Chapter 25

Everything had been arranged, AJ and JJ were going to a large competition whether they thought they were good enough or not, ready or not. The school had no problems whatsoever, in fact their teachers told them that if they ever turned down a competition just for school, they would all fail the boys. They all said that the boys were so far ahead, that two days here and there would not even affect them just a tiny bit. Jim had been positively beaming when he told them, he also told them that he had been called by a number of other coaches confirming that his boys were going to be present this time to show the others what true swimmers and divers were supposed to do.

Everyone was so happy, and so nervous, the few days leading up to the day that AJ and JJ were to leave, that they could barely talk, because they got tongue tied instantly, or felt that they would puke if they opened their mouths. Their principal also announced to the entire school that AJ and JJ were going, that Matt and Orin would also be at the competition, that he was having a free viewing on the big projection screen in the auditorium on both days, and that all families were welcome to come as well. This greatly pleased the parents, because they would not be able to be there themselves.

AJ and JJ had talked to Matt and Orin of course, and they too were very excited. They had gone to the large meet during the summer, and had both done exceptionally well, both of them taking a gold and a silver each. Matt told them that he was not going to swim the breast stroke because he was concentrating on others, and wanted AJ and JJ to nail that one instead. Orin though was going to be diving, and he told AJ that he was already anticipating the silver medal he would get, and when AJ asked why only silver, Orin actually looked at him like he had two heads, and had to explain to him in a way you would to a three year old, that he had no hope against him. AJ of course blushed.

Thursday, at the end of the day, the entire school, it felt like, had wished AJ and JJ both luck, and even the principal came on the PA system and wished them both luck, and told them to go show those other swimmers and divers how true athletes do it. And in celebration, not one teacher gave any homework to any student whatsoever, so that they had the entire weekend free to watch the competition. The boys finally made it home and packed up their stuff to take with them, taking with them their school color speedos.

Friday morning Jim was there at eight am to take them all to the airport to head out, and Frank, Sarah, and the girls were there as well, and the boys gave everyone huge hugs and kisses, and they were wished luck one final time, although they were told they wouldn't need it. Finally they were on their way. The plane ride was exciting for AJ, because he had never even seen the inside of a plane other than on TV, and it was better than he expected. The flight was thankfully smooth, and they touched down in the city where the meet was being held, right on time.

To their hotel they headed to check in. They would be sharing a room, but this did not bother any of them at all. The hotel appeared to have been booked solid for the swim meet, as there were boys and girls ranging in age from about fourteen, right through to twenty, considered to be the prime ages. There were others there as well, older, but they just looked like adults and no one really paid much attention. After dinner Jim, AJ, and JJ headed down to the hotels pool and workout area and started a good strenuous workout. It appeared as if many of the other coaches had thought of the same thing, the only difference was that the coaches stood on the sidelines and did not workout as well, and a few of them looked as if they should have been. The equipment was no where as good as the stuff they had at home was, it was not free weights either, and more than a few of the kids and coaches watched in awe as even AJ set the bench press to the maximum weight it had, and started benching it, and he did that with every piece in the workout area.

“Jim, it's good to see you again, so are these your new boys then?” Another coach asked.

“Hi Tony, yes these are my boys, I have two right now, as well as their little brother and his boyfriend, but they're not ready for this yet.” Jim said.

“Is this the boy we saw the dive from?” He asked, pointing to AJ.

“Yeah, we fluked out and met each other on a cruise, and I had never even seen the video, but we all liked each other, and I became their coach on the cruise. I'm proud to say that he's gotten even better.”

“I was really hoping you were going to say no, and that last bit was something I really didn't want to hear. Is he going low or high?”


“Oh, well there goes my kids.” Tony shrugged.

“I'm sure they'll do well.”

“Not well enough going up against him I'm afraid. Oh well, they were getting too cocky anyways, maybe this will teach them that they're not quite as good as they keep thinking they are.”

“And here I have the exact opposite problem, AJ keeps thinking he's not good enough to be here.” Jim grinned and AJ blushed. They had been talking right next to the boys, so they heard everything.

“What, you've got to be kidding me, he's even better than you were!”

“I know, and I did pretty well for myself.” Jim grinned.

“Yeah, you kicked my ass, and I was pretty good too.” Tony grinned.

“Yeah, you were a whole half a point behind me.”

“Now, I have to ask, are you training the boys so hard that they are both using every machine in here at their maximum weights?”

“No, they actually train themselves during the week, and weight training was never one of the things I worked on, but I will be from now on, because it has improved them considerably.”

“That's why I started my kids on weights as well, but that's impressive.”

“You have no idea. They had to upgrade the set they had at home because they had maxed out on almost everything, and it was better than the stuff they have here. I am willing to bet that AJ could bench press you.”

“That I would like to see.”

“Maybe another time.” Jim grinned.

“Yeah. So are you guys entered in swimming as well?”

“Yeah, both boys are in the breast stroke, and only AJ is diving, JJ is not quite ready for that yet.”

“And are they any good?”

“Given the times that I have from the last meet, I have no doubt they will be taking gold and silver in both races, and it will be tight as to who takes what, but JJ is just a hair faster.”

“Oh, well there goes swimming as well, breast stroke is all my kids do so far.” Tony shrugged.

The boys had moved on to other equipment by that time, so they had not heard the last bit of the conversation, and Jim and Tony continued talking for a few minutes longer, until Jim said that he wanted to continue working out as well. They all headed to the pool a little while later, but with so many people in it, it was impossible to practice, so they all just played around.

The next morning they had to be at the pool by seven am, so all three of them got up and threw on sweat pants and shirts, and headed right out. The pool was not even a block away, so they walked, and they were joined by nearly every swimmer and coach that was going as well. When they arrived, they found the largest swim hall that AJ or JJ had ever seen. There was the one Olympic size swimming pool, and seating all around for what looked like ten thousand people. There was the judges station, and it was huge. There were also TV cameras all over the place, and they were all the high end professional stuff. The competition did not start until nine, but the swimmers and divers all had to sign in, and then all go get changed, and it would be tight with only two hours to do it, with as many people as there was. They all lined up and went through one by one, and as each swimmer or diver went through, they were each instructed to either roll up their sleeves or remove their shirts to have their numbers marked on their arms. AJ was 122 and JJ was 123.

Once they were registered, Jim went to the coaching area, and the boys headed to the change rooms to get ready. In here it was pure chaos, and while most of the boys seemed to not be at all shy, there were quite a few that would not bare themselves more than absolutely necessary. Finally AJ and JJ spotted Matt and Orin. They were not staying in the same hotel, so they had not yet seen each other.

“Hi guys, you nervous?” Matt asked. They were all standing around naked and happy to see each other, but not that happy.

“Hi guys, yeah, we're nervous, I actually thought I was going to puke earlier.” AJ grinned.

“Yeah, Orin did, and I almost did when he did, but we're fine.” Matt grinned.

“Yeah, nerves of steel I have.” Orin grinned.

“I couldn't blame you, if I had tried to eat anything, I would have thrown up big time, but I'm starving now. I'm just glad that Jim brought a whole bunch of those energy bars to eat. Now that I'm here, I won't throw up, and I want to eat.” AJ said.

“I couldn't eat for the same reason.” JJ admitted.

“Our coach never brought anything like that, I wonder why.” Matt said.

“Probably never thought about it, but you guys can share ours today.” JJ said.

“Thanks, I think we'll need it. Oh shower's free, let's go.” Orin said and pulled the other three.

They headed back out to the change room and they all grabbed their bags to dig out their speedos, but when AJ and JJ grabbed theirs, they weren't theirs, but they knew they were for them. Jim had obviously slipped new ones into their bags. They were bright red with large gold letters on the bums, one letter on each cheek, AJ and JJ they each said.

“Well I guess this was a surprise from Jim.” AJ laughed as he held it up and looked at it and then showed Matt and Orin, and JJ showed his as well.

“They're cool though, and those look like matching swim caps as well.” Matt smiled and pointed into their bag, and sure enough when JJ puled them out, they were, also with their names in big bright gold lettering.

“I see everyone shaved as well for this weekend, it was my first time ever shaving anyone, but JJ wanted me to shave him.”

“At least you're still perfectly hairless and didn't need to shave, or I would have shaved you too.” JJ said.

“Well you did offer to shave me, but I wanted to keep what little pubic hair I had thanks.” AJ grinned and a few boys near them looked over in shock and blushed.

They all got dressed, grabbed their swim caps and bags, and headed out to the pool to meet their coaches. Jim and Kirk, Matt and Orin's coach, were already next to each other, but not really talking, and they smiled when their boys came running up to them. AJ went to the bag that Jim had the power bars in and dug out eight of them, and passed two each to each of them.

“I see you guys found your surprise.” Jim grinned. “They look good on you.”

“Yeah, was a bit of a shock, but thanks.” JJ grinned around a mouthful of power bar he was eating.

“Can't believe I forgot to get power bars for you boys, sorry, I'll buy for tomorrow.” Kirk said, smacking his head.

“No worries, we have enough. I bought an entire case of a hundred for just such an emergency. I knew the boys would be way to nervous to eat before coming here.” Jim grinned.

“Yeah, mine too, Orin threw up something fierce this morning again, he's really good, but his nerves just don't agree.” Kirk grinned and Orin blushed.

“Yeah, I nearly threw up this morning I was so nervous, so I can understand.” Jim grinned.

“I thought you would have long since stopped doing that, I haven't thrown up from the nerves of a competition in years.” Kirk grinned.

“I haven't either, but sometimes I still feel like I might. Well boys, get out onto the deck and start your stretching.” Jim said after they had finished another two bars each.

“You two as well.” Kirk called out.

They wiped their mouths and headed out to the pool deck and started stretching their muscles really well to warm up. They all started slowly going through their routine they had all well practiced together, they always stretched a little before workouts of course, and by the time they were into it, they had their feet shoulder width apart and they were able to touch their knees with their heads and other various contortions that had some of the crowd groaning form how painful it looked. The crowd was really starting to fill in now, they had less than half an hour before the competitions were to start.


Alice, Max, and the boys, as well as Sarah, Frank, and the girls all met at the school at eight like they were asked to do, and they were met at the door by the principal of the school. Orin and Matt's parents were there as well, and they all met for the most part for the first time. They had sort of met a couple times in the past, but not really.

“Hello everyone, I know you must all be very excited, and I'm just as excited. Nothing this good has ever happened to this school before. I have the best seats in the house saved just for you guys, and the rest will be allowed to start coming in soon. The rest of the swim team and all of us teachers will also be joining you.” The principal said happily.

He then showed them up to the balcony and the entire area had a reserved sign on it. They were told to go ahead and take the very first row center, as promised they were the very best seats in the house. The screen was already set up, and the students who were controlling it were in their booth, running the tests on it, and aligning everything. Finally the channel that the meet was broadcasting on was turned on, and the pool was already being shown, and the commentator was already saying things, telling the people what was happening and so on. The swim team and all the teachers joined them a few minutes later, and they sat in behind the others, as well as the hundreds of students and parents that wanted to watch started filing in and taking their seats. At about ten minutes to nine, the principal got up on stage, and the mic was turned on and the sound from the pool was faded out.

“Welcome to a very special viewing of the swim competition that I am proud to say will be dominated by two of our current students and two of our past students. Thank you all for coming to witness this schools finest swimmers do their absolute best to bring home gold medals, and bring with them fame and glory this school has never once seen. We have always had a strong swim team, albeit small, but these four boys are going further than anyone here has ever gone. The competition will be starting in a few minutes. The cafeteria will be open and serving food and drink all day, so you are welcome to excuse yourselves at any time to get refreshments. Enjoy.” He said and everyone cheered. The sound was faded back in, and the principal came and joined everyone in the top box.

For the next several hours the entire crowd watched as the swimmers all did their best to outdo everyone else in their times. The breast stroke races were going to be the last, as it was the largest event, and diving was to take place the following day, because it was the smallest. There were some very good races, and in the three events that Matt and Orin swam in, they did exceptionally. In two races Matt took gold and Orin silver, and in the other one they switched. Their parents could be heard above all else, and that was saying a lot, because the sound of the crowd was deafening.

Finally the final event of the day came, it was the breast stroke, and they all cheered when they saw both AJ and JJ come up. They had been seen a number of times, and everyone could easily see who they were from their swim suits, but now they were queuing up to swim their events. There were two different ones for the breast stroke, the short and the long. Ten laps and forty laps. Both AJ and JJ took an early lead in the ten laps, but they were so close together it was impossible to tell which was actually in the lead. Even at the end of the race, they were so close no one could tell. All anyone knew was they they had come in first and second, but not who in what position. The judges actually had to go over the playback a few times to be sure, but AJ was declared the winner at a quarter of an inch lead. The long race finally started as well and AJ and JJ were once again taking an early lead. It was a long race all right, but one thing was clear, there was no hope that the boys could be caught unless something went drastically wrong. The next closest person behind them was a little over a body length behind, and that's a huge lead in swimming. It was getting right near the end again, but this time they could clearly see that JJ was in the lead, by a hand, but that was it. JJ took gold in the long, AJ took silver, and the next person behind him was a full second behind their time. They both nearly flew out of the pool and hugged Jim so tightly and picked him up that he actually screamed from surprise. The entire crowd burst into cheers and applauding at both locations.

“You two did amazing.” Jim could be heard to say as a camera started coming towards them.

The boys and Jim were then interviewed, just like both Matt and Orin had been after both of their races were all over. Everyone in the auditorium could clearly see just how happy they all were, but it was nothing as to how happy they sounded.

A few minutes later when the interviews were over, and the swim meet was closed for the day, the A/V group shut down the system and the principal once again walked up on stage.

“I thank you all for coming and supporting our school team members out there today. I think that we can all agree that this was the finest possible outcome that we could have hoped for. I welcome you all to attend tomorrow morning at the same time to watch the dive event, it should be truly spectacular. Thanks again, and have a good night.” He said and shut off the mic and everyone cheered once more and then started filing out.

“Coach Phil, I must thank you so much for all the help that you have given to the boys, they could not have done this without your help.” Alice said sincerely to the boys' coach.

“I can only take partial credit for this, but thanks. Those four boys have always been very good, and while I did give them many pointers, they really didn't need my help all that much. I taught them the basics, and they all just took off from there. The dive competition tomorrow though should be truly interesting.” Phil smiled warmly. He was so proud of the boys right then, that he was almost in tears himself.

“We can't wait.” Almost everyone said.

They all headed home after that, all with throats so sore they could no longer talk. They had debated going out to a restaurant together, but none of them really wanted to go out, it had been a long day already. They all just headed to their homes and had a light dinner and sat back for the night, waiting for the phone calls they hoped they would get.


“I can't believe you two. I knew that you would do well, but that well, well I never imagined.” Jim said when they finally made it back to their room a couple hours later.

“Thanks Jim, we couldn't have done it without you.” AJ smiled.

“Yes, you could have. I've really only been ever helping you guys with diving, I've never had to do much work on your swimming, I've only ever given you guys pointers and tips and told you to push, something you are quite capable of doing yourselves, I might add. Well I bet you guys are starving, you've only eaten energy bars all day, let's get dressed and go for dinner somewhere.”

They all talked happily and got changed, called Matt and Orin and asked them and Kirk out to dinner as well, and they said they would meet somewhere. They all met at a nice restaurant a few blocks away, and they sat and had a nice meal together. They talked loudly about the swimming, and rehashed the the entire thing. If anyone was offended by how loud and happy they were being, none of them said anything, not that the guys would have cared. After dinner they headed back to their hotels for the night, and the boys all called home. AJ and JJ each called on their cell phones so that they could talk at the same time.

“Hi mom, it's AJ.” AJ said and then smartly pulled the phone from his ear just in case, something he found to have been a wise decision.

“AJ, oh my god, I can't believe it, you did awesome.” Alice screamed, sounding very hoarse.

“Thanks mom. We just got back from dinner. So how are you guys?”

“We're awesome. We are all so happy for you both, I can't begin to say. We can't wait to see you and your medals when you get home.”

“We can't wait to get home either. It's really chaotic around here.” AJ said.

“I bet. Well we should probably let you go, but everyone wants to say something first.”

“Congratulations.” They all yelled.

“Thanks guys, love you all and see you on Monday.” AJ said.

“Love you too, and see you Monday.” Alice said, coming back on the phone and then they both hung up.


“Hi dad, it's JJ.” JJ said, also holding the phone out.

“It's him, hi JJ, you boys did awesome.” Frank yelled.

“Hi JJ, you boys did incredible.” Sarah said, picking up another line.

“Hi guys, thanks, we had fun.”

“You should have seen the school, it was incredible, the place was almost packed full, and it was so loud that you couldn't even hear yourself think when all four of you guys did so well on your races.” Sarah said.

“I'm glad. I just hope we don't end up with a hundred more people trying to join the team.” JJ grinned.

“I doubt it. If they're not already on the team, they probably wouldn't even try.” Frank said.

“I hope so.”

“So how do you feel?” Sarah asked.

“Awesome.” JJ said happily.

“I bet. Well we should probably let you go, I'm sure you want to get diapered and lay back and relax now that all the excitement for the day is done.”

“Already diapered, did as soon as we walked in, Jim included. Well you guys have a good night, love you, and see you on Monday.”

“I bet, but the girls want to say something first.” Frank said.

“Congratulations, love you.” All four girls said as best they could.

“Love you too.” JJ said. They hung up a few seconds later and then the boys told each other what their families said, and then the three of them laid back all comfortable and watched a movie on TV. All three of them passed out by the end of the movie, and the TV was still on when they woke up the next morning.

The next morning was almost an exact repeat of the previous morning for everyone. The only differences were that the principal at the school did not have to tell the families where to go when he let them in, and the swimmers and divers did not have to register again, just show their numbers again and get them remarked if they were too faded. Both AJ and JJ had had to get their numbers redone, since they both wash real well after swimming usually. The day was solely for the purpose of diving, and as with most meets, it was shorter because of the smaller amount of divers in comparison to swimmers. JJ had not needed to get changed, but he did anyways to show support for his baby, and same as yesterday, the change room was pure chaos, it was so loud in the confined space that the boys were actually getting headaches from it, neither of them used to such loud volumes. Of course their own change room was loud at times, but nothing like this was. AJ and JJ were thankful to be out of there and standing with Jim, as well as Matt, Orin, and Kirk. They all chowed down on power bars again.

The first event was the low dive competition, and in this competition you had one chance to do your selected dive, so you had to make sure it was perfect. AJ was the twelfth diver called up, and he ran up to the board and climbed up. As the crowd went silent, he prepared himself for a very difficult triple front flip with a spiral. He ran and launched himself and nailed the dive, something that Jim and JJ had known he would do. AJ had been practicing that dive for the entire last three weeks in preparation, but he had it nailed after the first.

As AJ rose from the water, the noise level in the much larger pool was louder than it had been in the change room. That however was nothing in comparison to the noise level in the auditorium where the families were. AJ went and joined JJ and Jim, and waited for the preliminary scores to come up, and they were ten across the board, and AJ nearly fainted. So far the highest score had been a nine point five, and that was only with a couple judges. A few moments later they factored in his technical scores, and his score came up on the board in top place, a full fifteen points above the previous highest. AJ actually had to sit down.

Orin was called next for his dive, and he dove as well, and he did exceptionally well as well, just not quite so good as AJ had, but it was enough to secure him second place without a doubt, and a fair lead over the previous divers. There were only three more divers after Orin, so they went, but they had not done so well, getting lower marks than the previous highest, so as predicted, AJ took gold and Orin took silver. They hugged each other and their boyfriends and then coaches.

The high dive was next, and this time Orin was called second to last, and AJ still had his dive to do. Orin executed a perfect backward triple, and got the highest score. He was almost five points above the previous highest scorer. But then AJ was called and he climbed the ladder, and this time the entire crowd was deathly silent before he was even half way up. The only sound that could be heard in the entire place was the gentle lapping of the water in the pool. And in the auditorium it was much the same, they were all holding their breath, and a pin could have been heard falling without fail, even by the near deaf grandparents.

AJ stood at the edge of the platform got his breathing and concentration under control, and then while facing forward leaped into the air, and performed a triple back flip and cleared the water with so little splash it was hard to tell where he entered. Even the crowd was stunned from this, not one other diver had performed such a dive, and not one could claim a perfect entry, although Orin was damn close. When AJ broke the surface of the water, the cheers nearly rose the roof off the place, or blew out the windows, same in the auditorium.

Once again AJ stood with his team and waited for the scores, and it was with very little surprise that he once again received tens all across, and then a few minutes later his total score came up, and he was eleven points higher than Orin, and he had had a really good score. They wrapped up in one large group hug and were seen to be jumping up and down, AJ actually had tears running down his cheeks, but then again so did JJ, Jim, and Orin.

“I knew I didn't stand a chance against you, but I had no idea you were going to spank me so hard.” Orin grinned at AJ, a camera having picked it up and everyone laughed.

“I had no idea I was going to do that well.” AJ said in shock still.

“I told you that you would, but I'm only your coach, I know nothing.” Jim said happily.

The reporter came in then and started asking questions and they all answered a few, but then politely asked to be left alone now after the few questions.

“AJ, how does it feel to have just had scores that were marked on the Olympic standard model, with judges critiquing you just as hard as they would at the Olympics, and receiving scores that were higher than were seen in the last Olympics?” Jim asked.

“You're kidding right?” AJ asked.

“No, I'm not. Orin's scores on both dives would have earned him a bronze at the last Olympics, and that is an achievement, but your scores were a lot higher.” Jim said seriously.

“Wow.” AJ said, sitting down again.

“I keep telling you that you're good AJ, you really are the best diver I have ever seen in my life. You will be in the Olympics, and you will take a gold for sure, if I have anything to say about it at any rate. Even JJ is getting close to the point that he could have beaten many of the divers out here today if we had have entered him, but he's not ready yet, but the next one we will have you both up there.” Jim said.

“AJ, he's right. Orin is a beautiful diver, and before I saw you diving, I would have bet any money that it would be Orin up there taking the gold medals. Orin however does not seem to mind at all coming in second to you, and for good reason. You will help him to become better because he now knows what he has to beat.”

“Afraid you're wrong there Coach, I have known all along what I had to beat, or who I should say. There's simply no competition there, AJ will always be better than I am, but I will strive to get almost as good, and by the time the Olympics role around, I will be very proud to be standing right below him receiving my silver medal. You see I watched him start diving not all that long ago, and when he first pulled a stunt I could barely do after only a scant few months of training, I knew that if we were to compete against each other, that he would beat me, and you're right, I don't mind.” Orin said sincerely.

“Thanks Orin, and I truly hope we get to be up there at the same time, and I hope JJ gets to be up there with us.” AJ said, tears leaking out now.

“I don't know if I'll ever be good enough at diving to join you two up there, but we can share the podium at the swim meets though, that would be nice.” JJ said.

“No, I think you just might be able to do it JJ, you're doing very well, we have under two years to train still, but you just never know.” Jim said.

Right then the judges called the awards ceremony to start. Event by event they went through all the competitors and awarded them their medals and congratulated them. Swimming first, because it was done first, and then diving. Orin and AJ were the last to be called up for the day, and they were handed their medals. The head judge taking the honors for this.

“You two, you did very well out there today, and I hope that I get to be the judge to score you when we see you at the Olympics, and I fully expect to see you both up on the podium at that time as well. I congratulate you both, as I do all the winners here, but I can honestly say that I have never seen such a performance, and you're both from the same team, how incredible.”

“Thanks sir.” They both said. The bronze medal winner did not look quite so pleased as he should have looked getting bronze, and then barely getting a congratulations seemed to anger him a bit as well, but no one seemed to notice or care. All four boys gathered around their coaches again, and they all admired each others medals, AJ had three gold and one silver, JJ had one gold and one silver, Matt had two golds and one silver, and Orin had one gold and three silver They stood around talking for a few minutes longer, and then the boys decided that they should go get showered and changed, so they headed off while the coaches cleaned up their area.

“Congratulations AJ, I've been diving for years now, and I've never seen someone dive so gracefully as you did. My name's David.” A late teen complimented him.

“Thanks, I appreciate that. I remember your dive as well, and it was really good, but it looked like your foot slipped just as you were about to launch, is that why you stumbled slightly?”

“Yeah, not sure what happened there, but it happens, and I still got bronze on the low dive, which was better than I thought I would do, especially when I felt myself stumble a bit on the exit. There's a rumor going around that says you haven't even been diving for a year, is that true?” He was not the same glaring boy on the high dive podium.

“It's true, I started on my school team about halfway through the year, and it was my first time ever. I had never even been on a diving board before, but my school coach said I looked like a natural, and insisted I get up there and do it. To prove him wrong, I tried, and well you saw the fact that I sorta got proven wrong instead.”

“Man, that's incredible. I've been diving for ten years already, since I was eight, and I could train even harder yet for another ten, and never do what you did, you are a true diver. Well it looks like you're ready to take your shower, so I'll let you go.” He said, AJ and the others had been standing there totally naked and waiting while they talked, whereas the boy was still in his speedo with a towel wrapped around him.

“Nah, that's okay, we're still waiting, but we stand around and talk naked all the time, even at our pool parties we're usually naked. Thanks for the compliment though, I really do appreciate it.”

“You guys aren't on the same teams though, are you all friends, I saw you all hugging each other earlier?”

“Oh yeah, up until Matt and Orin left school last year, we were on the same school team, and JJ and I are still on it. We're all really good friends.”

“Wow, your school coach must be really good then.”

“He is great. He was in the Olympics himself, and knows what it takes to get there, and he pushes each and every one of us just as hard as our actual trainers do. Even our Olympics trainer was taught by our school trainer. Last year, at our last swim meet of the year, our team took more medals than the entire total of all the other teams combined, he tried to say it was all us, but we all knew it was because of him.”

“Wow, my school coach is lame, and I hate my trainer, he's a real asshole, but he was close to home so I don't have to travel much.”

“I'd try and find a different coach. That's where we're all lucky, our coaches actually live close by and they come to us. We have pools at our houses that we train in.”

“I may be taking a wild guess here, but two houses right, as in you live together, but I can tell you're not brothers!”

“That's right, Orin and Matt are boyfriends and JJ and I are as well. Is your boyfriend here as well, or is he at home?”

“He couldn't be here, he's watching our son, and he's not a swimmer.”

“You have a son already, cool.”

“Yeah, my boyfriend is twenty five, and as soon as I turned eighteen we applied to adopt a baby, and six months later we had our son. He was born and we took him home the next day, he's now three months old and he's so cute. Problem is his mom was drunk a lot, so he has FAS, but he's doing amazingly well considering that.”

“That's too bad for the little guy, but we're all glad that he has such nice parents now. So you had no idea if it was going to be a girl or a boy then did you?”

“We could have found out if we had wanted to, but we chose not to, let it be a surprise, just like a proper family should. The lady though was not a good mother, and never would have been, so I'm glad we were able to adopt the baby. It was tough though, you have no idea how many questions they asked.”

“We can imagine, and as soon as we can, we all plan to adopt as well. It will help that we already have our own homes though.” Matt said.

“Really, all of you, how's that possible, you two are the same age as I am?”

“My parents gave us our house, but we do eventually have to start paying them something for it, but I bet that that is not much, probably what they paid for it.” Matt said.

“And my dad left me our house when he died, only I did not know that until last year, and my dad died when I was four.”

“Wow. My boyfriend is just finishing his residency as a pediatric emergency surgeon, and while we have a nice place, it is just a rental for now, we'll have to wait a couple more years to buy something.”

“I thought you said your boyfriend was only twenty five, how can he almost be a full doctor already?” Orin asked.

“He's pretty smart and finished high school something like three years early, whereas I barely made it out alive. But the same could be asked about you AJ, how is it you are on a high school team, you're what, eleven?”

“Oh, that's cool.” Orin said.

“Thirteen actually, and I'm in grade ten. I was skipped ahead a few grades as well, so in a way, I'm a lot like your boyfriend is then. How long have you two been together, if you don't mind my asking?”

“Well let's just say he was just finishing high school and I wasn't even in high school yet. I was eight when we met, almost nine, and he was my baby sitter to earn money for school. He never stood a chance though, I had him wrapped around my little finger by the end of the first night, and we've been boyfriends ever since. My parents found out about us when I was thirteen, and almost had him locked up, but I told them that if they even thought about it, that I would run away and never be seen or heard from again.”

“Wow, and I thought our age difference was big.”

“Yeah, well back then it was big, he was an adult already almost, and I was still a little kid, but now it's not so bad, we're not that far away. My parents have a larger age spread than we have, by two years in fact. As we got older it didn't matter quite so much, and now he's great friends with my parents, and they are very proud grandparents.”

“That's really cool. What about his parents though?” JJ asked.

“He was an orphan, raised in foster homes his entire life, that's why he needed money, he had nothing, he had to work his way through university, but he lived with us most of that time, from the time he turned eighteen and got kicked out of foster care in fact. My parents couldn't afford to help though, they barely scraped a living, and it was tight with an extra mouth to feed sometimes, but they refused to take payment from him while he was in school. Hell, we only moved out just before our son was born, and our house is still pretty bare. With the extra money that I will get from this though, we might be able to afford to buy some more stuff.” He said.

“Sounds like you guys are having a rough start, but that your starting to do really well for yourselves already. I thought that you had to have a pretty well established life before you could adopt though?” Matt asked.

“Thanks, and normally that would be true, but with Francis in his residency and already earning pretty good money, his schooling already paid off, and their serious lack of people that would adopt an FAS baby, they bent the rules a little for us. Also I am pretty much a stay at home dad because I will not need to work, I only swim and dive, so I am free to care for our baby at all times, and we both took courses on caring for FAS babies.”

“Looks like the shower is clearing up a little, should we head in there?” Orin said.

“Sure.” Everyone said, and then David pulled off his speedo and they all headed to the shower and continued talking. They showered and dried off and then got dressed, all the while talking even more. When they were all finally dressed, they exited the change room together and met their coaches.

They all got to talking and then agreed to head out and have dinner together. They all had an enjoyable dinner together, and they all found out that David lived in the city where AJ and JJ had sailed and flown out of, so he was only a little over an hour away from them. They all became friends that afternoon, and David was invited to bring his boyfriend and son out to meet the rest of the families sometime soon. They headed out of the restaurant a little later, and headed back to their hotels and parted for the evening.

As with the previous night, all three boys got comfortable as soon as they entered their room, and then the boys called home and once again had to pull the phones well away from their heads so as not to get hearing damage. After the phone calls the three of them went straight to bed to be up early enough to make their morning flight, and they all passed out right away.


Everyone in the auditorium was astounded at the performance of their two divers, well there one diver and their one previous diver, none of them ever seeing anything quite like it before, including the coach. Everyone around the families congratulated them on the outstanding performances of their sons, and everyone was very happy for them.

“I thank you all for coming today and yesterday to join in watching and celebrating the incredible achievements that our swimmers and divers have worked so hard for. Congratulations to the families for having such great boys, and congratulations to Coach Phil for teaching them everything that they needed to know to go so far. Thank you again, and have a wonderful day.” The principal said after he made his way back down to the stage.

Everyone piled out of the auditorium and headed home to await the calls from their sons. They of course had dinner and sat back and relaxed for a while before the calls came in. When the boys did call home, the excitement was universal though, all saying how proud they were, how incredible all the boys had done, so on and so forth.


AJ, JJ, and Jim all made it to their flight on time, and once again Orin, Matt, and Kirk were on a different flight. The flight home was not nearly as exciting as the flight out was, and all of them found that they slept a good portion of the five hour flight. Jim drove AJ and JJ home, and was about to head out when JJ and AJ hopped out and grabbed their bags.

“Where do you think you're going?” JJ asked.

“I want to get home and see my baby of course.” Jim said.

“You honestly think that you will get to escape that easily, come on in, at least for a couple minutes, because we're not going to take this alone, you have any idea how excited the parents are all going to be, and it's all your fault.” AJ grinned.

“Fine, but only for a few minutes.” Jim smiled, he knew exactly how excited they would all be.

“We're home.” AJ called out as soon as they made it in the front door, and all they heard was one loud scream of excitement, and then both families came crashing in.

“We've been waiting for you guys, and the girls have been watching all afternoon, waiting for you guys. We finally had to drag them away to eat some dinner.” Sarah yelled and grabbed all three of them in a huge bear hug that Jim honestly thought would suffocate him. The hugs from everyone else were no less intense though.

“I can't believe how well you two did, come on, let's see the medals!” Alice gushed out.

“Thanks, and here.” Both boys said at the same time and pulled their medals out for everyone to see. They were passed around and everyone admired them.

“Wow, I can't believe how heavy these things are.” TJ said in awe.

“Yeah, they were actually starting to get uncomfortable to wear all of them.” AJ said, and JJ nodded his agreement.

“Jim, I think I say it for us all when I say thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You have helped the boys so much, and brought them so far. I have no doubt they could have done well for themselves, even with just the school training, but you have given them that little extra that they needed to really go far.” Frank said sincerely.

“Thank you, it really means a lot to me, but I couldn't have done it without the boys, for they are the ones who have really done all the work. It's easy to train gold medal swimmers and divers, when they are already gold medal boys.” Jim said, almost starting to cry.

“I think we can agree with you there.” Sarah said.

“Well I really must go now, I want to get home to my baby.”

“And before you start crying.” Alice added.

“Yeah, that too.” Jim smiled, and they all said their good byes and he headed out.

The boys went to the dining room with the others and dug into some dinner as well, since there was more than enough made for them as well. They all sat around talking about how exciting everything was, and the boys were made to go over everything of course. It wasn't even eight when AJ and JJ excused themselves to go to bed, not only were they tired, but they had had no privacy or release for a few days, and they needed both.

“I love you baby, I couldn't have done any of this without your help.” JJ whispered once they were naked and laying down on their bed.

“And I love you too, and you're the reason that I got so far as well.” AJ whispered back and then they started kissing passionately.

As they kissed, their hands were moving down, caressing each others soft smooth skin, working their way towards each others proud erections. As they latched on, they each moaned deeply into each others mouth. They slowly and lovingly stroked each other only for a few minutes, still kissing the entire time, before they broke apart. JJ slid his body down and kissed the whole way, until he was licking every square centimeter of AJ's pulsing and leaking member. Savoring the sweet juice that was now nearly pouring out of AJ, JJ could take no more and engulfed the whole of AJ's erection to the root. AJ groaned deeply, thrust his hips up, and went into convulsions immediately, spraying a really good sized load into JJ's sucking mouth. Neither expected the other to last very long at all, so it was with very little surprise that AJ exploded so quickly.

AJ came down slowly while JJ was just lightly tickling his balls in a loving fashion, not really in a sexual way, in fact AJ found it to be highly relaxing. When AJ was down fully, JJ licked the last few drops of cum from the tip of AJ's dick, gave it a kiss, and then crawled up his babies body, and kissed AJ deeply.

After kissing for a few minutes longer, AJ rolled JJ onto his back and started kissing his way down JJ's heaving body. AJ also licked up all the mess that had been pouring from JJ's erection, and then proceeded to lick every part of JJ's dick and balls that he could before he too sucked the entire thing into his mouth. JJ was able to last a whole second longer, but he also gasped deeply, thrust his hips upwards, and sprayed an even larger load into AJ's sucking mouth.

AJ did the same thing for JJ as he had done for him, and was just laying there waiting for JJ to come down, tickling his balls lovingly. JJ thought that this was very relaxing as well. When JJ was back down to earth, AJ also licked up the last remaining drops, kissed JJ's now soft penis, and then crawled up and kissed JJ deeply.

“I love you baby.”

“I love you too.”

The boys quickly got each other ready for bed, and then curled up and fell right to sleep. Ricky and TJ also headed to bed not long after AJ and JJ had, and they too sucked a nice orgasm out of each other before they too diapered each other, and then curled up to go to sleep.