Chapter 29

“Guys, Carter and Deanna have a favor to ask of us, but they don't want Tom to know yet. Their good friend Ted is moving into town this weekend, and they would like our help in getting them set up. Since we were able to help get everything set up so quickly the last time, they were wondering if we could help do the same this time, because they need to have the truck back to the local office by noon, they are doing the move themselves. If you all agree, I said that we'd be there for eight am Saturday, so should we?” Max asked the boys when he got home Wednesday afternoon.

“Awesome, Tom is going to pee himself, he'll be so happy. That's the only thing that he hates about having moved, is that Ted is not close by anymore to just go sit and talk to.” AJ said happily.

“Of course we'll go. Hell, I bet we could get even more help if we wanted to, we have lots and lots of friends, we could have that truck emptied in less than an hour, and unpacked in the same if we really wanted to.” JJ grinned.

“No no, I think we'll be able to add a lot of extra muscle and speed to it as it is.”

“I have no problem, but I was going to ask if the guys could spend the weekend, but I'm sure that they'd be happy to help, especially if Tony gets to see Tom again. Man those two nearly had sparks flying when they looked at each other.” TJ grinned.

“Not a problem, the more the merrier, and if you boys already made plans, then I'm all for it.” Max said happily, and he agreed about Tony and Tom, and they would make a cute couple for sure.

Everyone seemed to be equally happy that Tom was going to have the one person he wanted back close to him, close to him. They all wondered, however, how they were going to keep from letting it slip to Tom tomorrow at their swim practice. The entire week, it had also been difficult for Ted not to accidentally spill the beans to Tom when they talked to each other, but he managed to do it by not sounding overly excited about anything. One thing that AJ realized shortly after they said yes, was that they normally swam on Saturday's, so he called Jim and explained that an important thing came up that would require their help on Saturday and that they could either do it later in the afternoon, or just do it on Sunday only this week. Jim figured that they all deserved the break, and figured canceling the one day would not hurt.

It was now Saturday morning and the boys were all up, dressed, fed, and raring to go at seven thirty, and Max had to crawl his sorry ass out of bed at their prodding. Alice finally gave him a hard shove, and actually pushed him clear out of bed, much to the amusement of the boys, and Alice told them all to be quiet so she could sleep, but she did grin before she laid back down, and went back to sleep. Max quickly got dressed, grabbed a bowl of cereal to eat, and they were off to Tom's place at ten minutes to eight.

“Good morning guys, thanks for coming. Tom's still in bed, and Ted and Landon haven't arrived quite yet, but they should be here any minute now, they called at seven just as they were leaving, and this early in the morning, I would be surprised if it took more than an hour, even in the U-Haul.”

“No problem, we're happy to help. Alice of course stayed home to sleep, since Saturday and Sunday are her only days she really gets to.”

“Should we go wake Tom up?” Tony asked.

“Why don't we wait for Ted and Landon to show up, and then you can go and wake him up.” AJ said coyly, knowing exactly what he was doing, and everyone except Tony saw it too.

“Ah, here they are now, go on up and wake him up then please Tony, and we'll get started.” Deanna said lovingly. Her and Carter thought that Tony was probably a bit on the young side, but they wouldn't stop them either, and they both saw the looks of interest on their faces the previous weekend.

“Tom, you awake?” Tony knocked on the door and asked quietly, poking his head in the partially open door.

Tom was not awake, he didn't even stir. Tony crept in and sat on the edge of the bed right next to Tom's chest and put his hand on Tom's shoulder. Tom had been laying on his side facing the door. He looked so peaceful, and not to mention cute with most of his wet diaper showing, since his blanket was mostly thrown off. Tony gently shook Tom's shoulder while calling his name. It took nearly five minutes of this before Tom actually started to wake up, and when his eyes fluttered open to see Tony sitting there waking him up, he got a huge smile on his face.

“Good morning, how come you're here waking me up?” Tom asked brightly with a yawn.

“Well there's a bit of a surprise that we were asked to come and help with. But first we need to get your very wet baby diaper changed. Can I help you with that?” Tony asked with a warm smile.

“I'd like that, as long as I can repay the favor later, unless you're still wearing your night diaper.”

“As a matter of fact, I am in need of a change, and I would like that very much as well.” Tony said.

Tony had purposely not wet when he woke up, and while all the others needed a change, he held it with great difficulty, without letting it show, until he was dressed, and then he soaked his diaper slowly, to allow it to all soak up, and not leak. Tom smiled even more brightly still, and Tony went and grabbed the diapers, wipes, cream and powder, came back to the bed, and then proceeded to change Tom.

“My my, how am I ever going to tape your diaper on with that like it is!” Tony said with a silly grin on his face, while poking at Tom's proud erection.

Normally this would have seriously embarrassed Tom, but this time it didn't, he was finding this highly erotic, and was really hoping that Tony would do something about it. Tony did do something about it too, he grabbed it very lightly and started stroking it gently. Tom's breath hissed in and out of his mouth, and he fell back and arched his body up. He had been laying back on his elbows watching Tony, but he couldn't stay like that any longer. He had of course jacked off, a lot recently, but not so much before because all he ever saw were guys, which made him mad, but having someone else do it for him, was a hundred fold better. Tom had not jacked off for the past three days, and he was already horny, but now with the feel of what Tony was doing to him, it was simply too much, and he exploded in his most intense ever orgasm, three shots of his cum actually painting his face.

“Oh dear, look at the mess I've made, let me clean that up.” Tony said and crawled up onto the bed and then started licking all the tasty cum off of Tom's body, getting the few drops off his dick first, thus making Tom gasp even more in his orgasm that was still controlling his body. Tony worked his way all the way up until he was licking the mess from Tom's face, and then kissed Tom gently. By then Tom had come down from his orgasm, and he was enjoying the erotic feelings that Tony was creating in him. But when Tony started kissing him, he nearly passed out.

“My turn.” Tony said brightly a minute later, breaking the kiss, and throwing himself down on his back. Technically Tom was not quite finished yet, because he did not have a clean diaper on, but Tony wasn't worried about that yet.

Tom didn't even blush, he knew exactly what Tony wanted, and furthermore, he wanted it just as much as Tony did. Tom pulled Tony's pants off and then untaped his diaper to reveal Tony's proud young erection beneath. Tom didn't even bother saying anything, his hand just automatically went to the vibrating member and started stroking it. Now of course Tony was far more used to someone else doing this, so he did not go crazy like Tom had, however Tony had not had an orgasm since Tuesday, because ever since he found out on Wednesday, he had planned to try and find a way to get Tom, so he was very ready. He lasted maybe a few seconds longer than Tom had, but when he exploded, he was still dry.

Tom had enjoyed pleasuring Tony almost as much as he had enjoyed Tony playing with him, and this amazed him. He always figured that it would be far better to receive than to give, but he loved doing it to Tony. Tom did crawl up Tony's still heaving body and gave him another kiss, but this time Tony opened his mouth and sought entry into Tom's. Within a few seconds they were battling tongues and kissing like lovers.

“I guess we should get diapered and dressed huh.” Tony said a few minutes later, after they broke their kiss of course. Tom nodded, but they didn't move, they just laid there staring into each others eyes.

“Before we do, can I ask you a question?” Tom asked quietly.

“Ask anything you want.” Tony said quietly as well, almost whispering.

“Will you be my boyfriend? Ever since we met last weekend I've thought of no one else but you. You're so damned cute, and you're really smart and funny, and I think we both felt the same thing.” Tom whispered this time.

“Yes, we both felt the same thing, and yes, I would really love to be your boyfriend.” Tony said happily, leaned in for another kiss, and they kissed for a couple minutes longer, being surprisingly gentle.

Both boys had tears in their eyes when they broke the kiss, both being so happy. They got up and diapered each other lovingly, spreading lots of cream and powder on to each other, and then helping each other to get dressed.

“So what's this surprise anyways, I never asked?”

“Not too sure, all I know is that there's a cargo van outside with some furniture in it, so maybe you're getting a new bedroom suite or something like that.” Tony said with a shrug, sounding absolutely convincing.

“That would be cool, none of my stuff matches, and I've had it all since I was a little kid. Let's go check it out.” Tom said excitedly and then they exited the room.


“Oh hi guys, it's so good to see you again. You have no idea how happy we are to be here, and to get to live with you guys, at least for a while.” Ted said and gave both Carter and Deanna hugs. Landon and their daughter also joined in on the hugs.

“It's only been a week, and it seems so long already.” Deanna said.

“Yeah. So where's Tom, I hoped to see him right away?” Ted asked.

“The boy we expect will probably end up being Tom's boyfriend, went up to get him up, and maybe off.” Carter said with a straight face.

“Ah Tony, yes Tom told me all about him, he's very enamored with him, thinks he's beautiful.” Ted said happily.

“Figured he would have told you all about that, being gay and all, and his best friend, you'd be able to tell him anything he wants to know.” Carter said warmly.

“Now that being gay is no big deal, he asks me anything, and I do mean anything.” Ted smiled warmly.

“I'm glad. There's some things that kids just can't seem to talk to their parents about, no matter how cool they are.” Deanna grinned.

“Oh and how rude of us, we need to introduce our friends who are here to help us pack everything in.” Carter said.

“Well I know AJ and JJ of course, and I think Ricky it was as well right, but the rest, I do not know.” Ted said, and all three boys nodded and shook Ted's hand, and then Landon's. Carter introduced the rest as well, and they all shook hands too.

“It's really good to meet you all, and we're thankful that you came to help us, we heard how much help you were able to give last weekend.” Landon said quietly, in what was to be his normal tone, he was very soft spoken, he always sounded perpetually shy, but he wasn't shy at all.

“No problem at all. Well should we get started, Tom and Tony could be a while yet?” Max said.

“Sure.” Everyone said.

The rear door of the truck was opened, and Kevin and Garth climbed in and started passing boxes out to everyone as fast as they could, and everyone else started running them to wherever they were supposed to go. In the twenty minutes that it took for Tom and Tony to come downstairs, they had all the boxes offloaded from the truck.

“Well it's about time you two lovebirds decided to show up.” Ted said as they came pounding down the stairs holding hands.

“Ted.” Tom screamed, let go of Tony's hand, and ran down the rest of the stairs. Tom slammed into Ted, nearly knocking him over, and lifted him up while hugging his best friend.

“Well I'm happy to see you too kiddo, and guess what, we're moving in with you guys.”

“I know, I knew as soon as I saw you that Tony had lied to me, but that's okay, he was trying to hide a huge surprise. I really really hoped you would move here, but I couldn't ask you to.” Tom said, tears of happiness unashamedly running down his cheeks, for the second time that morning.

“If you didn't arrange it, then who did?” Ted asked, he had figured that Tom had figured out some way to do it.

“That would be my fault, I went and talked to the principal and made him see that your replacing Hades would be the best possible choice, and he seemed to agree.” AJ smiled.

“And of course Tom tells you everything, so you went and did this for him, because he wouldn't do it. Of course Tom says that he trusts you as much as he trusts me, and that he'd tell you his deepest darkest secrets, not that he has any more, you already know them both.”

“I didn't really give him an option of saying no, I knew he wanted it, figured you would as well if given a good enough opportunity, and went and got it worked out.”

“Thanks AJ, you really are a great kid.” Ted said and grabbed AJ and hugged him, even though Tom was still hugging him.

“Thanks, and you're welcome.” AJ smiled.

“So Tom, are you gong to introduce me to your boyfriend? I can tell you guys are, you're both positively glowing, although any other activities you may or may not have engaged in while becoming boyfriends, could possibly have caused that.” Ted smiled warmly while looking right into Tom's eyes.

“Yes of course, everyone, this is my boyfriend Tony. Tony, this is my best friend in the world Ted, this is his boyfriend Landon, and their daughter Sammy.”

“Nice to meet you.” Tony said and stuck out his hand, but instead of shaking it, Ted grabbed the offered hand and pulled the startled boy into a hug. Landon just took the offered handshake though when Ted released Tony and he went to Landon.

“I'm happy for you boys, and Tom, you didn't do him justice, he's far more gorgeous than you said he was, but then you know how I have that thing about deep dimples, I just love them.” Ted said happily.

“Thanks.” They both said.

“And Tony, we're happy too, even though this breaks us up, but now Garth and I can be a couple.” Kevin said, coming up and hugging Tony, joined seconds later by Garth.

“Thanks guys, this means a lot to me, and I know you two really love each other. Now you can really kiss and not feel guilty, and don't think I didn't see you sneak those loving kisses.” Tony smiled warmly.

“Thanks.” Garth said happily.

“Ah, young love, how refreshing. Is there anything sweeter?” Ted sighed, and grabbed all the boys in a hug. Everyone else around was smiling brightly, and Landon and Deanna actually had tears leaking down.

“Well guys, we have a truck that needs to be unloaded and taken back, and it's not going to do it all on its own.” Max called out a few minutes later, having to dab his eyes as well, but he wasn't crying.

Everyone agreed and they all headed out and started bringing in the furniture. Both Landon and Ted were downright surprised at the weights that the boys could carry, especially the three older boys. They had known that Tom was a pretty tough young man, but in comparison, AJ, JJ, and Ricky made him look weak. Even TJ was able to lift more than they suspected such a young boy could, but he was lifting less than Tom could. The other three, while able to do quite well, still were not quite as strong. It took them no time at all to bring in the furniture and set it in whichever room it belonged. The living room furniture added nicely to the stuff that Deanna and Carter already had, they didn't match, but they worked well, and because it was such a large living room, the single couch that they had had, had not been enough anyways. Between them they decided which table set they wanted to keep, and the extra one was taken to the full unfinished basement for storage. All of the kitchen stuff, with the exception of a couple things, also went to the basement for storage. All the bedroom furniture was taken upstairs and put into the two rooms. When the truck was completely emptied, Deanna offered to take the truck back, the office offered rides home, and the guys all said that they would get started on everything else.

“We can go get the babies room all set up, and you guys can go get your bedroom set up.” Tom offered.

“Sure, that sounds great.” Ted said, and instead of going and showing them what he wanted, he let the boys have free reign.

They split up into the two groups and went and did their thing. The first thing the boys did was to try and figure out how to put the crib together. It was fairly simple, and in only a few minutes, with all of them helping, it was done. It was moved against the one wall, and the change table and dresser were put against the other wall. There was also a large matching bookshelf, so it was put on the door wall. All the boxes were then attacked, no better term for it, and everything was unpacked and put away. All of the boys kept saying things like; oh how cute, or isn't this adorable, or, oh isn't that so sweet, whenever they were putting clothes away, or seeing all the little girls teddy bears or anything she had. It seemed that Ted and Landon spoiled their daughter by buying her only the cutest or prettiest of anything. The boys even had the bed made and the change table fully stocked by the time they finished about forty five minutes later.

“Okay, we're done in there, go see if it meets with your approval.” Tom went and found the guys and told them.

“Great, let's go see this disaster.” Carter said happily, and Deanna was just walking in as they were heading out to the baby room.

“Oh this is perfect guys, I love it.” Landon said happily.

“Me too.” Everyone else said.

“So Max, I bought a couple extra satellite receivers, and we need to hook them up, is there anything special that we have to do?” Carter asked a while later.

“No, you can't actually do it, I will call it in, but you can hook them up in any room of the house, the entire place was wired specifically for it. I will grab the ESN's and call them in, but if you give me the boxes, I will do it right now.”

Carter happily went and retrieved the boxes, and Max went to the kitchen and called the satellite provider and added them to the bill. While Max was doing that, Carter was calling into a pizza place and ordering probably twice as much pizza as they would need. There was not much else to do, just a few small boxes to be unpacked, so they quickly got those all out of the way, and then headed out to the pool to go swimming.

By now Tom had swam naked with his parents enough to be more comfortable with it, and being naked in front of Landon and Ted was nothing. Ted did look over at Tom and wink though, showing him that he approved of Tom's new found openness. It was almost an hour later that the pizzas were delivered, and Carter went and paid for them, throwing a robe on of course, and then brought them and the pop out to the pool and set it all on the tables.

Now Carter may have thought he was ordering twice what he needed, however it started to look like it wasn't going to be enough. They all pigged out and talked happily the entire time. Tom actually sat in Ted's lap, and Tony was sitting right next to them cuddled right into them. It looked very loving.

“Well guys, we should probably be heading out now. AJ and JJ are going to JJ's parents house for the night, and I'm sure that they want to visit the parents over there.” Max said about an hour after they finished eating and everyone was swam out.

“Thank you guys all so much for all the great help.” Ted said happily.

“It was no problem, really, we were glad to help.”

“Mom and Dad, do you think it would be okay for Tony to spend the night?” Tom asked hopefully.

“I don't see any reason why not.” Carter said warmly.

“I'm already spending the night at one friends house, so I don't even need to call, and besides, they don't even know TJ's address or number, so won't even know the difference.” Tony said happily.

“Really?” Deanna asked in surprise. “I'd never let my kids go somewhere without my knowing where they were.”

“My parents love me, I know they do, but they just don't really care too much. Ever since I started doing so well in school, it seems like they feel I am responsible enough to look after myself, so they just pretty much let me do what I want without asking many questions. When I said I was spending the weekend at TJ's, all they asked was when I was going to be home.” Tony said matter of factly with a bit of a shrug.

“That's actually kind of sad.” Deanna said.

“Yeah well, my parents have never been what you'd call stellar parents. They give me what I need to survive, but I don't think either of them were really ever meant to be parents, they just don't know what they're doing with a kid. I stayed home after school by myself every day from the time I was in grade two even, they saw nothing wrong with that. I never burnt the house down, so I guess they thought I was fine.”

“Well I'm not sure how you got to be such a nice young man then, but somehow you did good.”

“Thanks, it was mostly from reading and watching TV that I learned how I was supposed to act.”

“Well we're out of here guys, have a good night.” Max said. They had all gotten dressed quickly, since they had all brought their clothes out with them.

“You guys have a good night too.”

“Bye.” Everyone said, and Max and the boys all headed out. Max dropped JJ and AJ off at JJ's parents place, and then they took off.

“And then there were four. So Garth and Kevin, you two going to just use AJ and JJ's bedroom tonight then?” Max asked.

“Okay, I'm sure they won't mind.” Garth said, happy at that prospect.

“Nope, they won't mind at all, and all we'll need to do is change the sheets, because they didn't this morning.”


When they got home Max went and helped Kevin and Garth to change the sheets on the bed, while Ricky and TJ went in and got some dinner started. Max and the boys joined the other two in helping to prepare dinner when they came out, and shortly thereafter they were sitting down to eat. The five of them sat back and relaxed a while later and watched TV for the evening, until the boys said that they were going to go to bed. They all wished each other a good night, and more than one of them was thinking that it was certainly going to be a very good night all around.

“I'm happy that Tony has found a boyfriend now, but I'll sort of miss him being with us?” Garth said as they laid on the bed kissing and cuddling, caressing each others soft smooth skin.

“Me too, but it'll really be nice that we can be real boyfriends now. I always felt sorta bad sneaking behind Tony's back so that we could be alone. I know he would have understood, but it would have hurt him too.” Kevin sighed.

“Yeah, I know what you mean. Do you wanna suck each other?”

“Yeah, that sounds really nice.” Kevin said lovingly.

Kevin flipped around so that they were able to suck each others dicks at the same time, and latched on. They sucked each other slowly at first, and quickly worked up the momentum. Not even five minutes later they started crashing through their first orgasm. Squeaks and squeals of pleasure escaped from around the dicks in their mouths, but neither one stopped. They just kept right on sucking, both staying just as hard. With their first good dry cum out of the way, they slowed right down and did everything they could to make it truly feel good, and last.

Kevin was the first to cup Garth's firm little bum, and then start to work his fingers inside the cleft. They had not played with each others asses yet, wanting to save that, but Kevin felt that this was as good a time as any to get acquainted with Garth's bum. As Kevin first swiped the hole buried inside, Garth bucked his hips, let Kevin fall from his mouth, and let out a deep sigh and moan.

Though the hole was moist from a days worth of sweat, Kevin was unable to penetrate the hole without further lube, so on a long shot, he reached to the bedside table, opened the drawer and searched with his hand. His fingers closed on some sort of tube and he brought it out and looked at it and thought 'Jackpot'. He flipped the lid open, squeezed some out onto the fingers holding the tube, making a bit of a mess in the process, but he didn't seem to mind. Now with lube coated fingers, Kevin's hand went back in and started toying with the hole again, and this time Garth started panting, but managed to keep Kevin in his mouth.

Kevin slowly played with Garth's awesome ass lips, relaxing them, so that it would not hurt as much once his finger slid inside. And that's just what his index finger did a few moments later. With an even deeper moan now, Garth totally forgot what he was supposed to be doing and flung his head back and just enjoyed the dual assault that Kevin was giving to him. Kevin had not forgotten that he was supposed to be sucking Garth's dick, so he was still doing that, as well as fingering the amazingly hot hole.

Kevin found the little prostate inside easily enough, and every time that he would brush it, or prod it, Garth would gasp and buck his hips wildly back and forth. On a whim Kevin decided to add another finger to the mix, and without adding any further lube, because he didn't feel that he needed to do so, he pulled out the one finger and added his middle finger to the mix.

“Oh fuck, oh god that feels amazing, what are you doing to me?” Garth gasped out in a high raspy voice.

“Feel good?” Kevin asked, releasing his suction hold on Garth's vibrating dick for only a second.

“Oh fuck yeah, it feels incredible. I need you in me, make love to me please?”

“Are you really sure?” Kevin asked, removing his mouth totally now.

“Oh god yeah, your fingers feel great, but I want your dick in me.” Garth panted out.

“Okay baby, but you make sure and tell me if it hurts at all okay.” Kevin whispered.

Kevin broke apart from the embrace that they had going, and Garth instinctively rolled onto his back and pulled his legs open. Kevin looked longingly at the winking hole that was staring at him, wondering if he was really going to get to have sex for his first time. He decided that oh hell yeah, tonight was the night. He grabbed the lube that had been discarded on the bed, scraped off the lube that had coated the sides, added a little more from the tube, and then proceeded to coat his dick liberally.

Garth was watching the whole scene, not believing that his ass was about to finally be invaded by his boyfriends cock. His eyes looked glazed over, he was in a mist of pure lust, and he missed the feeling of having something stuffed up his bum, and wanted it back, soon. He saw that Kevin was satisfied that he was lubricated and watched him move himself into position. With one final look into his eyes, Garth nodded, and Kevin placed the tip of his dick to Garth's desperately wanting ass hole. Kevin had prepared Garth very well, and Garth was so far gone, that he felt no pain at all as Kevin slipped inside.

Kevin of course was not what you would call large, but he was a good size for sure, pretty respectable for a twelve year old. Once Kevin had the head of his painfully hard dick inside, he stopped and waited for the sign to continue. Garth though was not paying attention, he just loved the feeling and wanted it to continue. He waited for a couple minutes before his hazy mind registered that the intrusion he so desired, had stopped, so reaching his hands to Kevin's hot ass, he took it upon himself to get Kevin deep inside him. With one quick pull from Garth, Kevin was buried to the hilt.

They both gasped from the intense feeling that this caused to them, and it took a few seconds for Kevin to really realize what had just happened, but when he did, he looked deep into Garth's eyes and saw only love there. So leaning in, Kevin started to kiss Garth deeply, lovingly, and then started pulling his hips backwards to extract his dick. Once nearly all the way out, Kevin started inserting himself yet again. They both moaned and groaned from this, deep into the others mouth. Kevin started a nice gentle motion at first, but quickly started to pick up the pace until he was going pretty fast.

The kissing now almost totally forgotten, the boys got into near full on rutting. Kevin was going all out and Garth was egging him on, slapping his ass, getting harder and harder as his orgasm came nearer and nearer. And the harder Garth slapped his ass, the harder Kevin slammed into Garth as he too was getting very close. With one final slam and slap, they both came, nearly shouting out in ecstasy. Once their orgasms ended though, Kevin collapsed and fell on top of Garth, who released the leg lock he had had on Kevin. Garth had wrapped his legs around Kevin, crossed his ankles and was using his feet to pull Kevin into him harder and harder, while his hands had been slapping. Kevin now had large red marks on both is upper thighs and extending up a little onto his bum.

“Oh my god, I never thought anything could be so incredible, that felt so hot, even you spanking me felt so good.” Kevin said.

“Oh yeah, and you driving into me like that felt awesome too.”

“Do you think we have enough left for you to do me now?” Kevin asked, sounding tired, but his dick was still almost hard, and he knew it would only take a second to get ready again.

“I'm certainly game if you are.” Garth grinned.

Kevin didn't answer, he just rolled over onto his back and pulled his legs up. Garth smiled huge and dove in onto Kevin's dick and started sucking it while his hands were busy getting lubed up. Knowing full well what they wanted, Garth didn't waste any time playing around, he wanted to use all that time to open Kevin up more than enough, so that he could enjoy it as well. Kevin moaned deeply when the first finger slipped up inside him. The feeling was both strange and incredible all at the same time, and he knew that he would be hooked from then on. Garth, slowly at first, started screwing his finger in and out, trying to loosen Kevin up, and he gained depth and speed as Kevin's hole relaxed.

Probably five minutes later, Garth decided to add his middle finger as well. Well Kevin had been moaning and groaning already, his head thrashing around wildly as well, but that was nothing in comparison to when Garth added the second finger. He started nearly going nuts, he started muttering incoherent words, he was clutching the sheets while still writhing around, and his hole was nearly sucking Garth's fingers inside.

“Oh god, you gotta fuck me, do it, do it now, please, oh god, you gotta get in me.” Kevin ordered.

Garth let go of Kevin's dick and got up onto his knees and left his one hand buried inside, toying incessantly with Kevin's rock hard prostate, while his other hand started lubing his dick. He squirted probably twice as much as he needed onto the top side of his dick, and then started spreading it all around. When Garth removed both his hands and went to move into position, Kevin spoke up again.

“Just shove it in like you made me do to you, just get your head in, and then nail me to the bed, fuck me hard.” Kevin ordered again.

Garth just grinned and nodded, and did as he was asked. He lined his impossibly hard dick up to the entrance, the hole was open and winking, just waiting for what it knew was coming, and then he slipped inside. The feel of it damn near made Garth's knees buckle and pull out, but he got his body under control. He waited for just a few seconds to make sure Kevin was good, and then as requested, he drove it all in.

“Oh fuck that hurts, but feels so good.” Kevin gasped and Garth knew just what he was feeling, because he had felt the same thing.

Garth start moving slowly at first to get up a rhythm, but Kevin locked his ankles behind Garth's bum, and started pulling Garth into him, almost brutally, every time he pulled out. They ended up getting going quite fast, and Kevin started slapping Garth's upper thighs and ass as well, as they both climbed higher towards another mind bending orgasm. The slamming and slapping got more and more intense the higher they climbed, and as much as they both wanted to hold it back, their release was inevitable, and they exploded in the most intense cum of the night, or ever. Garth collapsed on top of Kevin, Kevin collapsed into the bed, releasing his legs, and they were both panting like they just sprinted ten kilometers, and in a way they did.

Garth now also had matching red marks in almost the exact same places that Kevin had his, and while they would both sting if touched, neither of them really truly hurt any at all. Their holes were battered and bruised, but again, they were not overly sore. They had taken great care to prepare each other, and they truly loved each other, also neither was big enough that they could really tear each other.

On shaky legs they both got out of bed, and while Garth went to collect their diaper accessories, Kevin fixed the bed. They slowly and lovingly diapered each other, making sure to apply lots of cream all over, and then they curled up and went to sleep after whispering I love you, and kissing tenderly.


“Would you please make love to me tonight?” Ricky bent down, nuzzled into TJ's neck, gave it a quick lick, and then whispered into his ear.

“Yes baby, for you I would do anything, but I would like you to make love to me as well.”

“I would like nothing less my little baby boy.” Ricky whispered into the other ear after nuzzling and licking the crease in TJ's neck on the other side.

They crawled into bed and began kissing and caressing each other tenderly. Ricky grabbed the lube from the bedside table and handed it to TJ. Without once breaking the kiss, they rolled over so that Ricky was on his back, and TJ was on top of him. TJ reached down with a lube coated finger and started greasing up his boyfriends hot hole, working slowly to prepare him. After TJ had worked two fingers in and out for long enough, he lubed up his dick, and breaking their kiss slipped inside Ricky, both with a nice long low moan.

TJ began making slow gentle love to Ricky, managing to reach back up to kiss him occasionally. They moaned and groaned, kissed and caressed, all the while they were making love to each other with their eyes as well. TJ was unable to last all that long, and after not even seven or eight minutes, he was exploding in his orgasm, and Ricky feeling this, exploded as well only seconds later. When TJ came down enough to get his bearings again, he worked his way down and licked up the mess that Ricky had sprayed, and then crawled back up and shared a nice tender cum kiss with his loving boyfriend.

“Baby, I love you so much. You have no idea how much, but I know you love me just as much, because I can feel it too.”

“Yes, I love you just as much too baby. Now make love to me too.”

TJ rolled himself off of Ricky and onto his back, and Ricky moved in to start the foreplay all over again. Starting at his lips, and then to his neck, Ricky starting kissing all the way down TJ's body, making sure to pay close attention to the most sensitive spots. Finally Ricky made it to TJ's standing proud erection, and inhaled it in one quick suck, and started to play. With his mouth now busy on TJ's erection, Ricky's hands started to get to work on his bottom, and started working a lube coated finger deep inside. Ricky sucked TJ off for a long time, but not trying to bring him off, and TJ was not trying to force himself to either, both of them wanting to do so during their lovemaking. Ricky now had three of his fingers working TJ, and TJ was moaning and gasping from the attention, so Ricky knew the time was right. Using one hand to continue playing inside TJ, Ricky used the other to coat his dick in the slick gel.

Ricky crawled up TJ, and just as his erection reached the entrance to its favorite hiding place, he started kissing TJ deeply. Using a very slow fluid motion, Ricky made tender love to TJ for a long time. It was nearly twenty minutes before they were both near to their orgasm, and with a pair of grunts, and a deep sigh that they both shared, they came again, this time Ricky was deep inside his lover.

“It sounds like those two are getting a little rough in there, I've been hearing them for a while, and unless I'm mistaken, they're slapping each other.” TJ said after a nice round of kissing and cuddling.

“Yeah, they've been at it almost the entire time we have, and they're really going rough. It sounds like they might be trying anal, I just hope they're not being that rough on each others bums their first time around.”

“I think they are though, but we both know that they're doing it together, and they love each other, so if they enjoy that, then who are we to stop them.”

“That's true. We better get ourselves all babied up and go to bed, I'm exhausted.”

“Yeah, we'd better.” TJ sighed and they both got out of bed. They lovingly diapered each other and then turned into bed, after turning off the light. They kissed and cuddled a few minutes longer, before whispering goodnight, I love you to each other, and then they passed out for the night.


“Well you two, I think us adults are tired and are going to get cleaned up and head into the house, you can either stay here and soak wherever for a while, or come in and get diapered after washing off.” Deanna said once Max and the boys left.

“I think I want to go sit in the hot tub for a bit.” Tom said and Tony nodded.

“Okay, enjoy.” Carter said, and the adults all headed into the house, Landon carrying their daughter.

“How do you feel after what we did earlier?” Tony asked.

“I don't know, different, good though, I can't explain it.”

“I think I can, because I feel the same way too. I think that you are in love, because I feel the same way you do, and I know I'm in love.” Tony smiled warmly and cuddled right up to Tom.

“How can that be though, we hardly know each other?” Tom asked in confusion.

“I don't know, I think I fell in love with you the first moment I saw you. There's no way I would have done earlier what we did, unless I was sure about what we had, I knew that when we shook hands, that we were meant to be together. It's just a feeling I have, and I hope it's not wrong, but I know it isn't.”

“I think I know what you mean, because I agree with you. I think maybe I fell in love with you the first moment I saw you too, and then when we touched, I knew it too.” Tom smiled warmly and Tony reached up and planted a tender kiss on Tom's lips.

They shared a tender kiss for only a few minutes, and while no tongues were involved, it showed all their love for each other. They sat back in the hot tub for a while longer, before hopping out and showering off. When they headed into the house, all the adults were in the kitchen and helping to make dinner. The boys were told they had ten minutes until dinner time, and to go get ready for bed now. They headed up to Tom's room where they diapered each other, and then headed back downstairs.

They all ate dinner together and talked the whole time, enjoying being together. After dinner they all helped to clean up, and then they all went and watched TV together for a while.

“Boys, why don't we go and sit down for a bit and just talk.” Ted asked the boys at about eight that night.

“Okay.” They both said. Ted led them to Tom's room, and they all sat down on the bed in a circle so that they could all see each other.

“First of all Tom, I'm very proud of how well you're doing lately. I hear from your parents that you are doing excellent in everything. Of course I really meant how well you're adjusting after finally admitting that you're gay. As for the two of you, I am happy that you're together. You make a very cute couple indeed. There is a little bit of an age difference, but it's not much, and as long as you are both in agreement, I see there being no problem from anyone. I know of course that you are.”

“Thanks Ted, you have no idea how much it means to me to hear you say that. So when do you start your new job anyways?”

“Monday. So I did ask to come and talk to you two for a reason tonight.”

“Cool, and what for?” Tom asked happily.

“Well Tom, for you especially, you need to learn some things. I know for a fact you've never had the sex talk, because you refused to listen to it, no matter who tried, even me, but now you have to hear it. You two have already started to play around, and I have no problem with that, but I want you two to be safe.”

“AJ and JJ have already told me everything that there is to know about being gay. They told the three of us that eventually we might want to go further than just using our hands and mouths, and in which case we needed to know a few things.”

“Great, I knew I liked AJ , and I bet he left nothing out at all.”

“I doubt it very much.”

“Well while you're a good size for a twelve year old, you don't really possess enough to do any real harm to Tom, but the reverse is not the same. You could make Tom scream in pain, and he could be more than a little uncomfortable when you guys first try anal sex, but again, it is when it is your turn that I am going to talk about. Tom, Tony is way smaller than you are, his anus will stretch, and it will feel very good if done correctly, but that's the key, you have to do it correctly. Have you any idea how to make love to a boy?”

“No, not a clue. I mean I know my dick would go in his ass, but I don't know anything about preparation.” Tom admitted stoically.

“That's what I thought. In order for you to be able to make love to Tony without killing him, or making him hurt by tearing his bum, you have to prepare his opening by lubing it up generously, and then slowly stretching it. There are also a number of ways to relax your partner so that this goes much easier. You can rim each other, that's licking and tonguing each others holes, so that they are relaxed, and get that grossed out look off your face. Obviously you would only do this when clean, and trust me, it feels amazing, both sides. Another way is to suck while using your fingers to open each other up. This is the preferred method for nearly anyone you ask, however a combination of the two is also awesome. Foreplay also helps considerably, get each other all hot and bothered first, lots of kissing and petting, not only is it loving and fun, but it relaxes your body for the act of love. It's natures way of letting your body know what's coming. Tom, I know for a fact that you are a virgin and therefore perfectly clean, and because the school does do random blood tests, I know that you're clean as well. How about you Tony?”

“Well me and Garth and Kevin have been playing around for a few months, but we were all each others firsts, and no one has played with anyone else. I also had a doctors appointment about three weeks ago, and I asked him to check me for everything, just in case, and he did, and I was clean. If he was surprised that I was asking to be checked for STD's, he didn't show it.”

“No, a doctor would hardly be surprised by that, and I'm glad that you have the forethought to do such a thing. So that means that you two may have sex unprotected if you so desire, however even still it is not generally suggested unless you can both be absolutely faithful.”

“Oh no, now that I have Tom, I don't even want to have sex with the other two.” Tony said truthfully.”

“And I would never dream of having sex with anyone else.” Tom said honestly.

“Good, neither of you seemed the type to be frivolous, but you never know right. I'm sure I don't have to tell either of you how to use your hands and mouths though. Everyone figures that out on their own just fine, but a word of warning, be careful of the teeth, they bloody well hurt. Now any questions?”

“Yeah, will it hurt a lot when we do decide to have sex?” Tom asked.

“For you, probably not, some minor discomfort at most, unless you wait a few years and Tony grows more, then there could be. For Tony, yes, most assuredly that no matter how much you two prepare, he is likely going to be sore, and he will probably cry. You might even a little as well, because it's still going to hurt some for you. The key though is lots of preparation.”

“Does it always hurt?” Tony asked this time.

“No, depending on how often you make love after your first time, you will find that it does become far easier. I would very strongly suggest though that you wait at least a week between lovemaking for a while so that your holes can take the time to heal that they need. If you guys prepare well, there should be no tearing at all, so there should not be any blood, but the first few times you will be very sore for a while, because you will bruise, both of you, you cannot escape anal sex without bruising, that's how doctors can tell.”

“How long does it take before it really feels good?” Tom asked.

“About five minutes once you're inside. It takes about that long for your body to stretch and relax enough to enjoy it, and go slow during insertion and stop as often as you need to.”

“Thanks, that's good info too, but I meant how many times would it take before it doesn't hurt any more?”

“Sorry, but the other was good info anyways. It really depends though on each of your comparative sizes. You Tom, it will only be slightly uncomfortable probably the first half dozen times or so, but for Tony, it could take ten, twelve times, or maybe even more, before it no longer hurts. Once you really get used to it and each other, you can even go without lube. Once you start using your ass, your natural lube is fast in coming when you call for it, so normally a little fingering and opening up is all you need, and then you can slip in. However I still suggest using actual lube, it really does make it feel so much better.”

“What is the best lube, and where do you get it?” Tony asked.

“Really any lube is good if it's used. Some people like Vaseline because it is thick and it really stays, not to mention it's really cheap and easy to get, almost any store carries it. I don't like it though, it's messy and it really is not very good. Also if you were using it with condoms, then it defeats the purpose, because condoms and Vaseline do not work well together, it weakens the latex so you can get torn condoms. Lots of people like KY, it's generally pretty thick and it works well. It can be found at nearly every pharmacy there is around, so it's almost as easy to get as Vaseline. Then there are your specialty lubes. Anal ease is one, and by its name I bet you can guess what it's used for. This is Landon and my favorite. Problem with it though, is that it's hard to come by, and it's not exactly cheap. There are more expensive ones out there of course, but that's besides the point. Then you can get your real specialty ones, your flavored, your warming, your desensitizing, all these are for fun. Most of them work well enough as a lube, but I find they wear off quicker, but the desensitizing one is great for hours of great fun.”

“Wow, that's so cool.” Tony said.

“Yeah, it is. At one time Landon and I had over twenty different lubes that we loved to play with. It was a lot of fun using them up in only six months, but neither of us walked normally that entire time.” Ted grinned.

“Gee, I wonder why.” Tom said.

“No idea really.” Ted said with a straight face.

“When we're ready to go that far, would you buy us some lube Ted?” Tom asked.

“Of course I will. I will buy you anything at all that you need to be safe and comfortable. I have a spare bottle of KY warming that I will give to you guys for fun, it's not really good for sex, but it'll do in a pinch for just such an emergency, but it's also great for just laying back and giving each other a hand.”

“Thanks.” Both boys said together.

“I'll give it to you later. So did you guys have any more questions?”

“Yeah, for the first time, is there a better way to make love so that there is less pain?” Tom asked.

“Well sort of yeah. The person who is to be penetrated sometimes finds it easier to do it if they are in control, so on top and sitting down onto the others dick. Some find it easier for the first time to both be on your sides and the person who is entering is in behind. This is also a very soft and loving position, because you get to cuddle up while making love. The benefit of this position is that it's virtually impossible to go very fast, you pretty much have to go slow. However most people agree that the best way is the standard missionary. The person to be entered lays on their back and pulls their legs back and open as wide as they can, thus opening themselves up considerably, so that the person inserting does not have to do it all. Then of course once your in, lack of imagination is your only foe in finding new and interesting ways to make love to each other. Landon and I have tried over sixty different positions, and let's just say it's a really good thing that we're both very flexible for some of them.”

“Cool, thanks so much Ted, you're the best. I don't think I have any more questions yet, but I will ask if I do.”

“You're very welcome. And just think I would have had this talk with you when you were twelve if you had let me. It probably would have tipped you off that I knew you were gay though when I told you only things about being gay, because I have no clue when it comes to women, don't want one either.”

For another hour the three of them laid there and just talked, Tony getting to know both of them a great deal, they getting to know him. They talked about everything, they held nothing back at all. Tony of course was not a shy boy by nature, well except at first when he had to be diapered and naked in front of others, but who wouldn't be, and Tom trusted Ted with his heart, soul, and life, so he had no problem telling or asking anything. They all curled up on the bed and cuddled for a while longer before both the boys passed out and Ted excused himself quietly, covering the boys up.

“So how did it go?” Carter asked Ted when he came downstairs.

“They're totally in love and devoted to each other, and while they do not want to try it yet, they are both very much interested in anal sex. So within a few months they will try it. I'll be there for them though, and they know that. Tom was mostly worried about how much pain he was going to cause Tony when they finally did decide to try it.”

“Yeah, we could tell they were in love as well.” Deanna smiled.

“And I'm glad that Tom has such a good and trusted friend in you.” Carter said warmly.

They all sat around and talked for a while longer before they too all headed up to bed for the night.


AJ and JJ arrived at JJ's parents place, and they were welcomed with enthusiasm like they normally were. The girls nearly stuck to the boys the entire next hour, telling them, in all the excitement that little girls have, all about their week and how much they loved their brothers. AJ had long ago started being called their brother, because he really was now anyways. JJ and AJ of course told Frank and Sarah all about their past couple weeks, what they'd been up to and everything, and they were happy that everything was going so well for the boys.

They all sat around and talked and laughed for most of the night, the TV not even being turned on. They talked about anything and nothing, just talking and having a good time. The boys went to bed pretty early, which was normal for them, and they only kissed and cuddled and had a whispered conversation, mostly about how happy they were for Tom and Tony.

The following morning AJ and JJ had breakfast with the family and then headed for home to be on time for their swim training.


“Good morning everyone.” JJ called out when they walked in and found them all groggy and looking as if they had just waken up.

“Morning.” Everyone answered back.

“Did you all just get up or something?” AJ asked.

“Yeah, it was a long night.” Max smiled happily.

“Oh, we've been up for a couple hours already.” JJ said.

“Sounds like it.” Alice grunted.

“Well I can understand your being tired mom, you get home pretty late, but what were the rest of you up to?” AJ grinned.

“Well I couldn't sleep because of all the noise a certain couple was making.” Max teased.

“Us too.” Ricky said.

“And we stayed up playing.” Kevin grinned.

“I see, and how was it you were so noisy you kept everyone awake, or do I need to ask from the bruising on your thighs?” JJ grinned.

“Yeah, well we sorta got a little rough.” Garth smiled shyly.

“Looks like it. You're not sore this morning are you?” AJ asked with concern.

“Only if we touch it too hard, but it's fine.”

“And while you were being rough with your hands, were you being rough anywhere else?”

“Yeah, we made love for the first time last night, and we really got into it.” Kevin smiled.

“That's pretty dangerous for your first time, you should get more used to it first, before getting rough. How do your holes feel this morning?” AJ asked.

“Pretty sore. We didn't bleed or anything though, so we're okay.” Garth defended.

“I'll be the judge of that, strip and bend over.” AJ said seriously, and neither boy even thought of disobeying.

They both removed their wet diapers and bent over and touched their toes. AJ and JJ each took a boy and spread their cheeks. What they found was that both boys were very badly bruised, and still very puffy. At the same time both boys gave a sharp slap to the cheeky area that was not already bruised. Both boys on the receiving end gave a yelp and stood up sharply.

“Ow, what was that for.” Garth said as he was rubbing his tender behind.

“We figured that you'd like it.” JJ grinned.

“That was way harder than we smacked each other.” Kevin said.

“Well it was also as punishment. You've both really bruised yourselves, and it is going to hurt a lot for the next few days, or more than likely a week. Anyone who is perceptive will know what you two did, because you will not be walking very well for at least a few days. Going to the bathroom though, now that's not going to be very fun at all. We have some cream that we can give you guys, but we only have one jar, so you'll need to buy more. You'll need to try and get some inside as well, and that won't feel very good either. No anal sex for at least a couple weeks too, or you will do damage.” AJ said softly.

“Thanks guys. We're sorry.”

“You're welcome, but there's no reason to be sorry. I have no doubt with the amount we have all talked about this, that you knew exactly what you were getting yourselves into, and you're old enough to make those decisions on your own. We just wanted to make sure that you really did no damage is all.” JJ said.

“Thanks anyways.”

“Well now that you're all finished your breakfast, should we go out and get started on our workout?” AJ asked.

“Sure.” Everyone said at the same time.

They all headed out, stripped off, showered, got a good stretch, and then got started on a good strenuous workout. Jim was a little late in arriving, so they were nearly halfway through when he got there. They all talked the entire time, Kevin and Garth having to explain the bruises in the odd places, when Jim asked where on earth they got them. He just laughed and told the boys to be careful and loving, but that it does feel good too if done right. Max and Alice just nodded and smiled. After their good workout, the boys started their swim training and then diving.

“You are all doing so well. JJ and AJ, soon you will have learned all that I can teach you, and you two, you are also doing very well. Garth and Kevin, if you two keep it up, you will also do very well. Don't worry though, I have no plans of letting you go, because you will still need a coach.”

“Thanks Jim. It means a lot to us that you are here and working so hard with us like this.” JJ said.

“No problem. With the Christmas break coming up and no more competitions until March, I have decided to take December off. Riley and I are going to travel to Europe and see what kind of trouble we can get up to over there, and that's the only month that he can do such a thing.”

“Oh, that sounds nice, and don't worry, we'll be fine. We'll still practice every day of course. It will be kind of nice though to take a few days off during the holidays and rest though.” AJ said.

“Yeah.” Everyone else said.