Chapter 22

The next few days flew by for everyone, and before they knew it, it was already Thursday afternoon. Jim had started pushing AJ and JJ just a little harder again, and now had JJ up on the high dive as well. They were both doing very well, and Jim told them that he wanted to enter them in the provincial competition in two weeks time, it was a three day event, and would help them get up to the national level, even though he was not absolutely certain they would make it there yet. Monday evening Max had to work late, so the games room did not get any work done to it. Tuesday though they started getting the carpet laid down, and although it was not hard, it was very tedious and exacting work, you could not make a mistake, because once the glue was down, you had no option but to continue, so you could not make a mistake while cutting. Wednesday night they started getting everything else done. The lights were installed, the shelving was built and put in place. The TV was hung up and hooked up, and everything that they had already had was set up where it was supposed to go.

“Hi guys, I called the games store today while I was at work and arranged for them to deliver everything and set up the pool table tomorrow.” Max said excitedly when he came in the door.

“Cool.” All the boys said.

“I wonder if the guys can make it for a party this weekend?” AJ said.

“Let's make it for next weekend baby, my parents already think we're coming this weekend, and we should get the front yard finished off first. Also that gives the guys a bit more time to make arrangements.” JJ suggested.

“You're right, but we should start calling them to tell them all.” AJ said.

“Can we go with you guys again this weekend?” TJ asked.

“Of course you can.” JJ answered.

“Awesome, thanks.”

AJ and JJ made quick work of calling everyone and telling them about the party next weekend, and all that they were able to reach said that they'd be there for sure. Only two people they were unable to contact, but messages were left, telling them about the party, and that they were expected to be there. With nothing more to do in the games room, and not really much else to do elsewhere, they all sat down and curled up and watched TV for the night.

Friday morning the routine was the same as it always was, and the boys all worked out hard. Even Ricky and TJ were working out just as hard now, both becoming far more used to the routine. Neither one of them were capable of pushing quite as much as JJ and AJ were yet, and TJ was instructed to keep the weights light for a while, but they did very well. Not long after Jim left, and the boys got cleaned and dressed, the doorbell rang. It was the guys with everything to start setting up the pool table and dropping off the rest of the stuff. They would not set up anything except the pool table, but they had to bring it all in, and there was lots to bring in. The three slabs of solid granite that made up the base of the pool table did not look at all easy to maneuver, but the guys were all very good. It took them roughly two hours to bring in the pool table components and set it up. Only two of the four guys there were needed to set up the table, so while they were working, the other two started bringing in the rest of the stuff.

“Wow, this looks so awesome. Let's get the rest of the stuff set up now.” AJ said excitedly.

“No, you boys have somewhere else to be, we can do that all later, we have lots of time, don't worry. You boys go have fun and try not to over do it this weekend, you're all getting tired again.” Max said warmly.

“Okay.” They all said dejectedly.

They headed back into the house, grabbed their bags that they had already packed while waiting for the guys to arrive, and headed out. As soon as the boys were gone though, Max excitedly started setting everything up, wanting to get it done for the boys.

The boys arrived at JJ's place a few minutes later, having walked, and Sarah and all the girls met them at the door.

“Hi mom, how are you guys?” JJ asked.

“We're all great. You should see the stuff I bought for the front yard, and I bought a whole bunch of new plants for the back yard, as well as ordered more stone, soil, and bark mulch.” Sarah said happily.

“Great, we'll get started on that tomorrow, we're a bit tired.” JJ said.

“Okay.” Sarah said.

“You guys want to go get comfortable and then go out back and play?” JJ asked.

“Okay.” They all said together. Even the girls said okay, even though JJ was not asking them, but they wanted to go out as well, and they would be allowed to. The boys all headed upstairs where they all got undressed, and got diapered to go play outside. At first Ricky was a little nervous going out, and TJ just thought it awesome that they were going outside in just their diapers, but finally Ricky relented when everyone else walked out. The girls were already out there by the time the boys made it out, two diapered, and two naked. They looked at the stuff that Sarah had bought, and then started playing catch and talking and laughing, just having fun playing together. Sarah had bought a dozen really nice cedar arches for the roses to grow inside of, a very nice cedar arched entry way with gate and a pair of benches, and she also bought a few nice garden statue type things to put in the gardens, they would look nice. There were also some planters and benches, and a few other assorted things.

All the kids played outside and had fun for a long time, straight through until Sarah called them all in for dinner. They all went in the house and went and washed up, the boys helping the girls first, and then getting themselves as well.

They all ate dinner together, and then cleaned up as they always do, they then all headed to the living room to sit back and relax for the evening. Everyone went to bed early that night, the boys all tired, and the adults figuring they should get a good sleep as well, because the next day would be another long hard day. When the boys all made it to their rooms they kissed, cuddled, and sucked each other off, relieving some of their pressure buildup in that way. They all fell asleep at almost the same time, and slept right through until morning.


The next morning all four boys woke at what was their normal time for waking up, Ricky and TJ both becoming used to it already. They all met out in the hall, just as Frank was coming up to wake them up for breakfast, and they all said good morning to each other, and headed downstairs.

“Good morning boys, didn't expect to see you already, I just sent Frank up.” Sarah smiled when the boys all came in.

“They were all already awake and just coming out of their rooms as I was going to get them.” Frank said.

“Great, because breakfast is almost ready, go ahead and sit down, and we can get started in a minute.” Sarah said and they did as they were told. The girls were already there and waiting.

They ate breakfast a few minutes later, and then they all headed back upstairs to get dressed and ready for some good hard work. The boys finished first as usual, and headed out back to get everything out front that they would need. The large arches were hauled up first, and by the time all thirteen of them were up front, Frank, Alice, and the girls were out there.

“In the shed is also some long anchors to hammer into the ground to hold all this in place to protect against the wind, and there are a couple large hammers in there as well.” Sarah said.

“Okay, good idea.” AJ said and he and JJ headed back to get the stuff.

When they got back, Sarah, Frank, Ricky, and TJ had already gotten three of the new smaller arches in place, and were working on the fourth. So leaving them to their work, JJ and AJ started working on pounding the stakes into the ground through the anchors in the feet of the arches. The arches and entryway were put into place a lot faster than they were secured, so the others stood around and waited for JJ and AJ to finish up, which only took them a few minutes longer.

“Wow, this does look very nice, and I can hardly wait until the roses fill the arches completely.” Sarah said happily.

Everyone agreed whole heartedly, and they decided that it was time to head to the back yard. Not as much work needed to be done back there, just two small gardens were planned, and they all figured they could get them completed by the end of the day with ease. The one garden was going to traverse the entire rear wall of the house, so it was quite long, and the other was planned for around the base of the large tree in the back yard. AJ started by getting the edger fired up, and started cutting the one against the house first, and as soon as he was far enough away, everyone started in on removing the sod. He then went to the tree and cut around it. When he finished that, JJ came over and joined him, and together they started removing the sod from there. It took a little over an hour for them to all complete the sod removal, and they took a bit of a break. The hose was once again passed around, everyone taking a good long drink, and wetting themselves down thoroughly.

After their break, they started hauling topsoil into the backyard, and dumping it into the two new beds. AJ would not be able to till around the tree, because its roots were already protruding from the ground, but he planned to till the garden against the house. The main reason for putting the garden around the tree was to cover up all the roots, and because the grass really did not grow well under it. Sarah had made sure to buy shade loving plants for under there, on AJ's prompting of course. It took them nearly two hours to load all the dirt into the two gardens, and even though the one under the tree was considerably smaller, it received half the remaining dirt, which was a lot. AJ started tilling the wall garden, while the others went about spreading all the soil under the tree, they had of course worked only on the long garden first because they knew this would be the best way. All hot, sweaty, tired, and most of all hungry now, Sarah went in and got a large lunch going, while everyone took a quick five minute break before starting to haul all the stones into the back yard.

They all got back up again and trudging to the side yard once again, they started hauling a tonne of stone back. They were at most a quarter of the way done when Sarah came out half an hour later with lunch for everyone. They all almost stopped right where they were, and ran to get food, but they finished what they were doing first, then went to eat. There was hardly a sound at all as they all sat back or laid down on the grass and ate. After they finished eating, the hose was passed around once again, so that they could all take long drinks, as well as cooled themselves off with it, and then went back to work, Sarah helping this time.

Their energy renewed once again, it took only a little over an hour for them to finish bringing all the stone back. They had purposely made multiple piles along all the garden edges, so that they did not have to carry too much any more, and they all got to work. Surprisingly enough, this no longer took much time, they were all getting pretty good at it. It still took nearly two hours, but that wasn't too bad, considering just how much garden there was to edge. Finally they got started on the planting. Breaking up into two teams, the boys all took the long garden, and Frank and Sarah took the tree garden, they got to work getting all the planting done. The girls were once again more than happy to help dig the holes, and they split up as well, two to one team, and two to the other. This went very quickly, and before they knew it, Sarah was once again excusing herself to go make dinner, they all needed it.

The guys once again took a quick five minute break, drinking lots and hosing themselves down, and then they got started with running the hoses that they would need to water everything. AJ grabbed the second water timer and programmed it, then hooked it and the multi outlet hose junction up to it, and got the hoses connected, while the others started running bark mulch and loading up the gardens. AJ joined them only minutes later, and they were just finishing the last load of mulch when Sarah came back out with the first platter of dinner. She set everything on the picnic table. As soon as the boys finished up what they were doing, they washed off once again, and then went and sat down, the girls already there and waiting.

“I can't believe we got it all done today, and it really looks nice.” Sarah said while they ate.

“I figured that with as much people as we had, and with how simple the gardens were going to be, that we would finish it no problem. I did however figure that we would need to work after dinner as well, but I'm fine with this. I'm starting to get a little sore, and I sort of want to just lay back and relax now.” AJ said.

“You're only a little sore, dammit AJ, my muscles are absolutely killing me. I hurt so bad all over now, that I am just one large bundle of pain.” Frank said incredulously.

“Me too.” Sarah, Ricky, and TJ all said together.

“Yeah well, AJ and I are in excellent shape, but even we are going to be real sore if we don't get some rest.” JJ said.

“I bet you will be. You probably have pushed yourselves a little too hard again, haven't you?” Sarah asked.

“No, I don't think we've pushed too hard, but if we were to work tomorrow as well, then we probably would.” AJ said.

“Then no work and all rest for you guys tomorrow, hell, for all of us.” Frank said.

“Yeah, for sure.” TJ said.

“So Sarah, are you going to go buy some pond plants and fish this week, and are you going to get some planters and other things for around the pond?” AJ asked.

“Yeah, I was thinking of going, I just have to find the time and decide what I want.” She answered.

“Just ask if you want any advice, either at the stores or call me.” AJ said warmly.

“Oh I will, have no fear there, I am not afraid to ask for help.” Sarah grinned.

“Good.” AJ smiled.

They all finished eating a short while later, then all helped to take the dishes inside. They quickly cleaned up the kitchen, and then went to the living room and laid down and watched a movie together. The girls all passed out, TJ was almost out, Ricky was not far behind him, and even Sarah and Frank looked like they too would pass out soon. Sarah, Frank, JJ, and AJ each grabbed a girl, TJ and Ricky were told to go to bed, and they all headed upstairs for the night, Frank turning off everything before he went up. Ricky and TJ just went straight to their room and fell into bed and passed right out. The kids having all gotten nicely padded before the movie, so they were ready for bed, the adults just got naked. JJ and AJ headed to their room after settling the girls in their beds, and they too fell into bed, but they kissed and cuddled for a few minutes before they too passed out for the night. Not one of the girls so much as stirred as they were all laid down for the night. Sarah and Frank did not even kiss, they were both so tired and sore, that they too passed right out after making it to their room and crashing into bed, not even covering themselves.


AJ and JJ were the first to wake up the next morning, and it was late even for them, it was already a few minutes after nine. They did not even think of waking everyone up, they just let them sleep, they just went into the living room and talked softly while cuddled up. The next ones up were TJ and Ricky almost an hour later, and they looked nearly comatose.

“Well don't you two look like a bundle of energy this morning.” AJ teased.

“Yeah, right, if this is how I look when I have energy, I'd hate to see what I look like when I'm bagged.” Ricky said.

“Yeah, me too.” AJ giggled.

“The others will probably start rising soon. You guys want to go get a nice big brunch going for everyone?” JJ asked.

“Sure.” They all said. “Sounds good to me.” AJ added.

“I figure that nice breakfast scramble is easiest, quickest, and damn right the tastiest, so I say we do that.” JJ said.

“Breakfast scramble!” TJ half asked, half stated, not having seen this yet, and Ricky looked confused as well.

“All we do is take whatever sausage and or bacon we can find, cut it up and fry it all up, and then add a shit load of onions, peppers, mushrooms if we have them, scrambled eggs, hash browns, and fry it all together and then top generously with cheese. It's very good, trust me.” AJ said.

“Mmm, sounds really good.” TJ said, licking his lips already, and Ricky just nodded enthusiastically.

“I guess that's what we make then.” JJ smiled and they headed to the kitchen.

The boys all got started doing something different, each one getting one part or another for the breakfast ready. A couple large fry pans had to be utilized for the chore of cooking it all, but it was fine. The girls all came in the kitchen, looking a lot better, about half way through the cooking process. The two youngest were asked to go wake mommy and daddy, and the two oldest were asked to set the table. They all excitedly did as they were asked, the boys of course having to pass the dishes down for the two that were to set the table. Ten minutes later an even worse for wear looking Frank and Sarah came downstairs. They each grabbed their largest mug, and filled them to the brim with the coffee that the boys had graciously made for them.

“Wow, you two look like crap.” JJ laughed and said when they sat down.

“Thanks, you're no ray of sunshine yourself.” Frank grunted.

“In comparison to the way you look right now dad, I probably look like the entire freaking sun.” JJ laughed again.

“I'm afraid he's right Frank.” Sarah yawned out.

“I don't doubt it. Thanks for the coffee, and breakfast smells wonderful, I hope you made lots, I'm starving.”

“There's tonnes, don't worry about that, and it should be ready in about two or three minutes, just adding the cheese now.” AJ said just as he was sprinkling probably half a kilo of mixed grated cheese into each pan. Once the cheese was sufficiently melted, both frying pans were set on the table and serving spoons were put in, and everyone was told to dig in.

“Oh god, this is so good.” Frank sighed after his first few bites.

“Thanks.” The boys all said together.

“Yes, it is very good, what is it and how do you do it?” Sarah asked.

AJ told Sarah all about it and told her she really could add or change anything, and that it always tasted good. Sarah liked it, very simple, very tasty, and most of all nice and easy. They all finished eating a short while later, and then they all helped to clean up as they normally did.

“Well, I think we should probably go get dressed and head back to my place.” AJ said as they were finishing up.

“Yeah, and go and sit and relax in the hot tub and have a massage!” TJ stated hopefully.

“Maybe.” JJ grinned.

The boys all headed up to their rooms, they cleaned up their boyfriends lovingly, got dressed, packed up and cleaned up, and then met in the hall within seconds of each other. With good byes to everyone, the boys were on their way out. The walk home was nice and peaceful, just four good friends walking home and joking and laughing.

“Hi guys, how was your weekend?” Max asked as they all walked in to find him and Alice in the living room waiting for them.

“Really good thanks, and yours?” JJ asked.

“Excellent. Why don't you boys go throw your bags in your rooms and come with me to the games room, I want to show you something?”

“Okay.” They all answered curiously.

They all followed Max and Alice to the games room after throwing their bags onto their beds, and as Max opened the door and they all piled in, the boys all stopped and stared for a few moments, just taking everything in. There were also a huge amount of blown up balloons all over the place, and a large banner that said happy birthday TJ on it.

“Happy birthday TJ.” Alice and Max yelled out.

“But my birthday is tomorrow.” TJ said.

“We know, but we wanted to give you a bit of a surprise birthday party, and this way we can all spend it together, Alice took the day off to be here with you.” Max said warmly.

“Thanks guys, this is so nice, I've never had a birthday party before.” TJ said with tears running down his cheeks.

“What, your parents never threw you a party before?” Alice asked incredulously.

“No, they usually just gave me a check and said happy birthday, and then went to work.” He answered, still crying happily.

“That's so sad. Well come on in and enjoy your first birthday party. You boys can all go get comfortable if you'd like first of course, make a real first birthday party.” Alice said warmly.

The boys just nodded and rushed back to their bedrooms, stripped very quickly, and then diapered each other equally as fast, then rushed back out.

“Wow, that was quick.” Max said.

“This looks great guys, we didn't expect you to finish it all off.” AJ said, looking around again and appreciating how it all looked.

“Actually it was all done by the time I got home Friday night, Max said he worked all night getting everything all set up perfectly for you boys.” Alice said.

“Thanks Max.” The boys all said as one.

“You're welcome. Now come and enjoy the party.”

“I just noticed something, where did the stereo come from?” AJ asked suddenly, just seeing the stereo and the speakers.

“I went and found where you bought the stereo for the pool yesterday, and bought the same one, all the same stuff, I had no idea you spent so much on that stereo out there, but it is a good one for sure. The lady who helped you helped me as well, and I told her I was buying you another one, she seemed surprised that you would need a second one, so I told her all about why, and she was impressed. I think she had a crush on you, she seemed to think you were very cute.” Max grinned.

“Oh great, another girl who wants to jump me.” AJ sighed and everyone laughed.

“Now, for the music I'm afraid you're going to have to do that. Not only have I no idea how to hook that thing up, or load music to it, but I didn't want to snoop around in your computer, no telling what a gay boy has on his computer.” Max grinned.

“The naked pictures of us are hidden quite well, and you see us naked all the time anyways.” AJ joked.

“It's what you're doing in those naked pictures I didn't want to see.” Max smiled.

“I was kidding, we don't have any pictures of us on there, and you'd be hard pressed to find anything on my system anyways. There's nothing on there except research and schoolwork. I'll go get the music loaded right now though.” AJ grinned.

AJ grabbed the brand new Ipod, still in its pack, and ran to his room, opened it up, and hooked it to his system after it booted up. It took quite a few minutes for the music to transfer, but when it was done, he headed back out and loaded the Ipod onto its dock and started the music, turning it loud enough to enjoy, but not so loud as to not be able to talk.

“Perfect, I must say this turned out far better than I thought it would.” Max smiled and said to AJ.

“Me too.” AJ said.

They all broke up and started playing games, Alice challenged AJ to a game of pool, JJ challenged TJ to a game of darts, and Ricky and Max went and played air hockey. They all had a lot of fun, the boys totally forgetting what they were going to do when they got home, this being almost as relaxing, and a lot more fun. They all switched off partners and games and they all had a lot of fun.

Max must have ordered pizza earlier in the day, and asked for it to be delivered at a specific time, because right at six, when no one made a call, the doorbell rang, and Max went to get it, and he came back in with all the pizza. They ended up throwing a cloth over the poker table, because no one even thought of a regular table in the games room, and the pizzas and pop were set there. Alice went and grabbed the plates and glasses for everyone, and then they all sat around and ate and drank their fill.

As soon as everyone was finished eating, Alice got up without saying anything and left the room. The boys just sat around talking, not even paying attention to her being gone, all figuring that she had to go the bathroom or something. But a few minutes later, when Alice walked back in, it was with a large cake with eleven candles burning on top of it. They all started singing happy birthday to TJ, and for the first time ever, they saw him blush. TJ was not at all used to this much attention all on him, he liked being the center of attention of course, but not like this. As soon as the song ended, TJ took a deep breath and blew out all the candles, but they all came back alight seconds after. Alice had used the candles that Sarah had bought for JJ, and everyone started laughing, all except TJ who was shocked, especially when he tried again and they just lit right back up.

“How do I blow them out, they just keep on lighting back up?” TJ asked after trying a third time.

“They go out by themselves after a few moments.” Alice giggled.

“That was mean, but I liked it.” TJ grinned.

“Yeah, my mom used those on me as well, and I thought it was hilarious as well.” JJ smiled.

As soon as the candles went out, a knife was passed to TJ, and he took the honors of cutting and serving the cake to everyone. They all dug in and ate the large piece of birthday cake that TJ had served them all.

“That was a really good cake, thanks guys.” TJ smiled.

“You're very welcome. Now, we had no idea what to get you for your birthday, we never even thought to ask, so tomorrow I am going to give AJ my bank card and he and the others are going to take you shopping, so that you can buy yourself something nice. Something for you, something for fun.” Max said.

“You don't have to, this is way more than I've ever had for my birthday.” TJ said happily.

“We know, but we wanted to, and I insist.” Max smiled.

“Thanks so much.” TJ said, a few tears of happiness now leaking from his eyes.

“You're welcome. Now let me try and kick your ass at Mario Cart.” Max grinned.

“You're on old man.” TJ grinned and they hugged and ran to the Nintendo.

The others quickly cleaned up the mess, took everything to the kitchen, and got everything put away. They joined TJ and Max back in the games room only a few minutes later, and they started playing games as well. AJ and JJ played pool and Alice and Ricky each took a pinball machine. They all played and had fun for the rest of the night until it was time for bed. They all said their good nights and then headed to their bedrooms for the night.

“Make love to me baby?” JJ whispered into AJ's ear as soon as they entered their room.

“Okay.” AJ said brightly, and pulled JJ into a nice passionate kiss.

They kissed and caressed each other for a while, slowly working their way towards the bed, and releasing the tapes on their diapers as they went, letting the diapers just fall to the ground. As soon as they fell onto the bed, AJ released from the kiss and started slowly kissing his way down JJ's hot hard body, spending lots of time at JJ's nipples and belly button, but skipping right past his pulsing dick. AJ lifted JJ's legs up and dove into the moist crevice and darted his tongue around the hole.

JJ had been moaning lowly since AJ started kissing down his body, but as soon as AJ ventured into his ass, his moans turned to groans, and increased in volume. He was loving it to say the least.

AJ started slowly inserting his tongue, just a tiny bit at first, and for quite a while, but eventually he started pushing in deeper. Many minutes passed before AJ had his tongue buried as far as he could get it, so AJ decided to include a couple fingers as well. AJ added his index fingers from both hands to the mix, and really started working JJ, and his groans of pure pleasure turned to grunts of pleasure, and increased in volume yet again.

Once again ignoring JJ's now very angry pulsing dick, AJ crawled up JJ's body and slowly inserted his also extremely hard dick. In one long, slow push, AJ entered JJ with next to no resistance. AJ had worked more than enough on JJ's ass to open him up and let them go totally lube free, and it was absolute bliss to them both. AJ started a slow steady motion inside his boyfriend, wanting to make this last, and feel as good as humanly possible, and boy did it ever. They were both moaning lowly the entire time AJ thrusted inside JJ.

AJ was getting close, and JJ was almost past the point of no return, so all of a sudden, much to JJ's disappointment, AJ pulled completely out of JJ's hot hole and slid down. Taking JJ's now violent looking dick into his mouth, he gave one quick lick and suck, and JJ exploded with a scream and a gasp. AJ enjoyed the entire treat that JJ gave to him, and then before JJ was even aware of it, AJ was slipping back inside his lover. JJ gasped out very loudly when his body all of a sudden registered the new sensation, and his eyes flew open again. AJ just grinned to him and started thrusting nice and slow again. AJ was able to hold in his orgasm again for a while, because he forced himself to cool down as he was wringing every last drop of creamy cum from JJ's dick. As soon as AJ felt that he was getting too close though, he pulled out again, and JJ once again made his disapproval known.

AJ just ignored this again, and slid down and took JJ back into his mouth and started sucking and licking. JJ was not quite so close as he had been the first time, but he was still pretty close, and only two minutes after AJ took JJ into his mouth, JJ exploded his second strong orgasm of the evening. AJ once again savored his treat, and then once again, before JJ could register what was happening, slid back inside his baby. JJ gasped once again, and AJ just smiled down to him and started the same slow motions.

So far JJ had had a pair of very strong orgasms, but AJ had not had one. AJ was trying to build himself up to the biggest cum of his life, and it felt like it was working too. Four more times AJ did this to JJ, and by that sixth time that AJ sucked a load from JJ, he was almost dry, it was now just watery and thin. AJ was starting to burn something fierce, and he knew that when he got back inside JJ, he would not be able to hold off, he had already held off for over an hour, and he was well past boiling point. Yet AJ wanted to try and make JJ cum one more time as well, so he got more up on his knees, pulled JJ up a bit more to align them properly, and then started thrusting just as slowly as he had the entire time, but grasped onto JJ's now hardly hard erection. JJ gasped again, the sensations in his dick just becoming too much now, he felt as if he would pour molten lava from his dick if he came again, but it felt like that was exactly what AJ had in mind. AJ worked JJ's dick a lot faster than he was working his inside JJ, and JJ was nearly crying now, it was becoming almost unbearable, his entire body was going into overload, but not even he wanted to stop, because had he have said the word, AJ would have in a heartbeat, and he knew it. With one final grunt and a whine, JJ came for the last time that night, not even one single drop emerging from the tip. When JJ came, it squeezed AJ too much for him to be able to counter, and he didn't want to, he let go with the most incredible orgasm he had ever had. It lasted so long, and he pumped so much cum, so hard, that it started to burn his dick head, and as soon as it was over, he collapsed backwards, popping out of JJ's very loose asshole.

AJ lay like that, totally unable to move for many minutes, panting and gasping for breath. JJ was doing the same, except he had passed out, something that AJ had yet to realize. Nearly ten minutes later AJ was able to move again. He got himself out of the awkward position and crawled up the bed to kiss JJ, but found him asleep.

“Oh shit, I knocked him out.” AJ giggled.

Still giggling, AJ shakily got out of bed and grabbed a couple diapers and the wipes. He lovingly cleaned and then diapered his baby, and then did the same for himself before crawling in and cuddling up to JJ, falling asleep almost instantly.


When Ricky and TJ made it to their room, and the door was closed, they embraced in a tender loving kiss and stayed that way for quite a while. They had yet to say anything or move almost twenty minutes later, other than swaying on the spot slightly as they kissed and caressed. They broke apart with a sigh and then walked towards the bed with their hands clasped. They stopped at the edge of the bed, and then they each reached to the others soggy diaper and released the tapes holding them up, and at the same time, they fell to the floor.

They crawled onto the bed and cuddled up and kissed and cuddled even more. Another ten minutes later they broke apart and Ricky rolled TJ onto his back and then started kissing and licking his way down TJ's small firm body. Moaning lowly the entire time as Ricky kissed and licked his tender nipples, then his ticklish armpits, and his sensitive belly button. TJ was truly enjoying the attention Ricky was lavishing on his young body. Once Ricky reached the small proud pole that was standing straight and tall, Ricky sucked all of TJ's young boy meat into his mouth. Using every ounce of knowledge he had gained about TJ's body, Ricky sucked and licked and played with TJ's dick, making the entire thing as incredible as he could manage. TJ managed to only last five minutes from the immense feelings Ricky was causing in his body, and with a series of squeaks and squeals, TJ came his hardest ever. The orgasm lasted surprisingly long, and while TJ was coming down, Ricky just licked and kissed his cute little balls. Finally with a deep sigh, TJ was back from his orgasm.

Ricky crawled up and tenderly kissed TJ, neither one actually saying any real words yet, although at times Ricky was certain TJ was gasping and moaning something. They kissed for another few minutes until TJ rolled Ricky onto his back and started kissing his way down. He too paid very close attention to all the tender spots on Ricky's torso, making sure to lick, kiss, and suck on every one of them, and it was driving Ricky wild. When TJ made it to Ricky's pulsing erection, he sucked it straight in, causing Ricky to gasp out in intense pleasure. With an inward smile, TJ started bobbing his head up and down slowly, making sure to apply just the right amount of suction, while using his tongue on all Ricky's favorite places. Ricky too did not last all that long before he was in the midst of his orgasm. The only difference being that when Ricky came in TJ's mouth, TJ had a nice tasty treat out of it. It was a very powerful orgasm for Ricky, same as it had been for TJ, and it also took him a few minutes to come down. TJ crawled up and kissed Ricky tenderly, sharing the load he had saved in his mouth. They kissed for a few minutes, still caressing each other gently.

“I'm still a little full, do you think we can suck each other at the same time?” Ricky asked, saying the first words since they entered their bedroom.

“I'm game for that.” TJ smiled.

TJ swung around and laid down on top of Ricky, putting one knee on either side of Ricky's head and presenting his still hard penis to Ricky. Ricky took the invitation, who wouldn't, and as soon Ricky sucked in TJ's nice hard little boy cock, TJ took Ricky's larger meat into his mouth. They sucked each other for a little while, just enjoying themselves, not really trying to bring each other off, just pleasuring the other as much as possible. However much they just wanted to make each other feel good though, eventually they could hold on no longer, and with deep sighs emanating from deep within them, they both blasted full force into their orgasms, almost at the same time, TJ going off just a half a second before Ricky.

TJ just slumped down and laid on Ricky for a few minutes while they both came down, and when they did, he swung around, not bothering to get off of Ricky, and just started kissing his boyfriend deeply.

“Well baby, I think we better get up and get ourselves diapered before we both fall asleep.” Ricky sighed out when TJ broke the kiss.

“Yeah, I know. I would love to keep going like AJ and JJ are, but I'm too tired. I hope we get their ability to last so long soon, it sounds like they're enjoying themselves in there.” TJ grinned.

“Yeah, they drowned out our sounds a couple times already, and I thought we got a bit noisy.” Ricky grinned.

TJ stumbled out of their bed to the closet, where he grabbed them a diaper each, he also grabbed the cream and powder from the dresser, and then went and diapered his baby boyfriend. Once Ricky was baby scented and thickly diapered, they traded places and Ricky diapered TJ up, giving him a nice amount of the cream and powder as well. They crawled back into bed together, cuddled up together and kissed for a few minutes more, then whispered goodnight to each other and went to sleep.


“AJ, I'd like to talk to you for a minute before you go, JJ you can stay if you want to, but TJ, I'd like for you to go out please?” Max asked as soon as breakfast was done and cleaned up from. TJ just nodded and he and Ricky headed out to the pool.

“What would you like Max?” AJ asked as soon as TJ was out the door.

“I just want to give you my bank card. I trust you remember the PIN?”

“Yeah, no prob.”

“Good, I want you to help him find something nice for his birthday please?”

“Sure. How much should I spend?”

“Don't go overboard, but you can spend what you think necessary, I think I can trust you boys to do that.” Max smiled warmly.

“Not a problem.” AJ said.

“Great, here you go.” Max said and handed over the card. AJ took it and ran it to his room quickly and put with his wallet and then ran back out.

“You boys all have a good day.” Alice said as AJ and JJ headed out to the pool.

“You too.” They both said.

They joined Ricky and TJ in the pool house, the boys were just finishing up their shower when they came in, so they started drying off as JJ and AJ hopped into the shower. Once they were cleaned and dried, AJ and JJ joined TJ and Ricky, who had already started their workout.

“By the sounds of you guys last night, you shouldn't even need to workout today.” TJ teased AJ and JJ as they joined he and Ricky.

“I'll admit it's great exercise, but it's not quite enough.” AJ grinned.

“That's for sure. We were exhausted when we finished, and you two were still going when we fell asleep.” Ricky said.

“Yeah, well we were too, so tired in fact that JJ passed right out until this morning, I've never made him pass out before.” AJ grinned.

“Cool.” Both Ricky and TJ said.

“Yeah, well how many times did you make me cum, I shot so many times last night that it felt like I was spewing out lava by the end, and my body was vibrating so bad. I don't even remember the final orgasm.” JJ smiled warmly.

“I think I made you cum something like eight times, but the last two were pretty much dry.” AJ grinned.

“No way, you made JJ cum eight times, and you can stand this morning?” TJ asked incredulously.

“I was the one making love to him, it's him that shouldn't be able to stand.” AJ grinned.

“Huh!” Both Ricky and TJ said together.

So as they worked out AJ told them what he did to JJ all night long, and they were both painfully hard through the entire story.

“Wow, that was so hot.” Ricky said.

“We couldn't tell!” JJ grinned. “But AJ's turn is next, and I am going to drain him totally like he did to me, my balls still ache, and feel like they were sucked completely dry.”

“Oh no, please don't, I'll never do it again!” AJ said in his best corny fake plea.

“If you don't do it again, I won't do it back to you.” JJ grinned.


“Sorry I'm late boys, accident on the highway.” Jim said as he walked in, cutting the rest of their workout conversation short.

“No problem.” JJ called back.

Jim joined them all a few minutes later for their workout, and they talked lightly, but no longer about their sex life. The rest of the training went real well as well, both boys doing exceptionally well, as they always did. Even TJ and Ricky were doing better, Jim yelling out things for them to do better as well to improve their performance, figuring he may as well, just as easy to train four as two. He even had AJ and JJ work by themselves for a bit on the high dive and told Ricky and TJ how to dive from the low dive, telling them everything they would need to know. He could tell they both really wanted to try it, simply because they both looked up to AJ and JJ so damned much. Jim left them as normal once their session was done, and the boys all went and sat in the hot tub.

“Why did Jim show us how to dive?” TJ asked.

“Because he could tell you both wanted to learn, and he's even teaching you how to swim better. I guess he figured that since you seem to have joined our training, you may as well get taught as well. I think it's great. You might not go anywhere with it, but it's good information.” AJ answered.

“Cool, but I don't think I'll be getting up on the high dive any time soon.” Ricky said.

“You never have to if you don't want to, but you should try it some day. I never thought I would be diving at all, and look where I am. I'm nowhere near as good as AJ is, probably never will be, but I'm trying, and it's great, not nearly as scary as I thought it would be.” JJ smiled warmly.

“Are you guys ready to hop out and head to the mall or wherever?” AJ asked.

“Sure.” They all said. They hopped out, hit the showers and cleaned up, and then headed to the kitchen, for a quick bite to eat, while drying off. They all made themselves a couple sandwiches and ate them, and then headed to their rooms to get dressed.

They all met at the door five minutes later, all wearing satin soccer shorts and tight tank tops, all looking very hot, even Ricky, who had worked off almost all of his baby fat, and was starting to work on getting a very flat tight tummy. The boys all unlocked their bikes, hopped on, and then headed towards the mall first, talking and laughing the whole way there.

“So what kind of things do you want TJ?” AJ asked when they got to the mall.

“I have no idea, I already have everything I could possibly hope for.” TJ shrugged.

“Well how about a TV or stereo for your room?” JJ asked.

“Or an Ipod so you can listen to music anywhere?” Ricky asked.

“I don't know. I don't think I really need an Ipod, if I really wanted one, I could probably just use one of the ones from the pool or games room, and I don't think I need a TV or stereo either, we have two TV's already, and we hardly ever ever watch them, and we have three stereos now. No, I think we're fine there.” TJ said.

“Well you're certainly not being any help here.” AJ teased.

“I don't really need much, I've never had much before. My parents never bought me anything except the basics, and I never really played with toys too much, was usually outside riding or doing something.” TJ shrugged again.

“I know, why don't we all chip in and get you a computer for your room, I know you want and need one of them. None of us have bought you anything yet, and I will put a hundred dollars towards it, and whatever Ricky and JJ want to put in, they can, and then Max will be fine with the rest. We don't need to get anything fancy, but maybe a nice notebook, and I already have a wireless router.” AJ said.

“No, that's way too much money.” TJ said, flat out refusing.

“I'm good for a hundred as well.” JJ said, plainly ignoring TJ.

“Me too.” Ricky smiled.

“Good, then it's settled. Let's go the the electronics store we bought the stereos from, they have notebooks.” AJ said and they all turned and started walking that way, TJ being forced to follow, protesting the entire way there.

“You guys, it's too much money, you can't buy me a computer.” TJ said one final time when they entered the store.

“Oh Ricky, would you shut him up please, he's giving me a headache.” AJ grinned.

“Hey, that was rude.” TJ pouted.

“You're getting a computer, deal with it.” AJ smirked.

“And how can I help you guys today?” The same lady that served AJ and JJ the last time asked.

“What's your best good priced notebook computer?” AJ asked.

“That would be this model here. It sells for seven hundred and includes a three year warranty. I bought one myself and I really like it so far. I've had it about six weeks now, and it's done really well for me. It's not our cheapest, nor is it anywhere near our most expensive, but with all it comes with, it is the best deal we carry.”

“Okay, I see all the specs and it does look good. Is the warranty an in house warranty or a factory warranty?”

“Factory. We specially ordered these models with the three year warranty included, it was such a popular feature, and everyone wanted it, so we configured them just like that.” She smiled.

“It's a good idea really. And does it cover only manufacturers defects, or does it also cover accidental damage?”

“No, no accidental damage, that made them too expensive, and most people did not want it anyways.”

“That's fine, I doubt that it will ever need accidental protection anyways. Do you have any in stock?”

“Fortunately I have two left, this one and one in a box, and I just got five on Friday, I told the boss we should have ordered more.” She grinned.

“Well now you only have one left, we'll take it.” AJ said and TJ went to protest again, but Ricky covered his mouth. TJ just licked his hand.

“Now look what you did?” Ricky said and pointed down, showing off the instant erection TJ caused from doing that, and had to reposition himself.

“I had no idea that was a horny spot for you.” TJ grinned.

“You licking me anywhere makes me hard.” Ricky whispered.

“I'll have to remember that.” TJ grinned wickedly.

“Here you go boys.” The lady said, setting the box on the counter.

“Okay, each one of us wants to pay a hundred dollars from our personal accounts, and then the remainder comes off our dads card.” AJ said as he passed over his card, Ricky and JJ also handing theirs over.

“Okay, that will take a few minutes, but shouldn't be a problem.” She said and started putting the charges through. Thankfully all the cards went through fine, and three minutes later the computer was purchased.

“There you go guys, and good seeing you again, come back any time.” The lady smiled as she handed over the large double bagged box.

“Thanks, have a good day.” AJ said and they all headed out.

“Well what should we do now guys?” JJ asked.

“I say we just go home.” AJ suggested.

“Yeah, we still have to do our schoolwork for the day.” JJ said.

“And the garden is ready for the picking, so we're going to have to get started on that as well, which means we need to get supplies from the store soon.” AJ said.

“Why don't we just call off our schoolwork today, hit the store on our way home, get everything that we will need, get started on that today, and get as much done as we can?” JJ asked.

“Sure, one day won't hurt, and we're already further ahead than we thought we would be. We still have a month left and we're about half done already.” AJ said.

They all headed out and hopped on their bikes and rode to the store. JJ offering to take the computer in his back pack, so that TJ could ride easier, and it just barely fit. They got to the store about ten minutes later and went inside and bought everything that they thought they would need, and then some. With those purchases now safely stuffed into AJ's back pack, they headed back home.

When they got home, the first thing they did was to excitedly open up the new computer and get it all plugged in and charging. It was a very nice little notebook, everything that TJ would need for a long time, and nothing terribly fancy. They left it on the dining room table to charge, and to show Max and Alice when they got home, which would be quite soon.

“Okay, I say we get the tomatoes today and get as many of them done up as we can.” AJ said.

“Okay.” Everyone said, leaving this all up to AJ, since he was the one that supposedly knew what he was doing.

AJ started passing out large bags and they all took their bags and headed out to the garden. They picked every tomato from the vines, and by the time they finished, they had probably a full fifty kilos of them, maybe more. AJ also grabbed four ears of corn, a dozen onions and peppers each, and a couple dozen of the hot peppers they had also planted to make the salsa.

“Why did you pick corn?” TJ asked.

“Because the recipe for salsa I like has corn in it. I loved the recipe so much I memorized it, now we just have to increase everything a hundred fold. I normally only make a little bit at a time, and never with fresh ingredients.” AJ said.

“Oh, okay then.”

They took everything into the house and it was all set mostly on the floor. They then all headed to their rooms, stripped off their clothes and diapered their boyfriend quickly, and then headed back to the kitchen to get started.

“Now we have to start peeling and dicing everything up. Now, whoever touches the hot peppers, wear these gloves, and please remember to remove them before you do anything stupid; like rub your face or go to the bathroom, you do not want the oil from these things on any part of your body.” AJ warned.

“Oh yeah, good point, but good thing we will all go to the bathroom wherever we happen to be standing at the time.” JJ said.

“Unless you have to take a dump, in which case you might get the oil on your dick or balls, you thought they burned this morning, try that!” AJ grinned.

“Um, no thanks.” JJ gulped and TJ and Ricky both seconded that.

AJ dug through the cupboards and found two huge stock pots and a large roaster and put them on the stove. They all started on the tomatoes first, peeling the skin off, and then dicing the awesome fresh fruit. They each took a taste, and they were very tasty indeed. They were not even half way through peeling and dicing the tomatoes when Alice and Max came home.

“Hi guys, what on earth are you up to, and why is there a laptop computer on the dining room table?” Alice asked.

“We're making salsa from the tomatoes that we picked from the garden, and the notebook is TJ's birthday present.” JJ answered.

“But you only spent a little under five hundred.” Max said, sounding clearly confused.

“None of us had bought TJ anything yet, so we each chipped in a hundred dollars as well, and it was a really good deal, go take a look at it.” AJ said.

“I told them it was too expensive, and I didn't want them to buy it.” TJ said defiantly.

“Why? I was thinking of getting you a computer anyways, and you guys spent about what I figured you would.” Max asked.

“Oh, well I thought you'd be upset that they spent so much.”

“Why would I be upset, especially for you getting a computer, something you and Ricky can both get good use out of?”

“I don't know.” TJ said.

“Next time don't worry so much. I told AJ to spend what he needed to buy you something that you'd really like and that you could use, and I know every kid wants a computer. Now, since you boys appear to be very busy doing all that, and there's nowhere near enough room for us to make dinner, I guess we can just order dinner later, and we'll help you guys. So are you making just salsa with all this then, because all this will make a lot of salsa?” Max asked.

“Thanks.” TJ said.

“No, I was going to do some canned tomatoes as well for like pasta sauces and stuff like that. We're just getting the salsa started right now, because that's the largest amount of work. But maybe you guys can start bringing in jars and getting them all washed and sterilized, that would probably help the most right now?” AJ asked.

“Sure.” Max and Alice said together.

The boys continued what they were doing, while Alice started filling the sink with hot soapy water, and Max headed out to start bringing in jars. They all worked and talked for another hour or so, the boys all dicing up ingredients, and Alice washing all the jars as Max brought them in. All the jars were rinsed in hot water with food safe sanitizer in it, and then all the sealers were washed and thrown in a pot of hot water as well.

“Okay, now all we have to do is get the rest of the ingredients done up, I think that's enough tomatoes, the rest can be for the canned tomatoes.” AJ said as they filled the third large pot with the diced tomatoes.

Alice and Max also joined for this part, now that they were finished washing the jars. AJ took the chore of doing the hot peppers, and the rest started working on the rest of the ingredients; JJ on peppers, Ricky on garlic, TJ on corn, and both Alice and Max on onions. It took nearly an hour for them all to complete this, and then they split it all up into three and dumped one pile into each pot. The tomatoes were already starting to heat up well by then, so as soon as all the new ingredients were added, including a bit of sugar to help control the acidity in it, they were all mixed up, and then AJ tasted all three to make sure they were good.

“Oh wow, that's going to be some good salsa, those peppers were real hot. It should really be good once it has all sat and blended together for sure.”

Everyone had to have a try, and a couple of them, Max and Ricky, had to grab a drink of milk, it was almost too hot for them. They let it cook for about half an hour and while it was cooking, Max ordered food in, he just ordered pizza in again. By the time the pizza arrived, they were busy filling jars and putting their lids on and preparing them to seal. They all took a ten minute break to eat, and had a couple pieces of pizza, and then finished jarring the salsa. The jars were all loaded into the oven and the timer set, this had been a trick that AJ had learned a while ago, the sealing could be done in the oven, and it was faster and less messy, and almost half the jars could be put in at one time.

“While the salsa is sealing, we may as well get the canned tomatoes going as well.” Alice said.

“Okay, they won't take long at all because we don't need to cut them up, just peel and core them and stuff them into the jars.” AJ said.

They got started on that, each of them just filling the jars as the tomatoes were finished, so this went a lot faster. A little salt, a couple cloves of garlic, and half an onion was added to each jar, and then topped up with boiling water from the pots that they had cleaned and filled with water to boil just for this. As the last batch of salsa came out of the oven, the first batch of canned tomatoes went in. As they were now only waiting for the tomatoes to finish, they all sat down and ate a bit more pizza, well finishing it off actually, and talking about their day.

“Well I don't know about you guys, but I'm about ready for bed. I just have to check all the jars to make sure they sealed properly, and then I'm heading out.” AJ said.

Everyone said they were about ready to go as well, it was not really late yet, but getting near enough their bedtime, but they had done a lot of work this afternoon. AJ checked all the jars and only found two out of the nearly hundred various jars they had, that had not sealed; one was Salsa and the other was tomato, so those were both put in the fridge to be used right away. Hardly a big deal, since at least one jar of salsa was going to be kept in the fridge anyways. They all said goodnight to each other, and the three couples all headed to their bedrooms for the night, and other than a little bit of kissing and cuddling, they did not play around.

The rest of the week went much the same way, the mornings was their training, and then AJ and JJ did an hour or two of their schoolwork, and then after lunch they picked another vegetable from the garden and canned, froze, or otherwise prepared it for storage in one way or another. Tuesday they did the cucumbers up, they had three different varieties of them, and made five different styles of pickles with them. Wednesday they did the beets and the carrots. The beets were split in half, one half was pickled, and the other half just canned, and the carrots were peeled, sliced, and bagged for freezing. Thursday was the corn, and they split it in half, half was canned and the other half frozen. There was still more in the garden, but that would be saved for the following week. By the end of Thursday, they were all glad that they would be taking the weekend off, none of them realizing just how much work doing all that canning would be, but the cold room was looking incredible, nice and full.