Chapter 27

Friday afternoon finally arrived, and all twenty boys excitedly headed towards AJ's house, all the high school boys having swung by TJ's school to pick him and his friends up. They came crashing into the house, and by the time the door closed, nearly half of them were already naked, having started stripping the second they walked in. They all grabbed a snack on their way out to the pool to get a good workout going and then go for a swim. After having their quick snack, they all hopped in the showers to clean up, and then they started on their workout. They only worked out for half an hour before they all decided to hop in the pool. No one really wanted to do any practicing today, just have fun. They swam and played in the pool for a little over an hour before Max made it home. Instead of joining the boys in the pool though, he just stripped, showered, and then went and sat in the hot tub. TJ, Ricky, AJ, JJ, Tony, Garth, and Kevin all joined him.

“Wow am I beat today, I don't think we've ever been that busy before.” Max sighed as he sank into the hot soothing water.

“You get a lot of sales and installs booked?” TJ asked.

“Yeah, mostly sales, but I've booked two new pool jobs.”

“That's cool.” TJ smiled.

“Yeah, it is, especially considering that we're entering the slow time of the year for pool sales and installs, even here where it's practically summer all year round.”

“Anything as nice as what we have here?” AJ asked.

“Yeah, one of them wants almost exactly what you have, the other just wants a more simple setup, but with a more shapely pool.”

“That's cool. I hope they'll get as much fun out of their pools as we do.”

“I bet they will. So TJ and Ricky, I haven't really had a chance to talk to you since Wednesday night, what with shopping till late last night and all, but how are you feeling after what you two did?”

“Great, it felt so awesome.” TJ said.

“Glad to hear it. You're not in any pain at all are you?”

“No, none now. Yesterday I was still a little tender, but Ricky didn't hurt any at all.”

“What are you guys talking about?” Tony asked curiously.

“Nothing really, just for Ricky's birthday we made love to each other, you know, anal sex, and it felt really nice.” TJ answered truthfully, but this caused all three boys to blush.

“Oh, you didn't have to tell us that, it's private.” Tony spluttered.

“Why, we have no secrets from our friends, and before too long you guys might want to try it as well. Just come and ask AJ and JJ for any tips before you do, trust me, it could have been very painful for us if we hadn't.” TJ said seriously.

“That's good advice boys, these boys read a lot about anal intercourse, and are now very experienced, so if you want to know anything, ask them.” Max said.

“Thanks, but I'm not ready for that yet, and I don't think the others are either.” Tony said, and the other two shook their heads.

“That's perfectly fine too, but when and if you do decide to, don't just try shoving it in, it will be uncomfortable for you, and probably very painful for your partner. Anal intercourse, if done incorrectly, can be damaging, so make sure to know what you're doing first.”

“Thanks, we'll remember that.” Garth said.

“Good. Now I am going to lay back and relax for a bit and then I'll go in and get dinner started.”

“Don't worry about dinner Max, we'll go get it started right now.” AJ said and the others all nodded, and before Max could say anything further, they all hopped out and headed to the shower to clean up and dry off to go make dinner. Many of the other boys offered to come and help as well, but they were all waved back and told that they could just play, and that they had it all under control. Less than an hour later, TJ came back and told everyone that dinner would be ready soon, and that they should all get cleaned and dried off to come in and eat dinner.

After dinner the boys all decided to get comfortable, so all that wore diapers got nice and thickly diapered, and then they all headed to the games room to play the night away. As always, the boys all made a huge nest in the middle of the living room floor and slept there all cuddled up together, it looked very peaceful and cute.

The next morning came and the boys had their training, so the others sat back and watched while they did, and then they all swam for a while longer. They played in the games room until dinner time, and then watched movies until bedtime. Sunday morning was a repeat of the day before, except that everyone who did not live there, left right after lunch. All had a good time as they normally did.


“So are you boys excited about the swim meet this weekend?” Alice asked them on the Friday morning before their meet, and before they all had to head out.

“A little nervous actually.” Ricky said.

“Me too, Coach wants us all diving this time, and I've never dove in front of a crowd.” JJ said.

“You'll do just fine, in fact it's going to be a toss up between you, Ricky, and I as to who gets what.” AJ said.

“No, you'll take gold for sure, and we're not really the best divers on our team, I think Jase and Zack are better than we are.” JJ said.

“Jase is good yes, but you both are better, and Zack is going to freeze up. He's fine as long as no one is watching him up on the boards, but he loses confidence as soon as he feels someone is watching him. It's amazing he does so well in swimming with the way he is, but I guess it's what he's used to.” AJ grinned.

“I know you're right about Zack, although he has gotten loads better already, but Jase has been diving way longer than we have.”

“Jase may have been diving longer, but you both have more practice than he has, he only practices twice a week at school, you both practice nearly every day.”

“True, but I still think he's better.” JJ said, and Ricky just nodded his agreement.

“I guess time will tell then. Alice and I will be there of course, and TJ point blank told us he was going with or without us, so we'll all be there. You're mom though will have to leave just as soon as it ends, so that she can get to work.” Max said.

The boys had to go then, so they all said goodbye, and they headed off to school. TJ was dropped off at school as normal, and then the three older boys headed to their school. The day went by quickly for all the boys. The swim team went and sat under their favorite tree again, and everyone knew not to bother them there, so they were not harassed. At the end of the day, just before the bell was to ring for the day, the intercom came on, the secretary telling everyone that the principal would like to have a word with them.

“Thank you all for listening, I know it's the end of the day and you are raring to go home and forget all about everything that we have tried to cram into your little heads this week, but I have a request to make of all of you before you go. As you know, we are playing host to the school swim meet for this quarter, and I would like for all of you to join us to wish all our swimmers and divers your best. Now I know that it might be hard having to come to school on the weekend, but I promise you that we will not try and teach you anything while you are here, however I would ask that you be on your absolute best behavior. I thank you and your teachers for letting me take the time to talk to you, have a good day, and I'm sure you can just head out now, an extra five minutes might not be so bad.” With that said, everyone in every class cheered, and the teachers just gave up, they knew that if the principal told the kids they could go early, there was little that they could do to stop it.

When the boys all got home, they got in a really good workout and practice, each of the three divers perfecting the dives they had been working on for the past three weeks. TJ just swam with them and then watched them dive, he was not yet brave enough to try it, at least not the high dive, and on the low dive all he could do was a standard dive and a simple front flip. They were all tired and hungry by the time that Max made it home, so they all helped to cook dinner, and then ate.


“Good morning gentlemen, it looks like it might be a full house today, already there are lots of people here.” Coach Phil said happily as soon as the boys walked in.

“We're going to go find seats before there are none left to get.” Alice said, looking up and seeing that the stands were already half full.

“Okay mom, see you in a while then.”

“Love you boys, and good luck.” She said and they all headed up into the stands.

“So how are you guys this morning, all ready to get your medals in diving for sure, and maybe even more than a couple in swimming?”

“We're good, and sure.” AJ said excitedly.

“Well you had best get your butts in there and get changed then, it's almost already full in there.”

“Sure thing coach, see you in a few minutes.” JJ said and they all headed into the change room.

The three of them had gotten into their group with the rest of the swim team, had just stripped off their clothes, and were standing around waiting for the showers to become free, when someone from one of the other teams approached.

“You're that AJ kid that was on TV a few weeks ago. So you're a gay baby freak, how can you be so good?”

“Yes, I'm AJ, pleased to meet you, and your name is?” AJ said pleasantly, although the entire team around him stopped what they had been doing and were paying very close attention to what was happening.

“I'm Tom, so you don't deny it then?”

“Deny what, that I am gay, a baby, or a freak? I will certainly admit to being gay, seeing as how that is the complete truth. However I am neither a baby nor a freak, and I am good, because I practice hard and listen to my coaches. Yes, I do have to wear diapers, because I am a bed wetter, same as so many other kids out there, only I am brave enough to say it.”

“What's the difference, babies wear diapers, and so do you.” Tom sniggered.

“Actually, the simple fact is, not only babies wear diapers. Have you not been to nearly any store in the country, and seen diapers to fit anyone anywhere from kids our size to adults, would you call an adult a baby because they had a bladder problem. Actually from the way you have been acting, I would say that you would. I would also believe that you would pick on a person in a wheelchair, or anything like that as well.” AJ prodded.

“Well, you're for certain gay, and probably the only reason you are here is to see everyone else naked.” Tom spat out.

“I admit that the eye candy is appealing, who wouldn't, but I already have the perfect boyfriend, so there's no need for me to want anyone else here. You however are probably only here to see everyone naked, with that attitude towards others, and being gay as you are, I am willing to bet that you won't have a boyfriend for a long time.” AJ said softly, but Tom went instantly red.

“I am not gay, how dare you insult me.” Tom yelled out loud enough that Coach Phil heard from where he was standing, and so did Ted, Tom's school swim coach.

“I'll go.” Phil said, waving Ted back. He snuck into the change room and got into a position where he could see everything that was happening, but without being seen himself.

“Tom, I'm gay, and some gays have what they lovingly refer to as gaydar, essentially it is what tells us that other boys and men are gay, some people have it, some don't. My gaydar is very good, and I am almost one hundred percent certain that you are gay. Now you can lie to yourself if you wish, but you cannot lie to me. Now I am going to go have a shower to cool down, because you're starting to piss me off.”

“You bastard, I am not gay, and don't you dare walk away from me.”

“I am not a bastard, I know who my father is, he just died when I was four. Unless you have anything further, and constructive I might add, to add to this conversation, then I will stay, otherwise I am going.” AJ said in a friendly manner, but everyone on the team could tell that he was now becoming very upset.

Tom took a few steps forward, and started to crowd AJ , and AJ just shook his head in disgust.

“Tom, you look like you're pretty smart, and pretty tough, however, I am smarter and stronger than you are, and my entire team will back me up, whereas yours seems to have slunk as far away as possible, so I can tell that you are not well liked in your school either. Do not push me into a fight, you will get the first hit, but I will get the second and last, make no mistake about that.”

“Take it back then, I am not gay, you are just trying to make me look bad.” Tom nearly screamed this time.

“No, you cannot take back truths, and just because you can't admit it to yourself, doesn't mean that others can't see it. Tell me, honestly, how many girlfriends have you had?”

“Plenty, and it's none of your business.”

“Bullshit, no girl will go near you, your the biggest virgin in the school.” One of his own team mates yelled out.

“I'm gonna kick the shit outta you for spreading nasty rumors around about me.”

“Rumors are partial truths, or things that cannot be confirmed, this is something that I know, and it is not nasty. Now tell me, how much can you bench press, before you go and do something stupid?”

“Hundred pounds, beat that you scrawny little shit.” Tom spat out.

“Well, I can, and I do routinely. JJ and Ricky, would you help me in a quick demo please?” AJ asked, and they both knew exactly what AJ wanted.

AJ laid himself on the floor and then put his hands up, JJ climbed in and then Ricky sat on JJ. AJ then benched the two of them ten times, without breaking a sweat. They got off as soon as AJ stopped, and then AJ got up as well with a helping hand from JJ.

“What do you figure the two of them weigh together, because I'm pretty sure it's a lot more than just a measly hundred pounds. Like I said, you can throw the first punch if you really want to, but there will only be two hits, yours, and then mine. Trust me when I say this, but you will not be in any condition to throw a second punch, now good day.” AJ said.

AJ quickly turned and walked away, the rest of the team turning and following him, before Tom could say anything further, not that he wanted to. After that display, he knew he would have no chance. Tom was just about to turn and go out onto the pool deck, seeing as how he had already been ready, when a firm hand was laid on his shoulder, almost scaring the piss out of him.

“You're going to need to come with me, I saw almost the entire spat and I heard more than enough to know that AJ did not start it. Now I don't know if you know the rules or not, but you just got yourself disqualified from the meet. Go put on some pants and a shirt and come with me.” Coach Phil said firmly in a no nonsense voice.

Tom was visibly shaking as he went and threw on a pair of sweat pants and a t-shirt. He was on the verge of crying, but he held it back as best he could. There were still a few members of his own team still around, but they didn't seem to have any sort of sympathy for him. Slowly Tom joined Coach Phil, so they walked out of the change room, and towards Ted.

“Ted, I believe that this one belongs to you?”

“Yes, he does. Why is he dressed? What did he do this time?” Ted asked, sounding very tired all of a sudden.

“You heard the yell that came from the change room, I trust you recognized the voice, or you wouldn't have tried to go in. Well he was verbally harassing AJ, and was trying to push him into a fight. AJ is much too smart for that though, and gave Tom here a demonstration of his incredible strength, I think it scared Tom enough to get him to see straight, and as soon as AJ and the rest of the team turned to walk away, I came in. Of course I stayed in the background to watch what was happening, before I decided what to do. As you are undoubtedly aware, fighting is against the rules, and I have disqualified him for the entire meet.”

“I'm so sorry about this Phil, I promise that it won't happen again.” Ted said with a tired smile on his face.

“No worries, just find out what the problem is, and get it fixed.”

“Can you tell me at least some of what was happening in there?”

“I don't know what happened before I got in there, but AJ, and his incredible gaydar, picked up that Tom here is gay, and I would trust his judgment on that highly, and Tom here didn't seem to think it was very nice. Everything else centered around that”


“No prob, any time.” Phil said and walked away to be with his team that just emerged.


“Why is it everyone wants to take their frustrations at being gay out on me?” AJ asked as soon as they reached the shower room.

“I don't know, but it was fun watching you pound him down without touching him once. Did you see his face when you were benching us?” JJ laughed.

“No, not really, I was concentrating on not dropping you two and making an ass of myself, you are both just a little heavier than I am used to.”

“When you did one he looked mildly impressed, then when you had done five, he was starting to look apprehensive, but by the time you got to ten, he looked like he was going to pee his pants.” JJ laughed.

“It was pretty awesome though.” Ricky smiled and everyone else agreed, even those few who were in the showers, but not on their team.

They quickly cleaned off and then headed back to the change room to get into their speedos. Together they all headed out to meet their coach, and he smiled warmly at them as they approached.

“You boys ready to kick some ass?” Coach Phil asked giddily.

“Oh yeah.” All the boys yelled.

“Go get em then.” He called out, and the meet officially started only minutes later.

The first day of the meet went very well. As per the norm, it was swimming on the first day, and everyone on the team got at least one medal, and only one of them was a bronze. Not everyone won at everything of course, but with all the different events, they all did spectacularly well.


“Grant, would you watch over the team for me, and make sure everyone behaves themselves for a little while?” Ted asked his team captain.

“Sure thing coach.” Grant smiled. It wouldn't be the first time that he had to watch over the team while the coach went and had a long talk with Tom. This time Grant couldn't see any way that the coach would be able to keep Tom on the team, he had crossed the line big time.

“Come on Tom, you and me need to go have a nice long chat, let's go to the bus.” Ted said and Tom nodded, looking more than a little ashamed.

They walked out to the bus and Ted unlocked it, then ushered Tom inside. They went to the back of the bus and Tom went to one side of the aisle, and Ted took the opposite. They sat down with their feet spread across the seats and facing each other, and then Ted just let the silence build for a while. When he finally started talking though, he almost startled Tom.

“Tom, is all this hatred towards others because you're gay?” Ted asked quietly, tiredly.

“I'm not gay!” Tom answered heatedly.

“Okay Tom, first things first here, don't yell at me please. I'm your friend, possibly the only one you have. I have stuck by you, given you chance after chance, because I know, that deep down, somewhere under all that hatred, there's a good boy. You used to be so friendly, so caring, so loving even, but now you're filled with this rage. You know your parents love you, and even I do, I used to change your diapers for Christ sake, your parents are my best friends in the whole world, and without them I would be nowhere.”

“I know, and I'm sorry. You really should have kicked me off the team in grade eight, I don't deserve your friendship. I don't deserve anyones friendship.” Tom said, starting to cry.

“Yes you do, don't talk like that. Now, I'm going to tell you a few things, maybe you've already figured them out, maybe you haven't. I'm gay, have been since the time I was about ten I suppose, at least that's when I started to notice other boys. You know my boyfriend, you always have, Landon doesn't just live with me because of the cheap rent, and the baby isn't his from a relationship gone bad, we adopted him six months ago. Now, you can tell me that you're not gay all you want, but you're only lying to yourself, because I know the truth.”

“I'm not gay.” Tom whispered.

“Look, your parents even know, they suspected right around the time you were ten that you might be gay, and I confirmed it for them. Remember that week you spent with me that year, they asked me to find out. By the end of that week, I was as certain as I needed to be. Of course I already suspected as well, our gaydar doesn't always work on children, and maybe that's how you knew I was gay, because you must have, or else you would have had a shocked look on your face.”

“I can't be gay, I don't want to be gay, I want to be normal, I want a family, I don't want to be gay.” Tom broke down then in fits of sobs, bawling his poor eyes out.

Ted got up and crossed the aisle and joined Tom on his seat and pulled him into a hug.

“Shh now, it's not all bad. Being gay now isn't as bad as it was when I was a kid, it was a death sentence then, now it's almost accepted. And you are normal, as normal as anyone can be. So what, you want a family, so did Landon and I, but instead of having our own baby, we had to adopt, and that's not so bad. Look at it this way, you have great loving parents that know that you're gay and understand all about it.”

“You know, your mom is the very first person I told I was gay, back when we were in grade nine. It was then that I knew that she was the kindest person in the world. You know what she said to me? She told me that she already knew, and that it didn't matter to her, who else could she go shopping with that had such great taste. Hell she still loves taking me shopping.” Ted said and Tom actually chuckled lightly through his tears.

“They really know, and they don't care?” Tom asked through his tears.

“Of course not, they love you very much, you now that.”

“I know, and I love them too, even if maybe I don't show it enough. How did you know I was gay when I was ten, when I didn't even know? Not that I'm saying I'm gay!”

“That's a start at least. Just because you want to lie to yourself doesn't mean you can lie to those around you. How I knew, well there were a few things. What did we do a lot of while you were with me for that week, do you remember?

“Yeah, you took me to all sorts of neat places and we went shopping for new clothes for me and all sorts of things.”

“That's right. Shopping was first, I took you to the trendiest places there were, and you picked out some of the nicest clothing, and you even told another guy to not go with a certain shirt because it clashed with his eyes. Next we went to an art gallery, and did you know that you got an erection while you looked at the nudes, paintings and statues, and only on the males. I took you lots of places to gauge how you reacted to them, and did you honestly think that that gay porno was an accident, and a straight boy doesn't watch the entire thing.” Ted said softly.

“But I don't want to be gay.” Tom whispered.

“But you are, and there's nothing that you or I can do about it. Tell me, have you ever looked at a girl, with or without clothes, and gotten an erection?”

“No.” Tom whispered so quietly that Ted could barely hear him, and they were sitting right next to each other.

“No, I thought not, you are one hundred percent gay, and when I came in and caught you with the movie playing, and you had your hand inside your pants, you were as hard as a rock.”

“I tried so hard to block that out. I remember you saying that you had rented a porno, but that that wasn't what you had rented, and that you were sorry for leaving it out for prying eyes to see, you rented it for me, you set me up!”

“Yes I did, it was the final nail in your gay coffin I'm afraid, and your parents laughed like crazy when I told them what I did, but don't worry, I didn't tell them about happy soldier standing proud, or about your saluting him repeatedly, but I'm sure they got the picture anyways.” Ted grinned and Tom blushed furiously.

“That was mean, why didn't you tell me then, or confront me since?”

“It was never meant to be mean, we just wanted to know for sure. The reason that I didn't tell you then, or anytime after, was because your parents asked me not to. They felt that they should give you the chance to come out and tell us when you were ready. I told them two years ago that we should tell you then, but they wanted to wait. We actually got into a fight about it, I told them that I thought your personality problems might be from you trying to fight it, trying to lie to yourself. They stood firm though, saying that it was not our right to interfere. I wanted to confront you though, and I was seriously getting to the point of doing so, even against their will, I knew you were hurting, you wouldn't let anyone close, especially boys, you didn't want your feelings towards them to confuse you even more.”

“How do you know all this?”

“Because I was once in your shoes, I fought tooth and nail to not be gay, I even slept with a few girls in grade eight to prove I wasn't gay, but all it did was prove that I was. I couldn't even get hard, it was a disaster, I was the laughing stock of the school by the time that got around, it got so bad that I changed schools. And wouldn't you know it, but some girl that had gone to my old school just happened to move to my new school, and I knew I would be ruined. But instead of her telling everyone about my secrets, she became my friend, the best one I ever had or ever will have. That's your mom, in case you haven't been paying attention.”

“No, I caught that. So how come you told her?”

“Because she trapped me. She knew exactly what she was doing when she asked me out on a date. I went with her, and then we went to a park, and she seduced me, but when her hand was down my pants, and I wasn't getting hard, I started crying. She cuddled up to me and I told her I was gay, that I couldn't be who she wanted and needed. That's when she dropped all this on me, that she was trying to force me to admit it to myself, and that she had known for a long time. You know, after I finally admitted it, I felt so much more free, I could be who I really was. Not that anyone else could ever know of course.”

“You tried to have sex with my mom, that's gross.” Tom said disgustedly.

“Why, you're mom is very good looking, and your dad has sex with her all the time.” Ted said straight up.

“Oh gross, I don't want to hear that.”

“Oh come on, you are far too prudish sometimes, you know that. And I also know for a fact that you didn't get it from your parents, man if you ask them a question, you better be ready for the whole answer, because boy will you get it, they leave nothing out.”

“Yeah, I've found that out a few times.”

“Now, are you finally ready to admit to yourself that you are in fact gay?”

“No, I can't.”

“Why not, do you think that all your friends will leave you when they find out, that everyone at school will ridicule you, that you'll be some horrible freak? Well let me tell you something. You have no friends, you pushed them all away many years ago now, no one at school needs to know, and being gay doesn't mean that you're a freak. It took me a lot of years to come to terms with that one.”

“Everyone at school will know now though, AJ said that I was gay, and everyone on the team heard.”

“The team has more loyalty than that. They may not like you, but you are a part of the team, and they won't spread that around.”

“I'm not so sure about that. Why have you kept me on the team for so long?”

“Well the principal and all your teachers wanted me to pull you, but they had no reason to do so, the only reason they can is if you are failing your classes, and you are far from doing that. It wasn't even because you are probably my best swimmer and diver either. It was because I have more loyalty and faith towards you than that. I knew that some day I would break through and you would be fine. However, after today, there may be nothing I can do. When the principal finds out, and I have to tell him, he may demand it.”

“I understand, and thanks, even if I don't really deserve it, I've never even shown you any sort of respect.”

“That's not true, either part. You deserve far more than you give yourself credit for, first of all. And second of all, you used to show me all sorts of friendship and respect, I just kept hoping that that great little guy that got buried under all that pain would dig himself back out. Now, are you ready to admit that you're gay yet, because we don't get to leave here until you do?”

“I just can't, I already hate myself enough as it is, I'm not a nice person.” Tom said, breaking out into tears again.

“You are a nice person though, deep down. These past few years have been rough on you, and you've made some unwise decisions, we can both admit that, but you are nice. Please don't hate yourself either, that can only lead to suffering. Did you know that I have been watching you for signs of suicide for the last two years? I'm happy to say I never once thought that you might do it, but I had to watch. You were self destructing though, I could clearly see that much.”

“I would never kill myself, my parents would die if I did that, and even you, I knew I couldn't do that to you. I knew you were my only friend, you really always have been. When I had problems I couldn't tell mom and dad, I called you, and you helped me out.”

“I'm happy to hear you say that, and of course, that's what friends are for, and just for the record, I've never once told them anything you told me in confidence. The main reason I didn't kick you off the team, other than my loyalty to you, was that I knew you needed it more than anything else to keep yourself somewhat sane. I mean what gay boy would not want to see a bunch of hot boys parading around in tight speedos?” Ted grinned and Tom blushed again.

“That's not the reason I'm there, I can't even make myself look at the other guys, it makes me disgusted to think of what my mind comes up with when I see them.”

“Oh, I never knew, I figured that maybe that was your only release.”

“I was there to be close to you, you were and are my only friend remember, you're the only reason I was sane, because I knew I could always count on you. I did so well to make you happy, it was all for you, and I do love you.” Tom said, tears welling up in his eyes again and he hugged his hero so tight that it made Ted gasp.

“And I love you too kiddo, but you understand of course that it can't be sexual, I already have a husband and a child.”

“What, no, I didn't mean like that. I love you like the best friend you are to me.” Tom spluttered out.

“I know, I was just teasing you.” Ted said with a giggle, and Tom actually smiled.

“Ted, I'm gay. Can you help me please?”

“Tom, I'm so happy that you finally said that, and of course, I will help you in any way I can, and I would even find you a nice hot boyfriend if you needed me to. There are at least six gay boys on your swim team alone, four that are bi, and two that I'm just not certain of yet. Four of the gay boys on your team are already together though, two separate couples of course. If they know I know, they haven't said anything to me.”

“No, I meant that if I need help managing this, but I think I know who you're talking about too.” Tom grinned.

“Ah so your gaydar is active as well huh?” Ted smiled brightly.

“Yeah, it has been for a long time.”

“The very first thing that you are going to need to do on your first possible chance, is to apologize to AJ face to face, he deserves that at least. I can arrange to have it done in private, so that you can apologize properly.”

“I know, and I will, but I need you there with me please.”

“You know I'll be there. His boyfriend, JJ I think it was, will probably be there as well though, will you be okay with that?”

“Yeah, his boyfriends name is JJ, and I should be fine.”

“They are really brave boys though, I made you guys watch that program on Phil's prompting, and AJ told the entire viewing world a lot of things about himself that no one would ever admit on TV, especially at his age. Maybe we should all take a page from his book and announce our faults, we would all be so much freer if we did.”

“Yeah, they are brave, but I couldn't ever do what he did, and they are strong too. Man you should see AJ lift things. To demonstrate that there was no way I could beat him in a fight, he bench pressed both JJ and another boy from his team, a little smaller, but together they weighed a whole bunch.”

“And I hope you learned something from that, just because someone is small and doesn't look very strong, doesn't mean they aren't. Now chances are that AJ has never thrown a punch at someone before, and he may not even know how, but someone with that kind of muscle could do serious damage to someone, even if they don't know what they're doing.” Ted grinned.

“I think he knows how to throw a punch. He promised me that if I threw the first punch, and I assumed that to mean he wouldn't, that he would throw the second and final punch, because I would be in no condition to throw the third.” Tom smiled.

“It's a good thing you didn't resort to that, although I have never heard of you hitting someone before.”

“I honestly was close to it, and I have gotten in one fight before, but outside of school, and the other guy was the only one that got hit, but he threw the first punch, I promise. Please don't tell my parents that.”

“I won't, just as long as you promise to never let it happen again. Remember, there's only so much that I can do to protect you. I will see what I can do at school, but it may be a forlorn hope, I've already used all the aces I had up my sleeve.”

“No, don't get yourself into trouble for me Ted, the team might not even let me back anyways. They've been itching to toss me out the door for so long, and now with my insulting a gay person like that, and over half the team is gay, I probably wouldn't survive. But I will still come to every practice and watch and be with you.”

“You might be right. They've asked me to toss you a few times, Grant has threatened to leave three times now, and a few others actually have over the years, and this time I just might have to listen. We will worry about all that later, maybe we can have a team meeting with the principal.”

“Okay, do what you think is right, you've been the one keeping me going anyways, you've obviously been doing something right, so I may as well let you.”

“And I would have anyways. We should probably go and watch our team get spanked like the bunch of babies they are, without you on the team, I'm afraid we have no talent there. Even though there are a few who'd have potential if they'd only try.”

“Yeah, why did you give Grant the captaincy anyways?”

“I couldn't give it to you, even though I wanted to, the entire team would have left, and he's the next best there is.” Ted admitted.

“That's debatable, but I guess you're right. There's no way the team would have stayed with me being the captain.”

“Come on, let's go.”

They got up, and Tom hugged Ted one final time when they stood, wiped his eyes, and walked out with his best friend in the whole world. Everyone could tell that Tom had done a lot of crying when they arrived back in the pool facilities, his eyes were still very red and puffy. The other thing everyone, who cared to look, saw, was that Tom looked like he had a tonne of weight removed from his shoulders, he looked a little happier and more alive. It's amazing what admitting your own faults, or what you conceive to be faults, to your self can do for the spirit.

Ted and Tom sat and watched the whole meet from their personal area, the rest of the team joining them whenever they were not swimming. Most of the boys on the team hardly looked at Tom, but those who did, actually looked at Tom with some sorrow. They could tell that he had had to face his personal demons. At one point Ted got up and went and talked to Phil for a few minutes, and then came back, but other than that, they didn't leave their area any. The rest of the day flew by for everyone, and Tom admitted that he had never really noticed how good a swimmer AJ and JJ really were. He even admitted, that no matter how good he was, that there was no way he could beat them in the breast stroke. Ted actually said he was right. When the meet finally ended, and everyone gathered around their coaches, Ted took Tom over to Phil's area, and then Phil ushered them, as well as AJ and JJ, into his own personal office.

“I was asked to allow this meeting, however I would like to stay.” Phil said sternly, and Tom just nodded.

“Please sit down everyone.” Tom said quietly.

Everyone grabbed a seat, facing Tom and Ted. When they were all comfortable, Tom started.

“AJ, I'm truly sorry for what I said to you earlier, there was no call for it. You are a far braver person than I am, or probably ever will be, and it hurt me. You said I am gay, and I am, I just couldn't admit it to myself, just like you said. Ted and I had a very long talk, and he made me see a few things. I know you have no reason to forgive me, and I deserve that, but I do ask it anyways.” Tom said softly, but looking right at AJ and JJ.

“Tom, I never hated you, from the first time you spoke to me that way, I knew the reason why, and I felt sorry for you. That's why I said what I did. Maybe it was mean, but you needed to hear it. I'm glad that you have your coach to talk to, he seems like a really nice guy, stick with him. Now, this might sound cruel, but again, I think you need to hear it. I think that you should go and talk to a therapist, you have too much anger buried in you, and sooner or later it will explode, and trust me, that's not a good thing. I got shot for that very same reason. The boy who shot me, was just like you, gay but refused to admit it, and angry at everything that reminded him of being gay.”

“Ted isn't just my coach, he's my best friend, he's been there for me since I was still in diapers, and he's my parents best friend as well. I know now that I can tell him anything, whereas I talked to him about almost anything before. Maybe it was mean of you to tell everyone I was gay, but you were perfectly justified. Maybe it's mean for you to tell me to go see a therapist, but you have every right to ask it. I had already figured it might not be such a bad idea, but I think that maybe Ted will do just fine instead. I thank you for coming in here and talking to me, even though you had no reason to do so, and I will probably never see you again, because the likelihood of my being allowed to stay on the team, is slim to none.” Tom said, and then got up and left.

“He's really hurting, he needs a friend with a good strong shoulder to cry on, and it sounds like you are that friend, and very understanding of his current problems as well. Tell Tom that we have no problems with him, and to just get better, okay.” AJ told Ted lightly.

“Thanks AJ, you really are as great as Phil always says you are.” Ted said and got up and followed Tom out.

“Are you spreading nasty rumors about me again old man?”

“Hell yeah, don't you know it's how I have fun.” Phil grinned widely.

“I wouldn't doubt it for a second.” AJ grinned and hugged his coach.

They all headed out a few moments later, and the boys met up with their families. They asked what the meeting was all about, and the boys told them everything on the way out to the vehicles.


The next day came, and the boys all did their dives beautifully, not even one medal would go to another school in the diving competitions. When the awards ceremony commenced, AJ got three golds and two silvers, JJ got one gold and three silvers, and Ricky got one gold one silver, and two bronze. As it seemed to be the norm, the other schools didn't have as many medals combined as Coach Phil's team had in total. AJ of course got gold in both diving events, as well as one for the ten lap breast stroke, got one silver for the forty lap breast, and the other two silvers in two other swimming events. JJ took both silver in the diving events, one in the ten lap breast, and then gold in the forty lap breast and the other in another swimming event. Ricky got both his bronze medals in the diving, and his other medals came from the swimming events. Once again Coach Phil was congratulated on having the strongest team in the league. Everyone was ecstatic with the outcome, and even Ricky was surprised with how many medals he walked away with.

They all headed out at that time, Max to take the boys home, and Alice to head to work. When the guys all got home, Max diapered all four of them tenderly, just like a daddy diapering his little babies, and this time not one of the boys even got hard as the cream was spread on their groins. They sat around for the rest of the night after having a good dinner, and just talked.


Ted drove the bus full of his team back to their city an hour away, and dropped each one off at their own homes. Tom was left until last, although Tom could not figure out why. When they arrived, Ted turned off the engine, and made to get out with Tom.

“What are you doing, I thought that you'd want to go home to your boyfriend and baby?”

“Yes, I do, but we have something to talk over with your parents first I think.”

“I was going to tell them, tonight, I promise.”

“I know, but you need a friend there to hug when you do.”

“Thanks Ted, you really are the best, you know that right!”

“Thanks kiddo, you are not so bad yourself, once you stop shouting at people.”

Tom just smiled shyly and they walked into the house together.

“Oh hi Ted, we didn't expect you to come in, we figured that you would want to get home. Since you're here though, we can tell you the good news as well.” Carter said, Carter being Tom's dad.

“We had a little something pop up at the meet this weekend, and we all need to sit down and talk.” Ted said simply.

“Oh, and what happened exactly?” Deanna, Tom's mom, asked.

“We should go and sit down first.” Ted said.

“Oh, that bad is it?” Carter asked, sounding very tired all of a sudden.

“Mom, dad, I know you already know this, but I'm gay. Something happened this weekend that made me have to admit it to myself.” Tom said as soon as they were all seated.

“We're proud of you for finally admitting it to yourself. So what happened?” Carter asked.

“Well I sorta got into a fight with that AJ kid from that interview a few weeks back. I called him some pretty mean things, and we had words. I didn't hit him though, but I was close to it. He told everyone there that I was gay too, so he got me very angry.”

“Tom, why would you do something like that? You knew you were on your final warning with the school, they said you'd be kicked out if anything like that happened again.” Carter asked gently.

“I don't know daddy, I was just hurting is all I guess, I wasn't really thinking. But that's not even the worst of it. I called him a baby because he is a bed wetter.” Tom said, looking at the floor, tears in his eyes.

“Oh Tom, how could you do that? You of all people should know just what it feels like to wake up wet every morning. I doubt you've had more than two or three dry nights in your entire life.” Deanna asked gently, sadly.

“I know, that's why I feel so bad. Ted and I talked a lot about what happened, but I never told him about that. I know he knew that I used to wet, but I didn't want him to find out that I still do.”

“I already knew that Tom, you're parents have no real secrets from me, and that's not really a big deal. I never told you I knew, because it's not a big deal.”

“That's right Tom, remember I told you that I was a constant wetter until I was about your age, and then it just suddenly stopped. We can't tell for sure if it will stop for you or not, but maybe it will. At least your parents don't punish you every day for it, and make you feel humiliated like mine did. Every morning I was spanked, every day my wet sheets were put out on the line for all to see. I didn't have any kind of protection like you enjoy now, even if you refuse to admit that you sort of like your diapers.”

“I'm so sorry daddy, I had no idea.”

“I never told you before, because it was very painful for me, why do you think you've never met my parents. I can't even make myself call them, and in fact I don't even know if they're still alive. I'm glad that you didn't deny that you at least like the diapers a little bit, even though I know you resent them as well. At least it's not as huge a reminder as my sheets were. At least no one else has to know.”

“Thank you.” Tom said and then hugged both his parents tight.

“Now what was this good news that you had, because I really should be going?” Ted asked.

“You better sit back down Tom.” Deanna said with a smile.

“They picked me to be the new manager of the brand new mega store they are building. It's about an hour away from here, in fact I think you guys just came from there. I've been asked to be there by weeks end, and I'd like you to come with me to get settled into your new school as soon as possible Tom.”

“Oh no, I can't!” Tom said, all of a sudden looking very sick.

“What, why not?” Carter asked sadly, because his conscious would not let him tear his son out of anything if he truly did not want to, but this would mean a huge pay raise.

“It's not that I don't want you to dad, it's just that that is where AJ goes to school, I can't face him again, not after what I said to him.”

“Honey, there are lots of schools in that area, and we've already found the perfect area. It has a great school with a great swimming club for you. I'm sure that AJ won't even go to the same school.” Deanna said.

“No, that's his school all right.” Tom said sadly, he knew he would go anyways for his parents, but he didn't have to like it.

“Tom, you know just as well as I do that AJ will not hold any grudges against you, he already forgave you, and I bet that he has forgotten it already. As for you Carter, congratulations on the promotion, I bet this means a good raise.”

“You have no idea, nearly twice what I'm making now. I want to find a place that has a pool for Tom to practice in, but so far we have had no luck. Those kinds of places don't usually rent, and we won't be able to afford to buy for a couple years.”

“That's great dad, and I'll go for you guys, no matter how I feel. I have nothing here except Ted anyways, and I'm sure that we can visit any time. But what about your job mom, you can't just quit can you?”

“No, and that's another great thing. The city we are going to has an office as well, and they are under staffed, whereas we are over staffed, so it's perfect for everyone. I already planned to stay here and take a couple weeks vacation from you two, and get the house all packed and moved, and then I will meet you there in whatever house you can find.”

“That's great mom, I know you'd go nuts if you didn't work.”

“Ain't that the truth.” Both Deanna and Carter said at the same time.

“I can call Coach Phil from AJ's team, he would probably know of anything in the area, or can ask around.” Ted said.

“That would be greatly appreciated, I would rather not have to hotel it for a few days while searching, that would get real expensive, real quick. The company is giving me a two thousand dollar moving budget, so they would pay for that, but I'd really rather not.”

“No problem, what are best friends for. Anyways, I really should go home to my babies. Tom, I want you to go up to your room, get yourself diapered and just lay back and do some thinking okay, and I will talk to you tomorrow after school.” Ted said. Tom just nodded and plodded off and did as he was told to, and Ted headed home.