Chapter 21

The next morning was almost an exact replica of the previous, the boys all getting up, everyone eating breakfast together, the swim training, everything. When the training was done for the day, the boys all sat in the hot tub as they normally do and talked for a while.

“As soon as we finish our schoolwork today guys we're going to go out and get the yard work done, would you like to help us?” AJ asked.

“Sure, I don't mind that at all.” TJ said, and Ricky nodded his agreement.

“Good. We're getting out now then, and we'll come and get you when we're ready.” AJ said, and he and JJ climbed from the hot tub.

They went in and started on their next book and got right to work. This was Science, and they pretty much had no choice but to read everything, otherwise they would not know it at all. They worked for a little over an hour, getting three chapters of the science book read. When they went and got TJ and Ricky, they were curled up on the couch, cuddling cutely. They all headed to their rooms, got diapered and dressed, and then headed outside to start their yard work. They went to the shed and grabbed everything they would need, and headed to the front yard to get started.

“Okay TJ, I think you can mow the grass, Ricky you follow with the weed eater, and JJ and I will get started on the weeding. When the grass catcher is full, just dump it in the wheelbarrow, and we will empty it later.”

“I've never used a lawnmower before though!” TJ said a little fearfully.

“It's real easy. I'll show you how to use it, and all you have to do is follow any pattern you want except the same one as you can still see in the lawn from the last time I cut it, we don't want ruts getting cut into the grass, so I change it every time.” AJ said and then gave TJ a quick rundown on the mower, how to start and stop it, how to detach and reattach the grass catcher, everything. He took to it really easy and got started.

“And I have no idea how to use this either.” Ricky said as soon as TJ was off and running, almost literally, trying to keep up to the powered mower.

“This is quite easy as well. You'll want to wear the face mask and ear protectors though, because it will throw anything, and it's bloody loud. Pretty much all you do is start it like you do a lawnmower, and this is the throttle. The line will spin when you hit the throttle, and just cut the grass along the edges, but try not to go down too far, just keep it at the same level as everything else.” AJ said, showing Ricky how to control the machine.

JJ had already started the task of weeding the flower beds, so AJ joined him. In record time the front yard was completed. It was a lot nicer having four people to do the job that AJ used to do all by himself. Not only could he laugh and have fun with someone else there working right along side him, but it was nice having the company as well. As soon as all the excess grass and weeds that were pulled were raked up and added to the wheelbarrow, they headed to the back yard. Ricky and TJ were shown where to dump the grass and weeds, and they all went and piled it in the composter.

“Ricky and TJ, trade off this time and teach each other how to use the machines, and JJ and I will do the weeding again. You will need to be very careful around the pool house with the weed eater, the last thing you want to do is toss a rock or something at the glass. I'm sure that it'll happen sooner or later, but I'd rather it not. If you see any rocks, and there shouldn't be any, just toss it in the vegetable garden.” AJ said.

“Okay.” They said and then taught each other while AJ and JJ headed to the vegetable garden.

“Wow, this is looking great, those tomatoes are going to be huge when they finish growing, and the corn looks like it's almost ready already. I can't wait until it's all ready.” JJ said.

“Yeah, it's getting close. I think another two weeks ought to just about do it.” AJ smiled.

They got to work and started weeding and aerating the ground around all the vegetables. Next were the flower beds, and all their weeds were removed as well. Once again in record time they were completed. The last task was to rake up all the excess mess and then get it all into the composter.

“Wow, that was a lot of work.” TJ said, panting quite a bit.

“I used to do all this by myself, I averaged the entire yard in four hours. Granted the pool was not here, the vegetable garden and the flower gardens around the pool house weren't here, and it was almost all grass back here except for the few flower gardens I had back here.” AJ said.

“Wow. I never did anything like this before, my dad paid someone to come in and do our yard.” TJ said.

“My mom used to as well, but I said I would do it all when I was five, so that she did not have to spend all that money, and all we had were just a couple small gardens in the front yard, and all grass in the back. I changed the front gardens, making them a lot bigger and nicer, and added a couple more, and then did the back as well. I guess my dad had planned on doing it all, because almost all the stuff I needed to do all the work was behind the shop already, but I guess he got sick before he could do it. I'm glad I was able to do it for him.” AJ said.

“And I bet he's even more so.” Ricky said.

“Thanks, I hope so too. So what should we do until Max gets home?” AJ asked, knowing his mom would be going straight to work after school.

“I say we just go in, strip down to our diapers, lay down, and watch a movie and then get dinner started.” JJ offered.

“Okay.” Everyone else said.

So they went in and did just that. Gloria also came by and dropped off a bunch of Ricky's things, mostly his clothes and a few other personal items. She didn't stay to talk though, and headed right back out. When Max came home he found all four boys still in the kitchen finishing off the last few preparations for dinner. He joined them and set the table like he was asked to do, and then a few minutes later they all sat down to eat. As soon as dinner was all done and cleaned up, they all headed out to the garage and got started on the work they needed to do tonight.

“Okay boys, TJ, you're cutting today, AJ, you're running wood, and the rest of us are getting this all measured and nailed.” Max called out as soon as they got in the garage.

Everyone agreed, and then got started as soon as Max called out the first measurement. It was an exact duplicate as the bottom plate and then the studs were measured and cut next. As Max had planned on, the frame wall was constructed on the floor laying down. The construction of that one wall was very quick. The two pieces that matched the other two bottom plates were cut last and then they all had to help to stand the awkward thing up and get it into place. Max had measured everything perfectly, and they were able to slip it into place, and it was a perfectly snug fit. The smaller two were on the floor nailing the studs to the base plate, and the other three were up on the ladders nailing the top plate in place.

“Well that was nice and easy, and it took no time at all. Now all we need to do is insulate it, and then we can put up the drywall.” Max said.

The bag of insulation was opened and they all helped to stuff the stud walls with the insulation, and because it was the no itch stuff, the boys didn't have to worry about it making their nearly nude bodies itch. A couple times they had to pull the insulation back out and reapply it when someone accidentally pushed it too far and it fell into the small void, but they had it all done very quickly and were ready to cover it all. Max only had three screw guns, so he handed one each to TJ, AJ, and Ricky, and they were all told what to do and when to do it, and JJ and Max lifted the drywall into place. It was perfect because the ceiling height was the standard eight feet, and the new wall was carefully made to be exactly eight feet long, so they didn't even have to cut anything at all with their four by eight foot sheets. They just placed the boards up, got a nice tight fit everywhere, and then secured them. Their only cuts were the two end walls of the new wall they built, and they were barely more than thirty centimeters, and then they too were screwed into place. The corner beads were then installed to reinforce the corners. Max got the drywall mud and tape out, and he got started with this chore himself, but the boys all helping where they could. JJ had found another putty knife and tray and decided to find and fill any holes or imperfections in the garage wall and ceiling, something that Max thought was a really good idea. Max had apparently been a drywall installer at one point in time, because he was very fast and did a perfect job, and when AJ asked him, he admitted that he started in the construction business doing just that.

“Well boys, there's not much else that can be done tonight now except wait. We got a lot more done, and done faster than I had expected to, so we're ahead of schedule. But it's already bedtime for us all, so lets go get cleaned up and get to bed.”

The boys all headed into the house and to the washroom where they all stripped off their diapers, each grabbed a cloth, and gave themselves a quick wash off and then headed to their rooms for the night. The next day after swimming and schoolwork, AJ and JJ would be heading to JJ's house for the weekend, so any more work on the games room would have to wait for the next week. None of the boys played around that night, but they did all kiss and cuddle with their partners before falling asleep.

Max stayed up and watched TV until Alice got home, and they kissed and cuddled for a few minutes before they too headed to bed, both very tired.


“Mornin baby face, how is the most beautiful boy in the world?” JJ asked when AJ woke up to find JJ watching him.

“So cozy and warm all snuggled up to my baby.” AJ sighed.

“Yeah, me too. I was thinking, should we invite Ricky and TJ to spend the weekend at my place as well? This way they can help us with the yard a bit this afternoon and tomorrow, and they won't have to be alone.”

“Sure, and I'm sure they'd like that as well. It might also be for the best for Ricky as well. There's no telling what his dad could be capable of, and if it were just the two of them at home, they'd have no chance at all. Max might be home, but he might not be. We can ask them at breakfast, something that I'm sure we should be getting up to get going.”

“I was sort of thinking along the same lines. I think TJ would totally forget what he should do if something like that happened. I think that he'd try and help instead of backing off and calling for help, but then again he could surprise us, however there's no sense in putting either of them in that situation.”

“Yeah, you're right. If we had known what his dad was like before hand, I doubt Max would have ever let him in the house, or even given him the address for that matter, and we could have met in a public place. But oh well, what's done, is done, and there's nothing we can do to change it right. Come on baby, let's get up, get the boys up, and then get breakfast going.”

“Okay, lead the way my love.” JJ said with a twinkle in his eye.

They went to wake the boys up, but when AJ knocked, TJ told them to enter, so they did.

“I didn't expect to find you guys awake.” AJ said.

“We've been laying here and cuddling for about ten minutes, it was very nice. We'll be out for breakfast in a few minutes.” TJ said warmly.

“Yeah, it is so relaxing cuddling up to your baby all right. We'll call when breakfast is ready, so go on and continue cuddling for a few minutes longer.” JJ said warmly this time.

“Okay.” Both TJ and Ricky said together.

“Good morning boys, how was your sleep last night?” Alice asked as they walked in.

“Really good thanks, and yours?”

“Great. So I guess you're going to JJ's this afternoon then?” Alice asked.

“Yeah, and we think we'll invite Ricky and TJ to come with us.” JJ said.

“Oh, that's actually a good idea, I have a job tomorrow that I need to get done, and I was not really liking the idea of leaving just those two home alone, just in case.” Max said.

“We were sort of thinking the same thing as well, and I knew you were working on a project this week that you wanted to get done before next week. I sorta figured you'd be working tomorrow.” JJ said.

AJ and JJ started on breakfast, their normal oatmeal and a couple hard boiled eggs each, which they got done quickly. Ricky and TJ walked in only minutes before breakfast was set on the table, and Max and Alice greeted them as well. They had obviously figured that JJ and AJ would ask them if they wanted to go, because they never did. When AJ and JJ sat down to eat, they all dished up and started.

“Hey guys, you wanna come to JJ's with us this weekend? We could use the extra help on the yard, and we can do stuff together as well.” AJ asked.

“Sure, I have no problem with it, and I'd like to help finish off what we started.” Ricky said.

“Sure.” TJ said.

They finished their breakfast a short time later, and the boys all headed out to the pool to get started on their morning workout. They showered thoroughly, and then went and started working out on the equipment. Max and Alice stuck their heads in and said goodbye at the same time Jim was coming in to join the boys.

The training session was as good as they normally were, the boys worked their hardest, and pushed themselves to greater heights and lengths. Their swimming, which was already good, was becoming a thing of beauty, and their diving was advancing as well. JJ was now doing even more flips from the low dive, and AJ was doing some incredible flips and stunts from the high dive. In fact, Jim felt that if AJ were to go into the nationals right now, with his diving just as it was, he would take a bronze for sure, and possibly even a silver, and he told AJ this. JJ knew that he still had work to go, and probably would never be quite as good as AJ was at diving, but he was doing superb as well. Finally Jim called it a day and headed home, wishing the boys a good weekend. The boys all climbed into the hot tub for a little while to soothe their sore muscles.

“We're going to go get our schoolwork done guys, we'll be done in about an hour, and then we can get going.” JJ said as he and AJ climbed out of the hot tub.

TJ and Ricky just nodded, so AJ and and JJ headed to the shower, rinsed off, and headed into the house to do their schoolwork. TJ and Ricky just stayed in the hot tub all cuddled up to each other and talked.

“You know, those two must really like school to be willing to do that all by themselves during the summer.” TJ said.

“Well they want to be prepared to go into grade ten, so they are just doing the grade nine stuff. AJ is super smart though, and I bet JJ is very smart too. I don't think that I'd be able to do all that they're doing though, they're training very hard in their swimming and diving, getting ready for grade ten, which is a three year jump for AJ, and they both are keeping busy with so many other things, I just don't know how they're doing it all.” Ricky said.

“I don't know either. So how are you doing anyways, how do you feel about your parents?” TJ asked.

“Well I'm glad that I get to stay here with you for sure, but I'm still a little sad about what they said.”

“Yeah, me too. My dad beat me up pretty bad, you can still see some of the bruises, but it doesn't hurt at least. Being here with Uncle Max, Alice, and AJ though is great, I actually feel like I belong for once. Having you here with me though is awesome, I just wish that you hadn't had to go through almost all that I did.”

“I wish they would have been more understanding and supportive, and my dad was scaring me a lot. I'm just glad that I left home when I did, and that we met again here, because I don't know what my dad would or could have done to me.”

“What do you think is going to happen with you now though?”

“I don't know. I know that my dad will never take me back, and I don't want to go back to him. If mom and dad do get a divorce my mom would probably take me back, she just needs to take the time to get used to things, but I'm not so certain that I could go back and live with her either, she's just too uncomfortable with my being gay, I can tell.”

“I bet Uncle Max and Alice would let you stay here permanently.”

“They might, but I'd feel uncomfortable staying here and not paying anything. It's not like I eat a lot or anything, and I don't need much, but I'd still not feel right.”

“I could make you feel all right!” TJ grinned.

“I'm being serious, although that does sound good, but not right now. Max and Alice have already been so good to me, I just can't stay here and live for free. I'll have to quit school, get a job, and get my own place as soon as I can. I'm almost sixteen so I can move out on my own now if I want to.”

“No, you can't quit school, that would be the worst possible thing you could do. My parents never really paid much attention to me, but they did teach me a few good things, and one of them was that if you want to go anywhere in this world, you had to have a good schooling, and I don't think that you really want to flip burgers for the rest of your life, or kill yourself in some factory, you know you're more than that, I know you're more than that.”

“What other choice do I have though?”

“Let me talk to Uncle Max and see what he says. Realistically your mom and dad still have to pay for your well being until you're eighteen right, well maybe they will pay for you to live here, and even if they don't, I bet Uncle Max doesn't care.”

“No, I don't want you to talk to Max about this, I need to figure this out, it's my problem, and I don't want to be dragging more people into it.”

“No, it's our problem, you're my boyfriend, and Max is my uncle, and we're in this with you, whether you think we shouldn't be or not. Now, I may only be a kid, but I know what I'm talking about, and I don't want to hear you talking like that any more, because I love you.” TJ said firmly, which is a difficult feat in a high squeaky voice.

“I love you too TJ, but Max and Alice have already done so much for me, how can I ask for more.”

“Easy, just ask.” TJ said simply.

“I can't.”

“Then I will, or we will together, but one way or the other, Uncle Max and Alice will find out, it's as simple as that.”

“Fine, you can ask then.”

“Okay. Let's get out and go get dressed, and we can get some lunch started. I don't much know how to cook, but we can make sandwiches or something.”

“I can't really cook either, especially not like AJ does.”

They went into the kitchen and started making some soup and grilled cheese sandwiches for them all. Just as the food was almost ready, TJ quickly set the table and then went and got AJ and JJ.

“Hey guys, we made some lunch, come and eat, and if you still have more to do, you can finish it later.” TJ peeked into AJ and JJ's room and said.

“We're almost finished, should only be two, maybe three minutes and we'll be there, and then we can all clean up and head out.” JJ looked down, checked how much more they had in the chapter they were on, and then said.

“Okay, that should be perfect.” TJ said and skipped off.

“They'll be here in just a few minutes.” TJ said as he came back into the kitchen.

“Good, it's almost all ready now, so that should be perfect.” Ricky said as he was putting the last few sandwiches on the griddle.

The food was being laid on the table just as AJ and JJ came walking in. They sat down and they all started eating together only a minute later. They were all too hungry to really talk much, so they just ate. TJ and Ricky each ate two sandwiches and a full bowl of soup, but AJ and JJ each ate three sandwiches, their first bowl of soup, and split the last bit of soup, each getting another half a bowl out of it.

“Ah, much better guys, thanks. You didn't need to make lunch though, we would have gotten it.” AJ said.

“Yeah, we know, but we can't expect you guys to do all the work around here.” TJ said.

“You do lots, so you don't need to worry about it.”

“Let's get cleaned up, get dressed, and get going.” Ricky said.

So they did. They cleaned up the mess quickly, went to their rooms, got dressed and packed, and met by the door. They headed out and all decided to just walk today, all of them just wanting to relax for a bit and have a nice walk.

“Hey guys, Ricky and I were talking earlier, and I asked him what he was going to do now that everything is happening. He actually said that he was going to quit school, get a job and an apartment, and not go back to his parents.” TJ said.

“Like hell you are Ricky! I can understand not wanting to live with your parents any more, I wouldn't either, especially your dad, but that's out of the question. We'll talk it over with mom and Max, and you can just stay with us until you're finished school, and I mean university as well.” AJ said with finality.

“That's what I told him as well.” TJ said before Ricky even had a chance to speak.

“And you're going to listen to your smart boyfriend right Ricky?” JJ asked.

“Do I have a choice?” Ricky said, a cross between angry and frustrated.

“You always have a choice, but can you tell me honestly, look into my eyes and tell me truly honestly, that you want to quit school, get a job, and pay your way already!” AJ stated.

“No, but what other choice do I have? I can't live with you guys and not have to pay or anything.”

“Sure you can. I bet Max says yes before we even finish asking the question. There is no way that mom or Max would allow you to quit school and go get a job somewhere. Just ask my mom how hard it is to be going back to school so late in life, I bet she tells you to get your head out of your ass. No, you need to concentrate on your schooling first, and let the adults worry about the other stuff. The way your mom gave Max that check the other night, I am willing to bet that she helps to pay for your living with us. Although I am also certain that Mom and Max just put it into an account for you for university and things for later.” AJ said.

“And also, we don't want you to move out either, you need to stay just because it's where you belong.” TJ said.


“No buts Ricky, it will be done, don't worry about it. You're still depressed, and aren't really thinking clearly, you'll see that it is for the best, and what you really want to do soon.” JJ said softly.

“I can also see that you are a bit upset at us saying and doing all this, but we are your friends, and we all have to look out for each others best interest, and soon you'll see that we're correct.” AJ said softly as well.

“I know you guys are right, but it's just not how I feel. I don't really want to talk about it any more.” Ricky said.

“Okay, we will talk about it on Monday with mom and Max, and they will tell you all the same things too I bet.” AJ said.

“Fine.” Ricky sighed.

They arrived a minute later at JJ's house, and Sarah came out to greet the boys as they came in, then promptly backed out of the room because she was naked.

“Oh, you boys should have told me that you'd be bringing guests.” Sarah called around the corner.

“Never even thought of it mom, but don't worry, they'll have to get used to it.” JJ called out.

“Oh, okay.” Sarah came walking back out.

TJ was already used to it, but Ricky not so much yet, and he still blushed.

“Mom, you of course remember Ricky I'm sure, and this is TJ, soon to be AJ's little brother. TJ, this is my mom, Sarah.”

“Hi guys, and nice to meet you TJ. Soon to be brother huh, I didn't know Max had any kids.”

“Well he didn't until last weekend, but technically I am his nephew. My mom and dad kicked me out of the house, and sent me to live with him.” TJ said.

They then all sat in the living room, the four girls coming to join them and giving AJ and JJ huge hugs and twittering about what they had been up to. The boys then told Sarah about everything that had happened over the past week while they had been away.

“Wow, you boys have had a bit of a rough time, I'm glad you found each other and are boyfriends now.” Sarah said when the story finished.

“Thanks.” Ricky and TJ said at the same time.

“We're going to go out and get some work done on the front yard, would you girls like to come out and help us?” JJ asked.

They of course all yelled yes, and even Sarah said that she'd go get dressed and come out and help. The girls were all told to go upstairs and help each other get dressed, because they all bolted for the front door, two naked and two diapered. The boys all headed to the back yard and collected anything that they thought that they'd need, and headed to the front yard.

“Needs a bit more water in it, but otherwise it looks great.” AJ said.

“Yeah.” The others all agreed.

The hose was brought out and turned on for a bit and the pond was topped up. They started loading the wheelbarrows with more rocks and bringing them up, then a whole bunch of topsoil was brought up as well. The girls all came out and just stood around waiting for the boys to finish the big heavy work, and for AJ to point them in the right direction. The girls were all passed small shovels and rakes and they were told to start moving the dirt all around to spread it out, but to be careful not to get any in the water. They of course were very little help, and in some cases they were more of a hindrance than anything, but they had a lot of fun helping the big boys out. Mostly all they were doing with the dirt was raising the level of the area around the pond in some areas to give it more visual appeal, and making the stream especially look more natural. The rocks were next, and the girls were not much help there at all, but they still managed to bring a few rocks from where they had been piled, to where they could carry them. By the time Frank made it home, the whole lot of them were tired, hungry, sore, and ready to call it a day. They had gotten all the stone put in that they wanted. Next there would be low ground cover type plants planted in all the cracks that the rocks made, all except in a few preplanned paths around the pond, but that would wait until tomorrow.

“Wow guys, this looks awesome.” Frank said as he came up to them after getting home.

“Thanks.” They all said.

“Well now I remember Ricky from last weekend, but you I don't know. I'm Frank, I'm JJ's dad.” Frank said, sticking his hand out to TJ.

“I'm TJ, I'm AJ's little brother.” He introduced himself.

“Oh really. Last time I checked Alice wasn't pregnant, and you're certainly a lot larger than any baby I've ever seen.” Frank said, taking a closer look at TJ and grinning.

JJ just shook his head and then started telling his dad the story. They all sat down for the story, all except Sarah who went in to get dinner finished off.

“That's some story TJ, sorry that it happened to you, but in a way you're getting a lot more now because of it though. And Ricky, I'm sorry that your parents did that to you as well, there really was no call for it, but you two found each other, and that's all that's important.” Frank said at the end of the story.

“Thanks.” Ricky and TJ said at the same time.

They all headed into the house, went to the laundry room, and stripped off all their clothes, then headed to the bathroom to get cleaned up for dinner. They were called seconds before the last of them were cleaned up, the girls being last of course. They all headed to the table and sat down just as Sarah was putting the last dish on the table.

“That was really good, thanks.” Ricky said as they were all finishing up their food.

“You're welcome, I'm glad you liked it.” Sarah said.

“So I take it you boys are staying the weekend here as well!” Frank asked TJ and Ricky.

“Yeah dad, they are. We sort of felt that it would be better with Max and Alice both not being home all day tomorrow, and this way they can help us too.” JJ said.

“How come?” TJ asked curiously.

“Because they were afraid of what my dad might do, and I can't say as I blame them. I sort of didn't want to stay there all by ourselves tomorrow either because of that.” Ricky said.

“Oh, I see.” TJ said.

They all got up and cleaned up the dinner dishes and mess, and then headed into the living room to watch TV for the night. When it was time that the boys all felt they were ready for bed, JJ and AJ led the other two upstairs and showed them the guest room, and then wished them goodnight. AJ and JJ headed to their own once TJ and Ricky were situated, and then got down to some serious loving.

“Baby, I need you to make love to me tonight, I need to feel your big dick inside my little baby bum, and I don't want it slow either.” AJ whispered right into JJ's ear soon after the door closed, and they detached from their first kiss.

“And I need to feel your nice big dick inside my little baby bum too, but I'm so hot that we won't get to enjoy it at all.”

“That's okay, we can just keep going after our first cums are over, or we can suck the first load out of each other, which I'd prefer.”

“That's what I'd like as well.” JJ said, and then leaned in for another kiss.

They slowly made their way to the bed and fell onto it, not even breaking their kiss at all. It was not until they were laying in the center of the bed did AJ break their kiss. He swung around, presented his impossibly hard erection to JJ, and took JJ's equally hard bone into his warm wet mouth. They sucked each other off quickly, both enjoying the creamy filling in the lollipop they were sucking, both wanting to get onto the main attraction.

“Ah, much better, now make love to me baby.” AJ whispered out throatily.

JJ did not respond, he just spit out AJ's half hard member and licked his way up the backside of his dick, sucked in his balls for a few quick licks and sucks, spit them back out and then started licking into territory his tongue had never been.

AJ, for his part, was moaning and groaning, very much liking what JJ was doing to him. They had sucked on each others balls a number of times now, and once spent nearly half an hour doing just that, but neither of them had ever licked the others hole, and that was where JJ's tongue was now.

JJ slowly worked his way from AJ's balls and to his hole, and then started circling it at first, just getting the area nice and wet, and also relaxing it far more than it had ever been before. When JJ's tongue finally made full contact with the hole, AJ's body nearly shot straight up, and the hiss that escaped AJ was certainly loud enough to have been heard outside their room, but neither cared too much. With as much conviction as JJ could manage, his sex crazed mind at the moment not really thinking properly, he just barely stopped himself from ramming his tongue straight in. JJ worked on AJ's hot hole for quite a few minutes, enjoying what he was doing to AJ, because he was hearing his boyfriend enjoying his ministrations so much.

AJ was moaning and gasping, wriggling and writhing all over, what JJ was doing to his body at the moment was not only highly erotic, but felt way beyond incredible as well. AJ realized he was getting seriously close to his second orgasm already just from what JJ was doing to him, and he wanted to be sitting on JJ and facing him at the time to spray his body again So with as much power and conviction that he could manage, AJ pulled his sex weakened body from the bliss it was experiencing, turned around, and sat down on JJ's boner. AJ was so relaxed and horny that he sat right down, swallowing JJ wholly inside his body.

“Oh fuck!” JJ hissed out from the feel and the look of what AJ had just done.

Neither of them had ever impaled themselves so quickly before, and it felt intense to say the least, and not just for JJ either. AJ's breathing was ragged and irregular, he was trying with every ounce of his being to stop the impending orgasm. He had already been close, but when he sank down on JJ like he did, AJ very nearly exploded right then and there, and he was still fighting it a minute later when JJ started thrusting his pelvis upwards.

JJ could tell that AJ was fighting off a powerful orgasm, his dick was as hard as he'd ever seen it, it was the most angry purple color he'd ever seen, and AJ's entire body was vibrating, trying not to cum. But after a full minute of witnessing this, and AJ's rectum milking his dick liked a prized milker, JJ was beyond being able to hold his imminent explosion. So deciding that they may as well both blow at the same time, JJ started pumping his hips. JJ had no idea whether or not AJ could see straight or not, all he knew was that he couldn't, and for the next thirty seconds that it took for them to explode, all JJ saw were fantastic colors.

“AHHHHHHHHHHH, I'm cumming.” AJ screeched out a little loudly and sprayed his first shot right to JJ's forehead, and three further shots also hit JJ's face, and then three more squirts painted JJ's stomach. The contractions in AJ's hot ass were pure torture on JJ, and he too painted the inside walls of AJ's ass, with loud grunts and groans of his own, with roughly eight good shots of cum.

“Oh my god, what did you do to me?” AJ panted out a full ten minutes later, neither of them able to do anything but get their breath for that long.

“I ate your ass, and it was awesome, and by the sounds of it you seemed to enjoy it as well.” JJ said.

“Enjoyed it, man that was possibly the hottest thing we've ever done, and I can't wait to try it on you next.” AJ said happily.

“Me neither.”

AJ obviously took that as an invitation, because he swung around, laid down on top of JJ's body, and then rolled them over so that JJ was laying on top of his baby. AJ started by cleaning the tip of JJ's still dripping cock and then licked up the backside of it, heading straight for the sack hanging there loosely. Opening his mouth as wide as he could, AJ sucked JJ's entire sack right into his mouth, and started playing with his balls tenderly. AJ sucked and tongued JJ's nice big balls for a few minutes, then spit them out, and headed back to his prime target. Using the same technique as JJ had employed, AJ started circling the hole, wetting everything down and relaxing it all very nicely. Slowly he worked his way towards the center, and then slowly he slipped his tongue in the hot moist hole.

Neither boy had had any idea what to expect when they did this, all they knew was that it felt very good to their partner, but they never imagined that it would feel so good to them as well, and that it did not taste as bad as one might imagine licking someones asshole should.

When AJ's tongue slipped inside of JJ, his body had the same reaction as AJ's had, he nearly shot straight up and he started moaning very loudly. AJ enjoyed hearing JJ's wonderful sounds of pleasure, and he kept going back and doing to JJ what he really seemed to like, because he would always moan louder, grunt harder, or pant more.

For five minutes AJ ate JJ out, both of them enjoying it a great deal. JJ suddenly realized why exactly it was that AJ had had to hop off and sit down, because he too was all of a sudden about to explode. So he got up, spun around, and sat straight down in one swift drop. They both hissed out from this, and they both climbed even higher towards their orgasms. JJ looked much like AJ had only shortly before, his dick was hard, purple, and pulsing like crazy. AJ was close, and he too was sick of waiting, so he started thrusting his hips upwards, ramming it all the way in as far as he could go.

“OHHHHHHHHH SHIT, I'm cumming.” JJ gasped out and shot and shot like he had never shot before. The first two shots cleared AJ's head and painted the headboard with two audible splats, two shots landed on AJ's face, and the further four shots from AJ's chest to belly button. AJ also deposited about another good six strong shots deep inside JJ.

“Oh man that was awesome.” JJ gasped out.

“Oh yeah. I can't believe how hot that was.”

“Me neither. I'm still hard though and I could still go for one more round. You wanna suck each other again?”

“I'm still hard too, so hell yeah.” AJ gasped out as JJ pulled himself from AJ's love pole.

JJ swung around and they engulfed each others dicks again and sucked each other slowly, lovingly, really taking the time to make each other feel true pleasure. Also, as if controlled somehow at the same time, they each inserted two fingers into their boyfriends recently vacated bums, and fingered each other lightly, toying with their prostates. With three amazing orgasms each already out of the way, they were able to last a considerable time longer than any of the other three, almost combined. Still too soon for either of their liking though, they exploded in their final orgasm of the night. JJ rolled off of AJ and they laid staring at the ceiling for many minutes, both coming down from their incredible lovemaking slowly.

“Baby, we need to get diapered and go to sleep before we pass out.” JJ whispered.

“I know, but I don't think I can move yet.”

“Me neither, but I'm so tired that I'm going to pass out very soon. I'll get the diapers.” JJ said, and struggled to climb out of the bed. He managed to do it while holding onto the end table. His legs were so shaky that he was surprised that he could stand at all. Slowly JJ made his way to the closet and grabbed two diapers from there and made his way back. He lovingly diapered his baby, and then laid down for his turn. AJ got up on equally shaky legs and diapered his baby as well, and then climbed in and pulled the covers over them.

“Goodnight my precious baby, I love you more than life itself.” AJ whispered.

“Goodnight my precious baby, and I love you that much plus some.” JJ whispered back and leaned in for a gentle goodnight kiss. They kissed for only a moment before they broke apart, cuddled up, and then passed out totally.


As soon as Ricky and TJ were dropped off at their room, and the door closed, Ricky leaned down and started kissing TJ deeply. At first the kiss was deep and loving, but slowly it moved to strong and passionate. As they kissed, they were moving towards the bed, and as they fell onto the bed, they broke apart.

“Can I try something, I've always wanted to try it, but I've sorta bin afraid, I want to suck your dick?”

“Oh god yeah, I love having my dick sucked, but I'll only let you suck mine if I get to suck yours too.” TJ said.

“That's cool, I've always wondered what having my dick sucked felt like. I tried sucking my own once, and I was even able to lick the tip, but I couldn't suck it.” Ricky admitted.

“That's hot.” TJ moaned out from the visual he got from that.

“Yeah, it was.” Ricky grinned and then leaned back in for a kiss.

They started kissing the same way as they had been when they fell on the bed, strong and passionate, but Ricky broke it off himself this time, and started kissing and licking his way down TJ's soft smooth body. Spending small amounts of time at each sensitive spot TJ had on his body, Ricky licked and kissed, slowly working his way down. When TJ's pulsing young erection hit Ricky in the chin, Ricky stuck out his tongue, moved slightly, and swiped his tongue across the revealed head, TJ's foreskin having pulled back just enough to show its angry head. TJ gasped, and his body convulsed. Ricky smiled. He then moved his way down just slightly more, and sucked TJ's small hairless sack into his mouth. It had not yet started to descend, but with the added heat and suction, Ricky was able to pull his balls down, and he played with them with his tongue while humming lightly.

This was all driving TJ mad, his previous boyfriend had had nothing on Ricky when it came to this, and it surprised TJ somewhat, considering Ricky was a total virgin. Ricky though was doing things to his body that were making him feel totally incredible, and he liked it, a lot.

Ricky sucked on TJ's balls for only a few minutes, but TJ was already getting very close to cumming. When Ricky let TJ's balls drop though, TJ actually groaned in protest. Ricky though did not leave his young boyfriend hanging for long though, he swiftly licked his way up TJ's small throbbing erection, and then slid his mouth down the entire length. TJ was not long enough to gag Ricky, but he was almost long enough to reach the back of his mouth. Ricky started bobbing his head up and down slowly, using his tongue and providing lots of suction. He must have been doing something right though, because TJ was writhing all around and making a sound that was a cross between a growl and a purr, it was quite cute Ricky thought. TJ started panting and gasping faster and faster as he neared his orgasm, and Ricky was able to feel the contractions signaling the ejaculation that was not yet capable of being delivered. TJ grabbed Ricky's hair and held him there as he was having his most incredible orgasm to date, and for an eleven year old, that's a pretty weird thing to say.

“Wow, that was incredible.” TJ sighed a few minutes later, Ricky was still laying down with his head resting on TJ's thigh.

“Thanks, I'm glad you liked it.” Ricky smiled.

“Liked it, that was the best ever, where'd you learn to do that?”

“Nowhere, just did what I thought would feel good.”

“Wow, and did it ever. My turn now though.” TJ said and hopped up.

Ricky was laid down on his back, and TJ climbed up and started kissing Ricky deeply once again. They kissed and caressed each other passionately for quite a while. Finally TJ broke the kiss and started kissing down Ricky's body, also making sure to hit all the sensitive spots that he knew of on Ricky's quivering body. Slowly he made his way down until Ricky's erection was poking him in the throat. TJ also skipped past Ricky's erection other than to give it a swipe with his tongue, only he got a tasty treat from it, and to lick his way down the underside. Thankfully Ricky's balls were not so large that TJ was not able to fit his entire sack in his mouth, but it was a bit of a chore. TJ did get Ricky's smooth hairless sack all the way in his mouth though, and started sucking and tonguing it gently. Ricky was moaning and groaning loud enough that they did not hear the noises from the next bedroom, which was surprising, but he was enjoying what TJ was doing to him. After a few minutes of this, and TJ's jaw getting sore, TJ was forced to let go.

He licked back up the underside of Ricky's erection, and then engulfed the entire thing, going as deep as he could. He had long ago perfected the art of deep throating, so it was nothing new to him, and Ricky's dick was not quite as big as he had become accustomed to. Slowly TJ bobbed up and down, using every ounce of knowledge that he had to make the oral action feel its utmost best to Ricky for his first time. Ricky though was going into sensory overload, it was just too much for him, he just was not used to this much pleasure, and minutes after TJ had started sucking him, he exploded in an incredible orgasm, and then promptly passed out.

“Mmm, that was tasty, how was it baby?” TJ asked, not realizing what had happened yet. When he got no answer, he looked up.

“Oh no, I knocked him out, I guess it was pretty good.” TJ giggled.

He could clearly see that Ricky was still alive, his chest was still heaving quite a bit. TJ hopped out of bed, grabbed a pair of diapers from their bag and came back. It was awkward to diaper Ricky while he was asleep, because he was so much bigger than TJ was, but eventually he managed. Once Ricky was all diapered for the night, TJ diapered himself and then crawled into bed beside Ricky. He turned off the light, gave Ricky a kiss, then curled into his boyfriend, and fell asleep as well, still hearing the sounds of the boys next door still going.


The next morning the boys all woke up when Sarah knocked on their doors and told them to get up, because breakfast was almost ready. They met out in the hall and they could all see, from the silly grins on everyones faces, that it had been a great night all around. In fact Ricky looked more relaxed and composed than they had ever seen him.

“Guess what I did last night?” TJ asked with a happy laugh.

“What?” Both AJ and JJ asked at the same time.

“I made Ricky pass out, and all I did was give him his first blowjob.” TJ grinned.

“Cool, we've both come very close to passing out a few times, but neither of us has yet. We have lots of stamina though, so it probably helps.” JJ said happily.

“I heard, you two were still going strong when I fell asleep.” TJ grinned. Ricky, surprisingly, had not blushed from all this.

They all headed down to the kitchen, all in their wet night diapers, Ricky and TJ not even having thought about it in the least. They sat down and were greeted by everyone. All the girls were still in their night diapers, and they each sat on a boys lap and cuddled up. The two new boys having been adopted into the family. They all ate their breakfast, and then cleaned up.

“So boys, what are you going to do today?” Frank asked.

“We're going to go work on the yard today and rest tomorrow. Are you, mom, and the girls going to come and help?” JJ asked.

“Sure.” They all said.

“Then I suggest we all go get changed then, because I think we'd make a heck of a scene going out into the front yard the way we are.” AJ said happily.

“You're probably right. I think only the girls would not get stares, the rest of us though just might get some weird looks.” Sarah grinned.

They all headed upstairs, and the boys all helped their boyfriends out of their soggy diapers, and then helped them to get dressed. They were all in brief shorts and tank tops when they exited their rooms and met in the hall. They then headed out to the back yard where they collected everything that they thought they would need, and took it to the front yard.

AJ started by showing everyone, Frank, Alice, and the girls already there and waiting when they got up front, how to plant the various plants. Even the girls got to help. These were all hearty ground hugger plants that loved growing in the cracks of rocks and could be walked on, so the girls could not really damage them at all. And they appreciated it. Of course the two youngest just more or less played in the dirt still, but they tried to help. It only took them an hour to get all the plants planted. It looked sparse for the time being, but the plants would grow quickly and fill all the spaces.

“Well I guess the benches are next, and then the pond is pretty much done. You can add planters of pretty much anything anywhere when and if you want to. Now for a couple other small gardens up here, one for sure around the tree, and I figure one long one that runs the edge of the walkway and past the porch. I also say that eventually you add a nice arched gateway leading from the walkway to the pond.” AJ suggested.

“Okay, I will look for something this week and buy something real nice then.” Sarah said.

The power edger was brought out and AJ cut the line for the new long garden path edge, and everyone started tearing out the old grass and throwing it into large piles. The walkway leading from the sidewalk at the road to the front porch was roughly twenty meters long, and then from there it ran perpendicular to the porch for another ten or so, so it was going to be a big garden. Next AJ cut the garden around the tree, keeping it pretty much circular. AJ of course finished edging the garden, long before the others were finished, so he started at the opposite end of the long garden and started pulling up the grass. It took a little over an hour for them to remove all the sod they did not need any more, but they were all in need of a break, so they sat back, and the hose was passed around and they all got themselves a nice long drink, not to mention they all soaked their sweaty bodies with the cool water.

“I never would have guessed how much work this could be, I now have a whole new appreciation for landscapers, and also know why they all look so damned fit.” Frank said.

“How do you think I kept in such good shape, I was always doing this at home, at least once a week.” AJ said.

“Yeah.” Franks said.

“Well guys, breaks over, we need to start hauling dirt and stones up here now. We will dump the stones on the drive way though, so as not to ruin the lawn too much.” AJ called out after nearly fifteen minutes.

Everyone groaned, but got up, and then everyone groaned again when they tried to get up, all that was except AJ and JJ, who were by now very used to doing this type of thing. They spent roughly two more hours hauling all the stone and dirt up, all of them trading off as to who was pushing the heavy wheelbarrows, so that they did not all get too tired too quickly, but once all the dirt was brought up they had another break. Sarah though headed into the house to get a nice big lunch going, they were all going to need it. They rested for only ten minutes this time and started by getting the dirt spread from the piles they had made in the new beds to cover the whole thing. The girls even helped there, not great help mind you, but they tried. By the time they were finished that, Sarah was bringing out huge platters of various sandwiches, a veggie tray, and a fruit tray. They all took another nice long drink from the hose, rinsed themselves off, and then went to eat. Even though they were somewhat used to seeing AJ and JJ eat a lot, Frank and Sarah were more surprised than normal. Even TJ and Ricky packed away a lot more than they thought they would be able to. Sarah had figured that there would be enough left for them to snack on throughout the afternoon, but it was all gone.

They all grabbed another drink, and then got back to work, or at least AJ did. He wanted to run the rototiller through the gardens to loosen up the old soil and mix the rich topsoil with it to make it all nice. As AJ started moving forward though, and was far enough away, the others all started stacking the rock like AJ had shown JJ to do, and he was now showing the others. By the time AJ was finished tilling the soil, the others were about half way done, so he went and joined them and lent his expert hands to the cause. They spent another two hours on this chore, and it was really starting to look nice.

“Wow, I can't believe how nice this is looking already.” Sarah said appreciatively.

“Yeah.” Everyone agreed.

“Now all we have to do is go grab the flowers and roses and get them planted. I never checked Sarah, but are those roses climbers or not?”

“Not too sure, I never even knew there was a difference, and the guy who was helping me never said.”

“Okay, I'll check them when we go back to start bringing them up. If they are a climbing vine, then I would suggest you get something nice, something that matches whatever you want to do for an entry gate.”

“That would look nice too, I almost hope they're climbers.”

“Me too, I prefer them.” AJ said.

They all headed to the back yard, and AJ confirmed that they were what he preferred, and there was every color in there as well. Their flower stocks though were not going to last, they would be barely able to fill the front gardens, but it would be fine. They started taking everything back up front so that they could get them all planted. Soon they were all planting. The girls weren't allowed to plant the plants, but they sure enjoyed digging the holes wherever they were told to do so. The planting took one of the least amounts of time, the only other thing being their other planting session. But they were all glad when all the plants were planted, and as AJ suspected, they just barely filled the gardens up. Right now it still looked a little sparse, but the plants had to grow a bit. Also the bark mulch would have to be added, but AJ figured that was a chore for next week.

“Now all we need to do is run the soaker hoses and connect them to the timer, and I think that'll do it for this weekend. We got lots done and it looks great.” AJ said.

“I'm so glad it's over for today, I can hardly move any more.” Frank whined.

“Oh quit whining like a baby, or I'll take you inside and diaper you.” JJ threatened.

“I wasn't whining.” Frank pouted, but ruined the effect by laughing, everyone joining him.

“There's still next weekend, you better get a good rest this week.” AJ warned.

“I hope a week will be enough is all.” Frank admitted.

“And just think, these boys do more than this every single day.” Sarah said.

“I think I'd die. I'm in really good shape, but this is almost too much.”

“You guys go ahead inside and us boys will get the hoses put in and get everything cleaned up, no worries.” AJ said warmly.

“Thanks, and we'll get dinner started, I'm pretty sure we could all stand to eat a little bit.”

“If by little you mean only half the cow, then sure.” JJ said.

“I'm not so sure it would be enough with the way you boys eat.”

“You're probably right, better make it a whole cow then.” JJ grinned.

“Yeah, I better.” Sarah smiled, and then herded Frank and the girls into the house.

The boys went back and grabbed all the hoses and other stuff that they would need and headed back up front to get it all hooked up. AJ first attached the timer and set it, and then attached the multi outlet hose adapter. Regular hoses were run to where they needed to go, and then the soaker hoses were hooked up and strung along the gardens.

“There we go, now it will water itself and we don't have to worry about it.” AJ said.

They had only brought what they needed up front, having taken everything back that had been up front, so they were all set to go in the house. They all headed in and went to their bedrooms, removed their sweat soaked clothes, headed to the bathroom, and washed up quickly. They then headed back to their bedrooms where each couple diapered their boyfriend. The boys all met downstairs and sat at the table, and talked, while Frank and Sarah were in finishing up a quick dinner. The girls were all in the living room laying on the couch and watching TV. They too were very tired, and they were all almost asleep when they were called in for dinner. They then all sat down and enjoyed the quick and simple, but filling dinner, and then they all helped to clean up the mess.

They all went and laid back in the living room for a while, just relaxing and watching TV. The girls all passed out on the couch they were laying on, Frank was on his way as well, and TJ looked as if he were not that far off either. It was decided then that they should all head to bed, so Sarah, Frank, AJ, and JJ all grabbed a girl, and headed upstairs. They had all already been in their diapers, and while they were all wet already, they would all last through until morning, so they were all laid into their beds, and they never woke up.

Everyone else then headed to their rooms after saying goodnight to each other. The boys went to their rooms and kissed and cuddled, gave each other a hand with each others rising problem, since they were all too tired to do anything more. Once relieved for the night, they cuddled up and fell fast asleep.


The boys were all allowed to sleep in the next morning, Sunday breakfast was normally a little later, and Sarah felt the boys could all use a good sleep. They all woke up quite late and kissed, cuddled, and had whispered conversations with their boyfriends for quite a while. Finally they all decided to get up for the day and ended up almost scaring each other as they all exited at the same time. They did giggle though. They all headed downstairs after saying good morning to each other, and they were all wished a good morning as well when they came downstairs.

Breakfast was cooked a short time later, and they all sat down to eat. For the rest of the morning they all lazed around in the living room, talking and joking. The boys got all their stuff packed up just before lunch and then sat and ate lunch with JJ's family.

“Well boys, thanks so much for all the help this weekend, and good to see you again Ricky, and nice to meet you too TJ, and I hope you can both come over next weekend as well.” Sarah said, giving all the boys hugs goodbye.

“You're welcome, and sure.” They all said.

With final goodbyes all around, the boys headed back to AJ's house. They walked and talked and joked and played around all the way home. When they got there, they found that Alice had already headed to work, and Max was home. They all went in the house, didn't see Max, so dropped their bags in their rooms and then went searching for him. They had all figured he would be in the pool, but when they checked, he wasn't there. The only other place he could be, if he was even in the house or at home, would be the new games room, so that was where they headed next.

“Hi guys, glad to see you, I'm just finishing the final sanding of everything.” Max greeted them.

“Hi Max.” They all said, all except TJ who added uncle.

“Yesterday I installed all the light boxes, got the first coat of joint compound sanded off, and got the final coat applied, so all I had left was a quick sanding and it's ready for paint. You boys think you're up for some painting?”

“Sure, not like it's hard or anything.” AJ said.

“No, not really. Let me finish this last spot then, and then we can clean the walls and get started on the painting.”

The boys didn't bother waiting for Max to finish, they grabbed the two vacuums and brooms and started cleaning up. They all finished at the same time and then they grabbed the cleaning solution and the cloths and started quickly washing any grime off the walls. The wall cleaning took no time at all for all of them to complete, so they all got started on painting. There were more than enough brushes and rollers to go around, and with Max cutting in at the top to prevent the ceiling from being painted, and the boys all rolling the paint on, it took them a surprisingly short amount of time to paint the first coat.

“Wow, this looks so cool already, I can't wait to see it when it's finished.” AJ said happily.

“Me neither, and I can't wait to have a good game of pool either.” Max said, just as happy sounding, and everyone else all agreed.

They all headed into the house to get themselves a drink and a snack, and they sat around chatting, waiting for the paint to dry enough to give the second and final coat.

“Uncle Max, Ricky doesn't want to move back home, and none of us blame him at all, but he wants to quit school and get a job.” TJ started out and Max's face fell.

“Like hell you will, you'll stay here and finish school. Sorry Ricky, but I simply cannot let you go and do something so stupid as that, because I know you're far smarter than that. Look at me, I did just that, I left home and school when I was sixteen, and I had to scrape together a life. Yes, I have now done very well for myself, but I had to put myself through school when I turned thirty and I got my business degree, but I started out as a grunt laborer, killing myself for little better than minimum wage, and just barely scraping enough money to have a life. Look, I understand where you're coming from better than anyone, your pride is telling you that you can't stay here and live for free, but tell your pride to go fuck itself, it won't do you any good, pride never does, I learned that the hard way. And I certainly do not blame you for wanting to leave your parents, no one can live in a poisonous situation for long before it kills them, I couldn't. Ask TJ how his dad was to him, well he was probably way worse to me, well until TJ went and got himself caught, but that wasn't his fault they reacted like that.”

“But you've already done so much for me, I wish TJ hadn't have told you, he shouldn't have either, I told them not to.” Ricky said with tears in his eyes.

“Yes, he should have. TJ cares a great deal for you, I can see that, you know that. The other two think of you as a good friend as well, and they all only want what is best for you, and you know that, in your heart, deep down you know you need to stay here. Once again though your pride is getting in the way, it is blinding your heart. Do you really want to go scrape together a meager life and then realize in ten, fifteen, twenty years that you are not happy, and then have no will to go do something more with your life. Scraping together a meager living won't kill you, but you won't really live either, but it'll suck the happiness out of you, and then where will you be. All you'll have is your damned pride, but pride gets you nowhere in life. Do you have any idea how hard it was for me to go back to school at the age of thirty, it was so hard I almost quit five times in the first month, but I pushed myself, and finished the course with top honors, and then started my own business, and that was a little over ten years ago now. Even now though, if I had have had something else to go to, finished school, and done what I really wanted to in the beginning, I would be far better off than I am even now. I know you're mad at the boys right now, I can see that, and they know it too, but you shouldn't be, you should love them even more for what they are doing to help you. I will not let you quit school, you will live with us until you are completed school, and I will hear no arguments. Now come here and give me a hug, I think you need one.” Max said gently.

Ricky came over and, with tears still pouring down his cheeks, hugged Max tightly, whispered thank you, and Max whispered you're welcome. The other boys all came and joined in on the hug a few moments later, and they shared a nice big family hug, missing only Alice.

“Now Ricky, I want you to stay here with TJ for a few minutes, I think he wants to say sorry for telling me, even though you both know it was the right thing to do. Come join us and help finish painting when you're ready to.” Max said. He, JJ, and AJ left the two boys by themselves, and headed out to the games room.

“I am sorry Ricky, really I am, but I had to tell him, and he did just like we all told you he would, didn't he?” TJ hugged Ricky and whispered.

“You have nothing to be sorry for, I know you had to, and I knew he would say that. I should be sorry to you though, I was mad at you for no reason.”

“Why don't we just kiss and say we're both forgiven?” TJ smiled warmly.

Ricky didn't answer, he just smiled warmly as well, leaned down, and they kissed tenderly, wrapping their arms around each other. They stayed there for many minutes, just hugging and kissing tenderly, both of them with happy tears rolling down their cheeks. Ricky was happy because he had a new happy home, a beautiful caring boyfriend, and friends that cared for him. TJ was happy for all those reasons as well, but he was also very happy to have his boyfriend now living with him.

“I guess I better call my mom and tell her, and find out how things are going?” Ricky said when they finally parted.

“Would you like me to stay with you, or leave you alone for this?” TJ asked.

“I think I'd like you to stay, I might need the emotional support, I think this might be hard to tell my mom.”

“That's why I asked.” TJ smiled warmly again, and they went and sat down and Ricky called home.

“Hi mom, it's me.”

“Hi Ricky, how are you doing?”

“I'm really good mom. You sound like you've been crying, what's happening?”

“Well your dad and I are getting a divorce, he refuses to talk to anyone about this, but I am, he won't talk to me, and when I said your name he hung up on me, and has since blocked our number from coming up. The worst part though is that I can't bring myself to love you like a mother should, and I feel really bad because of it. I just have too much hatred in me from everything, and I just don't know what I'm going to do. I want you here, but at the same time I don't, just in case I do something that we'll both regret.” Gloria sobbed out.

“I do still love you mom, but I have decided that I can't come back home and live with you. I know you still love me, you're at least trying to overcome my being gay, but I know it hurts.”

“Where are you going to live? You can't stay there with Alice and Max, they've already done so much for us, but you can't afford to move out on your own, and I can't afford to pay your whole way. I make lots, but now with your dad out of the picture, I will have to pay for everything.” Gloria said, still crying. She had a very good job, and made more than twice as much as Gerald had, so she would not need to worry about money at all.

“Against my wishes to do so, TJ told Max that I was going to quit school and get a job, but Max flat out refused to hear anything of the sort, and told me that I would live here until I finished school.”

“I hope you've forgiven TJ of that, he seems like such a nice boy. That is very generous of Max though, I hope you thanked him. Tell him I will mail him a thousand dollar check every month to help pay for your support, it's the least I can do, you are after all still my son.”

“Thanks mom, I appreciate that, it makes me feel less guilty.”

“Me too. Promise that you'll at least allow me to come and visit, or come home and visit every so often though, I can't stand the thought of losing you completely.” Gloria said, still crying quite a bit.

“Of course, but for a while it will have to be here.”

“I understand. Well I should be going now, I do love you, and I'll try and come by in a few days with the rest of your belongings.”

“Thanks mom, and I love you too.” Ricky said and hung up.

“That sounded like it went a lot better than you had thought it might.”

“Yeah, it did, let's go out and help the others, and I'll tell you all all about it at the same time.” Ricky said, sighing in relief. They both got up and headed to the garage.

“Took you guys longer to make up than I thought you would need, or did you slip to your bedroom for a quickie as well?” Max grinned.

“Oh no, nothing like that, sex was the last thing on my mind. No, we kissed and cuddled for a few minutes, and then I called my mom to tell her the bad news, that I couldn't come back and live with her. Funny thing was, she was depressed because she didn't know how to tell me she wasn't certain it was a good idea for me to come home either. She's afraid that she will lash out at me, she is still very uncomfortable with my being gay, and she is very angry about the whole situation. She is seeing someone, and maybe in time he or she will help her, but we both believe my not being at home is for the best, especially right now.”

“My parents are getting a divorce, and my dad refuses to talk to anyone about this, now including my mom, he's even blocked her numbers. My mom also says thanks, but that she can't allow me to stay here for free, and that she will send a check every month to help pay my way. This way it helps to relieve both of our guilts over all this.” Ricky said. He and TJ had both grabbed rollers when they went in, and joined the others in working while they talked.

“We really don't even need the money, and it really wasn't necessary. I haven't even cashed the other check yet. I'm glad though that you both feel it for the best that you stay here.” Max said warmly.

“I really would feel better if you did use the money though, I won't feel as guilty that way.”

“I will, but on one condition, that I put a couple hundred into your own personal account for your spending money.”

“Okay, I can live with that.” Ricky smiled.

“Good, because it wasn't negotiable.” Max grinned, and they continued working and talking.

When they were finished the second and final coat of the night, they all headed into the house to rest for the rest of the evening, and make some dinner. It was now well past their dinner time, and they were all hungry. But as soon as they walked into the house, the phone rang.

“Hello, AJ speaking.”

“Let me speak to Max.”

“Um, okay, if you insist.” AJ said disgustingly, hating people instantly who could not be bothered with common courtesy. “Max, some rude man is on the phone for you, didn't give his name.” AJ called to Max, not bothering to cover the mouthpiece.

“Oh great, I bet this is the call I have been waiting for, this ought to be real fun.” Max said sarcastically.

“Hello, Max speaking.”

“Where do you get off suing me for custody and support of that worthless thing that used to be my son. How dare you even think that I would do such a thing as pay you. You can have him, I don't care, but you're getting no money from me.” TJ's dad yelled into the phone.

“Oh hello, so good to hear from you too.” Max said sweetly, and then really laid into his brother. “And I'll have you know, you arrogant, pompous, prick, that this boy of yours is far more kind, caring, and loving than you ever were or will be. The lawsuit stands, and you will pay, or else. You seem to not realize how much trouble you really are in. I have abandonment on you, I have beating TJ on you, I have a hate crime on you, and I have absolutely no guilty feelings in writing to all the papers in your area and having all this printed on the front page of every newspaper around. You think the grand a month is a lot, wait until you see how much you lose when every client and customer you ever had drops you like a diseased rodent. Now, I suggest you go and get everything worked out with your lawyers immediately, because if my lawyer does not hear from yours by the end of the week, I call the papers, and my lawyer talks to a judge.”

“You dirty son of a bitch, he's nothing, he's a little fagot that's worth nothing, and I'll pay you back for this.”

“No no, consider this payback for how you treated me as a child, and how you treated your own son. You were always a rotten little fucker, and now you are finally having to pay, albeit a tiny amount in comparison to what you really should be, but it's a start. I also suggest that you do not dare threaten me, because I do not appreciate it, and I will no longer take it from you, because once again, another word like that and I go to the papers immediately. I wonder how the front page would look with a picture of TJ and his statement printed under it saying 'my daddy beat me up because I'm gay.' I bet they sell tonnes of copies to all your competitors, don't you think?”

“Fuck you.” He said and slammed the receiver down.

“I have so been waiting to do that to him since I was a kid.” Max said, hanging up the phone calmly.

“What happened, why was he so mad?” TJ asked.

“Couple reasons. On Friday I talked to my lawyer about you, we came up with my adopting you permanently, and charging your parents for your care. Now of course I don't want the money, and it will all be going into an account for you for school, well except some for your own account of course. The second is that we just happened to find out that your dad had a huge meeting today, he was speaking to about a hundred important people, and we just might have paid the summons guy a lot of extra money to deliver the papers during that big meeting. I wonder if that might have pissed him off a bit?” Max grinned evilly.

“Wow, you're awesome. How is it you two can be brothers?” TJ asked and jumped into Max's arms.

“Our dad was an asshole too, especially after our mom died, I guess he just takes after the old bastard. I don't even know if he's still alive or not, and I don't really even care, he never tried to protect me, and in some cases made it worse on me, I was never his favorite.” Max spat out.

“He's still alive last I heard, I met him before, and you're right, he and it are the same.” TJ said.

“So how do you feel about me adopting you and making you my son? You'll have to see a judge eventually to make it all legal.”

“I love it, and I love you.” TJ said, bursting into tears and wrapping his arms around his new daddies neck. Everyone else came in and got wrapped up in another group hug.

“Well guys, I don't really feel much like cooking, and I sort of have a craving for Chinese food tonight. How's about we all kill our diets for the night and order some good food in, kick back, and watch movies all night long?”

Everyone agreed instantly, even AJ and JJ, who Max thought might not. Max called through to the best pace in town, and ordered enough food for twelve people, and drinks to go along with it. While he was making the call and ordering the food, the boys all headed to their bedrooms to get undressed and slip into some much thicker, and much more comfortable underwear. They all met back in the living room a few minutes later and a movie was picked out. JJ and AJ took one couch and cuddled up, and Max sat in the middle of the other couch and TJ and Ricky cuddled into a side each. They were almost half way through the first movie when the doorbell rang.

Max, who stayed dressed just for this, rushed to the door and got all the food. He gave the driver his money and closed the door, and then the boys came and grabbed all the food and delivered it to the coffee table. Max went and grabbed plates and glasses and brought them back. By the time he made it there, all the containers were opened and the delicious smells were wafting around. Max passed out the plates, and using the chopsticks they had already opened, they started dishing their food up. Max cracked open a pair of chop sticks as well and started getting his own food. As soon as they each had a loaded plate full of food, the movie was resumed, and they sat and ate while watching the remainder of the movie.

They ended up watching one more movie before they were all ready for bed. They had polished off every last scrap of the food, drank every last drop of the pop, so as soon as the last movie ended, they all cleaned up the mess. They then wished each other a goodnight and headed to their bedrooms. And other than some nice tender kissing and cuddling, as well as giving each other a hand, they hardly played.