Chapter 3

The next week flew by, and before they knew it it was Saturday again, and this time JJ was invited to spend the day at AJ's house, they planned on going bike riding instead, because AJ still hurt. Mrs. Berry had been very pleased with the preliminary report and results that the boys excitedly gave to her on Monday, and was happier to see by Friday that JJ was doing a hundred percent better, in fact all the teachers noticed it, and Mrs. Berry told them all why.

While at school, AJ also tried being more self assured, even if his voice did not quite go loud enough for most people to hear him all the time, but JJ was helping him there. JJ's friends had point blank refused to allow AJ to hang out with them, so JJ didn't bother to either, warning them to leave AJ alone, as AJ had helped him a great deal, and was now under his personal protection, none of his friends daring to take that challenge. AJ was happy that he now had someone to hang around with, but he tried insisting that JJ had his own friends as well, and that he did not need to hang out with anyone, that he was used to it.

Not even ten minutes after AJ's mom left for work, the doorbell rang, so AJ went and answered it, and was happy to see that it was JJ.

“Hey, I was just going to make some lunch, want some?” AJ asked happily, glad to see his friend again.

“Sure, I haven't eaten yet.” JJ smiled warmly.

They went and made lunch together quietly, but they turned and smiled to each other a few times, both boys blushing a little each time, they were falling in love with each other, and it showed, but they didn't know it yet. They sat and ate lunch, talking the entire time. As soon as lunch was finished and cleaned up, they headed out for their bike ride. They first took a few trails that JJ knew of that were pretty easy to navigate, just enjoying each others company and the ride, but JJ enjoying the view because he let AJ lead the way to set the pace.

After riding for an hour, they headed into town and to a paint store that they knew of, AJ having of course told JJ the good news. They had been excitedly talking about colors and things like that since. They got there and looked at all the paint samples, and finally decided on a really nice sharp electric blue for the walls, and a steel gray for the trim. They inquired as to what all they would need for them to paint the room, they were told everything they would need, so they bought it all, getting two brushes and rollers for each color. They headed back to AJ's place really excited about getting the supplies, but not planning on starting that day, they had already decided to start next Saturday, but get everything prepared the night before. When they got back, they went to AJ's bedroom and sat down and just started talking.

“Can I ask you a question?” JJ asked quietly.

“Sure, you can ask me anything.”

“Do you still wet the bed, or is the plastic sheet for just in case because you used to?” JJ asked quietly.

“Oh, you noticed the sheet, I hoped you hadn't. Promise me you won't make fun of me, but yeah, I still wet every night.”

“I would never make fun of someone for that especially, I wet the bed almost every night until I was ten. Do you know why you wet the bed?”

“Yeah, have you noticed how often I have to go to the bathroom during the day, well the doctor says I have an under developed bladder that may or may not get better with time.” AJ whispered.

“Nothing to be ashamed about. And because your room doesn't stink, I assume you wear diapers to protect the bed like I did.”

“Yeah, goodnites actually, since the others don't fit anymore.”

“I hated the goodnites, they were not nearly as comfortable, but they worked well enough I suppose. Sometimes I still woke up in a wet bed though.”

“I do too sometimes, but not too bad, my bladder is so small it doesn't really hold enough most of the time to fill one of those things up, just as long as I go the bathroom before bed.” AJ admitted. He couldn't believe that he was talking to JJ about this and that he too had been a bed wetter.

“Cool, now if I ask for you to stay the night one night, you will have no excuse, because I know your deep dark secret.”

“I wish that was my only secret.” AJ muttered lowly, JJ heard him mutter, but not quite exactly what he said, but getting the general idea.

“Sorry, what was that?”

“Oh nothing.”

“Oh, because I almost thought you said you wished that was your only secret, no idea. I too have a bigger secret than that, that I hope no one ever finds out about.”

“Yeah, me too.”

“I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours.” JJ grinned.

“No, not right now at any rate.”

“Okay, no problem.” JJ said happily, not really wanting to spill his deep dark secret yet either.

For the rest of the day they sat around talking and watching TV, and finally just before dinner time, JJ said he had to leave, so headed home.

The rest of the weekend, and then the following week, just seemed to fly by for the boys. On their tutoring afternoons they worked hard to get JJ caught up with everything, but there was a lot of work to do there, but on Wednesday he had a big math test and nearly peed himself in excitement when his teacher handed it to him on Friday with a big A on it. And when the boys were walking to AJ's on that afternoon, AJ couldn't help but smile at just how happy JJ was.

They did their normal tutoring, they would not vary that any, they could clearly see the results they were getting, and even though they wanted to go get AJ's room prepped for painting the next day, they had more pressing matters.

Soon though their school work was done for the day, and they went to the bedroom to start working. They moved everything, except the bed and the dresser, out to the garage, it was not used for the car anyways, removed the closet door and the blinds and curtains, and then started taping off everything they did not want painted. The only thing they did not do was lay the plastic, so that AJ could sleep in his bed that night. They had a good time working together in the bedroom, and talked and joked the entire time. Finally they were finished, and it was high time for JJ to be heading home, but he left with a promise that he would be here as soon as AJ's mom was gone the next day.

Neither boy could really sleep that night, both dreaming about the other and the work they were going to be doing, but eventually they did fall asleep, JJ with another two cums licked off his fingers.

The following day, just as promised, JJ rang the bell not even five minutes after AJ's mom had left for work. They quickly got the plastic spread out and taped down, and got everything out and ready.

“Hey, so that we don't wreck our clothes, why don't we strip down to our underwear.” JJ suggested.

“Okay, it will probably be better that way anyways.”

“Actually, I can't believe I am going to say this, but why don't we both put on a goodnite and paint in them.” JJ blushed.

“You miss diapers don't you?” AJ asked with a bit of a blush.

“That's not the point here, it would be easier to work and not have to worry about going to the bathroom, and this way not even our underwear will get dirty.” JJ blushed even more, and AJ had his answer.

“Don't worry, I like them too, and I will if you will.” AJ said with a warm smile.

“Okay.” JJ said and started stripping down.

AJ followed suit a minute later and soon both boys were standing there in only their underwear. AJ went to the closet and grabbed two goodnites and passed one to JJ, and while looking at each other, they dropped their underwear, and they both saw each other fully for a few seconds, both showing the other a little bit, and then they both pulled the goodnites up. They were still a bit big on AJ, and they were a bit snug on JJ, but they would suffice. They both had small smiles on their faces, as well as a fair bit of blush.

They gathered up their clothing and put it out into the hall to keep it safe, and then they started. For a while they were quiet as they started the painting, both enjoying the feeling of being so free like they were, but neither one wanting to admit it, even though they kind of already had. They started talking as they painted, and the work went very quickly with the both of them going at it like they were, not to mention it was the best paint the store had, so it covered real well. In only two hours they had all the main walls painted and ready for the second coat, but that would have to wait for an hour. So while they were waiting for that, they went out to the garage, where the doors had been put, and started painting them the gray they had chosen. That only took a few minutes, AJ almost making a huge mistake and painting the wrong side of the door, but thankfully catching himself in time. When the doors were finished, they went in and very carefully started painting the trim as well, and this took quite a while, as they had to be very careful, but JJ was a lot more used to this than AJ was, having been corralled into helping his mom more often than not. Two hours later all the trim had its first coat, and then they switched back to the blue and gave the room its final coat.

Once that was done, they went and had some dinner, since they were both starving, and right after dinner they both decided that they were due for a change, since both goodnites had been well used. AJ grabbed them each a warm cloth, went back to the bedroom. They both removed their soggy diapers and cleaned themselves up, and then put on a clean one, both watching the other, but not realizing that they were actually watching each other. Once they were all ready again, they started on the second coats of the gray paint, ending on the trim in the bedroom. As they finished, JJ took his paint brush and painted a strip of the steel gray down AJ's chest.

“Ah, what did you do that for?” AJ squealed.

“It's for our victory of getting it all done and having it look so good.”

Well AJ was not to be outdone and went to do the same to JJ, but JJ was too fast for him, and grabbed him in a bear hug and hugged him tightly, but just as effectively getting paint on himself none the less. The bear hug moved from that of a bear hug to something more loving, and soon they were embracing each other, both boys enjoying the feeling of holding each other, but wanting to let go. When they did part, AJ looked up to JJ and was about to ask what that was for, but didn't get a chance. As AJ looked up, JJ bent down a little and planted a tender kiss right on AJ's soft lips. They kissed tenderly for many seconds, just standing there, embracing each other tenderly, and kissing each other with all the love they felt for each other. When they pulled apart, JJ could see tears running down AJ's cheeks.

“Why are you crying?”

“Because I don't want to be gay, I'm already a nerdy baby that no one likes, but I think I love you, I have known for a while, but I was trying not to admit it.” The tears flowing freely now.

“Well, I wasn't exactly impressed when I realized that I was gay and that it wasn't changing, but if it's the way we are, then we have to accept it. As for being a nerdy baby that no one likes, well I like you, a lot, love you even, and you can be my baby, and so what if maybe you are nerdy, it's not all bad.” JJ whispered into AJ's ear very tenderly.

“I'd like to be your baby, but only if you'll be mine too.” AJ sniffled out.

“I'd like that very much.” JJ said and bent down for another kiss, this one lasting for a while longer still.

“We better get this all cleaned up and start getting everything put back together.” AJ said, pulling away.

“Yeah, you're right baby.” JJ grinned. He was glad that AJ had had the power to stop, because all his thinking was being done with entirely the wrong head at that time, but he was not ready for anything except kissing yet.

They quickly pulled up the plastic and started carefully removing the tape from everything. Next they started putting everything that they could back together, but leaving the blinds and curtains for later, and also leaving the doors until last to let them dry just a little longer, even though they were already dry to the touch. All the furniture and electronics were brought back in and set up, and once it was all put back together, it looked really good, and they had rearranged it a bit as well, giving a bit more room over all.

“Wow, this looks way better than I imagined it would.” AJ said.

“Yeah, I really like how it turned out as well. Now as much as I would love to stay here with you all night, I have to get going baby, but I love you.” JJ said tenderly and gave AJ another tender kiss.

“I love you too and I will see you on Monday at school baby.” AJ whispered, another round of tears coming, he was going to miss his new boyfriend now that they found out they shared the same deep dark secret.

JJ just kissed away the tears and then removed his soggy diaper to reveal his half hard dick, and then went and grabbed his clothes after giving himself a wipe down. As JJ was getting dressed, AJ removed his diaper as well, showing that he too was half hard, and cleaned himself up, and then put on another one, as he would be going to bed soon anyways, he was getting tired. With one final kiss goodnight, JJ left to go home. AJ took one final look around his nearly completed room, grabbed his dirty clothes from the hall and threw them in the hamper, and then turned out the light and crawled into bed.

AJ could not sleep though. He found himself dreaming about the kisses he and JJ had shared, and getting painfully hard. He had never really learned to jack off before, but he knew to play with himself felt really good, and tonight he would experience it for the first time. He slipped his hand inside his diaper and grasped onto his pulsing erection and started stroking himself like the one website said he should, and the feelings were indescribable. He lasted less than five minutes before his body started quivering and quaking, and the smallest dribble of clear fluid leaked out of the tip. AJ pulled his hand from inside his diaper and examined the liquid he felt on his fingers, it was silky smooth, clear as water, and very slippery, and on a whim he stuck out his tongue and tasted it, and instantly he was hooked. It was so sweet he could hardly believe where it had come from. With a grin a mile wide, and his hand back inside his diaper, AJ fell asleep

When JJ got home he too went straight up to bed, but not to sleep, he now had a raging hardon, care of reliving the incredible kisses he and AJ had shared, that he needed to take care of first, and it took three earth shattering orgasms to satisfy him tonight, licking up all the sweet mess.

The next day the boys stayed at home with their families, even though they wanted to be together, and JJ sat around doing not much of anything all day long, while AJ did all the yard work he normally does on Sunday's, but when he finished he did not go straight to the shower, he went to his room and put the blinds and curtains up, and then went and showered.

“Mom, I painted my room yesterday, you can come and look if you'd like.”

“Thought I smelled paint, better not be a mess.” She said almost snidely, AJ just shook his head and sighed.

She went and looked, and it looked more as if she were looking to find any mess.

“Well you appear to have done a good job, don't know why you wanted to paint it, it still looked just fine before, and I liked how the room was organized before, but it's your room I guess.” She said and turned and went back to her show.

AJ just shook his head in disbelief and went into his room and closed the door, and stayed there for the rest of the day.

“Hey there baby.” JJ whispered as he saw AJ on Monday morning, AJ blushed a bit, and looked to make sure there was no one around.

“Hey baby yourself, I missed you yesterday. I showed my mom the room and she was almost rude about it, but was at least happy we did not make a mess. She said she preferred it the way it was before.”

“Well taking in how the rest of the house is decorated, I would say that comes as no real surprise. I want you to come and stay the weekend this weekend, my mom says it's okay with her?” JJ asked.

“I will have to ask, but if I tell my mom I will do the yard work when I get home on Sunday, I should be good to go.” AJ said happily, he had never ever spent a night at someones house before, let alone a whole weekend.


And for the rest of the day they did their school work and hung out, and that was how it was for the rest of the week. On Tuesday AJ did ask his mom though, it was her other day of the week off.

“Mom, JJ invited me to spend the weekend there, and before you say no, I will do the yard work when I get home on Sunday, and I will be home by noon, and all our homework will of course be done first. It is okay with his mom as well, and you can call her if you'd like. So can I go please?” AJ asked quietly.

“I suppose it should be fine, just make sure the yard is done, but what about your little night time problem?”

“JJ already knows about that and is okay with it, he used to wet the bed too, so he knows all about it, and I can just take my goodnites with me, no problem.”


The next day AJ told JJ the good news and they were both real happy. It was prearranged to go to AJ's house first, get their homework and tutoring out of the way in peace and quiet, and then pack up what AJ needed and go to JJ's house, where they would have dinner. Both boys could hardly wait for the weekend to come along. And finally it did, and both boys were beyond excited.

“Come on, let's get our homework done real quick and then we can go, we can skip the tutoring today.” JJ urged.

“Okay, but only for today.” AJ said happily, for the first time ever actually thinking of skipping homework altogether, but then again, he already did it and was only going to check everything over.

AJ gave his work a once over, and as always found nothing at all wrong with any of it, so sat down next to JJ and continually checked his work to make sure he was doing it right, and whenever JJ made a mistake, AJ would make a coughing sound to warn JJ that he had made a mistake, and then JJ would go back, check his work, and then correct it. They took less than an hour to complete their work and they were getting excited to go.

“When you pack to come over, make sure to bring lots of goodnites with you.” JJ said with a blush.

“You want to wear one too huh?” AJ smiled warmly.


“Tell you what, I will bring extra if you come over here and give me a kiss, we haven't even had a nice kiss yet today.”

“I win all around.” JJ smiled brightly and they joined for a nice passionate kiss.

With a sigh from each boy, they disengaged from their nice tender kisses, and AJ went and grabbed his duffel bag and started packing it. Couple pairs of underwear, couple pairs of pants, a couple shirts, some socks, and of course an even dozen goodnites. He grabbed his toothbrush and his hair brush from his bathroom, and unceremoniously chucked them in the bag as well.

“Wow, awesome. So where do you get your underwear from anyways?” JJ asked, looking at both the underwear, plain white still, and all the diapers.

“There's a small strip mall down town with a store that carries only boys clothes, I love to go there, because they always have the best stuff, and they always have awesome underwear there.”

“You do all your own clothes shopping?”

“Yeah, I point blank told my mom a couple years back I would handle it after she kept buying me clothes that made me look even younger than I feel, and I drew the line at the shortalls she bought for me. We had a huge fight over that, but I told her I would not wear them at all, and I would just wear my old clothes instead. She was furious and I cried real hard when she spanked me, but I still refused. Finally she gave up, knowing that I wasn't, and told me fine, and ever since, she has increased my allowance so that I can buy my own clothes.”

“Wow, well if it is any consolation, I think you'd look cute in shortalls.”

“I still have them in my closet, and considering I have not grown any at all in two years, they will probably still fit, I could try them on for you.”

“You'd do that for me?”

“Of course, I'd do anything for you, I love you.” AJ said with a warm smile.

“Yeah, me too, I love you just as much.”

AJ went to his closet and dug out the unused pair of shortalls, pulled his pants and shirt off and put on the shortalls. He left one strap undone and left it hanging over his shoulder and stood there, posing for JJ, and JJ was looking at him and drooling.

“My god those are adorable on you, but I can see what you mean, if I were you I'd never leave the house in them. Do you think we could go clothes shopping tomorrow? We can ride down to that store, I will get some money from my mom, and you can bring some too if you want anything?”

“Yeah, and that's the reason I never left the house in them, I have worn them in the house a few times, but not in the last year, I already feel too much like a baby at times without looking like it, but I think they're cute too. And sure, I have a few hundred dollars and could use a few more things.”

“Wow, how much allowance does your mom give to you?”

“Twenty dollars a week, but I never buy anything except clothes, and because I don't need that much, a lot of it just gets saved, I actually need to get to the bank to deposit most of it, maybe we can do that after shopping tomorrow.”

“Wow, if I got that much money I'd never have any left, I would buy all sorts of things.”

“Yeah, but my mom does not like it when I waste money, she thinks it's frivolous, and I really don't need all that much anyways, I have all that I need.” AJ shrugged.

“Well, let's get going then.” JJ said happily.

“Okay.” AJ said as happily, then got changed, and they took off.

AJ took his bike with him, and the duffel bag got to ride all the way, because they both walked, JJ not having his bike with him, he did not have a lock for it so did not take it to school. They arrived at JJ's place a few minutes later and were greeted by Sarah, and told that there were some cookies to snack on, that dinner was in two hours. They headed up to JJ's room, after detouring to the kitchen to grab a couple cookies each, and AJ's bag was just thrown in the corner until later.

“Oh guess what, I finished the last Harry Potter book last night, it was awesome, but man, the ending, I never suspected that, so you can take them all home with you on Sunday.”

“That's awesome, so you are really enjoying being able to read, that's great.” AJ smiled.

“And it's all thanks to my incredible boyfriend.”

“I like that, we are boyfriends aren't we?”

“I hope you will be my boyfriend anyways, I can't tell you how much I love you.” JJ said happily and gave AJ a nice kiss.

What the boys did not realize, was that Sarah had come upstairs to drop off some laundry at that time, and the door was not closed, so she heard the entire exchange, but instead of being upset, she was happy for her son. She knocked on the open door and the boys jumped apart blushing furiously.

“No need to worry about me, I have been wondering for weeks when you two would confess to each other that you loved each other, and yes JJ, I have known you were gay since probably before you even admitted it to yourself. You two make a beautiful couple, just be careful about others.” Sarah said gently.

“How did you know, and why are you so okay with it, I thought you guys would freak and throw me out?” JJ asked from his slumped position on the floor where he fell when his mom had entered.

AJ for his part had turned even whiter than normal for him, was shaking like a leaf, and although he had not started crying, he was very close, he had also peed a little and the wet spot showed.

“A mother always knows, just remember that. I know more about you than you would like for me to know I am sure, but don't worry, your secrets are safe with me. As for throwing you out, we would never actually do that, we love you, and certainly never for something as minor as being gay. You remember Jack and John right, well they are our oldest friends and you have known them your entire life. Ever wondered why they live together? Well it's not because they just like the cheaper rent, they have been partners since they were your ages, well sixteen and fourteen. So trust me, we are understanding, and your dad will be happy that you two have finally confessed to each other as well.”

“I always sort of wondered about them, but they are so masculine and manly, I just figured they were just friends.” JJ admitted.

“Just friends they certainly are not, they are actually thinking of getting married. Now AJ dear, you need to get into some dry pants, it appears as if I might have scared the piss right out of you, sorry about that, and don't worry, accidents in this house are normal, hell even JJ here has them if he is not paying attention to his body while playing video games, hasn't happened in about six months mind you, but it does happen.” Sarah grinned.

“You really didn't have to tell him that you know.” JJ sighed.

“What, it's true, and not like I care, hell we nearly had to fight to get you out of diapers for kindergarten, and I am surprised you still don't wear them, we were starting to think you would never stop.” Sarah said and then left.

“Yeah, had I known that they were that easy going about that, I would have stayed bed wetting.” JJ mumbled, but AJ heard him and giggled.

“I thought we were dead, and that your mom was going to tell my mom, and then I'd be worse than dead.” AJ said with a sigh of relief, starting to strip off his pants.

“I can't believe that they knew though, and that they are so accepting of us, a huge relief though, I guess that means we don't have to hide from them.”

“So what's this about having accidents sometimes?” AJ grinned as his naked ass was wiggling around as he was looking for a clean pair of underwear.

JJ though was too busy watching the very cute little ass wiggling though to have heard the question, his dick went from soft to rock hard in a second, and all thoughts ceased. Once AJ pulled on his underwear and turned around and saw JJ, he knew what had happened, and had to snap JJ out of the trance he had inadvertently put on his boyfriend and re ask the question.

“Huh, what, oh sorry. Well they aren't always accidents.” JJ blushed at admitting that.

“You can wipe the drool off your chin, and I thought not.” AJ grinned.

“Let me wave my bare ass in your face and see how you react. You have no idea how often I have wanted to start wetting on purpose to get diapers again, but I figured my parents would never go for that, and I don't think I could really do it. A couple accidents here and there is nothing really, and some of them are accidents.”

“I think I'd like that, you waving your bare ass in my face that is, and your welcome to share my diapers.” AJ blushed.

“So do you have accidents like that during the day often?”

“Yeah, sometimes, if I am especially scared or nervous, and sometimes if I just try and hold on too long, it can happen, and that's why the school knows all about it, that way I can always go to the bathroom.”

“I don't know if that's cool or sucks.” JJ admitted.

“Well as long as no one at school finds out, then I'm okay with it. I am pretty good at not letting it happen, and it has fortunately never happened at school.” AJ smiled.

JJ pulled off his pants and shirt and AJ pulled off his shirt as well, figuring he too may as well get comfortable, and then they sat back and talked more until they were called down to dinner. Once again they had an excellent meal and then helped to clean up, and Frank gave both boys a warm loving smile every so often, obviously very happy for the both of them. After dinner was all cleaned up they headed back up to the bedroom and played video games for a while. AJ really sucked at it because he did not have any, but he had fun none the less. After playing games for a while, they decided to curl up and watch a movie, another Harry Potter one of course, and they cuddled right up together. Half way through the movie Sarah knocked and told the boys that they were all heading to bed, to keep it down, and to try and get to bed at a decent hour.

“Good, I thought they'd never go to bed, let's get ready for bed now.” JJ grinned as soon as the door was closed and Sarah's footsteps had faded away.


They both hopped up and AJ grabbed two goodnites, and by the time he turned around, JJ was already naked, AJ just smiled and handed over the diaper, and then got naked himself and slipped his on as well. With shy smiles to each other, they laid down again and continued watching the movie where they had paused it. With Harry once again saving the wizarding world, the movie ended.

“Should we just go to bed now?” AJ asked.

“Yeah, but I don't really want to go to sleep.” JJ blushed furiously.

“Me neither, but I'm not ready for sex yet.” AJ said quietly.

“Me neither, no I just want to hold you and kiss you.” JJ whispered.

“Thanks for understanding.”

“No, I'm not ready for that either yet, I want to make sure that who I make love to for my first time is the person I want to be with for the rest of my life, and I think that is you, but we have lots of time.” JJ said with an amazing amount of love in his voice.

“That's just how I feel too, and I do love you, I think I always have.” AJ said.

They crawled up to the head of the bed, pulled the blankets up and over them, faced each other, and started kissing softly, no more words being needed. For nearly half an hour they laid there and kissed each other softly, rubbing each others soft backs and diapered bums. Both boys were of course hard, but they ignored that hardness and refused to let their little brains ruin this for them. Eventually the kissing ended and they fell asleep after professing their love for each other.

They were in a deep loving sleep, wrapped all up in each other, literally and figuratively, and because they were sharing their warmth, and the house was also warm, the blankets had been thrown off of them sometime through the night. So the next morning when Sarah came to check on the boys, she found them in a loving embrace, still fast asleep, and both very clearly wearing goodnites diapers, very obviously being AJ's as they were too the point of being way too small for JJ's much larger body. Sarah crept in silently and pulled the blankets back up over the boys and let them sleep. She then left the room, closing the door behind her, and headed down to the kitchen to have coffee with Frank.

“The boys are so cute all cuddled up up there, but I guess AJ is a bed wetter still and wears goodnites to bed, and boy was he wet, and it seems JJ still likes them, because he was wearing one as well.” Sarah said with a laughing smile.

“With how impossible it was to potty train the boy, I am not at all surprised, hell I am sometimes surprised he doesn't still wet the bed on purpose. Probably thought he was getting too old for it or something, and was trying to act more grown up, who knows how kids think.” Frank said.

“True, he was impossible wasn't he. I have always wondered if all those wetting accidents weren't always accidents, but if they're not, oh well, if he likes diapers, it's hardly the end of the world, hell your little fetish is way worse than that.”

“I can't help it if I find your underwear more comfortable than my own.” Frank grinned.

“Yeah, but try and explain the bras away.” Sarah grinned back evilly.

“What, they're comfortable too.” Frank said all defensive, playing along.

“Well at least you don't look better in my dresses than I do.”

“Who says?” He asked indignantly, but ruining it by laughing.

The conversation ended by the entrance of two of their little girls, both in wet diapers, wanting breakfast.

An hour later the boys woke up and smiled warmly at each other and gave each other a very nice good morning kiss. AJ stuck his hand down and gave the goodnite a quick squeeze to see how bad it was, and found that he was very near the bursting point, but when he felt around the bed was happy to find no wet spots. JJ slipped his hand down and gave himself a squeeze, he too had wet a bit, but was nowhere near full.

“Good morning baby, I slept better last night than I have in ages.” JJ sighed.

“Yeah, me too.” AJ yawned.

“Come on, let's go get some breakfast.” JJ said.

They hopped out of bed, removed their wet diapers, and grabbed some clean underwear and went to the bathroom to clean themselves up and go to the bathroom, also brushing their teeth while they were in there.

“Shit, what am I gonna do with two wet goodnites, mom's sure to notice them when she cleans the bathroom.”

“I have a plastic bag in my bag to store them in, I already thought of that.” AJ grinned.

“Good thinking.”

They put on their underwear, went back to the bedroom, and got rid of the evidence, and then went downstairs for breakfast.

“Mornin boys, why didn't you just come down in your diapers like you used to, not like we haven't seen them before, and AJ, you should know not to be embarrassed about little things like that around here?” Sarah asked almost offhandedly after taking a look up from the paper she was reading.

“How did you know?” JJ asked.

“Didn't I tell you yesterday that mothers know everything?”

“But, but, but how did you know, I have never even hinted at it before?” JJ asked, sounding a lot more nervous than he normally does.

“Oh calm down. I peeked in on you two this morning, just like I do every morning by the way, and I saw you two all nice and cuddled up together, and I saw you both wearing goodnites. I had to come in and cover you up again, because you threw off the covers again.”

“Oh, and you're not mad?”

“Hardly, if your being gay is nothing to us, than liking diapers is nothing, and believe me, you can do far worse than just liking diapers, trust me.” Frank grinned.

“Oh, thanks.” JJ said, sound much more relieved.

JJ then dragged AJ to the kitchen where they could grab some cereal and juice, both relieved to be out of the line of fire. AJ was not so much embarrassed for himself as he was for JJ, he had a clear need for them, but it didn't mean he didn't like them though.

“Mom, can I have some money today, AJ and I are going to go out and I want to get some new clothes, and we will stay out for lunch?”

“Sure, you are needing a few new things, your clothes are getting just a little too tight, even for you, and you may as well go get a haircut as well while you're at it, it's getting pretty shaggy again. You need to get rid of all those split ends, and get it streaked again, it really suited you. I'll just give you my bank card, but don't be going insane with it.”

“Cool, thanks mom, I have been wanting to go get that done again.”

The boys quickly ate their breakfast and then ran upstairs to get dressed, and JJ grabbed two backpacks for them for their stuff so that they could ride easier once they bought their clothes. They headed back downstairs and Sarah gave JJ her card, and they headed out, hopping on their bikes and heading for downtown. The ride was a little over thirty minutes long, but they finally made it, and they first headed to the hair dressers that JJ liked, because they figured that would be best to do first.

“You should get a trim as well, and your hair would look real hot streaked as well, it will cost about thirty bucks.” JJ said as they were walking in.

“I don't know if my mom would like that very much.”

“Ah who cares what your mom thinks, it's only thirty bucks, and it's only hair, it will grow out anyways, and it's your money as well, and it's not even frivolous, because you should never think that making yourself look good, although you already do, is a waste of money.”

“Yeah, what he says.” The guy behind the counter said, having heard the conversation as the boys walked up to him.

“Okay, I'll try it too, I guess.” AJ submitted, but he was sort of happy too, he had always wanted to try it.

“That'll be two Marcos, for a trim and a streak please?”

“Come right on in, I will do you both myself, I'm dead anyways.”

“You will love Marcos, he is great with hair, he always does mine.” JJ said with a silly grin on his face.

“And I love doing your hair kiddo.” Marcos said flamboyantly, and both boys smiled.

“I know.” JJ smiled.

“So what's your boyfriends name anyways?”

“His name's AJ, and how did you know?” JJ asked.

“Like I told you the time I told you I knew you were gay, we can always tell, and besides he is so cute that if he wasn't already your boyfriend, I was going to smack you.” Marcos said with a serious face.

“Well, no need to smack me.” JJ smiled as he sat in the seat he was shown to, and AJ sat in the seat next to him, smiling shyly.

Marcos started on AJ first and quickly gave AJ the perfect trim, working with his natural hair lines to make his hair look perfect, and almost caressing his head and hair at the same time. AJ was enjoying it so much he almost fell asleep, and was clearly disappointed when Marcos finished and went to do JJ's hair. He watched Marcos work, and he was amazed at just how fast and accurately he worked, he was a true professional. In less than ten minutes, JJ's hair was done as well. The boys were then shown to the back, where their hair was washed in preparation for the dye to be done. They were then led to another pair of chairs that were side by side, and he did not do one and then the other this time, but did them both at the same time, alternating between them, and in under twenty minutes he was completed this part. They were instructed to stay put, to which they both sniggered that they were not going anywhere with bags on their heads and looking like freaks, and he giggled and told them he thought not.

“Wow is Marcos ever nice, and he is way better than the dumb lady my mom takes me to. I am never going there again and will always come to Marcos. What did Marcos mean by we can always tell though?”

“Well you must have noticed that Marcos is gay right, he meant that gay guys can always tell other gay guys, but I think it is a load of shit most of the time, because I can never tell, well sometimes I can, but they have to be acting like Marcos does most of the time before I know.”

“Oh, I sorta figured he might be gay too, and I can never tell either, maybe it takes time to learn it.” AJ suggested.

“Maybe. Marcos told me once it's called gaydar, I thought it was hilarious.”

“No kidding.”

They sat there in their chairs talking back and forth for a while longer, waiting for their hair to be ready, and when it was, Marcos came back and checked, he was happy with how it looked, so took them back to rinse and wash their hair again. Next he took them back up to the original chairs to style their hair and make sure it was perfect. He took the clippers to both boys and cleaned up a couple places he missed before with their dry hair, and his scissors to catch a couple other very minor things, and then he styled both their hair just perfectly, nearly playing with their hair again. Then with a flourish, he held up the mirrors to show the boys what it looked like, and they were both very happy, AJ especially so, it looked real good.

“Thank you so much Marcos, I am never going anywhere else from now on, this looks awesome.” AJ said.

“And thank you for being such a good client, you were easy to work with, nothing like his sisters, man they don't stop moving.”

“Try feeding them?” JJ grinned, knowing full well what Marcos was talking about.

“No thanks, I am a very happy gay man, and don't ever plan on having young children.” Marcos said, waving his hands in the air in a no thank you manner, clearly stating what he thought about young children.

The boys then went up to the front to pay, and Marcos charged them both only twenty dollars, even though JJ tried to refuse paying such a low amount when he knew the real price. Marcos simply said that young boyfriends should spend their money in better ways, and refused to charge them any more, so begrudgingly they paid the forty dollars.

“Wow, that was a real good deal, I pay nearly twenty dollars just for a cut at my moms hairdressers, and she is no where near as good.”

“Yeah, thirty dollars is normally a really good deal, but Marcos once told me he didn't really need the money and was not in it for that, he just loves making people look real good, and he only has a very small clientèle, his shop doesn't even have a real sign.”

“Cool, well I will be going back for sure, we can go together.” AJ smiled as they hopped on their bikes and headed off to the clothing store that AJ liked.

When they arrived they found that the store was empty of everyone except one person, the owner of the store, so they had the store to themselves, for a while at least. Ewan, the store owner, came up to them immediately.

“Hello AJ, how are you today, come for some more new clothes I see.” Ewan greeted them jovially.

“Hi Ewan, yeah, me and JJ need some new clothes, so I told him there is no better place than here, so here we are.” AJ smiled.

“Thanks, would you like any help, or would you like to look as usual by yourself?”

“We'll just look for now and I will call if we need anything, but could you open a change room for us please?”

“Of course, change room three in the very back will be open for you boys, oh and by the way, I love your hair like that, just get it done?” Ewan asked.

“Yeah, just came from in fact.”

“Looks like Marcos' work.” Ewan stated.

“Yeah, how could you tell?” AJ asked curiously.

“That's where I go, and no one else is that damned perfect.” Ewan said and wandered off to open the largest room for the boys.

They went to the racks of shirts first and each picked out six or seven different shirts each and took them back to the change room and set them on the table in there. They then went to the pants and looked through all of them, and each chose four pairs and took those back as well. They then went into the change room together and started trying things on, telling each other what did and did not look good and whatnot, also talking and joking, giggling the whole time. Finally they finished and left the change room with three pairs of pants, and four shirts each, AJ even going with a pair of pants and a shirt that would show off his small body just a little bit better. They then each grabbed a couple muscle shirts and a pack of socks, they were both getting low on those apparently. Then AJ led JJ to the underwear section, it was one of the largest sections in the store, and Ewan had everything. They each picked out a few different styles, laughing and joking all the while. JJ picked out a dozen new pairs in a really nice bikini style in the softest cotton he had ever felt, and he chose a few nice colors, AJ went with the same style, they were new, but stayed with white, it was what he preferred. Finally, some three hours after they entered, they went up to the front to pay for everything, splitting it all up to pay separately.

“Well AJ, I'm glad you finally found yourself a nice boyfriend.” Ewan said as he was ringing things through.

“How did you know we are gay?” AJ asked curiously, not denying it, because he was pretty certain Ewan was gay as well.

“Few things really. First thing is, most boys your age don't share a change room with another boy, and they certainly don't spend so much time in there giggling. Second is, I could tell, have known for a while now that you were more than likely gay, but I knew JJ was immediately, we can always tell. And third, my boyfriend just called and I had to tell him what a wonderful job he did on you boys' hair.” Ewan grinned.

“Cool, you're Marcos' boyfriend, he never told us he had a boyfriend.” AJ said happily.

“Yeah, he is. So I see you found the new underwear, I brought it in especially for you, I knew you liked that style, it's the best cotton out there, so soft, yet so strong, it should look very nice and feel even better. I bought some for myself and it feels even nicer than my silk underwear.” Ewan grinned.

“Way cool.” Both boys said, very happy with their decision to pay twenty dollars a pair for them.

By the time they were finished paying for their purchases, AJ no longer had to worry about stopping at the bank to deposit his money, because he had almost none left, maybe enough to get a real cheap lunch.

“Thanks a lot Ewan, see you next time.” AJ called as they headed out of the store.

“Wow, that store is way nicer than any boys clothing store I have ever been to, and I think I might just have to go back, and his prices are not that bad either. Although my mom might faint at my paying twenty dollars a pair for underwear, man I spent a hundred and twenty dollars just on underwear alone. Oh well, I sure hope it is as comfortable as it looks though. I can't believe how much time we spent there though, if I had have been with my mom, it would have been painful. Come on, let's head for lunch.”

“We will have to go somewhere cheap, I have almost no money left.”

“I'll get lunch, no worries, come on, lets go to the steak restaurant right down the road, I will use my own money for that though, I spent over three hundred dollars already, I don't think my mom will like that too much as it is.” JJ grinned.

“Okay, if you insist.” AJ smiled.

They headed for lunch and had a really nice meal, both boys totally stuffed, AJ having not even finished all of his before he had to give up, and JJ just managing to finish his own. Once lunch was done and paid for, they headed back to JJ's house.

“I see that you spent three hundred dollars, what on earth did you buy?” Sarah asked in greeting upon their entrance to the house.

“Oh, checked your account already did you? Well I bought lots of stuff, underwear, socks, tank tops, shirts, and pants.” JJ said, handing the card back.

“Well at least you got lots, and both of your hair looks real nice, I am so glad Jack told me to start going there. Well strip down and start showing me all this nice clothing you boys bought.”

“Mom, this is why I hate going shopping with you.” JJ sighed, but started stripping anyways, knowing it was futile. Sarah had been digging through the bags and liked the clothes she saw and passed JJ a pair of underwear, pants, and his new shirts. She then dug through AJ's bag and did the same, he just took them in shock, underwear was one thing, but he was not so sure he could get naked in front of Sarah like JJ just did.

“Well come on AJ, I don't bite, and I have seen it all before. Hell I have seen more boy dicks than you have, including on yourself, I used to be a pediatrician after all.” Sarah said with a smile.

AJ just complied, knowing it was useless as well, and Frank walked in just as he was starting to strip in the living room.

“Ah, they finally came home I see, and now you are making them put on a fashion parade. Is this their punishment for spending so much money?” Frank asked with a sly smirk.

“Yes.” Sarah and JJ said at the same time, AJ just laughed.

“Wow, these underwear are soft, and they look very comfortable.” Frank said, picking up a pair and feeling them and then looking up to see both boys standing around in just them, grabbing their pants to put on next.

“They are.” AJ said.

“And they should be for twenty dollars a pair.” JJ said, waiting for the explosion.

“Wow, that's not bad, I have underwear that cost more than that, that don't feel this soft.” Sarah said.

“Oh, and here I thought you were going to explode when you heard the price of them.” JJ admitted.

“No, underwear is stupid expensive if you want the good stuff, and those look good.” Sarah told the boys.

They finished getting dressed a minute later and spun around on Sarah's prompting and she checked the fit on both boys carefully, and it passed her inspection.

“You boys did a good job, and I like the clothes, they look like they are a really good quality. You realize though that if you go to school looking like this, you both might have to fight off the girls, you both look very good?”

“Girls I can handle, but no boys better go after my boyfriend.” AJ said with a smile.

Everyone laughed and JJ looked at AJ and gave him a smirk, it was one of his first real good jokes he said to anyone else. He was starting to really open up around his parents, but then, getting naked in front of someone might just have that affect on a person.

“Well you boys may as well stay in those clothes and go and put everything else in the wash. Oh and JJ, I went out while you guys were gone and I put something in your closet for you if you want it.” Sarah said.

“Okay.” JJ said, not even bothering to ask, if his mom had wanted to say what it was, she would have said it, but she hadn't, so he knew it was pointless to ask, something he learned many years ago.

The boys went to the laundry room first and put their clothes in to wash, and then headed up to JJ's bedroom. JJ went to his closet, opened it up, and looked inside. Sitting inside, with a note on it, was a bag of youth diapers in ultra absorbency. JJ looked at the note, and then read it out to AJ, who had come to see what the surprise was.

'JJ, I thought you might like these, and while they might be a little big on AJ, they should fit him as well, and be more comfortable. I remember how you said the goodnites were never really comfortable, so I found these for you. They are here for you to use if you want to, and if you need any more, just ask and I will get you more, love mom.'

“Wow, your mom is the coolest ever.” AJ said in awe.

“Yeah, she is. I never really appreciated that before, but I think I am going to have to give her a hug. I want to put one on now though, they look real thick.”

“Yeah, they look way more comfortable than the goodnites too. Well I will if you do, we can just put on sweat pants over top of them.” AJ offered.

“Okay.” JJ said and then started stripping real fast.

AJ followed suit, and in a few seconds they were both down to their underwear. JJ went and opened the large pack of diapers and pulled two out. They had a very soft plastic outer cover, and were even thicker than the picture made them look, and the smile on JJ's face was immeasurable.

“You lay down first and I will diaper you.” JJ said.

AJ did as he was asked and JJ came up, and for the first time ever pulled off AJ's underwear, he did so very slowly, watching his boyfriends beautiful uncut penis come into sight. He was nearly fully hard, and AJ just blushed lightly, but smiled. When the underwear were out of the way, JJ opened up one of the diapers and slipped it under AJ's upraised bum. Once positioned correctly, AJ instinctively lowered himself and his smiled grew from the soft feeling. Using one finger, JJ pulled AJ's erection down and pulled the diaper up and held it in place and then taped it up nice and snug. The tapes very nearly overlapped, the diaper was that much too big, but it fit, and AJ's smile was even larger yet.

“Man these are so much better than goodnites, I am so asking your mom where she got them, so that I can send my mom there to get these. Oh this feels so nice.” AJ sighed as he stroked the front of the diaper softly.

“Oh diaper me now please?” JJ nearly begged.

“Okay baby, lay down and I will get you into a nice thick diaper.”

JJ laid down, and AJ lowered his underwear in the same fashion, and slowly JJ's much larger, and harrier erection came into view. Next the diaper was slipped under JJ's upraised bum and having to use two fingers to pull down JJ's erection, AJ pulled the diaper up into place and taped it up, and it was a perfect fit all over. The smile that spread across JJ's face threatened to fall off, it was getting so big, and his hand too went down to caress the softest diaper he had ever felt.

“Oh this is so much better than I ever imagined it would be.” JJ sighed.

“I bet they feel even better when wet.” AJ grinned.

“I can't wait to find out.” JJ grinned back.

They went and put on a t-shirt and a pair of sweat pants, put their clothes they had just taken off in their homes, and then headed downstairs.

“I take it you liked the gift I bought, they look real thick, even under those baggy pants. I had to search five stores to find those for you, but they were perfect.” Sarah said when they entered the kitchen.

“Yeah mom, we love them, thank you so much, I don't know how to thank you.” JJ said and went and hugged his mom, she automatically patted his diapered bum.

“You're welcome, I am just so happy to see you really happy again, it has been too long.”

“I was never sad.” JJ said defensively.

“You tried to make it look like you weren't, but you couldn't hide it from us so well. I heard you cry yourself to sleep some nights, I knew you were hurting as well, and that was why we didn't give up on you, even though we were starting to lose hope too. You, however, had already lost hope, and we were seriously thinking of taking you to see a therapist, because I was afraid you might become suicidal.” Sarah told JJ softly.

“Mrs. Berry said much the same thing to me. She said that another blow to my ego might destroy me if they had to hold me back again. Thanks for being so patient and understanding with me though, I know it must have been hard on you and dad.”

“Mrs. Berry is a good teacher, and so is AJ, and you owe so much to him.” Sarah said, giving a very loving look to AJ who had backed away, feeling that this was personal time between JJ and his mom.

“I know mom, I owe him my life, I really was dying inside, I didn't know what to do any more, and that's only one of the reasons I love him so much.”

“Come here AJ.” Sarah said.

AJ slowly went up to them and then Sarah gathered both boys up in her arms and gave them both a very loving hug, something AJ had never felt before. She held them for quite a few minutes and then pushed them both away, gave them a pat to their very padded bums, and then smiled at them, tears in her eyes.

“What was that for?” AJ asked.

“For saving our family. If we had have lost JJ, it would have killed us all, and we owe all that to you.”

“Thanks, I guess, but JJ is helping me lots too, I actually talk to people now, and look at them, before I was too shy to even look at people, he has saved me just as much. I was so depressed before, it was killing me too, and I wasn't sure why I even bothered going to school to be tormented all the time, but I was more scared of my mom.”

“And that was why Mrs. Berry put us together remember, she said we could help each other, she must have known, maybe she even knew more than she let on.” JJ shrugged.

“Maybe.” Sarah said.

“Come on AJ, let's go out back and play catch or something.” JJ said.

“Outside, in diapers, I don't think so, inside is one thing, but I am not going out there.” AJ said, back pedaling.

“You have never actually seen the backyard have you. It is huge, and has an even larger fence around it, no one can see us at all, we go out there all the time nude, and no one can see us. In fact, I am going to take my pants and shirt off.” JJ said, and then did just that, and headed out the back door.

“Go ahead AJ, it will be very liberating, and he's right, no one can see you.” Sarah said gently.

It took a couple minutes for AJ's tortured mind to make itself up as to what he should do, but then finally decided to just do it, so he too stripped down to only his diaper and headed out the back door. He entered into a nice large yard with a two and a half meter tall fence all around it, a large play gym was in the center, it had a huge sand pit surrounding it, and that was where the girls were playing. JJ was to the left a little and had a football in his hands, tossing it up and catching it. As soon as he saw AJ come out, he tossed it over, and AJ scrambled to catch it, but failing miserably.

“I don't even know how to properly catch a baseball, let alone a football.” AJ said once he finally grasped the awkward ball.

“I will teach you all that. You don't have to be good, you just need to learn, lots in sports helps you with other things in life as well, or so my coach says.” JJ smiled warmly at his uncoordinated boyfriend.

For the next hour the boys played catch, JJ teaching AJ everything he knew, and he was a surprisingly fast learner. He was still not great by any means, but he could catch ninety percent of the time, and even his throws were getting better. They talked and laughed the whole time, both boys enjoying the freedom of being outside in only their very thick diapers. AJ was also surprised that the girls hardly paid any attention to the two bigger boys playing in diapers, they stayed at the gym playing almost the whole time, two of them in diapers, and two of them naked.

Inside looking out, Frank and Sarah were watching the boys playing and laughing, both smiling from the cute sight of the two boys frolicking in only their diapers.

“I can't believe how much JJ has changed over the past few weeks.” Frank said happily.

“I guess that's what the confidence of realizing you are not a completely stupid person can do for you, that and he has a boyfriend who he really loves with all his heart.”

“Yeah, he must feel like new person, and I am glad he found himself such a nice boyfriend.”

“Me too, especially considering some of those boys he hangs out with at school, or at least used to, he never talks about them any more.”

“I wonder if it has anything to do with AJ, they probably look at him as being very weak, and that by JJ hanging around with him now, and protecting him at school, they probably don't want to be seen as weak as well. I mean what big tough jock wants a little wimpy nerd hanging around them!” Frank said with no small amount of bite to his voice.

“I know, you were that wimpy little nerd, but JJ has never been like that, he was always far nicer, but then the threat of you beating him to within an inch of his life should he ever beat up a younger smaller kid probably did not hurt.” Sarah consoled.

“Yeah, but now look at them, those assholes that beat me up and teased me are all losers with meager jobs and no prospects, and I have everything I ever wanted in life, so I guess it worked out just fine in the end.” Frank said happily.

“Yes you did.” Sarah said and they turned and walked away hand in hand.

“Why don't you join some form of organized sport baby, you have either a runners body or a swimmers body, and I bet the swim and dive coach would kill to have you on his team, he likes his divers nice and small. I used to swim with him and he's a really good coach, but I preferred football, and they are on the same days, so you could either swim or dive, and maybe both, on Tuesdays and Thursdays.” JJ suggested as they switched to the baseball and were tossing it back and forth.

“I don't know, I hate running, I've done enough of it in my life, thank you very much, and I don't think I am that good a swimmer.”

“Well you don't have to run, but it would not be the same, you'd be running for fun instead, but you don't have to be a great swimmer when you start, I nearly drowned every time I got in the pool when I started, and now I swim great. You should think about it, it would really help you out, and swimming's great for your body.”

“I'll think about it.” AJ said.

“How about we go see coach Phil on Monday and he can tell you all about it, it will only take about an hour, and then we can go to your place and you can tutor me more.”

“Okay, I suppose we can do that.” AJ conceded.

And for another hour they played catch with the baseball, AJ's coordination getting even better, but his throw was still pretty weak. They played right until they were called in for dinner, and the two boys and the four girls all traipsed inside, were instructed to wash their hands, and they sat down to eat. Once dinner was finished and the dishes all cleaned up, the boys excused themselves, saying they were going to go upstairs to watch a movie or two.

“Are you very wet yet?” JJ asked as soon as they were in the room.

“I have peed lots, but this diaper is so thick it barely shows.” AJ answered.

“Yeah, me too.”

“They are way more comfortable than the goodnites when wet too.”

“Yeah, that's what I thought too.” JJ smiled.

They laid down on the bed after choosing a movie and cuddled up and watched it, and then another. Just as the second movie was ending, Sarah poked her head in and said they were going to bed and to have a good sleep. They said good night to her and she left.

“Should we go ahead and get changed and then crawl into bed and kiss and cuddle for a little while as well?” JJ asked quietly.

“Okay, I'm pretty tired.”

“Okay, lay down and I'll be right back baby.” JJ said and went to the bathroom and grabbed two warm wash cloths.

AJ was laying down and waiting for JJ to come back and change his diaper, and when he came back they smiled shyly at each other, and JJ proceeded to change his boyfriend. He peeled back the tapes holding the soggy diaper on and pulled it back to reveal a very hard young penis pulsing inside, JJ just smiled even brighter, pulled the wet diaper from underneath AJ, and then proceeded to wash AJ very lovingly. AJ jumped and sighed when JJ peeled back his foreskin and cleaned his penis head. JJ then slipped a dry diaper under AJ's cute bum and went to close it up, but AJ was too hard to bend down this time, as AJ's groan of pain indicated when he tried.

JJ wondered if he should do what he wanted to do to help relieve the pressure, and with an even more shy smile upwards, he went for it. Grasping AJ's hard dick just below the head, he slid his fingers down, revealing the shiny head for just a second, and then sliding them back up. The moan that escaped AJ's lips encouraged JJ even more, and AJ made no move to stop him either, so he continued slowly jacking off his boyfriend. AJ moaned and groaned the entire three minutes it took for him to explode in the most incredible orgasm he had had to date, and a small bubble of cum seeped out the end of his dick. His body sank down now that the pleasure had subsided, and JJ smiled at the tasty little treat his gorgeous young boyfriend gave to him, and licked it off his fingers. AJ's eyes were closed at the time, so he did not see this, but he did hear the sigh and the smacking of lips as JJ savored the flavor. With AJ now deflated more than enough for JJ to diaper him, he proceeded to do so, and in a few seconds AJ was tightly diapered, and very thickly so.

JJ just laid down next to AJ for a few minutes while the full effect of the massive orgasm he had had wore down, just smiling at AJ as he laid there with a dazed look upon his cute face. Finally he turned and looked at JJ with a shy smile on his face.

“Wow, I never thought it would feel that much better to have someone else do it.” AJ said in a whisper.

“How long have you been able to cum? I didn't think you'd be able to yet, but your dick is quite a bit bigger than the rest of your body would indicate, so it shouldn't be that much of a surprise.”

“I don't know when I started, I only started jacking off a couple weeks ago, and it happened then, but there is only a tiny bit, and it's still clear. The website I looked at said it is mainly just the precum still, and that it will be full cum within a few months.” AJ admitted, sighing happily.

“Oh man, I've corrupted you haven't I?” JJ grinned.

“Yeah, it's great, and you were the reason I had to start jacking off. I was so hard at night it was killing me, and I had to learn how to do it, from the same website in fact.”

“Can you change my diaper now, but you don't have to jack me off if you don't want to, or are not ready to yet?”

“I know, and yes I'll change you.” AJ said lovingly, already having made up his mind that he was certainly going to reciprocate.

AJ got up on wobbly legs and JJ rolled over onto his back. AJ released the tapes holding JJ's bulging diaper on, and the front popped up obscenely from the action. AJ looked up and smiled at JJ and pulled the wet diaper out, and then taking the cloth cleaned up his boyfriend gently, and JJ also moaned and jumped when AJ cleaned his very sensitive penis head. AJ then slid the diaper underneath JJ, and then grasped his erection in one hand, and started slowly jacking him off, enjoying the sight of JJ's angry purple head appear and then disappear in his ample foreskin as he jacked him off. JJ was grunting and moaning unintelligible words as AJ slowly stroked him off, and if possible, he lasted even less time than AJ had, and in a little under three minutes he was exploding the most incredible cum of his life. The first shot fired high into the air and landing with a splat on JJ's heaving chest, and the rest of the five or six shots eased from a spray to oozing. A fair amount of the juicy load ended up coating AJ's fingers, and he too wanted a taste, knowing full well that that had been what JJ had done as well. JJ also had his eyes closed from the incredible sensations, but heard the sucking sound and the smacking of AJ's lips as he enjoyed the treat. AJ looked at the mess he had caused, smiled, and grabbed the cloth and lovingly cleaned JJ up. Once he was all clean, and soft enough to tape up the diaper, AJ taped JJ up nice and snug, and then crawled up and cuddled up to his baby. A few minutes later JJ came down and looked to his boyfriend and smiled so brightly, that had the lights been off, it surely would have lit up the room.

“That felt so good, I can't even tell you how much I love you.” JJ whispered right into AJ's ear tenderly.

“Almost as much as I love you.”

“You know you really did save my life right, just like mom and Mrs. Berry said. I owe that all to you, and you have my heart for an eternity.” He whispered still more, tears now pouring out his eyes.

“Yes, I know that, but you saved my life as well, and my heart is yours as well.” AJ whispered back, tears also coming out.

They reached in for a deep soul searching kiss and held each other tight. For nearly half an hour they laid there like that, embracing each other with all their love pouring out of them and into the other through their kiss. Finally the kiss broke, they whispered goodnight and I love you to each other, JJ turned out the lights, pulled up the covers, and they gave each other another nice gentle kiss before cuddling up to go to sleep.