Chapter 20

Ricky's parents never did call back again that night, and when AJ and JJ went to bed, they cuddled and slept all night long peacefully. They woke up to the alarm going off, something that was rare, they both normally woke up just before it. They stretched and sighed, and then kissed each other good morning.

“Well baby, should we get up?” JJ asked after kissing and cuddling for a few minutes.

“Yeah, I guess we should. I'm starving. Do you think we should wake the boys up, and see if they want to join us this morning?”

“We can see if they want to. Ricky might not be up to it though.”

“Probably not, and I wouldn't blame him. Well we better get up now, or we never will.” AJ sighed and rolled out of bed. AJ then extended his hand and JJ took it and pulled himself up and out of bed as well. They left their room and AJ knocked on TJ's bedroom door and got no answer. He opened the door and found both boys still sound asleep.

“TJ, wake up a bit.” AJ whispered into TJ's ear and shook him.

“Huh, whazamatter?” TJ mumbled.

“TJ, do you guys want to join us this morning?” AJ whispered again.

“Huh, oh yeah, okay, we'll be up in a few minutes.” TJ yawned.

“Okay, come out for breakfast as soon as you're ready then.”

TJ nodded and AJ and JJ headed out to the kitchen to find Alice and Max in their usual positions.

“Good morning boys, how you feeling today?” Alice asked.

“Great, can't wait to get started on our workout today. How are you guys today?” AJ asked.

“Good, glad to hear it, and we're fine too. What would you like me to pick up for dinner tonight?” Max asked.

“No idea. If you want to just leave your card with me, we can go and get that so that you don't have to worry about it, and then we can get dinner started early enough to have dinner at a decent time.” AJ offered.

“Sounds fine to me.”

AJ and JJ had already gotten started on breakfast as they were talking, and they talked and cooked for a few minutes before the other two boys came in looking a little groggy.


“Ricky, time to wake up handsome.” TJ nudged Ricky and whispered into his ear.

“I don't wanna wake up.” Ricky whined in his sleep.

“Come on Ricky, time to wake up, you're leaking and we need to get you cleaned up.” TJ teased, causing Ricky's eyes to pop open.

“Oh no, not again. Hey, the bed's not wet!”

“I know, but I remember that that always woke me up right away, sorry. I take it that whatever you wear at home leaks sometimes too?”

“That was mean, and yes, I wear goodnites, and they leak all the time, but I didn't think these would, they are so much better. Why do we have to be up so early?”

“I want to go workout with the others again this morning, and I thought you'd like to as well. You can stay and sleep if you'd like though.”

“No, I would like to go workout some of my anger.” Ricky said.

“Can I have a kiss good morning please?” TJ asked.

“I'd like that very much.” Ricky said and the leaned in to each other and kissed gently for a few minutes. When their kiss broke, they cuddled up for a few minutes before they both decided that they should get up. So both still yawning and stretching, they left their room and headed to the kitchen.

“Good morning boys. How are you feeling this morning Ricky?” Max asked gently.

“Still pretty mad at my parents, but I feel better I guess.” Ricky answered.

“We can all understand that. Your dad called last night, but I told him that you did not want to talk to them last night, and I invited them over for dinner so that we could all sit and talk it out.” Max said.

“Okay, I'd like that, and thanks, it means a lot to me that you're all here for me like this.” Ricky said emotionally.

“No problem Ricky, we're all glad to help.” Alice said warmly and gave Ricky a hug.

“Here's breakfast everyone, dig in.” AJ said as he and JJ set everything on the kitchen table.

And dig in they did. They all ate heartily of the breakfast that JJ and AJ made, their usual of course. As soon as they were all finished, and the mess cleaned up, Max and Alice went to get ready for the day, and the boys all headed out to the pool to clean up and get started on their workout, Jim joining them a few minutes later. The training session was a good one, and AJ and JJ progressed even further in their swimming and diving skills, Jim now teaching them some of the most advanced and difficult things he knew, and they were doing it. He never even asked if the boys were okay, he just assumed that because they never said anything, that they were, because it was their job to take care of themselves, and they knew it. Finally Jim bade farewell to the boys and was off to home.

“I could use a good massage I think, how about you guys?” AJ asked a few minutes after Jim had left, they were all sitting in the hot tub.

“Me too.” Everyone agreed.

They climbed from the hot tub and dried off a little, and then they all headed over to the massage table. Ricky was told to hop up first, and given how tense and sore he was, he did not make a single complaint. Slowly they gave each other a nice massage and then rinsed off in the shower, and jumped in the soothing pool water.

“That feels so much better.” Ricky sighed as they reached the other end of the pool, all having lazily swam to the other end.

“Yeah, it does. We're going to go in and get some schoolwork done, and then we can all go for a bit of a bike ride to the store to get something for dinner, if you guys want to anyways?” AJ said.

“Cool, sounds good to me.” Ricky said.

“I think I would like to stay out here for a while and sit in the sauna and the hot tub while you guys are doing your schoolwork. You wanna stay with me?” TJ asked Ricky.

“Okay.” He answered.

“Okay, you boys enjoy yourselves.” AJ said as he and JJ got out and headed to the shower to clean off.

An hour later they all met back in the kitchen to make and eat a quick lunch, and then they all took off on their bikes to the grocery store, AJ and JJ both with their backpacks on. When they arrived, they looked around for a while, trying to decide on what they should have for dinner.

“I don't know what to make, I don't want steaks again, we just had them.” AJ said.

“Well how about something like a pasta dinner, I love lasagna for instance?” TJ asked hopefully.

“Lasagna it is then, I haven't made that for ages.” AJ said and they went about collecting everything they needed.

They went and paid for all the groceries they had bought, stuffed it all into the two packs, and then headed back home. When they got home, they all helped in the kitchen to get the pasta sauce started, each of them working on something different, chopping and preparing all the various ingredients. Once the sauce was ready and simmering they worked on getting a nice salad ready and in the fridge, and even the garlic bread was prepared and ready to cook. They all sat around talking and having a good time, and when they figured it was time to put the lasagna in to bake for the hour it would need, they all went and got dressed up so as to look nice for when Ricky's parents came, Ricky having to borrow some clothes from JJ. They didn't fit great, but they were close enough. JJ was of course much better built and taller, but that didn't matter. They then went through the house with a fine tooth comb, making certain that it was perfectly cleaned, and they were still working when Max and Alice walked in, Alice having gone and stayed at Max's shop until he was done.

“Mmm, smells delicious in here, what are you guys cooking?” Max asked appreciatively.

“It's a surprise, you'll have to wait and see.” TJ said happily.

“Okay. We're going to go get changed, and I'll answer the phone when it rings.” Max said.

“Okay.” Everyone said.

The boys then went and set the large dining room table nicely, getting everything ready for when Ricky's parents made it there. They heard the phone ring and Max answered it. All he told them was their address and then he hung up. The lasagna was then taken from the oven, and the garlic bread thrown in. The salad and lasagna were set on the table, and a minute later, just before the bread was ready, the doorbell rang.

“Ricky, you stay in the kitchen for now okay, we'll handle your parents.” Max said warmly, Ricky just nodded.

“Hello, you must be Ricky's parents, please come in.” Alice said as she opened the door.

“Yes, thanks. You must be AJ's mom. My name is Gloria and this is my husband Gerald. I must apologize for the way he spoke to you guys last night, it was a little bit of a rough night.”

“We understand, and that's why we asked you here this evening, we felt it would be easier on all of you. My name is Alice, and this is my boyfriend Max. Please come in, the boys have dinner all ready to eat, and it smells delicious.”

“Yes, I must say it does, did you not cook it?” Gloria asked.

“Oh no, I would never cook for guests, unless I really hated them.” Alice laughed. “No, these smells were most assuredly created by my son AJ, but I'm certain the others helped as well.” Alice added.

“Oh, I see.” Gloria said.

“Follow us please.” Max said.

They led their guests into the dining room, where the boys were setting the last of the excellent looking meal on the table and finishing off the last minute preparations. Gloria and Gerald were seated at one end of the table and then Max and Alice sat at the opposite end, then the boys all came in and sat down as well, but Ricky sat as close to Max as he could, with TJ on his opposite side.

“Please, help yourselves.” AJ offered the food to the guests.

“Thanks, this really does smell very good.” Gloria said, taking the offered serving spoon and digging into the pasta.

They all ate the meal in almost total silence. It probably would have been a little uncomfortable had they not been eating such a good meal, but they were all too busy eating to pay any attention to that. Everyone loved the food, all of them having seconds, and even a few third servings were had. Every crumb of the garlic toast was polished off, and there was only just a little bit of lasagna and salad left as well.

“Let's go and sit in the living room and talk for a bit after that wonderful meal.” Alice said.

“Okay, thanks.” Gloria said. They all got up and left the mess where it was for the time being, more important things needed to be done at the moment. They all filtered into the living room, and Gloria and Gerald were directed to one couch, and everyone else squeezed onto the other couch. They wouldn't have fit had it not been for the fact that TJ sat on Ricky's lap and AJ sat on JJ's lap.

“I think I should start off, since I seem to have started all this.” Gloria said quietly. “Ricky, I am sorry I said what I did, I had no right, and you were right. We do love you and we do want you to be happy, but your being gay is a little more than we could handle, still can't to tell you the truth. We're very uncomfortable with it.” Gloria admitted.

“Thanks mom. I accept your apology, but I am gay, like I said last night, I have known for a long time, I was just trying to hide it from myself, and it's not going to change. As for you not being able to deal with it, I'm afraid you're going to need to learn to do so, because I'm not changing.”

“I know, you'll have to give us time.”

“I however am not so quick to apologize, what you said and how you said it last night was mean, you may think it wasn't, but I believe it was. I don't think being gay is right, and I believe that you have a choice in the matter, you could be straight if you wanted to be, I think you're doing this just to lash out at us.” Gerald said spitefully.

Everyone just sat there and stared at Gerald with their mouths hanging open, and Gloria started crying and shaking her head.

“Okay, I'd like to say something here, and in case you don't remember me sir, I am the one you talked to last night, my name is AJ. I do not wish to be rude or blunt, but give your head a shake. Where on earth did you learn to think like that, it is totally barbaric. People do not choose who they love, it just happens, people do not choose their skin color, their hair color, their sex or their their sexuality, it just is that way, it's how we're made. I also take serious offense to what you say, because in case you haven't already noticed, JJ and I are gay as well, and we know it, and have known for a while, even our parents knew it before we did, they could tell. The thought of being with a girl is so sickening to me that I could not have sex with one, even if I wanted to, just like it is so sickening to you to think about being with another man. I hate to say this to you, but you sir are the reason people like your son commit suicide every day. Did you know that nearly all of teen suicides are by gay youth, because dying is easier than living with their parents disgust with them.” AJ said.

“Being gay is a mortal sin, and you will all go to hell is all there is to it, and if my son wants to go to hell, he can, but he's not taking me with him, I don't approve in the very least.”

“Sir, you obviously have never actually read the bible, have you?” AJ asked politely.

“Of course I have.”

“Oh really, so have I, every version there is, and did you know that love is taught, not hatred, and that only hatred will get you sent to hell, if there really even is such a place. And if you are religious, then you should also know that god made all his children for a reason, and that if he didn't want people to be gay, he wouldn't have made them gay. This isn't a choice anyone makes, just like you had no choice in being a mean spirited, shriveled up old man, with no love in his heart. Now, I'm sorry, but I can no longer sit and look at you.” AJ said and got up and left the room and went and started cleaning the kitchen.

“That was totally uncalled for.” Gerald said as he sat and watched AJ storm from the room with a shocked look on his face, he had never been talked to by a kid like that before.

“No, I believe it was. I have never seen AJ so angry, and I'm afraid every word he said was correct. We are not a religious family, but AJ, in his thirst for all knowledge, has read every religions bibles and studied them, and he also has an IQ probably higher than all of us put together, so he knows what he's talking about.” Alice said simply.

“He's obviously not so smart as you think he is then, now is he, because being gay is a sin, and no one can tell me differently, and I'll have you know, I too have studied the bibles. This conversation is obviously going nowhere quickly, come on Ricky, we're going home.”

“No, we're not. I don't know what you'll do to me once we're away from others, and I'm not going to let you. I will stay here if Alice and Max will allow it, or I will leave right now, but I am not going home with you.”

“Of course you're welcome to stay.” Alice and Max said together.

“No, he is not, he is coming home, and then tomorrow we will be taking him somewhere to get fixed, he is not well.” Gerald said angrily.

“No, he's staying here, I don't want him home with you either, and honestly, right now, neither do I.” Gloria said calmly.

“What are you saying?”

“What did it sound like. I thought you loved Ricky, he's your son, and I too have read the same bibles as you have, and I also know that they preach love and goodness, not hatred, especially for gay people or anyone else. Ricky is not the one that needs to see someone, it's you, and we will be tomorrow, or else I will personally serve the divorce papers.” Gloria said, tears running down her cheeks now. Having to pick between her son and her husband was not easy, but she knew she had to.

“As long as he's gay, he's no son of mine, and if you want a divorce, then fine, obviously you are not the woman I married. I'm leaving now, and I will go stay with Bill.” Gerald said and got up and stormed out.

“I'm so sorry about that, I had no idea he was going to be like that.” Gloria said, bursting into a new round of tears as he slammed the door behind himself. Seconds later they heard the sounds of tires squealing as he pulled away very fast.

“It's okay Gloria, how could you have known. I would like to keep Ricky for a few days though, you have some messes to try and sort out that Ricky doesn't need to be part of, and it would be better for you all to be apart for the time being. You're still not comfortable with him being gay, and you might inadvertently take all this out on him, something I would hope you'd regret later.” Alice said softly.

“You're right, about everything of course, and I would not want that either. Ricky, I really am so very sorry about all this, and I will call you every couple days to see how you are, and tell you how things are going. I don't know how long it will take me to sort out all my feelings, but if you could keep Ricky for a week, that would be great. I will gladly pay you some money to help pay for all his food and everything, and Ricky, here's some money for you.” Gloria said, still crying, taking out her wallet, and passing all the cash she had in it to Ricky. It amounted to a few hundred dollars, and started to open her checkbook.

“No, no money will be accepted for this, we are only here to help Ricky, and we will be just fine.” Max said kindly.

“I insist, it's the least I can do. We have ruined your evening, taken up a lot of your time, and are burdening you with our son.”

“I assure you that one extra mouth to feed in this house will be nothing. AJ and JJ already eat like an entire army to keep up their energy during their training. As for the time, don't worry about that, it's only one short evening. We will not accept it, and if you insist on writing it, we will not cash it, or will just give it to Ricky.” Max said.

“I am still writing it, and I hope you cash it.” Gloria said and signed the check. She tore it out and passed it to Max, who begrudgingly took the thousand dollar check, shaking his head. Gloria then got up silently, gave Ricky a tense hug, and then walked out of the house, not saying another word. As soon as AJ heard and saw Gloria leave, he came back in the living room and sat down. He and JJ now taking the recently vacated couch.

“Sorry I lost my patience there, he just made me so angry I wanted to jump up and hit him.” AJ said shyly.

“You weren't the only one.” Almost everyone said.

“And I thank you so much AJ, everyone really. I don't know what's going to happen to my parents right now, but as it stands, I am now without a father. I always sort of knew that he didn't love me enough to stand up and be a man, but now I know.” Ricky said sadly.

“You'll be all right. You and TJ are in the same boat, you can help each other a lot, and we will be there to help you both out.” Max said warmly, pulling Ricky into a nice hug.

“Thanks, it means a lot to me that you guys are here for me.”

“No problem.” Everyone said.

“We still have a couple hours before bedtime, anyone up for a little light framing?” Max asked.

“Sure.” They all said, glad to have a distraction.

“Good, I'll get the tools from the truck if someone would open the garage door for me for its very last time.”

They all headed out, Max to his truck, and the rest of them to the garage. TJ and Ricky headed to the door and unbolted it, and AJ was waiting at the button, and pushed it as soon as he was given the nod. Max brought in a couple tool boxes, a few ladders, and a few different saws and set them down and then told AJ to close the door again. The door was once again bolted at Max's prompting.

“Now the first task will be to ensure that this door never again rises. JJ, here's a reciprocating saw with a metal cutting blade in it, I want you to get up there and cut the tracks just above the very top rollers. Now be careful with that, it's bloody powerful, and it could surprise you with its ability to tear itself from your hands, just let the saw do the work. Ricky, since you're the next tallest, I want you on the other ladder unbolting the track from the ceiling. I will get the drive system removed. Alice, AJ, and TJ, I need you to find the spray foam insulation and insulate around the door as best you can, pull all the lumber, and help us when needed.” Max handed out the orders.

They all got to work and did what they were asked to do. The saw did surprise JJ at first, but he just let the saw do the work like Max told him to do, and it was very quick and easy work. Ricky found a cordless impact wrench and got to work removing the sixteen bolts that had been holding the tracks in place, Alice helping to remove the tracks as they were released from their previous bonds. AJ found the insulation first and got to work sealing all the cracks in the old door, having to borrow one of the ladders for a minute to get the very top of the door. TJ just started pulling lumber up to the front of the garage. Max got the door opener detached and unbolted from the ceiling and lowered it down. He was the last done his chore.

“Wow, that went a lot faster than I expected.” Max said.

“Wasn't exactly a lot of work, nor was it hard to do.” Alice said simply.

“No, I don't suppose it really was. Next we need the plastic vapor barrier, the sealer, and the tuck tape.” Max said. It was all found quickly, and the plastic unrolled and cut to length. TJ was instructed to lay two strips of the sealer all around the door and on the floor and then the plastic was carefully pulled tight and stuck to the sealer, ensuring a nice weather tight seal. The plastic was then taped together wherever there was a seam, and the tape was also used anywhere that it needed reinforcement to prevent being torn, especially at the cut off tracks. This only took maybe twenty minutes, and the previous chore had not taken any longer than that, so they still had roughly an hour to go before they needed to quit.

“Well I guess we get started on framing next then. I'll call out measurements and Ricky, you get to cut them. The chop saw is already on its stand, all you have to do is unlock and unfold it, and then plug it in. I'll show you how to use it if you need me to. The rest of you grab hammers and nails. There is a bag of concrete nails we'll need for putting in the base pieces, and there should be some foam tape back there somewhere as well to put on the floor first.”

Everyone nodded their understanding, and TJ grabbed the foam tape for Max. Max called out his first measurement only seconds after Ricky had the saw set up, so TJ passed him a board, so Ricky measured and cut it, and TJ brought it over. Max, making very certain it was positioned perfectly, finally gave the nod, and JJ, AJ, and Alice started hammering the concrete nails into the wood and the concrete below. While they were nailing it securely to the floor, Max called out the next two cuts. They were only boxing in the door, so these would bridge the gap from the new wall they were building, to the original wall of the door. Ricky cut them and TJ brought them over, and the nailer's got them put into place quickly as well.

“Now we build the rest on the floor and lift it into place, but that will be for another night I think. There's no point in starting that when we don't have enough time to get it all done. So tomorrow night we come back and get that done.” Max called out.

“We can keep going.” AJ said.

“You may be able to, but us old folks certainly cannot. And you shouldn't either. Remember what happened this weekend, you can't push yourselves as hard as you think you can for too long. We have lots of time to complete this, so don't worry, it's really not that much to do, and it will get done quickly. Tomorrow we can work a little longer too don't forget.”

“I guess you're right. Well we may as well head to bed then.” AJ said.

“Us too.” TJ said, actually yawning.

“And we won't be far behind you I think.” Alice said.

They all headed back into the house and the boys all said goodnight, and then headed to their bedrooms for the night. TJ and Ricky entered their room, and as soon as the door was closed, TJ jumped up into Ricky's arms and gave him a deep and passionate kiss.

“Mmm, what was that for?” Ricky sighed a few minutes later when TJ detached.

“Because I love you so much, and I figured that you could use it.”

“But how can we love each other so much, we just met?”

“Don't know, don't really care, all I know is that I do, have since I saw you. I thought you were gorgeous then, and think even more so now.” TJ said lovingly.

“Yeah, same here, I knew I loved you right away too, and you're so damned hot.”

“Come on, let's get each other diapered and give each other a helping hand before we go to sleep?”

“Okay.” Was all Ricky could think to say.

They slowly undressed each other one at a time, loving to see each others bodies becoming on display as they were. And when they were both naked, they both saw that they would be much too hard to try and diaper as they were. So they fell onto the bed, attached themselves at the lips again, kissed deeply, and started stroking each others firm boyhoods slowly and gently. They were able to hold off on their orgasms for a surprising amount of time, but soon, no matter how much they tried not to do so, they came. Ricky spraying his meager load onto TJ's heaving tummy, and TJ firing the blanks he still would for a couple more years.

“Wow, that felt so good.” Ricky said, still not used to having a helping hand.

“Yeah, and you sprayed me pretty good, and you taste delicious.” TJ said, smacking his lips for effect, after scooping up as much of the load as he could on his fingers, and slurping it into his greedy mouth.

“I can't wait to try yours, but I imagine it will be a couple years at least, but we can have fun waiting.” Ricky giggled.

“We sure can. We better get each other all nice and padded before we fall asleep, because I'm going to real soon.” TJ said with a nice big yawn, all his energy now draining rapidly.

Ricky hopped up, grabbed their diapers, and came back and diapered TJ first, and then TJ diapered Ricky. They then crawled into bed, kissed tenderly for a few minutes, then whispered good night I love you to each other, and curled up and fell asleep almost instantly.


“I'm really tired, but my balls are hurting, and I know yours have to be as well, do you want to suck a quick tasty load out of each other?” AJ asked as soon as their door was closed.

“I've wanted to do that all day long.” JJ grinned, and they started stripping quickly.

The boys fell onto their bed and started kissing tenderly first, wanting the love first, and then the release. They kissed for quite a few minutes before they detached from each other, and spun around so that they could service each other at the same time. With equal moans escaping into each others groins, they began a nice slow rhythm, wanting release, but wanting it to last as long as possible. They sucked and licked and stroked until they were both vibrating rapidly from trying to hold off, and in an unspoken agreement, they both released at the same time, then they both slurped down the others load as they were groaning passionately into each other.

“Much better. As much as I'd love to do that a few more times, I'm just too tired and will pass out soon if we don't get to sleep.” AJ admitted.

“Me too.” JJ said, then hopped up and grabbed their diapers. They quickly got each other ready for bed, and they crawled in, curled up, kissed even more, then went to sleep.