Chapter 23

The guys were all told to show up at about three on Friday afternoon, so they all started coming right around that time, and for possibly the first time ever, Matt was the first to arrive, with Orin of course. Once everyone was there, the formal introductions were made. Everyone already knew about TJ and Ricky, but they had yet to meet them. The guys were always talking on the phone and telling each other what was happening in their lives of course. They all stayed in the living room, AJ and JJ telling them all to not go anywhere until everyone was there, but they all got comfortable, which of course meant stripping.

“Okay, now that everyone's here, we have a surprise for you guys. Now you all know that TJ and Ricky now live here, and I'm pretty sure you've all noticed before that we had only three bedrooms. Well there was no way I was going to share my bedroom, talk about putting a wrench in the love life. So obviously we had to give up the games room. Well problem was, we all liked it too much, so we decided to build an even bigger and better one.” AJ grinned.

“Where the hell could you fit a games room, you don't have a basement, and the roof peak is at best a meter and a half high?” Orin asked.

“Follow us and we'll show you.” JJ said. The four boys led the others to the former garage, and opened the door to show them the new digs.

“So what do you guys think?” AJ asked when they all made it in.

“Wow, nice.” Was the general response.

“This is the garage isn't it?” Matt asked.

“Nope, at least not any more. Was never used as a garage by us, the door never opened, so the entire time I've lived here, this garage has never seen a car. It's our new games room now though, and it's way bigger and better than the old one. Who knew getting a little brother could have such perks.” AJ smiled and ruffled TJ's hair.

“Cool.” Everyone said.

“So, should we swim for a while and then play after dinner, or should we just play in here all night?” AJ asked.

“Swim first.” Everyone said.

They all headed out to the pool, showered, then jumped in the pool, and that's where they stayed, playing the entire time, until Max poked his head in to say hi to everyone.

“I'm going to get dinner for everyone started, and I'll bring it out when it's done.” Max called.

“You don't have to worry about that Max, we'll come and help.” Ricky called back.

“No no, you boys have your fun, I'll be fine.” Max smiled warmly, and headed back in the house.

“I'm ready to hit the hot tub, anyone else want to join me?” TJ asked.

“Okay.” They all answered together, and as one large group they exited the pool and hopped in the hot tub.

“So what have you guys been up to lately?” Matt asked.

“Well we finished the games room last week, and this week we've been canning a bunch of vegetables from the garden, and we still have more to do next week. What about you guys?” AJ said.

“Not much.” Everyone else answered.

“It took you all week just to can vegetables!” Jase asked.

“Well there were a lot. On Monday we worked almost totally with tomatoes, and we made about fifty, one liter jars of salsa, and another fifty of canned tomatoes for pasta and whatnot. Tuesday we did a shit load of pickles up, and the rest of the week was much the same. It's a lot more work then I thought it would be. I've done small batches here and there, making salsa and stuff like that, but normally only a few jars at a time.” AJ answered.

“Wow, sounds like a lot of work.” Matt said.

“It was.” TJ answered loudly.

“But it'll be worth it. I'm actually thinking of hitting the farmers market next weekend and getting a bunch of fruit to can as well. I love canned peaches, and apple sauce. And we can get a whole bunch of stuff there.” AJ said.

“If you want apples, pears, and cherries, come to my place, our trees are almost touching the ground, they have so much fruit on them, and my mom wants it all gone.” Orin said.

“You mean your parents place!” Matt asked.

“Oh yeah, still not used to that.” Orin grinned.

“That'd be cool. Maybe we can come by next Sunday afternoon and pick what we want. I don't know if we'll take it all though, but we can help out at least.” AJ said.

“Any help would be appreciated I'm sure. I was going to just go and pick it and put it all in boxes, and take it to the food bank, this will just mean less work.”

“That's a good idea, and I'm sure they'd appreciate that.” JJ said.

“We can probably do that with any food from the garden that we cannot use within a reasonable amount of time as well. We have a lot more lettuce and stuff than I thought we'd end up with.” AJ said.

“And we have a whole bunch of berry plants that usually most of the fruit goes to waste, because it doesn't get used. I'm sure my parents wouldn't mind letting you take most of it.” Jase said.

“Cool, what all is there?” JJ asked.

“Blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and even strawberries, but those we usually eat all of.”

“Cool. I love blueberries and raspberries.” JJ said.

“Me too.” AJ, TJ, and Ricky all said.

“Cool, I'll tell my mom that you'll be there some time next Sunday to pick them then, I'm sure she'll be happy.” Jase smiled.

“Man, we're going to be canning for another three weeks.” TJ said.

“Oh well, it's all good though.” AJ smiled.

They all talked and laughed and joked more, all enjoying themselves like good friends should. Some of them would hit the sauna, some would go and swim in the pool for a few minutes, but they all stayed mostly in the hot tub, until Max brought out dinner. He had obviously gone out and picked the last of the corn, some had been left for fresh eating, because there was a huge pot filled with it. There was also pickled and regular beets, pickles, potatoes, all fresh from the garden, and grilled chicken breast to go with it.

“Now this is a true garden fresh dinner. The potatoes and the corn were just picked right before I cooked them, how can you get any better than that.” Max said, waving everyone in to enjoy the feast.

“That was very good. Were those beets and pickles ones you guys did?” Matt asked.

“Yeah, they were. And for a snack later, we'll bring out some chips and salsa.” AJ answered.

“It was very good, and I can't wait.” Orin said and everyone else seemed to agree as well.

AJ and the others all said their thanks, and then they all helped to clean up. They had all rinsed off and dried off as Max started bringing in the food, so as soon as they were finished cleaning up the pool house, it was closed down for the night. The boys who wore diapers all grabbed their diapers, and the boys who did not wear, helped those who did, Max included, he got TJ and Ricky. They all then headed to the games room and played the entire night away. They did break out the chips and salsa as promised, and everyone thought it was really good, if not a bit on the hot side, but most liked it like that.

“Hey, where does everyone sleep?” TJ asked all of a sudden when everyone said that they were tired and wanted to head to bed.

“We all sleep on the living room floor. We just push the couches aside and set up a huge nest of sleeping bags and sleep in there. You had to have noticed all the sleeping bags and wondered about it?” JJ asked.

“Well I figured the sleeping bags were a given, there's nowhere near enough blankets in this entire house for this many people. I just never thought about it, but it makes sense I guess.” TJ admitted.

“And you guys can bring your blankets out and join us, or you can stay in your bedroom.” AJ offered.

“We'll join you guys.” Both Ricky and TJ said at the exact same time.

“Cool, let's go get our diapers changed, get our beds ready, and then go to bed. Mom might even be home in time to say goodnight to us, it's getting pretty late.” AJ said with a large yawn.

“Okay.” Everyone said together.

Max once again joined the boys to help change diapers, and then to help them all set up their large nest bed, and just as Alice walked in, the boys were all crawling into their sleeping bags, or blankets in Ricky and TJ's case.

“Hi mom, how was work tonight?”

“Very busy, and damn am I ever tired. I think I made enough in tips tonight to pay for school next year though. It was a real good night for tips. How are you boys tonight?”

“That's good mom. We're all pretty tired, as I'm sure you realized already, but we all had fun, and Max made a really good garden fresh dinner.”

“Glad to hear it. Well I'm about ready to pass out, so I am going to bed as well, you boys all have a good sleep, and I'll see you late tomorrow morning.” Alice yawned, which set off a chain reaction yawn all throughout the room, which of course caused them all to giggle. Final good nights were said all around, and they all headed into peaceful dreams for the night.


The following morning, TJ and AJ woke up at the same time and they saw each other awake, so they got up. Because their partners were so cuddled up to them, they too awoke, and they got up as well. They headed to the kitchen so that they could talk and not wake the others. It was already almost nine in the morning, so they all slept in quite nicely, not surprising, since they went to bed a little after eleven the night before, very late for the boys.

“Good morning boys, how was your sleep last night?” Max asked as they all walked in.

“Good, and yours?” TJ asked.


“Glad to hear it. You wanna help us make breakfast for us all this morning?” JJ asked.


They all got started with slicing and dicing everything that they would need. Of course they used fresh peppers and onions from their garden. Two kilos of spicy Italian sausage was fried, and the veggies and potatoes were added to the mix, and it was all cooked together. The smell of the delicious smelling food must have waken the others, because not even half way through the cooking process, they all stumbled in. Everyone who wanted it, grabbed some green tea and sat down to drink it.

“Here you go Max, you can take yours and moms in and you can eat together in your room.” AJ said, passing him a tray with everything on it that they would need.

“Thanks AJ.” Max said and took the tray.

The food was piled on the table, and everyone was told to dig in, and they did. It was probably a good thing that Max and Alice's food was dished out first, because had they have waited until the boys were finished dishing up, there would have been none left. There was none left for any of them to have seconds, but then, some of the plates looked like they had at least two servings on them already, hell most of them did.

“Ah, much better.” AJ said, sliding back and patting his belly.

“Yes, but now it's time to start our workout.” JJ said.

“Uh huh, but after we clean up.” TJ said.

They all got up and cleaned up their breakfast mess, Alice and Max joining them as they were just about to close the dishwasher and get it going.

“Don't forget our dishes.” Alice said as they walked in.

“Right, here you go.” AJ said, opening the door back up, and Alice deposited the dirty dishes and then closed and started it.

“You boys going for your workout now?” Max asked.

“Yep, you two going to join us?” JJ asked.

“Sure are.” Alice said.

They all headed out to the pool, and the non diaper wearers got in line for the shower first, while the diaper wearers all stripped off their very soggy diapers and threw them away. Once they were all clean, they all hit the workout equipment and started a good workout.

“Hey Max. Do you think you can order anything bigger than some of these things? JJ has hit the maximum weight on a few pieces now, and I'm getting real close on a couple as well.” AJ asked.

“Really, most of this equipment carries two and three times what you boys weigh!”

“Yeah, but even you yourself said it looked like we were going to sooner or later outgrow this equipment.” AJ pointed out.

“Yeah, that was what two or three months ago, and I meant in a few years.” Max said.

“I guess we're ahead of schedule then huh?” JJ asked.

“I'll say. You do realize that almost no one ever has to trade in their equipment because they outgrow it though? I think that we're just going to order you the best stuff there is. I trust you still want to stay away from free weights?”

“We know, but most people aren't in training like we are. No, I don't like the idea of free weights, nothing to protect you if something goes wrong.”

“My thoughts exactly.” Max smiled.

AJ was doing bench presses and he was now benching one thirty, which was still ten pounds higher than Max could lift regularly. He was getting better, but he did not work out as often as the boys did, and they were very quickly surpassing him. Max continued to watch the boys, and AJ was right. JJ was at the maximum weight on the leg press, the ab crunch, and the butterfly, and AJ was one weight away on the leg press and the ab crunch, but he still had a few to go on all the others. JJ was now one away on almost all the machines except those three. He did still have three more to go on the bench press though, but at a maximum weight of two hundred pounds, it was impressive already, so that meant he was benching one seventy. They all worked out for a little over an hour, even Max and Alice were able to last the full time the boys did this time, only they did not do nearly as much as the boys did. When they were finished their workout, they all hopped in the hot tub for a bit and sat back, relaxed, and talked.

“Who's ready for a massage?” Max asked excitedly about fifteen minutes later.

“Me!” Everyone said happily.

Now with even more people, and more hands, the massages were even better, even if it did take longer to do. They all enjoyed the mass massage a great deal, rinsed off, and then hopped in the pool. They swam lazily in the cool water for a little while before they all got out and dried off. They all headed back into the house and all the diaper boys got nice and diapered, and then they all helped to make lunch. For the rest of the day they all played in the games room, Alice having to head to work shortly after lunch, so it was just the boys for the rest of the night. After dinner they all curled up and watched a couple movies, and were in bed before Alice came home, Max being the only one awake, but he was in bed as well.

The next morning all the boys woke up together, once again pretty late for them, and then helped to make breakfast. Their morning workout and mass massage came next, and by the time that was finished, everyone had to be heading home for the day.

“Bye guys, thanks for coming.” AJ said as everyone was packed and ready to leave, everyone of course helping to clean up first.

“Thanks for having us, it was fun, as always, and we all love your new games room.” Matt said.

With waves goodbye, the boys were all gone, and then it was just Max, Alice, who had to leave soon herself, and the boys who lived there, well JJ didn't really live there. They all went back in the house and got themselves some lunch, and then Alice did have to head for work.

The rest of the week went by in much the same fashion as the previous had, their morning training session, followed by an hour or two of schoolwork, and then the boys all canned, froze, or otherwise prepared the last of their vegetables, and the garden was empty. Jase and Orin did call and say their parents would be happy to give them whatever fruit they wanted to take, and to come by on Sunday any time. Friday afternoon the boys all headed to JJ's place for the weekend. The girls were all very excited to see the boys, they really adored them all, and really missed their big brother during the week, so all the boys got big hugs and kisses hello.

“Hi mom, how was your week?” JJ asked.

“Pretty quiet. You guys?”

“Pretty busy. We've spent the last two weeks canning or preparing vegetables from the garden, and last weekend we had the sleepover, so we're pretty beat.”

“Well you can all rest and relax this weekend, we don't have anything important happening.” Sarah sad warmly, she could clearly see the boys were tired.

“That's good. We'll have our workouts in the morning, but otherwise I think we'll only be resting.” JJ said.

The boys took their bags up to their rooms, unpacked their things, and then got diapered. They headed back downstairs and asked the girls if they wanted to go out back and play, and of course they were all for that, so they all went out back and played. The girls all played on the large jungle gym that was back there, and the boys played catch and ran and chased each other, they just all had fun. They all played outside until they were called in for dinner.

After dinner was eaten and cleaned up, they all went to the living room and watched movies for the rest of the evening. The boys all went to bed at the same time as the girls all did, just a few minutes after eight. Sleep however was the furthest thing from their minds. The boys all stripped their boyfriends of their very soggy diapers, none of them having changed all day, and then they cuddled up together and made tender love to their partners. They all used only their mouths and their hands tonight, and they all went for quite some time before they were too drained and tired to continue.

Saturday morning they had their usual workout, all of them taking it more easily than they normally would throughout the week, AJ and JJ being forced to because none of the equipment here had as much weight on them as they had become accustomed to. The rest of the day was spent lazing around and playing with the girls, and then watching a movie.

Saturday night the boys all went to bed, and they once again played once they were in their rooms. The only difference from the night before, was that both AJ and JJ wanted and needed each other buried deep inside their tight baby bums. They all made sweet gentle love to each other though, and TJ and Ricky actually managed to outlast the other two this evening, but none of them knew that, because they were all so quiet.

Sunday morning the boys slept in, and Sarah made them a nice big filling breakfast, and they all sat back and enjoyed that together, and then they all cleaned up.

“Hey mom, do you think you could take us to the farmers market today, we want to buy some fruit for canning?” JJ asked once they were finished.

“Sure. Frank, do you want to stay home with the girls, or do you all want to come with us?”

“I'll just stay home, the farmers market is always too busy to take all the girls as well.”

“True. Okay go get ready then boys, and I'll drop you off at home after you've picked out what you want.”

The boys all ran upstairs and changed out of their soggy diapers, packed up their clothes and stuff, and headed back down to wait for Sarah, who also had to go get dressed. And because she is in fact a girl, she took longer, but she was down only a minute after the boys were ready, and then they all took off.

The farmers market was clear on the other side of town, somewhere the boys rarely ever went, and TJ had never been before. It was on the not so nice side of town, and TJ saw for the first time the not so pretty side of the place they lived. TJ actually thought he saw someone sell another someone some drugs, and it sickened him. They made it to the farmers market though and went inside. In there they had virtually every type of fruit and vegetable that you could imagine. They looked around to find who had the best stuff for the best deals, and in true farmers market style, they were yelled at by everyone, saying how much better their stuff was than everyone else's, but they just ignored them. Finally the boys decided to buy thirty kilograms of strawberries from one guy, fifty of peaches from another, as well they bought a few pineapples, some oranges, and some bananas, but those were for fresh eating. With all their fruit purchased that they needed, they headed back out to the truck. The boys did have to tell Sarah that this was not all the fruit they were getting and why, because she asked them about apples and pears and cherries and berries. Sarah drove the boys home and she and Max helped them to bring the fruit in the house, and then Sarah took off.

Max then took them to Orin's parents house, and then to Jase's house to pick the fruit they wanted, this all being prearranged, Max already had a bunch of wax coated boxes just for this. It took them all a few hours to get all the fruit picked from the two places, and they ended up with a whole bunch. In fact the bed of the truck was almost full, but then again, it was not stacked, so as to prevent crushing the fruit. They all headed back home, both Orin's and Jase's parents thanking them for relieving them of all the fruit that they did, although they took probably less than half the fruit from Orin's parents place.

“Well guys, I think we should get the berries all cleaned and bagged for freezing before they start getting mushy, because they will right away.” Max said.

“Good idea. I just hope I bought enough bags for all this, we have so much here.”

“I'm sure you have more than enough.” Max said.

“Aren't we going to make any jam or jelly out of the berries?” TJ asked.

“Never thought about it to tell you the truth, I don't actually eat them, it's too sweet for me.” AJ admitted, he had never cared too much for sweet things.

“Oh, 'cuz I love strawberry and raspberry jam. I've even had a really good raspberry and cherry jelly before.”

“I suppose we could make some jam, we can just keep a bowl of each of the berries we want set aside and make that later. I don't think that we will make jelly though, it's a lot of work, and we have more than enough to do at the moment I think.” AJ grinned, looking around at all the boxes.

“Okay, that'd be cool, thanks.” TJ said.

They all picked out a box of different berries and started cleaning, stemming, and bagging them, sorting through and keeping only the good stuff. Most of the stuff that was already crushed just got thrown into bowls for the jam they would make. So they would end up having strawberry, raspberry, and blackberry jam. The blueberries were, for the most part, fine, and the ones they did not keep were not even good for jam. By the time they finished separating and bagging the fruit, it was a little past dinner time.

“Why don't I get dinner going, and you boys get the jams going. We should be able to work around each other easily enough.” Max offered.

“Sure, we may as well. I just need to go grab the pectin that's in the cold room, I just hope it doesn't go bad, because I have no idea how old it is.” AJ said and ran off to grab the pectin.

He looked at the boxes and didn't see any expiration dates, so figured it must still be good. He knew that there were recipes inside the box, so opened one up and looked at them, found what he wanted and then told the others what they needed to do, and they all did it. He measured out the ingredients for the others for their jams and handed them over and they all started stirring and crushing as best they could. Three people crowded around a stove was not easy, so they continually switched off, only two at the stove at a time.

Max was just using an electric skillet to fry up some chicken, so he was not needing the stove. He had decided on a simple chicken salad and garlic toast for dinner, so he was not in the boys' way at all.

By the time the jam was finished and ready to be put in jars, their dinner was ready, so they all sat down and ate quickly. They had to go get a bunch of jars now, so they all went and started bringing in the smaller jam jars that were in the cold room, and Max and AJ started washing and sanitizing them, while the others took the jars as they came to them and filled them up. They ended up with between twenty and twenty two small jars of each of the three types of jam, and they were able to all fit in the oven to be sealed.

“Phew, that was a lot of work as well, glad that's all done.” TJ said.

“Yeah, it was, and we have lots more work to do over the next few days as well.” AJ smiled.

“Yeah, I know.” TJ said.

And it was a lot of work. They wanted to get the remainder of the fruit prepared by the following week, and they did manage it as well. They ended up with over a hundred jars of applesauce, more than sixty each of canned peaches and pears, fifty three of cherries, and then all the berries that they had already frozen. They should not need to worry about canned or frozen fruit all year long, all they would need for fruit was fresh.

The boys now only had two weeks left before the start of the school year, and they were all excited and nervous. TJ because he would be going to a new school, Ricky because he was no longer near as shy and timid as he was, and he was looking really well, all his baby fat gone, and his muscles starting to show nicely, and AJ and JJ because they were going into grade ten advanced classes.

They spent the weekend at JJ's place again and they mostly just relaxed some, but they did help Sarah and Frank with some stuff in the yard, but nothing really strenuous. JJ did tell his mom that they were planning on going back to school shopping this week, and that he would like some money to go and buy his stuff, so she told him to just use his account for that and that she would transfer more than enough money to cover it all. AJ, TJ, and Ricky would all be using their own money for that. The boys had an enjoyable weekend, mostly just playing with the girls in the yard, and they loved having the big boys there to play with them as well.

The next week the boys did not go shopping until Thursday, because AJ had to have the bank transfer money, something Alice had to go in and ask them to do, and she asked them to also increase AJ's monthly allowance to two hundred instead, because he was taking on more responsibility, and one hundred just was not enough, AJ had no idea that she was doing this though. Ricky and TJ both had more than enough money in their accounts already, so they were set when they headed out on Thursday afternoon as soon as AJ and JJ were done their schoolwork.

“I think we should all go get our hair done as well, we all need a trim and a touch up.” JJ said as they headed from home on their bikes.

“Okay, and do you think we could go and get my eyebrow pierced, I think it looks cool?” TJ asked.

“Sure.” AJ said.

They headed to see Marcos first, and he was delighted to see them all, as he usually was. He didn't have any other customers at the time, so he invited them all in right away.

“It's so good to see you boys again, need a cleanup before school starts I take it?”

“You got it, make us as perfect as you usually do.” JJ said.

“You're all so perfect already, I just put the icing on the cake.” Marcos smiled.

“Thanks.” They said.

He sat them all in chairs side by side, and then worked from right to left, getting all their hair trimmed and ready for coloring. They were then taken back and they filled all the chairs back there, and then one by one he redid the colors in their hair, keeping them all the same, because it looked so good on them. Half an hour later he was rinsing their hair and taking them back to make any final adjustments, as well as styling their hair.

“There you boys go, you'll have every gay boy in town kissing your feet, and anywhere else you'd like them to.” Marcos grinned.

“Thanks, but no thanks.” TJ said. “I have all I'll ever need already.” He smiled warmly and took Ricky's hand in his.

“Ah young love, so damn cute.” Marcos cooed.

They all went up to the till and they each paid their money, and then with final thanks and good byes, they headed out. They headed to the body piercing place that AJ and JJ had gone to to get their piercings done, and TJ looked at all the options. They all looked as well, and TJ found a really nice small simple gold hoop with a little pink gem in the middle of it. He picked that one.

“I'll take that one please.” TJ told the lady who came to help them.

“Um, you do realize it's pink right?” She asked curiously.

“Yeah, I'm not color blind, but I like it, and I like pink.” TJ said confidently.

“You have to be gay.” She said.

“Yep, we all are.”

“I figured as much, but you're so young.”

“I'm eleven, and I've known I was gay since I was eight.” TJ said almost defensively.

“I didn't mean to offend you, I don't mind. My little brother is gay as well, he's in high school though, I just didn't think you were old enough to even know if you were gay or not.”

“I knew I was gay when I was pretty young as well, just didn't admit it until I was older.” JJ said.

“I see. Maybe my brother always knew as well. Our parents don't know yet, and I promised I wouldn't tell them, but I caught him looking at gay porn on the computer one night, he obviously wasn't expecting anyone to come home, was possibly the most funny thing I've ever seen. I told him that I had no problem with it, that I knew a few gay people, and they were all nice people, just like everyone else.”

“They probably already know, at least if they are observant anyways, and assuming of course they know you guys.” JJ said.

“Oh yeah, we're all really close, so maybe they do already, and are just waiting for him to come out to them.” She shrugged.

“You know what, I think I want one of those as well.” Ricky said, making up his mind.

“Me too.” AJ and JJ said, JJ only needed to change his out for the new one though.

“Okay, and you all want them in your eyebrows then?”

“Yep.” They all said.

They all paid, JJ took his old one out and put the new one in, and the others were led back and she worked very quickly to get them all pierced and ready to go. She gave them all the speech about how to keep it clean and care for their new piercings, and then they all headed out. Because they were closer to the shoe store, they headed there first.

“Hello boys, so nice to see you all again. Are you doing your back to school shopping?”

“Hi Sean, yes we are.” Ricky answered.

“Good good, I just got a new shipment of some really nice new shoes, and boy are they comfortable, and they look really nice as well. And Ricky, I have a couple new styles of the special shoes for you to look at. How are they helping by the way?”

“I don't really know to tell you the truth, most of the time we all go around in just bare feet and sandals, but the few times I have worn them, I have noticed a bit of a difference, and they don't hurt any more.”

“Okay, any back aches?”

“Still a little, but it's been better since I started working out and strengthening my back and stomach a lot.”

“Yes, I can see, you all look incredible. Well go ahead and look around and call me if you need any help.”

“Thanks.” They all said. They did ask for him to show them the new shoes though, and they all agreed that they did look very nice, and they were very comfortable when they put them on. Ricky did try on a new pair of the special shoes, and he was happy with them, so he picked a pair of them, and the others each took a pair of the others. TJ was the only one that did have to take an extra pair, because in grade school they had no choice but to join in on gym class, and they had to have acceptable shoes for that. Ricky had decided to no longer take gym as well, and already told the school, and took a free period as well, but it was not going to be at the same time as AJ and JJ's was, but that didn't matter. The others all figured that one pair each was more than enough, so they each took their shoes up front and paid for them.

“Thanks a lot boys, you have a good school year, and come back and see me if you need anything at all.” Sean said.

“Thanks, and we certainly will, you have all the best stuff, so we're sure to come here, and we told all our friends about this place as well already, so if they haven't been in yet, they soon will be.” AJ said.


The boys all headed out and hit Ewan's clothing store next, and they all greeted each other in a friendly manner. The boys said they would look around and call if they needed anything at all, and Ewan said that their change room would be open for them. They each picked out some more underwear, now that they would be needing to wear it, they wanted a few more pairs, and Ricky just plain wanted some, they were very comfortable looking. They all picked out a few new shirts and pants, some more socks and undershirts, and then went and tried on their clothes, all squeezing into the big change room in the back. They did get a few strange looks when they all went in, and even more strange looks when they all came out, mostly because they were all laughing and talking loudly while they were in there. Another teen boy smiled shyly at them, and they all recognized him as being gay, but none of them knew the boy by sight, so either he would be new to their school, or went to another of the six or so high schools in the city. Ewan had also had a large display of really nice looking, and practical backpacks on display, so they each grabbed a new one, their old ones starting to show their age.

“Well I think this is all Ewan, we really liked the new pants you got in, they sure are comfortable.”

“And they breath beautifully as well, you'll almost never sweat in them, they feel so cool and soft against your skin.” Ewan said happily. Each of the boys had chosen two pairs of these pants in different colors.

“Cool.” The boys all said.

Ewan spent many minutes ringing in their purchases and folding and bagging them all neatly, and then the boys all paid and said goodbye. They all headed out after stuffing all their purchases inside their new packs, and tossing out their old ones.

Their final stop was to be the stationary store to get all their school supplies. Mostly they did not need much, none of them really wrecked any of their stuff at all, so much of it was still in good condition. TJ of course needed all new things, and Ricky didn't get most of his stuff from his mom, so he too needed almost all new stuff, and AJ and JJ just needed to stock up on new paper, pens, pencils, and whatnot. By the time they finished there, they were all fully loaded, much of the stuff having to be split up to fit in their packs. They all hopped on their bikes and headed towards home.

“Wow, we sure spent a lot of money today, no wonder my parents always grumbled about back to school shopping.” TJ said.

“Yeah, it can get expensive for sure, especially when you abuse all your stuff and it always has to be replaced, like some of the kids at school must have to do.” JJ said.

“Yeah, no kidding, but I never do that. I ruined a binder once because I drew on it, and my dad spanked me until I could not sit down, so I never did that again.” TJ said.

“Mine was the same.” Ricky said.

“Ouch, all for drawing on a binder, I mean who cares about that, some of the kids literally tear theirs apart!” AJ said in disgust.

“Yeah, well my dad was really strict about stuff like that, and you never crossed him.” TJ said.

“Well you'll never have to worry about that again. I doubt very seriously that Max would ever spank you unless you did something really bad, and I doubt any of us will have to worry about that.”

“Nah, he doesn't need me to spank, he has Alice now.” TJ grinned.

“What, how did you know about that?” AJ asked.

“Oh, you knew about it. Well one night I woke up and was really thirsty, and she was calling out spank me, spank me, and then I heard the smacks. It didn't sound very hard, just playful mostly, but they seem to like it.” TJ grinned.

“Yeah, they both do, but no one needs to know about that.” AJ said seriously.

“I know, I'd never tell anyone, just you guys, because I knew you'd never tell anyone either.” TJ said seriously.

“Really, they like to spank each other, that's weird?” Ricky asked in shock.

“No more weird than our loving diapers, and it's actually a lot more common. I think they like to tie each other up and stuff like that too, but I never asked, because it's none of my business. But the one time I went into their room to get something, I saw the ropes and the handcuffs, it was kinda kinky.” AJ grinned.

“Wicked.” TJ grinned.

“No, you may not tie me up or spank me, and I won't do it to you either.” Ricky said.

“Well I certainly don't want you to spank me, but being tied up does sound kinda fun.” TJ grinned.

“Well okay, maybe tying up, but only maybe.” Ricky smiled, and the boys could all see that they were all hard.

They rode the rest of the way home just joking around and laughing the whole way there. They hadn't realized how late it really was until they got home and found that Max was already home. None of them had put on their watches, most of them having far too dressy of watches to wear with shorts and tank tops, and TJ just didn't have one.

“Hi guys, got everything you needed I hope?” Max greeted them when they came in the house.

“I sure hope so, we couldn't possibly have fit more, even if we did forget something anyways.” Ricky said.

“Well dump it all out on the living room floor and let's see it all.” Max said.

They all sat in a circle on the floor, and the boys dumped all their stuff out, and they all excitedly showed Max all their new purchases. He really liked the clothes they had chosen, very stylish and nice looking, but as with all their clothes they bought, they looked to be made very well. He was pleased to see that they all bought good school supplies as well, and he really liked all their shoes, saying they did look comfortable. Up until then, Max had yet to notice their new eyebrow rings, but they were kind of small, so he just had not noticed them yet, and he hadn't said anything about their hair either, but it really wasn't any different, just cleaned up.

“And look what we all got Uncle Max.” TJ said excitedly and pointed to his eyebrow.

“Oh, I never noticed those, sorry. But isn't pink a little daring, aren't you afraid that the other kids at school will call you gay?”

“I hate to tell you this Uncle Max, but I am gay, I know it might come as a bit of a shock to you.” TJ said with a perfectly straight face.

“What, what the hell are you talking about, I already knew that, oh wait, you're a brat.” Max said, sounding confused, and then realizing that TJ was toying with him again, he loved doing that.

“That was good, I totally got you. As for the kids at school, I don't care if they know, and if they ask, I have no problem telling them that yes, I am gay. I refuse to hide, I will not let others fear of me stand in the way of me being happy. If they don't like it, they can deal with it.” TJ said very seriously.

“Then we better tell the school to watch out for kids that might try and harass you then, because some might try.” Max said.

“If you think it necessary.”

“Yes, I do. You'll be all alone at that school, the others will all have each other and the swim team to help protect them, not that it really mattered the one time. Ricky though, I never thought that you'd do something so bold as that, but I think it's good, and it looks good with the red in your hair as well.”

“I'm sick of hiding as well, and I don't care what others think of me. If no one wants to be near me at school, oh well, their problem. And besides, now I have real friends at school, something I never had before anyways.” Ricky said boldly.

“Good for you. Well dinner should be ready pretty quick, I just threw a meatloaf in the oven, and there are some potatoes that are probably almost ready now. You guys go ahead and go get this stuff all sorted out and get the clothes in the wash, and then we can eat.” Max instructed.

“Okay.” They all said.

The school supplies were piled back in their new packs, the clothes were all relieved of their tags and taken to the laundry room, and then they put their shoes in the closet and took their bags to their rooms. Shortly after they finished cleaning up their mess, they were sitting down to eat dinner together. The rest of the evening they passed by playing in the games room.