Chapter 2

“So what did you do after school yesterday?” AJ's mom asked when he walked in the kitchen, still in his wet goodnite.

“Well Mrs. Berry, my English teacher, asked me to tutor another of the boys in my class, so he came home with me and I helped him out and even found out the reason he could not read properly and was failing all his classes.”

“What have I told you about having friends over after school?” She asked stiffly.

“That I wasn't allowed to have any friends over, or go out until my homework is done, but I did mine as he did his and then helped him. Plus Mrs. Berry asked me to do it, and I can't say no to teachers, you always told me that's wrong.” AJ said fearfully.

“Okay, just make sure it doesn't happen again.”

“But I have been asked to tutor him three days a week, and besides I never have homework, all I ever do when I get home is to make sure all my answers are correct.” AJ said a little more boldly this time.

“Your grades had best not slip, or I will tan your hide something fierce. While it is noble to help those less fortunate than you, it is more important to think of your own grades. Now go get out of that wet diaper and get dressed, why do I have to tell you that every weekend?”

“Yes mother.” AJ whispered.

AJ left the kitchen and went back to his room sullenly. He kept telling himself that he just forgot, but in truth, he just liked how they felt. AJ got out of the soggy diaper and washed himself off with a cloth he grabbed on the way in, and then threw on a pair of underwear, nice white briefs, and then a casual pair of pants and a shirt. He then went and sat down and had a bit of breakfast with his mom, and she gave him his list of chores to do, and as soon as he finished eating, he quickly got to work getting them done, wanting very much to have them done before his mom left for work, so that as soon as she did, he could go.

Finally a few hours later he was done and his mom was dressed and ready to go to work, with a final warning to behave himself tonight, she was gone, and AJ was happy. He grabbed a very quick lunch of a ham and cheese sandwich and then locked up the house and headed out, eating his sandwich on the way.


JJ woke up the following morning and went and grabbed a bowl of cereal and wolfed it down quickly, and then went back up to his room, still in his boxers, and laid back down on his bed and continued reading where he had left off. He had waken up at seven, and none of the others were up yet, although he could hear two of his sisters playing in their rooms quietly. A couple hours later his mom poked her head in his room to see why he wasn't up yet, and she looked more than a little surprised to see him laying there reading a book.

“Hi, what are you doing?” She asked in shock.

“Reading, what does it look like?”

“Well reading, that's why I was shocked, you have had that book for two years and have never read it.”

“That's because I couldn't before now, but now I can, so now I am enjoying it, and I am almost done too.” JJ stated proudly.

“Have you eaten yet?”

“Yeah, I'm good.”

“Then I will let you continue reading then.” She said happily and closed the door behind her and left with a smile.

An hour later JJ finished the book, very proud of himself, went and grabbed a quick shower to clean the mess off that he had inadvertently spilled on his groin throughout the night and to wash his hair. He hated puberty, his hair was so greasy if he didn't wash it every day, but he didn't mind the tasty cum he got to eat when he jacked off, which he also did in the shower.

JJ's dad asked him to help out in the garage for a while until AJ got there, JJ did, and they talked and had fun while cleaning the garage, and for once Mr. Johnson did not hear the sullenness in JJ's voice, even though JJ thought he had hidden it well, his parents knew, just not why, even though they tried to find out. They worked together until they saw AJ coming up the drive, and JJ stopped and waved happily and ran out to meet the younger and smaller boy.

“Hi AJ, guess what, last night I started reading the first Harry Potter book, and this morning I finished it. My grandma gave it to me a couple years ago, but I couldn't read it until now. Come on and meet my dad.” JJ said happily and in one long breath.

Mr. Johnson watched the interaction and was very happy with his son, and surprised by the young boy who had helped him. He looked so small and so young, especially up against his much bigger and older looking son. JJ had not told his parents how old AJ was, just his name, and Mr. Johnson honestly thought that AJ was only ten, but knew the kid had to be super smart if he was in grade eight already.

“Dad, this is AJ, AJ, this is my dad, his name's Frank.” JJ said in introduction.

“Hello AJ, pleasure to meet you, and I hear it is you that has gotten my monster reading, thank you.” He stuck out his hand to shake.

“Um, thanks, nice to meet you too sir.” AJ said quietly, taking the hand lightly and shaking it.

“Oh you're gonna have to do better than that, let's try that again with a little more power behind it, both in voice and strength.” JJ said in exasperation.

“Now JJ, don't be rude.”

“No dad, you don't understand, this is what I am helping him with, he has to teach me to do better at school, and I have to help him be not so shy, more sure of himself. Now AJ, try it again, be more assertive, be louder, and give a good firm handshake.” JJ instructed.

AJ did as he was told, a little bit louder, not stumbling over the words this time, and adding more strength to the handshake.

“Much better, not so hard, now is it?” JJ said with a smile.

“Easy for you to say.” AJ grinned.

“Come on, let's go meet my mom, then you can even meet the brats, and we can get some lunch as well, I'm starving.”

“Would you quit calling them brats, brat.”

“Yeah, when you stop calling me a brat.” JJ stuck out his tongue and dashed off.

Frank just shook his head and let the boys go. He was glad to have his funny boy back, they used to be able to joke around a lot more, but once school started getting harder on him, he stopped joking around so much.

“Mom, AJ is here.” JJ called as they entered the house.

“I'm in the kitchen getting lunch ready.” She called out.

“No wonder you guys have no problem being loud, if I yelled in my house like that, I would be swatted upside the head.” AJ said in a stunned manner.

“Yeah, this house is usually pretty loud.” JJ grinned.

They headed to the kitchen where AJ could smell something good cooking, and when they got there, JJ introduced his mom, Sarah, and they shook hands as well. This time AJ did much better without having to be prompted. Sarah had much the same shocked feelings as her husband had at the appearance of AJ, at how young he looked.

“So how old are you AJ, JJ never told us?”

“I'm twelve, but I turn thirteen in a few months.” AJ said proudly.

“So they skipped you ahead one grade then I guess?”

“No, two grades, even though I didn't want to.”

“Then why on earth were you made to skip ahead?”

“Because you don't say no to my mom.” AJ said simply.

“Oh. Lunch will be ready in a few minutes, you may as well go ahead and wait here.”

“I already had a sandwich thank you.”

“Just one sandwich, sorry, but no wonder you are so small, you can have some more of our lunch if you want.” Sarah said in shock, even her youngest ate more than that at lunch, and she's only a little more than one year old.

“Thanks, I am still a little hungry.” He said politely.

A few minutes later everyone was called in and they ate lunch together, something AJ and his mom rarely ever did, and when they were finished, they all helped to clean up, even the young girls helped out as much as they could, except the youngest who could only crawl. During lunch there was a full conversation going on, and the girls were all introduced to AJ, they all liked him right away. This was another something AJ's mom did not stand for, talking while eating.

Once lunch was over, JJ took AJ downstairs to the rec room, where the home theater was, and in one corner was also a full workout area.

“I think we need to work a little bit on your body, you are too skinny for your own good, and you could stand to have a little more muscle definition to your body. You are nice and trim already, but some muscle will help.”

“But how will this help me any?”

“It helps to build character and confidence. While we are doing our workout, I can teach you how to talk better. I usually just workout in my boxers, more comfortable that way.”

“Um, I don't wear boxers, and how do you plan to teach me to talk better?”

“You wear underwear right, well just strip down to that, even if anyone comes down, which is unlikely, they won't care, I always workout in my underwear, and I used to wear briefs until about a year ago when it started to get a little uncomfortable, if you know what I mean. And you are still talking so damned quietly I have to strain to hear you.”

“Um, I don't know what you mean actually, and I can't help it.”

“Oh, well when you get older and grow more in the underwear area, sometimes briefs become a little too constricting.” JJ blushed, trying to explain it.

“Oh, you mean when you get an erection and things like that. I would think briefs would be better to hide it than boxers would, but I know what you mean about uncomfortable at times though.” AJ said simply, then realized what he said and blushed as well.

“Yeah, something like that, but boxers are more comfortable sometimes, even if they don't hide things too well, still prefer briefs though, and that is what I sleep in. Come on strip down with me and we can get to work.” JJ said and started stripping down to his boxers.

AJ just stood there in a little bit of shock, not quite sure what he should do. He was prone to pop wood every so often, and JJ would surely see and make fun of him, but he wanted to do it to work out like JJ did, and finally, by the time JJ was removing his socks as well, AJ started to slowly strip. As soon as JJ had his socks off he stood up and watched as AJ undressed slowly, shyly. Finally AJ was standing there in only a pair of very brief white underwear. They were not the normal briefs that most young boys wore, but a really nice bikini brief, and JJ almost got an erection as soon as he saw AJ, and how well the front of the underwear was filled out.

“I underestimated your body, you are actually getting pretty well developed already, what do you do?” JJ said to try and ease the situation.

“Other than running from bullies, nothing. I mow and rake the grass once a week, weed the gardens, and I sweep and wash the driveway and the sidewalks. Like I said, nothing much.” AJ admitted.

“It might not seem like much, but it is enough to keep you in shape. We don't have near as much work on your body as I thought we might. You might want to consider not buying such loose fitting clothes.”

“I like my clothes though, and yours are too tight for me, I wouldn't look as good as you do in tight fitting clothes like that.” AJ said with a blush.

“I think you're wrong, but it is up to you. Now I will guide you on the machines and we can keep talking, but I want you to talk louder, more positively.”

They kept up a running dialog as JJ taught AJ all about working out on the exercise equipment, and AJ was becoming a little more talkative. They found that they actually had a fair amount in common, but they were also widely apart in many things. AJ hated sports, JJ loved them, but then again AJ had never really tried because he was never picked for teams, he was always too small. JJ hated cooking, while AJ loved to cook and bake. AJ loathed being in crowds, while JJ loved to be the center of attention, but that too would be changed. JJ despised going shopping, especially with his mom, whereas AJ loved to go look around at all sorts of things. But now that JJ could read, he too would love to read, and would do so every night from then on, and AJ had always done so. They talked about everything that made them tick, but not really telling each other any secrets yet, they were still too new of friends for that, but they were both starting to feel they could trust each other with anything. They worked out for almost an hour, and AJ was getting very tired.

“I think that is good enough for today, you had a real good workout. Next time we do the same thing, but we add a couple pounds to the weights. Come on, let's go to my room.” JJ said and grabbed his clothes, but did not make to put them on.

“Okay, but aren't you going to get dressed first?”

“No, why bother, more often than not any given person in this house is only in their underwear, or less.”

“You mean you guys go naked sometimes?” AJ asked in shock, he would never dream of letting his mom see him naked, but then again most kids would never let their parents see them in a diaper either though.

“Yeah, why wouldn't we. Hell we even go to nude beaches and resorts on vacation almost every year.” JJ admitted.

“Really, I would be so embarrassed if anyone saw me naked.”

“By the looks of your underwear, and the few times you got hard, I would say that for such a small body, you have nothing to worry about, and certainly have nothing to be embarrassed about. Really, all boys have the same things between their legs, and once you see one girl, they really are all the same. Only difference is that everyone is different sizes and shapes.” JJ said with only a hint of a blush.

“Really, I am not nearly as big as you are though.”

“Yeah, but I am three years older than you are remember, and my frame is also larger, although at your age I don't think I filled my underwear that well, but then again, I did not wear bikini briefs either.” JJ grinned.

JJ then just turned and started walking up the stairs, and AJ again just bit the bullet and decided to follow, but putting his bundle of clothes in front of himself to cover up a little bit. The only person to see them as they went all the way up to the third floor was the second youngest girl, and other than looking up for a split second, she said and did nothing, and she was just sitting in just her diaper and playing with toys. They made it to JJ's room, and on the door was a sign that said 'condemned by mother, enter at your own risk,' and AJ could clearly see why she would put such a sign in place, barely any of the floor could be seen.

“Sorry, I really should have cleaned up, it's not so neat and tidy as your bedroom was, but I hate cleaning it all the time just to get dirty again.” JJ shrugged.

“Yikes, if I left my room like this, heck, just made a mess like this, my mother would have my head on a platter. It's a cool room though, I love the colors.”

“Your mom sounds so strict, I don't think I could function like that, and thanks.”

“She is really strict, sometimes I can't stand it, I feel like I am suffocating at times.” AJ admitted.

“That really sucks. I mean my parents can be strict when they need to be, and don't get on my moms bad side, she will whip your ass with her fingertips and leave a welt, trust me I know, but for the most part they leave us alone and we all do fine. I know it's been real hard on them with my schoolwork and all, they were trying everything, but I had just given up, I thought I was just too stupid to learn, until Mrs. Berry stuck me with you.” JJ grinned and then smiled warmly at AJ with the last part.

“No one is so stupid that they can't learn, sometimes you just have to keep searching until you find what helps you learn. For some it comes easy, others not so easy. I'm just glad I was able to help you find an easy way to learn. I don't think Mrs. Berry expected immediate results though.” AJ grinned.

“No, I bet she didn't, but she will be surprised. So what do you want to do?”

“I don't know, I am getting really sore now though.”

“Wanna just lay down and watch a movie?”


JJ grabbed his binder of movies, he made copies of all the good ones from the family collection and kept them in his room for ease of use, and brought it over and let AJ pick one out. He picked out The Goblet of Fire, and JJ grinned and put it in the player.

“So are you a Harry Potter fan as well?”

“Yeah, I love all the books, and the movies are pretty good as well, but not as good as the books.”

“Until last night I would have said you're crazy, but now I know, the first book was way better than the movie, now I can't wait to read the rest of them.”

“I have all the books, so you can borrow them if you want.”

“That would be wicked.” JJ smiled.

They laid down on the bed on their stomachs facing the TV and watched the movie. As they watched they were barely aware that through the entire movie they were almost touching ankle to shoulder, well AJ was, but his feet stopped at JJ's knees, and they kept bumping legs, and it was not entirely by accident either. Once the movie was over they sat up and leaned against the wall and continued talking until Sarah popped her head in.

“AJ, will you be staying for dinner, it will be ready in an hour?”

“Go ahead and stay, you said your mom works late, and you will just go home and be bored.” JJ urged.

“Okay, I'd like that, thanks.” AJ said after a few moments thought and seeing the pleading look on JJ's face.

“Okay then.” Sarah said and left the room, not saying anything at all about either boy sitting around in their underwear, but noticing the blush on AJ's cheeks as soon as she poked her head in, he had of course thrown his hands over his crotch.

“You didn't have to cover yourself up, it's natural here.”

“For you maybe, but I am not exactly used to it.”

For the next hour, while they waited for dinner to be ready, they continued talking and talking, they talked a lot more than AJ had ever talked to anyone, including his own mom, and he was getting even better at speaking at a normal volume. When they heard the call to dinner, JJ got up and headed to the door, but AJ went to grab his clothes.

“Don't worry about that, no one else will be in anything more than underwear. Didn't you see my mom? The only reason she was wearing a shirt, was because she was cooking.”

“Um, I don't think so.”

“Tell you what, I will put on briefs as well if that will make it easier for you.”

“I still don't think so.” AJ blushed.

“Okay, if anyone else is in clothes, then I will allow you to come and put your clothes on. You can wait in the hall while I check, and I will still put on briefs if you want.” JJ offered.

“Okay.” AJ said shakily.

JJ went to his dresser and grabbed the smallest pair of briefs he had, turned around, pulled off his boxers and put on the briefs, giving AJ a full frontal view of himself. AJ's mouth just hung open at that, he had never seen another boy naked, ever, and JJ looked huge to him, and he had so much hair.

“Okay, come on, let's go.” JJ said nonchalantly, but noticing the look of shock on AJ's face.

They headed downstairs, and just as JJ had assumed, everyone was in fact in their underwear, including Sarah who was wearing a sports bra that looked a lot like a bikini top you would see on almost any beach. AJ was waved in and he came in and sat down quickly, none of the others really even noticing anything, other than his blush. They all talked as they ate again and had a really god meal, Sarah was a far better cook than AJ's mom was for sure, AJ thought.

As soon as dinner was over, they all helped to clean up the kitchen, AJ blushing for the first few minutes until he realized no one was really paying any attention to him, least of all looking at his nearly naked body. What AJ did not realize was that this was a huge step in helping to build his self confidence. JJ meant for that to happen, and that was why his family was told earlier that everything was business as normal, even while his friend was there.

After the dinner dishes were cleaned up, the boys headed back upstairs where they decided to watch another movie, they chose The Prisoner of Azkaban this time. By the time the movie had ended, AJ felt that he really should be heading home, so he got dressed, said goodbye to everyone, and told JJ that he would see him on Monday, as he would not be able to come over the next day, and walked the few blocks home in the setting sun.

When he got home, AJ went to his room and got ready for bed, slipping his goodnite on, and sitting down at his computer to do some more reading. He was confused with all the thoughts running through his head about how he was feeling about JJ, so typed into google, 'what to do when you think you're gay.' He got quite a few hits, but had to search for the good stuff. A lot of what he found confused him even more, while other things told him that he was just going through puberty, that his hormones were just messing with him, to wait a while and see how he felt later on, and to not label himself just yet. That made the most sense to him, but he still felt that he was gay anyways, because he could not stand the thought of seeing a girl naked in a sexual manner. He went to bed and again dreamed all night long about JJ, again starting from the hug and then to how they were laying and sitting earlier, almost touching everywhere, and then blossomed from there. The vision of a naked JJ also did not hurt, that image was now burned to his memory.

JJ said goodnight to everyone soon after AJ left and went up to his room to start reading some more, starting the same book over again to see if he missed anything. He read until midnight again and then crawled into bed. Visions of AJ sitting in those hot underwear of his though just kept popping into his head, especially the few times that he saw AJ get hard. He quickly found himself stroking himself to relieve the pressure, but once was not enough, and tonight he savored two loads of cum, and went to sleep a satisfied boy, dreaming of AJ all night long.

When JJ woke up the next morning he again went down, grabbed himself a snack and then went back up to his room and continued reading again, waiting until he was called down for their customary Sunday morning breakfast. After breakfast JJ grabbed a quick shower and then went and holed himself up in his room for almost the entire day reading. His mom looked in on him a few times throughout the day, and was more than happy to let JJ read all day if he wanted to. JJ went to bed that night and had to jack off a couple times again to relieve the pressure buildup, licking up his mess as usual, using his new boy vision as his fuel. He knew that he would never have AJ, but he sure knew how to fantasize.

When AJ woke up the next morning, he grudgingly took off his soaked diaper and threw it in the trash, and got dressed in a loose pair of shorts. Today was gardening day, so he wanted to be comfortable. As usual his mother said good morning in a stiff fashion, and they sat and ate breakfast in total silence. Once breakfast was done, AJ cleaned up the mess, and then turned to his mom.

“Mom, I want to paint my bedroom, I will pay for the paint and supplies out of my allowance, and do all the work myself.”

“I don't see any reason why you'd want to waste your money and time doing a wasteful thing like that, but I guess you can, but don't make a mess.” She said in disdain, not really seeing any point at all.

“Thanks mom, and I won't, don't worry.”

Before his mom could say anything further, AJ headed out the back door to get started on his yard work. It took the better part of the day to complete everything. It may be a nice small house, but the yard was not, and he had lots of nice gardens around the yard. Finally late in the afternoon he finished all the yard work, and went in to find his mom had finished the scrubbing of the house. He headed to the bathroom to get a nice hot shower. AJ was more than a little sore, the workout he had the day before, and then all the work he just did, was taking its toll on his small body.

After his shower, AJ headed to his room to spend the evening, he read lots more about being gay, as well as anything else he wanted to know about, and then he got ready for bed and went to sleep, dreaming about JJ all night long.