Chapter 19

“Good morning baby, how are you this morning?” JJ whispered as AJ's eyes fluttered open in their brightly sunlit room.

“Wonderful, you?”

“Wonderful as always when I get to wake up next to my baby. So did you talk to Max last night, and is he gonna give you some money so that we can go out?”

“I almost forgot all about that, but yeah, he did, and he said he would give me his bank card and PIN to use. I also forgot about what else he asked me. He finally asked if I would allow him to marry mom, and I told him of course. He said that he does not plan to ask for a little while yet, and he figures they will get married next summer some time.” AJ said excitedly.

“Really, that's awesome. I'm so happy for them. It's almost ten though, so Max will have headed to work already, how is he going to leave you his card?”

“Wow, we sure slept in then, didn't we? I have no idea though, if he forgot though, we can always just swing by his shop.” AJ said.

“Yeah, we could always do that I suppose. Well should we get up then, my stomach has been growling at me for twenty minutes now, I'm starving?”

“Why didn't you wake me up?”

“I couldn't do that, you looked too peaceful and beautiful, and you woke up not long after I did.” JJ said, and then leaned in for a nice tender kiss.

“Thanks. Well let's get up then and see what kind of trouble TJ has managed to get himself into, assuming he's even awake yet himself.”

They rolled their way out of bed and exited their room. AJ checked TJ's room as they walked past, the door was open, but he was not in there. They could hear the TV going quietly, so he must be in the living room watching TV they thought. They went in and found him and Ricky sitting on the couch watching cartoons. They obviously never heard the other two walking up behind them though, because when AJ said good morning, they both screamed shrilly and jumped up and swung around.

“Shit man, don't do that, you scared the piss outta me.” TJ said, smacking AJ in the shoulder, but hurting his hand more than he hurt AJ.

“Not our fault you guys weren't paying attention to what was happening around you, and it's a good thing you're still in your soggy night diaper huh?” AJ grinned.

“Yeah, it was, but we need cleanup, because Ricky was not wearing one.” TJ giggled.

“It's not funny.” Ricky said quietly, sounding very upset and embarrassed.

“It's not a problem Ricky, it's only pee, and we all do the same thing, hell I did it at school last year after the first time I beat up Brad.”

“Really, you peed your pants at school, how come no one talked about it? A kid peeing his pants at school would have been huge talking, no matter the situation.” Ricky asked, sounding a little better.

AJ and JJ then told the entire story, and both TJ and Ricky sat there, enraptured by the tale.

“Wow, your swim team sounds like an awesome group of guys.” TJ said.

“They sure are, and you'll get to meet them sometime soon I'm sure. When the new games room is finished, I think we'll have to host another sleepover. Normally they are only for the swim team, but I'm sure my brother and his boyfriend would be allowed to stay. Now Ricky, I'm sure JJ has a pair of shorts he can lend you, why don't you two go and get changed, JJ's clothes are in the bottom drawer of my dresser. We're going to go get something to eat, because we're starving.” AJ said.

“Okay.” They both said and they got up, Ricky removing his shirt to wipe the seat of the couch, thankfully leather.

They all separated, AJ and JJ heading to the kitchen to get breakfast. They just grabbed a bowl of cereal, a few pieces of toast with peanut butter, as well as an apple, an orange, and a banana. They sat down to eat their feast, and Ricky and TJ came in a few minutes later to join them, both of them dressed now.

“So are you coming with us today then Ricky, and if so did you bring any money?” AJ asked between mouthfuls.

“Yeah I am, and yes I did. When TJ called, he told me that you guys were going out, so I thought I had better bring some with me, just in case, plus I have my bank card for if I see anything else I want. Where are we going anyways, TJ didn't know?”

“You'll find out.” JJ grinned.

“Okay.” Ricky shrugged, obviously not bothered by that.

“By the way, Uncle Max left an envelope for you, it's on the counter by the fridge, I almost forgot.” TJ said.

“Okay, thanks.” AJ said.

They sat and talked together while AJ and JJ ate, and when they were finished, they cleaned up, grabbed the envelope, and they headed to their bedroom to get changed, telling the other two that they would be right back.

“I take it that it's Max's card, I hope he remembered to put the PIN in there?” JJ asked.

“Yeah, and he did, on the inside flap of the envelope, so I will just leave it in the there then, that'll make it far easier.”

“Yeah, unless of course you drop the envelope and the card both together, and then someone could have unlimited access until the card is deactivated.” JJ warned.

“Oh yeah, good point. I'll put his card in my wallet with mine then and keep the envelope in my pocket. Not that I'll likely need it, I think I have it memorized already.”

They got dressed real quick and then headed back out to find TJ and Ricky already wearing their sandals and standing by the door, waiting impatiently for them. They got their sandals on as well and headed out. AJ and JJ figured they would be able to ride their bikes, so they all hopped on and took off, but not pushing hard, mainly because Ricky and TJ never would have stayed with AJ and JJ. Ricky had rider pegs on the back of his bike, so TJ was riding on those. They headed to see Marcos first. They parked and locked up their bikes outside his shop, and both Ricky and TJ were looking for a sign to see where they were exactly, and all they saw was a sign that simply said; Marcos', and because the windows were tinted, you could not see inside. They all walked inside the shop and they then realized where they were.

“You want me to get my hair cut, but I hate having my hair cut.” TJ said, a look of fear actually crossing his features.

“Yeah, but you'll love Marcos, he's the absolute best.” AJ said soothingly.

“Thanks.” They heard Marcos call from somewhere in the back, sounding as if he were where he normally does coloring, and by the smell, they figured correctly that that was what he was doing.

“Why don't you like getting your hair cut?” Ricky asked.

TJ just lifted up his hair and showed them all a pretty nasty scar right above his ear, almost the same place as AJ's was, and actually longer.

“Ouch, did a hair dresser do that to you?”

“Yeah, she was so intent with flirting with my dad and working way to fast and sliced my head right open, that was two years ago. I never saw my dad so mad in my life, well up until you know when. They actually paid me quite a lot of money for that though, but it hurt like hell, and I have been afraid ever since, that's why my hair is so long.” TJ said, ghostly pale.

“Well I have never cut anyone in my entire life, and I am not some dumb bimbo who doesn't pay attention to what they're supposed to be doing.” Marcos said gently, creeping up behind the boys and nearly scaring them all.

“You promise you won't cut me?” TJ asked fearfully.

“Young man, I would promise you anything, but that I will guarantee. My name is Marcos by the way, and who are you and the other boy here, I've never met you two before?”

“Marcos, this is TJ, my soon to be little brother, and this is his boyfriend Ricky.” AJ introduced them.

“AJ, what did you tell him that for?” Ricky gasped.

“Because Marcos is a special friend, emphasis on special, and soon you will be meeting his boyfriend as well. And Marcos also knows all about us. I also bet that his carefully honed gaydar already picked up on you being gay anyways.” AJ grinned.

“Afraid he's right, I had you both pegged right away, just didn't think you were boyfriends, cute couple though, and Ewan will love to see you next.” Marcos said.

“Oh.” Ricky said.

“So are both of you getting your hair done today?” Marcos asked softly.

“Sure.” TJ said. “I'll pay.” He added.

“I just had my hair done though.” Ricky said.

“Really, well I'm sorry, but whomever did it for you, did not do a very nice job, it's not even, and it doesn't suit the shape of your head, I can fix that though, and I bet your hair would look absolutely hot with some dark red streaks in it.” Marcos said, giving the full appraisal.

“Thanks, I think, but how much does that cost, I didn't really like how it looked, but my mom said it was fine.”

“Thirty for cut and streak, and sure, it might be fine, but it doesn't speak to me, it doesn't say hello, I'm a hot gay boy, look at me, I'm gorgeous.” Marcos said so flamboyantly it caused all four boys to crack up.

“We'll take two cuts and streaks then, you can do what you want with my hair, I like you.” TJ said, still giggling.

“Excellent, come into my parlor then. I will have to leave you in a few minutes to tend to another client, but he'll be out of here in only ten minutes, and then I'm all yours.”

“No problem.” They all said.

Marcos led them back and Ricky and TJ were sat next to each other, and AJ and JJ sat across from the so that they could watch. Marcos started on Ricky first, to help ease TJ's nerves a bit, and then started talking, but never once looking from what he was doing.

“So, TJ is it, AJ said that you are going to be his little brother soon, how's that?” Marcos asked.

“Yeah, TJ. Well I had some problems with my parents, and I was sent out here to live with my uncle, and he said he would adopt me legally as soon as my prick of a father got his head out of his ass and signed the papers. Uncle Max is dating AJ's mom, and it's pretty serious, I think they're going to get married sooner or later, so I will be AJ's step brother, but he said we're brothers already.” TJ explained.

“Sorry to hear about your parents, but it sounds like you're getting an even better family out of the shitty deal. So, we have AJ, JJ, and now TJ, that's gotta be real confusing on the parents. Why don't you guys just go by your first names instead?”

“My first name is horrible.” Both AJ and TJ said at the same time.

“I've just always been called JJ, my name is Joshua Johnson, so it just fits. I couldn't even tell you the last time anyone called me Josh, I'd probably not even realize they were talking to me.” JJ admitted.

“Your names can't be that bad, what are they?” Marcos asked.

“I'd really rather not say.” TJ said.

“I'll tell if you do, mine is really bad too.” AJ said.

“Okay, but no one can laugh, or ever tell anyone else, ever.” TJ said.

“Okay, my first name is Alfred.”

“Ouch, no wonder you don't spread that around.” JJ said, having never once asked.

“Mine is actually worse than that, it's Thor.” TJ admitted in barely a whisper.

“Yikes, I would have disowned my parents for a name like that.” Marcos said seriously.

“Well, in a way I guess I did.” TJ giggled.

“Well I can't say as I blame you boys, except you JJ, I like the name Joshua.” Marcos said.

“Thanks, but just call me JJ please.”

“No problem. Why do you think I go by Marcos, not so boring as Mark, a little more flare, a little more pizazz. Well there you go Ricky, all done.”

“What, already, man that felt so nice though, it was like you were playing with my hair instead of cutting it.”

“Everyone tells me that, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Now you're next cutie, and don't worry, oh except I'll be right back, I have to go get the other customer finished up, I will be back in less than ten.” Marcos said to TJ.

They all nodded their okay, and he headed off, and the boys all talked further amongst themselves. Five minutes later Marcos came back out with a man who had been just finished, he was seated in a chair a little down from the boys and Marcos went about styling and cleaning up any final things. And three minutes later he was finished. They went and paid, and Marcos was back at almost exactly the ten minute mark.

“There we go, I'm all yours now cutie.” Marcos said, and got started on TJ's hair.

A few minutes later Marcos was finished up, and then everyone was led to the back area and they were seated side by side again and their hair was washed. Marcos then prepared two different colors and got to work, TJ first, and then Ricky. He then bagged them and they all sat around and talked for a while until the boys' hair was ready to be rinsed. Once they were rinsed and patted dry, they were led back to their chairs, and Ricky was done first and cleaned up and styled, and then he went to TJ and did the same thing.

“Voila, what do you think?” Marcos asked as he spun them around to be able to see themselves. AJ and JJ had been sitting there and watching the whole thing, and they were surprised with what Marcos was doing to them, and he had been right about the red in Ricky's hair.

“Wow, this looks so much better than it ever has before. I love the color too.” Ricky said.

“Me too.” TJ said.

“Glad you like it boys, now up you get and let's get all this hair cleaned off of you.” Marcos said and they stood up and he brushed them down.

They then headed up to the front to pay, and once again he charged them only forty dollars.

“I thought you said thirty dollars each?” Ricky asked.

“First couples cut is always a little cheaper, don't worry about it, you'll pay full price next time.” Marcos grinned, and AJ and JJ just nodded at them.

They each paid their twenty dollars.

“Thanks so much Marcos, you really are the best.” TJ said happily.

“Thank you, and you're welcome.” Marcos said happily and the boys took off.

They all headed off to the clothing store that AJ had found, and they went in. Ewan greeted them in a friendly way, as he normally did.

“AJ, JJ, good to see you again. Marcos called and said you'd be here soon. So these must be TJ and Ricky?” He asked, pointing at the correct boys.

“Hello Ewan, and yes, they are. We've come to get some nice clothes for TJ here, he doesn't have much yet.” AJ said happily.

“Excellent, holler if you need anything, and I will open the back change room for you, I'm sure all four of you can fit in there.”

“Thanks Ewan.” AJ said.

“First is underwear TJ, do you like ours?” AJ asked.

“No idea, never seen you wear any yet that I can remember, well except your night underwear, and you know I love them.” TJ grinned.

“Oh right, I keep forgetting that you only just moved in, it already feels like you've been here so long.” AJ said.

“Then here, you'll want these, they're the best, and don't bother looking at the price tag, you'll faint. Pick the colors you want.” AJ said.

He grabbed six different colors in his size, and then looked at the price tag and gasped.

“I told you not to look.” AJ said with a grin.

“They're too expensive, I can't spend this much on underwear alone.” TJ tried saying and putting them back, but AJ just grabbed them.

“No they're not, it's fine, trust me, Max knows exactly how much these are, and he knows we'll be getting you these, because they are the best, and they will last longer than you fit in them. Now socks, plain white, colored, black, long or short?”

“Short white please.” TJ said, relenting because he figured it was fruitless, and this way he could plead innocence, he tried to fight.

AJ grabbed two packs of the requested socks and then grabbed a few undershirts as well. It was real easy, they were the exact same size, so he just grabbed what he would wear. The only difference between them was that AJ was more muscular. They then headed to the shirt section and a dozen different shirts were picked out, and then to the pants section where another twelve were chosen there. They then all headed to the change room where they all helped TJ to try the various things on, all of them laughing and having fun. They weeded out three pairs of pants and four shirts, and they were all folded up perfectly and set on the shelf by AJ. They then headed out and took everything to the counter.

“You still really like these underwear huh, they sure are comfy?” Ewan asked.

“For sure, well when we wear them at any rate.” JJ grinned.

“Too true.” Ewan said as he was ringing everything in.

When Ewan gave the total and AJ passed over Max's card, TJ nearly fainted and made a yelping sound.

“Look at all the clothes we got TJ, three hundred and fifty dollars is not that bad, and it's all very good quality and stylish as well. Max won't even say anything, except to ask to see it all on you.” AJ said to TJ because of the outburst.

“It's too expensive.” TJ said stubbornly.

“Listen to him, AJ shops here all the time, he knows what he's talking about. Well not all the time, he only has to come in occasionally, because the clothes are so good they never wear out.” Ewan said proudly. He liked carrying really good clothes that looked good and lasted well. He often searched long and hard for the clothes he bought for the store.

“Thanks Ewan. Well we should be off, TJ needs a couple new pairs of shoes as well.”

“Well then, may I suggest that you go and visit a friend of ours just down the street, he's one of us and carries great products at great prices. I just bought these from him a few days ago, the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn, and they look gorgeous.” Ewan suggested and showed off his new shoes.

“Thanks, we'll check them out, and they are nice.” AJ said.

Ewan gave them the directions and the name of the store and the four boys headed to the store. It was not even two blocks away, so they made it very quickly.

“Hi guys, you must be JJ, AJ, TJ, and Ricky, wow, what a mouthful, or at least I'd love you to be, Ewan called and said you were on your way, and that you were all special friends. My name is Sean, but you can call me any time.”

“Thanks, nice to meet you Sean.” AJ giggled, the guy was hitting on them shamelessly, and it was making poor Ricky blush fiercely, the others just loved it, knowing he was playing around with them.

“Would you boys like any help today, or are you just going to look around first?”

“We'll just look around thanks, but we'll call you any time if we need to.” JJ grinned.

“Oh don't tease me gorgeous, this old heart couldn't take you.” Sean said, pretending to swoon.

“Old, yeah right, and I bet that you could wear us all out.” JJ grinned even more.

“I'd sure love to try, that's for sure, but a few of you are just a little young, even for an old queen like me.” Sean grinned back.

The boys all laughed, except Ricky, who was still too embarrassed to do so, and then they took off, looking at all the options the store had. It was all boys and mens shoes, hardly anything in the running shoe style, but there were some good looking ones in them as well. No, most of the shoes in the store were the the comfortable and good looking shoes, the ones that supported your feet nicely. They all found quite a few things that they liked. TJ was told to pick out two pairs, so he did, and he said they were very comfortable, and everyone thought they looked real nice, AJ picked out a pair for himself, and Ricky and JJ even tried on a few different ones, but they didn't pick anything up.

“Why don't you get those last ones you tried on, you said they were really comfortable, and they looked really god on you?” AJ asked JJ.

“Because, I already have so many shoes my mom is starting to complain that I have more than she does, and she doesn't see how that's fair.” JJ smiled.

“Of course it's fair sweety, you're a gay boy, and us gay boys deserve our nice shoes.” Sean said, walking up to them, apparently hearing the conversation.

“You're only saying that because you want me to buy them.” JJ grinned.

“Nah, I don't care if you buy them or not, but they did look good on you. And for your information, I had to start a shoe store so that it didn't look so bad that I had a thousand different pairs of shoes, you should see my closet at home, I have an entire large closet dedicated to my shoes, and another to all my clothes.” Sean smiled.

“I don't doubt it. Fine, I'll get them, but don't blame me if my mom comes in here and rips a strip off you, because I'm telling her you talked me into it.” JJ said.

“And she won't believe you for a second, she knows you like your shoes, and so you should. As for you cutie, you should try these ones on, they will help with that little bit of a pigeon toe you have when you walk.” Sean said, handing Ricky a pair of shoes, he had obviously grabbed them from the back to bring to Ricky specifically.

“I don't walk improperly do I?” Ricky asked.

“Never noticed before.” TJ said. “Walk down the aisle and we will watch.”

Ricky did as he was asked, and it was noticeable, if you were watching for it, but not too bad, and they all gave Ricky the news.

“These shoes are designed to keep your feet properly aligned, but it's important to keep them laced up properly. They will also help to relieve the aches and pains that you probably get in your lower back and hips from time to time.”

“How did you know about that? I've been to the doctor a bunch of times complaining about that, and he just says it's growing pains, and that they will fade away.” Ricky said.

“Not surprising really. Doctors don't see you walk properly, so unless it's really bad, they would never see it. I however know what I'm talking about, I wear these shoes myself most of the time.” Sean said.

“Oh. I'll try them on, but I probably can't buy them today.” Ricky said.

“We won't worry too much about that. These are probably one of the most expensive shoes I carry, but for good reason, and you can pay what you can today and then pay the rest later if you want.” Sean offered.

“Thanks. They feel a little tight and a bit uncomfortable.”

“That's how they're supposed to fit. They will stretch out and form nicely, but they will feel a little uncomfortable for a little while until you get used to walking properly once and for all. Go ahead, go for a walk around the store and see how they feel.”

Ricky started to walk around while Sean collected the boxes of shoes that the boys were buying, and took them up to the front, after finding out if they were looking for anything else of course. AJ started first and made the two separate purchases for his and TJ's things, and then JJ bought his.

“So how do they feel?” Sean asked as Ricky came back up to them.

“Still a little uncomfortable, but I watched as I was walking, and they did look like they made a difference in how I walked. It never looked odd to me, because it was how I always walked, but now I see the difference.”

“Go ahead and put your sandals back on, and then we can talk about paying for them.” Sean said.

“Okay. Thanks.”

Ricky was back a few seconds later and passed over his card.

“I can pay for half now, and then I should be in in a couple days to pay the rest off.” Ricky said.

“Works for me.” Sean said and put through the sale.

They all took off a few minutes later with their purchases and hopped on their bikes and headed back towards home. They were all getting hungry, it was well past the time for lunch by then, but they did not want to go to a restaurant, simply because most of them were broke now. The ride home felt long to the hungry boys, but soon enough they got back and started making some lunch.

“So what are we gonna do after lunch?” TJ asked with his mouth full of food as they sat there eating.

“First thing you're gonna do, is not talk with your mouth full, that was disgusting.” AJ said, looking clearly revolted.

“Oops, sorry. I always get in trouble for that.” TJ giggled.

“Yeah, I can see why. JJ and I are going to sit down and see if we can't finish off the school book we're working on I think.” AJ said, looking to JJ to see if that suited him fine, he nodded.

“Oh, well can Ricky ad I use the pool and the workout equipment and everything?” TJ asked hopefully.

“Sure, just be careful is all. You'll have to ask Max if he wants to let you in there by yourself or not, I don't know, but I have no problem with it.”

“You're the coolest, thanks.” TJ smiled widely.

“You're welcome.”

Once they were all finished eating, Ricky and TJ headed out to the pool, stripping all the way out, and JJ and AJ headed back to their room and stripped and diapered each other, then got started on their schoolwork. By the time Alice and Max made it home, Alice had went to stay with Max until he left, AJ and JJ were just completing their first book, and they figured they would have gotten A's on every test in there, and that was almost totally without studying. Ricky and TJ had played around in the pool house for the entire time, having loads of fun, especially the orgasm they gave each other as they sat cuddled up in the hot tub.

“I wonder where the boys all are?” Alice asked as they walked in.

“AJ and JJ are probably in their room studying, and TJ and Ricky are probably in the pool.”

“Yeah, you're probably right. I wonder what all they bought while they were out?”

“I checked my bank account and they only spent five hundred and a bit dollars, so I hope they got enough. My brother and his wife may have been quite well off, but some of the clothes TJ has are horrible, bottom basement cheap shit, so I want to throw it all out. Such a good looking boy should be dressed a lot nicer than they had him dressed.”

“One thing AJ knows how to do is shop, trust me, TJ will have a very nice start to his wardrobe. In fact I bet that's all you have to buy him for a while. So how much was the bike you bought him anyways, I forgot to ask?” Alice asked about the bike Max had gone out and bought for TJ during his lunch.

“A little over five hundred for the bike, and almost two hundred for the accessories. It's a very good bike though, and should last him for years.” Max said.

“That's good, for that price I would certainly hope so.”

“That wasn't their most expensive, I could have spent triple that much if I had wanted to. Let's go get the boys and show TJ his new toy.”

“I'll get AJ and JJ, and you get TJ and Ricky.” Alice offered.

“Okay.” Max said and they headed off.

“Hi guys, you almost finished?” Alice poked her head into their room and asked.

“We just finished the first book actually, so we're good. What's up?”

“You might want to throw on some loose shorts over your diapers, Max has a surprise for TJ outside.”

“Cool, he did get TJ a bike like I suggested to him then?”

“Yeah, you suggested it to him!” Alice said in confusion.

“Yeah, TJ told me yesterday that he really loves riding, but that he did not have a bike any more, so last night when I went to the sauna with Max, I told him. That's when I told him I'd also take TJ clothes shopping.”

“I see. Well go ahead and get dressed, and then we can go.”

They quickly grabbed their shorts and a tank top, got dressed, then went and waited by the door for the others.


“Hi guys, not interrupting anything I hope?” Max asked as he walked into the pool house.

“Oh no, we finished playing with each other a while ago. Hi Uncle Max, how are you today?” TJ grinned.

“Good, glad to hear it, and I'm good. I want you guys to rinse off and dry up, and then throw on the shorts I saw in the kitchen, I need to show you something outside, okay.” Max said.

“Okay.” They both said.

The boys had been in the hot tub, so they climbed out, hit the buttons to turn the jets off, and then headed to the shower. They quickly rinsed each other off and then got out and dried each other off. They all headed back into the house and the boys picked up their discarded shorts from earlier, and put them on. By the time they made it to the front door, the others were all already there and waiting, so Max led them all outside.

“I bought you a little something today TJ that I thought you might need, it's in the back of the truck, hop up and see if you like it.” Max said.

TJ hopped up onto the rear bumper, got one look at the bike, and then screamed.

“You bought me a bike, it's awesome, thanks. AJ you told him, didn't you?” Tears of happiness now rolling down his cheeks.

“Of course I did.” AJ said happily.

“I'm glad you like it. Grab it and pass it down to me.”

“It'll be too heavy for me to lift up like that.” TJ warned.

“I doubt it, you're pretty tough, and the bike is really light weight.” Max said.

TJ gave it a try, and his smile got even larger when he felt just how light the bike actually was, and that he could in fact lift it. It was not so light though that he could lift it very high, or hold it for long, but he was able to pass it to Max, who took it easily. Max set the bike on its kickstand and opened the rear door of the truck and pulled out all the accessories he had bought, and passed them to TJ as he jumped from the back of the truck, landing scant centimeters from his new bike.

“Here you go, everything that you'll need for riding. There are some front and rear pegs, a headlight and reflectors, a good helmet, a little pink basket and streamers, speedometer, repair kit, pump, lock, and a water bottle in there.” Max said with a perfectly straight face. TJ though took the bait, hook, line, and sinker, and tore the bag open to make sure there was no pink basket and streamers in there. When he saw that there wasn't, he let out a sigh.

“I thought you were serious about the basket. I mean, I might be gay, but not that gay.” TJ grinned.

“I actually almost bought them as a gag, but I couldn't do it.” Max laughed.

“Now that would have been just cruel.” Alice laughed.

“Especially since I was going to have the guy install them.” Max grinned wider yet.

“Thank you so much Uncle Max, but you really shouldn't have. You spent way too much on the bike, and AJ made me spend way too much money on clothes.” TJ said, a new round of tears coming down.

“Yeah, I was surprised that he only spent five hundred today, I was hoping he would get you a full wardrobe.”

“What, you thought that he'd have spent more than that?”

“Of course. I don't know if you noticed or not, but good quality, good looking clothes are expensive. By the way, I like your hair cut, it looks very nice, well it probably would if it were styled, but it looks a lot better than it did, but is there another color in there, your hair is still wet?”

“I know clothes are expensive, that's why I thought AJ was buying too much. Thanks, AJ and JJ's friend Marcos cut it, and yeah, there's red in there, it looks really good when it's dry though. Ricky got his done too, and it looks really hot when it's dry too.” TJ beamed.

“I'll bet it does. Well do you want to get all this stuff all installed on your bike, I have a toolbox in the truck with all the tools we'll need?”

“Cool, yeah!” TJ shouted.

“We'll go get dinner ready. I trust you're staying for dinner Ricky?” AJ said.

“Actually no, I should be going soon, my mom wants me home soon. Thanks anyways though.” Ricky said sadly.

“That's okay, we'll see you tomorrow though I bet.”

“For sure.” Ricky smiled.

“Well see you later then.” JJ said.

“Yeah, bye guys.”

AJ and JJ went in the house, followed by Alice, who went to her room, while the boys headed to the kitchen. They got a good dinner going and they finished up just as a dirty pair came in the house. Alice had been sitting and talking with the boys while they cooked. Max and TJ headed into the bathroom and washed up.


“Well I probably should be going now TJ, I'll be over tomorrow morning as soon as the rents are gone to work though.” Ricky said.

“Bye, see you in the morning then.” TJ smiled widely at his new boyfriend, and Ricky headed home on his bike.

“You really do love him, don't you?”

“Yeah, he's so sweet and caring, I think I fell in love with him the first time I saw him.” TJ said lovingly.

“I know that you had a boyfriend back home, and that you guys were torn apart quite viciously, I hope that this isn't just a rebound thing for you though, that could really hurt Ricky.”

“Oh no, I'd never hurt him.” TJ spoke honestly.

“I hope not. Well should we get to work then?”

“Okay.” TJ said brightly and they got to work.

They got all the accessories mounted to the bike that they could, the helmet was sized properly, the seat and handlebars were adjusted, and finally when they were finished, TJ took a quick ride around. His smile was so big that Max figured he could have seen it a kilometer away.

“Wow, this thing rides so smoothly, it's awesome, thanks.” TJ said after coming to a skidding halt next to Max, who didn't even flinch.

“I'm glad you like it, now take real good care of it, it's a really good and expensive bike, and I don't want to have to replace it.”

“I will for sure, don't worry.”

“Good, go lock it up with the other bikes, and let's go in and get cleaned up then, dinner will probably be ready soon.”

“Okay.” TJ said and took off to do as he was asked.


“Mom, dad, I'm home.” Ricky called out as he entered his house.

“Oh there you are, dinner is almost ready. What the hell did you do to your hair?” His mom said, and then screeched when she saw his hair.

“Got it cut properly and colored, a friend of AJ and JJ's did it for me, and it only cost twenty dollars, I think it looks really nice.” Ricky said defensively.

“Not so sure I like the sounds of these friends of yours, going out and getting your hair dyed.”

“I don't see what the problem is, it looks nice, and they are really good friends I'll have you know. They are swimmers and divers and are in training for the Olympics, they don't drink, don't smoke, would never touch drugs, and they are both seriously smart. AJ is the kid I told you about who was in grade eight instead of grade six. He should be going into grade nine, but they've skipped both him and JJ ahead to grade ten. I'm sorry, but if those are the kinds of friends you don't want me to have, then you apparently don't want me to have any at all.” Ricky said firmly.

“Oh. Sorry, but I don't like your hair like that.” She said.

“That's okay, you don't have to like it, it's my hair and I do like it, and I think I'm more than old enough to make that decision on my own.” Ricky said.

“What's gotten into you, you never talk to me this way?” She asked a little crossly.

“I'm happy, and here you are trying to steal that from me, and I don't appreciate it.” Ricky said loudly.

“I'm not trying to take anything from you. Your dad is waiting for dinner, let's go eat.” His mom said defensively.

“Fine.” Ricky said stubbornly.

“I heard the way you talked to your mother Ricky, and it is unacceptable behavior, I want you to apologize.” His dad said as they walked in.

“I'm sorry, but why should I apologize. I was not the one who did anything wrong, all I did was try something new that is totally harmless, and be happy, and mom jumps down my throat for it.” Ricky said incredulously.

“See, that's what I'm talking about, there's no need to talk like that.”

“Yet here you guys are talking to me like that.” Ricky said calmly, but with an icy tone to his voice.

“Sit down and eat.” His dad said.

“No, you know what, while you guys are furious with me anyways for actually dreaming of having a life of my own, I think you should know something. I'm gay and I have a boyfriend.” Ricky said so calmly it almost scared his parents.

“That's a very mean thing to say, you may be mad, but there's no reason to say something like that.” Ricky's dad said a minute later, trying to regain his speech.

“Except there's one problem, it was not meant to be mean. I just told you my deepest darkest secret, and you think I'm being mean. Dad, I've known I was gay since I was eleven, I just refused to admit it to myself. Now I have and you say something like that, that is possibly one of the worst things you have ever said to me. I'm leaving, you have AJ's number, call me when you can talk to me like you actually care about me, but don't even try tonight, I'm too mad to talk to you right now.” Ricky said, tears pouring down his cheeks and he stormed from the house. He walked slowly all the way back to AJ's house with tears pouring down, and knocked on the door when he got there.


As soon as Max and TJ came out of the bathroom they all sat down to eat, but just as they were about to take their first bites of dinner, a knock at the door startled them.

“I'll go get it.” Max said.

“Ricky, hi, what's the matter, why are you crying?” Max said and pulled the sobbing boy in the house.

“They were so mean to me.” Ricky sobbed.

“Shh, you're all right now. We just sat down to dinner. Stop crying and come and eat and we can all talk afterwards okay.” Max said, hugging Ricky tightly and helping him to wipe away his tears.

“Thanks Max, you're the greatest.”

“Ricky is here, and he's had a bit of a rough evening. I told him that we'd eat first and then go and talk okay.” Max said, coming back in and forestalling the instant barrage of questions that almost started. Everyone nodded and Ricky went and sat next to TJ, almost touching they were so close, and he dished up as well, and they all ate quietly, no one feeling it appropriate to talk at the moment. As soon as dinner was finished, the dishes were left on the table, and they all headed to the living room to talk. Ricky was sat down, and TJ and Max each took a side, and then the rest sat down as well.

“Now, tell us what happened Ricky?” Max asked softly, holding him tightly.

“They were so mean to me. First my mom about what I did to my hair, and then my dad for my getting upset with my mom because she was so mean to me. Then they got even more mad at me because I refused to apologize because I didn't feel I was wrong for defending myself. So I decided to tell them why I was so happy, I told them that I was gay and that I had a boyfriend. My dad told me it was mean to say such a thing to them. I spilled my soul to them, and they ripped it out and stomped all over it. I told them I was coming here and that they could call when they thought they could talk to me like they cared about me, but not tonight, because I was too mad at them. Why wouldn't they want me to be happy?” Ricky sobbed the entire story out.

“I don't know Ricky, but sometimes people fear change. You changed an awful lot over the past few days, maybe it was too much all at once for your mom to accept, maybe she thought you had gotten in with a wrong crowd or something, who knows. Maybe they will tell you when they decide to call, but hopefully they take a day or so to do it.” Max said soothingly.

“My mom actually said something about these new friends of mine, that she didn't like the sounds of them. Well I told her right away how good AJ and JJ were and what they were doing, and that if she didn't want me to have friends that were as good as they were, then she obviously didn't want me to have any friends at all. I think that made her the maddest, because she didn't know how to respond to that.” Ricky actually giggled a little through the tears.

“Well spoken. Maybe she should have met us all first before you started going and making such drastic changes, but oh well, what's done is done. Now, I don't know if you noticed yet or not, but the shock of all this has made you pee, so why don't you and your boyfriend go and get nicely diapered and cuddle up together for a while and not even talk, it'll make you feel better.” Max said softly.

“Oh shit. I didn't mean to pee on the couch again today, sorry.” Ricky said very pitifully.

“No worries Ricky, with my little wetter here, this couch has seen a lot of pee. Very good thing it is a good leather couch.” Alice smiled warmly.

TJ got up and held out his hand, Ricky took it, and they walked to their bedroom for the evening. They did diaper each other, and they did lay down, but they did talk for a while, just softly, all cuddled up together. They both passed out all wrapped up in each other a few hours later. A lot of tears were shed, but it helped both boys a lot.


Alice, Max, AJ, and JJ all sat around talking about the situation they currently found themselves in, all agreeing that they had no choice but to be there for Ricky, but all agreeing that they needed to stay out of it as much as possible. They were still sitting down and talking an hour after TJ and Ricky went to their room, when the phone startled them all out of their conversation. AJ was closest, so grabbed the phone.

“Hello, AJ speaking.”

“Hi, is this Ricky's friend AJ, is he there?” Ricky's dad asked.

“Yes I am , and yes he is, who is this please?” AJ asked politely.

“I am his dad and I would like to speak to him please.”

“I'm sorry, he made it very clear to all of us that he did not wish to speak to you right now, and he is currently in with his boyfriend crying out what happened earlier.” AJ said politely and carefully, making sure that he did not sound accusatory.

“I'm his father and it is my right to talk to my son if I want to, so please put him on the phone.” He said a little angrily.

“I'm sorry sir, I do not want to do that to Ricky right now, he is very hurt. I would also very much appreciate it if you did not get angry with me, I am not the one who caused this. Now, I will tell Ricky in the morning that you called, and I invite you to call back tomorrow afternoon.”

“Young man, don't talk to me like that, put your dad on the phone.”

“I was being perfectly polite sir, and you would find it difficult to talk to my dad, however you may speak to my step dad if you'd like, however you really would have been better talking to me.”

“Don't give me that, just put him on the goddamn phone.”

“Sir, I will only say this once, talk kindly and politely to me, or I will hang up and block this number from calling. Now, you can speak to Max if you like, however he will also hang up if you talk to him like that.” AJ said very politely and then passed the phone to Max.

“Hello, Max speaking, who am I speaking to please?”

“I'm Ricky's father, and I demand to speak to my son right now.”

“I already gathered from the conversation that you had with AJ that you were Ricky's dad, but that wasn't what I asked. What is your name please?” Max asked in feigned politeness.

“Gerald, and let me speak to my son.”

“Thanks Gerald. Now I'm sure that we did not get the entire story tonight, however I am inclined to believe from Ricky that we heard all that we needed to hear. He made it very clear to you, and to us, that he does not wish to speak to you tonight, and I honestly cannot say as I blame him. >From the sounds of it you said some very mean things to him this evening, and while I understand that some of what he said may have been a shock to you, that does not give you that right. Now I'm sorry, but you may call back tomorrow if you'd like, and I would ask that you speak to Ricky far more kindly than you spoke to either AJ or myself this evening or -.”

“I will speak to my son any way I wish.”

“Or it will damage the relationship you have with your son far more than it already has been. I would also like to have you and your wife come here tomorrow after work to have dinner, and we can talk it all out here, this way we can be sure that Ricky is safe. And rest assured, if I feel in any way that Ricky is not safe with you, I will call the police. You may call tomorrow to get our address, as this is an unlisted number and you will be unable to find it yourselves, and please do not try.” Max said in a friendly manner, continuing on after the interruption as if he had not been interrupted.

“Look, I want to speak to Ricky tonight, and I'm not hanging up until I do, so get him on the line.”

Gerald, you are not speaking to him tonight, it's as simple as that. Call back tomorrow after work, and we will give you our address so that you may come over. Now, I am going to hang up, and I suggest that you do not call again tonight, because I will call the police tonight, please don't make me do that.” Max said politely and disconnected before Gerald could say anything further.

“Well that was interesting. I think we just got in the middle of this though, whether we wanted to or not.” AJ sighed.

“Seems that way. What are we gonna do now though?” Max sighed out as well.

“The only thing we can do, hope that they don't call again tonight, have dinner tomorrow night, and see where it goes from there.” Alice said.

“Yeah, I just hope they don't go and do anything stupid. If they were to call the police themselves, they could say all sorts of things, and the police could show up here. Of course when they got the full story, it would be them in trouble, but still, we don't want that to happen.” Max said.

“True, let's just hope they don't then.” Alice said.

They sat around for a while longer talking about it, but none of them coming up with anything more. An hour after the call ended, AJ and JJ excused themselves to head to bed, to be up and ready for when Jim showed up the next morning.