Chapter 26

“Well baby, you ready for this?” JJ asked after they dropped TJ off at school and were on their way to their own with Ricky.

“Yeah, I hope so, could be interesting, that's for sure.” AJ sighed.

And it was an interesting day to say the least. When they arrived to school it seemed like every student was there to greet and congratulate them. At their first break, it was almost the exact same thing. All the teachers told them how proud of them they were, and even the principal found them on their way from one class to another, just to congratulate them personally. By the time lunch rolled around, they were both getting a headache from all the people crowding around them.

“Come on guys, let's go sit under the big oak and see if we can't get away from all this insanity for an hour.” JJ said after the entire team grabbed their lunches.

“Okay.” They all said happily, glad to get away from all the people. The tricky part was of course going to be getting away from them all, but a few well appointed looks and words told others to not follow, that they wanted to be alone.

“Man, it's about time, I thought we'd never be alone again.” Jase said, and everyone nodded their agreement.

“You two did so well out there, can we see your medals?” Joey asked.

“Thanks, but no, we weren't going to bring something that valuable to school.” AJ smiled.

“Okay, didn't figure that you would have brought them.” Joey smiled.

“Man, I hope we can just sit back and relax a bit, I hate it when everyone surrounds us like that.” AJ sighed.

“Then you're really going to hate this then, there is a reporter and a cameraman heading our way, and you're the only reason they'd be here.” Ricky warned.

“Ah shit, just what I wanted.”

“Hello AJ, my name is Helen, and I am from the All Sports, All The Time sports network. This is my cameraman Ray. I was wondering if I could have a few words with you, maybe get an interview with you?”

“If I have an interview with you here and now, can you promise that no one else will come and harass me?”

“Well I can certainly promise that from our own network, and I will spread it around to everyone else as well, but I cannot make promises for them.”

“Okay, I can accept that, however I will have a number of stipulations that you must agree to before I allow you to air anything at all. First is that we are all together, we are a team, and you will interview us as a team.”

“I can agree with that, anything else?” Helen asked, and in the distance the boys could all see Mrs. Berry, Coach Phil, and the Principal running their way.

“Not at this time, except to say that I would like to see everything you have before you edit it, and to be able to request changes.”

“Okay, that shouldn't be too much trouble.”

“Just what do you think you're doing?” Mrs. Berry yelled as soon as she was within earshot.

“It's okay Mrs. Berry, we've all agreed to an interview.” AJ said.

“Okay, just so long as you all agreed to it. We will keep the other students out of the way.” The principal said.

“Thanks, that would be appreciated.” Helen smiled warmly to the handsome school principal.

“Where should we do this then guys?”

“Right here is great for us, and we're already comfortable.” They had all moved around when the newcomers came up, so they were sitting in a semi circle facing Helen and Ray, AJ and JJ were bot front and center and they were touching at nearly every point as well as holding hands.

“Right, well that works fine, unless Ray needs better light, however I would suggest you and JJ not hold hands, people might get the wrong idea.”

“I'm good.” Ray said.

“And we're good too, and it wouldn't be the wrong idea anyways, JJ and I are boyfriends.” AJ said unashamedly.

“Coach Phil, you should be in here too, we're your team after all!” JJ called out.

“No no, I couldn't, this is for you boys.” Coach Phil tried.

“Nonsense, please join the boys.” Helen said excitedly.

Begrudgingly Phil sat with his team and then Helen and Ray got started on the interview. Mostly it was a lot of questions and answers as to how long each of them had been swimming or diving, how many competitions they were all in, so on and so forth. It actually only took about ten minutes to do, and then Helen said that she had all that she needed for this time. As soon as they headed off, so did the teachers. They ended up hovering like bats over the reporters as they continued their interviews on other students.

“I don't know if I like her interviewing other students, I mean none of them really like or know me.”

“Not much you can do about it baby, they are free to interview whomever they like. I doubt very seriously that anyone would have anything bad to say about you anyways.”

“Oh I don't care if they bad mouth me in any way they please, what I don't want to have happen is some idiot saying that they have been my oldest and dearest friend and some other such bullshit.”

“It's like he said though AJ, there really is not much you can do.” Ricky said softly.

“That may be true, because she is interviewing them, but I did ask to see everything before it was aired, and if I see anything like that, I plan to tell them not to air it, or I call the whole thing off. JJ, if you wouldn't mind telling Mrs. Berry that I may either be late or a no show, I am going to go talk to Helen as soon as the bell rings, which should be any minute now.”

“You know Mrs. Berry won't even bat an eyelash from that, especially when I tell her why. I thought she might rip Helen a new hole if she were harassing us.” JJ chuckled, and the others joined in.

A few minutes later the bell rang, so everyone, except AJ, got up to head back into the school. AJ sat and waited for a few minutes to give Helen and Ray time to get back to their van and get settled in. When he figured enough time had elapsed, he headed over and knocked on the door.

“Oh hello AJ, good to see you again. How can I help you?” Helen asked.

“I was wondering if I could see the interviews with the other students that you guys just did. I want to make sure no one is saying anything they shouldn't.”

“No one said anything bad about you, if that's what you're meaning.”

“No, I don't care if they bad mouth me, I'm a big boy, I can deal with it. I just want to make sure there was no one out there saying that they were my friend or anything, because other than the entire swim team, no one else in this school is anywhere near a friend.”

“Oh, I see. Well there was nothing like that at all either. You can watch them if you'd like anyways, there was some good information in there. I heard that you have been shot, blackmailed, and had nasty pictures of you floating around the school, although no one would tell me what was on those pictures.”

“Oh, okay then. I'd like to see that very much then.” AJ said.

For the next fifteen minutes Ray played back all the interviews from the other students, and AJ was happy to see that there was nothing in there that he even came close to objecting to. The other students had an amazing amount of loyalty to him, or maybe it was because they knew the principal would fire their asses out if they told, but not one of them even hinted at what the pictures had on them.

“AJ, I know this might be a lot to ask, but what would you say to a one on one interview, really let people know who you are?”

“I don't know. I don't even like cameras at all, and I hate it when so many people are fawning over me like they have been. I will do it on another condition though, that you come and interview everyone from the team at practice today, and not just about me either, get to know them. We are a team, we win together and we lose together.”

“You have yourself a deal.” Helen said and stuck out her hand, and AJ shook it.

“So where should we do it then?” Ray asked.

“I say on the front steps to the school, it is a very nice setting, and it should be quiet and peaceful.” Helen said.

Ray quickly reloaded his camera and got everything ready, and then the three of them set out to the front entrance of the school. AJ and Helen sat down on the stairs, sort of facing each other, but still looking forward. As soon as Ray said he was ready to go, Helen started out.

“I'm here with AJ, one of the fastest rising divers in the world, some are saying that he is unbeatable, some are saying he's the best there's ever been or possibly ever will be again. But he tells me that he is just a normal boy who enjoys swimming and diving, and really only does it for fun. Tell me a little about you AJ, tell us about some of the rumors we've heard around the school if you wish.”

“Well as you said, I'm AJ, but that bit about me possibly being the best there has been or ever will be, it's garbage. There's someone out there better than me, maybe they just need the courage to go out there and try like I was forced to do. My boyfriend JJ forced me to start swimming because he felt I needed the extra exercise and the confidence boost that it would give me. I told him that I would prove him wrong, that there was no way I'd be any good. Well wasn't I a bit red faced when it was me that was proven wrong. There's not really much to know about me really, I'm in grade ten, A honors, I like to swim, and I used to be a bullied shy boy.”

“Okay, you said your boyfriend JJ made you start swimming, so obviously you're gay and don't mind other people knowing. That's a very brave thing to do. Many kids your age would never admit such a thing. I do agree with what you said about there possibly being someone out there better than you, who knows, maybe there is. Now tell me, you say that you were a bullied shy boy, and that JJ made you start swimming for the confidence boost, how is you are so self assured now?”

“I don't know if you'd call it fate or not, but someone intervened in JJ and my life and brought us together, and she knows exactly who she is. You see JJ used to be a bottom level student, failing every class, held back a couple times, a hairs width from being kicked out of school, and like I said, I was bullied, shy, smart, pushed ahead a couple years, I knew nothing of how to deal with people. Together we were one perfect person, I was shy, JJ was always in the center of attention, I was smart, JJ was failing everything, we were the best of both worlds. I was asked to tutor JJ in schooling, and in payment JJ was to tutor me in life skills. It took us a long time to figure out our true feelings towards each other, but eventually we fell in love with each other, and we are both doing far better. I found what was holding JJ back, a rare form of dyslexia, and he was able to break me from my shell.”

“That's very heart warming, thank you for sharing that with us. Now I interviewed a few of your fellow classmates this afternoon as you already know, and everyone said that there were two very interesting things that have happened to you in the last year. One was that a bully shot you, and another was blackmail, although no one would elaborate on that further. If you feel comfortable doing so, would you elaborate on that now?”

“Not at all, I have nothing whatsoever to hide. I'll start with the bully first, seeing as how he came first. He was bullying me obviously, and one day he went to far and actually attacked me, and I reacted, and managed to subdue him. There were teachers present, so he was promptly expelled, being on his final warning already. Well about a week later he came back to get the best of me, and he darn near did to. We had words, and then as I turned to walk away, he shot me. A combination of bad shot, and a yell of gun, caused me to dodge enough to only be grazed by the bullet. JJ of course went berserk and wailed on the guy with fists of thunder, and when he was pulled off the other boy, he collapsed by my side. It was at this time that the entire school found out one of my secrets. He was of course so distraught that he was crying and calling me his baby, and that he couldn't live without me, you get the picture. I of course got better, in fact the other boy was in far more serious condition, and as best I know, he may not be completely healed, now or ever.” AJ said and then paused.

“Wow, that's some story. Please continue if you are ready to.”

“Oh no, this is not painful for me. While it did hurt, it was harder on those around me. Anyways the next thing that happened last year happened because I was gay. This girl who was, let's say loose for lack of politically correct terminology, wanted to see if she could turn a gay boy, the ultimate score from what I hear. Anyways when I pretty much told her that the odds of that were about as slim as her being a decent human being, she got vindictive. How she managed it, we still have no idea, but she managed to get photos of us in what some would say an embarrassing situation. You see, both JJ and I are bed wetters, have been all our lives, and so with a problem such as that, we of course wear protection in the form of diapers. We both know there is nothing that can be done about it, and just like many kids walking around in their underwear before bed, so were we, except our underwear was diapers. Now she obviously thought that this would be very embarrassing to us, and she must have also thought that no matter what, she was going to pay me back for denying her. Well without her even realizing it, the principal heard her blackmail us completely, and she walked away from the school in handcuffs, but the damage was already done, because as evil as she was, she had spread the pictures around anyways. We ended up having to do an article in the school paper as damage control, because the rumors that were going around were horrendous.”

“Wow, and I thought admitting that you're gay would be hard. I doubt there is a kid alive who would actually admit that they had to wear diapers, heck, even most adults would never dream of it. How can you be so nonchalant about it?”

“Like I said, we have no control over it, just like no one else does, and there really is no reason to be ashamed about something so trivial as that. Now of course I wouldn't just go around and tell everyone, but once in the open, why be ashamed. Really, to all those kids and adults out there, do you think the stores stock their shelves with so many brands and styles of diapers just to fill their shelves, not likely, people need them, lots of people by the amount of stores that carry them.”

“That's a very valid point AJ. So now, tell us a little about your swim and dive training? I understand that you do in fact have an Olympic class trainer teaching both you and JJ.”

“That's true, as well as my little brother and his boyfriend. His name is Jim, and he has taught me almost as much as Coach Phil has. What's funny is that Coach Phil trained Jim as well, and Jim did very well at the Olympics. Coach Phil also did very well for himself many years ago now at the Olympics. Anyways, our training is quite intense. Nearly every day we are training in some way or another, and weekends we have one hour of weight training, one hour of swimming, and finally one hour of diving. During the summer and holidays, it will be every week day the same routine, and then weekends off. Technically we have three days off per week, because we swim at school two days, but the other three we're usually doing something as well.”

“Wow, very close knit then aren't you guys?”

“You bet, us swimmers have to stick together. Most people think we're weird, actually parading around in a suit that leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination, I mean I've seen underwear with way more material than our speedos have.” AJ grinned.

“Good point, and you're right. Well I think that's about it, would you like to add any closing comments?” Helen smiled.

“Yes, I would. To everyone out there, whether you're gay, or have to wear diapers for whatever reason, or for anything else at all that you think is horrible, don't fret, because there are so many out there in the same situation, it does not stop you from doing your very best and being great at something.”

“Thank you AJ, very wise words from a very wise and brave young man.” Helen said and then they cut.

“I got it all, and it should look and sound perfect.” Ray said happily.

“Excellent Ray. Well AJ, I do thank you very much for all of this, and we will see you this afternoon at your practice.” Helen said, and then they all got up and headed their own ways, Helen and Ray to their van, and AJ to his next class, because the bell would be ringing any second.

The rest of the day went in relative peace and quiet for all the boys, and before they knew it, they were meeting in the pool for their twice weekly practice. As previously arranged, Helen and Ray were there and waiting for everyone. AJ had already caught up to the coach and told him what was happening, and he told everyone on the team as well, and they were all good with it. The boys all headed into the change room to get showered, and changed and then headed out. They were, of course as normal, loud and excited, all having a good time in the change room, laughing and joking around. As soon as they came out, the coach motioned for them to gather around.

“Good afternoon boys. Before we get started, I have just a couple things to say. First is that we have a swim meet coming up in a few weeks time, the first weekend of November, and we have some work to do. I was able to get the meet to be here, and the other teams all bitched and complained, as they always do, but I told them that if they wanted us to compete, then they would have to come here. Not to mention of course that none of the other schools have as nice a facility as we have here. Second is that Helen and Ray here are going to get some interviews, and we figured the best way to do it would be to just go one at a time during the practice, I will call each of you out and you will spend a couple minutes.”

“Thanks Coach, we appreciate this.” Helen said.

For the next two hours of their practice Helen and Ray interviewed each and every one of the boys, as well as the coach, and they got a lot of good information. Ray also got some really good shots of all the boys in their practice, catching them swimming and diving. Finally it was all over though and the boys headed in to get changed, all except AJ .

“Thanks a lot Helen for doing this for the others, they deserve this just as much. So when will this air anyways?”

“It was our pleasure AJ . As for when it airs, I'm not entirely certain. This was just supposed to be a short interview with you, and it would have been aired tonight or tomorrow, however we have more than enough for a full episode, so it will probably be the following Monday. I will call you and let you know for sure though.”

“Thanks, well I better get in there and get changed.”

“No, thank you, and have a good day.”

AJ headed in to get showered and dressed with the others.

“Ricky, it's your birthday in a week and a day right, so why don't we have a party at our place?” JJ asked.

“Sure, that would be nice, I've never had a party before.” Ricky said happily.

“Cool, well then a party it will be then. Weekend party at our place next weekend guys, bring the usual stuff and we will have some fun.” JJ said.

“Thanks guys.”

Everyone was excited about having another party, because the parties at AJ's place were awesome. They also all talked excitedly about the day that they had all had, talking about the interviews and everything. Finally they were all dressed and heading home. TJ had walked home with Kevin, Tony, and Garth, and they were all waiting at home when the other three arrived. They all told all about their days, but the younger boys had nothing as exciting happen to them, so it was mostly the older boys talking. AJ refused to tell everyone though what his interview was all about, telling them that they would find out when it aired. He did tell JJ though in bed that night, and just as AJ figured, JJ had no problem with it at all.

The rest of the week went by quickly enough, nothing terribly exciting going on. The weekend was much the same, AJ and JJ going to JJ's parents house for the night of course, as they tried to do every weekend. AJ did receive the call from Helen telling him that Monday was confirmed, and at seven pm his interview would be aired.

So Monday night found everyone sitting and waiting anxiously, not so patiently waiting for the program to start. When it did start though, they watched it in near total silence for the entire one hour that it ran. It was very well done, and AJ was pleased with it. They cut between all the boys and his own interview, showed them swimming and diving, and working hard. And as promised, nothing was cut out, it was all just how it was told. Max also made sure that he was recording the program for posterities sake on his DVD burner.

“Wow, you really left nothing out did you?” Alice asked once it was done.

“No, the whole story needed to be told.”

“But even about wearing diapers and everything?” Max asked.

“Sure, this way other kids will know that just because they are embarrassed about something they may or may not have control over, doesn't mean that they can't do something good as well.” AJ said seriously.

“Good point.”

They sat around talking about the interview for a while longer, before the boys all headed to bed for the night. The next couple days went by quickly for them again, and on Wednesday afternoon, just after the boys got home from school, Ricky's mom stopped by to wish him happy birthday. She gave him a hug and a card. Inside the card was a hundred dollar bill, and she told him that she had no idea what to buy him, so that would have to do. He of course thanked her for remembering and for stopping by. She had to go right away because she had taken a few minutes off of work to bring that by, so within only a few minutes of arriving, she was gone. Even though this was only maybe the third time Ricky had seen his mom since he moved in, he was happy to see her. He had little doubt that wherever his dad was, that he never even gave a single thought towards his son on his sixteenth birthday.

“So how does it feel to be sixteen?” TJ asked Ricky at dinner. AJ had made a very nice dinner for everyone, including a very delicious cake.

“No difference really. Normally I know kids are excited to turn sixteen so that they can go get their drivers licenses and whatnot, but I don't care about that. I really have no interest in driving, just like JJ, I see no need to right now.”

“When you're ready to though, you tell us, and we will get you in for your drivers permit, and we will teach you everything that you need to know.” Max said warmly.

“Thanks, but I doubt it will be for a few years yet.”

They all sat around for the rest of the evening just talking and laughing, having a good time just being a family. An odd family they were, but a family none the less. The boys excused themselves to go to bed only just a little past their regular bed time.

“Happy birthday baby. For your special day, I want to give you a special gift, I want you to make love to me.” TJ said happily once they were safely in their bedroom.

“I'd really like that, just as long as you make love to me too, but we don't have any lube, and the first time can be rough remember.”

“Not true. I asked AJ for a tube of their lube, they don't really use it any more too much, so he gladly gave me one of their spares, and told us to have fun. He told me to be really careful as well, because even though I was technically no longer a virgin, that I was still going to be very tight because I haven't had anything up there for a very long time.”

“Cool.” Ricky said and leaned in for a nice tender kiss.

They kissed softly for a long time, just standing next to their bed for the longest time before they crawled into their bed and continued kissing and caressing each others smooth bodies. Ricky was no longer almost hairless, but he did keep himself that way anyways, because that was how they both preferred it, so they were both nice and smooth. TJ rolled them so that he was on the bottom on his back, and then started gently guiding Ricky downwards. Ricky took the hint and started moving down TJ's quivering young body, kissing and stroking his skin all the way down. Ricky knew that TJ would be able to cum more than just a few times, because he was still very dry, so when he made it to TJ's pulsing erection, he sucked it in.

TJ had already grabbed the lube and laid it on the bed beside them, so as Ricky was slowly sucking TJ, his hands were at work as well. TJ pulled his legs open and back a little to give Ricky better access to his moist and delicious looking hole, and Ricky slowly moved a shaking finger towards the winking orifice. They had both stroked each others anus' before, but neither had ever ventured inside, both saying that they wanted to take things slow. Tonight was the night that they had both been waiting for, for quite some time though, and even though Ricky was nervous, he wasn't going to let that stop him. He slowly worked one lube coated finger inside his baby, working slowly and steadily. TJ was moaning his appreciation for the feelings he was receiving from the very intimate act.

With hardly any warning whatsoever, TJ exploded in possibly his most intense orgasm to date, and Ricky was amazed at the pressure that was being caused on his finger from TJ's small asshole constricting on it. Ricky let TJ's now overly sensitive dick fall from his mouth as he lifted off of it, and then started nuzzling his balls tenderly. Once TJ came down enough, and his ass loosened up some, Ricky started moving his finger again, still just as slowly. TJ was once again moaning and purring. When Ricky felt that TJ was ready for it, he added a second finger inside, after adding more lube of course.

“You all right baby?” Ricky asked lovingly when TJ had groaned deeply from the extra finger.

“Oh god ya, I'm better than all right, this feels so good.” TJ moaned out.

“Good, you make sure and tell me if it hurts too much at any time, and I will stop for a few moments.”

“I will, but don't stop completely, whatever you do.” TJ hissed out just as Ricky had brushed his immature little prostate.

Ricky worked his two fingers in and out still nice and slow, and TJ seemed to be enjoying himself a great deal, and before too long, Ricky felt the third and final finger could finally be added. Ricky added more lube and started working his three fingers inside his boyfriends nice tight hole, and TJ moaned even deeper still. Ricky paused for a few moments while he waited for the grimace of pain on TJ's cute face to pass, and as soon as it did, he started inserting even more.

It took more than a few minutes of playing to loosen TJ up enough to take Ricky inside, and while they both were enjoying the foreplay, they both wanted the main attraction to start.

“Do it, do it now, enter me please baby, I can't take any more of this.” TJ panted.

“Okay baby, as long as you think you're ready for it.” Ricky whispered huskily.

Ricky left his fingers buried inside TJ, but with his other hand he now started preparing his dick for insertion. He coated his erection liberally in the cool slick gel, and then positioned himself for entry. Ricky removed his fingers and then aligned his dick at the entrance to TJ's tight hole. Looking into each others eyes as Ricky slowly pushed himself in, Ricky saw a few tears emerge.

“I'm hurting you, do you want me to stop?” Ricky asked in barely a whisper.

“No, it's okay, the first time always hurts a bit, but you prepared me well, it's just a little sore. Just take it slow and easy please.” TJ gasped out lightly.

Ricky just nodded and paused his motions. TJ pushed and relaxed, pushed and relaxed, willing his hole to open up, and soon the pain was nearly gone. It must have shown on his face, because Ricky started pushing just a little more inside. The rest went easier, but still Ricky had to stop a few times to let TJ get used to his size more, and there were still tears there, but they were watching each other with only love in their faces.

“I'm all the way in baby, and this feels amazing.” Ricky sighed, loving the feeling that enveloped his entire erection so beautifully.

“I know, and it feels really good to me too. It still hurts just a little, but it's going away quickly now. Just give me another minute or so, and then you can start making love to me.” TJ whispered.

When TJ gave the nod of approval, Ricky started pulling back out. He pulled almost half way out before slowly pushing back in. If the initial insertion was good, this was heaven to both, it felt so amazing. Ricky paused when he was all the way inside again, and then after a moment, he started pulling out. This time he pulled nearly all the way out before reversing direction, and working his way back inside. He started a slow passionate motion, and reached down and started kissing TJ tenderly as they made love for the first time.

Keeping the slow steady pace for the entire time that Ricky was able to last, they made love and kissed deeply. Much too soon for both boys though, Ricky came. He had no doubt however that it was by far his most copious load to date, and he actually counted seven good strong squirts, the most he had ever achieved previously was six.

“Oh god that felt so good.” TJ sighed a few minutes later when they both came down, because TJ had had another orgasm only seconds after Ricky started firing inside him.

“Yeah, it was amazing. How does your little bum feel though?”

“It's tender, and a little sore, but it'll be just fine. You were very gentle with me, so I know I didn't tear or anything. I just feel nice and full.”

“I'm gonna check to make sure you're not bleeding anyways.”

“Okay, but I know I'm not.”

Ricky slowly extracted his half hard dick from TJ's juicy ass, and then crawled down and lifted TJ's legs up and looked. It was red and puffy all right, but there was no blood, the only thing leaking was some of Ricky's own cum.

“It looks just fine, really red and swollen, but no blood. Now I want you to make love to me please?”

“I told you it wouldn't be bleeding, but thanks anyways. Trade positions with me and then you can feel just what it feels like, I bet you'll love it, and because I'm so much smaller, I bet you have no pain at all.”

“I can't wait, but you're quite big for eleven.”

“Thanks, but I still have a ways to go before I'm as big as you are.” TJ grinned, and then locked onto Ricky's lips for another tender loving kiss.

TJ kissed and nuzzled Ricky for a while before he started slowly making his way down. TJ knew that Ricky was still going to be to sensitive, because his dick head was still nearly purple, so he just skipped right passed it, and started sucking Ricky's nice tasty ball sack. Getting some lube on his finger, he started working Ricky's quivering hole, working towards gaining entrance, and it was easy. Ricky was doing everything that he had read about to relax his hole to make this easier on both of them, and TJ soon had his entire finger buried inside. Paying special attention to Ricky's nice hard prostate, TJ was rubbing it and causing Ricky to buck all around. Adding a little more lube to his fingers, TJ then slipped two in, and as TJ suspected, they went right in with Ricky hardly noticing. TJ's fingers were nice and slender, just like his dick, so the extra small finger barely registered on Ricky's scale, it just all felt so good. He knew that TJ had added another finger though.

They both knew that two fingers were all that TJ would need, so as soon as Ricky was loose enough, TJ lubed up his dick with plenty of lube, and then moved into position, removing his fingers and then guiding himself in.

“You ready for this baby?” TJ whispered just before he would push in.

“Oh god yes, make love to me.” Ricky hissed, already missing the feeling of having something buried in his ass.

TJ slowly pushed in, and Ricky gasped slightly as the head of his dick passed the entrance, but the rest slid in easily. Ricky did not have any tears, TJ was simply not large enough to cause any pain. Ricky could feel him though, he felt full, and there was some minor discomfort, especially at first, but it felt so good.

“Oh god, this feels way better than I ever imagined it would.” Ricky moaned deeply.

“Oh yeah, I never imagined it would feel so good giving either.” TJ moaned out, this was his first time making love to someone as well.

TJ started a nice slow motion, pulling almost all the way out, before sliding all the way back in. Because of their size difference though, they could not kiss as they wanted to, but they stared lovingly into each others eyes, making love to each other with their eyes as well. Given that both boys now had a good orgasm worked out of them, TJ two of them, they managed to last many minutes before they came. The entire time though TJ kept the same slow pace, and he was holding on for dear life, trying and trying not to cum, but he had no choice in the end, and it just exploded. Ricky started firing at almost the same time, the only difference of course being that one was wet, and the other was dry.

“Oh man, that felt so amazing.” Ricky sighed a few minutes later.

“Oh yeah. Happy birthday baby. I hope you liked your gift.” TJ smiled warmly.

“For sure, it was the best gift anyone has ever given to me.” Ricky smiled warmly, and kissed TJ after pulling him up.

“I don't know about you, but I am getting really tired and could go for some sleep now.” TJ said.

“Me too. I'll get the diapers.”

“No, you stay there, it's your birthday, I'll get everything.”

Ricky just nodded, and TJ hopped up and grabbed two diapers, the cream and the powder, and then came back and lovingly babied his baby. Once Ricky was securely diapered, he got up and they switched places, and then TJ was also diapered. After shutting off the light, they curled up and kissed for a few minutes, and whispered their I love yous to each other, before passing out for the night, both very satisfied.


“Well I sure hope Ricky likes the birthday present that TJ is going to be giving to him. Now of course I want you to make love to me, so that we can have some fun too.” AJ said as soon as they made it to their room.

“I'm certain that Ricky will love it, and I would like nothing more myself.” JJ smiled and they kissed each other tenderly after cuddling up on their bed together.

Using their fingers first, they both reached down and started working each others holes at the same time. While they no longer needed much lube, their own natural lube being good enough, they still had to open each other up a little first. As they fingered each other with one hand, and kissed each other, their other hand was busy softly stroking whatever exposed skin they could get to.

JJ gently rolled them so that he was on top, and moving at the same time, AJ opened his legs to give JJ all the access that he would need. Aligning himself now just by feel of his own dick, JJ centered himself to AJ's open hole, and sank in to his depths. With deep moans of satisfaction from both, JJ started making love to his baby. They only lasted a couple minutes before their first loads were given up, but JJ didn't stop, he just kept going, because the first load was too quick for him, and he wanted this to last. So after pausing for only a moment, JJ continued his loving motions. Five minutes later they came again. This time much more satisfied, JJ pulled out, slid down, and licked up the two messes that had spilled onto AJ's heaving tummy and chest.

JJ crawled back up AJ's body and started kissing tenderly again. They kissed for a few minutes longer before AJ rolled them, JJ opening up his legs to give AJ access as well. Also going blind, AJ centered himself for penetration, and sank in to JJ's fiery depths as well. With two strong orgasms already out of the way, they were both able to last even longer this time. Nearly ten minutes they managed to last, before they gave up their third and final orgasm of the night. AJ pulled out and slid down to lick up the mess as well, and then crawled up and kissed JJ softly for only a minute before getting up to get their diaper supplies to get them ready for bed.


“So how was it last night?” AJ asked Ricky and TJ as they walked to school the next morning.

“It was awesome.” They both answered at the same time.

“Was it everything that you'd hoped it would be?” JJ asked.

“Oh way more.” They both answered again.

“And are you guys sore this morning?” AJ asked again.

“A little tender, but not too bad.” TJ answered.

“No, I'm not sore at all.” Ricky said.

“That's because I am not really big enough to really stretch you like you stretched me.” TJ grinned.

“Oh you were plenty big enough for me to enjoy.” Ricky smiled warmly.

“I'm glad that you guys enjoyed yourselves so much, just make sure to take it easy over the next few weeks, don't be trying for every night, or you will start to really hurt. Just once or maybe twice a week for a while.” AJ said seriously.

“We know.” They both said.

The rest of the day went by quickly for all the boys, and then swim practice after school went even faster yet. Thursday after the boys got home, Max took all the boys grocery shopping to get everything that they would need for the food for the whole weekend. Feeding twenty teen boys was not a cheap thing to do, but Max was only too happy to do so. He remembered well what it was like to see his brother get the parties and have all the fun, whereas he never had any of that, so he enjoyed letting the boys get all that, because they allowed him to join in and have fun as well, something he really enjoyed.