

“So, you don't have a boyfriend do you?” TJ asked as they entered the room.

“No, I haven't.”

“And I suddenly find myself without one as well, and I like you, you're cute and nice, would you be my boyfriend?” TJ asked.

“But I'm a lot older than you are.” Ricky pointed out.

“So what, my old boyfriend was the same age as you are, I don't really think that age has anything to do with it.”

“Let's get diapered, and then we can lay down and talk.” Ricky said, trying to evade the issue.

They diapered each other quickly, turned out the light and crawled into bed together.

“Tell me about your old boyfriend?”

“Well he came to babysit me one night, he was real cute, but he was kind of fat, but I liked that, he was very cuddly. He was so nice and friendly to me that I fell in love with him. I've known I was gay for more than a year now, and I accepted it right away, so when he came to babysit a few months ago, and I came to that realization, I just had to have him. I admit I kind of tricked him into it at first, but he admitted he was gay, and thought I was so cute. We only jacked each other off and sucked each other until the day we got caught, and he had just barely gotten inside me and I was loving it, even though it hurt a bit. He was about the same size as you are down there by the way.” TJ said.

“Wow. I've known I was gay for a while, but I didn't want to admit it, but I had to this weekend.” Ricky said and then explained what had happened, TJ laughed at that, saying it served him right, and they both laughed lightly. “So, how did you trick your boyfriend into being your boyfriend?”

“Well he was supposed to stay the night to watch me, because my parents had to go out of town over night. When he went to bed in the spare room I was still awake. I pretended to have a bad dream and went in and asked if I could sleep with him, he reluctantly said yes. That was the night I found out that he had to wear diapers as well, but he said later that he didn't figure I had anything to say about it since I wore them as well. Well anyways he fell asleep, but I forced myself to stay awake, and then I sort of took advantage of him in his sleep. He woke up, asked what I was doing, and I told him, I told him everything, about how I loved to just sit and cuddle him, how my dick was always painfully hard whenever we did, how I thought I was in love with him, and then that's when he told me all about himself. We kissed that night for our first time too, and it was so nice. We both played with each others dicks for a while and then we fell asleep, our hands still in each others diapers.”

“Oh, you're lucky he didn't freak out on you like your parents did, of which I'm really sorry to hear they did. That is the one thing I fear about telling my mom and dad, so I'm not going to for a long time, not until I have moved out, unless I have to.”

“Thanks, but I'm okay with it, but I'm still sad that they didn't love me, they obviously never really did. Uncle Max has been great about helping me through it all, he's really nice and understanding. I was never going to tell my parents, they could have gone their entire lives without knowing. I know my dad is a gay hater, I've heard him saying things about gays, and how they are all horrible people. It made me cry when he said stuff like that after I realized I was gay, but I couldn't let him know it bothered me. But that's all the past, and I will never see Shane again, but we will email each other a few times. And now I want the present, and I want to know, am I going to have to wait for you to fall asleep, or will you join me in playing a little?”

“You're very forward aren't you?”

“Yes, one thing I learned well from my parents, was that you had to ask for what you wanted in life, and sometimes you have to take it, with force if necessary. They were both cruel business people, and I always felt sorry for their employees, but they were right in some things. Now answer the question, actually answer my first one first, will you be my boyfriend? I really like you, I think I fell in love with you the first time I saw you today.”

“I don't know, you're still a lot younger than I am, and I'm scared.” Ricky admitted.

“There's no need to be scared. We can just give each other a hand, I know you must jack off, all boys do, and you know how good it feels right, well having someone else do it for you is even better yet. We'll take it nice and slow, we don't have to rush into anything.” TJ said soothingly, putting his hand on Ricky's shaking diapered hip.

“Okay, but just hands. We can decide the rest later, like you said, we can take our time.”

“That's right.” TJ whispered into Ricky's ear and pushed Ricky over onto his back and then snaked his hand in through one of the leg holes in Ricky's diaper.

Ricky gasped at the unbelievable pleasure of someone else holding his hard dick, it had been hard since they started talking like they had been. TJ started a nice slow motion, jacking Ricky's nice erection the best his small hand knew how. Ricky though had yet to reciprocate, so TJ grabbed his hand and laid it on his diapered bulge, and started rubbing it with Ricky's hand. Soon Ricky realized what TJ wanted, so took over the motions, and eventually his hand also made its way inside TJ's diaper to find his small, but very hard erection. They slowly jacked each other off, both very much enjoying themselves, Ricky a lot more than he ever believed possible. Neither boy lasted all that long before they were panting and gasping from their orgasms, nothing coming out of TJ's dick, and only a small amount coming out of Ricky's. TJ though was happy that there was something there for him to taste, and pulled his hand out and tasted it.

“Mmm, you taste very sweet still, very good.” TJ sighed.

“Really, I've never tasted cum before.” Ricky said.

“You should try some, next time maybe.” TJ said brightly and then rolled over and gently kissed Ricky's smooth cheek.

“What was that for?” Ricky asked in shock.

“Thanks, for everything.” TJ said, with a silent tear running down his cheek, something Ricky could not know. They curled up together and they both fell asleep, drained enough to be able to do so comfortably.


“Good morning baby, are you as tired as I feel this morning?” AJ asked as soon as he saw JJ come to.

“Good morning baby, yeah, I am tired still. I think it's going to be a long couple weeks. Oh well though, we're used to it.” JJ sighed.

“Yeah, but not even we're used to going all week long with no breaks.” AJ pointed out.

“True, next weekend we will for sure rest on Sunday, no work whatsoever, well except for the workout we will have in our own bedroom, but that's the best stress relief there is, even my mom says it's a medically proven fact.” JJ grinned.

“Yes, I know, and we have proven it a few times ourselves. We better be getting up and getting some breakfast before Jim gets here.”

JJ just nodded and they rolled out of bed. They stopped at TJ's room, knocked and got no answer, so opened the door to see the boys cuddled up together and still sleeping.

“Come on guys, time to get up.” AJ said, shaking their shoulders.

“Ugh, why do we need to get up, it's summer time?” TJ grunted.

“Because Ricky wanted to see our swim training today, and you could probably use the workout we do first as well, especially with all the pizza and pop you downed last night.” AJ said.

“Oh okay, we'll get up.” TJ grumbled.

“We're gonna make some breakfast, so we'll meet you in the kitchen.” JJ said, and they walked from the room.

“Good morning babies, how are you this morning? And AJ, that was a very nice thing you did for TJ, I know he appreciates it a great deal.” Alice greeted them as they walked in.

“Good morning mom, we're good, dragging tail a little more than normal this morning, we worked hard all weekend at JJ's parents place, putting in a nice pond to get their yard looking nice. We were going to rest yesterday, but it never happened, and then we came home and got TJ's room all ready. And it's not a big deal really, he seems like a good kid, he deserves it, and this way you two have an excuse to move in together, which I would have approved of anyways, plus it will get us an even nicer games room.” AJ said.

“I see, so you see this as an all around good thing then I guess?”

“Yeah, for sure. I was sort of wondering how you guys were going to work moving in together.”

“We hadn't actually planned on it for a while, and we had no idea either.”

“Well now it's done, and it works great for everyone. So Max, what are you going to do with your house for the next little while?” AJ asked as he and JJ were getting breakfast started.

“Probably rent it out to someone who needs the pool.” Max said. “That way when you're old enough we can just move to my place and you can have your house.”

“Good idea.”

“And Max said that he will take care of all the food bills and I will get the utilities, that way we can actually afford this.” Alice laughed.

“I could afford it all, but your mom refuses to quit work to concentrate only on school.” Max said, obviously they had had a discussion about that.

“No, you would never be able to persuade my mom from not working, she needs it too much.”

“Good morning boys, and you must be Ricky, nice to meet you, Max told me about you, my name is Alice by the way, just in case no one told you.” Alice said as they walked in.

“Hi Alice, and no they hadn't, although Max did say your name, so I figured it must be you he was talking about.” Ricky said, trying not to look directly at Alice, who was still naked, she had gotten far more used to it, and was now naked almost all the time she was at home.

“Guess what Uncle Max, Ricky is going to be my boyfriend.” TJ said happily.

“What, I, um, I never said I would be, I would like to be, but I uh, oh shit.” Ricky said, stumbling all over and getting very embarrassed.

“No need to be embarrassed Ricky, and I'm happy for you both, you'll make a cute couple.” Max said lovingly.

“Thanks, I think.” Ricky said, still blushing.

“You're pretty shy, you know that right? We'll have to cure that, because I am not shy at all.” TJ grinned.

“Gee, thanks, I never noticed.” Ricky said sarcastically.

“Really, I would have thought it would have been painfully obvious.” TJ said with such a straight face that everyone thought he was serious.

“Um.” Ricky said, clearly at a loss for words.

“Oh that was awesome, I so got you.” TJ said, bursting out laughing.

“You will be an excellent poker player if you can hold a face like that without a twitch, I think we all thought you were serious.” JJ laughed.

“I am.” TJ said.

“Good, we like to play as well. Well here's breakfast.” AJ said as they set everything on the table.

They once again had a nice big pot of oatmeal with apples, pears, and peaches in it, a huge stack of toast, a dozen boiled eggs, a couple large pitchers of juice, and pretty much anything they wanted to spread on their toast. They all dug in and ate the good breakfast, all of them enjoying it. When it was all finished, Alice and Max said that they had to go get ready to go, so they headed out, and the boys all cleaned the kitchen up. They then headed out to the pool and removed their soggy diapers and hopped in the shower.

“Now you two, don't over do it on the machines, just do what feels comfortable, and change when we do. We do two circuits though the machines.” AJ said.

“Okay, but what the hell are you talking about?” Ricky asked.

“What I mean is, when you are lifting weights or running, don't try and lift or push more or harder than what feels easy to do, especially to start, and we don't spend too much time on one particular machine, we rotate frequently, called reps, and work all of our muscles evenly, so as not to push one group of muscles over another.” AJ explained.

“Okay, I think I get it.” Ricky said and TJ nodded as well.

Ten minutes after they started their workout, Jim walked in and joined them, all the introductions being made as they worked out. Ricky and TJ did do pretty good, both being very careful not to put too much weight on their stacks, but after forty five minutes they were finished. They got up and headed to the hot tub to relax.

“Man, do you see some of the weights those guys are lifting?” TJ asked incredulously.

“I know, I saw it too, and the surprising thing is that over the weekend I saw them doing things while we were making the pond at JJ's place that were surprising, but this is more so. I can't believe that they can do so much.” Ricky said in awe.

“I hope I can be like them one day and be able to do that.” TJ said, no small amount of hero worship in his voice, but that was nothing to what they saw next.

When AJ and JJ finished their workout they headed straight to the pool and started doing their laps. Jim calling out instructions, having them make corrections. TJ and Ricky had dove in the pool as well and were swimming with the other two, but no matter how good they thought they were doing, it was like they weren't even moving when AJ or JJ passed them. At times they just stood and watched them. But then the last thing on the list was diving, and that shocked the shit right out of the two boys. AJ performed, for his first dive, a nearly flawless double back flip off the high dive, and JJ was working to perfect the double front with a twist on the low dive that AJ did so beautifully, and he damn near nailed it too.

“Oh my god, if I thought they were good at the other stuff, it was nothing in comparison to that.” TJ said.

“No shit. I'd pee myself just standing up there, let alone doing a flip from it.” Ricky admitted.

“Me too.”

The boys continued working on their diving, Jim going between the two of them, telling them where they needed to change or adjust something, he was nearly as much of a perfectionist as AJ was. Jim worked the boys hard for their entire hour of diving, pushing them to within a centimeter of their very breaking points. Both TJ and Ricky watched the entire time in awe, watching the beautiful dives the boys were doing.

When they were finished AJ and JJ headed over to the hot tub to sit back and relax, they were both very tired, and it showed, but Jim had not let them use that as an excuse, he still pushed them just as hard. Jim excused himself as soon as the boys slipped in the hot tub, telling them that he would see them tomorrow, and then he was off. TJ and Ricky made it to the hot tub just as Jim was heading out the door, and they too climbed back in.

“Wow, you guys are great.” TJ said effusively.

“Thanks.” AJ smiled.

“I don't think great is quite the word I would have chosen, that was remarkable. Now I know why you two are training.” Ricky said in awe.

“Thanks.” JJ said this time.

“Do you think that you guys could teach me how to do that?” TJ asked hopefully.

“We can teach you some yes, but we are not teachers, so we will not be able to fully teach you how to do what we do. It will however have to wait a couple weeks though, we'll be pretty tired over the next little while.” AJ said.

“That's okay, whenever you guys get a chance to, is good enough for me.”

“We're going to go and massage each other, you want to join us?” JJ asked a while later as he climbed out of the tub.

“Sure, I've never had a massage before.” Ricky said.

“And I've never given one before.” TJ said.

“You'll both learn how to give and enjoy a massage, especially around here, we do lots of massages.” AJ said.

AJ was told to climb up first, so he did, and the hottest liniment oil was poured all over his back. JJ showed the other two what to do and where, and they got to work. When AJ was told to turn over to get his front, both TJ and Ricky gasped at the sight of his erection.

“What, it's just a boner.” AJ said simply. “You'll both get them too when we massage you.”

“Wow, you're huge.” TJ said and went to grab it, but his hand was swatted away by JJ.

“Uh uh, that toy is mine, you have your own to play with, so leave mine alone.” JJ said sternly, but with a smile on his face.

“Oh right, sorry, it was just kinda automatic.” TJ said with no hint of embarrassment.

“That's okay, but just remember for the next time.”

They massaged AJ's front side, and then he hopped off, and JJ hopped up. His massage went much the same way, but the two new boys didn't gasp quite as loud this time when they saw JJ's erection. Ricky was the next up and he enjoyed his massage so much he nearly fell asleep, and TJ did grab his erection when Ricky was told to turn over, TJ seeing it for the first time was very appreciative of the meat he now held. TJ was last, and he too had a raging erection when he turned over, and Ricky did grab it as well, and tweaked it lovingly before starting the rest of the massage.

“Wow, I can't believe how nice that felt.” TJ said once they were all finished.

“Now you know why we do it, it does feel great.” JJ said.

“Come on, let's go shower and then hop in the pool to cool down a bit.” AJ said.

With twin screams from TJ and Ricky, and twin laughs from AJ and JJ, they were forced to explain the properties of liniment oil the same way it was explained to them.

“That was real mean, man that burned at first.” TJ pouted.

“But it feels nice now though, doesn't it?” AJ asked.

“Yeah, but that's not the point.” TJ pouted more still.

“Awe, poor little baby, maybe we should take you in and diaper you nice and thick, would that make baby feel better.” AJ said in his best babyish voice.

“Okay.” TJ said brightly.

“Good, after our cool down swim then.” AJ said happily as well.

They all jumped in the pool and swam lazily for a little while, before climbing out and drying off. They all headed to AJ's room where they all got diapered, and then they headed back to the kitchen for some much needed lunch.

“Okay guys, we have some schoolwork to do, so you two can go ahead and do whatever you'd like until we're finished, give us about an hour.” AJ said.

“What do you mean schoolwork, you're the smartest kid in the entire school, you should be just going into grade seven, yet you're going into grade nine, so why would you guys need to do schoolwork?” Ricky asked curiously.

“Because we're not going into grade nine, we were skipped ahead to grade ten, and we are going over all the grade nine material to make sure we understand it all.” JJ answered.

“No shit.” TJ and Ricky both said at the same time.

“Yes shit.” AJ chuckled.

“You've been skipped ahead three years, so not only are you an incredible swimmer, and an even better diver, but you're insanely smart too, and you're pretty much going to be my brother, how the hell am I going to be able to do anything good?” TJ asked in even more awe than before.

“Trust me, my mom and Max will have plenty of room to be proud of any achievements you make, but thanks for the compliments, and you are my brother now.” AJ said softly.

“You're welcome. I wasn't complaining though, now I know that I can always come ask you for help with schoolwork if I need it. I do really well, but sometimes I have problems too. I'm really good at biking though, but I don't have a bike now, my ex parents only sent me with my clothes and a few other basic things.” TJ said.

“You're always welcome to come see us if you have any problems whatsoever, and I'm sure that Max will buy you a nice bike if you ask him to. And don't worry about having problems, we all get those, even me. Sometimes I look at a problem the wrong way, and can't see the answer for the problem, but then I stop and think about it in a different way, and I usually figure it out.” AJ admitted.

“No, I can't ask Max for anything, he's already been far nicer to me than my own parents were, and he has already paid so much for me, I can't ask for anything, at least not yet.” TJ said.

“Fine, but he won't have a problem with it, I bet you on it.” AJ said simply, and JJ knew that he was going to tell Max himself.

“Well we'll be in here if you guys need anything.” AJ said.

“Okay.” TJ and Ricky both said and exited the room.

AJ and JJ got right to work where they left off, and worked hard for the next hour and a bit, working out the problems they were attempting to solve. They talked lots during this time, as they always did, but it was all about the schoolwork, and nothing else, they were focused on the one thing, and the one thing only, and they would not let themselves lose that focus.


“What should we do while they are in working?” Ricky asked.

“Want to go check out the garage and see what we can do to help get it ready to make into the new games room?” TJ asked, feeling a little guilty that he interrupted the flow of things in the house so much.

“Sure, I don't have a problem with that. I have to leave by about four though, okay.”

“Okay. Let's go.”

They went out to the garage and found that it was a little dirty, but for the most part it was well organized. There really was not all that much in there, most of what was, was stored on a pair of shelving units at the back. All the items from the games room had been neatly piled right in the middle, where it was less likely to get in the way.

“Well I guess we will need to find new homes for everything on the shelves, remove the shelves, and then sweep the floor. I wonder what's behind that door?” TJ said and then pointed towards the door at the back.

“Don't know, doesn't have a lock on it, and the outside door looks to be over there, so let's check it out.” Ricky said.

“Oh, it's a cold room, for storing canned goods and such in. There's shit loads of room in here though, we should be able to put everything on the shelves in here, and we might even be able to fit the shelving units in here as well.” TJ said as they opened it up to reveal the extra large storage room.

“That will make moving everything easier.” Ricky said.

They started moving everything over and putting it all on the heavy duty shelves in the storage room. It took only half an hour to do that, and then they moved the one set of shelves in next with great difficulty, the shelf being extremely heavy, but knew there was no way they'd be able to fit the other one. They picked up the last few things that were scattered on the floor and put them in the storage room as well. Finally they swept the whole place down, getting all the dust and cobwebs from the ceiling and walls first, and then doing the floor. All told the cleaning took them a little over an hour.

“There we go. I don't think I've ever seen a garage this clean before, but what are we going to do with that shelving unit?” Ricky asked.

“No idea. We can leave it for now and let AJ decide where he wants it put later I suppose, but for now this should help a lot.” TJ said.

“Why would AJ decide, shouldn't Alice or Max be the ones to decide?” Ricky asked curiously.

“Didn't he tell you, this is his house, and his mom is letting him make all the decisions about it now, because of that. Didn't you realize that when it was left up to AJ about if I got to stay here, and what we'd do about the old games room?”

“Well I just kinda figured they wanted his opinion, since it was affecting him an awful lot.” Ricky admitted.

“They would have done that yes, but that was not the real reason.”

“Wow, so AJ actually owns this house, that's amazing.”

“What's amazing is how Uncle Max and Alice met. AJ paid Uncle Max to install the pool, out of his very own money. His dad left him the house and a bunch of money when he died. Uncle max and Alice told me all about it.”

“That's awesome, too bad for AJ about losing his dad though.”

“AJ never actually knew him, his dad left with his boyfriend when AJ was two, and he died when AJ was four, so he didn't actually know him.”

“Still, I'd rather have a dad around.”

“Me too, I'm glad I have Uncle Max now. He can be the dad my dad never really was, to both of us, because I think he and Alice are going to get married.” TJ said just as the door opened.

“Oh, here you guys are, we couldn't figure out where you got to, and this was the last place on the entire property we could think to look.” AJ said as he opened the door and found them in there talking.

“Wow, and you cleaned up in here as well.” JJ said as he poked his head in as well.

“Yeah, we wanted to do something, even if it wasn't much.” TJ said.

“Where did you put it all though?” AJ asked.

“There was not that much stuff, and it's all in the cold room in the back. The only thing we couldn't fit back there was this shelf, so we were going to ask you where you wanted it put.” Ricky said.

“I guess that works well enough, it really doesn't get used except to store jars in, and it's certainly large enough. As for that shelf, it won't fit anywhere, so we can just haul it out to the road and put a sign on it saying free to a good home. I just wish the door opened, it would make it easier to get it out.”

“Yeah, about that, I just happened to see in a few cobwebs, as we were cleaning, that someone put a bolt in the bottom of the tracks on both sides to make it stay closed. Either it was someones sick joke, or someone put them there for added security to be certain no one could open the door.” TJ said.

“You've got to be kidding me. I have looked at that damn door hundreds of times trying to figure out why it wouldn't open, and I never saw any bloody bolts.” AJ said.

“They're small and inconspicuous, so if you didn't just happen to see them, you'd easily miss them. I almost did, but I saw them and wondered what they were doing there for, and sure enough, they didn't actually belong there. In fact I bet that if you removed them and hit the button, the door would open right up.” TJ said.

“In our current state of dress, I would not suggest we do that however.” JJ said.

“Good point, not that it would bother me any, I couldn't care less if anyone saw me wearing a diaper.” TJ shrugged.

“Well I do, I'd die if anyone else saw me like this.” Ricky said.

“Yeah, well the entire school saw us like this already, but they don't need to see it again.” AJ grinned.

“Huh, what, really, they did?” TJ asked, and AJ and JJ told him the whole story.

“Wow, that would suck. I don't want everyone to see me like this, but I wouldn't care if they did, that girl was a real bitch.” TJ said.

“That she was.” Everyone said at the same time.

“Well let's go get out of these wet diapers and get dressed, and then we can open the door and get this shelf out before mom and Max get home. They don't really need to know that this door does in fact open. Wouldn't want them to get any strange ideas of parking cars in here, now would we?” AJ grinned.

“Okay.” They all said.

Ten minutes later they were all back, and in shorts, tank tops, and flip flops. The bolts were removed and AJ hit the button, and for the first time ever that AJ had seen, the door slowly rose up.

“Well I'll be damned, it actually works.” AJ said in shock, such a simple little thing and it totally stumped him for years.

“Told you it would. I'm really good with mechanical things, and love to fix things, probably why I noticed it and wondered why they were there when they didn't look like they should be there.”

“Cool, and I'm kinda hopeless at fixing things like that, and I probably never would have noticed that, hell, never did that's for sure.” AJ smiled.

The four of them each grabbed a corner and picked up the shelf. It was pretty heavy, but easy enough for all of them to manage, but it was big and awkward, and they barely made it through the door. They were too late though to get the door closed, Alice pulled in, followed seconds later by Max.

“I thought that door didn't work.” Max said as he joined Alice by her side, staring into the garage.

“It never has before. The motor was always willing, but nothing we did could make the door budge.” Alice said.

“That's because TJ found the reason for it, and you'll smack your head just like I did when you hear the reason. There were a pair of bolts in the track holding the door down.” AJ said, and Alice did smack her head with that too.

“So simple, of course, no idea why I never thought of it. It'll certainly make things easier for bringing stuff in to build the games room though. And how did it come to be so clean, and what are you doing with the shelf?” Alice asked.

“While JJ and I were doing our schoolwork, these two came out and cleaned it all up. They fit the other shelf in the cold room and put everything in there. So now all we have to do is prepare it, it no longer needs cleaning.” AJ said.

“That was very thoughtful boys.” Max said, giving them both a hug from behind.

“Thanks.” They said.

“Well should we head out then and go find everything that we need to build this grand games room?” Max asked everyone.

“Sure.” They all said, except for Ricky.

“I'll have to head home now, my mom wants me home tonight.” Ricky said sounding down.

“That's okay, you can come over tomorrow during the day and you can always spend another night some other day.” Max said warmly.

“I know. I'll go get my stuff.” Ricky said, a little happier now, hearing that he was certainly welcome back.

The garage door was closed once again, and the bolts were put back in, seeing as how they proved to be an excellent security device. They all went in the house, and Alice and Max went and got changed. They all met by the front door a while later, Ricky to head home, the others to go shopping.

“Well, see you guys later, I'll try and come over first thing tomorrow morning, I want to work out with you guys again. I hurt, but it feels good.” Ricky said.

“Okay, have a good night.” They all said.

They all headed out the door together, and Ricky grabbed his bike and took off, and the other five hopped in Max's truck, thankfully an extended cab with a full rear seat. Their first stop was the games store. They all went in and deliberated for a while, with the help of an employee who offered his services, trying to figure out which pool table to buy. They all decided on a very nice one, not their top end professional model, but damn close. They picked out all the needed accessories for the pool table next, and they got a lot of good stuff. Max then told the boys to each pick out another pinball machine or table of some sort. AJ and JJ both picked out a pinball machine each, and TJ picked out a foosball table. Max also saw a very nice pool table light and grabbed one of them as well. A nice large poker table was also admired by all, and that was added to the list, this way they could use the air hockey table and the poker table at the same time. Finally it was decided that that would be it. They had all the stuff paid for and set for delivery and setup in two weeks time, they all figured that would give them plenty of time to do what little work that they needed to do.

Their next stop was the local building supplies place, somewhere Max obviously shopped at a lot, because everyone knew his name, and he was given excellent deals on everything. They picked out enough two by sixes to frame in the roll up door, drywall to cover it with, all the mud and tape to make it look nice, vapor barrier to keep the moisture out, tape to seal all the edges, insulation to keep it weather tight, and lots of lights, both wall and ceiling, and all the wiring and switches to power them. They then went to the paint department and they all picked out the colors for the room. They all really liked the red that they had used in the old games room before, so they went with that again, but also got a few other colors for accents. They bought a very nice shelving unit with frosted glass doors for all the boardgames and accessories. Their next stop was flooring. They looked through all the flooring options, trying to figure out what they wanted. Finally they decided on a rubber back, tight loop, carpet in a dark gray. The glue to lay it down was grabbed, as well as the tools in which to do it, one of the only set of tools Max didn't already have. Max was his company's plumber and electrician, so he had tonnes of tools for nearly every type of job, except laying carpet, no one in their right mind would want a carpet by a pool, although one had asked him once, he made them see the error of that way real quick. They got everything loaded into the truck, and then headed on their way home.

“I'm sorry guys, but I think I'm going to skip out on unloading all this, my muscles are starting to fight back now.” AJ said as they parked the truck.

“I think I am going to have to say the same, we've probably pushed ourselves a little too hard over the past week, we really shouldn't have worked yesterday.” JJ said.

“Not a problem, you boys go sit and rest, jump in the hot tub maybe, but can you open this door first please?” Alice said lovingly. She knew they must be tired and sore to be complaining, she had not heard them complain once, not even a bit, not to mention she and everyone else could clearly see they were tired.

“Thanks, and sure.” AJ said.

They went in the house, unlocked the garage door and started it opening, and then headed out back to the pool to sit in the hot tub like was suggested to them. They cuddled up in the hot soothing water and just talked.

“I'm really starting to hurt all of a sudden, I don't know why.” AJ said.

“I do, I did that same thing to myself once, and I just pushed too hard and pulled a bunch of muscles and wore my body down. We should probably take tomorrow off to rest.” JJ said.

“I know, but I don't really want to.”

“I know, me neither, but if we push ourselves too hard, we'll land ourselves in the hospital, or worse.”

“How could it be worse?” AJ asked, not thinking anyone could work themselves to death.

“Easy, if my mom found out we pushed ourselves too hard and caused damage, she'd kill us both.”

“Ah, good point. I'll go call Jim right now and tell him.”

“You'd better.”

AJ hopped out of the hot tub, went and grabbed the cordless that was sitting on top of the stereo, turning it down of course, and then called Jim.

“Hi Riley, is Jim handy?”

“Oh he's very handy, and, oh wait, you didn't mean like that, you're asking if he's here aren't you?” Riley chuckled at his own joke, obviously recognizing the voice right away.

“Yes, is Jim there please?” AJ laughed.

“Sure, here he is.” Riley said and passed the phone over to Jim, saying it was AJ.

“You'll learn quick enough not to ask that question, he does that to everyone. So what can I do to you this afternoon AJ?”

“Well, it's actually a matter of what you can't do to us tomorrow, we've over done it the past few days, and we both feel that we had better take a day off before we do damage to our bodies.” AJ said.

“Are you alright, are your muscles burning, twitching, stinging, knotting up, what is it?” Jim asked concernedly.

“They are tightening up and burning a bit, it's not too bad, but if we were to do anything more, it would really start to hurt.”

“Okay, I will see you on Wednesday then, and I want you guys to get a lot of protein and calcium into you tonight and tomorrow, it'll help.”

“Okay, thanks Jim, and we'll see you Wednesday then.” AJ said.

“Bye.” Jim said and hung up.

“He said he'd see us Wednesday, and to take in lots of protein and calcium today and tomorrow to help. You still have that book your mom gave you? We haven't even read it yet, but I guess we should.”

“Yeah, it's still in my pack, and we can start reading it tonight after dinner, but steak has lots of protein and milk has lots of calcium, so I say we have steak for dinner, and drink a liter of milk each.” JJ said.

“Sounds like a plan to me. I think there are some steaks in the freezer that we can make.”

“Cool. I guess we shouldn't have lifted that shelf earlier, I started to burn right after that you know, but I just ignored it.”

“Me too, I guess we shouldn't ignore that though. We'll be fine though, we can just take it nice and easy all night and for the next couple days.”

“Should we just go in and get dinner started right now, I'm really starting to get hungry, and I'm not burning quite as much now?” JJ asked.

“Sure, let's jump in the pool though to help soothe our muscles.”

They hopped out of the hot water and into the cool water, and swam for a few minutes before hopping out to dry off. They then headed into the house and AJ dug in the freezer and found a pack of steaks that was large enough for all of them to have two steaks each. He threw them in the microwave, to start them defrosting, while JJ went and grabbed the book. They sat at the kitchen table and looked it over to see what else they should have with their dinner. There was really nothing else that they wanted to go with a steak dinner, so they decided on baked potatoes, salad, and garlic toast. They got the potatoes prepared and in the oven, and were even starting on the salad when the others finally came in the house.

“Wow, took you guys long enough, what were you doing?” AJ asked as they came in.

“We got everything into the garage and all the other stuff pushed back to the back wall to get it further out of the way, and then we covered all the games room stuff with a tarp to protect it all. The question though should be, what are you guys doing, I thought you were going to rest and relax?” Max asked.

“We did, and we even called Jim and told him that tomorrow was off, and for what reason. He told us not to worry and to eat lots of protein and calcium, so we decided to have a nice steak dinner, and this isn't strenuous.” AJ said.

“Oh, that's probably for the best then, and we can finish dinner.” Alice said.

“That's okay mom, all due respect, but I want to be able to chew my steak, remember the last time you cooked steak, it was pretty bad.” AJ grinned.

“I would have let Max cook the steaks, and in case you don't remember, I have never tried again.” Alice grinned back.

“Is she really that bad?” Max asked.

“You have no idea, my shoes might have been easier to eat.” AJ grinned.

“And I'm afraid he's not even joking.” Alice admitted.

“Ouch, well if you boys are sure you have it all under control, then we will leave you to it.”

“Sure. TJ, you can stay and help though if you want.” JJ said.

“Okay.” He said brightly, glad to be helping the bigger boys.

When the steaks were ready to be prepared, AJ handed the mallet over to TJ, and told him what to do.

“Perfect, and just so you know, this is the only socially acceptable way to beat your meat in the kitchen, but the not so socially acceptable way is far more fun.” AJ teased.

“Thanks, I'll have to remember that. I trust it's even more fun when there is another person with you?”

“Of course, when is it not more fun to have someone with you?” JJ grinned.

“Good point.”

AJ then taught TJ how to season the steaks, even had him rubbing the seasoning into the meat. They then got the garlic bread ready to be toasted and the potatoes turned. They then sat down and waited and talked.

“So you really like Ricky huh?” AJ asked.

“Sure, he's really nice, and he's really cute too.” TJ smiled.

“Yeah, he is. He's really shy though, as you've already noticed, so you'll need to go a little slower with him, like JJ had to do with me, but look how I turned out.”

“Pretty damn good if I do say so myself.” JJ said smugly.

“I'll say. I can't imagine you like, or worse than, Ricky.”

“Worse, in almost every way.” AJ admitted.

“Yikes. So what are you guys going to do tomorrow if you don't have any training to do?”

“We'll probably spend the first few hours doing schoolwork, we may as well spend the time wisely.” JJ said.

“Yeah, but we could probably go for a walk into town as well, maybe take TJ in to see Marcos, he could use Marcos' touch I think.” AJ said to JJ, and TJ was trying to figure out what they were talking about.

“Who's Marcos, and why would you take me to see him?” TJ asked curiously.

“Oh he's a friend, and you could use his services. We could probably get some money from Max and take him to see Ewan as well, he could probably help as well.” AJ said.

“Would you guys quit that, you're driving me nuts.” TJ said.

“We know, that's why it's so much fun, but don't worry, we'll leave it as a bit of a surprise for you, a little healthy anticipation is good for you.” JJ said, giving TJ a nice tight sideways hug.

“Gee thanks, you're much too kind.” TJ said dryly.

“We are, aren't we. Maybe we should stop, it could lead to becoming a nasty habit.” AJ said seriously to JJ, who grinned and started laughing, joined seconds later by AJ and TJ.

“I think the potatoes are probably done, so we can get the steaks on and get the bread in the oven pretty quick.” AJ said a few minutes later, when they were finally able to calm down some.

The potatoes were checked and found that they were nearly perfect, so the steaks were put on, and the bread was put in the oven as the potatoes came out. A few minutes later they were serving everything to the dining room table, and Alice and Max were called in to eat.

“Mmm, that was very good boys, thanks.” Max said as he pushed back from the table and patted his belly.

“Thanks, I taught TJ how to properly tenderize and season the meat, but I told him that that was the only socially acceptable way to beat your meat in the kitchen, and I think he understands.” AJ said nonchalantly.

“That's good. I trust he knows already though that the non socially acceptable way is much more fun though?” Max asked seriously.

“He seemed to think it would be, yes.” AJ said straight faced.

“Good, good.” Max said seriously again.

“You boys are all horrible.” Alice said, shaking her head, and the boys all broke out laughing.

“What, like you've never done it in the kitchen before.” Max laughed.

“That's hardly the point.” Alice blushed.

“Come on, let's get this cleaned up and we can go sit back in the hot tub and relax for a bit.” Max said.

“Okay.” Everyone said.

They all cleaned up quickly and then headed out to the pool, stripped, showered, and hopped into the hot tub. They all sighed deeply as they sank into the gloriously hot soothing water. For a while no one actually talked any, they just relaxed.

“So TJ, how do you like living here so far?” Max asked.

“It's great, I've always wanted a brother, and AJ says that's what we are now, and I really like the house, and this pool is awesome.” TJ said effusively.

“That's good to hear. I want you to make sure and not to bug the boys too much though when they are training, or doing their schoolwork though, they are really working hard.” Max said.

“I know, they told me all about it, and I won't get in their way, but they said that I can come and swim and workout with them when they are.”

“That was real nice of you guys.” Max said warmly to AJ and JJ.

“It's not a problem.” AJ said.

“Well, I am going to go sit in the sauna for a bit and then go for a swim I think.” Max said.

“I think I'll join you.” AJ said.

“I'd like that.” Max said.

“I'm just gonna hop in the pool.” JJ said.

“Me too.” Alice and TJ added together.

They separated quickly, and Max and AJ headed to the sauna, and the others to the pool. AJ and Max sat together in silence for a few minutes just enjoying the nice heat.

“Max, I wanted to ask you a couple things.” AJ said.

“And I'd like to ask you a couple things as well.” Max said.

“Okay, fair enough. TJ really likes biking, but his bike is still at his parents place, and he wants a new one, but doesn't want to ask you, because you have already done so much for him. So I am telling you, because I knew you would want him to have something that he really wants. Also JJ and I are going to take TJ for a walk into town tomorrow and get his hair done, it doesn't look like it's been cut in a while, and we're going to take him clothes shopping. I don't have enough money to take him shopping though, so I was wondering if I could get some money off you for that?”

“Okay, I will buy him a nice bike tomorrow then, and of course, I can give you my bank card no problem. He'd really like that I think, he really looks up to both of you I think.”

“Cool, thanks.”

“And I wanted to ask how you feel about all this change in your own home all of a sudden?”

“I don't mind at all. I've always wanted a brother, and you're so good for mom, and I like you too. I think this is all great.”

“That's good. I didn't want to upset you any with all this. But I want to ask you another question now, something a little more serious. I want to know how you would take it if I were to ask your mom to marry me?”

“It's about time you asked one of us. I was hoping you would sooner or later, or I was gonna have to start doing the work myself. Of course I will give my blessing, I know she loves you a great deal, and like I said, I like you too.” AJ smiled warmly.

“Good. I'm glad you are such a nice boy. I won't be asking for a while, and I don't want to get married probably until next year, give us time to plan a nice wedding, I just wanted to make sure you were okay with it all first.“

“Of course I'm okay with it, and I'm glad you finally asked me, I sort of figured you'd be the type to ask me first.”

“Yeah, well I couldn't do something like ask your mom to marry me without asking you first, that would be too much for you.”

“Thanks. Well I think I'm going to go jump in the pool now, this was the only reason I came in here, I just wanted to talk in private.” AJ smiled.

“Me too, I was going to ask you to join me, but you did it for me.” Max grinned, and they climbed out and headed to the pool and jumped in together.

The five of them swam lazily in the pool for a little while longer, just more or less relaxing more. They all got out, got rinsed off, dried off, and then went in the house. The boys all went to AJ's room and got diapered, this time AJ and JJ getting the baby lotion and baby powder treatment, TJ having found his supplies. They both liked this as well, it smelled so nice. They then went and joined Alice and Max in the living room, and they all cuddled up together on the same couch, and watched a movie together. AJ and JJ excused themselves as soon as the movie ended, saying they were going to go to bed now. Everyone said goodnight and I love you, and they headed off. TJ stayed up for a while longer, curled up in between Alice and Max, really enjoying the loving embrace, something he had never felt before. Soon though he too was told that he should be heading to bed, so he got up and went to bed, not bothering to change his diaper, feeling that it would hold up.


“I need you in me tonight baby, it's been too long?” AJ asked when they got to their room.

“Me too baby. Let's wash each other up, and then we can suck the first load out of each other, because I know I'll explode before I even get all the way inside your incredible baby bum.” JJ said.

“Me too.”

They quickly removed each others diapers and washed each other down with the diaper wipes that they now had, and then laid down head to toe and sucked each others boners into their mouth. With a deep sigh, they both started sucking and bobbing up and down, working quickly to bring on their first orgasm to taste each others tasty boy milk. With deep grunts from both, they eagerly swallowed the first load of the night from their boyfriend.

“Ah, much better, now I won't explode the second I get inside you.” JJ sighed a couple minutes later.

“Me neither, and I want you in me now please?” AJ asked.

“Okay baby, I'd like that.” JJ said.

JJ grabbed the lube, got a little on the fingers of his right and left hands, his right headed towards AJ's exposed ass, and the other went to his own dick. AJ had pulled his legs back and open to give JJ all the access he would need, and JJ took advantage of it. JJ started preparing AJ's hot hole for penetration. It only took a minute to loosen AJ up, they were both now very accustomed to entry, so JJ moved into position and sank in to AJ's fiery depths. They both moaned lowly from the penetration, and then they both panted continually as JJ started thrusting deeply into AJ, going at a moderate pace. Neither one of them remotely interested in making this last, they were both doing everything within their power to make it as good, and as fast as they could manage. It was very good, to say the least, for the maybe five minutes that they were able to last. With low groans from them both, they came at almost the exact same time, as they often did, and JJ collapsed onto AJ's heaving body.

“Now that was nice.” JJ sighed a few minutes later.

“Yeah, it was. Now it's my turn.” AJ said and rolled, causing JJ to fall off his body.

“Okay.” JJ said brightly and pulled his legs up and back to expose his asshole.

AJ quickly got them both ready and then sank in gently, both of them moaning lowly, enjoying it very much. AJ adopted the same moderate pace that JJ had used, and made love to his baby amidst their sounds of enjoyment. They managed to last a little longer now that they had each drained a couple good sized loads from their balls, but still, they only lasted a few minutes longer before they were once again spasming in their fantastic orgasms.

“Much better, you make me feel so good, so loved, but now I need you to make me feel all babied, because I am about to pass out.” AJ said, punctuating it with a large yawn.

“Me too baby, I'll be right back.” JJ said and went and grabbed their diapers. They quickly diapered each other, kissed and cuddled, whispered their good nights to each other, and then curled up in one large ball and fell fast asleep.