Chapter 28

As promised, Ted did call Phil the very next morning, and while Phil wasn't absolutely certain, he said he had known of one place. Max had told him about his place a few months back, but had never heard if rented or not. Phil said that he would call right back after calling someone. They hung up and Phil found Max's cell number and called. They chatted idly for a few moments before Phil got to the point, and asked Max if his place was still up for rent for a pool needy family. Max of course said yes and told whomever it was that wanted it, to call him as soon as they could to arrange everything.

Not even two hours later Carter called Max, and they talked for nearly an hour. Neither one realized exactly who it was that they were talking to, but they both liked each other, and Max told him that the house was his as soon as he wanted it. Carter asked if Wednesday afternoon was too soon, and Max said not at all. They were both very happy.

“Guess what guys, someone who needs a pool wants to rent my place. I made him aware that it would not be permanent, a couple years at most, and he's happy with that. They want to buy a place, but just can't afford to yet. So while the house should still be in pretty good shape, we should go and give it a good dusting and vacuuming. Can I get you boys to help me?” Max asked as the boys burst in the door after school, none of them expecting Max to be home.

“Sure.” They all said.

Alice walked in only a few minutes later and everything was explained to her as well, and she was game, so they all grabbed anything that they would need, and then headed out. They got to the house quickly enough, considering it was only three blocks away. They all headed inside and started cleaning. Max had hired a gardening company to care for the lawns, so they were good, and all the furniture had been moved to a storage facility when Max moved out, only taking with him what he wanted. The house was empty, which made it easy to clean, but there was a lot of dust. Amazing what just a few months can do to a house. All the windows were cleaned, all the cupboards were scrubbed, even the appliances were cleaned again. The dusting and vacuuming came last of course. They were finished everything in less than two hours. AJ, JJ, and Ricky had never even been in the house before, but they all liked it. It was large and open, very nice. When they were all finished, they headed back home.

Tuesday after swim practice, AJ made a lasagna for the new people, because he knew that they were not going to be fully moved in for a couple weeks, and they would need some food for the first few days. He had to promise of course to make some sometime this week for the rest of the family, because he ran out of ingredients.

Wednesday after school the boys came home and found that Max was already home and waiting for them. They gathered a few extra things to take to the new people, got themselves diapered, just in case, changed into some loose work clothes, and then headed out. They made it to the house before the new people did, and the boys set everything on the counter. They dug out one of the bags of tortilla chips, one of the jars of salsa, and started their snack.


“Well kiddo, are you ready for this?” Carter asked Tom Wednesday morning. They were sitting at their kitchen table eating, and Tom was sitting there still in his wet night diaper, something he would have never done before, but he had relaxed a whole lot recently.

“I'm really nervous, and I keep feeling like I have to pee, but I can't.”

“It's understandable, this is a big change, you are moving from life of hatred to a life of uncertainty. In a way this might actually be the very best thing for you. When you get changed, why don't you put another diaper on, so that just in case your nerves get the better of you, you won't pee your pants. It happened to me a lot when I was a kid, any time I was seriously stressed out, I would pee my pants like crazy. And if you think the punishments for wetting at night were bad, they were nothing compared to my daytime wetting accidents.”

“Okay daddy, I'll do it for you.” Tom said shyly.

“Just throw on those loose nylon pants you have. The noise they make will cover any noise your diaper makes, and they are loose enough that your diaper will completely disappear.”

“I will after breakfast. How come mom had to go to work today, I thought she was going to take vacation?”

“She'll only be there until noon, she had to go in to tie up a few loose ends. Insurance adjusters can't just leave at any time, they have to arrange certain things. She'll be here to show us off and say goodbye of course, and we won't leave until two, or a little after.”

As soon as they finished eating, Tom did go up and change from his wet diaper to a clean dry one. He felt strange doing it. Not once in his entire life, that he remembered, did he have to wear a diaper during the day. It felt strangely exciting though, even though he was scared. What if anyone saw him or noticed his diaper. When he looked in the mirror on the back of his door though, he was shocked to see that he couldn't even tell at all, and he knew it was there.

Most of Tom's things had already been packed over the past two days, so all he had to do was pack his clothes and the last few things. Tom's stuff and Carter's clothes were the only things they were taking with them. Carter felt that it would be easier for Tom to have his few prized possessions with him, and admittedly, his TV and stereo would come in very handy.

When Tom finished packing everything that he had to pack, he called his dad and they started carrying everything out to their van. Carter had to carry the TV. It was a 32 inch, and while Tom could lift it, he could not do so for long, and if he had to carry it, he would have dropped it. Even Carter huffed and puffed the entire way, and managing the stairs was a royal bitch. Everything else though was real easy to do, and even though it took nearly two hours to fit everything in the van so that it would all fit, it was not too bad. They had a full load though, and it was a good thing there were only the two of them going, because there was no way a third person would be able to fit.

Deanna showed up only minutes after the boys had finished loading the van, and she offered to take them out for lunch. Tom seemed very nervous at this prospect. Being at home where he was relatively safe was fine, still nerve racking, but fine. Going out into the public though, that was another matter entirely. But he knew that he needed to wear the diaper, because he had peed suddenly twice already without having a chance to reach the bathroom.

“What's the matter Tom, don't you want me to treat you guys to lunch?” Deanna asked when she saw his look.

“No mom, I'd really like that. It's just that, well, you see, I'm having trouble controlling my pee right now because I'm so nervous, and I peed accidentally twice already. Dad told me that I should wear a diaper this morning at breakfast, so that's what I'm wearing. A good thing too, or I would have peed my pants twice. While I'm still nervous wearing a diaper outside here, I don't think I can wear a diaper anywhere else.”

“Oh Tom, I'm sorry. Did your dad tell you that he had the same thing happen to him when he was a kid and under stress, because we all know it's not your fault. As for wearing a diaper, had you not told me, I never would have noticed. You cannot even see or hear that you are wearing a diaper at all.” Deanna said softly, proud that her son could do it.

“And besides, you are moving, do you really care if anyone sees you, no one here will ever see you again, even if they did on the off chance notice that you are wearing.” Carter said simply, pointing out the obvious.

“No, I guess you're right. I looked in the mirror, and I couldn't see that I was wearing, even though I know I am. Let's go then.”

They went out for lunch at a nice restaurant, and had a really nice meal. They talked like a real family again, something they had not been able to do for a long time, until recently. They talked about everything, about how exciting it was to be moving, how nice it would be to have a pool, how much better the school that Tom was going to was going to be, even with a shooting in the last year, it was still safer, with less violence over all. They spent nearly an hour and a half there, slowly eating their food and talking, and when they got home, it was almost time for the boys to leave to their new home. Deanna went over everything to make sure the boys had everything that they would need, so on and so forth, and then at a few minutes past two, she declared them ready, and she unceremoniously kicked them out.

“I love you boys, you have a good two weeks. I will be there in no more than that with everything. I want you two to also get to know each other again, you hear me.” Deanna said.

“Love you too mommy.” They both said.

“And no wild parties in the house.” Carter added.

“Fine, then I will have to go out to party, but you're ruining all my fun.” Deanna grinned.

“Yeah, I bet. Neither one of us has been to a party since we were in our teens.” Carter grinned.

“In fact the last party we went to was the night we conceived Tom.” Deanna grinned even wider, and Tom blushed.

“Was a good party though, wasn't it.” Carter smiled.

“Was the best. Well you two should be on your way, I love you, and try and have some fun.”

“Thanks, we love you too, and try and relax some as well when you can.”

They each hugged and kissed Deanna, then the boys piled into the over stuffed mini van, and headed out. As per Deanna's instructions, they talked the entire way. Carter told Tom everything about his childhood, and when Tom pointed out that he wasn't telling anything that was good, Carter had to point out that he never had anything good in his childhood. Tom was sad for his dad, here he was trying to give the best possible, and most loving life possible for him, he had pushed his parents away a great deal over the past few years, and couldn't even trust them enough to love him if he told them his secret. There were a lot of tears on that drive, but they learned a lot about each other. Even Carter learned a lot about Tom, because Tom had been very tight lipped about his life for a long time.

“Dad, are you sure that this is the right address, this can't be the place, it's huge, and gorgeous.”

“You know, if I hadn't already known you were gay, that statement would have tipped it off, but yeah, I'm certain. I verified the address twice, and this is it, and I agree with you.”

“Thanks.” Tom grinned.

“Well, let's do this.”

“I can't believe that you're not paying any more for this place than you were paying for the one in the city, the houses must be a lot cheaper here.” Tom said as they climbed out.

“Not really, they're almost as expensive here as they were there, but I guess we're getting a really good deal because it can only be temporary, a couple years at most.” Carter said as they made it to the front door and rang the bell.

“Oh hi, you must be Carter, I'm Max, we spoke on the phone. I take it that this is your son?” Max asked as he opened the door.

“Yes, I'm Carter, and this is my son Tom, it's good to meet you Max.” Carter said, and stuck out his hand to shake. They shook hands, and then Max and Tom shook hands as well.

“Come on in, my boys and I came over to help you with anything you needed to bring in, and we have an afternoon snack in the kitchen, but we'd better hurry, the boys already cracked open the bag of chips and the salsa.” Max grinned.

“That wasn't necessary, you really shouldn't have.” Carter said.

“Nonsense. Come on.” Max said and then led them to the kitchen where the boys were sitting at the bar counter on stools.

“Oh hello Tom, didn't expect to see you so soon. You look a lot happier now, not so much weight on your shoulders I see.” AJ said in a friendly manner.

“Oh, hi AJ. I had no idea we were moving into your dads house.” Tom said quietly.

“We didn't know it was you guys either, but welcome. You will be a great addition to our swim team, I know that you do very well. And please, don't act all shy around me or us, we've all already forgotten what happened during last weekend, I was happy to help you out in fact.” AJ said happily.

“Really?” Tom asked, looking up in amazement.

“Of course. Come on, I know you are probably hungry, grab some chips and salsa, but be careful, we made it a bit on the hot side.

“Actually we had a big lunch just before we came here, but a few would be good, I love hot salsa.” Tom smiled warmly and grabbed a chip and loaded it with salsa. Carter and Max also joined in and grabbed some for themselves as well.

“Oh god, this is good, but man is it hot.” Carter said after his third or fourth chip, wiping his sweating brow.

“Told you so. I didn't realize the peppers we grew were going to be so hot, but I like it hot myself anyways.” AJ grinned.

“You guys grew the stuff for this and made it yourselves?” Carter asked in surprise.

“Blame AJ for that one. He and JJ planted the garden and tended to it, there's a reason there's only grass in my yard, and if it weren't for a gardener coming in to do the work for me, I would probably kill the grass too. As for the canning of it, AJ is to blame for that as well. We all helped him, but it is his own recipe.”

“Impressive.” Carter said, grabbing another chip, popping it in his mouth and then wiping his brow again.

“You have no idea. If you think his swimming and diving is good, his cooking is possibly better. In fact he made you guys a lasagna to last you a few days while you get settled in. We all made him promise to make us one this week as well, because he ran out of ingredients while making yours.”

“Thanks, that was really nice of you guys.”

“We also brought you a few jars of the things that we canned this summer to help you out over the next few days. Including two more jars of salsa.” TJ said happily.

“Thank you guys so much, this is so nice.” Carter said, and Tom agreed.

“Well I noticed that your van was quite full, should we all go and unload it and get it moved in?” Max asked.

“Sure, but Tom needs to pick out his room first.” Carter said.

They all went upstairs and Tom looked at the three available bedrooms, other than the master suite, and chose the middle room next to the bathroom, overlooking the backyard and the pool.

“Good choice. I suspect that when we move back in, that TJ and Ricky will probably choose this room as well.”

“Are you two gay as well?” Tom asked Ricky and TJ.

“Yep, and we're boyfriends too, have been for a while now, since early summer.” TJ said happily, grabbing Ricky's hand and holding it.

“But you're so young TJ, you're what, elven?”

“Yep, but I've known I was gay since I was eight. I've had another boyfriend as well, and he was the same age as Ricky.” TJ smiled.

“Oh, and your parents were okay with that?”

“Well no, actually they had no idea until they caught he and I in our first attempt at making love to each other, and kicked me out and disowned me. That's why I live with Uncle Max now, but he's in the process of adopting me so that he can be my real daddy instead.” TJ said in an upbeat manner.

“Oh, sorry to hear that.”

“Don't be sorry, because I'm not. I lost one boyfriend, but he wasn't really gay, just really horny and bi, but I got an even better boyfriend and a family that loves me. The beating my dad gave me was the only thing I wish I could reverse, because man did that hurt.”

“Oh, well good for you then.” Tom said.

“Come on, let's go move some stuff in.” AJ said.

They all headed downstairs and out to the van and opened up all three doors to the passenger, or in this case cargo area, and everyone grabbed something.

“AJ, I'll get the TV, it'll be much too heavy for you, I can barely manage it.” Carter said.

“No dad, I think he will be fine.” Tom said, and he was right.

“I've got it, no worries, where do you want it?”

“My bedroom please.” Tom said, and AJ effortlessly carried it upstairs to Tom's new room, and Carter watched in awe as the puny little kid just lifted and carried a TV that probably weighed as much as, or probably more than he himself weighed.

“He's really strong dad, he bench pressed both JJ and Ricky, and I saw it. Now you know why I didn't fight him, he would have killed me.”

“No shit.” Carter said.

They grabbed a couple boxes and also took them upstairs. With the extra four helpers, and none of them afraid to carry some weight, they had the van unloaded in only twenty minutes. They went back to the kitchen to talk, and that's when AJ noticed something.

“Um Tom, I don't mean to embarrass you, but your diaper is showing. Your pants pulled down a bit with the work, and when you stretched, your shirt rode up, but didn't go back down.” AJ said softly.

“Oh god.” Tom said and then burst into tears.

“Hey, don't be embarrassed, especially for that. Obviously you have a need, or you just like wearing them, or you wouldn't be wearing them.”

“But after what I said to you, I called you a baby because you wet during the night, and here I am wetting during the day.”

“He won't believe us if we told him, so let's show him boys.” JJ said.

The boys all stood up and dropped their pants, and Tom looked at them, then turned away crying still, then whipped back and looked again, and noticed that the four boys were all wearing diapers. They all pulled their pants back up, and Tom wiped his eyes.

“You see, you have nothing to be ashamed about, you're not the only one. Now, are you wearing because you genuinely need to, or do you just like to?”

“I needed to today, I was just too nervous.”

“Okay, you didn't deny liking the diapers, so that tells me that you don't exactly hate them. Do you wear often, or just occasionally?”

“Only at night, but I've been staying in them during the morning until I have to get dressed, for a few days now.” Tom blushed.

“Ah, you do like them, and are just coming to grips with it. No problem, we can all understand why you would like them. A little secret that you must never tell anyone else, we don't actually need them during the day, we just use them for comfort and to make life easier when we're working. That's the reason we wore them today, I hate having to go to the bathroom every half an hour to an hour when I'm working on something.”

“Really?” Tom sniffed.

“I might not tell the whole truth sometimes, I will leave details out if needed, but one thing I never do, is lie, so really, yes.”

“Wow, I thought I was such a freak.”

“You either don't have a computer, or you have never searched for diapers on the internet before, because if you had, you would have certainly found that you are far from alone. We are not the largest group out there, but we are a big one. Diaper lovers are all over.” JJ said.

“No, I never searched, I couldn't do it. Same as I couldn't look at other boys, it would be like admitting it, and I couldn't do that either.” Tom admitted.

“Understandable. You know, I think you're going to fit in quite nicely on our swim team, you'll find out why during our next party, but you'll have to check your embarrassment at the door before you enter.” AJ said.

“Thanks, I think.”

“We just need to sign the rental agreement now, and then everything will be all set.” Max said before Tom could ask any further questions, because it would make it harder on him when he did come over.

“Sure, that would be great, and I'll write you a check as well.” Carter said.

They quickly did up all the required paperwork.

“Now, a few things that you'll need to know. The pool is ready to go, but I will come and teach you in a few days how to adjust everything. There is satellite TV included, and the subscription is up to date, but there are only two receivers, so you will have to buy them if you want more, the TV is included in your rent. Once a week someone comes by to mow the lawn, that is also included. I left all my workout equipment in the pool house, because it was too damed heavy to move, so you guys can make use of it. Do you have any questions before we leave?”

“Well, that's all great, thanks, but you'll have to teach Tom here about the pool. From what I understand you have to be able to at the least be decent with colors, and I can barely see some colors, I'm quite color blind. If we have any questions though, I trust we can call?”

“Of course, any time. You shouldn't have any issues with anything in the house though, the roof is only two years old, the heating and cooling system is even newer yet, and you'll love the hot water system, go ahead, take an hour long shower, you'll never run out.

“Great, thanks a lot for everything.”

“We should probably get going and leave you boys to explore your new home, have a good night then, and call if you need any help with anything at all.”

“Thanks, you guys all have a good night.” Carter said happily and the others all headed out.

“I can't believe this house, it's totally awesome.” Tom said a while later after touring the whole house.

“Yeah, it is. I can't believe how much Max included in the rent. Want to go for a swim, and you know what, I think we should go naked, I haven't done that in years, and it's just us boys. What do you say?”

“I don't know dad, I've never done that before, and you haven't seen me naked since I was a kid.”

“I know, but we're both men now, and we're both the same, come on. Shed your inhibitions, and you will be far more free than you ever imagined.” Carter said softly.

“Okay, but if I don't like it, can I put my shorts on?”

“Of course, you know I would never force you to do anything you wouldn't really want.”

“I know, and that's why I'll try it.”

They headed out to the pool and they stripped down to their underwear, which for Tom, was a heavily yellowed, obviously very wet diaper. They both looked into each others eyes as they removed their last garment, and then hit the shower, Max having told them to shower thoroughly before and after using the pool to keep it, and them, far cleaner and healthier. Tom blushed a lot, but Carter didn't, and eventually they dove in the pool. Carter swam lazily around while Tom did about forty good hard laps, having missed his swim practice this week, so missing it.

“So, how does it feel?” Carter asked as they both met in the shallow end.

“It's weird, but good. It really does feel free, and very nice too.”

“That's good. You really have nothing to be embarrassed about either, you have a really good sized penis and testicles for a boy your age, any boy will be happy with it.” Carter said and Tom blushed again.

“Dad.” Tom whined out in embarrassment.

“What, it was a compliment. Here, get up onto the deck, we need to do something.”

“What, why?”

“Just do it.” Carter said softly.

They climbed up onto the deck and Carter positioned them so that they were about a meter apart, and looking at each other, or they would have been if Tom wasn't staring intently at the ground.

“You're far too shy about your body, we didn't raise you like that. I want you to look at me, look at my body. You will see that we are the same. I'm a little bit bigger and harrier than you are, but you still have a couple years growth before you reach your full size, and you are bigger than I was at your age, by the way.”

“I can't look at you, you're my dad.”

“Yes you can, now do it. It's perfectly okay, if you can't be free with your own parents, how can you expect to be free with others. We tried to raise you to be free and to not be embarrassed, but you shut us out and locked the doors on us when you got older and realized you were gay.” Carter said in a soft, yet firm manner.

Slowly Tom raised his eyes up and scanned his dads entire body like he was told to do. His dad was right, they were the same. They were both built much alike, except Tom had a lot more muscle definition than his dad did, their dicks were very similar, except Carter was circumcised, whereas Tom had not been brutally mutilated, Carter was taller by a few centimeters and carried a few extra pounds around the center from not working out as often any more, whereas Tom was almost totally fat free from all his swimming.

“You see, we're not that different, you have a very good body, very fit and toned. Your penis and testicles show that you are a man, and had you been straight and slept with a girl, you would get her pregnant, probably just as fast as I got your mom pregnant. We conceived you on our very first time, we were both virgins up until then. Although your mom had a few more experiences than I had.” Carter grinned, and Tom blushed more.

“I know, Ted told me. I didn't need to know any of that though.” Tom said, still blushing.

“Ah, Ted told you how your mom coerced him into admitting that he was gay, that's good. I know that you really like Ted, probably love him more than anyone else, other than us I hope, he's good for you, call him and ask him any questions and he will answer them honestly and fully.”

“I do love him, I told him that. He's sorta like a best friend, a big brother, and an awesome uncle all in one.”

“Yeah, when you were younger, and he would come over, it was all we could do to peel you away from him. You'd be sitting on his lap and hugging him tight the entire time. By the time you were eight, and we could see that you got hard whenever he was near, we sort of started to suspect that you might be gay. That's why we sent you to stay with Ted for that week when you were ten. We wanted to know for sure.”

“If you knew, how come you didn't confront me or let Ted do it, even though he really wanted to?”

“Because we felt that it was your right to bring it up when you were ready. A couple years ago Ted told us he thought your anger was being caused because you were trying to fight being gay, and that we should tell you that we knew, but we couldn't. We thought you were just going through all those nasty pubertal changes, and that you'd be fine. We actually got in a pretty big fight over that, we told him that we didn't have the right to interfere in your life like that, but I was getting very close to going against your mom and doing it anyways. Had you not have admitted it, and you came home and Ted had told us that, I would have told you that we knew, regardless. You see, each man has to grow and learn on their own, realize who and what they are and deal with it. In the back of my mind, I knew Ted was right, and that we should confront you, but I also knew that when you finally admitted it to yourself, that you'd be a stronger person because of it.”

“Oh, I think I understand. Thanks for sticking by me when I didn't even think I deserved it.”

“You're welcome. No matter how much trouble you got in, your mom and I still loved you very much.”

“Thank you, and even though I never told you or showed you, I never stopped loving you guys either.” Tom said with happy tears running down his cheeks. Carter came forward and wrapped his naked son in a tight loving hug.

“You're going to be just fine Tom, I can feel it, you've already grown so much stronger in the past few days.” Carter said, putting Tom to arms length and looking him in the eye, and then kissing his forehead gently. Tom just wrapped his arms around his daddy and hugged him even tighter, and cried tears of freedom and happiness.

“Thank you so much daddy, I love you.” Tom said about ten minutes later when he broke their hug and they broke apart, both of them wiping tears from their eyes.

“I love you too kiddo, let's go back in the house, pop that Lasagna in the oven, get you all diapered up, and we can sit back and relax in your room and watch TV, after hooking it up of course.”

“That sounds nice.” Tom smiled warmly. And he was fine, and he would be fine from now on, he was totally free of all his guilt and anger now.

They quickly unwrapped the food, put it in the oven on the setting the note said to put it on, and went upstairs. Tom found the bag he put his diapers in, and went to start diapering himself, but Carter stopped him, grabbed the diaper, and lovingly diapered his son like he hadn't been able to do in many years. They got one of the receivers and set the TV up, and then set up a few blankets on the floor to lay down on, and then went and sorted through all the food that the guys had brought for them. They were pleased to even find a loaf of French Bread already buttered and smelling heavily of garlic, just the way that Carter and Tom liked it. When dinner was ready, they dished up a good portion each on the included disposable plates, and went upstairs to cuddle up and watch TV for the rest of the night. Did they enjoy the food, you bet, both saying that it was, without a doubt, the very best lasagna they had ever had in their lives.


“Tom sure seems to be a lot better, doesn't he?” JJ said as soon as they hopped in the truck.

“Yeah, he'll be just fine now I think. As long as he keeps talking his feelings out, of which we can help with now, then he will be just fine.” AJ said satisfactorily.

“He does seem like a nice shy boy, you guys will be really good for him.” Max smiled as they drove off.


Tom did not show up to school the rest of the week, he decided, with his dads permission, to just take a bit of a break and come to terms with himself more before he had to face others. Carter thought this to be a very wise decision. Friday Carter took off from work a little early though, and took Tom to his new school to get him all registered. The principal sat down with them and looked over the previous school reports that had already been transferred over.

“Tom, I see here that you were in trouble a number of times at your old school for various offenses. I have to tell you that I will not put up with any of that. I already had one student shot in my school, and I will not let it happen again. If I detect any amount of bullying from you, I will kick you out. Do I have your word that I will not have to do so?”

“Yes sir, I swear. I already know AJ, and he has forgiven me for things that I said to him last weekend at our meet here, he made me see a number of things. You see I was very angry at everything that reminded me of being gay, because I am gay. He made me admit that. You won't have any problems with me.” Tom said solemnly, admitting he was gay being far easier than he had thought it would be to a stranger.

“While I don't condone your previous actions, I do understand. Please remember that our school has on staff at all times a qualified counselor who you can talk to at any time if you feel angry or insecure. I also see here that you were on the school swim team and that you did very well. I happen to know that Coach Phil is at the pool right now, and since you are both here, you may as well go sign up and get the permission slip signed. Now trust me when I say, I may be strict when it comes to bullying, but Phil will not stand for it at all, he would have absolutely no problem from throwing you from the team so fast you'll wonder what happened, and he has had to do it before.”

“Thank you sir, I appreciate all this.” Tom said sincerely.

“You're welcome, and as long as you're good, we'll get along just fine. Have a good day.”

Tom and Carter got up ad showed themselves out, stopped by the receptionists desk to pick up Tom's new schedule. They had had to fill out a bunch of paperwork and Tom had to take a test before they could see the principal, and they were told it would be done by the time they got out. They headed straight out to the pool as soon as Tom had his schedule, and he looked at it on the way there.

“They've put me in all the advanced classes!” Tom said in astonishment.

“No real surprise there, you're very smart after all, and I think that will be good for you.”

“But the advanced classes dad, I don't think I'm that smart.”

“I think you are, but if you struggle in anything at all, I'm sure that they would allow you to transfer to the regular classes. The tests you took obviously told them a lot more about you then you knew.”

“You're probably right dad, but I'm still not sure.”

“Hello, how can I help you gentlemen?” Coach Phil asked as they walked in.

“We just registered Tom here at this school, and he's a swimmer, we would like to have him join your team.” Carter said happily.

“Good to see you again Tom. AJ told me all about what happened, and told me that you'd probably be here to see me soon, and that I was to allow you on the team. It was against my better judgment I'll tell you, from what I heard you say, you were not very nice, but I trust AJ wholly. His perception of other people is incredible. I need to see and hear you promise me though that nothing like that will ever happen again though.” Phil said sternly.

“You have every right to bar me from joining the team sir, I was not very nice, and I would have hit AJ, had he not shown me how unwise that would have been, however that was then. I promise that I will not cause you or the team, or anyone else for that matter, any problems.” Tom said sincerely, looking right into Phil's eyes.

“Excellent, good enough for me. Welcome to the team.” He said warmly and friendly.

“Thank you sir.”

“None of the sir stuff, it's coach or hey you asshole, but never sir.” Phil said with a straight face. This caused Tom to laugh of course.

“I think I'll stick with coach.” Tom grinned.

“Wise decision.” Carter said, laying his hand on Tom's shoulder.

“Now Ted is a good coach, I like him, but he does not push his swimmers and divers anywhere close to their potential, he's just not strong enough for that. I have to know, how are you going to do when I push you to your very limits?”

“I guess that we'll have to find out. Ted is my best friend, has been my entire life, and while he's very strong in some ways, he's not very forceful.” Tom answered.

“He's always been like that, ever since we were in high school together. He'd probably be better with the younger kids, but he just doesn't want to.” Carter said.

“He doesn't like younger kids too much, he told me once, they just don't listen and he loses patience with them.” Tom said.

“Yeah, and teens are so much easier.” Phil chuckled.

“Well he thinks they are, most of the time, he says at least he can talk to us and we understand him. Makes me wonder how he liked me so much when I was young, and how he's going to raise a baby.” Tom said.

“Ted has a baby, I always thought he was gay?” Phil asked in shock.

“Oh he is, but he and his partner adopted a baby girl a few months ago.”

“Oh, I see. Well good for them then.”

“He's perfectly fine with kids he knows, just not other peoples kids. And you were as much his kid as ours, you used to call him Uncle Ted all the time until you were about twelve, right around the time you started getting miserable.”


“Well I need to get the pool cleaned, so I should get back to work, thanks for stopping by. Oh, and Ted already faxed your previous permission slip over, and that's good enough for me. Practices are Tuesday and Thursday right after your last class, make sure to be on time.”

“Thanks Coach.” Tom and Carter said together and then headed out.

“He seems like a really nice guy, but strict, and he looks like he will push you. How do you think you'll like it at this school so far?”

“I don't know. I'm still a little nervous about all the advanced classes, but I guess there's no harm in trying, and I doubt the coach can push me any harder than I have been pushing myself.”

“That's the spirit, but I think you might find the coach will find a few ways to push you even harder yet. He seems the type, but he seems a good man as well, and I bet he never makes a mistake and pushes you too far.”

“I hope not.” Tom grinned.

They walked out to the van and Carter took Tom back home, and then they spent the rest of the afternoon talking and laughing. They did go swimming, and as they had become more used to it, they swam naked again, Tom no longer blushed.

The weekend passed quickly for all, and before they all knew it, it was Monday morning again.

“Hey Tom, glad to see you finally made it to school. I take it that you wanted to take a few days to yourself and just organize your thoughts, or something like that?” AJ called out when he saw Tom walking towards them.

“Hi guys, yeah, I did. How did you know that?” Tom asked, looking more than a little puzzled as he walked up to all the swim team members who had already met up before the start of the morning classes.

“You'll have to get used to that. Very few people can seem to keep anything from AJ, he's very perceptive, and way too smart.” JJ said happily.

“Oh, I'll have to remember that then.”

“Do you have your schedule with you? We'll help you find where you need to go, and maybe you'll be in some of our classes, so that you can find your way around.” AJ asked.

“Yeah, I have it right here.” Tom said and reached into his pocket, pulled it out, and handed it to AJ.

“Well this will certainly make it easier to find your way around, all you have to do is follow JJ and I all day, you're in all the same classes. You must be a lot smarter than you let yourself sound last weekend huh?” AJ jibed.

“Yeah, I didn't exactly sound too smart then huh? But I am not too bad, but I've never been in the advanced classes before, I'm a bit nervous.”

“There's nothing too it. JJ had been failing before we met last year, we fixed his issues, got him caught up, and by the end of the year he managed a B honor. We were then asked if we wanted to skip to the grade ten advanced classes, so we studied all the grade nine stuff during the summer, and we did it. JJ was really nervous too, and we made a stipulation in taking it, that if JJ needed to, he could go to the regular classes. The principal told us that that was always an option to switch, but JJ didn't need to. The work is harder, yes of course it is, but we're doing just fine, and we should both get A honors this year.”

“Wow, I had no idea. I'm glad I'm in all your classes though guys.”

“A few of the swim team are in all our classes, we all help each other out as well, and during our free period, because none of us take gym, and I see you didn't either, we get any homework done that does get assigned to us, which is not normally a lot.”

“I stopped taking gym about half way through grade eight, I just didn't see a need when I was swimming three times a week and getting way more exercise than the gym class could ever give me, and to tell you quite honestly, I'm really not good at sports that require any form of catching or throwing.” Tom smiled.

“Me neither.” A whole bunch of the swim team said.

“The bell is going to ring in just a moment, so you can come with us, and your locker assignment is only three down from JJ and I as well, so we can all go together. We all meet at break and at lunch and we sit together, because the swim team always sticks together.”

“Cool, thanks so much.” Tom said with a genuinely warm smile.

They all headed to class a few minutes later when the first bell rang, signaling that they had five minutes to be in class. The day went by quickly, and Tom was quickly integrated into the group. Once he stopped being angry all the time, he really was very nice and caring, as well as quite funny. They all ate lunch together under their big oak tree , and after school, they all said that they would meet in the normal location the following morning.

That evening, while Tom and Carter were sitting in their hot tub, after having a good swim and workout together, Tom told his dad excitedly all about the day and how happy he was. Carter was very happy as well, happy to have his care free loving son back, and happy that Tom was happy as well.

The next day went by quickly for all the boys, and everyone could see that Tom was far happier than he had probably been in a long time. They all sat together and talked and laughed, this time in the school cafeteria because it was raining outside, all having a good time. At the end of the school day, they all headed out to the pool.

“So what did you think of the classes today, not too hard huh? You seemed to keep up just fine.” AJ asked as they walked out there.

“No, it wasn't too bad at all. I've never done math that hard before, and it took me a bit to work it out, but once I figured it out, with your help of course, I think I did fine.”

“You did, I was checking your work as you were doing it. Once you figured it out, you did it all perfectly. I think you'll do just fine, you grasp things just as quickly as JJ and I do.”

“Somehow I doubt I will ever grasp anything as quickly as you do.” Tom said seriously.

“No, neither will any of us. He was watching both yours and my work at the same time, and he still got his work done twice as fast as we did.” JJ chuckled.

“Yeah, but I hardly have to check your work any more, you have less than a one percent margin of error now.” AJ smiled.

“How can you do that?” Tom asked in amazement.

“Don't know, just can I guess. I've always been able to fully concentrate on three or four things at the same time, lots more if they are really simple tasks.” AJ admitted shyly.

“Nice of you guys to finally show up, you're thirty seconds late.” Coach Phil yelled out as they entered the pool house.

“So sorry Coach, teacher kept us forty seconds late and we had to run to get here this quickly.” AJ said with a straight face.

“I'll be checking on that, trust me, now go get those fat asses showered and covered.” He yelled out sternly.

“Yes sir.” AJ saluted. Everyone chuckled and ran to the change room and started stripping, all except for Tom.

“Tom, you will find it easier to get showered and changed if you get undressed first.” JJ teased.

“Um, I can't get naked in front of all you guys.” Tom said with a blush.

“Oh great, not another one. Look, we're all boys right? More than a few of us are gay, you've realized that by now I'm sure, right? We all saw you in your speedo last weekend, and I hate to tell you this, but you have nothing to be ashamed of, nor do you have anything more or less than most of the guys here. There is no reason to be shy, we're all friends here, and look at us, we're not shy at all.” AJ said gently.

Tom actually raised his eyes from the floor, looked around and actually saw all the others standing there, all naked, a couple looking like they might even be a little hard, but not quite yet. AJ was right though, they were all much the same. There were some that were still virtually hairless, some that were harrier than he was, some that were quite a bit smaller, but no one, except JJ, that looked to be bigger. Shyly he started removing his clothes, and not one of the others made a move to give him some privacy, they all knew that he needed this to break his shyness. Finally Tom was as naked as all the others were, and he stood tall and proud.

“See, that wasn't so hard, now was it, and at least you're not hard, well yet. Don't get upset when you do get hard and you get harassed, because you'll be joining in and harassing the next poor bastard that gets hard. Hell I'm usually hard half way through the shower, but how could you not be, all those hot hard gorgeous bodies all covered in soap and hot water, god it makes me hard thinking of it.” AJ said lustily, causing Tom to blush even more.

“You're horrible.” Tom laughed through his blush.

“Thanks. You'll be fine, come on, let's go get cleaned up.” AJ said, and nearly skipped to the shower. Tom was shocked when the guys started teasing each other for their boners, and Tom actually looked and saw AJ hard, and he was huge in comparison to the rest of his body, and he actually started to get hard as well. He had never seen another boys hard dick before, well except accidentally on the internet, but never in real life. When he got teased for his as well, he took it fine, but didn't join in, but no one could see his blush because of the hot water. Once they were all cleaned up, and were just walking out of the shower area, a speedo was flung through the air and smacked right square in the middle of Tom's face.

“What the hell?” Tom screeched and pulled the offending projectile from his face. Everyone burst out laughing, no one had ever seen someone scream like a girl from that, the coach was nearly doubled over in laughter.

“You'll have to forgive the coach, he does that for fun, and his aim has never been off once. However, your screaming like a girl, when it hit you, was hilarious.” AJ laughed.

“That wasn't funny.” Tom said, sounding a little hurt that everyone was laughing at him.

“Oh don't take it personally Tom, we always laugh at each other, and ourselves, it's healthy for you, and we never mean anything bad by it either. Plus, you have to admit, that if that were to have happened to someone else, you would have been laughing just as hard, because it was bloody funny.” AJ said gently.

“I guess so, I just don't scare so well, and because my voice hasn't finished changing, when I scream it still comes out high pitched.” Tom blushed.

“At least yours has started, I still sound like, and, for the most part, look like a little kid.”

“Not naked though.” A few people said.

“Yeah well, I'm blessed there, what can I say.” AJ said flamboyantly.

“Quit nattering and get those naked asses covered, they're making me sick.”

“Then quit standing there looking at them coach. I thought you were happily married with so many kids, your wife had to threaten you to stay off her, because if you got her pregnant again she'd kill you?” AJ grinned evilly.

“Not any more, the operation was a success, now we no longer have to worry, the weekend was a lot of fun.” Coach Phil grinned and walked out.

“That was interesting.” Tom said in shock.

“Coach Phil has no shame, and he's about as gay as you and I are straight, so not at all, and he loves his sex. I think he has eight kids, and I'm not kidding, his wife did threaten his life if he got her pregnant again. He's allergic to condoms, and birth control doesn't appear to work on her, because he got her pregnant anyways. He says he must just be too fertile for it to stop him.” AJ grinned and Tom's jaw actually dropped and his blush rose even higher.

“Come on guys, we better hurry, or he'll make us swim naked again, not like we'd care, but there could be observers again.” JJ said.

“He's made you swim naked when you took too long before?” Tom asked in amazement.

“Yeah, but he closed and locked the doors. We all swim naked at home anyways, so we prefer it that way.”

“Oh, my dad and I have been swimming naked at home, and it is nice.” Tom admitted.

“What about when your mom gets here though, will you still?” AJ asked as he skinned himself into his speedo.

“Oh no, I couldn't.”

“Why, we all do all the time with our moms around, it's no big deal. We've even gotten hard around mine and JJ's mom, and it's no big deal.” AJ said.

“I would die of embarrassment, I've never even gotten hard when my dad's there, even that would almost kill me.” Tom said as he too skinned into his speedo.

“Why, it's perfectly normal, and it's not like your mom has never seen yours already, and your dads as well. Whenever she changed your diaper as a baby, I bet you were hard, and well if she has never seen your dads, explain how you're here.”

“Oh gross.” Tom spluttered out.

“Why, sex is a beautiful thing if done correctly, and it feels even better, I have no interest in trying straight sex, but many seem to like it.”

“You've had sex?” Tom asked in shock.

“Of course I have, JJ and I are boyfriends remember. I bet everyone in this room except you has had sex, even Joey and Brett are boyfriends, and while I'm not sure if they've tried anal yet, I'm quite certain they enjoy oral.”

“Not anal yet.” They both said at the same time with happy smiles.

“Oh god, I am the only virgin here, aren't I” Tom sighed.

“Yeah, but maybe we can find you a nice boyfriend who'll help you with that little problem.” AJ grinned, and wouldn't you know it, but Tom blushed more yet.

“Um, t-t-t-t-that's o-o-o-k-k-kay.” Tom stuttered out.

“Ah, you're much too shy, you'll change quickly enough, but now we have to go before the coach comes in and kicks our sorry asses out there, physically.”

“That's what I was just about to do, now get those fat asses out there.” Coach Phil yelled as he walked in, hearing AJ's comment obviously.

They all ran out and started their swim practice. As Phil promised Tom, he did push Tom to his very limits, but not a step beyond. And here Tom thought that he had pushed himself hard before, that was nothing.

Diving though was even more intense. Everyone was on the boards, something Tom was not used to, his old team there were only five divers out of the twenty swimmers. Coach Phil worked them all very hard, making them do one thing over and over and over again until he was satisfied that you had it absolutely perfect. How he doesn't lose his voice, Tom was not certain. Ted had never yelled like that during a practice, or a meet for that matter. One thing that Tom was happy with was that Coach Phil never once yelled at anyone in a bad way, he just told everyone what they were doing wrong, what to do to right it, and he praised them all the time when they did something that in his eyes was spectacular or superb, possibly his favorite word Tom thought. When the practice was over, Tom was more than happy to go and strip down and soak under a very hot shower with all the others.

“So how was it?” AJ asked Tom, taking the shower head right next to Tom.

“Oh man, that one practice was as much work as three of my old practices put together. I'm really going to hurt tonight.” Tom said.

“You'll be fine. Coach pushed you, but not so hard that you'll be in any real pain, but you'll feel it for sure. I suggest you ask your dad to give you a massage tonight, there's a massage table there, use the white bottle on the shelf, it'll feel the best, and have a cold shower and swim afterwards, trust me.” AJ said warmly.

“Thanks, I might just have to do that.”

This time Tom noticed that he was not the only one tired, because there was not as much talking and laughing, they were not so loud, and no one got hard. They all headed out and threw their speedos in the laundry bin on their way past, and dried off.

“That's kinda nice.” Tom said.

“Thanks, JJ really likes my ass as well.” AJ said, Tom had been walking behind him. Poor Tom started spluttering even more, and the blush rose on his face so fast you could actually see it over the redness the hot water caused, everyone had heard it, and they broke out laughing again.

“That wasn't what I meant, I wasn't even looking at your ass.” Tom said a minute later when he got his composure.

“What, you don't think my ass is nice. Well I don't like you any more then.” AJ pouted, clearly teasing Tom.

“Yeah right, and it's not my normal procedure to check out other boys asses, but I'm sure yours is fine. However what I was referring to was that we can keep our speedos and towels here, and not have to take them home and clean ourselves.” Tom said more calmly, enjoying the joke played at his expense, this time he could clearly tell it was in fun.

“Oh that's why you had a swim bag with you, I was wondering what you had in it. We're the only ones that use this locker room, so we all have our own lockers. This is the coaches only job, so he does all the laundry and puts it all away for us, so that we don't have to worry about it. The school provides our speedos and towels, so you won't ever have to bring your own.” AJ said.

“I do have a question for you though, where did you guys get those weights from, and why do you use them?” Tom asked the burning question he wanted to ask ever since he saw them all put them on while they were getting dressed.

“We got them from an exercise supply place, but Max now carries them at his store, so we can get you a set for a good price. We use them to increase our resistance while at practice, so that when we're at meets and not using them, we can be just that little bit faster.” JJ answered.

“Wow, no wonder you guys dominated the past few meets, you're really serious aren't you?”

“Actually no, we are all here just to have fun, but we do work hard, and we enjoy the winning, who wouldn't, yet not one of us would care if we were all to not get a medal or get last place.”

“I never started swimming to win either, I actually joined to be closer to Ted. He's my old coach, but he's also been sorta my uncle, and big brother, and best friend my entire life. The only reason I did so well at meets was to make Ted proud of me.” Tom said warmly.

“You miss having him so close by, don't you?”

“Yeah, I do. I've called and talked to him three times this week, just talking about anything and everything, the shortest call was an hour long. My dad said that at that rate his entire raise is going to go to the phone bill, but he doesn't care, he's just happy that I'm happy.”

“How long do you figure it'll be before he moves out here to be closer to you?” AJ asked coyly.

“I don't know, I don't think he really wants to leave the city, but I know he misses dad and I already, and my mom is his best friend, so when she moves here, I think he'll follow within three months. Problem is there are no high schools that will need a swim coach for him to work at.” Tom answered, he knew AJ was right, because he thought the same thing a few times too while they talked.

“You never know, the girls team coach was actually looking at retiring soon, if he wants to coach girls, then he might be the right one for the job, and his being gay will make that a lot easier, plus the principal won't care at all, he's got a couple gay teachers, including the football coach.”

“Really, I think I'm going to tell him that when I call tonight to tell him about the practice, he made me promise to call him as soon as I got home to tell him. He doesn't care if they're boys or girls, as long as they're not too young.”

“Cool, he'd be a lot better than the girls coach is, she's so damned strict, but has not got a clue. She's never actually done competitive swimming, but she was the only one who would take it back when she did, and she stayed.”

“Ted's a little too soft at times, he's too gentle, that's why our team never really did well, but he's a great coach. He might actually be better with the girls, who knows.”

They were all dressed and just sitting and talking by then, all of them except a couple that had to leave right away that is, and they just listened intently. They all really liked Tom, so if they could have his best friend come and teach at this school, they all thought that would be great. Soon after the coach came in and kicked them out, saying that he had to get going, and that he would clean everything tomorrow. The boys all grabbed what they needed and then headed out, all separating at their normal places and heading home for the night.


“So what did Ted say when you talked to him last night?” AJ asked the next afternoon at lunch, still inside because although it wasn't raining any more, the ground was still wet.

“He said that he would love to do that, but wasn't sure if Landon would like to or not. I told him that I would see what I could find out for him anyways. We talked for almost two hours last night, and he really likes you guys, he says you are all great friends.” Tom said proudly.

“Let me go talk to the principal and see what I can find out for you guys.” AJ said. He had already finished his lunch, and before Tom could say anything, AJ was gone. JJ didn't even have a chance to go with him. The office was not far from the cafeteria, so he made it in only a few seconds.

“Is the principal in please?” AJ asked the secretary.

“Yes he is AJ, would you like to talk to him, I can see if he's busy at the moment?”

“That would be great, thank you.”

She went in and talked to him for a minute, and they both came back out.

“AJ, good to see you again. I hear you wanted to talk to me, anything wrong, or is there something you needed?”

“Oh no, nothing wrong, should we go sit down?”

“Sure, come on in.” He said and they went in, closed the door, and sat down. “So how can I help you then AJ?”

“Well you remember Tom I'm sure, well his best friend and old swim coach might like to move closer to here, because Tom's family are very close friends with him. I know that Coach Hades, sorry I mean Coach Hares, was thinking of retiring, well he might be a good replacement for her.” AJ grinned.

“You're horrible. You know she'd probably whip us if she ever heard any of us call her that” He grinned back, he agreed with the students though, he couldn't stand the old battle ax.

“Yeah, I know, thanks, and I don't doubt it either.”

“How close of friends are they? I know Tom is gay, and I have met Ted before, and his sexuality is questionable, but I'm certain that he's gay as well. Are they involved in any way?”

“Yes, Ted is gay, but they are not together in that way, Ted has a boyfriend and a daughter that they adopted together, which I might add makes him perfect for a girls swim team, no worries about him perving on the girls. Tom and Ted are just very good friends. Tom's parents and Ted went to school together and have been best friends their whole life. Ted was like an uncle and a big brother to Tom, and while Tom loves him, it is only as that, I can tell, just the way he talks about Ted.”

“I know that Ted is a little soft, but he's a very good and caring coach, and he certainly couldn't be any worse than Hitler's mother, I will put through the requests and see if he would accept. She has already made her request to retire as soon as possible, but I begged her to stay until I found a replacement, but she told me that if there was nothing by Christmas, that she was leaving anyways. Coach Phil has already point blank refused to coach the girls team, he can't stand teen girls, and is glad he has all boys at home, says they're too whiny for his tastes, and I can see where he might think that.”

“Yeah, I can agree with that last statement as well. If you ask and pay moving, and maybe even give him the same pay as Hades is getting, he would probably do it.” AJ offered as advice.

“I'd probably have to offer that or more just to get another coach to move here anyways. I'm having a hard enough time trying to get teachers as it is, everyone wants to be in the city anyways, and not some small town an hour away. If I can get him with just that, then the school board will probably be happy.”

“Why is that, you'd think that with as many great swimmers that this school has produced, and as many A and B honor students as it always has, that you would have teachers flocking to be here.”

“No idea. I came here ten years ago, and honestly, it was against my will, but now they couldn't force me to go. Many people prefer the cities, and while this place is getting quite big, it is still quite small in comparison. How we ended up with such a swim facility though, I actually have no idea.”

“You mean the coach never told you. It's all because of him. He built the pool here, and he has the job for as long as he wants it, it's in his contract. You probably couldn't even fire him if you wanted to, it would probably require the signatures of over half the school trustees. When he left the Olympics and decided to be a coach, he moved here, and he made the deal with the school board. He doesn't like cities at all, he likes the quiet life. He's perfectly happy coaching just a few good swimmers and divers and doing nothing else.” AJ said.

“I've seen his contract of course, and his is the only one I've ever seen that actually has no number in the years box, which means it's open ended, and I sort of suspected I suppose, but no, he never told me. You should probably know by know that Phil doesn't exactly talk a lot unless it's directly related to swimming, in which case he opens right up.”

“True, but he talks to me, he's told me a lot.”

“I can see that, you make a lot of people comfortable, not to mention you read people so well. Phil also really likes you, so he'd probably tell you anything. I don't think that Phil really likes me too much for some reason.”

“Oh he likes you, as a person, but he doesn't really care for people in power too much, issues in his history that are of no ones concern, but he did tell me.”

“Ah, I see, and I appreciate that you wouldn't tell his secrets.”

“I will tell you that it is also his reason for not teaching the girls. And I agree with him, I wouldn't either if it happened to me.”

“Oh, then I will be sure to never ask him again, even on a temp basis, and I have a sneaking suspicion I know, but like you, I don't believe it concerns me.” If he was right in that Phil was probably unjustly accused for some reason by a girl, then it would go a long way in explaining a few of the coaches blowups over the issue.

“Thanks sir, and obviously I would prefer that that never left here, because in a way I told you exactly what it was about, because you're smart enough to put the pieces together. But I assure you, that the accusations were so far from true that it took him a long time to trust another female, and that's why he only got married twelve years ago and is only now having children, his oldest is eleven.”

“Thanks for the compliment, and you're right, I did put the pieces together, and I would still trust Phil to the utmost, even with the girls, but I know now why he would never, he doesn't trust them. And trust me, I would never say anything.”

“Well I should probably let you get back to work sir, I'm sure you have a lot to do then.”

“Thanks for stopping by AJ, and if this works out, you may have just saved me a shit load of work.”

“Any time I can be of assistance, just ask, and happy to help.” AJ smiled and walked out.

“Wow, you were gone for a long time. What took you so long?” JJ asked when AJ came sauntering back in.

“Principal and I just had a nice talk is all. Hades has already tendered her resignation, but was asked to stay until a replacement is found, but she said she will not stay past Christmas. So Tom, he is going to ask Ted and make him a good offer, if Ted is willing, he could be here even sooner than you hoped. I, like you, think that he will probably do it. I don't know him at all, but he seemed to be really be close to you, and I know you feel that he would move here as well in a heartbeat if he could. Now this gives him the chance without feeling guilty at all.” AJ smiled warmly.

“Thank you AJ, and I can honestly say that it wasn't me that did it.” Tom grinned.

“You're welcome.”

For the rest of the day and the week, the boys got even closer together. Ted was offered the job that very afternoon, and he said that he needed to talk it over with his boyfriend. The principal was up front in telling Ted that he knew that Ted was gay, but that he felt that made him perfect for the girls swim team, and that he would not be the only gay teacher on staff. Ted and Landon talked it over, and they decided to do it, because with Deanna now moving that very weekend, everything had been packed, they now had no other friends around. Ted called the principal back on Friday afternoon and told him that he would take the job, and to give him a week to be there. Carter and Deanna were told and they offered to let Ted and Landon move in with them, seeing as it was a positively huge house, but they all decided to keep it a secret from Tom, they wanted to surprise him.

Saturday morning Deanna left their old house for the last time, the movers had just finished loading everything into the truck, they started at six am, and she led them to her new home. The family hugged and kissed happily when they finally saw each other for the first time in nearly to weeks. Deanna had hoped to be able to come out at least once, but it just hadn't worked out, nor did her wanting to take two weeks of vacation, she got at most three days. Everyone was happy to finally be together again. The movers started taking everything into the house and putting it into the rooms they were supposed to, but the chore of unpacking everything would be left to them.


The boys swim training had ended for the day Saturday afternoon, and AJ and JJ would normally be going to JJ's parents for the night, but they had already made other plans, and they agreed, but no one else knew yet.

“Guys, Tom's mom is supposed to be coming today with all their stuff, you want to go and see if they need any help unpacking?” AJ asked once they were all cleaned and diapered. Kevin, Tony, and Garth were even there, they came that morning for the swim training.

“Sure.” Max said. “We have nothing better happening today anyways.”

“Okay, let's go get dressed and ready to do some work then.” JJ said and they all headed to throw on diapers, some loose fitting pants, and shirts. Max and Alice both went to get dressed as well, Max in grub clothes, and Alice in her work clothes. They all headed out a few minutes later, all the boys with Max.


The movers were approximately half way done when the doorbell rang. They wondered who could be there, so Carter ran downstairs, they had been busy in Tom's room getting it together, since it was the first stuff in.

“Hello, we figured you guys might like some extra strong hands to help.” Max said happily when Carter greeted them at the open door.

“Max, boys, hi, you don't have to come and help.”

“We know, but the boys are all friends, and they wanted to come and help a friend out, and besides, I think we're going to have to be friends as well.” Max smiled warmly.

“Well thanks guys, it really is appreciated. Come on up, you boys can probably help Tom in his room to get it ready, and us adults can probably get the master bedroom, since the movers just took the last thing in there.” Carter said happily.

They all headed upstairs. The adults were introduced, and then the kids. Now Tom had never met Tony, Garth, and Kevin yet, they had not been to the practices this past week. When Tony and Tom shook hands and looked at each other, they both went weak kneed, and they both thought that the other was gorgeous. Tom of course had chlorine bleached medium length hair, beautiful green eyes, cute little nose and dimples, and a nice smile.

AJ and JJ both saw this right away and smiled inwardly, both thinking that they finally broke up the trio and found Tom a much needed boyfriend. They would not however push the issue, let them build on their own.

As Carter had suggested, the boys all helped Tom to get his room ready, but so far the closet had not been opened by anyone, until Tony went to put something away.

“Hey, you wear diapers as well, that's cool.” Tony said when he opened the closet door and saw the four new packs of diapers in there, and one of them was half used up already, and it was only a week old, Tom had been enjoying his diapers.

“You do too?” Tom said with only a hint of a blush.

“Yeah, are you a bed wetter, day wetter, both or neither?”

“Bed wetter, how about you?”

“Neither, I just wear them cause I like to.” Tony said unashamedly.

“I've been wearing a lot during the day too lately, they're really comfortable, especially the new ones AJ told us to get.” Tom said with still a hint of a blush.

“Why don't we all just strip down to our diapers? The movers are only downstairs now, and they have no need to come up here, as well they should be done really soon.” AJ asked.

In answer everyone stripped down to their diapers and continued working, all that was except Tom, who still stood there looking in shock at the boys, naked except their diapers. Finally he just bit the bullet and did it, not one word from the others, they let him make the decision. He had in fact been wearing a diaper, something that his mom had enjoyed patting as she hugged him earlier. Carter had obviously told her all about it during their nightly one to two hour long conversations, he having to use his cell phone, because Tom had usually been talking to Ted.

It took the boys nearly an hour more to finish getting Tom's room perfect, getting his computer all set up on his desk, his TV and stereo on his dresser, and his bed had to be moved three times because none of them were satisfied with how it looked. Just as they were standing back to make sure everything was how they wanted it, the door opened.

“The movers...” Deanna started to say but then stopped in shock when she saw the state of dress the boys were in.

“Hi mom.” Tom said shyly.

“Well I'm glad to see that you all got comfortable. Anyways, I was about to say that the movers just finished and left, and that I was going to order some pizza for everyone, and I was just checking to make sure that there was no one here that was picky.” Deanna said, smothering the urge to go in there and hug all the boys and pat their cute little diapered bottoms. She thought it was adorable.

“No, none of us are picky, we eat almost anything at all.” AJ said for everyone.

“Good, same as us then, so six extra large house specials it is then. The room looks really nice by the way. How do you like it Tom?”

“I love it, thanks.”

“Well it looks like you're done, so you boys may as well come downstairs and join us, we just finished the master bedroom as well, so we're going to start down there.”

“Okay.” The boys all said.

They all headed downstairs in just their diapers, and because Tom had been in the center of the group, and everyone crowded around him to exit the room, he had no choice but to go with them. Deanna noticed this, and saw exactly what the boys were doing, they were forcing Tom to face his fears and to not be embarrassed, and she was thankful for that.

“Hi guys, glad to see you all got comfortable, now if only we could.” Carter said.

“Well if you mean strip down to just your underwear or less, we're all okay with that, we never wear anything but this or less at home ourselves.” AJ said nonchalantly.

“I haven't gone naked around the house since Tom started getting uncomfortable with it.” Deanna said.

“Ah, you know that Tom and I have been these past couple weeks, I'm sure he'll survive it.” Carter said and then all three adults started stripping.

Tom just watched in shock as they undressed, including his mom, and he was really embarrassed when she was naked.

“Oh Tom, quit blushing so much, it's not like you've never seen me naked, it's just been a few years, and I haven't changed any.”

“Come on, us boys can go ahead and get everything in the kitchen unpacked while you adults can go do the living room, it'll be less work. First though, do you prefer glasses on the right side or the left side of the sink?” AJ asked.

“Right.” Carter and Deanna said at the same time.

“Good, well go on then.” AJ said, shooing the adults away.

“We're going, we know when we're not wanted.” Max said with a grin and the three adults headed out.

“Loosen up Tom, it's okay. At least now you'll be somewhat ready for the next sleepover weekend we have at my place.” AJ grinned.

“Why, what do you mean?”

“The entire weekend we are all in diapers or less, and we swim and play and workout just like this or naked. It's very free.”


The boys all quickly started unpacking the boxes, cleaning everything before putting it away. There was not that much stuff, only about fifteen boxes, so with all eight boys working, it only took an hour, and they were finishing up just as the doorbell rang, signifying that the pizza was there.

“Oh good, I'm starving.” Tom said.

A few minutes later the three adults came in, and Deanna looked surprised to see that everything was put away already, with the exception of eleven plates and glasses, and they appeared to have been washed already.

“Wow, you're finished already?” Deanna asked.

“Yeah, and everything was washed and dried before it was put away as well.” Tom said, still not looking directly at his mom, but not actually blushing either.

“Wow, you guys are quick.”

“It's called teamwork, and we're real good at teamwork.” Ricky said.

“I can tell.”

They all sat down and started devouring the pizza. The boys ended up sitting on the kitchen floor, because the dining room table had only four seats, and Carter actually said that they may need a bigger table now. They enjoyed the pizza, and even the pop, which none of the boys, except Tom, Tony, Kevin, and Garth, had had in a few months. They had not been able to break the habit totally yet, and Tom just never thought he should.

“So are you guys done the living room yet?” JJ asked once they all finished eating.

“Yeah, we were finished that and had moved on to the downstairs bath room and hanging wall stuff. I think it's almost all done now, only a few odds and ends left. I really must thank you all, you took a weeks worth of boring work and made it really fast and easy.” Carter said happily.

“No problem at all, what are friends for.” Max said. And he meant it, how can you not sit around for an hour and work and talk while totally naked and open, and not become friends.

“I bet we could all use a shower, swim, and soak in the hot tub now.” AJ said.

“Okay.” Everyone said and headed out to the pool. The pool was covered in the tinted glass just like AJ's pool was, so no one had to worry about anything. Before Tom could even really realize what was about to happen, AJ and JJ came up on either side of him as they entered the pool, and they managed to grab both tapes at the same time and ripped them off. Tom's full diaper, now without anything holding it up, fell to the ground with a splat at the same time four or five others did the same thing.

“Hey, what did you do that for?” Tom screeched out in embarrassment.

“We figured you might need the help. Your mind had not yet quite processed what was about to happen, we all came out here in only diapers, the adults are naked, did you think we were going to swim in diapers. Well in order to help alleviate some of your shyness, we decided to just make you face it. Now, you can remove your hands from your groin, everyone else is naked as well, and your mom doesn't seem to care any at all.” AJ said softly, soothingly, right into Tom's ear.

With more blush creeping up his cheeks, Tom slowly removed his hands. His mom never stopped looking at him. AJ and JJ also removed their diapers, the last to do so, most of the others already in the showers.

“Tom, you've grown very nicely since the last time you let me see you naked, and AJ, well you're far larger than I thought a boy your age and size would be.” Deanna said.

“Thanks, most people seem to think the same thing when they first see me. I'm not likely to grow much more at all, my dad was only a little over one and a half meters tall, I am only four centimeters shorter than he was, but he was apparently well endowed as well. My mom seemed to like him anyways, even though he was gay too.”

“You seem to be okay with that, I'm glad. There's nothing wrong with being small, especially when your not in an area that truly counts, your heart. Your dad was gay?”

“Oh, and here I thought you were going to say dick, what a disappointment.” AJ grinned evilly, and Deanna started laughing. “Yeah, my dad was gay, but he tried to play the straight man, got married, had a kid and everything, but he couldn't do it. He died a couple years after he left my mom though from a brain tumor. So I never really knew him at all.”

“You're horrible, no wonder Tom likes you so much, and yes, your dick is big, but your heart is bigger yet. I'm sorry about your dad, I bet he would be very proud of you now. Should we go ahead and go get cleaned up then?”

“Thanks, and sure.” AJ said and they headed to get showered as well.

They all swam and played for a while, they relaxed and talked even longer, and Tom was perfectly comfortable by the time they decided to call it enough and get some dinner. This time Max said that he was treating. The boys were all told to go get dressed, after they were all dried, and so they did. They all figured they were going out for dinner, so they skipped getting diapered.

Max led Carter and Deanna in their van to the restaurant that Alice worked at. When they went in, Alice came up and met them, and everyone was introduced. Alice said that she had not taken dinner yet, so would join them. She took them all to the back, they all helped to put a few tables together, and they all sat and ordered their meals from one of the servers that offered to do so. They all sat and talked and laughed, then ate and continued their talking. By the time dinner was done, the friendships were sealed with Alice as well, she really liked them, and they her. Alice had to get back to work, so she cleared the tables and told everyone to have a good night. Max went and paid the bill, and then they all headed out. Carter, Deanna, and Tom all headed to their home, Max took his troop, but dropped off the three extras on the way home.

When the boys got home, they decided to turn in for the night, but not one of them was anywhere close to tired, yet, but they had a few ideas in mind that would certainly make them sleepy.

TJ and Ricky made their way over to the bed, stripping themselves on the way. When they crawled into bed, they were kissing and stroking each others soft smooth skin. They kissed deeply and passionately for a few minutes until TJ broke the kiss.

“Make love to me please.” TJ whispered.

Ricky just nodded and grabbed the lube from the drawer in their bedside table. He slid down TJ's body and kissed a few sensitive places, and as his fingers started working TJ's amazingly tight hole, his mouth engulfed TJ's hard dick. This was only to be their second time now, so Ricky knew that he would have to put just as much time and care into preparing his young lover for penetration. It took many minutes and three fingers for Ricky to work TJ up enough to take him, and with one final stroke to TJ's little prostate, and suck to his dick, TJ exploded. Still dry of course.

Ricky moved up and lubed his dick, then slid into position, and then slipped inside TJ's nice tight love hole. Because TJ was still in the throes of his previous orgasm, Ricky was all the way inside, without so much as a twitch of pain, before TJ really even realized what was happening. He had of course felt it, but since his body was only feeling pleasure at the time, TJ had felt no pain. Ricky did wait for a few moments for the hole to loosen up its grip, but when it did, Ricky started.

With low and deep moans from both, Ricky started a slow thrusting motion. When they weren't kissing deeply, they were staring into each others eyes lovingly, sharing their very heart and soul with the other. Ricky only managed to last just a few minutes before he exploded in a fantastic orgasm, and even TJ went off again, both with grunts and groans. A few minutes later when they came down, TJ rolled them over so that Ricky was now on his back.

TJ didn't waste any time, he did kiss Ricky for a few moments, but then started licking his way down Ricky's firm body. Getting to his dick, TJ engulfed Ricky as far as he could, at the same time that two of his small lube covered fingers slid inside of Ricky's tight hole. Even though TJ knew that he didn't need to add the third finger, he did anyways, and kept sucking Ricky and toying with his prostate, driving Ricky insane. When TJ knew that Ricky was as close as he could get, he really started rubbing the hardened prostate, and sucking feverishly on Ricky's rapidly pulsing erection, and that was all it took, Ricky exploded a real tasty load straight into TJ's sucking mouth.

Using the same method as Ricky had, TJ moved up and in, and slid easily inside his lover while he was still in his orgasm. Not that there would have been any pain anyways, but there would still be some discomfort.

Once Ricky came down, and his hole loosened up a bit, TJ started thrusting slowly inside of Ricky, both of them enjoying it just as much as the other way. They were both moaning and muttering sweet nothings to each other for the all of ten minutes that they could last. When they came down from their final orgasm, TJ leaned down and sucked and licked up the mess that Ricky had made, and then crawled up and shared the sweet boy milk in a tender kiss.

A few minutes later TJ got up, and still without a single spoken word, grabbed the diapers, and they diapered each other lovingly. They curled up, kissed and cuddled a little more, and then fell asleep, two very satisfied baby boys.


AJ and JJ entered their room and embraced in a deep passionate kiss. Their love flowed between each other for more minutes than they cared to admit, not even moving anything but their lips. After probably twenty minutes of tender kissing, they started moving towards their bed, and they fell onto it. JJ rolling them so that they were in the middle of the large bed and laying on their sides.

While they continued their passionate kisses, their hands were now roaming all over each others soft skin, both of them moving towards one target, both of them knowing exactly what the other wanted. Their hands headed towards each others wanting bums. They moaned deeply into each other as a pair of fingers found their way into each of their holes at much the same time. So as they continued kissing, they were now fingering each others love tunnel entrances, begging entry. It was probably not even two minutes before JJ rolled them so that he was on his back. AJ unpinned his hand that had become trapped, and then slid into position to enter his lover. With only a small shove, AJ slipped inside JJ easily, and all the way. AJ sighed, JJ grunted, and then they moaned.

After waiting a couple minutes to both calm down, and let JJ become accustomed to the intrusion, AJ started a moderate pace. Not too fast, not too slow, AJ made love to his baby. They were too hot and horny though from all the foreplay they had endured, and although they both desperately attempted to hold back the impending orgasm, they both came at almost the exact same time, not quite two minutes later. Still kissing though, their grunts and groans of pleasure, escaped into each others mouths.

When they came down from the orgasm, and funnily enough it took them longer to come down, than the actual lovemaking took to cause it, AJ disengaged himself, crawled down, and licked and slurped up all the mess that JJ had sprayed. He then crawled up and laid on his back, and JJ slid down and licked and sucked his mess that had sprayed on to AJ's chest and stomach as well. While JJ was cleaning AJ with his tongue, his hands were busy preparing AJ's ass again, because he would have closed up a little bit.

JJ finished both jobs, and then slipped into place, cock at the ready, and with a quick thrust, and then a slow slide, he was buried to the hilt. JJ of course waited a few moments to allow AJ to loosen back up again, and then started the same motions again. Slowly JJ made love to his baby while they kissed and stared deeply into each others souls. With their first orgasms out of the way, they were free to take their time and enjoy themselves, and so they did. For over fifteen minutes JJ slowly made tender love to AJ, and when they did explode in their second orgasm, it was fantastic.

Once they came back down to Earth, they each licked the mess off the other, then diapered each other, and finally they cuddled up and whispered good night, I love you, and then they were asleep.