Chapter 24

The first day of school. The boys were all nervous. JJ had stayed the night at AJ's again so that they could all get dressed and go together. They all styled their hair as perfectly as they could, dressed in their nicest new clothes, and hopped on their bikes to ride there. They would drop TJ off at the elementary school first on their way, it was only a two minute side trip, so hardly a big deal, and then head to school themselves.

The elementary school had been warned about TJ and his decision to not hide who he was, and although the principal was somewhat shocked that TJ would make such a bold decision, he was not surprised in the least that the boy was gay. The principal even said that he had had a few gay students in the past that were outed in one way or another, but none in his school had ever voluntarily decided that they were not going to hide it. Although TJ was asked to not flaunt the fact that he was gay either, of which he heartily promised he would never do.

When TJ arrived at his new school, he went to the office as he was told to do, and talked to the secretary. She gave him his room assignment, and he headed on his way there. He had a nice teacher, he was pretty young and very good looking, and had TJ not had a boyfriend already, he might have developed one hell of a crush on his teacher. The teacher assigned everyone to a seat, and TJ ended up in the middle of the classroom, almost exactly, so he had boys and girls all around him. The teacher then had all the students introduce themselves, because there were three new students. The introductions went quickly, and TJ could tell easily that he would have difficulty making friends at this school, they all seemed to already have their friends, and had no room left for others, and he could tell just by how they all introduced themselves, only two of the existing kids seemed friendly.

TJ did not have to wait long for the questions to start. In fact at their first recess, three of the boys from his class approached him. They did not look like they wanted to fight, so TJ just stayed where he was and let them come, showing them that he was not afraid.

“Tony, Garth, and Kevin right?” TJ asked, pointing to each one, showing them his impeccable memory for names.

“Yeah, that's right.” Tony, obviously the ring leader of their little band said.

“Nice to meet you guys. So how long have you gone to this school for? I just moved here from back East during the summer.” TJ asked in a friendly manner.

“Um, always have.” Tony said, a little flustered, he was not sure what to make of the new kid, he seemed to be really nice, and not afraid of him like most of the kids were.

“That's cool. So are you guys as big a bullies as your stature in the playground would suggest?” TJ asked kindly, speaking as to how all the other students appeared to give them a wide berth.

“Um, we ain't no bullies, but we don't take no shit from no one.” Tony said defiantly.

“Cool, I can respect that, I'm the same, I hate fighting, and will try to avoid it at all costs if I can, but the few kids that tried to fight me at my old school, found out that I am a lot stronger than I look.” TJ said confidently, fibbing a bit, because he had never been in a fight in his life, but they didn't need to know that.

“Listen, we wanted to know, are you gay or something, wearing a pink eyebrow ring?” Tony asked.

“Yeah I am, but I already have a boyfriend, so you'll have to find someone else, sorry.” TJ said, and the other two burst into laughter.

Poor Tony though looked like a landed fish. Not only did he expect to be lied to, but he really never expected to have a response anywhere near that, the look on his face looking somewhat like he'd been slapped.

“I wasn't going to ask you to be my boyfriend.” Tony almost spat out.

“Oh sorry, just didn't want you to embarrass yourself if you were, I know how fragile young boys hearts can be when they are turned down. You're cute and all, but you're not really my type anyways. So, I'm not going to have any problems with you guys am I?” TJ asked.

“What, oh no, I guess not.” Tony spluttered out.

“Good. I really didn't want enemies here, I'd rather have friends, that is if you guys would have a known gay boy as a friend. Well at least you guys know I'm gay, but I suspect most everyone suspects it.”

“We can't be seen with you if you're gay, sorry.” Tony spluttered out again.

“What, not like it's catching or anything, and I can tell you that two of your little group are gay anyways, but I won't tell you which ones, but you never know, you all might enjoy playing with each other to get off, it's way more fun to have a friend stroke you than to do it yourself, and a mouth is absolutely heavenly.” TJ said dreamily.

Well all the boys blushed huge with that, they had never been talked to like this, no one had ever really talked to them before. They were not really bullies, but they made it feel like it. They were bigger than most of the kids in their class, and they had no problem telling a kid to move it or lose it if they wanted the spot the kid was in. Most of the other kids were sorta fearful of them, so just stayed out of their way. All three of the boys wondered which of the others was gay as well, or if they were bi also, because Tony was certain he was not entirely straight, and Garth was certain that he was nowhere near straight, and Kevin just had no idea what to think, his dick went hard no matter who he looked at.

“Come on, sit down, and join me, I promise I won't rape you or anything in the playground, or anywhere for that matter. Like I said, I already have a boyfriend.” TJ offered. They reluctantly came and sat down.

“You really have a boyfriend?” Garth asked.

“Yeah, he's fifteen, turns sixteen in almost two months, he's really nice, and he's really hot too, I think you'd all like him.”

“Really.” They all said.

“Oh yeah, maybe if you guys want to come to my place after school, you can meet my boyfriend, my brother, and his boyfriend, you could come and swim, or play in the games room if you wanted to?” TJ asked.

“Your brother has a boyfriend as well, what, is your whole family gay or something?”

“Oh yeah, he has a boyfriend as well, but no, my uncle and his girlfriend certainly aren't gay. I live with my uncle now because my parents freaked with a capital F when they accidentally found out I was gay, and they shipped me out here to live with my uncle, they didn't even call him and ask first. I'm really lucky to be living with him though, he's the best, and he's in the process of adopting me. His girlfriend is my brothers mom, so technically we're not brothers yet, but we're all certain they're gonna get married soon, and we can't wait.” TJ explained happily.

“You have a pool and a games room too, that's pretty cool.” Kevin said.

“Yeah, you should see them, they're the best. My brother is training for the Olympics, in diving and swimming, and so is his boyfriend, his name's JJ, and they've even been teaching me as well, you should see them dive, oh my god, you'll piss your pants when you see it. But anyways, yeah, AJ had to put the pool in to train, and we just finished the games room a few weeks ago now.”

“Let me get this straight, your name is TJ, your brothers name is AJ,and his boyfriends name is JJ, how the hell does everyone keep it all straight?” Tony asked in amazement.

“Easy, and my boyfriends name is Ricky. He even lives with us, because when his parents found out he was gay, they sort of freaked out as well. So would you guys like to come over after school then?” TJ asked.

“Sure, I guess so.”

“Awesome, well we better head back inside, because it's almost time.” TJ said, his timing as good as always, because no sooner had he said that, when the bell rang, and he wasn't wearing a watch.

They sat together at lunch time again, and again at the second recess, and they all talked and got to know each other quite a bit.

During the boys' first meeting of the day, the principal had been watching from his office, making sure that nothing went on, and he held his breath when he saw the three boys walk up to TJ. He had never seen the boys fight anyone, they didn't need to, they used intimidation quite well, and they had gotten in trouble for it, but he was worried they could turn quickly into the school bullies. To say he was more than surprised when TJ seemed to disarm them straight away, was an understatement, and he even got them to sit and talk with him, and then he saw them all talking and laughing. He wondered if this was a good or a bad thing. Then he saw them at lunch together, and then at the second recess as well, and he had to wonder if the boys knew that TJ was gay. They had to have noticed the pink eyebrow ring, and the perfectly styled clothes and hair, it all cried out gay boy, and he was certain that the three boys would cause some sort of trouble. Once the boys were back in their class for the afternoon, he decided he should call Max and let him know what was happening, so he pulled up TJ's file to call Max.

“Hello, Max please?”

“This is max, how may I help you?”

“Hi Max, this is the principal down at TJ's school, do you have a few minutes?”

“Yeah sure, what's the matter, has something happened already?” Max asked fearfully, he did not want to have to hear of something like what happened to AJ.

“Nothing bad, at least I hope it isn't. I thought I should just call and warn you that TJ seems to have made friends with a known group of intimidators, they've never actually been caught fighting or anything like that, but they enjoy using their size around the playground to get what they want. I have given them trouble before, but when they don't actually say anything, you can't really do anything. I'm kind of worried that TJ might be getting himself into trouble with these three, but then again maybe they are the ones getting into trouble with him. I actually saw them relax and appear to have fun today, which I'm not sure I've ever seen them do.”

“Oh, well that's good that he's made some friends already, and on his first day too. He's really good at disarming people and making them completely at ease. I will watch over him at home, if you can please continue to watch at school, but I'm sure that if TJ has taken them on as friends, then they will turn out just fine.” Max said with an audible sigh of relief in his voice.

“Okay, I hope so, and I will do so for you. I will keep in touch with you and let you know what's happening here.”

“Thanks, and likewise.”

“So are you guys going to come to my place then?” TJ asked as the end of day bell rang.

“Sure, but we'll have to run home and get shorts if we're going to swim.” Tony said.

“Ah don't worry about that, just call home and make sure it's okay, and then you can come over. You can either borrow some of our shorts or swim like we do.”

“And how do you guys swim?” Garth asked curiously, but almost afraid of the answer.

“Why, naked of course, only the best way to swim, and I guarantee you'll like it, and suggest you try it as well.” TJ said happily.

“Um, no thanks.” They all said. “I think I'll borrow shorts if you don't mind” Tony said and the others nodded.

“Your loss, but no problem.” TJ shrugged.

They each pulled out a cell phone and called home, and in a few seconds they all had permission to stay out, and to be home by six.

“Did you guys ride your bikes to school today?”

“Yeah, we do every day.” Tony answered.

“Cool, so did I, and the others will be here pretty soon to pick us up, then we can all ride together, so let's go and wait for them.” TJ said happily, and they all headed out to wait by their bikes for JJ, Ricky, and AJ to arrive.


“Hi guys, lookin' good.” The swim team said as the three of them all joined them.

“Thanks, you too.” They all said back.

“You guys excited?” Jase asked.

“A little nervous actually.” JJ said.

“I bet. You're doing a pretty big jump, but you'll be fine, you have the smartest kid around to help you. I like your eyebrow rings guys, but honestly, pink!” Jase grinned.

“We like them.” Ricky grinned.

“Everyone will know you're gay!” Will warned.

“Yeah, so what, I am sick of hiding, and I shouldn't have to. Everyone knows about AJ and JJ already, and they're fine.” Ricky said bravely.

“That's cool. Not so sure I'm ready to be parading it around yet, but I'm not hiding it either.” Jase smiled warmly.

They all headed to their first classes of the day shortly after. They had all been mailed their class schedules and room numbers, so they all knew where they had to go. AJ and JJ were in all the same classes, Ricky was in two of them, and a few of the team were with them in another class as well. They all had a good day, all sitting together at lunch time and talking, all saying they missed Matt and Orin being there with them, but they started their university courses as well on the same day. They all wondered who would be made the new team captain now that Matt was gone, and everyone except AJ thought AJ would be the prime choice. The rest of the day went just fine, and before they knew it, it was their last class of the day. It was English again, and they had Mrs. Berry once again, something they were both very pleased with. One thing they were not surprised at, was that they were asked to stay after class.

“Hi Mrs. Berry, we were very glad to see that you would have us again this year. How was your summer?” AJ asked.

“And I was very happy to have you two back as well, in my advanced class and another grade ahead, very good. I had an excellent summer, I went on a trip and spent a month away touring some of the nicest places I have ever seen. You two look like you had an excellent summer as well, you look incredible. May I touch your chest AJ, it looks very solid?”

“Sure, go ahead.” AJ said and Mrs. Berry reached out and knocked on AJ's breast, and as she thought, it sounded hard.

“Wow, you boys have been really working hard over the summer, I've never seen a thirteen year old look quite so fit and hard like that, and I had a gay son too.” She grinned.

“Well, we are officially training for the Olympics, and we worked extremely hard over the summer, three hours of intense training every day, and an hour or so on the weekends, plus everything else we did. I'm glad you had a nice trip, looks like it was very relaxing.” JJ said.

“I heard rumors that you had started training, Phil might have mentioned something like that, hell he was so happy that he was nearly shouting it out in our meeting last week. That's some training regiment though. I thought that it wasn't a good idea to start physical training until you started puberty!” Mrs. Berry grinned and looked at AJ for the last part.

“Oh, I am probably almost finished puberty, at least I am over half way through at any rate. So no problems there.” AJ smiled.

“Oh, sorry.” She blushed.

“No worries, we don't embarrass easily, and I'm surprised you did.”

“I just don't normally ask such personal questions of my students, I forgot who I was talking to. But to tell you quite honestly, I did not think that you had started yet, or were anywhere near done.”

“Oh no worries, you may be our teacher, but we think of you as a friend as well. Most people have a hard time believing I'm as old as I say I am to begin with, and I doubt anyone who hasn't seen me naked would believe me anyways.” AJ said simply.

“I bet, but so no one knows then I guess.”

“Oh no, all our friends and family do. We swim naked all the time, we have nothing to hide at either of our houses.” AJ said.

“Ah, I see.”

“Well, we should be going, we have to go pick up my little brother.”

“I thought you were an only child?” Mrs. Berry asked, clearly puzzled.

“I was, but I'll tell you all about it in the essay you assigned for us.” AJ said. She had assigned the standard what did you do over the summer holidays essay to everyone.

“Okay, I can't wait to read it, but please keep it under a hundred pages.” She grinned.

“Okay, I guess I'll have to trim it down some then.” AJ said with a frown.

“Well have a good day boys.”

“You too.” They said and headed out.

They grabbed their stuff from their lockers and went to meet Ricky by the bike racks, and they all headed out to pick up TJ, talking about their day as they went. They made it to the school and found TJ and three other boys there waiting for them.

“Hi, sorry we're late, we had to stay and talk to the teacher.” AJ said.

“Wow, in trouble on your very first day back, that beats even my record.” TJ teased.

“Yeah right, have you ever been in trouble by a teacher before?” AJ grinned.

“Um, no, not that I remember, and I doubt you've ever been either.” TJ grinned.

“Nope. So who are your friends here?” AJ asked.

“This is Tony, Garth, and Kevin, we met today and I invited them to come home with us today, they are allowed by their parents, and Uncle Max already told me it would be okay to bring friends home any time.” TJ said.

“Cool, hi guys. I'm AJ, this is JJ, and this is Ricky.” AJ introduced.

“Wow, you're built, how old are you?” Tony asked.

“If you think I'm built, you should see JJ, he's even more so, but I'm thirteen.”

“Yeah, he is, but he's way older than you are. And you're in high school?” Tony asked.

“Yeah, just started grade ten.” AJ answered.

“We all did.” Ricky added.

“What, but you're only thirteen, that's only two years older than us, and we're in grade six.” Garth said incredulously.

“I know, I was skipped ahead a few years.” AJ said simply, not making a big deal of it.

“Wow.” They all said.

“Well if you guys are ready to go, let's get going, we want to get home and get some training in before dinner.” JJ said.

“Okay, lets go.” TJ said.

They all took off, heading towards home. They all talked the whole way there, getting to know the younger boys, and they all seemed quite nice, if not a little intimidated by AJ and JJ. And to think they had planned on intimidating TJ, that would have been a huge mistake if he had a big brother like that. They all reached home and the guests dropped their bikes where they were told to, and the others locked theirs up.

“Come on guys, let me show you the games room first.” TJ said and dragged the three boys off, and before they could get far, AJ stopped them.

“We're going out to start working out, you guys can come and join us when you want to.”

“Okay, are you going with them Ricky or with me?”

“You go ahead and I'll start working out with the others.”

“Okay baby, see you in a few minutes then.” TJ said and Ricky smiled warmly and turned and followed the others.

“Wow, he really is your boyfriend isn't he?” Tony said.

“Of course he is, why would I lie about something like that?”

“I don't know.” Tony shrugged.

“Well come on and see the games room, you'll love it.”

“Holy shit, this is awesome.” All three of them said when TJ led them into the games room.

“Yeah, we all have a blast in here. We don't have time though to play today. I want to go get a good workout today, and you guys can join us or just swim, or lay in the hot tub, or you can even sit in the sauna.”

They didn't know what to say to all of that, so they just followed TJ out to the pool. When they got out there they stopped and stared at everything. They then happened to turn and look towards the showers where the others were just getting out, and they were all naked, and all three boys went instantly hard.

“Come on, let's go get showered off, you have to if you want to use any of the stuff in here, and then I can get you guys shorts if you really want them.” TJ said.

All three boys spluttered incoherently, none of them sure what was happening to them. The three older boys were gorgeous, and they were naked, and now TJ wanted them to get naked as well.

“TJ, be gentle with them, they're all hard and they don't understand their feelings. They probably don't even understand their feelings towards other boys yet, they may not have come to terms with being gay yet.” AJ said gently, more than loud enough for all three to hear him.

“But I'm not gay.” Tony tried saying, a few tears now leaking from his eyes.

“You can try and hide it from yourself if you want, and I don't think you're totally gay, but you're definitely not straight either. It's okay, really it is. You are all at the least bi, we can tell, and we're okay with that. I'm sure that TJ would have told you all about us before inviting you here, so you had to know what you were getting yourselves into.” AJ said gently.

“How do you know?” Garth asked.

“We call it gaydar, same way you can probably tell that some boys are gay as well. Because you're totally gay, you probably know about it better than the other two do.” JJ said honestly, and Garth started tearing up as well.

“Oh would you boys quit your crying, look, we're all boys here, we're all gay, and we're all here to workout and have a good time, no sex, so don't feel uncomfortable or anything.” TJ said.

“But my parents will kill me if they find out I like other boys more than I like girls, and I'm not even sure about them.” Tony said.

“Why do you need to tell them really, and if they find out, then so be it. My dad tried to beat the gay out of me, and he lost the fight, but I'm better for it. We all stick together, don't worry.” TJ said kindly.

“Go on boys, go get cleaned up and then come and workout some.” AJ said gently again, and then they turned and headed to the workout equipment.

TJ started to strip right down, dropping his clothes right where he was standing, and if anything the three boys got even harder, TJ was gorgeous as well, and he was about the same size as they were, albeit a little shorter in height. TJ made it to the shower and was just turning the water on when the other three finally decided, with looks to each other, to just do it. So they too stripped quickly, each of them hiding their little erections with their hands and heading to the showers.

“Why are you guys covering yourselves, trust me, we've all seen boners around here, even my uncles, and it's pretty big. JJ's is almost as big though, and AJ is right behind him. He has a huge dick in comparison to the rest of his body. Mine is positively tiny compared to theirs, but it still feels really good to play with.” TJ said happily.

One by one they each uncovered themselves, and all four looked at each other, comparing sizes. As TJ suspected, all three of them were almost the exact same size as he was, plus or minus a couple millimeters in length or width, and they were all uncircumcised as well.

“Well now you guys have nothing to be ashamed of, they're all just like mine, almost the exact same size, and Ricky says mine is bigger than his was at my age.” TJ said unashamedly.

“Really!” Kevin said.

“For sure. Come on and get washed, and then we can go and workout, but a word of warning, don't try and do what AJ and JJ do, it'll kill you.”

They all finished washing and then dried off on their way to the equipment. The boys stopped and stared when they got there, what they saw was three boy gods working out, and Ricky had the smallest amount of weights on his machine. AJ was busy bench pressing his normal weight, and JJ was leg pressing the entire stack.

“Fuck me.” Tony gasped.

“Oh no thanks, like I said, I have a boyfriend already.” TJ teased.

“What, no, I wasn't asking.” Tony blushed huge time. “I can't believe how much weight AJ and JJ are doing, I bet my dad can't even do half that.” Tony explained.

“Max can't do as much either, and when he tries, Alice gets really mad at him for trying to catch up to the boys. She says he'll never do it, and to not even bother trying.” TJ giggled.

They each grabbed a free machine and TJ told them all that they would need to know, then they all started working out. Tony, Kevin, and Garth were all surprised that TJ was able to do a lot more weight than they were able to comfortably do, although he was still not pushing any more than he was comfortable with, but he had become quite used to this already. He still was not allowed to push it at all though, he just had to keep it light. The three new boys lasted only half an hour through their one hour workout, and they went and sat in the hot tub.

“Man am I going to hurt tomorrow.” Garth whined, he was already getting sore, and the others were still going.

“Me too.” The other two said as well.

“I can't believe how strong they are, even TJ is way stronger than we are.” Tony said in awe.

“Yeah, good thing we didn't do anything stupid huh. So how come we never told each other we're gay?” Garth asked.

“Was afraid you guys would leave me, and then I'd have nothing.” Tony admitted.


“And to think I have been playing with myself thinking of you guys for all this time, and you could have been there playing with me as well.” Garth grinned, very happy that he was free to admit his feelings finally.

“Yeah, same here.” The other two said again, both with a bit of a blush.

“This is so cool, being naked like this. It feels” Garth sighed out.

“Yeah.” The other two sighed out as well.

They laid back and relaxed in the hot soothing water, almost falling asleep, until the others called to them and told them they were going to start swimming now. The four of them dove into the water and started swimming. The boys got out of the hot tub and went to jump in the water, but stopped and stared once again. AJ and JJ were swimming so fast that they were practically skimming the water. Even TJ and Ricky were doing very well, their teaching starting to show as well.

“My god can those two swim or what!” Kevin gasped out.

“No kidding.” Tony said, his mouth actually hanging open.

They dove in the water and started swimming as well, but doing nowhere near as well as the others were. They only swam for forty five minutes before they called swimming to an end, and then AJ and JJ got up to practice their diving. The new boys were warned to stay out of the deep end for this, and they did. They all stood and watched as first AJ took a dive off the high dive, and they all gasped, and then JJ went, and they gasped again. They each did three different dives over and over again until they both felt they were perfect, and it lasted forty five minutes again. They had timed it perfectly, so that they could go in and get dinner started, so that they would have it all ready just as Alice and Max came home.

“Why don't you guys call home and ask if you can stay for dinner as well?” AJ asked them.

“Are you sure it'll be okay with your parents?”

“Sure, they don't mind at all.” AJ and TJ said at the same time.

They all headed into the house, the three new boys forgetting that they were still naked, feeling so free and at ease. They all made the calls and they were told it was okay and to be home by eight then. They all helped to cook dinner, and just as it was almost finished, Max and Alice walked in, and three sudden gasps could be heard as well as three sets of hands shooting down to cover themselves.

“I haven't seen a blush like that for a while, and from three all at the same time.” Alice giggled.

“Hi guys, didn't know you had friends over. I take it these are the three boys you met at school today?” Max asked TJ.

“Yeah, these are Tony, Garth, and Kevin. Guys, this is my Uncle Max, and this is Alice, and you can remove your hands. In case you haven't already noticed, they don't mind.” TJ introduced everyone.

“How did you know we met at school sir?” Tony asked, still blushing furiously and covering himself, he and the other two had also backed themselves up against the cabinets so that their bared backsides couldn't be seen either.

“Oh simple. We made sure to let the principal know that TJ was gay, and that he was not hiding the fact, so he said he'd watch out for TJ. He saw the three of you meet today, and he called me and told me all about you guys. Oh and please, call me Max, I hate sir.” Max said in an upbeat manner, but all three boys gulped.

“Everything sir, sorry, I mean Max?” Kevin asked.

“Yes, he said he was afraid you three might be bullies, and that you seemed to have buddied up with TJ, so he was just warning me. I told him TJ would be able to handle you guys.” Max said happily.

“Oh yeah, they're not bullies, they just liked to intimidate other kids, but they won't do that any more around me.” TJ said happily.

“Good, glad to hear it. Bullies are bad. So are you boys staying for dinner as well, I sure hope so, because even with our eating machines, I doubt we could eat that much?”

“Yes.” They all said, almost in a whisper.

“Good. You guys can uncover yourselves any time though, you know that right, there is no reason to be embarrassed. Max and I are going to go get more comfortable and we'll be right back, I expect you to be uncovered by then.” Alice instructed in her no nonsense voice.

“You better uncover yourselves, I bet she spanks you if you don't.” TJ teased.

The three boys gulped and uncovered themselves, and the other four all started laughing.

“I was teasing, she wouldn't spank you guys. But there's no sense in being embarrassed around here. You should hear some of the conversations around here, or at JJ's place.” TJ said, still giggling.

“Come on, let's get the table set and then we can get dinner served.” JJ said.

They all helped to set the table and set the food. They were about halfway done when Alice and Max walked back out, both naked as well. The three boys' faces fell again in shock.

“What, you boys were all comfortable, so we figured we may as well be also.” Alice said happily.

“Come on, let's eat before it gets cold.” JJ said, trying his hardest not to laugh.

“Man, was I really this bad when I met you guys?” Ricky asked.

“Oh yeah. But then again I was probably worse.” AJ said.

“He was.” JJ said dryly.

“Yeah, but I was even worse about being naked than he was, and look at me now.” Alice said happily, finally feeling so free herself.

“No thanks, I'm gay.” JJ said happily, and Tony spit milk out his nose, he was just taking a drink.

“Oh crap, that hurts.” Tony gasped and everyone burst out laughing.

“I didn't quite mean it like that you brat.” Alice said, trying her hardest not laugh, smacking JJ in the arm.

Everyone was still laughing a few minutes later, trying to eat their dinner. The ice had officially been broken though, and the three new boys would never again be the same. Once dinner was finished, they all helped to clean up the kitchen, and then they went out and played in the games room for a little bit. At quarter to eight, their guests said that they had to get going, so they went and collected their clothes and got dressed, then headed home.


“Okay TJ, Ricky will be here to pick you up after school, we have our first swim practice of the year after school. Or you can meet Ricky at the school and you guys can wait and watch us.” AJ said as they dropped TJ off at school the following morning.

“I'll meet you guys there I think, is that okay with you Ricky?”

“Sure.” Ricky said happily.

“Okay, see you later then, and have a good day.” JJ said.

The three of them headed off to their school. TJ went and locked up his bike and met his friends, and they talked excitedly.

“Man, it was so awesome last night, I feel different now, I don't know why though.” Tony said happily.

“It's because you are free. It's amazing how much better you feel when you admit certain things to yourself.” TJ said knowledgeably.

“Cool.” All three of them said together.

“After school I'm going to watch the guys in their first swim practice, so I won't be able to have you over today again. But maybe this weekend you guys can come and stay at our place.” TJ said.

“Okay, that's cool. We'll probably get homework today anyways, so we will probably have to go home and do it.”

“Hell, if you get homework, just come to our place and AJ and JJ can help you understand anything at all.”

They all went about their day, going to class and learning, playing and talking at recess like they were old friends. It was a good match for the boys. The principal once again watched them, and he was pleased to see the change in the boys. He could actually see that they were happier, and not once did he see them look at another student in any bad way. He thought that TJ had been very good for all three of them.


Ricky, JJ, and AJ all got to school, and they too went about their day, talking excitedly to all their friends. Ricky did use his free period to go and do something other than homework though. He headed out to the pool to see if Coach Phil was there.

“Hi Coach, do you have a few minutes?” Ricky asked when he entered the office after been told to enter.

“Sure, what can I do for you?”

“Well my name is Ricky, and I was wondering about joining the swim team? I've been training with AJ and JJ, and they say I'm doing pretty good, and I think I'd like to join the team.”

“Strip down to your underwear and let me take a look at you then.” Coach Phil said. Ricky did as he was asked, and in a few seconds he was down to his very brief and very comfortable underwear. Coach Phil gave him the same appraisal he had given to AJ, and countless other boys over the years, looking to see if the boy would even be able to stand the pressures of what he would put the boy through.

“Okay, you have good legs, good chest, tight bum, nice arms, and you're in pretty good shape. If you've been training with AJ and JJ, then you'll know what I expect I trust. I expect you to work hard and push yourself even harder still. We have a gold standard here, do you think you are up to that?”

“Yes Coach, I think I am.” Ricky said confidently.

“Okay, go ahead and get dressed and I'll see you at practice after school then.”

“Thanks coach.”

“Oh and have your parent or guardian sign this form, I'd like it back by the end of the week please, I would like you on the boards, and you need that first.”

“Okay coach, but I'm not very good at diving.”

“Neither was AJ when he started, and I trust you've seen him dive now!”

“True, thanks sir.” Ricky said and finished putting his shoes on and headed out.

The swim team all met at lunch time and they all joked and laughed the entire time. So far no one had yet to say anything to Ricky about his pink eyebrow ring, but then again, there was always someone from the swim team with him, and that scared most people away. Once the school day ended, they all headed down to the pool. AJ and JJ thought nothing of it when Ricky came in the building with them, thinking that he would just go and sit in the bleachers, but he didn't, he went and joined the rest of them as they grouped around coach Phil. There were also two new faces in the crowd, both grade eight boys.

“Welcome back gentlemen, and welcome to our three new swimmers.” Coach Phil said, and the entire swim team turned suddenly and looked at Ricky, who smiled and nodded his head yes.

“I certainly hope that none of you just sat on your fat asses all summer and got no exercise at all, because we are going to work you very hard this year. Now, as I'm sure you're all aware, we are now without a team captain, and as always, we put it to a vote, who do you think should be team captain?”

“AJ.” They all shouted, except AJ himself, and the three new members to the team.

“What, hey, no, I don't want to be captain.” AJ said.

“Too late, your the captain of the team, now I just have to find you a speedo with the gold star on it. Looks like you need the next size up anyways, you've filled out a lot and added a bunch of new muscle by the looks of it.”

AJ just nodded, knowing it was useless to fight it, the entire team wanted him as their captain, even though he did not want to be, but it wasn't like he had to do anything really. Matt had never done anything as the captain.

“Okay, go ahead and get showered, and please, as always, easy on the fresh meat.” Coach Phil called out.

They all ran to the locker room and started stripping right away, the only ones not to were the two new kids. AJ figured that this must be what the captains job was, because it was about the only thing that Matt ever did, he broke him in.

“What's your names guys?”

“I'm Joey.” The small mousy brown haired boy said.

“I'm Brett.” The tall skinny blond said.

“Well Joey and Brett, this is the swim team. You'll get to know us all real well, hell how can you not when we're all naked together. Speaking of which, get naked. Don't worry, we all have dicks, and we'll try not to torture you too much when you get a hardon in the showers, it'll happen, trust me. Oh and it's perfectly acceptable to look to see what we're all packing, we'd be worried if you didn't check out the competition. Just a word of warning though, no touching, some of us are already taken.” AJ teased, and the boys both blushed.

“Aw, isn't that cute, they're embarrassed.”

“Trust me guys, hold your heads high, get naked, and let's go get cleaned up, and that brings up another thing, never, ever, enter Coach Phil's pool when you're dirty, death would probably be better than what he'd do to you.”

“Damn straight, now why the hell aren't you all clean yet?” Coach Phil yelled, sneaking in and startling the three newcomers like he loved doing, the others were all too used to it.

“Give us a chance will you Coach, we just got in here, you actually have to let us get undressed first.” AJ said, rolling his eyes at the coach.

“Don't you be taking a page from Matt's book and giving me lip boy or I'll ride you across the pool.”

“Come on guys, let's get cleaned up.” AJ called out with a twinkle in his eye towards the coach.

The two new boys did finally get undressed, and they were blushing right from the tips of their toes right to the tops of their heads. They kept their heads looking down the entire time, and the others could visibly see them thinking anything to keep from getting hard, and it caused more than a few chuckles all around. Ricky did get hard, and he did get razzed a bit, but he just joined right in and had fun as well. He was of course more used to this, they had all done it home. The two younger boys though looked as if they were going to die. They finally all made it to the change room again, and as they exited, four pairs of speedos flew through the air and hit each of their intended targets in the face.

“Thanks Coach, your delivery was perfect as usual.” AJ called out.

“You'd never guess I practice speedo flinging would you.” The coach grinned and left the room. The boys all just shook their heads and laughed.

They all slipped into their suits, and all three new boys were surprised that they all fit perfectly, if not a bit snug. Then AJ led them all out to the pool and they all gathered around Coach Phil again.

“Okay, this year we are going to be doing things a little differently. Everyone is up on the boards now. I will need permission slips signed by all those who haven't already signed one. We will do one hour training on each, swimming and diving. For today all those that do not have a permission slip, and who have not dove before, will get to watch our divers during their practice. Now, it is important to remember not to push yourselves further than you feel comfortable, but I expect you to push yourself right to that very limit. If it doesn't burn, you're not working hard enough. Now, everyone in the pool and let's see what you've got.”

They all dove in, and Coach Phil watched them all swimming. He was very pleased to see that both AJ and JJ were doing exceptionally well. Jim had come to see him a couple times during the summer, catching up and talking about their favorite swimmers. He was also happy to see that Ricky had seemed to learned quite a bit, he was doing not too bad, and the two new young boys were also pretty good. They had good form and stroke, but as with all the boys, there was room for improvement. He called out instructions and told the boys what they had to do to make themselves better.

Finally at the one hour mark the whistle was blown, and the boys all jumped out of the pool and gathered around.

“Now, all divers up top and let's see what you've managed to retain this summer. The rest of you I want in the shallow end and doing water aerobics, pick a leader and go, but I want you all watching the divers as well.”

They all split up and headed to where they were supposed to be. The next hour went by quickly. The divers all showing off and doing their absolute best, and most of the dives were very good. The two new young boys were suitably impressed with what they saw, especially from AJ, their team captain, and they could clearly see why it had been a unanimous decision. His swimming was great, but his diving was perfect.

“Well AJ, I see Jim has been able to teach you a couple things, and you too JJ, I'm impressed, you've both done very well this summer.” Coach Phil praised them.

“Thanks.” They both said.

“Well you guys go get cleaned up and have a good day.” He called out, dismissing them for the day.

They all headed back in and they were all loud and happy as they normally were. All talking and having a good time.

“Well Joey and Brett, you both did real well out there today. How long have you been swimming for?” AJ asked as they were getting undressed.

“About three years now.” Brett said quietly.

“Two years.” Joey answered.

“Two things here guys, you need to look at us when you talk, and you need to talk louder. If you've been in swimming for so long, how the hell is it you can still be so embarrassed?”

“We never changed in a room like this. We always had our suits on under our clothes and we just put our pants back on over top when we were done.” Joey answered, a little louder this time, and venturing a look upwards.

“Okay, but wasn't that uncomfortable, and did you ever shower before and after?”

“No, we got used to it I guess, and no.” Brett said this time, a little louder again and sneaking a look upwards.

“I take it you were both in the same swim club then, I doubt there are two coaches out there so lax on pool cleanliness? Also that would explain why both of you have really damaged looking hair.”

“Yeah, we were on the same team, and what's wrong with our hair?” Joey asked.

“It is very dry, limp, and flat, and it also has a lot of split ends. If you don't wash and condition your hair properly after you get out of the pool, your hair will suffer, trust me, wash properly and go get your hair cut before it becomes too badly damaged.” AJ suggested.

“Thanks. Why are you telling us all this though?” Brett asked.

“Well because us swim team guys have to stick together, we're all friends here, and you will join us at lunch from now on as well.” AJ said happily.

“Oh, thanks.” They both said.

“Come on, let's go get showered. And don't be afraid to look. You both have nothing to be ashamed of down there, and we all have the same things, some are bigger, some are smaller, some have hair, some don't. Look at me for instance, I am bigger than both of you, but you both have more hair than I do. But you know what, they all feel so damned awesome when you play with them. And I'll let you in on a little secret. You're not the only boys here that are gay.” AJ said, but whispered that last part into both their ears at the same time.

“Really.” They both asked, not bothering to deny it.

“For sure. We might tell you later who is as well. Are you two boyfriends then?” AJ whispered again.

“Yeah, we are.”

“That's cool. Well welcome to the team.” AJ said and started walking towards the showers and the two followed him. The rest of the team were already in there and washing up, so they joined in as soon as they entered, and this time the two of them didn't blush quite as much, and their eyes didn't stay glued to the floor, but they didn't look much either. They all headed out and got dressed, and as they were heading out, AJ told Brett and Joey that the next practice was Thursday, and that he'd see them tomorrow at lunch for sure. TJ came down from the bleachers and met Ricky, JJ, and AJ as they exited, surprising most of the swim team, none of them had even saw him up there, even Coach Phil looked puzzled as to where he had come from.

“You guys did real well today. It was cool watching you, but I prefer joining in.” TJ said happily.

“Thanks. How was your day at school today?” Ricky asked.

“Good, and you guys?”

“Good as well.”

They all hopped on their bikes and headed towards home. When they got there, JJ didn't lock up his bike.

“Baby, I probably should head home for the night.” He said sullenly.

“Yeah, I know, but it doesn't mean we have to like it any, but we'll see each other tomorrow.” AJ said sounding just as down. They had not spent a night apart all summer, and it was going to be very hard on them both.

“I'll see you tomorrow morning baby, I love you.” JJ said, a tear actually trickling down his cheek.

“I love you too.” AJ said, and they even chanced a quick kiss. JJ took off and headed home.

The three of them headed into the house and went to the kitchen to get started on dinner.

“TJ, you could probably do your homework now if you have any, we can handle dinner.” AJ said.

“That's okay, I don't have any, I did it while you guys were practicing.”

“Okay, that's a good idea. That would explain why we hardly saw you, you must have been laying down or something most of the time.”

“Yeah, I was, but I could still see the entire pool.” TJ grinned.

“That's cool.”

They made dinner, and just as it was finished, Max and Alice walked in together, and they all sat down to eat. Both Alice and Max could very clearly see that AJ was depressed. They wondered how difficult it was going to be on the boys to have to separate now that school had started, and it looked like miserable was not strong enough. They all curled up on the couches in the living room and watched a movie, and AJ actually curled right into Max and Alice, needing to feel close to someone at the moment. Right before he went to bed, he called JJ and said goodnight, I love you, and they both hung up. AJ couldn't sleep, and ended up going and asking TJ and Ricky if they minded him sharing with them, and they both said they didn't mind at all. They had not played, and had not planned on it anyways. They all cuddled up together and fell asleep.


JJ had gotten home, and his parents too could instantly tell that he missed AJ already. They too had wondered how the boys would take being apart now, and they too thought he looked miserable. They all ate dinner together, and JJ curled up with his parents as well, needing to cuddle up to someone, and just as he was about to pick up the phone to call AJ, it rang and AJ was on the other line. They said goodnight and I love you to each other, and JJ headed up to bed. JJ also ended up not being able to sleep, so went and curled up with one of his sisters, she didn't wake up, but she curled right into her big strong brother, and JJ fell asleep right away.


“He must have really missed sleeping with his baby, huh, all cute and cuddled up to his little sister like that, and both sleeping with diaper bums up, how adorable.” Frank said the next morning when he and Sarah went to wake the kids up, and both JJ and his sister were sleeping with their knees tucked up under them, and their cute little diaper bums sticking up in the air, the blanket was not even covering them.

“It is adorable for sure, but I think we're going to be losing our baby a little sooner than we thought, and we're going to have to tell him, because he won't ask.” Sarah said.

“I suppose you're right, but it's not like he'll live that far away.” Frank sighed.

“I'll call Alice and Max today and see if we can come over and talk it over with them.”

“Okay, well we better wake them up.”

“Come on babies, wakey wakey, time to get up.” Sarah said, patting both her babies on their thickly padded bums.

“Morning mommy.” They grumbled as they woke up.

“Come on, time for breakfast.”

“Be right down mom.” JJ yawned and stretched.

They all met down in the kitchen a short while later and sat down to eat. As they were eating, Sarah told JJ what was going to happen.

“I trust you'll be going to AJ's after school to workout today again, so just stay there, we'll probably be over at some point.”

“Okay, what's up?”

“Nothing much, we'll all talk about it later.”

“Okay.” JJ said, knowing he'd not get anything further, so did not bother to ask.

Not long after JJ was showered and dressed for the day, he was out the door to meet the others. They all met up and rode to school.


“He really does miss JJ, just after one night, he even looks sad in his sleep.” Alice said sadly, feeling bad for AJ. She and Max had gone to wake up the boys, because they were not up yet, something that was unusual.

“Yeah, but you had to see it coming. They've lived together all summer, they've not been apart hardly for more than a few minutes, and they are deeply in love. Now all of a sudden they can't cuddle up and sleep together, it would be hard. Even I could not sleep without you now, I'd toss and turn all night, and it's probably why he came in here, at least the others he could cuddle up to and feel a little more normal.”

“Yeah, I wondered how the boys were going to take it, I just didn't think it would be this bad. I think I'm going to call Sarah this morning and see what she thinks we should do.”

“Good idea, because I bet that JJ is in worse shape, AJ at least had Ricky and TJ to cuddle up with.”

“Maybe, but I'm willing to bet that he slept with one of his sisters last night.” Alice grinned.

“You're probably right. We better get them up so that they can get ready for school.”

“Come on babies, time to wake up.” Alice said, shaking all three boys one by one. Slowly they came awake and smiled to Alice and Max.

“Morning.” They all said with a yawn.

“Couldn't sleep last night, missed your baby I take it?” Alice smiled warmly to AJ.

“Yeah, it was horrible. It was only one night and I couldn't take it. I don't know how I'm going to sleep without JJ sleeping there next to me every night now.” AJ sighed.

“I'm sure you'll be fine, and it's not like you won't see JJ every day.” Alice said softly.

“I know, but I still missed him last night.”

“Well, come on and get up boys, it's time for breakfast, and then you all have to get ready for school.”

“Okay.” They all said with a yawn and a stretch.

“Thanks guys for letting me sleep with you last night, it really did help. I'll try not to disturb you too much from now on, I'm sure it was just hardest for the first night.” AJ said.

“No problem, you can come and sleep with us anytime you need to.” TJ said warmly, knowing where AJ was coming from, because he was not so certain he could sleep without Ricky anymore either.

They headed out and ate breakfast, just some cereal, fruit, and toast, and then they all headed in to the bathroom to shower, and they all showered together to save time, not like they weren't used to it anyways. It was a good thing the shower stall was so large though. They all headed to their rooms and got dressed, and then the boys headed out, saying goodbye. Alice and Max still had almost an hour before they too had to leave, so Alice went to pick up the phone to call and talk to Sarah, but just as she was about to do so, it rang.

“Hello, Alice speaking.”

“Good morning Alice, it's Sarah, I hope I didn't wake you.”

“Oh no, we've been up for a while, and we just sent the boys to school. I was just about to call you in fact.”

“Let me guess, AJ looked pitiful this morning as well, like his heart had been torn out and stomped on!”

“Yeah, and I bet JJ looked the same huh?”

“Yeah, it was so sad. Hey listen, do you think we could all come over and talk this evening?”

“Sure, come for dinner and I'll leave a note for the boys to cook extra for you guys. You think it's time for JJ to move in here though, don't you?”

“Okay, that would be nice, and yes, I think it's time our baby left the nest, but it's not like he will be going far.”

“No, that's for sure. Well I should be going now, have a good day.”

“Thanks, we'll see you tonight.” Sarah said and they hung up.

“Well it looks like we're getting another one moving in real soon.” Alice said.

“I figured as much. The boys sure will be happy to hear that, and at least they won't look so sad.”



“I missed you so much last night, I had to go sleep with Jess just so that I could sleep.” JJ said happily as soon as he saw AJ.

“And I missed you too baby, I had to go and sleep with TJ and Ricky. I don't know how I'm going to sleep for the rest of the week though, but I'm sure we'll be fine.” AJ sighed.

“Yeah, but I don't want to be just fine, it was so miserable not getting to sleep with you last night.”

“I know, but what other choice do we have. You can't move in yet, we can't possibly ask.”

“I know, I don't even want to imagine the looks on my parents faces if I were to ask them, it would be so hard on them.” JJ sighed.

“You guys will be just fine, and we'll be there to help you out.” Ricky told them.

“Thanks. My mom told me just to stay at your place after we workout, that they might try and come over tonight for a bit, she wouldn't say why though.”

They continued talking until they dropped TJ off at school. They all said goodbye to TJ, and he went and met up with Tony, Garth, and Kevin, and AJ, JJ, and Ricky headed off to their school. They talked the rest of the way there. The day went by smoothly for all the boys, all sitting with their friends at lunch and breaks, and having fun. The school day was finally over, and they all headed out, TJ being picked up at his school and his friends wanting to come over as well, so all seven of them headed home. They all talked excitedly the entire way, and when they got home and were about to head out to the pool, they saw a note.

“Mom says that your family is coming over for dinner, and asked us to get dinner ready for when they all get here.” AJ said after reading the note.

“Okay, well we should probably get something out then.” JJ said.

“She says there is ground beef in the fridge already for us to cook.”

“Okay, we can figure out what to do with it later then, we should get our workout done now then, I say one hour on the machines and then half an hour of swimming and diving each to give us more time to make dinner.”

“Sounds good to me.”

They all headed out to the pool, and this time the new boys just stripped down and went and got showered with the rest with no embarrassment. They then headed over to their gym area and started a good hard workout, the younger boys all being told to make sure and take it easy, TJ of course no longer had to be told this though. They all worked out for their one hour, then they switched to the pool and all started swimming laps for half an hour. JJ and AJ would switch after every lap to a different technique to practice them all, but the others all just stayed with the standard breast stroke. Diving time began and the boys just sat in the hot tub and watched AJ and JJ practice for the last half an hour.

“I still can't believe how good those two are, and how strong they are.” Tony said.

“Yeah I was shocked at first too, but they have taught both Ricky and I so much already, they're really great teachers.” TJ said.

“Yeah, you're really strong too.” Tony said.

“I'm getting better, but I'm not allowed to really do much weights until I am in puberty, and from what Uncle Max says of our family, I'll be lucky to start at thirteen. Apparently most of the boys in our family start at fourteen or later. Aren't you glad you didn't start a fight with me now though?” TJ grinned.

“We weren't going to fight you, we just wanted to intimidate you, and to tell you the truth, I think you intimidated us more.” Tony grinned.

“I know, I could tell, and you were all really uncomfortable at first, it was pretty funny, but you're all good guys.” TJ said.

“Gee thanks!” Kevin said.

“You are, you're all really nice once a person gets to know you, you just have to let people in so that they can. Oh, and what I said to Uncle Max the other day about my not allowing you guys to intimidate others while I'm around was true, I don't agree with that, so if you start I will just walk away.” TJ said simply.

“Oh, well we'd rather have you stick around, you're really cool.” Tony said with a warm smile.

“Good. So what did you guys do after school yesterday? I hope you went to one of your places and rubbed and or sucked each other raw!” TJ grinned and the others blushed fiercely.

“Yep, they did, man, what a blush.” Ricky cracked up.

“So did you guys just stroke each other, or did you suck as well?” TJ asked.

“Just rubbed.” Tony spluttered.

“And were we right about it being so much better when someone else does it for you?” TJ asked with a wide smile.

“Oh yeah, it felt so good I nearly screamed.” Garth admitted.

“We do too sometimes. Just wait until you all decide to try your mouths, oh man it's even better.” Ricky said dreamily.

“We all agreed to take it a little slower, we don't want to suck each other quite yet.” Tony said, still with the blush, but it was quickly fading.

“That's good, we're taking it slow as well, really exploring each others bodies, but it's awesome. So either you guys are gonna have to stay as a trio, or one of you is going to have to find another boyfriend.” TJ said.

“I think we'll stay together for now, don't want to risk having anyone find out about us.” Kevin said.

“Well the others are bound to know I'm gay, if not yet, at least soon, so you might all be labeled gay by just hanging out with me.”

“We know, but we'll deal with that if and when we need to.” Tony said.

“Good, I'm happy to hear that. So have you guys asked yet if you can stay the weekend here?”

“Yeah.” They all said.


“I'm allowed.” They all said at the same time.

“Okay, then I guess I should tell you a little something about this house. Now, you all have to swear that this goes nowhere outside this house though, do I have your word?”

“I swear nothing leaves this house.” Tony said solemnly.

“I do too.” The other two said.

“Good, because none of us would be very happy if this were spread around. So here it is, all of us are bed wetters and wear diapers to bed for it, and we are not afraid to get ready for bed early and walk around in only our diapers.”

“Oh, I didn't expect that. I promise I won't say anything though, I remember how embarrassing it was when I wet the bed, but I stopped when I was seven or eight I think.” Tony said.

“I still wet sometimes, but maybe once a month, so I never wear anything, but I used to wet all the time a couple years ago.” Garth admitted.

“I never wet the bed that I know of, but I won't tell either, because you guys could all pound the shit out of me, and there wouldn't be a thing I could do to stop it.” Kevin grinned.

“Nah, I won't fight unless I absolutely have to, but I could hurt you far worse than just hitting you.” TJ smiled.

“Oh, how?” Tony asked, curious how someone could hurt someone else worse than hitting them.

“Oh I don't know, for starters I could say you were gay as well. Now obviously I would never do that to someone unless they truly hurt me first. I could also do many other things, and not one would leave a physical mark.” TJ said calmly, and all three boys gulped.

“Well you never have to worry about us, we won't ever tell, we're all friends, and friends keep each others secrets.” Tony said happily.

“Good, glad to hear it. And guess what, you can all wear diapers as well if you want to, we all love to wear them.”

“Why would we want to do that?” Tony asked.

“Well you were all half hard before TJ told you about our diapers, but you all shot straight up and started pulsing as soon as he said we wear diapers, don't worry. Trust me, no one here would ever laugh at you for wearing diapers, and you don't have to if you don't want to, but if you do, then you're welcome to try them.” Ricky answered for TJ, and all the boys blushed again.

“No need to be embarrassed. Wait till you try them though, man are the diapers we use ever comfortable, and they're even more so when they're wet.” TJ smiled.

“Really?” Tony asked in a shaky voice.

“Oh yeah, so soft and thick, feels like you're wearing a cloud, and the cool thing is that when your playing or watching a movie, you don't have to get up to go to the bathroom every hour, and you can drink as much as you want.” TJ said excitedly.

“That would be kinda cool for sure.” Garth admitted.

“It is.” Ricky smiled.

They sat around for the next few minutes relaxing and talking, waiting for AJ and JJ to finish up their practice. Just before they figured that AJ and JJ would be finished, they hopped out of the hot tub and hit the showers, TJ and Ricky shared a shower head and washed each other, and they all got cleaned and then dried. Just as they were getting out, JJ and AJ were heading into the shower to clean off as well.

“Well, we have to be going home guys, my mom wanted me home for dinner, and the others were not to be out any later than I was either.” Tony said.

“Okay guys, I'll see you at school tomorrow then, and then Friday you can come stay the weekend.” TJ smiled. Tony, Kevin, and Garth all got dressed as TJ and Ricky waited for AJ and JJ to get cleaned up, and then they all went in the house together and the boys headed for home.

“What should we make for dinner?” AJ asked.

“How about sweat and sour meat balls, mashed potatoes and veggies?” Ricky suggested.

“Sure, sounds good to me.” TJ said, and that's what they started making.

They all worked together to get dinner prepared and cooking, and then while they were waiting, they sat back and relaxed while talking. A few minutes after six, and just as dinner was almost dine, the parents and the brats all came in, almost all at the same time.

“Perfect timing, dinner is almost ready.” AJ said when they came in the kitchen.

“Good, and it smells delicious.” Alice said, and everyone else agreed.

The table was already set, and as soon as the food was on the table, everyone was told to dig in, so they did. They all enjoyed the good food and the great talk, everyone laughing and talking as they ate. As soon as dinner was done, and the dishes cleaned up, Alice told everyone that they should go sit in the living room. They all went and took their seats, and then Sarah started.

“JJ, we saw how miserable you were last night and this morning, not being with AJ, and it made us feel really bad.” Sarah started.

“And AJ, we saw the same thing in you too.” Alice added.

“And we all feel that it's time you moved from home JJ, Alice says it is okay for you to move in here.” Sarah said calmly.

“Yes, we all knew that you two were getting very close together, and we all wondered how well you'd take it once you had to be apart, and we didn't like seeing you like you were.” Alice said softly.

“Really?” JJ asked quietly in a shocked voice.

“Yes JJ, but we of course want to see you as often as possible, but we think it's time.” Frank said.

JJ just bolted out of the chair he was sitting in, and wrapped his parents both in a huge hug that caused them to gasp, because he hugged them so hard. He kept whispering thank you, thank you, thank you, and he was crying. AJ too was very happy, but he wasn't crying, but he did hug Max and Alice as well, just not quite so tightly.

“Well I'm glad to see that the prospect of moving from home has you so miserable.” Sarah teased with a few tears trickling down her cheeks.

“Oh mom, I don't really want to move yet, but I was so sad not having AJ with me all night long. We'll come over often and we'll come and stay the night there sometimes, it's not like we'll live far away from each other.” JJ said happily.

“I know, you two need each other more than you need us or we need you. We all can see that. You boys have been through so much together that it has caused a real bond in you that I can't see ever breaking, and we're all very happy for you both, you deserve each other.” Sarah said softly.

“Thanks so much mom and dad, I know this can't be easy for you, and that was the reason that I would have never asked, well at least not for a couple years. I love you guys so much.” JJ said and wrapped them in a much more tender and loving hug this time. They all hugged each other and cried softly into each other, and finally JJ parted and went and sat back down with AJ. They threw their arms over each others shoulders and gave each other a sideways hug.

“So what do you want me to pack up and move over here for you?” Sarah asked.

“AJ and I will come over after training on Saturday, spend the night and pack up everything then, and then we can come back here early enough for our training on Sunday, we all decided that on the weekends that training would be from twelve till three, so we'll have plenty of time.” JJ said happily.

“Oh, okay, that sounds good to me.”

“And this way it'll give TJ and Ricky some time alone with TJ's friends.” AJ said.

“Oh yeah, Uncle Max, can the guys stay over this weekend?” TJ asked all of a sudden. The adults all just grinned.

“Oh I don't know, it's pretty short notice and all, do you think you can all behave?”

“Cool, thanks Uncle Max, you're the best.” TJ said and hugged Max.

“I never said yes you little brat.”

“But you didn't say no right away either, so it has to be yes.” TJ grinned. “And besides, I'm not that gullible to fall for that stuff.”

“No, you too are far too smart for your own good sometimes.” Max said.

“Thanks.” TJ smiled.

“That wasn't a compliment.” Max said dryly.

“I know, but I took it as one anyways.”

They all sat around and talked for a while longer, before Sarah and Frank said that they had to be heading home. They all took off a few minutes later with good byes and hugs. It was almost bedtime for the boys, so they all went and got ready for bed, and then came out and watched TV for a little while with Max and Alice before they headed to bed.

AJ and JJ enter their room and as the door closed they just turned to each other and held their boyfriend tenderly.

“I can't believe that you get to move in with me, that's so cool. I sure missed cuddling up to you last night.” AJ said and snuck in for a nice tender kiss.

“Yeah, and I sure missed our goodnight kiss as well.” JJ sighed when the kiss ended.

“Me too. Let's go lay down and cuddled and kiss and let our hands do the work tonight.” AJ whispered.

“Diaper each other first though?”

“For sure.”

They quickly diapered each other and then crawled into bed, pulled the covers up, cuddled up and started kissing, just as their hands reached inside each others diapers. As they kissed tenderly, they petted and stroked their boyfriends hard tool, giving each other slow and gentle pleasure. For nearly half an hour they lasted like this, neither one in any kind of rush to finish off, but they did fire off a round each, and they each caught the others sweet load in their hands and extracted them at the same time, slurping the mess from their hands. They did have to each reach inside their diapers to reposition their now soft cocks downwards, so that they did not leak throughout the night. With a final kiss goodnight, they passed out all in love.


TJ and Ricky also headed to their room, and they also got each other diapered for the night, they too kissed tenderly for a while, but they didn't play, they just talked in between kisses.

“I'm happy for AJ and JJ, I know they both really wanted this, but they wouldn't ask for it.” Ricky said softly.

“Me too, they love each other so much, even I can see that from just looking at them. It's a good thing that everyone already knows at your school though, because I think others could easily see it as well.” TJ said.

“Yeah, I know what you mean. They really got closer after the shooting though, before that no one could tell, but after that, I think everyone could see it.”

“Do you mind my friends coming over and spending the weekend?” TJ asked softly.

“No, of course I don't mind. I like them too, they seem like good kids, even if they were a little rough before, they just needed a good friend, and that you certainly are. It should be a really fun weekend.”

“Thanks, and I hope so.”

They talked for a few minutes longer before they too fell asleep, all wrapped up in each other, and so in love.


Thursday and Friday went by quickly, and before the boys all knew it, there were seven of them heading home after school for the weekend, although JJ and AJ would be gone for Saturday night. They all laughed and talked the whole way home, and when they got there, they all grabbed a snack and headed to the pool for their workout. They all stripped down and cleaned up then headed to the equipment.

They worked out for their standard hour, then hopped in the pool and swam for an hour. Tony, Garth, and Kevin of course did not last the full hour on either set, so they went and sat in the hot tub to wait. Finally AJ and JJ ended their workout with another hour of diving, and then joined the others in the hot tub to relax.

“I suppose we should go get some dinner going, I'm really hungry.” AJ said.

“Me to.” Everyone said.

They all climbed out and the pool house was shut down after they all had a quick shower, they were all drying off as they went in the house. Just as they were walking in the house, so was Max.

“Hi Max, how was your day? We were just about to get dinner started, any special requests?” AJ asked.

“I had a good day, but don't worry about dinner, I brought it home, didn't you see the note I left?”

“No, where did you leave it?”

“By the fridge, same place as always.” Max said confusedly.

“Ah, I see what happened, it fell down and none of us saw it. Good thing we did a full three hour workout and are just getting in the house then. What did you bring home for dinner?”

“I got pizza for everyone, and there's a surprise in the truck that we need to haul in after we eat.”

“Cool.” Everyone said.

“So where's the pizza then?” AJ asked.

“I am having it delivered, it should be here any minute now.”

“Oh okay, when you said you had got it, I figured you had went and picked it up.”

“No sorry, I said it wrong. I wasn't about to leave what I have in the truck outside downtown for a minute, even if no one would have been able to lift the boxes.”

“Fair enough.”

“So how are you boys today?”

“Good.” They all said.

“Good, glad to see that you boys are a little less embarrassed today, feels good doesn't it, to be able to go free and natural?” Max said to Tony, Kevin, and Garth. “You all may as well go get dressed though, because I doubt you'll want to go out like that, you'll end up with every gay boy in town knocking down the door.” Max teased.

The boys all just shook their heads, but went to their bedrooms and threw on some shorts and tank tops. As they were in getting changed, they heard the doorbell, and Max going to get it. He paid for the pizza, then delivered it to the dining room, and grabbed plates and cups for everyone as well. The boys all came in and the six extra large pizzas were attacked like Max had never seen before. It was carnage at its worst, and he honestly thought his life was in danger every time he tried to grab a slice of pizza for himself. When they were finished, there was not one single piece of pizza left, nor a drop of pop.

“Wow, glad you boys enjoyed that, but I thought I'd have at least one piece left over for breakfast.” Max said.

“You should have known better.” TJ grinned.

“You're right, I probably should have. Well let's go work off some of this hideously fattening dinner we just ate, and go unload the truck.”

The boys all agreed, so they headed out to the truck to find that it was piled high with boxes, and AJ had never seen a one tonne truck look so low to the ground before, so whatever was in there was awful heavy.

“What on earth have you got in there to cause your truck to sink that low?” AJ asked curiously.

“Well I ordered you guys the new workout equipment, and it finally came in today. I damn near didn't fit it all, and there's even a couple small boxes in the cab. This is some of the best stuff there is, and let's just say I doubt very seriously that you boys will be getting to the maximum weights on this stuff any time soon, if ever.”

“Wow, cool! How much do I owe you for this then, I'll trade the old stuff back?”

“AJ, honestly, you know you don't have to pay for this. I'll take back the old stuff and sell it, and I probably won't even lose any money. Even if I did, I'd hardly worry about it, you're practically my son.” Max said, grabbing AJ into a hug and ruffling his hair.

“Thanks. Well I hope you have a couple dollies hidden away in here somewhere, because I doubt we'll be able to carry all this in.”

“Yeah, in the front seat of the truck was the only place they'd fit, the back seat was kind of full too.”

“What all did you get?”

“I just upgraded all your weights. I figured there was no point in doing it all little by little, you two will grow into it all, just hopefully not as quickly as you did the other stuff.” Max grinned.

“Okay, cool. You're the best.” AJ said.

“Now boys, each box has its weight clearly identified on the outside, pick only boxes you know you can lift easily, understood. You may team lift as well, as long as the weight of the box is not more than both of you can lift.” Max said sternly, mostly to the four younger boys. He was not so worried about Ricky, he was pretty tough, and AJ and JJ would have no problems lifting any of the pieces.

“I almost wish we hadn't done our workout now, because I have a feeling this is going to be one hell of a workout.” JJ smirked.

“That it will be. I had a couple of my guys load all this, and they were sweating something fierce when they finished, and they're pretty buff guys too.”

“I bet, there's a lot in there.” Ricky said, looking into the back seat of the truck.

“In the back seat is mostly all the weights for the stacks, so be careful with them, they are thirty pounds each.”


Ricky grabbed the two dollies from the truck and took one to the back and kept one for himself and started loading boxes of weights onto it. He was able to put five on and roll it easily, so he started hauling it in the house. The easiest way to get to the pool was straight through the house, so that's the way they all went. The younger boys each found a box that they could easily manage and took them in as well. AJ and JJ grabbed a large box together and carried it inside and set it next to where the other stuff had been set. They worked for nearly two hours bringing in all the boxes, and they were all very sweaty by the time they finished, all four of the younger boys having to bow out after an hour. Not only were they too tired to continue, but they had run out of things they could lift. Even the ones that they should have been able to, they found they no longer could, they were dead on their feet.

“Wow, that was a lot of work.” Max said, wiping the sweat from his brow.

“Yeah, it was a little bit of a workout.” AJ said calmly.

“What!” Tony said incredulously. “I feel like my entire body just got beaten by a hundred baseball bats.”

“Looks worse to tell you the truth.” AJ said with a straight face.

“Huh!” Tony said.

“He's harassing you, and you're too tired to realize it, so I wouldn't bother if I were you.” TJ told him.

“Oh, okay.” Tony said and everyone started laughing.

“Anyone want to start moving the old equipment and start putting together the new stuff?” JJ asked.

“Sure.” Max, JJ, and Ricky all said.

“I think we'll just sit in the hot tub and watch for a bit, I over did it a bit I think, and I know these guys did for sure.” TJ said.

“Okay, you guys just relax then.” AJ said warmly.

The bigger boys and Max started pushing the old equipment off to the side so that it was out of the way, this was greatly aided by the fact that the equipment had wheels on it that could be lowered for moving. The moving of the old equipment was very quick, so they went over to the stacks of boxes to start bringing them over.

“Now each box has a number on it, most of the equipment has anywhere from one to three boxes, plus the weights, but those are universal, and each setup can hold up to fifteen plates, and I ordered the full amount, so four hundred and fifty pounds on each machine should keep you good for a little while. I suggest we stack all the items in their boxes first in the area that we want the piece, and then we can get started on building, but leave the weights here for now.”

“Okay, sounds good to me.” They boys all said together.

They used the dollies for the big pieces and got them moved into place, and then started on the smaller boxes, matching them up to the big box it belonged with. This took quite a while to accomplish, and it was now passed the boys' normal bedtime, not that they had one, they all just went to bed at the same time every night by themselves.

“Well boys, I think that's enough for tonight, it's getting pretty late.” Max called out.

“It's only nine, we don't have to be up first thing in the morning, so I think we'll be good. I have a couple hours left in me as long as we don't have to do too much more lifting, but I don't think we will.” AJ said.

“Me too.” Ricky and JJ said.

“Okay, if you're sure.”

“And we can come and help put things together, that won't be too hard.” TJ called out.

“Only if you think you're able to do so.” Max said.

The boys hopped out of the hot tub and joined the others in removing the boxes from everything and setting the small pieces next to their bigger counterparts. All the boxes were removed in short order, Max having passed out a few razor knives to help with the chore, and then they got to work on building. This equipment did not require the use of tools, it was all held in place by strong pins and cotter pins. The main frames were ultra heavy duty, very thick, welded steel, and the only nuts and bolts on the equipment were for attaching the seats, and they already came attached.

They divided up into pairs, the boyfriends of course together, and Max took Garth on his team, and they all put together one unit. The instructions were very easy to follow, and the equipment was even easier to put together. The hardest part was putting the cables in place. Mostly because there were two cables on each piece, you had to be careful not to accidentally cross them as you were going through the various pulleys. They each did go and grab one weight to attach into the carriage to test the units out, just to be sure they were assembled correctly, but for the most part that was it. It was nice that this stuff was built to be able to add and remove weight from it with ease, something AJ's old equipment could not do.

The first four items went together in a little over a half an hour, so they started on the next four. Same teams again, and they worked quickly to put these together as well. There was only one other piece after that, so they all worked very quickly to put it together, and it took them exactly three minutes, but in all fairness it was the smallest one. Once again one weight was added to each one, and they were all tested out.

“This is really nice stuff. I like how each one has two cables, that will make it even safer, because I doubt two cables would snap at the same time. Not that I'd expect one of those things to snap, they're three times thicker than on our old equipment.”

“This is the true professional stuff, and it is always like this. It always has the double cable system for safety. When you're working with this much weight, you have to be very careful. You're right though, only one of those cables would suffice, they have a breaking strength of one thousand pounds each.” Max said, and the boys all just let out a whistle at that.

“Well I don't know about the rest of you, but I am getting very tired for some reason, and I want to go to bed.” AJ yawned.

“Me too.” Everyone, including Max, said.

“Do you guys want to come and sleep in the living room with us?” TJ asked AJ and JJ.

“Sure, if you guys don't mind. Just let us go and grab our stuff and we'll meet you in the living room.” JJ answered.


They went to their room, grabbed two diapers, their pillows and their double sleeping bag. They went to the living room and met Tony, Garth, and Kevin in there, their sleeping bags, pillows, and bags already there. TJ and Ricky came out a minute later with their stuff, and they had five diapers with them.

“Okay, guests first, you guys lay down and we'll diaper you, and then you can help to diaper us.” TJ said, holding up the diapers.

All three boys blushed, but they didn't say no, they laid down as they were told, and AJ was passed a diaper and then he, Ricky, and TJ diapered the three boys. JJ diapered himself really quickly as well, to let the guests diaper the others. Slowly the blush faded from the three boys' faces, and a look of relief or happiness came on instead. As they were all taped up, they all brought their hands down and felt the front of their now diapered crotches, and their smiles widened even more. They were given a couple minutes to relish the feeling in their own world, before they were told it was their turn. They all got up, and Ricky, TJ, and AJ laid down. JJ gave them all pointers in what to do, and they all did a good job, and soon all seven of them were thickly diapered and ready for bed.

“Man, I can't believe how good this actually feels. I've wondered for so long, I thought I was so weird wanting to wear a diaper, but I wanted to. I even found a few cool sites on the net, and found out I wasn't the only weird one.” Tony sighed out.

“Me too.” The other two said at the same time.

“We're all the same there boys, we all thought we were weird, but we're not really, not any more than everyone else is weird anyways. Everyone has some odd desire they can't explain.” AJ said happily.

“Cool.” They all said.

“Come on, lets get in our sleeping bags and get to sleep.” JJ said.

“Goodnight.” Everyone said to each other a minute later as they all crawled in and were cozy. Not even five minutes later they were all sound asleep.

Max had gone straight to his room after saying goodnight to the boys, and he too fell into bed and passed right out, in fact he never even stirred when Alice came home an hour later and kissed him goodnight.


The next morning the boys all woke up at about ten thirty, within about five minutes of each other, and they were the first ones up. Max and Alice were still sound asleep themselves. The boys all laid there for a few minutes, just kind of staring off into space, not saying anything, none of them fully awake yet. Finally they all gave off one large yawn as a group and then stretched.

“So, are you guys wet?” TJ asked.

“Yeah.” All three of them said.

“Was it on purpose or by accident?”

“I peed in my sleep.” Garth said.

“I woke up and peed.” Tony and Kevin both said at the same time.

“Cool! And how does it feel?”

“Awesome.” All three said at the same time.

“Told you that you'd like it.” TJ grinned.

“Come on boys, lets get up and get some breakfast going for everyone.” AJ said, and everyone grumbled, they were so cozy they didn't want to get up.

“I know guys, I don't want to get up either, but we have to, AJ and I have training in a little over an hour, and we still have to get all the weights on the new machines.” JJ said.

“Fine. Why don't we go and start doing that while you guys get breakfast going?” Ricky said.

“Sounds good to me.” AJ said.

“Just be careful though.” JJ added.

“We will.” They all said.

“What are you guys doing?” TJ asked his friends as they were getting up and were about to remove their diapers.

“Taking these off.” Tony said, sounding very confused as to why they would be asked such a silly question.

“Why, did you pee so much that you're about to leak?”

“Well no, but why wouldn't we?” Garth asked this time.

“They'll hold lots more, just stay in them until you have to get out of them. We never take ours off until we have to get ready for school or go swimming.” AJ said this time.

“Oh. But what about your parents?” Tony asked.

“Are you kidding, they've seen so many diaper boys in this house that you three will hardly be a surprise. Half our swim team needs and or likes diapers as well.” JJ said.

“Wow, okay then, we'll keep them on only if you guys do too.” Garth said.

“Okay.” They all said and got up, and AJ and JJ headed to the kitchen.

The rest of the boys all headed out to the pool and started moving weights over. They used the dollies this time and moved fourteen weights to each of the machines first, one already being on them of course. They started removing the weights from their boxes and adding them to the weight stacks, each boy on a different machine. They were not even half done when they were called in for breakfast forty five minutes later.

“I see you got them wearing diapers, I wondered how long it would take.” Alice chuckled.

“Hey, we didn't have to try, they wanted to.” TJ said in mock defensiveness.

“Sure, you probably told them that you wouldn't be their friend if they didn't, or maybe you even threatened to all beat them up, that sounds more like you bunch of brutes.” Alice teased.

“Yeah, right, when have I ever gotten into a fight?” TJ asked.

“No idea.” Alice shrugged.

“Never. Sorry guys, I lied to you, but I've never fought anyone, not that it matters.” TJ laughed and the others just shrugged, not really caring at all. They were happy about the friendly banter.

“So you boys are diaper lovers too huh, or are you teen babies?” Max asked.

“Diaper lovers.” They all said.

“Shucks, I was hoping to baby someone.” Alice grinned.

“Not me.” Every boy in the house said, including Max.

“Well, you're all no fun!” Alice pouted.

Everyone laughed as they ate their breakfast, the talk and the laughing continuing all throughout the meal. They all got up and cleaned up quickly.

“So did Max tell you about the new equipment he bought mom?” AJ asked as they were cleaning up.

“Yeah, he called me yesterday to tell me it was in, and this morning he said that you guys all got it almost all put together last night before bed.”

“Yeah, and it's really nice stuff. All we need to do is put the rest of the weights on, and while JJ and I were cooking breakfast, the others were out doing that.”

“We're about half finished.” TJ said.

“Cool, so now we have to put the rest on and then we can start our workout. Will you two be joining us this morning?”

“Sure, let's go.”

They all headed out, and Max showed Alice how to put the weights on, and with the addition of four more people, the work went quickly. They were finishing that up just as Jim walked in, he had of course been told long ago just to come on in, so he did this morning. The three boys who were not used to being seen by strangers, squeaked and tried to hide, but all it did was draw attention to themselves.

“Good morning everyone.” Jim said happily.

“Morning Jim.” Everyone said back.

“Wow, nice new equipment.” Jim whistled out as he approached it.

“Thanks, we just finished setting it up. JJ and I were getting to the end of the weights on some of the old stuff.” AJ said.

“I know, something not even I can do, I might add.” Jim laughed.

“Yeah, well you're getting old.”

“I'm only ten years older than your boyfriend, and trust me, before you know it, you'll be this old as well.” Jim growled and everyone started laughing.

“I know, sad but true that I do eventually have to grow older, but no one ever said I had to grow up.” AJ grinned.

“I never did.” Max and Jim both said. Everyone laughed again.

“Good thing we both have wives to keep us in check huh Max?” Jim chuckled.

“Does Riley know you call him your wife?” JJ laughed out.

“Oh yeah, if it wasn't for the fact that we both like, well you know what, then he really would be my wife.”

“They're gay too, so you both like being on the receiving end is what you were going to say?” AJ said, pointing to the other three and asking.

“And diaper lovers too, if you hadn't already noticed.” TJ said.

“Cool, a few fellow gay diaper lovers.” Jim said.

“You wear diapers too.” Tony squeaked out.

“Sure do, and they're so comfortable, wouldn't you say?” The three boys just nodded.

“Well let's get in the shower and quit standing around shooting the breeze, we have training to do.” Jim barked out, putting on his coach cap, figuratively of course.

They all stripped off their clothes or diapers, only Max and Alice did not have to strip, they were already naked. They were of course the first two in the shower, followed by AJ and JJ. They all got cleaned up quickly, and then headed to the new equipment to start their workout. For the next hour they all worked hard.

“Wow, this stuff is way nicer than the old stuff was, and it was nice.” JJ said.

“No kidding.” Everyone said.

“For the price of this stuff, it should be good. It is the best there is out there that I have ever found though. I've never even ordered it before, it's too expensive for most people.”

“I thought you said you would not lose money when you sold the old stuff?” AJ asked.

“I wouldn't consider this losing money to start with, but I won't lose that much. The retail price on your equipment is only slightly less than the cost on this stuff, maybe a thousand dollars total. Even though the other stuff is used, it is in mint condition, so it will sell for a good price.”

“Okay.” AJ said, knowing Max still wasn't telling him the entire truth, but he let it drop.

They started the swim training shortly after, and this was to be the first time Alice and Max were present for a training session. They were both surprised with how hard Jim pushed the boys, but they seemed to be really pushing themselves as well. Even Ricky and TJ were pushing just as hard, or at least trying to, and Jim kept yelling pointers out to them as well. Both Max and Alice were getting tired just listening to Jim. Kevin, Tony, and Garth were also standing there and watching with their mouths hanging open almost the entire time. They had been going to go and sit in the hot tub with Max and Alice, but they never got there.

“Finally found your feet I see?” Max asked the three boys as they managed to make their way to the tub.

“Yeah. Man are they ever good. We've seen them swim, but not like that.” Tony said.

“You should see them at a meet then, then they take off their weights and they really move.” Alice said.

“Okay boys, that's enough for now. Hop on out.”

JJ and AJ got up on deck and Ricky and TJ headed over to the hot tub to join the others.

“Now, we didn't make it to the big meet during the summer that I wanted, but that's okay. There is another competition in three weeks time, and they were still taking registrations. I have already entered you this time, so this time we will actually be going. I also already checked with Phil, and there are no other meets for you guys that weekend. It is both swim and dive, so you will both get to show off your talents. Now the drawback is that it is a five hour flight, so we will have to leave the Friday morning before, and leave the Monday morning after, so you're both going to have to miss two days of school. Any problems with any of that?”

“No, we should be fine. How do you think we'll do?” JJ asked.

“JJ, you'll take either silver or gold in the breast stroke and AJ will be right behind you, and AJ, you'll take gold in the diving. JJ, I'm not entering you for that yet. You're getting good, but you still have work to do.”

“Cool, thanks.” JJ said.

“What should I do for a dive then?”

“We'll work on that, but I have a few ideas. Do you know how to do a handspring?”


“Well that strikes one, I'm not good enough on those to teach you to do that.”

“What, you actually wanted me to hand spring from the high dive?”

“I was thinking of it, yeah. We'll think of something else though that'll really dazzle them, don't worry. Go on up and lets get you boys going.”

For the next hour Jim pushed the boys even harder yet while the others all watched from the hot tub in amazement. Alice had to excuse herself to go get cleaned and dressed for work shortly after the boys started diving, and she came in and kissed Max and AJ goodbye, and then said goodbye to everyone else, and headed off to work. Jim left shortly after the dive training ended, and AJ and JJ went and joined the others in the hot tub.

“You guys are getting really good up there.” Max said.

“Thanks. I can't believe that Jim thinks I'll take gold in a full diving competition though, I don't think I'm that good yet.” AJ said modestly, and the others all choked.

“AJ, if your not at least a full five points higher than the next highest, I'd be very surprised. I've watched dive competitions for years, and you are better than most out there.” Max said seriously.

“You think so?”

“I know so.”

“Thanks. Well JJ and I should probably go and get dressed and head over to his parents place.” AJ said shyly, changing the subject. He and JJ got out and headed to the showers and washed off and then headed inside.

“How can he not know how good he really is?” Tony asked incredulously.

“He knows he's good, but how good he doesn't fully realize yet, but he will soon. His last dive there I'm certain would have scored a minimum of ten points higher than most divers in the Olympics.” Max said seriously.

“Well I think he's great, way better than anyone else.” TJ said.

“Yeah, we all do, but we're all biased. I don't know about you guys, but I'm ready to get out. If I stay in here any longer I'll look like a hundred year old wrinkled lady.” Max said.

“You already do.” TJ giggled and scooted out of the tub before Max could reach him.

“You brat, I'll get you, just remember, I know where you sleep.” Max grinned evilly.

“Yeah, and what would you do to me?” TJ teased.

“Oh I don't know, you could wake up one morning without any eyebrows, or maybe you could have a bucket of ice cold water dumped on you to wake you up, maybe something even more mean than that, I could come up with a hundred ways to torture you boy.” Max grinned even more evil still, if that's even possible.

“Okay, I'm sorry, you don't look like a wrinkled old lady.” TJ tried.

“I thought not, but just remember, next time I won't even give you the chance.”

“You guys are funny.” Garth giggled.

“Who said I was being funny, because trust me, I'd do it too.”

“Oh, well I'll remember that then.” Garth said.

“You better.”

They all climbed from the hot tub and hit the showers, and just as they were drying off, AJ and JJ came back in and said goodbye to them, saying that they would see them tomorrow for their training. They all said goodbye and see you as well, and then AJ and JJ were gone.

“Come on guys, let's go get diapered and then play in the games room for a few hours.” Ricky said happily.

“Okay.” The others all said excitedly, all except Max of course.

They all headed into the house and to TJ and Ricky's room, and they all diapered each other nice and snug. This time they used plenty of baby lotion and powder, and if possible, the smiles on Tony, Garth, and Kevin's faces got larger.

“I can't believe we're really doing this, it feels so wrong and so right all at the same time, and damn does it feel nice.” Tony smiled shyly. They all sat down on the bed to talk for a few minutes.

“I know what you mean. When my mom used to punish me for wetting the bed by diapering me like a baby, and that's just what she said she was doing, 'diapering her little baby boy because he wets the bed like a little baby', I had to pretend that I was mad, and that I wasn't a baby, but I truly loved it. It would have been even better if she hadn't have been such a bitch to me, but that's all in the past.” TJ said.

“Question is, is did you actually try to stop wetting the bed?” Ricky asked with a grin.

“Hell no, when mom made me go to the bathroom before bed, I held it in, and even if I did wake up to go pee, I just peed in my diaper. I had to keep my little baby diapers at all costs. I just wish that I could still fit into the pampers, because they were my favorites, but these new diapers are almost as good.” TJ grinned.

“Yeah, I figured as much.” Ricky smiled.

“How about you, did you actually try to stop?” Garth asked Ricky.

“Well maybe not as hard as I should have tried, but no matter what I did, I still woke up wet anyways, so the past few years I just stopped trying, but told my mom I was to get her to quit nagging me. She at least did not punish or torture me for it, the doctor told her it wasn't my fault at all, and that by the looks of it, it could be a lifelong thing.”

“Really, well it would really suck if you didn't like diapers then huh!” Kevin chuckled.

“Yeah, I don't really care one way or the other about bed wetting, but if my bladder gets any worse, it could easily progress to daytime as well. While at home I don't care, but I really wouldn't want to wear diapers to school, or out anywhere.” Ricky shrugged.

“No kidding, but I guess if you have a medical reason, you could just tell the insensitive prick who harasses you about it to go fuck themselves.” Tony said.

“Well yeah, a person could do something like that, but I am not generally that rude or blunt. And did you know you have a pretty foul mouth for an eleven year old?” Ricky asked politely.

“Sorry about that, I forget sometimes.” Tony blushed.

“No problem, but try not to use words like that, it makes people sound crude and uneducated.” Ricky said calmly.

“Huh, why would it make you sound uneducated?” Tony asked curiously.

“Because someone who is smart can generally find a hundred words that describe the same thing, but aren't considered rude, and if you string them together correctly, you can really insult someone, and if you do it right, and they are not smart enough, they won't even realize it until much later.” Ricky grinned.

“Oh, I see, give me an example?”

“Okay, let's see, let's say that I did have to wear diapers permanently, and someone tried to harass me for it, I could say something like, 'I wear diapers because of a clear medical need that is of no importance to you, you however have verbal diarrhea that should also be contained with a diaper, but that is at your own choosing, now which one of us is weird?'”

“Oh, that's good.” Tony giggled.

“Thanks. AJ is better at that than I am though, he is very witty, and don't piss him off, because he could rip a strip off you verbally, and you'd have no way to stop it. I heard some of how he talked to his tormentors, and it was great.” Ricky grinned.

“I'll have to remember that.” Tony grinned.

“So why do you think we like diapers, because I can't figure it out, I've never needed them?” Kevin asked curiously.

“I don't know, I think it's different for each person, I tried finding out on the internet once, but could not find one straight forward answer. For me I think it was simply that I grew to like them because I had to wear them. For you maybe it was the trauma of potty training, for the others, it could be a combination of the two or any number of other things.” TJ answered slowly.

“I remember my mom telling a friend of hers once that I was miserable to potty train, nearly went to kindergarten in diapers, and that she had to resort to other tactics to get them off of me. So maybe you're right, maybe I liked them so much as a kid, and then they got torn away from me that it stayed buried all these years.” Kevin said thoughtfully.

“You never know really. It could be that, or something completely different. Doctors really have no idea what causes fetishes, but they all seem to agree that they are harmless in the main, and that everyone has one of some kind or another. And if you think diapers are weird, try searching the word fetish in google, I suggest you do so on an empty stomach, some stuff out there is way weird.” Ricky said knowledgeably, having done ample research on the subject previously.

“Um, no thanks, I think I'll take your word for it, it sounds as if you've done more than enough research on it.”

“Oh I have, and I've seen some stuff that would make you puke, and there are even fetishes about that too.”

“Eww, gross.” They all said at the same time.

“Yeah, my thoughts exactly. Well should we all go play some games for a while?”

“Okay.” They all said and they hopped up and headed to the games room.

“Hi guys, I was wondering what was keeping you, I've been waiting to challenge one of you to a game of pool.” Max said as they all walked in the games room.

“I'll play.” Garth said and headed over to the rack with the pool cues and grabbed his favorite.

As Garth and Max started a game of pool, the others all went and did what they wanted to do. They all played and had fun in the games room until dinner time, when they all went in to help make dinner together. They even had fun cooking their dinner together, and then they sat down to eat, and they had even more fun yet, laughing and joking the entire time. After dinner they all helped to cleanup and then they wanted to watch a movie, but Max told them all to sit down and that he wanted to talk for a few minutes.

“So I talked to your school principal again yesterday, have any idea what he told me?” Max asked curiously.

“Well nothing bad, I know that for sure.” Tony answered a couple minutes later, trying to figure out what the principal could possibly have said.

“You're very right. He told me that he was very proud of you boys, and that he hasn't had to warn you at all, and that you were all doing even better in your assignments. He seems to think that TJ was the cause of all this. I told him that that was not true. I told him that you were all good boys, but that you just needed guidance, and TJ helped with that by being friends with you.”

“I think you're wrong, I think it's all TJ's fault, he pretty much said that he wouldn't be friends with us if we pulled that stuff any more, and we would rather be friends.” Tony said.

“No, Uncle Max is right, I was just being a good friend, why would I let a friend get into trouble for something I know to be wrong. And I never said I wouldn't be your friend still, I just said that I would walk away if you started anything. You can always do what you want, I cannot stop you, but that doesn't necessarily mean I wouldn't be your friend still.” TJ said, sounding a little embarrassed.

“It sounds like the same thing to me though, you'd be very disappointed in us if we did, and you might not like us as much.” Kevin said.

“Maybe, but I guess it would depend on what you did, but it would have to be pretty bad for me to stop liking you guys.” TJ said honestly.

“You see, friends stick by each other through thick and thin, yes he probably would have been very disappointed in you guys were you to do something like that, and he'd probably tell you off something fierce, but I doubt TJ would stop being your friend. The reason why I wanted to talk to you guys though, was because of what the principal told me, and because I have noticed the same thing, and I am proud of you as well, but that's not all. You boys were all given a test on Thursday remember, do you know what it was for?”

“No.” All four boys said together.

“And you were the only ones in the room taking the test at the time, right?”

“Yeah.” They all said together again.

“Did you not wonder why?”

“Well, yeah, but we were told not to worry about it.” Garth said.

“Because they did not want to make you nervous. Once you guys settled down and started applying yourselves to your work, your teacher noticed something, and she noticed it in TJ right away. She saw that you were all too smart to be where you are, so she talked it over with the principal and they have come up with an idea for you four boys. They do not want to skip you ahead any, at least not yet, but there is an advanced class in your school that you might be better in. And I even told the principal that maybe that was you boys' problem all along, you were just bored, and he seems to agree. Now, all your parents will have been told already, but since you were all here this weekend, I said I would tell you all about it, and he told your parents that as well. Now it has to be up to you guys and no one else, you cannot let your parents or anyone else push you into this, this has to be for you, and you only, but it is not something to take lightly either. If you do real well here, there could be a possibility of advancing to a higher grade above your peers, but just ask AJ how difficult that is. I of course have my own opinion as to what I believe you boys should do, but I will keep it to myself. Also do not feel that you have to decide now, think it over and talk it over amongst yourselves, and let your principal know whenever you are ready to do so.” The boys quietly took all this in for a few minutes, looked from one to another, and then nodded.

“I think I speak for us all when I say we will go to the advanced class. I know I am always bored in class because I get the work done right away, and there is no point in going faster, because then you're even more bored the next day, that's why I have had next to no homework, and the only time I do is when we have to write an essay that gets assigned at the end of class.” TJ said.

“Me too.” All three of the others agreed.

“Good, then we are all in agreement then. So all you have to do is tell your parents, and then the principal of your decision, and then you will be moved. I imagine he will do it right away, if not on Monday, it will probably be by Wednesday for sure. Just remember though that this new class will be much more difficult, but the bonus is that you will get to work at your own speed at things, so realistically if you finish everything for the year early, you could conceivably leave school early for the year, but they suggest that you start on the next years work instead.” Max smiled warmly to the boys.

“Oh, so that's why one kid left three weeks early last year, we all wondered. He was in grade seven though, so he probably wasn't allowed to start the grade eight work, because he probably had to wait for high school for that.” Tony said.

“Maybe, who knows. Well should we watch a movie now guys?”

“Okay.” They all said.

They all curled up on the couches, Max, Ricky, and TJ all curled up on one, and the other three curled up on the other, and they watched two movies together. After the first movie, the boys all went and got changed into clean dry diapers, they were all getting really wet, to get ready for bed. They also brought out all the makings of a nice big nest bed in the middle of the living room floor. For the second movie, all the boys were curled up together, Ricky and TJ right in the middle. All five of the boys were fast asleep before the end of the second movie though, something that caused Max to smile warmly. He got up and shut everything down, and headed to his room to lay down and wait for Alice to get home.


JJ and AJ arrived a few minutes later to JJ's families house, and when they opened the door and said they were home, all four girls screamed and ran at the boys at their top speeds, and one by one they jumped, and AJ or JJ caught them. Well the youngest was barely capable of running, and she could not actually jump yet, so she just slammed into AJ's leg, but he picked her up as if she had jumped. All four girls were given hugs and kisses, and then passed off to the other and they were kissed and hugged by the other boy. As this was going on, Sarah and Frank entered and smiled at the scene.

“They really missed you boys.” Sarah smiled warmly.

“Yeah, we missed them too.” JJ said and then went and gave his mom and dad a hug and kiss each, even AJ gave them hugs.

“So how does it feel living with your boyfriend?” Frank asked.

“Guilty to tell you the truth.” JJ said.

“I'm sure it does, but don't be, it's what you need. We'll be okay, and as long as we all get to see you guys, we'll survive.” Sarah smiled warmly.

“Thanks. So how are you guys?”

“We're all really good, it was just another boring week at home. If it weren't for your sisters keeping me running all day, every day, I'd go nuts around here. I picked up a bunch of boxes and packing stuff for you boys to pack your stuff as well, we can load it all in the truck tonight and keep it in the garage. Then tomorrow, after your swim practice, you can call and we'll bring it over.”

“Why don't you just drive us home in the morning, you can all watch the training and get a good workout as well, and then we can all have dinner together?” AJ asked.

“Sure, I don't see anything wrong with that. I'll make a good late breakfast then.”

“Cool, sounds good to us. Do you girls want to come help us pack up?” JJ asked.

Of course all four girls said yes. The boys went and grabbed all the materials that Sarah had got for them, and headed upstairs with all four girls trailing them. They both stripped down and diapered each other, and then got started. The girls really were not all that much help, but they tried, and they all had fun, the boys included on the fun part. AJ handled the computer system, getting it all boxed up, while the girls helped JJ in his closet, getting everything pulled from in there and piled on his bed. It was a large closet, and it wasn't empty, by any means. It actually took them longer to empty the closet than it took for AJ to disassemble the computer system, neatly wrap all the cables, package it nicely in bubble wrap, go through all the drawers and box up anything that was in there, and then clean the desk.

“Man, I can't believe how much old junk I had hidden away in there, there is so much from when I was little that it's unbelievable. I think I'm going to have a few boxes of stuff going to the good will as well. Now we just have to sort through it all. Girls, if you want any of the old toys, go ahead and take them.” JJ said.

The girls all quickly dug through the toys and they took a couple things each, all except a very special stuffed Tigger doll that JJ said that he was not going to part with, it was his favorite as a little boy, and he had slept with it every night, so he wanted to keep it. The girls were then told that they could go an play, because the next part they could not help with anyways, so they headed off with their new toys, and the boys sat on the bed, one at either end, and started digging through it. They did the clothes first, and anything that would not fit either of them, or was way out of style, and or ugly or worn, was thrown into the pile on the floor for the good will. Anything that JJ wanted to keep was put into a box on the bed. By the time they finished that, they had only two boxes to keep, and five boxes for the good will, and they were all clearly marked as such. Just as the last box was being marked, Sarah came in to tell the boys that dinner was ready.

“I see you've marked a few boxes for good will, but I had no idea you had that much.” Sarah said approvingly.

“Yeah, a bunch of stuff from when I was a kid that I really don't use or need any more, and a whole bunch of clothes. May as well donate it all to someone who can use it. I had no idea though that I had that much junk in my closet, and I even found my old Tigger buried in there, but I've kept him.”

“I would hope you would. That was your very first stuffed animal that you got, and it was from your very proud daddy.” Sarah smiled warmly.

“I know.”

They all headed down to eat, and they all had a great meal together as always, and then they got up to clean up the mess. The boys went straight back upstairs again to finish the cleanup. The dresser, end tables, and bookshelf were next. Almost all the clothes in the dresser were to be kept, so they were all boxed up, but a few things did go in a new good will box. The bookshelf had a few books on it, but mostly it had various sports trophies and memorabilia on it. JJ really had no idea what to do with it all, none of it was of really any use, and it just took up space, but it felt wrong to throw it all away too. Finally they decided to just pack it up and decide what to do with it later, but they both figured that it would stay boxed for the next half a century, and they were not far from wrong either. There was not much in the end tables, and the few things that were, would stay, especially the lube. So finally they were finished. Now they had the nasty chore of taking it all out to the truck and stacking it in there. All the keeper stuff was taken down first and stacked in the front of the truck box, and then all the stuff for the good will was stacked in the back for ease of drop off the next day. The truck was pulled into the garage to stay safe for the night, and then the boys went in and watched a movie with the family. Once again the girls all passed out, and each of the others grabbed a girl and toted them upstairs and into their beds for the night, their diapers of course having been done before the movie started, so they were all good.

After saying goodnight to each other, AJ and JJ headed to their room for the night, and as soon as the door was closed, they were kissing deeply of each other, a real soul searching kiss. They kissed like that for many minutes, slowly working their way towards the bed. They finally fell onto the bed, both totally naked, because as they worked their way there, their hands had been busily removing the tapes holding their diapers on.

“Make love to me baby.” AJ whispered, breaking the kiss for only a second to do so.

JJ was on top already, and he was in a prime position to do so, but he had no desire to just go in dry. Neither of them would like that much, so JJ reached to the end table and removed the lube and got some into his hand and reached down and prepared AJ's wanting hole. It only took a few seconds for AJ to be ready, so JJ lined up and sunk in. The only time they had broken the kiss was for AJ to ask to be impaled, and not even when JJ started slowly thrusting inside his baby did they break their tender lip lock. For the next several minutes they made love, slowly and gently they made love, neither one wanting it fast or hard, neither one wanting it to ever end, but end it must. They both built up to a fantastic orgasm, and with a scream that they screamed into each others mouths, they came together, JJ deep inside his lover, and AJ all over their heaving bellies and chests. Still kissing and holding each other tenderly, they collapsed, and JJ rolled them to their sides.

“Make love to me baby.” JJ whispered, once again breaking their kiss for only a moment, and only for the second time since they had entered the room.

AJ rolled them so that he was on top now, and as they continued their passionate kissing, he prepared his beautiful boyfriends awesome ass for penetration. This of course took only a few seconds to accomplish as well, and before too long AJ was slipping into JJ's incredible warmth, right where he belonged. The kiss continued on as if nothing had happened, while AJ slowly pumped his once again iron hard dick inside JJ's velvet soft insides. They lasted only slightly longer this time, AJ pumping slowly, and both of them moaning lowly into each others mouths, but again they screamed into each other as they exploded in another incredible cum. Rolling to their sides again, they continued to kiss while they came down. Five minutes later their deep kiss broke.

“I love you so much AJ, you feel so right inside me, you are a part of me, and you always will be.” JJ whispered softly.

“I love you too JJ, and you too feel so right inside me, it's where you belong, your heart and soul belong inside me, because they're mine too.”

They kissed once again, but only for a moment. Without another word, AJ got up and grabbed two diapers, the cream and the powder, and then came back and lovingly diapered his baby, who then traded places and diapered AJ as well. They curled up in bed together, kissed for another minute, and then whispered goodnight, I love you, and they fell asleep in minutes.


“Good morning baby.” AJ whispered when JJ woke up the next morning.

“And good morning to you too baby. How did you sleep last night?”

“Beautifully, as always when I am cuddled up to you.”

“Mmmm, me too.”

“Baby is really wet this morning.” AJ giggled as he gave the front of JJ's diaper a squeeze.

“I bet I'm not the only one, and hmm, I'm right, my baby is really wet too, but if you keep squeezing me like that I'm going to have to ask you to remove my wet baby diaper and do something about the swelling inside it.” JJ sighed.

“Okay.” AJ said brightly. He slid down the bed, taking the covers with him and nuzzled his face in the sodden mass of JJ's diaper, nudging the erection buried inside its thick soggy covering. JJ moaned lightly and AJ smiled. He slowly removed the tapes holding the diaper on, and revealed JJ's pulsing bone inside. Removing the diaper from under JJ and throwing it onto the floor, AJ went to work and licked from the base to the tip, swirling his tongue on the tip and tickling it, all the while gathering the copious load of precum that had already gathered at the tip. JJ moaned even more still, and his hands started pulling AJ so that he could get at his dick as well.

AJ swung himself around to give JJ the access he desired, and shortly after his diaper was also removed, and JJ was licking it from base to tip as well. They were now both moaning lowly into each others groins as they sucked each other slowly and lovingly.

“Good morning boys, sorry, didn't mean to disturb you, please continue and we'll see you for breakfast in a few minutes.” Sarah said, coming in the room and seeing the boys enjoying each other.

“Okay mom, be right down.” JJ said and then got back to work.

They continued on as if they had not been interrupted, sucking each other slowly and gently. Slowly they climbed up to the highest peaks or their orgasm, and with a deep grunt from both, they came into each others slurping and sucking mouths. With an even deeper sigh, they came down a few seconds later. It was the first time the boys had ever been interrupted during their lovemaking, and as much as AJ had thought it would have been embarrassing, it had not bothered him at all.

“Much better, thanks, I think we both needed that.” JJ sighed out.

“Yeah, much better for sure. That's the first time your mom has ever walked in on us, I thought that I'd be so embarrassed if it happened, but I didn't care.” AJ giggled.

“It doesn't bother me. The amount of times she's caught me jacking off is not even funny, and she's even caught me in the process of shooting a few times, and once when I was licking up the mess, and she never said anything more than sorry, please continue.”

“I'd have died if my mom had have caught me doing anything like that, and in fact she might have killed me if I had have been caught eating my own load. She would probably be more embarrassed now than anything, but then again, she has never come in my room without my saying 'enter' first. Now though I doubt she'd say anything.” AJ giggled.

“Should we head down for breakfast?”

“Okay, let's go baby.”


“Were the boys still asleep?” Frank asked when Sarah came down after going up to get the boys up for breakfast, or lunch, whichever you wanted to call it, since it was already a little after ten.

“No, they were up, if you catch my meaning. I caught them in the middle of a very tender 69 by the looks of it. They didn't even notice I was there, and I had to say something a few seconds later to tell them breakfast was almost ready. They sure are very tender in their lovemaking though, it was sweet.” Sarah smiled warmly.

“I'm sure it was, everything they do with each other is so tender and loving. I know when I was their age it was all about getting off as fast as I could, but then again, I was only solo at the time and I was scared to death of being caught. I'm glad they feel comfortable enough to be able to take it slow and gentle, to really take the time to love each other.”

“Yeah, but having great understanding parents like us probably helps.” Sarah smiled.

“Yeah, that's for sure.”

They finished preparing the last couple pieces of their breakfast and were setting it all on the table just as the boys walked in. They sat at the table with the girls, who were all busy coloring in their coloring books. They said their good mornings to each other.

“Sorry about just walking in on you boys this morning, I never even thought that you'd be awake.” Sarah said.

“No problem mom, not like you haven't seen it all before, and not like I haven't seen you guys at it before.”

“And it didn't bother me either.” AJ said.

“Well I'm glad it didn't bother you guys, but I'll try and remember to knock from now on, but honestly, we're sorta not used to doing that around here are we, so don't be upset if we all forget.” Sarah smiled warmly.

“Honestly mom, we don't care. It's not like you would stand there and watch, at least for more than the few seconds you were there for, and we're all used to it anyways.”

“I wondered if you had noticed I was there, you seemed a little preoccupied at the time. I was trying to figure out if I should interrupt or not.” Sarah grinned.

“I thought I heard the door, but I wasn't about to look up.” JJ admitted.

“I bet not. You boys looked like you were enjoying yourselves, and you were so slow and gentle, it actually surprised me.”

“And that's when we're being fast. If we wanted to take it slow, we would have done one at a time, we only ever suck each other at the same time if we want to be fast.” JJ grinned.

“Oh, well then, that's very nice. Well everyone can dig in, girls put your coloring books and crayons away and eat up.” Sarah said warmly.

They all dug in and ate the large filling breakfast and then helped to clean up. They then all decided that they should go and get dressed and head out, so that they could drop off the boxes for good will at the store, before heading to AJ's for the day. It only took the four of them a few minutes to drop the boxes in the loading area where they were supposed to, and then they were off to AJ's house for the day.


The nest of boys woke up the next morning at just a few minutes after ten, and they all smiled at each other and then sighed at the comfortable way they were all cuddled up. They were all practically laying on each other, body parts crossed and all curled into each other.

“I can't remember the last time I had such a nice cozy sleep.” Tony sighed a few minutes later.

“Me neither.” Kevin and Tony said together.

“That's why we like sleeping together so much, there's nothing quite so comforting as having the one you love all cuddled up to you all night long.” TJ said and Ricky nodded.

“I bet. I wonder if Max and Alice are up yet, I don't hear them?”

“Probably not. They usually sleep in pretty late on the weekends. They don't exactly get a lot of sleep during the week with Alice going to school during the day, and then work at night, so they are both usually up quite late.” TJ said.

“Should we go in and make breakfast for everyone then?” Garth asked.

“Okay. We can make what AJ loves to make for everyone, you guys will love it.”

“Okay.” They all said.

One by one they got up and stretched, waking up, and really showing off their wet diapers. Each and every one of the boys was very wet. They headed into the kitchen, and Ricky and TJ took charge and told the other three just what to do, and they all worked together to make a nice big breakfast for them all. TJ went in to wake up Alice and Max a few minutes before breakfast was ready. He found them already awake and kissing and cuddling, while having a whispered conversation.

“Oh, good morning, I didn't expect you guys to be awake yet. I was just coming to wake you up to tell you that breakfast would be ready in a few minutes.”

“Good morning to you too soaker. We heard you boys laughing and joking and we could smell breakfast, so we woke up. We'll be out in just a few minutes okay.” Max said with a warm smile.

“If you call me soaker, I'm going to call you leathers, but I'll see you in a few minutes.” TJ grinned wickedly and turned and walked out before either of the adults could say anything.

“What the hell, do you think AJ and JJ told them?” Max asked.

“No, he wouldn't have, at least not unless they already figured it out somehow. He didn't seem terribly upset about it, in fact he was trying not to laugh at the looks on our faces I think, so I'm guessing he has no problem with it. I'll ask AJ later though.” Alice said, starting to see the humor in it and laughing.

“Okay. Well should we go ahead and get up, breakfast is smelling really good, and I'm getting pretty hungry?”

They got up and hit the washroom quickly, and then headed out to meet the boys. They sat down at the table and the boys set breakfast down. They all said good morning to each other and then dug in to the good meal. TJ was not surprised that Alice and Max didn't say anything about his little jibe, he knew that they wouldn't mind that he and Ricky knew, but the others didn't need to know. He had been wanting to let them both know that he knew, and that he was okay with it. He didn't feel that they needed any secrets, since the boys had none from them. Once they were all finished, they helped to clean up the mess.

“Breakfast was really good boys, thanks.” Max said.

“You're welcome.” They all said.

“Glad you've been taking lessons from AJ, that's for sure.” Alice said.

“Not like you could really screw up too much on a breakfast like this, that's for sure. It's so simple that anyone could easily do it and make it taste good.” Ricky said.

“Maybe true, but I don't care to try.” Alice said dryly. She had not cooked once since AJ and JJ had gotten together, and it hadn't bothered her once.

“Yeah, but you don't even like to cook.” Max said.

“Exactly my point, and why would I want to try when I have so many good cooks in the house.” Alice smiled warmly.

“Fair enough.” Max smiled back.

“I wonder when AJ and JJ are going to get here?” TJ asked a few minutes later as they were just finishing up their cleanup.

“Probably pretty soon I imagine, it's already after eleven, and training starts at twelve right?” Alice asked.

“That's right, oh and that's probably them now.” TJ said, hearing the door just as he was saying it. They all headed out the living room to meet the boys, and when they walked in and saw JJ's family all there, Tony, Garth, and Kevin all squeaked out and ran and hid in the kitchen again. Frank and Sarah actually started laughing it was so funny. The three boys could hear the laughing and started crying.

“Oh no, we caused the boys to be upset, and laughing didn't help.” Sarah said, stopping laughing instantly and saying, sounding upset with themselves.

“Boys, come out here please, and don't worry, they weren't laughing at you.” Max called out gently.

“We're really sorry guys, we weren't laughing at you, just that your faces looked so funny when you saw strangers, and then how you hightailed it out. We didn't mean to hurt your feelings or embarrass you.” Sarah called out softly.

Three tear stained boys came back out a second later, hands covering their diapers as much as possible. They had no choice but to come out, the only exit from the kitchen was to the pool, and then from there to the even worse back yard. They were all looking down and their faces were very red.

“Guys, these are my parents and sisters, and they see us all in diapers all the time, and in case you didn't already notice, TJ and Ricky don't seem to be embarrassed, and neither should you be.” JJ said.

“If it would make you feel any better you can strip off the diapers and then we will strip too, and then we'll all be the same.” Frank asked.

If anything the blush increased with that. Even more strangers to see them naked as well. None of the three boys were sure which was worse, JJ's family seeing them in diapers or naked.

“Come on guys, let's just get naked and let the boys get used to the idea that none of us care whether they are in diapers or naked.” AJ said.

They stripped down, so in a few seconds they were all naked. AJ, TJ, and Ricky all came up to Kevin, Garth, and Tony and whispered into their ears that they were going to remove their diapers now, and they just nodded, still looking down, red faced, but no longer crying. The three boys removed the other three boys' diapers, and all the diapers were then thrown in the garbage. They all headed out to the pool house, Tony, Garth, and Kevin trailing behind. By the time they reached the pool house, the first batch was already showered and working out. So they stood in line and waited for their turns. By the time they had had their shower, they were all much better.

The girls were sat at the table with coloring books and crayons, while the others all worked out on the machines. About ten minutes after their workout started, Jim showed up and he joined everyone in their workout.

“I see we have a heck of an audience today for our training. I hope not everyone plans to be in the pool at the same time, because that will make it very hard for me.” Jim said.

“Oh no, we will stay out of the way for the boys' training, don't worry.” Sarah said.

“Good. So how is everyone then?”

“Good.” Everyone said.

They continued to talk and joke for the rest of the hour they had for their workout, and then the boys jumped in the pool. Well at least AJ, JJ, TJ, and Ricky all did, everyone else just went and sat back in the hot tub and watched. For the next two hours they sat around talking while they watched Jim work the boys. As always they enjoyed watching the boys do their diving practice, because it was just an awesome sight to behold. When Jim excused himself to go home, the four boys joined the others in the hot tub and sat back and sighed. They had pushed very hard, and they were tired now. The others had had enough of sitting in the hot tub, so they all headed to the pool and they splashed and played in there for a while. AJ and JJ had decided to go and sit in the sauna for a while, and as soon as Alice saw them go in there, she hopped out of the pool and headed there as well.

“Mind if I join you two?” She asked as she opened the door.

“No, not at all mom, come on in.” AJ said, not even opening his eyes.

“Thanks. I wanted to ask you guys a question in private, so since you're alone at the moment, now is as good a time as any.”

“What did you want to ask mom?” AJ asked, both he and JJ sitting up and opening their eyes.

“Well, this morning TJ said that max could call him soaker if he got to call Max leathers. Now I know you would have told JJ all about us, I would have expected nothing less, but did you guys tell TJ and or Ricky also?”

“No mom, we would never tell them something like that, however we did fill in the rest after TJ figured it out by himself. It seems that one night he got up to get a drink, and you two were playing around, and you were saying spank me, spank me, more than loud enough for him to hear, and he heard the slaps as well. Well he's more than smart enough to have figured out most of it, and when he mentioned it to us, we told him and Ricky all about it, but swore them to secrecy about it.” AJ answered truthfully.

“Okay, I sort of figured it must have been something like that. I didn't think either of you would tell something like that, even to them. He didn't seem too upset about it though, so that's good.”

“No, he thought it was sort of funny, kind of weird too, but we told him that it was no more weird than us liking diapers. He agreed with that, and he seemed perfectly fine with it. He more than likely wanted to let you guys know that there was no need for secrets in this house, which there really is no need for anyways, seeing as how you guys know all of ours.”

“I guess I can see the logic in that, and it's true I guess. Unless you guys are in fact hiding something from us that we do not know about, but we probably do know all your secrets, and it's only fair that you know ours as well.” Alice said warmly.

“Yeah, we're hiding a pretty big secret from you.” AJ said seriously.

“Oh really, care to tell me what that is?”

“I suppose so. You see, JJ and I are gay, and we're madly in love with each other.” AJ said seriously.

“Oh really, well there's a shocker.” Alice grinned and grabbed AJ and hugged him to her tightly.

“I figured that would upset you.” AJ grinned when they released.

“Oh yeah, all those future grandchildren are now history.” Alice mock sobbed, knowing full well this was false, but she already knew that both boys wanted to adopt as soon as they were able to do so.

They continued to talk and joke for a little while longer before they hopped out and jumped into the cool water of the pool to join the others that were playing around. They all played and had fun for a while, but the boys were starting to get a little tired, so they hopped out and went and started getting washed off, and the others followed as they exited.

“Well I suppose we should get dressed and go unload the truck.” JJ said.

“Yeah, assuming all the hoodlums in this horrible neighborhood haven't stolen it all already.” Frank joked.

“I hope not.” JJ said.

“Let me guess, you'd miss your stuffed Tigger most of all right?”

“You bet. I plan to give that to the first kid we adopt.” JJ said sincerely.

“That sounds very nice.” Frank said very warmly and gave JJ a hug, a tear escaping his eye.

“And I should get dressed and head to work as well, I'll be late if I don't get going soon.” Alice said.

The boys and Alice all got dressed quickly, and they all helped to bring in the boxes as Alice headed to work, saying goodbye to everyone. All nine of the boys, and or men, had the boxes offloaded and into AJ and JJ's bedroom in only two trips, the second of which only took six of them to do. They all stripped back down, and the boys all got themselves diapered, all of course except the three guests who stayed dressed, because they said that they should be heading home.

“Thank you guys so much for having us this weekend, it was a lot of fun.” Tony said happily, and the others said they agreed as well.

“You're very welcome boys, and you're welcome any time at all.” Max said warmly, and much to his surprise, Tony came and gave him a hug. As soon as he let go he and the other two headed out to go home for the night.

“It's getting close to dinner time, any ideas what we should all do for dinner?” AJ asked.

“Let's do grilled chicken, salad, and garlic toast.” JJ suggested, and everyone was okay with that, so that was what they did. They all helped as much as they could and soon they sat down to eat. They all enjoyed the dinner and the talk, and then got up and they all helped to clean up. Shortly after dinner was done and cleaned up, Sarah, Frank, and the girls excused themselves for the night, saying they had to head home. So now it was just the boys in the house.

“So boys, it's just us for the night now, let's go sit down and watch a movie, but I want to talk for a minute first.” Max said.

“What did you want to talk about?” TJ asked when they all went and sat down.

“I think you know what about. First though, your mom pulled me aside before she left and told me what you told her AJ, thanks. Second TJ, you may not call me leathers, at least not in front of others. Not that we actually have any leathers to wear, we're not really into that, a little too kinky for our liking.” Max grinned.

“Ah shoot. Oh well. Maybe I'll start calling you spanky instead.” TJ grinned.

“Like hell you will, start calling me that and I'll call you sucker.”

“Cool, I like that.” TJ grinned even wider.

“Great.” Max sighed and Ricky blushed.

“So how come you like spanking and tying each other up?” TJ asked.

“Don't really know, just do. Why do you like diapers?”

“Because they're really comfortable.”

“You probably wouldn't think so if you didn't love them. I wouldn't think they're comfortable at all, I would find them hot and wet.”

“Yeah, that's the best part.” TJ grinned and the other three nodded as well.

“Figured as much. No one really knows why people start liking the things they like, but it's probably a number of things. Both Alice and I like to spank playfully, and tying each other up is just a lot of fun. It also shows a huge amount of trust to your lover to allow them to tie you up and do whatever they like to your body, and even you guys might enjoy that, it can be a lot of fun.” Max smiled warmly. Not exactly the thing you'd tell your teen and preteen kids, but they were all already having sex anyways.

“No thanks, at least not yet.” JJ grinned.

“Yeah, not so interested in that myself either.” AJ said.

“Me neither.” TJ and Ricky said.

“Do you guys hit each other really hard?” TJ asked.

“Oh no, we only hit each other hard enough to feel it and make the skin a little pink, here, let me show you.” Max said, and before TJ could protest, Max smacked him lightly on the thigh.

“Ouch. Well I guess it wasn't that hard.” TJ said in mild shock at having been smacked.

“No, we're not into pain, but it adds an interesting sensation during lovemaking, and it can actually increase the intensity of an orgasm. We can get carried away of course, and leave each other a little tender, but never to the point of sore, and usually by morning all the extra redness is gone, and you boys probably would not be able to tell.” Max said truthfully.

“We've noticed a few times that you're a little more pink bottomed than normal, but no, it doesn't usually show that much.” TJ admitted.

“Figures you'd notice that, and figures you'd accidentally hear us while playing.” Max grinned.

“What can I say, I'm an observant kid.” TJ grinned.

“Too observant at times I might add.” Max smiled.


“It wasn't a compliment.”

“I realize that, but I took it as one anyways.” TJ grinned and the others all laughed.

“Yeah, well you're a stinky brat.” Max said, sticking his tongue out.

“Hey, don't stick that out unless you intend to use it, and you're not even gay, so don't stick it out at me.” TJ said with a perfectly straight face.

Max spluttered a couple times, trying to think of something to say, but he couldn't come up with anything, so just started laughing, and the boys joined him. They chose a movie to watch and put it in a few minutes later, and then they all curled up and watched it. When the movie was over, they all said goodnight to each other and the boys headed to bed, even though it was a little early, even for them.